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Text Me - Phone Call + Texting [Social Networking] App Description & Overview

What is text me - phone call + texting app? The Best FREE TEXTING App on the Store with FREE CALLING and FREE PHONE NUMBERS

- Need a new phone plan for FREE calling & texting to any number in US & Canada?
- Need to protect your privacy and are looking for a second phone number?
- Want a second or local phone number for dating & side projects?
- Want to call & text to your international friends & relatives at a very low and affordable cost?

==> TextMe is your reliable & free all-in-one solution!

Trusted by millions of users, TextMe is the market-leading provider of private custom phone numbers in the US & Canada.
With TextMe your calls & texts to any number in the US & Canada are totally free!

No hidden cost, no catch!

What other awesome features can I get with the TextMe app?
- Enjoy free voicemail service
- Pick as many custom phone numbers as you want to protect your privacy
- Call & text to any foreign number at the best rate
- Turn your iPad or iPod into a real phone
- Text & chat with pictures, voice and video messages, and loads of fun emojis and stickers!

Who are we?
The TextMe team has been developing with love out of San Francisco since 2011, when we initially launched a cross-platform messaging application that allows you to send unlimited text (SMS) messages and pictures to any phone number in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. In 2013, we extended our reach to more than 100 countries for voice and SMS, enabling low cost communication across the globe.

Please give us your feedback on the app! Thanks for using TextMe!

The TextMe Team

Support: http://support.go-text.me
Twitter: @textmeapp

In-App Subscription Details:
- Monthly subscription for premium service and additional numbers
- Payment will be charged to your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase
- Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of your current period
- Account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period, at the purchase price listed when you confirm the subscription .
- You may manage your subscriptions and turn off auto-renewal by going to your iTunes Account Settings and then “Manage Subscriptions”
- No cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during active subscription
- Also see Terms & Conditions (http://go-text.me/assets/tc) and Privacy Policy

* Important:
- In order to call for free any number in the US and Canada you need to Earn free credits within the App
- Free calls to numbers in the US are subject to some limitations, please see TextMe Terms and Conditions
- If Push notification is not enabled, you may not receive messages and calls

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How to contact Text Me - Phone Call + Texting (TextMe, Inc.)?
Find this site the customer service details of Text Me - Phone Call + Texting. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company. https://appsupports.co/514485964/text-me-phone-call-texting/contact

Text Me - Phone Call + Texting Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Text Me - Phone Call + Texting Version 3.33.1302 June 2022

This update fixes bugs and improves the performance of the app.

Text Me - Phone Call + Texting Version 3.33.922 April 2022

This update fixes bugs and improves the performance of the app.

Text Me - Phone Call + Texting Version 3.33.103 March 2022

This update fixes bugs and improves the performance of the app.

Text Me - Phone Call + Texting Comments & Reviews 2022

- Its great but a few fixes

I have a twin sister that lives in a different state then me, she has a real phone while i have a iPod. I didn't have a phone number until i got this app, it works for other apps sometimes when it says phone number, U CAN ACTUALLY USE THE PHONE NUMBER FOR CLARIFICATION ON DIFFERENT APPS! I was excited about this until it got logged out of my account. And if i told all of my friends that i got a new phone number every other week then that would just be weird. So if you were to get this I would recommend remembering your password or buying your phone number, but i think you have to pay for it every month. There are also A LOT of ads, every single time you text someone you have a ad pop up, every single time you call someone there is a video ad. And if you want to go ad free then you have to pay for it, EVER WEEK. Or if you pay more then its ever month. If you don't want to to deal with all of this then i would recommend getting a different app. Overall of these bad stuff I think its a pretty good app. Ps. It wont let u send text messages to people that only have emails.


I wanted to give it no stars, but they are making me give it at least one. I got this app and PAID to secure a phone number, I also PAID MONTHLY for the service. I did this for my job, so I wouldn’t have to have two cell phones. My first day of work, they blocked me from sending any texts! I thought the app is called “TextMe”?? When I asked them what happened, they told me I was sending too many texts. I told them I am a mobile groomer, and I text my clients to let them know when I’m on my way, and I text them to let them know when I have arrived so I don’t ring the doorbell. Their response to that was simply “you can delete your account (with instructions how to), but we cannot delete it for you” (??) I did not want to delete my account. I asked them if I could pay more to use their service, and once again they replied that they can’t delete my account for me I have to do it myself, followed by “we have nothing further to say”. After that, they blocked me from making and receiving phone calls!! I tried to talk to them several times, and every time at the end of their email they just said “we have nothing further to say.” I don’t know who gave this thing good reviews, probably their friends! This is a scam. Unfortunately, I am still paying monthly, because I gave this phone number out to clients. I will be deactivating my account very soon!

- When it works….

So when this app works it’s not too bad but as of lately this app has made me want to throw my phone at the wall 😡 I am not happy that I am paying for a service that only works maybe 50% of the time and support says to make sure the app is up to date to everything!!!!! It is UP TO DATE it automatically updates anytime there is one. I even tried this on my husbands Samsung Flip though maybe it was just my phone but it did the same exact thing!!! If you have to push any kind of number while on a call just forget it you can sit there and push 1 over and over and over again and it won’t work. The anger this has caused me and so much time waiting on the phone just to have to hang up anyways because I can’t push the number I need. I’m canceling once this month is up and going to find a more reliable alternative as this seems to be an issue they don’t know how to fix. Oh or you’ll be getting a call and the app will open to the start screen like you haven’t even created an account so you can’t answer the call that is still calling because you now have to go thru the “get started” process. You need to give people back their money we don’t pay for half the service we pay for ALL the service.

- Great app

Hands down THE BEST for verification purposes I have tried a million different “phone” apps and every time I need a verifiable number I get rejected aside from this app! It works every time. Which is amazing considering I don’t always like using my number and it just adds that extra level of security when doing things online for me anyway. Ok another plus is there aren’t a lot of ads like most I have tried to use every two minutes literally you have to watch an ad but again not I needed a second # so that when I was off the clock I could simply stop all the late and early AM calls from drivers needing dispatch throughout the night on nights I wasn’t on the clock.. Plus there is also the option to pay a small dollar amount to completely remove ads if you plan on using this more often then not. As I don’t use it much I don’t pay for that. So far I have not had any issues with the app itself either. No glitches or anything of that nature. If your considering this app I would say go for it!

- Very deceptive

The description claims that calls and texts are free. This couldn’t be further from the truth. After downloading and selecting a number, I was sent a text and went to retrieve it. I received a message that I had to pay to secure the number for a week to view the text. This is on top of receiving what felt like pop up ads navigating to pop up ads navigating to pop up ads. I thought I had a virus it was so bad. So I tried purchasing credits which left me still unable to view the text. I then purchased a week trial and could finally view the text. I sent support a message asking for a refund of my purchases since the description said free and I received a speedy response confirming that calls and texts were free and asked me to send a screenshot of the issue. So I sent a screen shot of the block I received showing that it forced me to purchase a week to see the text. I received another speedy response confirming that I had to pay for a week and that credits do not work in the app. So I again asked for a refund and no longer received that speedy response I had become accustomed to. I guess everyone went home for the day. If you don’t mind paying $6 a week for a paid subscription to get free texts and calls then this is the app for you. Silly crooks.

- Looking for second number to use for verification???

Hands down THE BEST for verification purposes I have tried a million different “phone” apps and every time I need a verifiable number I get rejected aside from this app! It works every time. Which is amazing considering I don’t always like using my number and it just adds that extra level of security when doing things online for me anyway. Ok another plus is there aren’t a lot of ads like most I have tried to use every two minutes literally you have to watch an ad but again not this app. Plus there is also the option to pay a small dollar amount to completely remove ads if you plan on using this more often then not. As I don’t use it much I don’t pay for that. So far I have not had any issues with the app itself either. No glitches or anything of that nature. If your considering this app I would say go for it!

- They lost all my info and did not fix it

My app has been freezing for the past months and I’ve had this app number for over a year. Well I log out and uninstalled app and reinstalled to fix the problem and it always works. Well this time it erased all my numbers and call log and texts. And I am now unable to receive texts and calls but I can only make calls and send texts. Well that number was used for work purposes.... so now I’m out of work and money due to this problem; I don’t know any of their numbers by heart. I contacted customer service multiple times about the issue and they did not respond until over a day later. One representative named Chona replied only twice and I sent about six messages because it was urgent and I sent all the information she needed to fix the problem but she did not do it and it just switched me over to a Nother representative named Darlene. Darlene it also has not fixed the problem or reply to any of my messages except the intro message. So if you guys are OK with losing all your information and not being helped or able to retrieve it back then by all means this is the perfect app. But I have been a customer of over a couple years but then this happens and that is the type of customer service you get.

- Unprofessional

I tried this app out for a short while. It works. I continued to use it and decided to purchase it long term for my business! I acquired quite a following with over 350 clients. I purchased the unlimited option where I could call & receive unlimited calls & text messages. Suddenly I was unable to call out. I contacted tech support via email since that’s all they offered and they sent me an app to check the speed of my phone. While I did that, they wiped my account clean and locked me out! The next day when I went into the app to access my client list it was as though I was accessing the app for the 1st time. My log in didn’t work or anything! The phone number rings but not to my phone. The company still charging me for the app. I contacted them on the original complaint & they said there was an unusual amount of activity on the account so they shut it down & there is nothing more they can do for me! What? They refused to give me access to my client list or even release the phone number! WHAT A GROUP OF UNPROFESSIONAL NON-EMPATHETIC INDIVIDUALS! You could have just asked me. Your app is crap. It didn’t hold up. You all are a group of crooks. If I could have given u a 0 I would have!

- Ripped off

I wish I could give a negative star rating. This is the first time ever that I write a review anywhere. I had a premium subscription and just recently, as their new update rolled out, I stopped being able to send text messages and make calls, but i was able to recieve them. So I did what anyone would do and contacted their support. And they reply to me and mark it as SOLVED. They said and I quote, “We detected unusual activity on your TextMe account(s). In accordance with the TextMe, Inc, End User License Agreemant and Terms and Conditions, we have limited services available for your account(s) because the activity, or previous activity, is inconsistent with normal use.” Sending a text to my mom and making calls to her is unusual? Using that phone number to sign in to social media is unusual? What part of it is unusual? And they didn’t even say what it was or offer to take off their “Limited Services” to my account or even give me my refund! They just outright cancelled my plan without reason. Worst wifi communications app I have ever used. Do not lose your money on this. Get a prepaid phone instead. I unfortunately couldn’t afford one so I tried out this app for their low prices. Bad idea.

- If you like adds in face constantly :(

Tried this app for about 3.5 weeks and was rather disappointed actually. The texting is somewhat easy and likewise with calls but their constant in your face adds are annoying I had 2 fairly important missed phone calls and couldn't retrieve any messages from either. I also used my text me “free textme #” to validate another service I have... but the txt messages sent were “not available” to me unless I paid to upgrade for 1 week or longer! Maybe if they allowed me to have some real use for any amount of time firstly!! But sadly this will be the end with this app. Basically more time wasted with this more time and they failed to be reliable. So prepare yourself to “upgrade” and buy your “phone number” and mostly be prepared to be pestered endlessly to do so! Bottom line to textme developers- This is not the way to push sales or increase revenue. If you give a free txt and phone number at least give someone a chance by offering more to them as a trial or “free” features. And lastly “I don’t buy from anyone when pushed so hard or annoyed this much.

- Freind

So I haven’t talked to my Friend from my old school in a while let me phrase about 3 or 2 years I think he blocked me so I called him with this app and he wandered and I just prank called him we had a good chat just catching up then my subscription ended now I’m back to my sad life with not as good friends anymore all I know is no one is as good of a friend as he is my child hood is no more no good friends now I lot them all when I moved no nice people in my schoolroom be honest I would give up anything just to go back to my old state and school ANYTHING AND DO ANYTHING that place meant everything in the world to me I have cherished memories I don’t want us to stop being friend's just because we’re far apart all I know is we will meet again when the time is right or I’ll just text him when I get a new phone cause when I moved away I cryed everyone in that school was so nice to me except for 3 girls:( anyway that’s not the point every now and then I cry on my pillow wishing I was back in Washington Vancouver in my old house going to school with my old Friends we would have such a good time well I could write more but I won’t goodnight or good morning it’s 1:47 am and august 19th

- Very great app!

App is very easy to use and I get to have an additional number for my purpose! I love that I even get to choose my own number from about 4 options!! I enjoy its letting me build up credit score to earn points; it is a very excellent function to have! Honestly, there is nothing of this app that I can complain about. I do have a question though. There is a section called “Grant of Limited License” within the Terms & Conditions that states, “Subject to these T&Cs and our relevant User Agreements, We hereby grant you a limited, non-transferable, non-exclusive, non-sublicensable license for access and use of Content, Products and Services.” Does being “non-exclusive” mean that this number will be given to a different user once my premium subscription expires? If it should be interpreted a different way, please clarify how. I would really appreciate your help and time! Thank you very much, TextMe team :)

- Dangerous if you use it seriously

This is not a legitimate phone number if you understand what this means. All phone numbers are not equal anymore. 5 different text me numbers I paid for resulted in all types of disasters from financial to personal injury. If high security is ever at stake, or identity, not only will this number never work or get through, you cannot even use it to be verified by any travel sites, major banks and their debit cards, anything with two part authentication (including Microsoft) instantly reads these numbers as aliases, or ghosts, and you’re ignored, not authenticated, approved and with no explanation. That’s because this is likely to go to court at some point. If this is for fun and prank calls - it works. If your loved one is in a nursing home and you want mom to have a unique number to reach you? Don’t risk it. Then? Customer service is such a joke, they scam you into paying for certain text messages that are “more important “ because they have a pic in them (or logo). Every week you get warnings you aren’t using the number enough, so PAY MORE NOW OR ELSE. I’m out hundreds to them, and slowly getting out.

- Too Many Ads

This is an ok app, but there are wayyyyy to many ads. I see ads just pop up randomly when I’m trying to text. It won’t let me touch anything, it just freezes up. Ads at literally the worst things ever invented. Listen if you don’t care, go ahead and try this app out, once you try you will come back and thank me I told you ads were the worst. If you like ads, you know, when they pop up every once in awhile, maybe once every 10-20 minutes, we’ll on text me it’s every second, they never go away, and I thinks it’s dumb to get them removed with money, they shouldn’t be there, how come IMessage doesn’t have one single ad? Dint even tell me that you would even think I’m wrong, go and try the app, you will believe me. I only use this app to text my Grandmas because they don’t have iPhones, I’m fine using that but I really need improvement, please I’m begging you.

- Perfect

I needed a second # so that when I was off the clock I could simply stop all the late and early AM calls from drivers needing dispatch throughout the night on nights I wasn’t on the clock. This gives me that. I simply turn off push notifications when I get off the clock and Boom... I’m not burdened by random semi drivers that hardly speak the same English I do calling at 3am and getting mad when I tell them to call the office main line because I’m off duty. It’d blow your mind if you knew how many drivers expect me to get out of bed and find them s load OFF the clock just to “do them a solid”... smh. Anyway his app is perfect if u need a work line u can disconnect yourself from after the work day. AND It texts, pic messages, and videos all to the same # as what they call. Sooo handy for BOL’s and invoices. 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

- How unfortunate...

I’ve written multiple reviews regarding the Freetone/TextMe apps. It truly was the best free WiFi calling app on the market. But unfortunately, as with the others like it, the developers have chosen to be money greedy and have begun to charge for service. In fact I’ve noticed this trend going on with popular “Free” apps. First they develop a great product, then they put it on the market as freeware, then, once they get thousands of positive reviews, they change it to where you have to pay to use it, and they use the positive reviews as fuel to drive their sales, when in fact those reviews didn’t come from the paid version, but were from the free version. Oh well. Don’t get me wrong. Freetone is still an exceptional app and is worth the money presuming you’re in a position financially to pay for it. But I’m not, especially since there are other options out there that will remain free for life, like Google Voice. But I get it. AdMob only pays so much and TextMeNow is in this business to make money. I’m not mad at ya, just disappointed that the inevitable day has come so early. Best of luck to the success and growth of your company, TextMeNow, Inc. Cheers!

- Limitation 500 text per month

As advertised, it says UNLIMITED TEXTING AND CALLING. After months of using this app, it was bought from another company and then asked to download a new application. Overall i have enjoyed the service. But the deal breaker for me is that i use it for work. Answering Advertisement and Responding to customers. This has stopped my ability to work. I attempted to pay 7.99 for unlimited everything and no ads. Reading the Terms and Conditions, the LIMITATIONS say that each user is allowed up to a total of 500 Text messages per month. This happened to be a busy month and now i have stopped communicating with customers for a few days thinking it was a service issue and then had to read closely to understand that they lied about the advertisement and i will be reporting this to apple development to hopefully helping to resolve this issue. Also. Having low bandwidth makes conversations choppy and hard to manage. Constantly running to near the router when getting a call.

- Mrs Hawkins

I would like to express how GRATEFUL I am that a service app. is available to people like myself that really depends on having a phone service for great reasons, for example, I rely on this app. because I have serious health issues and sometimes I can’t afford to pay monthly phone bills knowing that I have to choose between taking my 22 pills a day of medication ( every medication has a co-pay) or paying a phone bill which can SAVE MY LIFE if I would ever need to call for help. On the other hand, it’s just as important to take my 22 pills a day (MEDICATION) in orders to maintain my HEALTH and regulate my pain daily in my body. THEREFORE, without this phone app. I would be put in a very STRESSFUL SITUATION. I would like to say BEST APP. ever. Whether it is known or not, THIS APP. IS ONE OF THOSE THAT DEFINITELY CAN SAVE LIVES. DEEPLY APPRECIATED,,, SINCERELY, NLH, PITTSBURGH PA

- Not great for texting … and Terrible customer service

I’ve been using the app for a month with work and everything was fine - all of a sudden they cancelled my texting even though I pay the subscription for it. They cancelled because I “text too much” and that’s a security issue …. I send out all my business info over text to my clients and any info they need to get in touch with me. I haven’t been able to send texts for over a week now … I have tried to get the customer service team to fix this issue but they keep sending me emails that say “deemed resolved” but I still can’t send a text due to “security issues”. Now the number I have been using for my business that has over 100 clients attached to, now I have to change that number. It’s just been such a hassle and terrible customer service. I don’t recommend this if you plan on sending more than 15 texts per day. I still can’t text but they are still taking my money for the subscription I paid for …. Best to find another option.

- I cant ask for a better application

This application is so cool. I am a kid and sense l am not big enough for a phone l use this application to feel l have a phone and it really works! When you start they give you like a real phone number and if another device calls that number you get the call like a real phone🤩 sense l have a iPad there is some phones that are not compatible with my iPad but it makes it makes it possible! That is the reason why l downloaded this is because is like magic that automatically makes you talk with a phone number that is not compatible with my iPad. For a kid is a really cool that to download and plus everything is free! So if you are reading this DOWNLOAD IT NOW RIGHT THIS INSTANT!!!🥺🥺🥺please because is amazing


I was using the paid version of this application for nearly a year and all of a sudden last week my account was disabled, I could not send or receive texts or calls, so I contact their support and they said they detected unusual activity from my account which is a lie I did not do anything unusual, but they refused to fix the problem and instead deleted my account for no reason. I lost a lot of personal and business texts and contacts and I have lost thousands of dollars in lost business, and several personal relationships because of this. Do not use this application they will defraud you take your money and leave you stranded. This company should be sued and they should be removed from the App Store for committing fraud against customers! There are multiple reviews like mine within the past week or two, this company needs to be investigated for stealing and lying to their customers!!! I’m going to file a complaint with Apple ASAP.

- Worst texting app

Me and my brother had this account because my parents didn’t want us to have the normal app so we would text whoever are friends and family but we would get random messages from people sending voice mails and telling us we haven’t paid them and the next week we got random calls or the app would tell us if we wanted to text someone from Hawaii or Canada but we said no but the app KEPTED on telling us but when we pressed yes the person asked for pictures of us and stuff I don’t wanna say and I will remind you me and my brother where ten and now we are 14 so we told are parents but they didn’t do anything but everyday thoses two people would text asking for stuff pictures of are house or a picture of where we are until the people told us they wheee going to come get us so me and my rbother delete the app and we have never gotten message so if you wanna download this for your kid please if it asks to text this person keep on pressing no . :)

- Ok app, just lots of adds, can be annoying

It’s an OK app, but there are too many adds. I wouldn’t think that you would need so many, but I wouldn’t know either. Every time that you send a text, an add pops up, and about every where you look on the app there’s an add. Also, I can’t send any GIFs or pics or videos. The most annoying thing is that I can’t join a group that my friends are on, but they also are using messages on Samsung phones, dk if that would make a difference. It’s not a huge deal to me that I can’t be on the chat so whatever. I decided that I wouldn’t go to the hassle of getting another app, because it is free, so, hey. You also get a lot of scam calls/texts. It is a great app for what I use it for (casual texting, nothing important) but it would be very annoying otherwise.

- 2 bars and the app goes to trash

I paid for premium. The app is OK as far as features and usability. However, if I have two bars I can’t answer incoming calls and the app basically freezes. A normal call through the iPhone has no issue. Also, I never have a problem with another ‘extra line’ app. I use this number as a client contact line so it really needs to work as well as the regular phone line. The next part is what gets the 1 star. I ported my number to another app, and TextMe completely shut off my access. Even if I discontinue the service, I should still be able to look at my old text chains. I frickin paid for that! And also, the port takes 10-15 days I guess?! But my number is supposed to stay working until the actual switch takes place. Nope, no working phone number and no access to the app. Even though I’m paid up through the end of the month. And this is really screwing me over as I take sales call on that number!

- Don’t wast your time

It’s not free by any means. You have to pay a ridiculous price for a mediocre app. They’ll give you a number and if you text someone, it’ll tell you you have to make a purchase to see the text. I did buy 100 credits and eventually lost them as well as my number. Don’t bother wasting your time on this crappy app, they’re plenty of better texting apps. Also encountering a problem where I am getting random phone calls multiple times a day and can’t turn off the ringer specifically for this app which is weird. For how much they charge, it’s cheaper to just get a free phone from almost any carrier and get a monthly plan. I had this as a 2nd number mainly for stuff that required phone info and didn’t want to use my personal cell so I bought a burner phone and it works way better and don’t gotta put up with the random phone calls. Should be illegal to sell someone a number and then sell the phone number to scammers.

- Best app for calling that I’ve found.

I use it to call my grandpa (who is 90, has dementia, and doesn’t use any social media or messaging apps) on his home phone in another country three times a week. It would cost me a fortune to do that on my regular phone plan but with this app it’s affordable and the call quality is great! I’ve tried so many other apps and none have been reliable in making or receiving calls from him. This one is fabulous and well worth the minimal cost for using it. This app has pretty much single-handedly allowed me to keep in touch with my grandfather during COVID times when he hasn’t been able to go out or have visitors and I haven’t been able to go home and see him. 🧡🧡🧡

- Dumpster fire

I understand that because it is a free app, you need ads to fund the usage, but I get ads almost every time that I exit one person’s text feed to the next, which was very frustrating because they were often long ads that took up a lot of time or actually sometimes covered the space where you can see what you are typing. Another problem that I had with this app is that I loose my number when I don’t use it for what seems like a day. Yes, they text you warnings, but you can’t see those warnings if you are asleep and you have little time to fulfill them. I woke up this morning to check what my friend had texted me on that app because she has a real phone number and I do not. I try to get in, but then I see a screen that says “your number has expired! Please Choose a new one!” And when I go to choose a new one, it does not look like I will be able to get a completely free number with no plan. If I really wanted to secure my number, then I would have to pay $4.99 a week, which would be almost the same in the end as getting a real phone number, so why invest in this app? Sometimes the app doesn’t even work! I will attempt to text my friend, and some days she can’t even respond to me!!! I also had that problem as well. I hope that you found my review helpful and please, don’t waste your time on this app.

- Worst text app I’ve tried

Skip this one, there’s nothing special about it compared to the other popular text apps. It’s only worse. Half of my texts and calls don’t come through and the ones that do give me NO notification unless I open the app and check mailbox. Had a mini emergency situation a few days after I downloaded it and I wasn’t able to make any calls (still can’t after 2 weeks) either itS silent (no dialing or ringing) or it straight up won’t even attempt to call after press the green call button several times. Then you also get a bonus of it freezing and being SLOW. Glad I figured this out before I committed to this number and using it as my contact. Also it’s ugly and cluttered looking

- Great for call&text

I’ve used ALOT if not most of the texting apps offered due to living in a town with virtually no cell service. This app takes the place of cell and land lines. Until recently getting a job that required I had a landline set up, this was the only thing I used to receive and make calls from home. Most apps require you to watch videos or complete surveys, etc to earn credits to make calls. This app allows you to call anywhere without credits. I also don’t have complaints on glitches or not receiving calls/texts. Unlike most apps this app never seems to give me many problems like glitches or freezing up or running slow. I would recommend it to anyone that is looking for a VoIP App.

- Oh boi

So first off, in group chats it won’t let you change the name of a person or add it to your contacts, so if there’s several people in on thing it can get tricky. It’ll only let you change the “conversation title” whatever that means. Second, there is add everywhere. I can deal with them, but it can get annoying when you hit a few of them and it completely redirects you. THIRD, and this is by far my biggest issue, it limits your texts. Or at least my version does. I downloaded this app so I could talk to online friends on a RELIABLE platform, but it won’t let me send them messages. And, for every message you try to send, the staff will send you a link to their website saying something like, oh this is a security measure and you can remove it if you click here. The link takes you to their website, which is hard to navigate, and when you find the section about the security and not being able text, it’s general attitude is, “HA. Not my problem.

- Very great app honestly speaking

I dont normally write reviews but I’ve been using this app for almost 2 years now and I thought to myself “These guys deserve their roses, I’m going to give it to them” cause this app does an EXCELLENT job as a second phone number for me. I can call and text people with the comfort of knowing they can’t call my real number back because im using this fake one. The phone calls can be a little hit or missy in quality but the texting is perfect and I feel like thats what a lot people came for especially me so its a great app. A few improvements can be made but if they never upgraded anything this is still a 10/10 app to me.

- Ms J

I downloaded the app paying the $4.99. It worked good I set up voice mail , Them my IPAD became disabled from the password unlock which Apple made also to reset App,e ID after cops did St Bernardino Terrorist with foreigners etc: Then Steve Jobs died which I believe the real story did not come out, Now I could not write this review with my settings on, Behind the scenes new Emp,oyees. Remote spy with share screen mobile ability Since Aoole Tech support asks to allow mobile screen sharing. Someone is always screen sharing my stuff and how many other people? I have been Texting Text Me Support and Zen desk is that legit? The App log in wants me to get a new free number, I paid there is no phone support which is troublesome especially when the Company gives 2nd phone numbers! Where is the responsible managers to the App? 😔

- Started off good

My phone lost its service provider but it still can connect to Wi-Fi so I downloaded this app and started texting people then outa nowhere it stops sending texts and the people I’m texting too think I’m ignoring them and get very mad at me. My Wi-Fi signal is still excellent so why the texts would stop sending I have no clue a search online couldn’t find an answer either. So I made a new login with different email got a different number and I was able to send texts again until I encountered the same problem moments later what happened it was going well but having texts stop being able to be sent is causing me to doubt this app and maybe even switch to a different app I am a loyal person if you can fix this issue in 48 hours I’ll keep using your app but if I can’t send texts on a texting app then it’s no good to me

- Great so far!

This app is so far working fine. My iPhone doesn’t have service, and I needed a way to contact my friends and parents. The thing is, the ads are driving me crazy! A lot of them are kind of weird. The only bad experience I had with it was when I couldn’t log back in on a different device. Trying another way, I applied for a new number, but right afterwards, figured out that it had logged me back in! Don’t know what happened, but at least it saved me the trouble of having to tell everyone my new number. It works perfectly fine, just like messages and it surprised me when I could text other people that didn’t have the app. Overall great! But if you want to spend a few $$ a week, they can stop the ads and let u call for free.

- Its a great app but VERY limited customization

I am a paid subscriber, there isnt any reason why there shouldn’t be more customization options for ringtone and textones for paid users, basically this app has the same functionality of other calling apps, except a few different other apps have far more customization for free and text me makes you pay to keep your phone number. Some developers just allow you to keep the number as long as you are actively using it, so I’m just paying for the number and to remove adds, there is not a whole lot of bells and whistles to keep me paying for this app indefinitely, which is what they are expecting, they are not adding any improvements or new features but demanding you pay a reoccurring charge instead of one flat fee.

- Good if u date

This is a great app if you are dating and using date apps . As a woman, well men should do this to . Women crazy these days as well . I like to go through screening process . This app works well because I don’t have to do the whole block n delete if the mans crazy . I can just hop on n off this app . Everyone should have one of these numbers actually. With all these scam calls n the big apocalyptic covid life u can’t trust anyone with your real information. And also this is a good app to prank call people. Kids get bored being in lockdown so we can do good pranks with this app . So it has many benefits. Everyone should get it and give it 5 stars

- Don’t Get If You Don’t Mind Losing The Number

This app is a waste. I must have had to choose a new number 3 or 4 times since I downloaded. After the first time didn’t care and waited several months, then several more, then maybe a year and their practice hasn’t improved. This was my final attempt to try them again and they have already canceled my number in just 3 days of getting it. I’ve been using ‘TextFree’, ‘Talkatone’, and ‘TalkU for the same amount of years I’ve used TextMe and have never lost my numbers from those apps. As long as you make a call or send a text within a month, you’re good with them. TextMe seems to only be motivated to get you to buy a subscription, so they disconnect the number hoping you’ll be desperate. Thank goodness I didn’t print my advertising flyers with their number like I intended to. Time to finally delete and never reinstall this app. GOODBYE!

- Best 2nd phone app

I use this app for work. I can’t give out my personal number. This app is awesome! It’s free to text! It will let you keep your number. They charge to make calls, with “credits”. Or subscribe to remove ads, keep your number, and make unlimited calls. This app doesn’t lock you out after a trial period. That’s why I’m still using it and I didn’t delete it like I did many of their competitors who got not a dime from me. A year later and I still am able to change my number or keep it. And text freely. I love this app!! These ppl get it. I bought credits just to give them a tip lol

- What happened it was the perfect app?!😖😭

This was my overall five star to go to app and make international calls I call my girl every day what is it with this app last year then I don’t know if just one day it just stopped now it is making phone calls to other people but her number I don’t understand that these guys are probably so sick of you by now so when I try to call to check if it’s her number works on this app they know who I am the yell at me and hang up I was on any app that was good as this app at the time I pay more than supposed to please can you help me I want to fight starts back up everything else is perfecti list $10 worth of calls try to call the same number I been calling since I first downloaded I’m not giving up on this app but i really hope you can help me fix this please

- Log in Problems

This app is overall decent until recently it just was not sending or receiving messages and when I erased the app and downloaded it again I tried to sign in with the email I originally used to create an account and the first time I tried to log in and said glad to see you back and proceeded to sign in so I put in my email and my passsord and every time I’d it login it wouldn’t do nothing it wouldn’t say the password is wrong nothing just loads up to make me try to sign in again so after that I closed the app and try to sign in again with the same email after that it said I never had an account under that same email and it’s frustrating because I had a lot of contacts in there that I need and can’t get back unless the problems is fixed and I can login 2 stars sorry not sorry

- False Advertising

Companies can be sued for false advertising lol. But it’s really not free. I don’t know why they say you can text & call for free when you can’t. I’ve used this app for 2 days & by the 3rd day nobody gets my messages but I can get theirs. My little cousin dropped my phone down the stairs & broke it. So I was going to use this app on my iPod until my new phone comes in. The concept of the app is good but they lied about free texting & calling. I only used the texting part of the app. Don’t bother downloading. I also read a view where they charge someone & they can’t even get back into their account. So don’t trust this app. I also read that they started the app with a lot of positivity & now that their all big they went down hill & been using the old positive reviews to drive more customers. Don’t trust this app. Their are better apps out there.

- The ads...

I have had this app for a little over a year now and let me just say, it’s getting annoying. The constant ads are so annoying, and I’ll give you an example. After you exit out of a conversation, you get an ad. When you enter the app, it doesn’t load the ad at first and then you click the place where it’s supposed to be and then they take you to the ad. And the most annoying one is after EVERY TEXT MESSAGE, an ad shows up in the keyboard place. I don’t know if they’re trying to get you to click it, or what. The texting is fairly annoying, too. It takes forever to receive for me, and what I think would make this app so much better is knowing when the person is typing. The cross-platform thing helps, but overall it tests my patience to use. Thanks for listening, hope you have a great day!

- There is no UNLIMITED TEXT!!

I downloaded the free app as a trial to see if I liked it. And also to keep in instant contact and to send out information to my clients. I did like the features in this app more so compared to others. I was very excited to use it. And I noticed that I was texting more than probably allowed so I decided to pay the monthly fee to get the unlimited texting. We are currently in the process of ordering our clients Christmas item and needed to know a favorite color. So I messaged all my clients only to not be able to respond when they texted a response or something else back. My account had been paused due to “spam” or whatever they called it. I’m in the process of letting my clients know that I’m canceling my subscription with this app and in search of a better on with no restrictions if YOU’RE PAYING!! So save your time if you are looking for something similar.

- Premium Subscription features are not included in $8.99/mo price

I think it’s very misleading to show the list of features that come with a premium subscription and those features NOT be available unless you choose ANOTHER subscription or buy a “Credit Pack” (which I still don’t understand what that’s about) to enable them. I understand $8.99 isn’t a lot of money in the grand scheme of things, however, I’m supplying my own phone, my own data AND I’m paying for an app that isn’t enabling all of the “features” listed for their ‘Premium Subscription’ - other than that, i can see it being great for people who don’t have an actual phone and can install this on their tablet or iPad for texting and calling.

- 6 years ago they were good. Now Terrible support

I have used TextMe off and on for the past 6 years. During the latest health crisis I started using it more. I’m a teacher and at times it would block me from texting. I bought the premium version thinI hking it would be better and maybe better support. I was wrong! Every electronic communication service from Zoom to Brainpop expanded their services but NOT TextMe. No one will ever talk to you on a phone or chat. Their number one support is to tell you to go to the help center. If you do submit a report they will likely tell you to go to the help center, but not even direct you to a helpful page. When I no longer wanted premium any more it wants to cancel my number and not let me go back to the free version. I suggest you look somewhere else for a texting service.

- Alternate Line

From deployment, to alternate line, this app is great. Caught a deal for one for five dollars unlimited text and call in the continental United Stated (not Alaska and Hawaii). You do require WiFi to use it, but whether you uses it on your phone with service (alternate line for a dramatic fraction of the cost), or you use it without service and have a phone that works when you’re connected to WiFi; you will get your messages once connected, and missed calls will ring as a result of being reconnected to WiFi, but it’s a mild annoyance for playing it cheap. Overall, GREAT SERVICE; highly recommended!

- Very Bad App

Worst texting & calling app ever. DO NOT make the mistake of using it. It has a ridiculous amount of bugs, it's unbeliveable that Apple would let such an app on the store. Nothing seems to be working properly: when getting a phone call, you cannot answer it even if the app is open (and internet connection is great): you keep the app open and it just shows a "missed call" notification. Listening to voicemails doesn't work, getting text messages doesn't always work, when searching through your contacts, to make a phone call, you better be light-speed fast because that search doesn't work otherwise - it's simply THE worst app I've ever used. I had 3 numbers with them, for over 1 year, but no more - I'm done paying and supporting this useless app. If you're smart, you'll do the same and NOT install it to begin with!

- Too many adds

In my opinion and also probably the opinion of many others, this app has way too many adds. To get rid of them, you have to pay a subscription of $6 a week. That’s more than a Netflix subscription. Other than that, I think the app works correctly and sufficiently. My one problem is the adds. They’re everywhere you look and you have to choice but to watch an add after every call you make. To me it’s extremely annoying. I just wanted to warn people of that. If you don’t mind a ton of adds in your way, go ahead and get this app it’s pretty good, but if you just can’t stand a ton of adds, then I don’t suggest this app unless you want to pay $6 a week, which I think isn’t worth it.

- Beware: your calls are always being “monitored”

I have this service for years and it has been a good substitute but concerned due the apparent “fact” that your calls WILL be Listened In On and if they don’t like your conversation that doesn’t align with “their beliefs” then your call will censored. I have noticed this on a few occasions. I complained about it two years ago and they denied it. So BEWARE. This is a San Francisco based company and if your conversation doesn’t align with those who own this technology don’t be surprised if the call doesn’t go through. It’s not a private service. So be ok with the fact that someone is listening to all your conversations at all times. Safer to use other means of VOIP elsewhere.

- Don’t fall for this scam!!

App worked fine for a while but then I experienced the same issue mentioned in other reviews. My ability to send or receive texts abruptly stopped. I contacted support and was told my account was restricted due to “unusual activity” that was deemed “inconsistent with normal use.” I sent texts on a text app and that’s considered unusual? No further explanation or resolution was offered. They did nothing to assist but deemed my service request “resolved.” Their terms of service allow them to deem account activity “unusual” at their own discretion and without explanation. To make it worse, they suspended my account one day before my monthly fee was due. Service stopped. I contacted help desk. They charged me for another month and THEN told me I am permanently locked out. Total scam. Don’t let it happen to you, too.

TransferWise 💸

Enjoy high maximum transfers into more than 20 currencies while saving up to 90% over local banks! The cheap, fast way to send money abroad. Free transfer up to 500 USD!

- Great but

Its great but if there was no credits then it would be amazing

- Money and identification taken but the app is fraud

The app gets you to pay straight away and asks for your ID via license or passport and to hold that up to your face. It says 24-48 hours to verify your ID and then you don’t get your number because they just steal your personal information for what I can only assume is for fraud and never verify your ID. You log a case with them and they don’t have access to why you were denied conveniently. Do not purchase unless you want your personal information taken from them and not able to use the app. Smells like fraud to me. Lodging a case with Apple to have the app removed To stop other people from having their personal information stolen.

- Im pretty sure its a scam

I downloaded this app and it asked me to pay for a phone number, so i paid then it asked for documentation to verify my identity, provided the documentation and then nothing.. it continued to display ‘in review’ a week later i got a notification saying my application is successful. So i go in it to use the phone number but it says the number has expired and asked me to pay again. So i paid again then it asked me to verify my identity once again… seems like a scam and there is no customer support for it. Save your money

- Use to work, now I have continuous issues

I use this app to talk to my husband while he’s away, this use to work great but over the last 2 weeks it won’t work properly, the calls won’t connect or even ring. I’ve re installed this ap, re start my phone and still have issues. I’ve paid money so I can keep the number for 12 months and it’s been nothing but a waste of money and time

- Works but takes a week not 24-48 hours to accept

Still haven’t accepted my numbers it’s been 3 days now and counting.

- Useless app

Big waste of time money and your phone space, I bought number and credit and could not access it or use the number I wrote to them they didn’t reply, after 3 weeks they sent messages telling me that the number has expired

- Scam

It tells you in the description that it’s completely free and there’s no catch! Just letting you know they’re complete lying scum bags because as soon as you put all your info in it’ll ask you to pay for a subscription to continue. Don’t waste your time, these guys are blatant criminals.

- It can be sent pics and so slow

Ad tells pics can be send but invisible and sending message is so slow. 👎

- More expensive than a second phone

Save your money and just get a second phone. Even the cheapest plan is way more expensive than long expiry prepaid mobile.

- U have to pay

You have to pay and I thought I would get a phone number

- Constant harassment calls

My money got me 2 calls every night from someone claiming to be a debt collector. Blocking didn’t work because they just called from different numbers as soon as I did. Unsubscribed.

- Don’t spend money on this

Spent money to get a number and it wants lots of info, like address, drivers licence, and a photo of you holding both

- Wont work. ID check is broken or slow

Paid for a package, submitted my ID, been 1 week and still no reply and still cant use the app. Useless

- Scam

It says second phone number but it isn’t even a phone number

- Terrible app and doesn’t work

This is a terrible app and doesn’t work in Australia. The point is they don’t handle your refund. The worst app so far!!!

- What a Waste

Subscribed to the paid service (AUS), only to find out that they need ID to proceed with giving you a number. Such a scam!!!!

- Don’t buy

Won’t accept my id submitted 5 times clear as daylight as per instructions

- Pretty Good

Text me 2 is great. It would be a good idea to let people make up a phone number for there text me and call other peoples numbers for as long as they want. It is really annoying when the messages, voice mails, videos and photos take ages to load. It would be good if it didnt use wifi too. I think it would be good to find another way to let people know that they have texted you. It is way better than the original text me in most ways, including the picture quality. In textme one, the account photos went away for some odd reason so i would definitely not recommend text me one. So i want no wifi faster text, photos etc and another way to let people know that they have got a text. (not that its your responsibility or anything). Other than that, its a great app.

- The App Store is lying!

So I’m trying to text my friend, and on the App Store it says 4+ so I’m like ok this is for children. But when I go to sign in it says that you need to be 13+!


I bought 100 credit and made call which was showing 9cts/min but it lasted only 9 minutes.

- Hey guys

Appreciate the app, keep up the good work :)

- Fake and gey you gotta pay

You gotta pay scam don’t install fake reviews

- Useless!

All that time signing up and can’t get a number!

- Subscribed but didn’t work

Kinda scammy vibes, don’t waste your time

- Scammers

Not free! Not even a free trial to try the product. Waste of time. Costs a fortune and cheaper to get a real number.

- Glitch

My app is glitching just keeps repeating me ages and sending me in circles instead of progressing

- Confused

I’m confused? Is this app free or do you need to pay for it?

- Scam

Still haven’t accepted my number yet ?????

- best app

nice and easy to use one of the best app


I signed up for noting I can’t text my friends I CAN ONLY DO PICS

- Fun fun fun

Great app

- Not Free…

Not Free and picture ID required

- Best app!

I am a 13 year old girl and all the app suitable for this age is hard to find, especially a good one like this! I would definitely recommend this app to everybody and I have told all of my friends to get it. If you are looking for a good app this is definitely the one to get. Also I love how it is free and no advertisements and also amazing features. Well done 👏👏👏

- Great

This app is great but at the same time it's bad I have trouble reading and sending things it kicks me out an shuts my phone Down. An it also lags but other then that it's great :) If you are having the same Problem hit the home Button on your iPhone twice then look for textme2 then hold it when it comes up with a "X" click it and hit the home button and get back into textme2

- Good until

Seemed great until I had someone who I had regularly texted investigate where all their mobile credit had gone. Seems as though it is free for us but this app charges a large amount of money to the other person without informing us of the catch = unfair. Maybe if this is the case- you should inform people who get this app that it is free for app owners but NOT for those who reply back. She has lost so far $13 from sending 6 texts back to me!!! Not happy! Surely not informing the users about this is illegal.

- Great

Hi everyone I LOVE this app all my school friends are on it and I LOVE how you can make and/or join groups of people and the people who say you have to pay for calls are wrong I've made at least 24 hours worth of calls and I'm still calling friends for free I DO recommend this app for texting AND talking to friend. ENJOY

- There is a catch

You have to "earn" credits to make texts or calls- this isn't stated in the app description. You have to pay for them, download apps or watch a video for 1 credit. With a text costing 4 credits it's a waste of time. I'm sure some won't mind that feature but I would have liked to have known this before choosing to download this app. Advertisement banners are fine but sitting through a small selection of videos is a waste, time is money and that's the catch.

- Best app I've ever had!!

I find text me a great, new and exciting way to keep in touch with anyone from around the globe. Whether you want to send a voice message to your mates or just text to your bestirs, it's always there!! This is the best app I've ever experienced and reccomend it to EVERYONE and best of all.... IT'S FREEE!!!

- Amazing

Can't wait until friends get it!!! But if people try to ring because I only have a iPod touch I have to put my mums phone number and when people go to ring me they will end up ringing my mum not me?

- Great app, awesome functionality

Great app, use it everyday for texts and calls. Only 2 issues, it sometimes just crashes. The other problem is with the very poor quality video chat. But it's free so can't really complain

- No longer as good

Why is it now 2 cents a min to call the UK? To make matters worse it's now harder to get credits too unless you want to give your details out to scammers. Even if you choose to download an app and run it you don't often get the credits! I'm going to start looking for a different app to switch to

- Text me 2

It's good and although I only message one person it's good to be able to send more than 1 picture and recording voice mesages and free voice calls I recommend it for people

- The best 📞 app in the 🌏

I love this app. It is so good that I have forgotten the password for my phone because I haven't been using it! 🔟 Out of 🔟 Most other phone apps cannot be used to call real ☎s and the ones that can aren't very good.👍🌟😇

- Awsome

Jazzluvtemplerun girl. There r millions of people out there that love this app and u think that because they read what u wrote and that cover is better viber stinks I mean its ok but u shoudn't be saying things like that let people choose what they thinks good

- Does what I need

I live in a remote community with severe proxy restrictions and no phone reception, this app allows me to text friends with the same app and send them photos when other apps do not. I wish there was an option to remove ads but other than that it seems to work well thus far.

- Awesome app

This app is great I've got in touch with my friends who live far away. This app made my day when I heard about it and there was another app that is called text me that you text on. It's such a great app.

- Great way to keep in touch

10/10. Would recommend to anybody interested in learning about new offers and calling friends

- App

This app is really good because it doesn't cost anything and you can find some really cool games by just looking at ways to get more credit

- Awesome!

As an Australian resident, making these calls and sms' are simpler than 123... Best app for calling worldwide i can promise you now... Get credit by watching videos of buying it low cost. Get TextMe today!

- Lifesaver

100% worth downloading! Has saved me so many times, way way better than competitors! I recommend to all my friends

Payoneer 💰

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- Génial

Merveilleux! Text Me a tjrs très bien fonctionner et ce depuis maintenant 5 ans !


This app used to be free and Now, they completely changed the whole app where you have to pay to use the number. Once you get into the app, it says that it’s free and you just have to sign up. But after signup. It tells you: Secure Your Number! You need to purchase at least a 1 Week Membership to enjoy texting and calling. Basically, you don’t really have the number but to get it, you have to pay weekly for it. I mean, if this app isn’t free anymore, they could have just told us. This is technically a scam that their running so you can just download their apps.

- Free

No money & phone without texting = an option that's free and allows you to text while in Wi-Fi it's made me happy

- Works 30% of the time

App constantly freezes and crashes, incoming messages delayed, sometimes it won't load at all. I purchased a lot of credits and it still freezes and crashes and is constantly swamping me with ads that will open and freeze on their own. Ads should be removed when we purchase credits I bought over a 1000 and you still bombard me with stupid ads I will NEVER click on or read. Please fix this app..

- Miss

Great app 👍🏼👍🏼

- price???

if it’s supposed to be free why do i have to pay to get a number???

- The WORST experience ever

This is NOT free. This is just a DISGUISE to make it look like it’s free. When I tried to get a “verification” code from an important site that requires it, it just says that YOU need to buy the number to gain access for that? WHAT?! This is FREE, but this is just making it worse by shoving these kinds of offers down our throats so they could get MONEY off of us. This app is USELESS! Don’t use it!

- White screen leading to nowhere

After confirming a number I get a white screen that doesn’t go anywhere. Moving on to other apps that actually works. Waste of time.

- Don’t loose your time

Not user friendly. Plus we have to pay at least 15$CAN to get a phone number. Useless and disappointing.

- Ne répondent jamais

Ils se foutent du monde. Ils ne répondent pas aux demandes d'aide. Je vais me tourner vers un autre fournisseur. En plus ils ont supprimé mon compte. Probablement à cause de mes plaintes répétées. J’avais 2000 minutes que j’avais achetées. C’est de l’arnaque. Ce sont des voleurs. Je les haïs.

- Horrible

They changed it so it is not free anymore! It is horrible if you are going to pay for a phone number just buy bell or virgin mobile or something! Would not recommend

- Crap!

This is the worst app I’ve ever used never connects my call..texts are terrible..will never ever use this app again..

- A1



Don’t waste your time. Nothing about it is free

- Waste of money!

These THEIVES stole my money after I paid a years subscription!!!!! Don’t risk ur money with this app.

- Works but not best quality , expect ads

Works but not best quality , expect ads


Used to be good, not now.

- Garbage

This app is atrocious garbage pay to play click bait trash. Please stear clear.

- Got worst

When I first downloaded it was working fine. Now the ads take up more than half of the app. No I will never purchase to remove the ads. I have nothing against the ads if they were smaller but this is ridiculous.

- Ads and unfair

I know there is a free number you can get but if you really think about it, it is not worth it. There are too much ads and if I try to exit the ads out of the way, it says to get premium to make the ads go away. The ads are so annoying. So if you consider about getting this app, use your brain and think twice.


Not free at all. Can’t receive a single message without paying.

- SCAM!!! Don’t download!!!

Nothing works. They just eat up your money and pull up ads then drop the call without transferring you to the person you want to speak with. As ads are running, you credit is running fast too. Useless App! Scammers!

- Scam...plain and simple

Straight up scam...typical bait and switch!


Not free and if you get you cannot cancel so BEWARE

- It was fun while it lasted

I’ve had the app for maybe 9 years now but all of sudden today this app is trying to charge you for txting/calling. You literally have the option of watching a 1000 videos in order to get free credits or pay. I’m truly disappointed in them, I very much enjoyed this free txting life but rn now u guys are at 1.

- Not worth it

I mean, meh. You can not receive calls, only call other people. Messages only go through half the time. You also have to pay to keep your number. Don’t do it.

- not free

bruh this is misleading. you have to make an account and set it up, but then to receive messages you have to pay?? you couldve just told us you had to pay...

- Baddd

This app sucks would not recommended!!!

- Nope.

I can’t even make an account. I choose a number and the just get a white screen... that’s it. that’s all. Lame.

- Awful application

This application is trash. It automatically disconnects you at the one hour mark. If that's the case then I think it be nice to be notified. I waited 50 minutes on the phone to get a hold of an airline and while on the phone for about 10 minutes the line disconnects. Absolute trash, at least warn your users of this so they don't lose connection at an important moment. Will definitely delete asap.

- Lousy support

Don’t count on any help you need it. Your on your own here.

- Bug

Quand je veux faire un appel sa fait rien sa ferme toute suite

- Terrible

Terrible app. Many other alternatives out there that cost less and are more user friendly. The ads are just ridiculous

- A bunch of snake crooks

I don’t even have the app and I got charged $7.99, like bro y’all are really stealing off a kid. Go neck yourself waste yute

- Cool

Hype af

- Mediocre

The app continued texting my contacts with weird messages after I uninstalled the app.

- Scam

Paid for a weekly subscription so I could use the number to open social media account. It said I’d have to buy 1 week in order to receive verification number. Then tried to force me to buy another 2 weeks for $15 CAD. SCAM ALERT. DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY.

- Does what it's intended for and more

I've been using this app for well over a year with very little issues. I paid $10 way back to permanently remove ads and it has been great, can call anyone in canada free. I've never experienced 95% of the problems ppl have posted about, nor have i paid more than $10 one time for ad removal lol

- Do not waste your time

I used it to send images or messages. Both go in exploded chunks. Pictures in pieces and paragraph of text in chunks of words displaced. This is not only a useless app but a total time waster. No star at all

- Horrible

Worst texting app ever would not recommend

- I use it frequently. I love it.

Comes in handy between paydays I run out of mins I use text me to get hold of people very convenient. Unlike other free call apps they can call u back, Not a private number 👏🏽👍🏽👍🏽

- .

Hey I just want to know if we can change the song when a person call you?

- Text and call

Good service

- Good

It’s free, well it does have some things about money but it works really well without buying them! In general I hope you can fix the glitches cause when someone calls me and there’s bad connection I can’t answer. And sometimes the other sides voice starts cracking. But it’s REALLY good

- Good service

Sometimes the ads are a pain .

- Terrible Customer Service - AVOID THIS APP - Number will be disconnected

I paid for a subscription for this service and was using it for a second line for a business. Out of nowhere, my calls stopped coming through. The explanation from the customer service was that their computer detected weird usage. We texted and answered calls normally like any business. I was told a refund is not possible and that my number is gone forever. THERE ARE BETTER APPS than this garbage. They have no problem taking my $20/month, but fail to follow through on their end of the agreement. On top of me randomly losing my number without warning, they market out your number to spammers so be prepared from calls from wherever. If anyone from your team reads this, you should be ashamed of yourselves. The service is false advertising. Talkatone, OOMA, and others are the way to go. Never using this garbage again. Thanks for making me have to update all my marketing.

- Hmm

Pros: I like the sound it makes when you get a text. Not annoying at all. Cons: at $13.50 CAD a month to save your number and have unlimited calls, it’s a total rip off. On another popular texting app, you can get that for a YEAR for I think slightly less than that. That’s the one with the purple logo.

- FREE FOR 3 DAYS ONLY. Not unlimited.

I hate liars and cons. If you’re going to say your app is free you should also say for 3 days only. The app works well but the false advertising reminds me of my ex narcissist husband.

- Will not let me get new number.

The app will not allow me to get a. Ew phone number. I have tried everything. The app refuses to let me have a new phone number. Either the app is severely glitched or it’s just straight up not letting me have a new phone number. This is absolutely ridiculous.

- Less minutes

Few minutes even I paid

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Grace Taylor Tampa Bay Mature Companion

@aubreysingerchi I do not accept text. A phone call can tell me so much in one action. Texting tells me nothing about the person, it’s a very flat dimension. Where as voice is rich with personality clues. I do not publish my # anymore so they email first.


everybody wanted to call and text my phone when i was taking my nap now mfs not texting back and not answering me wtf 😐


my daddy be texting me “call me when you can” like he can’t just text me what he has to say💀 it’s never long enough for a phone call

Carlata Again

@KennieTea @notcapnamerica Same here. The advent of text messaging transformed my life. Such a relief not to have to talk/listen on the phone. It angers me greatly when a business/dentist/library requires a phone call. I mean, they're kidding, right? With texting + email available, they need a phone call?


the new showing up without calling first is calling without texting first!!! I don’t ever MISS a phone call, if you know what I mean! TEXT ME FIRST! And if a conversation is needed... we will go from there

Rae to the 🥀

@DestinyyDavila I had to throw the dryer sheets for it to get out my way this is ghetto and the maintenance man don’t answer his phone unless I text him lmao I be texting him Samuel please call me as soon as you can - Raven


A phone work both ways..... you don’t text or call me I’m not texting or calling you. 🤷🏾‍♂️

Arnesha Royale

thats YALL problem . in 2021 DO NOT text or call my phone on no bullshit. i mind MY business and take care of MY child. i dont want NOBODY nigga i got MY OWN, if my name in your nigga phone its cause YOUR nigga texting me .

princess weNNceslas 🦇❤

drive to my parents’ house because they still have a landline fuck if I know. I’ve been texting my parents to call me from their home phone because our cell phones text but only receive calls 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

SilkMessiah 🐳💆🏾‍♀️

I on my way church with my whole family in the car trying to call Via and the girl come on the phone cussin calling me a ugly bitch and my mother goes “what!?”. Trying to text Via wa happen now and iMessage like it switch to the US number and is text I was texting the girl😭


A phone call > texting.. if it’s a quick question, or if it’s gonna take less than 3 responses to finish the convo, yeah text me.. but talking on the phone is just easier, faster n things don’t get taken the wrong way. Maybe I’m just getting old idk lol but I love a caller 😂

Jarvis Terrell

My friend’s are texting in two separate group text. Let me go ahead and put this phone on DND! Someone will call 3 times if I’m needed.

Drake’s Unicorn 🇸🇳❤️

I really hate texting now , pick up the phone and call me because 9/10 I won’t text back .


"Text message or call?" - It's situational. Texting is easier and a lot of people suffer from social anxiety, which text messaging helps avoid, so I don't blame people for choosing it over phone calls.

Text Me - Phone Call + Texting 3.33.13 Screenshots & Images

Text Me - Phone Call + Texting iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Text Me - Phone Call + Texting iphone images
Text Me - Phone Call + Texting iphone images
Text Me - Phone Call + Texting iphone images
Text Me - Phone Call + Texting iphone images
Text Me - Phone Call + Texting iphone images
Text Me - Phone Call + Texting Social Networking application iphone screenshots and images not ready...

Text Me - Phone Call + Texting (Version 3.33.13) Install & Download

The applications Text Me - Phone Call + Texting was published in the category Social Networking on 2012-05-23 and was developed by TextMe, Inc. [Developer ID: 307996876]. This application file size is 98.95 MB. Text Me - Phone Call + Texting - Social Networking app posted on 2022-06-02 current version is 3.33.13 and works well on IOS 13.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.textmeinc.textme2