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Welcome to Topps® BUNT® 2017 MLB Baseball Card Trader!

The first ever real-time baseball trading card app is back for the 2017 Season! Slide into the nostalgia of card collecting and the competitive spirit of fantasy baseball with thousands of exclusive card designs! Set your lineup alongside live MLB games and unleash the baseball action!

• Thousands of DIGITAL TRADING CARDS of today’s hottest MLB stars! Multiple cards released daily!
• Classic Topps meets the Digital Age: Relive your childhood with HD releases of your favorite BASEBALL LEGENDS – from as early as the 1950s through the current generation!
• Collect hundreds of new 2017 MLB Players!
• Join the best community of baseball card collectors in the world! Communicate with fellow members of BUNT Nation in the Fan Feed and propose trades to others around the world!

• New cards and series released every day! Come back and use your free daily coin reward to collect your favorite MLB stars!
• Including the most dynamic card stores in the world, collect new series, artworks, and editions of cards that are released multiple times per day!
• Authentic and Official Collecting: Collect today’s hottest Major League Baseball stars on high-definition cards. New players added every week.

• Reset your ultimate lineup every game day with your best BUNT® player cards and get real-time scores based on live performances!
• Watch live games and compete for points in real time against rival fans from around the world!
• Compete with other players in Contests to win rewards! Winners are determined by the total number of points earned by the cards played from their deck, which they play in real-time which they can play in real-time while watching their favorite team.
• The first ever “Flow of the Game” scoring feature: Swap cards in your lineup and feel the excitement of every hit, strikeout, double play or stolen base.

• Start LEVELING UP today as winning Contests and exchanging cards gets you experience points based on the LEVEL scoring system.
• CARD EXCHANGE feature where fans can trade in low-level cards for a higher boosted variant of the same player!
• STORE DESIGNS that hold unique offers and special packs.
• New monthly box releases, Signature and Relic cards released throughout the 2017 season.

Stay tuned with all of the game day action and newest card releases!
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MLB BUNT Baseball Card Trader App Description & Overview

The applications MLB BUNT Baseball Card Trader was published in the category Sports on 2012-04-04 and was developed by The Topps Company, Inc.. The file size is 243.60 MB. The current version is 8.1.6 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

-Fix for white insert card issue in Batter Up

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MLB BUNT Baseball Card Trader Reviews


Final straw  BosChris  1 star

Constant bugs and overstated odds were always an issue with this app, but diamonds and absurdly expensive coin packs have absolutely ruined it. Done.


Needs work  junknstuff  2 star

It’s a cool concept with digital cards, the problem is contests and awards are hard to get in this app without spending tons of cash. Fans in this app are greedy with trades and with no real value price guide your at their mercy. The app needs a major overhaul to keep it enjoyable and not frustrating for those trying to collect sets and greedy traders trying to take advantage of you. They also screwed regular fans in the postseason contest out of prizes due to giving free coins to only certain fans. You really see what it means to be a VIP for nearly the entire season only to be taken advantage at the end of the season


Mostly good  Hondibam  4 star

The app is a good way to easily collect cards. Finishing sets and getting award cards can be fun. There are some cards that require $ to get, but so far that hasn’t been abused here like it has on other Topps apps. They need to make money to keep going, so have some premium cards makes since as long as it doesn’t get out of hand. My suggestion for Topps would be to create a $ secondary market. Right now Facebook groups and eBay are selling these cards. If Topps had their own secondary market they could take 10% of all transactions. That would be a revenue stream for Topps and provide users a secure way to buy from others without scamming concerns.


Bad  erniemcavoy  2 star

Really don’t know why I keep wasting my time. Diamonds really $$$$


Sweet  Smitty27301413  5 star

Awesome game!!


Not too bad  KenJ1231  3 star

I like the new batter up game but it seems the randomness is not that random. Almost every time I play I never make it past the fourth inning because there is always strikes. I do like collecting cards and how they tie them into games all season long. Now I have nothing to do through the winter and have to start over with my collection next spring. If you don't trade in your cards for better one with higher points you can end up with 15 or more duplicates because the system gives out the same cards over and over. With the post season cards those can't be traded up and in a short time I have 5 copies of some cards. The biggest complaint I have is the power drain on my phone. If I open the app it drains away 20% of the battery in ten minutes. No other app is that bad. And if I leave it open in the background it also has an impact on the battery so I have to remember to completely shut it down or my phone dies quickly.

The ugly rice

Data Mining App! Stay Away From This Garbage!!!  The ugly rice  1 star

There are a lot of 1 star reviews for a reason!!! They say it’s not a data mining app. Maybe the devs need to read their privacy policy. LOL @ the knuckle dragging devs for this data mining app. “We also may collect certain non-personally identifiable information, including, but not limited to: the Internet protocol (IP) address and the type of computer operating system you are using (e.g., Microsoft Windows or Mac OS), the location from which you are using the Apps, the type of browser you are using (e.g., Firefox, Internet Explorer), the domain name of the Internet service provider, your activities while using our Apps, and the content you accessed.” Can only imagine what they collect when the app is running in the background. SMH @ these idiots There is a reason your battery will drain fast with this app installed. It’s mining your data!!!! Data Mining Scam App AVOID!!!!!!!


Terrible  Karineandbrad  1 star

This game doesn't even help you play or get help with it it's the worst game I've ever played the person who invented this game was probably racing thro it it doesn't make sense you start out with five thousand coins and you spend it on a bunch of packs and you can't get any coins because as I said the inventors are terrible you look at it and your like this is so good but it really is trash in stead of it being bunt 2017 card something it should be called the game that now won should look at cause it's trash.


Horrible app  JeePLobO1112  1 star

Still can’t get into my account and sent emails with no response to fix the issue . I would not suggest this app. Worked fine before now it’s been 2 weeks and can’t get into the app.


Terrible customer service  Peteg9699  1 star

Absolutely abysmal customer service. Three weeks to resolve an issue that should have been done in less than 1. No help, very little response. Don't bother with the app, if you have any kind of issue, good luck. Added 11/1. Laughable. They're just as useless. "Social media doesn't handle open tickets" us the response I get there.


MLB Addiction at its best  Glen_Cav  5 star

This app is dangerously addictive. It allows you to collect trading cards digitally just like you would old school style. I love this app and I confess I'm addicted! Trade with other MLB fans and collect your favourite teams and players from past to present. Hats off to the team at Topps and thanks for giving me the ability to enjoy a card collection that I can access anytime, anywhere. 5 STARS!


Great app  Mok82  5 star

Just like the real cards but virtual what a great idea all your card collections on your phone.

Great 111111111.

Addictive......  Great 111111111.  1 star

After the last update This app has never been worse extremely poor now don't waste your time with it.


Virtual baseball cards save space.  XnJester  3 star

This is a good app for collecting virtual baseball cards. In the season you can use cards to participate in weekly competitions (dream team style). My main reasons for down-rating the app are: 1. In the off-season they reduce the number of free coins given daily but continue to release new packs with limited time inserts. When you could maybe buy 2 packs with your coins (on-season) you felt like you had a chance at 1:10-1:25 inserts (particularly if you saved your coins for a week). When you can only buy 1/2 or 1/3 of a pack.... You kind of think "why bother?". 2. The features in this app always seem like the 'old version' in comparison to the sister app Star Wars Card Trader. Come trade with me. IGN = XnJester


BEN_PENFOLD16  Yolopenfold  5 star

This game is gun. Nothing else to say....


Great fun  Fitzy39  5 star

Great fun collecting your favorite baseball stars..... I'm hooked. fitzy39


TOPPS BUNT.. "Is Awesome Fun"  B.C.2014  5 star

Trading TOPPS BUNT MLB Baseball Cards is a cool way to sit back and relax, while enjoying opening packs of cards chasing them Awesome Rare Cards & Inserts.. Definitely Download this App next time your in the AppStore.. I'm giving it a ((5*STAR)) Rating..


Rip off trading game and wasted valuable time playing.  M4tty_Z  1 star

Update: I have changed my review since being suspended for advising them that a guaranteed pack containing an insert did not actually contain the guaranteed insert, so Bunt support now have suspended me for suspicious trading! Even though I helped them with a bug in their app. What a waste of time collecting cards with my kids. Don't waste your time with this and don't spend money on coins.


Great Fun!  Werpderp  5 star

Nothing better than the rush of a new pack. When you get a team card or insert it's amazing! - Maltize


Best baseball ever!  Mccoveyfan  5 star

Baseball isn't the same without bunt. Be in baseball at the next level. Play collect trade and have fun at the same time. A must have for all enthusiasts. -mccoveyfan

P for game

Hate the app  P for game  1 star

They came out with the new update a few months ago and it is loaded with problems and not easy to use. I deleted the app


Terrible app: UPDATE  Matthewscottcollins  2 star

Update: When they said there was nothing they could do and no timeline as to when this would be resolved I then let them know I deleted the app and will be posting a negative review. Somehow then they emailed back problem was resolved. Still horrible customer service as this is something that could have easily been done right away. Increasing star review to 2 star though until they can figure out how to set this up so you can register under an email and a password and log in on multiple devices to take your collection anywhere. This may stop people from getting multiple accounts! This whole linking problem is why people might use a second email to create an account! Original Post: This app development is horrible. I had to reinstall the app once and it would not let me log in saying it was already linked to my device. They were able to unlink things so I could sign back in. Yesterday I found I had a virus on my phone and had to do a factory reset. They now tell me they can not unlink again because I had too many unlink requests. This makes NO sense to me! Why can't they just figure out like every other app does where you sign in with your email and can do that with any device?! Needless to say I deleted this app due to this.


Better Than Sliced Bread  Coachums  5 star

As I have mentioned time and again, best app since maybe the invention of the wheel. -COACHUMS


So difficult  Jakethemaddenplayer  1 star

I love card collecting in real life but one day my brother tried to log in on his account and my account which had very good inserts was lost, I have played this game for 4 years but this is the last time, that's strike three I'm done.


Nba  BillyTheDino  4 star

This is a fun game and somewhat addicting. I like the game but I would like to see one for NBA

Alex Hedrick

Awesome  Alex Hedrick  5 star



Fun concept but glitchy play  andrewscott48  3 star

While I enjoy the concept of this game, it's so glitchy on my iPhone and iPad that it makes it almost unplayable. Batter up games that should take a few minutes get drug out into ten-to-fifteen minute contests because it takes so long to drag the cards down to the bottom of the screen. If there was a way to remedy this, I would easily give this app a 5-star rating.


Pretty good game  HUDSONDABOMB  4 star

It should be easier to earn real cards. But if u do actually spend money makes it easier. But I would not spend money on this game because it's easier to just buy cards in real packs or online.


⚠️⚠️Hedge fund Money Grab APP ⚠️⚠️  Wilmyers  1 star

For proper setting please play Nirvana rape me while reading this review. Any positive reviews are due to bunt soliciting them with free coin offers. You do not own the digital rights to cards you purchase, can't log in 👋bye bye cards, use two devices 👋 bye bye cards. Oh but if you manage to hang onto your cards until you die? Nope sorry 👋 bye bye cards. Bunt survivorship clause says you can't even transfer them to your loved ones. Top that off with Topps lackluster App support, opening a ticket is basically opening an argument they won't help at all. Don't plan on trying to enjoy this app without downloading 6 other Topps apps, what don't have the time to play 6 apps? Well you need to crosstrade to have any chance of getting a good collection and since Topps apps don't support crosstrading you need to risk losing a card every time. Here are some new features: 1. Paywall so you can't purchase the best cards unless you purchase coins and now Diamonds 💎 2. Lower pack odds so even when you purchase coins you get lousy odds. A signature will run you 200.00 bux! 3. Game only boost so after you spend all that time acquiring a good cards they drop a boost in that deflates your base card values. 4. BUNT will suspend your account without explanation, and with a 2 week ticket time you will be lucky to get your rights back timely. 5. Bunt employees appear to work 9-5 est. Monday to Friday. Unfortunately most users visit the app during games that take place on evenings and weekends. So card releases end up in the hands of card shop owners and eBay seller's not fans! 6. There is no coin statement so you can't track your earnings or awards. Contact the help desk and they say oh you already got that award. Anyway they can stick it to Ya they will. Prepare to bend over ( | )


Great App  KingKG10  5 star

This is an extremely fun app, but even more fun for the people who collect cards outside of the app. I don't know why this gets so many negative reviews, but it runs perfectly fine on my phone and the UI and card graphics are amazing and just like real life! Keep it up Topps!! 👍🏼👍🏼

MLB BUNT Baseball Card Trader Comments

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