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We’re changing the way you find and play the music and podcasts you love. Listen with your Prime membership or get more with Amazon Music Unlimited.

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• Enjoy unlimited access to 70 million songs in high definition
• Get over double the bitrate of standard streaming services in CD-quality (16-bit, 44.1 kHz)
• Listen to millions of songs in Ultra HD with up to 10x+ the bitrate (24-bit, 192 kHz), including Hi-Res quality
• Hear music the way the artist intended

Or listen to Amazon Music, no credit card required
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- This is the best for me....

This is by far the best music app I have ever used. Easy to use. Easy to search and find songs. Super simple to create or add to a playlist... I have a playlist for my 3 yo son, one for our dog during thunderstorms...((It may not reeeally help her but it makes 𝘮𝘦 feel like I am helping soothe her)). I really can’t think of a downside to this app. Love it. We have the unlimited so any song is instantly there and available to download. Amazing. We did have just the reg FREE version for years bc I refused to buy the unlimited bc . . . It may be a few dollars but I just felt like WHY?! Tho, now having it the unlimited, I feel it is 𝙑𝙀𝙍𝙔 worth it. I am a music person so I wld have music playing 𝗅𝗈𝗎𝖽𝗅𝗒 in the house at alllll times if it didn’t drive the hubby nuts. My son is more like me so more n more we have music going and r having the best random dance parties! Still wish it was free/part of the Prime subscription but....maybe one day they will include it at the level of the unlimited!!

- Needs Garlic

Not a bad music app. Selection is good could be better. I’m with the others about the songs/artists “disappearing” without notice, it’s frustrating and makes me switch to a different app. I am a touch OCD so when I add a song to a named playlist and it doesn’t add into the overall library of “my music” I get frustrated. I too listen to music for 8-12 hours a day while working and commuting. Sometimes I would like to have the ability to shuffle every song in my library from all playlists, that is impossible with the current setup on the app. “My music” should be the cumulative collection of every song that has been downloaded or added to a playlist. Lastly, I should never hear the same song repeat itself day after day when in shuffle mode. Most days I will start my drive by hitting shuffle and I hear the same songs as the day before. This shouldn’t happen when I have hundreds of songs in each playlist an my music. It’s a simple program of “each song should only play once until all others have done the same” no matter how many times the app has been closed. I use the app because I can’t stand Top 40 stations; it’s like being mule kicked by a rhino. The app needs playback help, music selection is decent not great. If I had to pay for this without my prime subscription I would look elsewhere, the value is currently not there.

- Decent , but could be better

I use this music app all. the. time. I work out several days a week and play this while I’m driving most of the time. There are several things that drive me nuts about this app: First of all, songs are constantly suddenly not a usable file, and you have no idea unless you check your library frequently. There’s no notification nor replacement file provided, you have to search and find it, again, for yourself. Sometimes, the song/artist isn’t even available anymore. Secondly, there isn’t a way to play just ONE song and be done. If you play a song, the songs in your library or the songs in whatever search you’re in automatically follow. You have to create a playlist with only one song on it to have that option, which is obviously absurd. Lastly, the songs skip/have pauses semi-frequently, no matter what service I’m connected to- (various wi-fis or cellular). Sometimes the pauses are rather long. Sometimes I have to close out the app completely and reopen it to get it to play again. SO obnoxious. IMO, the annual cost of the unlimited annual plan is too expensive for these reasons. I keep it active however because I don’t want to go through the hassle of beginning a new library somewhere else. Sigh. If you’re thinking about buying this (the unlimited version, which isn’t free/included with your prime membership), I’d look elsewhere.

- Thought about the music unlimited.

I just wanted to say that I LOVE LOVE LOVE music. I listen to music literally ever day. But there is one thing that really gets on my nerves. The music unlimited thing is a good idea but, some songs that I really like to listen to are music unlimited, and I LOVE to listen to Taylor Swift but, a few days ago when I tried to play it, it said that it was music unlimited. But maybe you could have like “pay 10$ for one week of music unlimited songs” or “Pay 20$ for a year” or something like that. You don’t have to that but it’s just a suggestion. 😊 Update: As I said before I love music and I like the music unlimited idea but it’s just kind of expensive and when I try to listen to certain songs sometimes the day after I listen to them they become music unlimited when we don’t pay for it in the first place. So I was thinking that the person wanting to listen to music but can’t because it is unlimited could pay, say, $20-$30 for a whole year or 1/2 a year of unlimited songs. I’m not trying to cut how much money you get I’m just throwing out some ideas that you could possibly look at and talk it over. I hope that these ideas come to be useful in the future.

- Keep listening feedback is annoying

I hate many things about this app, but the feature most bothersome to me of late is the keep listening feature. The sleep timer is turned off, but every hour I get asked am I still listening to music. Did I stop the music?! I have my device plugged in across the room because it’s not compatible with Legrand digital audio (fix this too!). So, every hour when the music stops I have to go press keep listening. I’m not opposed to exercise, but I’m trying to work, and this incessant disruption makes me want to pay for a different streaming music service. This should only happen if I engaged the sleep timer. This is a useless feature, especially if I am actually streaming on WiFi and have the stream only on WiFi feature engaged or am in offline mode listening to downloaded music. Get rid of this. Another huge annoyance is the amount of data this app uses even in data saver mode. My daily commute (160 minutes total streaming time) uses 1 GB of data! Maybe it would use less data if the lyrics feature could be disabled. Finally your app support was useless for providing feedback, so hopefully someone is reading these reviews.

- Good but can be better

Good app but has a few annoying problems. They allow you to view most of your favorite music but the problem is, the unlimited music thing. You have to pay a small amount of money for hundreds of good songs. Mostly any good song is in the unlimited music part. It’s really annoying. Anyway you pay a small amount but over time it becomes a lot of money. It’s really bothering wand I wish they would stop the unlimited music thingy. But even if they wanted to keep it maybe take off a chunk of songs so we can have good music.( Developers this might get you more customers!) but in truth is an okay app. I would say go ahead but be warned a lot of songs are restricted so it’s quite annoying. Me and my friends have been really bothered and have started to go to other apps. I can’t though because I have an awesome dad who is watching out for me and let’s me use this app but I’m starting to get to the point where I’d rather have no music than this app. It’s getting on my nerves. People! Be WARNED!!! It could bug you Badly. But it’s a good app and if you want go ahead. I just can’t express how annoying this can be.

- Possibly the most frustrating music app

I am currently subscribed to the unlimited and will be done with it for good after June is over. Short version; of you have prime then it’s included, great. Otherwise save your money. I like to listen to stations as it gives me a better variety; first off the variety of similar artists was soo off pace for the first few days I was pressing thumbs down more than I was anything else. These were stations I created and couldn’t believe there were algorithms out there saying they were similar artists, furthermore it would continually throw the same artists I thumbed down MULTIPLE Times in there with different songs that weren’t any better. Secondly and possibly even more frustrating is that when I paused a song and then would go to press play on that song 5-10 minutes later I would just get the “loading song” description and that’s it. I would then need to skip or push to the next song ,then press play again in order for it to start playing music. Lastly if I searched an artist and then created a station off of that artist I would notice that if paused that station and then resumed within 5-10 minutes it wouldn’t resume on the station it would resume on most previously searched artist.. free pandora is a better choice than the current state

- I like but let’s talk

I’m subscribed to the unlimited edition (as well as a prime obv) where I paid for the year upfront for all the music you got. I’ve been using your app for about a year so far. You’re UI is solid, but there is so much clutter and overlap in your content/songs it makes the overall experience when searching for specific versions of an artists recordings stressful. You will find the same song on 9 different versions of albums some of which are legit and should be “duplicates” but it’s just your orchestration and layout is sloppy. I think using release date of said album for example as an organization method would be a really simple way to manipulate the data so it’s not so messy looking. Take Frank Sinatra’s artist results for example. When scrolling through the albums available, it’s all over the place. One of his major albums is like 7 or 8 rows down in the search results, while other single song albums or various versions are scattered in between and all over. Organize the results on your UI and I think it might be 4.5 star material. You lose a half star because while content is there in some way the price point is high for already prime subs.

- Are you still listening

Up until recently, I have had ZERO problems with this app. Sure, songs go missing... but its free (with my prime membership) and I can usually find something to replace it with. The problem I have, though, is that lately it has been stopping at irregular intervals and asking if im still listening. I have one particular playlist that is used to get me through medical infusions. I get my IV started and listen to my playlist. I know where I am in the infusion by the song playing. No need to keep pulling out my phone or looking for a clock. My last infusion was interrupted by the “Are you still listening “ thing. I had my phone in my purse across the room. I couldn’t get to it and was left with nothing. Music gets me through these infusions and not having it on was distressing. If im not listening to it, I will stop it on my own. Considering just buying the songs from iTunes and staying uninterrupted. This hasn’t been an issue until just recently but looking online I see other people have been experiencing it for a long time. It may be time to just let my membership expire as this is really the only thing i use of Prime on a usual basis.

- Great, but not always

I love this app. For the most part. The available selection of music is HUGE, although there are some artists and/or albums I wish were available with out paying for Music Unlimited (I’m looking at you, Led Zeppelin!). I was EXTREMELY excited to see the new update, which added volume normalizing, which was easily my biggest complaint, since shuffling music meant constantly adjusting my phone/car’s volume from song to song. What I didn’t realize, however, was that I was going to have to re-download EVERY SINGLE SONG on my phone. I have about 7000 songs downloaded. I’m in the middle of my second day of re-downloading. It’s excruciatingly slow, even with a very fast connection, and, unless you leave the app open, constantly gets hung up or frozen, meaning you have to restart the downloads (you don’t lose what you’ve already done, thank god!). Overall, a pretty good app for music lovers, and it would probably be great if I just started using it, but there are definitely some issues, some of which could have been solved, or at least forgiven, simply by letting people know what was going on.

- Improve shuffle!

Overall the app is decent. I have been able to discover a lot of new artists and songs that I enjoy from the artist radios and suggestions. Here are my cons: Artist radios.. I have avoided thumbs-upping any songs that I like. I have found that when I do, it will play those songs that I thumbs-upped first every single time I play that particular radio. I guess that’s the point but I end up hating the song because it becomes way overplayed. Which is kind of how Pandora’s radio is. It’s just annoying. So don’t thumbs up anything unless you want to eventually hate it. Shuffle on My Music.. needs some improvement. It seems like the algorithm needs work or something because it will shuffle and play THE SAME SONGS and then there are songs that I will never ever hear. I end up removing songs from My Music just because the shuffle seems to love playing it. I end up letting it play alphabetically just so I can hear my other songs. That’s terrible! Also, I have noticed that the shuffle will turn off by itself if I am connecting Bluetooth. That might be unavoidable but I thought I would mention that.

- New Update RUINED IT!!

This is a great app! I can’t deny that it is extremely useful and easy to use— and is ideal for anyone who likes to listen to music on the go— however, after updating to the most recent version of the app, I have found that after a mandatory refresh, all my music was GONE! I had downloaded well over 3,000 songs (as an Unlimited subscriber) and was very disappointed to find all that gone. Not only that, but every thirty seconds the app crashes and restarts— making it to where it would be virtually impossible to re-download all those missing songs unless I had god-speed wifi, which, I regret to inform you, I do not have. I hope this is not the case through every device using the app, but it is the case for me and it is very disheartening, as I do not have data on my device and cannot access wifi 24/7 to where I could simply use it without downloads. All I ask is that the crashing gets resolved. Restarting my device did not help, either, so I believe it is the app itself. But also, please do not remove all of one’s offline music in the next update please. 🙏

- Listen every day

I think the hardest part is learning how to utilize the setup the best. I would click best of prime and expect to hear all the top hits, but that included others favorite songs as well (rock, jazz, country, metal, all the genres). So instead of skipping 10 songs to find one I liked I made my own playlist and added songs I liked to it. That worked for a while as I never get tired of my favorite songs, but I wanted to explore more music. So I went to stations that were different than "today's hits" and had major nostalgia! Beatles, Beach Boys, 80's, 90's, and the best of the recent decade were filled with songs we remember but haven't heard for a while. Now I have several stations and just listen to my favorite songs once in a while. I really do listen every day, well unless my wife plays it on her phone as we share an account and you can only have one device streaming at a time but that's another story.

- Mostly Doesn’t Work

I wish I could give this app a better rating but I just can’t. It barely works with CarPlay. I have a 2019 Honda and trying to use the interface through CarPlay is frustrating. I’ll try to queue up music I’ve listened to before using the interface and some songs play. Some don’t. I have to use the app to make the song play. Trying to find songs I want to play is frustrating. The only option on CarPlay is to scroll through every song or album on my songs until I find the one I want. Search feature? Apple Music gives me a way to at least get to the first letter. Recently played is hit or miss. Many times, songs I listened to in the car yesterday are missing from recently played. I’ll be listening to music and all of sudden the bass just disappears and I’m hearing the tweeters and possibly the midrange with no base. The only way I have found to fix this is to unplug it from CarPlay and then plug it back in. Most times that works but sometimes it doesn’t. It only resets after the car has been turned off and restarted. I tried reinstalling the app and reinstalling it but that hasn’t fixed the problems. Really not sure why this app is so bad. I think you can do better.

- Great!... But One problem

Okay so don’t get me wrong it’s amazing and all but I have a problem that for some reason just happened so I was getting on music and I keep all my favorite music on my offline music playlist those who know this app know how to get to that ( by pressing those three dotes on the top right corner) so I tapped that and nothing happens I closed the app and everything and it won’t work I’m really confused and frustrated so until the decides to start working I can’t listen to my music and this is the only app I have for my music so until then no music for me this is a major bummer PLEASE FIX THIS! Update; okay I’m REALLY annoyed at this point I searched up offline music in the search bar and it popped up and it dark grey and won’t let me access it, seems to me offline music has stopped on the app and no longer exist I’m REALLY REALLY annoyed I had so much music on there and it’s all completely gone I lost everything this is very frustrating to me if this isn’t fixed I’m deleting the app and leaving a bad review😤😡

- Music review.

The music quality is great, and the price excellent. Though don’t go escalating it over time as you have done with the price of kindle books. Once, all below $2 now they are almost the same price as the hard copy book... There are a some things that would make the listening experience better for me. First of all videos, if available, related to the music... Then some way to see the history of what I’ve recently been listening to, and also a way of ‘saving’, whilst browsing, what I would like to listen to in the future. I sometimes leave the window open on what I would like to listen to next, but on re-opening that window, say the next day, it’s lost as I’m sent to the ‘home’ window (or ‘Home Page’ is it called ?)... And lastly why is an ebook now about the same price as the hard copy ? In life, as in business, quality is often more rewarding to pursue than monetary profit... but such subtleties, to the detriment of success, are lost if the focus is solely on the bottom line. m

- Playlists & more

I would like more flexibility on how I add music to my playlists if I had them to add them to a specific list they are not in my general list. If I add everything to my general list my playlist gets bigger than I like so I end up just dumping music. Also I like hearing an entire album but if I download the whole thing it doesn't mean I want to keep the whole thing. Be nice to set tags or reminders when you downloaded so you could go back and review and evaluate. Also I hear songs on albums that aren't in the general mainstream that I really like. It would be fun to have maybe a WhatsApp community or some other type of group where you could share songs you liked with other people who like similar music where you could talk about what a song means to you or what you really like another artist. I could live a sheltered life and that already exists. But anyway. That's just a few things for my feedback. I generally think of a lot welcome to tag me up for additional feedback.

- Plenty of music, works well, could use a few more features

Th app works well. There is plenty of music selection with the paid subscription. I do like that I can pause and play the current song from anywhere in the app with the fixed play button at the bottom. Songs are easy to find. It makes good recommendations on new songs to listen to. I like that I can have multiple playlists for the family. It shows lyrics for many songs. There is a setting for disabling explicit songs which I haven’t tested well (maybe my kids). I don’t know how well the filter works. Here is what wish it did better. I would like to be able to not just pause and play the current song I am listening too but be able to easily navigate to the screen that has the forward/backward skip button. I like to restart a song over if I already stated it and I come back later and want to restart it WITHOUT losing my position in my current play list. That is the mai drawback.

- Badly needed feature

I like to shuffle all of my more than four thousand songs so that I always get a really varied listening experience, and I do listen a lot. It would be really cool to be able to play two or more album tracks together regardless of circumstance. That is, these tracks from an album are always played together in one particular order regardless of whether the rest of the music is shuffled or not. Examples: The Beatles” Sgt. Pepper... is always followed by “With a little help from my friends”. Also, from the first Allman Brothers’ album, “Don’t wantcha no more” is always followed by “Cross to bear”. XTC’s “Summer’s cauldron” should always be followed by “Grass”. Pure Prairie League’s “Falling in and out of love” should be followed by “Amy”. That would be a really cool feature and would make my listening experience perfect. As it is I had to make a Connected Songs playlist in order to listen to these sequences the way I prefer.

- Previously great, currently not so much

Love this app and use it regularly with my bluetooth in my car since i drive alot. Since the last update, it seems they have limited the number of suggested songs for you. Before, i could open that section and keep hitting the show more button and then play through the list of 200+ songs and find new songs i like. Now, it shows maybe 50 songs and doesnt allow you to show more. Another major gripe for me is when someone calls me while connected to bluetooth while the music is playing, the sound changes until i exit out of the app and restart. If i do not do this then the music sounds like i am listening to it through a phone call. Similar to music playing in the background of a phone call when you are placed on hold. Happens everytime and it gets old having to clear the app out of my background and restart it after every phonecall. This didnt occur until the latest update so I hope its fixed. Would have gave 5 stars prior to this

- Like it

So far it’s working out well, I do like the Alexa feature, but it doesn’t work when my iPad isn't active so you still have to push buttons. LOL. So far I’ve been able to find all the music I have been looking for, time will tell, can’t give them five stars because there’s always room for improvement in the structure of the app. For example if you go to play Lady Gaga, it will only play the same four songs over and over until you actually go and open it up and make them play the full playlist, that seems like a waste of time, who would ask to play Lady Gaga and only want the same four songs? Should just give u the full list right off. Some of the other controls and features take a while to hunt and peck to find as well, some work on the user-friendly interface wouldn’t hurt. Overall for the music that I listen to, I don’t find the monthly subscription fee overly excessive. I will continue to enjoy your product. Thank you

- Great all in all, but a few glitches.

I love this app. I’ll say that first. It has all of my favorite artists, and such a large selection of songs/albums. I can download music, create playlists, all the things I need for a streaming service. However, this app isn’t without its flaws. Sometimes you can’t go back to a certain part without starting the song over. If you pause a song and start it again it might stop making sound but look like it’s still playing. (It’s not, pause it and it fixes itself.) The app crashes a lot, mostly if you’re not in the app at the moment. That’s the most frustrating of all of them, as it starts whatever song you were playing over. (But not the album, play queue or playlist. It will shut down radio stations, however.) I’d like to mention that I saw a review saying you couldn’t make play queues or play a single song on loop. This is not the case. I don’t know if that was a patch or something, but I’ve always been able to play one song on loop. Perhaps it’s a difference between phone models, but I’m on a 6 and it works just fine. I don’t see why it wouldn’t on later phones. All in all I really like the app, and it’s by far the best streaming service I’ve used. The issues I listed may look like a lot, but really they’re small and easy to deal with. I seriously recommend AM. I hope this helps!

- Almost great

I like having music whether I'm on WIF or offline. Tons of songs, artists,etc. My issue is after I've created a playlist - I can't change location where the song is in the playlist. I now have favorite songs I'd like to slide up higher in the list but since they were added last....I can't. I have to create a new play list :( There are times where I want to hear certain songs but the only choice is shuffle. Why can't I press a song & slide it up or down? It would be nice to also copy & paste same song in same playlist to hear it twice. Can't do that either. *Note - after having an awesome offline playlist for almost a year, I went I to the app and got a message that my playlist had expired! Had to start all over downloading my online music (playlists were not the same). Both my iPad and phone had the same issue a couple months apart. SO, make sure your online playlist has the same music you want offline.

- It’s Great, But....

I love the app and I’m so happy to finally have an app to get all my music, my only complaint is that they don’t have every song I want. Like some of my songs I understand why they don’t have, they’re not from a super famous artists, but then there’s others. One example is the song Tonight (I’m Loving You) by Enrique Iglesias, I cant find it, and I do understand it’s not the original version of what I understand but I don’t get why it’s not there. Like with Enrique there’s some other artist that the one song I wanted from them isn’t there (ex. Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing, by Set it off). And the worst of it isn’t that the song just isn’t their. It’s that there’s always some weird parody of the song that doesn’t sound good, this is my one complaint, so if they’re could be a way to possibly request songs to add to the carts library of music it would be perfect.

- Overall pretty decent

I like it so far. I kind of think it’s wack that there’s an additional fee on top of the prime membership fee- but the app has most every song I’ve looked up so far. I would say- I think that I don’t care for the mixes they produce. Maybe it’s me, but I find the platform a little challenging to use to narrow down recommendations based on my specific tastes. I really liked how pandora does that. However- one of the main selling points for prime music was we could hook it to our echo dot and basically just ask Alexa to play us any song at any time. It’s great! I also love it because when I’m in the car using my Bluetooth, I can just leave the app open on my phone, set the phone down, and just ask Alexa to play me whatever song I wanted to hear. Much less annoying than random stations or pre making playlists. So that’s the main reason I stay- Alexa is far superior and I gotta be safe while I’m driving 🤷🏼‍♀️. Hope this helps!

- Problems keep it from being great

I like to download music; this is because I’m not always on wi-fi, and still use an iPod Touch. The problem is there doesn’t seem to be a clear way to delete downloaded songs from the device. This causes bloat as songs that I no longer want downloaded are seemingly stuck. Another issue I have, that honestly isn’t as major, is that if I try to update a downloaded playlist instead of overwriting the existing downloaded version it makes a new numerical numbered playlist (so it creates a “playlist 1” instead of overwriting the playlist there) Not as big of an issue since playlists can easily be deleted, it’s just annoying. I’m also strangely getting different suggestions in the web version than I am in the app; I do like both kinds, I just can’t figure out why these are different and why I can’t get the suggestions I’m getting on the website in the app. This is because the ONLY suggestions I’ve been getting in app are alternative, which is okay, but is far from the only bands I listen to.

- Great app - Minor improvements still needed

Overall, the app functions well and the music selection is fantastic. I have yet to search for a song that I could not find. A couple of small improvements that could make this app 5 Star for me would be: Ability to sort the song orders on the playlists I create. Always having the first song I put on the playlist is not ideal. I would prefer to have the last song added on the top and the first song added on the bottom, that way I hear the newest music first. Other sort filters could include sort by number of times played, release date, and of course date added. Another needed improvement is that when a song is removed, rather than just sitting grayed out on my playlist, the song should be replaced with a working version of the same title and artist (ie replace the removed Everything I Need by Skylar Gray with a working version of Everything I Need by Skylar Gray).

- Still a few basic features missing.

Playlists that auto switch to offline content when connectivity fails to meet streaming needs. Generated playlists of content based on listening preferences and played tracks (hint if I listen longer, I like the music). Simpler switching between Alexa devices, Bluetooth, airplay etc , right now I have to push the disconnect button to get the Apple contextual menu to change BT devices. And lastly, better discoverability of the music I’ve added to my account based on my premium account. It’s difficult to find all the tracks I’ve added to my account in the past 6 months etc. Also some sort of iconography to let me know when an interrupt of audio will happen. When u tap on a station it immediately switches, but when you tap on a playlist you get a contextual menu. This means that whilst DJ’ing with the app, you have to know where the stations are vs the playlists to avoid gaps in music.

- Music quality A++ but a few fixes would make it 5 stars

The good: pretty broad selection, lots of ultra-HD, and the sound is great. The medium: some of the ultra-HD of old classic rock has been remixed. In some cases this is good when some bass has been added back in that wasn’t possible in the original due to the dynamic range limitations of vinyl. In some cases the bass is a little over done, but still probably a little better than the original. In other mixes, it just doesn’t sound quite right, since the original art was the product of the musicians and the mixers at the time. When this happens, the feel is similar to watching a colorized veesion of a classic black-and-white film. Needs work: The user interface is clunky; search often misses songs you’re looking for,so you have to try different ways of getting to what you want, and when listening in the car, the iPhone app hangs when you lose service and often doesn’t resume playing once you have service again.

- How is this not better

I’ve been using the free version for some time and adjusted to the lack of good songs because I had a variety still. I mad my favorites playlist and shuffle that daily. Over 7hrs current. Now I obviously like these songs and have little to no reason to skip a song. The “Are you listening” prompt gets quite irritating every hour when I don’t want to take actions within this playlist. Extend the time frame or do away with it. Add a 10 sec commercial if it helps. Just upgraded to the free trial, mostly because I was bombarded with offers all day every day for the last year...Finally gave in. But on a side note, if I say not interested, could you give it a break til next month? I’m already hating the upgrade. My 7hr playlist will suddenly stop playing, currently playing disappears and I have to select shuffle again. Shouldn’t I have unlimited play? I know it hasn’t played through as I’ve restarted 3 times today in a short time. At this rate I’ll go back to free or another service for less fee.

- They should be able to get it right!

For one of the largest companies in the world they really should be able to figure this out and have the best working product; but they haven’t. The app easily gets confused, disconnects from or won’t disconnect from my Alexa powered speaker. It then says that you have multiple connections to the app and won’t disconnect properly. I have to do a series of steps to straighten it out. Just like Apple; I really don’t think real people test out their own product enough. I don’t use Apple Music so I don’t really have that to compare the two and that’s why I gave 2 stars instead of 1. When I’m on my WiFi at home (even after I deleted and reinstalled the app like they told me to do) the music sometimes speeds up like chipmunks or slows way down (usually at a really good part of the song). From my point of view; the technology is there enough for the music to pre-buffer if you will; so that it is guaranteed to not change speeds like that. It’s okay but I don’t think I’ll keep it much longer.

- Love it, but app has some quirks

This is really a 4.5 star rating, but rounding. I’ve been a Prime member for about 15 years now and have had the Music app for about 3 with Unlimited. Love the service, but the app has been significantly slower recently when accessing music, beginning mid to late 2019. Another issue with the app is that your offline and online playlists don’t sync. If you make one offline, it should copy the list to online when you connect, so that you can play it through your Echo devices - by it doesn’t. Same goes for making one online, it is not accessible when I’m offline mode, regardless of whether individual songs are downloaded. Would love to see this simple improvement made, as well as a return to more responsive operation such as not taking 30 seconds in some cases to start a song that is on the device.

- Area To Improve

Offline playlist setup not as user friendly. Please improve your service because internet connection is sometimes unreliable. Also, it would help a lot when I am on airplane mode. Thanks. You need to add better dialogue with your user when he accesses different pages. I am left guessing because many of the subsequent steps are hidden. Keep testing your system and analyze the clicks of your new users and trace the ways by which you could make your app friendlier. Please. September 1, 2019: I noticed improvements. Thanks. Invite communities of testers. From teenagers to parents to seniors, let them navigate your dialogues when selecting songs to downloading them while on offline mode. You need to learn from their mistakes thus allowing you to design your improvements where it is needed. More needs to be done. You are not there yet. Good luck.


I’ve been skeptical about all the different ways to spend my money online and through social media. I’ve had more negative experiences than positive ones. Negative: my grandchildren moved 250 miles away from me. Positive: last weekend was the most enjoyable trip I’ve ever had to Oklahoma City because I was able to choose the songs, CDs, and or artists of my preference. Albert Einstein‘s time space continuum went out the window and I traveled from Fort Worth to Oklahoma City in about 30 minutes. I really can’t tell you how any other music platform compares because this is the first one I’ve tried but I sure do like it. Update: One year later & Im canceling satellite radio... This is all I need... Bummer, driving through he mountains caused lost signal with AT&T; one point for sat radio, but not Amazon’s fault. Have since learned off line mode... 5 Stars.

- Daily app for my daily jams. Better than other streaming services.

Downloaded anything I wanted with no issues. Being able to download music makes it great for not using data when out and about. Ive downloaded over 12 GBs of music on my phone and the sound quality is great, and in many cases, much better than streaming services. The UI could use a little work and I wish my offline playlists could be copied to an online playlist. That way I could use the playlists I normally use easier with our fire stick or Alexa. Occasionally, licensing expires for music and it can become unavailable. It doesn’t matter how popular of a song it is, it can happen. Maybe a warning could help this be less of a surprise or maybe it could let you know when or if that music becomes available again...

- Frustrating

As long as you are in a good service area it’s fine. However, the second it has a network connection issue it just gives up and stops playing music. Even if the song is already fully buffered! This is really annoying when driving through rural areas. It will randomly quit playing and pop up a modal window saying there was a network connection issue and to retry again later with a stronger connection. It does this when I have service and I can even watch the buffer continue to load in the background. Pressing play does not resume playing at this point, instead you have to skip the song to get it going again. When I’m working on a project in my shop I’m at the limit of my home WiFi. My phone will bounce around between LTE and WiFi. It seems to cause this app to just randomly stop playing. It doesn’t display a message saying why, it just stops playing. It’s always right after I get my hands dirty and don’t want to touch my phone. I mean, come on... 😕

- Solid music app

Could use a more extensive selection of songs; a few soundtracks I would love to be able to put in playlists are missing, although they are fairly obscure. The soundtracks to Holloknight and GATTACA, for example, can only be found as piano covers. The algorithms in the radio stations run the same few songs over and over again. And the app quits, oftentimes, with a direct connection in the car. The music stops, and a check of the phone shows that the app has closed itself out. The car is as likely to blame as the app, in these situations. But, all that being said, there is more than enough music on the app to satisfy an audience of even the most eclectic tastes. I have been able to find new music I love on here, and have very much been enjoying using it for the past couple of months.

- Good but needs a few tweaks

In general, I like the app. I agree with a lot of people that complain about the music you have to pay for. It is annoying. But I don’t find too many songs that I’m looking to play fall in that category. What does annoying me is… When I am playing a playlist that is random play, I can’t see what songs are coming up. Even though it’s one of my playlist, I want to see the sequence from the random. I would like to be able to do that and maybe rearrange them a little. There is no sorting of songs that you put in playlists. The only way you can view the songs in a playlist is sequentially in the order you put them in there. There needs to be a way of rearranging them by artist or album or something. After I put a couple hundred songs in a playlist I want to see what’s missing and it’s hard to do when there’s no sorting available.

- Unlimited too expensive

I have had this app for a couple years now and I use it almost everyday. It has the songs I love and the layout of the entire thing is simple and easy to use. But the music unlimited is driving me crazy, I get it you want more of us to pay even more money to listen to more music I got the message. But it is really messed up when you take away our songs. What I mean by that is one time I was listening to Get free by Major Lazor for a couple months and one day it wouldn’t let me play it anymore, it’s been moved to unlimited. This wouldn’t be huge except for how expensive unlimited is ON TOP of my $130 Prime membership. Last I checked, it was all or nothing, only two people in my family use prime music so I don’t need any more than 2 users but it’s nothing or whole family for almost $20/mo with taxes. I’m just not having it. I’ve cancelled my auto renewal for prime and I just refuse to give them another $1 at this point.

- pretty good but could use improvement

i love how most of the songs are available for me to use without paying for unlimited (i am both unwilling and unable to) but i have a few complaints. 1) moving songs in a playlist is hard. whenever you add a new song it goes all the way to the bottom and the only way you can rearrange things is remove them and add them back in the order you want 2) one song i had on the playlist (let’s call it A and the artist is B) when i searched for A, i could see it was by B and even when i saw it in the album i could see B’s name. but when i put that specific song (A) in my playlist, i could not see that the song was by B. it said “unknown artist” but it’s clearly known because it shows it elsewhere 3) sometimes the audio goes out, but it might be due to other reasons (my headphones, my family screaming in the background, or my internet connection). i think it’s mostly due to those reasons and not the app. however, when i leave the app for too long, the song that hadn’t finished starts over. 4) some songs on one album have lyrics shown, and others on the same album don’t?? why is that, why can’t y’all be consistent? not that big of a deal though otherwise it’s a pretty great app and i love listening to my favorite artists there without having to pay for everything

- Good music with a lot of choices

I really like Prime Music. They have lots of choices including many full albums. However, there are 2 downfalls: 1. The music stops if more than one device is playing. It didn’t do this before and it’s very frustrating. 2. They are obnoxiously persistent in trying to push their more expensive unlimited version. Often they will obstruct the ability to go directly to Prime Music—instead, making you opt out of the higher cost unlimited version. Several times, when I opted out of the unlimited, instead of directing me to Prime Music it would just take me back to the previous screen. I’ve been a Prime member for several years and it started doing this a few months ago. Prime Music is not a free service. There is a monthly fee. For that reason alone, they should make it easy to use and not try to force you to use the more expensive version.

- Alright, removes music and really makes you want unlimited

The song selection is pretty good with out paying the premium for unlimited. If your just looking for an app to just play random music, there’s probably better options out there. I wouldn’t know. I’ve never tried them really. The only thing I don’t like. This app has a habit of removing music that’s is in your library. Royalties change all the time, I get it, but you can sometimes search for the song the next week and it’s available again, usually never again tho. Upgrade to prime if you love music tho, worth it imo. Every song *almost*. Obscure tracks that release on underground/bootleg don’t usually show up. But other than that I’ve had pretty good luck. I’ll give more feedback after I’ve used unlimited for several months+. I had prime only for years and just got unlimited. Enjoying it so far.

- 3 star app Begs for a 5 star review

Overall, the app is okay. I can find most music I want. But it is hard work to use. You can't add songs from one playlist to another. if you have it in offline mode and no internet connection, it still has a pop up that tells you to go into your WiFi settings and turn it on, which is annoying. It's difficult to delete music from your phone, you have to delete each individual song, there isn't select option to delete multiple songs. It's tricky to understand exactly what is offline and online. And even if a song is offline and down a loaded, if it is on a playlist that isn't flagged as "offline" it won't play. If you download a pre organized playlist, you can't edit or add new music, you have to add the playlist to the queue, add songs, save it as a new playlist which can crash the app. So while it's functional, it's not the most convenient.

- good but....

I loved this app when I first started using it. (I use mostly during my massage sessions). I would turn it on and it would play all day. Now I can not turn it on before a session because it will stop playing during my sessions ( it will only play 50 to 60 min. And ask are you still listening? I have to take my hands off the client to turn back on the music. This is not cool at all. I really like the variety music I can play but.... having to turn it back on during a session has turned me off. It would ok if I only did 30 min session but I do, offer 1 hour, 1 1/2 hour and 2 hour session. I have to use ITunes for those and that gets boring listening to the same music all the time. Please fix the app so that it will play at least 5 to 6 hours ( I listen to it between clients as well) before asking are you still listening. If that where fixed it would definitely be 5 stars!!

- Latest update stuck on splash screen!

The latest update from the 26th kept freezing on the startup/splash screen and I couldn’t revert to the old version so I had to uninstall and reinstall the app. Unfortunately, when I did that it deleted all of the Offline Playlists that I’ve been making over the past year or so. That’s a lot to loose and there doesn’t seem to be any way to get them back. You all should have fixed the problem and put out an update so this kind of thing didn’t happen. Now what am I supposed to do? Go back through and try to remember all the different playlists I made? That’ll take me another year and a half. So annoying. Can’t believe I pay so much for this kind of crap. It’s not fair to pay so much and loose playlists, have content disappear, wrong song and lyric information, as well as not being able to add my own songs and your library not having as much of a variety as you claim!! Ridiculous!!! Please do something about this before more people like me loose all their playlists!!!

- Has some very annoying bugs

I’ve been using this app for a while and it’s been alright. However, there are issues that I keep finding. The first is that every now and then the music will be playing and then the app will tell me that nothing is actually playing and I’ll have to close and restart the app and playlist to get it to work properly. The other annoying thing I’d like to see fixed is to actually have a section at the top of my recently played stations/lists that STAYS in the same place. Finally the most recent issue I have is while playing over my echo speakers using the play everywhere option. It will work but after a few songs the app AND my echos will tell me nothing is playing while there is definitely music playing. I can skip songs using my voice over the echos but then I will have to restart a playlist or station and reconnect to the speakers. Very annoying and I do not understand why this is such a constant problem.

- good app, but super frustrating

This app works well for listening to music if you have unlimited. Finding songs isn’t incredibly difficult and it’s really easy for making playlists. Here is my problem: I have a playlist with 300+ songs and frequently put it on shuffle. The design of the app is set up so that the download button is right next to the shuffle button. This is incredibly bad design because when you go to click shuffle, you accidentally download 300 songs. The worst part is, there is no cancel button! You can’t cancel this MASSIVE download of songs off of the app! There should at least be a cancel button so if you accidentally click download, you don’t have to sit there and let it take up all your storage space. Better yet: don’t put the download button right at the top of the playlist! This is horrible design on amazons part and should seriously be improved.

- Terrible Source of music

Constantly asks for upgrading to unlimited which is extremely desperate and typically a pattern of a free app. The fact the this is not a “free” service, but one that is only available with a paid Prime membership means we should be uninterrupted to enjoy something that’s already paid for. Second one huge reason I would never pay for an unlimited membership is because this app constantly shuts down every time it’s opened for the first time on both older and newer versions of Apple phones and tablets ( tried both ). It’s like a game to see how long the first song plays until the app literally closes, after reopening the second time it runs without that’s one plus! If the constant nagging for more money was answerable once question to decline or accept and not a persistent question every 5 times the app is opened and the app didn’t shut down like a “free version test app” we would consider leaving Apple Music. However for now would never recommend this app or service.

- Overall great but needs some tweaks

So I’ve been using this app for around 3 years and I have never experienced anything like what is happening right now, for some reason I can not listen to any music. When ever I go to tap play it switches to the next song and just automatically goes on and on and doesn’t stop going!!!! It’s getting really annoying! Overall the app is amazing and has restrictions for kids I which is amazing. One thing I don’t like is that you have to pay for some music and it’s not like it’s just the bad music it’s the most listened to music, and the music that I listen to. I wish that maybe you don’t have to pay or at least get a couple free of your choice each month or so. That would make my experience much better. Also is the app had a new update to fix what ever is wrong with the app because I use this app everyday for 2+ hours, so it would really help to fix the app!! Thank you!!

- Hearing damage free Drive must mean free hearing damage

IMDb Freedive First off I would like to say that I have nothing against commercials or ads I even enjoy some commercials and some ads but when you turn up the volume so loud that you could give someone hearing damage because you turn it up The volume up right when the commercial comes on so much you’re liable to get sued by a class-action lawsuit this is very serious there’s already been laws passed preventing you from doing this but company still insist on being reckless and irresponsible And downright greedy I will never buy a single product advertised by any ad that you turn the volume up on ever the people who make the ads should also sue you and not pay you any money whatsoever. Also I’m going to start a list of every ad on free drive and contact each advertiser and tell them to pull the plug on you. I don’t see how you think by turning the volume up on ads it will help you sell items because it’s made me so upset that I will never buy a product on any of your commercials

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- Almost Love It

I really like this app. It’s not too expensive and has a great catalogue of artists/music. Some of the negatives include the playlists. They are very repetitive with the same songs appearing in different lists. Also some lists have music which aren’t the original artists which kinda throw me. If I wanna listen to Madonna’s Vogue I expect it to be Madonna not some random unheard of belting out a poor imitation. Also, you can create your own list which is great but after a while songs start being removed for reasons unknown? All in all I really do like the app but fall just short of loving it 😁

- The App is Great, just has some small issues.

I really like this app. There’s a lot of content and the functionality of the app is great. But the offline mode has some major flaws, which is why I don’t like the app as much. My biggest issue is if I have an online playlist and have downloaded that playlist to my phone, then add a song(s) to the online playlist. The app will create a new playlist in offline mode called, “[Playlist Name] (1).” It’s a really annoying feature and means that at one point I had 56 versions of the same playlist on my phone. It would be great if the app would recognise added content and just incorporate into the existing playlist. Another issue is the app wiping songs after 14 days if you don’t connect to the internet. I leave the app in offline mode most of the time and this means the app never connects to confirm I still have a subscription. This means after 14 days I have to re-download a playlist. It would be better if the app just locked you out of offline music until you connected to the internet and then enabled it again. And even better, would be if the app would connect to the internet to check, even in offline mode, if you connect to wifi.

- Good catalog marred by search and bugs

It’s a music app. It plays, it has a great depth of music, but good luck finding it. The search is atrocious requiring exact matches, failing to allow searching of your music vs the catalog, and results with awful sorting. Recommendations and ordering for popular songs or albums are laughable and a burden when searching outside the top of the charts as they almost appear random yet preclude you from even basic sorting. If you mix purchases and downloads you end up with missing tracks on albums or songs appearing out of place. The catalog is pretty darn good, but it does suffer from lack of search options and with mislabeling or blending of results, especially on the more obscure content. Overall, it does work, the catalog is good, offline play works, and it does the job so it gets the 3rd star. It could be so much better, though.

- Great, just not awesome

Great, but compared against Apple Music, it obviously won’t have the same variety and extra shows. Audio quality is also worse but seems to consume the same data. That said, does the music stuff you need pretty well in a much more cost efficient way, so not a bad choice if you’re looking for music, not a full suit of entertainment.

- Awesome, definitely recommend!

This app is good because you can kind of have unlimited skips by pressing the bad button and you can kind of choose what you hear by pressing what you don’t like and stuff. This is the free version. You can also play radio stations, which is probably the best thing. My only issue is that most of the time you can’t listen to one particular song, you can only play similar ones. Overall really good. Also if you just got it you can get 3 months free.

- Not enough song selection

The app it self looks nice for the most part, but has clearly been designed by a team of people that don’t get what users actually want. Searching is awful and difficult to find things that should be easy to find. Play list selection is awful as well as is the music selection.. I could forgive everything else if the music selection was half decent. While I’m sure it will grow, don’t launch a music selection with an awful catalogue of music. As it stands now, it’s definitely not worth a standalone subscription and to be fair, probably not something I’d use even though it’s free with prime

- Excellent App

I’m using this app in my iPhone 6s from almost an year. I liked the quality of the music and I liked the offline music concept.. but I have noticed when I’m using this app my mobile charging getting down very quickly.. other than that it’s perfect music app.. Hope you guys will resolve this battery consumption issue. Thanks.

- Fantastic music app

I have used a few apps over the years and this one is just better tn all I have used. The layout is easy to navigate and the controls are easy to use. Streaming quality is excellent, when most other apps would pause on low network zones this one just continues to stream.

- Great collection

Most of the songs I search for are available. It would be really great if there are more relevant suggestions of playlists and songs according to ones preference. UI can be improved like adding songs to playlists can be made easier. As compared to last year it was a drastic improvement and kudos to that!

- Not the best music app

I find the app overall isn’t too bad.. I have found that a t drops out not long after opening it (1-2 songs in) don’t know if this is because I hadn’t closed the app right down from previous use..either way haven’t had this issue with other music providers.. Search tool needs to be broader I find you have to be fairly specific when searching a new track

- Unbeatable Collection!

Unbeatable collection of music but the app needs a lot more work or complete revamp. Compared to the other big industry players, the app is slower in terms of loading time and functionality. And this is not specific to my device or network. Would love to see a much faster app or a complete redesign ground up! :)

- Songs been moved

Some songs are released without the album and once they are moved the link becomes inaccessible and have to remove it from the library and re-add them again. Library is outdated, most of the old songs I cannot find. Please improve the search bar, from having an exact match to close match and showing similar results and obvious search.

- Great sound but clunky interface

The streams sound great but the interface is clunky and the controls are so small they are sometimes hard to use. There’s no way to send a playlist to an Alexa device like an Echo or Echo Dot, and neither Alexa or Siri offer voice control in the App so it’s pretty useless whilst driving. But it sounds good!

- Need more in-app editing

I love the sound quality and the lyrics being available. The only thing I miss from other services is the ability to edit order of tracks in my playlist within my phone app. My friend in the USA can do it but maybe because I am in Australia it’s not an option other than on computer. Other than that I like it.

- Just when I start loving it...

Just when I start loving this app, it crashes. It’s the only app on my iPhone that crashes. Really annoying. Also, you can’t save your favourite stations like you can save playlists, which I think is odd. Especially when, when it crashes, I have to start it up again, and then I have to search up the station I want.

- Anything I like

It has any music I like. I made a few playlists for different moods when driving and anything I wanted I could play on shuffle or repeat the usual standard you should expect from an app such this one. Decent app and at affordable cost hardly noticeable

- Great app bar one thing

Great app. But very annoying as the music constantly stops and asks if you’re still listening. Really stupid because if I didn’t want to listen anymore I have smarts to turn it off myself. And not rely on an annoying tech to make that decision for me.

- Quality

I have only recently joined I haven’t watched any movies as yet but I have been listening too and making playlists. Just wanted to comment on the quality, very impressed, with that and finding hidden gems from 70s

- Venkat

A wonderfull app which has all the songs around the world. Playlists available and suggestions around playlists is a superb feature which is making my life easy while driving.

- No content filtering in AU

The range of music is great and I have enjoyed using this music streaming service. What I don’t enjoy is my children listening to explicit lyrics and sadly their are many songs with explicit lyrics and no content filtering available to Australian customers. This is a deal breaker for our family and we will be moving to a different music streaming service that allows us to filter explicit songs.

- Music goes loud when you type

For some reason the music goes loud when you type in any other program or app. Quite annoying. Might be to do with iOS 14 but they really need to fix it!

- Good, but can be better

Very good range of music, although some of the songs on albums are missing for some reason. The player generally works well from windows, does crash now and then. Unfortunately there is no Siri integration. The app needs to include band bio information.

- Good collection but can do better

Found the app really easy to use and good collection of songs. They can do better with more frequent update in playlist and stations. Also keep getting Tamil ( language I never opt for) songs in some of there playlist.

- Amazing!

Love the huge selection of stations- not sure if I can put together my own playlist, mainly because I haven’t needed to look if that option is available! Enjoying the stations!!

- Great!

This has made my experience with music much easier and cheaper. Laying down $20 or so for a couple of songs on iTunes really isn’t viable when you have bills coming out your ears! Go to love Amazon’s services, they are just great!

- Only one slight issue - Perfect otherwise

Some slight issues when resuming music from lock screen, have to close / open app again. Only once and awhile, other than that no issues. Keeps on improving, perfect addition if have any echo devices.

- App is good, subscriptions could be clearer.

Only complaint is about the subscription model. I’m a prime subscriber so only have access to a limited library. To “upgrade” to ultimate is no different for existing prime subscribers so doesn’t feel as though there is any benefit for an existing loyal prime customer.

- Easy to use

Better than other streaming audio products. Love the offline mode because sometimes I’m on the road and do not have internet access.

- Love it

Overall love they layout however Searching for songs has some bugs. I’d also like to see being able to change your playlist icon images :))

- What a music streaming service should be

Love AM. I love that I can just listen to music wherever I am without having to worry about additional charges and stuffing around. Great service and what music streaming should be about.

- Amazing app !

Works perfectly, nice developers. Only is issue is with database where I could not get few Albums. Hope they will figure out and upload many more Albums.

- Horrible Experience I have ever had...

Wish there was option to select no stars as I had an horrible experience. The app doesn’t even work on my phone and when I try to log in, it just don’t log in at any cost. I have a prime video membership and that should be at least recognised when I tried to sign in. It was waste of time downloading and troubleshooting this broken app. Horrible app I have ever come across .

- All songs not available in an Album

I observed all movie songs are not available and as well as for an album only few songs are available. App issues sometimes the songs does not play though internet connection is there.

- Quality sound and reliability

A varied arrange of features, I like how the app recognises that the phone is offline and only displayed downloaded music. I would like a wider range for prime members and to be included as data free on Optus network.

- Better than "the other"

Much better than A***e music. More Australian content - better playlists - better radio stations - better functionality - sweeter design. 5 stars +

- Not bad for the price

Has a fair selection of music, feels inferior to Apple Music. Doesn’t auto connect to my car, or display what is playing in the car as AM does. Less integrated to iPhone but this is probably Apples fault. Needs more playlists, suggestions, etc Positives: much cheaper!

- Almost as good as pandora

This free included music with prime is almost as good as pandora. Unfortunately compared with pandora not all music is streamable without signing on to the unlimited paid version. Otherwise I have found the app reliable and easy to use

- Getting better and better

Has an easy to use amazing UI, the app always know what music you want. And as of today it now has alexa so you ask a AI to find your favourite music! ❤️

- Agitated

The app was working really well and had no problems Now when music is playin, music stops constantly every couple of seconds. Then begins to play song again where left off This is most annoying. Please fix the problem

- Great mixes

I am enjoying listening to your mixes. They take me out of my old rut, giving me the opportunity to try different artists within the same type of music I like. Many thanks. M V D 1953

- Unoriginal Artistry

☝🏼 That and the search function plus this determination to ‘feed consumers’ based on algorithms created by the users previous choices. Sometimes I want something totally off the wall, challenging, interesting and different. I want to feel like I found it and was not fed it.

- Great Collection

I am enjoying the collection of music you have. As a next step it would be great if you can have more variety in terms of instrumentals, speeches, rare old vintage music!

- Latest update has bugs

The new update for 3 March, 2020 still has errors for the app on Apple car play. Lots of Bugs that need to be fixed. Quality of music is poor. The app has loads of potential but is not ticking the boxes for my music experience

- Robert Battersby

I have given a 5 star rating, because the range of music - classical venue, has improved of late! It’s now easier to compile Albums & Playlists too Much appreciated!!

- Music happiness

The quality of the music has been great. Working my way through different channels has allowed me to expand awareness of what is out there it’s truly amazing.

- Great app, easy to navigate.

Great app, strong and stable. Doesn’t cut out and freeze like others. Still a fair few songs not on there but I guess that’ll come with time.

- Great service that rivals Apple Music

The choice of music is extensive. The sound quality is extremely good. It’s a great value for money product that I have with my Prime membership.

- Love having everything connected to Alexa

No problems with app, works well and love being able to just ask Alexa to play music.

- Songs updation in database

I find the app doesn’t not get new songs being in market or just launched.. when I open app always gets songs who released months ago and the frequency of adding new songs in app is poor. Please improve this.

- Review

A little confusing when it comes to creating playlists. Also, when you search an artist only certain songs appear even though there are more songs on the app.

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- Great music at a cheap price

This is great for music because with your amazon prime you can listen to music at on and off line. Due to the cheap membership and just how new it is lacking some songs and surprisingly sometimes songs are removed but it has most stuff. And you get 2 day shipping and all those other services from amazon so it’s hard to go wrong

- One Happy Listener

I really enjoy listening to Amazon music! I listen to a variety of music genres like bluegrass, golden oldies, 70s classics, 90s to new artists today. I appreciate the huge variety of music... Keep it coming!!!

- Why?

It may be good if you're into pop and top 40 but if you're into decent music your searches end up with no matches! Sorry

- All other providers are better

This came free with prime and I still want to cancel it. Their created playlists keep skipping songs saying that that selection is no longer available. Music is limited as well.

- Not very much music

App works nicely. Very limited song selection...

- Very poor and worst music app ever

Even though having prime subscription we need to Pay more for unlimited music ? For real are you crazy will never use it and songs which are there are like old and super old looks like the app or music is created in leisure time for a name sake thing and offer it to people like a favour

- Great perk for Prime members

The App works really good so far. No issues to report with the UI. Content is sufficient. Not exceptional, but as a perk with Prime I can’t complain. I think Amazon has the right idea with their Prime ecosystem. I especially like the student discount. I think more companies should learn from Amazons student memberships.

- Should include unlimited

Not all the songs are there and paying unlimited would be more expensive than Spotify.

- Doesn’t work on my iPhone 11 Pro Max

I installed this app but it didn’t work. After launching the app I see a dark screen with amazon music logo in the top left corner and i observed this message which is difficult to find as the font colour and background are dark in colour. Below is the message: Looking for Something? We're sorry. The Web address you entered is not a functioning page on our site.

- Pretty good.

Would still like to see more selection. But it’s good and I like the features.

- There is no all music available

That’s why I give 4 stars.

- Amazon music

I am a member of “Amazon” I shop a lot on Amazon. My Amazon account that I pay for monthly shows that I have access to “Prime TV/Movies” along with “Amazon Music” and a few other options. It makes absolutely no sense that I pay for Amazon monthly. I have full access to “Amazon” (shopping) also “Amazon Prime” I recently downloaded “Amazon Music” and it shows me that I only have access to some music and I have to pay $10.99 per month in order to download all songs. You can make your own “Playlist” but when you’re on “Off-line Mode” (no data/wifi) you don’t have access to your playlist, You only have access to “Recently Downloaded” Your personal playlist you cannot access unless you are hooked up to Wi-Fi or data. I was a big fan of Amazon for the shopping and then I seen all the different options that come with Amazon. I downloaded “Amazon Prime” and I use that all the time as well. (I don’t have cable, I use Prime and Netflix) I recently downloaded “Amazon Music” and now I’m very disappointed with Amazon. It’s false advertisement. Considering shutting my Amazon account down. It’s false advertisement.

- Meh

Spotify is so much better! I’d you play a song, Spotify will continue to play music that is similar. Prime just loops the same song over and over. Also I already pay for Amazon prime so why does it cost more for unlimited? Also I will have a song in a playlist that I listen too often then all of a sudden it’s an unlimited song and I can’t play it anymore! So I guess since it comes “free” with a prime subscription it ok because I have the benefits of buying stuff with no shipping fee as next day delivery etc. Hence the 3 stars. If you’re a just looking for a steaming service tho, don’t waste your money

- Amazon music HD

Re bonjour à tous pour les propriétaires de marantz et dénon j’ai une bonne nouvelle venez chez Amazon HD music le tous est compatibles avec l’application heos pas de soucis Deezer n’a toujours pas réglé le bug 8 mois et Amazon fait le travail avec son lancement HD music amateur de musique HD je vous conseille le flac 44 et 96 ultra HD 360 vraiment cool merci Amazon le service à la clientèle est super vous allez surpasser la compétitions

- Great App

I like the app it’s been working great for me. I would recommend this app to everyone and feel you should try it and I’m sure you will like it.

- Pretty good !

I have enjoy amazon mucus’s with my amazon prime membership! It’s been great for music downloads. It’s nice that it comes with amazon prime. The only fault is you don’t have access to prime unlimited you have to pay additionally to access those songs. Overall great combo !

- new member

songs downloaded sometimes are no longer available no reason why or warning .. not cool

- Ok

Can’t get amazon prime unlimited to work, keep getting an error message

- Pretty Good for music! !in Northern Canada !EH

Very good music and can find most of the music with out upgrading as everyone is tight with money these days ..between IHeartRadio and music prime are my favourites!!!Cheers and Merry Christmas to Alll!!

- QwertyuioP4242

Awesome amazing wonderful holy

- Changes killed this app

I’m going to cut to the chase, this was awesome and had all the music I wanted and then, boom. No more music from apple and amazon unlimited for an extra subscription to listen to any good music. Don’t waste time and money on here and go spend it on Apple Music or Spotify. Also, Spotify is 99 cents for 3 months right now so get on that.

- Poor suggestion engine

Hard to find channels, stations and mixes other than ultra standards ones

- Bad song selection

Very very bad pace of updating the song library, but really usable as an everyday-music-player if you want anything current

- Most disappointing of the music apps!

So on the surface it appears to be inline with the big name music services, subscription based same price point as Apple Music, google music, Spotify and more, but it has huge bugs that cause cross device and streaming errors, lost play lists and more. For example creating a playlist on your phone making a few entry’s manually search the title. All appears ok until you use Alexa device to add to the playlist suddenly it’s gone or reset. Next your listening to a station you discover a new song you want to look back and see that your recent music has completely changed and music you’ve never heard appears. There is a massive list of these errors, bugs, sorting , streaming, smart home g litches that it becomes too much to tolerate. Save yourself the headache, the rebuilding of your playlists! Find something else and Amazon get your s#%! together or cut your price till your in par with your competitors!

- It’s just OK

I can’t give it 4 or 5 stars because prime just doesn’t have all the music that I’m looking for without spending even more money on the unlimited subscription.... But it’s just OK

- Amazon music unlimited

Je n’arrive pas à avoir « Amazon music unlimited » sur mon téléphone intelligent ni sur mon « lap top » pourtant j’y suis abonné, je peux y accéder avec mon I-pad. S.V.P. me répondre. Merci!

- Adding songs to Playlists

I love that there’s no advertisements. But what I don’t love is when I add songs to my playlist and spend time doing it & Then when I go back into my playlist the next day nothing is there. Wasted so much time doing this!

- Crashes

It crashes like almost every time .

- A message to the developer

Hi, do you use it your self? It’s not compatible with Mazda info system, in contrast to Apple Music. Less songs and playlists than I hoped to find. Seriously! Developers, do you recommend it to your friends or family?

- Great music, lots of glitches

Great playlists but the app is constantly kicking you out and stopping your music

- No wifi

The music is great but it should not need wifi

- Music quality

3 stars as the music quality is better than my stock app, lost 2 stars as it keeps deleting my songs in the playlists and cuts out so I have to restart the app

- Pretty good app

It’s ok. I’m not a big music person and do not download much so I have nothing to compare it to except iTunes. Sometimes I can’t find a song I’m looking for yet my choice does exist. I do like that it is included with Amazon Prime.

- Excellent Music Selection

I am impressed with Amazon Music and I’m glad I took advantage of the trial offer. I will definitely keep the subscription going. It is so handy to have an ongoing soundtrack that you can play and share with others. My wife and I share the same account so we can each add music. It works very well for us. Much appreciated.

- Sort of sucks

It autodeletes my music despite the fact that i have space on my phone. Its a violation of privacy and absolutely disgusting and annoying

- Annoyed

Music selection isn’t great but the price is cheap so that’s fine. But really sick of getting advertisements to upgrade every other day

- GG

Yooooo gett this app


I’m always outside with my music on and they is the best music out of all the companies I have ever used. I cancelled Apple, google and a couple other ones. This is the best dollar value it.Great job🌺

- Fabulous

I have the unlimited and I can find anything I like or wanted, even some music I had not heard in years, I love it, really having fun and enjoying it.

- Great music

Easy to download and use

- Mostly pop music

They are mostly promoting and pushing pop music, not much selection when you start digging. I prefer other providers but at least this one is at a lower prince point. My kid likes it.

- 👍👍👍👍👎

Good, I just think when u pay for one subscription, you don’t need to spend more . Like I wish there was more songs free or just no unlimited all together.

- App keeps crashing since new update..

And sometimes stops playing for no reason as well as for the first time ever since Ive first logged in, it logged me out of the app and deleted all my downloaded music by itself even tho it claimed to still be a part of my device storage.. :/

- Great

I love it thanks Amazon

- Great music

Thanks for the great music options!

- Don’t recommend

I bought premium and my playlist keeps disappearing. I have to turn on offline mode to listen to it and recreate it. This happens almost every day and is really annoying. I’m switching back to Spotify it’s way better and worth it.

- Recent Updates Ruined This Platform

Up until a month ago I would have put Amazon (Unlimited) Music at a solid 4 star rating.... Now, the best I can give is 1 star. The interface, in particular the desktop / tablet app, really is weak. There is zero ability to view, in a meaningful list format, playlists, or tight charts of songs. I can no longer search within my own playlists for specific songs I know I have, instead the search defaults to the full Amazon Library. USELESS It is difficult to re order and remix playlists. The volume control is hidden away on a separate screen from your ‘play’ screen. The graphics are massive, and cannot be scaled. On any of my own mixes, on the tablet / desktop app - the delete button sits right next to the play button. Hit that delete button and there is no recovery!! I lost my biggest playlist and could not get it back! I could go on, but after contacting Amazon, and not getting any support for going back to the previous version of the software, I have decided to cancel my Unlimited Music subscription.

- Meh

With amazon unlimited it isn’t that good but everything else is great.

- Prime member

Being a prime member doesn’t let you play any songs you want, you have to get amazon music unlimited to play all the songs you want which is another pay wall.

- It’s “okay”

I often can’t connect for whatever reason....have to restart the app 3 or 4 times to get it to work sometimes. Sometimes app will randomly disconnect - frustrating. I’m thinking Apple Music is better.

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- Awesome stuff

You can pick whatever music you want whatever song you want. You can search things. Look around. Almost everything about this app is awesome!.! Sometimes it will make you not stress anymore . Take your animal for a walk or a dog .use your ear pods and then you don’t have to worry about the other noises around you. You can save songs to send other people Nother things. But sometimes I feel like you guys could add more. Like you could make it so that catching you could pause and unpause the music just from saying pause or and Unpause. For songs that have awards you could add what the award looked like. Or At the top instead of putting who made it in a picture of them you could put a video of it and some of it could be out of the picture but that would be fine.

- 😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃

I got this app because I previously had Prime, which made it easier to get a bunch of songs for less money. (Although I still have to buy some songs.) Recently, they added this feature where the songs you liked on a radio station would show up in a playlist. I can’t tell you how much I do not like this playlist. I have a specific number of playlists and this sort of ruined it. Like, just make it a playlist you can follow or something. Another problem I have is the radio stations. I don’t like how you can’t save a radio station so you can easily find it later. Another newly added feature that annoys me is when a song I recently got with Prime switches to Unlimited, I can’t just delete it off my playlist. I feel like an easier way to fix that would be to let you play the song you had before until you delete it. That would make things easier.

- Good but a few probs

I listen to music all the time so I love this app. However there is a glitch that keeps happening where random song say there explicit when there not. Like “Unity” by “TheFatRat” says it’s explicit when it has no lyrics. Also “Killer Queen” by “Queen” says it’s explicit when I know it’s not because it’s one of my favorite songs. If you could fix this it would be good. Also could you add “Wallflower” by “Young Futura” please. The unlimited in my opinion is worth the price and the app is well made. Could you add a feature where you can have some songs be explicit and then if it’s one you like you can make that one not explicit and the rest explicit. Please consider my ideas and continue to make this app fun and good. Also add “I Fought the Law” by “Buddy Holly” to the playlist “Buddy Holly’s Greatest Hits”

- I love this platform but...

Okay I love this app for playing all of my music and it doesn’t crash and works smoothly but with the recent update my music I downloaded from my computer (from iTunes) is no longer compatible. I know you want me to only buy music from you but what about music I have purchased in the past or put on my computer because it was on a cd? Just because I have purchased from apple in the past doesn’t mean you should stop allowing me to listen to it on repeat on your platform. The Apple Music app doesn’t have a setting to play the same song on repeat! Also, some music I buy are written by youtubers who only put it on Apple Music so that’s the only place I can get it legally. Why won’t you let me listen to those on your app I love? I know you want more money but you’re already rich so give me a break from your greed and let me listen to the music I already have and enjoy, on your platform I love. Please bring the compatibility back.

- Terrible music management

There’s no way to delete a song or album from your device without also removing it from your library, unless you go into offline mode, and even if you do that, sometimes music you have downloaded doesn't show up in offline mode, so you can't delete it. You should be able to delete music from your device without having to go into offline mode. And if you do decide to remove an album you’ve downloaded from your library without deleting the download first, it doesn’t delete the download when you remove it. The storage used by the app remains unchanged after doing that. It goes up when you download the album, but doesn’t go down when you remove it from your library, so that’s not an option. Please just give us a way to delete music from our device without any memory leaks. Just one option in the menu for downloaded content “delete this song/album from your device”.

- Good but could be great

The access to a wide range of artists, stations, and playlists is great to have. Most functions and features are fine; however, some are counter-intuitive and confusing. For example, when you are playing a new album and looking up other artists or other albums by the same artist, it gets hard to switch back and forth between what is playing and the new searches I make. It slows down the rate at which I can compile music, say, for a quick queue or playlist. Also, when I want to look up more music by the artist that is playing, I just want to tap on the name of the current artist or album for easy access but instead the only way to do so is by clicking on the 3-dot option on the right of the screen. This may seem kind of minor but when you’re moving quickly, it really slows things down and gets confusing to navigate.

- Maybe a few suggestions

I would like to say that the selection is rather decent, but.... I would like to at least have correct band information on albums release dates not when they were added (possibly) search for one artist and have to go through that one artist 3 individual times. As in the artist pops up three times under the search and not just one. This included the library songs/albums of artist to be together not separated. It’s a little annoying. Maybe even add artist bio somewhere around related artist to show influence of bands and the related bands. That’s how I find new music. Other than these things the app is good and really user friendly. I would love to change my review if we can see these things addressed if possible please and thank you kindly. I am still using the music app and will be for a long time thanks again for the hard work you do for our entertainment.

- Close but no cigar

1. I don’t understand why despite paying for prime I’d have to pay an additional amount per month for “unlimited music”. What justifies me paying you twice? And it’s not lost on me that the newer/popular songs are the ones that fall under that category. 2. The search function is easy enough but it’s not very intuitive. I’d have to search for a song title in multiple ways before it would give accurate results. 3. Most importantly for me, as someone native to a Caribbean island, I have to say that the genre categories listed are disappointingly broad and minimize the contribution of the artists and their culture. “International” and “island” is not a genre. Narrow it down to Soca, Dancehall, Reggae, Afrobeats etc. instead of muddling all the songs into one bubble. Trust me,they don’t all sound alike.

- Not impressed

There are more things I do not like about this app than things I like about this app when compared to other music apps. For one I am using it in a professional setting so I have it set to block explicit songs but it is still playing explicit songs so I have to step away from my client to forward to the next song and sometimes it will play multiple explicit songs in a row; how inconvenient! The other major thing I dislike about this app is that I can’t choose any artist I like and create a radio station as there are only certain artists who have stations. Additionally, when I do find an artist and station to listen to the songs they play don’t seem to match that artist. I have heard that when you get the music unlimited version that the experience is better but I am not to thrilled about having to pay extra when I am already paying for prime. The best thing I like about this app is that there are no commercials!

- Missing only a few features to get 5 stars

Like Amazons other apps for iOS that I have used, this app is stable and performs well. One of the features I particularly like about this app is the ability to download music into the app for use during periods when you are off-line. The music is not available to other apps, but the downloaded music *will* play off-line. A missing feature that I would like to see implemented is the ability to create your own "radio station" based on the particular artist or composer. So if all I want to listen to for the entire day are the works of Mozart, regardless of the performer, I should be able to do that. I hope that feature is added in soon. Other than that, I would say this is one of the more fun and useful apps on my iOS devices.

- Music is magic- thanks Alexa

Hey I wanna is your time to do something fun for your family to come to see you tomorrow and then you guys are coming over tomorrow night and if we are all just going out and I can go to the one on Saturday and I have a couple more friends that I have already been given and I’m gonna I wanna is a time to get some stuff done for the kids I love ya so I guess I can go see you soon love ya know what I love you guys I wanna was the time I was going on the way back I was gonna I wanna is your time for your dad and your brother to go see your mom is the one he wants you guys and you can come over to the party tomorrow night if I wanna I was just trying not gonna the day you got your time I wanna I love ya and bunches of kisses and bunches of laughter kisses kisses hugs kisses and bunches kisses and hugs kisses and kisses

- Okay but could be better

Easy to use! Alexa offers many pluses but can be annoying … asking “who sings this song” gets you the title, album and artist...when I only asked for the artist. Alex definitely needs a pronunciation upgrade and also to speak more clearly. It would be nice to ask the year the song was released. Songs you add to your library/playlist sometimes are no longer available (very annoying). Even subscribing to Prime Music Unlimited the available library is somewhat limited. Connecting to Bluetooth devices can be a challenge. At times, my Bluetooth device doesn’t connect and reconnecting has taken from a few minutes up to 30 minutes. I like being able to tell Alexa to add a song I’m listening to, to a particular playlist. It’s also nice that family members can listen to different songs/playlists at the same time. All-in-all...good but not yet great.

- Usually good, but..

Once again, these guys are usually very good about this app, but it’s not without its flaws. They did address the one issue about the lack of being able to play a song initially when the app first starts (which was good), but still no warning, or even a rhyme or reason, for when songs are unable to play and they either need to be downloaded again or you just have to accept that the song(s)/album(s) are gone forever. The latest bug issue is a problem with the player itself. For some reason, anytime you leave the app, whether you get a phone call or you respond to a notification, the option to play/pause/skip is completely gone and you are unable to get it back unless you select a new track/song. It’s inconvenient when you need to pause a track but are unable to. Once this fixed, I will change my rating

- Has become an Ad for Unlimited and Alexa

I’ve used the App and Music prime for years. Latest versions push Alexa on users by actually moving the search button and putting the Alexa button where it used to be( sneaky dark pattern ), when using search, the app pushes Alexa again with a error like popup . Secondly the app pushes Unlimited, a paid upgrade from the Prime service I’m already paying for. I’m paying for prime Music, and this app says I should pay for more to really enjoy the service. Ick. How? Music Search returns songs you can’t hear in Prime , but can hear from “their Unlimited paid upgrade” at the top of search, if you happen to click on one they say click here to play it through “Unlimited “ which will automatically sign you up for that extra-fee Service ( free for a week, the autobilled ) . Slimy practices. Prime Music is a paid service and this app delivers far less that what it should - and has done. They purposely made it worse to up-sell good paying customers to something else.

- Love no commercials and great for families

I freaking hate commercials so I have to have a commercial free service. I love that prime music comes with my prime so no commercials. I upgraded to the paid family plan because I have a couple of serious listeners in my family and they wanted access to everything. It’s great that everyone can have they’d own listening account on one prime account so that they can set to their own preferences and what they listen to doesn’t keep showing up on my stations. Since I’m a blended family of 7 e regime has access to their own music preferences for just one price. And the download/offline music and the ability to download entire albums is such a great benefit! I left another music service years ago to switch to prime and I’m so glad I did!

- Great app

While there is much to praise I will focus on one gnawing issue that I have. Your recently added music rolls off the list after a certain period of time even if you are not adding any new songs. This is fine but I would still like to see my song history sorted by recently added. If you do not turn these into a playlist they roll off and are difficult to track down across your library especially as your recently played list is muddied when you have users across your household playing songs from multiple Alexa devices vs. what I may have played independently on my iPhone app. DEV/Product manager please add the capability to sort songs by date added to your library and perhaps song history by device.

- Good overall

Big library with almost all the songs I’m looking for. Good station setups and it’s easy to use and includes the normal music app stuff like playlists/personalized stations etc. only have 2 issues, the first is that it doesn’t function as well with Alexa/alexa speakers as I would like in that it will be slow to load what the speaker is playing in the app on my phone/not load it at all/not allow me to like songs at times, just generally not communicate well. The second is that the “my soundtrack” station is great, and my most used, but not as random as I would like, rather than play songs at random from all the liked songs/genres you have it will go in waves of hip hop songs for a while then pop for a while then metal for a while etc. not a legit shuffle situation. Would be a five star rating except for that.

- Not a very good service

Look, the offering for the contemporary music is fine, but I listen to much more. There are barely any offerings for Sibelius or Charles Ives (even compared to other services). Jazz offerings are abysmal, and the sound quality is very poor. There are times when I type in an artist, an album I am searching for will not appear, but if I type in the album name exactly (by itself) it will appear at the bottom of the list. There are no “liner notes” with albums or other information. Nothing to tell you about the conductor or even the YEAR it was recorded (nor the quality of the recording). I am doing the $1.99 four month deal... but I am not likely to continue unless the offerings get better. That being said, the My Soundtrack station is very good. I would miss that feature since it mixes various genres and does a good job of knowing what music I like. Update: I am a bit annoyed now by My Soundtrack... it plays the same songs over and over (and over) again. More to hate: Opera offerings are incredibly old and poor quality recording. The interface is greatly flawed. I use it in landscape mode on an ipad (using Smart Keyboard)— when viewing an album it is mostly covered. Often the controls don’t work and have to be hit multiple times. it doesn’t even work well with echo speakers... Last night I asked Alexa to play the La Boheme by Puccini, and the AI had know Idea what I was asking for.

- Did not want to write a review until I had a good amount of time to evaluate it.

I’m given it five stars because of a its reliability, diversity, And the availability of music old and new. I’ve never really had a problem with it loading or operating as it should. I can also go and find some of the older music that I like to hear from when I was a teenager to some of the new music I have discovered as an adult. It even works reliably well when I had a wireless connection over in Afghanistan and Iraq. And as far as my off-line music I like the availability of the prime membership and being able to download things before I buy it. I guess my overall is it it is a fantastic piece of software well thought out and well worth the time you will invest into it!

- Constantly Crashing

For the last month or so I’ve been having the worst time with the app not working properly. It constantly crashes after only playing 1-4 songs (sometimes it doesn’t even make it halfway through a song). It doesn’t matter if I’m in Offline Mode (which I usually am) or not. I tried deleting the app on a Friday and re-downloaded the app on Sunday (even re-downloaded my playlists for Offline Mode) but I still had the same problem on Monday when I went to use the app. So frustrating when I pay extra to have unlimited access but don’t even want to use the app due to constant crashing. If it doesn’t stop soon I will be canceling my membership and putting my money into another app that actually works. On a side note, please stop removing music that has been previously available. It’s very annoying when I go to listen to music that I know was previously in “My Music” and all of a sudden it’s greyed out because it’s no longer available.

- Great app that wants to restart all the time.

This app is great, the service is great, but something has persisted with the app since the very beginning. If you are listening to music and switch around between apps, everything works as you’d expect. However, pause your music for some reason and flip to another app, then flip back and the app will restart. Example. Listening to music in the car, need to grab something from the store. Pause the music, run in the store, check shopping list app, leave store, switch back to the app to carry on listening ... restart. If I don’t change apps while it’s paused, it just picks up exactly where it was, like you’d expect, but if the music is paused, using any other apps will prompt a restart of the app. This would be five stars app if it had more expected behaviour.

- Excellent Music Streaming Service

I’ve been using the service almost daily for several months now and am very pleased. I do have the upgraded full service and it’s worth the money;the base service isn’t bad though. Library is extensive and I have some obscure tastes and they have it. The genre and artist “stations” and playlists are well compiled and there’s plenty of them. The only downsides I’ve found are: 1. Lack of instructions to be found anywhere; you’re on your own to learn the ins and outs of the app -Annoying. Some things I could sure use a hint. 2. Audio levels are inconsistent, high and low, from song to song, from day to day. I used to think this was because of the WIFI service I was on, but that doesn’t seem to matter. Overall I like the app/service very much.

- Good but...

Quality of playback very good - switched from Tidal. Only complaints: too difficult to find new music releases by genre and organization of recent downloads needs to be easier to find/manage from app launch - see Tidal and iTunes for better access. Have to go to My Music then sift thru artists/songs/albums=bad. Update: finding recent downloads still clunky. Gotta fix this. Takes way too long to find the most recent downloads. Also finding that the quality of the download gets downgraded for some reason- not downloaded at highest quality even tho that setting is checked. Update: still not addressed. I see a new album has dropped, I download it. I go to MyMusic, now instead of having the option to access recent album downloads, I have to sift through artists or album titles to find the newly downloaded album. So dumb... add “recently downloaded albums” to the search methods in “recents”.

- Pretty good

The ability to download music and listen to it later offline is great and I think the app looks real clean. I have two complaints though. The first is, unless it’s music I’ve downloaded recently, the album artwork does not appear. I don’t know why, I’ve uninstalled the app and reinstalled, and both the app and my phone are up to date. Nothing changes. My second complaint is the shuffle ability. When I select shuffle, I want it so SHUFFLE. The shuffle option here if used on the playlist moves around a couple songs but otherwise plays it in almost the order the songs in the playlist appear. And if I shuffle my entire music library, it keeps songs by the same artist together a lot which is a little annoying because I find myself skipping past songs a lot

- Only 4 stars?

With the new up date it’s been better. Much better. But still problems with things like, if you go to something else real quick to where you have to shut it off the music or pause for a minute. You can’t jump right back on. You sit and stare at the blue circle for two days and it’s not coming on. So you have too shut the app completely down, and restart the whole thing, and then it’s fast firing back up after that. It’s just unsafe when your doing that and driving or biking or for sum even walking. Other then that, some stuff you download, will be there one day and gone the next and will say no longer available. So I don’t know what’s up with that. And it’s not all free if you use any device, you will pay through Apple or whoever you have for music.

- No variety and functionality needs improving

Edit two years later: still lacks functionality, Variety, and recent updates brought new issues. Music doesn’t auto start anymore, downloads get stuck if you don’t nudge them, and I often get errors or spinning. I’m a long time Prime member and just recently moved to the premium edition of the music with disappointment. Honestly I find that just about the same music plays when you choose any station, and there’s no real good variety or way to shuffle across genres. Playlists are the same as the free edition too. Adding songs or albums is not intuitive as well, where many times the entire album is added versus just the song you want or if a song belongs to an album have fun deleting it. The idea is great to be able to play just about any song, but most of the time you just want to shuffle or play a station with good variety and that adapts to your taste. I won’t be paying for premium after the trial.

- Sudden unavailability and new songs

I like it enough to rate 5 stars. I mostly listen to fnaf JoJo Siwa descendants and zombies. When I listen to a song, (like we got this) I come back to it frequently but then suddenly, it says I need unlimited which I’m too young to buy anything. Why can’t the whole playlist play? I wish unlimited wasn’t an option so I could listen to flesh and bone or labyrinth without having to pay anything. When into the put came out I came to this app immediately to put it on my playlist but sadly I couldn’t bc I needed unlimited! Can u not put new songs on unlimited? That would be helpful so I can listen to nightmares or something like that without unlimited. That would be helpful. Thx for reading!!

- Pretty good

This app is mostly good in every way, except for the occasional errors it has, when it says there’s an error and it won’t play any music, so then you have to delete the app and reinstall it, which deletes all the songs you downloaded. Extremely annoying, happened twice to me, has the app for close to 6 months. Also the scroll bar at the bottom, when a song is just starting and you want to scroll to a certain point of the song (for whatever reason), it’s so far left of your screen that it doesn’t work, and in the process of trying to slide your finger on the scroller, you sometimes, skip back a few songs. Also annoying. Other than that a really good app (sorry if my 2nd point you didn’t understand what I was saying, it’s best said in person). 😡😉

- Put this on the rating and reviews list! Also READ THIS PLEASE

During this stressful time, I like to listen to music. It makes me happy and takes all the stress away. This app is the easiest to use, as you can use it when the WiFi is off. If it’s not working, that’s probably because so many people are cooped up and using electronics. You go on offline mode and can continue using the app. Thank you for reading till the end and whoever you are I hope you are doing well and remember to be positive even though it is hard to at this time. This pandemic has to end at sometime so if even one person stays home it can make a big difference. Omg This just turned into a speech over an app. 🤣 really though stay home and be safe.

- Obvious Pros & Cons of Using a Subscription vs Buying ( = Owning) One’s Music Library

Pay a monthly fee and listen to whatever you like. $11/month, if it stays at $11, which it won’t, after five years one has spent >$660. If one were to discontinue the service one would only have the memories of the music he or she played. It is a choice. Use one’s income to buy 300(ish) songs (over five years) or listen to as many (or few) songs as one can over five years and have nothing (but the afore mentioned memories) to show for it. I think this service is good if one intends to continue subscribing to it for a lifetime, and the cost of the service is an infinitesimal percentage of one’s net worth. BTW, it also is available as the family plan as well for um, $20?

- Could be better

After using Google music this app feels cumbersome. I want to be able to generate a station from an artist or song. I don't want to have to have hunt down a station that may or may not fill my need. I want it to do that Pandora thing where u can create a station from a list of artists and then be able to add to that list as u see fit. Playlist editing could be made better by using swipe commands. If I want to delete a song then I should be able to just swipe left or right. Ditto for chasing the play order in a playlist. Also, the sleep function needs to be easier to access. Having to back out of their menu in order to reach the settings menu is absurd. Settings, and my music, should be accessible from anywhere in the app. Finally, would it kill you guys to put in an EQ function? That is all.

- Mixed feelings

Overall three stars because it works well to play a Playlist. Pros: - The app is very stable and never crashes. -Music selection is good and like that lyrics are available for many songs to sing along with. - Can download songs and entire Playlist of songs so you can listen anywhere. - I uninstalled iTunes and it works fine without it and stores files on my phone. I am not interested in iTunes so this is good alternative. Cons: - This app is very confusing to use. It may look elegant but the user interface is not intuitive at all. Items are buried several clicks away. A little bit here, a little bit there. - Tiny controls and icons make it even more frustrating to use during a workout. Some of us would just like a easy to read word instead of a tiny icon. - No radio stations that I'm aware of, only a limited selection of preset playlists. - No way to know if the exact song you are listening to is one you already bought already. - Realize that the music that's included with Prime for no extra cost consists of many alternate recordings asks not the exact version that you're accustomed to hearing. Sometimes that is nice to hear a variation, other times I can understand why the producer went work a different mix of the song.

- Since new update been crashing a lot

I don’t know if the title is 100% accurate or not, that’s just what it seems like. What I do know is that it has been crashing a lot more recently. The last 2 or 3 days I have been noticing. It’s not something I think that has ever happened before. Nothing has been changed, in fact I thought it needed to be updated so I went to see what the recent version was; next to version # it said 3 days ago. When I seen that I automatically assumed it was that. That’s why I having this freezing no playin/no play button issue. Could of been happening longer; week at most, maybe something to do when Bluetoothed. <~~~~~means connected thru Bluetooth! FYI, my #1 music app 4 my phones. Only reason 4stars is the aforementioned problem.

- Eh.. It’s okay

I’ve had this app for years now and used to enjoy it much more; however, since they’ve created the Unlimited version this one has become much less enjoyable. Sometimes new songs aren’t available until a while after they’ve been released unless you’ve got Unlimited. Sometimes classic songs aren’t even available without Unlimited unless you want a strange version that sounds like something you’d hear on karaoke night at a dive bar. It’s annoying because some songs that I’d already downloaded were no longer available without Unlimited. They were grayed out on my device. As a Prime member it’s aggravating to have these things included and then yanked away. I already pay a membership fee. It should be all inclusive. Great station selection, but every time I start the app it plays repeats. After a week you've gotten tired of a song you haven't heard otherwise for years. Once you've listened to twenty or so songs it will start repeating the same ones unless you change the station. Out of millions of songs surely we should not have to listen to repeats or at least not that often. You should have a little x at corner of each station icon. That way if it's a station I'll never touch I can remove it from my view.

- Garbage App, Platinum Service

This has to be the worst app on my phone. I love the new ultra HD tracks, and it’s shown me what my car stereo is capable of. The problem is that I don’t want to stream at that level all the time, or I’ll hit 22GB in no time, so I’ve downloaded playlists that I like. Unfortunately, getting offline music is a pain. First, it takes forever, and there’s no good way to see whether it’s downloaded. Second, I set it to offline mode in the car, go to offline music, and it shows one song. One. I can still go to my favorite playlists, but whether on CarPlay or just on my phone, the app crashes halfway through any song. That said, I have the 90 day trial, so I hope they can fix the issues before I have to cancel. It’s reminded me why I love hi-res streaming services. Unfortunately, it’s also made me resubscribe to their main competitor even though everything there is based on music I don’t listen to. Amazon’s playlists are way better for my tastes.

- Not so great...

I used to listen everyday while at work but realize that it literally will start with the same song almost everyday on any station. I also dislike that fact that I liked “1” song and every time I tap my Bluetooth, it plays the same song and I can’t get rid of it! I’ve removed it from my recently played list and it will still come up! If I stop it from playing for more than 5 minutes, it will start with the same darn song that I LIKED and not the recently played station! It didn’t matter if I UNLIKED the song or refreshed my music. The stations won’t line up in the ordered I listened to either. I get a much better music lineup with Iheart even tho I can’t replay a song without premium service. If this is what we get as Prime members...I can’t see many wanting to pay for premium. BTW...the only way I was able to get rid of the song that kept playing from my LIKED list was to sign out and then sign back into the app.

- Horrible design but great sound and price

It’s inexpensive and the sound quality is great. However this is the worst designed music app interface out there. Music albums should be organized in chronological order by original release date. There is no other reasonable way to organize a music app. Please consult with people that are older than 20 and actually listen to music on your design. It’s pathetic. I’m tempted to switch back to Tidal because of just this. The stations and music suggestions are worthless and I wish I could turn them off. Also the popular music that is paid to show up when I open the app immediately pisses me off. Music should be a place of refuge, but here I am confronted with the likes of Justin Bieber and Post Malone. There is no excuse to force me to have to filter through this garbage. There are quite a few bugs as well, such as downloaded albums not being downloaded and songs restarting for no apparent reason.

- Great app but does have some flaws

I love this app. I used the free trial and loved the fact that any song I looked up, it was there. A couple problems I have had with this app (which is the reason for the 4 stars) are - when I created my “favorites” playlist, it didn’t give me the option to sort it in alphabetical order. I have to manually move each song as I add them. Also, sometimes when I remove a song from my playlist, it will temporarily remove it but when I open up the app again, the song is still there. I have to edit the whole playlist just to remove a song completely. Other than those minor issues, this app is good. It also has up to date music that I hear on the radio and I can browse different genres by artist or year or whatever.

- It good for streaming music but...

Alexia is the only thing in the way of making this a phenomenal app. Reason I say that is due to the hang ups of her capabilities. Alexia can’t find song via voice commands well. When give her info on a song, you never know what order you should say the song in. So when I drive, Alexia fails hard. I often have to say song name first and artist or Vice a versa. Sometimes it doesn’t even help if you have to song name and artist together. She won’t recall it. So has a last resort I’ll just say the name of the song without artist name and then she might find the song. And sometimes that doesn’t work. So then I’ll say the “play music from (artist name) and I’ll skip through that artist catalog to find the song. This app has to many bugs in it. Wish their developers would tweak it so it’s more pleasurable to use.

- Works it’s purpose but needs improvement

I consider myself an audiophile, so it’s nice having true HiFi audio to both stream and download (very few streaming services offer that). However there’s some concerning parts. First off, you can’t undownload music. So if you downloaded music, and you made a new playlist that you want to download but you’re low on space on your phone, you have to delete the app. Then, you’ll have to reset your preference settings to download the Ultra HD, because it saves your settings locally, and not on the cloud for your account. Also, there’s various minor performance bugs, even though they seem to fix some of them every update. A lot of potential here if they spend time fixing the weaknesses. If you don’t care about the difference between a standard mp3 and true HiFi, then this app isn’t worth it

- What A Surprise!

I used the music app that comes on an iPhone for years, but was so very dissatisfied. I was complaining to some people about it and a friend recommended SoundCloud. I kept it for a couple of years. Even though I found it to be an improvement, I felt there must be a music app that offered the music I love, had all the features I desired, was easy to use, and was economical. One day I was telling my nephew about a song I knew he would love. He went over to his truck, he gave a verbal command to play the song, and it began playing. I asked him what his music app was and he began to tell me all about your app. It sounded too good to be possible. I immediately downloaded your app and have been ecstatic ever since. Thanks!

- Good for the most part!!❤️🤪

This app is pretty good. I like all of the options of ways to sort your music. That helps me find what I’m in the mood to play or what I can or can’t play around certain people. I personally purchased the unlimited feature immediately after downloading this app because not all songs are allowed to be accessed without it. I really do love this app except the offline music mode could really be improved... As a teenager I always am wanting to listen to music in school in which there is no service at school besides the private staff network. I turn on offline music mode at school but even when I do that I still struggle a lot to get my music to play when there is little service. So far so good except for that small issue!!!!!

- Playlist issue. New update?

Just downloaded the most recent update today...just to go on the app and see that there was something wrong with my playlists. I have about 10 playlists, and 7 of them had missing songs. My largest playlist had 707 songs. Now all the songs I have added after October have been omitted from this playlist and it now has 595. Same issue with the other playlists, but from different months... the music is just gone. I have gone to setting and refreshed the music, but this does not fix the issue. Luckily I download all my music so I can find the songs in offline mode, however, it is a pain to have to add such a large number of songs to playlists. It should be easier to add a song to a playlist. Is there is there a way to fix the issue and have my playlists restored to the way they were before I updated the app?

- Nice

I honestly am a firm Apple Music believer, but I’ve been using this app a lot lately and... don’t quote me on this, but I think I like this one a tad bit better. I like how it goes into other songs that match the music I love after my album is finished without me having to pause my work to find more music. The random glitches are not as fun, but Apple has these every now and then. Neither of them are perfect 🤷🏽‍♀️ UPDATE: While I still really love this app, I totally forgot that it does not automatically connect to my Wonderbloom. I have to close the app and open it again in order for it to connect. I don’t have this problem with other apps. Also, lyrics are important to me and I can’t see to find them on this app. Doll I’ll take away a star for these two reasons.

- download functionality not good

Kudos for adding hd music. But the download function is bad for two reasons Firstly, there’s no way to keep a playlist but undownload the songs from your phone. I downloaded a playlist for a road trip, but after the road trip, the playlist is wasting space on my phone, and I can’t get rid of it unless I uninstall and reinstall the app. ALSO, I want to download songs in standard quality to save space, and listen to them in the car. But when I have wifi I want to hear them in HD. This is not possible. If you download in SD, you always have to hear them in SD. Also, it would be nice to download some playlists in HD and others in SD, but this feature isnt there. Important playlists with less songs could be downloaded in HD, and larger playlists with less important songs could be downloaded in SD...

- Pros and cons

The best thing about this app is that there is still A lot of music even if you don’t have unlimited music. The bad thing about this app is when you download a song to your playlist The app oftenly deletes One of your songs but you can go back to search and search the name of the Song and get it again but it is a pain to go back and get it because you have to first delete it then you have to go to the search then you have to search the name of this song and then you have to download it and add it to your playlist again so it is kind of a pain but I still have this app because it is better than buying the songs for almost $10 each song on Apple Music so I still like having this appBecause the music is still free.

- Used to be my fave...

So many things don’t work anymore on this app. There used to be an option to use the “recently added” section and listen to new things That you’ve added to your playlists. That doesn’t work now. It doesn’t show I’ve added anything for mo the. I just went to listen to all of the songs from one specific artist that I have in my music library and go figure, most of the songs aren’t there. If I go to my songs and shuffle everything, or look up a song individually, it’s there in my music though. This app just doesn’t work like it used to. I’m giving it another month and then I’m headed back to Pandora. I pay too much for this app to only sort of work. I seriously don’t want to leave though... but it’s just getting annoying to have things not work how they did.

- Offline Music should be Offline!

Otherwise great app was seriously damaged when they implemented a draconian DRM program that seems to refresh/check your entire downloaded library EVERY TIME the app runs. This leads to a delay before playing downloaded songs... and if you have a weak data connection, the delay can be really long (I’ve driven over ten minutes before the songs actually started!). I communicated this to their “customer service” a month or two ago, and asked to speak to someone in tech support, but they NEVER connected me to the tech side who would actually understand the issue. I get that they want to make sure that people are still on the service, so that people don’t just download everything, drop the service, and keep it all running on offline mode. But really, it seems easy to ensure this without the constant delays—literally, I can run into the problem multiple times in one day.

- Buttons Could Be Placed More Strategically

The “+” (plus sign) to add songs to playlist or library could be placed more strategically. Give it more space so that I do not accidentally and keep hitting the other button next to it labeled (...) The Playlist should also sort automatically. For example, when you add a song to ‘Most Recent’ playlist is sorted to the top — making it easier to add more songs to it — instead of having to scroll all through out the entire playlist just to look for it. Google Play Music has this feature hands down top notch. The album interface whilst playing a song should have FF — PLAY — RW buttons (fast forward, play, rewind) it just makes things a lot easier rather than having to exit out of the screen.

- Good option for music

With the paid option, I can get most anything I want to hear. It’s easy to have the Echo play a playlist in whatever room I want. One wish list item: to be able to easily remove a song from a playlist from the context menu (three dots) while playlist is “live.” Sometimes I have a song accidentally added or don’t want it there anymore, but it’s a bit of a pain to remove it. I’d also like to be able to keep my place in a long playlist that’s shuffled if I play something else. Now I have to start with a new shuffle if I want to go back to one I was playing even a few minutes before if I go down a rabbit hole on an artist and play some other stuff. Overall, it’s a great app, used more than any other app on my phone.

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Sing y'all merrily ... my 2020 Special: #podomatic #applepodcast #stream #download ... for those who don't like Christmas songs 🎄 Also here: Amazon Music:


Voice control your entertainment - Stream songs from Amazon Music, Apple Music, Spotify, SiriusXM, and more. Plus listen to radio stations, podcasts, and Audible audiobooks. _


sound. _ Voice control your entertainment - Stream songs from Amazon Music, Apple Music, Spotify, SiriusXM, and others. Play music, audiobooks, and podcasts throughout your home with multi-room music. _

Amazon Music: Songs & Podcasts 10.2.1 Screenshots & Images

Amazon Music: Songs & Podcasts iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Amazon Music: Songs & Podcasts iphone images
Amazon Music: Songs & Podcasts iphone images
Amazon Music: Songs & Podcasts iphone images
Amazon Music: Songs & Podcasts iphone images
Amazon Music: Songs & Podcasts iphone images
Amazon Music: Songs & Podcasts iphone images

Amazon Music: Songs & Podcasts (Version 10.2.1) Install & Download

The applications Amazon Music: Songs & Podcasts was published in the category Music on 2012-06-12 and was developed by AMZN Mobile LLC [Developer ID: 297606954]. This application file size is 150.67 MB. Amazon Music: Songs & Podcasts - Music app posted on 2020-12-30 current version is 10.2.1 and works well on IOS 12.0 and high versions. Google Play ID:

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