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What is toca kitchen monsters app? Ever wanted to play with your food?

Now you can! In this Monster edition of the super-hit Toca Kitchen you can cook and play with food for two hungry monsters. Pick any ingredient and prepare it in your own way! Slice, boil, fry, cook, microwave or mix? And wait for the response from the hungry monster...

- 2 cool monsters - each with their own favorite food!
- 8 different ingredients that can be prepared in many different ways!
- Season the food - but watch out if you do it too much...
- Slice, boil, fry, cook, microwave or mix any of the ingredients
- Optional vegetarian mode!
- Fantastic original artwork!
- No rules or stress - play any way your kids want to!
- Kid-friendly interface!
- No third-party advertising
- No in-app purchases

Toca Kitchen Monsters is not a game - it's a toy where you and your kids get to explore cooking. What happens if you mix a carrot and then fry it? What do Monsters like to eat? Why do the Monsters spit some food out if it is over-seasoned? Toca Kitchen supports free play for all ages and is a great way to use your imagination.

As with all Toca Boca toys, there are no high scores, time limits or stressful music. Your kids can play with it however they want!


At Toca Boca, we believe in the power of play to spark kids’ imaginations and help them learn about the world. We design our products from the kids' perspective to empower kids to be playful, to be creative and to be who they want to be. Our products include award-winning apps that have been downloaded more than 130 million times in 215 countries and offer fun, safe, open-ended play experiences. Learn more about Toca Boca and our products at

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Toca Kitchen Monsters Version 1.0.602 March 2018

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon. Thanks for sharing your feedback and reporting bugs — we’ve made some updates. Get the latest version to have the best experience! And leave us a review — we read every one of them!.

Toca Kitchen Monsters Comments & Reviews 2022

- Some Problems..

So the first bug is when you put a food and put a lot of salt (or pepper) the monster gets their mouth shaky and that’s kinda funny, Second, there is this bug when you fry the steak and then you mix it and also you boil it and go back to the mixer without mixing it, and now the steak isn’t boiled, what a bug. Third when you cut the little green thing on the carrot it just turns to another shape. Fourth is the head. When the monster’s head shakes a bit, and then you tap it. The head just disappears and it’s kinda weird, Fifth. When you put food. The food randomly falls down and I think the limit is 5. Sixth, so when the brown monster doesn’t like the BROCCOLI and the blue monster likes the BROCCOLI when you try to feed it it just falls down. Seventh, is when you try to feed the lemon to them they wanna put it in a blender and that’s kinda weird. Dev, I hope you fix these problems.

- Not good

First off there is very little to do. I did pretty much everything in three days. I personally like games that are occupying for at least a few months. Also if you try to feed them the foods they don’t like (tomato for the brown one and broccoli for the blue one) ONLY when their tongue is out the food falls through the plate and table which is just plain weird. Bug time! First, if you fry the carrot until it’s very red then cut off the green part sometimes the carrot texture glitches. Second, if you fry the steak then blend it then boil it then put it in the blender without blending it when you put it back on the plate it will look unboiled. Third, if you put something in the blender and tap the button quickly then put it back on the plate it will be completely blended. Fourth, if you cut something once it doesn’t let you cut it again (not the bug) but you can still click it. When you do the monster shakes its head a little bit. (This is the bug) If you repeatedly click it after a little bit the monster’s head goes crazy. If you keep clicking you can’t see the monster’s head anymore which is pretty funny. Overall not a good game.

- Bad/glitchy (my option)

Okay so I used to have the other game toca boca kitchen that cost money and it was was different from the one here because this one is so glitchy sometimes after I cook the food it starts to fly. Like the broccoli I cooked it and it stuck to the pan and started to fly. So yeah, but let’s get to the bad stuff, the bad stuff about this whole game is like how it’s made. It only has a little bit of food and the monsters are like so picky they don’t want to eat their food and the clearly like nothing but the ham and the other green thing. But other than that the game is like I just don’t know I could write this all day, I could write a whole paragraph why this game needs fixing but I’m not going to do that but look I know there’s a lot of words just stay here I still have to talk, but anyways like I said it’s glitchy and the monsters barely like their food. I’m so picky in real life but like they are pickier than me , like I’m not that picky but like dang they are so picky. Like who doesn’t like broccoli 🥦 it’s good , but if you do not like Broccoli I’m not mad it’s just like dang not even eating the broccoli. Like eat something

- Read this before you play

It’s a great game for a bit but then it’s gets a bit boring and I get angry when he doesn’t eat the food I give them! like who doesn’t like broccoli! Anyways I also get mad when he spits the food at me! But it’s get boring after a bit and it’s a great game but, it’s kinda stressful for when your trying to cook something for them they just spit it at you! But you should feed them hotdogs and cooked steak and broccoli for the won with a bow tie, but anyways it’s a great game but you should not get it because it gets boring, and when your kids play and they feed them and they spit at your child it teaches your child to spit at you when you feed them something they don’t like but anyways, wash your hands and wear your mask have an awesome day 😁!

- Maybe a little bit lacking 😕

So yeah I kinda mean I’m ten years old and I played this game since I was 6 it’s starting to feel worse when I was like 8 or something I was totally fine with this game it just feels kinda boring now especially that we have Toca kitchen sushi 🍣 and you cut your food into shapes cook it mix it match it Toca kitchen sushi just feels more complete and the old kitchen games are starting to decay maybe it’s time you make a new game I mean you’re only updating Toca world an app I don’t have yet so maybe update this game too like I wanna see more monsters we only have two and more ingredients Toca kitchen only has 3 characters but a lot of possibilities food-wise that’s kinda what I think should be updated for this game also it’s very laggy at certain points but that’s probably because I play on an old iPad it’s not a bad game or anything but it’s so untouched and so lacking in content and I would really appreciate if y’all updated it. Get ya da*n shoes on today we’re goin ta Texas

- I don’t Know Just An Idea

I would say it is a great game But it does get A bit boring after a Few plays So I have an idea to make it a bit Better So first I think there should be more Options of monsters like there are More People like in the Normal Toca Kitchen And I also think there should be more of a variety Of food Because Like I said In the beginning It gets boring After you feed the monsters All the food and explore with the tools So I believe there should Be more Monsters more Food Options/ Variety of food And I also suggest there should be More of a variety of Tools And appliances To cook with. So yeah Whoever is reading this I hope you have a great day And If you Can Edit the Game Can you Please update The game with some changes Thank you. and have a great day!

- Why I don’t like toca boca

I am not hating but this is very important for developers like seriously couldn’t you make everything free it’s for kids and kids deserve free games to play we have to pay for every single game before I played before because I had a kid tablet that let you play free games from this why can’t it be like that this is horrible waste I love toca boca but it’s ruining the fun by paying this is for kids and some kids parents don’t wanna pay because it’s just a game and there lots of them that you need to pay I hope one day you don’t have to pay the games that will make me the happiest girl and I would want to put so much rating 5 on each game but now no thanks a lot of little kids didn’t might get this because all the games are fun but together costs a lot just for parents to get it for there kids I would not get this I would if it was free I should have been more careful with my tablet it’s much better and now it’s broken and this goes for every game

- Taco kitchen fun keep it up!

Ok so first of all this game is fun in the beginning but when you start playing it and playing it. It gets a bit boring you have little to do and I did pretty much everything in like 2 days, don’t get me wrong when it spits at you with the food it is rude but it’s not like your kids will do that to you anyways it is kinda lagging and some glitches first glitch, when you fry the carrot to dark red and cup the green stuff off it glitched. And if you keep tapping and tapping the monsters head it falls off but ty for taking your time to read my message and one last thing...BYEEEEEEE:taco kitchen fun....:P

- They need to update

They have to update the game because it says it was updated “3 years ago” AND THATS A LONG TIME AGO! And there are probably a lot of bugs also I think they did not upgrade the game because it’s old but it’s a good app for kids but the bad part they they did not remove is that they spit at you and it’s not good for kids to spit on something they don’t like, I think they might update the game and make it better for the kids to play and sometimes it KICKED ME OUT THE GAME witch is really annoying but I think it’s not good or bad for kids to play, also don’t forget to where you masks and wash your hands😃

- You may need to check this out before you download the game

So, I like this game and all but I believe you haven’t updated since you made it... and this would bee 🐝 great unless you are a parent and you have a toddler...but don’t let them imitate the monsters because they are a bit rude...pls make more foods and monsters...hopefully you will read this because honestly I am 10 and I 💗 ❤️ 💕 LOVE baby games like sago mini and Toca boca but pls make them free because some really little kids will be on their phones/tablets and other Androids/mobiles and they may not know what they are doing and what that is so I recommend parents checking with their child before they download something also a little more of your time pls... their is a hot dog and whenever you cut it it glitches...I do not know how to describe it but pls fix it

- Eh.. Could upgrade.

I mean, the game is well done and stuff, but also they need to add more stuff like, more Monsters, more food and stuff. Also there is many things wrong, When I was scrolling down the toca boca apps because I was willing to get a free app.. I saw this and I literally thought it was a ripoff of Toca Boca. The other cooking app, Has more food and more monsters. ( I think) I got so excited when I was about to download this, But it turned out just to be boring, don’t get me wrong I LOVE Toca Boca, so is my sister. She loves your games. But this is the only Toca Boca Application that just seemed a little boring, I would like a bit more if it had more upgrades and stuff. I still don’t want to delete the app because it may gain some upgrades and add more stuff to it, so I’ll keep the app for a while. Bye! :)

- Good Enough

This IS a good game for a child that wants to start cooking. But Just like Everybody else, I do agree that this should have a Update. But the other fact that I look at Tina kitchen 2 and is 3.99 So it's 4$. To me every game for a Younger child shouldn't be NOT for free. Toka Kitchen 2 May have Just 3 customers but you can have SO MUCH MORE ingredients to buy on. I was looking for Toka Kitchen 2 Because I wanted to make Delicious Smoothies! When I saw it was Not for free I was embarrassed. So I told my dad That Toka Kitchen Monsters Is the one I wanted. I thought is was ok at first but then I thought This isn't a good game for a 11 year old kid like me. Good game for learning to cook but I just want to be a Zookeeper when I grow up. So I can't judge this game too much. I hope you Understand my concern! Update it And I might be Satisfied! From: Horse/DogLover

- Good, but you should see this before downloading

Ok the game is good and all, but there’s some problems. First of all, the monsters are SOOOO disrespectful, second, there are automatic glitches. Like sometimes when I’m feeding the monster, some of the first pieces of food just stick in plain air and you can never move them down. Last, if you cut the pieces, after you serve them to the monsters, the pieces fall from the ceiling and some of them stay on the plate, and most of them don’t. Occasionally, they fall between the salt and pepper, and you’ll have to move the salt and pepper just to get it. Soo i think the makers need to fix these problems, because it gets a bad rating and its becoming annoying and boring.

- Read before downloading

I’m a very young kid it’s easy to entertain me. But this game barely has anything to do. There’s only three monsters secondly there’s only 10 options to use for the fridge for cooking and basically the game is lackluster. It’s only fun for about five minutes before you just get bored and delete it. And I really don’t like having to do bad reviews on games. I don’t understand how Toca Boca but it would be fun to use 10 things in the fridge and serving it to three people that barely have good taste. It’s rude seeing them spitting it out even though it took me 10 minutes to heat up a carrot. I do not recommend you down in this game unless you are TRYING to find a bad game. Toca Boca is lazy games they just keep copying the same game and putting in a different place.

- Read before downloading

I hate to write a bad review but this game is so problematic. My first reason is the food. You get less than ten food choices in the fridge! And all you get is tomato, lemon, broccoli, a weird fruit, carrot, mushroom, meat and sausage! And also there is this weird glitch with the cutting board. I cut carrots and it just kicks me out before I’m done! And no I don’t touch the menu button. And when you are cutting it is like cutting paper! The same angle just stays the same like the reflection of the light and all! Also it is annoying how I can’t feed the monsters certain things like I can’t feed the blue monster tomato and I can’t feed the trash monster broccoli! I think this game is annoying and also very boring please update this game!

- It is not better than the original

I don’t like it very much bc when u blend it it doesn’t put it in the cup anymore and I hate that and it’s bouncy and there is not much food when In the real world there is all choices so that’s unrealistic and it only has two ppl to choice from what kind of choice is that ahem. And all the dishes are dirty like can they wash their dishes or are they dumb but y’all can do better so please make room for improvement please and thank u have a nice day and don’t come at me bc this is my opinion so let me live thank u very much but yea i also hate how they make the og games and the good games money like that’s so dumb pls make them free bc I’m broke anyways have a good day make room improvement

- Fun but needs some upgrades

First of all this game is pretty fun. It gets boring after you use everything in every possible way. The “monsters” are very disrespectful and rude . They say “eww” and “ugh” to foods that I spend time on. They will spit it out in your face or refuse to eat something . I think they should eat whatever we make. The upgrades: you can’t mix any foods to make something else. The only other thing you really can do is blend the steak to make a hamburger but you can’t change that to make taco meet . I also think there should be better food options because those are really random. I also think there should be a smoothie option with fruit . Thank you

- So…

The reason I put 2 stars instead of 5 is because this game is the only kitchen app from Toca that I can get while the others cost money. I had this app for a couple of seconds and deleted it because there were only 2 CHARACTERS and when u cook u can’t do anything like add seasoning, extra foods, etc. I think I used to have the Toca app that costed 3.99 but it used to NOT cost money, it was free until now I also have a rating for Toca boca and is that I can’t get much things because they are costing which is my concern bc I’m not a person who wants to pay money on a stupid app that I’m not gonna use for long. I’m actually pretty upset of these games but atleast I can still play Toca boca and this.

- Highly recommended but here is a suggestion and a few bugs

To Toca Boca AB: This game is highly recommended for all ages, but here is a suggestion and a few bugs. Suggestion: Add more foods like ice cream and broccoli, and add more seasonings like lemon juice and soy sauce. Bug 1. Every time you put some pepper on a food and you wait to give it to a monster its/their/ mouth gets all shaky. Bug 2. When you put salt or pepper in midair it just freezes like that and you can’t use it anymore. Hope you have a good day! Sincerely, Cupcake.

- Great app! 👍

It’s really awesome I love this app. But I have one complaint. The monsters you’re cooking for have no manners! I put a lot of effort in my boiled carrot smoothie! The monster ate the smoothie ( because you can’t drink it cause it isn’t a drink for some reason) and spit it in my face 😤. How rude! I like this app because it has a lot of combinations but I think you need more ways of cooking the food in the app and maybe some more types of food. I enjoy this app and I recommend this app to people who want to start cooking! Thanks toca boca for everything! 😀

- Read before Play

I installed this game today and I haven't learned anything, except bad values. 1: It teaches kids to spit at you when you feed them food 2: The monsters are creepy and 3: You know what I will just say the review instead of titles of the complaints YO, it's meh, Biscut the Otter and today I'm giving a 1 star review for this "kids game." So.... lets get into the title first: If you don't know me search up • OtterRaid YT • and subscribe and I am recording too! Sooooooooo.... 1: Your kid will be quite offended about it but the monsters spit at you and I have to move away from my iPod Touch 7 because he did, they are kinda rude but ya know they're monsters! Right? But it'll teach your kid to spit at yo face when you feed them something horrifyingly yucky, if you feed them something like that, but hey, it ain't Hansel and Gretel! (If you have one) 2: Your kid may also be scared by the "horrific monsters in the game. For me I call the bow tie one Freddy and the blue one Jess. 3: It's boring! You need more food and things. And..... BYE

- I don’t understand why people think it’s kind of bad

We’ll see I saw this was a very good game for the baby that I babysit so I downloaded the game then I gave the iPad to the baby and then he started cooking doing everything then when he gave the monster broccoli of course the monster spits and the baby was laughing so hard I was so adored and I also tried cooking to and I gotta say all the details in this game are really good but also very funny too thank you toca for making this app lots of love from Korea 🇰🇷❤️

- Please Read Before Downloading.

The game is fine in general, but the monsters are so disrespectful! When I would place out a lemon they would make a disgusting sound! And if I would feed it to them they would spit it out AT THE SCREEN! You may think it is not that bad but if young children are playing this game they might copy it and do it to the food they don’t like! So maybe you could make them talk in a monster like voice and say no thank you or even shake there head politely no. And we need more food to entertain with! I got super bored of only cooking hot dogs! So please fix my problems.

- Hey hey stop with the hates guys!

Hello I think toca boca is okay actually you should play toca life of you want updates it free. Some are not so be respectful what you have!! It’s okay actually to hate or not you guys should stop hating! It’s not good or the dear creators fault they made it so you can have fun any kind of way! Some people are like “oh we need updates” WE?! No you should say ‘I want updates’. Anyways stay positive, and don’t be rude , and be grateful what you have.😊<3

- Good for little kids

The game has to many glitches and it’s just boring to the older kids. Only kids like 5- should play this game. I’m 10 and I don’t really like this game. No hate to the maker or the game but it’s boring to others. The glitches are weird. First the food to the monsters mouth. Then the food going in the air. And last for the little kids I got my niece to play this and she is 2. She HATED it. Again no hate but that is my choice.

- Suggestions and stuff.

So I used to like this game but I deleted it because I thought the monsters were kinda creepy and I didn’t like how they wouldn’t eat with manners because in my household we have to have manners or we get sent to our room xD. But that it’s fine. But maybe can you add more monsters too feed? I was kinda bored about having to feed only 2 monsters. I literally felt like I was babysitting 2 super hungry babies. Maybe more food? I had used all the food to make food for the monsters and I waited a lot for new foods. Anyways that’s all. XD

- Awesome but maybe a couple changes

I just got this app after having it accidentally deleted for years. It is so nostalgic! I just think there should be some more food options or cooking options. Also if you could combine food, that would be cool. Like tomato-carrot smoothies would be nice. Or just the option to make drinks altogether, it comes out in a lump. Sorry if this makes the production team mad but that’s just a couple edits, it’s still a great game though!

- Gets boring afterwards

It’s a fun game, but it’s not fun to use the same things over and over and to just have 2 people to cook for. Please make it so that there’s a trash can on the side so I can throw out food because sometimes they don’t like it and they just don’t eat it and then I can’t get rid of it. Also, can you please make it so that the blender actually blends the food into liquid so they can drink too? And if you can, please add more characters 😅 overall, this app is amazing, just need some shaping.

- Good but I have ideas

This game is good. I have some ideas 💡. You should put more characters and food 🥘 also I think you should put more stuff to prepare the food and probably some napkins . Oh I just came up with this idea you should do a cooking section and teaching lessons because they spit on the screen that may not sound bad but children are playing this and they might copy it . So yeah thank you 🙏 . But I love the game .☺️

- OK

I think this is a very fun game and I love how you can just make whatever you want I loveeeeeeeeeeee it so much👍👍👍😻but I was on my phone and my bro said why is there only 2 characters on the game and I was like I don’t know so then we both start looking at each other like what the why is there only2 characters so that is one thing that they can work on because it is so annoyingly but over all it is the best game ever❤️❤️❤️❤️👍👍👍👍😻😻😻😻

- So kid friendly

This game is very fun and the monsters are adorable! This game makes my toddler so happy and he laughs so hard when the monsters spit out the food! Gross! But it’s very funny and you can boil,microwave, cook, and make food into a smoothly which I thought was very cool! The monsters don’t say any words which the kids laugh and this game is the best game and it’s free! And yes I love games by this developer! Thanks and I totally recommend this app! ESPECIALLY For 2-5!

- More options please

I really want you to update this game. I like that it's free because I want to a kitchen 2 but it's too expensive, however I was hoping you could at least make juices in this game and I found that there aren't many food choices and not sauces or things to experiment with. Please add this into the game FOR FREE and it would so many of us happy especially while we are stuck at home. Please toca boca !!! 😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😷😷😷😷😷😷 I'm begging you! We all are! PLEASE add more food options sand a juice maker !! Or sauces or something!😷

- Changed a lot - but it’s just my opinion 😁

When I was younger it was way different. If I could change anything it would be more characters, food, and more things to cook because there is not much to do anymore. :( and I get you want money and all but some kids can’t get any money when they want to play the game. But this is just my opinion a lot of people like the game 😁 I don’t want to be rude!

- Umm...

So... AM368 was right. In case you have no idea what I am talking about, that is the person who wrote the review about glitches. But the main one I'm talking about is the "Headless Monster" glitch. In this glitch, when you repeatedly press the button to try to chop something up that is already chipped up, the monster's head will fly off! To an older kid, this may seem funny, but this game is recommend for kids 2-5! You will give them nightmares! Please fix this glitch before some kid gets scarred for life! -Surprised, Yet Angry Customer

- All your apps should be free

Dear Toca Boca I always wanted to play your games since I was 3 and never got to play it because it cost money. I had two of your free games on my old iPad and I hated them because they were awful. But the only game of yours that I liked and was able to play was Hair salon 2. I didn’t know it cost money and when I went to download it, it cost money. I would rather have great reviews and ratings then everyone giving one stars and saying “There just one problem it cost money and you get tried of it after a while. I am truly sorry if I came of rude I just want to bring this to your attention.

- Highly uncomfortable yet cute

So I was feeding the first one and the length of the tongue was a nope. It just made me and probably everyone else a little uncomfortable. I was like: Nope. Just quit. But I just realized I didn’t feed the other one so I tried that. Again, uncomfortable. The tongue length was okay for me but the way it looked? I’d rather quit after I saw that. But I didn’t wanna pay money for the other game sense I’m gonna delete it later. Same for this one. I’m really lazy so that’s all

- Boring but good...

I like this game mostly because it’s made very well like it has very good graphics and there is many things you can do, it’s not a rip off. But I think there should be more to it, it’s quite boring because there’s only 2 monsters and all you have a limited amount of foods and things you can do. If you want to make it more enjoyable add more stuff to the game so it’s not so predictable.

- Nothing's wrong with my ipad!

.WHY DO I SAY THAT IS IM ONLY 8 I'm a kid hehe PLZ READ........why I'm not playing is there's not much of food for me to play with so why get it when I was playing this game I thought it looked fun but it was not fun at all! I don't get it why that happened and I did not played it at all! DO NOT GET AT ALL.....why do thay say it is not working will I can tell u why it's not really good for kids to play when u don't have much to do in this ga,e so why get it no need Do not get it at all for ur safety network needs working for my iPad but what I don't like is there's not much food I need more FOOD PLZ FIX NOW!!!!!!

- Read this before downloading..

Recently my little brother got this app on our family ipad, I decided to try it out and it wasn’t that amusing. I’ve seen a lot of reviews about this game saying that it’s boring, but some of us need to remember that these games are mainly for younger crowds, my brother is 5 years old and finds this game very amusing. It shows the basics of cooking and some foods. I would recommend for ages 5-7, that’s personally my opinion!

- Good but selection small

Hi if you want to get this app I recommend it! Only one slight thing the selection is pretty small but compared to the first one it’s much better but I still recommend the reason it’s 5 star is because this app is awesome and if your sister or brother or freind or opposite person tells you it’s scary there lieing this stuff is adorable! Plz get this! I love it!

- Good game wish there were more details

It’s a great game don’t get me wrong but it needs more details like there’s no food ether carrot tomato steak it gets boring and I’m a real life cook but I think that there needs to be more items in the cookware section like pots more ingredients like ketchup mustard mayo hotsauce salt pepper and just make more people I know what I’m explaing sounds like the other one worth money but I can by every thing in life I mean I wish

- The game needs more characters, More foods, and more supplies and updates

As Soon as I got the game I started having problems. The first problem was that the game was very laggy. The second couple does that all the foods that I was cutting up would freeze and then suddenly kick me out the game. That’s our problem was that all the characters are disrespectful. My first problem is that there needs to be more supplies for us to cook I mean like more food and stuff like all in the other games. Those are the few reasons why I win the game need more characters more food and more supplies.

- So slow but fun

This is a fun game. The only thing is it is so slow when you download it like I made my self grilled cheese and it still was not done downloading unless it is my new phone I just got the iPhone 7 Plus so please fix the issue like this is ridiculous it is still loading as I type this i just had this game before and I know so that’s something to think about..😬👻😕😿😀❤️

- Glitch in my game FIX IT please

When I put the pepper or salt close to the monsters mouth his or her’s glitches sooo bad so I can’t put the salt or pepper near his or her’s mouth but the game is good I give a 4 star review p.s. STOP THE GLITCH please I beg you toca boca that way I can play the game with no glitches and if you see this toca boca who are you? And what is your name!?!?!? And have a good day you that are reading Or TOCA Boca ps make more free games I can’t get them

- Terrible

Ok so I used to have a nabi and I played toca kitchen two and it was free on the nabi when I first got my nabi and when I got a iOS iPad I got this game because Toca kitchen 2 wasn’t free and I played it for two seconds because it had pretty much nothing to do it wasn’t that similar it was very disappointing for a Toca Boca game .I was so sad about this game and I am still mad about this game.I am so sorry toca Boca but this game is terrible. And sorry if I am being a little bit rude.I hope you understand 🥰.

- This is boring

There is no need to make all your “kid games” money the second type of this is 4$ for what?! To feed actual humans they aren’t even human ?!?!?! they are ugly just as these are I rather your games be not 4$ and more people would actually play them. I like Toca world but everything is expensive there. daily gift is broken ,they nose is never perfect,to little furniture in the house packs,random background noises,and way more . Don’t waste your money on these games

- Super fun but.........

This game is super fun but I wish there was more characters than just two monsters that will be more fun hopefully in the next update you’ll have to man more than two monsters sorry I’m using the voice thing and that’s how it’s coming outIf you are The creator please see if you can make an update with more monsters

- in five minutes I deleted it

This game is very very boring especially for a ten year old. I get if it is for six or seven year olds but this game is SO BORING. First of all there is only two monsters so very little characters. Second of all if you cook them the most worst things they still like it only if you put a lot of salt or pepper they like it? This game is very boring and please don’t waste your time with this game. P.S. all the cooking toka boka games cost money????? Just make it free!!!!!

- LOVE IT!!!

So I love it sooooo munch! But maybe can there be 1 more monster? And maybe more food. And maybe some stuff u can put on the food not only salt and pepper. Maybe soy sals? Sorry I’m bad at spelling. Maybe you can evan squeeze lemon 🍋 on your food too? There is munch more I would love to ask. But my hands are getting Tierd! Bye! I’ll rite more later. And thank you for reading! Bye!

- Do Not Download

First of all they need to add more monsters and more food because it gets boring after literally like a day and the only reason I downloaded this version is because the regular toca kitchen has to get BOUGHT like I loved toca kitchen but then they made it so you had buy it and could only play this horrible knock off without paying So if you’re downloading this for like a two year old that gets entertained easily then sure download it but I think that it’s not very entertaining.

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- Glitchy and Confusing 😵‍💫

So, I downloaded this app and loved it! I started to realise it was a bit glitchy though, and the monsters 👻 where a bit picky… when I tapped on the brown monster, his mouth was shivering 🥶 like he just got out of Antartica. I got him a broccoli🥦, then got another one🥦. I fed the first one to him but he just spat it out. I fed him the second broccoli🥦… and he liked it? He did not like the first one… but he liked the second? What was the difference between them??? I didn’t put any salt 🧂nor pepper on both. So it is a bit glitchy. I understand why it’s glitchy too, It’s a very old app. So if you think you can come back to this game 👾, then update it and add more food 🍎and maybe another monster 😈? Just a suggestion! (Even though there is a new version of this app, I just want one with monsters instead of humans 👱🏻‍♀️, and the white monster is a bit boring 👀 in the new version…) Thank you 🙏 for reading!

- Needs more things added!

Hi my name is Laisa. I think this game is very fun and entertaining, especially when you are bored, my nephew is in love with this game, but we both agree that there needs to be more things added. The other version, is wayyy more fun! But you have to pay, which is very annoying. Overall this game is fun, but there needs to be more varieties of food.

- YoU’Re makin Me CRAZY

i’m a 37 year old male i just downloaded this app after scrolling through the educational section after inspecting this app for 5 hours i had to put my ipad down i was going crazy i couldn’t stop playing i even neglected my wife which i have never done in my 12 year relationship with her i recommend this app a lot but i don’t recommend it if you still want to be in a relationship as my 12 year relationship with my wife has sadly ended as i was “paying more attention to the blue monster and i should marry him instead” which i might do it’s 2021 i can marry a ingame character if i want blue icey bear i’m coming for you darling <3

- Not to good

I downloaded this app because I was looking for some of my old games and this came to mind, once I downloaded this app I pressed on the icon wanting to play it then the screen went plain white with the sound still playing and then I wasn’t able to play. I tried closing my other tabs and turned my device on and off but it still would not let me see what was going on. I’m a bit disappointed that this game didn’t work because it worked okay before.I’m thinking there must be a bug in the game so you guys should fix it for other players. From a person who is very disappointed.

- It looks at me in the I

The monsters looks at me in the I I don’t know why it’s creepy and when it spits at me it’s kind of creepy it’s still so so so so so fun. I am not scared but it’s just so creepy. You should play it tho because it’s fun. I think it might not I hope not. It sill fun.

- Ideas

This game is pretty fun at first, but then gets really boring because the variations of customers and foods/tools are limited. This is the same with Toca Hair Salon as well. Most other reviews also suggest the same thing as I am, so if this could be fixed as soon as possible, I’m sure more than just me would be grateful, and your game would be much more progressive and successful. Please respond, and don’t ignore my review. Thanks and no hard feelings.


Hey there Toca, I am just a 10 year old kid writing dis review, all I wanted to say this game is really hilarious. Why I find it hilarious is because the monsters were spitting and grumping XD. It made my brother and I laugh, but for your next update maybe you can add more hilarious monsters I love this game I should recommend it And you should add more food and drinks to

- Hmmmm some more

Hi my name is Holly. This game could have a few improvements 🤓 1. More more more and more monsters to feed. It gets very boring just having two monsters to feed! 2. You need to add way more food. You get to know what the two monsters Like to eat in like five minutes. 3. Why just why can’t you cook and blend up to 5 things at a time. It doesn’t make sense to me. Well those are the things that you need to improve. If you do those things you will get five STARS 🌟. Thanks!👋


The Toca range of games are enjoyable for children they are targeted for. BUT be aware that children can use these apps to bypass parental controls on devices and set up social media accounts and be in contact with people they aren’t supposed to be. This is especially a concern for Carers of children who have court ordered contact restrictions or children at risk.

- Add more things pls read before getting U might regret

So like I first got this game then it was dark barely any food and I think it should be more colourful and add more characters zinc if U want to buy it for your child maybe consider the other one not this one but there is another one anyway pls fix these bugs thanks 👍

- Good but a bit more

All the monsters we can feed are a cupale monsters. I’m a bit annoyed that is it, so can you PLEASE have more monsters?!

- Good

It is good but can you make people have a lot more food so people can feed the monsters a lot more food than they uesly do feed them.

- This app is amazing but

Hi toka creators your amazing and all and I love your apps I have all of them (well most of the free ones) but why do you say the apps are for kids 5 and under or 6

- Niceeee

It’s nice but maybe add more monsters and foods or kitchen appliances and maybe when cooking foods you can cook as much as you like not just one food at a time that is sort of boring but other than that i love the game maybe add more games like this.. 🤩🤩😇😇😱😱🤗

- More characters and food

If you could make some more ingredients and characters would be nice :)

- Monster cooking

Hi I like this game soo much but I do agree it could use a few more monsters

- Okay but...

I still like the Tocca kitchen to better but this game is cool that’s why I put a five star good job the people who made this game!

- Yes!

I love this game but I feel like you could add more monsters Ann food and also add some more stuff in the kitchen oh and add some drinks

- It's very good

I love it keep up the good work and could you make other games free thanks so much From Krystal

- Sooooo

You know this game is probably best for the 3-6 years old range. I'm 12 downloaded clicked into it the just deleted the app after like 1 min. It's still alright though my sister Over it so give it a try anyways

- So good but needs more food and toppings

It's good and funny 😂 but gets a bit boring can it get up dated for more food and toppings pls

- Good game

It is a good game but I could do with more food and appliances. Like toca kitchen 2. It was alright at first, but now it’s really boring. Like I said, needs more stuff. Could you please make toca kitchen 2 free or less then $5

- get the second one loves xx

it is great when u first play it and test out all the kitchen appliances but when you try it again and again it gets boring. Toca Boca Kitchen 2 though is amazing and I really recommend it WORTH THE $5 ❤️

- More food and cutomers

I like ur game and all but pls put more cutomers more food and more kitchen supplise plssssssss 🍗🍖🍕🍟

- Can you tell me

Hi love it 😍 one thing how to trick blue monster to eat broccoli 🥦 please tell me if you don’t I will rate 1 star 💫 🌟 ⭐️

- 😄

Not trying to make an argument but it would be ALOT more better if Toca makes some more games that are free. P.S. SORRY PEEPS FOR WASTING YOUR TIME READING THIS😐

- Ummm

This game is very fun but buggy but still entertaining

- Old game stop making it expensive


- Creepy....

After viewing for a few minutes, the animation makes me wonder... Is this alright for kids???

- Happy game for kids

It so cool my child is happy thank you AppStore’s

- Needs more things

1. Needs a cup when you blend the food 2.needs moee food 3. Add more monsters 4. You can add more things in the blender and cook lots of things 5. Hambugers Thx

- Great...but

I really like this game but it needs more stuff

- Worst

This is the worst game i although can you make the toca kitchen free please not with monsters

- Good but needs more security

Please remove any settigns

- More....

Hi I like tacos I cant say my real name Anyways 1.Please add more monsters 2.More foooddddd moreeee foooodddd to eat 3. Love the game it’s really fun 4. Make more fun games 5. Don’t like how most of your games are for money

- Cool

Can you make toca kitchen 2 for free please

- Okay.

The game is fun but found the they theme off putting and scary for my little sisters.

- Bit boring

It is really boring to be honest. When I blend the smoothie it is the big chunk of Lemons, There is only 2 Monsters and they get super boring. I’ve deleted the app All the food is realistic I even like the old one better I’ve tried multiple times with this app And I get bored easily. This App needs Improvement. Bye bYe 👋

- Boring

I played five minutes of this game and it already bored me! I couldn't deal with that you can't be creative with it

- UGH 😑

Hi toca Boca when I was 6 I had this game on my iPad. It was so fun! But now I’m 8 and in grade 3 I still play it a tiny bit and it’s booooooorrrrrriiiiiinnnnngggg so yeah. But I propaly think this game is for 3-4-5-6 year olds so Ye

- Sort of ok..😐🤔😬😶

It is a ok game but in my opinion it is not I downloaded the game and I am ten and after feeding the first monster I deleted the game pleas make better games

- Zoo

You guys should make a Toca Boca zoo

- it was nice

i split the monsters head in half and i cooked it.

- Hi m’i Maddie I like the game but ti can get like more to it because bored

Nice and all but add stuff

- Great game

I killed god and ate his taint

- Haha

Ur momma so ugly ur father takes her to work so he doesn’t have to kiss her goodbye

- Forcing Toka to eat raw penis


- Wierd

It's not letting me download the game

- Yucky sticky Mon Mons

Yucky Bucky blee these monsters are gross

- There was nothing to do

It waasss soo bad

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- Super fun!

I recommend a lot of apps but this one you need to get! It's really fun and addicting.

- My son loves this game

My son loves this game but would be so excited to see a 3rd monster!

- A game

It is a great game to play on your free time!

- Please come back

My wife left me because I was playing to much Toca monster kitchen she took the kids because she was scared because she took Toca monster kitchen form me so I pulled a gun on her and the kids there at her sisters house I’m begging her to come back but she says I need help so I give this app 4 stars

- It doesn’t have any ads!

I am happy with apps that don’t have any ads!


This game is awesome but more food🥠🎂🍨🍿🍯🧃🥂🧉🍾🍷🥤🥛🍩🍮🍦🥮🍙🥫🍣🧆🌮🍝🍱🍚🍢🥧🍭🍪🍶🍼🥃🧊🥡🥢🥄🍺🍺☕️🌰🍬🍬🧁🍡🍘🥟🍜🍕🌯🌯🥪🥗🍲🦪🦪🍥🥇🏵🤹🏻‍♀️🦴🥗🦪🍥🍧🍰🍫🥜🍴🍴🥢🥢🥢🥢🥢🥢🥢

- Not how I remember

The other ones are so much better but you guys jacked up the prices from free to 5 dollars, disappointing don’t waste your time

- Great but more food

This game is awesome! It can use a bit more food though. Otherwise, DOWNLOAD THIS APP RIGHT NOW ITS AWESOME!!! 😎 🥘 🥩

- Terrible

Not enough food to work with to actually make the game satisfying and calming

- How to make the perfect meal “in game”

1. Slice the meat in chunks 2. Blend it 3. Micro wave it for at least 10 seconds 4. Slice it again 5. Cook it in a pot not a fryn pan 6. Add tons of salt for at least 20 seconds 7. Feed it to your monster and get spat in the face Injoy :3 (°,-,°) roar or what ever

- Not bad

I love the game but we really need more food🥜🍩🍭🥮🍕🥪🍕🌮

- i feel too old for these

I’m one birthday away from being considered a teenager, but these toca boca games are fun for no reason. I see people making fun of others on the internet for playing these games but I think they just don’t get the true ✨bliss✨ that I get when playing these.

- ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

I love free games

- To

Totally recommend this for everyone super fun.

- Disturbing

This game is disturbing and frankly awful! Everyone said so!

- bad

this game is horrible it keeps crashing and there’s a lot of bugs the food was just stuck in the monsters badussy like girl get out

- The worst

This is so bad it’s not as good as the og one you don’t get to scroll down in the fridge and you can’t have condiments there’s no juicer and there isn’t as good of things in the other one

- People

I saw one comment that said l hate people who do not like this well people can have there own options... Now about the game it is a good game how ever it is kinda boring I would like more game options please ( more food more characters ) That would be great Please put this into construction Xoxo a Toca fan

- I hate people who don’t like this game

This game helps people do education and it helps like you know learn how to cook and it just really helps them to download it now and just see for yourself and join the fun and make some funny mistakes but just try for yourself

- It’s good but I like more stuff…

It’s a very good game but I think more monsters would intrigue me and possibly more Toca Boca life games for free! Other than that I would recommend this to other people but please make your next Toca Boca life game free your sincerely someone-

- Chicken nuggie {Recipe}

Get the steak. (Not hot dog,) put it in the thing that can mush stuff, Ik- it looks like a brain, but rn go to the frying pan, fry it for… Till it ends. And a bit of salt.. don’t worry if u put the whole salt bottle, it’s gonna be rllllllyyyyy salty and.. *drums pls* 🍗CHICKEN NUGGIES!! ENJOY! 🍗

- Needs more food

It’s a great game it needs more food

- I love this game

I love the fruits and the monsters in this game and I hate monsters so I guess it was so much cooler than the other ones

- :/

Not a 0 but not a 5,more monsters and maybe ketchup and juice? If you have ketchup sorry<3


It was my favourite game when I was 9 and I think that this is a pretty good game and you don’t have ads or need to pay for anything extra in the game

- :D

My childhood memory

- Pls make Toca toca kictin free!

i want to play it so bad


It has been awhile since i have played this ;-; its been like 3 or so years or 4. Thanks for being in my childhood, it ment a lot to me. i loved making food for them and pretending i was an amazing chef :3 and i'm now 12 and i used to play this when i was 7 or so

- Fun, but some improvements would make the experience better

This game is super fun, but i feel the are too less food choices, and when you mix the food it just turns into a weird chunky block. Also if you read this, please add more fruits so I can make smoothies

- Thank you for making this game:)

When ever I think of food I go play this. This is so FUN

- Game made me sad

This game is so good it made me sad

- Umm Gross

I don’t really like it

- Love

I have a 1 question why doesn’t the blue monster eat broccoli 🥦?

- Good

Fatt monsters

- Love it

Can u pwease add a drink maker in the game

- Please ads more

I love the game but I would like to have more monsters and food. 5 stars from me

- more foods

more monsters

- Add a juice maker please

AndAdd a new monster and more food please

- Bad

Bad I can’t put the food I can make a juice single I rage dude

- Good

Its my favorite game but I want so others recommendations here they are : add more fruit and steaks etc.. add more things to get cooking and please add cheese and add the things with the chasse when you cut it thanks

- Ok

i hate how the characters eat if sound disgusting

- These game is AWSOME

I used to play these game when I was 5 awesome game

- Super epic


- ?

First the meat was magnetic to the left side When I cooked it , then the salt is stuck somewhere an I can’t use it.


I love this app it just needs more food 🍏🍎🍐🍋🍊🍓🍈🍇🍉🍌🍒🍑🥭🍍🥥🥦🥑🍆🍅🥝🥬🥒🌶🌽🥕🥐🍠🥔🧅🧄🥯🍞🥖🥨🧀🧇🥞🧈🍳🥚🥓🥩🍗🍖🦴🥪🍕🍟🍔🌭🥙🧆🌮🌯🥗🍲🍜🍝🥫🥘🍛🍣🍱🥟🦪🍥🍘🍚🍙🍤🥠🥮🍢🍡🍧🍰🧁🥧🍦🍨🎂🍮🍭🍬🍫🍪🍩🍿🍯🥛🍼☕️🍵🍻🍺🍶🥤🧃

- Super fun app

Well almost every Toca Boca Game Is FREAKING MONEY!, Please Don’t Make Anymore Toca Games That Costs Money :(

- Needs more food

It needs more food and more kitchen supplies so that I don’t know

- Update

It would be better if it had more food to the game and more options to cook and can you pretty pretty please ad sauce it would make my day and if u would do that I would give this a 5 stars but you probably won’t do it so I might delete the app so please do that update thank you

- great game

needs more food 😐

- Wow

It’s really good my sister loves this game,she said it should have more food lol.

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Toca Kitchen Monsters 1.0.6 Screenshots & Images

Toca Kitchen Monsters iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Toca Kitchen Monsters iphone images
Toca Kitchen Monsters iphone images
Toca Kitchen Monsters iphone images
Toca Kitchen Monsters iphone images
Toca Kitchen Monsters iphone images
Toca Kitchen Monsters Education application iphone screenshots and images not ready...

Toca Kitchen Monsters (Version 1.0.6) Install & Download

The applications Toca Kitchen Monsters was published in the category Education on 2012-04-05 and was developed by Toca Boca AB [Developer ID: 419103351]. This application file size is 61.62 MB. Toca Kitchen Monsters - Education app posted on 2018-03-02 current version is 1.0.6 and works well on IOS 6.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.tocaboca.tocakitchenmonsters