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This application really enables the possibility to send spoofed text-messages. Codes for the fake texts are available for sale via In-App.

You are able to define the sender of the text message by your own. Therefore you can choose every single number or name that crosses your mind. Only at the end of your text message, the original sender number will be shown.

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How does it work to spoof a text?
Here are the most important things to spoof texts summarized. Please read the following to make sure it works.

Fake Sender and Recipient
Sender and Recipient shouldn't be the same. This can lead to problems with the delivery.

Avoid same texts to the same recipient in a short time. These will be marked as spam and may not be delivered.

It is best to have your spoofed sender a valid number. Pay attention to select the right country.

Make sure that you do not prescribe. Spoofed text messages can of course be delivered only to really existing numbers. Also pay attention to select the right country.

Spoof Text App Description & Overview

The applications Spoof Text was published in the category Utilities on 2012-03-21 and was developed by GTR solutions UG. The file size is 19.00 MB. The current version is 3.3.0 and works well on 7.1 and high ios versions.


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THIS IS A SCAM  C293737  1 star



😜  Manny0132  5 star



Don't waste your time or money  Fifteenfxndbdjxjxjxhd  1 star

I got the app expecting to have fun with it. But the app just sends your real number at the bottom of the fake text every time


Bad  Blaggernoog0908070908  1 star

Good way to waste money


Lol liars and scammers  Trm9302  1 star

Don't buy this it's just an easy way to take your money.


Waste of money  Manwithadell  1 star

I bought a package of texts and this app didn't even use the number I typed in and then put my number at the bottom of every text. Then they try auto charge on my card. Complete scam! There are other spoof text app much better


Complete Rip Off!  Atombomb819  1 star

After purchasing the credits, the app crashes and kept saying I have no credits left. But my credit card was charged without me receiving anything. I complainers to them and all they said was "We will look into it". I had to open a case with the App Store. What a rip off!


Steals money  Isoroq  1 star

Never even let me verify number too my money


Steals money. Wish there was a 0 star option  DuBois117  1 star

Bought some texts twice and was only able to use them once apiece. After the first use would not let me send more. Said I still had texts available but wouldn't let me use unless I bought more. Junk app


Ripoff  Nah982  1 star

I want my money back. This thing doesn't work


FakeMySMS FakeMySMS 3 star

Do you know how to spoof a text message? Have a look at our cool video:


Scott McGready ScottMcGready 3 star

@ColinCampbell24 Combination of spam calls, spoof texts, and then sending links via text with a geo location tag 😂


Andreas Kyriacou andreaskyriacou 3 star

@RichardDawkins @peterboghossian @GodDoesnt The text is great, but the main spoof was to pretend that they got it p…

Fun facts

Works BUT  Fun facts  1 star

It'll send a text looking like its from another person, BUT it'll end the message saying from: and put in your phone number. Doesn't that defeat the purpose? What a waste of money this is.


Nice  Enndereck  5 star

Complete fun

Bored funny

Great  Bored funny  5 star

Love this app!!


Nota  Aserrad  3 star

No lo e usado pero lo voy a probar así q después les cuento


101010  The1BigCat  5 star

Great apps available here


God fb  SleepyJohnsonAuthor  5 star

Great app


Awesome  Tinytubs9294  5 star



App  Babybee1218  5 star

Great app to get


Great app  Jessylk  5 star

I love tricking friends and family with it.


Works  452488(?!&.  5 star


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