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This application really enables the possibility to send spoofed text-messages. Codes for the fake texts are available for sale via In-App.

You are able to define the sender of the text message by your own. Therefore you can choose every single number or name that crosses your mind. Only at the end of your text message, the original sender number will be shown.

Get free Codes from our Fan-Pages:
- https://plus.google.com/+Spoofmytextmessage
- https://www.facebook.com/FakeMySMS
- https://twitter.com/FakeMySMS

How does it work to spoof a text?
Here are the most important things to spoof texts summarized. Please read the following to make sure it works.

Fake Sender and Recipient
Sender and Recipient shouldn't be the same. This can lead to problems with the delivery.

Avoid same texts to the same recipient in a short time. These will be marked as spam and may not be delivered.

It is best to have your spoofed sender a valid number. Pay attention to select the right country.

Make sure that you do not prescribe. Spoofed text messages can of course be delivered only to really existing numbers. Also pay attention to select the right country.

Spoof Text App Description & Overview

The applications Spoof Text was published in the category Utilities on 2012-03-21 and was developed by GTR solutions UG. The file size is 19.00 MB. The current version is 3.3.0 and works well on 7.1 and high ios versions.


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Spoof Text Reviews


Unbelievable rip off  PCAMBAS  1 star

Not a single message ever showed up that was sent. Total rip off


Doesn't work without payment  icorrectotherpeople  1 star

Unless you're willing to pay to prank someone, don't bother downloading this.


Don't waste your money, it does not work at all!  bhdjHeidi's  1 star

Don't waste your money, it does not work at all!

dr mcCord

Terrible  dr mcCord  1 star

I would rather clean Porta johns then use this app It never works!!! But it's always charges you without a problem


Doesn't work  ER-doc-maniac  1 star

This app doesn't work.


Where are the credits I paid for?  Patm56789  1 star

Total rip off! I paid for five texts and never received the codes! Rip off! Fraud! Avoid!

Daves Home

Total junk, deserves-⭐️  Daves Home  1 star

Does not work at all. As for free; total BS. Requires very expensive in app purchases. Don't waste your time, money or hard drive space.


Spoif anyone  Womanonmission  5 star

This app is amazing ! You must try it!


Garbage. Buyer beware.  jes13151  1 star

Not a stealthy text app. Your number shows up at the end of the text. Wish I hadn't bought 20!


THIS IS A SCAM  C293737  1 star



Hey  Moee2014  5 star

So sexy


Great app  Kiamafia  5 star

Works fine

Kaan tas

Review  Kaan tas  5 star

Excellent app luv it

talk to the hand!!!

Good  talk to the hand!!!  5 star



Spoof text message  littlejohn1956  5 star

Great program

Jjjjj smith

Best fun  Jjjjj smith  5 star

This is great


Great app!  justin_is_jesus  5 star

I've used this app before and it's great! Highly recommend as a revenge tactic


Spoof Text Ace!!  Dontyafknowit!  5 star

This is a brilliant app that allows you to play a few pranks. Ha ha ha!


Great app  Chokmaster  5 star

Great app so easy to use and so useful


True to its name!!!  Happyspoofer  5 star

So easy to use, and it actually works! 10/10!!!!!


Vassili VassiliPapa 3 star

Is the text in blue spoof, or real @notwandbc ?


βRUCΣ ШΔΨΠΣ AngryNotAfraid 3 star

@Amaz0nPrinccs “That’s ok, Diana,” Bruce responded, unruffled. “I can always spoof your phone and text Aquaman to a…


Tony Faulkner TonyFaulkner3 3 star

Received phone text from @DVLAgovuk demanding bank account details and passwords to get a refund. Is this a spoof? DVLA website no use.


Free trial  Jackharding10  5 star

Giving 5stars for free trial

Jb 1984 8888

Spoof  Jb 1984 8888  5 star

Haven't tried it yet


Scam  Bushal132  1 star

not recommended

Harrassment City Inc.

Awesome  Harrassment City Inc.  5 star

Very cool way to send a inspirational message.


Awesome app  SS08_13  5 star

Great app.... Can't live with out it ...


Spoof  Wardk1993  5 star

Great app!


Great app!!!  William67558632189  5 star



Ugh  Tlem426  2 star

Hate how you have to buy free texts. If you have to buy them then they are not free!!


Cool  Ravens4thewin  5 star

Cool app

Fun facts

Works BUT  Fun facts  1 star

It'll send a text looking like its from another person, BUT it'll end the message saying from: and put in your phone number. Doesn't that defeat the purpose? What a waste of money this is.

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