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Zello is the #1 digital two way radio app with over 150 million users in over 200 countries. Frontline workers, teams, and communities stay connected, safe, and productive. Zello turns your phone into a walkie talkie that works anywhere in the world as long as you are connected to the internet!

Drivers, taxi and delivery dispatchers, construction workers, enterprise fleet managers, retail associates and hotel staff love using Zello to locate their team members, communicate critical information, and get work done. Zello has even replaced 2-way radios at these jobs, eliminating cross-talk, extending communication range, and taking advantage of already deployed smartphones and tablets.

Millions more use Zello instead of texting or calling: for private chats with a friend, for a live group call with your family, to coordinate routes on a hiking adventure, or to set up a soccer practice.

• Talk with free live voice over any carrier or Wi-Fi connection in crystal clear quality
• Organize communication in channels of up 6000 users
• Send photos, text, or location to coworkers or friends instantly
• Replay messages later
• Use with countless compatible devices and push-to-talk accessories - even radios
• See who’s available or busy
• Free with no ads
• #1 choice of companies like Hilton, Honda, and YRC Freight

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Zello Walkie Talkie Customer Service, Editor Notes:

In this release we fixed several small issues.

Zello Walkie Talkie Comments & Reviews

- Zello saved my Coachella camping group!

I direct a caravan of 15 cars from a superstore parking lot to the Coachella camp grounds each year. It’s a challenge as there are many traffic lights that can split up the group and a few turns. Thanks to this app I was quickly able to alert 2 cars that got off I-10 at the wrong exit and they were quickly able to rejoin our group. (no one fessed up to it 😝) We also found it handy during security check as the group is forced to split up a bit. We would have lost another car during group meetup too; the verbal communications made my instructions clear enough for my friend to disobey an ignorant traffic directors orders, escaping with them yelling in the background and successfully rejoining our group (don’t try this at home, kids). We didn’t use it much during the fest as the group has other means of chat. We’ll definitely use it again in future years!

- Change how you view messages

Please change when someone leaves you a walkie talkie message and how you view it. Now you have to go to the little blue dot to listen. It would be great if you could have a message that stays on the home screen should you miss the original message and then you just press it to listen while it is displayed on the home screen. HeyTell is an app that has this as a feature. I have turned on a lot of people to this app but all don’t like how you have to go to the blue dot to listen. Again if you miss the walkie talkie message it should be in the home screen and then just hit the message to listen...much easier....please change this and this would make it great. Update.......so now you can’t can send a walkie talkie message and it stays on the screen but fir how long? Please update app so it stays on your phone screen until you listen to it. Nobody knows once it goes to the blue dot to listen to message. Again The HeyTell app leaves it on your phone screen until you listen to the message. Change that and this app will be excellent. Sometimes a leave a walkie talkie message and after so long the person never gets the message because they can’t see it.

- Accessibility

Compleatly steering away from voiceover This was the go too app when blind users wanted a app to chat that was fully accessible all the way threw Now the voiceover users can barely use to do anything 1 we can’t add people to our contacts because there is no add button when we click on any 1’s profile Same with the channels we can’t add any Channel because there’s no add button when we Serch for them so the only way to get in to them is being invited  2 we can’t send any 1 in our contacts a alert because there’s no send button or anything for us to press and send and to top it off there’s no way to back out of it either so we have to close the app and then open it again to try to do anything else 3 there’s no way to cancel or to back out or save or update our profile so if we tap on profile for anything again we have to close the app and then open it again to do anything else Also can’t update our about or our name because when we tap on 1 it just jump to something else or doesn’t open the text field so we can change our name or our about info Same with options no back, save, done or update button so if we want to change any settings when we’ve made changes we 1 more time have to close the app and open it get to anything else Please fix and make accessible for us blind voiceover users

- Super cool Walkie Talkies app that is spot on

Hi we have used an assortment of walkie talkies/ preps for work going on 32 years now also we use them for keeping in contact with our family and with 4 kids who love to pretend they are cops and robbers talking on the phone like they are Motorola preps. Very cool. So Zello is the coolest application this side of the Mississippi River. I can not speak to the inner working of Zello or how secure it is. Seriously I am sure it has some draw backs in the privacy area but if this is of serious concern they offer a commercial version that is $6.00 a month per phone and all two way goes through a DES 256 encryption but you pay for that. So if your not discussing the movement of “high value clients “ for executive protection ect. then this program gives you outstanding performance for very little visible intrusion. I have a iPhone 7 with latest IOS and the program ran perfectly from the start on both of our phone. Not a single glitch thus far. Very easy to set up and use. So if your looking for an easy walkie talkie application that work great then Zello is for you. For what it’s worth I am not compensated in any way by Zello or Apple. Remember helping some one in need is helping Jesus Him self. God Bless and God Bless America!

- Thank you !!!

After Hurricane Maria, Puerto Rico was left in total devastation. Communications were pretty much nonexistent. Not knowing the well being of family and friends was a extremely agonizing. This app was one of the few means we had to communicate with the disaster stricken island and our families and friends. We were able to relay calls and messages stateside for other folks trying to find out about their family members too. I can tell you that it worked perfect!! I can’t thank you guys enough. I highly encourage everyone to get this to chat with family and friends and have it as a backup means of communications. This app with always be part my phone for the next “Just in Case” Thank you!!! BenA.

- Lots of fun

I have never rated an app but this one brings so many laughs with the kids. I downloaded thinking I could use even if offline for emergencies. That is the only reason I took one star. In the event internet and cell towers are down its still not a practical way to give, and get imported information. However I have one daughter that does not live at home and one that stays hid in her room. With this app it’s like we are all back in the same room cutting up and they actually enjoy talking as a family on here. So for family fun , it’s great! And for the child that is not old enough for a cell phone yet but can watch themselves a few hours , it’s a nice way to keep in contact bc god knows he does not know how to answer a house phone . The only thing I would like to see is it work offline for true emergencies.

- Can I use it while playing music?

My team uses Zello at work (can’t say what I do). I usually use the Zello app on my city issues phone (windows phone) but the windows version is horribly outdated, and can’t be updated. I would like to use my iPhone app because I prefer these features, but my issue is that I also plug my iPhone into the USB port on my patrol car to listen to my music. I had issues while doing this. Sometimes Zello broadcasts my music on the channel. Sometimes the music simply pauses during radio traffic. I’d like to be able to play music via usb over the car speakers, and hear the Zello communication over my phone’s speaker. Is there anyway to adjust these settings?

- Wonderful app but needs a little bit of improvement

This is a wonderful app and I use it all the time. There’s just one small improvement that it needs. I am a voiceover user and use accessibility features. Whenever I exit the app, I noticed that voiceover is very slow to respond when in this particular app and I’m not sure why. I have contacted actress abilities hotline for Apple and they have said of course to get in touch with you guys. I have uninstalled the app and reinstalled it with no success. Please fix the sluggish or slow issue that is happening when exiting the app. Other than that, keep up the great work.

- Needs work

They need to do a better job really /pushing/ the fact that you need WiFi. Everyone who told me about this app said its perfect for when the power goes out and cellphone towers are down and you can’t communicate with the outside world. That is when WiFi is down so uhhhh yeah. Very frustrating. I was just in Hurricane Florence and then Hurricane Matthew. Florence I thought it was just a glitch but then it also didn’t work during Michael so I just am very upset because that’s when I need it most 🙃 and when you click help, instead of taking you to like an FAQ page or something, it takes you to a website, which also needs internet 🙃 But outside of internet issues, the app is great. It really is like a walkie talkie for your phone and the basic UI is great.

- Good but needs work

I’ve been testing then using Zello for my search and rescue team for over 8 months now. I also use a Motorola XTS-5000 and a sitecast RF Box along with computer to patch our trunked 800mhz radio system to our Zello channels. I love the app and have tweaked the gateway to provide amazing audio and reliability in both directions. My only issue is this. Sometimes instead of passing audio in real time, the app stops passing audio and starts to store it on the phone. Then I have to go back and replay the audio. In our business this could be dangerous for the user. We won’t use it for mission critical ops without our users being trained on the passing audio issue. I hope this address at some point. All of our users are IOS.

- My opinion

I like this app alot I got to make a lot of friends on it also i can keep contact with my family and friends . What I wish you bring back to zello is the fact we can make arabic users because not everyone knows how to read english users and alot of arabic people use this app and the idea of using volume up and down to catch a mic cause alot of people have a problem getting a mic from the screen also its annoying pressing mic from the screen when theres more then 15 people in a channel it used to be better in 2012, 2013 ,2014 & 2015 when we could do that , people now get annoyed from pressing mics from the screen and end up leaving . Thanks.

- Solid with flaws

When this app works it’s amazing. Super clear audio and solid coverage if you have LTE. One problem is that the app tends to go into background mode and when that happens you can’t hear people calling you, you only get a visual notification. If you have your device in your hand all the time it works fine but if it’s on your belt you’ll miss calls. The app itself can be a little convoluted and hard to follow. Something as simple as approving someone for a channel can take five minutes because it’s not obvious how to do it. In the end, Zello is the leader because the alternatives are just not that good. Zello IS good but there is still room for improvement.

- Best PTT app!

I'm a radio geek and this app turned out to work better than expected. I still prefer traditional 2-way radios from Motorola and Midland. But what makes Zello a great alternative is you don't have to worry about range, FCC licensing, or compatible radios. Best of all, it has end-to-end encryption! You can also join groups and talk to people all over the world! The response time for broadcasts is nearly instant too. Almost like a real 2-way radio. If you want excellent PTT service with lots of features and/or want an extra tool for emergency preparation, you really should try Zello. As a radio geek, I love it!

- Need improvement + bug fixes

I’m new on this app and my friends who are thousands of miles apart love the instant messaging voice app. However, this unfortunately have a lot of bugs, my friends most of the time appear as “standby” when they are not... we made sure we all have the app running in the back. Few days I’ve notice a beeping from this app when nobody has sent me a message. It just goes off and that’s pretty annoying. I’d make it work to run in Apple Watch that would be a total game changer... it’s sad you can only use it via WiFi or data, could be cool if somehow the app catches radio waves to transmit messages with contacts that are closer to you.

- Used to be completely accessible with VoiceOver, isn't so much anymore.

Is a good app. But its ridiculous that you'd decrease accessibility with VoiceOver. I'm having trouble getting out of certain screens. One of for example, when I click navigation menu and select one of the screens from there, I can't get out using voiceover without force closing the app from the app switcher and opening it back up again. Same for the screen to send an alert message to someone. I can't click cancel. And the send button on that screen isn't labeled for voiceover anymore. It doesn't make any sense. The one thing about making a good quality app is not making it worse and worse with every update.

- The emperor card

Watch out for special interest users. The Emperor Card likes to cyber stalk people and expose them because of his own narcissistic insecurities. So not reveal your full first and last name to this user unless you’re prepared to be harassed. It doesn’t matter if you do anything to him or not, he will invent a scenario in which you spy on him for other users and run with it. He also saved audios and pictures and has files saved on his computer for all of it. Obsessed and dangerous but he’s only found in the banter and roasting rooms. It’s just an app, don’t let it consume you like this guy.

- Non existent customer service

Zello wants you to get their paid service. Nothing wrong with that, except they deliberately refuse to provide support for the free app, all you have is the online faqs. I was on the phone today with a rep asking for help using group conversations. A simple question, after which I’d consider the paid version for our not for profit. I need to be able to compare features in the free vs paid before making a decision. Was flat out told that any q’s for the free app can’t be answered, support will only be offered for and if you sign up for the paid service. Guess what - was going to, but won’t be doing so now. Says a lot about a company they’re not willing to stand behind and offer FULL support to users for their product.

- Zello works!

I came across this app in use in a hotel that I worked at. We were all issued iPhones at the beginning of our shifts, as needed. What’s super cool is the fact that you could contact person to person if needed. No reason for housekeeping to hear that I forgot ranch dressing for room 809’s order. Conversely, you could alert multiple departments and individuals if there was an emergency. Since then, I’ve moved to a very rural area with a lot of open land. It was easy to teach my 80 year old stepfather how to use. Now, he and I can be in contact while acres apart. Super handy!

- battery drainer

first, the app. the app itselfis great. however, it's drainage of battery is just crazy. fix that and it would be nearly perfect. one big issue, it's not supported on my Apple Watch🙄😒😖😢😬. ... if you could build a supported Apple Watch version that doesn't drain an abzorbidant amount of batery, battery it would gain a higher rating in my eyes. especiallyif it could run in the background like it can do on your phone. a larre large ammount amount of people got their watches to play like Dick Tracey. while I got mine for more practicle things, I got it as well thinking I could run Zello. that simply didn't happen unfortionatelyunfortunately. can you make a Zello for Apple Watch?

- Why isn’t it showing up?

Hi! I really like this app. I think it’s cool that you can use this app as a texting and walkie talkie device. But when I tried to get my friends to get the app, they couldn’t because it wasn’t showing up or available on the App Store on their phones..I guess. I don’t know if my friends need an update or something, I’m very confused. It is a huge disappointment that I can’t talk to my friends on this app. I might as well delete it since I can’t talk to anyone. Anyway, I am hoping someone will read this and know what the problem is. In the meantime, I will be deleting this app and getting another one.

- Wonderful when working overnights

I work for a gym chain during the 10p-6a shifts five days a week, and my overnight team prefers this over traditional walkie talkies as this allows text chat and image exchange alongside PTT (having replay capability is a huge deal for us, too, since gym music is typically loud). The one thing that’s really keeping me from rating at 5-stars is that it’s missing Apple Watch support, which is super important to the Apple using side of my team. I’m hoping to see this soon, but other than that, I love this app for personal reasons, my team loves this app because it helps us communicate better. Thank you, Zello!

- You Should Add

I already wrote one review but here I am again Zillow is a great walkie-talkie PTT app I would like it if you could think about adding in a sound effect after you releast a PTT button it would be very cool and can you contact Apple and let them know to look at your descriptions on the app because so many people want it we’re on iOS you can use the volume buttons as a third-party but Apple I guess you said took it out because you don’t want them using third-party features

- Zello saved MANY lives during Hurricane Harvey

I am so thankful for Zello, I was doing water rescues with the Cajun Navy and Homeland Security and had we not had this app many animals and people would’ve went without being rescued. It was precise, it allowed us to navigate to people that were crying for help and kept us save from looters shooting. This is the #1 app you could use during a crisis and I’m so thankful for it. Thank you Zello, I’m happy to provide video of how this app saved lives. I have plenty of evidence of exactly what it did and how it helped :)

- Awesome

This app is so Helpful, it’s really easy to use and understand, however, I just wish that it was more accessible when I’m not in the app itself. I wish that they would make it a widget that I could put in the control center so that I could access it at any time through other apps. But I do like how he will broadcast over my music in the video that I’m watching, it’s really useful just wish it could be accessed more easily. Still a five star app

- Volume button to speak

This app is lit! I really like the concept. This app is one of the coolest apps I have ever used in a long time, so congrats on making such a cool app. My one small idea I have that would make the app even better would be to simply use a volume button to toggle to speak/respond to make it be like an actual real deal walkie talkie. So that way we can answer people on the radio quicker than the way now which is having to go into the app and press and hold. Making the volume button a toggle button to respond will save time and be more cooler. Just an idea💯

- Amazing App!

This app does wonders, didn’t expect it to be live audio notifications. This app separates its self from other Walkie apps. I work for a mom and pop Corp. And dealing with Loss Preventions made me reach out into lookin for the perfect app, and that app is Zello, it does the job well, barely any lag, it’s in real time. Got the company to use it at all retail locations, communication is much more effective. I also use this app outside of work makes everything easier.

- Zello is a very raw “product”

It always amazes me how frequently and how radically they change things up in the app. There is never a version without some serious bugs and it feels almost as if the free version of the app is just a sandbox for devs. They always change something but never announce any changes, like “oops channel search is no longer an option and by the way we ditched ratings too... but we added a super-useful (no) search bar right above the user list”. Guys come on, in the age of the Clubhouse and Telegram voice chats, your loyal user base deserves some consistency. Figure things out once and for all and implement some real features. PS: and I’m not even asking to bring back the Camo theme.

- tremendously useless

such a huge letdown. only downloaded this app because people mept complaining about the glitches on Voxer. well, i'll take my chances. this zello app says messages are "saved" in history, but you can't actually see or listen to any of them, it only tells you the total data size of the saved messages. it's pointless to waste space "saving" messages that can't be read. though there's no need for me to complain about that since i haven't been able to actually receive any messages sent to me. So, yes, this app was a waste of my time and phone memory.

- Somethings changed, and it ain’t good :(

This app has gone from one of the coolest and most useful apps I have so almost completely unusable. -In the car (and only on Zello), it randomly switches between the iPhone and the car BT system. When talking I have absolutely no idea if I’m talking to the phone or the car speakerphone. And it will likely change the next time I press the button, but maybe not -Likewise with the receive.. the person I’m talking to may appear on the phone or the car. It’s totally random -MOST IF THE TIME now I get the ‘not available’ beep, meaning the person I was talking to is not available, but again that’s a random crap shoot.. sometimes that’s real, and others they answer me back as normal. Totally random.. These are recent developments over the last few months, and the people I talk to on Zello are all reporting similar issues back. I sent a note regarding all of the above to the Zello Support address and received no response, so I’ll try here since it appears someone actually monitors these comments. ZELLO: ARE YOU LISTENING?

- The best 2 way app!

When I got home from the hospital I need eight you reach people without pressing too many buttons and needed to be able to understand them clearly. My son had tried about 10 others and after trying the Zello app we knew it was the best onesie us. Our Whole family and friends use it now show you quickly and easily. Thank you Zello for the quick, fast, easy service!!! Better than a baby monitor

- Kianna’s Review

My fiancé travels for work and right now he’s in New Orleans and I’m in PA. He is a towerhand/technician and his job is long and busy hours so we don’t get much time to text or call each other so this app is absolutely amazing and fun for us! I can’t believe how quick and easy it is! Even being so far away it’s clear and fast. We love it! U can also send pics and text 💜💚💙 Thank you to whoever created this app! My best friend and I also have a lot of fun using it!

- Awesome Portable/Mobile Radio App! Great for Fire/Police Games!

I love this app as a member of a Volunteer Fire Dept, and a Online Gamer, this app is perfect for radio channels for a Virtual Fire Department/Police Game, works just like an Actual ICORRS Radio System. Also for great use for a Radio System when actual Radios are unavailable or just too expensive. Highly Recommended! I’m proud to use this in my games! (A great addition would be an optional Emergency Mayday Button!). Good job Zello!

- Nice, but embarrassing

I switched to zello after getting tired of glitches in voxer. It’s a lovely app, but I desperately wish that it would default to busy when your phone is on silent or do not disturb. It’s provided me multiple embarrassing moments after forgetting to switch my status to busy😰. Even though my phone was silenced and set to do not disturb. Not to mention disruptive moments when messages play out loud in the middle of the night and wake me from sleep. This is a huge flaw, imo. If they could change this, my rating would definitely be 5 stars. Also, a gif keyboard wouldn’t hurt😂.

- Stopped working with car Bluetooth

Overall, a great free app, but it loses one star because about nine months ago it simply stopped working correctly in any of my cars over Bluetooth. It will record and play beeps, but none of the voice messages are ever heard over Bluetooth in any car. My iPhone has to be physically disconnected from the car’s Bluetooth so that the audio goes through the phone instead. This makes it very difficult to use Zello in my cars.

- Worse than Voxer

I downloaded this because it had better reviews than voxer. I have no idea why this has such good reviews. The design is sure adequate at best because it's not very intuitive. My biggest beef is that there's this problem when somebody you're talking to doesn't have great service, the so will only send part of a voice message. And that's it! I contacted support and they said there's nothing more you can do. If they actually want you to hear what they said they have to take their voice message and serve it to you in an email or text. Wouldn't be so bad if it were a rare occurrence but it happened regularly.

- Works great except over truck Bluetooth

I used to really love this app but after recent updates it does not work on the road with Bluetooth. If the phone is unlocked you can visually tell someone is talking but no audio comes over truck speakers anymore. Even if you turn off Bluetooth in zello it still tries to broadcast over Bluetooth but no sound. The only solution for now is to turn off Bluetooth on iPhone. It used to pause my radio and come over the truck speakers just fine. Zello please fix!

- Very Very Good....But 1 problem

Basically I love this app it’s a great app where I can connect with my family and friends. I love how you can use the voice messages instead of texting and you can text as well. But my only problem is that there is no option to make a video it’s only photos. I would really like it if you made it so we can face time each other or make videos! That would make it a bit better

- A lifesaver for parents who have children

I don’t normally endorse products but a great app that I found in case of an emergency is called Zello it helps you to keep in contact with family members and friends when the only thing you have is Wi-Fi. It’s great when you’re camping and then groups or if you have a child who likes to holler through the house to find their parents.

- Great app works on cell data or wifi

This is the push to talk of the future if your cellular data is turned off you can still talk to friends by connecting your phone to any wifi I have never had a single glitch it always works perfect and fast. We use this across my business for quick no call needed communications

- Almost Perfect

If it had buffering it would be perfect. I like it a lot. Been using several years. One of the best things about it is you can get notifications that someone is talking or calling you when your not actively using the app so you can listen to other things and still not miss anything. Great to keep in contact with my cb and ham friends.

- Was a great backup!

I’m apart of an Explorer post in the neighboring city of mine, and every year there’s an event hosted, and our group handles parking, we’re all split up. We didn’t have our radios as we couldn’t get easy access to them, so another explorer knew about this app and it worked like a charm. Honestly made that day easier. Thank you devs for coming up with this. It helps so much.

- Great for potential emergencies

Thank God I have not experienced an earthquake nor hurricane to really test this. But a friend and I tested that even if our phones show NO SIGNAL we were still able to communicate through this app. Best we can figure is that if you have at least 1G or 2G, which no modern cell phone shows anymore, this app utilizes that for data transfer.

- Apple should buy Zello!

Apple should buy Zello and incorporate it as a native app to provide an even smoother experience. Then, either Zello or Apple, or maybe both, should gift me a million dollars for making the suggestion. Thanks! You’re welcome! Apple, Zello, contact me when the checks are ready. This app is becoming one the most used apps on my phone! I am recruiting all my friends to become Zelloers!

- Thank you so much Zello

I havent opened this app in months. I downloaded it last year when a hurricane was nearby. I never realized until last night that this app saves the voice messages that are sent and received. Long story short my uncle, who was my best friend passed away last November. Because of this app I can hear his voice whenever I want.

- Best app in the world

I’m a truck driver and we have stopped using the CV radio in the truck because we have better coverage with this app. It’s accurate, and with the channel options, we have the option of talking at the same time with other drivers privately. It has less than 1 second delay,Same as the Cv radio. No complaints so far.

- Use it everyday but one thing needs changed

I use this app on a daily basis. The only thing that needs changed is the status button. It is too close to the home button on the iPhone and makes it too easy to unintentionally change your status from available to the other statuses.

- Great app! Please update!

The iPhones are struggling right now. I love this app and use it for my 8-5 Monday-Friday job. Both me and my boss are having trouble with sound often now. It notifies me that he has radioed me, but sometimes I can not hear what he sent(not plugged into anything and volume is ALL the way up). Once this is fixed, it’s the prefect app to quickly get ahold of my boss and update him since I am a courier! Thank you, please update!

- Amazing! Easy to use; can recall what was said!

Our team at a cat shelter just did a wellness clinic day, and this app worked amazing to communicate between 15 volunteers to run a smooth and safe operation! We loved that you could play back what was just said in case we missed the communication! This is the best app I have ever used with so much ease at such a large event!

- A suggestion

While I understand, and fully support your stance on the militia groups, I feel the app has become wholly unusable for the average user. Being unable to search for groups to listen to makes the app about as useless as it can possibly be. Perhaps, the moderation plan went a little too far? You can cater to frontline workers, focusing on security and safety, while still allowing the average joe the ability to find groups to listen to or converse in. Bring back the search, but, with better moderation.

- Banning “right-wing” users and locking out channels

Watch what you say on this app, they WILL ban you and/or lock out your channels! Many friends banned and channels taken down for sharing “right-wing” news links or discussing anything that could be considered “right-wing”. Channels and users that did not discuss anything even remotely violent or “militant” were banned and locked out for sharing and discussing news stories! EVEN IN THE “SECURE” “INVITE ONLY” CHANNELS! If you aren’t a liberal, socialist, or democrat; Zello is NOT for you. They will probably lock out your channels and/or ban you at the first mention of “right-wing” ideologies. Cancel culture at its finest!

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- Very impressed

We have used Zello for a few different things both in and out of work. I am 100% loving the performance and have referred it to a heap of mates, creating our own channels for our groups.

- Great for remote working

Works really well for multiple people to work remotely. Talk to anyone and everyone whenever you like and you don’t have to make a phone call to them.

- This App Is Insane!

This app is crazy good it works perfectly there’s no user limits it has multi purposes and I would highly suggest downloading this app it’s definitely worth it!

- Real-time connection

Nothing beats zello in being a fast, accurate, smooth, clear connection. Way better than apple watch’s walkie talkie

- Mr

Works OK but would like app to auto switch display to suit my Apple iPad 2 please. Thanks John Adelaide South Australia.

- Not bad

Works as it should so long as each party has recently opened the app 5 stars if this can work with audio/recording handled by the Apple Watch! Please!

- Poor customer support

After several emails back and forth seeking to resolve a simple matter Zello’s support team continue to shirk responsibility for resolving the matter. It was a terrific app until these issues have disabled my ability to use it. Very disappointed.

- Awesome

Would like to see a few extra head/hand sets, but works amazingly

- Best App Ever!

This app 'Zello' is amazing for those of you out there who haven't got this app yet! It is my favorite app on the iPod. Sound is clear and very easy to use. I think that it would be cool though of we could do group chats but I still think highly of this app. The best part of this app though is that it's free! We all think differently so if it's free just install it and just see what you think. I guarantee that you will love it just like me but if for some reason you don't it's not like you've wasted any money on. Any way what I'm trying to say here is… GET ZELLO IT'S THE BEST APP EVER!

- Zello

Perfect for when I'm cycling with a group. No need to illegally use my phone to text while riding. My phone is mounted on my handlebars & if someone gets a flat & has to stop, a message can be sent instantaneousely. Brilliant App!

- Great but can be greater

Everything is great except some glitches. • Sometimes when u hold to record sometimes it does not record your voice. • Sometimes when someone sends u a recording while your not in the app it does not play the message. Seems like it glitches. • As well on 3G it does not respond when u touch the recording seems slow.

- I like this app

I get a lot of use out of this app. I like it very much. I've found in the latest update, though, that I don't have a repeat button any more which is not very cool, I thought the repeat button was a great idea., especially when having multiple conversations. Nonetheless, I love the app and will continue to use it.

- Yeah wow.

I never, ever, ever review apps. Ever. Even if the app is flawless, I just don't. This seems to be too good to be true. Amazing app. iPhone changing. Like it advertises, your iPhone=walkie talkie. Big thumbs up to developers. This is revolutionary.

- True Push to Tallk

Fantastic app, offers true push to talk. Audio is good, layout simple & neat, does exactly what it says on the tin, KISS. Would be nice if I could group my contacts list coz I've got so many it'd make finding the one I want quicker & easier, but that said, get this app, it rocks!

- Zello apps

Top app well done Zello team faster then making a phone call and dollars cost savings only pay for Internet plan

- Best Walkie Talkie for iphone ever

Excellent app, voice quality is excellent, speed is excellent over all everything is perfect in this app.. Download now.. Best part is its FREE... Gud work Zello Team..

- Fantastic accessibility for the blind!

This App is fantastic for chatting and making new friends. I just wish that there would be a version for the Mac. Other features and improvements that I would like to see include better iCloud integration, and faster load times. Overall a superb piece of software! Good work Zello. Awesome.

- Good

Great app, had few bugs but nothing a update couldn't fix

- Awesome app

This must be the best app to have its way better then texting or even calling people it's fun.

- Zello Walkie talkie

Zello Walkie Talkie is a very simple device allowing easy use to often replace texting.

- Entertaining when bored

Got to know what ppl says and improves the communication skills

- Best app

This is a really good quality wallow talkie app and works much better than the average wallow talkie!!

- Really pleased

I am really pleased about the quality of the sound, I talk a lot with Europe and never had any problems, keep it up Zello

- Buggy

Talk about a buggy program; this one tops it. Crash after crash and even causing my 4S 64GB iOS 5.1.1 to lock up. Seems like its memory management is up ships creek.

- pretty good

I use it allot and the sound quality is good enough needs some work though

- Good job

The last update its horrible not good at all

- Very Good

Does what it says .. Very good for fast communication , needs private groups option .

- Not bad

Great app but cuts off a lot but otherwise really good

- Hey

It's good and u can chat to people all over the world

- zello

the coolest app I've found so far!!! a must to get!!!

- -.-

It ain't working !!! The zello wont log in why!!!!!! Lol im so addicted to it. Why!!!!!!!!!!

- Moderate

Good idea, needs work. Still buggy and laggy, unresponsive. I would wait for future versions or get a different app.

- Hi

Really it's amazing the best communication way

- Exellent

Amazing app recommended

- ❔❔❔❔

All great but I wish u could do groupchat!

- Cool

Useful stuff

- really good app for the visually impaired and blind

really good at for the blind and visually impede really good at for the visually impaired and blind

- Great app


- Yfygug

It's good

- Weee diddly dee


- Maravilloso


- Zello

Very goodHectic

- D


- 0413218441


- Visita chile-

Excelente aplicacion para conocer gente Linda y buena onda

- zello

very nice

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- Zello rocks!

I am using this app to monitor my husband who just had heart surgery recently. If he needs me at any time, he uses this app. It is a comfort to have this tool as a caregiver. Thank you!

- No WiFi

This app is so cool! It would be cooler tho if they made it work without WiFi! 🤩

- Zello for Apple Watch

It would be really handy to be able to use this app via Apple Watch. We use it all the time when travelling in our RV and also following with the car. We have also used it for an in house intercom on WiFi. It is really useful if someone is sick and needs to call for assistance. That is where the watch app would make communication very accessible.

- Works Very Well

It honestly works very well with no bugs. I’m surprised how well it works. I use it with my staff all the time. It’s just like a walkie-talkie.

- Great App

I run a construction company over 30 years now, we used to use the mike system that Telus had and then we went to texting, so I thought I’d give Zello a try as we did miss the walkie Talkie features we had with the old mike system, well let me tell you, Wow don’t know why we never use Zello earlier, the convenience and time saved along with gps features Zello offers is amazing, I think all contractors should be on Zello

- Changing zello name

I can’t see where you can change your zello name...

- Demande de modification pour App Watch

Pourquoi pas mettre cette tres bonne application sur Apple Watch sa serait tellement magnifique !!!

- It’s a piece of junk

There’s no one there to talk to They want you to scan your own friends then having to pay what’s the point of that there are another 10,000 different free apps plus I can call my friends.

- Channel search

Why did you remove channel search ? Please bring back channel search we need it, this is NOT an upgrade this is a down grade , removing channels search makes it. Lot harder to join channels , it is a form of shadow ban, censorship.

- Used by the Military

I use it for my troops as a quicker and easier way of communicating with officers, and the Lord.

- Not talking user

Waiting for support, PTT on apple airpods .. Thank you ?

- Ordinaire

Pas compatible avec apple watch je ne recommande pas cette application

- Very good app. Could be more awesome if we can reply with button on earpod!

Quality very good. No problem at all

- Texting in.

Why can’t I text dispatch, like I used to??

- Application Zello

Application facile à utiliser et surtout plus rapide que les textos, merveilleux !!!

- Blue tooth

When charging the iPhone, Bluetooth does not pick up the conversation, only the notifications or peeps

- Zello rock

I use this for My Work (Fire Dispatch) Thanks zello team!

- This app is awesome

I love it because I can just talk to my friends wherever I am and you can also text your contacts and I always use this app with my friends this app is the best talking and texting app I have ever used in my life and I am only 9 years old and everything about this app is freaking amazing I love this app with my friends I also use iPad because it is easier to talk with an iPad and I looove this app

- Cool

Je conseil cette apli à tous ceux qui n l'on pas de ligne téléphonique et qui veulent parlé à d'autre personne (quil connaissent)!!!!!!✅✅✅✅✅✅

- No hands free available for IPHONES :(

No hands free available for IPHONES :(

- Zillow review

It’s a very good ap Use it for work Saves a lot of time

- Great fun app

I’d give it a solid 5/5 if there was a way to reply from lock screen with the walkie talkie button Even from a widget! Great app and I’ve been getting family and friends on it

- App needs to be jn Apple Watch

Great App Very Useful Must make a software for apple watch as it would come in very Handy

- Works great

Good app so far

- Work well

iPhone 4 and iPhone 6s

- Best walkie talkie, 2 way app!

I've tried many different ones and this one is definitely the best!

- Works great for home intercom

Simple and easy to use. Works great for home intercom. Thanks

- Great app

Great app for communicating. Would love to see support for apple watch though.

- Perfect

Love it.

- Just one thing missing

Couldn’t it be added as a feature to set a permanent channel and have it be voice activated? Like an intercom device. And it could be compatible with AirPods. I would pay for that feature!!!

- Good job zello!

It’s not bad but it will be better if you could listen again(have a replay press button) when it’s on lock screen instead of unlocking my phone and go inside the app and press it there. Because sometimes when phone is in the pocket or purse, you can’t hear it clearly so when taking phone off the pocket/purse and press play button to directly listen will be amazing then it will be 5 stars app definitely!

- Une merveille

Tres belle et pratique application

- Loving it

I love it I cam be ritgh in the moment conected with my loves one and support then with my words and my voice just far away from them

- Great for having a conversation misisng the first second!

Nobody talks, when someone does, its for asking how this thing works. Great for trolls. Empty rooms everyone, food is bad. Toilets were dirty.

- Widget?

Maybe have a button widget? Love the app otherwise, fun to use amongst friends.

- Really good apps but...

But really need a apple watch app

- Too bad it need internet to track you...

Free service always come with big brother monitoring and tracking your communication. Stay away from service that required internet for local communication that can use wifi or Bluetooth only.

- Glitchy

I really wish the app wouldn't put my status as available after I've repeatedly put it as offline. I'll be offline for a whole 2 days sometimes, then randomly I'll start hearing voices coming from my phone. Fix this.

- Push to talk vs zello

We had Bell Push To Talk and needed an alternative that crossed carriers. This app looked like it would be similar. If someone calls it does not give you notification that you missed a call. The sound is not as crisp and clear.

- Super cool


- Latest update sucks

The past 2 updates have broken Zello. My headset which has worked for 2 years, now won't stay connected. Also, the volume wont stay where I put it. Fix this asap please.

- Good app

This app sounds like a good app and is completely user-friendly for those who use Voiceover on there iPhones. It also seems like it worked well with voiceover on the Apple Watch to, but it’s too bad it isn’t available for the Apple Watch anymore. I wonder why it was taken away. This would be a cool app to have back on the Apple Watch.

- Good

Love it keep the good work up

- Thật tuyệt!

Các Anh Chị nào thích đi phượt, cứ tải về sử dụng, nó rất có ích.

- Excellent Program

Thank you for a great app and opportunity to have a communication.

- It ok.

The app works pretty good. Too bad the people that are on here are a bunch of losers though.

- Push to talk doesn't work very well at all

When you push the talk button it doesn't connect. You have to click it and then push and even that is problematic


How much time you create apps for Ipad ?? Tks

- Good app with a few bugs

App works well but has a few bugs. For example alerts don't work. Also very limited multi platform support means you can't use it on a iPad or Mac. That said with a little R&D this could end up being a true killer app!

- Would be a great app

Bring back the ptt button change on the iPhone. Would be nice to use the volume buttons!!

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Teléfono walkie #RadiosUsadas #Radioaficion W5 Phone PTT Radio IP67 Waterproof UHF Walkie Talkie Mobile Phone 5MP Camera W 5 Dual SIM REALPTT ZELLO Android 6 smart phone POC transceiver Main features *Military quality *IP67 Water-proof, dust proof * Ana…

Robert to the rescue

Revealed: walkie-talkie app Zello hosted far-right groups who stormed Capitol

⭕️ Chase Hughes

Join the Zello Walkie Talkie app chat group. Always on 24/7. Connect with behavior peeps worldwide.

yaşar çay

UNIWA F70 Zello Walkie Talkie 4G Network IP54 Waterproof 4000mAh Android 8.1 Oreo GPS Quad Core 1GB + 8GB Feature Phone #UNIWA #F70 #Zello #Walkie #Talkie #4G #Network #IP54 #Waterproof #4000mAh #Android #Oreo #GPS #Quad #Core #Feature #Phone

Micah Loewinger

"Volunteers download Zello, a walkie-talkie-like app, go back to the [crowdsourced] map to find someone nearby in need of help, and then use Zello to get dispatched to that person."


Zello. Lightning fast free PTT (Push-To-Talk) radio app turns your phone or tablet into a walkie talkie. Talk to your contacts privately or join public channels to engage in a hot debate.

Relevant Thinker

Prosecutors said the group used Zello, a walkie-talkie-like application, and created a channel called “Stop the Steal J6” to develop plans and communicate during the operation.

Matt "" W

@thespybrief "the group used Zello, a walkie-talkie-like application, and created a channel called “Stop the Steal J6” to develop plans and communicate during the operation. In audio recordings obtained by the FBI, Watkins, a former Army captain, ..said..she was leading a group of 30 to 40"

Laura Rozen

Prosecutors said the group used Zello, a walkie-talkie app, & created a channel called ‘Stop the Steal J6’ to..communicate during the op. In audio recordings obtained by FBI, Watkins allegedly said while in the Capitol that she was leading a group of 30 to 40 who overran police.


Overt Acts: Beginning on November 9th, just after the election, Jessica Watkins of Ohio was recruiting people to be "fighting fit" by inauguration, and moving them over to the @Zello walkie-talkie app for communications.

John Scott-Railton

4/ Overt Acts: Beginning on November 9th, just after the election, Jessica Watkins of Ohio was recruiting people to be "fighting fit" by inauguration, and moving them over to the @Zello walkie-talkie app for communications.

gordon herring

Join us working with this fantastic group. You sign up, do the training, load Zello Walkie Talkie app. Select an incident then communicate through Zello with dispatcher to meet the need. Great use of current tech, mobile vols. that’s getting food/water delivered around #HTOWN

Zello Walkie Talkie 4.114.1 Screenshots & Images

Zello Walkie Talkie iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Zello Walkie Talkie iphone images
Zello Walkie Talkie iphone images
Zello Walkie Talkie iphone images
Zello Walkie Talkie iphone images
Zello Walkie Talkie iphone images

Zello Walkie Talkie (Version 4.114.1) Install & Download

The applications Zello Walkie Talkie was published in the category Business on 2012-03-29 and was developed by Zello [Developer ID: 508231859]. This application file size is 49.55 MB. Zello Walkie Talkie - Business app posted on 2021-08-30 current version is 4.114.1 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.zello.client.main