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What is nom nom paleo app? ***IMPORTANT: Please contact us with any feedback or issues at We'd love to help you get cooking!***

#1 Food & Drink App and featured as one of Apple's "Best New Apps"!

It’s the Webby Award-winning app from Michelle Tam and Henry Fong, the James Beard Award nominated creators of Nom Nom Paleo—now available for both iPad and iPhone! Michelle and Henry’s Saveur Award winning food blog and New York Times bestselling cookbook are just the tip of the iceberg—this newly updated app makes cooking even more fun and inspirational, and takes all the guesswork out of cooking. Plus, now that the Nom Nom Paleo app’s available for iPhone, you can take these nomtastic recipes with you anywhere!


● Over 145 simple, tantalizing recipes, all free of gluten, soy, and refined sugar, sortable by food category, searchable by ingredients and category—the vast majority of which are approved for the Whole30® nutritional re-set program. You’ll find lots of recipes that are exclusive to this app, and not available on the Nom Nom Paleo website or cookbook.

● More recipes are being added regularly! You won’t have to wait until future app updates—new recipes can now be added automatically to the app on your device!

● More than 2,000 stunning, high-resolution photos showing every step of the cooking process.

● Fun and visually-engaging new user interface and design, including a home display that allows you to quickly scroll through and visually select recipes.

● Simple-to-follow instructions, including tips, shortcuts, and information about food and techniques.

● An interactive, email-friendly grocery list that syncs across devices and makes food shopping a breeze.

● An extensive “Paleo 101” primer that explains the benefits of the “caveman” diet and provides resources for more information about ancestral health and nutrition.

● A Whole30-friendly 30-day sample meal plan with links to recipes.

● An in-depth shopping guide with product reviews and links to sources for cooking tools and ingredients.

● The ability to bookmark recipes, create a personalized category of favorite recipes, and add notes.

● A “constant-on” function to prevent the screen from dimming while you cook.

● The ability to email complete recipes and shopping lists.

Praise for Nom Nom Paleo:

● The “Martha Stewart of Paleo.” –The New York Times

● “Oddly provocative.” –Christopher Kimball of America’s Test Kitchen

● “A must-have app.” –AppCraver

● “Brilliantly designed.” –Apps Magazine

● “Visually stunning.” –Gear Diary

● “Always popping with flavor.” –The Kitchn

● “Truly extraordinary.” –Michael Ruhlman, James Beard Award-winning food writer

Message from Michelle of Nom Nom Paleo:

Hey, Nomsters – my updated cookbook app is here, and it’s finally available for your iPhone!

This “cookbook on steroids” is a uniquely immersive culinary experience. It’s a visual feast packed with brand new recipes, as well as updated versions of classic Nom Nom Paleo dishes—all presented with my own special brand of whimsically snarky commentary. Food lovers and busy home cooks can visually follow each of my recipes from the pantry to the dining room table.

But that’s not all! For those who want to learn more about the “caveman” approach to nutrition and health, I’ve included a “Paleo 101” primer that explains why we eat whole, unprocessed, real foods (like meat, seafood, vegetables, fruits, and nuts) and avoid highly-processed and pro-inflammatory foods. You’ll also find an in-depth shopping guide, a 30-day meal planner, an interactive shopping list, and much, much more.

My hope is that this app will delight, engage, and inspire you to eat well and be well!

● App development by Y Media Labs ●

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App Name Nom Nom Paleo
Category Food & Drink
Updated 16 October 2018, Tuesday
File Size 57.68 MB

Nom Nom Paleo Comments & Reviews 2023

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Paleo the easy way. I have used this for several years an it has only gotten better. This is a great App for any level of cooking skill. It provides grocery lists, step-by-step videos, and easy to follow recipes. The only thing it likes is the ability to smell these great creations. So leave your iPad, iPhone, or other device in the kitchen with you to get that.

Recipes we eat every month. Last year we decided to adopt one new recipe every few months to integrate permanently as a regular for our family table to get out of a rut....this site is the best is beautiful and instructive...Chicken Watercress Soup, Curry Turkey, Etc we have all the time. Have the first cook book too!

Omg! Best app ever!. This is my favorite app.... EVER! Michelle has the best recipes and she has the best instructions. I love the simplicity and lay out of this app. Michelle is so cool and she oozes knowledge about all things good and health. She's that person in your life that you want to be around because you always learn something new from them! I love you Michelle! I cannot wait for your second cookbook! Oh and by the way... who in the world would give this app one star?????

Cumbersome search. Recipes are pretty good but searching for them is a pain...may be user error but... When I enter, for example, beef, a list of some beef recipes comes up...ok great! I click on one and review it. When I close that recipe to go back and review other beef recipes in the list it takes me all the way back to the original search page instead of back to the list of beef recipes. After retyping beef several times and going all the way back several times I give up. So I don’t love the app. But recipes are pretty good.

Love the nomnom app. This app and the books have opened up a whole new world of possibilities for me. I've been into fitness and nutrition for years and have been eating the same boring bland foods when I start a training program. Love the app and all the available recipes. The functionality to add ingredients to your list from the recipe page is a huge plus!

Great app. I love the step by step instructions with pictures. Michelle also updates the recipes so you get new healthy recipes!! I’ve had this app for several years it’s well worth paying for. Shopping list is also helpful.

Disappointing. I have the NomNomPaleo cookbooks and love them. I purchased the app because I am a messy cook and I’d like to keep my cookbooks clean. The problem with the app is that sometimes the recipes from the cookbooks aren’t on the app or if they are, the variation that she gives in the cookbook isn’t present on the app. I bought this app with the expectation that the recipes in the cookbooks would be on the app fully plus those on her website. Some of the recipes from the cookbooks are in this app, but not all.

Best app ever!. This app (and all of Michelle's recipes in her cookbook) have saved my life, no kidding! I was scared to do the Whole 30 and/or go Paleo but I've never cooked such easy and delicious meals in my life, Paleo or not! My kids and husband ask for her foods specifically. I'm eating Kalua pig and cabbage now as I'm writing this review! I love the soups especially - so easy and fast and healthy!

NO, NOM-NOM Disappointment Here.. I have NOT tried one bad recipe from Nom Nom Paleo. Her App makes it easy to follow the recipes. I have to measure when I cook, so it’s great to finally have a cookbook where the measurements are TRUE to measure. Also, hardly any salt is needed due to the UMAMI-packed recipes. I have both cookbooks and I religiously use the APP. My favorite recipes are the tuna cakes, the Kalua pork, Chicken and Mushroom...and I can go on and on.

LOVE. I found Nom Nom Paleo when I started Whole30 and absolutely love the recipes. The app is super easy to use, and I love the shopping list feature. I really appreciate not having to take pictures of recipes in a book to take to the grocery store. The ingredients are listed under each step, so you don’t have to flip back and forth between pages. Definitely worth the price!

Inspiring. I have learned so much about a healthier way of cooking through this app. There is a learning curve, yet Michelle's approachability makes the lessons delightful. She never talks down to her audience and you can feel her attitude of "we’re all in this together" in every recipe. I refer friends to this app all the time! This is the highest compliment, in my opinion!

Amazing recipes. I have had this app for a long time and it used to be great. All my recipes that I loved are gone. Supposedly they said they would fix it when they had an update problem. Never happened. Save your money… Edit: I have deleted and downloaded this app multiple times over the last year and today finally recipes are back! I will upgrade my rating. Only a 4 though since I lost them all for a year.

Love it!. This app has been SO worth the $6. There’s so many recipes, some easy some more complicated, but you can always tell quickly by how many steps there are. Its been really helping my partner and I work through Whole30 this month. I wish there was a feature to send a recipe straight to my printer - i have to email it to get it in print format. But that’s a very minor gripe. Overall, its beautiful, easy to use, and just so many recipes. Its like buying an amazing a modern cookbook for only 6 dollars. And you can make a shopping list straight from your phone! Brilliant. Well done.

Wonderful App!!!! This and an instant pot will change your life!. Nom Nom Paleo and an instant pot changed my life! I did the Whole 30 diet effortlessly and changed my diet and health. Once I got a few condiments (green curry paste, fish sauce , aminos , etc) I was off and running. So much variety and so easy to adapt leftovers etc. love the Cookbook for all the info but also having the App allows me to decide what I want to make at the store. Continual new recipes and an amazing taste parade! Never bored! And when I had issues and the App crashed Michelle answers my pleas for help! She is responsive and appreciates Instagram etc posts! SERIOUSLY this is not just a recipe App but an invitation to new health and eating adventures!

Love the recipes, not the step by step instructions. I love the website Nom Nom Paleo, and finally bought the app after a year of hedging. The recipes are great! I love having them handy while grocery shopping. What bugs me is the step-by-step instructions for lots of the recipes. I would LOVE an option to see the whole list of steps at a glance. I love Michelle, but I don't need to see her rubbing salt on meat or pouring things into a blender. Takes forever to get through a recipe that way!

Great app with great recipes. Extremely responsive and easy format to find just what you want to cook with recipe index and search functions. The ability to add items to an internal shopping list is fabulous as it also lists with link what each ingredient will be used for-helpful if your planning some meals to cook and freeze and can’t quite remember where you saw that need for coconut milk. As someone cooking for a five and two year old as well as a partner, these recipes have pleased all of our palates. My five year old daughter even told me that the pancakes were the best I’d ever made (personally, I was just trying to use up some squishy bananas so they didn’t go to waste!). Our family isn’t fully paleo, just dabbling into it so far, but even with that, these recipes are interesting and delicious, as well as easy to make with the authors clear step by step instructions. I haven’t made anything from nom nom paleo that we haven’t liked. To be honest, I doubt my family knows how often we’ve been eating paleo meals because all the notice is that they want to clean their plates. I’m so glad this is available as an app!

Took recipes away...and now they’re back!. Updating my review bc it was just an issue where I needed to delete and reload the app and voila! All my fave recipes are back! Always my go to for a good meal. ———————————————————— Used to LOVE this app but so many recipes were taken off. Now you need to go to the blog to grab a recipe. Why not offer same recipes that are on the blog in the app?

The best!. Clean, crisp, clear, concise on all fronts: app layout, design, user experience, recipe instructions and of course, the photography. The quality of this app is next level. I highly recommend this beautiful app as you can tell it's a labor of love for Michelle & Henry. Ps, I came to Nom2 as an I-pot user but dig the Paleo and Whole 30 element too, although I'm not a strict adherent. I just love the approach to healthy eating. Worth every penny to support this voice, their passion project and wonderful family. Big ups to the boys on the podcast!

Favorite cooking app. There’s a lot of great about this app. For starters and most important the recipes are really good/delicious/healthy/nom nom... My wife has a severe gluten allergy and we both like to eat low carb with an emphasis on good fats. Her recipes nail it all and the flavors are great. Aaaand, the other great is the app itself, the content and lay out. It’s really easy to use and the guided directions reeeeeeally help. There you go, I’d write more but I need to get dinner started!!! It’ll be potsticker stir fry tonight, one of our favorites! Our kids love it too. Thanks!

Best App Ever!. Love how easy this app is to use. The most user friendly, step by step instructions accompanied with beautiful photos. It's practically foolproof! She not only provides fantastic recipes, the app itself is amazing especially for someone new to cooking. She has a section on each recipe of not only the ingredients but the equipment that will be required as well! 2 thumbs up! 👍🏼👍🏼

We're not Paleo but LOVE this app!. My family is not paleo but we do try to cook with real ingredients and mostly healthy. My family was hesitant to try some of the recipes but they've loved them all! I appreciate the pictures and the step by step instructions. I'm not an amazing cook but I can follow instructions. Love this app and will be purchasing the books soon!

Great recipes not organized. I love this app and all the recipes. Wish it was more customizable on the monthly meal plan, or I’m just missing how to create my own? Also wish the grocery lists were organized into specific sections like, dairy, meat, vegetables, spices, etc. Just when I think I’ve gotten all my veggies, etc, I see I missed one and have to go back to that section in the grocery store because the app doesn’t categorize them for you and they’re all randomly listed. It would make shopping nicer. The option to change servings you make would be nice too. Besides those things, I do like this app.

Love NomNomPaleo. I’ve been cooking with these books since seeing Michelle at Strand Books in NYC! I’ve passed them on to others and am looking forward to the third book release! My favorite parts are the amazing photos, gluten free recipes and organized shopping lists.

Love it. Love all of the nom nom cookbooks and now the app. It is user friendly and I like that you can make a favorites list and search by category, such as keto friendly and whole 30. Recommendation: I wish I could text the shopping list to my partner. Other than that great app!

Creative Healthy Easy...yeah. I've never paid more than $2 for an app but I loved Michelle's website so much I thought I would spring the extra dough (haha) to get her app on my iPad. Great decision. I use at least 2 recipes a week from this fun app. Easy directions, great photos, creative ideas to sneak healthy in to our delicious dinners for the family. Did the whole 30 program last month and the recipe choices were easy to supplement through this app. I now subscribe to her emails!

Great recipes I can reference from phone. I love this app and have followed the blog for a few years. It’s incredibly handy to reference while shopping if I need to check ingredients. I also appreciate the notes section where I can remind myself about changes in measurements and ingredient substitutions. Plus, new recipes are automatically added.

So inspiring!. I have followed NomNomPaleo for the past 2-3 years and have loved having this app to quickly look up recipes to follow in the kitchen. I've appreciated the quick grocery list to make it easier for me to prep for these delicious and healthy meals and the step-by-step images have been super helpful. I also love following Michelle on Insta for NomNomPaleo and watch her Facebook Live videos when she makes her recipes and answers questions. Thanks!!!

Best. Cooking. App. Ever.. Seriously. I love to cook but life is busy. This is almost the only place I look for recipes any more. Every single thing I’ve made- and I’ve made a lot!- has been excellent. I love that new recipes are added all the time. I love the grocery list. These are now my standbys. Best app investment I’ve made! Highly recommended!

Worth the few dollars a zillion times over.... This app has tons of recipes from sauces/marinades & other base builders to quick snacks, full meals & dessrts. You actually do not need any special equipment or skill set to execute these recipes, and they’re scrumptious. The app lays the recipes out in beautiful format, with lists & illustrated step-by-step instructions. It works wonderfully on the phone. Highly recommend.

Love Non Nom Paleo recipes!. I first learned about Nom Nom Paleo on Facebook through Instant Pot groups. (Don’t worry if you don’t own an Instant Pot.) Her recipes were delightful for my family and I purchased her first cookbook. Then I purchased this app. Shortly thereafter, I went to a book launch at Powell‘s book store where the author and her family were signing their second cookbook. The recipes in book #2 include most of my favorite recipes. The food is super tasty and easy to adapt to your own tastes if necessary. This app is very easy to navigate. You can search by Paleo or Whole 30, type of protein or plant based recipes, what’s new, etc., or you can also just go through all the recipes if you wish. The recipes include just about every flavor imaginable. There are so many for every taste. I also like that each recipe comes with amazing pictures. Included is very clear and easy to read instructions, as well as a list of ingredients needed. You can even check mark the ingredients you have on hand, or need to purchase, etc. and you can also create a shopping list for yourself! I highly recommend this app and all of Michelle‘s recipes! Also, find her on Facebook under Nom Nom Paleo for great videos.

I loved it so much but now it crashes:update. Please rescue me with an update. These recipes are the best but now the app crashes on launch. Help! Aside from recent issues I have loved it for a while. Update: a reinstall of the app fixed the issue. Please keep it updated though. I love this app, especially the Whole30 recipes.

Very user friendly!. I love this app so much! I usually cook with recipes on My phone so I love having this app. My favorite feature is having the ingredient portions noted on each step of the instructions. Super helpful so I don’t have to flip back to the ingredients list! I found the app after I purchased the book and the book is beautiful but if you’re pinching pennies, the app is a great way to save some extra. It does such a great job on its own you can easily get by without the book.

LOVE THIS APP. I can count on 2 hands the number of reviews I have ever written but I had to chime in about how much I love this app. It is very user friendly and useful! I have made some of the recipies and they have all turned out very yummy! I would be interested in buying another from Nom Nom Paleo that only has instant pot recipes (hint, hint).

Wonderful, easy to understand recipes that are yummy!. Last night I wanted to make some kind of fish cake, so I typed in salmon and tuna and up popped Spicy Tuna Cakes. Great pics, hints and easy to follow instructions makes her recipes so easy for me to replicate—AND, they are delicious! As a Whole30’er, I want recipes that taste great and help me stay on track. NNP’s are the best I have found. If you haven’t tried it yet, either make or purchase her Magic Mushroom Powder. I sneak it into many recipes and it’s a major flavor booster.

Love it!. I never review anything but I had to with this one. I love cooking but I need a recipe to follow and I have never seen a website or an app make it as easy as this one! Beautiful pictures, step by step instructions, and even the specific measurements are listed on each step! I don't need to go back and forth between the ingredient list and the cooking directions. So awesome.

Truly 5 stars, with one little thought.. This app is easy to use and full of amazing paleo content! Well worth the money. My only frustration is that the app isn’t well designed (optimized) for phones. I can get the ingredients, view the recipes and do most of my research with my phone but when it comes time to do the recipe, I need to switch to my iPad. The directions, if more than a short sentence, isn’t viewable on the phones screen. But truly, this is a fantastic cookbook app and it is an integral part of my kitchen necessities! Highly recommended.

Buyers remorse on this one!. I don’t see myself making any of these recipes. I don’t have a pressure cooker nor do I have a vacuum sealer. Most of the meat recipes that you can use a slow cooker for have the cook times all wrong. It takes longer...that why its a slow cooker..its slow... The “month of meals” seems too committing. Simple frittata in the morning? No frittata is simple. Lunch- sautéed shrimp ( really? I never sauté anything for lunch) Snack- make guacamole, dinner- slow kalua pork(oh really?, I might have wanted to start that in the morning...) Just one day of their recipes and you’re in the kitchen all day. A lot of these ingredients are not at your local supermarket. This app might be good if you’re some foodie that is a amateur chef already but for someone that entry level into paleo, I would suggest to stay away.

Good content, but really?. I’m happy that I paid for the content, but I’m kind of angry that it’s not offline and does a sync with the servers. I really wish that it had that option considering that I could do the same thing with a browser and the nomnom blog for free. Don’t get me wrong, I love the recipes and how easy it is to plan meals and stuff, but if I don’t have coverage or wifi or have a bad connection, I can’t load the content on this app. I really hope the dev thinks this through because I really don’t think it’s worth the money unless it has some online crapabilities

Wonderful app and paleo recipes. Whether you are new to Nom Nom Paleo and her recipes or not, you will find this app a wonderful tool for yummy food. All her recipes are approachable for the everyday home cook. I love that she does not try to get fancy; these recipes are tried and true. I have the cookbooks but the app does make things easier when i don’t have my cookbook around and still want to plan my weeknight meals on the go. This price cannot be beat!

Wonderful app that keeps on giving!. Thank you for the tasty, healthy and fun recipes and for adding new ones regularly! Occasionally all the recipes disappear. If this should happen to you, simply completely delete the app and all its data, and then redownload from the App Store. All the recipes repopulate after doing this, though, if you’ve made any customizations those may get lost when you delete the app and all it’s content.

Love this app. I discovered Michelle and Nomnom during my first whole30. Her recipes are easy to follow and delish. The app is user friendly and well organized. I had a problem when I got a new phone, I emailed thru the app and Michelle got right back to me with the fix. My favorites are slow cooker kalua pork, crispy skin salmon, spicy tuna cakes, curried broccoli soup, and my all favorite...Is Emergency protien. Thank you very much.

My favorite cookbook author. Michelle Tam never disappoints with her variety of healthy, easy to follow recipes. I could make every single one and never feel bored. Having worked through the other cookbooks, this app truly is an added bonus and I am obsessed.

So convenient. Love this app. I’ve had it for a few years now and when I know I need to tighten up my paleo eating this is my go to. I am super impressed with the monthly menu planning, it’s making my life so much easier. Love the recipes, they are so creative in transforming every type of cuisine.

Easy to use and full of great recipes!. This app is super easy to use and has lots of cool tools/features that help you plan out meals. I love the shopping list feature that helps me put together an ingredient list. Extensive recipe list too. High quality graphics and never crashes, I forgot that this is an app sometimes.

My go to for dinner. I love this app. I hav read it for years and appreciate that the content is updated often. The recipe format is great. I appreciate that the amounts for each ingredient is listed in the step by step recipe, so you don’t have to go back and forth to the ingredient list.

In serious need of an update after being neglected for two years. I fired this up after my wife decided that she wanted our family to try eating better. The very first thing that I noticed is that the app isn’t scaled properly on my newer iPad. There are vertical black bars on each side. That means that more scrolling than necessary is required, because the content can’t utilize all of the screen. The available recipes haven’t been updated either, so none of Michelle’s recent recipes are available in the app. Ideally, the app would be able to download recipes as they’re added to her website, rather than just being limited to what’s manually added by the developer(s). Shopping lists are not export to Notes or any other app, which is also a bit limiting, especially if you need to modify ingredients or quantities. Exporting those to major grocery chains’ or online shopping services ordering systems would be a welcome addition too. I’ve started compiling my own collection in Paprika in the interim, which is nice because I can also accommodate the non-paleo people in our house.

Fantastic. Love everything about it! She even updates with new recipes. Another handy thing, that might not have been mentioned before is that when you are cooking with the app open it stays open, if you just look it up online, your screen keeps timing out. Thank you Nom Nom!

Easy to use and still works great after years of use!. Love this app for simple to follow paleo recipes. I’ve had this app on my phone and iPad for years and it still works and is never buggy, and she seems to still update it with new recipes. My second best cooking app after NYT, but that is not paleo at all - and often tempting to eat things that make my body feel so great. All the recipes on here I’ve tried taste great, turn out well, and make my body feel good.

For the paleo in you!. I’m new to Paleo. And as such I find it difficult to keep up with food preparation and even a menu. This app makes it extremely easy. And very responsive system coupled with useful additions such as a shopping cart. It breaks down everything you need, and everything you need to know. It even shows you how to make and save spaces and needs sauces. ❤️❤️❤️

Great App for Paleo Followers. I have been following Michelle and her work for about 5 years. I have had this app for at least 2 and love it. All of her work is top notch and I love how you can watch her on FB making the items she has in her books. This is one app I come back to again and again. All recipes turn out delicious.

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Fantastic-worth the spend!. This app has been a lifesaver on my new sugar free, grain free diet! With the new update you get so many more recipes for free too!! It has some really easy recipes and it is all categorised and well laid out for the easiest use. I don't normally like buying apps that cost money, but if it's a good one then I don't mind. This one is definitely a good one! It is one of my most used apps now. It even includes a very useful shopping list section where you can plan all your grocery shopping as you're reading through recipes! Simply check the box next to an ingredient to add it to your shopping list. Or add an ingredient in manually. One thing that would be pretty cool is if there was a section where users could send in or add their own paleo recipes that they may have gotten off other sites or made up themselves and would like to keep a record of. Apart from that though, this app is just so easy to use, has a ton of ideas when you can't think of what to cook and explains each step so clearly with beautiful pictures to accompany each individual step. I couldn't believe there are even paleo friendly desserts! So exciting! Thankyou for n amazing app! Love that we no longer have to pay to add recipes now and that the initial purchase price is enough to unlock all the recipes!

Gorgeous & easy to use app from NomNom. Beautiful recipes, stunning & clear photos, detailed instructions all in a very easy to navigate site!

Good recipes. I bought this by mistake... I was unhappy at first as you had to buy extra recipes.. Then they updated and I could get all recipes was very happy..

Great App!. Very handy, great design. The recipes are very tasty and easy to follow. 😊 The only thing missing is a quick and easy print function. This would make it perfect, please add!

Great app, great recipes. I got upon this app after trying a couple of recipes from the site. I'm very happy with the purchase and the content of the app. Very well done, great recipes!

Delicious. Love everything I have cooked so far. The recipes are very tasty. Love the step by step, and that the ingredient measurements are on each picture. The all purpose stir fry sauce is amazing and such a taste boost to so many dishes. I have made the Magic Mushroom Powder (with less salt)and use it often instead of just salt as my husband has a kidney disease and salt is limited. This way I get flavour added.

Brilliant. I have been using your recipes from your blog for nearly 12 months now and I LOVE this app! Great format, well done!

OMG! I love this!. I've been hunting paleo recipes for a while, I love my diet and I also love experimenting with GOOD cooking. This app is amazing-great pic for inspiration, recipe cards, ingredient lists that will conveniently collate into a shopping list. Save your favourites for easy browsing. Love. Love. Love. And I don't love easily.

Surprisingly tasty recipes with a great app!. I really like this app, because of the great recipes, the way it is set out, the option to tap on an item and make a shopping list then print out the list from all the recipes you have chosen, also that I haven't encountered any glitches as yet. Suggestions would be to include an option to change measurements to metric if required, and to be able to sync the shopping list with other shopping list apps. Thank you, good app.

I love this app. Tis app is sensational! Not only does it show photos of everything cooked and how it it has the full 30 day menu - sensational!

Great recipes for a paleo diet. Great app, very well laid out. Awesome pics, love the shopping list features and starred favourites. One suggestion can you have a setting so you can choose metric weights, measures and celsius for oven temperatures. Maybe a way to change ingredients for out of season, hard to find in other countries.

Worst Paleo app. This app gives you the option to select ‘kg’ as a measure system but the recipes are still in ‘pounds’. It does not provide swopping or alternatives. (Filter options)Lots of pork (and crab -yuck!) recipes and I dont eat pig. I specifically got it for the 30day plan, but no option to swop. Doesn’t provide options for food allergies/ intolerances. Mainly just Asian type meals. Not versatile The 30 day plan meals are also not available as one shopping list. Or at least broken up into weeks. I just waisted $9.99

Nom Nom. I have Michelle's book Nom Nom Paleo and it is one of my all time favourite cookbooks, so when I got an iPad, this app was the first I downloaded and well worth it! Interactive and user-friendly with luscious photos, this app also includes some recipes not in the the book. Paleo for foodies!

Love it. Can't really say a lot more. It's very very good. Great layout, great attention to detail. Don't think about it any longer just download it and enjoy

Good eating. Love this app. Beautiful photos, easy to follow recipes, very nom nom food. Very helpful that you can create a shopping list and then email.

Fabulous W30 / Paleo Recipes. Love everything about this app. Imperial quantities are a bit annoying but pretty easy to work around. Recipes and how the app hangs together are fantastic. Can generate weekly menus including a shopping list. Could revolve my entire eating program around this app. Just love it!

Simply awesome. An exceptional resource for preparing quality healthy food. Beautiful pictures, clear instructions and and overall excellent app for any food lover.

Great app. Really great app. Any chance of adding the option for things to be in metric measurements/temperature as well? A lot of people use it around the world :-). Thanks!

Best Recipe App!. There's great variety of recipes in this beautifully designed app and you absolutely get what you pay for! I would rate this above all the other Paleo recipe apps I've used so far (and that's quite a few) both in terms of quality of the app itself and on variety of yummy, quality recipes! I always try to include some constructive criticism for the designers, but with this one it's tricky because I have encountered a total of zero problems. Only suggestion I could make is minor tweak of including a button so you can go straight to the recipe card without going via the slide show (saves making extra taps on the screen if you just want the short version). Keep up the excellent work!!

Excellent in every way!. The title says it all. Well done, especially with all the recipes in the new upgrade.

Gorgeous app. This app is beautiful and such a pleasure to use, not to mention the fantastic recipes. I love the shopping list feature. A real bargain too! From another Aussie!

Best!!. The apps and books from Nomnompaleo are set out the best, most inviting way possible. Even if you’re not in to cooking these are so visually pleasing. Love, love love!!

Extraordinary. So beautifully presented with an enormous amount of work put into this excellent app. Have recommended it to several of my paleo (& non-paleo) friends. Top marks.

Fantastic. I love the new version of this app, giving me this much access to the 'sweets and cheats' section might be dangerous but I love how all the recipes come free with the app now. This is such a beautifully designed and easy-to-use app, it makes the rest of my ipad content look rather shabby!

Amazing recipes. I use this app daily and everything I've cooked has been extremely tasty. The step by step photos are extremely helpful and beautifully shot, which is a feature severely overlooked by other cook books.

Best food app by far. I have been eating 'real food' for a while now, and this app has helped me more than any other in making simple tasty meals for my whole family. If you are into pales, whole 30, or just want to eat real foods this is a must buy.

Highly recommended. I love this app. They were very responsive to feedback after the 1.0 release and have followed up with some thoughtful updates. Buy the app, read the blog.

Family friendly. I use this app all the time. It is easy to navigate and full of great advice and fantastic recipes that my large (not all paleo eating) family really enjoy!

Simply brilliant. This app is the best recipe app I've come across - the fact that it paleo friendly is a bonus! I use this app to inspire me on the days i dont have any idea what to cook - i simply tap in my key ingredient and i get loads of inspiration!

Thank you NomNom!. This app is amazing! If you're a kitchen dummy like me, the gorgeous step by step photos are exactly what you need. NomNom's style is unpretentious, casual and makes cooking great tasting paleo food a breeze. The Paleo 101 section is brilliant for newcomers, and the kitchen supplies guides were particularly helpful to me - helping me decide which kitchen gadgets and condiments deserve cupboard space and which can go. A few minor bugs to sort out in future updates, but all in all, an amazing leap forward for the paleo movement - and for my cooking skills!

Incredible!. I have been looking for something that will lead me through a delicious Palio lifestyle and everything is so complicated! This app is really easy to use, pleasing to the eye and the recipes are INCREDIBLE! Often with Asian twists, which is the one thing I miss when eating paleo. I also love the incredibly quick shopping list that you can build, the fact you can choose ponds or kilos when looking at recipes and the monthly meal planner! I cannot recommend this highly enough! Thank you!!

Great. Very well laid out, I wish I had a pressure cooker though, seems a few recipes require it. Brilliant app! Be prepared to convert measurements from pounds to grams.

Love your recipes. Loving how easy to follow your recipes are and the deliciousness of them , but would love the temps in degrees as well and measurements in cups/grams as I’m in Australia and am constantly having to flip apps to do conversions, and it looks like I’m not the only Aussie fan you have , keep up the awesome job you are doing 👍🏻

Great!!. Great looking app! Love the step by step photos, and the recipes look so tasty. I found the Paleo 101 section easy to read and full of useful info. I also like how the Nom Nom Paleo personality is injected into the app too. Great work!!

Fantastic App. This app is so easy to use. It has so many great recipes and ideas and has really helped me on my journey. I’ve tried lots of recipes and they have all worked out really well! I love the shopping list feature also.

Fabulous. You guys are cutting yourselves short. You should be charging more for this app. It's by far the best paleo recipe collection and in the easiest form possible for cooking (and I have most of the other paleo recipe collections). Well done and thank you for your super tasty, easy recipes. Buys this app Paleo People, you won't regret it! Sarah in Oz.

Best Foodie App ever made!!. I love this app not only for the creative,simple and delicious recipes but the education and detail. Thank you so much for explaining Paleo and delivering a well thought out app that is beautifully presented with stunning photography. Five stars from me

Add recipes from your books. Love your recipes and your app Michelle. I have purchased all your books via kindle. I would love a way to register that I have purchased your books via the app and all your book recipes would appear in the recipe index. Would be so much easier to have all your recipes in one spot. Also I moved from Minneapolis (brrrrrrrr) to Brisbane Australia. Having temps in both F and Celsius in your recipes would be awesome. As well as measures in cups and by weight. Keep it up please :-). You are my first stop - and usually only - for meal ideas and guidance.

Love it, just needs some improvements for international users. Recipes are delicious and app is sleek. As an Australian user I really appreciate the conversion button from imperial to metric and Fahrenheit to Celsius. But unfortunately it only works about 50% of the time. There are many measurements that just stay imperial. Also I do wish the ingredients and US products had a ‘otherwise known as’ feature. Finding someone from each country to localise the ingredients and brand names would be a huge help. Thanks

Stunning food. There has been definite effort to ensure maximum flavour in these recipes. Really easy to follow.

Life changing diet. Great app with fantastic ideas. Simple and a lot more tasty then I thought it would be. Has changed my families life through clean eating and already noticed the changes in my body. I have more energy and feel less bloated. I use this app as a guide for meals then add any extras according to taste or preference to match how we eat. Have recommended this app already to others who have noticed the weight loss.

Best food app,hands down!. This is not only the best Paleo food app, but the best food app I own. Do yourself a favour and download it, you will not be sorry. I especially love the sense of humour. Makes me giggle while I cook.

Kazvdp. I absolutely love your app Michelle. I also agree with Jenn in ozz. I live in Melbourne Australia.

Rock Solid Paleo App. The app is amazingly well put together for a small team. It is notable from its excellent interface, thoughtful instructions, and myriad selection of recipes.

Nearly perfect. I would love it to have both imperial and metric measurements.... but otherwise really good. Also - would like the search function to search all recipe sets,

Great app!. I love this app! The recipes all look delicious, the step by step photos are fantastic to help me work out what it should be looking like and I love just flicking through them before cooking to work out everything I need to do before doing it. The recipe card view is great for while I'm actually cooking and have forgotten what I need next. Everything I've tried so far has worked out great!

Right down to the detail. This app is absolutely brilliant. The creators have clearly kept in mind individuals with next to no cooking experience as they provide images for everything; right down even to the picture of pressing buttons on the oven. It's overall a little heavy on the salt but otherwise everything is incredibly healthy and delicious. It's the first diet that I've actually been able to stick to. Highly recommend it!

Love this app. All the recipes work and are very tasty.

Easy, yummy, gorgeous.. Kahlua pork is my favourite. Easy to read and follow recipes. Love the recipe cards. Would love to see the grocery list combine same items instead of listing lemons say 8 times. Highly recommend.

Metric Conversion. With only three countries not using the metric system, an update of this app to include a metric converter for the rest of the world to use, would be beneficial. This is a huge turn off from an otherwise brilliant app which is why I only gave it 3 stars. It is time consuming nonsense to have to leave the app and search elsewhere to convert each measure manually. I would not have purchased if I had known. Disappointed.

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Paleo. Love this app Great recipes, easy to follow and makes sense

Excellent app! Well done.. I have this app and I have their book. For once, the app is every bit as good as the book, and very user friendly. Highly recommend it!! Has beautiful photographs. You'll love it!

Meh. Its ok. Nothing super great. Not that many recipes. A little over priced, when you compare what you get.

Awesome app!. I love this app! I decided to buy it not really knowing what it all was able to do and I am not sorry! Paleo just makes sense-get back to the way things were before additives and preservatives. the recipes are different yet easy. It is very interactive-I love that you can see how each step is done, the definitions for little known terms, or switch to a recipe card and add to your shopping list,, even share it when my DH is doing the shopping! Fabulous, can't say enough good about it! Thanks"

Outstanding!. Such a great app...beautiful to look at, easy to navigate, and full of amazing stuff I actually want to make. I love it. 👍

Meh.. Great pics and meal ideas but seriously. Her idea of "quick and easy" meals consist of 15-step dishes using ingredients I certainly don't have kicking around, plus require the use of kitchen gear that one would only find in those fancy kitchen shops. Even if I did commit and bought/made all the pre-cook must haves, I would then have to pay an extra buck for a lot of the recipes...on TOP of paying for this relatively expensive app. Super disappointed. Wasted my money. :(

App amazing but fix links. I need all the help I can in the kitchen and this app even shows pics of the step by step and a grocery list. My beef is it has links in the app that don’t go to the recipe to make like “ magic mushroom powder “. Also some of the ingredients ( like particular spices) are difficult to find at local or even ethnic grocery stores. Perhaps a little blog on where to find them would be useful. Despite these minor bugs, definitely worth the money 10x.

Game changer. When I bought my iPad I had this app in mind. It has not disappointed. Very high quality, user friendly and of course the recipes are amazing. Just wishing I had bought an iPad sooner!

Buzymom. Love it! Makes Paleo easy! Yummy recipes! Great step by step instructions! Definitely recommend!!

So easy to eat healthy!!. The step by step pictures, shopping list and tips at a click make paleo cooking a breeze for pros and newbies alike. Such a great app!

A MUST GET APP. Informative and easy! Delicious recipes. The automatic shopping list is amazing. This app has been well thought out. Price scared me but compared to cookbooks it is cheap!

Great app. I've been counting the days until this app would be launched and it lived up to the hype! Thank you NomNomPaleo!

Not what I was expecting. It's nicely designed but too expensive. I was hoping I'd be able to schedule my meals and add recipes to the app. This app is just a digital cookbook, if that's what you're looking for it's great.

Recipes Presented Step by Step. I really like how the recipe shows you step by step what to do. I like also that you can transfer the ingredients onto a shopping list very easily. Great app. Definitely recommend buying’s got many recipes, so it’s cheaper than the books!

Amazing!. Beautiful app and super delicious recipes!! Seriously satisfying flavours and easy to follow step by step photographic instructions.

Amazing pictures!!. This app has amazing, bright, colourful pictures and the step-by-step instructions are so helpful. Michelle makes paleo cooking easy and fun!

You need this app!. I am in love with this app! I already am a huge fan of Nom Nom Paleo and every recipe I have tried from the blog has turned out amazing. I am so excited to use the shopping list feature to plan our weekly meals. It's so beautifully designed and I love the step by step photos. Great job, Nom Nom!

User friendly - so much info. I have never paid for an app before. EVER! But the reviews for this were so positive, I pulled the trigger and so glad I did. I have both of the Nom Nom books and wanted an expanded library of Michelle’s recipes and the app did not disappoint. I’m one of those people who will only buy a cookbook if each and every recipe has an accompanying photo of the end product. Michelle does one better by providing step by step pics of the dish preparation. If you follow the measurements, her directions and added tips and hints along the way, you can’t fail. Highly recommend.

Great. Okay

Great for those who have gluten and dairy intolerance. Love this app and turn to it frequently. Especially like that the measurements are included in the method; with other apps, I have to switch constantly back and forth between list of ingredients and method

Great app. Awesome pictures, easy instructions

Easy and yummy recipes!. Great recipes and I love that new ones are frequently added

Missing key recipes. Bought the app for a few specific recipes so I wouldn't have to bring the book everywhere. It's missing key recipes so it sucks.

Great recipes mixed with a plethora of humour. I love the app amd the books

App does not open on my iPad anymore.. App used to work, but now it does not open anymore.

Can't get it to work. This isn't a complaint about the quality of the app itself. I paid $6 and I can't download it to my iPad2. I've got the most recent version of iTunes on it and it's showing as purchased but it won't install. I hate to leave a poor review since I love the site and recipes (and I will change it once resolved), but I would like this resolved soon and the automatic e-mail generated back didn't leave me confident that this would be handled quickly.

Great App!!. This a terrific app. Very easy to navigate and is full of tasty and healthy recipes, with step by step instructions. Meal plan is great too.

Perfect. This is the best recipe and cooking app I've ever used. I can't think of one way it could improve. Simply perfect.

Best App!!!. I absolutely love this app! I have been using it for a week. It has the most delicious recipes all with pictures and step-by-step instructions again with pictures. I love the 30 day meal plan. The only reason I didn't give this app a 5-star is because it doesn't allow me to upload recipes into my fitness pal app. I recommend it to everyone.

Amazing App!. This app is hands-down the most well thought out, user-friendly and beautiful app I have ever used. I love the step-by-step instructions for each recipe and that each ingredient and it's quantity is listed on each step-by-step photo so that you do not have to return to the main recipe page if you forget how much of a certain ingredient you were supposed to use. Not to mention that the content of this app - all of the recipes, techniques, tips and tricks are amazing and everything is delicious. I wish I could give it more than five stars.

Amazing app. I love how easy it is to follow and great pictures!

Brilliant. This is an elegantly designed app that has swiftly become a favourite. I use it daily. Easy to navigate, gorgeous photography, and delicious recipes. Worth every penny!

Great App!. Well organized and easy to use!!

Must have purchase. Great app. Do not hesitate to purchase this gem - don't let the price dissuade you. It's stunning and has amazing content.

Absolutely beautiful app!. Wow what an impressive cookbook app. Pictures are gorgeous with step by step instruction though if you follow the blog you will be quite familiar. App is made up of starter set of recipes that are included in base price and then there are several sets of 10 that you can purchase within app for $0.99 per set of 10. There is a shopping list function that you can email to yourself and you can add items from within the recipe or on their own. You can also access her blog from within app and she also provides recommendations and descriptions for various types of cooking equipment and where you may be able to purchase them online. There is also a paleo 101 section that I have not checked out yet. You can really see that a lot of work went into this app and it was not rushed to market. Definitely 5 stars.

Favourite cookbook. This is one of the few cookbooks that actually makes me want to cook enough to get up and do it. Fantastic interface, beautiful photos and good instruction. The fact that the recipes within are so packed with nutritional value makes it such a win-win, I can't stand it.

Love It!!. I love the feel of this application. The pictures are beautiful, instructions for recipes are very clear and often humorous!! It's very useful to be able to look at a picture of what something should look like at certain stages of the recipe, but also know that you can just go to the recipe card too. After scrolling through the recipes I decided to purchase a couple of the extras. I like this set up because I can buy the extras that I want and ignore those that I'm not very interested in!! I haven't tried the shopping list yet, but it looks very handy too. Great job on this app!!

Delicious, beautiful and easy to follow instructions. I love this app! The recipes are delicious and well explaines, and the pictures are beautiful.

My favourite cooking App!. This app is so beautifully organized. It's very easy to find the recipes I love because there is a customizable Favourites section. The step-by-step cooking has great photos and very easy to follow directions. Sometimes my kids asked to borrow my phone just to make something from here. I highly recommend this app!

Amazing. I love this app! The recipes are easy to follow and delicious! Highly recommend it!

A little disappointed. I bought this app after following the nom nom paleo blog for the last few months. I was disappointed with the number of recipes provided. I really expected the app would be better than the blog. I also was disappointed I would have to pay 99 cents for a recipe I can go to the blog and get for free. The set up is beautiful, but the number of recipes leaves a lot to be desired.

Awesome resource!. Awesome resource for the paleo lifestyle... From ingredients, shopping list (including kitchen tools) to recipe cards and step by step pictures. I love that there are both simple, easy recipes and things I've never tried before. It means I can do easy stuff when I'm busy and experiment with newer challenges when I want some variety!

Consistently useful. I’ve been using this cooking app for over a year now, and I reach for it whenever I need more inspiration, as well as those times when I need to change it up a bit with a new recipe (even if I’m using the same old ingredients) because I’m feeding a family of five. This app has really helped me step up my cooking game and try new things even at those times when I didn’t think I had energy or motivation, for which I am very grateful. The app also works perfectly, with no glitches. This app contains recipes that are not on Michelle’s blog, or her new book (Ready or Not). Someone else complained about the lack of overlap in content, but I prefer to have the book be separate (I love her new book too, btw) because I know what I’m reaching for when I use the app, and I know I can find further variations on her blog and in her book (I did not buy the first book). Perhaps for those who want, there might be an inexpensive expansion pack to the app, with more recipes? This could provide further on-the-go convenience to some. Thank you so much for creating these great recipes and providing them in such a usable format.

Nom nom app. Love the books! Love her cooking videos! This app is great and completes the go to library!

Favourite kitchen tool!. This app takes delicious healthy recipes and puts them into a gorgeous interactive cookbook experience. Beautiful photos and easy to follow instructions !

An app I actually use.. Love the recipes and information on the app - and appreciate the excellent functionality.

Tasty food with step by step instructions. Great from ingredients to taste. Intuitive and varied layouts depending on what you need, whether it be simple instructions or photo details if steps. Love it.

So many bugs. I bought the app because I love the recipes, but maybe I should have continued to just check out the blog. The app has a lot of bugs. I can't go back after I look at a recipe card without the whole app closing. I tried it three times in a row before I got frustrated and stopped using it for the day. Please fix and I am sure I'd improve my rating.

Hands down... My fave app!. This app is simply fantastic. It single-handedly got me through my first Whole30. Excellent content and so fun and easy to use. Kudos guys! Ps love the book and podcast too. Please keep all the adorable nomtasticness coming! :)

A tasty app!. This app is so well thought out - you will see when you try it. My brother has their book and the recipes were great so I'm thrilled with this creation.

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Crashes on IOS 11 and iPhone X. Update: After update NomNom is one of my favorite apps again! Great app when it works. Crashes immediately every time on new iPhone X. I hope they are working on a fix.

LOVE THIS APP!. I LOVE THIS APP!!! This app is organized, easy to understand, and interesting! I like that I can move from Michelle’s amazing cookbooks to her videos and online places with ease! I like the playfulness that she adds to everything too.

Excellent resource. Everything NomNom-related is awesome. This app is especially cool because you can add needed ingredients to your shopping list for easy meal prep organization. The calendar of daily recipes makes planning a whole30 or otherwise intense meal prep/planning experience much easier! Definitely a must have app!

Simply PERFECT!. If you are unsure about buying this app - just visit her site and know that the app is even better! (If that is even possible!). At your fingertips step by step instructions and pictures! App is SUPER user friendly! Worth it 100%

So Helpful. I really enjoy this app. I don’t cook directly from it all that often because I tend not to follow specific steps or need the exact directions. But I get ideas here all the time, and it’s an intuitive and smooth app to use.

Time saver. This app is incredible I use it daily and it gives realistic cooking times and breaks meals into steps. It’s the most used app on my phone! I haven’t tried a recipe I don’t love and there are more recipes on the app than the cookbook has. Thank you for creating this!

Amazing!. This is my first app review EVER. I’m a mom, a small business owner and as a family, we eat paleo. First, I love Michelle’s recipes because they are delicious and realistic for the long-term. The app is freaking amazing!!!!! I’m impressed with the way the recipes are laid out, especially with all the photos. I’m most impressed by the SHOPPING LIST. That is insane. So useful and intuitive. Honestly I don’t use many apps because I find them less powerful or laid out in a way that’s confusing. This app is what an app should be ppl. I have another recipe app that can’t even compare. I don’t even use it.

Whole30. Great tasting recipes and easy to use! I like how the app gets updated with new recipes. My app wasn't loading all the recipes so I removed and re downloaded it, and it works perfectly!

I don’t buy many apps, but this one is worth the price. Excellent recipes, easy to use. It’s not just a repeat of Michelle’s book (which is also excellent), the app has lots of recipes that are not in the book. The shopping list feature is easy to use and very helpful.

Nom nom app is awesome. I am a huge fan of Michelle Tam! I have her cookbooks in hard copy, but sometimes I turn to this app for a different way to find a great recipe, especially if I’m at the grocery store. Thank you, Michelle!

Nomtastic!. App always works and is updated fairly consistently. Screens are easy to navigate and the recipe instructions are thoughtfully presented. Love the "favorite" features and the ability to create a shopping list. Nom nom paleos recipes are always a hit in my home!

LOVE IT!!. Awesome app! Very informative, step by step pictures, SO MANY recipes! Easy to use. Whole30 section available. If you ever have any problems with it or want all the newest recipes, simply remove the app and reinstall. Easy! Very happy with it and tell all my paleo/W30 friends about it.

It's a great app!. I really like this app and although it seems like nothing new is ever added to it, I'm more bummed that it doesn't work anymore. There are no recipes. Can we fix this please!?!?

My favorite recipe app!!. I am very disappointed this app will disappear 10/31. I’d be willing to pay a monthly fee to keep the NomNom Paleo up & running. I’m sure I’m one of many fans of this fabulous app!!

Love nom nom paleo!!!. This cookbook helped me love food again. I have an autoimmune condition that helped me form a horrible relationship with food and eating. This cookbook and the app added so much excitement in making really yummy food at home that wouldn’t make me sick. LOVE IT!!!!

Needs better searching ability. Michelle is a doll, I Love the photos and instructions are great. My only complaint is the search won’t find what you want. You must know the name or a portion of the name of the recipe before it will show.

Love her recipes. I have had this app for a few years and love it. She’s great at adding and updating things I haven’t had a recipe I don’t like. Bought her most recent cookbook as well. Def recommend this app

Every recipe has been stellar!. I’ve been using this app for a few years and it can’t be beat for user friendliness, step-by-step instructions, and the food is fantastic.

Love. I love nom nom paleo. I use this app 5 night out of the week to make dinner. I love your new additions and I can’t wait to see what’s coming next. Thank you you have taken the guess work out of weeknight dinners!

I love the app but look forward to future updates. I love this app! It's has great eye appeal and is super easy to use. I love love love that you have the option to see the recipe in its entirety or step by step. I will say that I would also like to see some instant pot recipes in there, but when I need one of those recipes I simply pull up the blog. All in all a great app!

Used to be great. All the recipes are gone. I’ve had this app for several years and had a ton of favorite recipes saved. I got a new iPhone and when I tried to open it on this phone, all my saved favorites were gone and the recipes list was a fraction of what it was before. I emailed the contact info for some assistance a month ago and no response. Where did my favorite recipes go? Seems like a waste of money.

Every day recipes. I use these recipes every day. They are simple, delicious, and healthy. My whole family can’t get enough. I am so thankful for what I have been able to take from her work.

Great recipes!. I love NomNomPaleo’s recipes. The app is well-designed and easy to use. I often use her website to read about recipes because I like to read people’s comments, but the app is great to use in the kitchen.

Panicked. Love having all the tasty recipes on hand, especially to remind me of ingredients while I'm shopping. Imagine my dismay upon opening it the other day and finding all the recipes gone! Easy fix: delete the app and reload from the App Store. Happy Paleo!

Couldn’t Be Easier or More Delicious!. Nom-nom has the best Paleo recipes, but what I love about this app is it’s ease of use and beautiful photos. The step- by step directions and ability to save and find favorite recipes easily is a real plus. It’s the only paid Paleo app I have found worth having!

Best cooking app. I cook from the app at least twice a week and look through it for ideas every day. The format makes cooking lots of fun and saving favorites is such a plus. I hope they keep adding new recipes!

So good!. I’ve been a fan of Michelle’s Nom Nom Paleo since the beginning. Her recipes are delicious and I love the way she shares them and how she has her husband and kids help. They are a wonderful family. This app has been one of my favorites when I need to make a flavorful paleo friendly meal.

App plus all 3 books!. That’s all you need! Nom Nom Paleo has everything you need for meal planning and cooking. Even though I have all 3 books I still love also having the app. It’s updated all the time with new recipes! So easy and fun to use!

Perfect app for beginner cooks. The step by step pictures and ingredients list are so helpful for new cooks. That need that personal touch. The food is amazing. My food turns out just like the pictures.

Amazing, Tasty, Easy to follow. Great Recipes! I really love this app. It’s my go to when I need inspiration and an easy to follow recipe. I also find it really helpful that she has step by step pics and videos. The food is great!

One fix would make this so much better. I love the recipes and a lot of the features in this app are so great! However I wish the shopping list could organize ingredients by section. Like keeping produce, herbs, meat, etc together by category instead of the order of being added to the list would make shopping so much less frustrating.

Greatest app. I love this app. Michelle is amazing and gives us so many wonderful recipes, she keeps me motivated. Whenever I don’t know what I want to cook, I just open this app up and go straight to my favorites. Problem solved.

Always perfect. If you want a fail proof dinner? Pick any recipe from this app. I’ve never made something from this app that didn’t turn out delicious. Easy to use app, and pictures always help! As does the list of ingredients!

The BEST recipes, the BEST app!. I have been a fan of this app for several years and it has NEVER disappointed! Every recipe is well presented and delicious. I love how the app is constantly updated with new recipes and helpful tips on preparation and serving ideas. Keep ‘em coming, because I’m a Nom Nom-aholic!

No content!. So I love the author and her recipes. Been using her book for quite some time now. However this app over the past month only has 4 recipes. Literally no point to the app when you only get 4 recipes. Software on the other hand is great. I only remember 1 force close. It is smooth and easy to navigate. Like I stated previously there's just no content.

Best of the best. This app can do no wrong … easy to use, convenient shopping list feature and best of all step by step cooking instructions. The results are also super tasty!

New Years resolution app!. I wanted to make big changes in my diet this year. I’ve had this goal dozens of times. This year is different, thanks to Nom nom! I was always looking for healthy inspiration WITH ease of preparation, and this app has accomplished both, finally!!! Thank you nom nom!

Good recipes.. I have enjoyed everything I have made. I also like the way the recipes are presented. Easy to follow. My kids won’t eat this stuff, but they can make their own food. Well worth what I paid.

Keeps getting better. Never a dull moment with Michelle! She keeps the flavors going and you’ll never stop thinking of her recipes. So yummy. The app makes shopping a breeze! Saving my favs — I mean ALL of her recipes :)

Great App!. First App I’ve paid for! Still playing with it but I *love* how the ingredient amounts are repeated in the steps where they are used! So nice not to have to keep scrolling back to the ingredient list! That is awesome!! I have both of her cookbooks and love them. Look forward to diving into the App more!

Amazing! Beautiful!. I love this app. Michelle and Henry do a phenomenal Al job on their photography and instructions. On top of creating outstanding meals. I gave her books and the app and they are my favorite cookbooks to use. Thank you!

Obsessed!. This is the best cooking app for so many reasons! Michelle is a culinary genius and makes it so easy to follow her recipes. The recipes are DELICIOUS and she has pictures of every step so even the most novice cook won’t get confused. Best money I’ve spent in the App Store!

Please add Pressure Cooker / Instant Pot category. Disappointed there isn't a Pressure Cooker / Instant Pot category. The recipe authors loves her Instant Pot and has plenty of related recipes on her website, and the only reason I bought this app was because I like the Instant Pot recipes on her website and thought I could easily access a whole bunch of Instant Pot recipes under one category in the app. Turned out I would have to search for them manually, which is quite inconvenient. Even if I were to mark all Pressure Cooker / Instant Pot recipes as favourites I would still have to search manually from time to time in order to see the newly added ones. I look forward to upgrading my rating once this problem is solved, thank you.

Love it!. I love this app. The ingredient list and step by step instructions with pictures is awesome. I took one star off because not all of the recipes on the website are posted. I had some saved as favorites and they are no longer there :(. Otherwise, 5 stars!

Love this app. I've had this app for a number of years. I love it. I like the flavor profiles that are found in the recipes and the ease of using the recipes in the app. I was excited to find that the recipes demoed on Facebook or magically appearing in this app. How cool is that.

This is THE BEST APP!. I wish all apps followed this format. Such a wonderful app with ease of use and beautiful pictures and recipes for shopping list additions. Absolutely love it and thumbs up to Michelle’s husband, who I think designed it. Love you guys!!

Nom Nom is fabulous. Already had two of her books and visit her website, but wanted a portable cookbook that allowed me to make notes on her recipes I tweak, etc. The app is pretty and functions well. The ‘cook step by step’ is not my favorite, but not bad enough to knock a star off for.

Good App. Love this app! Had a tech problem but support got with me in a couple of hours (great time for a Friday night). Updates recipes pretty darn regularly (every few weeks) but everything happens in app, so you won't necessarily get an app update when the recipes update. Well worth the $.

Be Careful When Manually Adding to Your Shopping List. Great app, however, I manually entered a bunch of ingredients to the shopping list and later discovered that it will only save one extra ingredient! Now I have to go back and make a second shopping list on my phone. Not convenient at all.

App. Absolutely obsessed! The app has made making the recipes easier then having to search for them online or in the book! So glad I bought the app!!! Thanks to Michelle and her team for all their efforts 😋😋😋love it!

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Language English
Price Free
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 3.5
Play Store com.nomnompaleo.nomnompaleo
Compatibility iOS 9.0 or later

Nom Nom Paleo (Versiyon 3.5) Install & Download

The application Nom Nom Paleo was published in the category Food & Drink on 27 April 2012, Friday and was developed by Nom Nom Paleo [Developer ID: 507051587]. This program file size is 57.68 MB. This app has been rated by 2,681 users and has a rating of 4.8 out of 5. Nom Nom Paleo - Food & Drink app posted on 16 October 2018, Tuesday current version is 3.5 and works well on iOS 9.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.nomnompaleo.nomnompaleo. Languages supported by the app:

EN Download & Install Now!
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Nom Nom Paleo App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

- Optimized for latest iOs - Fixed minor bugs and formatting problems - If you have any issues with the app after updating to a new iOS version or new device, please email so we can help you get cooking! Thank you!

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