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#1 Food & Drink App and featured as one of Apple's "Best New Apps"!

It’s the Webby Award-winning app from Michelle Tam and Henry Fong, the James Beard Award nominated creators of Nom Nom Paleo—now available for both iPad and iPhone! Michelle and Henry’s Saveur Award winning food blog and New York Times bestselling cookbook are just the tip of the iceberg—this newly updated app makes cooking even more fun and inspirational, and takes all the guesswork out of cooking. Plus, now that the Nom Nom Paleo app’s available for iPhone, you can take these nomtastic recipes with you anywhere!


● Over 145 simple, tantalizing recipes, all free of gluten, soy, and refined sugar, sortable by food category, searchable by ingredients and category—the vast majority of which are approved for the Whole30® nutritional re-set program. You’ll find lots of recipes that are exclusive to this app, and not available on the Nom Nom Paleo website or cookbook.

● More recipes are being added regularly! You won’t have to wait until future app updates—new recipes can now be added automatically to the app on your device!

● More than 2,000 stunning, high-resolution photos showing every step of the cooking process.

● Fun and visually-engaging new user interface and design, including a home display that allows you to quickly scroll through and visually select recipes.

● Simple-to-follow instructions, including tips, shortcuts, and information about food and techniques.

● An interactive, email-friendly grocery list that syncs across devices and makes food shopping a breeze.

● An extensive “Paleo 101” primer that explains the benefits of the “caveman” diet and provides resources for more information about ancestral health and nutrition.

● A Whole30-friendly 30-day sample meal plan with links to recipes.

● An in-depth shopping guide with product reviews and links to sources for cooking tools and ingredients.

● The ability to bookmark recipes, create a personalized category of favorite recipes, and add notes.

● A “constant-on” function to prevent the screen from dimming while you cook.

● The ability to email complete recipes and shopping lists.

Praise for Nom Nom Paleo:

● The “Martha Stewart of Paleo.” –The New York Times

● “Oddly provocative.” –Christopher Kimball of America’s Test Kitchen

● “A must-have app.” –AppCraver

● “Brilliantly designed.” –Apps Magazine

● “Visually stunning.” –Gear Diary

● “Always popping with flavor.” –The Kitchn

● “Truly extraordinary.” –Michael Ruhlman, James Beard Award-winning food writer

Message from Michelle of Nom Nom Paleo:

Hey, Nomsters – my updated cookbook app is here, and it’s finally available for your iPhone!

This “cookbook on steroids” is a uniquely immersive culinary experience. It’s a visual feast packed with brand new recipes, as well as updated versions of classic Nom Nom Paleo dishes—all presented with my own special brand of whimsically snarky commentary. Food lovers and busy home cooks can visually follow each of my recipes from the pantry to the dining room table.

But that’s not all! For those who want to learn more about the “caveman” approach to nutrition and health, I’ve included a “Paleo 101” primer that explains why we eat whole, unprocessed, real foods (like meat, seafood, vegetables, fruits, and nuts) and avoid highly-processed and pro-inflammatory foods. You’ll also find an in-depth shopping guide, a 30-day meal planner, an interactive shopping list, and much, much more.

My hope is that this app will delight, engage, and inspire you to eat well and be well!

● App development by Y Media Labs ●

Nom Nom Paleo App Description & Overview

The applications Nom Nom Paleo was published in the category Food & Drink on 2012-04-27 and was developed by Nom Nom Paleo. The file size is 48.86 MB. The current version is 3.3 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

Fixed crashes on iOS 10 and minor bugs. Updated with new recipes—check them out in the "What's New" category! Please email [email protected] if you have any issues with the app. We want to help you get cooking! Thank you!

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Best App Ever!  Mashiii22  5 star

Love how easy this app is to use. The most user friendly, step by step instructions accompanied with beautiful photos. It's practically foolproof! She not only provides fantastic recipes, the app itself is amazing especially for someone new to cooking. She has a section on each recipe of not only the ingredients but the equipment that will be required as well! 2 thumbs up! 👍🏼👍🏼


The best!  BillJr206  5 star

Clean, crisp, clear, concise on all fronts: app layout, design, user experience, recipe instructions and of course, the photography. The quality of this app is next level. I highly recommend this beautiful app as you can tell it's a labor of love for Michelle & Henry. Ps, I came to Nom2 as an I-pot user but dig the Paleo and Whole 30 element too, although I'm not a strict adherent. I just love the approach to healthy eating. Worth every penny to support this voice, their passion project and wonderful family. Big ups to the boys on the podcast!


Love it!  Little-Black-Rain-Cloud  5 star

Where has this app been all my life?!?! It's fantastic!!


Nomtastic!  Littlemissmushi  5 star

App always works and is updated fairly consistently. Screens are easy to navigate and the recipe instructions are thoughtfully presented. Love the "favorite" features and the ability to create a shopping list. Nom nom paleos recipes are always a hit in my home!


Love Nom Nom Paleo!  Christinej74  5 star

I'm a big fan. When I saw you had an app I had to get it! Love having the recipes handy. Thank you!


Love the nomnom app  @eddaddy  5 star

This app and the books have opened up a whole new world of possibilities for me. I've been into fitness and nutrition for years and have been eating the same boring bland foods when I start a training program. Love the app and all the available recipes. The functionality to add ingredients to your list from the recipe page is a huge plus!


Love it!  KennyFan82  4 star

I will be honest, I was a little hesitant about spending $5.99 on a recipe app. However I love all of NomNom Paleo recipes and wanted to support the family behind them. Plus, everything is delicious!! I really enjoyed seeing all the pictures as I added by ingredients! sometimes I miss steps or lose track of ingredients and the pictures really helped. The one thing that would make this five stars is having a category for instant pot. I love my instant pot and I love NomNom's recipes for instant pot so it just makes sense. Keep deliciousness coming!!


So much fun  dbdrose  5 star

This was one of the first things I used to start my party on Paleo. Since then I've finished a whole30 and cook at home so much more.


I loved it so much but now it crashes:update  Jbfirechild  4 star

Please rescue me with an update. These recipes are the best but now the app crashes on launch. Help! Aside from recent issues I have loved it for a while. Update: a reinstall of the app fixed the issue. Please keep it updated though. I love this app, especially the Whole30 recipes.


Love the recipes, not the step by step instructions  saraware  3 star

I love the website Nom Nom Paleo, and finally bought the app after a year of hedging. The recipes are great! I love having them handy while grocery shopping. What bugs me is the step-by-step instructions for lots of the recipes. I would LOVE an option to see the whole list of steps at a glance. I love Michelle, but I don't need to see her rubbing salt on meat or pouring things into a blender. Takes forever to get through a recipe that way!


Totally terrific!!!  moonperro  5 star

I bought the Nom Nom cookbook a couple of years ago when I did a Whole30. I have made many things out of it and never had a dud. I just downloaded the app and have been wandering around it for almost an hour and I really LOVE it! So easy to use and I think I will be using it a lot. I saw many things I want to make, starting with the Fire Balls! Thank you so much Michelle.


Umami gravy is da bomb!  KatmanduTUS  5 star

All Nom Nom Paleo recipes I have tried are terrific, but this one topped them all! Michelle's recipes are sensible and healthy, a her quick supper recipes are easy and delicious. She also provides tips for pressure cookers and sous vide--I am going to try them one of these days!


Why didn't I get this sooner?!  ButMadNNW  5 star

I first heard of Nom Nom Paleo in February 2015, when I was invited over to a celiac colleague's (a huge proponent of Paleo eating) house for a dinner of "crispy kale" and roast lamb (my first experience with both). The kale was so delicious, I did something very unlike me: I asked for the recipe. "Oh, it's from Nom Nom Paleo," I was told. It took me until August 2016 to dive back in to Paleo eating (after being off-track for around three years) and spend the money on this app. And I'm so glad I did! Ever since, every other sentence from me makes some reference to NNP, Michelle, or some recipe or info from her blog/app. ;) I love exploring recipes on my iPad and saving needed ingredients to the shopping list. It was a happy surprise when I pulled out my iPhone before heading to the farmers market and realized there was no need to recreate my shopping list: the phone app had it automatically! And the step-by-step, fully photographed, simple instructions are a life-changer for someone like me, who used to only cook when I had to. I'm now making flavorful, filling meals for three people and experimenting with kitchen tools I've never used before (slow cookers are awesome!). I can't say enough good things about this app. The only criticism I have is to echo the statement of the search function issue. After searching and tapping on one of the results, it'd be nice if exiting out of that recipe took you back to the results.


Still Disappointing  jenj814  1 star

I bought this app a couple years ago and it is completely non functional. I bought a new iPad Pro a month ago and have not been able to open it on the newest iOS on it since. Please update your app. This is ridiculous for the amount of money I paid.


Search  cashnic72  3 star

When you search for something, you need to be able to return to the list of search items (instead of having to redo the search every time.


Awesome App. Feeling healthy  KMG&TJG  5 star

I am a complete newbe (sp?) to paleo. I made the tuna & yam jalapeño cakes & I am sold! If this dish is any indication of how yummy the other dishes are, I could be Paleo for life not just 30 days! The format is super easy to use & I love the step by step instructions! To die for goodness. Can't wait to eat the leftovers! My kids & husband feel the same. The shopping list is an added bonus, which makes this app even more user friendly. Recommend it whole- heartedly!

Len Favreau

Best app ever!  Len Favreau  5 star

Love Michelle Tam's recipes! Simple to prepare and always delicious. This is one of my go-to apps and is like having her cookbook with me wherever I go.


I love Nom Nom Paleo  DawnM1105  5 star

I cannot say enough about what the blog and app have meant to me in my journey to health. The app is so much fun to use--truly the best I have ever purchased. The recipes are so delicious and the step by step photos are appreciated VERY much! I also love the shopping list feature!! I recommend this app highly. It is truly one that is worth every penny. Thank you!!

Rerunirret!  Rerunirret  5 star

I absolutely LOVE this app! I have tried quite a few of the recipes and have never been disappointed. The recipes tend to be easy and so well laid out that it would be difficult to not succeed in replicating them at home. Great variety of options for whatever type of Paleo recipe you want. Definitely a must-have in my arsenal of Whole30 and Paleo resources!

ex-pat viewer

Only App I've ever paid for!  ex-pat viewer  5 star

I love NomNom. I use this app at least several times a week. The recipes are clear and easy to follow. They are presented in the traditional cookbook style. But if you prefer they are also brilliantly presented in step by step picture form. I love it. I use it. You will too.

Nom Nom Paleo Comments

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