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*** UPDATE 06/2012: If you have issues after installing the app please delete it and simply re-download it. It should work fine afterwards.

The Institutes SMART QuizMe Master App
Now it’s even easier to take your Institutes studies wherever you go!

This new all-in-one app, which replaces the old individual apps, from The Institutes now makes it easier for you to purchase and organize our individual exclusive SMART QuizMe apps (each sold separately as an in-app purchase).

Using the questions from the SMART Online Practice Exam, each new SMART QuizMe exam preparation apps lets you take your Institutes studies wherever you go for the following:
•Associate in Claims (AIC)
•Associate in General Insurance (AINS®)
•Associate in Risk Management (ARM)
•Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter(CPCU®)
•Introduction to Claims
•Introduction to Property and Casualty Insurance

Please note: Does not support the importing of previously-downloaded individual SMART QuizMe apps (users can still access and use any previously-downloaded apps individually).

CPCU and AINS are registered trademarks of the American Institute For Chartered Property Casualty Underwriters. All rights reserved.
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SMART QuizMe App Description & Overview

The applications SMART QuizMe was published in the category Education on 2012-03-05 and was developed by The Institutes. The file size is 4.27 MB. The current version is 1.97 and works well on 6.0 and high ios versions.

Sample Quiz versioning and handle versioning issues.

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SMART QuizMe Reviews


App error  AKarl4598  1 star

App needs to be fixed or I want a refund. I made a purchase and the quiz is not downloading.


Server Down  FlyerDee  1 star

I am trying to purchase the CPCU 500 version and the list will not come up. This is very disappointing. Hopefully IT will correct the issue soon.


Meh... Not Really Worth $10 a Pop  CA PI  2 star

I made the mistake of purchasing ARM-54 thru ARM-56 all at once. The quizzes are very basic with no explanations as to the correct answers - but useful for review when you have some downtime. However, I've uninstalled, reinstalled, and repeated several times on my iPhone- but no dice. The app won't allow access to my purchases, won't update, and the Content page just spins a "No Content" icon. I'm stuck having to use an iPad to use what I paid to use on an an iPhone. The GUI isn't user friendly either. Wish the developers would take more interest in creating a more worthy product. I'm disappointed.


App not working  emtmill  1 star

Current version not working on iPhone or iPad. I've contacted Institutes customer support, and they said IT is working on it... but I've heard nothing back after that.


Server down  iSaber  1 star

Server has been down and i cant purchase anything


Can't access anything  Saltima  1 star

Haven't been able to access anything. Can't download classes, can't even see a list of classes. Disappointing.


Terrible for CPCU  Dfron18  1 star

You would think for such a prestigious and EXPENSIVE designation the creators would put some effort into these questions. Each question is word for word quotes from the book and most of them repeat.


Frustrating  Siagao  2 star

The concept is good, for $10 a test, but the quizzes don't tell you why you're wrong, what the correct formula is, or even specifically where to find the answer. They just give you the chapter and section, and you're left thumbing through in frustration trying to determine why you're wrong. I would like to know why I was wrong, or at least how to get the right answer. Otherwise, I'm just memorizing questions and answers as I quit on problems because I can't for the life of me figure out why I'm wrong. Please change this.


950 Questions in order by chapter  Pcatchu  2 star

The design itself isn't bad.. however for $10 you're getting ever online quiz question smashed into one giant test with no way to sort or filter through chapters. I like the concept of instantly knowing if I got something wrong or right. The app doesn't seem to have any glitches either as well. This is nice if you don't have the online smart learning center with the practice quizzes/exams and is a cheap alternative.. but if you have that, then it's not worth the price. I think if there was a way to filter the content by chapters or retake all the questions you got wrong.. it'd be a lot better! I'm rating two stars as personally, it wasn't with the buy. But for someone who doesn't have the online tool, I'm sure they'd rate a lot higher.


A must have  Cbecker622  5 star

Couldn't have passed CPCU 500 without it.


Great study aid!  GatorT10  5 star

I recently purchased this app to prepare for the ARM 54 exam. Thus far, it's a great buy to review all of the chapters in the book. It is very helpful in pinpointing the areas where I need the most help.

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