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What is pregnancy + | tracker app app? Download the world's leading pregnancy tracker app today, for free week-by-week pregnancy information and articles!

The Pregnancy+ app features expert advice, daily articles, healthcare tips and interactive 3D models so you can track your baby's development. Our pregnancy app has been downloaded over 50 million times by expecting families. Join our worldwide community today!

Baby Development
► Unique, interactive 3D models showing your baby's development
► Baby Size Guide helps you visualize your baby's size in fruits, animals & sweets
► Pregnancy Week-by-Week Guides explain what to expect in each pregnancy week
► Simple & informative Pregnancy Timeline highlighting important milestones

Pregnancy Guides & Information
► In-depth Pregnancy Guides covering breastfeeding, exercise, food, twins & more
► Daily Pregnancy Articles, tailored to your pregnancy stage
► 2D & 3D Scans by pregnancy week for you to browse
► Daily Blog Posts with tips, tricks & helpful advice
► Upload photos in My Bump to create a visual pregnancy diary

Pregnancy Tools
► Pregnancy Due Date Calculator helps you work out when your bundle will arrive
► Kick Counter tracks your baby's movements & activity
► Pregnancy Weight Log helps you keep an eye on changes in your weight
► Contraction Timer measures contractions throughout your labor

Organize & Plan
► Pregnancy Calendar enables you to plan & document your prenatal appointments
► Hospital Bag helps you prepare your hospital visit, for Mother, Birth Partner & Baby
► Birth Plan allows you to customize, organize & export your needs & wishes
► To-Do List & Baby Shopping List for ideas of what you need to do & buy
► Search thousands of Baby Names for inspiration & share your favorites

Enjoy our unique 3D models showing your pregnancy's week-by-week development, from blastocyst to fetus to baby. Our 3D models truly help you to connect with the baby growing inside you.
► Choose from multiple ethnicities
► Zoom in or out & rotate to see the baby's intricate detail
► Watch guided pregnancy week-by-week walk-throughs
► Tap to see baby movements

Pregnancy Articles & Guides
If you're feeling overwhelmed by all the advice out there, don't worry. Our Pregnancy + tracker app will guide you through your pregnancy, week-by-week, keeping you up to date with your baby's development and helping you stay healthy through pregnancy and beyond. The Pregnancy+ app content is written in-house, with the help of medical experts, lactation consultants, midwives and, of course, parents.

Share your journey with friends & family
Our pregnancy tracker app can be personalized so your partner, future grandparents or best friend can join in the fun and follow your baby's development in the womb, from bump to birth! Keep everyone up to date with your pregnancy by inviting them to download the app today.

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Pregnancy+ syncs with Apple’s Health App, but cannot read from or write to the Health App Database unless you grant access.

This app is not intended for medical use, or to replace the advice of a trained medical doctor. Philips Consumer Lifestyle B.V. disclaims any liability for the decisions you make based on this information, which is provided to you on a general information basis only and not as a substitute for personalized medical advice. If you have any concerns about your pregnancy, consult with your doctor or midwife.

The Pregnancy + tracker app wishes you a healthy, full-term pregnancy and a safe delivery.

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Pregnancy + | Tracker App Version 5.23.113 October 2022

Thanks to your feedback, this update includes: • Enhanced performance, so you'll have a smoother experience using the app • A few bug fixes We're constantly improving Pregnancy+ for our 50 million users, so make sure you always download the latest version. We don't want you to miss out!.

Pregnancy + | Tracker App Comments & Reviews 2022

- You people expect everything to be free!

Really love this app. It answers questions I have weekly as well as helps me keep track of my birthing plan,weight and it's pretty cool you get to upload monthly belly pictures for progression. As well as keeping track of your appointments. Anything after 14 weeks is only available to you when purchasing the full app but honestly I didn't mind the ONE TIME FEE because all other apps don't do half of which this one does. Nothing in life is free and if you can't afford the chump change of 4.99 one time then your in for a HUGE awakening because babies are way more pricey lol. Any who. This app is helping me prepare for labor. I am at 33 weeks right now and yesterday I woke up wondering when its time for certain things, I open the app and the first thing I happened to read was an answer to what I had been wondering.

- Body shakes pregnant women

This app is good, except for the fact that it constantly is body shaming PREGNANT WOMEN & making them scared to gain weight. It CONSTANTLY reminds you to avoid eating sugary foods, even if they’re good for you and it’s natural sugar. Stay away from your cravings & limit the amount of food you’re eating as to avoid gaining “too much weight.” Talking about how it can ruin your physic and put weight in places where it’s unflattering. Almost every week I get a reminder of this, and I show my husband and we’re both shocked each time. How are you going to make pregnant women feel bad for gaining weight? Or for eating extra food because they “don’t need it.” News flash, yes they do. They’re growing a literal human being and their body needs fuel to run. Coming from someone who has had an eating disorder prior to getting pregnant, and am now trying to do my best to eat whatever my body tells me to, this is just wrong and is going to mess with so many young women’s heads. Rethink your advice. We don’t need to be constantly reminded that sugar will make us fat, and it’s okay to gain weight in other places besides your tummy. Get a grip. They can worry about their physical figure AFTER the baby is born safe and healthy.

- I paid for the premium but it’s saying I didn’t.

So I originally got this app with my 1st pregnancy, but I didn’t pay for the premium because at the time I thought it was bonkers to pay $4.99 for a pregnancy app when all the other pregnancy apps are free. I decided to purchase the app with my current pregnancy back when so found out I was pregnant in August 2020. I KNOW I paid for the app because I would not have been able to use a majority of the features however.... when I decided that I wanted to make a birth plan and use the app to do it, it says I have to purchase the premium for $1.99 which I couldn’t understand because I paid $4.99 for premium. Every once in a while I’ll have apps that do this so I’ll just tap “restore” and it restores my purchase and everything is fine. NOT WITH THIS APP. I tapped “restore” and a message pops up that says “Alert: You have not purchased the app.” YES I HAVE PURCHASED THE APP. This leads me to think that even though you have to pay $4.99 for the premium, there is also an additional $1.99 charge for the premium that they have snuck in making this app actually $6.98. Phillips what are you doing????

- Great Images, Actual Information Less Helpful

The images it provides of you and the baby are fantastic. The overall interface is also very well done- easy to navigate, love that it updates daily. I’m only giving three stars because the actual info provided is often not very helpful (I don’t think most people need a full article to tell them pregnancy during sex is safe these days) or a bit off the right timeline (I’m not quite 14wks and it told me today the baby can now hear me, which is just wrong). The sizes are a bit off because it always shows where you will be at the end of the week, but doesn’t tell you that— at 13 weeks, 0 days it will say “you’re now...” and give you info that any other source shows for 14 weeks, including your doctor. I overlooked a lot of the faults for the things I do like and kept using, but just found out I’ll get charged to continue in about 2 days, which isn’t worth the money to me for information that may have small inaccuracies.

- Just unhappy

My partner and I found out I’m pregnant recently, so I downloaded this app and a few others. It was great at first, but it’s always one week ahead? I’m not sure if that’s normal or not, but I’d rather have it show what’s currently going on and then read about the future weeks. I would go to show my friends and they’d love the comparison and actual size but then I’d look and say “oh wait that’s next week *taps back a week* THIS is currently.” My due date is in there accurately, and it shows up as the right week on all my other apps except this one. Another thing is I hate the update. So much. The new set up is more confusing than the old. The diary entry part is gone so all of my notes are gone. I’m just very unhappy with this whole experience. The only saving grace of this app is the (week ahead but you can always go back to the beginning) 3D model of your baby. That’s literally the only reason I’m keeping the app. Other than that, I probably won’t be using it.

- Used for all three pregnancies!

This is my favorite pregnancy app and I’ve used it for all three of my pregnancies! The articles about how my baby is growing and what’s happening to my body that specific week is my favorite part and has been very accurate for me personally. When I was 9 weeks pregnant with my third, I started feeling really hormonal and nauseous…I opened up the app and it literally said that this week I might feel more nauseous and hormonal than before! It then went on to share different ways I could help nauseous etc. This type of thing has happened multiple times on this app and I love that! I feel like it knows me haha. It’s filled with the kind of information I want during pregnancy. It’s also easy to use. I’ve recommended this app to all my pregnant friends🥰

- Great app for pregnancy

Wonderful app for pregnancy and for a few bucks you can use it after the 1st trimester which is totally worth it. They do mention that it DOES cost money to continue after 1st trimester but they do NOT flood you with advertisements so it doesn’t interrupt ur experience at all. Like some other apps flood you with requests to upgrade. Not so here. Which is a giant plus. This app Has a kick counter included. I love how it reminds me every week when I turn to the next week, also gives helpful articles on what to except etc. the images are in range from 2D to 4D to computer generated animations which are beautiful. Also shows timeline of tests that are done at ur OBGYN s. Included appointment tracker and reminder, so u can easily store the info for scrapbook later. Other features as well.

- Almost perfect!

I’m 29 weeks pregnant with twins and have used several apps to track my pregnancy. Out of all the ones i use this is by far my favorite and best one. I love all the features. However at 29 weeks pregnant i can honestly say some of the daily articles are recycled. You read similar articles about things that was already touched earlier in your pregnancy with the app. How many times are you going to tell me about morning sickness, backpains etc. My other biggest complaint is that there are literally no app that caters to a twin pregnancy... this gives a little weekly paragraph about twins. But there should be a feature that lets you set it to twin pregnancy and all of your content is twin related. Because let me tell you as a first time mom and having twins not many places you can go for more info outside of your doctor. The app should really improve on that ...

- Wish I could like this

I really loved this app up until 14 weeks. After that, you have to pay. Listen, I work for a mobile app company so I understand that apps need to make money somehow, but I agree with other reviewers that the developer goes about it the wrong way. I don’t want to pay for an app that I won’t be using past my due date. There are plenty of ways to keep your users active past this “cut-off” time of 14 weeks while still being able to monetize. Unobtrusive ads in a free version and an ad-free version is one way. It’s how so many apps do business these days and users will understand. Just shutting your app off completely to users after 14 weeks unless they pay feels like a crappy way to make money off your users. Especially since this will be a temporary app for so many. This is a crowded app space and there are so many other free apps that offer me the weekly updates I want, so I no longer use this app. I hope the developers reconsider their paid structure one day bc it is truly a wonderful app up until 14 weeks.

- Poor articles; great images

The interactive images are beautifully rendered. But like other reviews have noted, the articles are bland, out of date with current medical advice and uninformative. For example, it says to be limit fish to 1-2 times a week and only 1 oily fish, while most OBs are increasingly emphasizing the importance of the omegas in oily fish. Other articles are the typical round up of vapid takes on the usual topics of what to eat and buying clothes and talking to your doctor if you feel down. These could be much more interesting! Also, in an article about possible Down syndrome testing in early pregnancy, they say only that “some women prefer to find out during their pregnancy so they can learn more about the condition and what special care is required.” It undermines the pain and extreme difficultly women wrestle with as they decide whether to keep a pregnancy with confirmed chromosomal problems. Pretending that doesn’t exist at all is really weird whitewashing. It’s not a political issue.

- Great app

My husband and I were trying to conceive for 6.5 years and when we got pregnant after our first medicated cycle we were very nervous. I downloaded a bunch of apps like the baby center and the glow apps and they were great but they both had communities which is usually great but for me only increased my anxiety. People posted about their early or second trimester losses and though they have every right to be talked about and need to be it made me so scared and not able to enjoy my pregnancy at all. I deleted those apps and downloaded this one after reading reviews and I am so thankful and impressed with it. It is much better than the other apps in general and doesn’t have the communities. It’s helped my anxiety ten fold!

- Sizing and info off

I used this app exclusively for my first pregnancy in 2015 and loved it. Accurate info and better images. However, I was disappointed to discover this time around that they changed the beautiful images they once had, and the biggest of all, their baby sizing and info is NOT correct. I am getting ultrasounds every 2 weeks since 6 weeks and the sizing is off by a week. They tried to tell me its due to some weird setting and it’s not - their info is just incorrect. Also, this is insane, baby size jumps from 6 inches at 18 weeks to over 10 inches at 19 weeks?! Absolutely does not match information that’s out there, nor the actual real life sizing according to my US’s, which have been lining up with other apps. I am disappointed in this app this time around and have been using others. Seems like they changed drastically from their earlier days - which were better IMO.

- *Nearly* perfect - can’t adjust cycle length

This app is absolutely incredible. It’s really everything you could need and want in a pregnancy app. Lots of information, planning capabilities, and my most favorite feature - the weekly growth aspect that offers true to size fetal development. My ONLY gripe is that you cannot adjust your menstrual cycle length, so if your periods aren’t exactly 28 days, the only way to track your pregnancy is through a due date. That’s certainly not a deal breaker, but when I look at my calendar I would like to be able to see my LMP. I have PCOS and ovulate close to 3 weeks into my cycle, so I would just like to be able to customize my calendar to reflect that. Other than that very nitpicky critique, I think this is the best pregnancy app out there!

- This is a great app!

This is an amazing app to track your pregnancy! It was my number one pregnancy tracking app in the beginning. But when I was around 20 weeks the picture on the app did not match how many weeks pregnant I was. Like it would show me my baby at 21 weeks when I am only 20 weeks. And it did that throughout the entire app. I deleted the app and recently downloaded it back now that I am 35 weeks and I still have the same problem. Please fix this! It’s an amazing app besides this glitch. If this is changed, I will give the app 5 stars. Update: After following the developers comments I was able to fix the issue and now my app works the way it’s supposed to! I would totally recommend this app to track your pregnancy!

- Be Upfront

Just like the other reviews, I was pretty surprised to find the app was useless after 14 weeks without paying. There is nothing that tells you or warns you that that's the case. I get all the arguments for charging, and pay for quite a few apps. However, there is no notice that this is going to happen until it just stops working. Surprising your users with the fee does nothing but alienate them. I should have read these reviews before I downloaded. Also, I don't think this app is useful enough, at least for me, to warrant the $4.99 fee. Maybe $1.99, but not $4.99. Updated post developer reply: I never once said to make the app full of ads. I said be upfront about the fact the app only works until week 14 instead of it being a surprise to users and make the app worthy of the "small" price you've set for it. Considering I can get the same info on the internet for free, I think $5 is too much. You are simply putting it all in one place. Again, never said to use ads.

- Amazing and very realistic

I love this app. It allows me to understand everything that’s going on with the baby and my body. I love the diet tips it gives. I am a former physique competitor and current athlete who is now a mom of two. I’ve used this app twice for both my girls. I think it’s extremely important to take care of your diet and take your vitamins for your babies health. Have your treats, but don’t go overboard. I appreciate that this app shows every week of the babies development. I also love the partners info part below. It allows my partner to learn more about the pregnancy and the baby as well and includes him it. This was the only reliable pregnancy app I could find that works for me. Thank you! -Kel

- Not happy...

I had the app when I found out I was pregnant with my first baby girl, however I recently after giving birth on May 15th this year came back into the app & somehow my info changed & I couldn’t change it back. Like my due date was May 19th-2019 but it said a different date and I tried fixing it but it wouldn’t let me pick my dam due date to fix it even if i already had my baby. You should really fix it because I was loving the app since it was my first baby & wanted to keep the memory of it...I had to reset my app with all the memories of my daughter & I'm very upset about it..maybe I’m the only one but this was sentimental to me seeing I wasn’t able to have kids at all & she was my miracle & rainbow baby. I wanted to keep the app & all the info for my memories & safe keeping but it wouldn’t let me simply change it back to my due date/day she was born, it needs an option to go back whether the date was another year or whatever. Please fix this 😡

- I wish there was more

Although I throughly enjoyed this app while pregnant with my singletons and the app was so helpful and fun I find it harder to enjoy because there is no app for twin pregnancy or multiple pregnancy at that. I want to be able to get the same experience but get information that’s directly for me and my pregnancy. I’d love to see two babies growing on 3D. I’d love to be able to put both genders of my babies and just overall see everything I get to see for one baby but for both babies! All pregnancies matter and I shouldn’t have to go to google just to see my weekly pregnancy information because the app lacks that knowledge for me. Again such a great app for people only carrying one baby but what about the rest of us who end up with 2, 3, 4 or more? The information should be there for us.

- FANTASTIC APP. Nonstop use since 2014 🤣🤣

ANOTHER REVIEW UPDATE--I didn't THINK I would be using the app again for a while. My 3rd granddaughter was born in May of this year and my 4th granddaughter is due Jan 2018. I will have 4 squealing little granddaughters under the age of two and a half 😍😍😍😍! My daughter and daughter in law were pregnant at the same time-AGAIN. I’ve actually been using this app nonstop since late 2014. I feel pretty sure, this may be it, at least for a while. I’ve been getting a granddaughter every year since 2015, and as much as I’d love more, I think my daughter and daughter in law may be done. One thing’s for— sure-Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique at Disney World is going to cost me a small fortune in outfitting my brood of 4 Disney Princesses in a few years lol.

- Off weekly dates

Says I’m 24 weeks and 6 days but according to my due date and every other app and my doctor I’m 25 weeks today. The app gives readings 1 day behind even with an accurate due date. It has been doing this since the last update and this update did not improve or give an accurate reading. Baby center is better. I’m updating my review because the developer was responsive and I appreciate seeing that they’re taking the reviews and putting them into the updates! I have kept this app as the weekly pictures are astounding in comparison to other apps and I enjoy the different daily articles. Definitely worth the download.

- Please consider these?

I love this app I used it with my first pregnancy. However I feel there should be the option to eliminate the partner info. As well as articles involving partners. Not everyone is blessed enough to have someone by their side. Some people lose their partner and some never have one. I find it a bit depressing, scrolling and having to see the partner stuff every time, being one who no longer has someone to share this with. I think this should be recognized. Also this is my second child and I find most articles are geared more toward first time mothers. It would be nice to choose an option of whether you are a new mom or have had children. That way content could be better filtered. Update: thank you for responding with the tip on changing to single mother.

- Wonderful app!

I can’t say enough about this app! I love everything about it and the best THE BEST PART IS NO COMMUNITY! Some other apps have a community portal and the people are so horribly rude and nasty. Idk why anyone would pay $50 a year for a crappy app with zero support and rude people. Pregnancy + is the absolute best app I’ve ever downloaded for pregnancy support! And to “unlock” it’s full potential is only $2! This app has won my heart 💜 thank you for creating this app! So supportive and informative with lots of great things like contraction counter, different loggers like weight and even appt reminders, even a checklist for hospital/birth center bags. This is number 1 go to app and I’ve had 8 babies! I recommend this app to everyone.

- This has been my go to prego app

This is my second pregnancy and by far my favorite prego app. Love the weekly photos and “actual size” images. The articles are typically interesting and relatable. I just spent the $1.99 to purchase the app, figuring I at least owe it to the company for building an app I use regularly and enjoy. My complaint is the kick counter... there needs to be two options to count kicks. Unlike most are taught kicks are not only about how many you get in a certain amount of time, but it’s more about finding your baby’s pattern, what time of day you feel kicks and for how long. I now use a second kicks count app that allows me to mark what time of day baby is moving, but would love if it were integrated into this app. After a pregnancy loss at 36 weeks you learn exactly how important movement is.

- Great for first pregnancy then...

I used this app for my first pregnancy in 2017 and recommended it to EVERYONE!! Even paid for the update because this app was perfect! Definitely would have given 5 stars... before the update! The #1 reason I loved this app so much was for the images and easy navigation. I downloaded again now and all those beautiful baby images are gone and they have the alien looking graphics like any other app!😭 sure it’s cool because it wiggles when you touch it but definitely not as good as before! Don’t fix what isn’t broken! I find this update much much much harder to navigate than before. If they could bring back the lively images instead of the aliens I’ll be one happy camper! However I do enjoy that that’s still provide a 2d and 3d scan of baby for almost every week!

- Update-Now Works!

Update: Not sure what happen, but the pop up screen now stays up for a reasonable time frame and I was successfully able to login. Back to a 5 star! I updated my app because my app showed there was an update. I am unable to bypass a pop up as the pop up will not stay up. I have uninstalled the app twice, I am then able to sign in. Moments later the screen turns blue and an “OK continue” appears. When I click on the button the pop up appears for all of half a second and I am I unable to click continue. I love this app, but the update has now caused issues. Any help would be much appreciated!

- Out of ALL the other apps, this won is my favorite.

It helped me bond with my baby later on in pregnancy because you get to pick your baby’s model in the app. The pictures are so realistic and it’s as if you’re looking in your belly! The stimulation of the baby is so impressive and they not only provide pictures but they have ultrasounds and 3Ds to see too!! The information they share is such a plus. I love how it shows you everything as soon as you open the app and not a whole bunch of words and articles. You see your baby and can easily scroll down to see tips and articles! Besides the fact that it doesn’t have a “community”, I still love it.

- Almost Perfect

The reason why I’ve given four stars & state almost perfect is because, I’m a first time mom with a twin pregnancy & there are very little short glimpses of anything pertaining to a twin pregnancy. Please developers take pregnant mothers with twins into consideration without this app. For example, make an option in registration that asks if you are expecting twins & there genders, put more twin ultrasound images in the week photos Of the babies, place articles that can relate to twins mothers as well. I love the articles, I read them while in my 4 hour infusions to help me stay positive and distracted. I’m having a high risk pregnancy and I haven’t been able to keep down any liquids or food for the last 5 months, your app has given me hope.

- Finally an app with valuable content!

I got ALL the apps when I became pregnant. I slowly deleted others as I realized that this app was worlds better than the others. Few and subtle ads, no BS articles on “what to wear!?” and “the prettiest nurseries!” This app has FACTS about what is happening to your body, exactly what part of your baby is growing, medical issues to be aware of, etc. I feel confident and knowledgeable when I go to the doctor and already know what they’re talking about. There is an awesome 3D graphic of the baby that updates each week showing how your baby is developing, and a 2D graphic of the mother’s body showing how the body changes each month. My husband also downloaded the app and used the same login so he can see all of our baby’s stats and read the same articles. There are NO good apps just for fathers, believe me I looked, and he loves this one. Bravo to this group for making an exceptional and truly useful app- I don’t know why the others are so far behind, but I’m glad this app exists and am sincerely thankful to have found it!!!!

- I love this app

I’m not sure exactly why others had bad experiences with this app, I never had to pay a dime to use it other than the extra features like planning a hospital bag and stuff like that. But I honestly just use this app to tell me the size my baby should be and the weekly development of my little boy. I absolutely love this app, it’s super easy to use and always has very useful information! The only tip I could think of is to maybe send out push notifications on like weekly updates when you go into a new week of your pregnancy or to a new trimester. Like I said though, the app is amazing and helps me stay sane between OB appointments!!

- Don’t use the due date calculator!

I conceived on April 30, 2021. According to the app today I should be 8 weeks pregnant. I’m not. I’m only 6 weeks pregnant. We booked our dr appt. for today thinking I was 8 weeks pregnant. Our dr was very concerned with the size of our baby and schedule an ultrasound a week from now as he is concerned it is not growing correctly. He asks us when we think we conceived. I tell him. He responds “okay so 6 weeks.” I felt so dumb I had to open the app and show him where I was getting 8 weeks from! So embarrassing and scary since we all thought something must be seriously wrong. Otherwise, I have no problems with the app and appreciate the features.

- Love this app!!

When I first found out I was pregnant I tried out many different apps and after using this one, I completely deleted the other apps! This app has everything I need in one place. I love the weekly updated pictures of what baby looks like inside. I have a place to put my own weekly pictures and notes. There is an option to add appointments in and much more! The only thing I wish it had was a way to customize your front page so I could add things I want to see every time I open the app also I wish there was a way to search for my specific questions. I still give this app a 5 stars!

- Needs update - fast!

I loved this app when I first started using it. They added other ethnicity options which was great. I could log doctor appt info. It’s now not saving anything I put into it - pictures, written text, etc. I had questions my doula and I thought of that I wanted to remember to ask my OB at a later appt, but when I opened it a few days later everything I had typed in was gone. I paid for this app so that I could get the contraction timer when the time comes. I’m now 40 weeks and was messing around with the contraction timer. It doesn’t let you start a new session without erasing the previous one, which I suppose isn’t a huge deal, but if you want to look at it for tracking purposes it’s unfortunate. Also having to answer the prompt cuts into timing. Please fix before I go into labor lol

- Trigger Warnings Needed

For someone who has PTSD surrounding cancer, this app does a terrible job at proving trigger warnings. I.e they do not at all. I pulled up an article that was suggested for me on that day and it was incredibly triggering to my PTSD. There were no warnings at all and the article presented facts that were honestly written in a way that was anxiety inducing. On top of all this, this app also tells you very little about what is actually going on with your baby compared to other apps where there is a lot more information. They also have some outdated information about chromosomal abnormalities tests. Overall, I liked this app to begin with but I had to delete it because their articles have been triggering anxiety for me more than once now. I wish the app developer would include content warnings before you click on the articles.

- I love this app 👍🏻

From the moment I downloaded it to now I was 8 weeks pregnant when I downloaded it and now I’m 23 weeks pregnant I love how it gives you a lot of information some I already knew because this isn’t my first time expecting a baby but for my first I didn’t have a pregnancy app and didn’t know as much as I do now I love how it shows you pictures of how you baby looks each week how you can put your own pictures and how it tracks everything from appointments to babies hight weight how it will look this week the changes you can choose baby names just about everything you need 😁👍🏻

- Great pregnancy tracking app

It’s the best pregnancy related app I’ve downloaded. I love everything about it. There’s lots of useful information and tips. You can track your baby’s development and overall growth. The only complaint I have is you have to pay for certain features, I never paid of anything in the app and it’s still the best app I’ve used. I’m sure if someone did buy the other features offered in the app it would be even better. I would recommend this app to anyone tracking their pregnancy, and I will definitely be using it again when I get pregnant in the future.

- Nice idea but

Ive found that while the look and convenience of this app makes me want to like it, I just cant love it. Theres discrepancies on the babies size and weight. It will say one thing in one place and something different in another. The other thing is there isn't much variety in the articles. It might be great for first time moms but this is my third and we’re having a home birth so not much really applies to me personally. The only thing I've found that’s unique to this app is the 3d view. It does have a way to input appointments and your weight, etc. but I've found other apps that do the same thing with some better features. Id just recommend adding more to this and making it better for a wider range of people.

- Best one out of five apps

I’ve tried about five pregnancy apps. This one is by far the best. My husband and I love the 3D model! There’s also an option to check to see what your ultrasound would look similar to based on how far you are. This is just like the Ovia app but also has a 3D model. Symptoms are the tiniest bit easier to track on ovia, but after 8 weeks I stopped tracking which made this app my priority and perfect tracker. It can also track the symptoms, your appointments, and tasks. There’s many informational articles as well to read.

- Love Love Love!

I highly recommend this app! I have 5 different ones, including this, and Pregnancy + is my absolute favorite hands down! It’s incredibly user friendly, it’s simple but still full over everything you could possibly need. It has wonderful to do lists, checklists, and tasks to keep you on track. Not to mention a nice contraction timer and kick counter! I just can not say enough good things about this. The absolute best part is the beautiful, breathtaking, pictures! Holy cow. My husband couldn’t stop grinning when I showed him- it helped him feel more like a part of the pregnancy process.

- Excellent!!

This is my second pregnancy and I’m scheduled to be induced tomorrow at 39 weeks. I used this app religiously almost every day throughout this entire pregnancy. I looked forward to seeing my “virtual baby” grow week by week and reading all the the information about his wellbeing and growth. My little 4 year old daughter fell in love with the virtual baby! She loved touching the screen to make him move around and make baby expressions in the “womb.” This app was very helpful and extremely fun to have on hand. I would recommend this app for anyone going through pregnancy whether it’s your first or 4th! Great app!!

- Would have gave better rating!

So, so far this has been the best pregnancy app that ive been using. I LOVED it UNTIL I purchased the upgrade to get the kicker and contractions!! First off I don’t do military time and there is no option to change it as far as I can find. Second... and the biggest problem with this app for me is that every time I go to log a contraction, pressing start keeps deleting all my contraction history 😡 what’s the point of keeping track of it if it keeping only giving you an option to delete when pressing start! Last one.. I hate that the app keeps saying I’m a week ahead even when I changed the setting to current. Other then those 3 things important thing, I really like the app. But Unfortunately LOVED turned into LIKE.

- Awesome app

Missing my wife’s pregnancy due to the Military was rough, but I truly feel like this app helped ease my mind. It’s very easy to use and tracks the entire pregnancy. Whenever I wondered how big my son was or had questions about the pregnancy this app literally had all the answers. It’s a great way to stay connected with your spouse for the entirety of your pregnancy whether you’re geographically separated or together. Also it won’t let you forget what week you’re on so I was always on the ball when it came to sending my wife a nice text or call every week of progress.

- Please add more ethnicities for baby options!

I really enjoy this app and it gives me a lot of important information. The only thing I wish they would update are the baby options. There are currently 5. None of them represent a Hispanic ethnicity. The last option seems to be good until the baby starts getting older I am barely 22 weeks and the baby has more Indian features. Please update. One of the reasons pregnant women want to have the app is to have some type of comfort to see “what baby looks like” and it feels very impersonal when your baby looks indian and you are mexican. Thanks

- Nice app

I enjoyed this app. The videos were cute and the home screen is flattering. Simple & functional. It was my go to. It did only go up to like week 14 && then you have to pay a fee to continue & enjoy it. I didn’t do it though because I had another baby app what to expect when expecting and it’s free all the way. I do think this app was easier & majority of the time my go to. The other one offers more info though as well as articles, versus this one had the cute baby pics every week that stood out and the layout was much easier to navigate. But I did thoroughly enjoy this one and would recommend it to everyone.

- Great app, one update requested

We love the app! The information is great and it’s so nice that it lets you log so many important things such as appointments, your weight and birth plan notes. We would love to recommend it to our friends, but we’d like one option added. When a man signs up to follow along with the development of his baby, he should have the option of logging in as a spouse and being greeted as a “husband” not just a “partner”. Those of us who are married and awaiting the birth of their baby would very much appreciate this option. Thank you in advance!

- Cant add a new pregnancy

I was excited when this app popped up because I used it with my first pregnancy with my son, and couldn’t wait to use it again. When I logged in, it kept saying my due date was out of bounds (because my son was born in 2018). When I tried to change the information to have a new due date, the app said that I would have to create a new Phillips account. So I tried to do that, only to be told that 2 accounts with the same email can’t exist. I do not have and do not want a second email. I’ve used several apps for both pregnancies so far and all of the other ones let me add a new pregnancy to an existing account. I’m not sure why this app thinks that you can only have one child, but it’s extremely disappointing.

- I Love This App, But The New Update...

I love this app. I check it every single day. It’s loaded with useful information, tips & tricks. I loveee the graphics on the estimated size , weight, appearance of the baby and how the app tells you what’s happening with the baby this week. BUT !!! After I recently updated it on June 28, 2020 , I can’t even open the app it just crashes every time and it makes me so upset. I don’t want to delete and re download the app because I have a lot of things already saved on there. Please fix this !

- Waste of time

Sorry, but this app is pointless past 14 weeks. I'm 29 weeks and just downloaded it, only to find that I can't even read the weekly pregnancy updates (after 14 weeks) without paying to upgrade. I understand having paid features, but they're going about it the wrong way. The weekly updates are the main reason people seek out these types of apps, and should not be what we have to pay for. Some better options would be a less detailed weekly update with the free version, or full weekly updates for free with extra articles/features when the app is upgraded. But I'm not paying for the main feature of the app when there are at least 10 other apps I can get that offer *everything* for free. I'll stick with the other apps.

- Dates not accurate

I enjoy this app because it’s good, and the due dates the same as what my doctor said, however it says I’m 6 weeks along when my doctor says I’m five weeks. That’s confusing and you should fix that because I trust my doctor more than I do this. And I figured most other expecting moms would like ACCURATE weekly timeframes. I also counted the weeks between my last period to now, and I am exactly five weeks and five days. Not six weeks and five days. Like I said this is a neat app and it does teach me a lot about my babies development, but it’s a week off and that just bugs me. Please fix this, thank you.

- Favorite app

Love this app, it made me feel connected to my baby on a level no other app provided. I am big on information about my pregnancy and baby so I enjoy the daily articles and updates. I love how the app allows you to customize the baby, the sound effects, weekly visual baby updates are so cool to see. I love the animated baby. I use this app along with two others, because I’m obsessed with baby info these days, and I can honestly say this one is my favorite. So glad I stumbled across it. I’ve been recommending it to my new expecting friends.

- I love this app but am not happy

The app kicked me off. I am not able to log back in. I have all my information saved on it like baby data and names. I’ve tried many many times to log back in and it says I don’t have an account or the password is wrong when I know for a fact what my log in info is. I wrote it down and put it in my photos by taking a screen shot of the email and password when I made them. I even tried to reset my password but nothing worked. This has really upset me. This app is very useful the images are wonderful and details are great. The options it gives help you feel more organized and prepared. Which I feel like I e lost all this when I put trust in the app and it’s now gone. :(

TransferWise 💸

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- Best App but needs fixes

First time mum here. This has been by far the best app on the market! Love watching the development and advice it gives. Lots of other mums to be use the same app and love it. However we experience the same issue. If I don’t open the app for more than 2 days it will crash when I try opening it. I try updating (if there’s an update) I update my phone... the only thing that works for us is by turning the phone completely off and back on.... so I’ve stopped using the app as much as it becomes so annoying to keep turning it off. I’m hoping one of these updates will eventually sort itself out! Still would recommend for the first trimester.

- Good app for taking you through your pregnancy

I really enjoy using this app! The daily updates on your baby and body are really useful and a quick way to keep track of what’s going on. Using the app alongside your trusted baby book is super helpful in staying informed by the app gives you the contemporaneous and visual update that I found really helpful! One thing that is a bit annoying is when you’re in the kick counter but leave the app - you get an annoying little message to remind you to you’re in a kicksession, and even when you’ve left the kick session page, go to another app, then return, you get the message and it goes back to the main page. Would be less annoying if app would just stay on the kick count page. Babies don’t kick quickly - sometimes it takes longer and users want to go to other apps on their phone. Would be more user friendly if app would stay on kick counter.

- Love the app but needs fixes

I’ve been loving this app as a first time mum. I feel like I have a baby book, pregnancy planner, 3D ultrasound and more all in the palm of my hand. Recently however, my app has not been updating how far along I am. It is telling me I’m 14 weeks along but keep showing me the 13 week baby. It won’t even update after I fully close and restart the app. Not a huge problem but just thought I’d point it out. Still love the app and will continue to use it everyday. Just a suggestion, please add a section of foods I can’t eat and things I shouldn’t be doing (Eg: changing cat litter) It would be fantastic to have a full list of no-no’s instead of having to google things all the time!

- Beautiful and informative

I love this app. Not only is the imagery beautiful and detailed, it’s gives wonderful advice and what to expect week by week. I love logging on each morning and seeing what article is up to read and seeing the real time growth of my baby. I had a miscarriage last year and even though having to set the pregnancy loss setting on the app was important for me to do, the app handled the situation with care and compassion. It was most appreciated. Looking forward to the months ahead as I track the progress of our little one.

- Put the starter page design back please!

Great app but a recent update has changed the home page design and I think it’s much worse. You used to get a full clear picture of the stage of the baby and now it has a permanent banner over the bottom half which is ugly and unnecessary. Also the part that tells you which day you’re on (in numbers not weeks) has gone, which is annoying if you want to use it to reference any of the other parts of the app which refer to numeric pregnancy days, like when it tells you which days are in which month. Please, could you put this back?

- Resourceful but doesn’t adequately acknowledge female partners/single mum circumstances

A resourceful app and very helpful in providing information along the way, but it in this day and age it does not adequately account for the different circumstances and partnerships that pregnant women have. In some articles and particularly the timeline section, it reads “Dad” or assumes a male partner. There are many single mums out there who don’t have a partner or a “Dad” to “feel the kicks of the baby”. There are also many female couples out there who are conceiving through means such as IVF. Simply by changing the wording throughout your app, you can make more pregnant women, and/or their female partners (if they have a partner) feel included and acknowledged.

- Problems reading articles

I used this app in a previous pregnancy and didn’t hesitate to use it again for this one. I honestly love everything about this app. However, this time around whenever I try to click on an article, it starts off well but within seconds the page shifts and a few words are cut off on the right hand side. My husband sent in a notification of this way back at the beginning on my pregnancy, I’m not just weeks from the end and it’s still not resolved, despite them saying it will be. I still use this app daily as I do love it, I just don’t read the articles, which often have good information.

- Best app

I 100% love this app but occasionally have problems with it not wanting to load. It comes up saying it can’t connect to the internet even if I’m 100% connected and everything else works on internet fine. Would still recommend it I love how I can add photos and add notes. And love love the interactive weekly growing baby video that comes up with things that the baby is growing/ developing in that week. If I could put in a suggestion for anything it would be to be able to add in the measurements that the dr gives me for the baby from scans when I have them.

- Wonderful app for pregnancy and pregnancy loss

This app is great. It was my first pregnancy and I unfortunately lost the baby. I reported the miscarriage in the app and it came up with a very kind message. Now when I open it, the home screen shows so much information about miscarriages/still births etc and how to deal with that emotionally. I think that is so wonderful and I’ve found great strength from reading the articles they’ve made available. Thank you for including this in the app - I am very grateful.

- Eases the nerves

I’ve used this for all of my pregnancies, and will continue to use it for more :) super easy to use, all relevant tips and advice, interactive and makes this journey that little bit more magical. It helps with planning from your appointments to what you may need for you hospital bag to even names! I love waiting for each week to tick around to see what what development my baby and body will be going through - also love the size comparison to fruits/sweets and even animals. Totally recommend.

- Handy, conforms to more traditional circumstances though.

First time mum here, 18 weeks in and sadly I’m forced to do this all alone. The app itself has helped me understand a lot that’s going on in my body and is useful for explaining some of the weirder parts of pregnancy. It’s just frustrating to continuously read ‘partner’ in the information. Or have it tell you to discuss these things with your partner etc. it would be great if it could tailor the specifics to each individual in their profile so structure the app in a way that personalises it a bit more for all of us single mothers, widows and lgbtq+ partnerships.

- Absolutely Amazing App.

Being my first pregnancy it has been so scary not having knowledge on much things regarding pregnancy. This app has helped me get through my pregnancy day by day and I have gained so much knowledge that I didn’t even know existed or mattered. It’s definitely the best app you could use. Daily updates and articles. Weekly updates on how and what baby is doing!! Pictures and so much more useful things all in one. The education is free and never ending I love it! :)

- Okay but needs work

The app itself is a good idea; but it’s hard to navigate. There is a blurb written about which week of pregnancy you’re in, but it’s only half visible - when you click it to see the rest it takes you to a different screen. Was willing to upgrade the app if that’s what I needed to do to see more information and use the app more efficiently; but I couldn’t see that option either. All other things associated are difficult too. Probably wouldn’t bother again to be honest - sorry!

- Latest update has ruined this great app

As a first time mum, this app was my go to but it was recently updated and has had nothing but bugs. It freezes constantly, and is nowhere near as appealing to look at. You used to be able to see all details with a pretty background now you scroll like fb it’s tried to copy the BabyCentre app I think I asked for a refund or backdate but no. No good now. Sad as I now need to find a new go to.

- Love it!

This is my second pregnancy and second time I use this app. I purchased it only once I just had to log in and I had all the info plus the updated version. I reached out to ask about where to find a section and the response was super quick and clear. I wish more apps where like this. Anyway I highly recommend it.

- Great app

I used it for free til the second trimester and then bought the full version. It’s got lots of good features and information. The timeline is really helpful. Though I do feel as though some of the articles seem to repeat themselves and get boring, and some of the articles are not relevant for the stage of pregnancy you’re at. I think a good added feature would be a community chat or something similar. Being able to comment on blogs or answer questions would be good.

- Love this app

It’s a beautiful app full of information and makes me feel even closer to my baby ❤️ Only issue I have is that I didn’t think you’d have to pay for premium on an app you already have to pay for 🙄 Nonetheless the information you get without the premium is so informative and interesting.

- The Best!!

I love this app! i’m a first time young teen mumma and this is by far the best. I love seeing the development of my baby!! Improvements? maybe you guys can update your app for us to be able to search articles we have already read, or more articles that would be really convenient other then that stay amazing y’all!! xx

- So reassuring

I’m using the app for the second time now as it was so reassuring for me during my first pregnancy! I downloaded a few various types and continued to come back to this one! The information provided is so educational and true, the pictures of the baby growth throughout the pregnancy is amazing too! Absolutely loved it and now using it a second time round :)

- Love this app so much but I wish there were LGBT options.

I’m a trans man who is pregnant, so the only thing I can say negatively would be that it would be cool if there an option other than “mother” or an option for gender neutral language. I obviously know that isn’t always an option but still I thought I’d suggest it. Great app! Thanks!

- I loved this app but not sure of new update

I used this app for all 3 of my children during pregnancy and timing contractions i loved this app the “week ___ of your pregnancy” needs to be changed back to the way it was the new version or update has made this app all over the place and hard to navigate.

- Second baby!

I’ve used this app through my first pregnancy, a miscarriage and now a third pregnancy. My husband has the app too! I love all the features and the daily updates as well as the weekly updates, the timeline provides a great overview too! I really recommend this app and take the time to go through all of the features :)

- Great app 🎉

As my due dates got closer i always referred back to pregnancy+ app to have a fair idea of daily changes of baby’s development, body and growth. Tips provided were on point 👍and weekly notes provided helped me feel relaxed and always excited for coming weeks new info.. Love this app, now downloading app 4 next stage 💐🎉

- Useful app

I found this app really useful for first time pregnancy. It helps me keep track of the weeks, provide some tips and ideas as to what’s to come and I loved being able to know what to expect week by week. Articles were great and useful also.

- Horrid update

The new update is horrid. It asks us to sign up with philips and when I do it won’t accept the verification number emailed to me. So I’ve deleted the app. Disappointed. -update. Changed my review to 1 star as I thought I would try to rectify the issue and make a new password etc. still won’t work. Can’t be bothered dealing with the customer service team as you seem to be having quite a few bad reviews from this new merge with Phillips. You should have left things how they were. Very disappointed.

- My daughter and daughter inlaw are both due for girls

This app is number one I’m a mother of 5 and never knew what I thought I knew until I downloaded this app it’s amazing thanks so much for making this app it’s extremely informative, about to be a grandmother to now three gorgeous babies zakariya and now soumaya and amirah very exciting time in life..

- Great App. Size discrepancy.

Really enjoying this app, I have 4 different pregnancy apps downloaded and this one is my go to. Unfortunately today I realized that there is a discrepancy in the size of the baby at 12 weeks on this app. The baby at the top of the app says 7.4cm but when you scroll down to where it says ‘my baby’ it shows the baby is 5.4 cm Which is quite confusing.

- New dad of twin boys

I have found that as a first time dad that this app is very helpful for me to see what’s happening! My only gripe is that we are having twin boys and there is not much information on it about twin pregnancies! I understand that the data hasn’t been collected yet and it’s a work in progress and that’s fine! It still has a lot of valuable information for me to read up on! 👍👍

- Helpful and easy to use!!

Have loved using this app throughout my pregnancy. I have my husband linked to my account too, so he is able to keep up to date with development of bub and also little tips for him too. It’s easy to navigate on and really great relevant information on hand. Love it!!

- Not a free app

I really liked this app and found it helpful seeing as in pregnant for the first time but am disappointed to find that once you reach week 15 in your pregnancy the app doesn’t allow you to see anything further unless you pay $5.99 to upgrade. Do not get this app if you’re looking for a free app! I wish I had known before I went ahead & started using it. But if you don’t mind paying then go for it, I really liked it and ended up paying anyway.

- Not worth it

I used this app with my first pregnancy 2 years ago, and had full access for free the whole way though. Now once you hit 14 weeks you have to pay to get access to most of the app. I’ve been very disappointed with it for my 2nd pregnancy and in all honesty have turned to other apps that offer more info. I’ve deleted it from my phone and recommend looking into other apps that offer more for free, before purchasing this one.

- First time mum

This is the best app I can find I love getting to watch baby grow every week and learning about what’s growing and developing every week. The tips and information from the blogs have really helped me as well. To whoever made this app I’m am highly appreciative.

- Amazing app but keeps crashing

This app is everything I could need for my first pregnancy, can’t recommend it enough, it does keep crashing/unable to open without switching phone off and on. Hopefully they fix the issue soon!

- Love this app

I love this app, I used this with my first baby and now using it for my second. Love the updates and information that are always helpful, great that I can keep track of my pregnancy and to save my appointments as we know baby brain is painful. Keep up the great work. Thanks for the best app ever.... 🥰 x

- Very informative

I used this app all throughout my first pregnancy and using it again for my second. There’s more and more of useful, positive information that can help you navigate all stages of pregnancy. Highly recommended

- Love it

My first pregnancy and I love this app, let’s you know everything, how big your baby is etc. Only down side I can’t use it anymore I just updated the app and I go into it and it just glitches and doesn’t open at all anymore so I’m not sure what’s going on, I’m very disappointed as I’m still in my pregnancy and now I won’t know anything unless I google it which I didn’t want to.

- This app has everything!

The clearest and simplest app to use for everything ‘baby’ related. I only upgraded to premium recently to track kicks and even that is super simple and practical! Every first time mum needs this app!

- Wrong dates shown 🙄

Look this app is great but I’m almost 9 weeks and when I put my due date in it literally comes up with 6 week 5 days, I’m not 6 weeks 5 days, I’m 8 weeks 3 days, I’m just going to continue to use Flo as at least that shows the right dates. Thought the pregnancy + app would be better than this

- First time mum

It’s such a great app as a first time mum. Love all the features it provides, including articles for partners but also the little in-depth details of what’s going on each week. Fantastic app!! Thank you for providing some peace of mind for a first time mum going through this great experience.

- Really great App

I was first time mum when I used this app. I will definitely use it during my second pregnancy. This app was my friend throughout my journey . It informed me about every stage of my pregnancy and make me well prepared for delivery. Highly recommended.

- Helpful and Supportive

Being a midwife, I am often a source of information and answers to my pregnant women. Being pregnant myself with my second, I have used this app for both pregnancies and find it if great assistance. It is full of evidence based information, is user friendly and very sensitive to the complexities and finer aspects of pregnancy.

- Best pregnancy app by a mile

I don’t know how you manage to provide this for free but I for 1 am glad you do :) so much useful information that is easy to understand. If I could rate this 10 out if 10 I would. Highly recommend checking it out :)

- New update and now can’t access

So much for bug fix, new update won’t let me login at all, and even after deciding to just create a new login still doesn’t work - just keeps going to blank page. I’m 32 weeks now have used this app for my previous pregnancy as it was amazing. Keep working on your bug fixes because I can’t even access the app now!

- Love this app

I check the app every single day and it has helped build excitement for my pregnancy. I love showing my husband the information articles and watching the 3D baby growing. Thank you for providing this for free!!

- Love this, very informative

First time pregnancy and chose this app. Glad I did. It’s free and very informative seeing how the baby is growing and comparing the size of him to fruit or an animal is a great idea! There’s also space to write diary entries and doctor appointments and somewhere to keep the scans and photos etc

- This app held my hand

I had no idea what to expect with my first pregnancy. This app really guided me step by step and I’m very grateful for this. The more accurate information the better. It was nice reading this app and seeing that the symptoms I was experiencing were normal. Highly recommend.

- Love it

Such a helpful app. My husband and I read through all the progress and tips every week. It really helping us through our first pregnancy and have started using it again for our second pregnancy! No other app compares

- Amazing!

Such an amazing app, would 100% recommend this app to anyone There’s so much information that the app provides not only about baby daily and weekly and what to expect with your body. Loved this app

- Living in the past

The app is helpful and features are good, but after the latest update my day count is a day behind which is really annoying. There’s no way to manually change that either.

- Amazing app!

Loved this app as a new mum reading all the articles and body and baby updates each week really helped and guided me through my pregnancy knowing that everything that was happening to me was normal and I wasn’t alone. Highly recommend! :)

Payoneer 💰

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- Must have!

2.79$ only a couple months ago when i found out i was pregant and it’s honestly so much worth! I go on it every single morning. This app is a must while expecting!

- Fabulous!

Amazing app. Full of information, photos :-) really helped to enjoy this amazing time!

- No Network connections

Since the last update i dont have access to any feed and got a message about no network connections found

- Problème

Mon appli n'a pas changé le temps que je suis rendu aujourd'hui, la date en haut a changé mais je suis toujours a 15,6 semaines alors que je suis rendu à 16 semaines. Que faire??

- L'évolution +++

Super application !

- Informative and keeps all my data in one place

Love this app. I used it for both of my pregnancies and love how it stores all my data in one place. I mainly use it to keep track of my weight changes and appointments. I do miss the diary/journal feature though as I wrote down my thoughts and symptoms with my last pregnancy. I also want to praise their customer service team (esp Vera). At one point my app seemed to have updated and my data was all lost. The team was able to restore it for me! They responded quickly and were very professional and friendly. Thank you!

- Mise à jour

Super appli avant qu’ils ne changent la version. Quand ils l’on changer, j’ai tout perdu mes renseignements que j’avais dessus même en me reconnectant. (Rdv, compteurs de coup/contractions, poids, listes etc..)

- No longer working after update

So my app won’t even open now or work because after it updated because it keeps saying my privacy settings are preventing the app from accessing Face ID but when I go into settings I see nothing to rectify the problem as their is no Face ID option for the app it makes no sense at all I don’t see the point in keeping the app if it’s not going to work sad because I loved it before this

- Application utile

J’adore suivre ma grossesse via cette application. Tout y est ! Par contre depuis la dernière mise à jour on ne nous dit plus combien de semaine il nous reste avant la date d’accouchement prévue. Je trouve ça dommage j’aimais bien avoir cette information, maintenant je dois compter moi même les semaines qu’il me reste.

- I really don’t recommend this app

Horrible, disappointing and negative app that I dont recommend to no mother or expecting mom! The articles are all about miscarriages, premature babies, and horrible things that no futur mom want to hear. There is of course many things that can happen, but this app is truly negative and put too much emphasis on the negative sides or process and pregnancy:(( i wrote an email to the app. I am about to delete now!

- Better before the upgrade

It was better before the last upgrade. Now I cannot see how many weeks there are still left. Information about the baby is very short and too basic. Nothing interesting. Not personalized at all. There are no interesting articles. Just nice interface and not much publicity. The pictures of the fruits and animals comparing baby's size are not cute. Better if they were not real but drawings instead. Overall not bad app, but they should do it better. The other apps are much worse though.

- Terrible

This isn’t even accurate on anything pregnancy center is way better or the what to expect

- Bug

Bonjour, J’adore l’application mais depuis la dernier mise a jour elle ne s’ouvre plus ! Merci pour votre aide

- Inaccurate

This app is not showing correct week number when delivery date is same on my and my spouse’s phone

- Showing Wrong information

This app is showing wrong number of weeks on my and my spouse’s phone as delivery date is same.

- Favourite Pregnancy App

I’m mid-way through my first pregnancy and have 3 pregnancy apps that I check almost daily. Pregnancy+ has the best daily articles that are informative and comforting while being easy to read and don’t take more than 5 minutes to get through. It shows the best 3D 360 degree visual of your baby at every week with some key highlights. It includes a countdown and a weekly 2D and 3D ultrasound scan to reference, which is helpful if you’re not doing frequent scans of your own, and to give comfort to reference yours with what the average looks like at your stage. I only wish they had the fun feature tracking what your baby is as big as in comparison. I get that from my other apps and it’s exciting to see what your baby is as big as week after week which helps explaining to others as you progress.

- Mise a jour

Depuis que j’ai fais la mise à jour, l’application ne s’ouvre plus! ☹️

- Absolutely must have while pregnant!

You can tell the developers put a lot of effort into creating this app. It’s very informative and has a great layout , along with plenty of extras! The options on the app are endless. Very well done! Highly recommend.

- Love the information

Super helpful, awesome insights!

- Popaul

Très bonne app pour suivre votre grossesse autent maman que le papa

- Induction Date

Great app! I think it should have an option for if you’re being induced early though so it can properly count down the time to that without messing with your actual due date.

- Keeps crashing

I’m contractions counter right now and screen just freezes after Face ID. Came to update. Didn’t fox the issue.

- All data lost

Very unhappy. I loved the app and decided to use it for all my follow ups, weight gain, baby names, appointments … Today the app decided to log me out and delete all my data. Everything is lost. When I log in, I’m welcomed as a new member. Very frustrating. What a waste.

- Loved it until …

Love the app it was perfect for me until latest update and this mama lost Everything I mean EVERYTHING I put here for safekeeping now I have an appointment tomorrow don’t know what time day after as well I am soooo mad !

- The app LOST all my bumpy photos 😭

They updated the app and I lost all my bumpy photos. Did nothing for it to happen, I thought they were safe there but you can loose everything, be sure to at least download everything if you use it 🥺

- Little issue

I can’t open the app ! I am fallowing my pregnancy since day 1 ! Im 19 Weeks today and I really enjoyed fallowing every steps of my pregnancy not sure why this isn't working anymore :(

- Crashing

Just did the latest update and now it crashes everytime I try and open it.

- Must have

This App is amazing! It will lead you through out the pregnancy with great useful information.

- App often won’t open

There’s a recent bug with the app. It won’t open most of the time. I’m disappointed since I’m nearing the end of my pregnancy and won’t be able to use the features I paid for and access my data.

- Notes

Je suis vraiment déçue! Depuis la dernière mise à jour, j’ai perdu toutes les notes que j’ai prise semaine par semaine dans la section note située en dessous des informations sur le bébé, sur la maman et des astuces pour le père. La mise à jour à tout changé, cependant, toutes mes autres informations sont encore présentes. Pourquoi mes notes ne sont-elles plus là? J’ai utilisé l’application durant 9 mois et sans problème, mais là je suis complètement triste et déçue.

- Liked it, but…

I’m not sure if I can keep the old data from my first pregnancy and have a new one. I’m not even sure how I would start a new tracker even if it did erase the old data. I’d like the keep the old data if possible. If not, I’m not sure if I’d try a new app or a new login

- :(

J’ai acheter le premium, mais ne fonctionne pas. Il me demande toujours de débloquer la fonctionnalité:(

- Problème fonctionnalité Mon Poids

Il y a un bug dans la section poids. Les données entrées les mois 6 et 7 apparaissent tous dans la colonne M6 du graphique. Il n’y a aucune bande dans le M7.

- Meilleur application au monde pour la grossesse

Parfait de A à Z. Belle interface et pratique en plus il y a tout dedans regrouper ❤️❤️❤️

- Inaccurate information

I love the intent and idea behind this app… unfortunately a lot of the information is incredibly inaccurate. For example the app tells me at 21-23 weeks that my baby is 11-12 inches. My ultrasound at 22 weeks was 15 centimetres (under 6 inches). Which the technician and OB assured me is normal.

- Need to keep restarting app

Great app! Very informative. I bought the premium version, however sometimes it doesn’t register that I have bought the premium version so I have to keep on restarting the app.

- mise a jour

la nouvelle mise a jour est vraiment laide. je pense désinstallé… jaimais vraiment laspect quand on ouvrait l’application avant… maintenant ce n’est plus aussi beau

- Cétait parfait avant la dernière mise à jour ..

Lapplication est géniale et tellement pertinente dans son ensemble, jusqu'au moment où vient le temps d'ouvrir l'appli pour compter nos contractions...... avant la dernière mise à jour, ça ne buggait jamais, mais là ça ne finit plus d'ouvrir ... L'appli prend un temps fou à ouvrir, une fois ouverte elle charge et charge et charge pour finalement pouvoir accéder à l'option du calculateur des contractions. Il ne faut surtout pas avoir le malheur de sortir de l'appli entre chaque contraction meme si au debut elles peuvent etre espacées de plusieurs minutes, car on recommence touuuuut le processus d'attente de téléchargement de l'appli. Pour ma part, c'est mon 3e bebe donc je sais a quoi m'attendre, mais je n'imagine pas une maman d'un premier bebe qui stress car elle ne peut pas calculer adéquatement ses contractions, tout devient débalancé... Bref, appli 10/10 pour toute la grossesse et appli 2/10 pour le calcul des contractions vu tout le temps inutile qu'on perd juste à se rendre à cette option dans l'appli. Merci,

- Most recent update

After I updated the app it made the Fay for how far along I am go back a day and has made the app more confusing in my opinion. I really loved it before the last update but it kinda messed up my info and now I can’t figure out how to fix it:/

- ❤️❤️

Always loved this app, I have used it for all of my pregnancies.(5) 3 healthy babies in this world and one on the way. And has continued after birth with postpartum and child development. Thanks pregnancy++❤️

- Love it!

I’ve used this app for every single pregnancy and I absolutely love it! My favourite go to and then the Baby+ app for afterwards

- Liked it before the update.

The update looks bad, doesn’t tell me how many days pregnant i am anymore or anything…i miss the way it used to look…bring it back

- Latest update

They’re latest update keeps crashing the app. It won’t open for me.

- Needs improvement

Was great... until last update. There's a lot of different bugs on the app and it's impossible to read the text on the first page (right after the number of weeks). You can only read the preview. Hope the next update will be better!

- Problème avec le changement de semaine

Depuis la mise à jour, mes semaines ne changent plus à la bonne date, mais bien une journée plus tard. C’est déplaisant considérant que l’application est sensée agir comme carnet de grossesse. Comment remédier à ce problème?

- What about baby #2?

Loved this app for my first pregnancy. But it won’t let you add a second pregnancy! I guess I can just delete it and start over but I like seeing where my measurements were the first time and being able to compare so I don’t want to lose that.

- La nouvelle version

La nouvelle version n’est pas intéressante, malgré la garantie de garder mes données intactes tout a été effacé à cause de se fichus compte Philips. Après la mise à jour obligatoire j’ai essayé de me connecter avec mon compte e-mail dans lequel il contient tout mes données. J’ai réussi mais on me dit de l’actualiser avec Philips en l’associant avec un autre e-mail me garantissant que je n’allais perdre aucun de mes données, mais finalement tout mes données ont disparu. Je suis déçu car c’était la seule application en qui je faisais réellement confiance. Maintenant que j’ai tout perdu comment est ce que je fais pour le suivie du reste de ma grossesse?

- Love it, but...

I love this app! You don't have to pay for anything (there is pro for just under $3 but it's still great if you don't get pro), but I realized that the "months" section is inaccurate. I'm only 17 weeks, but it says I'm 4 months along since about 14 weeks. Everything is great except for that.

- Misinformation

Why is it showing my baby is 10 inches in size at 19 weeks but lots of other websites show the baby is 6 inches at 19 weeks? Can I trust this app is up to date and provide me with correct information?? I’m not sure anymore...

- Comparable to other apps when it works

Suddenly asks me to sign in to a Phillips account before I can continue use it, but the sign in page doesn’t work. Very unaccountable.

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Pregnancy + | Tracker App 5.23.1 Screenshots & Images

Pregnancy + | Tracker App iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Pregnancy + | Tracker App iphone images
Pregnancy + | Tracker App iphone images
Pregnancy + | Tracker App iphone images
Pregnancy + | Tracker App iphone images
Pregnancy + | Tracker App iphone images
Pregnancy + | Tracker App Medical application iphone screenshots and images not ready...

Pregnancy + | Tracker App (Version 5.23.1) Install & Download

The applications Pregnancy + | Tracker App was published in the category Medical on 2012-04-05 and was developed by Philips Digital UK Limited [Developer ID: 505862557]. This application file size is 217.37 MB. Pregnancy + | Tracker App - Medical app posted on 2022-10-13 current version is 5.23.1 and works well on IOS 13.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.HP.PregnancyiPhonelite