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Professional-quality remixing app: Create your own mashups and remixes. Experiment with your favorite music, and discover combinations that sound perfect together.

Developed by the award-winning Mixed In Key team with 100,000+ fans on Facebook. With iMashup, you can mix any *TWO SONGS* in your music collection to make a perfect mashup.

iMashup lets you:
* Use music from your iPhone or iPad
* Beatmatch everything together using a pro DJ algorithm
* Make 100% harmonic mashups with no key clashes
* Create loops
* Copy and paste segments of a song
* Adjust the loudness of melodies, hihats and basslines in your songs
* Split the song into segments and move them around
* Sync with iTunes to export high-quality WAV files
* Save your results to Dropbox, or just email the saved mashup to yourself

Works on:
* iPhone 4S and later
* iPod Touch (latest generation)
* All iPads except iPad 1.

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iMashup App Description & Overview

The applications iMashup was published in the category Music on 2012-11-01 and was developed by Mixed In Key. The file size is 28.05 MB. The current version is 4.1 and works well on 9.1 and high ios versions.

Thanks for using iMashup! This update fixes a few bugs people have reported, as well as adding support for iOS 11. Fixes include:

- Fixed a crash when deleting a track
- Overhauled and improved the projects management screen
- Improved handling of export errors due to low space
- Better UI layout in several places

Thanks for all your feedback and reviews, and please keep enjoying iMashup!

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iMashup Reviews


$4 wasted  Middle-earthen  1 star

So I had just gotten the app & oped it up, when I find out that I can’t use any music from my iPad. So in short I have just wasted $4 and I feel like an idiot for it.


Copyright problems  RblxToney  1 star

I can’t seem to get any song to work from the Apple Music app, even non-copyrighted music won’t work, I don’t know if this is just a recent thing but the app doesn’t allow me to add any music, if you can please add back the ability to mix songs


Are there any songs that can be used?  Techstar25  1 star

It cannot load your personally created mp3 files from dropbox or google drive and yet it cant load songs from your itunes library due to copyright restrictions. Im not sure what songs you can actually use.


Can’t use any music in my iTunes library  Wrathe73  1 star

Every song I bought from iTunes I am not allowed to use in this app... what is the purpose of the app if I can’t mix my paid for music in it???


used to be able to use it for months now i can’t.  Arianator3942  1 star

This was the only app that worked for me when it came to mash ups. It was perfect for someone like me who never made mash ups before, especially since it told me which ones sounded good together ( though there were a few times it was way wrong). I took a break from music editing for a few months and deleted it so it wouldn’t take up space a few days ago i redownloaded it intending to make a new edit only to find pretty much all songs i clicked wouldn’t play due to copyright. Hoping apple will refund even though i’ve had it a while


1  r44real  5 star



Needs new features  phastphood88  2 star

Like decide what key to use change the key import audio bus or another come on please


TERRIBLE  NoraRex  1 star

This app is super complicated to use. I was able to get my music in there just fine no problem. However, I am trying to cut music so only 45 sec plays and it won’t let me do that! Why is that so hard to do?! I would definitely like a refund. I read all of the bad reviews but thought maybe I would have better luck. I was wrong! I DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY


Can’t place copy written songs in app to splice  Ericvarela  1 star

Terrible app


Waste of money  fancypansy11  1 star

Literally every song in my Apple Music library is copy protected and can’t be loaded into the app, making it totally useless. Refund please!

Ladder logic

Bongo  Ladder logic  5 star

Works well, lots of fun.


New update flawed  Jedwards08  3 star

The new features are great but it crashes so Much on my phone


Not a bad app to create quick mashups  Herbo27  4 star

Nice and easy to use. Would be great if you could use more than just 2 songs per project. If u could move segments of a synced track to any position on the timeline this would be the ultimate mash up machine! Still a very good user friendly app with quick results.

Revolution VII

Bad Playback Quality  Revolution VII  3 star

Great app apart from the sound quality of the playback it sounds like someone's put a massive bass booster on and it sounds terrible.


Great  Kim-mh90  4 star

Takes some getting used to but generally user friendly. Great starter tool


OMG BEST  Whytheworldissocruel  5 star

The BEST mashup ever worth ittttt! Very simple to use


good  Carolchinz  5 star



Crashes constantly  SAleks  1 star

Only worked once. Crashes constantly (on iPad 3) after loading song. Have tried all the usual including numerous re-installs but the App appears to be useless.


Really great app!  Bearbuzzy  5 star

imashup is a great app! I have only had it for a day so far and I've been mashing up my favourite songs. It's great how it actually SHOWS what songs can be mixed and what songs won't, and you can really do things that I would never have found possible on an app. To sum up, a fantastic app! It is certainly worth the money and it is great fun as well, all those considering, really, you should get it! 😉

JACKO mate!!!

Could be better  JACKO mate!!!  3 star

It is an okay app doesn't really mash up song unless you have a vocal and an instrumental.and I don't feel like spending heaps of money on songs just to make mashups.the app needs to be able to use songs from FREE music apps that way we don't spend so mush money on 1 app. Until the app has done this dont waste your money. Edjing dj turntable is a much better app


Once learned  juliewolffrum  5 star

Like it once learned how to do it


Pretty good  skier_4_ever_1402  3 star

I am just figuring out his app for the first time and I like the editing you can do, but I can't seem to mute the vocals and keep the instrumental on one song while doing the opposite for the other in order to create my mashup. Love being able to make mashups on my phone though! 🎶👍

Ray DiStephan

Mmm...  Ray DiStephan  3 star

The app seems great! But it is a little confusing to use. Also, at least make it so it can be saved to your camera roll!

Rasass 526

Good app, but needs more work  Rasass 526  3 star

The app "iMashup" has worked wonders for me in the past. That being that I can make awesome mashups and such, but the only complaint I currently can say is that there still (and for maybe like two years) hasn't been an update addressing the delete button in which you can delete your mashups if you didn't want them anymore or simply if they didn't go right. Another bug I came upon is that a song I put into the app has been all weird, by this I mean the song I put in started slow but sped up a lot at the end. Not sure why the app did that, but please fix some of these minor problems developers of the app (Mixed in Key) please.


Great app!  7cleanshot  5 star

Wish I could add more songs, but really useful and easy to use.


So confusing. Totally need a refund.  lopez_2015  1 star

It is such a weird set up and so confusing to use. I'd rather pay money for a software than ever recommend this app to anyone. Just my opinion.


Worst app ever I hate it  Awesomewishbonelover!!!  1 star

This is the worst app I've ever had I hate it I wouldn't recommend it to anybody don't get this!!!

Billiam with a wub

Love it how it works, but one thing that's not really a big deal...  Billiam with a wub  5 star

This app is perfect for when you're experimenting. But during the summers my family has a friend who owns a small record label and I can go dj at gigs because of this. A few awesome features would be to make a super fine adjustment with where you're cutting, make it so you can have more than just two songs on the screen, and last but not least, make it so when you cut one song and put it with the other song so you can put it on the same track.


Some improvements:  BriannaOvervold  3 star

It is a really nice app, but here's a few ways it could be improved: First, we need more cut lines for more precise cutting. Second, we should have the ability to change the pitch at certain points. Third, it'd be pretty neat if we could use our own downloaded videos. And finally, I would like to be able to speed up the song and then slow it down, rather then being stuck with one speed. These are just some thought, and thank you for your time and effort!


It would be good... If I could use it  THAAWESOMEIDIOT  2 star

This looks like a cool app, but whenever I pick a song it says it's copy protected and I can't use it.


wow.  husslad  5 star

this is honestly the best app for dj'ing ive ever bought. makes perfect mixes so easily that im gonna be putting on my soundcloud soon. thats why i rate it 5 stars.

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