B2B Trade App B2B Trade App [Business] App Description & Overview

The app is a leading wholesale mobile marketplace for global trade. Buy products from suppliers around the world, all from the convenience of your mobile device.

Buy & Pay with confidence
Alibaba Trade Assurance fully covers your purchases when suppliers do not meet the product quality and delivery schedule specified in the agreed contract.

Customized products
Suppliers have years of experience in customizing products, fulfilling the demands from sellers on Amazon, eBay, wish, etsy, mercari, lazada.

Easy sourcing
Browse millions of products from industry-wide categories. Post Request for Quotations (RFQs) and receive price quotes quickly.

Fast shipping
Alibaba partners with major freight forwarders to provide sea, air & land shipping solutions with on time delivery , tracking information and fair pricing.

Popular Categories covers a wide range of popular categories including hot and trending consumer products, also features industrial and raw materials categories

Product quality under control
Chose's Inspection Service, making sure orders meet the quality standards specified in your contract.

Discount & Promotions
Pick the best deals from factories offering discounts and promotions.

Stay in the loop
Buyers on the app can follow their favorite suppliers to stay up to date on new products and promotions.

Languages supported supports 16 popular languages and 140 more local currencies.

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Performance updates and upgrades, including: 1. Optimized login and registration process 2. Enhanced interactive guidance for short videos, refined RFQ form language 3. Improved Live broadcast preview 4. Automatically play "Just for You" video content with Wi-Fi B2B Trade App Comments & Reviews

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- Alibaba is the APP not the people you buy from

I see a lot of people 1 star-ing this app and it is NOT the apps fault on what supplier you buy from. The app is wonderful. I have been using Ali for my business for 5 years connecting with different suppliers for my business needs. If you have an issue with the seller that is the company not the app. The app is the mobile version of the website that connects you to thousands of manufacturers all over the world. You are shopping for the MANUFACTURE NOT THE PRODUCT. This is shopping for what suppliers can manufacture the thing you are looking for. So if you wanted a bag and see 5 types, they are by 5 different companies and you can chose which one suits your needs. It is NOT alibaba, alibaba is just the app showing you the manufacturer. So all these reviewers saying they were treated poorly or got a faulty product is the manufacturer they bought from using the alibaba app. You have to really research the suppliers you are purchasing from, alibaba is just the app you use to look at each company and decide if they fit your business or needs. Hopefully this clears it up. The app is great, I can answer any messages and keep up to date with my latest product I have going. A+!!!

- Customer service is available 24 hrs

I'm a fairly new buyer to Alibaba, Any questions or concerning I have regarding my orders are quickly and efficiently answered. Navigating the websites can be challenging for a new comers. Trust me I make a lot of mistakes, I'm sure the sellers look at some of my Request's and say "What is he thinking" or "What is he trying to say". But I'm getting better and they are SO patient, Its not the end of the world... It was just a typing mistake! Mistakes are learning and learning is the best part of life... There are unbelievably great deals here. This website has changed my life and it can change yours Too.... Just take a deep breath.... Get a cup of coffee... And don't be afraid to ask lots of questions... Now let's go make money... Best of Luck ... Carroll ...USA

- Need more shipping options to the U.S.

Alibaba needs more shipping options to the U.S. I researched purchasing an electric ATV (quad/four wheeler) for 5 weeks on Alibaba. I looked at 10 different companies. At first I was about to give up completely because none of the companies seemed to understand English well enough to understand my product requirements and what I was looking for. Almost every company told me I could buy the ATV from them and they would ship it to the nearest U.S. seaport, but I would have to figure out how to get it from there, through Customs, and to my home in Utah myself. Most of the companies had no option available to them to do the logistics themselves or to have a 3rd party company do it for them. I finally found 1 of 10 companies that could sell me the ATV, clear customs, and provide ground shipping, but it added 100% to the cost of the product. Alibaba has some great product options, but Please improve the shipping options available so you can increase your sales to the United States. Thanks.

- Took me 3 months to get my money back

I purchased a product that never came, and I was at home waiting for the product the day it said it was out for delivery. I looked everywhere in case there was an issue. When i went back to the seller she was rude to me because i opened a dispute even though i never received the product. It took nearly three months and they said i didn’t have enough evidence to prove that I didn’t get my product since the shipping was shown delivered and it was my fault it was lost. Had to go to my bank to dispute the order and it’s just been a hassle and a lot of money that I was waiting on. Make sure you ask them directly for shipping information because I feel like they aren’t direct and try to confuse you with the wrong info. The customer service was very nice but they can’t just not refund you when you don’t receive your packages. I’m just upset with the amount of time it took to get to this conclusion, i don’t know if anything I order will make it to my house

- Deceiving in many ways.

I have browsed the app for a long time, uneasy about doing business in China i have looked closely at the sellers. Lots of shiny BS plaque images and certifications that seem blustery. I decided to try it and I finally placed an order for items that are a part of my manufactured product. I was sent the wrong parts (clearly NOT WHAT WAS ORDERED) and the seller offer a 5$ refund 🤦🏼‍♂️. I opened a dispute in Alibaba and so far nothing has been done other than suggesting a 5$ refund was reasonable. This might be a cultural difference I’m not aware of BUT in the US if i send someone something other than what they ordered, I pay to get it back and I refund the money. In my mind this is as it should be. In Alibaba’s mind 5$ back and I keep the useless items makes more sense. So my review is this, its a gamblers app. Maybe you’ll get the product you want, maybe you wont. Either way if theres a problem, your money is gone and odds of getting it back are as close to zero as they’ll get.

- Middleman or Manufacturer

I have visited so many mini sites and everyone claims to be a manufacturer. My recent experience of a purchase did not convince me that I dealt with a manufacturer. It’s important that the info is authentic. We need to be sure of whom we are dealing with so that we can achieve our objectives. Alibaba has been useful but again, how do we enforce international warranties? We are about to make orders for items that vendor (can’t call them manufacturers) are offering 3 years warranties. Also how do we see other customers review about a vendors product? Thank you.

- Too many junk notifications

This app is nice. However, the app has too many junk notifications that cannot be turned off in the settings panel of the app. So you can either turn off all notifications and potentially miss an important message from a contact, or you have to constantly sift through and mark junk notifications as read to clear them. You can also assume all notifications are junk, which gives a bad impression of foreign suppliers that are trying their best to be professional and establish business relationships. It appears the app developers keep adding new features or feeds that do not have a corresponding control switch in the settings panel. Long story short this app could do a better job of helping all clients separate the wheat from the chaff. Other than that, a good resource and tool.

- Very disappointed

I have purchased from Alibaba many times however recently one of the sellers that I was dealing with sent my package by sea when I asked and paid for it to be sent by airplane! Now the Alibaba dispute agent is siding with the seller and refusing to refund my money! They’ve been holding my money for weeks and this should have. Only been a 2 week process! My biggest issue is that when I ask for a manager, supervisor or superior I’m always told that there isn’t one. They say that you’re covered by trade assurance but really it’s all up I the dispute agent that you get and it ends with them. There’s no going further! As soon as my dispute is over I’m deleting alibaba and telling everyone who will listen about how unprofessional and unfair they are! If possible, find sellers on Alibaba and deal with them off of the Alibaba platform! It makes no sense to pay the extra fees because if anything happens they won’t have your back anyway!

- Scammers and gangsters

I bought an amount of powder for medicinal use, and when I received the substance it was fake and it caused harm to me, and when I asked the seller to return the substance, he did not accept and the customer service center intervened and asked me to analyze the material, but the analysis costs more than the price of the substance five times, in the end the seller threatened me that he owns My address and name will be published on the Internet and cause trouble for me and threaten me, and when I showed these documents to the site in the report !! They didn't pay any attention and nothing happened !!! On this site, if you are not Chinese, they will never listen to you. This is what the seller said insulted me and told me: So that you know who China is !!! The seller threatened me that he would send me his men to my home address registered in the shipment. For your family safety I advise you not to put your real address on this website that protects these gangs.

- Good and bad

I order a few Thousand USD products from here with different suppliers. Some products I get very good price while others are just fair with expense shipping cost. Suppliers are varied. Did not receive everything that I order yet. Will see. However I spent a lot of time to search what I need. But have encountered a lot of misleading price or product images do not match the description. They will said the price is old or not right..... waste a lot of time. But some companies are very helpful. While Some will tell you to order from other suppliers if I show them their listing price. Also agree with other reviewers, shipping cost a lot and not much choices. For giant company like this; should encourage their listing vendors to update their price. False advertising in The US are big mistakes.

- Unprofessional, cheap quality, high prices

Their prices are twice higher than the U.S. I downloaded the app try to get some products from them and save a little money because they deliver from China and China’s products are cheaper than the U.S.,but the prices shows on the app of each items is incorrect if you tryna buy something they told you a different price not the one it shows in the app. I was tryna order a coffee table and the price was $599 after I try to chat one of their agent she told me the price is $900 and I said like what it saying $599 in the app. She was really rude she didn’t even answer me, I try to text her again to make sure the price but I couldn’t send her message because she blocked me. Once again things that comes from China are 10 times cheaper than the Unites States. I know because I been there. But on this app they are twice expensive than the U.S...

- More Bad than good vendors

Good seller is Shantou City Jinhaian Craft & Toy Factory. They were the 1st store I had brought from. I had brought 8 small handbags and shipping was only about $20 bucks, and it took less than a month for me to receive them. I wish they had more stuff for sale. But after then all the other vendors I tried were terrible. Some no longer had the dresses in stock but still have them for sale, for stock poly mailers (not custom mailers) MANY vendors (Yes I do mean more than 3 vendors is doing this) min order of 500 then when I start the order they would respond back saying the min is 5000. And the shipping is crazy expensive. Maybe it’s a better site for huge or big business owners. But if you’re a tiny or small business then I wouldn’t recommend. You’ll give yourself a headache dealing with them.

- Somewhat crippled

The app is somewhat crippled, in that the developers buried some features. For example, finding your favorites is not easy. Sometimes features on the app seem to be absent. The website is better, although both the website and the app seriously overlook certain things. For example: 1. You should be able to sort your favorites list by vendor, price, date, name, manually etc. Just like any other search. 2. On their messenger, and they have a little pop-up field where you can type in your reply. Unfortunately you cannot see the entire string. So if you have to refer back to previous messages while you were typing, you cannot do this. It’s very inconvenient. 3. I try to sort vendors using a folder for each vendor, but not all the named vendor folders appear, only the first two ! 4. I cannot easily load a cart to ask vendors for a quote on a range of items they are offering. Alibaba’s method is very convoluted; definitely unfriendly to the buyer. I cannot imagine the complexity of writing an app such as this one. Although I sympathize, Alibaba is nowhere near as easy for the buyer as eBay’s website and app.


Be very careful with who you deal with if from the USA. I asked for a quote and was contacted by multiple people. I placed an order for clothes. 20 hats, 20 beenies, 24 hoodies, 5 athletic jumpsuites and 6 wool coats. The sizes were sizes that would fit children. The embroidery wasn’t finished, and won’t respond to a single message now. The company was Antom Enterprises. I have asked for a return label, corrected order etc. and now they won’t respond. I was asked to contact them through WhatsApp they said it would be easier and sent them the money PayPal. Do not do this. Alibaba will not help you with your order or people who scam you. They do not keep track of who contacts you based on your request. I spent over 45mins with alibaba customer service and got no where. This is the perfect site for people to scam people on. I’m new to alibaba placed my first sample order for clothing and got ripped off.

- For business purposes only

I was pushed by eBay to this app only because I was looking for a single item and it is here in America for about $80-$120bucks brand new or $16-$40 bucks plus $539 dollars for freight from China! The people were all helpful and the sets means time the app was a learning experience for me so not a waste of time. I want to delete my information on the app but it seems like it is not accessible to doing so. That’s the part I don’t like and how lots of people are asking me but when I tried to close the question I pose the automated artificial intelligence chat told me repeatedly that it wasn’t updated so I’m digging trying to find out how to get to an updated version within the app it’s telling. Don’t like that.

- Vague Info on International Shipping Options for US Customer

Need more transparent info on customer options for International Shipping options especially for US customers since we put preference on speed of delivery with associated costs over free shipping. Please add a feature in the app that does exactly that. Please also allow customers the option to choose Intl shipping during the ordering process and update the cost of the product + shipping and getting total cost reflect that. Also on every phase of the order once a product is paid, the magnitude of efficient customer support should be enabled between buyer and seller to ensure buyer is not left in the dark making them think alibaba or seller simply walked away with buyer’s money.

- Don’t waste your time on this scam app

I placed an order on Alibaba for $3,312 from a seller named Beryl Lan of Xiamen Friendship Co. They tell me they can’t ship through Fedex but send through Fedex anyway. Customs seized it because the seller didn’t ship it with labels, needless to say I didn’t receive my order alive or most of it at all. Seller offers 500 back out of 3,312. I open a dispute with atleast 30 pieces of evidence supporting the fact that my order wasn’t shipped, nor shipped right and the dispute team decided that the seller wasn’t in the wrong because the order was shipped. Even though they clearly didn’t ship my entire order and lied to get away with it. This app and site are a joke. You can’t dispute with the Chinese about Chinese sellers. Don’t waste your American and save yourself 2 months in transit!

- Best Wholesale App

I have no complaints about this app! All the suppliers will give you a MOQ for private labeling which is what I needed for my cosmetic and skincare line. This app is not for people wanting to buy 1 item this is a business app you buy in large quantities!!! So ignore reviews that are complaining about not being able to buy one item and have it shipped to your front porch. This is not Walmart. Anyway if you are familiar with dealing with customs and the way this business model works then definitely download this app!

- Decent

I'm not completely sure of the purpose for this app, but I think it's for business use and not personal use because a lot Of items require you to purchase 100 pieces. I would never need this many. I found some that said 1 piece minimum that had a good price range like $1-50 which is cheap for gymnastics equipment which I was trying to buy. So I messaged the buyer, she was friendly but gave me a price way over the price range. Was disappointed. I'm guessing the price range is before shipping cost because it sounds like shipping is what added the couple hundred of dollars to the price. Shipping needs to be Included in the price range.

- Impossible to get what you want.

There are hundreds of products, but they all post one price , most have a MSQ listed at XYZ price. Then when a quote is requested the price increases by 400% . The manufacturers expect you to buy a million pieces to give the price originally listed. ThTs without the freight fees and no one seems to understand English. Either that or they just have an auto reply system stating the same over and over. It’s the worst and most frustrating experience for people who want to do business.

- A

I purchased 4 outboard motors from this comps and on the day of final payment I contacted this company to double check to c if they had my order .i sent my final payment excited to finally pay this off . The next day they said we don’t have the order and now they tried forcing a pontoon boat on me with out my order I said no U lied about my motors ur lieing now about a pontoon boat and they want me to send another grand I said hell no I ask for a refund they don’t give refunds this is my dealings with this company they still holding my 9000 against my will so I’m stuck with them holding my 9000 dollars. This could be u

- A hell for a an individual customer

I bought a pair of shoes which I never received. It was a scam supplier and when I started the refund process, first, they are in China and they barely understand what you say. Second,Their return process will drive you crazy. After trying for 1 hour, I wasn’t able to apply for the refund because they made it impossible for the individual customer who buy a single product. You would need to provide a lot of details which is practicaly impossible for a person without a CPA. It was a bad experience and please don’t think they are American platforms who are providing customer service or that easy. Let’s not waste American dollars here, for God sake. Please support your own business. Thanks

- Love it

This app is great, I love that I can place an order from just about anywhere. It’s user friendly and it lets you save your favorite suppliers and favorite items and when you are ready you can quickly place an order from your favorites list or from an automatic “start order” list that appears when you go to one particular supplier... it will list and show all their items available based on your search details. Very cool app, I love it...

- Ordered 2 times

I order 2 times from alibaba to middle east region. I think that aliexpress is much better than alibaba since you can know total amount you will be paying for a product and you can sort products from low to high. But alibaba you will be facing additional costs such as air shipping ( high cost), customs, and clearance in your country. So this leads to higher product cost price. For example i bought 20 scarfs on alibaba each costs 3.1$ when shipped and customs clearance it increased to 7$ while the same item is found on aliexpress for 6.5$. This app should be more improved in this area.

- Three Stars - Why...

Although Alibaba is a great place to allow buyers and sellers to meet, most suppliers never want to use Alibaba for Trade Assurance and I see why - is is cumbersome, time-consuming, doesn’t work most of the time. Alibaba has the capability for credit cards, eChecking, and TA (wire). Each take too long to deliver the payment to the supplier, and more often than not, especially with eChecking it will be cancelled at the last minute, after they take your money, and your items are waiting to get on a truck... three stars because though they have come a long way, they have a long way to go...

- Alibaba

I love Alibaba everything you need under one app and all the suppliers you can find to help you some excellent people and some not so helpful but that comes with the business I have found excellent suppliers and quality product I’ve used DHgate not impressed never used aliexpress I’m very happy with Alibaba and the phone interviews they do every once in awhile they care about me and I like that

- Getting better

I started looking into your site about 10 years ago. Your search engine has improved tremendously. You can find what you are looking for with much easement. I would like to pay through Pay Pal which is my payment choice. Also things change like the different kinds of embroidery threads. I am looking for Twisted embroidery thread. It is very different from variegated thread. The twisted thread is made from two strings of different colors. The variegated thread is only one string dyed with different colors. Your site does not seem to know the difference. Thanks. Vilma Anderson

- Re: Silicon Sublimation Watch

I ordered 100 Silicon watches. I was asked by JENNY XIONG what colours. Well sadly I did NOT get the RED, BROWN and WHITE I asked for. When I queried why the mistake I was given so many stories and excuses. First excuse : They don’t have the above colours (WHY ask what colours ?) 2nd Excuse was I was sent the correct QUANTITY. I tried to sort my order but talking to JENNY XIONG is like going in circles. I do believe that she knew what she was doing but they don’t care as the company know that once you order and pay the hefty COURIER cost that there will be no way you can return the order as you will be paying again. I feel I was misled by the company as well as JENNY XIONG. I will most certainly not be dealing with JENNY XIONG nor this company. June

- Seems scam app to collect your personal information

It was my initial review: ‘Just downloaded the app and registered with all my personal information verifying via email and phone number. Then suddenly system log me out and when I try to log in it keeps saying ‘abnormal account’. I and my business are both very normal; but seems your system with your app are very abnormal. Fix it or ditch it.’ But since then nothing changed besides back and forth emails after developers response. For my requests and questions to restore my account alibaba replies with more unrelated questions to solve the problem from their side like what phone company I use etc trying to collect more personal data which is actually none of their business. Now imagine if you invest large amount of money in some manufacturing company in China and issue arises from their side alibaba is totally useless to solve such issues. Sadly it [Ali Baba] was the name of one of my favorite fairytale heroes of my childhood, but Chinese stall it and corrupted.

- I’d recommend another site

I’ve been working with this app for a while and I haven’t gotten a single thing ordered. I ordered my first item and the person told me the price was wrong although I had no way to change it myself after putting in all the information I wanted it set to. I asked multiple people questions before ordering and I didn’t get any answers, one person replied with ‘hi’ after I listed my questions and concerns and that was all. The app is fine with buttons and such although I have to close the app in order to open my chats and profile again. The people just make it difficult to purchase items.

- Concerning ordering for smaller Growing companies

I like Alex press and enjoy many of the products. I would like to know about the shipping possibilities if they could be a little quicker is that possible? And I would also like to inquire about the quantities that can be ordered. Four instance, is there a possibility of ordering a smaller amount for now until the business begins to grow a little bigger and the demand gets better then expand to a larger amount? Thank you for your concerns. Jimmie Rivera, Allentown Pennsylvania USA

- Please fix the messaging

I’ve been using Alibaba for a while now, and I just recently got the app. Everything has been working fine, however my main problem is when I try to communicate with a seller (or anyone), I can’t see the full messaging screen. The messages are covered by the “Messages | Contacts” window to the left, and I can never read the whole thing. Idk if there’s already a solution for this, but I will always have to end up switching to safari or my computer to read the whole messages since they get cut off, it’s ridiculous.


First off, let me start of by saying that Alibaba DOES NOT ever step in favor of the consumer. I’ve had many instances where I’ve made purchases in verbatim details, as stated in the contracts, only to receive a much cheaper product or a different product than I had ordered. Not once has Alibaba sided with me. Second of all, shipping will take FOR EVER. The contract can state 2-3 weeks delivery and your products end up arriving months after(even if you paid for expedited shipping). If you are looking to get ripped off by both Alibaba and the sellers there, then Alibaba is for you. Be ready to lose money. ALIBABA and THEIR SUPPLIERS will RIP YOU OFF.

- Losing images

After I send the link to the clients from their website, they seem not to get the image and since as buyers we request a lot of quotes for a lot of product CT’s, it is difficult to go back and search the items. Once buyer send the link to the seller from their site they should be able to look at it and quote it. I have Bemni asked Alaina and again what kind of products I need from different sellers after I send hyphen their link. Also from the chat I couldn’t find what I have asked them because the link was not there anymore...

- Communication is weak

I've messaged a few wholesalers on here. The pictures aren't good enough for me sometimes to know what I'm getting before I get it. The products I search for, there's many duplicates of it and various suppliers. So I message the wholesaler and ask about the product to make sure I know what I'm getting. They never answer me back though. I ask about pricing, I ask about the product pictured, I ask about the minimum. The details aren't strong enough so I want to ask. They don't answer. Weak communication. It's impossible to do business on here.

- Cutting out the middleman

A little bit of research and you will discover that many of the sellers at one of the major Internet vendors websites why really simply having products drop shipped from China through relationships with Alibaba. You can do it yourself, if you have the guts. Don’t even think about sending anything back. They are shipping to you for free but if you try to ship it back shipping will cost about as much as the item cost if not more. Bon chance.

- App still needs more work

I love the purpose of the app however there’s a few things that still needs fixing especially when using on the iPhone and iPad. It doesn’t apply you to have full screen, I’m constantly going on my browser to view messages between myself and the vendor because I’m not allowed to view full screen.

- Nicely designed

New user to alibaba, but no stranger to using sourcing apps for our business. Hands down one of the best designed and smoothest apps I have used. Able to access and enjoy everything I need through its intuitive and friendly arrangement. My review is based on the applications user experience and not based on what some other reviews seem to harp over.

- False advertisement!!!

A lot of manufactures from China will list a cost for a product. Once you show your interested and place an order they change the cost price to sometime 5x more or the minimum order. I call them out for promoting fake prices and they make excuses like oh we need to update to the new prices ect. This has happened 90% of the time since I’ve opened an account two years ago. There have been a few good honest manufacturers and I have been a loyal customer too. But something needs to change cause I’m not the only person this happens too sadly all my friends too.

- No clear road map

I love this site, the only reservation I have, in general there is not a clear detail on how the sales are done from begging to the end. I am talking about the small details that every shopper would need to know, from the way of communication to the clear way of payment and recourse, to shipping to the final destination, I have been trying to make a purchase for a long time but feeling I am walking in an unknown territory.

- Quality & professional products

Everything I have ordered and that has been for a number of years. I have been completely 100 % satisfied. I have and will continue to recommend your company to all looking for items that would cost much more to obtain even if it could be found at all. Thanks for all you have to offer everyone. Sgt. J.K. Shipley

- Poor Quality App

The app is out dated, slow and needs to be revamped. I’ve also experienced adverse response dealing with Trade Association. I was scammed out of 7k US dollars by the Yang Yang company. A vendor should never want to keep the full payment after 48 hours of payment submittal without providing service/product. In addition to that I have had Trade Association employees respond to me who can’t write or speak proper English which poses a barrier. You must also be careful bcuz some Trade Association reps are bias due to being friends with some of the vendors. Please make sure you vett the company’s sales, leadership team, and quality of the products.

- Amazing app but...

This is an amazing app for any retailer who wants to purchase items at very cheap prices (mainly from China). My only problem with this app is that since almost everything is from China shipping can be crazy for even small items to the US. Shipping fees account for more than half of my total expenses on this app as a buyer. Lower shipping costs would make this a lot more convenient and give me more options to pick from.

- Scammers

Trade assurance is a joke. I placed a handful of orders with no issues. Now suddenly I’ve run into two suppliers who are both giving me issues. Both have been active on Alibaba for awhile with some reviews that weren’t bad. so I figured they were safe. Wrong. One sent me products that look nothing like what they advertised and they even said they were made terribly when I requested a refund. I refused to accept a partial refund for a $400+ order so I opened a case against them. Alibaba felt their $75 refund was generous and I should accept since they’d let me keep the items. These items were literal garbage, why would I want them? Ended up filing a claim with my bank since alibaba was zero help. Other supplier marked my order as shipped weeks ago and the tracking looks like it wasn’t even sent to FedEx yet. Now the supplier is ignoring my messages. Awesome. Do not shop alibaba unless you feel like throwing your cash away

- Language problems.

I agree with the writer who mentioned language and custom/shipping barriers. Maybe Alibaba could provide this service for its clients both manufacturing and purchasing. It would be a game changer. Language problems are persistent. Often some nice young person SEEMS to understand but subsequent conversations make it clear they didn’t even read my questions. David O. NM USA.u

- Order delivered to wrong address

My order was shipped to my previous address in California. I have my current and new address on file with my order. No one is responding to this. DHL says contact the merchant. Merchant is not responding to any of my mails. Ceremony is less than two weeks and I am lost as to what to do. Someone help me solve this. Frustrated customer Flora

- Tons of scammers

I bought a laptop to check and see if this thing is legit. I’m new to all of this. And it was a verified seller. Scammed. Now have a dispute and they don’t want to pay me my money. This is ruining the site. And now I’m afraid to buy anything else from there. Cruel world. Now the dispute takes forever. Can’t get it moving. It’s a waiting game. Now it’s gonna be a crap show. Now I sent all the info to show it’s a scam. But I still think I’m gonna get screwed. Because I paid off site. Probably worse they will do is shut the account down.

- This app is the Worst it’s just fraud!!!

In my first time using this website, I made 2 purchases from different providers, both of which resulted in fraud. and the app says that it is not responsible for anything. giving up all my money I made a complaint to logistics, pointing out who cheated me but what a change of profile, trying not to rip anyone else off. the system does nothing! They don't care that they keep scamming people. There is a type of secure purchase in the app. but they are only like 5 articles. it should be everyone. my advice: don't waste your time or money using this app.

- Don’t trust this app

I actually trusted them I took the risk of spending money on items I wanted and I ended up getting scammed and alibiba didn’t get my money back or anything they are complicated because they only refund your money if you have a pc desktop or laptop and you have to do a lot of unnecessary things to proof you got scammed in the end I never got my money back and they let the scammer get away with a lot of money! If your reading this I’ll do you a favor and tell you with honesty don’t trust this app it’s not worth it because this apps company’s lets scammers get away with your money !!!!

- Colombia needs a seller

Shipping cost overvalued, if you want do a store, you will need a lot of money, Alibaba could improve their own payment agreements with Efecty Co, this way improve could open a big importation and money for China without use Us dollars how reference... EFECTY,This company also has transportation and shipping agreements that could open a large labor camp for all because This company can reach any corner of the country. Thanks and I am waiting for...

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- My favourite place for suppliers!

I have bought shedloads of stuff off Ali Baba over the last few years. My main line is Jewellery and l get a lot of settings and loose stones through here. They have always been the real deal and l couldn’t have been happier with the suppliers l have found. They have also made custom orders for me, plus personalized items that are already available, to my specifications. It is time at home to renovate my bathroom, so l have found all my suppliers on here, and saved considerable money on a stone bath and sinks, tapware and tiles. Admittedly, the bath supplier (unbeknownst to me), only gave me a quote for delivery to my nearest port, so l had to pay for delivery to my house plus port fees, but even with that, l still saved approx. $2000! I look for the suppliers that do Minumum Order Quantity (MOQ) of 1, but have asked other suppliers for smaller orders than their stated MOQ, and many times they have been happy to serve me. I have over 1000 items on my ‘Wish list’!! lol Only prob with this app is that if you get off a page accidentally (l use my phone), then you have to go all over the place to get back to it. Would be handy if it opened another tab, or introduced Forward/back arrows. Maybe they have in this Update? Otherwise, it’s Great and l am going to keep coming back. :-)

- Xi'an Sonwu Biotech Co., Ltd.

I’ve been dealing with online trade for years now. As a busy, professional, time is everything to me. I’m taking the time now to thank and highly recommended to anyone, be it personal or business trade. Bonnie Liu from Xi'an Sonwu Biotech Co., Ltd. Has helped me a considerably, and has gone out of her way to insure I was happy and my deadlines met. Customer service 110% communication 110% satisfied customer 210% ! Thanks Bonnie Liu

- Half and half

I use a Windows 10 PC, an iPad or iPhone for Alibaba. Messages are easier when using the App because it simplifies what is shown on the screen. But most importantly, you can copy/paste alpha and numeric info on the app. For example, if you want to send a similar message to multiple suppliers, I cant copy and paste the content to a new message on my PC. When searching products I find the PC is easier. For example, when you finish looking at a product listed with all suppliers on iOS and click back on the page, it takes you to the top of the main page. This is extremely frustrating if you have scrolled down hundreds of items, as you then need to scroll down again to try and find the previous product you were looking out. The PC takes you back to where you were.

- It's never easy to use

Seriously I've used this app a bit but it's a terrible design. After trying to communicate with one provider across 5 months, the app deleted ALL our chats. So I lost the contact and everything I had worked towards. I had to start over again. It's also extremely misleading. Even when you don't want other offers after writing to one person with one enquiry, within 24 hrs or less you get inundated with additional enquiries and this is AFTER you click the button that says NO you don't want these extra enquiries. It's constantly got hundreds of things sent to you that you can't control or turn off. I DREAD every time I need to use this app. But when you eventually find the right supplier, give them your email address. This way when the app deletes your contacts AND it WILL, you haven't lost your supplier. It's a HUGE disappointment for such a big company.

- Great App 👍🏼

The app is great when out of the office and away from the computer however I find that it sometimes gets clunky and slows down when loading product showcases. There are sometimes a lot of disconnection alerts inside the app messaging and chat platforms which are quickly self-corrected but it does make it frustrating to use at times. The app works well on the Apple OS however I find that it does not seem to synchronise very well with the website. Also, it seems that some great functions on the app are not readily or easily accessible on the website.

- Don’t use Alibaba

If you want to risk buying on Alibaba then go for it. Don’t expect to be able to easily file a complaint if you get ripped off. Alibaba make it almost impossible for you to not only find how to file a complaint but the process on the app or their website is difficult and won’t let you proceed due to deliberate rules to stop you being able to submit your complaint like not being able to use a comma in a word like won’t (you should only write would not) Upload a file and it will tell you you must upload a file still, try again and it says you can’t upload two files. Constant road blocks to tire you from submitting a complaint that IS NOT operator error. Super frustrating. It’s obvious they are happy to make money but don’t want to know about it when you have an issue. Price ranges listed from most suppliers are often not what they will give you in reality so don’t be fooled. You can negotiate if you can be bothered with the back and forth but be prepared to buy lots of qtys. Good luck all around is all I can say.

- Trade assurance

It seems good initially. I bought stuffs from china throgh alibaba with their trade assurance. Non of product i received as per photo or what they written. I bought throgh trade assurance soni was thinking i can get refund. Seller rejected to give refund and alibaba asking me to proove it through third party inspection which is here worth 200$ to 1000$. I bought just sample worth 50 to 98$ value! Is this the solution? From china this is common supplier shows you nice photos of item and u will get worst one. The app is good for seeing and searching stuffs. Another problem with this app is there is no personal customer service which is so annoying when u really required someone.

- Ease of use

After reading previous reviews I can see that the main issues mentioned I have not had issue with so they must have fixed the problems. If you can’t use this app then you must struggle with basic tasks lol. Very easy to use and communication is made easy with suppliers. Watch this space for delivery times.

- Good portal where u can get everything but customer service no one there for

I am happy with most of service but not happy with your virtual customer service. It’s take too much time to understand and than after u won’t get any solution I need someone to talk at least when it badly needed . Please look after on it

- legacy is success

User friendly and creative functionality as well not to mention how informative as to what’s popular to source out for and price comparison as well as profits information and the list goes on and to think I only just got this app and I’m already impressed enough to review what I like about it so far

- Trouble chatting with suppliers on cellular data

Hi alibaba app developer It’s extremely important to stay in-touch with your suppliers all the time. I’m having trouble chatting with my suppliers while I’m on cellular data here in Australia . It works well when I’m on wifi but for me it’s more important to chat while I’m on cellular data. Please solve this problem.

- Annoying emails

Too many emails with promotional things and non requested communication, where is the opt out from having you harassing me with 20 emails daily? I am not here to spend my whole day going through 100 emails of unsolicited communication from you. I have to get my work done and so far you have been more of a problem than a solution because now I have to go through an extra 100 emails that I think could be a genuine supplier trying to communicate with me. So big thumbs down on that regard.

- Michael

After getting used to the app in no time I’ve found it extremely easy to use. The vast array of products is unbelievable and there is no app/site like this. Currently in the process to import a certain category and this has made it very easy. Wouldn’t of attempted it with out finding alibaba!

- Would never use Alibaba again

Purchased my front door from Alibaba and paid $2500 for an Aluminium door - the door started to rust after 1 months and rotted away- Alibaba did not assist at all or refunded my money - think twice before using this app

- So far so good!

It's exciting to discover this APP and the world of global online buying straight from the manufacturer. Definitely worth watching out for low response rate companies... I just waited 4 days for a response and it got rejected for no particular reason. Still learning about the pricing.. a bit confusing but I'm sure it will become clearer as I purchase more.

- Handy, but message centre needs better golfer structure

Alibaba makes it easy to find what you’re looking for, but the messaging centre needs sub folders and a visible file structure in the app and the web version. Lots of messaging gets messy, which is why everyone moves to regular email as soon as they find a probable supplier.

- Alan Cass.

I find Alibaba very efficient and easy to use and in most cases suppliers I contact about their products get back to me in a reasonable time frame.. I would recommend this way of sourcing to any one as I always do...

- App is unusable!

I REALLY want to start using this app but won’t allow me to log in and STAY logged in. The app also wouldn’t allow me to create my account through it (I had to create my account through their website) then log into the app. Every time I click “log in” through the app it does absolutely nothing. Then when I try to message a supplier or get a quote I have to manually attempt to log in every single time I want to do anything. It’s frustrating.

- Poor messaging performance.

I often am required to quit and re open in order to view messages sent to me; they pop up as a notification then when I go the the app they don’t load requiring a restart of the app. Also. Communication history is limited. Where is all the communication history?

- Awesome app

Amazing platform, you just need to take time to adapt, if having issues don’t worry about sending emails get on wechat, it’s the way to communicate. I have my suppliers 24/7 that way!

- Became overpriced for the poor quality

Store has become stupidly overpriced for the terribly poor quality provide you receive. Obviously when it was cheap cheap cheap you didn’t mind have a poor quality product and there used to be good finds here. Now it all just seems like overpriced rubbish. At least on wish you get some guarantee for the rubbish you purchase. I have swapped to Dhgate, so much better.

- Alibaba as a tool

This software is terrible, just because you browse a product does not mean you want that product. The photos are terrible, the descriptions are terrible, but this is not the fault of the software , it is the fault of the users. There is no easy way to browse your product of interest without having to go through 100’s of listings which are not relevant to you. Needs structure

- Cost

Cost say not thing online then they make contact with and it’s no we’re near the price you looked at and they don’t take less than a container if you only need a couple of products omg what wrong with people always wanting big dollars especially if it not under $$2000 dollars they just don’t no how to sell products when all the small fish will bring in the big investors it insane

- Easy to navigate

This is an excellent app with all the functions of the website. It is easy to use and to navigate with a user friendly layout, love it.

- Honest review

It’s a great app but extremely frustrating that vendors can put an price on the ad then change it up but 3x once contacted, also minimum orders are being advised at whatever and not held true once contacted. Hard to get anywhere with such incorrect information on initial ads

- Excellent

Alibaba since the beginning has always been a pleasure I thank every one for the easiness and helpfulness that Is given in the purchasing system.

- Messages

Chats are very slow at loading up , it’s annoying, i dont have the best network but most of my other apps work fine. Some txts dont send. Works fine w wifi but you gotta fix it asap . Most things work fine on the app but some other crash.

- Disappointing

I found the item I was looking to import to Australia. I had many emails about the product, customisation. I tried many times to order samples but it wouldn’t work. After a week of messages I was told last night they can’t import to Australia. Why would they waste my time? I was clear from the start this is what I’m looking to do. I hope all traders are like this?

- Can’t turn off promotions

The trends and promotion notifications you get in app are super annoying, yes I ordered a product and I am no longer interested now I have said product, stop trying to suggest me similar items and trending products. Would rate higher if this was something I could disable completely.

- Lot of variety but not very user friendly

I am trying to mix order but can’t do in one go . Gets confusing . But the site has lot of products at very competitive rates

- Difficult to use and navigate around

Love what this service represents but find the app really difficult to use and navigate around. I thought it would be similar to Etsy but it’s so much more complex and you constantly need to ask suppliers for further explanation because the purchase setup for categories are not clear or user friendly.

- How outdated is this app?

The search function is not to bad. Ali need to rein in suppliers who incorrectly describe their merchandise. Everything else is so outdated and poorly presented. Feedback facility doesn’t work or respond. Messaging facility and information is so small. For 3% your users should get so much more.

- Easy to Gather Information of any Products

Can choose from various suppliers which helps to reduce the time for getting the best Brand.

- Fantastic simple straight forward

Find what you like when you like & many different prices

- Fantastic app

Great small business app. I haven't had any of the issues that others have mentioned in the reviews.

- Rating ali baba.

Ali baba is a whole lot easier to use now than it was a couple of years back but could still be made a lot easier or simpler to navigate. I’m using it a lot more now.

- Love Alibaba but very hard find what you want

Love Alibaba but very hard find what you want without typing in many different descriptions. It needs to be more like AliExpress, super easy to use and has the photo feature where you upload what you are looking for and it finds matches for you.

- Amassing

Still exploring this service ... and first impressions are outstanding ... looking forward to exploring more and being impressed some more ✅✅👍

- Absolutely frustrating!!!

Every time I try to read messages from suppliers is says I have poor internet connection or data issue and I full 4G reception and plenty of data. It is extremely frustrating when I need to get in contact with suppliers and this app won’t let me do so! This needs to be fixed!!!

- One stop App for all your Business solutions..

Kudos to Alibaba team to get so many manufacturer on a single platform and make the buying & negotiation process hassle free..

- Bahram Naderi

Fast, easy and Omni informative with much options to select service and products. Well structured and managed. Thank You

- Oil bottles first time enquiring

I am impressed at the detail of Alibaba customer service The already made message saved me a lot time Thank you

- All right

Communication pane is covered on the right and left so that you can’t see the whole screen, and can’t select options. Otherwise, functionality is ok without being fantastic.

- It’s really nice app can find everything in cheap price & a good quality thanks Ali baba

It’s really nice app can find everything in cheap price & a good quality thanks

- Absolutely nothing wrong with it

I’ve not found any issue with this app.

- Great app

The easiest and most friendly online market with big variety, but I hope I can purchase with local currency

- Latest version keeps on crashing

Upgraded to the latest version and it keeps on crashing on load. Please fix as I can’t communicate with my suppliers. Otherwise it’s a great app to use :)

- Doesn’t us all screen properly.

Sadly, although the screenshots on the product page are using an iPad when using the message centre the app does not use all the screen of the iPad with messages being truncated without any method of scrolling.

- Very safe and quick

Always safe and quick service

- Fantastic b2b app

I was curious about what this app was so I downloaded it. This is a brilliant app that facilitates transactions between businesses in the best manor I’ve seen in a mobile app.

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- Cool app

Very nice

- Horrible

Please find a new app to find what you need for your business. The disgusting behaviour and rudeness is the # concern. Live chat does nothing about the troubles. We are truly upset Hewson Business Reviews

- Alibaba

It has awesome pricing for everything and they practically have everything. Very impressed.

- F that

Lol i will never buy there anymore to much scanner on this website and the product description is always sketch The time you receive the product the seller don’t exist anymore and you F

- Amazing app

Everything can be found here!💃🏽💃🏽

- Best online

Alibaba is the best online buying shop. I prefer to continue by buying through alibaba. Afser

- Complex af

I’ve used eBay, amazon and Kijiji to shop with ease. Alibaba is not impossible, but it’s definitely not easy to use. The interface is clunky. Why is scrolling down also sideways? Should I assume postage is free or expensive? You need a crash course before using it. Every time I shop here I come to the conclusion the items are the same price as eBay, so I switch to eBay because it’s easier.

- ALIBABA FAILED TO FULFILL TRADE ASSURANCE PROMISE: promise that your purchases are safe though trade assurance(means you get your money back if item is damaged or not as promised) I place an order,the seller sent me different pictures and even picture displayed was different. Seller totally sent me different item,she was try to selling counterfeit items of Dior. When I asked her that she sent me the wrong and poor quality item,she refused to refund me. I paid heavy shipping amount by UPS and also paid duty. I escalated this case to and provide all the chatting proof but still was unable to refund before seller keep refusing. If you want to shop,shop your own..your purchase will not be protected by the company.

- Fraud

Alibaba paid seller on promise to ship replacement goods as the first package came badly damaged and missing items and was prepaid so seller must claim from UPS. UPS also bad, no more UPS. Was never sent replacement so Alibaba did not live up to obligations. Also they time out so I cant leave 1 star feedback Last use artificial intelligence on chat, no humans so no resolution, phone as bad. AlliExpress a bit better, no help if seller goods held by customs due to seller error, no refund. They are not up to Amazon that the goods arrive or your money back. At least a Paypal direct to seller bypassing Alibaba would save commission and give 30 days to claw back money. Amazon , the 1 time I needed them, humans were there. if you care Alibaba call me with a human 1-250-782-4331


So far good with I am definitely finding the products ,I'm searching for and response time from my inquiries is as fast as possible as there is a time difference.. my only complaint is the general price variations as often I'm searching a product only to find the details about the product is for a different size or options.. specific details are important and sales glitter can be a waste of my time ... I don't buy just because I'm there I buy because it's the right product as a fair price and details about the product are there for me to easily see and k ow I'm dealing on.. thank you & hood future to you .

- Not a good set up

Can’t remove any items in the order liss


Nothing better than .. It's so professional .. Keep going .

- Needs some more updates

Please optimize this app for iPad Pro!

- Alibaba

Up to now am satisfied

- Awesome app!

Easy to use . Great tool for small business owners !

- Vendors never have products in stock

Never seem to have items abailable

- Scam

Some are scam some are not. I’ve been waiting for my order for few weeks now, the supplier and I agreed for an express shipping but they told me it’s delayed and there’s no proof of shipping

- Autoplay videos without asking

This app autoplay content (mostly video) without possibilities for the user to turn it off on the application settings nor during the usage of the application. This is against basic accessibility rules and can increase the broadbands consomption of the end user. Considered as a bug and a very bad UX.

- Far away Amazon on customer service


- Yeah


- Crowded with scammers

Be careful guys this app is crowded with scammers

- Looks like scam

No one can contact the buyer. It show phone number is incorrect.

- Scary!!

Middle of chat / conversations with suppliers You get notification that says “ copied from notes” Numerous times. Also read the security privacy section bewlo

- Propriétaire du Les Ruchers du Roi Bourdon

Merveilleuse , géniale

- Trade Assurance

Headache for payment...too much back and forth still decline card...even though all bank ok dont canmot understand their process

- Can’t even open

Keeps crashing on press

- There is way too much scams

Be aware of this what’s up number +1 (310) 626-1699 +1 (310) 626-1699 +1 (310) 626-1699 +1 (310) 626-1699 +1 (310) 626-1699 +1 (310) 626-1699 +1 (310) 626-1699 +1 (310) 626-1699 +1 (310) 626-1699 +1 (310) 626-1699 they will take your money and keep asking for more and never get anything

- Need to update a better version

Certain pages of the app is needed to update in a better version, such as when I check out the review of the manufacture on alibaba, there is no exit out on the review page, I have to exit the whole app and reopen it. Also when I check out the main page of the manufacture, I cannot go back to messager page

- The problem resolved

The problem with the apps is now resolved after the update and thanks. Some of the supplies put their products on the website with the prices but when you contact them and show interest of buying then they hike the price. This is not right on platform

- Alibaba is dishonest

Terrible customer service will not refund money after seller set up a refund? is keeping refund money and not returning it to there customers! I don’t recommend purchasing from Alibaba in any form.

- Brutally difficult dealing with Apple.

Downloaded the app and it automatically used my Apple ID as my user ID for the app. User IDs on this app are used as profile names. Hello everyone, here is my Apple ID. Well, it WAS my apple ID. But c’mon. Really? Nice app though. Awesome in fact.

- So hard to filter into a accurate selection

So hard to filter into a accurate selection

- Lots in here

I been going through off grid electrical, been very impressed with most of what I have found so much information and the fact I can get a sample.

- Good Site and lots of products

Good and very satisfied- got we want in one click ❤️👌🏾

- Decent app text is way too big I am not blind

Please improve the user interface for iPad and make it so i can see more of everything on the page not zoomed in all the way


Please DO NOT buy from this platform! These people are SCAMMERS! If the supplier sent you wrong product or POOR QUALITY products, ALIBABA customer service WON’T HELP! AND YOU WILL JUST WASTE YOUR MONEY!

- Sauter

Motoneige électrique pour adulte

- Alibaba is good want to continue with their app

Made a mistake clicking on unsubscribe Want to continue with alibaba Thankyou

- Website and app are not linked for email

Having an issue with logging in on a computer vs on the app and on phone browser. Very strange.

- Awful

They make it very difficult to delete account so dont bother with it.

- Formidable découverte

Alibaba est une mine d’or, je trouve tout ce que je souhaite acheter.

- Frais de livraison

Si vous pourriez indiquer le montant de la livraison avec l’article se serait parfait de savoir immédiatement en regardant.

- Cheating

I bought from one seller having 9 years of experience in this business and he cheated me by sending wrong orders and not paying back my money. I submitted complaint on also, but no reply from customer service as well.

- Review 👍

The best application ever I am really happy do business , I will give you ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ ⭐️ I recommend 💯% thank you 👍

- Registered Massage Therapist

Alibaba is the best company in the World. Nenad Andrejic

- Uncleared pricing

Most led lights ( horticultural) companies that I have went through are posting highest quality products pictures with lowest quality pricing to attract customers , after I contact them and emailed back and forth spending so much time asking questions at the end the price of the picture they’ve advertised turned out a lot more expensive and some of them said they are out of stock and ask you try something else, what a waste of time! Please make sure your advertising more accurately so you can earn trust and confidence from consumers to shop at your website.

- V


- Scammers on this app and they do nothing about it

Do not get this app the companies fact they steal your money and then you can’t do anything about it I have been trying to get my money back for the last 2 month I can’t get a straight answer I try to a off line complaint like they say but the page doesn’t even work I got $700 stolen from me and they aren’t and will not do anything about it

- Don’t trust this app

This is the worst app for buying from distributors. They took my money and I never got my order and also to get my order I had to pay a huge amount of country taxes. Customer service is horrible, they don’t give you any solution and just pospone over and over for months. If you have a problem with an order, whatever you pay they don’t give your money back !!! So please I recommend you to better try Amazon 100% and fast solution. $70 dollars from my own money lost in this disgusting app :@


Totally passionating to fins ALL.And all supplier employees in communication are so kindly and efficiently professionals Top of the line....

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The applications B2B Trade App was published in the category Business on 2012-02-24 and was developed by Hong Kong Limited [Developer ID: 436672032]. This application file size is 182.56 MB. B2B Trade App - Business app posted on 2020-12-31 current version is 7.25.1 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID:

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