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What is followmyhealth® app? Take control of your health information. The new and improved mobile version of your personal health record, powered by FollowMyHealth®, is easy to use and easy to navigate.

From the home screen, you can view your current health summary, reminders and recent account activity—and quickly click to your medical profile and profiles of family members you’re authorized to view. You also get 24/7 access for:

• Communicating securely with your care team.
• Scheduling appointments.
• Viewing test and lab results.
• Requesting prescription refills.
• Managing your preferred pharmacy for prescription renewals.
• Managing connections with healthcare organization to access your health information and interact with providers.
• Paying outstanding bills and view your billing history.
• Viewing and manage your demographics, contact information, and insurance policies.

(Please note: The availability of some features may be dependent on your connected organizations.)

Take full advantage of the modern iOS features such as:

• Passcodes and Touch ID: Create a Mobile Passcode or use Touch ID to quickly and easily sign in to FollowMyHealth® Mobile. Touch ID requires iOS 8 and up. Mobile Passcode will work on any iOS device.

• Push Notifications: In addition to receiving FollowMyHealth® notifications via text and/or email, notifications can now be pushed directly to your iOS device. App badges notify you at a glance of important new information within your FollowMyHealth® account.

• Apple Watch: Convenient access to FollowMyHealth® push notifications and Action Center items directly from your Apple Watch.

• Apple VoiceOver: Improves accessibility for visually impaired users.

• Apple Health: Automatically import blood pressure, steps, weight and glucose readings from Apple Health into your FollowMyHealth® account.

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App Name FollowMyHealth®
Category Medical
Updated 29 February 2024, Thursday
File Size 55.82 MB

FollowMyHealth® Comments & Reviews 2024

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Great and fast way to communicate directly with providers. It’s a great way to communicate with your doctors/NPs without delay. I’ve had it a long time but now really use it for questions or clarifications instead of waiting until I see my provider. They’re very prompt with their replies. New tools continues to be added - that’s always a win. The best change was allowing for a pin and/or Face ID. I kept forgetting my password and a request to reset didn’t seem to get me anywhere. Instead of trying to remember every possible password and what process I used to register, I now have 2 additional methods. Plus it’s completely free to use! Hard to complain about products/services that try to make life easier. Feedback is one thing, but some comments go a bit too far. I’m just saying.

Absolutely essential.. I have a lot of specialists, which means a lot to keep track of- appointments, medications, questions/concerns, and even your diagnoses. I don’t have to make calls or sit on hold to express concerns, questions, this app even keeps track of my appointments so I don’t have to go through my appointment cards to find and check info I need to schedule appointments. I can send a message to my doctor whenever the need arises, and she can respond quickly too. It’s really beneficial, I wish all of my doctors used this system. It would save me a lot of stress and make managing my healthcare much easier. When you have health problems, life is difficult enough. This app seeks to attempt to reduce some of the stress of this kind of life (and is successful in that goal, IMO), and things like this are as good as gold for people struggling the way I do. It gives us time to take a breath, relax, de-stress a bit. I 10/10 recommend. If your doctors have this system in place, use it. It’s really a life saver.

So far, so good!. I've been using this app for over a year now and I haven't had any issue with it. I mainly use it to check on my test/lab results, to view messages from my doctor's office, and remind myself of upcoming scheduled appointments. My doctor's office must be pretty quick at uploading results and newly scheduled appointments into the app, because the app always seems to be updated with the latest info whenever I check. As for complaints, I haven't had any issues with long "loading" time of results like some of the reviewers have mentioned. And after having read someone else's review, now I know I can change my log-in settings to make it quicker for me to log in with 'touch verification' or a 4-digit passcode. That will save a little time in the long run 😌

Feature request. This app is fantastic overall, but I have a feature request. Firstly, I love that the app provides separate options for birth sex and gender identity. However, this still poses a problem for transgender people who have had our legal sex changed. It would be ideal if there were three categories: birth sex, gender identity, and legal sex. For example, a trans man like myself would input “F” for birth sex, “FTM” for gender identity, and “M” for legal sex. The reason this separate category is so important is that major headaches can occur with medical records and insurance companies when there is a discrepancy between the legal sex listed in a patient’s records and the legal sex associated with the patient’s SSN; I know from experience. I have found that most of the time when patient portals ask for birth sex, what they are really asking for is legal sex, so having a clear distinction in the form of a third category would be super helpful. Thank you!

Patient Portal. I thoroughly enjoy having an accessible patient portal. But when I first established my account back in 2012 (or so) apparently I used one user ID w/password and then 2 years ago I was unable to access that account and signed in with a new user ID w/password. To add insult to injury, apparently when I was able to access the original account, I used thumb print recognition. Now to sign in I have to reject the thumb print sign in option to sign in manually. I called customer service and they are unable to merge my 2 accounts to give me a more complete medical history and they are also unable to disable the thumb print recognition. In addition to these issues, even though I only go to Northwell Health Urgent Care if needed, those visits do not show up in the patient portal so that part of my medical history is missing from my patient portal. And for some reason, results from my PCP who is also a Northwell physician do not show up in my patient more medical history information missing from my medical record.

Updating My Review : No Communication With Providers. The message communications issue was on my providers end. They finally straightened that out and messages from me and from them are being communicated through the app. So the app is useful to me. However after visit summaries, especially after procedures done by my urologist are not shown in the app. I could find no tab or any way to access information for my latest appointments. Comparing this to the MyChart app which is full featured including such summaries, this is still lacking. Also, no way to request an appointment through the app. So this app needs further development to be as useful as MyChart. I will up my rating to 3 stars. Previous review : The urology practice that sees me uses this app and web site for their portal. All my information, appointments, lab results appear both on the app and web site. However several times now I have sent messages, which are shown in the sent box, to the doctor and never got any reply. Called this morning to the office for someone to check and they could find no messages.

Very Difficult to Use. This app has many issues. Very user unfriendly. First, your feedback mechanism in the app is broken. Second, the Lab Results pages are very difficult to use. I need to view a report showing the detail of all of the tests run on a given date of service in one easy to read view. The way its structured, I have to open each individual data point and I cannot see all of it at once. This is extremely difficult in diagnosing problems because in many cases, values across several different test points are important. Seeing them in a single view makes it much easier to spot problems. The lab provides a report that is usable. Why cant you provide that report? Third, if you are going to capture all of these single points of data, cant you show me trend information? I would like to see what the values were at multiple points in time. Again, I need reference points to help diagnose issues. Lastly, All Scripts needs to stop signing crappy contracts with crappy providers. There is no reason you should be delaying lab results. It is unethical to withhold data from a patient that you have, especially when the provider isnt monitoring it closely enough. They are busy, too busy. They have missed critical results before and since “you need to use the portal” to get information, this is the only way I can make sure my special needs child is safe without going to an ER or into the Hospital over routine labs. Dont let crappy providers tie my hands!

Follow My Health app. Comprehensive and very convenience app that contains a better layout than I'd expected or have previously had with other health systems. Forgetfulness is beginning to be a problem for me so, one of the features I use most often is my upcoming appointments. I love the transparency this app offers in that with a quick login, I can view my laboratory results as well as other diagnostic tests. Another feature that I believe is helpful is looking at my past visit summaries, blood pressure and other vital signs and my weight at each visit. The messages on the app are informative and easy to locate as you're alerted if you have unread messages and how many right away when you log on. This is easy to navigate without all the unnecessary tabs or pop ups. HMG's app keeps me in touch with my health and helps me to feel connected to my care . It even makes me feel as if I am a part of the team that oversees my health.

Not very good. If this app worked consistently and the way it is supposed to work it would be amazing, but I have had many problems with this app. After having major heart surgery, I downloaded it only for the convenience of being able to “easily” pay my bills. Immediately after downloading, I wasn’t able to even view my bills, much less make payments, so I contacted customer service. Once they finally straightened everything out after a few weeks, I was able to make one month’s worth of payments. Now, each time I try to pay an invoice, I receive an error message that says the payment provider cannot be contacted ... whatever that means. Of course when I call the phone number to try to pay, I don’t get an answer. I’m not sure if there is a disconnect between the app and the actual doctors’ offices or what, but this app has been pretty much nothing but aggravation for me. Also, I don’t know if it is supposed to automatically update but my insurance changed 5 months ago and that still hasn’t been reflected in my patient information. I understand that doctors are busy etc etc etc but this app has certainly not done much to make it easier for me to keep track of my records and bills.

Mostly really good. I like this app. I like having such complete immediate access to my medical records and to my doctor. I don’t like that I can’t paste into the journal or message, text that I cut or copied from a different application. And, I don’t like that I HAVE to go here to do certain things like I don’t remember exactly. I just know I got an email that sed I need login to access a message, and at that time I didn’t have access to a device on which I could download the app, so I could even login to the software. But that’s not the software’s fault. I stilllist it here still though because for ME as a consumer, it is related to the effectiveness this app exist to address. I like the journal function. Very helpful. I like the message my doctor and get a message back capability. I like that I can see lab results. It’s like I sed, OVERALL it’s a very good app. And, now signing up or logging in isn’t problematic anymore for me like it was in the beginning. So, good on y’all for creating a very functional app.

Semi-informative but no actual communication. It is nice to have an app that has my latest health information from my doctors. However, the Messaging feature is useless. I have tried multiple times to contact different providers through the app, but I get no response. And the app’s customer service is non-existent (as several other reviewers have noted). Although there is a “Support” section to the app, if you try to “Contact Support”, it just takes you to a website with FAQs. There is no email address, contact form, or phone number included anywhere. It’s very frustrating because I’m currently pregnant during the COVID-19 pandemic and it’s incredibly difficult to get a hold of my doctors over the phone. It would be great if I could use the app as intended: to ask quick questions and get answers rather than being on hold on the phone for hours and hoping for a response from a physician in a few days. With this app, I can’t send messages, but they don’t seem to ever actually be received by the doctors.

Intrusive, and doesn’t work. After I signed up, and entered all my personal information, I went about a month before needing to log in again. By then, I had forgotten my password. I toggled through all my usual passwords, and variations of them. Finally I clicked the “forgot password” option. It sent me an email to reset my password. I followed the instructions and reset my password. When I tried to log in with my new password, I got an error message, stating there was a problem logging in. So I sent a message through the app to customer support. When I sent it, the app said they had sent me an email to confirm receipt of my message, and they would get back to me. I never got the email. I checked my junk folder. I checked the screenshot I took of the message I had sent, and confirmed that I gave them my correct email address. Today I sent them another message through the app. Again I got the message that they had sent me an email. Again, no email. They have all of my most personal health information, but I don’t. I learned a costly lesson this time.

Communication. I love having the ability to schedule, reschedule, or cancel appointments. I can refill prescriptions or send messages to my doctors. Sometimes it’s easier to write everything down in a message rather than just trying to remember everything during the appointment. Doctors can sometimes miss information about what’s going on with the patient because they don’t spend enough time with them. We sometimes forget everything we need to share with the doctor that’s important to us. We sometimes have issues that we’re dealing with but if the issue is not occurring at the time of the appointment, we forget it. Therefore, having the ability to communicate via message is important.

This is the Perfect App to Help You get Healthy. I love this app! My doctor’s office had emailed me a link for an invitation to join, then a reminder email a few days later telling me how great this app was going to be for my health. Lemme tell ya, they were not wrong. As soon as I signed up using my google email I could see all of my medical records way back from 2008. Everything the office had on me. Now, less than a month later I have a ton of maintenance appointments scheduled that I didn’t realize I had been going so long without. I also could see things on this app like that I had lost 56lbs in just one year—I had realized I was losing weight without any effort, but became alarmed when I learned that I had lost so much! Inevitably this app played a part in helping me realize that I’ve been on a slow but gradual decline for at least the past 6 months. It’s for the dumbest reason too! I won’t bore you with it. Just know it’s a quick fix, I feel the best I’ve felt in longer than I’d been realizing, and you need this app. Easy to use. Access to my doctor with a very reasonable 1000 word limit. Mood tracker. Appointment notifications. Medication management. So much useful.

Love the App could use some up grades. Love having the app. I don’t have to wait for an already busy nurse or doctor to call me about my test results. And if they are bad, I have time to do some research and ask questions when they do call me. So there is less worry. And I have somewhat of any answers to questions I have. The only down fall is I feel you guys should give us the option to see our tests like xrays , mri’s, ctscans and any other image scans that may have been done. It’s a simple upload or scan to our file. And I have used it before to show Drs and not have to make my self more exposed to getting covid than my job already does. Because I could just pull it up on my phone and show the doctor. I don’t understand because Iowa city hospitals do this. Helps patients and doctors. Thank you all for all you do in our communities.

Follow My Health App. The Follow My Health app let’s me access from my phone or computer. If I can’t remember when I have an appointment I can just look on the site. I can also access all my current vaccinations and prescriptions. Also because I care for an older sibling, I can switch names and instantly look up all of his information for his other doctor appointments to keep them updated on his meds, blood work, future appointments, etc. I like being able to look up my own blood work results so that I am aware of any lifestyle changes I may need to make. There are several services available on the site that I haven’t listed. I recommend this app to all who are able to have access.

Breaks Bluetooth After Connecting with Cellular Data. I’ve had my iPhone XS since launch day and haven’t had any bluetooth problems until installing this app in Feb 2019. Every time I logged in with this app using cellular data it would break all Bluetooth connections from my iPhone, even to my Apple Watch and car infotainment system. Bluetooth would not work again until I disabled cellular data to this app (and this app only) in settings, reset bluetooth and/or reboot the phone. I had no problems if I used only wifi for this app and kept this app’s cellular data settings to off. This makes the app useless since I usually have access to a computer when on wifi thus I would just log in via the website. What business does this app have with bluetooth anyway? I’ve deleted this app from my iPhone and haven’t had any bluetooth problems since. This app works well for it’s designed purpose but the effect it has on my phone is unacceptable (it gets 2 stars instead of one since others who only intend to log on via wifi may still find it useful).

Support. I have been trying to resolve the issue below since before June 30th and cannot get anyone to respond or find a support structure to address this issue - hope someone can help. - my issue is not that I have not done what is required the issue is I have not been able to contact anyone to assist in telling what I need to do to resolving this issue. Up until June 30, 2020 I logged onto this app using the alternate log on option of Yahoo, and was able to access all of my University Hospital medical records. Now when I log on using my FollowMy Health user name and password, I am told “You have not connected to any healthcare providers”. How do I get connected to the same healthcare providers I was connect to when I was able to access my records using Yahoo??

Same Day Service!!. I had my blood work done at Bay Care and the results started populating on Follow My Health that afternoon. It took 48 whole hours for all the results to hit but OMG I didn’t have to wait a week to see my doc to get them!! Stellar, just stellar. Better yet, it gives me the normal range snd if I’m high, mine is in red. A red flag for real!! Then I press a little “I” and it explains it all to me!! I love my doctor’s face when I say “well my creatinine is a little high but we aren’t worried about that right now, are we because it’s only a tenth of a point and that will come down when I…blah blah!” He LOVES that I’m paying attention and planning based on my numbers. And I love that I’m learning about the numbers and CAN fix them - mostly without meds if I just pay attention BECAUSE OF THIS APP!!! Thank you thank you thank you! I’m finally in control of MY health instead of relying on what the doctor thinks is important. I love snd trust him for big things, but I live in this skin every day and it ALL matters to me.

BEST Patient/Doctor Medical App & 100% (FREE) 5 STARS ⭐️. This app is by far the BEST and it’s 100% completely FREE. As a patient you’re able to make all of your doctor (Appointments, view all of your Lab Results, read all Medical Records, and have a list of your current prescription medications showing when refills are due including simply clicking an icon to request a refill without even having to see your doctor (depending on the medication of course). Using this app will make your entire doctor office visits a completely new experience. Everyone should have this app. In an emergency, all of your medical records can be viewed within seconds. ** ATTENTION DEVELOPERS ** Please look into updating & fixing your (BILLING FEATURES). My only suggestion/complaint is… I’ve never been able to view my medical bills or make payments using the app. Other than this minor issue, you’ve done an amazing job creating the BEST user friendly app on the market, including ensuring all personal information is safe & secure. Thank you in advance for looking into fixing the (billing) features. Job well done!

Great app with a couple of annoyances. I generally like this app. Able to look up information from my test results and when I had inoculations. Two annoying issues. 1.) A day after I paid the only bill (thru desktop website), I logged into the app and it says there is one outstanding bill. Tap on the message and it goes to the billing page and says no bills due. You have to power the phone off and on to clear the message. 2.) When you sign out of the app, it immediately pops up to tap the touch button to sign in. I have already double tapped the button to close the app, so it signs me back in. So I have to sign out and be sure and wait to tap Cancel before closing the app. Please fix this. My bank’s app doesn’t do this. When you sign out, it doesn’t automatically assume that you want to immediately sign in again.

Using app for Dr. Stanley Watson. I love having this app available to use not only can I see my results from lab tests but this makes it so much easier to get in contact with Dr. Watson. LaDonna and Dr. Watson are very quick to respond to any and all correspondence that is sent to them. They are very very busy medical professionals and make their patients feel they are being heard and responds as quickly as they possibly can. If you haven’t downloaded this app yet please do so ASAP. It will not only make things easier on them and are able to give you the attention you need. But you have results, appointments and many other things you need with just a few clicks. Horizon Family Medicine and their Staff are the greatest and recommend them to anyone. Your just not a chart number there. They really care!!!!

Communication beats CHCW’s phone tree!. Most of the time it’s easier and more efficient to reach various teams and doctors than that incredibly flawed phone tree. This portal has built up a lot of trust between me and the CHCW medical staff. Their best doctors and associated teams will generally reply quickly and to the point. It’s great to cut out all of the crap that you have to navigate every time you call by phone, like listening to their phone tree instructions for wearing masks and where to park, most often twice and always unnecessarily. This patient portal has been a great way to get to know the best doctors at a personal level, but only their best ones; the docs with whom I have no rapport will often ignore me and later regard me as irritating or an annoyance. That hurts, but it is still indicative of how that relationship will play out on a professional basis. All in all, a wonderful tool for doctor and patient. 👍

Cool app. I dig the app but it seems leaves me notifications on my home screen that I have taken care of. For instance, it tells me I need to set up my communication preferences; I have input and verified my phone number and email address, and have set up how I prefer to be notified. Yet there is still a flag telling me to set up my preferences. Additionally it tells me that I have 1 new message in my inbox; I have read and reread every message in my inbox (there is only 3). Yet, I am told I still have a new message. Aside from that, this is a cool app. My daughter is a nurse (not part of my health provider) and wants to know every detail of my doctor visits. I can just share this with her and let her see all she wants. Good thing I let her see, she found some inconsistencies in my records that I was able to have my doctor straighten out.

Rebecca. This APP is a must have to keep up on your health. Patients should have access to their test is our body, we need to know what is going on with our health. I am now able to put together suitable questions from reading test results to go over with my physician to become more involved with my treatment plan. I can now match up procedures and dates with invoices I receive for copayments. Now I can see why I was being billed since the bills never give details just dates and invoice numbers. Helps out with my accounting procedures. Since I see several specialists I can now print out various testing performed and test results to go over with them so they are not duplicating orders for tests. Having my medical records available to me at my fingertips allows me to become more knowledgeable about my personal health issues through viewing first hand various procedure results so that I can be more hands on now on how I can personally maintain a healthy lifestyle, realizing my limitations with the various diseases I am living with on a daily basis.

User friendly with great options 💛. I love the layout! Everything is easy to find. Easy to use! So many great ways to check your health documents, records, medication history, test results...etc... There’s places to write about your health notes down. Privately I believe. Keep track of everything!! Literally an amazing app!! You can see your chart notes too. Best of all I can message all my doctors and they get back to me immediately!! Tells me when my appts are plus reminders. Tells me when I have a new message too! Any time my doctors add anything to my chart it shows me that too! I can even refill my medication through this app. It’s the best way to do anything through your health care. No waiting on hold for someone, no needing fax numbers etc. all at your fingertips!! I love how many different functions there are in this app! Happy patient definitely.

Review. Springfield Clinic is the best!!! Before I switched my kids and I to Springfield Clinic we were going to SIU School of Medicine and they would act like they were always in a hurry once they entered the room to see my kids or myself, I’m not sure if the security/ security over booked with them with patients or they disliked their job. There were times that we couldn’t get the full conversation out or are concerned about the symptoms they would instantly cut us off and redirect us to what they thought was wrong us. I went home and found Dr. Bauk at Springfield Clinic, her and her staff are 100% amazing!!! My youngest son and I are on a medical card she took us without any judgment, my oldest son moved back in with me and got on a medical card so I called Dr. Bauk’s office and the secretary told me Dr. Bauk does not take medical cards anymore, but since my oldest son was family she was going to over ride it and accept him as a new patient because she is a family doctor and she rather have all family under her care. I just love Dr. Bauk and could never ask for a better Doctor, she is the best!!! Keep up the excellent work Dr. Bauk Signed Angel Chaffin

Holy Cross medical group 4725 Fort Lauderdale Florida and all its attachments. I have never been a supporter of portals or having to go on to websites or adding an app or saving additional passwords or screen names. However I must tell you this website service delivery and process is phenomenal to imagine that I have all of my vitals at my fingertips, all of my meds as well as adjustments additions or subtractions, ability to communicate directly with a doctors office or assistant or service without going through phone interchange systems delays from lengthy emails makes life incredibly easier. In addition the fact that I can quarry my doctor about input to the website blows me away! Once again a terrific piece of medical information communication and security.

Review. Everything is quicker when your waiting for results. I have meds that go 2 places. Instantly a reply that a certain Med was sent to CVS and Optum. No confusion. I’m 70 y/o and also want to mention the convenience with what’s going on. Meds delivered. I haven’t been driving but it’s great to know I can get a ride to and from the office visits. Any questions—no problem an Evisit and you don’t have to wait. Dental insurance. More to Love u for. With times how they are I feel the best care that can be given is in place. I am grateful for Dr Kapov treating me with respect and I know I’m getting the best!!! He listens and is there for you. He even is the one to introduce me to getting Optum. Convenient and 9 free medications. Who could ask for more? He sympathized when I lost my brother to COVID. I actually look forward to a visit no matter the circumstances because I know I’ll be getting the best care!!! Thank you for letting me voice the appreciation I have for all your doing to keep me feel safe and knowing your always there. Well u deserve more than 5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Mr Michael Vassaur. At the beginning there were a few bugs so I would use it now and then until my last couple of office visits and was very surprised. The information was all in place but what really blew my mind was like the timing, it was instant or the next day. You can’t find timing like that anywhere, they must enter a patient’s information as soon as the results are received. I do know one thing it makes one feel better not having to wait to the next office visit to see their lab results. Then there’s the patient that would like track their past weight, blood pressure, glucose etc. it’s all there. I don’t know if I can paste it to MS Office (Excell) but I am sure I can do, I’ll try that soon. Anyway I did not want to write this much much but maybe you need to ensure that your patients are aware of this App for one reason it might save a few phone calls from patients because I am sure they still call asking for their Labs.... Anyway very impressed!!!

We GREATLY APPRECIATE this app. We have nearly constant contact with our healthcare providers. If we need an authorization from our dr to have a prescription refilled and I’ve forgotten to call during business hours, I can email the office to let them know what I need and they get back with us the next day - MUCH FASTER than what the pharmacy can do for me. We can also report blood pressures/blood sugar levels at our convenience and have the dr review them and get back to me without thinking I must have my phone with me so I don’t miss a call back. Also, after tests and or appointments, a summary of the appointment is available to us as well as the blood test results. If we just have a general/non-emergency question or ache/pain, I can send a message and I’ll get a reply either that same day or the next morning. We have EXCELLENT caregivers that utilize this app in a VERY timely manner. This app is WONDERFUL!! Thank you!

Well it was a colonoscopy what can be said.. The people were great and communication were semi-okay. The initial prescription from my doctor called for using medication that was very expensive and I ended up using Mirilax, apple juice and ducolax (sp). Same result lot less pricey. They instructions I have were not clear on what area to come to to MMC or I miss read them. After we meandered thru the halls and found the Surgery Center we were promptly checked in and the receptionist made sure they had my girlfriend’s cell # my so they could call her during and after the procedure. They did semi-okay but she never talked to the doctor. The people were wonderful, personable and most helpful. Thank you for making the actually procedure much less traumatic than the preparation.

Communication in MY HEALTH means everything!. Follow my health allows “ME” to see my test results first hand. Not only do I feel I am more informed about “MY” health. When I do get to talk to my doctor, sometimes days later, I can be much better prepared with questions I may have, as well as understanding the information the Dr. . Is giving me. I have to say , often I feel I am a number and rushed through some appointments , only being loaded down with information and leaving the office with overload of information and wishing I had had more time to process what was quickly given to me . This tool has been very helpful and allows me to look back on past tests results on things I may have forgotten. So thank you Blount Memorial, for a small town hospital you are advancing in your technology and communication to help your patients in ways that give them confidence in their own health care .

Good old fashioned docs with modern technology. When I say good old fashion dog, I mean his docs, that’s been more than five minutes with you These are doctors that come in and sit down and look you in the eye and they get this, have a conversation with you a real conversation and they don’t get up and walk backwards towards the door while you’re in the middle of your conversation like the docs and some of the larger groups and I have seen this and I have experience that happening, and it is hurtful and it is shameful that you will not have it here, but you will not be treated like that here !!! It feels like a like you’re going to see it. Good friend it’s nice small cozy friendly atmosphere. I love getting to see the nurses in the doctors and you know everybody’s like in the same room’s interacting. And you see everybody it’s not hard to get a hold of anyone. You can always get an appointment most the time you can get the same day appointment. I just can’t say enough nice things about Mackey family practice. I’ve been going to her for 20 years and I am still going there if they’ll put up with me

It works very well. I am rating this from the patient side, not the physician/healthcare organization side. I have basically a collection of doctors from all different specialties, and nearly all of them use different patient portal softwares (except for the few that refuse to get one - and I do not blame them!) FollowMyHealth has a layout that is much more intuitive than some other patient portals. Messaging your doctor is a breeze. Refilling a Rx is a piece of cake. My doc even uploaded referral forms that I was able to easily access and print at home without having to go into the office. Also, as someone who has to take several Rx medications, I have struggled to keep each doctor up-to-date with my current medication plan. Sometimes the meds change, more often than not the nurses or office staff simply enter them incorrectly. On FollowMyHealth I can see the exact list of what was put into the EHR of that office. You can’t change the list yourself, but you can contact the office or wait until your next appointment.

Totally awesome follow my health app. I enjoy sending letters to my doctors and I think it’s cool I can message other doctors did my doctor not available I can message another doctor. I like the appointment request but I think it’s odd says you must select appointments type and is already selected but you click it and click on other and it lets you continue. It allows you to put in hours times and select more than a couple so if you work all day Tuesday and Friday and available before 9 you select before 9 on the full days and the other days you select when you are available and they match your availablity within your own time. It is awesome and has vitals and test results on portal too totally awesome thanks keep it up

Yay! I love it omg. I’m so happy I got vaccinated bc now I can go into restaurants :) and not spread disease to my fellow countrymen. I value other people (and myself/my own health). This is why this app is a lovely one, trust me I know science! My friend likes it too. There once was a woman named Barb. She walked into a couch store and looked at every one they had, and she said “NO; bigger!!!”. So they showed her the biggest one they had, and she still said “Bigger”. So they then showed her a couch bigger than any other on earth and she loved it. The Nexus is the middle of the couch. They are born from the Nexus and that is how they are made, period. I once had a family. Then I got this app and now I sit in the couch and look at my medical records and I don’t spend any time with them so they left me. I take this space to say, this is the best app ever. Bye.

Follow My Health. Was frustrating at first, but got used to some things and still wish some others were different. The only way I can find to print out a document at home is to take a screen shot and then print the photo. The “print” button did not do anything when I tried. I suspect it goes to some UH printer. Also, some displays only show 8 lines of the document at a time. One has to scroll to see the rest. Also, sometimes it is difficult to see what has changed when a document is edited, but often a blue dot appears beside the added info which works. These are my main pet peeves, otherwise I am very grateful to have the info to see even though it is often difficult to understand because I’m not up on my “med-speak”. It’s helpful to have someone in the medical field to translate the mnemonics in the family. Lately, I’ve noticed the app seems to be an improvement over the browser which comes up from a link in emails.

Easy and quick to use. In todays age of being able to do anything at the click of a button FMH fits perfectly into the status quo. It’s extremely easy to understand how to use and I haven’t run into any crazy issues so far. From the app you can contact your doctor, their office or any other department you might need. It keeps you up to date on your appointments and also leaves a nice electronic trail of medical documents you can save to your own device. My only addition would be I believe a ‘stay signed in’ feature should be added. I understand the confidential nature of the documents contained in the app but if someone somehow gains access to my phone then they will 100% gain access to the app as well. I think even the ‘type passcode to sign in feature’ is unnecessary and redundant but I understand the thought process behind it.

WORST APP EVER!!. Does not work at all!! Scheduled 3 appointments and it never showed up on my upcoming appointments tab. This app worked great 1 year ago.. but now, it's a piece of crap! Worst part about it is, even if I try to go to the full site app on my phone, it still directs me to the mobile app!! Ugh!! I just want to set up a physical appointment for my son!! Have been with sharp for 35 years now, but PLEASE!! SOMEONE REVAMP THIS APP SO THAT IT ACTUALLY WORKS!! so frustrating!!!! ***********UPDATE************** Here are a few specific things that may help.. I never received an email confirming my scheduled appointment like a used to a year ago.. again, the appointments that I scheduled did not show up on my account under the upcoming appointments tab.. to the point where I thought I never even made the appointment. Only to find out that I actually HAD scheduled 3 appointments upon contacting sharp by phone. She was able to cancel the 2 that I didn't need but keep the 1 that I did. Trying to sign in was a nightmare.. it constantly kept saying there was an error AND it kept wanting me to agree to terms and conditions MULTIPLE times.

Constantly crashes, worthless customer support. When I first got this app a couple of years ago, it worked great. Sometime last year, it suddenly started crashing as soon as I logged in. I could see my information momentarily, and then it would just close. I reinstalled it twice, I installed updates, nothing helped. So I contacted customer service. But instead of listening to me, they treated me like a moron, as though I must never have seen a piece of technology created in the last half-century. They insisted I reinstall it again. They insisted I didn’t know how to properly install an app (I guess tapping a button that says install is confusing for some....). They refused to acknowledge that the problem might be a bug in their software. They told me to try it on a different device. (I did, by the way, and it didn’t work any better on my iPad than it did on my phone.) They went back to the brilliant summation that I must be installing it wrong. Unfortunately, my doctor’s office insists on using this platform for most communication. I guess I installed them wrong, too? Update: The developers continue to do nothing to fix the app, although they did offer the extraordinarily helpful suggestion that I contact my medical provider to resolve the problem with *their* software. This makes tons of sense. In fact, I always contact my GP when I have computer issues. I’m sure he can fix this, too!

My health at the tip of my hands. This app is amazing! It allows me to keep track of everything related to my health. The access is so convenient and it’s very easy to use. I am able to look at my appointment information, latest vital signs, weight, BMI, prescriptions, Rx refills, lab results and everything else related to my visits. It’s nice to have everything at hand so that I can quickly reference any information I need. There is even a section in which I can input a journal entry and take notes. This can be convenient during Dr. visits as one can easily forget crucial information. I also have the ability to send my provider a message directly if I want. I truly love this app because it allows me the opportunity to get more involved with my health care!!

Easy to “Follow My Health” Wherever I Go!”. Ever. Since I installed the FollowMyHealth app, the fear and anxiety of remembering ALL of my health responsibilities like medication refills, appointments and referrals all but disappeared. Also, Covid-19 updates and where to go n what to do was enough to make my head spin. But thru this lovely app I am able to balance my health like I would a checkbook but even better, much smarter. I get Notifications to remind me about important stuff like Covid and what people my age need to be doing for continued physical n mental health. I may not see my doctors as much in person but I sure communicate w them wayyy more, with less gaps between messages sent n reply’s! The future is NOW for this app n all it does for me n my family. Thank you FollowMyHealth for the piece of mind !

Horrible app. At first glance this app appears to have everything you need, but sadly it’s lacking. 1. As long as you just want to read/check your health problems it seems to do the job, but reading your reports leaves something to be desired because you get one bit of information and have to piece the different screens together to get the whole picture. 2. If you want to send a message to your provider, you can forget that. My phone doesn’t have any compose button on the screen. 3. Until I return to my doctor, there is no way to contest the errors in my health history. No one in my family has ever had epilepsy, yet there it is in black and white. And that’s just one of two conditions that needs to be corrected. 4. It is very difficult to find a way to get help. That connection is on the screen before you sign in. 5. We went to the hospital to get help. The app indicates someone there can help you. Not at our hospital, everyone is clueless and no one would even admit they were supposed to know something but didn’t. On the plus side, I can sign in, unlike some others. Come on guys, fix the problems. You are supposed to be programmers! Doesn’t anyone do testing before you release a new version? Or do you need someone with more experience to fix the problems.

Prescription that has refills. Yes I’m have a big deal with CMC Pharmacy it would be a lot nicer the med you don’t need refill on automatically go to In house pharmacy instead of letting the nurse call them back in I’ve had trouble with this for the past 4 months while using the Dr Telecommunication programs though med when I ask for the pharmacy to fill should go to the pharmacy not back to my nurse if that the case just take refill meds completely off the app because it a big hassle and I’ve tried to speak with CMC pharmacy they are in need of hiring someone that know what there job dusty are and not hang up the phone before you ask for all your prescription to be refilled there not gonna be in business too much longer if that keep happening because I know if there doing it to me how many others are done the same way that reason this app received a 3 rating because the pharmacy and CMC is all connected the phone line is so rude I even called in my medicine that more ok the caller I spoke with stated they on have 2 more to fill and I’m covered ok that was at 9;00 am well 4:00pm the following day I was able to finely get my med on there rude behavior Hangup the phone before I’m done asking questions thank

Major defect. This app is used by healthcare providers for video conferencing. While using it for this purpose, it auto-logs you out due to inactivity, which causes problems w the call. Sometimes you lose audio, or video, or the others lose it from you. For example, in my case I could still hear them but they couldn’t hear me. Most egregiously, the app does not allow you to return to the video screen after you log back in (because it auto-logged you out). You log back in and it sends you to the app menu. There’s no link to return to the call. You can minimize the app and the call appears in the upper banner bar like any other call on your phone. You click on the banner and it returns you to the app menu, NOT the call screen, and again there’s no link to return to the call. Meanwhile you can hear people, but they can see you but not hear you. You should NEVER be logged out while actively on a call, this is basic programming 101. So now you’ve wasted half your time w your provider, which you are paying for, troubleshooting this broken dis-functionality. This is grossly unacceptable. When the developers fix this problem I will change my 1 star review. And I looked for a menu option to not auto-sign out, and I can’t find one. I looked for a support number to call, there’s a menu option for that and it’s an empty screen. Unacceptable.

5 Stars. This app has many useful resources that allows health records for individuals to easy access about themselves if needed, especially if you’re out of town and have needed to visit another doctor to be able to discuss any past health issues or conditions and medications or allergies before the doctor has medical records sent over and received. It allows basic communication between individuals and doctors to be done without the frustration of having to wait on hold via phone or to have to figure out how to get to the right doctor/department through an automated system only to be redirected back to the beginning/starting over or the line to be disconnected. Its also very beneficial for managing doctors appointment with being able to schedule, and make any changes or cancellations using just the app. In summary, for the most part, for me, I’ve been able to use the app for almost everything I’ve needed except an actual in person appointment with my doctor physically present in the room, and of course driving myself to the appointment but even then it communicates with Maps easily to be able to provide simple directions to and from the appointment, if needed.

The way it should be. My former doctor, who will remain nameless, kept having me come into the office to get hand written prescriptions during the pandemic. Granted they were ADD meds and on the schedule I assumed every prescription needed to be done this way. I’m 61 and have a history of respiratory illness and was very apprehensive about coming in. When I found out they could be electronically sent to my pharmacy I was engaged and embarrassed that I didn’t know better. After changing to this medical group, who incidentally, operates in the 21st century, my appointments and prescriptions can be done via email and not embarrassingly over the phone with a new person every time who did not understand the drug, the hand written prescription or my embarrassment at asking for them. I had a recent medical even that was life threatening and had I not moved to this group I would not be writing this email. They work as a group and their only concern is your health.

Confusing, Indirect, Effective. Follow My Health is a valuable and useful online system for viewing and updating one’s own health records. Perhaps, because it is so new, it is a bit confusing to use efficiently. I have used it a half dozen times for various tasks such as confirming appointment, checking health update, and messaging our physician. None of that was easy at first. The site does not offer clear directions and some of the text overlays other text making its message questionable. My first visit got nowhere, but all subsequent visits rate Mission Accomplished. With each visit, the steps are more familiar and predictable. FAR AND AWAY the greatest benefit for me has been messaging our physician for both my wife’s and my own time sensitive health decisions. From the headache of my first use, it has grown into an important health adjunct that we rely on.

Follow My Health. This app makes it so easy to communicate with my primary care physician and his nurse practitioners any time I have a problem or a question regarding my medical issues. Getting a phone message to them is usually iffy since it has to first go through someone who answers phones all day and takes messages and relays them to my doctor’s office staff. When I get a callback I often find that my question or message is so garbled that they first need to establish what my original message was. So now I always send an email via Follow My Health directly to the person I need to talk to and I nearly always get an email response or a phone call by the following morning. To me, that is efficiency and effectiveness, which is the best way to keep in touch with the people who know all about my medical history. The app is user friendly and reliable.

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Pretty good app. Overall this is a really good app for reaching my provider. The two items I would want that I haven’t seen, is the ability to still see my message once I have sent it to my provider, and for the scheduling part of the app to offer me the soonest available appointment date. I have been trying to schedule a physical and every time I press a day it takes a little bit of time to process my request and keeps coming back unavailable. It’s a pain to have to check every day until you can find one available...I went out three months and still haven’t found a date...which can be time consuming and therefore frustrating. But it is nice to see a lot of my medical information very easily.

No summary from doctors visits. The idea behind this app is great but it was not fully executed... I have had other healthcare apps/online portals that you could actually find detailed doctors notes from each visit. This helps in times where you needed to reassure yourself that you are following doctors exact orders without calling the office. Also, the data, like weight, keeps coming out wrong on the patients end. The past 3 visits (for my child) have been recorded but the weight has been wrong and I know this cannot be an error on the doctor’s side because I watch the scale every single time and we are watching baby’s weight closely. Getting the wrong information from this app is very counterproductive. I just feel like the app is not user friendly either. Would not recommend downloading and I will be emailing my provider about these inconveniences.

Great responsiveness with the app. This app has allowed me to request prescriptions when I discover I need them after my doctor’s office hours have closed. I don’t have to wait until the next day when I could forget to make the call and have conflicting activities. I received communications from my physicians without them being lost amongst the 200+ daily spam emails I receive on a daily basis. Appointment reminders have helped me keep my calendar up to date. The list of my current medications is handy to pull up. Frequently I fail bring my list of medications to appointments. This feature has brought all of my care providers to reflect the same information. I can show doctors at follow up appointments other than the ordering physician the original test results from labs and imaging reports. It has prevented me from communicating incorrect data and diagnosis to my healthcare team. Because of this app the quality of my care has improved substantially. I attribute this to my doctors having 1) More relevant information 2) current information 3) Accurately communication of information.

New user here and I love it so far!!. I’ve read some of the reviews from years past. It seems as though those issues have been addressed. I haven’t experienced any crashes or inability to compose a journal note. The only thing I would like is when I open my home page, to be notified there is new test results available for me to review that weren’t there before. It says that every time I open the app but when I open my results it’s always the same ones. Other than that I love this!! Amazing to be able to feel like I am a part of my own healthcare and not a bystander. I can’t recommend this enough if your provider offers this!!!

highlight the new info. I appreciate being able to see up to date information about my health. Also to be able to go back to review older information, as I have some severe memory problems. My only complaint about the app is: When I receive an email that says I have new information, I often go to the app and can’t find that information. I do see a blue dot that leads me to look at a particular category. But when I go in, I might find an encounter sheet but it looks just like every other one. I might see a list of meds, but I often can’t see what’s been added/changed. If I were to give advice on improvement of the app, I’d say make it very clear (yellow highlighting?) to the patient what’s new in each particular document. Similarly, the list of meds is historic in nature — every Med I’ve ever been prescribed. That’s useful in its way. But — could you find a way to add a list of just the meds a patient is presently taking? Or to highlight on the long historic list the meds a patient is presently taking? Thank you. Rayelenn Sparks Casey

Great App. I love this app because it has all my health info on it my bloodwork results etc and the ease of looking up inf. Do not understand I would highly recommend this to anyone who had medical issues and I don’t have to take all my medical records to my new score because it is all located in one place and I don’t have t fear losing any of f my paperwork it’s all here on one place the only thing I would recommend is having all the doctors to record their findings and or their appointments to be recorded here as well I find not all doctors list their info here but even though some dnt. Have enough data here that it’s a big help

Very convenient. I can find copies of all my doctors notes, nurses notes and testing and blood work! Incredibly convenient. Sometimes you just cant remember everything the doctor says or forget to ask how a blood test turned out…now it is all at you fingertips! I wish all doctors and hospitals used this app. I may actually switch some of my doctors so they all have access to recent testing and imaging…I so tired of doing repeat procedures or having to sign to have my records sent to 3 different doctors! I would highly recommend this app to providers and patients!

Excellent physical therapy. I had a pretty bad calf muscle strain about five weeks before a planned yearly golf trip with buddies… these soft tissue issues can take 6 weeks or more to heal and even then you’re not necessarily ready for regular physical activity.... I went to Atlantis PT twice a week prior to the trip… Anthony and Tim provided targeted and progressively more intense therapy (and advice), aimed at the most efficient path to my recovery.... we finished up about four days before my trip .... I got to play 18 holes once just before the trip and made it through (and had fun) without incident … I’m not going to overdo it but I definitely feel ready to go on my trip.... no pain and at 90% full strength ....Thanks guys!

Medical Care Made Easy. This app has been a life saver for me. I see four specialists at one practice and this app allows me to communicate with all of them by sending messages and even pictures. The doctors are also able to see what my other care providers input in the system so I don’t have to constantly repeat myself during each appointment. If I need a prescription filled or have questions about what medications I can take, I can hear back from my doctors within the hour by shooting them a message through the FollowMyHealth app. I’m also able to see past lab results and other medical documents any time. 5 stars, easily!

Helpful and convenient. Easy to use, help to maintain accurate information, most of the time results of lab work or tests/ exams reports are fast enough. However in my personal experience I would like more info on appointments, places complete information. And a way to be able to retrieve important information of a verbal phone call with names of possible diagnosis, not every one can keep some advice or tips over a phone call. And also a Choice to print any of the pages from your personal account during a visit to the portal. Overall Great tool for communicating with your dear doctor Thank you

Love my annual health care check up. I absolutely think the concept of everything in one building is amazing- everyone is so helpful and friendly. My appointments went smoothly and took care of my concerns under the same roof. My Dr. Margo Anderson Fowler addressed my concerns immediately and set up a plan to move forward with my care. She listens to your concerns and handles them right away. Chrissy, who drew my blood, was full of insights about otc meds and how and if they worked- we had a good conversation and her blood drawing was amazingly pain free- I could even feel the needle- My mammogram was as comfortable as possible considering the breast has to be flattened and twisted . I look forward to continuing care with this amazing place

Very useful application!. Aside from the obvious use of looking up when your next appointment is, I like being able to go back over my records historically to see how I have been doing. Also, results of the test that have been performed include useful information and understanding what the various results mean on a layman’s level. Being able to re-order prescription drugs I need is also useful, as is being able to send direct messages to the doctor and styles and be able to receive replies. (Of course , emergency situations should be phoned in to the doctor) All in all, a very useful app.

One Year Anniversary with App. I rated this site a 5. Why? From my first experience, which was installing the App, to the handful of uses, including RX renewal and messages to Dr. Foster and his Staff, I had no problems finding my way about the App and completely the transaction. Like today - missed today’s office hours, so instead of leaving a voice message on the office phone, I sent an email message to ask, if possible, my annual physical could be moved up. I know the Staff will receive my message and respond ASAP. In a nutshell, the App is easy to use, and gives me an additional way to communicate with my doctor!!! Thank you.

Awesome Doctors. I am in the midst of battling colon cancer. I have received exceptional care from my Doctors. My primary general practitioner is Dr. Stephanie Iem. She is in Escondido. I have received nothing, but the utmost professional, caring and timely efforts from her and her wonderful staff. I am extremely happy and Blessed that she is my doctor. If you are looking for a GP, I would highly recommend her. Upon discovery of my colon cancer, Dr. Iem referred me to surgeon Dr. Edmond Chan. He is in Poway. Hands down, he is the best. He has been in practice over 35 years. His experience, knowledge and attention to detail definitely helped comfort any anxieties of my situation. I hope this message helps anyone find the proper care that we all are striving for. God Bless!!

Doesn’t save message drafts. I have found this app very frustrating when writing messages to healthcare providers when I lose my connection for whatever reason. Everything that I wrote, sometimes in great detail, gets deleted forever. And then I have to start all over 🤬!! When this happens there should be a built-in default that sends the message to a “Draft” folder. The Yahoo! Mail app provides this feature and has been a lifesaver on many occasions. There are multiple reasons why a connection could be lost and FMH needs to do a better job in this area. I would give it a 5 star if this issue was addressed and made part of the app service. Thank you.

Notifications lag and annoy. This is an update/message of a previously good review - because the app developers give no way to contact regarding a problem not on their information list. After this last app update a week ago, I get multiple email and text notifications of items and provider messages long AFTER I have already gone to the app and viewed/acted upon it. Example just now got both a third text and third email a day after on the app acting upon the reason for notice. I love notifications but continuous notifications to go find there is nothing there anymore is annoying. False notifications are important when I and a provider are dealing back and forth with a medical issue. Then one must contact the office to see if something is missing - or not.

Very helpful to me.. Sure there's a few problems with the app but I can deal with it. However I have several medical issues and mental issues also and am on 17 medications and without this app I would lose my mind and not be able to keep up. I find it very helpful and when I need to communicate with the office it's so easy and their response time is fast and not like when you call them and have to wait and wait for a call back. I love being able to keep track of my vitals and getting reminders of test I need to do. SO try to overlook the small hic ups in the app and discover all the good in it. Sincerely a grateful patient.

Inaccurate Big Brother. It took 5 trips to the ER plus several doctors’ visits before a doctor finally ordered imaging & found a 1” diameter gallstone was blocking my gallbladder neck & causing digestive issues including 4 pseudo heart attacks - because the doctor I had gone to a year before couldn’t figure out was wrong with me so she entered “anxiety” in my file. The 2nd ER doctor gave me narcotics!!! I needed gallbladder removal surgery but they all thought I had “anxiety”!!! Even after having my gallbladder removed - “anxiety” is still in my file. I also lost significant weight in just a few months (267 in May to 190 now in Dec. ... 5’9”), but this app does not show my current weight and I had a terrible problem with the anesthesia from my gallbladder surgery & am concerned that the anesthesiologist might have gotten my old weight from this app & given me too much anesthesia. This app retains too much data & I have no control. I just showed harm this caused.

Good way to keep up with your doctor visits and results.. Other than being a little confusing on the start-up (hence the 4 stars), this is a pretty good app to follow along with your doctor visits and see the results. What would make it a really terrific app would be if one could access their x-rays and MRIs via this app. Not that one would actually know what one was looking at, but being able to see the “pictures” could help one with understanding what was going on inside their body, what was bad, how to treat it and how the treatment would be done. Like the old saying goes, “A picture is worth 1,000 words.” Understanding what the picture shows the doctor is worth another 1,000, at least.

Makes life easier. I have really bad anxiety with phone calls and trying to reach my doctor. Messaging through this app is awesome because I can directly message my doctor instead of a receptionist taking notes to tell my doctor. Then the doctor can directly message you back and give you full time help when you need it, especially with really bad medical conditions like mine. It’s been a life saver. I love being able to refill prescriptions through it too, and being able to see my entire diagnosis of everything on there so I know.

My Space. I’ve recently took control of what I’ve had to see on my medical page concerning me. Things of me that are not right, but only medical assumption’s do me no good. I must see that of me which is concrete, not medical demeanor! Even as I at times struggle to maintain the little good health I have left, it still cannot be due to medical assumption’s, but of facts that are as best as possibly be! If you know I am a chronic steroid user, in order to maintain a certain hormone level, don’t in turn put me in classification of a person who has an obese! Since inflammatory steroids increase a person’s appetite! It demeans, me so it is no longer, as I control. This is my space as the truth, in absolute will still be clear as possible, expressed and read here. Thank you

Works pretty well - but notifications don’t work. I like this as a means of scheduling appointments and communication with my doctors. Being able to send messages is great, but the notification of a reply message only seems to work if the app is open AND the app automatically signs out after 15 mins (?) of inactivity. I’d like the ability to decide for myself when the app closes or for the notifications of a reply message to work even if the app is closed. Otherwise I gotta check this thing every few hours to see if they scheduled my appointment. If I have to do that I might as well just call their office, which defeats one of the major advantages of using a messaging application. Perhaps the developers can respond?

For me it changed everything. Follow my health app combined with a connection that properly utilized all of the aspects that the app can deliver is amazing and revolutionary. The ability to send messages directly to who you need to communicate with is an order of magnitude greater than the normal way of having to find the correct number or extension of whom ever you need to communicate with. Many people have a hard time remembering specialist doctors such as orthopedic or auditory or perhaps your neurologist or any other member of your care team outside of your general practitioner. With the app all of your records, vitals, prescription needs, upcoming appointments or even scheduling one with the right department has made my personal experience with healthcare so much more effective. My connection has every single person who treated me for a whole myriad reasons right there and allows instant connection to whom ever I need if what I need can’t be already found in the treasure trove of my records. Quite simply the cornerstone of quick, quality and professional care for my family now!

Impressed. I have been exposed to a couple of different systems with “my chart” being the most frequent one used from hospitals like Cleveland Clinic of Florida and Bronson of Kalamazoo, Michigan. This app puts all those that i have been exposed to shame. The answers and information are short and concise. If you desire more information about the item you are looking at and there is a small “i” present, by clicking on it it will lead you to a further in depth discussion about the medical terminology and or links to other discussion about the subject area. The interface is very user friendly, something that is very lacking in “my chart.”

Makes reaching Dr easier. The functionality of the app is slightly clunky and I don’t like the fact that I can’t figure out how to use it for my infant son, just for me (even though I set one up for him). For some reason not all of my health records are in there, also. Some make it, some don’t, depending on where my appointment was. But, it makes communicating with the doctor’s office so much easier. I love that I can send a message to the doctor at any time and they can respond. Renewing and filling a prescription is the easiest thing in the world, just click a few buttons! I love having my vitals and records available literally at my fingertips when needed. Overall a huge service’

No notifications, must re-enter credentials. This app could be great, but it's missing two : 1) It keeps forcing you to re-login - what a pain! And not just the password, but both the email address and password. It should save the credentials for you. It's on a smart phone after all - even the browser saves your credentials. If they truly believe they need another layer of login, they could at least implement touch-ID. 2) No notifications/badges - most apps will a) notify you when you receive a new message and b) add a badge to the app icon with the number of unread messages. This app does not. Instead, I get an email and have to know to go open this app and hunt around for the message - or, I can just click the link in the email and it'll open the web page where I can log in and see the message.

It’s 2022 - please update this app!. I’m very sorry - I rarely leave bad reviews and often prefer to leave positive remarks with a good experience. Anyone can have a bad day. But not everyone has a product from the early app days. I’m not sure of the development planning behind it but focusing only on putting functionality in a great product without focusing first on the user interface and experience is not helping promote its use. Icons - large ones are the new replacement for lined text menus that cross over one another if text size has been modified on the users screen. I hope you can take this constructive feedback in a way it was meant. I just see too many people with great ideas focus too much on the back end of their architecture and it ends up not being adopted.

Terrible app, doctor’s office can’t access anything. We were told to use this app by our provider’s office and it’s pretty terrible. I uploaded some forms to the documents section and they were unable to download them. If you are in the mobile app you can’t access the documents even if you uploaded them. I could only access them from a desktop computer and only in the desktop web browser can you email or print a document. Not only that when you do upload a document it tells you must also notify your provider that they have to go to the documents section to view your upload. I wish they would just scrap using this and go to Epic MyChart. At least in MyChart, the messaging feature allows you to upload a picture or PDF which is really useful unlike FollowMyHealth that does not have a feature to add any attachments or pictures. It’s so disjointed.

Wonderful way to access health info. I love this app. I have a long history of doctors not explaining anything to me. I’ve been given medications without understanding what I was taking them for, had procedures without understanding what the results mean; then given more medication because of that procedure. I’m sure my doctors mean well and may not have time. This app gives me the information I need to understand their decisions. And THANK YOU SO MUCH for allowing users biometric access. I hate it when I can’t get into apps like this that I may not use everyday because I can’t remember the password! Now, if there were only a directory of physicians who use this app, I want to keep it forever even if I change providers!

The Best. I’m grateful to the people who developed this App as it has helped me in so many ways. It’s nice not having to wait to hear from clinics or labs to get results and I’m certain it helps the professionals who would typically spend countless hours on the phone to communicate results with patients, focus their time on more important issues. I love that I don’t have to keep a record of my appointments now bc this app does it for me. It’s been nice to be able to defer to this app when I’m asked questions about results from MRIs, CT scans, labs or anything else I can’t recall. It really is the best!!!

What a Time Saver!. Not only does this app save time for me, but the staff in my doctor’s office must be happ as well as this has cut all telephone call correspondence out completely! Now when I have a prescription renewal or a question about an upcoming appointment all I have to do is look at my FollowMyHealth app and lol the information I need to know is right there. Getting the app working was easy and I never needed to ask any questions to figure out how it works. If you have little to no application and /or computer experience you may need to get your 15 year old nephew or your daughter to guide you but otherwise if found this app very easy. I am delighted that my doctor has chosen to use FollowMyHealth and it is awesome to have my own medical information at my fingertips 24/7. If you are a doctor, consider getting this for your office to save everyone time. And if you’re a patient and your medical office is using FollowMyHealth you’re in luck. I highly recommend this app.

Great idea. I really like this portal because I can go in and see my labs, up coming appointments, and even leave messages for my doctor. When I leave a message someone gets back to me very quickly, which is nice. I can access this at anytime, even if it is in the early hours of the morning. I tend to forget to mention things when I am at my appointment and now if that happens I can go into the portal and leave a message about what I forgot to mention. I can see my meds and upcoming appointments too! I would have given 5 stars, but there are still things I don’t understand in the portal as I am constantly learning. I would recommend this to anyone that is in the medical field and/or patient. It’s a good way to keep everyone on the same page for continuity of care!

making it easier to communicate with your health care provider. My wife and I have been using Follow My Health since our provider’s system made it available. We can upload medical information, ask questions, and suggest dates for needed appointments. We often get responses from our physician’s medical assistant or even our doctor within an hour or two. This tool makes us feel our doctor is connected to us outsiders of our regular appointments and also provides medical record information and wellness monitoring all in one place.

Follow My Health App is an Amazing Benefit. The FMH App is absolutely wonderful with way it allows patients to access a basement full of shelves and rows of charts filled with patient data I.E. medical records in a second from a device in my pocket. And the direct communication with doctors and staff is amazing. Just to be able to provide my doctors and/or their staff with timely reports on my health and needs, or ask a question, allows for me getting a solution now rather than a month from now is an incalculable jump forward from the past that uncomplicates so much work and effort. It truly is a game changer! Thank You

Very handy to have on a mobile. Faster than website!. So quick and easy! Even supports FaceID. Push notifications when provider responds, upcoming Appt. reminders. Handy functionality such as medication list (with one button [Renew] to request refills (of active meds), see lab results (feature request: option to print/export/Select&Copy lab results (filter by date), medications, Etc.), and message with your healthcare provider. All functionality mirrors the website. You can enter your own logs of vitals; unfortunately those self-entered logs are not shared with your provider (feature request, unless that’s a provider’s choice.)

No Sync Calendar. The reason I downloaded this app is because I tried to sync my appts with my calendar on the laptop and it prompted a “save as” box. I thought I’d login on to the webpage from my iPhone where it might actually open my calendar. I couldn’t access the website bc it kept directing me to the app. I downloaded the app and there is no option to sync to my calendar, only to get reminders. I’ve wasted too much time and should’ve manually put it on my calendar. And I don’t like the idea of my data being sold! Although I like the easy access to my records and the idea to be reminded of appts via notifications, it’s not worth it. Now I have to figure out how to ensure that when I delete the app, I also withdraw any permissions to sell my data.

no way to contact tech-support, especially if you can't get logged in. I literally have used this app once in the last few days, and before that I used to access the service through a browser many years ago when one of my providers was using it. I had no problem signing up but suddenly I can't get into my account because the browser forces me to use the app, and the app sign in button is not active. Every other link on the opening page is active except for the sign in button. Tell me how I'm supposed to login? Clicking help just takes me to a website where all of the questions have been predetermined for me and they don't happen to be anything that I'm interested in. Again no way to contact tech-support not even through the App Store because it takes you to the same useless FAQ site.

Great app. These are so helpful. No more calling and bothering the office over and over. Just leave a message on the app and they will answer you simple as that. All your health records everything you went over during a visit. So you don’t have to try to remember everything so when you get home and your wife ask you how everything go just open the app everything is right there. God bless our nurses and nurse practitioners they don’t get the recognition they deserve. My wife is a nurse so I know. They risk there lives and family’s lives by being around sick people everyday. Last but not least our Drs to.

Easy to use. Overall friendly app, only complaint is that test results can’t be printed from the app. As it is now, they can only be viewed and if there is an out of network doctor that you want to share a copy of a test result, you can’t print it so you can take it with you to your appointment with the out of network doctor to review. Since not all health systems share electronic records, the ability to print test results from the app would improve patient care by enabling faster sharing of timely test results and potentially eliminate unnecessary duplication of lab work, etc. On the positive side, I’ve experienced great communication with my primary care physician through the message portion of the app. And the renewal of prescription process is also a great feature.

Communication is everything. Undergoing treatment for any serious health condition requiring multiple visits and procedures with multiple doctors and therapists can be daunting and hard to manage. Add pain , stress and disruption of your normal life and it’s even worse. Follow my Health provides an organized easy to navigate platform where all the myriad details of treatment can be discussed with your treatment team and appointments and results are easy to access and review so your focus can be firmly fixated on getting well. It’s an invaluable resource Feel better everyone!! Glen soon-to-be cancer survivor Kukish

Follow My Health. I’am so glad that there is an App for my medical stuff. It’s a perfect solution to getting my information without having to come in person. What I like the most is being able to read my test results!!! It adds a very reassuring feeling of being able to find out without having to see my doctors for the results. Thank you so much for thinking and also being conscientious of the patient’s well being. It definitely gives me reassurance and helps me NOT TO BE anxious, nervous and worrying about what I don’t know about my health. Thank you very much!!!

ALL the documents and medical history at your fingertips!!!. Absolutely blown away by the amount of detailed information available in this app. It only took me about 2 hours to complete connecting to my health history. EVERY test that has ever been done is available with incredible detail. I know what the doctor is going to tell me HOURS before they show up. I know the results of labs and tests HOURS/DAYS before the nurses do. These days you HAVE TO BE YOUR OWN ADVOCATE AT THE HOSPITAL. They are just too short staffed and overwhelmed to provide timely information so an app like this is a MUST HAVE especially in todays times.

Rating of spine and wellness in Camilus Ny... When my Dr told me she wanted me to go there I didn’t want to!! I cried and said I don’t want that Label, She said Mary Beth it’s not like that and ya know it’s not!!! They could not of been nicer to me.. yes I have to follow some rules.. but that’s ok I will be able to take my pain medicine with out any problems.. The NP and nurse’s were really very nice. They don’t treat you like a addict they treat you Like a patient that has to unfortunately take a Narcotic.. they really understand.. I had to put a call in to the NP that is taking care of me.. the pain med isn’t working that good.. and the nurse was very patient with me and she said it would probably be morning before they got back to me.. they are so very busy. Thank you Mary Beth Huey...

Health information. I’m a disabled USMC veteran who has been using the VA health system for years and recently switched to a provider who uses this amazing online system. This level of connectivity with my VA physician was/is an issue that I was/am not alone in sharing. This system appears to be a clear solution to a significant part of the challenges facing American Veterans today. You can interact 24/7 to make an appointment, order your prescriptions, update your personal information or review your medical records simply and clearly. We should all be paying a lot closer attention to our own medical history and current conditions. Now you don’t need to try to remember what your doctor said, you can just look that stuff up. My favorite part is that with the app and an iPhone all I need is my thumbprint for access. No more login and password headaches after the initial set up. You won’t be disappointed. Only disclaimer....the agreement to terms was waaaaaaaaay too long. So there’s that.

Health Records. The ease of access and navigation makes this a great app! The updated information is easily accessed and ready for your personal needs at any given time/place. You can have multiple accounts on this app so if you have children and are constantly at the mercy of doctor’s offices to get you your children’s information, let’s say for school records or anything of that nature, you now have the ease of accessing this information yourself and can easily print out selected information based on individual needs. Only downside is select providers are available and if you have a different provider that isn’t using this platform then obviously this app won’t be much use.

Patient. Ref. FollowMyHealth I was experiencing extreme difficulty with respect to returning the concerned physician’s telephone messages, as the call-takers were not relaying the messages, were very problematic to communicate with, and exhibited poor customer service skills. Note the physician was the initiator of the communication - not the patient. In any regard, the use of this tool instantly negated that issue. The involved physician was able to communicate with the patient in a timely manner without any obstacles, inter alia. This added professionalism to the business and improved the customer service and medical services provided.

FOLLOW MY HEALTH. I love this patient portal, knowing my results from tests, seeing how I’ve improved (or not), seeing things I’ve forgotten, all updated, it seems, in an hour or two from when it happened. My only recommendation would be to include their phone number under the “your providers” list in case you need to call rather than email. I also love you can email your provider anytime or to ask for prescription renewals. I’m sticking with my primary care provider simply because of this portal, I really don’t like her and despise seeing her, but this patient portal is great.

Extremely Helpful App!. I have been using this app since it first came out and it has just been great, and just keeps getting better all the time! You can do so many different things on this app and it saves me from having to call the doctors office and wait on the phone, which I love! I can even reorder my prescriptions on this app! It keeps all the information from each visit to my doctor and also has a list of my medications and my problems. So many different things that I cannot mention all of them here. This app has really been helpful to me and I don’t know what I would do without it! Excellent app!

Needs some work. Pros (+) & Cons (-). (+) I like the app better than the online site. (+) I love being able to access my lab results to view a few days after they are drawn (-) but you can only print one (1) result ie WBC, RBC, not a full CBC at a time and all of the labs may not be on your portal. I would like to be able to print all labs for a specific date for other doctors I see & my personal records. (-) Other test, CXR, US etc don’t usually show up on the portal. (+) I love “Message”. Being able to send a non-emergent message for answers to your questions or request a refill for meds with a message then receive a message back usually within 24hrs is great. (-) Reminders on the home page never go away & there seems to not go away so reminders over 1 - 1 1/2 years.

Health care partners. It helps me to keep up with my appointments and to send emails to my Dr and it helps me to respond to my Dr. and it helps me to keep up and to change other dr. Appointments that I have with out the easy of this I would be missing my appointments and I would have to make a call every day to find out if and when I have a dr appointment with my dr and what dr. It is and the dr can just put a note on here saying to me that she cancelled my appointment . And I have the ability to make another appointment. And if anything happens to me durning the night or the weekends when my dr is not in I can just write her a message on here that I fell and my knee went out and she can write me a message back. Thank you Jean Tauzel

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Welcome to FollowMyHealth v24.1! This update of FollowMyHealth includes: Ability to share your screen during video visits with your provider including photos, videos, files, or web pages.

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