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Moovit is one app for all your urban mobility and transit rides.

Transportation is an integral part of urban living. Whether you ride the train, subway, bus, light rail, ferry or metro, use dockless scooters, bikes, ride-sharing like Uber, getting the best urban mobility information is critical. Enter Moovit! Moovit guides you from point A to B in the easiest and most efficient way. Get train and bus times, maps, and real-time arrival times with ease so you can plan your trip with confidence. Find critical alerts and service disruptions for your favorite lines. Get step-by-step directions of optimal route bus, train, metro, bike, scooter or a combination of them.

Moovit guides more than 865 million users in over 3200 cities throughout the world. Commuters will find updated bus times and train times, transit maps, and, where available, real-time line arrivals. Locate nearby bus stops and train stations, travel with on-the-go live navigation guidance, receive get-off alerts at your destination to ensure a smooth ride. This is why Moovit has been named one of the best apps of the year in 2017 by the App Store.

Moovit is your personal assistant for all your transit rides!

► Real time arrivals. View real-time arrival updates, which are taken directly from GPS devices positioned on buses and trains. Avoid wasting time guessing train times or bus times.

► Real time alerts. Know about issues ahead of time by receiving service alerts such as emergency or unexpected disruptions, delays, traffic jams, new construction, and more so that you can plan ahead if your bus time or train time changed.

► Live Directions. Get step-by-step bus directions and other transit directions with live guidance from A-to-B: Know how long you need to walk to your station, view the arrival time of your line, receive get-off alerts at your destination, and more.

► Users reports. Moovit’s users report issues found with stations, line service, and schedules so that we can inform all nearby riders about what’s going on in their area.

► Favorite lines, stations, and places. Get easy access to lines, stations, and places you ride and visit all the time. Plus, get real-time updates if/when there are changes to your favorite lines in case your bus time or train time is impacted!

► Bike routes. Get bike routes in addition to the bus, subway, train, or metro trip plans. If you ride bikes (yours or shared) we can plan a route that includes the train or bus. Moovit will help you plan a trip that meets your transit-needs. Bike docking stations are updated in real-time. Bike trip plans are only available in supported metro areas.

► Maps view. Interested in seeing the whole picture? View all stations, routes, and lines on the subway or bus map. Additionally, maps are available in PDF for when you’re offline, or underground on the subway.

Moovit is the #1 urban mobility app in the world. We’re proud to collaborate with public transit agencies across the United States, including:
NJ Transit
LA Metro
MTA Maryland
Sound Transit

You only need one app on your phone to navigate nearby buses and transit in the U.S. and across 106 other countries and in 45 languages. If you’d like to know bus times and train times in London, Barcelona, Madrid, or Rome, or, if you need to find out when the last bus leaves a certain bus stop in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Melbourne, Seoul, Moovit has you covered. You ride, we guide!

Have an idea or a question? Feel free to contact us:
moovit@Facebook, Twitter

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Moovit: Train & Bus Times Customer Service, Editor Notes:

We are constantly working to make your public transit experience even better. We are always searching for better routes, updating new schedules, mapping out new stations, and working behind the scenes to make sure our app works smoothly. This version includes several bug fixes and performance improvements. Every update is carefully thought out by our team with your experience in mind. We would love to hear your ideas and suggestions, send us feedback via

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- Pocket Travel Guide

Moovit is a must have. We used it nonstop while on our NYC vacation. NYC is big and spread out but getting around is a snap with this app. Just punch in where you want to go (restaurant, hotel, attraction, address, etc...) and it tells you how long it will take to get there and (1) which subway station is closest, (2) gives you gps walking directions to get there, (3) tells you which line to get on, (4) lets you know how many minutes until the next 3 subways on that line will arrive at your station, (5) tells you how many stops until you need to get off, (6) shows you a list of all the stops until your departure, (7) updates that list as you ride, (8) alerts you before your last stop telling you to get off, and (9) gives you walking directions to wherever you are trying to get to. As a visitor I don’t know the terminal ends of the subway lines, and that is what the subways say on them and on the signs. It would give users more confidence if the app said “D toward Brighton Beach” so you feel better about getting on a train going towards a destination you don’t know. That said, the app was always right and the only time we got on the right line going the wrong direction was because we second guessed the app.

- Made LA Easy

I sold my car about 4 months ago and decided to give LA Public Transit a try. It took me a bit to get acquainted with the properly, but once I figured out how everything worked it was truly a life saver. So far, the app has been incredibly accurate with regard to their real-time bus arrivals. It also does well with connecting you to other types of public transportation and has been pretty accurate with real-time predictions of the Metro trains. Their customer service is also great. I have email them a few times with questions or suggestions and they’ve always gotten back to me within the day. My first wish is to be able to customize your route so that you don’t have to use the suggested ones or if there is an area you’d like to avoid when traveling. My second wish is that you could plan ahead. Once you hit play, it will begin navigating you. It would great to have a function where you could set the app to being navigating for a future date and it remind you to leave. Similar to what you can do with Waze.

- My most used app as a NY/NJ college student

Moovit is the best and most reliable public transportation app I’ve ever used. I found lots of other apps to be confusing or not efficient for what I needed and honestly there’s too much good to write about to fit it all. They have directions for anything from buses to ferries, it’s all customizable for your needs such as less walking or best route or least transfers(my personal favorite). Also the live schedules where you can see how soon the bus or e.t.c. is arriving in real time is very useful. Despite this feature being available in many apps moovit is the most accurate I’ve found. I’ve used this app for about 3 years now and I can’t imagine using anything else. All that being said, just like any app there are occasional glitches and public transportation is always a learning experience no matter how good the app is. But all in all this app is very user friendly, efficient and a must have for any commuter anywhere.

- I’d recommend this to everyone!

I’m not lying, at first I got TheBus2 despite their review but then when I found the link to the app on their website by accident, I was honestly surprised how good the app was! It’s easy for me to navigate, I just found out that it will notify you when to get off, you can search up all the bus lines in your area, it tells you how long a walk to a stop is, and you can even call an Uber! It’s honestly amazing! I don’t see this app as social media or location revealing since at the beginning, the app does ask if you want the app to use locations all the time, sometimes, or never. But if you are a parent and are considering this app for you or your child, I would definitely get it! How would I know? This is my first year catching the bus as I am an incoming freshman!

- What NYC and surrounding areas need

It does what it says: finds the fastest, easiest, or laziest route to your destination by cross-referencing differing forms of Public Transportation (which you can filter) and then synchronizing them to achieve an optimal route. It’s like Waze or Google Maps but for ALL forms of Public Transportation. Most detailed and informed app I’ve come across for PT riders. This is like Google Map’s PT options, but far superior in scope and function. COMPLAINT: One thing I can’t seem to figure out is how the step-by-step preview works. Like if I get a route that’s showing 1:20, 1:35; and 1:50 as viable boarding times for the 40-Bus line, and I choose the 1:50 time, will the train I’m taking the 40-Bus to still arrive around the same time it did for the 1:20 bus? I haven’t found a way to specify/edit certain time schedules to my own schedule. TL;DR the app is top of its class, but User Interface could be more intuitive and less bloated.

- Must have for The City

I frequently roam NYC and this app is absolutely amazing... No fuss, no worry, it’s extremely efficient, reliable and **thorough**. This is amazing for someone who is planning a trip to NYC. Whether you need help getting around, or use it as a back up like myself, it never fails and you will not get lost or overwhelmed within the concrete jungle. MOOVIT navigates you to the *exact* location of the desired subway entrance (even has the price listed for NYer newbies) and gives names of the exact line. It’ll never put you on an express when you need a local, you’re always in good hands. I’ve haven’t had an issue with this app to date, only positives. I have not used this app for bus transportation but will in the future and assume things will be just as seamless.

- Good app, sometimes bad calculations

Moovit works great in general, but for public transit in Israel it made bad calculations for multibus trips for me. For example, I am at A and trying to go to B by public transit. Moovit tells me to walk 9 minutes to a bus stop, take bus 1 to a different stop, then take bus 2 to my destination. The problem is, bus 1 leaves in 6 minutes, and the next one won’t get me to the stop for bus 2 until after bus 2 has left, leaving me stranded at the bus 2 stop, especially when bus 2 comes only once an hour. I have to check Moovit’s math anytime I want to use it to ensure that the timing works out, and it often doesn’t. I don’t how that happens and it is quite frustrating and I have missed meetings over it. EDIT: Update to four stars for high quality and prompt customer service to help fix the problem.

- Moving around with Moovit by your side.

I have been using moovit for this last year and found it to be a rather remarkable app, that replaced the best alternatives to it in the form of the Transit app. As in addition to the shortcomings off the app, in its offline modes, when connected it’s such a wonderful program for live travel info in one easy to use platform. I got stuck for what bus to catch, as the signage wasn’t clear and Google maps and Siri kept making bad suggestion, like take a bus going the wrong way and the journey will take 23 hours. But Moovit, showed me not only the local bust stops location, but in their search feature, it was very helpful to not only find a bus when I was struggling to walk and breath, as it transpired I had blood-clots in my chest, it wasn’t too far away and I not only got the correct train, but in time to catch the later train to get home :0) So yes I recommend it. The offline mode would be helpful if it had the ability to download a areas maps, so my data usage could go down, when traveling, but to get the correct info is ever so helpful, in tome sensitive situations, and Moovit is a good solution.

- Saved me so much time and effort.

I recently moved to a location where it would be a 20min walk to the subway. Siri maps transit option DOES NOT DO WHAT THIS APP DOES. WHICH IS SAVE YOU TIME FOR YOUR COMMUTE. Jeez I can finally sleep in a little longer. A friend recommended this app because I told her my struggle of my commute. I downloaded this app and it gave me so many options for my morning commute. I was able to find an express bus close by because of this app. So it cut my commute time in half! I love how it gives me two options of when my bus is coming. Just in case I miss the first one, I have some relief because I know when the next one is. I wish everyone had this app if you’re a morning commuter. You might just save your self some time!

- Must have app!

This app is so incredibly helpful! I moved to Europe for a few years and cramming in as much traveling as possible. No matter where I go, moovit makes getting around the destination city a breeze. Especially bc you can pick a destination place (like a restaurant) and not have to know the nearest transportation stop name. My only annoyance is re the stations page...not all bus stops show unless you zoom in. I’d rather see them all piled up indication I should zoom then none at all. I really only use this doing advanced planning bc I like to walk a lot to explore cities. But this isn’t a big deal bc if you search a route from current location (once there), it’ll show you the nearest and fastest options.

- Move it Is a Must!

I live in Denver, CO & am currently sans automobile. After a summer of spending too much money on ride shares & rentals, my bank account necessitated a different strategy. Despite living in Denver for 10 years with increased public transportation options throughout the years, I had always been hesitant to give them a real opportunity. Having moved from Chicago & utilizing the El, Metro Train & truly great a bus system, I was a non-believer in Denver’s RTD. Fast-forward to a job opportunity requiring a commute. A quick search through the App store led me to Move it & I haven’t looked back since. It’s user-friendly (I’m Gen X) & most of all reliable. Now I just need to figure out how to download the bus pass to my phone!

- Use this app if you like getting screwed over

I live in Israel. This app has screwed me and my friends over too many times. It will tell you a bus is coming at a certain time and then it just never shows up. Then, you look for another route and it tells you that the exact same bus is coming in 10 minutes instead- which it doesn’t. Today I had to walk 2 km to get to another stop because it was the only available route after I wasted 15 minutes waiting for a bus that never came. After I got off that bus I had a connection bus to take me to my final destination, but surprisingly enough that bus also never came. I ended up getting to my destination a few hours late due to factors that were not even in my control. I do have to give this app some credit because it works most of the time, but I can’t even remember how many times it screwed me over.

- Makes life with public transportation a dream!

When I got totally fed up with traffic and parking in Jerusalem I decided to try public transportation. After missing the bus several times because it arrived (and departed) earlier than scheduled, I decided to give moovit a try. At first I only used it to take the bus from my rural community to the city. On days I had to get around to several places in the city I still took my car. Sine realizing the convenience of knowing exactly how to take buses correctly and efficiently in the city, I never take my car anymore. I save aggravation and money and get to feel that I’m part of the solution instead of the problem. I use it now all over the world.


I have been searching for an app that would give me EVERYTHING in one from bus routes, directions, driving routes, Para-Transit Taxi Services, Taxi, Uber, traffic, accidents, etc etc etc all in REAL-TIME! REAL-TIME Is so important when traveling, especially when riding the bus. They give you options right then, no second guessing. THANK YOU!!! My family (grandson) seems to think that I know EVERYTHING! Like I know ALL the bus routes and schedules. So I had him download this app so he could use it and stop asking me. So THANK YOU Developers for creating an app that is easy to use and multi functional!!!! PS: It also has the 👮🏽‍♀️ alerts added in for all you speeders!

- Drop from Glory

This app used to be great. A few changes have occurred the last few months that have made it extremely frustrating. Before, I could load previous trips from the home screen. This meant not only the two locations I was traveling between, but the time at which I had searched for the trip. This was extremely useful because if the app closed, I could reload the trip at the push of a button, and know exactly where I was on the route and when I needed to get off. The second thing that changed is that the app crashes very frequently in the background. When I’m traveling and have to reload the route, I now have to wait until I get on a stop so that the app can show me the bus I’m currently on. This can get extremely frustrating when I’m traveling on routes I’m not used to. In addition, when I have Live Directions set, the app still crashes in the background! I just had it happen and that got me to write this review. It’s so frustrating that the app crashes a lot and I can’t reload entire trips from the home page. Just adding that one functionality back into the app would make a huge change in performance and usability of the app. Can the developers explain why they got rid of it?

- Unreliable but some useful features

I have primarily used Moovit with AC Transit in Berkeley and Oakland, and the app has been very unreliable regardless of the line, time of day, or day of the week. It usually doesn’t get the arrival times right. I made the mistake of not checking nextbus today, and now I will be standing at a bus stop for the next half hour because Moovit didn’t take into full account tracked buses and the unreliability of bus schedules. I downloaded the app with the hopes of having an alternative to nextbus, but unfortunately was disappointed. The only redeeming quality of the app is the fact that the app provides you with notifications as to when you should prepare to get on or off your bus. However, even this is flawed, as arrival notifications are usually given after the bus has already departed. I can only hope that the developers improve the most fundamental aspects of their app.

- Great tool, interface a bit fiddly

It's great that Moovit is available in my city (Christchurch NZ) and it's pretty accurate, but not down-to-the minute exact--not that I would hold a 3rd party app to that standard. Best feature: live ride/get off alerts. It is worth having the app solely for this feature. Now I don't have to stare out the window on my whole bus commute; the app tells me when my stop is coming up. The next most useful features for me are the trip planner, and being able to see which transit stops/lines are nearby. Helps me quickly figure out how to get somewhere. I have been able to use it in every urban area I've traveled to so far. Very handy how it switches automatically to a new transit area while keeping all my favorites/saved places for each area separately. Excellent tool for people who travel to different cities. When I used it in NYC, I was very glad not to have to read all the confusing subway schedules at the stations! Thanks Moovit Small quibbles: -Sometimes it isn't clear when I'm currently in "trip" mode. -It isn't super clear how to add favorite locations, stops, and lines.

- Best transportation app ever

If you need to know how your route is going at the very exact moment, this is the app for you. Super easy to use. It gives you an option for drop off alerts so you don’t miss your stop which is very useful because I’m a zone-out reader. If there’s updates in city regulations on the public transportation, this app will let you know in no time frame, so you are always updated. You can also schedule trips, and know the exact moment when the metro is arriving. I love this app, it’s impossible to get lost using this. You get to be everywhere you want with just one touch.

- Issue with the Train timetable

I really do like the app and all it has to offer, it’s just one little thing which is that the NYC area when you go to click on a train line headed in any direction it won’t give you the list of times the train comes to specific stop like how it use to when you would click on the train lines direction your headed in it will just pull up a list of all the stations stops for that trains line/that train lines stops and not the list times for the trains that run and operate in, out of, and from that one specific train station your picking/choosing the train line you need. If I’m not mistake the app also does this for the bus lines as well.

- Still Not Dependable

Lots of new features, but takes too many steps and too much time to get basic info. For example, “Your Location” often defaults to somewhere you were previously, rather than where you are now — so you may have to enter this manually. Arrival time may say “now” when the bus actually left the stop a minute or two ago — so you may have to switch to the route map to see whether a bus is really coming. This app is better than nothing, I guess, but it can still leave you feeling stranded if you aren’t careful. Wish I could take the developers on some of my daily routes so they could get a better idea of the key info you need and how much time you really have to find it.

- Great and useful app

This is a great and very useful app to the riders and much as the drivers!!! I want to push your guy from the monotony of being a useful app to be THE app that every rider and driver will depend on! First, that red line that shows the trajectory always hide the name of the street. Find a way to solve that issue. Next, make it a spoken app and allows the app to announce left/right turn. That will help the drivers tremendously. It will get rid of the countless hours that the transit companies spend on training their drivers on routes. Thus saving them a lot of money!!! Last step, SELL it to the transit companies! Time to make money!!!!

- Great App!

I had a trip to Rome Italy, but did not want to pay Taxi or Uber fees to get around the city. I wanted to use the public transportation (bus, tram, metro, etc) to get around Rome. Looked at maps but they were very confusing. During an internet search I came across this app (a few days after arriving Rome). Brilliant app, showed me how to get from one point to another in Rome using buses, metro, trams, local trains, even showing the stops in between, real time tracking at what point of the route you are, etc. And the same is possible in most parts and major cities of the world. Love this app, saved me so much taxi fare already.

- The Google Maps killer

Moovit excels at getting you from point A to B efficiently. It provides accurate directions, alternative routes, customization, public transport, bike routes, even the price of the ride on anything paid. Thanks to this app I could finally ditch Google maps for good. Plus, it’s business model is much more transparent and privacy oriented, unlike Google’s offering. This app just need to be available in more cities around the globe. When it does, I’m sure it will be the most compelling urban mobility app for many people. If it’s available on your city, I highly recommend you give it a shot.

- Best Transit App Ever

This app continues to astound me with its realtime updates and thorough coverage of my city. I downloaded it one day when I had walked a long ways from the bus stop I had gotten off at, and wondered if there were a better way home than walking back. The app used my location to detect a bus stop two blocks from where I was standing and told me the bus line number and that it was due to arrive in a few minutes and then every 17 minutes. It even showed me the current progress along its route of the bus arriving in a few minutes. Moovit is thorough, and well designed and integrated.

- Essential if you live in NYC.

I live in NYC and working late nights and having to find a way to get home is almost impossible. This app, however, gives me a direction to go and also says when a bus/subway is going to arrive on realtime. It’s usually accurate and saves me the headache of having to find out when the train will ever arrive. The only issue is that sometimes the traintime will say that the train is coming “Now,” but then it won’t arrive for another 4 minutes. But other than that, it’s an essential tool for getting around the city on the unreliable transportation system.

- Missing the mark

I realized it's not the apps problem with predicting times of arrivals and departures. That's solely on the bus drivers who can't keep on schedule. However, the reason I gave it two stars is because my requests to have the favorite icon moved to the front has been ignored. I have to search for it every time and it is in the most inconvenient of places. Why doesn't the app open with showing my favorites on the first page not directions. I don't drive so getting directions is pointless. I'm searching for my bus arrival time not the route it takes.

- Best for the daily commuter!

I live in the Bay Area and I drive, take a train, and then a bus to get to work everyday. I don’t think I could do my commute without Moovit. The times are accurate, I check the live updates often during my commute and know if I have to run to make it or I have time to get a coffee. The only part I don’t like is you cannot manually update your route, for instance I prefer to take the bus from one stop further down than it suggests and there’s no way to update it so I have to leave my directions and look at that individual bus stops live updates.

- Better now than ever!

I’ve been using this app around the time that I had an iPhone 5s! Back then it wasn’t so great but now I use this app every single day. Granted there are times it doesn’t calculate the arrival appropriately but 98% of the time this app is accurate! Thank you, I don’t know that there are any other great apps, I love the layout and ease of use! I also have changed jobs a few times and have used this app to discover new ways to get to work and around the city of boston! Please don’t change! Keep doing what you’re doing as I recommend to everyone I know!

- Is there a way you can include more routes

Seems like it works during the day but at night for example.... I’m about to board a train home and the app said 9:22 and it’s 9:03. Adopt user interaction maybe like waze and maybe can fine tune arrival times ... based on user input and you can apply that to the algorithm you use for different cities. For example I use #16 and #60 bus to get to and from work but the app only has #16. I’m not one to judge a app because as a software developer time has been put in this.... maybe improvement on where you gather your data to spit our arrival and departure times. Totally support this app. As a Charlotte resident #KEEPPOUNDING

- Unreliable

I’ve resorted to using multiple transit app because none of them are reliable. This app is no better as it’s reliable maybe 30% of the time. For example, I rushed out of my house every day in the past two work weeks to get to a bus that would get me to work in time only to find out that even though Moovit said it was coming, it never showed up. I did the math and it was about 7 out of 10 times that this happened. I only recommend this app as a back up to another transit app, although they’re all pretty awful so it’s a gamble no matter what. I thought this one would be different. Oh and it asks you to rate your arrival times but ONLY when your transit actually shows up when the app says it will. Boo. Dislike.

- Instrumental in teaching my daughter public transit

This app has been the main reason my daughter (who has Asperger's) has been successful in learning to ride the bus to community college 20 miles away from home. It is easy to navigate, it's accurate (as far as bus and train schedules), and gives so many detailed directions how to get from point A to point B it's quite unbelievable. It even helps navigate how to walk to the nearest bus stop even if it's just across the street. This will be our most used app, without a doubt, unti my daughter learns how to drive!

- Great app almost perfect

Love the app it’s saved me at least 100 hours of travel time since I downloaded it a few months ago. The travel options currently available are excellent however my one very minor issue with the app is the lack of a most convenient route option, say fastest with least transfers and walking as some of the options that are displayed can be a little wild on the walking and/or number transfers. Still an amazing app highly recommend to everyone that has to deal with public transport.

- Moovit in Israel is pretty good

Moovit in Israel is really good! It’s a huge help. However, a lot of addresses don’t come up no matter how they’re spelled in English, and sometimes they won’t show up in Hebrew, either. It also has a glitchy walking map—for example, I recently got led around in circles as I ran around trying to figure out where my bus was coming, only to miss it by mere seconds because I’d spent so long walking into weird areas and getting more confused and upset as it was pointing me in the opposite direction from where I should have been heading. Other than these 2 things, I have no other complaints.

- Not ACCURATE rider beware!

Once a month I give moovit another try because I want it to work and apparently just can’t shake all the masochistic behaviors lingering from teendom. Yet it always disappoints me! It’s times do not align with CTA. If you want the alleged convenient features such as the plan your arrival time at a destination to work, leave 5 minutes early. Almost every time I arrive a few min early to the first leg of my desired trip, the bus goes by before I’ve gotten to the location. What’s infuriating is that moovit says it’s not due for another 5 min. LIARS!!! All be it well intentioned. Now I’m shelling out for uber to get to work on time, boo hiss. Moovit get it together in Chicago, please! Want you to work so badly but you just don’t cut it. Sick of it:(

- Moovit Review

I love the Moovit app because it allows you to see routes ahead of time and when your on the go. I’m giving it four stars because when I look at Metro link trains they only show the schedule for going one direction if I choose to go to Union Station from the Cal State University using the San Bernardino Line, it will only show the schedule for going Eastbound, as I can see it allows you to see the names of the stations but doesn’t show the times for each direction, only one. If you fix this I’ll give you five stars.

- Good but could be better

I use this app in Madrid and it is INCREDIBLY accurate, it's great. Nonetheless, I have noted that sometimes the location on the map is a little too off, so finding buss stops on time can be challenging, also, in downtown and most of Madrid Center it keeps count of the minutes of each bus, but when you leave the center and go to perhaps Aranjuez, that is a community south of Madrid, it doesn't keep count anymore. So that's also something to consider, it does tell you the bus's schedule, but it won't tell you if they are delayed like it does in Madrid Center. Overall it's a great app.

- App failure...

I have used Moovit for years now and for the most part it is okay; but after this latest update the app has failed miserably! The live directions no longer works at all, and since the stop notifications are what allow me to read and work on a long commute and not miss my stop this app has become useless!! UPDATE: After messaging with the developer they responded very quickly with a new update and solved the issues that arose with the last update. To do this in three days is amazing and welcome. Thanks Moovit for getting back on track so quickly!!

- Thank you!

I am willingly leaving this review without any prompt to do so just to say Thank you. I recently moved back to NYC after many years in FL and this app is a life saver when it comes to using the city subway system and getting around the five boroughs. I use to be afraid to venture out and explore NYC for fear of ending up in the Bronx 😂 or just somewhere else entirely, but now I feel confident going anywhere. It’s like having a good friend hold your hand while showing you around. You’re just confident that you’ll never get lost. Thanks guys! ♥️

- Best transit app!

This app is super easy to use, accurate reliable, it tells you when your stop is coming up even if you don’t have Wi-Fi or data it’s somehow able to keep track of your location to tell you when to get off the bus. Very easy to use interface. I use this almost daily, it’s more reliable than the actual transportation website for my area. Are used to use UTA trip planner but this is so much better!! So glad I found this app 10 out of 10 would recommend

- Features I need

I used to use Transit but then realized that Moovit provides two features they don’t offer: one for trains and one for buses. 1) Some Metro stations have 5 or more exits, so knowing which exit to look for is GREAT! Otherwise you could emerge blocks away from your destination. 2) Some bus stops have a dozen or more bus bays so it helps to know what number you’re looking for, especially when you have a tight connection. One thing Moovit doesn’t do is tell me how many other riders I’m helping with the location data I’m providing. If they did, I’d have given this app 5 stars.

- Would recommend for first time bus riders

Christmas Eve 2019 I was in a collision and my vehicle was totaled. My girlfriend, commuting from Lacey to UW every day for work recommended I took the bus as well, instead we car pooled for one month until we moved up north closer to Seattle. After moving I was still without a vehicle, I was at first scared and extremely nervous to take the bus, my first trip was a learning experience, but every trip after (for the last 8 months) has been great. Thanks to the easy to use and live application.

- Moovit

I was trying to find out about bus service between Portland and Vancouver and Tri-Mets app was useless so I checked google and found Moovit. It is the best! It’s so easy to use provides very detailed results and I really like the buttons that allow me to go earlier or later without having to re-enter the to and from information. The other great feature is the ability to enter an arrival time rather than having to try many different options to determine which one gets me there on time.

- Incredibly useful, accurate and functional app!!!

I never write app reviews, but I took the time for Moovit. It has saved me so many times and taught me the best ways to get around NYC. I don’t know how I would have gotten around without the guidance from this app. Not only does it get you from a to b by connecting all of the crazy, sometimes difficult to understand schedules for every type of transportation but it also teaches you over time to start to think about your best routes. Just awesome!!!!

- Add all the routes

I want Moovit to add all the routes I can take to get to my location. Sometimes the best route Moovit shows me are not the best for me and I know there’s more ways I can get to my location. Sometimes Moovit would show me a route where I take a bus and train or something to get where I need then it’ll show me a different route where I walk then take a bus and all. However I know that I can take the first bus then the other bus to get to the same location because taking the bus in the first route and walking would both get me to end up where I would need to take the other bus but Moovit will not show me that.


I’m a newly graduated High School student. That said, I had no idea how to get around without my mom telling me. I recently landed an internship 1 1/2 hours away from my house and man I gotta tell you this app has saved my life over and over again. I’ve now been using this app for about 3 months and don’t think I’ll ever download another bus app again. I really hope this app doesn’t become one of those apps where they try to fix it and end up making it worse. but for now 100% recommend.

- Efficient and easy to use

This is the app I’ve used the most since moving to San Diego. I have a job with rotating shifts and different start times, so planning ahead for what bus and trolley to get is important, and this app truly has saved my life and made getting around soooo much easier! It’s also easy to use and understand and I love that it has the route schedules for all the buses and trolleys. And the live directions have helped me ensure getting off on the correct stops too! Thanks for existing!

- Great, but still needs work...

Currently abroad and was told this is a great app for getting around, and it has been. The app provides detailed routes to get you around and has an incredible carpool feature in a country where affordable rides are hard to find. It’s precision in terms of where things are located can be off at times and I ran into a problem with trying to find a bus stop recently. Overall, this is a great app but I hope the developers will continue to improve it.

- The best!

This is my first ever review, but this app is literally the best and people deserve to know it! Its not only useful but its accurate. Me and my boyfriend use this to get to work and its saved our butts so many times. Other apps are inaccurate, especially when it comes to the walking part and I've gotten lost fallowing the wrong directions, but with moovit i can easily walk to my stops without worry. Thank you to the creators for putting your all in this app. Its helping so many lives!

- Get this app!!!

This is my first review of an app and I’m writing this because this app has literally transformed the way I view public transportation. My girlfriend and I are using the app on our trip to Melbourne and Sydney and it makes getting around a snap. Just type in where you want to go and it tells you the available lines and how soon the bus and train will arrive. It has made our vacation stress free when using public transportation. I can’t recommend it enough. Thank you Moovit!!

- Not in English

I am in Israel and this thing knows I am an English speaker but it gives me partial directions in English with the street names in Hebrew. So I know I can catch the bus, and the number of the bus to get where I want to go, but it indicates the location of the bus stop in Hebrew, which I can't read. Most street signs here are in Hebrew, Arabic, and English. So finding the English street name would not be difficult. Even the map they post has the street names in English. It is just the street names in the directions that are iffy. Also, I can put in where I want to go in English and it converts it to Hebrew when it gives the directions so I never know for sure that I am getting directions to the correct location.

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- Most useful app. Ever.

This is one of my most used apps because of how easy it is for me to plan trips on public transport that will include lots of connection changes. Timetables are usually spot on, but sometimes I’ll check the transport company’s times just in case. The only little issue with this app can sometimes be layover times. If I am transferring trains at a large main station, I likely won’t be able to make my train with only 2 minutes. It would be nice to have the option to extend layover times for yourself, and even see what train/bus to catch if you wanna grab a cup of coffee.

- Currently stuck an hour away from home!

I'm a newbie to Melbourne, and I was told it was the easiest app to use to navigate around public transport. Yet, I somehow still keep getting lost every time. Instead of taking me the fastest route to the city which was an easy hour and 20 tram ride that I'm very used to taking, it decided that it would tell me I need to get off and get a train the rest of the way. I believed the app, have now lost my deposit on my appointment, been late for work multiple times because it suddenly decides the train it told me to get on is not the right train. Also I'm now constantly stuck in random suburbs with no easy way home. Thanks a heap! Download ptv and save yourself the trouble

- Best Bus Transport App for Canberra

This is the perfect app to use especially if you’re new in town (Canberra) it has a map that leads you to the closest bus stop and also bus timetables. It warns you when to leave from your location so you don’t miss your desired bus. Highly highly recommend it, that’s why I had to personally take time out to rate this app for other people who always use the bus as public transport. It surely will not disappoint and still is a big help to me :)

- I'm grateful for this app

I have severe dyspraxia and dyslexia and trying to navigate my way to places I never been is not only frightening but frustrating I found this app the other day and it's great for finding my bus routes to and from home good work ! And kudos to the brains behind this awesome little app making it so much easier to get around when some bus drivers are not sympathetic to handicapped or disabled like myself bless you Debra in Queensland , au

- Great app but inaccurate timetables

I really like the look and features of this app, but despite multiple bug reports, they can’t seem to get the timetable data working for express vs non-express trains, at least in Adelaide Australia. I’ve accidentally boarded express trains that don’t stop at my stop multiple times because of this app. And an express train that does not actually stop at your stop is not a good thing. Then you have to get off at the next stop, and wait for a train heading back to your stop. This app seems to assume that all trains stop at all stops which is not true. Until they fix that, I can’t trust it.

- Great app for USA subway, online and offline

I used this app for NYC and found it to be he best app available despite using numerous apps. This was up to date, using real time and navigation was so easy. I was able to use this in the morning to plan my day and connect to WIFI throughout the day if needed to figure out where I was going (travelling from Australia, I didn’t have a working phone on data).

- Bus

Think the times need to be correct as I waited for 600 and it had next one was in 58min when it was due and I didn’t miss it as at bus stop 20mins before then I 5mins to run with a suitcase which isn’t easy and catch the 737 as had appointment then sitting at the 737 stop and the 600 comes and turn to way it was meant to be so I was late for my appointment.... Wasn’t happy at all..

- Why can’t I travel away from my city?

Moovit is a good app, however today when I went to find out how to travel from Brisbane to Byron Bay via public transport, Moovit tells me that it’s not possible due to being “Outside of my region”? I understand that there may be certain cities to configure, however the transport information and directions should not be restricted to a certain city? This then means that I cannot rely on Moovit to show me how to catch a train from one city to another area. Please fix this issue ASAP.

- Be carful of bus times

So this app is good for knowing when to get off the bus or train. But the thing is that the neither the bus or train time tables are up to date. But is is super handy to be notified a stop before. I got a new job and I can’t figure out how to change my “work” which is super frustrating, but overall if your looking for when to get off a bus or a train with visual and notification then this app is great!! But make sure you check Translink app before cuz of closures and time changes and such.

- Arrival times and route suggestions need improvement

I rely on Moovit for real time arrivals for the bus routes (primarily) and the trains. In the past year, I’ve noticed that the real time arrivals are a bit off. It’s doesn’t throw my commute into disarray but it does toy with my transfers sometimes. Also I have noticed that the route suggestions tend to pick routes that aren’t necessary shorter, would be great if this could be improved. Otherwise; I have no complaints, I enjoy the app, and use it daily!

- Drami botanic

I have always drive my car to airport but since now that I understand the public transportation are better then my own car i have been using this transportation everytime i need to go to airport, definitely recommend for thoose who docents want to park the car lots of petrol expenses and so on tide the community public transportation is no1 option

- A Big Help for a little blind man

This app is good for a blind person. It works well with voice-over. It handles the complexities that many apps failed to. It’s simple to use. And automatically tells you where to get off thank god for that. Plus it works in many regions so you don’t need a new app each time you go to a new city hallelujah

- The most useful app I have

This app consistently outperforms the given public transport apps created by the government! I use it everyday in Brisbane to get from place to place, it always finds the fastest possible route no matter the time. Visited London on holiday, and worked just as well. Overall: An absolute essential if you ever have to use public transport!

- The best transport app

I’ve tried all the Sydney transport app and they all were either not live, not free, or didn’t save your trips. This app gives you live updates, as well as keeps all your trips. This app is so convenient for people who use public transport daily. I really would recommend this app to any public transport daily user! AMAZING APP!!!

- An awesome app

Since downloading Movit I have been able to navigate my way around and more importantly able to pre organise and plan my trips It’s easy to use and anything else you need to know you get regular updates to assist with your traveling. I find it very useful as I rely on public transport for getting about

- Great App! One Caveat.

Love the app, it‘s very useful in Brisbane and I especially like the alert feature where it tells me when to get off! Only thing is that it doesnt show the platform for busses and trains so I always also need to check google maps for that. Anyway you could have it show the platform as well?

- Simply amazing!! Highly recommend!!

So simple to navigate around and use!! The live tracker is really something! Used it yesterday for the first time and works amazing! the notifications of bus arrival is a bit early before it gets to the stop but I guess you just have an early heads up! Thanks so much for this amazing app!

- Tram schedule

I do not want to go through several screens to see the schedule of trams from let’s say stop 10 to stop 4... I want to see a list of times of trams leaving stop 10 when I activate the app, as my primary (main) access. The way it is currently designed is ridiculous and not friendly for my needs. The old app (that I used about 1 to 2 years ago) was perfect. The one which came after was awful and this one (although an improvement) is NOT customer focused and its design is mediocre to say the least.

- Great App that never lets you down.

Have been using this App to plan transport and walking routes on a daily basis through our trip in Europe in 5 different countries. Has worked providing accurate information every single time. Wouldn’t travel without it and highly recommending to all.

- So easy and straight forward

It tells you how many stops until you’re getting off, gives you notifications before and when you’re service is arriving, and is up to date with track work. Seriously the best travel app I’ve ever used!

- Terrific Navigation, Terrible Search

The navigation function is well-designed and it's perfect for public transport. It's the only app that's aware of different sides of a road as far as I know. But the search function is almost useless. Not only lots of places are missing, you cannot search anything other than names and addresses, either. For instance, "Melbourne skating" gives you nothing but some funny results.

- It’s an okay app

It has gives you a lot of travel options, which is nice, and updates on the local traffic, which is even nicer. It’s pretty easy to use and can be used for othet countries. It would be nice if they fixed whatever’s going on with their point system, however, as it constantly shows no points for me despite having used it more than the local transport apps

- Essential Travel App

This app provides the best public transport info I’ve ever used, (at least In Melbourne). What stands out is its user interface which is way easier to follow than competitors. A very reliable app for navigating multiple services Bus, Tram and Train. I’m looking forward to using the app in other cities.

- Could not recommend this enough

Using in Melbourne, it keeps up with the screwed up public transport here really well. I first started using it on a trip overseas and was so happy I could still use it back home. Recommended it to all my friends, I can’t say enough good things about it.

- Use it all the time

Works really well for Adelaide I like that I can just select my destination on the map if I don't know the exact address Being able to select bus stops on the map and see when the next bus is coming at it has been so useful to me too

- Marvelous travel tool!

Used this app for 3 months while traveling through Brazil and like it so much I thought I should come and rate it. I’m now heading to Marroco and the app doesn’t cover that region yet, so all the best to the Moovit team, keep growing and hopefully soon we’ll be able to count on you everywhere!

- Good concept but refinement needed

I love that one search brings up multiple options and there are choices to filter by least transfers and least walking but I wish we had an option to bring up all results without a filter. The tram is right outside my building but often, even when I’m standing on the actual platform, it fails to give me options by tram.

- Very user friendly App

I quite like this App, it is very user friendly and would definitely, highly recommended it to anyone who is looking at ways to get to different places. Thank god for a wonderful application such as this! Definitely a big thumbs up! (-:

- Best App!

This App is so good. Makes travelling in public transport easy especially in the CBD. I love how it tracks where you are and it's nearest bus stop areas and notifies you when to get off for your stop. You can see it live too - I've never miss any stop especially on a area I've never been to! Great app!

- Great app

This is a really good app. Not only can it be used interstate it will also tell you when your stop is approaching and when to get off. Also gives an ETA so you can let friends and family know when you will arrive. Recommend it!

- Non-integration of Metro

Why is the Metro service not fully integrated? To go from Castle Hill to the city I am never offered the option to take the Metro service to Chatswood and change for the suburban service. This is very frustrating as our bus services have been made dysfunctional since the launch of the Metro to channel commuters onto it.

- Awful UI

Thought I’d give this app a go instead of Tripview, as it seemed to provide more information. Tried to use today to see what platform I needed to use from central in Sydney. Platform number was not easily identifiable, I couldn’t for the life of me find that information. When using public transport, quite often you need to be able to get this information in seconds. I have removed and switched back to Tripview. If you’re in Sydney or Melbourne, I would strongly advise doing the same.

- Amazingly useful app

This app I recommend to anyone who ever asked me directions. Literally a godsend for anyone who catches buses and if you’ve ever needed to know how to get somewhere and plan your trip it’s so easy with the features of this app. Don’t leave home or travel without it.

- Easier than our local transport app

So far this app has been more accurate and easier to use with more features than the app offered by our local transport agency. I’m looking forward to using this when I travel internationally. Great app guys!

- A download I won’t regret

I recently downloaded this app to try out since I have been having issues keeping track of my public transit routes through the NSWTransport Opal app and Google Maps but ever since I started using this I feel in love. ❤️❤️

- Excellent for disabled PT riders

I got this app as a 3rd alternative to the Maps app as well as my state’s public transport app. The added bonus of the app itself actually telling me when my stop is is excellent for myself & other disabled public transport riders. I highly recommend this app.

- Ultimate Travel Companion

Never leave home without it! Great for local commutes when you want to check times, alternate routes, etc. Also perfect for traveling interstate and overseas. You’ll always feel like a local with this app. The Uber integration is a great bonus too 👍👍👍👍👍

- Very User Friendly

Love this app. Easy to use. Gives clear directions and times for public transport. Also gives cost of fares and allows the user to register their favourite and regular used bus or train stops. Fantastic

- Only helpful for bus times

Moovit is extremely helpful for checking the bus/train times but when it comes to using the navigation system it is always extremely optimistic in the estimate time it gives you. Whenever using moovit to plan your trip, make sure to add on 20 minutes and leave earlier than it says.

- Usually excellent, but...

I live in Canberra (ACT, Australia), and most of the time the app is extremely accurate when predicting when buses will arrive! However, the most recent updates seem to have gotten rid of the estimated arrival time for the different routes when you’re plotting a journey, which is very unhelpful. Please bring this feature back!

- Excellent App - highly recommend

Excellent app especially when navigating unfamiliar areas. ONLY complaint is when you catch a bus that arrives ahead of the planned time the tracking will NOT start in spite of multiple refreshes etc

- 620x buses overly crowded and inconsistent

Buses are so crowded that there is no standing room either so drivers don’t even stop on the last 3 stops towards city on pennant hills road The wait between next service is quite long with no guarantee that the next one stops and has room to take passengers Bus scheduled between 8:20 and 8:41 on cardinal avenue never turns up even if you get there early ?? There should be more services and bigger buses probably as a lot of people use this service.

- A very handy app that I use often.

This app does everything it promises. It quickly and accurately tells you how to get from any where to anywhere else. By walking, public transport, Uber etc.

- Live data gone

The live information of when the bus or tram has disappeared rendering this app similar now to other apps like it. It was the live info that made this app so awesome and now it’s gone. I emailed the support a month ago and there is no sign of it being fixed. I even updated the app when it came out but still does not work. Deleting app in 2 weeks if it’s not fixed.

- Add platform numbers

I love this app, all its features are great. Although sometimes when catching a train or bus it doesn’t inform what platform level it is on, making it difficult to find the bus/train. If this could be fixed, it would by far be the best public transport app

- Brilliant App for getting around

Sometimes getting around from one unfamiliar place to another in Sydney is really a pain. Private transport is becoming impossibly expensive, slow and when you arrive stressed and late there’s nowhere to park. So being able to stitch together walking, bus and trains with realistic and alternative routes is great. I liked the optional alert when your stop or station was coming up and when it was time to get off. Great for unfamiliar journeys. Highly recommended.

- Foreigner in Israel

Love this App as it is invaluable help for tourists traveling in Israel. Being interactive you know exactly where you are and what connections you need. Just fabulous. Now also used it in Australia, The Netherlands & Belgium with the same fantastic service.

- Great app!!

If I could see exactly where the buses locations were it’ll be 5 stars!! But this is a great app that gives me ease whenever travelling as it will tell you when you are almost arriving at your stop and how much the trip will cost you and so much more!

- Awesome App! Beats Transperth Hands Down.

This app is great. It gives you live time tracking and gives an alert 1 or 2 minutes before you have to get off. SO much better than the clunky Transperth app in Perth.

- Disappointing

Moovit app won’t allow me to edit or delete favourite addresses & once you are in the city & accessing trains it gives you no real clue which way to get to the suggested stand?? very frustrating overall. thought i loved it until i had to use it in detail... having said that didn’t hit “live directions”... so not sure if that would have helped!

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- So helpful

As a first time traveller this is amazingly helpful

- Perfect

Can't fault the app, works brilliantly (better in some countries than others of course). My travel worry about getting lost has all but disappeared. Highly recommend everyone download this app

- Best bus app for ANY city

I use this everywhere I travel. It's accurate, reliable and easy to use.

- Moovit is the best app!

I use moovit to find the best travel times for my travels in Ontario! Always accurate and very easy to use! Highly recommend it!

- Doesn’t Work Apple Watch

I created an account on my Series 5 watch but Moovit displays “Open in IPhone”. No maps. Useless. Update: No improvement after reinstall/reboot I tried again next day maps are displaying.

- +

Love it!

- Great service on a daily

You guys make Montréal easy to access on time and efficiently !! Much appropriated

- Reliable

I love it very reliable

- Not working

Isn’t even working right now. Only showing Uber.

- User friendly

Very easy to use and accurate.

- Amazing

I think this is the best way you can use this app I never used but looks greats.


This is an excellent app if you're needing to take public transit. The app provides you w/ multiple transit routes, and w/ the fastest most efficient route to take. It's an excellent app, but the reason I gave it a 4 and not a 5 is b/c very seldomly it's inaccurate. Great app!

- Excellent app!

It works very well all the time. I make use of it a lot.

- Excellent

Way more valuable than my city bus website !!

- Hassle Free Ride

As a visitor to Boston in August 2019 and four intermittent trips since then, I have found the MBTA service to be exceptional. The transit system is simple, staff are courteous and interaction with commuters via the App is absolutely outstanding.

- Informative and accurate

Love this app, very accurate and informative.

- Motoristas mulheres - Atenciosas e simpáticas ,homens há alguns tb na parte da manhã!Parabens


- Better than google map

So useful in many ways

- Works fine

Gets me the best options to get to my destination in accurate manner. Works even overseas. Remarkable. I prefer it to my local public transit service app

- Great!

The best app I’ve used for navigation.

- Necessary for living in Toronto

I would not be able to get around Toronto if it wasn’t for this app. Awesome!

- Excellent Toronto knowledge went into the site

It has the most intuitive interface and I follow it - always!!

- Excelente app

Buena App

- Trip bookings

Very good routes to the fast arrivals.

- Terrible

Never shows the times for the buses you need. Only the ones you don’t. Garbage!

- Both Handy and Dandy tool

Great app to perfectly time catching your bus. Good options. Accurate. Nice heads up warning for your stop approaching too, especially for us recently moved to Halifax folk.

- First timer!

Info was easy to locate, easy to understand, and thankfully accurate! I needed the bus on short notice due to a car breakdown and had no trial run. I was able to get to my destination which included a transfer from a rural area to a more urban area in a timely manner without a hitch!

- The Cat’s Meow

The Moovit app is awesome! Takes all the mystery and anxiety out of public transit.

- Most excellent!

Excellent application! I am a dedicated public transit user and am well served by the features and accuracy of Moovit!

- Very well made

Best transit app I’ve seen tbh

- Review

Fantastic app

- App stuck in the iCloud and won’t download

Moovit is stuck in iCloud and won’t restore to my IPhone X running iOS 13.1.3 could you fix this ? Hi. I’ve been trying in vain to install your app on my iPhone X running the latest iOS 13.1.3 and it refuses to download. Your transit bus and train app also won’t download on my iPhone. There must be a glitch at your end as I contacted Apple about it And they ran a diagnostic via screen share to no avail. Moovit runs fine in iPadOS but won’t download to the iPhone running iOS 13.1.3. Could be a compatibility problem with this version of the iOS firmware. Could you look into the situation ? Thanks.

- Moovit

A great app works like a clock)!

- Useful App

Very useful Application

- Great app

Great app 👍🏻 accurate 💯

- Fast and quick

Low data to use this app. Good to try

- Very helpful

I used this app a few times and it always gets me to my destination stress-free. I like that it gives you the names of each stop, and even tells you when to get off. I recommend this app to anyone who needs a reliable way of getting around on transit.

- Must have App!

Was downtown today...looking for a Tim’s. The app was able to find me one 5 minutes walking distance away...

- Best app

Très précis et on peut l’utiliser même si on na pas la connexion internet

- Outside my metro area?!

Because the area where I am staying is listed as De Winton, although technically part of Calgary, Moovit app won’t show me bus routes to the c-train station because they’re ‘outside your metro area’. WTH?! I travel these routes daily!

- So appreciative to have found this app!

After painfully going through other apps, and having my anxiety build, my husband found this app for me. I went from a complete nervous wreck, to an old pro at navigating the streets of down town Vancouver in just a couple days. Haven’t been late for school once yet. Love the notifications that sink to my Apple Watch that tell me when to get off. It’s a big deal to be on my own for the first time in my life, in a bigger city than I’m used to, but with Moveit I’m not really alone 😄

- Convenient

Very convenient. Information very accurate. 100% recommend.

- Its a boon

If you are new to some place trust me this app is a boon. This is all what you need for transportation and timings . Keep it up!

- Excellent App

Always accurate, I rely on this app all the time for transit info and best routes and it’s never let me down. Highly recommend.

- Moovit

Awesome, reliable, easy to use.

- Perfect services

Highly recommend.

- Très efficace, mais depuis quelques pas trop précis sur les heures de départ

Très facile à utiliser et très bon pour trouver les routes à utiliser du point à au point b

- Reliable

Easy to use and reliable most of the time. I live in Canada and sometimes I have to rely on local apps to get accurate bus times.

- About favorite

It will be nice if I was able to delete/modify a favorite.

- Message reçu en espagnol

Je suis francophone et je reçois vos alertes en espagnol Bizarre!!!!

Libertex 📈

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- Excellent App for public transportation worldwide

As a person who travels often for business prior to the Covid-19 pandemic and will have to resume travel after the pandemic subsides this app is fantastic. As I can lookup public transportation in any country I travel to and even if do not speak any of the languages I speak and I know where I have to be I can just look up the best way to get there, right from the airport where I land, saving money and time, as well anguish after many hours of flight.

- Supportive

Prior to using this software, I used to lose valuable time everyday. Especially my line is unpredictable and run each 30 minutes. I had occasions to wait for almost an hour or if not to walk a distance to connect to another frequent line. This software seems working and even making miracles. Tracking buses to my benefit. I reduced wast time to practically none. From my experience, it is great. If some areas need polishing, I am sure updates would resolve them.

- Checking it out in Paris

Far better than RATP’s own app. For example, when looking for a particular museum I typed in musee and a list of around 20 Paris museums popped up. It also has a select from map. Knowing more or less where it is located, I found Notre Dame, selected it and the routing info popped up. Provides choices of Metro, bus, bicycle routes & (I haven’t tried this) a connection to Uber. Also provides bus schedule if wanted. This is the BEST getting around Paris by bus, metro or combination I have found so far!

- “Very reliable & highly accurate”

I use public transportation and Lyft on a daily basis to commute to and from work. I like how moovit shows in real time exactly where the bus is and what time it arrives at my get on stop also if there’s any bus delays I can easily use moovit to request a lyft. I recommend everyone download the moovit app it’s very realiable and highly accurate. Definitely a convenient app to have in my day to day life. Thank you moovit for helping me to always be on time.

- Times and addresses aren’t always correct

If it were JUST the times not being 100% accurate, I could give this app a pass and it would earn at least 4 stars. However, I have been finding that it simply doesn’t find addresses I plug in, or when I plug them in, THANK GD I check the route because it was going to take me to a different place DESPITE me triple checking that I plugged in information correctly. Sad. What gives. I’d still recommend the app to people with a word of caution as an alternative to Google maps; but Moovit is definitely not infallible. definitely.

- A guiding light in the dark

I went to UK and people there were very rude ( only immigrants were helpful...go figure!) whenever I asked assistance with an address, very hardly you get help. This app was my only help. Super truthful! This app even tells you if the bus is arriving, where to get off, how many steps to your final destination. After that I went to Barcelona and it was the same experience. I could recommend this app to anyone without hesitation. Best guide in the world.

- It’s decent

The app is ok. I’ve had it for over a year and they still can’t fix the issue that stops you from being able to log in. All these updates and yet that still remains an issue. With the notifications on the train it’s sometimes a stop behind the actual stop I’m on. Then it’ll tell me “I’ve arrived” way after I’ve exited and making my way above ground. Now I know it’s not a signal issue because I’ve monitored that and it’s not due to my cell not having signal or service. I mean it is helpful but it still needs a lot of improvements

- ❤️Moovit

Recently used this app in Paris and London. Worked like a charm. There were a couple of times where it gave the wrong bus stop number and we got on a bus going the wrong direction but were quickly able to see they stops didn’t match and hopped off to go across the street to the proper stop. Lesson here is look at the posted destination point and don’t rely solely on the posted bus stop number/letter. I’d recommend this application without hesitation.

- A great app to pair with local official transit app

Some minor bugs with stop times not keeping up and a local issue with not showing alerts. Other than that I LOVE the ui and alerts to get off/transfer. Pairing this with the official transit app to have real time bus tracking has made my commute has become so much easier. Only change I'd make is when needing to transfer at a new stop implement directions for walking like Google maps does with the voice and dotted line would be amazing

- Best public transit app there is.

I live in Boston so taking the bus/train is an everyday occurrence for me. This app is very easy to use, has real time arrival (which is correct most of the time) and works in other cities as well! The New York transit was also easy to navigate and it prompted me automatically to switch to New York transit. I look forward to updates and tell all my friends to download it because I don't want the developers to stop what they are doing!

- A must have!

We took public transportation in Milan using this app. This is our first time using it. It’s amazing as to how user- friendly and accurate it is. Moovit tells you when the next public transportation (bus or tram or metro etc) will arrive. It also keeps track of your stops and warns you several stops before your final destination. Simply amazing! Can’t wait to use it when we travel again in the future.

- Moovit is good

This app is good for when you are traveling on the bus , ferry, or the train . Just make sure your phone is charged to know where you are going . It tells you what time you will get to your destination and how many minutes . This app shows you what bus stop to go to and which bus stop to walk to . This app tells you what stops the bus will be stopping at and when to get off of the bus . I consider using . It works really good for buses .

- Great app! Used it everyday!

I lived in Ecuador for a couple of months and this app was a LIFE SAVER! I was so nervous to take public transportation because I didn’t know how to get anywhere, but this app made it so easy. I used it basically everyday. Sometimes it was a little off by a couple of ft and there was a time when in Ecuador they decided to update some bus routes and Moovit was a bit slow to get to the program, but nonetheless it’s one of the best apps I’ve used.

- 5 muthfuvkin stars best app hands down

Without this app I literally would not be able to go anywhere. That is no joke. And I wasn’t able to before this app. I would alwayssssss get lost for like an hour and before I would leave I would spend hours planning routes and stuff. This has saved me pain frustration time and money. Why don’t they charge for this app? I would pay, they more than deserve it but 🤷‍♀️

- Lost in Manhattan

I had some doctors appointments in various locations in Manhattan... After getting lost on the NYC Subway System during the COVID-19 pandemic, I wasn’t looking forward to having to make the trip again 2 weeks later. I don’t know but, I stumbled upon this app. It’s wonderful and easy to use. I’m old and definitely not technically savvy. Thank goodness I did. I had no idea I could take the Buses everywhere I needed to go. Thank goodness no more Subways!

- Great!

Moovit is a real good app if you’re a person that gets on the bus or train. It even has Uber and Lyft. I was recommended this app and I’m glad the person did because I recently started taking that bus and I got lost,moovit helped me get home. Even if ur listening to music it will tell you when to get off and on at. Itll tell you to get ready so you can be aware that you’re close to your spot. Moovit is a really good app and I give it a five star! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

- Good but with last update won't open

This app has bern one of the most reliable public transportation apps. I've tried many. The developers seem responsive to users' needs and feedback. Adding more microtransit options and features, includibg ride share connections, alternative modes of urban transportation, pay near me for metro bikes, this would would improve user experience. In general, the app continually improves its accuracy. Displaying the actual location of the stop is helpful as you never know which side of an intersection the stop will be. Everything was fine until the last update (which was prompted twice last week); now the application won't even open. Just does the immediate disappear into the vortex move. I deleted and will redownload but will not have patience for too many glitches.

- Not Earning Points

I’ve been using this app for several weeks now. The RT is mostly accurate. I like that it has city busses as well. However I have not been able to earn any points. I’ve added my favorite lines, search a line and even planned/started a trip. All of these are suppose to earn me points. At first I thought I have to be logged in, so I created an account. Unfortunately that did not do anything and I still don’t have any points. Does anybody have suggestions or is having the same/similar problem I’m having?

- Amazing Transit App

I live in Israel but do not speak Hebrew. With Movit I am able to navigate the public buses and trains with complete confidence certainly as well as better than those who speak the local languages! This is an amazing achievement by the app designers and I applaud and appreciate them enormously! There are many great features in the app. Try it, regardless of your language skills, and you will find it indispensable. Many of my native Israeli friends agree.

- Helpful for getting around in big cities

Have been using this for my European vacation. The only thing I’d recommend allowing is checking different cities local transport. I was in Venice trying to plan how I would get to my hotel once in Florence but it wouldn’t allow me to do a different city; however this saved me paying a more ecpensive taxi or uber by allowing me to see local bus and train routes to my hotel once I got WiFi connection in the train station in Florence as well as in Venice.

- ❤️ this app!

I’ve been a New Yorker for over 30 years, but I still need to double check subway and bus lines when I’m traveling beyond my usual stomping grounds. What I love about Moovit is that it will give you travel options and times which help you decide on the spot which makes the most sense at that very moment. I am thrilled with Moovit and I think you will be too. And no, nobody’s paid me or even twisted my arm to write this review!

- Nearly Perfect

I use this app regularly to get to my destinations, and I’ve never had any major issues or complications with it. It’s easy to use and understand. My only complaint (which is extremely minor) is the fact that the app doesn’t account for traffic well, so when it comes to transferring buses, I would just make sure to plan ahead and leave earlier than needed in case buses are early/late.

- 700 vs 30

While other transport apps might do a more “thorough” job focusing on a limited number of available cities, Moovit is the hands down winner when it comes to the sheer amount of areas covered: 700 cities worldwide vs Citymapper’s 30. I’m currently in a small resort town on the east coast of Italy. No info available via CM (only covers Rome and Milan) OR Google. Moovit has accurate LOCAL bus info and it isn’t even near a major city. For that reason alone it gets my vote!!

- Could be better

the new version Doesn't have detailed location of me on my trip. I am not given exact details of the train or bus to take. Especially when having to take the bus, I am confused which bus to take. As the bus line has 2 stop sites. One on either side of the street & it is confusing which bus to take. As you will be on the proper bus number just could be heading in the wrong direction, its a 50/50 chance being on the right or wrong bus. I do Prefer the old version where it was really a no brainier!!

- Best nav app!

I recently started using this app for car pooling to work, it helped me locate neighbors of mine that work in the same area that I’m working and I’m carpooling with them ever since.. it’s as if I’m getting a taxi to work every day! Who wouldn’t give up driving in heavy traffic every morning?!.. and it also does all the gas pricing calculations and transaction free of charge, and it turns out it is incredibly cheap, same price as the bus.

- Moovit

Terrific app!!! Makes me (appear to be) an expert in navigating international cities “Terrific app!!! Makes me (appear to be) an expert in navigating international cities” is the text that shows up automatically when making a comment, but this is really the truth. As long as I have this app, I nvr feel lost, and in fact feel confident in my ability to get around. Better than google maps even in my opinion. Keep it up!!

- Great App !!

I’m so glad I found this app. I recently moved to a new city and don’t know where anything is. The Moovit app lets me get to my destination without worrying I’m going to get lost. All I do is type in where I need to go and the Moovit app shows me what buses to take, the actual route, how many stops on the bus before my stop, where to catch the bus and how long it will take. The Moovit app makes my life so much easier and stress free.

- Saved my *ss repeatedly

Traveling to five cities in Europe over the past two weeks, I used this app to save my fanny on an hourly basis. I have no sense of direction, and this app helped us navigate brilliantly. The amount of information it delivers, right down to when your bus or train is arriving, is absolutely incredible. I especially liked the walking directions. Very clear and precise. Highly highly recommended!!!


My state bus system has terrible apps and websites to find out bus/transit schedules or a map for location routes but Moovit really has stopped my struggles! The live navigation is also really helpful if you’re the type to be on ur phone/listen to music/ read on local transportation since they send u notifications of when to get on an off ur bus/transit! Everyone who uses local transportation needs this app💖💖💖

- To the point of arrival

I appreciate this app due to its the exactness of the point of arrival. The app gave me different travel option which was greatly appreciated once again, I would recommend this app to everyone whom take any type of public transportation, I was more than satisfied. It’s good to know that following a route for first time made me feel very comfortable, I like to express my gratitude to this app, thank you.

- Not a good app, but the best one

I had always wanted to have a application which would give me access to public transportation. This application takes care of everything and also gives you many options. Only one feature would make this application perfect is to add a feature about the tickets cost and ways to pay them and maybe with occasional discounts :p

- Loyal customer

Sometimes it says the bus is coming but it’s just not try. One day after waiting 30minuts for a bus, when it got to my stop it when straight pass me. The drivers are 50% on time. It seems like the app don’t correlate with the bus routes, especially in the afternoon. The drivers are rude an is seems like they don’t value your time. So if I do Recomend this site I have to warn that it doesn’t work that good...

- Best app for dc metro area

The best app I have found to navigate through the DC metro area on the metro and buses. Very easy to use, just put in ur destination and the app gives you the best routes available by foot bike metro and bus. Even gives turn by turn directions. I wasn’t familiar with using the Fairfax connector bus system but this app made it so easy. Even gives live updates on buses arriving and being late. No problems with app crashing.

- Night Mode

I use this app everyday, it is very helpful! However, I think there should be a “night mode” and a “day mode” similar to Twitter because the app is too bright. The screen is mostly white and there are no options to change it. Night mode would make the screen less bright and it would be much better to have more options in regards to how the screen is set up, whether people prefer the screen dark or white.

- I love Moovit!

Moovit is the app to use in Singapore for me! It gives me all the routes available, then I can choose which one suits my needs. The greatest thing is that it gives me little chimes and a final alert when it is time for me to get off on my stop. So many times I would’ve missed my stop because the buses don’t stop at every bus interchange so you cannot count how many, therefore I missed my stop before using Moovit!

- Useful depending on city

This is a great interface for schedules and expected times. That’s what I use it most because my city-provided system is occasionally wonky, and multiple sources are always a good thing. Actual point-to-point planning can be... odd. It likes to take me to ways that aren’t even vaguely the “best” way, there isn’t apparently to plan by your own route, and the times in a series are confusing. But if you already know your town... it’s useful.

- Where is the bus?

This app is great to check the schedules when the bus is on schedule. It has been countless times recently that I try checking if I’m going to make it in time to change buses and either it goes from me thinking I have plenty of time and having to wait for the next one 30min later or app saying I’m not going to make it and bus shows up like 10min late when I’m in a nearby place grabbing a bottle of water or after calling uber. Though it gives us the feeling that it’s constantly updating it’s the least accurate app of the sort I’ve ever interacted with.

- To the employees of Moovit

Thank you for your instant notifications. This app is very useful for NewYorkrs who are using public transit or navigating the streets and highways in our 5 Burroughs of N.Y. city. Residents and tourists need to know what is happening here. Thank you so much for this timely information. This app is the only source of quick information for customers of the MTA and the drivers who navigate thru our 5 burrows. Appreciation is displayed; Rob Roy Puetz of East ElMHURST!

- Needs to account for driving times

Honestly my biggest and possibly only complaint is that this app assumes that if I’m not taking public transportation, then I’m walking. Guess what - I actually do drive the 10 miles or so between the BART station and my house! If I’m feeling energetic, I might ride my bike - neither of these is accounted for. Simply letting me set the non-public-transport parts of my route to something other than walking would make this app much better.

- Best get around app for London

Fantastic app for navigating London,every option presented in real time from Tube to bus to rental bike to walking. Up to date info on delays,closures,or anything affecting your route. Maps,transfers,ETA and costs are all presented ad-free and easy to use. It saved me time and money allowing me to maximize my trip. My travel tip:take the bus if you’re not in a hurry,not only cheaper but the sightseeing view from the upper deck is awesome!

- Highly recommended

This app has helped me a lot when I travel to places I don’t know very well. The information is very accurate. I just wish they could have an option to save trips you are interested to take because sometimes I look for different options before the day I’m actually going to take the trip, so it would be useful for me to have a window to see all the ones I was interested on taking.

- Great for those who just moved to the SF area

I moved here for nursing school from Sac area and I love using he transportation system here. Very easy and convenient to use app. It’s reliable and on time pretty much most of the time. Won’t work when going through tunnels but once you ride it a few times, you’ll know how it works and use it less, unless if it’s to check the times when the train/bus arrives.

- Best Use for Beginners

I have been looking for an easy way to travel around my area since it’s not a big city like New York, and to think they would have my small little city is the best because I have never ridden a bus in my life but this really helps me and makes it a lot easier to maneuver around without getting lost! I really recommend this app if you need an easy way to get around.

- Amazing

This app is AMAZING. It made staying in New York so much easier. So easy to use. We can travel all over the city without fear of getting lost. I wanted to go to Little Italy on the way back from the World Trade Center museum but it was raining really hard and we were uncomfortable and soaked. Now I know we can just stroll back to the subway after we rest and dry off in our hotel room in Times Square. Love it. Thanks!!

- Life saver

I love this app because I rely on public transportation and I am not good with maps, this app lets me know when to get off too, it runs in the background and lets you know when you’re getting close to your destination. I would also like to thank the people who took time to post pictures of the bus stop ,so users know which side of the street to wait at.

- Deserves to be TOP 3 and not just 10

“Transit”s interface might be known for it’s playfulness but as a user I have always felt anxious using it, because when I’m waiting for a metro to arrive I don’t care about its playfulness or beauty, the only thing I care about is the straightforwardness. “Moovit” interface is cleaner and faster compared to “Transit” and is similar to the app “Citymapper”, but only on steroids. So “Moovit” is the best as it can get.

- Has Never Failed Me

I love this app! I think is better then some that are out there. I have passed on this app information to many family friends and even strangers. I love the up to date alerts when there any changes/events whether it’s present or future. My only suggestion would be to add driving to the app. So everyone out there install this app now

- I’d be lost without it!!!

Best tool for public transportation out there. Has never been wrong & gives you several different options to get you to your location. I’d really be lost without it & I know my way around the city of Chicago. Let’s you know of any problems on your route or close to your route. Anyone who uses public transportation needs to get this app

- Life Saver

This app has simplified my commute to and from work. I used to hate riding the bus and metro before this app because I felt I always needed to be watching each stop carefully. No matter where I come from I always have multiple travel options and feel confident using public transportation. When there’s delays, changes, or new routes I can always count on Moovit. Thank you!!

- Fantastic navigation tool!

Amazing app! Just plug in point A and point B and it will give you plenty of diverse routes and transit options. It’s a foolproof system that is very intuitive and easy to use. One problem it faces is that sometimes it may display a phantom alert regarding a phantom bus arriving and leaving and that can be off putting at times. Other than that it is extremely helpful

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Moovit: Train & Bus Times 5.57.0 Screenshots & Images

Moovit: Train & Bus Times iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Moovit: Train & Bus Times iphone images
Moovit: Train & Bus Times iphone images
Moovit: Train & Bus Times iphone images
Moovit: Train & Bus Times iphone images
Moovit: Train & Bus Times iphone images
Moovit: Train & Bus Times iphone images
Moovit: Train & Bus Times iphone images

Moovit: Train & Bus Times (Version 5.57.0) Install & Download

The applications Moovit: Train & Bus Times was published in the category Navigation on 2012-02-28 and was developed by Moovit App Global LTD [Developer ID: 498477948]. This application file size is 242.5 MB. Moovit: Train & Bus Times - Navigation app posted on 2020-11-18 current version is 5.57.0 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.tranzmate.tranzmate1

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