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"Gives you the best route to where you want to go" - New York Times
“You won't realize how much time you can save planning until you use this app” - LA Times
“Killer app” - WSJ
"MBTA has a favorite transit app — and it's called Transit" - Boston Globe

Transit is your real-time urban travel companion. Navigate your city’s public transit system with accurate real-time predictions, simple trip planning, step-by-step navigation, service disruption notifications, and departure and stop reminders... all presented in a clear, bold interface. Public transport not cooperating? Easily request a ride from Uber, Lyft or VIA, or grab the closest bikeshare.

1) See real-time arrivals for nearby buses and trains instantly upon launch.
2) Watch your transit vehicle approaching on a map in real-time
3) Compare options with powerful A to B trip plans using real-time data.
4) Launch GO for step-by-step navigation when you’re on an unfamiliar route or want to nap/read/space out.*
5) Receive departure alarms and stop notifications as well as prompts to pick up the pace in GO.*
6) Get push notifications if service disruptions will affect your commute.
7) Plan trips, view transit schedules and get route itineraries—even when you’re offline!
8) Locate bikeshare stations, see the number of bikes available, pay for passes, and unlock bikes (in select cities).
9) Check ETA (and price) for nearby Uber, Lyft and VIA rides, and book in two taps.
10) Easily plan and pay for a trip combining Uber, Lyft, or VIA with transit. We call it Transit+

*continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

“Your app was the deciding factor in selling my car”
“Blows Google Maps out of the water.”
"Probably the best thing on my phone, no joke."
“The head of our local transit agency recommended this app over the one her agency created.”
"Truly ingenious work here. Honestly, these guys should be in charge of actual public transportation itself."

Transit works in 200+ cities across North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand (see USA list below).

Ann Arbor
Baltimore (MTA*, RTA, Charm City Circulator*)
Boston (MBTA*, Massport, MetroWest RTA, Brockton Area Transit (BAT), Lowell RTA, Plymouth & Brockton S. R. Co., CATA)
Chicago (CTA*, Pace, Metra, NICTD)
Eau Claire
Fort Myers
Grand Rapids*
Hampton Roads
Hartford (CTTransit, CTFastrak*)
Kansas City
Las Vegas*
Los Angeles (Metro*, OCTA*, Metrolink, LADOT*, Omnitrans, RTA, Burbank Bus, Torrance Transit Foothill Transit*, Big Blue Bus*, Beeline*)
Miami (MDT*, BCT, Palm Tran*, Tri-Rail)
Minneapolis-Saint Paul*
New Orleans*
New York City (NYC Subway*, MTA Buses*, LIRR*, Metro-North*, NJ Transit*, PATH, SI Ferry, NICE*, Bee-Line, RI Tram, NY Waterway, AirTrain, CTTransit, CTFastrak*)
Philadelphia (SEPTA*, NJ Transit*, PATCO)
Salem, OR
Salt Lake City*
San Antonio
San Diego (MTS*, NCTD*)
San Francisco (BART*, MUNI*, Caltrain*, AC Transit*, VTA*, County Connection*, Golden Gate Transit, SamTrans, Sonoma County Transit, Healdsburg Transit, Cloverdale Transit, Marin Transit)
Seattle (Metro Transit*, City of Seattle*, King County Marine Division, Sound Transit*, Pierce Transit, Kitsap Tours, Everett Transit)
St. Louis*
Washington DC (DC Metro / Bus*, DC Circulator*, Ride On*, Arlington Transit*, Fairfax Connector, MTA, VRE*, PRTC)
+ Many more

* Uses real-time predictions & vehicle locations for some or all routes.


Transit also works in cities around the world. View select cities below and the full list at

+26 more

+16 more

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Transit • Subway & Bus Times Comments & Reviews

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- Late or non existent buses

I love this app. I use it every time I take public transport. However, I would only give it 4.75 stars if I could. The only issue I have is when I open the app and, for example, it says my bus is about 8 minutes away from my location and then suddenly it’s 30 minutes away without explanation. Is the bus late? I’m not sure. I always assume the time more as an estimate, but that’s quite a large jump. Once, I made it to the stop with the app telling me that it was 3 minutes away but changed to 15, then 30, then 10. It kind of just stayed at 10 for over a hour an a half and no bus ever showed up. Not even the driver who finally arrived knew why there were four absent routes prior to theirs, perhaps no drivers, but it would be cool if there was some kind of way to know if a bus is late. HOWEVER, I still love this app and it’s the only app I use for public transport. My favorite thing, besides how simple it is to navigate, is that I was able to use it while visiting my brother in Hawaii (I live in Washington) and it had all the routes and maps available so I could make my own way around Oahu. I always recommend this app to people who are standing looking at the time sheets at the bus stops.

- Apathy by 1000 cuts

I used to like this app better, and still want to like it, but it’s slowly wearing me out. I know that it is a 3rd party app and is only reliant on the information it obtains from local transportation agencies, yet if that information isn’t reliable, then this app isn’t reliable. I’ve read some of their responses to other reviews and I think it’s a cop-out for them to just say “sorry, we’re a third party app.” I’m sure its frustrating to rely on unreliable information from agencies like the notoriously inept mta (which will say on the marquee that a train is coming in three minutes for over five minutes or longer), and I hope their sources of information get better. In the meantime, be aware that this app isn’t that reliable, especially with bus schedules. The times listed are frequently wrong, it will say buses are coming that never show up, and the most annoying to me is that they will show a bus icon “in real time” on the map, on its way to your stop, then suddenly, it will disappear. What happens to these phantom buses? I still leave super early to give myself time for bus and train delays because I know I can’t rely on any posted info. The dream, though, is still that, one day, one of these apps will be good enough that I can save myself some time while still making it to school and work on time. Unfortunately, they’re still not there and whether or not it’s the apps fault or the mta’s fault, whats the difference?

- Houston area

I mainly take the metro to get to and from the University of Houston. Downloaded this app around a year ago or two, its pretty great at showing me the nearest line to where I’m trying to leave from. It’s also pretty great letting you know if you’ll have to take a second bus and showing the walking distance to actually get to your destination. It even shows you the estimated time it would take if you took an Uber or Lyft. As a student I wanna make sure to arrive to my classes on time, so it’s great being able to see my options. Honestly much better than just looking at google maps imo. I’m not giving it a full 5 starts just because sometimes the bus will arrive either earlier or later then the time it gives you but that’s understandable it’s not always going to be 100% accurate. I get that same issue even when I use the cities official metro text service, where it sends the time schedule for the bus, like I said not going to ever be 100% because there’s a lot of other factors one needs to take into account like traffic etc. overall I would recommend this app to anyone not familiar with their local metro service like if your knew to the city or just taking the metro for the first time, it comes in handy if you want to make sure you’re getting on the right bus.

- Pay Close Attention

This app is essential for my travel to and from college. I've noticed however that the time it tells you to leave is way too late every time, and I end up missing the bus by a minute or two. Even leaving earlier than the recommended departure, I will miss the bus. Not only that, but it has no way of alerting you when you've taken the wrong bus. It says "Unplanned Detour" which is really inconvenient for someone new to public transport who doesn't know the stops for other buses. You'll believe you're on the right bus and there IS a detour, maybe because the stops are correct up until a certain point when really the app just can't track you because you're obviously not on the route of the bus you were supposed to take. Please find a way to fix this. I don't know if you could make some sort of route recognition that would know if you've taken an actual detour or if you're simply on the wrong bus. On top of that, it gave me an estimated arrival at my destination, changed to a half hour later. All when the bus was the WRONG bus. Why on earth would there be an estimated arrival for that, if the bus is never getting there in the first place?

- Great App

This app has helped me so much this summer to navigate the city. I think it’s clever that it uses other riders to help locate the buses in real time. The issues I have riding the buses are mainly with the Nashville bus system than with this app. One thing I wish were better is if the app gave extra warning or let you know the bus stop is on the opposite side of the road. I’ve found myself with not enough time to cross the street, watching the bus I wanted zoom by. I also have issues planning a route on occasion. I have to refresh multiple times to see all possible routes because the app only shows 3 at a time. It’s also not always possible to see when the next buses are coming once you’re at the navigation page, in case I like the route, but want to take the next pass. It is also not possible to edit a route once you start, which would be great if I wanted to get off at a different stop. Lastly, it takes way too long for the app to figure out the bus I’m waiting for is never going to show up. It just keeps updating the arrival time for the bus, making me believe the bus will be there, while I should be looking for a different way home. Other than that, it’s a great app, works better than google maps, and has saved me multiple times!

- Unintuitive Redesign

I like the crowd-sourcing feature and being able to watch the bus approaching in real time, but the redesign makes for a super frustrating app. It takes too many taps and swipes to navigate that aren’t all obvious. For instance, checking the complete schedule of a Line while currently in a GO session. It’s not very obvious that you have to swipe down the GO session to get to the schedule list of nearby lines. And I liked how previously, on the same line, you could see the ETA of the next bus as well as what time that would be. Now you HAVE TO look at the full schedule to then get only the bus arrival times and not ETA. It’s a broken experience and quite annoying at that. My other issue with the new full schedule list is that the earlier bus times were removed. I actually found it useful to see which arrivals have already passed. At least seeing one or two past arrivals would be helpful. Please incorporate these features back into the app so I could give the star rating this app really deserves. I use it every day and hate to have less than an awesome experience.

- Love it when riding the busses

This app is great! Not only does it help me get a better ETA when I’m going somewhere but it makes sure I get there at the time I want to be there. Personally enjoy seeing the map show where my bus currently is and the notifications to remind you when to get off is very helpful. Prefer to give 4.5 stars because I do have some feedback for improvements if the team sees my review. I just recently bought a Apple Watch and I know it has compatibility with the app but I was somewhat disappointed. I was expecting a smaller menu on the app so you may pick from a list of favorites and have the app give you the ASAP option for when you go. So when I’m on the bus or waiting instead of looking at my phone to see when my bus is arriving by the minutes or when to get off I could look at the watch and see oh it’s going to be here in 4min I should look out for it. And I should be off in 2 stops... I think just a minimalist menu be nice not just nearby line options. If it had this I would give 20stars!

- Too much junk. Too slow to load

There is way too much going on in this app. I was using an app called Swiftly to get San Francisco BART times for my commute and the Transit app company must have bought them out because Swiftly no longer works and gives a link to this app. Okay, so I gave it a shot. Firstly, the app opens onto a map view with a bunch of bus/train and other transit stops dotted all over it and there’s no way to navigate to a particular station until the data loads. This is really frustrating for me because sometimes I like to check the train times when I’m already at the station in case the first train that comes is crowded, I can decide if it’s worth waiting for the next train or squeeze in with the crowd. The station I use is underground with poor reception and no GPS so I can’t actually use the app to quickly check train times because the map data has to load to be able to navigate in the app! I used Swiftly because I need an app to quickly look at train times for a particular station. This Transit app is bloated and slow and it was too difficult to set it up in a way that quickly gave me the information I wanted. I’m very sad that they bought out and took away a competing app that was better. I use EasyBART now and I pray these guys don’t buy them out next

- Used to be more accurate

5/5/18 update: First, thanks to the developer for responding to my original review. I’m not sure what good screen shots would do, but here’s a specific example from last week Monday, morning: I got to the bus stop and checked your app for the arrival of the next bus. It said 19 minutes and that the last bus had gone through four minutes earlier. Instead if waiting such a long time, I opted to jump in a shared bike that happened to be parked nearby. No sooner than I’d pedaled all of a mile (about five minutes later) and, whoosh, the bus goes flying by. All of relevant buses appearing in the schedule were displaying with the GPS tracking indicator, but none of the times was accurate. Maybe you could query Valley Transit about their useless signalling. ______________ I have relied upon this app in the Phoenix metro area for going on two years and consider it an essential part of my commute and even incidental use of public transit. However, it seems that recently it’s less accurate, even for buses that are supposedly being tracked with GPS. I’ll keep using it, because I really like its user interface and features, but I’m hoping, a lot, that the accuracy of arrival times improves—soon.

- Was a 10 star before update.

For the past two year I have thoroughly enjoyed your app. Unfortunately that ends today. I understand that you are trying to keep up to date with the advancement in technology but does that need to sacrifice the quality of the app? The app is done beautifully. The colors are vibrant and the advancements are enjoyable; but it’s not reliable anymore. I use to be able to pin point the exact time I would make it to my destination. Literally. I was able to press on a stop on the line and see what other train or buses run in that area. I was also able to then see their arrive time and predict which route would be faster to me. A for some reason that all has vanished over night. The app was so amazing that I made sure that everyone I’ve ever come in contact with downloaded the app; as well as many tourists. I live in New York city so the train are extremely important to us as well as the ability to predict our arrive time. In a city that is heavy controlled by delays of “train traffic ahead” or “sick passengers” we rely on apps like yours to help us get through the subway storms and to our destination quickly and safely. You can change the formula but please don’t sacrifice the quality.

- definitely a one stop shop

I’m from the DC metro area but I go to college in NYC and I use the same app in both places, it works accurately in either city. If you’re serious about shaving minutes off your commute then I don’t really know what your needs are, but as someone who just wants a 2-5 minute buffer when I’m checking when my bus comes, this app is incredibly accurate and fits my needs perfectly. Currently using it in DC and the app even shows me real-time where I am on my own bus, including upcoming stops. I was wary about this feature because I use a line that has a lot of minor stops that are really closely spaced, so I thought that by the time the stop showed up on the Transit screen my bus would have already missed it, but it was accurate down to me seeing us pass the stop as the app said we were going by it. I love this app and unless some update makes it ridiculously hard to plan travel on it or something, I plan on using it for a very long time!

- Normally it’s a decent app to use but it’s been very buggy lately

I use this app everyday to get to work, I tend to get on the first buses in the morning on a bus line that has terrible service in my area. So I consistently have the app on so I can make sure I’m not late and make the time to get to my bus stop on time or try to pull out my emergency Uber ride money if there’s a major delay. But lately the times has not been accurate usually the app has been two or three minutes off in the morning or more if I’m downtown because of all the drivers. I never have too much of a problem. But this week? I’ve basically been having to basically run like hell to make sure I’ve made it to my bus on time. Only to be there waiting out of breath and my bad ankle aching for a bus that’s not coming for another 10-20 minutes. It keeps occurring and it’s not my bus that’s the issue because I know many people at my job have been dealing with similar issues this past week. Also usually if the time seems mistaken you can pull up the map to see where the bus is only problem is that it hasn’t been showing me that for the week either. So it’s like I’m consistently doing the most just not to risk being late, only to sit there looking stupid and losing more of what sleep I can get.

- Non existing busses late busses. Liar app

Horrible. The VERY ONLY REASON I use this app is because it’s the most seemless one. I’ve received marks at my job for being late and trusting this app have missed other rides because of this app. If you want to get anything done this app works MAYBE 30% of the day the rest of the day it will literally say bus arriving. Then just skip the bus and go to the next bus which is 30 minutes away. It’s so bad it’s almost a scam. It’s almost as if this app wants you to have a messed up day. Came to write a bad review but see I already have one in the previous paragraph(good job past me) this app still remains trash. Gps is an outdated tech that any basic company should have figured out. Literally sitting down for a bus that goes from 23 minutes all the way to zero. Watch it traveling on the map. Then when it gets to zero minutes remaining the bus disappears, like magic. Luckily today I’m doing nothing important. Had I been on my way to work I’d have been late. If you use this app leave for work an hour ahead of what it says. Because this app is straight up lying to you half the time . I’ve used this app for years and never has the experience gotten better

- Since I can’t find your email...

This is my go-to Transit app. However, in a recent update, the app started automatically changing to the next route time if it appears that I’m going to miss a bus - and it doesn’t allow me to return to the prior route schedule. One of the stops I use most often has the wrong lat/lon values. As a result, the app thinks I should be a block away from where the stop actually is. At the time the bus is supposed to be there, the app switches to the next route time, thinking I’m going to miss the bus. Then, I can’t see my transfer point any longer, till the app figures out that I’m on the right bus after all. This is very frustrating!!! The app should ASK me if I want to switch to the next route time or stay on the current route time!!! (Since this app is supposedly crowd-sourced, optimally it should notice that I’m catching the bus a block away, or let me note the correct location - but, no, it doesn’t offer that option!) So PLEASE put back the ability to KEEP the original route result even if it appears I’ve missed the bus!!!

- Widget issues. Please read.

Update to my original review. If you have already updated to the new version of the transit app and suffer from the issues I mentioned below remove the modern widget from your screen, and reboot and the old widget should reappear. At least in my case it took a couple of reboots but once it reappeared it has stayed. Hopefully this will get resolved in the next version. My original review is below explaining the situation. As of version 5.9.0 they have taken away the classic widget that provided the nearby departures for your location without opening the app. The modern widget they replaced it with not only fails to provide this information but it is also set up with a color scheme that is not accessible for people with visual impairments as well as the elderly who may be dealing with contrast issues between colors. Why they believe that light green text on a medium green background is a good idea I do not know. Lastly for users of the voiceover screen reader the buttons inside of the widget for the most part are not labeled. If the issues I mentioned above affect you I strongly recommend not upgrading.

- Takes the anxiety away fro my morning commute!

My commute relies on a under-serviced route and if I miss my bus, I will have to wait an hour for the next one. Needless to say that puts a a lot of pressure on me to make sure I’m on time. Having this app is so helpful because it reassures me that I have not missed the bus if it is not running on time! I would love to give it a fifth star but sometimes I find that it can give me lofty directions when I try to go somewhere I have not been before. What I mean by that is I always double check google when planning my trip and sometimes the transit app misses some well times trips google finds. Also, I live in Boston and we have this subway line that branches out into four different outbound locations; instead of separating the stops of these routes out from one another they’re combined into one list where the terminating stop on one branch is succeeded by the beginning stop of another branch. It’s just ultimately confusing especially if you’re new to the city.

- Truly one of the BEST apps out there

Now as a tech savvy enthusiast, I always aim to test out dozens of apps just to know what works and what just simply doesn’t work. For a while, transit slowly but surely growing and over the past 4-5 years, as a New Yorker, I can confidently and how heartedly say that this app is truly one of the best apps out there! -Subway countdown clocks? Pffft, who needs them? TRANSIT has been RIGHT for the arrival of trains for the past 2-3 years now (mark my words, and I’m very avid on time frames). -When there’s incidents affecting your line, guarantee you won’t hear it on the news, but you’ll definitely get an alert with Transit, whether you’re in the app or not. -If you’re not sure how to find a certain subway stop, TRANSIT slays at showing you markers where you are exactly located and when to leave in order to catch that train you just aren’t quite sure is still running or not (even if it’s every 20 min on the weekends late at night) 2 things: I would LOVE to see an integration for Juno, VIA, and ARRO/ CURB apps as well, it would truly make this app even more unique and stellar. Also, there’s an amazing app called iTransNYC and I would LOVE if Transit integrated their app and notification styles with them. Before Transit, iTransNYC was my go to app. Would be really great if a great app got picked up by an even greater app. Transit is already slaying other NYC subway applications. Why look any further? :-)

- Don’t Rely on This in Chicago

As a 50-year Chicago resident, I rarely need a trip planner. When I do, both Google Maps and the CTA website are better. What I do want is an easy to decipher, accurate indication of when the buses and elevated trains are due. This app does not deliver. “Els” are not included. Once I figured out that I need to turn off Go, I was able to find buses. But if you cut your arrival at the bus stop too close — say, two minutes — you WILL miss your bus. Or you will wait 20 minutes for a bus that’s due in ten. This app is supposed to be linked to the CTA’s GPS system; it’s obviously not. Update: This problem is NOT fixed. I have several apps that give me excellent directions, including directions for public transit (e.g., GoogleMaps). I need an app that gives accurate information about what time the bus is coming!!! I saw the developer’s explanation that the information is coming from the transit agencies. That doesn’t account for the information I received for the bus I’m riding at the moment: Half a block from the bus stop - bus is due in 3 minutes. Across the street from the bus stop - bus is due in 0 minutes. At bus stop - bus is due in 10 minutes. One minute later - bus arrives.

- This app does not work

This used to be my favorite app and I would tell everyone about it. There was nothing wrong with it it worked just fine. Then you guys updated it and the update is completely horrible it doesn’t work most of the time. Today I received a notification of a delay that affected my route to work. When I clicked on the notification it took me to the app and did not take me directly to the notification. I wanted to read the full notification but was not able to. When I went to the actual notifications portion of the app this particular notification wasn’t even there! On top of that all the notifications that were there were three days old! I have the app set to notify me at all times as well as I use this train the most. What did you do to make this app not work like it used to? Who’s in charge of testing this to make sure everything functions properly? Once again I’m giving you one star and if I could rate you zero stars I would. This app disappoints me daily now. It’s a shame. It was a BRILLIANT app before and worked almost perfectly and there was NOTHING that needed updating and you’ve succeeded at completely ruining it.

- The only transit app you need

This is, by far, the best transit app out there. The interface super is clean and easy to use, and the information is very reliable, often more accurate than the actual bus times. While many transit apps are limited to one state or transit system (I’m looking at you Citymapper), the Transit app connects a multitude of transit systems, and will connect busses/trains/trolleys to find the best route and is always expanding to include more more systems. With every update the devs add more features, functionality, and refinements to this app. All the while they maintain the simple interface without making it too cluttered. The developers truly understand how to make the commuting process as easy as possible, and base the app experience around this. There are alternatives to the Transit app, some of them pretty good, but none come close to this one in terms of simplicity, design, and functionality. Get this app.

- Not as good as it used to be

I used to really enjoy this app. Some things made it less usable in the latest iterations. First, based on the schedule, if a train has departed from a station, I can’t click on to check the schedule; I have no idea when my train will get to my destination, nor can I see if we are on time at the en-route destinations. Sometimes the train is two or three minutes late, and I want to see details, but can’t. Second, before, the entire schedule for the entire day could be displayed if need be. This functionality has been deleted; it only shows trains going forward, which, again, prevents me from checking the schedule of the train once I am on the train. Finally, since I’m a NYC area user, the train is often underground and this I have no signal. I am certain that the older versions uploaded more nearby train schedules, so deep underneath the East or the Hudson Rivers, my connecting schedule will be available. This is no longer the case. I have reverted to using multiple other apps that can accomplish the same thing, but it definitely is not as convenient.

- What Happened?

I switched from using my city’s public transportation app to Transit by recommendation of a bus driver. This app saved me so much waiting time, made me on time when I would have otherwise been late. As a person who depends entirely on public transportation, the app was a lifesaver!! The best thing about Transit was the ability to search for directions and see several options with live times of arrival and departure. This function of the app is all bus useless now! Arrival times are different from what’s input, directions for “leave now” are often way after the next bus actually arrives, and I no longer get several bus/train/walking options. Transit has actually made me late when I could have been on time because of these issues. The only reason I still use the app is for the live bus feed which is, for the most part, pretty accurate. Please, please, please fix these issues with the directions function. I miss not having to worry about missing transfers and being late to things. :(

- Poor accuracy for MBTA busses and trains

I’m not sure whose fault this is, but Transit doesn’t give good predictions for Boston’s MBTA busses and trains, and seems to much less accurate for busses recently. Predicted busses rarely show up at the predicted time, and often not at all. Busses don’t show on the map of a route until they are very close to or well past the stop I’m waiting at. Perhaps it’s the MBTA’s fault for not providing frequent enough GPS data. Whatever the cause, it’s a serious problem, which makes it impossible for users of Transit to make a well informed decision on whether it’s faster to take a train or bus. For example today I waited ten minutes for a #1 bus to go from the South End in Boston to Harvard Square, but the bus never arrived, then the predicted arrival time reset from 0 to 10 minutes, so I decided to take the subway instead. Subway predictions in Transit seem to be more accurate. Is the inaccuracy of MBTA bus position and time an issue of garbage data in garbage analysis out? Possibly. Whatever the problem, this needs fixing.

- Timely, Accurate, and you gotta read the update notes

As a Chicago resident this app is used more than any of the others out there and is more accurate then the CTA apps published by the transit systems. I’ve found that it also works well when visiting other cities as well, so the apps ability to show a transit system is unrivaled. Their navigation is pretty user friendly and intuitive as well from the start, allowing you to favorite specific routes or lines & has an easy to access widget that can get you major route times without having to open the app (though it sometimes has difficulty registering smaller/less used routes). If you’re looking for a good transit scheduler, so long as these good folks have mapped out a system, this is a great choice to help plan your commute. Also, there’s some good fun in reading their update notes sometimes if you’re bored.

- Pros and Cons

I’ve been using this app for a little over a year now and am one of the top users for the Chicago Brown line. There are some great features of this app, but one glitch that puts a big dent in its usability for me. The thing I love the most is that you can set a route and the app will alert you when you are nearing your stop, how long you have to wait for your connection, or if you are going to miss your connection. Unfortunately, the app will often “forget” that you are on a route and completely reset. If you aren’t regularly checking, and relying on it to notify you when your stop is coming up, you could very easily miss your stop. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. I’d say lately it resets itself about 3-4 times per my hour long commute. Also, when it does seem to remember my route, it keeps saying that certain stops are closer than they are. In general, it’s a good app to have, but you have to keep checking it to make sure it is still running the route you put in.

- A little annoyed

I can only give a 3 star rating because I’m currently annoyed with the new layout on this app. I don’t need a sophisticated app to see where I’m going and how long it will take or I will need to wait. Before the new layout I could add a saved location where I normally pick up transit (I can still do that), but before I could click on that location and see ALL of the times the bus would come to that location. I would then time my trolley ride to coincide with the time I needed to be at that stop for the bus with minimal wait time. NOW with the new SOPHISTICATED app I CANNOT do this which leaves me with my current ANNOYANCE AND FRUSTRATION. I shouldn’t have to take so much time trying to figure this out when I’m already in a rush and now I have no idea when the will come at my saved location in 2 hours when I arrive there. Thanks a lot transit app! What’s the point of saving the location when I can only see the current time the bus will get there and not ALL of the future times?? Please fix this issue.

- Glitchy and alarm feature is not as useful as you’d like

Really like this app overall. Definitely a better interface than google maps. A few things have been challenging though. Simply scrolling up makes it really easy to dismiss a route you were trying to view. I’ve had to start over so many times after accidentally scrolling just a bit too far. I also wish the alarm feature would actually let me view the trip I’ve set the alarm for or that the alarms were at least easier to find. They’re pretty hard to find unless you remember what route you saved them on which is hard if you’re learning a new area. There’s also no way to tap the alarm and see the trip you’ve set it for. It only shows you the time and whatever line you’ve set it for. Lastly, for whatever reason, it’s gotten progressively glitchier like erasing trips when i switch to different windows or just freezing up. At one point it even erased the work address I had set as a favorite.

- Google and others will not show you around better

I downloaded this because I knew that there were multiple bus lines that could get me to my destination, yet google only provided one. This app is amazing. It’s a lot like how waze gives you real time alerts based on other users. The go feature will allow you to share your location so other users can see where their bus or train is in real time. That means you can get updates from people too. A couple of things on my wishlist though: the interface is confusing at first, and I have to believe there’s a simpler way to navigate (though I’m used to it now), also there isn’t an Apple Watch app and I think there needs to be. I’m the kind of person that wears one everyday and would like the see the current time, and the next bus for my favorite line in a complication on my main watch face.

- Was amazing, but “update” was terrible

I’ve been a long time fan and user and promoter of your app, depending on it for years for my commute and transit. But what you did last week is terrible. When I clicked on one transit option I could see more info about a particular option without leaving the main screen that shows all the transit options for my location. Now it pops up this stupid screen (that covers up information I need) trying to make me use GO. You guys are obsessed with forcing your customers to use your GO product and if you don’t back off, that will be your downfall. Many users understand the transit options in their city and how to make transfer connections quite well and don’t need or want GO. The the ability to see multiple arrivals for multiple options while still seeing the list was the magic sauce of Transit app. Very disappointed. Please put it back the way it was instead of trying to be Google maps. Google maps has that covered. 😠

- Hard to navigate

This app is useful but is not designed in an efficient way. There is not a button to reset my location on the map, I have to close out of the app entirely. Sometimes the times are not correct. There have been a few times that the app displays a bus time about 5 minutes later than the actual bus goes by the stop. I know it’s supposed to use in real time based on others using the app but you really should display times with a couple of minutes to spare, or display times as reported by the bus system. Also, after reading other reviews it’s super annoying that the developer pawns off all responsibility on the transit companies. If you’re going to offer third party service you need to make sure you’re giving correct information. And please do not put off blame hen others take the time to give you feedback.

- Good at a lot, not the best trip planner

I love this app and use it all the time to get around all over the US. It’s got an easy to understand interface and it’s easy to see what lines are nearby and can often provide more accurate arrival times than the transit agencies themselves. A word of warning though: I’m not a huge fan of Transit’s trip planner. It has a habit of sending users on ridiculously long bus rides, in what my guess is an effort to avoid transfers, when train options exist. Generally speaking, I’d say most people would prefer a subway trip that requires one transfer than a bus ride of about the same length with no transfers. For example, if I wanted to travel from my home in Washington to a Ravens game in Baltimore, Transit will recommend three different trip options, all of which require 90 minute commuter bus rides before a transfer to another city bus. What Transit won’t show me is that there are two different commuter rail lines between DC and Baltimore, both of which make the trip in about an hour. Those trains’ schedules and arrival times can be found in the app, but because I’d have to transfer more times to ride them, they don’t show up, even though they’d be faster. In short, I’d recommend plotting out any trip yourself, on a map or on google, and then using the app to make sure your train is on time, since that’s where the app really shines.

- Best App for Bay Area

This app is the best transit app I’ve found. I would pay money for this app. I actually look forward to using it. While you are on a bus or train and leave it on in your pocket you can literally see everyone you are helping. Then when you get off it tells you the total amount of people you helped on your trip. The directions the British dude gives you are on point. One issue though is it doesn’t provide much on the finding the station. It lead me to the station and said I was there but it took me a while to realize in was under ground so I had to try and find the stairs. Would be awesome if users could take a picture of the stop and attach them to the stop in the app. Overall, use this for your SF trip or even just your day to day so you feel your starting your day by helping other commuters.

- Tried Calling Metro

I did call metro and explain how upsetting it is that busses will not come up as “Out of Service” and will say in service most the time (except at night which I believe are mostly planned times). I get that life happens but they refused to forward information to you, the third party app creators apartently and that just bridges a huge communication gap. How will an app improve if there is a large communication barrier to services and needs are not being met? Maine is a hard working state, we all work very very hard to survive and those relying on busses especially are a huge part of the working class, our entire life is centralized by transportation in general. Our taxes pay for services and our hard works puts food on the table, as does yours. Please take into consideration that a better system for navigation NEEDS to be established, this is a great idea but needs to be constantly updated and held to high standards as our lives revolve around being places. Thank you.

- Great app!

I never review because I never care enough. But, this app is so helpful in my daily commute. It’s very precise and accurate. Sometimes I see that I won’t be able to make it in time to catch my bus but it lets me see what other times I can catch it, giving me time to grab a coffee or a snack before heading over instead of waiting like an idiot wondering what time it will come. In winter, I just wait in a store and see when the app says my bus is coming in “two minutes” so I head over to the stop and didn’t have to freeze as I waited. I love this app. It doesn’t seem to consume that much battery life either. I had this open when my phone was on 5% and I waited fifteen minutes and my phone was still alive to show the driver my virtual ticket. Great developer(s), talented person or people, and truly amazing for letting this app be free. Best app ever!

- The most amazing app if you’re taking the bus every day

I’ve been using this app for years. It has come so far since I first started using it back in 2015 and it was awesome back then. This app is very efficient and consistent with times and routes. It connects you with other passengers that may or may not be taking the same bus as you. I live in Miami Dade County Court and bus times are on point. Routes are amazing it even tells you where the stops are located and at what time you should leave your home so you don’t have to be waiting extra time on the bus stop. It’s not only for bus it’s for all public transportation like trains, metro-rails, ect.... This is one of the apps that I first open in the morning very helpful and useful tool if your traveling by bus or you’re at vacation at a different city and need to get around.

- A great app that keeps getting better.

I originally downloaded Transit back in college—probably about five years ago. I’ve tried some other apps, but nothing compares. The real-time updates are usually pretty accurate, and it’s helpful to be able to see where the bus or train is located while you wait. The new(?) Go feature is also amazing. I love that it gives you alerts when to leave, and when you’re a couple stops away (especially if I’m dozing off on my commute). The only thing I wish it had was an option to pick preferred routes—i.e., when you search for directions, being able to select least amount of walking, least transfers, etc. because Chicago is FRIGID in the winter, and I like to avoid being outside as much as possible. Still an amazing app, though.

- I don’t do reviews but I just had to for this app

I cannot say how much I appreciate this app and how accurate it is EVERY SINGLE TIME. I have options that I didn’t even know about, before I had the app I would get off work later that the options that I knew of and riding in Uber or Lyft every night was not conducive to the fact that I was doing OTat work and it simply cost to much money and defeated the purpose of more work hours when I would have to spend those extra hours of money to pay for personal expensive rides. With the information that I can access through your app I can pocket my money instead by utilizing public transportations that I didn’t know were available ESPECIALLY during COVID19. This app makes all kinds of sense and I cannot thank you enough!!!!!! <3

- Buggy and Missing a few features

I loved the older version of this app - it was perfect for navigating the MBTA (Boston). However this new version is missing a few features that I used to use a lot - for example the go to current location button that was always right on the main map screen is gone. It’s still somewhat accessible, but it’s only under the “get directions” section. I often didn’t use this part of the app unless I was in really unfamiliar territory - I just want to see when the next train or bus is coming. You can still move the purple cursor over towards your location on the map shown in blue, but it often crashes or moves very slowly when I try and do this. Also it seems like the times have been a bit off, where it used to always be very accurate. This may be the fault of the MBTA rather than the app itself, but it still makes it less useful nonetheless.

- Some good features but kills battery

Using the Go feature really drains the battery like none else. However, the real-time tracking is one of the best I’ve used among tracking apps for the MBTA. Also, when using the Go feature, it tells you when to get off, which is super useful if you tend to zone out on the bus. There are some pretty good features that are useful, like being able to easily move the location your searching for routes nearby to a different location than your actual location by just dragging the map. But there are some pretty basic things that are missing, or are difficult to figure out, that are really easy and native to other tracking apps, such as the ability to easily see other route options forwards and backwards in time, or being able to see the schedule for a route of choose and not just the predictions for a particular stop.

- Downloaded after my fav app was discontinued

I had another transit app, but the company shut down. It said to download Transit, so I did. It’s not as user friendly as the other, and unfortunately I can’t remember the name of it. I liked being able to input any delays, but you can’t do it on Transit. I feel like user input about delays is better than the Go option. Also, the times aren’t accurate, at least for San Francisco. I’ve compared it to times on Routesy, and Routesy is more accurate. UPDATE: I actually like Go now that I’ve tried it out. I still think user input is needed. For example, Go told me to get off at a specific stop to catch another bus. Well, I was able to catch the same bus a couple of stops before the recommended one. I had to turn off Go, then turn it back on to show that I’m on the second bus. I hope there’s a way to manually switch to another bus line while staying in Go.

- Very convenient once you get the hang of it + recommendation

For all those considering downloading, just know that you should probably leave about 10 minutes before the time that they recommend. Otherwise it will be down to the wire. It was kind of difficult to get the hang of this app but once I figured it out it’s proven to be a very handy tool. One complaint I do have is with the ability to cancel a trip. There should be a prompt when you hit the cancel button that maybe says, “Are you sure you want to cancel this trip?” or something like that. I mentioned this because I was using the app for the 4th or 5th time in a city I was completely unfamiliar with and I accidentally cancelled the trip. Once you cancel it there’s no way to “un-cancel it” and you’re pretty much screwed in terms of what stop you need to get off at.

- So good the MTA didn’t bother to develop its own

Before our local transit system started providing real time positions of buses and trains, this app was useful as a user friendly keeper of the timetables and trip planner. Now that it is getting positions info, it's almost empowering. I used to go out and stand on the street wondering if I've missed the bus or if it's late and feeling foolish to just be hanging out watching the cars go by. Now I know where the buses are and when to expect them. I can have the app alert me when to start walking out rather than going crazy early to make sure I didn't miss it. Of course the GPS tech sometimes doesn't work on all the buses and there app had to rely on schedules but that's not the apps fault. Even if you're a casual transit user this is an essential app.

- Use this app with other apps and information

This app is occasionally accurate; to get a good idea of when the next bus or train is coming, I find it’s best to supplement use of this app with use of other transportation-related apps and any information the company that owns the local transportation system provides. Response to Transit’s query: Thanks for your reply. I find that this app often inaccurately indicates when the next bus or train will arrive at various stops in the Washington metropolitan area. Actually, the app seems to have become less accurate over time. I have been using the app for 11 months. Sometimes, I will be pleasantly surprised to find that a train or bus is arriving 15 minutes earlier than Transit indicates it will. Other times, a train or bus arrives 15 minutes after Transit said it would. I, therefore, also consult the DC Metro and Bus app and any electronic signs that the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority updates in the places where I wait for trains or buses.

- Awesome-Great News for Los Angeles

I’m so happy that Los Angeles choose your app for the Metro. I work with disadvantaged individuals and have been teaching individuals for 7 years on how to use the disparate transportation systems in the area. We have 38 city’s/districts and each have different solutions. This app merges these programs into one resource, allowing so many people to move about. Ditching the expensive ride hailing services that they can’t afford or physically don’t have access to because they don’t have a credit card or bank account. I’ve personally moved exclusively to the public transportation for 6 years because of this application. Los Angeles now has a real system because this application combines everything, almost as if we had a unified network. Thank you very much.

- Gives weird directions

Standing at a station or sitting in a train car, input your destination, it will frequently tell you weird things like to get off the train catch a bus, go around the block and get on the next train. I understand that it doesn’t think you’re going to make the current train, but why tell you to get on a bus? Why not tell you to stand and wait for the next train? Hopefully riders use common sense and don’t do the weird things it suggests. Also, sure wish it integrated our on-demand bus service like it tries to do with Lyft. Instead it tells you to wait and take another bus line way out of the way and then get off and walk over the Interstate. If you’re not familiar with the area, you could actually do that when the best route is clearly to hail an on-demand bus to take you to your door.

- Bus 15, 16, & 9

While having the app can be helpful, it is very limited in its abilities. It should not matter where I’m located, if I need to know where bus 15 is at a given time, I should be able to see where that bus is located. I use three busses. This app is very confusing to say the least. I us the information to help a person who is both physically and mentally disabled, and she needs to also transfer for either bus 15 or 16 to get on bus 9 in the morning. In the afternoon the opposite, bus 9 to either bus 15 or 16. Having the app just run like a recorded loop is stupid! Example, July 3rd, app shows bus 15 coming to Richmond, says it will be here in 5 minutes. No bus. No bus after 15 minutes, no bus after 45 minutes, but your app says it’s coming. I call CVTD and get a recording saying busses are not running, but the app says they are. Make sure the bus transponders are working and showing on the app, and showing correctly. I should be able to pull up for example bus 16, and see where the bus stops and times. That would allow me to figure out if I could or would take that bus at a given time/location, no matter where I might be as I check schedules, so I can help this young lady be ready for the bus and help her employer adjust her work schedule in conjunction with bus schedules. As it is I can’t figure out when or where a bus will be to make appropriate plans. Very confusing!

- Almost there... and it will be The Perfect

I feel like I tried all the Apps that work with MTA. When iTrans MTA stoped working, there was nothing even close to it that would do it all within one App. I was constantly switching between apps, between live schedule, maps or average time between certain stops. And then I found Transit and it improved before my eyes. I went from switching between 3 apps in one trip to barely switching. A few things I feel could make this ideal: Maps, I switch to MyMTA for simple maps or to iTrans to get close ups of stations and see where the exits are. When the GPS signal is poor or not available, it would be amazing if there was a manual start to GO. P.S. Crowdsourcing is the best thing that ever happened to transit apps 👍🏻

- It’s okay but needs a lot of problems fixed

This has been the most dependable bus scheduling app to to rely on in my day to date commute, however the accuracy as of late has been very dangerously off. I’ve missed buses altogether and more recently given “phantom bus arrivals” that leave me at a bus stop waiting for up to an hour more then I should need to for a bus I thought was on schedule. Primarily speaking, I get the majority of my trouble commuting from the posted scheduling of the 240 and 236 in Randolph. Most occasions have me planning against potential inaccuracies (which would not be the case). As of this review, I am currently experiencing this with the 236 that was said to come at 2:02. Instead I have to wait until 3:05 for it in the rain. I stand by what I said when I mentioned that this is my preferred app to use. But I ask you to please fix this problem so riders like me aren’t stuck in a cycle of terrible commuting experiences. Thank you. Best wishes, Jhair

- Very helpful, will become essential to your daily life

My favourite feature is that it will announce when I’m approaching destination, I often put on headphones and fall asleep on the bus, with this creepy AI voice reminding me I never missed my stop ever again. Search feature needs improvement though, e.g. when I search for a restaurant/coffee/museum, search results are very limited (and often in other cities, like why???) and can’t view on the map. I still use google map to do planning then use this app to track. I like how it knows I’m going home or going to work so the correct route is always on top with the correct direction, but if I ever want to go to anywhere else the workflow is really weird and complicated, sometimes even frustrating. Plus this app has THE BEST update notes, better than most comedy nowadays.

- Words cannot express

This app is amazing!! This is my ONLY go to when it comes to transiting in Los Angeles! I have opened other apps along with it and no comparison. It’s not without its faults, like, sometimes it states something is 5 min away when it’s more like 30 or so, but I don’t blame the app for that things happen. Now if it’s a hour two off, yeah maybe, but even then, I look at other apps to see there location or I pull up/out the rail/bus route schedule. Once I get going in the direction I desire, Transit is my partner! I often just play around in the app just to see how far I can go-almost like a game- Can I make it to Santa Clarita, SURE!! Transit will tell me where to go! You really put the “Best things in life are free” quote to good use on my book!

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- Nearly the best public transport app

Transit is a great app but the largest downside of the app is that we just need some more users if we are ever going to be able to properly experience the crowdsourcing feature, as in Melbourne, I don't think that I have ever been waiting for a bus which has been crowdsourced, which I feel kind of defeats the purpose of the whole app. However, that is not going to stop me from giving ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ (5 stars) as the rest of the app is really convenient. Some of my favourite features are: How easy it is to view next departures; “GO”, the notifications from it are really useful and the way that it counts down the stops until it is time to get off is also very helpful to help prevent stop-missing!; The fact that even without reported bus locations, the app can work out (about) where the bus is, based on real-time data. Overall, I give about 9/10, and a green heart. 💚

- Replaced Google Maps

It’s beautiful, it integrates so nicely into iOS, it works FAR better with my mental framing around transport (more of a portable bus station than a route planner—although it does both exceptionally well), and the developers finally added real-time timetables to the L1 light rail in Sydney, which I (until recently 🦠). The app is built with a focus on speed and efficiency, because they know it’s supposed to be whipped out and glanced at in a hurry, and it does that expertly. Only major drawback is the route planner, which sometimes has weird quirks. I’ve seen it beat Google Maps, but usually it gives a significantly slower route—and I can usually beat both apps on routes I know well.

- Stunning and useful!

Transit is a beautiful app that uses Apple Maps for streets and uses Google for address search. This is the best of both worlds: Apple Maps is visually pleasant, smooth and rich. Google Search is comprehensive, trustworthy and vast. The UI is also great with nearby stops/stations, transit overlays and live data. The GO feature is also the best in-transit experience, with live tracking reporting, stops remaining and notification-reminders to get off. I used to think that Apple Maps or Google Maps could do the job for both driving and transit. After using the Transit app, I’ve learned that a dedicated public transport app is worthwhile!!

- Just one more feature and I’ll give it 5 stars!

This is a great app. Excellent interface, easy to use, and routes better than other apps I’ve tried. There’s just one feature I’d like added - and when it is, I’ll give Transit 5 stars. I’d like to see a notification given when an approaching bus is, say, 3 minutes away. That way, I could relax, read a book, answer emails, whatever, and be notified when my bus is approaching a bus stop where I’m waiting for a bus without worrying I’ll miss it by not hailing it in time. There’s another app that does this and I often have that app running in parallel with Transit just to have that feature. Please bring it to Transit so I can forget the other app! ;-) Please!!

- Great app - needs some fixes though

I personally find Transit a great app to use, it’s pretty light on data and the real time tracking helps a lot. I do, however, find some glitches or bugs with the actual tracking. When you’re going on a bus ride the app alerts you the stop is incoming yet there are around 3 stops left before your one comes. Also the transition from bus to walking also isn’t as smooth and at times the map isn’t clear on where you need to go. I’d also like a feature where it shows you all the different routes you can take, as some come earlier than the one the app tells you to take yet can still be taken. Apart from that, I highly enjoy using Transit.

- Fantastic upto date information

I daily use the 901 bus from Frankston to Dandenong or further. I find it easy to use and though I have an iPhone X iOS 12.2 I don’t seem to have the problems the lady said regarding crashing maybe it’s cause a lot more transit around the city and trams ect. but on my side of Melbourne it’s been fantastic. Invaluable even. No matter where I am I can find out very quickly wat bus train or tram(rarely) is going where and how long it’ll b. Keep up the good work

- Thank you!

This app has been a constant companion for me whenever I go out! As someone who’s anxious about getting lost and not knowing how to get home, being able to look up where I am and what transport is available is unspeakably wonderful. The app works great for planning ahead as well, and seeing just how many options there are around me! Thank you so much to the developers for bringing me peace of mind! Hope everyone is doing well and taking care admist the pandemic!

- Amazing App

I’ve used a lot of map apps. Everything from google maps, the crappy map app my local public transport makes and even the map function on Uber. But to have an app that integrates everything - walking, public transport, Uber, Ola, is phenomenal. Highly recommend it for anyone, especially if you catches public transport, travel or are a student. (Also shout out to the devs - you guys write some hilarious update notes)

- Incredible!! But...

I wish it lets me save trips and routes I planned at certain times. Some timetables dont ever change. I also want to be able to favourite my trip to work or home; quickly accessible from the home page. It’s annoying having to re-run the search each time. Other than that everything else is great!

- Great app, but fails on key premise

This is a greatly designed app, the interface is buttery smooth and intuitive. The only problem is that, at least in Melbourne, the transport routes are just not reliable. There have been multiple times where this app just didn’t consider or warn of service disruptions, and I have ended up late to wherever I’m going whenever I use this app and I swear that it’s the last time I use it. But the interface keeps me coming back...

- Excellent app for daily bus rides

The apps works really well in Brisbane especially for bus connections. One suggestion, could there be a function for skipping interchange? let’s say my bus arrive the 1st interchange there is one bus connection that goes to the destination. If I skip to the 2nd interchange there are two bus connections goes to the same destination. Isn’t this way increases the rate of getting to the destination on time? A user-choice redundancies should any of the bus lines were late?

- Somethings wrong now

Not sure if this is just my area but I am no longer getting live feedback from the location of my trains or buses. I used to be able to choose a bus or train line a be able to see their most recent location but now no matter what bus or train I choose it doesn’t give me their location and that puts their times out of whack as, let’s be honest, they don’t always come on time let it be earlier or later.

- Indispensable Tourist Aid to Las Vegas

We’ve been here for 8 days, living 20-minutes out of The Strip, travelling in every day. The three-day bus pass is excellent value for money - cheaper than Ubers- and this brilliant App tells me where and when the bus is arriving. It even gives you alerts on your phone when you stop is coming up. Excellent.

- Great app..but...

It’s a great app when it works. A few flaws though, it thinks I’m on a bus when I’m not and asks for me to select the bus I’m on which if I hit “I’m unsure” puts me on whichever bus it thinks I’m on. Just give us an option to cancel that dialog, I currently just force close and reopen. Also please stop with the wanky skim-soy-latte hipster release notes, some of us actually want to know what’s changed. Other than that keep up the good work.

- Slow to refresh on load

I keep falling for this - open the app, see that my preferred bus is 2-3 mins away, let an alternative bus pass by and then, hello!, preferred bus is now 6 mins away. And sometimes when a bus is early, the app hasn’t caught up yet. (Early buses are the worst kind. Unless you’re already on it, then they’re great. Which isn’t very charitable, I know.) But I still use the app most days as it seems better than the other free apps (yes, it’s free, so I shouldn’t complain).

- Still issues

Originally fell in love with this app, but there are still a lot of bugs with absurd travel directions (eg. going the complete opposite direction, not using the nearest bus stop even though it has the most direct service, etc), and Go sessions ending in the background mid-trip. PLEASE also allow the annoying “how full is your service” and “wear a mask” notifications to be turned off - I’m actively avoiding using the app because of these now.

- Awesome app but…

Awesome app but recently I believe since the latest update when I try to get transit directions and setting a time I’d like to arrive at the destination it glitches out and says to leave immediately with massive wait or walk gaps in the middle instead of showing transit options that are suited to the journey’s requested arrival time even if the arrival time is hours or more ahead of time.

- Best Navigation app for Public Transport ever. At least for Sydney.

It shows realtime bus and train location and times. Still free and no ads. I wonder if it will stay like this or get greedy like others. Oh! And app update notes, they are the best. I wish there’s update as often as just to see these notes.

- Comprehensive. Reliable. Simple

I’ve tried all 3 apps for adelaidemetro, but the others both had missing features (or maybe I just couldn’t get them to work). Anyway, I’ve been using this for a couple of months and it is like all good apps. It just works. Thanks.

- Public Transport is agonising no more

Well ok, maybe that’s an exaggeration. However, using the Transit app certainly makes travelling on Public Transport a much smoother and less tiresome experience. I’m in Melbourne Australia and am happy to report that the app works great here. Occasionally expected buses go missing but I blame the Twilight Zone, not the app.

- The most reliable & useful public transport app

This app is by far the best I’ve used - most of the time it’s more reliable than PTV itself. I use this app every day and it’s fantastic. Only 4 stars, though, because sometimes it can be buggy and suggest for me to leave at 4am to get to university by 11... but other than these occasional glitches, it’s amazing.

- Was originally 5 Stars, but now it’s useless.

I am on iPhone SE, iOS 11.4.1. Transit app originally worked flawlessly for at least a year with real time bus location shown on the map. That was the defining useful feature, but after an update maybe a month back now no real time bus location on the map no matter if restart the app, reinstall the app etc. it is just broken. Please fix this or else it really deserves only 1 star because TransLink already does most of what this app does except real time bus location.


all the others are so hard to use metromate was just for buses which made it so easy the way they had it formatted was so easy to understand all the other apps are just trying to steal the users that used to use metro mate bc now I can’t go to school on time metro mate could be used easily by simply walking up to that stop if u have it favourited u just have to go to the favourites section and then click on that stop and it already knows where u want to go if u have already done that stop before

- Doesn't list every line

The Canberra transport system was changed recently, and the app doesn't seem to have updated the information about these new lines. In particular, there's some new lines like "R5" which don't seem to be listed at all. It also doesn't stay on the same page if you switch apps, which is super annoying if you want to check the details of a planned trip while you're on the bus/train. There doesn't seem to be a way to save trips to avoid this, either.

- There must be something better than this!

Having used a number of transit apps is one of the most unintuitive apps I’ve used. It fails to provide the user timetables for easy planning. It complex and one can’t seek option before or around the required trip time. I would suggest when an update is done the developer focused on the user, how they use it (usually one handed in a hurry) and make the information on trip easy to edit - whilst people are on the move in a hurry whilst using this. Shame.

- Pretty good and way more accurate than other apps

Great app, very easy to use. The tram tracking is amazing and very accurate (way more accurate than some other apps). It’s also compatible with Siri Shortcuts so you can quickly check when the next tram is coming, but it can drain your battery like crazy.

- Go isn’t working! :(

This morning it was. Now I can’t press the button without it crashing the app. Even after the update for some reason! I adore this app and use it every day (it even took over the app I had been using for SEVEN YEARS), but I love using the Go feature and it’s not even working right now. Please fix :( Also agree it would be nice to see where the bus is again.

- I’d love to have just one feature

This app is wonderful in basically every way, however, I think it would be really useful if we could also just tap bus stops on the map as opposed to dragging the sort of pin to get bus info for the area

- Excellent and has Adelaide data

Excellent transit app, the fact they have more Australian cities than Citymapper is the main reason for using it initially, but it’s just so simple and easy. The fact it has Adelaide data is brilliant which Citymapper doesn’t. I use it every day.

- Nice UI but missing main features

Transit is very pretty and has great UI l, but it’s missing crucial features. It has no notifications of disruptions which is especially necessary in Melbourne with all the metro tunnel works. It’s also lacking trip customisability: sometimes it always suggests I take multiple buses home. I don’t know what it uses to work out the best route but it gives slower and less convenient routes, suggesting buses and trams over trains.

- Great app, just wish it had Apple Watch support

The Transit app is the best for navigating complex PT journeys. I’d give 5 stars but the fact it’s missing an Apple Watch app is a big oversight. It would be so much more convenient to view your ‘GO’ and upcoming stop information on the watch without needing to take the phone out all the time while interchanging.

- Amazing !!!!!!!!!

I was using TripView for sydney transportation and, and thinking about some missing features , and how they can improve it, same day I Accidentally found TRANSIT , it has everything I was expecting . Amazing , very creative developers . Thank you for the amazing product . Andrew

- Hard to Use

Took me some time to locate the area to select a departure location other than my current location . In addition, the provided schedule only displayed a limit selection over a small time frame; making it hard to plan future trips during the day, without continuously changing the departure time.

- Really good but missing a few things

Great app, great UI, thoughtful experience, beautiful maps. Improvements needed: sometimes gets express line timetables wrong, expecting a train to stop at a station when it may not. Also needs to add train platform numbers. The voice over of the guy sounds weird. Can you use the system configured Siri voice? Or can you define some chime sound to indicate the upcoming stop, not a clumsy voice over? If a train hasn’t actually left yet, or is running late, it doesn’t correct present it as a viable option. Apple maps does a better job of this.

- Great app!

When I downloaded it and opened it up, I searched up ways to get to my school, and I actually found a faster way to get to school by bus, I usually took 36 mins but it took 3 mins less, I know it’s only 3 mins differ but it’s really helpful!

- best app

I recently use this App and it is amazing how it tells me when the bus coming and it is super accurate also I have never tired of using public transport plus I am very much excited using this app every single day.

- Superb

I’m only here to give a 5 star review to the author of the most recent (May 17) update notes. An excellent submission in an otherwise arid landscape. It made my day, and if you actually think about that statement long enough it’s very sad. Keep it up!

- So easy to use

I really enjoy using this app. The simple interface makes it easy to find the info you need and it’s nice to be able to set regular destinations like home and work. Thoughtful, intuitive design!

- Perfect apart from...

This app is really good apart from one thing. There are WAY TOO MANY notifications. It helps when there are changes but I get 2x if the same message and this just keeps continuing and it’s really annoying

- Love it, just crashes alot

Whenever i load the app, choose my route and finishing stop the app then crashes so its hard to use. Im still able to find my bus times if im fast enough though

- Best App! Wish I’d Found It Sooner

This app has been a great help so far! Awesome work. Really easy and simple to use. Helps me know exactly when to get off the bus as it notifies me. One thing i request is; will it become iPad compatible?


I love this app but the ability to be able to (when on a bus) add what bus you are on while you are on it NEEDS to be added. So many times i’ve exited the app on accident and i can’t let the app know that i am on the bus i’m supposed to be on. This would be so helpful please add!!!

- Mickey

Excellent experience with my new found mode of transport, love catching the bus, might even sell my Ute, friendly and helpful drivers ,so easy to use, love my trips to and from work and the app is so helpful

- Deleted tram tracker and google, this app does the job. Well.

Slick Proper live gps stop alerts! opposed to google’s timed departure alerts stupidness Great lock screen widget, was able to delete tram tracker and google maps this app covers all the bases for PT in Melbourne!

- True review

This app is incredible it works so well and is definitely one of the best apps I have found works amazingly and you should download it.

- The Perfect Transit App

The information is accurate. The design is gorgeous. The update notes are both informative and hilarious. And I love seeing how many people I’m helping out with GO!

- Great idea

Love this app. Especially as bus transport is rather erratic at times. One problem is that if a bus is late, it no longer appears in the list of transport options so I can’t ‘Go’ on it and so I’m not able to track the vehicle’s real time position.

- Inaccurate

It had me waiting for a bus in 5minutes when I missed three I could’ve taken instead. It kept changing. Its a nice design but it really failed me at this one thing it needs to do well. I used Google Maps instead for accurate data.

- Amazing

This app is helping so much and especially go. Now I know where I am in the bus 🚎 and how much time I’ve got this is better than google maps 🤩

- Good with minor issues

Generally the app is as good as google maps with some more features. Problems: minor route errors. Sending the GO crowdsourcing bus location should be available without having to keep the GO screen active.

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- 5 stars

Thanks to this app, I won’t seem like a tourist in my own city :’)

- Love the app

Super great app and much better alternative than texting the bus. However, the best part is the updates. You MUST read what they write in the update description.

- If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

I don't know what the reasoning was for this massive UI overall, but the app is practically useless in Toronto now. The arrival times are now wrong, it's not intuitive to determine which route is heading in which direction unless you're already intimately familiar with the route you're travelling on, and this new trip planner feature isnt worth using because any sane person is already using Google Maps. This was practically perfect before: you could see all the routes, the timing was accurate, and it was clear which buses/streetcars were headed in which direction. It was also amazing to use this while travelling out of town because I could figure out exactly where I was going with ease. Why did you have to go and ruin a good thing by saddling it with your latest "update"? #rollbacktopreviousversion

- Creative Updates

Love the bug fix messages. I don’t usually read update messages but with you guys it’s worth it. You’re great! Keep doing whatever you’re doing.

- Magnificence!

I freaking love this app it’s really useful. However, the thing I love the most is when I go to update it and read the update notes and start reading them. just giggling myself. Whoever writes those needs an award. Woot woot!

- Doubling down on the bad widget?

The green widget with pre-anticipated destination does not suit the way I travel nor use public transit. The old red widget was exactly right. Can you not please return it, and leave well enough alone?

- Schedule times way off

Hi there, I’ve loved your app for a while, but since last spring, there have been problems with schedule times. When I check individual bus/train times to arrive, they mention the accurate times, but when I look up a direction using the same bus lines, the directions only give me options for minimum 30 minutes from the current time. I have screen shots of the problem, if you could let me know where to send them, to help fix the problem. Thanks!

- Great App with Notifications

I use this app for public transit and it works great. I like how the app sends you notifications on when your bus will arrive and when your stop is coming up. It did not take me long to get used to the interface. Gives you various route options, and when to expect the bus to arrive.

- Unreliable

The visual icon to show you where busses are, only wants to work when it feels like it. It also does not update fast enough. I've missed busses during commutes due to these faults. Fix your app.

- Over 2 months now and servers are still messed

They have enough time to make these whimsical update notes but won’t bother fixing the servers...


Whoever decided to add the new one should be fired. Even for its intended purpose it’s still useless. We just want to see what time the bus/train is coming. With accurate timing. No need to get fancy for widgets, save that for in app usage.

- Not so great anymore

Transit used to be the best transit app for Ottawa but it has continually gotten word to the point of being unusable. It’s a shame I’ll have to look elsewhere...

- What happened to the old widget?

Since the update the widget doesn’t show the schedule of the buses in the area anymore??? It was something vital to the app so idk why it disappeared??? Put it back already.

- Widget doesn’t load

It used to work. But now I have to resort to other apps with widgets that actually load the times.

- Bring back the old widget!!!

The current widget is such a useless one. Very inconvenient for public bus traveller. It does not even useful for the car travel time. It does not show anything. You literally have to tap on widget to see the travel time and stuff. The reason I have the apps is cause of the widget. Now it is practically useless! I hope the star rating keeps going down so the developer can see how the new updates is making it worse

- Automations and everything you need at a glance

I wish i could set individual and independent schedules for each day to leave for either destinations. Simply set your schedule for a day and then you could select the days until it groups to a week or weekend or a day (like Apple’s sleep schedule alarm clock ) once set , by default all days are set set for the same time but un toggle the “default toggle” on the selected day and set a different time for that day only , example:my schedule is the same every day from home to school and vice versa M-F except for Wednesday i leave around noon from school . next it would be great if I could set a notification for every day like the one you currently offer ( like the Go feature ) only applied for the whole schedule and display the live eta /bus number/stop location/next eta and time to leave accordingly in the app and the widget. Now on the watch i wish the complication could display ( like the Go feature ) the live eta /bus number/stop location/next eta and time to leave including getting the notification in nightstand mode as well (like Apple’s sleep schedule alarm clock ). Thank you for your consideration.

- Real-time bus

It’s not working for long time thinking to uninstall

- Never shows where the bus is

The times a wrong by 10 minutes either late or early like every other time

- New widget

I was disappointed with the changes to the widget. It was much more useful when it actually listed the immediate bus times. This new wedged design does not help.

- Old widget

I thought they brought back the old widget back that shows the times of when the nearest busses around arrive!! It’s gone again.

- New widget sucks

Bring back the Nearest Lines / Next Bus widget please. Why would I need a trip planner for the route I take ten times a week?

- Bring back nearby line widget

Loved this app, but with the recent update, i can no longer check out when my next bus is coming from Today View (without opening the app). I don’t really need to know the ETA to a random destination, I just need to know when my next bus is coming. Please bring this back. Thanks!

- Terrible

It tells you to get to the station based on the bus schedule. But the bus didn’t come, and it just keep moving the arrival time 2/3 minutes at a time. It told me just wait for the next scheduled bus at 6:18 after 30 minutes of waiting, then the bus came at 6:07. I downloaded this app cause stm never arrives on time, but it is not timely, then it is totally useless. Plus, the user’s interface is also very confusing.

- Why this useless update???

This app was literally perfect and they changed the most valuable features making it seriously useless. The widget was the best part and allowed you to, with only one swipe, to see all the buses coming soon around you, and with one tap you could see both directions so you can plan your route the fastest possible. Now the widget is absolutely useless and any click on it opens the app and even then the list of buses is still a couple of clicks/swipes away. Efficiency completely lost let's hope they fix it soon and listen to their users. Don't try to fix something that's works mg perfectly!

- Not a user friendly app

As a junior iOS developer, I’m developing an app which is using map, so I tried to get some Idea from transit app, but when I chose a destination and get the route, if my notifications is not on, GO button won’t work. Even I tapped on enable notifications, and did enable it, still won’t working. Its a great app with all those functionality, but not easy to interact with it. All those animations gives me headache. I would give better rate when I can interact easily with the app. Thanks for making this such a useful app.

- Update

App is now broken why change something is working fine Thank you

- Bring back old widget

You had the best widget. Nearby routes and minutes until the next 3 upcoming arrivals. BRING IT BACK! No one asked for this new widget.

- Great app, but visibly drains battery!

This is a fantastic and well designed app, and I’d love for the chance to use it more, but with just the app open I can visibly see it drain my battery 2% every 10 seconds. I don’t understand why this is happening. On iPhone 8

- Very frustrating app

Can no longer see real time arrivals for nearby transit lines when I open the app. Used to be good but now it’s annoying and useless.

- best public transport app

only app I trust for Montreal (STM)

- It’s not even close to accurate

Time difference for the buses it’s about 10-20min. Learn from google maps accuracy.

- Gives bad routes

Can see when streetcars and busses are coming. Know my location. But can’t direct me to the right vehicles.

- Can’t trust it

Terrible app, the layout is confusing and hard to navigate. The save points (home, work) only work sometimes, and I’ve missed busses because the real time says the bus is down the street, and I should leave at 10:16 for a 4 minute walk to my bus, and then I watched it pass me at 10:17....get a different app that doesn’t pretend to be fancy

- Review

This app is inaccurate to the point where I’ve missed my bus multiple times or gone to wait for it at the wrong time and had to stand in the freezing cold for over 30 minutes. It’s frustrating.

- Can’t rely on the app anymore

When two different parts of the app tell you that either your bus is coming on time or it’s not even scheduled to show up at all and you’re outside in the cold, that doesn’t inspire confidence. Multiple times I’d be given incorrect or unreliable information, like that the next bus was 35 minutes away when I know it’s supposed to arrive in 5 minutes. This app has caused so much confusion and unnecessary panic. Sure, the interface is nice and it has a fun gamified feature for GO, but you guys really need to get your data quality perfect first. If Calgary Transit drivers want to be early or late by 5 minutes, that’s not your problem, but I can’t trust this app anymore because of too many bad experiences across a year of regular use.

- Times aren’t even remotely close to actual departure times

This is the second time I’ve tried your app, found myself at the bus stop according to your direction and the bus never turns up. Please review your times for Richmond BC Canada , specifically the 402 route. It seems you’re using an out of date timetable from Translink..

- When you update

Has anyone read the update log on this app??? It’s hilarious. I was told today that camels are an underrated animal. Whoever is in charge of that is amazing and should get into comedy. You made my day. Is app is wonderful as well. I’ve used it in many cities and it’s seamless. Thank you!!

- Not accurate

The app sometimes is very inaccurate where it says it would come into this time but it doesnt. I have waited an hour for the bus because of the bus time being inaccurate. Bus drivers old and often takes the time to go to a store to get food

- Worst experience

This app is not accurate in Toronto with TTC, just leaves commuters in a chaos, not aligned with TTC schedule, user interface is awesome but not at all reliable.

- Barely useable

I never write out reviews for software but I must say this app is, despite its good intentions, absolutely infuriating to use. The estimates may change radically every time you refresh a search for a given bus/metro itinerary. Sometimes the bus is coming in 2 minutes. Refresh and the app will tell you it has already passed, or it’s 25 minutes away. Refresh again? It’s coming in 4! Refresh? Nevermind. So maybe you decide to trust in the concept and pick a route 15 minutes in advance. You press “Go”, and let the app tell you what to do, even send reminders in advance to tell you to start heading for your stop. Except “Go” does not seem to refresh bus time estimates the same way a new search would. The result is that “Go” can tell you you have 5 minutes to wait, whereas a new search performed at the same time would tell you 2-3 minutes. As a result, I have missed countless busses while relying on a feature that brags about real-time information. Furthermore, if you’ve ever used Go all throughout a ride, you will notice your phone’s battery drain at speeds that boggle the mind. As a result, because it’s flawed and unreliable, nobody uses the Go feature, and instead spams the search function every 10 seconds to see which outcome appears the likeliest. If nobody is using Go, the crowd-sourced information model falls apart, with only approximate information available. And don’t get me started on the laggy, clunky interface that loads, then switches suddenly in layout after you’ve pressed on an input, resulting in you being somewhere in the app you never wanted to be. Transit is a mediocre app, barely suited for vaguely verifying a sort-of-likely estimate on a bus route you already take and know well. Do not plan your transit using this app, you will likely miss your bus entirely unless you refresh your search every half minute or so.

- Horrible app!

Such a horrible app! Extremely inconsistent and unreliable! I’m standing in the station waiting for the bus and it tells me the bus just passed!! And the bus comes 10 minutes later! This has been happening so MANY times! What a waste of time 😐

- Just use Google Maps

Used to tell me the actual bus times. Now it’s just telling me every 90 mins regardless of what stop/bus. Pretty upsetting since it was a great app for a few years.

- Really useful

In Québec City, Canada, going without a car is much much easier since I started using Transit. Great app!

- Amazing

I love this app makes everything easier no more stress of planning out your trip, Nanaimo BC

- Works on other electronics except the Apple Watch!!!

Even though I haven’t used the Transit app yet when I’m taking public transit. The app is still working good on my phone, iPad and Chromebook but it doesn’t work on my Apple Watch because when I go on there it doesn’t say I’m in a nearby location and it automatically goes back to your Home Screen for no appartient reason. So I tried to delete and reinstalled the app twice on my Apple Watch series 3 but it didn’t work.

- Poor durations, please improve it

Third class rating , always give me trouble never shows right timing of buses , really disappointing

- Real time tracking

Real time tracking was down from past 6 months or more It’s not back yet which is bit annoying


PLEASE do yourself a favour and avoid the future trouble, this app is not worth it. To cut things short; here’s a list 1. GPS on here doesn’t work for the life of the app -no, it’s not my phone because ALL MY OTHER APPS work perfectly fine, and show the direction of which I’m walking- I could turn left, shows I’m walking right. Vice-versa. 2. Buses only show WHEN THEY WANT TO. Do you know how many more transit apps are far more superior and ACCURATE than this one? I’ve literally had to switch to google maps due to the fact that the timings are NOT RIGHT every time, and it’s not just the fact that yes, drivers do get delayed.. it’s for the fact that Google maps always gives me accurate times and this app -In some magical way- seems to always be delaying EVERY. SINGLE. BUS. TIME. To a point where it’s beyond aggravating and I’m having to sit here like a Karen and write this review. It can’t be a glitch, it’s nothing to do with my phone or location, it’s the app. Countless times I’ve missed buses or have had to sit and wait over half an hour because this dumb app tells me my transit will come in 2 mins, only for it to delay to 10, then after ten minutes, delays to 20. How is that possible? Yet, on all other apps -even just a simple Google search- it tells me the ACTUAL TIME the bus will come. 3. If you try refreshing your directions -if you’re searching to go from point A to B- I don’t know WHAT goes on, it’s as if the app just stops corresponding, resulting in me having to tab out and re-open the app. I can’t even find a proper bus route without having to open this gosh darn app a dozen times to find a better route. All in all, DONT WASTE YOUR TIME. I find it immensely funny that this app is sponsored by TTC amongst many others, yet this is by far the worst application to use for transit directions, I don’t even understand why they endorse this app anymore. I’ve updated, uninstalled and reinstalled, to this VERY DAY I still get the same results, yet I’m the stupid one for not converting to something else only now. Goodbye transit, HELLOOOOO GOOGLE MAPS!!!

- I don’t mind paying for the app. I just want a one-time purchase.

I don’t mind paying for the app. The developers have done a fantastic job in creating it—and they’re indie, so that’s another reason to love them. I just want the option for a one-time purchase. I don’t need yet another app subscription. It’s getting ridiculous just how many apps are *only* allowing subscriptions now. Add a lifetime option and I’ll happily pay for it. Please add that option! Until then, I guess I’ll be using Google Maps for transit… eew. 😩

- Why is everything subscription based

I used to love this app, but now that I see that I’ll have to pay for services that I can easily go on my city’s website for, I’m disappointed. I understand the developers need to make money, but isn’t this funded by most cities anyways? Whats the point of making us pay if we’re all just going to use the city’s website from now on. This subscription based service craze is highly representative of the cancer that is capitalism. And to whomever reads this, just use your city’s bus service website from now on, trust me it works just as good- for free.

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Len Spencer

@BobbyTallNH Bro... You will “win?” this but Big city transit good times, -getting kick repeatedly on a subway platform dangerously near the edge. -same week, cuz death get pissed, being purposely pushed onto Yonge street a few seconds from getting movie bus killed by the Vomit Comet.

Shaun Donovan

Reliability: My plan creates a One City approach to transit so that New Yorkers can quickly and easily board any MTA bus or subway. My administration will also install more Traffic Signal Priority technology throughout the city, reducing bus travel times by up to 18%. [4/6]

Transit • Subway & Bus Times 5.9.18 Screenshots & Images

Transit • Subway & Bus Times iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Transit • Subway & Bus Times iphone images
Transit • Subway & Bus Times iphone images
Transit • Subway & Bus Times iphone images
Transit • Subway & Bus Times iphone images
Transit • Subway & Bus Times iphone images
Transit • Subway & Bus Times iphone images
Transit • Subway & Bus Times iphone images
Transit • Subway & Bus Times iphone images
Transit • Subway & Bus Times iphone images
Transit • Subway & Bus Times iphone images

Transit • Subway & Bus Times (Version 5.9.18) Install & Download

The applications Transit • Subway & Bus Times was published in the category Navigation on 2012-06-22 and was developed by Transit App, Inc. [Developer ID: 889728710]. This application file size is 164.95 MB. Transit • Subway & Bus Times - Navigation app posted on 2021-07-03 current version is 5.9.18 and works well on IOS 11.2 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.samvermette.Transit

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