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For musicians from pros to beginners, whether you sing, play a brass, woodwind or stringed instrument or any type of guitar, this app provides a set of feature-rich practice tools that gives fun and rewarding feedback. It’s much more than just a tuner!

So what makes the TonalEnergy the best selling music practice app?

• It's an all-in-one app, with a state-of-the-art tuner, an advanced metronome, dedicated orchestral strings and guitar tuning page, a piano keyboard, sound analysis pages, and audio/visual recording capabilities.

• It’s easy to use. Options like the Target Tuner or Pitch Tracker are on all the main pages. TonalEnergy helps users create rewarding and attainable goals during a rehearsal or when working alone. Colorful analysis data pages and audio/video recording features enhance the experience of practice.

• The metronome is cutting edge. It offers unmatched flexibility in sound choices, tempo settings, meters, subdivision patterns and visual displays. Voice count-ins, the ability to create and edit preset groups and Ableton link for syncing multiple devices make this a superior tool for performers.

• Ear training possibilities are endless. The high quality multi-sampled instrument sounds for symphonic instruments are unique among all other tuning applications. Listening skills can be developed through the use of the eight-octave keyboard, chromatic wheel and tone generator. There are no other sounds like these.

• Learning is a social activity. Using features unique to the TonalEnergy Tuner, data can be collected, reviewed, edited and shared with others. Feedback is essential for growing and developing great performers. It’s all about connectivity.

Chris Coletti, member of The Canadian Brass, sums up TonalEnergy by saying,

“TonalEnergy is a must-have for any serious musician. It's a full suite of tools in one app; the tuner, tone generator, recorder, metronome and beautiful interface make it one of the best tools for musicians out there, period.”


• Recognizes a large pitch range, extending to lower registers than many competing tuners (C0 - C8) that is highly responsive to wind instruments, as well as acoustic and electric string instruments
• Adjustable A=440 Hz reference
• Automatic or manual transposing options
• Instantly changes between equal, just and other custom temperaments, including user-defined ones
• Auto or instant pitch reference note feature using the TonalEnergy sounds
• Extensive tuning list for all orchestral string and fretted string instruments including many more features than most other string-only tuner apps
• An expandable eight octave piano keyboard enhancing many of the key aspects of the tuner’s functions
• Chromatic wheel tone generator, with optional auto-vibrato feature
• Frequency and Harmonic energy overtone graphs, along with a multi-function waveform
• Dedicated metronome page that matches or exceeds the features available on all other stand alone metronome apps
• Notation options including standard English, Solfege, Northern European, and Indian variants
• Bluetooth and input/output support
• Audio and Video recording capabilities including, editing, looping, timestretch that are all exportable via iTunes sharing, AirDrop, email, AudioCopy, SoundCloud, etc
• Import music from iTunes Library or email attachments
• Compatible with external microphones and clip-on vibration sensor devices
• Supports external video output to an external display for use in rehearsal halls
• External MIDI keyboard control support
• Universal app with all device orientations supported
• Audiobus and inter-app audio support
• VoiceOver support for the blind or visually impaired

• Piccolo, Flute
• Oboe, English Horn, Bassoon
• Eb, Bb/A Clarinet, Bass Clarinet
• Soprano, Alto, Tenor, and Baritone Saxophone
• Trumpet
• French Horn
• Tenor and Bass Trombone
• Euphonium and Tuba
• Square, sawtooth, and sine waveforms
• Organ
• Plucked Strings

TonalEnergy Tuner & Metronome App Description & Overview

The applications TonalEnergy Tuner & Metronome was published in the category Music on 2012-02-18 and was developed by TonalEnergy, Inc. The file size is 69.93 MB. The current version is 1.6.1 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

New in version 1.6.1:

- Added manual language selection option in preferences
- Improved selection of tempo change +/- control when held down, including restoring option for original behavior
- Various bug fixes and updates

From previous version 1.6:

- Added new Note Staff view on analysis page for viewing your tuning in a standard music notation format
- Improved immediate history scroll back on Analysis waveform plot, can now see previous 60 seconds of audio when freezing and play it back (with loop points). Can pinch to zoom, or set the playhead by tapping/dragging near top of plot. This also works when playing back previously recorded audio files.

- Added support for remote control via AirTurn pedals and bluetooth (qwerty) keyboards, as well as MIDI controllers sending CC or PC events. See the new options in the Prefs.

- Added German, French, Spanish, Chinese translations (along with updated Japanese)

- Added 8/8, 11/8, and 4/8 meters
- Added Viola da Gamba tunings
- Added Mountatin Dulcimer tunings

- Now record in stereo if there is a stereo input attached.
- Added options in Prefs to show Smiley and Thinking faces


- New accelerando/ritardando support in metronome presets. See the revised tempo section in the preset editor. New modes for tempo include No Change, Fixed, Gradual (which lets you set start and end tempo), and Relative (which adjusts it +/- a specific BPM from previous).

- Added additional preset sequencing option "Single". The toggle button for sequencing the met is now 3-way. Off, Sequence All, and Sequence Single. The new mode stays on the current preset but executes the bar count and any tempo changes, then if looping is off it will stop, or if looping is on it will repeat, including any tempo changes.

- Now has ability to set a preset start and end for sequencing over (instead of just the whole list), long press on a preset button (when in sequence mode) for options.

- Added preset number and measure number to metronome preset lists, to ease creating sequences or set lists

- Tapping on metronome "list" button on main met page now brings up the preset groups list on iPhone. Long-pressing it brings up the current group (what it used to do when pressed normally).

- Double-tap on presets on main page brings up popup editor all the time, long-press when in auto-advance mode brings up menu to set that preset as the range start or end, or clear the range (or edit).

- Added combine preset groups feature when in Select mode, to create new groups from multiple existing ones.

- Layout changes in main metronome page (and pulldown) to make it much easier to use one-handed on iPhone.

- New popup slider/wheel controls for metronome tempo by holding down +/- tempo buttons. Defaults to slider, try the wheel by switching an option in the metronome prefs.

- Fixed issue where metronome was silent using some bluetooth speakers.
- Fixed visual metronome with /1 meters
- Fixed import of presets via Airdrop, etc to work even when tuner isn't running
- Importing metronome presets with identical name as an existing now gets unique name
- Fixed issue where preset groups couldn't be exported because of their name
- Prevented full swiping to delete preset groups (to avoid accidental deletion)
- Fixed meter menu getting stuck open in preset editor
- Fixed count-in related issues

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TonalEnergy Tuner & Metronome Reviews


Awesome 👏  solarissparc  5 star

Yay, This game is so cool


functional  seyhiosmxw  4 star

very versatile... tuner, metronome... would be 5 stars if the tuner and metronome actually played the sounds from the iwatch as well


Wow  andiman💎💎💎🍪🍪🍪❄️❄️❄️  5 star

This actually helps me with band


Cool  CoMeNtRY2  5 star



Great App, Amazing  H.V.Information  5 star

This app exceeded my hopes, it's amazing. The realtime visual wave form teaches how the notes look in your ear and show what's going on with the sound and why it's actually impossible for a guitar string to be adjusted to 1/10 of 1 cent as Peterson is selling. I got a Peterson StroboTuner for Christmas $129 on Amazon and sent it back. This app is better. It deserves a user forum. I am using the Peterson Pitch Grabber, with this app. That's a clip on contact mic. When it's plugged in it doesn't cause the audio microphone in my phone to stop working. That's terrible because it picks up all the audible interference. I'm using the app on my Apple 5S which is updated regularly. Help with this issue would be appreciated. A remark to mtnhorn on his over sensitivity issue. There's a little box that appears when you're in the waveform mode that reads, "time" this seems to be a sampling rate. Over a long span a musical tone generated from its instrument has an excursion that produces a range of frequency throughout its "life". If you are sampling a long time then you'll see the range of frequencies. The only possible tone that can produce what you're looking to see is a pure tone from an electronic tone generator, other than that you would see what you're seeing. But if you can find that time box, touch and hold while you then slide your finger down. You will increase the rate at which the tone is evaluated. Then adjust the kind of report you need which is the "wide," "fine," whatever. Be sure to adjust the input filter which is the "voice," "strings," or "wind." Each kind of input has its own issues. I mean, imagine the human voice being rejected as an inaccurate musical input because it doesn't produce a clean, pure, DEAD tone like a tone oscillator. But by precise filtering the human voice is observable. In the "time" box you'll see that you can set the time sample rate as fast 2/100 of a second. Now watch the report of the note; nice. A note to classical guitar players. Classical strings need patience to live with. You can’t just tune these like steel strings. With this tuner you can see that you have tuned the open string ok but as you play each note along range string that some are ok, some flat or sharp. Depending on what key I’m in I can adjust to bring in the notes that I can have the tone and the intonation too. I use the wave form screen the most. Classical guitars strings from brand or model vary a lot. Segovia noted he tuned for the key he was in lest his 3rds and 10ths were sour. Yes that is true, but I wonder if he ever got to analyze the intonation of the notes on a precise instrument like TE Tuner. I paid $4.00 and TE Tuner is better than anything Peterson offers in guitar tuners. Contact me on twitter if u like. In [email protected]_lmnop. I've had TE Tuner for a year now. It's still the best of the best. The app manager contacted me as soon as I posted my problem with the Peterson Pitch Grabber. The fault was that I wasn't pushing the jack far enough. 🙄


A fantastic set of apps that would have cost 10’s of thousands a few years ago  3769tcp  5 star

If you’re a musician who wants to improve or just a casual user, this has everything you might want whether you are a string player, vocalist, or wind instrumentalist. There are several different tuning presentations (pitch wheel, keyboard, et al) which can be tailored to your particular instrument and the degree of accuracy you are able to achieve. The metronome section gives you everything you could want including count off for groups. You can also set up groups of different time signatures. For example, let’s say you have a section to practice in 3/4 time, then a bar of 3/8, then it goes to 2/4 time where the eighth note is constant throughout. You can make up a group like that and follow your music to get the correct feeling of that segment. You can also see for yourself what your sound looks or how well you’re following the pitch in the spectral analytics section. You can view on a staff, or see the overtones (great for the vocalist who wants to develop that professional quality voice), or overall spectrum. You can see your attack and sustain. You can record audio and, if you want, video of your playing to match with the analysis so you can help find what might be causing a problem (embouchure, fingering, bowing etc). In short this set of tools can help you from a rank beginner to a professional musician for an absurdly low sum of under four dollars giving you a set of tools that would have cost tens of thousands of dollars a few years ago (and even then some things weren’t available).


Wonderful  DarthVaderXXII  5 star

As a performer I play in amateur, collegiate and professional ensembles and playing in tune is a must. When practicing Tonal Energy puts all the tools I need into one app. Its wide array of different settings, available tools, and user-friendly interface allow for easy use and greatly improved playing without the cost or hassle of using a standard metronome or tuner.


Bug  fmoura  3 star

I believe I found a bug when trying to play certain notes back to back on the sound section wheel. The octaves keep going up for no apparent reason.

BEST GAME 537857387@38&739

PLEASE FIX  BEST GAME [email protected]&739  2 star

It’s the best tunning app until I opened it a few days after install and the mic didn’t work I did what it said even deleted and re install but it won’t work


The best  Omidzkh  5 star

It is the best app in its field.

Benalla Baz

Students love it.  Benalla Baz  5 star

My students love to check tuning and intonation.


Recommended for horn players  Slymoor  5 star

Great app. Having drones of real instruments and metronome on at the same time is fantastic! Must have app for serious musicians.


Great app  maidenskeptic  5 star

I love this app. I use it with my students to help them pitch their notes, and I use it in my own practice studio. It's really versatile. I have recommended to all my students.

band boy 39:9393

Best music app  band boy 39:9393  5 star

App gives you som much just for so little.

I Ship This

Tonal Tuner  I Ship This  4 star

I really like this for helping me play the flute. I wish it didn’t pick up anything else in the room and only hear the instrument that is trying to be tuned. Overall I enjoy this app very much and if you are one of those people who play and instrument you should defiantly get this app.


Good investment  Toottoc  4 star

The app is a good investment for anyone needing a tuner and metronome. My only complaint is with the lack of explanation of the features by the designers. Even if you go to their website, directions are not user friendly.


Best ever  djlkfgh  5 star

I’ve tried a lot of tuners over the years and this one is by far the best. One of its many advantages is the resolution setting. I have my students tune the open strings at the fine or extra fine setting and then play scales starting with the wide setting and working their way up to finer settings over time.


Good  512303  5 star

Very good

Dj panda bear iz awesome

Great  Dj panda bear iz awesome  5 star

Super amazing only goods things get this app worth the money


Really good  apexthepower  5 star

I’ve used this app through out 7 years of band at school. Nough said.

Ronak - Chaosbro180

Hi  Ronak - Chaosbro180  5 star



LOVE THIS APP  Sar❤️🤭🤩  5 star

Love the analysis feature. Sometimes I like to just use the volume measurement to practice forte piano and the tuner is great. Love this super accurate and customizable tuner. Overall TE tuner is a hit!😉


AMAZING (but one little thing)  Breadl0l  4 star

I love this app a lot the tuning is amazing for it and I use it almost every day whenever I am practicing. The only thing that is annoying me is whenever I’m playing the metronome change speeds...I was playing at 80 and it went up to 120 and then down to 60(does this very often). I don’t know why it’s doing this or if it’s my fault but I love this app and that might be my wanting to change

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