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"A MUST HAVE APP" by NY Times, USA Today, Lifehacker. Over 20 million people rely on to stay organized and GET MORE DONE! It's the simplest most powerful to-do list, calendar & reminders in one app.'s To-do list lets you:
● SYNC SEAMLESSLY in real time between your mobile, desktop, web and tablet.
● GET REMINDERS for a scheduled time or when you reach a particular location, so you never forget a thing.
● WORK TOGETHER with shared lists and assigned tasks, for increased productivity.'s Calendar lets you:

● EASILY VIEW your events and tasks for the day, week, or month.
● SYNC SEAMLESSLY with your phone’s calendar and your facebook events, so you don’t miss anything.
● QUICKLY SCHEDULE MEETINGS with smart calendar coordination with your colleague’s schedule.
● FOLLOW UP WITH TASKS after a meeting, while it's still fresh in your head.

The Assistant takes care of tasks right from your to-do list. For a small fee it can do your:
● Gift shopping
● House cleaning
● Grocery shopping
● Home Repairs
● ...and much much more, so you don't have to.

THE ASSISTANT SAVES YOU TIME FOR THE THINGS THAT MATTER, like being with your family or even reading a book!

Want more? No problem. You can also:

● FOCUS with a daily Moment to prioritize tasks for today, tomorrow, and someday.
● QUICK-ADD tasks by voice, with our smart auto-suggest, by email, or through integrations with Alexa and more.
● BE DETAILED by attaching sub-tasks, notes, and files, including from Dropbox or Google Drive (Gdrive).
● TAKE NOTES whenever you get an idea for a to-do, a book to read, or a vacation to take.

Get the productivity boost you're looking for in a single app which combines a calendar, to-do list, and a smart assistant who'll do tasks for you so you don't have to. Getting Things Done (GTD) has never been easier! Use it for home life, work life, and anything in between.

People use as a calendar, reminders, task list, checklist, a notepad, a board for sticky notes, a project management tool for small teams, a daily planner, day scheduler, and much much more to reach their goals. Best of all, this life manager is free for basic use!'s basic to-do list + calendar is free to download and use. Premium upgrades your experience and gives you unlimited access to the daily moment, themes, files and collaboration to help you accomplish even more for $2.99 a month or $26.99 a year through an auto-renewing subscription.

Subscriptions will be charged to your credit card through your iTunes account. Your subscription will automatically renew unless cancelled at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. You will not be able to cancel a subscription during the active period. You can manage your subscriptions in the Account Settings after purchase.

The Assistant service has a 10-15% service fee in addition to the cost of completing your to-do list task. It's rolling out now, so if you want to get on the waitlist early, just go to sign up in the app.

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The applications To-do list & Calendar was published in the category Productivity on 2012-06-04 and was developed by Any.DO. The file size is 95.15 MB. The current version is 4.14.0 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

● & Alexa can now sync ALL your lists!
● Siri & Reminders integration - Ask Siri "Remind me to..." and she'll add it to
● Stunning Calendar Widget with your events & tasks
● Now you can choose your default list in the settings
● Pick your own reminder sound
● Stability improvements & various bug fixes

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Keeps me on track  pattybgoood  5 star

AnyDo sends helpful reminders in one place that keep me productive, rather than the usual routine of getting lost in dozens of post it notes.


Definte improvement!  KatWalk65  5 star

I came back to this app after leaving due to efficacy and integration. It was like wunderlist, a to do list that felt like another to do. After trying dozens of apps, I came back to any . do and have to say the developers have significantly improved this app - it's amazing! Works with email and on the iPhone 7. Deleting good tasks and possibly time blocks as they are less intuitive and don't seem to help me plan or get things done. I don't need another nagging to-do list app like wunderlist which just seemed unnecessarily dependent on manual entry. The swipes here actually reflect accomplishable time frames and it's visual format is appealing so it's not a drag being reminded of what you've procrastinate on, you just get realistic and plan better with! Bravo, kids!


"Moments" Makeover  Jonathanp27  5 star

I love the new Moments page, letting me drag tasks onto my calendar and add new tasks as well. That was a big improvement.


Missing Apple Watch App  Pharm1640  4 star

Only thing needed is an Apple Watch app that can be added to my screen that shows schedule and/or tasks


Buggy for simple functionality  My5587  2 star

For an app that simply lists words with the ability to swipe them off or reorder it, it is CONSTANTLY buggy and has over 3 separate occasions deleted all of my items and uploaded older versions. Very disappointed in the tech given it’s fairly simple functionality.


The Best Got Better  HalArl  5 star

More User-friendly than ever! Love it!


Frustrating  Tburtonxtra  1 star

After signing up for premium, the app wouldn’t go past the screen where you pick your rate/plan. I cancelled my subscription after spending way too much time trying to get past the screen. Also, when an App has the word “get” on the price button, you assume you are going to be able to use the app for a test run period before paying...maybe to remove advertisements or get more features. This was misleading. Please put a price on the button...not the word “get”. Since I cancelled my subscription before using the app even once...please tell me you are not going to take my $ for the first year. Teresa


Best planner app out there  Chisaray  5 star

I've tried so many apps to manage my life, and this by far is the best I've found to help maintain my long to do lists and crazy calendar! Some suggestions for future releases: 1) a button on the calendar that brings you back to "today" quickly. I've found that the only way I can get back to the current date when I'm adding tasks far out is to re scroll through the entire calendar again. 2) in the all tasks section, have the upcoming tasks ordered automatically by date instead of by order of when you added the task. It makes it hard to manage to do's via. that list when it's all out of order. Both minor, but would be immensely helpful in my daily use! Keep up the great work :)


Just one thing  Pica_sso  4 star

Please optimize for iPhone X ! 🙏don’t want to stop using this app I love it but hate the borders!


awesomeness  Claretian92  5 star



GIVE MY PREMIUM BACK!!!  tingbi12345678910111213  1 star

I'm pretty sure I paid for premium a while ago (back when it wasnt a monthly subscription but a one-off cost) and after a few updates I am now asked to pay a monthly fee!! Why?? Why would I want to pay a monthly fee for a to-do list app?? I'm just gonna search for other alternative.


Great app, simple but very effective  Hodgeyboy2505  5 star

Does exactly what it says it would. It helps remind me what to do and when and I can schedule events and reminders. Great app


Why subscription based? Fb integration?  ry.jay  2 star

Why would anyone want to pay a monthly fee to use a to do list app? This is not Netflix, it is a simple to do list/calendar app? It should only be a one time payment of a couple of dollars.. What a way to rip people off and to cash in hey !? And what happened to the Facebook calendar integration? The app used to be able to connect the events on Facebook? And what about meetup, and eventbrite? Along with push notifications? These app integrations for the calendar are very much important if you want people to continue to use your app?


Needs due date + reminders prior  Fancy_PantsZ  3 star

Reason I don’t use this app often is because I can’t set due dates for my assignments; only alarms/reminders. If I could do both it would help clarify everything better


Pretty good  Gracie44408  4 star

This app has a lot of things going for it. Great UI, loads of features. One thing that I really dislike is the way you have to assign a time to a task if you want to assign a day to it. Why can't I just say I want to complete something on Wednesday at some point? I am a teacher so my schedule changes week to week, things move at the last minute and it is a hassle having to assign a time to things. The feature is great if I want to add a push notification to remind me to do something like change the date on the whiteboard before first bell but a pain for something like sending an email which I will do whenever I get a spare 5 minutes. Also not a fan of the new Plan Day feature. I don't use it anymore since it automatically adds a reminder to a task that I bump to a new day. In my line of work, I have heaps of short tasks. If I bump 5 tasks to tomorrow, it automatically gives them to 9:00am with a reminder. Literally the last thing I want is 5 reminders coming in at 9:00 when the kids are arriving. And it completely defeats the whole point if i them have to go in to each task to remove the reminder. I also dislike the convoluted process of deleting a repeated task. Should just be able to swipe to delete rather than go into a task, change the repeat to a once off task then tick off the task. I wish there was a way to see if a task was overdue. Could be as simple as having the text in read. Or having an overdue heading in the Sort by: Time view. At them moment you have to go right in to a task.


Awesome  pray2pac  5 star

Easy to use and very helpful

Ham frog

Awesome been using it everyday for almost 2 years  Ham frog  5 star

This is awesome, easy to use, easy to set reminder I use it for everything all day everyday couldn't live without it as far as I'm concerned

Alex arranz

Really useful and well laid out  Alex arranz  5 star

The push notifications are very well thought out. Really helps a forgetful bloke like me out! The fact you can set sub tasks in each task is great too. Overall very well thought out.

Adrianca 12345

Great to use  Adrianca 12345  5 star

I add all I need to do and I don't miss a thing


Can't live without this now  Audacity2006  5 star

I love this app. I use it everyday and I am much more motivated now that I can see what I need to do. Great app!


Best to-do list!  WCTOP  5 star

This app is a lifesaver. My lists keep me organized at work and at home. Can't live without it.


Simple and Effective  1776NJ  4 star

Clean presentation. Easy to use. Flexible for one time or recurring events. Not too much, not too little. Calendar view is also helpful seeing how much, or little, is scheduled on a particular day.

Joe W in SF yo

Love this app!  Joe W in SF yo  5 star

It gets me through my day so much faster when I can check things off a list. But any to do list app can do that. The “ Moment” feature is a killer feature though. Integration with Siri is amazing too.


Finally!  NickJaSol  5 star

The newest drag and drop feature is beyond helpful!! You can assign and check off or reschedule. Very user friendly and interactive!!! Siri or Echo adds the item with my voice and I get to manage items as life goes from organized to hectic and back again!


Easy to use  Meshaw8  4 star

I've tried other organizing apps and fits my style best. I like the list format and ease of creating folders for each project. I would want it to be easier to assign a due date when creating a task.

Kristen Massey

My favorite one  Kristen Massey  5 star

Love this app. So intuitive. Great functionality without overwhelm. Love being able to plan Day and move tasks to later. Love that I can use it online too. So helpful in getting me organized.


Crappy...slow to or doesn't update  sattmaska  1 star

My wife and share the lists on here and my app never updates when she does anything on a shared list.

Vivstah 😈

NEEDS IMPROVEMENT  Vivstah 😈  3 star

I have the paid version but I think there is much needed improvement. Some things which I get frustrated about are 1) INABILITY TO SIMPLY DELETE A TASK, INSTEAD YOU HAVE TO PRETEND LIKE YOU COMPLETED IT JUST SO IT WILL GO AWAY 1) inability to re-order sub tasks 2) inability to schedule reminders for sub-tasks 3) annoying loading screen for Moments which is a waste of time, and is un-skippable if you accidentally click on that button on the bottom of the screen, and that gets old quite fast 4) how it doesn't sort tasks by due date in each list and puts newest added on the top

Chantal lumen

Productivity and organization  Chantal lumen  5 star

This app has helped me put first things first, not overcommit, feel productive and give more time to me. Love it!!!


Too good but not excellent  iSlickdealer  5 star

Very responsive app. Too bad that premium options are too pricey.. To-do list & Calendar Comments To-do list & Calendar Productivity Download