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Featured as Best New App in 81 countries including the United States and Apple App Store Permanent Collections in Education.

“This app is one of the best educational finds of my entire career.” - Forbes

“As a user myself and as a mother of a child with dyslexia, I am blown away by the features of Voice Dream.” - Quartz

“Voice Dream Reader is hailed by many as the best mobile text-to-speech (TTS) app.” - Examiner

Supported Document Formats
- PDF, Plain text, MS Word, MS PowerPoint, RTF, and Google Docs.
- Web articles.
- EPUB eBooks. (DRM-free books only. Kindle and iBooks are not supported.)
- Bookshare Books.
- DAISY text-based books and audiobook.
- Audiobooks in MP3, MP4 or zipped MP3 format.
- Experimental rich text and image support for all documents.

- One premium Acapela voice of your choice free with the purchase of the app.
- 36 built-in iOS voices in 27 languages are also available for free.
- 200+ additional premium voices in 30 languages from Acapela, NeoSpeech and Ivona available through in-app purchases.
- Correct pronunciation with your own pronunciation dictionary.
- All voices work offline and play in the background even with the screen locked.

Reading Styles
- Tee-up a list of articles and play while you drive, walk or run.
- Spoken word is highlighted to improve comprehension and retention.
- Auto-scrolling and full screen, distraction-free mode to help reader focus.
- Finger reading. For beginners to read by at running a finger under each word.
- Pac-Man. Harvard and MIT developed speed-reading method for everyone to read at 2x speed with no loss of comprehension.
- High contrast and large font size for low vision readers.
- Optimized for VoiceOver, Braille and switch control.

- Bookmarking, text highlighting and annotation. Highlights and notes can be exported as text.
- Full-text search.
- Built-in dictionary.
- Skip text in PDF header and footer.

Content Sources
- Native support for Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud Drive, Pocket, Instapaper and Evernote.
- Native access to Bookshare.
- Safari extension to save Web pages and Web addresses.
- Support for Box and OneDrive via iOS Document Picker.

Library Synchronization
- Your entire library, including folders, reading locations, bookmarks and annotations are synchronized across all your devices using iCloud Drive.

It is not possible to load DRM protected ebooks. All books purchased on iBooks, Kindle and other commercial eBook platforms have DRM.

Voice Dream Reader App Description & Overview

The applications Voice Dream Reader was published in the category Education on 2012-02-09 and was developed by Voice Dream LLC. The file size is 97.23 MB. The current version is 4.4.8 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

- Support for iPhone X.
- Better handle of large accessibility text sizes.
- Minor bug fixes and UI enhancements.

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Voice Dream Reader Reviews

Bee Kay1

Doesn't read borrowed ebooks  Bee Kay1  1 star

I purchased this to read borrowed ebooks. Unfortunately, it will not import ebooks from Overdrive or Amazon nor will it import their .epub files.

DJM Sonders

Almost perfect  DJM Sonders  4 star

I love the options such as being able to correct pronunciation, highlight, bookmark, etc. this app rules. It loses one star though because, tragically, the reader cannot read words that break at the end of the page and resume on the next line. Hopefully this is fixed soon because it’s really a sloppy and confusing bug.


Nice!  Walter-cn  4 star

Tried Chinese and English, both work very well. 5 star - a request: can it support Microsoft onenote in the future ? 11/11: found an annoying issue : sometimes start/pause button didn't work when I have a Bluetooth headset. It can't stop at all! I have to close this application! It should be a simple bug to fix. Please fix asap!


The best pdf reader out there!  Qazwix  5 star

I find it so much easier to have something read to me then trying to read it myself. This app works like a dream. Just being able to touch where you want it to read saves so much time. I use this app to read me my textbooks


Best TTS app on App Store  NajamQ  5 star

I am delightfully surprised at the quality of TTS engine. Although not perfect, but very close to being on the realistic side. I have already gone through 2 books and countless short stories in just 2 days. So far I have tried Sharon, James (came with Bundle deal) and Karen on iOS and Will, Salli, Amy and Brian on Android. Among all voices I have tried, Brian and Salli sound most realistic to my ears. I urge you to copy a large paragraph and test each voice to find the most suitable for you. DO NOT search internet for “the best voices”, it will cause you to waste money. Update: The developer has resolved my issue with free included voice. Nice team behind this amazing app. Highly recommended!


What a wonderful app!  Dancinfanz  5 star

I love Voice Dream it is such a game changer for students and teachers. I originally got this app for my grandmother who was a avid reader. But do to her stroke a couple years back she found it hard to read. So this app was wonderful for her up till the last. Being able to read all her favorite books and articles really brought her pleasure, when otherwise she could just been stuck watching tv. This app is not perfect and can be glitchy at times. A way to look up words other than a title in each document would be good. When you are working on your thesis this would be a help. I have over a hundred articles that’s a mix of fiction research and nonfiction it’s hard to go back and find a particular document. But the pros outlasts the cons in that manner, so I’ll continue using this app.


Great app; needs better support for Asian languages  hnbc1  4 star

I use voice dream to listen to both English and Chinese books and articles. The text highlight and voice is not synced for Chinese text. The highlight slowly gets ahead of voice and builds on; next time I open the app and try to pick up where I left off, its impossible to find the right place because the text is way ahead of my actual progress.


Must Have App for VO Users  _aria  5 star

The multiple- voice options are excellent. This is a staple app for me as a graduate student.


awesome!  plagaise  5 star

This is a great app! The only criticism of it I have is that it doesn't have an app for apple watch. It would be really cool if I could read my books and files on my apple watch.


My only complaint is: can we get option to change icon?  capedape  5 star

The icon blends in too much to dark backgrounds and I forget to use the app as much as I’d like. Can we get ios 11 icon customization options in the app?


Outstanding, well designed application.  terryisok  5 star

I have been a heavy user of digital document & book ‘Text to Speech’ on three platforms for many years. This application is, hands down, the king of the mountain on Apples OIS devices. I noticed a previous negative review about unnatural sounding voices. This is an entirely unfair criticism for the following reason: Yes, if you only use one of the free Apple voices, they will sound robotic & unnatural. However; This fine developer has given uses abundant choices of the very best natural voices on the market that can be purchased from within this beautiful software. For example; purchase the inexpensive voice from ‘IVONA’ called ‘Amy’ and you will be impressed indeed! Also notice that if you use a voice like ‘Amy’, the developer of ‘Voice Dream’ has given us the options of sentence and paragraph pause time adjustment. The last comment I would make; is simply a heart felt thanks for the thoughtful hard work, the coder of this app has invested in Voice Dream! I love this software!!


MacBook??  henehehah  5 star

I love this app!!! The only downfall is it doesn’t work on my MacBook Why haven’t you designed it to be compatible with MacBooks :-(


Far from a natural voice  mossmassive  2 star

I’m sorry to say but this is nothing like a natural voice that this purports. It sounds very computerized and does not flow. I hope I just get used to it but the price tag does not justify what this app does. I feel like I wasted a lot of money based on untrue reviews. No wonder the app doesn’t even allow you to try it before you buy because we wouldn’t buy it after trying


Lost without it!  Amstine  5 star

I am doing a phd in social science, there is a lot of reading for my course and research and I find this gives me the time to get reading done while driving or other errands. I recommend it to everyone. I like the 'Lisa' Australian voice best.


Appreciation from a frequent user  OldExpatOz  5 star

I Voice Dream daily to read news articles from the web and PDF books. These are in different languages- English, German, Japanese and Chinese. The program has performed extremely well. I would strongly recommend it to anyone that wants to do the same. Many thanks to the development team.


Love this App  analese5  5 star

Voice Dream reader is a wonderful, easy to use text to speech App. I use it everyday to read multiple types of websites and documents. I read blogs, news sites, fan fiction all very easily up loaded to Dream Voice in a single click. I have been using the App for a several months with great success. When I first started using it I had a question for the developers, they answered it promptly and thoroughly. I think I've tried every App on the market but I won't be trialling any more. Thank you Dream Voice.


Don't Waste Ur Money  Lokenhot  1 star

Can't access instructions for use. Emailed developer, only received a auto generated email. $30, I expect more that an usable pic on my screen

Andrew Lefroy

Worth every Penny, Pound, Dollar, Euro, OR Rubel  Andrew Lefroy  5 star

This is a fall featured app. Particularly great for those who are visually impaired. That does not mean only those who are visually impaired however. If you want to get the most out of text to speech then this is the app for you. It is worth digging into the settings and spending some time getting to know your way around the app and all it can do. Support the developer by few voices and make the most of your iPhone.

Vespasian of Rome

Voice Dream Reader  Vespasian of Rome  5 star

Love this app. Makes my commute bearable!


Don't hesitate- buy it!  halothecat  5 star

This app reads PDF documents to me or articles from the web with a push of a button. Things I'd like to read (but never do) I now just set and forget. Allowing me to go running etc and get that reading done that I didn't have time for. Altering the speed and voices means it doesn't sound like a computer and has led to a huge time saver. Get onto it.


Not working since iOS 11 and latest update  <>[]<>  2 star

I love this app very deeply. I am lost without it. My iPhone SE is worthless to me until this app works again. I am sad. Very sad.

Dustin C.M.

It’s okay could be better  Dustin C.M.  3 star

Voice sounds mechanical and it’s not smart enough to skip over reading page numbers and random things in a PDF file.


Outstanding App  Sundown  5 star

This is an amazing app that I use everyday. Worth every penny!

Big Shirtless Ron

The only ebook reader I need  Big Shirtless Ron  5 star

This is a fantastic app, especially if you wish to have ebooks read aloud with a voice of your choosing. I have been a fan of Voicedream Reader ever since I bought it 3 years ago, and the latest 4.0 update brings all kinds of enhancements across the board. This is always on the first page of my home screen. Highly recommended. Now up to version 4.4, and still just as useful as ever. I am also grateful its author has not charged once for major updates. High class all the way.


Absolutely the best Text to Speech app out there!!  Kball977  5 star

My son and I are both disabled and use Bookshare. This is by far the best text-to-speech app there is. It is so user friendly that my developmentally disabled son can navigate it well and I love that you can buy the voices you want for it! Don't waste your money on the other well known text-to-speech app. Get this one!


Please add a “stop at heading” option  Reviewer37373  5 star

Please add a stop at heading option under reading mode. I love this app and hope it lasts forever!


Best of genre  Micklemelody  5 star

I’ve tried a lot and they. Get the UX right and keep updating.

Low vision

My favorite reading app  Low vision  5 star

Whether I am reading books from Bookshare, PDF files or Web pages, Voice Dream Reader is the best app I have found for being able to comprehend the materials at hand. Excellent voices and the ability to control the reading functions have made reading a pleasurable activity once again.


wonderful app  Lem729  5 star

I'm halfway through my second book being read to me through this app. It is wonderful, perhaps the best app out there for the iPad in connection with reading.


Beware of obscure note  WBKI  5 star

The last note in the app's description covered the fact that Voice Dream won't work with iBooks, Kindle, etc. I just wasted $14.99. The developer promptly contacted me and offered to refund the purchase price which is more than fair. I've changed my rating to 5 stars for their generosity.

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