Reyburn CyberTuner, the pro piano technician’s gold standard tuning software tool for over 20 years. Over three years in development for iOS including a year of intensive testing by master piano technicians around the world!

This is a professional piano technicians’ tuning tool and is priced accordingly. The 17+ rating reflects only the price. There is no Mature/Suggestive content, or any objectionable content of any kind. We expect users to already know piano tuning basics and have their own tuning equipment.

What makes Reyburn CyberTuner for iOS (or “iRCT”) superior to other tuning software? Ease of use. Clarity of functions. Intuitive and thoughtful design and programming by a Registered Piano Technician member of the PTG with years of concert tuning and prep experience as well as “in the trenches” home tunings and repairs. The piano tuning knowledge base of scores of RPTs. Flexibility to tune the way you want with unbelievable accuracy. Support by the creator, by either personal email (international) or toll-free phone (in the US & Canada) for registered users. Email listserv support is free for registered CyberTuner users.

An iRCT license includes Standard Mode (ability to tune a 13 note temperament from A3 to A4) plus a FREE one (1) year subscription to CyberCare which upgrades the mode to Premium (tune 88 notes). Also included with a CyberCare subscription are free upgrades to any new iRCT features, CyberCloud calibration, and support (if registered). In subsequent years CyberCare one year subscriptions may be purchased in-app for $79.99 USD (price varies in other areas or currencies) with automatic renewal option. If your CyberCare Subscription lapses, iRCT will continue to function in original Standard mode.

The iRCT software includes a single user license. iRCT may be used to tune pianos (or any keyboard instrument) on one and only one iOS device at a time, but may be installed on multiple iOS devices.


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• New for iRCT! Concert Tune mode combines the best of Fine Tune and Smart Tune but customized for 7 foot (210cm) and 9 foot (275cm) concert instruments.

• NEW! Aural Tutor expert system analyzes your aural tuning and suggests intervals and check notes for improving your aural skills.

• Extraordinarily accurate and fast pitch correction with iRCT’s Smart Tune and Pitch Raise modes. These modes use a US Patented expert system to individually predict every note on the piano.

• iRCT creates aural-quality tunings by directly matching sampled partials, just as concert aural tuners do.

• iRCT accommodates all experience levels, giving beginning tuners a very simple interface, but offers advanced tuners customizable stretch choices.

• iRCT is an “expert system” which automatically senses and compensates for short scaling in spinets, small grands, etc.

• iRCT connects to "CyberCloud" to automatically calibrate to A440.00.

• iRCT creates musical tunings from low bass to high treble because accurate multi-partial samples (to .01¢) are taken across a wide array of sample notes (A1, A2, A3, A4, A5 and A6).

• iRCT tuning files are fully compatible with RCT/Laptop and Pocket RCT. iRCT supports import and export of tuning files through iTunes running on Windows or MacOS X.

• Faster and higher resolution spinner than ever before gives you unsurpassed stability and unisons.

• All iRCT views rotate to support all four screen orientations.

• iRCT requires iOS 7.0 or later. iRCT runs on any iPad in iPhone mode in 1x or 2x size. Occasional internet connection required to calibrate A440 and confirm CyberCare subscription.

CyberTuner App Description & Overview

The applications CyberTuner was published in the category Music on 2012-04-26 and was developed by Reyburn Piano Service, Inc.. The file size is 9.05 MB. The current version is 7.6.0 and works well on 7.0 and high ios versions.

Improved sign-in interface.
Fixed Chameleon Advanced dialog interface issue.

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Indispensable!  skipjones  5 star

I am a professional piano technician with 37 years experience, and started using Cybertuner almost 20 years ago-not long after Dean developed it for Macintosh. (Haha, I think I still have the floppy disk somewhere- serial number 73). I lugged my laptop to work for years so I could use RCT. With each new incarnation of the program I eagerly upgraded- with development of the Windows version I moved to a Pocket PC (which by the way I struggled with, being a Mac guy). But RCT on that device was a seamless transition. And when iRCT was announced I was overjoyed! Now my iPad mini running iRCT and FileMaker Go accompany me everywhere there is a piano, and there are a lot of them in my life. I owe much of my success to Reyburn CyberTuner. Thank you Dean!


Just great  mkk57  5 star

Great ETD, great support.


Great app  rhpiano  5 star

Great professional application. Tech support is prompt and thorough. Worth every penny!


Life changing app  iCaleb1387  5 star

I've tuned aurally for about 15 years, working for colleges, dealers, churches, television studios etc. In the last few years I had considered buying this app, but was hesitant because I wasn't sure how big of a difference it would make day to day. The last version of this software I had tried was on a PDA back in 2006, and prior to that I had used an old OS9 PowerBook occasionally. Neither of those solutions come close to what the new iRCT version is capable of, running on my 9.7" iPad Pro. It's fast, accurate, lightweight, and easy to see! Smart tune and concert smart tune are quite possibly the best thing that's ever happened to me! (Not really exaggerating here haha). At the end of every workday, I am thankful to own this incredible app and greatly appreciate the work of Dean Reyburn and the team of people that make this app possible.


This app works Great  Pitchraise  5 star

Been using Sanderson for 27 years. The Cyber Tuner is very easy to use. Using both tuners side by side the Cyber has some very nice advantages. Great job to the the great minds that produced a wonderful product. Going to be fun detuning daily.


Great app  Cantorman26  5 star

Love this app!

Norm Dutton

Great tuner!  Norm Dutton  5 star

I put off buying CyberTuner, but I have been very pleasantly surprised at how well this tuner works. The pianos I tune regularly are more stable, and it also gets good results with the pianos that haven't been tuned in decades. I'm also using it to prepare for the RPT tuning exam. The constant improvements are a real plus.


Incredible!  Mitchboy5  5 star

I've been a faithful user for 3 years now. Consistent quality tunings and it saves me 10-15 minutes on each piano! Keep in mind, if you don't already know how to tune a piano, this is no magic bullet. Perfect for the professional!


Reyburn's app rocks!  Hungrytuner  5 star

I've been a "CyberTuner" user for fifteen years. I finally upgraded to the Apple version and find it brilliant. It's quite user-friendly and accessible.

Nice! Now features Bosendorfer sub bass options too!  5 star

Does a wonderful job and gets the job done.

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