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Our promise: Once you are set up, there's no easier way than Spinning Meals to create a weekly meal plan and grocery list on your iPhone. Save time every week and never be without a plan.

What you need to know:
-In a single tap the app generates a meal plan and sorted grocery list, for up to a week or even longer
-A handful of recipes are included so you can start right away
-Recipes can be added by hand or from many popular websites you know and love
-Photo capability is provided, for supplied recipes, internet recipe capture, or add from your Camera or Gallery
-The app will continually improve, adding multi-device support and other features. You'll be glad you chose Spinning Meals!

As seen in the NYTimes and eHow's 12 Great Apps for Moms, Spinning Meals is a recipe-driven meal and grocery planner.

Spinning Meals is the only iPhone app that automatically plans your weekly meal schedule for you, based on your own recipes and preferences. Create an entire week’s meal plan with a simple tap and the app will automatically generate a shopping list for you to ensure you have all the ingredients necessary to make tasty, nutritious meals for the whole family.

-Automatically plan Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Dessert, even Snacks!
-Control planning behavior with personalized settings
-Build meal plans manually if you prefer
-Organize your recipes by category (Ex: Salads) and prep time
-Group recipes into meals (Pork Tenderloin with Mashed Potatoes and Asparagus)
-Shop from the grocery list generated from the meal plan

Using a patent-pending meal planning engine, Spinning Meals considers your food preferences and the seasonal variations which go along with your family's favorite meals. Seasonally categorize your family’s favorite dishes and how often you wish those dishes to appear on your meal plans. Give the app a spin and “Voilà!” Your grocery list and meal schedule is all ready to go.

What users are saying:

***** "I absolutely love it. I have been using it for a month or so and find it easy to stick to." -App Store review by bunnydays

***** "This App Saved My Marriage" - App Store review by On My Way Up Now

***** "Assigning meals with a specific frequency and season is genius! I am so glad to see an app that uses my methods and values for feeding my family!" App Store review by JMBacker

What experts are saying:

"I'm very impressed with this app, top to bottom. It solves the problem of the dinner rut, lets you use your own recipes while also adding in fresh ideas and it gives you automatic grocery lists. An all around win, win, win for me."
-Heather Leister, theiPhonemom.com

"This genius app takes the tedium out of menu planning. With a single spin, you get a weekly menu and a shopping list that makes it easy to pull off. It’s also simple to customize and add your family’s favorite dishes to the rotation."
-Marisa McClellan, blogger and author of the Food in Jars Cookbook, and seasoned meal planner

"…a one-stop shop for people who are in charge of organizing meals for the week."
-David Rabinowitz, 148apps.com

Stay tuned for exciting new features and recipes coming soon! Want to get in touch? Please visit www.SpinningMeals.com to leave comments or questions about the app, send a tweet to @spinningmeals, or simply email [email protected] To your health!

Spinning Meals Smart Meal Planner App Description & Overview

The applications Spinning Meals Smart Meal Planner was published in the category Food & Drink on 2012-03-14 and was developed by Spinning Cook. The file size is 10.67 MB. The current version is 1.6.1 and works well on 6.0 and high ios versions.

1.6.1: Minor bug fixes to keep you spinning at the top of your game, because...

1.6: Celebrating the Olympic Games, we've launched version 1.6, health and fitness edition! Many diet and exercise programs recommend 5 or 6 meals per day, which is now possible with the addition of Early Snack and Late Snack meal types. Go ahead and schedule your smoothies, your cottage-cheese-and-fruit snack, your protein bars, with personalized meal times and reminders just the way you want it. To balance it out and so that you can reward yourself a bit, we've enabled dessert-planning too!

Other enhancements:
-Updated look and feel looks great with iOS7
-Retains search criteria during Add from Web
-Adds a new recipe sort option: Recently Added
-Recipe entry is easier than ever: ingredients and instructions text is auto-selected, which means you can start typing right away which will delete the default text
-Handles extra tall or wide photographs; try it with apps like Piiic which let you stack multiple photos or screenshots into one, which can be saved as your recipe photo as an easy way to capture print recipes, for instance.

Now requires iOS 6.0 or later. Previous versions of the app still run on iOS 5.1.

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Spinning Meals Smart Meal Planner Reviews


Great App - No Update  Somersue  1 star

This is a fantastic app but it hasn't been updated in 3 years and is now slowing down my phone. I have TONS of recipes stored, which is unfortunate. If they get the technology under control, it's wonderful but as it is, don't waste your money.


No no no no  Dooper74  1 star

Good effort, pretty graphics, but poorly executed. Sorry, but I wouldn't recommend this app at all.....especially for $4!! Definitely could have shredded 4 bucks in my shredder and gotten more enjoyment & use. Cute app though!


Cannot add recipe from URL - Error message  amknbk  2 star

When trying to add recipes via a URL it says that it cannot happen at this time and to try again later. I close the app and try again and it still doesn't work. Also, a pop up from apple says that the software is not up to date and the app is slowing down my phone due to developer needing to provide an update. Not being able to add a recipe via a URL means you have to manually add everything instead of it pulling info from the website and filling in the blanks. Much more time consuming. Pretty disappointed I wasted my money on this app with developers who don't care to stay up to date with their software.


Love it  Nneettee  5 star

I have needed this for years! I hate figuring out what to make night after night. This app does that for me. I can input as much or as little as I choose. If I just want the name if the meal it's enough. If I want the ingredients for shopping that enough. BUT if I want to pass it to a friend I can have the instructions too. I just love the versatility. Thanks spinning!


What a waste  Tattooedmommyof2  1 star

this app was a waste and hasn't been updated in ages. Will not work for me and only pulls up the same 5-6 recipes.


Not what I wanted.  Lisapisa1234  3 star

I wanted it to suggest meal to me.


Excelent app  Jovipg  5 star

It has all I wanted for keeping my recipes organized and always available. I can add my own recipes as well as recipes from the web!! It is the solution to having it all in just one place!! Truly love this app.


Great App!  MrsMealtime  4 star

This app is quite helpful for all who want planned meals and grocery list in one! However, it would be helpful if they allowed you to be able to view all of your meals for the month before deleting them.


Categories  Rgiampie  5 star

I love this app! Could you please add more categories? The dessert category is just too broad. It would be nice to have baked goods, pastries, chocolate desserts, frozen desserts, etc. Or maybe just make the categories something that we can customize and add titles ourselves? Thanks! You rock! OH! UPDATE 3/30/2016**** It would be really useful when creating meals to be able to add side dishes that are not recipes, like canned corn, corn on the cob, canned baked beans - simple things like that that don't require a recipe but still need to be on the grocery list.


Phenomenal App  ArtBlue  5 star

The user experience is not that intuitive, but once you figure out how things work, this will soon become your favorite app.


Wazer  Treenst  4 star

This app is very cool.


Helpful  Mrswiebe  4 star

I love knowing I have all the stuff I need after I go shopping! Also having a plan for the week makes it a lot easier to get food on the table in a timely manner.


Beat Meal Planning App  ⭐Lacy⭐  5 star

This is the only useful meal planning app I've found so far.


Awesome  patsaher  5 star

Great for easy meal planning and very customizable. Love it.

Big Ragu69

Lifesaver  Big Ragu69  5 star

This app is a must have for me. It plans your dinners and gives you a shopping list. I can put my favorite recipes in and put new ones in too. I set up how frequently I want the meal planned and if it will be planned year round or only during specific seasons. Best app ever!


Perfect!!!  SpeakToEQ  5 star

I've tried a BUNCH of different meal plans and they never work for our family cuz... They are customized to someone else's family. Now I never have to worry about getting all the ingredients for crab cakes in my shopping list again! I LOVE that my meal planner will now remember that awesome recipe I made once and forgot about. I love that I have a place to store all my recipes. I love that it alerts me when I need to think about making dinner. I love that it gets smarter and smarter as our family adds to it. This is the BEST app if you want control over your foods. Allergies? Special dietary needs? Just put in exactly what you want! I even started using the early snack to keep track of what we juice for the day! Now I have an accurate list of juicing ingredients and can mix up what juicing we're doing! Want to cleanse your gall bladder "often" or "sometimes"? Now, I can put those juice blend recipes into my rotation an know we're getting all we want from our juicing without even thinking about it! Love, love, LOVE!


Fantastic App - Total time saver!  tiggerdelore  5 star

Such a great app. No more of the same old meals week after week. No more forgetting about that recipe you keep meaning to try. Who has time to plan meals for the week? That’s no longer a problem. And the developer, Ryan, is pretty awesome as well. I had some problems with the app initially and left a bad review, but Ryan contacted me within 24 hours, was incredibly solicitous and professional and we worked out the kinks with a simple spring cleaning and a reboot. Great guy, great app! Thanks. :)

Got home?

Got food?  Got home?  5 star

Living overseas, I don't have my favorite cookbooks at hand. This great app lets me store my recipes. Finding new recipes on line is easy through the app and it will "capture" the recipes. You can assign a category, season of the year or add it to a meal plan. The shopping list is never left at home - it is in the app in your hand! Love it!

Aimee Lombard

Easy!  Aimee Lombard  4 star

Easy to use! I store all my families favorite recipes and the ap plans my meals each week!


Great!  Wednes9229  5 star

Recipes are easy and quick and good. I get tired of having the same stuff every week. This gives me ideas to get out of our rut.

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