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Diners & Drive-Ins TV Unofficial Guide App Description & Overview

What is diners & drive-ins tv unofficial guide app? Welcome to the best-selling guide to the hit TV show Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives. 980 Diners locations as of 8/5//2017. No other app has every location like we do. UPDATED weekly with each new episode and from user updates.

NEW FEATURE - Track where you've been and where you still need to go. In-app Purchase for $0.99 yearly.


Added from Season 27: Episode 13; Barbecue, Batter and Beer Can Chicken

Restaurants Added:
Three's Bar and Grill, Kihei, HI
Horse Thief BBQ, Los Angeles, CA
BatterFish, Los Angeles, CA


This app has all the locations visited by Guy Fieri on the show, geo-located around you wherever you are. Great for travelers looking for a good meal around the country.

The Unofficial Guide to Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives has been one of the top 10 apps in the Food & Drink category almost every day for the last 6 months and was #1 for two weeks running. 80,000 users can't be wrong.

We've collected all the locations for you, geo-located them, and organized them by season and state. Every venue from the show is in the app, including the closed locations or those that have changed hands and names.

Some of the restaurants have closed over the years. We've left them in the directory, but added the word *Closed* to the name of each so you don't waste your time trying to go there.

Major features:

► 980 Locations (as of 8/5/2017) and updated every week after the new episode airs, which is more than every other app – including the Food Network's own Food on the Road app (because we own them all and we check each week). Also, we regularly update closed or new addresses as we're informed by users.

► All locations are sortable by distance, alphabet, season, and state:

► Links to 456 recipes (so far) featured on the show (which you can also use as Guy's eating list)

► A Near Me map that lets you see as many or as few locations as you want

► Recipes are sortable by season or by type of dish (main, side, breakfast, etc).

► Post your visits to your Facebook or Twitter account.

► Leave comments about why you love each location for others to see.

► Update button if you find a mistake or a closed location

► Facebook, Twitter and Yelp links for every location that has them


Subscription - Track where you've been and where you haven't for $0.99/year reoccurring.
- Checkin subscription is $0.99 annually, letting the user track which locations they've been to, and which ones they haven't.
- Payment will be charged to your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase.
- Your subscription will automatically renew annually unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current subscription period.
- Your account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current subscription period. Automatic renewals will cost the same price you were originally charged for the subscription.
- You can manage your subscriptions and turn off auto-renewal by going to your Account Settings on the App Store after purchase.
Terms of Service - http://bit.ly/gla-terms

This app is not affiliated with the Food Network or Guy Fieri, but created using publicly available information about the locations highlighted in the Diners, Drive-ins and Dives TV show.

GoLocalApps designs travel and wine region apps and this one was a labor of love as we enjoy the show and wanted to find the diners as we traveled around the country. So we did this for ourselves and are sharing it with you.

If you have any problems with the app, or have suggestions use the support link or email us at support@golocalapps.com. We'll be happy to help you troubleshoot any issues.

Content by Ross Rojek

(GoLocalApps has made apps for wine regions, downtown associations, restaurant chains and TV shows. Want an app for yourself or your business? Drop us a line at info@golocalapps.com.)

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App Name Diners & Drive-Ins TV Unofficial Guide
Category Food & Drink
Updated 28 August 2017, Monday
File Size 29.98 MB

Diners & Drive-Ins TV Unofficial Guide Comments & Reviews 2023

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Definitely worth it.. This app is pretty amazing. Not only does it tell you all of the famous restaurants that have been on the TV show, but it also tells you recipes that have been made throughout the show and where the dishes are from. I'm pretty sure my mom would love this app because she watches the show all the time and she wants to cook all those dishes made, but she always complains since she forgets to write the recipes. This app can not get better and it's cheaper than the competence.

Guy nails it.. My wife and I travel in our motorhome and when we are on the road I whip this app. So for we are very pleased we did Russian River pub in Forestville CA the Bless my sole cafe in Eureka CA Guistis on the water and most recently the Moo creamery in Bakersfield loved the PB and B burger. Just a side note we have always frequented amity’s in Stockton and love the wings thanks Guy keep it going.

Quite impressive. I was pretty impressed with this app and I like all the great ways you can sort and look up the different restaurants. One big disappointment for me though is the recipe section doesn't contain any recipes. It only has the NAME of the dish. Not how to make it. So I don't know if that's just a bug or if they mislabeled it, but if they get the actual recipes in there, I would give this 5 stars.

Bummed!. Love the show, some of us have been wanting to take some road trips based on triple D restaurants. The app is ok if what you are looking for is a restaurant....but I can google maps that. I want more association in the summary specific to each restaurant. There is no reference to "what" was featured on the show - out of all the VA listings, I think only 3 had recipe connections. The latter is less important as the actual featured dish on the show.....to bad, wish I didn't waste the .99.

Rip off. Terrible app has zero use. Does not tell you where the diners are. Enter off giggling the locations. I want a refund of my $1.99. This app is useless.

Use some other App, this be bad. Like an enticing diner that offers all you can eat for $5.99 but the food so bad that all you can stand is a $1 worth of food. This app isn’t worth 19 cents let alone $1.99. I have purchased a a couple of other poor apps and wrote of the small purchase price, but this one so lame I actually would like to go to the trouble of asking for my money back just to let the developers know how lame it really is. I guess I should have read more of the reviews before purchasing.

Learning. Watching the show I have learned many techniques for bbq cooking. Keep up the great work.

All Features Don't Work. Like other reviewers have to say I feel the app is only half working. You can search for local places to eat, but hitting the info button doesn't give you any description on the restaurants. Having to rely on a mix of the app and Google is less than ideal.

Nice App. If you love the television show, you'll love this app. It has many filters to choose the best way for you to find restaurants near you. I don't really have much to say about this app besides that it's great. It crashes sometimes but that is only because it has every piece of information you could ever want to know about the show and the restaurants. Great app.

Don’t waste your money. This app is so bad, so useless, that for someone who rarely leaves any reviews, ever, I felt compelled to take my time to log back into the App Store, find this app, look for the review section, hit “write a review” and warn everybody else to please, please, don’t waste your money on this app.

Limited map views. Nothing more than a list. I had an app a few years ago that had all the food channel shows. You had the ability to center yourself on the map and see what’s around you & from what show. Thought this could be the same but it isn’t.

Waste of Money. Just downloaded the app and spent the $1.99 to purchase it and then paid $.99 for their yearly subscription. Not letting me create a log-in or anything like that. Also doesn’t have the most recent episodes available from July.

I'm Hooked. If you're a fan of DDD, then this is a must have. Works as advertised. Developer wants to improve the app and asked for input. I found one bug in the data and notified the developer and within less than 24 hours they had responded and fixed it and let me know. I'm on board the Flavor Train!

Very nice little app. I like this app. We watch the show pretty regularly and always want to try out the places they visit. The map feature is very cool. I can see use that when traveling. Thanks!

Update the app. Wish there are MORE locations on the app

Love this!!. I live in northern CA, so I'm lucky that many of these restaurants are near me. I'm a big fan of the show and when I travel I always look to see if there's a restaurant that I can go to. This app makes that easy.

Doesn’t Work. Don’t spend money on this app. Doesn’t work. Keeps crashing.

Best DDD App. Does as advertised. Too bad restaurants don't. If you too are a DDD fan like me, this is the app to have. Overall, we have been disappointed in the restaurants: crowded, pricey and ordinary food. But, we will keep trying. Buy this app and go with us.

Old and OutDated. Just got it and looks like it hasn’t been updated in 3-4 years with any locations. Currently in San Diego and doesn’t show anything here. Closest diner is Los Angeles. On top of the app being outdated it doesn’t fit on any newer iPhone screen. You can tell this app hasn’t been updated since the size of a iPhone 5 screen size. Rather just have my $2 bucks back. Worthless.

Fun app. I travel a lot, this app has taken me to some great restaurant's. This is a great way to find food when traveling.

Good but not great. It’s a good app in terms of mapping the spots out but I think you should be able to watch the tripple D scene of him at the particular restaurant. David Portnoys one-nite app blows this app out of the water

Fantastic App. This app is great and I love how you can watch the shows that correspond the the place you want to visit. Can't wait to go on vacation using this app...might never get back home trying out all the great places.

Terrible. Huge fan of the show so I was excited about this concept. I downloaded this app about a minute ago and this app is absolutely terrible. It had the layout of an iPhone 2! It updated in a long time. Also Triple D has been to a TON of locations in Tampa and Miami.. this app is showing maybe 10 locations total for both cities. Horrible. I want my 2 dollars back

Limited and Outdated. Super old app with out dated information. There’s also very few restaurants. I’d skip it.

Slow to respond to Inputs to app. Slow app.

What a joke. Bought the app because TV Food Maps is gone. It shows one restaurant in all of Texas. Getting a refund.

This App is BullSh!t and should be pulled. They obviously are paying for fake positive reviews to trick suckers like me into purchasing this piece of crap! I thought it would be a great app for my upcoming travel plans. It’s weak! And a complete waste of money!

Great for travelers!. This app is a great way to get restaurant recommendations while traveling. The app is like knowing a local in every town Guy has been to!

Fully delivers!!!. Great app with integrated maps right to the destination. I had a question and a suggestion for the developer, sent an email and got a great response immediately. Buy this app, worth every penny if you love DDD!!!!

Update. I guess it does support OS6 maps.. This app doesn't support Apple maps in OS 6. You will get a blank map with only pins on it. No roads. Don't buy until updated after this post. I have to update my review. The map seems to be working now without an update. What happened??? Don't know. I'll update to 4 stars because it does what I want. Where are the places and what are they cooking quite well.

Waste of money. There’s one DDD location in the whole state of Texas?! I don't think so! This app is a racket. Don’t buy it

Rip off. Does not list many restaurants in Hawaii. Saw so many good ones on the show and none appear here. Delete. Lesson learned

Do not sign up for check ins. BEWARE. Check ins do not work. You will get charged a yearly fee but after paying the app will continually ask you to sign up again....and no way to contact the developer.

Not helpful while traveling. Needs to interact with Map / Navigation.

Total Disappointment. I downloaded this app while traveling in Chicago. The map shows pins but you can’t click on them for names or addresses. The “by state” function only lists 10 for the state of Illinois. Waste of my money.

Don’t buy. Outdated. Poor functionality.. You’ve wasted $2 if you purchased the ‘app’ like I did.

Love this app but needs a few updates. I’m from Georgia and when I got to Georgia there is a US- Georgia then a “Georgia” it would be nice is the restaurants were linked under the same category for easy viewing. Also, I just paid extra for the “check-in” feature and once I clicked it there is no way to undo the “check-in”. Same thing with the “favorites” once you favorite a restaurant you cannot unclick it. I would like to see some minor changes there. Other than that I love this app!! Makes it so convenient to look up places you are going to visit. I love how the app tells you what Guy ate at the restaurant too!! Thanks for your hard work to keep the app updated.

Bored with chain restaurants!. I travel all over the US for work and this has become my GoTo app! I hate going to the same old chain restaurants and with this app I can always find something interesting with some local flavor.

Updates. Database hasn’t been updated in 4 years

App Doesn’t Work. Why doesn’t pressing on the pins on the map open up a link to the location, address, etc? What a waste of money... don’t bother.

Can’t be close to a complete list. I just paid for this app. The closest location in their list is a 10 hour drive away. I know a DDD has been to a number of places in Charlotte NC, yet none are listed.

Love DDD!!. Needs updated but love looking for places to go while traveling!

Best app ever. I travel for work, and am often in unfamiliar cities - and this app is a lifesaver! Instead of hitting the typical chain, I know that every restaurant on this app is awesome. Love this - literally the only app I cannot live without! Thank you!!

Use this all the time when I travel. Seriously one of the first things I do in any new area is take a look at the Near Me map and see where the closest diners are. Granted not every meal I've had at a DDD location has been good, but I'd rather try something new than go to an Applebee's. New look is more modern and I really like that the deveopers keep the app up to date every week with new episodes. And now I can track where I've been and where I haven't!

Fun to use. Always up for a new food adventure, ask triple D. You can always find something not too far away. Just check out their offerings and get the directions. You are on your way to another great meal.

Great Travel Planner. This is my most used app when traveling. Haven't been to a bad restaurant yet, plus prices are usually so reasonable in these places. Now my husband and I plan our trips using this app as a guide. Would like a way to mark all the places we've been, not just the "Favorite" button. They're not all my favorite, only some. Wish we could track where we've been and our favorites separately. This app would be a steal at twice the price!

Excellent app, love the recipe links. Watch DDD every week, and this is the only app that updates the new locations after every new episode. It also links the recipes on the food network website so I can try them at home. Love the app, use it all the time when traveling.

Just want one adjustment. Love the show & love the app! Just one suggestion that I would like. Is there any way to add a way for one to check off locations that we've already been to? Thank you !!!

Good concept. Original review! 'In my opinion this app is a good concept and idea. I just wish that it had more accuracy. I have a lot more dinners nearby than what the app shows. Add accuracy and include all diners and this would be a perfect app.' I made a mistake in my original review. I didn't realize that this only shows the diners located from the actual show. My mistake. Anyways this is a great app for all fans of the old fashioned feel of an old fashioned diner. Don't hesitate buy this app it is well worth it!

Traveling. AZ to MI enjoyed 10 DDD Love this app!

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Videos copyrighted. Videos links do not work. Always get the same message: "Diners, Drive-ins, and Di..." This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Scripps Networks Interactive, Inc.. Not Ipad sized!!

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Amazing app!. I love love love the idea of this app...I love diners and drive ins...It's a great idea to have an app that will show me where these places are...This will come in handy while traveling...Thank you for developing this app!

Not sure yet as I just got this app. On initial review I am skeptical on the accuracy and completeness of the App. I know a couple of specific restaurants that were on the show that are not on here. ( i went to them). Maybe an update to confirm all locations are included?

Yummy. Love this used on vacation got to go to a restaurant we didn't know we were close too ... Our 6th loved them all love this app

Not quite finished yet. Just installed this app and immediately discovered its "search" is NOT really able to take us to a city -- or even a state! Instead, scrolling is what we do, and that freezes sometimes. Since there are other choices, the developers need to work harder on data sifting.

Needs work. I like the app but some features don't work. If you pick a location near you and hit the info button it doesn't give you info or directions like its supposed to. Other than that awesome app gives you all the DDD places from the show.

Don't buy it!. Don't waste your money. I know of several places on the show that aren't listed. Only one listed in Jackson WY but he went to at least 4.

Fun app. This is a really fun app to use. I wish it also incorporated a checklist to check off the restaurants you have been to.

Travelers Friend. This app is great to use when you are traveling to other cities. You can locate a great place to eat for a fair price. I have never been disappointed.

Waste of money!!!. I want my money back. What a disappointment. I know it's the unofficial guide but there are dozens of DDD restaurants that aren't listed. Not worth the space it takes up on my phone. 😕

Great App. We RV full time and this app is a great aid in helping us find and visit restaurants and diners we've seen on the DDD show. A must have for travelers.

Crashed. This app crashed the first time I used it. Plus, I went to the map and there were very many options for places. I couldn't find one less than 3 hours away from me.

I love this app. This app is very useful for looking for great nearby places to go to

Triple D. What a disappointment!!! I loaded this app on my way to Austin Tx because I know D.D.D. has been to at least 6 places. This app only list 2 stops in Texas and that is in Dallas where they been aired in more than 5 locations. Save your dollar...

Xx. Haven't been disappointed yet. Unique spots that are always a lot of fun. Owners really appreciate when you tell them you ate b/c of DDD.

Great way to find good restaurants.. As a frequent traveler, this is the first app I open when I walk out of the airport. Well organized and frequently updated.

Used often. We used the appl on a trip to Tennessee and Missouri. Found a couple of places and had great food. Have used in MN also and have not has a bad meal yet.

Not worth downloading. If this was a free app it might be ok. For a paid app it is woefully inadequate. It has no information besides a very small blurb. Very few links to the places worked. Places I knew were on the show were missing. Only works in portrait mode. It has promise, I suppose but I just don't see value in it that Yelp doesn't give, but for free.

DDD app gets it. I like the map feature and that you can easily watch the episode.

Great App. Triple "D" is a great show and I watch it all the time, keeping track of all the places I think I might eventually visit but with this app I don't have to do that anymore. If you like triple "D" you'll like this App

Working girl. Great app! You can check by distance wherever you are and even watch the episode before you visit!

Best food app. I like this app a lot I watch the show all the food they show looks so good that I always want to go there know that I have this app I will it's time to travel to diners or drive-ins it's going to be good

Crashes. I used to use this app all the time and it was great. It was recently updated and now it crashes every time I open it. Hope there's a fix soon.

Great App.. I really enjoy the show and the app complements it well. Like the receipes.

Love the app !. Guided us to some amazing foods on our vacation. Need more recipes!

Does exactly what they claim. This app locates all of the diners from the show and lists them in a very organized fashion do you can visit them too! Pretty neat app!

Total Disappointment. This app is a total waste of money. Dont be fooled! Its has nothing to do with the show. Thats why its the "unofficial" guide. The functionality is the worst!!!! Im fighting the charges also!

Not worth it. Tried out the app on a road trip in hope to tryout some of these places. First it didn't have all the places on the map so hard to find ones around you. Second not an easy user interface. Last had to use another app and wasted my money.

Fix the links in the map. It's so annoying that the links on the map view don't work! If they did it would be a decent app!

It's ok. I don't watch the show but there were a few places that I wasn't aware of before downloading the app.

Crappy app. I paid for this app because it had links to the episodes, however the majority of links DONT WORK and the app keeps crashing. I want my dollar back

Guide to road trips!. This app makes traveling more! Find Guy's faves on your route!

Nice. Good to have app especially if you travel or go out a lot.

Decent. Good app. Needs a little tweaking as far as the map goes.

Excellent idea!. This is such a good idea. I want to visit all the locations in my area. Next time I go out to eat, I will use this app to help my indecisiveness.

Works great. Very useful when planning a trip and want to stay from the chain restaurants.

Traveling Foodberries. Use this app all the time when we go on road trips and hunt for DDD sites

Great. Great app with alot of recipes. Also usefull for cooking dinner. The layout is also nice. I give this app 5/5 stars because all information is correct!!

Love this app!. Very helpful app to have, love having something on my phone to help me keep track of all the cool little local places to eat when we are traveling!

this app is great. amazing app, makes it so easy to locate the places you see on tv, and you just cant remember where they said they were haha

Love it!. I do a lot of traveling and this app helps me find all those places I want to try. Used to be buggy, but now it works pretty great! Highly recommend!

Don't leave home without it. Very good map section. Easy to find DDD's

Awesome app. This app is great I traveled across the country using this app along the way and had some of the best food I have ever tasted. Very helpful especially when in cities you are not familiar with.

Buddy. Great app. It makes it easy to find restaurants that Guy has featured.

Love it. This is one great app. Very user friendly

Horrible. Trying to use this app to find places near me and doesn't even show you. Can look by state but too many to look through. Very unhappy with this purchase of app wish I could get my money back!

Great App!. Love this app along with the show, it would be fun if you could flag the restaurants you've been able to visit is the only suggestion I would have.

Great app for travelers. This is a great app to use when traveling to get good food at reasonable price.

Love to travel. This is a great app. We used it while visiting New York. I only wish it had the times the restaurants are open listed without having to go to their website.

Ddd. Pure crap. Do not waste your dollar. Never stops loading then crashes. They don't have permission to offer videos. Let's see if they let this review get posted. Not worth even 1star. Won't let me post without selecting a star

Great App. This app is so helpful! I love how they linked the recipes to the diners! Also they update it the day after the episode airs. And they post the episode so that I can rewatch the best ones.

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Language English
Price $1.99
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 2.10
Play Store com.golocalapps.unoffdinersdriveinsanddives
Compatibility iOS 9.0 or later

Diners & Drive-Ins TV Unofficial Guide (Versiyon 2.10) Install & Download

The application Diners & Drive-Ins TV Unofficial Guide was published in the category Food & Drink on 19 January 2012, Thursday and was developed by GoLocalApps [Developer ID: 402566780]. This program file size is 29.98 MB. This app has been rated by 1,392 users and has a rating of 4.5 out of 5. Diners & Drive-Ins TV Unofficial Guide - Food & Drink app posted on 28 August 2017, Monday current version is 2.10 and works well on iOS 9.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.golocalapps.unoffdinersdriveinsanddives. Languages supported by the app:

EN Download & Install Now!
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Diners & Drive-Ins TV Unofficial Guide App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon. New feature - track where you've been and where you still need to go. All 900+ locations can be tracked, even if you've been there years ago. Checkin tracking is an In-App Purchase costing $0.99 a year to use. We've been using it ourselves, and find it's really helpful when we go back to an area we've been to before and want a quick look at places we haven't been to yet. General code updates, and fried a few bugs.

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