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Kingdom Rush HD: Tower Defense [Games] App Description & Overview

What is kingdom rush hd: tower defense app? Charge into the action of the best Tower Defense game ever created!
Use your strategy to defend the kingdom and crush the forces of evil with a vast arsenal of towers and spells at your command! Command the mightiest heroes and lead the greatest army in Linirea to victory in this unique TD game that will keep you hooked for hours!

Fight on forests, mountains, and wastelands, customizing your defensive strategy with different tower test and specializations! Rain fire upon your enemies, summon reinforcements, command your troops, recruit elven warriors and face legendary monsters on a quest to save the Kingdom from the forces of darkness!

- PLAN YOUR STRATEGY! Choose among very different tower styles.
- MAXIMIZE YOUR ARMY'S POWER with 18 tower unique abilities.

- 12 MIGHTY HEROES to who will help lead your troops to victory!
- COMMAND YOUR ARMY into action and watch them engage in hand-to-hand cartoon combat!

- OVER 50 UNIQUE ENEMIES from Goblins to Demons each with their own unique attributes! fantasy TD at its best!
- MORE THAN 60 ACHIEVEMENTS with easter eggs to discover and challenges to overcome!
- EXTRA GAME MODES that will push your strategies to the limit!
- INTENSE BOSS FIGHTS with the Kingdom’s greatest threats, going head to head with your allies!
- IN-GAME ENCYCLOPEDIA with useful information from your towers and enemies alike! Use this to plan your best strategy and defeat them all!
- PLAY OFFLINE! Test your skills even offline as the action does not stop even if the internet does! Enjoy hours of gameplay anytime and anywhere!


89/100 Metacritic score!

"Probably the best true tower defense game. It's funny, it's polished, and it's hard as balls."
- IGN (Editor's choice 9/10 "Amazing")

"One of the most engaging TD games we've played..." (STP Score of 4 out of 4 "Must Have")

"Kingdom Rush can be filed in the thin folder marked "games that are pretty much perfect"

"This is one kingdom you'll be in no rush to escape from"
-PocketGamer (Gold Award - Score 9)

"Kingdom Rush proves that the defense genre is still alive."
-148Apps (4.5 Stars out of 5) Editor's Choice

"TD with a Touch of Excellence" (4.5 stars out of 5)

#8 at CNET's Top 30 Tablet games.

#7 at IGN's Top 25 Mobile games.


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How to contact Kingdom Rush HD: Tower Defense (Ironhide S.A.)?
Find this site the customer service details of Kingdom Rush HD: Tower Defense. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company.

Kingdom Rush HD: Tower Defense Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Kingdom Rush HD: Tower Defense Version 5.6.2117 January 2022

Small bug fixes and improvements. Old save game migration fixes..

Kingdom Rush HD: Tower Defense Comments & Reviews 2022

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- Speed Button

I absolutely loved playing this when I was younger and I’ve only just downloaded it again. I think the graphics are outstanding, Its simple but detailed at the same time! I love how you can interact with the sheep on the paddocks too! One thing I would do to make the game better is add a speed up button, That way if your in a rush or something is taking a lot of time to kill (Like an Ogre) you can speed it up. It can get a little boring having wait and watch the same thing happen over and over again ( Eg. similar waves repeating). This is an amazing game and I definitely think it worth your time to down load it!

- You have to try it!

Initially finding this game when I was a child and it was first released years and years ago on the web I loved playing it. The strategy, the look, and the iconic main theme! Still to this day I love playing it just as much even if I have completed all the levels, it’s still fun to play them and even test yourself, using only certain towers or abilities.

- Kingdom rush

This game is my favorite it has many different thing you can do in the game like upgrades and bodyguards because it is like a older setting but there is closer things to our time as well lots of things to do so you can have fun and be occupied it is also like a looter and just an awesome game 5 out of 5 👍👌

- Well balanced game

I played through this game in about two months of casual gameplay and I have to say I enjoyed it immensely. The star upgrade system, although well used is nonetheless effective, and towards the end the game relies on the players skill instead of upgrades. Loved it.

- Amazing

This game is amazing, and ignore those noobs that think that you can only win with paying money, keep on going make more levels make a second map maybe and more, all I want to here is that this game continues to update.

- Really good, but...

I love this game, it has a lot of content and is very beautiful but it needs to spice things up every once in a while so something will surprise like, playing as the orcs and each level sees it becoming harder. Just so you know I mean this as after campaign stuff not actually in the campaign.

- Sale

Put a sale on the buying stuff please I don’t get lots of gems=( BUT THIS GAME IS REALLY INTERESTING! I would rather have put a special button that skips some waves. Cause some of them are hard


Absolutely awesome TD game, love the graphics and sound effects but teslas are way too OP which makes spamming them one of the most viable strategies which kinda hurts the strategy aspect of the game. PLEASE NERF TESLA DEVS Totally worth it though, best TD game ever.

- Kingdom Rush

It’s a really great game to play because you have to use strategy’s and think about what you will do next!

- BEST GAME EVER!!!⭐️💥🌟⭐️💥🌟

This is the best game I have played in years but for an update there could be another tower defence but I would recommend playing so I give 5 ducks 🦆 🦆🦆🦆🦆

- It’s amazing

Kingdom rush is a good strategy and recommend it to people who don’t know what to play

- Fun

This game is fun ! Graphics simple yet detailed Game doesn’t rely on upgrades and needs skill 🙃🙂

- Best way to pass time

Tower defence games are my favourite, and this one failed to disappoint. Smooth gameplay, effective upgrade system, and really addictive!

- The old days of games

games like this are far gone, and this is the best of it’s genre. Great game, good enough story and cool charaters. 🇦🇺🤝🇺🇸🍾🍾🍾🍻

- Kingdom rush

It is a very fun game you can upgrade your towers until they can easily demolish the enemy plus they have cool enemy names like wulf yes it's spelt like that you should download it now

- Great Game!

This game is great accept there hasn't been many changes to the game lately. (Please add something new).

- Awesome

This game is so good even my mum plays it! I sometimes get to angry at the game when I loose but it’s soooooooo good!

- great game

enjoying it heaps. I played it through and after a break am re-playing it.

- Great game!

I love this game, it has an amazing story line and graphics and it’s really fun to play.👍🏻👾👍🏻⚔️

- Cc hey all

Good tower defence . Over games like WAO to many $ players solo much better wish you could play infinite wars though🤣🤣🤣

- Good game

This game is awesome it’s the bees nees but can you make kingdom rush frontiers free to cause I don’t know how to do the website version

- Greedy devs

Same game as the other version except with the ‘HD’ gimmick thrown into the title. Still have to pay additional money to unlock the other heroes. Pathetic. Pay full price for a game locked behind a paid wall.

- Fookin fantastically good

I like it Always have

- Super Fun!

A time management, tower defence game. I am in nerdy-got-no-time-to-play-a-computer-game-mum-of-two heaven 🥰

- Uuummmm...

I just had a dream about this game right now

- The best tower defense game ever!!!

I highly recommend trying it!!!

- Great tower defence game 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

One of the best offline free games for iOS. Keep it up!!

- Great Game but…

I love it 😍 but it is a bit slow paced

- B est game ever apart from RDR2

Oh my god ingect into my rains Plz buy king dom rush

- Goood

Great game, a bit challenging but not to much

- This is super good

This is super good

- Pay, if you want to continue your play.

You can’t pass if you don’t buy extras in the game. Disappointing!!

- Awesome game

Love this game!

- By

It is a god game

- Gooooood

Awesome game

- Awesome!


- Hoffman

I!!! LOVE!!! THIS!!! GAME!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ... !!!!!!!! so far.

- Great tower defense

This is one of the best tower defenses ever although it needs more maps like one with a huge lake with a pathway around the edge and floating islands to put yours towers on and also make water monsters like submarine goblin or zombie shark. Maybe a flying enemy that when near death it dives into the water and jumps out sometimes. Also make a spell that makes a huge snowstorm that hurts and freezes enemy's on a certain part of the field. Make the final upgrade for it rain five snowballs on top of enemies anywhere on the board which damages and freezes them. Great game and please don't stop the updates!

- Fish


- Brilliant game!

I have never come across a tower defense game I have liked so much. Using the stars you get from each level to buy upgrades is great, the difficulty level is excellent (even easy isn't always a breeze; I hate when games are too easy), the animation is very endearing and the little battle cries are adorable. All in all, well worth the money. It's a shame I've finished it (two or three times), I wish there was a sequel. The latest update had an extra level though, which was appreciated!

- And you thought crack was addictive

This game will make you think, planning how to use limited resources to fend off the hoards of bad guys. It moves fast, with lots happen on the screen at once - bad guys with varying capabilities coming in from different directions and a range of defences at your disposal. You have to act quick to stay a step ahead. When you bomb out (and you will) you'll want to jump back in and try another approach straight away. I've been playing for months and can't wait for more levels!

- Cool game but...

Some suggestions: - Give the player one star for completing a level in casual, two for normal and three for veteran (I just did the levels in casual to upgrade everything because it was easier to get three stars) - Make the heroes available to buy with gems! Considering they're just an animation on the screen, there's no way I would ever consider paying a whopping $7 for one! 99c I understand (you have to make a profit somehow). But not $7. - Sometimes the tapping to unfreeze towers etc gets a bit annoying. Once or twice over a few levels is good, but too much is old... - The endless mode is so hard, even if you decide to give up on normal and try casual instead (me). Idk about you but if you say its casual, actually make it casual, not just less health for the enemy minions/creatures/whatever. But great game anyways :)

- Off it's head.

This game is crazy fun, some would say addictive. My mates and I can't stop playing, basically flawless with great variety. Would appreciate a few more updates, don't mind if I have to pay but would like some more content such as new towers, choices of upgrades for the last stage rather than just straight lines of upgrades for more variety, more special abilities other than reinforcements and meteor strikes. no complaints though, keep up the good work.

- Awesome game

I downloaded this game to check out what could be built with Cocos2d only to find myself totally addicted. This game is very well built and awesome fun to play. I would recommend it to anyone who likes tower defense games. I would even go so far as to say this is the BEST tower defense on iPad! To the developers - awesome job on the new update. Love the new heroes, great idea. I don't agree with in app purchases. Would be happy with a slightly higher price with everything included. Just my opinion. Thanks for a great game!

- Very worth the money

I took a gamble buying this game right off the bat, I didn't read reviews but looked at the screenshots and loved the art style. I am a fan of tower defense and immediately took a liking to the UI and constant unlocks as well as tower variation. The hidden elements of the game are a very welcome addition. I recommend this game highly as their are replay values found in the extra game modes and repeating previous missions to unlock all objectives!

- Snazzy

I've played quite a few TD games now, this one has revitalized the genre for me. It could benefit from a smoother difficulty scaling, it seems to move from face roll easy to device tossing frustration too quickly. The sounds, cute graphics, and customization of towers far outshine it's rivals though. If you're sitting on the fence with this one, consider this a push - grab it, you will love it :)

- Great game, let down by stability issues

Fantastic game, very addictive and I haven't been able to put it down for a few weeks now. However, the lack of autosave while in the middle of a level, and occasional crashes (on iPad 1) at the most inconvenient times make it extremely frustrating when you lose your progress, especially when you think you've got the right combination and sequence of towers and have made it to the final wave, and boom, you're back to the iOS Home screen. 😡

- Crash and frustration

I played level 12. I knew that i could not defeat the last big guy, which is veznan. At that time i had 17 lives remaining. So i used the heart in the box that gave me extra 5 lives (22 lives in total). Later on he came closer and closer and i could not defeat him. So i lost 20 lives and i was supposed to have 2 lives. Unfortunately the game crashed on me. Nothing i could do abt it. So i had to play it over again. It was so frustrating but in general, this game is really fun.

- Great tower defense game

The best tower defense game I have played on the ipad. Lots of variety in monsters with some with high life and some high armor and some which can summon skeletons. Interesting upgrades of towers, able to add different special abilities to towers such as venom for the arrows, or give the knights the ability to heal themselves. Towers have two upgrade trees which make the strategy much more interesting. Definitely recommended.

- Really awesome!

This is one of the best aps I have, I would recommend it (and have) in a heartbeat! Such a lovely clean design, with great sound and voices (good humor in there too) and plays with fun and the right amount of challenge. I got this ap even after I'd played it online, so you know there's replayability. Go get this ap! Hopefully if it gets good enough response, this studio will produce more quality aps like this one. Thanks ironhide :)

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- Amazing!

This game is really fun and I enjoy it! The only thing is that the enemies can be slightly nerfed because I get stuck on the levels for months sometimes but otherwise, very nice game. I have an idea too, maybe players can test heroes in a custom place that will not make them go levels higher, players there can basically just tests what the heroes do and look like so we do not have to pay and we end up not liking the hero.

- So amazing

This game is so much fun and is completely beatable without buying anything I love it

- So graduation until the big boss

Big boss is going to

- Review

I really enjoyed kingdom rush I like the places, the animation, the characters and more to this game. I don’t have any thing I don’t like so there for I give this game a 5 star review

- Crystal meth

Oh my jeebers, this game is single handily better then even the best crystal meth I’ve ever done did!😂

- Kingdom Rush Frontiers

Could you make Kingdom Rush Frontiers Free. I'll play for it and watch ads if you like.

- The most challenging

In my opinion kingdom rush 1 (this one) is the most challenging especially pandamonium probably the Hardest level in the cerise love it

- This game is very bad

Too hard and like peepee sucks

- Make it free plz

Can your Iron Marines game free plz

- Amazing - and actually free

Great game, no ads whatsoever. I almost wished there was an ads option so I could get extra stuff. Highly recommend.

- Amazing Game!

i’ve been looking for a good tower defence game for a while and. i think this game is what i’ve been looking for! excellent game with great illustrations. tons of fun

- Overwhelming nostalgia :)

Just as good today as it was 6 years ago and brings back so many memories! I’m so glad I found this game again! And to boot, it’s not overrun with ads or “premium options”. Major props to the developers. This game is 100% worth the download

- I love it

I love it

- All the one star reviews are stupid.

I already said why this game is amazing. All the 1 star reviews complain that this game is impossible to win without paying money you know what I say to that. You are just bad I beat the who game on veteran just because it takes. More than one try to beat a level doesn’t mean it is pay to win! Also one review says this is a mobile game it shouldn’t be so hard what the hell? This game is a challenge ya that’s good and since when are mobile games supposed to be so easy? This 5 year old just sucks at the game.

- Very good

It’s good but pls add more towers or like unlock and then you can equip the towers you want

- Decent

Different from the old one on pc that we all loved but still pretty good

- Warning: Not the same as original pc version

I went back and compared this to my old version, with all stats and talents the same. This mobile version has been rebalanced to purposely frustrate the player and make it extremely difficult to get 2 stars once you get past the training areas. Yes, it is doable as a free player if you have a lot of time invested for grinding stars for all talents. Kingdom rush mobile has been purposely balanced around making the player either wipe over and over in a grind of trial and error, or use consumables which they very handily sell for some real money, or to look at all those heroes locked behind cash and say hey, maybe those guys would help me out more with this.

- Just as good as before.

I remember playing this game couple years ago. Just as good as it was then. Better actually. Thank you for bringing back memories developers :D


This game is amazing

- Trash

BTD 1 is better than this

- Amazing for learning tactics

I started playing this a few years ago, and taught my daughter to play it because she asked. Now it’s a few years later, and she’s beat all the levels up to the extras after you defeat the demon lord. She had stopped playing for a long time, but she decided to one off and attempt a couple campaigns that she had had trouble with before. She managed to complete them both in one try, and she said that she was happy she had finally done them. All in all, very good game, and I would recommend it.

- Great game

Great game would recommend to everyone but people say his is pay to win but that’s not the case it’s a strategy game so you have to plan it out like me I beat two of the final levels on the first try and one of the levels I beat was the boss battle against vez nan I can’t spell his name right but I beat the final boss battle on first try in the campaign so don’t say this is pay to win just use your brain

- Complete garbage

Like honestly don’t waste your time on this garbage.

- Good game but greedy

Would be 5 star, but having to buy every hero separately seems a bit much

- Love it

Best game ever love it love it love it love love it

- 👍

Amazing 👍, a excellent strategy and battle game.

- Great tower game

My very first game app and still my favourite, still play it after all these years.

- Not pay to win

People say this is pay to win its not you just need to be smart but i see why people say its pay to win because people are f###### stupid

- Honestly Plz read if you think this is pay to win

This is a great game but there are to many people saying this is a pay to win thing you just got to read the enemy descriptions then it will be a little easier but there's one thing don't spam any towers like all archers or bombs or magic guys if you put a bunch of archers and the enemy's are armoured two things use magic guys or use barracks to block the enemy path I'm pretty good at this game I beat pretty much everything like the super waves and veteran and if you think it's a pay to win game just think harder ironhide plz responds and tell me if this is true I need an answer I been telling all my friends this

- Mon avis

Trop bien le jeu est le top mais en voudrais bien un autre jeu comme lui gratuit et merci

- Awesome game

I have all of the kingdom Rushes

- It’s a great game

Best strategy game in the App Store

- Make your other games freeeeee plzzzzzzz

Plzzzz make the other games freeeee plzzzzz

- Daet


- 1000

I'm the 1000th review, I love this game

- New player

Great game! Only gets better!,

- To many crashes

Every time you open a hint or read about a new enemy mid game it crashes, i haven't seen much review about it so it may only be me but it's irritating me, the game is fun but I can only play it for so long without getting mad because of all these crashes, may you fix this?

- Super!

Très bon jeu. Amusant, drôle et divertissant. Bravo!

- Really good game.

Fabulous. If you like tower defense, you will love this game. Hey they made this up for me. Not sure if I like that but I like the game, hits a niche

- Great game

I wish I could zoom in though


I dont know what to say except I played this game dozens of time it’s incredible

- This game is like a scratch and sniff sticker.

At first this game is really fun, but then it turns boring and generic just like all of the other ones, would rather play bloons tower defence because that game is actually fun

- best TD

the best app game i played it 8 years ago and started again and still love t

- Best TD game ever!

Has your choice of levels, e.g. manageable or insanely difficult. The characters say one-liners, some of which are funny, when you tap on them. The design is simple yet adorable. Love this game...ended up purchasing all 3!

- Take my money

Love this game. Will happily buy more.

- Boredom Buster

I have only two games to play. One is CoC and this one. When I need some adrenalin rush or get bored on what I'm doing, I play Kingdom Rush.

- Fun, but hard

It is a really fun challenging game. It is so intense sometimes, but that makes it more fun. It does get really hard at the end though. Great game! I would recommend it.

- Great game

This awesome game dose not get boring until you hit a level you can’t beat then it is medium but I personally encourage you to install!!! 👍👍👍🤩

- Rate

It a very great game you made. Keep the good work.

- Great game

This game has a unique artstyle and has a good selection of levels with each having their own Easter eggs and quirks to it. This game will keep you interested.

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The applications Kingdom Rush HD: Tower Defense was published in the category Games on 2011-12-21 and was developed by Ironhide S.A. [Developer ID: 558612918]. This application file size is 125.94 MB. Kingdom Rush HD: Tower Defense - Games app posted on 2022-01-17 current version is 5.6.21 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.armorgames.kingdomrush