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Managing finance shouldn't be complicated and time-consuming, so Money Lover is the simplest finance application to keep track of expense and plan budgets ahead.

Download Money Lover today to better manage your money, stay on top of budgets and SAVE MONEY for your financial goals.

Keep track of your expense, income, debt, bill and payment within few taps on screen. It's quick, simple and fund. You will better understand where your money comes and goes with easy-to-read reports such as: total expense, total income, spending by each category or pending bills.

Looking for a powerful budgeting app? With Money Lover, you can easily plan budget for your expenses. More than that, the app can predict future spending based on your spending history, then give you advice on how to stick to budgets.

Link Money Lover to bank accounts and get updates. It helps you update account balance and your expense, income from bank accounts automatically. See all bank accounts report in one place, and better control your money.

Country supported: Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, India & USA, Hongkong....

Enable you to set up PIN code or Fingerprint on your phone. From our side, we encrypted data with bank-level security.

Money Lover works seamlessly across devices and platforms: mobile app, Web and PC. It's so easy to track your spending and see budgets' reports from everywhere you go.

Other features:

- Recurring transaction: Set up recurring transactions and bill. Get notification before due date.
- Saving Planner: Set up saving goals and keep track your progress to save more money up.
- Debt: Track your debts and loans and payment & debt collection.
- Multiple currency and account supported.
- Build-in calculator


Manage personal finances more effectively and conveniently with premium version:
- Remove ads 100%
- Create unlimited numbers of Wallets, Budget and Saving plans
- Export your data to CSV file
- Attach pịcture to transaction

You can access to your data, track your money and view your budget, saving from any device you login thank to Cloud Syncing. We will store your data in one secure place.


Linked Wallet Subscription

We partner with Finsify Hub to provide Linked Wallet which enables user to connect and synchronize bank accounts: transactions and account balance with Money Lover.

The service fee is $2.49/ month, $14.49/ 06 month or $19.99/ year through iTunes auto-renew subscription. You will have 3-day Free Trial before subscription is charged to your credit card through your iTunes account.

You’re not able to cancel subscription during active period. Your subscription will automatically renew unless canceled at least 24h before the end of current period.

To manage your subscription, please go to Apple ID Account Settings.

Privacy and Terms of use

Question or Need support? Please email to [email protected] or chat with us via in-app Help & Support.

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Money Lover: Expense Tracker App Description & Overview

The applications Money Lover: Expense Tracker was published in the category Finance on 2011-12-21 and was developed by Finsify Technology Company Limited. The file size is 133.39 MB. The current version is 5.5.59 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

Thanks for using Money Lover! We regularly update to bring you the best experience.

Every update of Money Lover app includes bug fixes and performance improvements. As new features become available, we’ll highlight those for you in the app. If you need any support, please email to [email protected], we're always ready to support.

In this update, user will soon be able to copy categories from an existing wallet to a newly created wallet.

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Money Lover: Expense Tracker Reviews


Easy to use  Annieboo0529  5 star

This app is simple to use, yet has a lot of great features. I’m happy with this purchase!

Jaime Adan Lopez

Love it  Jaime Adan Lopez  5 star

Been using this for a while and it is great and helps me keep track of my money


More connected banks  matthewhatfield04  1 star

You would get a lot more people if you could connect to all of the major banks in America!


Not my budget showing  jojooasis  1 star

The app has been glitching and now is showing someone’s else’s budget on my own app. This only can mean that someone else is seeing my budget. This is ridiculous and needs to be fixed immediately fix, fix fix


Bug  Thonghh  1 star

I don't know why this app show me owning a lot of wallet, which doesn't belong to me. When I try to switch back to my wallet, it just hangs. Review this issue please


Tuyệt  Duongcgcanc  5 star



Budgets...  verymuchme  1 star

Budgets and categories split between sources????!!! Should’ve bought a coffee and a sweet for the 4.99. Ridiculous. The quest for the wholesome money management app continues...


Best Money Management Tool  Jmaples69  5 star

I’ve been using Money Lover for over two years now and it’s by far the best money management tool out there. Nothing else comes close for the day to day tracking of your finances. Thanks Money Lover team for building a quality app!


Been a great app to have  Nidyashaas  5 star

Very helpful to keep track, and able to be logged in multi devices.

Julian Zora

Review  Julian Zora  4 star

Application is great but one issue why for last update I can not submit location in transaction ??


Excellent and User Friendly  dshawn21  5 star

Excellent app and highly user friendly. I use it to keep a track of my daily expenses. Recently upgraded to the premium version.

Qkradio listener

Do not use in Australia  Qkradio listener  1 star

I am having sync issues with the commonwealth Bank the team are writing on this. But it had been a while now. Do not use the app


Awesome app!!! Highly recommended  Aneczka2018  5 star

After researching budget app and installing many of these this came super handy! Simple, easy access and widget available at one touch!!! Great eye opener for shopaholics! Thank you for creating it!


App is still broken. Budget feature is broken.  JK062  1 star

App is still broken. Don’t bother with this.


User friendly  yixinhow  5 star

Love the variety of expenses categories and simple analysis. It makes it no hassle to enter your transactions daily. Definitely very useful for monitoring your expenditure and working on your long term savings.


Repeat intervals not working…  SvensterK  1 star

Try to set a recurring transaction gives an error and tells you recurring transactions won’t be synced.


Ok to Good  Pecker8u  4 star

Good App. English Grammar needs a bit of a polish. Good if you can add a transaction directly from the budget screen without having to search the item. Should associate the item once you click on it then simply add the $


In-app and some support features not working!  one2chase  1 star

Lack of support from the developers, I notified them in November of certain features that were not working correctly, they didn’t seam to care and still have not fixed those features 2 months later.

Aquarium Nuts

Can’t delete my account  Aquarium Nuts  1 star

I don’t like the ads so I don’t use this app anymore but they have no way of deleting my account and haven’t replied to messages on Facebook.


Phần mềm rất ổn  Lehoangphuchung  4 star

Mình kinh doanh, thường xuyên thu chi nhưng trí nhớ lại rất kém. Sau khi dùng nhiều cách để lưu lại thu chi, thì mình có cơ hội sử dụng Money Lover. Thật sự phần mềm rất thân thiện, dễ dùng và đã giúp mình rất nhiều trong công việc. Cám ơn Dev

Mehman Jalilov

User-friendly app  Mehman Jalilov  5 star

I used a lot of budget application, but I didn't satisfy. MoneyLover is the best application I have ever use. Easy to use, great UI. I highly suggest this application


Money lover  Orpay  5 star

It's a great app. What credit can I exchange?


Updates when it wants, not when you want  expertiam  3 star

Pretty good app in general, giving the closest experience yet to Mint. The biggest drawback however is that it makes updates of your bank account details on its own schedule. This means your transaction data is never up to date when you check it. Mint of course runs an update each time you login, meaning you’re looking at the latest data each time. But kudos for this existing in the first place. Are used with banks in Thailand, and works well aside from this point.


Great app  7777sammy  5 star

This is such a breeze to use. Makes my finances so much easier! Now I always have constant up to date accurate financial info. Others would charge big bucks for this kind of tool!


Syncs with very few banks in the US  BM USA  5 star

Why does this app work with Citi in other countries but not in the US. Almost none of the credit card companies are available to sync.


Ứng dụng tuyệt vời  hoxuanthang  5 star

Rất hữu ích và dễ sử dụng!

Tèo Lightning

Good  Tèo Lightning  5 star



Cảm ơn  Vp3Kilo  5 star

Ứng dụng tuyệt vời giúp mình quản lý chi tiêu rất xuất sắc.

Bình BBer

Rất hữu ích Tôi rất yêu thích ứng dụng này.  Bình BBer  5 star

Cám ơn :)


The best  Choagg  5 star

Quản lý tiện lợi


Unable to delete account  blis$  1 star

No option to delete account/buggy app


Great app  Stewartgary  5 star

Helps me be more disciplined


Great app  Linh170688  5 star

Have been using it for 2 years. Really like it! Great one.

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