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Discover a reliable, real-time and hyper-local forecast that will always warn you about upcoming severe weather. Weather Underground combines data from over 250,000+ personal weather stations and a proprietary forecast model to give you the most accurate and hyperlocal forecasts, at a microclimate level. Discover about current conditions, interactive Nexrad radar, get customizable severe weather alerts and much more. You’ll always be prepared for whatever the weather brings.


• Severe weather alerts: set weather alerts for your exact position, so you can always be prepared for an upcoming storm!
• Local conditions: get current weather conditions from local weather stations and hourly/daily summary forecasts up to 10 days in the future, which include chance of precipitation and daily weather summaries.
• Most detailed weather data: stay updated with the best weather data including temperature, “Feels Like,” wind speed, wind directions, today’s rain accumulation, humidity, dew point, visibility, and pressure.
• Other geographical data: discover our air quality index, UV index, local flu outbreaks, sunrise & sunset and moonrise & moonset.
• Customized experience: set your app with light & dark modes, various map types and units.

• Interactive radar maps & severe weather:
• The most interactive weather map on mobile allows you to select from different weather overlays, personal weather stations, nexrad radar, satellite, heat maps, and rain accumulation.
• Sophisticated weather visualizations with hi-res satellite & cloud cover imagery from GOES-16, powered by data from NOAA.
• Keep an eye out for extreme weather and always be prepared with severe weather alerts.

Accurate hyper-local forecasts:
• Over 250,000 personal weather stations report the most accurate local weather conditions.
• Made to fill in the gaps between the airport weather stations that other weather services rely upon to generate forecasts - meaning our data is generated from actual data points in your neighborhood.

Subscribe to Premium!
• Upgrade and remove all ads from your weather app by purchasing an annual subscription.
• Access Smart Forecasts: set your ideal weather conditions for your outdoor activities and we’ll tell you when to go.
• View Extended Hourly Forecasts up to 15 days in the future.

You can cancel your Weather Underground subscription anytime through your iTunes account settings, or it will automatically renew. This must be done 24 hours before the end of any subscription period to avoid being charged another fee. Subscription payments will be charged to your iTunes account at confirmation of your purchase and upon commencement of each renewal term. For more information, please see our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.


Privacy & Feedback

• Our Privacy Policy can be viewed here:
• Our Terms of Use can be viewed here:

• If you have any questions or suggestions about our weather service, please do not hesitate to get in touch at

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Weather Underground: Local Map Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Thanks for using Weather Underground! Please email us at with any suggestions or questions.

Weather Underground: Local Map Comments & Reviews

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- Very useful but too busy

Love the Doppler radar. The app was better when it didn’t have so much “stuff”. The basics are good and aviation layers helpful but you still must call and verify. Just basics with radar, forecast, precipitation predictions, outlook, and options for storm warnings, marine warnings, etc. I like the allergy and flu info, but would be much better if more specific by region. The fire data is not updated and simply lists all the fires even if they are not active. Would be better to list most recent in 7 day window, then separate list of all still active with touch screen to isolate. Really would be fantastic to make many of the features (fire and earthquake, etc) like this instead of trying to put them all into widgets. Despite all that rambling, I still use the app daily because of the the radar. Living in Florida, it helps with planning around frequent afternoon storms. The hurricane option should be a regular option selection along with a regional/local warning when the hurricane flag goes up, not a premium addition. This option is just as useful if not more useful than fire and earthquake info which is free. In the continental US, hurricane info is much more valuable and far reaching with regard to loss of life and property than earthquake and fire so why not add it at no added charge far ahead of other apps? Feedback for thought and consideration. Thank you for this helpful and useful app. Val

- Not Nearly as Bad as People Say

Due to the negative reviews, I was scared to update, and didn’t do so until today only because the old version was no longer supported. And I must say that I am a bit confused as to what all the fuss is about. I think this new version is just fine. Sure, there are some little hiccups, such as the daily details and graph not being fully displayed without clicking on “more” and the seemingly more prevalent appearance of ads. But first off, those are very minor things, and second, this is a big change for the app and developing team, so there’s obviously going to be some kinks to work out. And there are some features I LIKE about this app; it appears and behaves a lot cleaner, and I kind of like the design better. But that’s just my personal opinion. And let’s not forget that while the interface is different, the data being reported is still the same. You still get accurate, hyper-local forecasts that are hard to beat, and for free, no less. I don’t know who these people are writing the negative reviews, or why. Maybe they’re really into weather and used the old app more features more extensively. But I can say as an average person who just wants to see the daily weather, it is still a great app.

- Moving in the right direction

I’m one of the many, many people who loved the old WU app and HATED version 6. It was such a major downgrade that I switched to a different app and checked back periodically to see if they’d undone the awfulness. *Note* I had left a scathing review with no cursing or other inappropriate content, but my original review appears to have mysteriously disappeared. Very suspicious. Anyways, the most recent update is definitely a step in the right direction. The line graph showing temperature and precipitation chances is taller now (like it was on the old WU) so you can actually see it now. And it’s nice that you can tap on the graph and see more detailed versions (maybe the only good thing to come with v.6). Also, I like that this version lets you pick what app icon you want—more apps should do that. Anyways, I still miss the original, but at least they’ve improved.

- 6.4 is Crippleware.

As a longtime user, I must unfortunately concur with criticism of this latest forced upgrade. Simply put, it is commercially-driven crippleware. An example is the daily summaries, which have been replaced by a conspicuous advert: ‘Upgrade now to get 15 days of summaries’ (for $48/year). The existing summary menu is buried at the bottom of the screen where most users won’t find it or recognize it. Hourly forecast graphing is harder to access and far less readable, and even the Wundermap itself, the distinguishing feature of Weather Underground, has been made less useful and visible. (Although, I approve of the improved mapping quality.) Instead of fixing long-term bugs like disappearing crowd-sourced weather report controls, and cumbersome menus, they have made the app less distinctive, more generic, less functional and more obviously commercial. Within minutes of using the new app, I found a new bug. Woe be the user who selects ‘my location’ (GPS), when searching for the missing Wundermap station functionality. (Make that two new bugs, or one new bug, and one old one.) As of 6.4, I am looking for a new weather app. Unfortunately, none of the mundane options which these developers are inexplicably trying to emulate come close to what WU offers in terms of granular weather data. If only they would hire competent developers....

- New update is USELESS

UPDATE: I wrote the following review weeks ago and came back to see if maybe they fixed the app. No they didn’t fix the app and I found out they deleted my ONE STAR review. THAT IS A SCAM TO DELETE PEOPLES REVIEWS. I have had this app for years and years. It has been my favorite app for all weather inquiries. With this new update I’m sad to say that I now have to delete it from my phone. Their is just too many things wrong with the change. I have owned iPhones since the iPhone 3 was released and this is the first app that I can ever remember giving one star to. So that should tell you how bad it is now. Never change an app completely. If you have a vision on what you want your app to look like, then slowly change it through updates so the users can get used to the change slowly. The first time I opened the app after the update I couldn’t believe that you changed everything. I use to be able to see all the things I needed to know right at the top of the screen. Now I have to scroll through most of the app just to get a few different weather inquiries. If you change it back then I will be a returning user. Until then, sorry to say “goodbye”.

- 3.5 stars—glad to see some improvement

I was a WU fan for years before the complete redesign a couple years ago. I eventually abandoned the service and began a quest to find something else that was as good for my purposes. I used to love the easy-to-understand, multi-day temp, precip chance graph format. The old design was summarily eliminated for a useless but colorful and “pretty” new design that just didn’t convey the same info. I was one of the frustrated users who left a one star review and went away, begrudgingly. Well, I was happy to see a move back toward the old format in the current app. I can now see several days of temp and precip trends at a glance. It’s a true step forward (or “backward” in a positive way). The first “speedometer-style” graphic is still pretty useless to me, but I just scroll down a bit for the old-school WU goodness. Thanks, app developers, for listening and considering the merits of WU’s tried and true formats. I’m back now. stars if the upgrade was more reasonably priced. $3.99/mo or $20/yr seems overpriced. I would personally find fair value at $2/mo or $12/yr.

- Great app

I love the app and use it on a daily basis. The information is current and the app performance has been nearly flawless. The only issue I’ve run into has been when trying to create a custom smart forecast. The app always crashes completely. I’ve tried it on two separate devices running different versions of iOS with the same results. The custom forecast I’ve been trying to create includes wind speed, rain, and wind gusts (though I don’t know if that is an option since the app always crashes before I get that far). Obviously a smart forecast is more of a luxury feature and I can find all of that information individually within the app so I don’t think it’s worth deducting a star for anything, but it is a nice feature that I hope to be able to use in the future whenever the bug(s) get worked out a bit more. Other than that minor gripe this app has been flawless. Thank you!

- Extremely disappointed from favorite app to no longer wanted.

Fire the pm and the info xm graphic designer immediately. This decision was terrible I can appreciate new looks and fresh ideas. I also know you can’t please everyone but this shouldn’t have gotten any further than the first revision. This used nothing of the phone’s physical size or attributes to make some guy or reading easy. I can’t glance at a day. Now I have to work to see the information. I even thought ok I don’t line this but I will give it the benefit of the doubt. I slide to find temp, I figure out the time and how disconnected it now is. Then I try to determine the windiest part of that day. The time and speed feel like they are on opposite ends of the screen., worse the time slide starts moving it took me roughly 20 seconds to figure out and not exactly what the wind speed might be, might be. 20 seconds. Disappointing and dismal my favorite app on my phone you dissected and disemboweled. Harsh words for a harsh job. Truely disappointing. I can see by the length of others you have really gone off the deep end. I never see reviews and have never really provided a lengthy review as such.

- So long WU, you ruined it

READ UPDATE*** These people are manipulating the reviews, getting real bad ones removed and posting fake good ones. If you have followed the progress over the years you’ll see how bad this app has evolved. Especially after the corporate takeover. DONT FALL FOR THE FAKE GOOD REVIEWS. THESE PEOPLE ARE SLIME. ***. Wow, this app went downhill fast on latest update. If you are still on version 5 DO NOT update to this garbage! Premium used to be $4 yearly and now is now $4 monthly. LOL Are you kidding me?! iPad is portrait mode only now, no landscape mode. This new and improved UI design is complete trash. Whoever decided this would be the direction to go is completely out of touch and clueless. Read the many many bad UI 6.xx reviews and decide for yourself. Devs totally destroyed what was the best most useful app on the market. Even if they reinstated the older version I doubt I’ll be back. Simply because I was midway through my old subscription. After this update my subscription was canceled and the only option was to pay the current price for 1 year. Sorry, no longer remotely interested in this shady operation. It’s not even 1 Star worthy anymore.

- Lost Features, Disappointing

Finding a new weather station, changing layers, running conditions removed. Where did they all go. Weather underground appears to have sold out. When the app first change it was not user friendly and hard to navigate and find the previously used features. I use the app several times everyday as I live on the coast and things can be very different with time or location. I have always trusted WU and recommend it to anyone I can. It has helped me run out a storm on the way to a boat landing many times. Unfortunately, the other features that were lost are quite missed. There is no longer hurricane info or am I able to add those layers during Hurricane season. There is also a glitch with your current location. It stays on previous locations even after shutting phone down. You can’t change it because you can’t pick a station any longer. My husband and I can be looking at the app and see two different things. Its very frustrating. I hope there are plans to make the app better because with the changes it’s not encouraging me to go premium.

- Somethings gone terribly amiss.

I’ve been using wunderground as my main weather app for years and it’s been awesome but over the last few months I’ve been having more and more accuracy issues and often finding people using NOAA or even the stock apple weather app are having better results when it comes to forecasts. Considering I don’t need a weather app that tells me what’s going on currently, because I can see, that makes it pretty useless. Then there’s this update they recently made to the app and oh my god it’s awful. There used to be a way to just open the map and select any weather station. Very convenient. Not any more. They’ve shifted the data into a hard to read, visually appealing, but not very informative graph layout. There’s not much to love about the new layout. So instead I’ve made the switch to PredictWind for wind forecasts (stupidly accurate and filled with cool tools)and I’m trying darkskys out as a general weather app. Good luck and don’t bother with whnderground until they go back to being a weather nerds easy playground.

- Not very accurate at all. Not safe for outdoor enthusiasts...

I have five other weather apps, this use to be the best and it would notify me way before the other apps with sever weather but, not anymore.. I have to watch the weather very closely due to all the extreme outdoor activities I’m involved in and this app could get you killed in the backcountry with the failed information they provide. I gave it two stars because it has a map that works... that’s about it. The radar is very sketchy and does not pick up everything compared to the other apps. It’s approx 90% wrong all the time anymore with the forecast and accumulation. Seriously if you do outdoor activities where your extremely far from any help, please do not trust this app! Weatherbug is crushing this app with the exact forecast. Weather underground said it was going to rain yesterday. Never dribbled a drop.. even though the radar showed it was which makes no sense.... I think you need some new programmers and developers because you turned this app into a pile of compost.


What was a great and straightforward, easy to use app is now cluttered, awkward, and hard to decipher. In this case more is not better, it is instead confounding. On top of that it has constant ads. I bought the subscription but the ads are still there. I really loved Wunderground. Unfortunately I mistakenly allowed it to be updated yesterday on my ipad. This new version is nearly useless. The temperature and condition predictions are inaacurate, it is difficult to impossible to change the location. Really annoying is that although I have a subscription I now again have ads back after the update even though the subscription is still in force for nine more months and there seems to be no way to get rid of the ads every time I open it. On top of that the sliding system and complex displays make it almost impossible to get information quickly. All of my settings for outdoor activities are gone, and why don’t we have the simple to useSunrise sunset information displayed? This really is a terrible downgrade. Is there anyway to revert the app update?

- Best to worst in one day.

This app USED to absolutely amazing. The moment I found it I fell in love and instantly made it my go to weather app. Nothing even came close to what weather underground provided. The layout, features, and overall simplicity in the app was just so far beyond any other weather app available. All of these other weather apps try to make it look new and different to try and stand out, but all that does is cause a ridiculous amount of confusion and makes it difficult to even find some of the information you may be looking for. Well, I’m sad to say that Weather Underground has done exactly that. The last update changed the entire app making it unrecognizable and exactly like the apps I despised so much. That very day I seen the change I was so frustrated I took the time to find an email in hopes to try and contact them about how terrible this change was and I never waste my time with that but this was too much. Hopped on it today and it still made me mad so now I’m taking the time to vent and make sure they know this app is garbage now.

- IBM Redesign Killed This App

I’ve been a paying customer of Weather Underground for years, and the things I used to like about the app were how easy it was to read large amounts of data from local stations at once, and how they translated among views. When IBM acquired Wunderground and redesigned the app to be “sleeker,” they utterly destroyed that ease of use by oversimplification. Everything is in one continuous column except the subviews, so you see less at once. Scales on graphs are arbitrary and not marked on the main view. No more scrubbing flag on the conditions-over-time graph unless you enter the detailed view. No more precipitation graph in the widget, which hasn’t been updated for the new iOS 14 widget framework. Everything in the app feels worse and less helpful after the redesign, and never improved. It all still works, and you still get local weather station data, but it will never be as joyfully easy to read as the pre-IBM app, and that is a shame. The data here is still good, but it’s just nowhere near what it used to be before 2018.

- Why?

This app has become just like all the others. Its not special at all. I used to use this app to see what the weather actually was in my immediate vicinity. It has ceased to be useful in that way. It’s fine if you just want a general idea of the weather but it no longer has the same functionality that it once had. Today I tried to use this app again to check in the rain that is falling from the sky. This app told me is was dry and no precipitation. I used to be able to see reports from other local users that could report rain. I can’t find this information anymore and I can’t even report the rain myself. This used to be a great app that crowd sourced some of its data and was able to be very accurate because if that. Now it’s no more accurate that the newspaper or any other random weather forecast. You all ruined this app for some reason. Are you making more money now? I hope it’s worth it to you. I used to tell people I work with about your app all the time. I won’t do that anymore and I’ll instead say how terrible you have made this app.

- TWC killed WU!

As soon as TWC officially took over the site and app, they promptly destroyed all of its functionality. They’re also manipulating the app ratings somehow. Just scroll recent and see how many 5 stars there are. With a rating of 4.2, the should be plenty. You’d think their main concern would be weather but no, turns out it’s just money. They used WU, it’s reputation, and loyal followers and exploited them all. WU, shame on you for selling out! We gave you your weather data for free, and paid a subscription fee for your services, and you show your appreciation by selling out in secret to the one company most known for inaccurate weather data and disregard and negligent to its expected purpose. They care about nothing but profits. Clearly, the private market cannot sustain a reliable, accurate, consistent weather data set and ui for public access. This is really important, life or death for some. NOAA needs to develop something like WU used to be. There’s crowdsourced weather data still ripe for the gathering at their disposal. Use it, so then we can. *THIS REVIEW SHOULD NOT BE DELETED FOR ANY REASON*

- Hourly and daily doesn’t match, drags previous search

Updated but still frustrated. I can no longer determine if I’m reading the city daily forecast with matching hourly. Both my iPad and iPhone have that issue. Example, I look at a city in Texas, daily forecast shows 85* and sunny, yet it kept part of my previous search in Colorado, where each hour shows 19* and snow. If I compare two nearby cities, I certainly don’t know if it is matching. Also, I can no longer put my finger on the map to bring out a city and related weather, I used to do this easily. I have ultra fast high speed internet. I cannot get local areas without a long wait. Other weather apps load in 2 seconds. Local areas must have wind gauges inside their porch. We can have high wind warnings, gusts to 50 mph, yet my areas show winds 5 mph. Forecast isn’t as good as other apps, not sure why it steadily went downhill. It often has 0% chance of rain, then it rains. I live in a difficult weather area on the edge of the Rockies, but the others can do it, why can’t W/U ? Extremely frustrating. Disappointed.

- Was better before the update

I used to use Wunderground for everything related to weather. I still do sometimes. This is because I have no other weather apps. But the update has made the usefulness of this app go down so much that I would prefer practically any other app. Now there are ads everywhere, you have to subscribe to see the really interesting stuff, and there are no more Smart Forecasts or weather videos. I enjoyed both of those features quite a lot. Now I have to pay a bunch of money to use Smart Forecasts and I don’t even know when or how to get the videos back. Please get rid of the ads. I don’t particularly care about Wegmans Fresh Seafood, as one example. The Wundermap doesn’t even register that there used to be a weather spot in the next neighborhood over. It doesn’t seem to exist anymore and that was my nearest weather station! I don’t want to pay 20 dollars a year just to get the same stuff that I had before. Revert the update if at all possible, PLEASE.

- Why did they change the Interface?

Wunderground used to be (Yes, I said USED to be,) my favorite and go-to weather app. It was accurate, simple and easy to use, and most importantly, it didn’t have any advertisements popping up on the screen every 5 seconds. All of that changed once they came out with the new update. I went onto the app one day, wanting to check the weather to see if it was going to rain that day, and then suddenly, I was greeted by a slow log-in screen, a completlely different interface, ads all over the top, bottom and sides of the screen, and banners popping up saying “Upgrade to premium to get 15 days of summaries.” Along with this, the app felt extremely slow, and I felt that they are ridding you of your money, and trying to get you to pay countless amounts of money to use features that used to be comepletely free. I hope the people at this company notice the mistakes they made, along with the loss of customers and hundreds of 1-star reviews, and will decide to bring back the old Wunderground we know and love.

- Used to be a great app, ruined

This was my one and only weather app for years, until the latest redesign ruined the interface - I tried to get used to it for a day or two but hated it so much I deleted the app and I bought Carrot, which has a nice clean interface and good privacy protections (and a great humor team, added bonus). Highly recommend switching. The top feature I used to love about weather underground was the temperature and precipitation odds graph - the graph was the single most useful and unique feature of WU, quickly indicating what to expect when. Now, the graph is further down in the app and squished to such a degree it’s unusable. I also used to love the nice clean current weather bubble right up front, with the color border quickly indicating current temp, a few smaller weather stats visible, and a radar thumbnail that could be expanded if you wanted to - now it’s a hideous color wheel that doesn’t tell you anything up front. The ads also used to be unobtrusive and you could buy out of ads entirely. Now, I’m outta here.

- Atrocious Weather Reliability

The app is frustratingly unreliable in my area. Woodstock, GA. It prognosticated 2 days of rain followed by a cloudy day earlier in the week and it ended up not raining those 2 days. Now it’s pouring down like crazy on the one day it said it wouldn’t. Earlier today it said there would be rain for one hour today which is fine but now it’s changed to rain for 5 hours?!?!? How are you even that far off on the same day!!! I planned moving into a new home around what it had told me 3 days ago and nothing that it prognosticated came to be. Everything was wrong!! It changes dramatically even on the same day you’re checking the weather for. This is beyond frustrating. This has been my experience with the app so if you live in a different area it might be better but for Georgia, it’s an absolute rodeo as to whether it’ll be accurate. Also just to note. This is not the first time I have had a bad experience with the app’s reliability. This was the final straw. I unsubscribed from the premium and uninstalled the app.

- Well, it’s better, but not as good as it could be

I have struggled with this app bouncing from great to trash and all along the spectrum. Looks like it has settled on a fairly easy-to-use layout. I’ve been with this app from the beginning, and I miss the simplicity of earlier versions, but I have to say that this latest version is better than it’s been in a long time. I still prefer the temp to be smaller and the radar to be next to it so I don’t have to scroll (esp since I use this in my car to get an overview of the weather while traveling—my CAR can give me a temp; I want a radar/satellite map when I look at the screen). However, it’s gotten easier to get the information. Now if that big, ridiculous temperature “dial” would just go away and the map move higher, it would get 5 stars.

- They’ve ruined the app.

I used to love this app. Used it several times a day and recommended to everyone. But no longer. They “updated” it and it stinks. I can’t think of one improvement that they made. And right now a storm is clearly coming out of the SE on the radar but the app say it’s coming from the NE. This is on top of rain not being calculated/reported accurately. Last year in August after we’d had almost 2’ of rain and my road was flooded for the first time in 40 years but the closest weather station reporting to them that we hadn’t had rain since May. I contacted them about it and they said a weather station hadn’t been calibrated or something like that. Whatever. It’s just not accurate or reliable in a lot of ways. I trust the radar but that’s about it. This isn’t data from your local meteorogist on the tv. It’s a bunch of people with weather stations on their roofs and that’s not reliable for a lot of the info you may want. How they screwed up wind direction tonight is beyond me. Don’t spend $ on this app.

- Devs — LISTEN to complaints!

UPDATE APRIL 6, 2020 App is still horrible. What complete destruction of such a good layout. And over the last couple of updates the developers are still stubbornly sticking to this degraded visual timeline. I’m done with App, unsubscribed from Premium, will no longer tell my friends about it. NOAA seems to be a fairly good substitute. Don’t know why developer egos get so huge they can’t admit when they’ve made a mistake based on customer feedback. And feedback here should tell you a lot. WHAT did you do to the previous clean interface?? This was my go-to app, checked it throughout the day, turned a bunch of my friends on to it. But what have you just done?? MAR 2020. It used to be a clean graphic timeline of the next 10 days and an easy pop in for the hourly view. Why can I no longer swipe left and right between my favorite locations? Where did the Webcams go that displayed at the bottom of the scroll so we can see real-time images? Why have SO many features disappeared? MOST of us access this app on our phones — why are you catering to iPad app and downgrading the mobile experience?? Please go back to the Premium design you had just a month ago. I will never refer this app to anyone again. Graphic timeline had a clean presentation. For the love of god don’t just think this update is good because you’ve paid someone a re-design fee. Put ego down and listen to your users who now hate it. We all see the reviews.

- Long time user

I am in agreement with so many others who have used this app for years. There is much less data than what wundrground website records from individual stations. There are so many weather apps out there this used to be the one that seemed to be most local. Not any more. Yes it fives the local station data, but the forecasts seem to be no longer based on local weather stations. The forecasts don’t even agree. The daily/weekly ones don’t agree with the hourly ones!?! It can’t be that hard to build a program to compare each weather station to a regional forecast and save that co parison data for each station. Then simply produce a local forecast for how the specific station varies from the regional data. It is sad that what was a great app (though it needed some improvements) has been so degraded. In the competition of weather apps this isn’t going to last.

- Another Weather App Down The Drain

As a weather enthusiast this was the app we (the weather enthusiast collective) used. It used to be a fun glorious app to use. All weather right at your finger tips. Crowd sourced hyper local forecasts with the ability to have home weather stations shared and to help other locals. We could choose how we wanted the weather laid out when we opened the app. Nothing was buried having to dive into a more section then scroll through graphs or down a page to get what in the old app was “just there”! I could go on a lot about how this app has been dissected and put together with “more” sections which are actually like a web based app deflates safari page and all of the users choices removed and great relevant information that is no longer available here. Oh wait I jus did… A big sincere thank you to the original Weather Underground for selling out to The Weather Channel and to The Weather Channel as well for giving us weather enthusiasts a wake up call as to how corporations will always move in an unconscious selfish direction as to make it so people are not informed and control and monopolize their product, (even if it is nature, hell who was it Exxon that tried to patent the sun lol), so that they can sell you back features. Us weather enthusiasts will just go back to tracking things the way we used to which is an individualized experience. We where having too much fun and got to lackadaisical and too informed. Thank You!

- Why?

I have had this app for years and used it almost daily. It was amazing and super accurate. To the point where I could say things like “it’s going to start raining in 18 minutes” and be right every time. That matters when you are working outside and need to cover your work but also on a time crunch and need to work every minute possible. I waited until the force update day. Annoyed at how many adds there now were and their placement but could deal with it. Annoyed that features previously available were now behind a paywall but I could deal with that. Woke up around 2:30 in the morning to the sound of rain, checked the app. Not only did it say nothing of rain but also informed me it was sunny out. In the middle of the night. Out of curiosity and habit I still check the app a lot. Not once has it been accurate. Why would they totally destroy such an awesome app? Looking for a new weather app and using the disappointing stock weather app that came with the phone until I find a new one.

- EDIT: REG OLD Weather app

Well, As it happens when a big company (IBM)buys a great little company...they change it so much that it loses what made it special. Can’t select the specific PWS that is next to me for precise weather(as far as I can tell), this was my favorite feature. However you can still do this on the website. I mean it’s better than the apple iOS weather...that’s not saying much. If you are a weather nut..there are WAY better apps. “My Radar”, “PWS Monitor”, “Carrot Weather”...Wunderground because of its past rep persist..but IMO it has started to blend in, rather than stand out among the other weather apps. So I’ve uninstalled you. Maybe you’ll come to your senses. Someday oh oh someday. LOL. OLD REVIEW... I keep jumping from app to app looking for that perfect weather app...all the while wondering why my favorite weather site doesn't have an actual app. Well, it was worth the wait. Detailed weather info, NOAA Radio streams! I LOVE IT! Thanks Wunderground! (added bounus, it's free!!)

- New release destroys simplicity of the app

The latest release has destroyed the concise and efficient display of the app. Increased scrolling is now required on both my iPad and iPhone to get the information that had been previously been available in one, quick glance. Why dedicated most of the screen to a giant round thermometer where before more metrics and a radar map could be seen. This is one of the worst “upgrades” of any iOS app that I have ever seen. Please bring back a “classic” mode that can be seated by the user, otherwise, you’ve lost me as a user. Since writing the above, the new iPad upgrade is a total kluge with the two columns. Clearly, no human engineering went into this upgrade. I have now replaced the app on both my iPhone and my iPad with the Wunderground Safari page saved to my Home Screen. Less scrolling and tapping with more onscreen information than the horrible upgraded app, but just as accessible as any app. It’s not perfect, but much better than the horribly redesigned apps.

- Useful and interesting

Great weather source; overall I find this source’s app reliable. It includes more detailed forecasting and lesser used forecasts (i.e. pollen counts, marine reports) are useful in this area: in the path of NW pacific storms pushed across the continent, being so near Lake Michigan, having urban areas so close to rural areas and wooded regions make for quick changes in conditions in a single day or by specific location. I respond best to visual information so the many graphs and ability to look at moving maps is valuable and fun to look at; I can go so far as to make some of my own conclusions on what to expect. Drawback: Updates help but sometimes bugs occur. I have found selecting a new reporting station or just reseting my location helps get back to normal. GLAD the widget is back!

- Not a fan of the updated version

I loved the previous version and recommended it to everyone. I agree with all other reviews regarding the decreased usability of the forced update. The biggest concern, which developers should address immediately, is the accessibility. The graphs are very difficult to read, with lettering that is far to small and lacking contrast in both light and dark mode (note I am relatively young and do not rely on special accessibility features. This is just really bad design and can’t imagine how someone with poor vision could use this). My kids used the app all the time to plan sports /activities and had automatic updates on their apps. I cannot reproduce what they said to me but let’s say they where outraged at the changes. Like good teenagers they both uninstalled the app and found something else. The weather data is still incredibly detailed and useful. The loss in usability is inexplicable. Hope they fix it soon!

- Widget? Information? Privacy? Less of it!

This used to be a great app. It had a wonderful and informative widget, giving a quick snapshot of what to expect for the day. Why did you get away with it in the update? The new version and its new layout is even more confusing and less useful. Information is hard to find and ads occupy considerably more space. Speaking of privacy, the app seems to be more intrusive and less reliable. I’m going to switch to a different app. UPDATE: The new version of the app has improved in terms of user privacy and contains clearer information about data use and advertising. The ads are still annoying and space-devouring. A widget is back, but it is NOT *the* widget that Wunderground used to have, which contained an informative, day-in-a-glance graph of temperature and precipitation. If this kind of widget is back, I will update my rating to 5 stars again.

- Still trash

Update: Poor excuse for weather app. Weather Channel kills another one. Update: Latest update brings back “landscape view “ but it’s just portrait view with empty edges. Still get ads. Don’t waste your time with this app. After years of this as my main weather app I’m done Weather Mate is my app now. Display in App Store is for the previous version NOT the current version. They keep updating this app but no changes to the interface. This was a great app for a quick look at the weather before these updates. The widget is gone and the new interface is inefficient, doesn’t include precipitation amounts, makes you scroll down, and doesn’t rotate to landscape view on iPad. I paid for an ad free subscription but ads continue to appear in spite of the response from the developers. Ever since Weather Channel bought this app it has continued to spiral down like all the other competitors apps that they have bought and destroyed. Weather Mate is now my go to app. Deleted this app!

- No longer my favorite. Too cluttered, obfuscates data.

Too many changes. The user interface used to be so clear and was so easy to decipher. The new forecast plots (Day) is vertically squashed and has lost its “at a glance” readability and versatility. Adding the nighttime forecast icon was well intended but the day time icon has lost clarity. In fact the day time icon do not agree with the forecast on my old phone. New shows windy, old show’s partly sunny. New for tomorrow shows cloudy with rain old version show’s partly cloudy with rain. Which is it? Too much squashed into a single display. Please restore the DAY/HOUR/Summary tab bar and the wind direction/speed circle icon so today’s weather summary icon shows “partly cloudy” not the un-informative “windy” icon. Ditch the second hourly display which steals valuable display space from the Forecast graph. Put it back on the tab. The pop up detail display with the sliding numerical data display is nice but I don’t often need that level of detail. I hate using it to find info that used to be displayed at a glance on the main Forecast. Please stop thinking change for change sake is an upgrade. I am smarter than you give me credit for. Don’t program for the least common denominator. Raise the bar: at least don’t lower it. I would keep using the old version but it has been purposely obsoleted. This new user interface is a disappointment. Looking for an alternative app.

- Confusing interface

I loved this app. Simple interface, hyper-local data from a network of personal weather stations... sure, it had a few quirks, but you could get basic or detailed info w/a few taps. It was especially nice for checking rural areas. Plus there was the name... and the best update notes out there, some hysterically funny. The new interface doesn’t seem to do much that the old one didn’t do better. I’ve been trying it for a few months now to see if it improved and am switching to another app. I find nothing intuitive about this interface and simply don’t have time to sit down and study it at length. I need something I can check quickly dx, and this app no longer fulfills that need. I’ll miss the old one, but I have no compelling reason to use the new one when there are very competitive programs available.

- No Hurricane updates?

One day I updated this app and the tropical storm section disappeared on me, yes I once paid to unlock features but not sure what happened and now it’s gone. Either way I guess we must profit off of potential natural disaster situations or pay up. I use the Hurricanes app for free and get radar, computer models and future forecasting. Thank goodness for that app so I can be on top of this Hurricane that will affect my area in the next few days. Since I had a computer I was so loyal to Weather Underground but the web site and app have just gotten scattered with ads and other nonsense that my loyalties are no longer with them. If ad revenue isn’t enough for your profit margins then maybe you’re not charging the advertisers enough. I’m so over the fees. It’s not like one small fee and you get everything it’s broken up into multiple fees to unlock everything. That’s cool though. Plenty of other choices out there.

- $48 a year!

The app interface is absolute garbage now. Before everything was on one screen. You could briefly glance at it and get your info. You could also customize it the way you wanted. Not anymore. This was the best weather app for the iPhone. The format was perfect why change it? The premium version went from 4 dollars a year to 48! They took their most popular app, which relies on user driven data, and jacked the price way up. Not to mention charge for features that were previously free. I will no longer be using this app. I know I could use the free version but it’s loaded with too many obnoxious adds. Congratulations on ruining the best weather app. UPDATE: instead of fixing this broken app, the devs decided to double down and lie. They have deleted thousands of one star reviews and have added fake five star reviews. That says a lot about a company. Rather than listen to their customers, they just lie and deceive even more. I will never download the app after this.

- Best Weather App

I have been a WeatherUnderground fan since it started up a long time ago as a webpage way before there were iPhones and Apps. It is easy to use, great local info, good radar map. Very reliable whether I am using it at home (in a large city) or at my remote cabin two states away. Always know what the weather is and can be prepared. The search feature is great. When I drive to my cabin I can pre check the different routes to avoid ugly weather. The app has pollen counts and air quality chart which is great if you’re an allergy sufferer or have health concerns. I love the pictures people post. I use this app multiple times a day everyday. It’s the best! Thanks WeatherUnderground!🌤🌬

- Weather Underground is useless

I used to be able to open weather underground and see my personal weather station, and go back and see how much it rained yesterday or the day before, etc. Now I have to push 4 different screens every time I want to see previous data. I can see my current temperature, etc. but otherwise I have no other information off of my weather station. Why was the app changed? In order to find previous information, I have to go down to the bottom of the screen, press weather underground, then go to my settings, then go to my weather station, then click on my weather station, and then finally I can find the information I need. I have to do this each time, I’m not able to save the current profile to my screen. Very frustrating and unusable. It used to work great but now it does not. I’m going to have to change to another app so it I can actually get useful information on my weather station.

- Something fishy going on

It’s almost universally acknowledged in the reviews that this once good app has been downgraded and destroyed by ill thought out updates. Even the latest version as of 7/20 is seriously poor. Sort the reviews by “most recent” and you’ll see. On the daily summary if you can want to see “more” information, the timelines become so large they don’t fit on your screen and you quickly become lost because it’s impossible to see what day you are looking at without absurd amounts of scrolling up and down. The fishy part is that despite all the negative and low star reviews - initially reflected in a decrease in overall star rating - the star rating has now climbed in past few months and the first review you see is a suspiciously positive one. I can only conclude that the developers and/or Apple are manipulating the reviews rather than deal with the real issue. I’ve lost trust in the App Store too if this kind of gaming is allowed.


I was using the app daily for years and now it’s utterly ruined. Ruined. IBM is soiling its good name by deliberately — apparently — buying and then sabotaging the only competition to its own, terrible Weather Channel products. It is clear that IBM has hired a crew of reputation-repair fake “users” to try to raise its average rating score with bogus 5, 4 and 3 stars but the torrent of outrage continues. It seems obvious that IBM is acting in bad faith here, but let’s test this assumption. If it’s money IBM wants, let’s test the good faith of IBM and treat this as a ransomware attack: IBM has taken from us something we’re so unwilling to part with that we will PAY to have it back. Lots of reviews are pleading with IBM to give us back Version 5 as a “classic” app. Many warn others not to upgrade and some—very tellingly—report that they are still using v5 on another device. So apparently v5 is still functioning at least for some and at least for a while. How many of us would willingly PAY for this v5 legacy version to be maintained permanently? Please, IBM, just figure out how much money you need to get from your loyal customer base and at least OFFER them a way to get their stuff back. It’s the least you can do. It’s what any garden-variety Internet pirate would do. IBM, please can I ransom my weather app back? I’ll pay whatever you want. Just give me my stuff back!

- Why?

I am no weather expert, but I used to love WU. It was easy to set up the App, quickly see clearly the info I needed, and really interesting when I had more time. Overtime it has gone downhill for me. Why did they mess up a good thing? The final straw for me is that every single time there is an update, it loses my premium membership status and I have to through the hassle of resetting it, which takes awhile because although the App resets, the website still shows me as a free-version user, so there are still ads everywhere! I NEVER use free Apps because I absolutely HATE ads. There’s no quick easy way to correct it. Why can’t they do an update without resetting us to free version? How hard can it be to keep our account info during/after an update? It’s happened too many times for me now, & combining that with the fact that I don’t like the more recent versions of the App, I’m finally dumping my membership and deleting the App.

- Terrible UI/No New Features

I absolutely miss the previous WU user interface. You were able to move the screens around so you could see the weather information that was important to you. Also the “new” features they advertise in this new 6.x version were already available and useful within the previous versions but now you have the “new” feature of paying for them! Summary weather forecast is also useless as the entire summary isn’t even readable, it’s chopped off. The developers state they appreciate the feedback and suggestions of the users, but over 3 months have gone by since releasing v6.0 with user after user saying the "new" features aren't useful and ruined a very intuitive and useful interface. They apparently don't appreciate the feedback after all. Good by WU. I’ve deleted the app from my phone. The weather channel completely ruined such a wonderful application when they purchased WU.

- Thanks TWC, I found something better

I used to support the ad-free version before the UI downgrade. I really cannot stress enough to the developers that they’ve actually implemented a system that is worse than the one it replaced. I have to imagine there were a lot of conference room meetings with a lot of really out-of-touch individuals for this product to actually have been released. On release day, the weather map didn’t even have a location indicator, you know, so people could see where they were in relation That’s a real DUH slap your forehead kind of detail that’s so obvious it should not ever have been overlooked, but it was, and the issue persisted for several bug fix releases. Oh Wunderground how you’ve lost your way. Used to be on top, but now that space is for someone else. I’ve moved on to another, better designed app...but I’m still bitter.

- Was great once, but no longer.

This used to be my favorite weather app. I referred it to everyone. Forecasts were accurate. Information was beautifully laid out and easy to read. I was very happy for many years. Then the app was bought out. I think that’s were the problems started. Data and forecasts became less accurate. Some days it was completely wrong about the current weather, let alone tomorrow’s. This past year or so has been horrendous. Nearly every time I open the app, it crashes. I have to open it 2-3 times before it’ll actually open and load data. Then, I have to give it another try because immediately upon scrolling it will completely freeze. Maybe it’s the large number of ads being loaded up? I’ve begun the search for a new app. That’s hard to do after being loyal to one for nearly ten years.

- Ads are the main feature

In the latest update, the first thing you notice is an ad front and center, which should not be the case for an app devoted to weather. Wunderground went from a hyper-local scientific weather study to what seems like a an ad-driven app similar to the amateur free games you’d find on the App Store or on a shady website. What’s unfortunate is that I’m sure the app designers didn’t want this, they probably fought against it, and some executive said they had to do it, totally ignoring the customer experience. What a great way to ruin the app, especially when you have so many competing options that have a similar function without blasting ads in your face (looking at you Dark Sky). But hey, that’s what happens when you get bought out by a larger media company like the weather channel who care more about their commercial interests instead of actually helping people know the weather.

- bad but somewhat improved

Since my last review the app has been updated and is perhaps usable at this point. I still miss the old version which was intuitive and well laid out, plus you could change the order to suit your needs. Having to click “more” to get more detailed info (which is actually the info I want to see by default) is annoying. Also on first glance it looked like “more” was going to pop up an ad. I miss being able to pick and reorder the widgets. The UV and other more detailed info, precipitation, barometric pressure, wind speed should not need an additional click. As an alternative photographer I use UV everyday, and also the upcoming forecast for UV which is still missing. It’s still almost as easy to just walk outside with my uv meter. For normal people, I imagine many people would benefit because uv=skin cancer. I still hope they will one day revert to the old version that everyone loved. ————-previous——— What were you thinking when you took a great app and remove everything useful about it? This recent update doesn’t revert any of that unfortunately. Thanks for gutting my favorite weather app and replacing it with this useless garbage. Keep hoping they’ll ditch this new ui crap but always dissappointed.

- No longer using

I concur with many others who are disappointed in the major updates recently made to this app. A few issues in particular: • The search list now contains the station name and it’s really hard to scan locations to find the one I want. Some locations don’t even have a name, I have to guess by the temperature which location it might be. • The radar map no longer animates. I don’t care about one instance in time, I want to see the direction the rain is moving, and if something bigger is about to roll over the area. • Especially dislike the separation of daily and hourly forecasts. One used to be able to scroll forward three days in time, then tap the hourly tab and see the hourly data for that time instantly. Now if one scrolls ahead three days and wants to see the hourly information one must go to the separate hourly section and scroll a ridiculous amount to get to the same position we were able to simply tap to see in the past. • Information like pollen count seems to have completely disappeared. Unfortunately, since IBM now owns most of the weather applications, there is no good alternative. It’s really sad when something so good is gone. I have gone back to Apple’s weather app. It’s not as good as this app once was, but it’s better than this one is now.

- Can’t look at all 10 days of forecast anymore

Maybe I’m an atypical weather user, but I’m generally not looking for current conditions. I have eyeballs, I can aim them towards a window and find out that information. Instead, what I have trusted wunderground for years to deliver is their excellent 10-day forecast. Now, with the website redesign last year, that information is no longer displayed by default when you open the page, cookies or no. And again, with this app redesign, even more emphasis on current conditions has been placed, crowding the 10-day down the page. The coup de gras comes when you finally get down to the extended forecast and find out you can’t look at the whole trend without scrolling. Seriously? No horizontal zoom? I used to be a subscription customer. I dropped that when they broke the perfectly functional wundermap on the website(which still isn’t fixed) I vowed that if they’d just put the 10 day back on the front page, I’d subscribe again. And now, I’ll express a similar sentiment towards the app. If you’d like to retain this 12 year user and regain a paying customer, bring back the features or allow feature customization, to let us have the nearly flawless product you had 3 years ago. Otherwise, I will be looking for a new weather app.

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- Still not great

The couple of minor UI improvements are fine and the reintroduction of the widget is a step in the right direction, but this app is still nowhere near the quality it was prior to its disastrous overhaul. The new widget is extremely basic compared to the beautiful, informative and intuitive one that existed before. I just can’t understand why you wouldn’t just reimplement that one (or why you would remove it in the first place). So many baffling decisions have been made with this app since it changed hands. I’m starting to lose hope that it’ll return to its former glory.

- Worse than the old WunderStation app

I miss the very helpful cloud cover forecast which was so good in the predecessor app. Also the windows are so clunky to access and when the forecast window is opened to full screen the daily temp forecast figures aren’t available. Also changing between different saved forecast regions is clunky and slow, it used to be a simple swipe left to move to the next station.

- The app does so much less than the old one

I used to have good access to my data every day. Rainfall, solar, UV, indoor temperatures, all accessible on the Weather Underground app. Elaboration at the touch of a finger to forecast times and reliability. That has all gone. No longer a good 'go to' app. That now goes to another. The other app is no longer supported it seems, for no matter the station it tells me 'a cloud has passed over and it should clear'. Not very likely it seems. Weather Underground and IBM have wrecked a perfectly good service

- Update Ruined the App

This app was previously great but now after the last update it is terrible due to the following: multiple intrusive ads, confusing UI, no forecast, etc. The worst part is: I have a weather station and share my data with them for free but they want to charge me money to use certain features that without my data they could not even supply! Shame on you guys and your greedy cash grab. Whoever is in charge should seriously rethink their strategy because it is doomed to fail.

- Hillarys

Originally I thought it was to see my weather station, but now realise can see many others. It is useful in Sailing as can see new winds coming and direction as well. Have set mine to auto locate and where ever I go, it gets the local weather. Why I did not get this before!

- Lose the gambling ads !

Not the app it once was!! The real strength of the app is it gives local weather. This is really helpful for planning outdoor activities. It’s weaknesses are a non-intuitive dashboard (since a disastrous overhaul) and pushy advertisements for GAMBLING amongst other things. I find it hard to reconcile this unpleasant, clumsy, app with the one I once valued.

- Disappointing, seems like a money grab

I just wanted a nice presentation of my own data, which by sharing with Wunderground makes it available to the world at large, but now they want me to pay for ad removal (which I already did as a one off in the past which I thought was lifetime) and think its OK . Well, Wunderground, it is not. I will be deleting my weather station from your database and logging out of the account until you see sense.

- A disgrace, support request ignored

Many others have complained about the awful design of the current version of this app, quite rightly. Additionally I already have a paid subscription expiring next year yet I’m expected to pay to get rid of awful, intrusive ads. Queries to developers ignored. Apple should take a lead with app developers who ignore their customers but worse double dip for $’s. I would not recommend this app to anyone.

- WHAT???

Wait. You’re using the data from my weather station but want me to pay an annual fee to access it? I don’t mind you aggregating data and charging for its use but really? Charging the people who are giving you the data to sell is unethical, immoral, and a blatant rip-off. If I don’t see a change I will disconnect my weather station from your site. I will urge others to do the same.

- Thank goodness it’s back

Used this app for years, then it disappeared much to my disappointment. Tried numerous other apps but not as good - forecast chart, satellite map all easily accessible.

- No data just forecasts

This app is so disappointing All the weather data is gone it is just forecasts and not what I want I want to know how much rain has fallen and what the temperature is Useless

- Trash

After looking for a new weather station I stumbled onto seeing that this app was back and I thought great, perfect you guys came to your senses and bought it back. But it’s trash bring back the old platform it had a 100% better layout and was full of extra info and easy to use. This is a huge disappointment.

- Inaccurate

This app use to be far more accurate. Forecast precipitation is useless even for 24 hour range. Then they would like us to pay for a 15 day forecast?! Forget that! Unfortunately I must also use this app to view my personal weather station data. You guys at WG have some how traded off quality. App is useless.

- Still my go to weather app

It's still a great app, but the scale on the temperature graph in the daily forecast section is now so small that the graph is useless. Please change it back.

- Bad redesign

The new app is poorly designed and looks worse than the previous design. You have to scroll down to see the weather forecast, and for the local station I linked to, it shows nothing - that’s the first thing you see. Please bring back the old version.

- App become less user-friendly

Recent Updates changed layout from simple and intuitive to confusing and often inaccurate. Now hard to find info, and when I do it is often wrong. Developers tweaking have spoiled a formerly valuable resource for us in regional/rural areas.

- Total Scam

I bought the Holman Aspect WiFi from Bunnings thinking that I’d bought a weather station that was WiFi connected with an app to view my data. Not an ad laden weather app that I can eventually find my weather station on. Complete waste of $349 I’m taking this back for a full refund

- Reasonable, impossible to get feedback, some major flaws

Major issue - rain accumulation - near useless function of Maps .... no one knows what the figures mean, they don’t relate to weather station data, and there is no explanation Have tried to get feedback on this issue ..... impossible

- No more premium

Great App Until it takes premium away I have even got my own private whether station and had premium for a year and now there no premium free anymore and it’s just full of adds Can’t see long range forecast anyway And just so many adds

- Update removes login for add free

The app is great. But why remove PWS login ? Just so everyone pays $6 I just don’t get it unless it is all about profit move not the community based PWS weather.

- Great app gone wrong (iPad) me too!

Not only have the ads become obtrusive. But the latest update has changed the interface to the same small presentation as the iPhone. Shame, was the best weather app around.

- If only there was negative stars!

They don’t reply to multiple emails and I can find my station to connect to. I can’t even say they provide poor service. They don’t provide any!

- Not really Family Sharing...

Heads up! The premium version (without ads) is an in-app purchase! The Wunderground app does not include Family Sharing with any in-app purchases. There is no advantage for family members to download a ‘Free’ (to receive ads) app version, via a Family Sharing account? A disappointing factor for the community adding data to Wunderground via their private weather stations.

- Why did you change the app

If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it. You guys screwed yourselves. You should just re-release the previous version of the app

- Rendered useless

It’s sad but this once-great-app is now useless, it’s had it’s core hollowed out. Riding on the back of free data from the community this has been a very clumsy attempt to monetise. Stick a fork in it, she’s done. Thankful for PWS monitor as an alternative.

- Useless

Absolutely awful. This app used to be good, but no more. Resetting rating will not fool anyone. Does not work with Ios Voice Over accessibility for vision impaired, which is a breach of US law. Does not deserve even one star.

- Backwards step

Absolutely terrible update, can’t understand the direction they are heading but it’s not up. Hard to use with info now hidden and very glitchy.

- Why mess with a good app

This app used to be great. But it’s been really messed around with, with really bad results. Now almost impossible to get simple representation of my data. Why did you mess with so ???????

- Version 6 introduced less features

I used to use weather underground often. Unfortunately version 6 not only took some of the features out but also made more difficult to get the information at a glance. How do I send a report? Weather underground was based on getting the information from small stations and people sending reports of actual weather in their area! What happened? They should change the app name as well. I used to use the smart forecast for bike riding now a paid feature. I understand that the app needs money to continue run and improve but I think the model select is not ideal plus why would I pay for a feature that was free before. What happened to the beautiful “infographics”?? Weather cameras?

- Still ... thumbs down

Came back to see any changes. Nope! As most say, the original version gave what I needed on the farm. Now no longer!

- They removed the widget

Used to have this as my top widget to look at the weather, looked rly pretty and was great. They removed it in the update and you were forced to update. Will delete now :( v sad

- Uh Oh...

This app was good, clearly it has forgotten about UI/UX design. Please go back to the drawing board and review what users want. Not sure what the new design was trying to achieve.

- From bad to worse

Useless badly designed and frustrating - so sad to see mismanagement

- so so so bad

no sure how they managed to make such a terrible app. where is my data? it was so much better before.

- Bring back WunderStation

Bring back WunderStation...

- Poor data of my own PWS

I purchased a personal weather station (PWS) so I could see what is happening live at our home location when away, to collect and plot data. The PC version seems to have the information required, but the app tends to focus on USA even though I am on the opposite side of the planet. It does not seem to have the ability for me to look at all the my data, history and charts for my own PWS, keeps defaulting to USA imperial units. When I own the PWS and contribute the data.... My expectation is that I own my data and should have full access to it. When I log on, I want it to open to my station with all my data showing up by default ... F#*^^*K USA who gives a S&%^#{T what is happening to the weather in another country, let alone the other side of the world.

- Disappointed. Latest update is unfair and unsuccessful.

Wunderground used to be my favourite weather app but this update has spoilt it for me. My favourite previous *standard* feature that I had once paid for (Smart Forecasts) are now a ridiculously expensive optional paid extra. And to add to this change, I don’t even have basic features working such as current temperature, precipitation, wind, etc. These dials are blank. Under my rights from the Department of Fair Trading, I would like a refund of my original purchase price for failing to provide the product that was originally represented. I would not have purchased this app based on what is currently being provided.

- Availability and accuracy

I would love to say the app works perfectly for me - but it doesn’t. Partly this is because we exist on satellite comms so our connection will always be problematic but also - largely - because when the connection is working really well, the two local weather stations closest to us are frequently off the air (or seem to be) and we get “forecast unavailable”. Another point which bugs us is that past temperatures and rainfall measurements (ie. the day before) are not shown. Why not? Anyway, overall, we are very glad to have a local weather forecast -when it is available!

- Outstanding weather widget

Has become my favourite weather app for its intuitive graphs that show me the key weather predictions in a flash, both inside the app and in the notification centre. The standout feature is this is the best notification centre weather widget I've ever seen, and I've tried a lot of weather apps. The fact that it also has an excellent interface and quality information inside the app is a bonus.

- A Retrograde Update

The previous version was spot-on as a resource to go to many times a day to get your latest personalised weather. This lates version fails on the very basics - no auto-rotation on an iPad or iPhone - WHY??? Or is there a simple configuration button somewhere that I haven’t found yet that allows the app to turn. So frustrating that I’m not using it any more! Get your acts together - consider all that was in the previous version before you make an radical change to the interface. Disappointing.

- Dynamic, accurate, annoying ads

Wunderground is excellent for its highly localised forecasting, which I have used successfully in many parts of the world. It adapts quickly to new data and is very reliable on that front. However, the user experience is marred by ads. Despite paying for an ad-free service, they still pop up. It’s not a good reflection on the providers of this service, to promise ad-free browsing, take my money, but not to have ensured that it actually works.

- Great when it it works

When it works, very happy with it. However: Apple Watch does not connect properly. When invoked on the watch, it “sits” showing blank screens, it only appears to work when the app is started in the phone. When it does run, it show completely incorrect data, IE -8 when it’s clearly in the high teens. Not sure if the location becomes confused. There are some it’s to Iron out. In the meantime, I stopped using it on the watch as it is too unreliable on that device

- Love this app

Love it, better than Bureau of Meteorology and the Weather Channel by a long shot. Localised weather where we live on the coast of WA is vastly different to city forecasts and this app tells me weather specific to my suburb and is so good at giving up to date information that a wind direction change visible by watching the water and seaweed behaviour at the beach was picked up on the app after I refreshed it. Couldn’t live without Wunderground!

- Sometimes...

Sometimes you get a data rich report on current and future weather. Most times you get a couple of data elements from the current and future weather. It might be the temperature, possibly also/or the wind for your station. On good days you might also see yesterday's forecast and a random number or two from another future forecast, but you don't know which day, or which parameter it is related to. It could be awesome, if it was reliable...

- Disappointed with latest update

I have used this app for a few years now and have been very happy with it until the recent update. I’m particularly disappointed that the app only works in Portrait orientation, which makes it difficult to read on my iPad. It also seems to be overly complicated and shows way too much data on the home page. Contact with the developers through the app has not been acknowledged.

- Must-have for International travel

I travel extensively. I find that local apps may be more “accurate” but nothing beats Wunderground as an absolutely essential tool for any global traveller. It’s easy to use and smart about remembering your searches. You don’t have to join up to make it fully work, either. Even the ads are discretely managed. Don’t leave your homeland without it!

- Brilliant weather app with annoying bug

This is an excellent weather app with very useful features. Unfortunately, one extremely nifty feature is marred by a simple easy-to-fix bug: when Celsius is selected for temperature units (as it will be in most of the world), the numeric temperature value in Smart Forecast detail view is in Fahrenheit. So you get a forecast temp of 80C, which would be very worrying if true.

- Excellent

Great weather app. Even tells you when the rain is going to start and finish and the forecasts are very accurate. More accurate than BOM and being able to access my weather station and other peoples from anywhere is a valuable tool. As more weather stations come onboard it will only be better. Excellent

- Excellent features

I particularly like how it plots the temperature over the next few days, also putting in accuracy suggestions for current weather conditions is a great idea, having the radar integrated also allows you to check rainfall conditions that are coming, well-designed layout, thanks

- My

Fantastic system, the weather controls my working life, and the Wunderground app, lets me look into on the ground, up to date, weather info right around me, and all over the world. The most wonderful weather reading creation, to have individuals weather stations linked in to your base for everyone to access.

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- Fall from grace

This app used to be so good. After being bought out and updated, it is now horrible and horribly inefficient to get info. After years of usage, I will move on.

- This is the Tim Hortons of apps

This was a great app until it was bought out; just like Tim Hortons. This was the only weather app I used to trust. It gave me very accurate weather conditions for my area. When Wunderground was sold, I upgraded and paid for premium but the app was horrible. I won’t use it now just like I won’t buy the awful Tim Hortons coffee.

- Fail

Apparently your attempt to destroy an app has been rendered successful. Congratulations. An IBM company write off.

- Formerly a good app

Price goes up, features go down. Pity.

- Months in, new app still much worse than precious

Update (March 2020): now that last year’s $2.79 subscription has expired, I see that to get another ad-free year and “premium” functions (they’re really not that special) will now cost $26.49. What a disgrace. The app is still a worse design than before it was bought out, and it’s ten times more expensive! A total disgrace. Update (March 2020): there have been improvements since my last review, such as precipitation amounts, but this remains a poor design compared to the previous Wunderground app. It’s like they tried to reinvent the wheel all over again, and did it poorly. Update (January 2020): The more I use this new update, the more I hate it. Looking for other weather apps. It is so bad! Has been a great app till now, but the new UI is less clear, more complicated and more confusing. In the old UI you could see several important pieces of information in once glance. Now you have to poke around trying to figure out a) where information is and b) how to read it. A major step backwards.

- A great app ruined

Far less info (time of sunrise/sunset, first/last light, moon info) and what there is is far more jumbled and confusingly presented. But now with extra ads,

- Ruined

Adding insult to injury, those of us that balked at upgrading because of how horrible the new version is are now being told that our old apps are being ‘retired’. If you don’t want to support us former paying customers, or provide us with the ‘new’ features, fine. But to then disable our otherwise functioning apps just rubbing salt in the wound.

- Where art thou update

No update for the new iOS 14 and no communication on features either....seriously wondering how much support the devs are giving this app.

- The death of a once great app

I am so sad to say that the once great Wunderground app has been rendered almost useless in the latest version. If they are there at all, the once great “at a glance” features are now either one or two clicks away or missing altogether. If the developers of this site are interested in keeping any of their loyal base they will take immediate steps to move back to their previous versions and find some other way to increase advertising revenues. If they don’t, I for one will be finding another weather app.

- Big Tech--where all good apps go to die

Weather Underground was once a functional, well designed weather resource. Now it is a bloated advertising cash cow (even if you are a subscriber) for IBM. Definitely a big F- for this previously amazing app.

- Lost Touch

This used to be my go to app for weather. Clear, concise and easy to find the information I wanted. The 10 day forecast with the graph was great. The latest update has ruined it.

- Not good anymore

This used to be a great app. Now it is both expensive and horrible.

- Frequently crashes

Seems to crash every time the app is opened. Hugely annoying.

- Useless app by greedy company

I own a PWS for many years and the app including the so called premium features used to be free in exchange for me uploading my PWS data to wunderground. They even advertise that they are the best weather app BECAUSE of so many PWS uploading their data. With these changes I will take my PWS offline and move to another platform. Why share my data for free if they treat their data source like this. I can only hope more PWS owners feel the same...

- Useless and expensive

Use to be the best and now charging 1000x more for the same app

- May aswell just delete it now

App used to be my favourite, then you people changed the format of it. And it wasn’t better.. now I just updated the iphone software.. now the app crashes instantly, updated the app, still crashes.. well, garbage can it is then.. sorry

- From the absolute best to absolutely useless

Congratulations IBM, you really screwed the pooch with this one. (This app doesn’t deserve any stars)

- I’m not so sure about this app anymore

I’ve been using weather underground for several years and I really liked it but lately it hasn’t been working very well. I have to do several reboots or delete it all together and reload it before it starts functioning properly on my iPhone 6s. Not sure what’s going on but I’m starting to use other weather apps.

- Horrible - Stay with the old version!

I use to love Wunderground until this update. What a mistake! Sadly will have to find an alternative. Where’s the 0 star?

- What’s happened?!

I used to really like this app and even recommended to my friends. But unfortunately it’s stopped working and it’s been like this for sometime.Just sad but I think it’s time to move on with something different.

- When will they learn?

Watching what I used to boast to my friends about being the best weather app fail miserably due to buyout and their desire to make their own mark. I hope they realize how terrible that decision was and maybe they could swallow their pride and roll back updates to the old version. It used to do such a succinct job at showing all the info on a very easy to read graph, now it’s overly complicated, costs more and I’ve moved on.

- Extortion

My rural community build their weather station using this app and now we don’t have the features we have been using for years. Horrible update

- Amazing

It’s amazing how great apps are bought by larger companies and then ruined. WU was a great app but not anymore. RIP

- Can’t set location on iPad

Seems to wok on iPhone but is very poor on iPad for setting location. Won’t use it on my ipad.

- Was once great

This was sooo much better before it was sold. I really appreciated the highly localized data down to neighbourhoods in my city. I even tried the paid premium service after it was sold to see if it was better. It was not worth it. That was a mistake that I won’t be repeating. Just downgraded from 2 to 1 stars as now I am getting adverts only 1 month after purchase of a year long subscription. Just pathetic!

- Total jumbled mess. Find another app.

Used to be great. Now just a confusing mess. Too bad

- Was good, now it is bad

Another stupid subscription, with a hi price tag. This is so dumb...

- Wow did they ever ruin it

Horrible design/layout. Virtually unusable. Ads scattered seemingly everywhere. It used to be good but now it looks like it was designed by committee. Ever see “If MS invented the iPod” on YouTube? It’s evolution is just like that.

- Used to be good!

Well, where is my favorite weather app gone? Used to love it and was easy to read! Hate it now! Looking for another one...

- Ruined it

Use to be my favorite weather app...

- Was the best, not any longer

Features that worked well and have been useful in past are now totally unusable. Smart forecasts are virtually impossible to use. I can’t think of anywhere on Earth humans would where the air temperature is 90C yet that’s the default upper range for cycling. The lower range is 40C which is not a comfortable ride either. Adjusting these is incredibly difficult, bordering on impossible. Sad such a great and functional app has been ruined. It just confirms the old story about IBM is still true: you can buy better but you cannot pay more.

- Ok App. Need dew point

Good App. Please add the dew point forecast. On the forecast graphs. This is present on the web site.

- Formerly 5 star

I previously had this app at a 5 ⭐️ rating, however since the last update or two, even when switched the metric, the map when on Rain Accumulation, still shows it in Inches and not MM for us in Canada. Please fix this bug.

- Still buggy, and so so UI, but useable now

This is my second round as a subscriber after about a one year break. The forecasts don’t crash anymore! I appreciate the many weather stations and their locations in my local backcountry, it’s helpful in planning better mountain trips. I with the stations came with more descriptive names. The smart forecasts are still buggy - they have absurd Celsius ranges, and the sliders are super buggy to adjust. Why don’t favourites and smart forecasts synch between my phone and iPad?? I did pay $25 for this Will the Apple Watch complication ever return? Why no forward models on the radar map??

- Was the the worst!!

Look elsewhere!!

- Air quality highly questionable

You cannot tell me that huge cities like Hong Kong, London or New York have a better Air Quality than does rural oceanfront Nova Scotia and have me believe it. If one panel is so inaccurate, the quality of information on all of the panels is questionable. I’m looking for a more trustworthy app.

- New version excellent increased use of ADS

New version is far more complicated. Lacks the simple detail In attempting to provide more detail you complicated the detail to the point it is more confusing than useful. Going somewhere else What??? Pouring rain Radar doesn’t show it at all Forecast cloudy with sunny periods

- Absolute Crap

Used to be my go to weather app. Was great and I paid to have the No Ad option. Since the buyout you can no longer do this. Tons of ads that block content and waste time trying to find data. Takes FOREVER to load. Garbage. Piece of crap now that is going off both my phone and iPad.

- Was forced here

Now that they have retired the app where I could get local data and forced me to this all I can say is UNINSTALLING

- I shouldn’t have updated

What was once free, smart forecasts, is now a subscription model item. The subscription model offers less than what other apps offer. I’ve also noticed the UI in this app is getting worse and worse, oh how they fall!

- Very disappointing!

This was my ONLY app for weather for over 10 years. Coast guard in Florida suggested it to me. Now it has gotten so poor, I will need to look for something else. It is also missing the app for my Apple Watch which is important to me.

- What Happened???

This used to be a fantastic app. It allowed the user to customize meteorological data to suit their individual needs, and had multiple options for views/displays. All the customization is now gone in this new app. This is a case of ruining a perfectly great app and turning it into something less that useful. Please go back to the drawing board and revive what this app once was

- Following Suit with a 1-Star Review

My main reason for having this app was the widget, then they took it away. I reviewed it poorly saying if it doesn’t come back, I’ll delete the app. The widget is back, but it’s not the same, it is much worse. I’ll probably try a bunch of other weather apps now.

- Spectacularly bad.

Ratings dropped from 4.8 to 2.5, even after the developer reset them to clear the complaints. Move along, nothing to see here.

- Poor set up

I don’t like the latest version- I have to hunt around to find the summary for the day. Obviously that’s what you want to look at when you open it. I can look out the window and see if it’s raining at the moment - I want to plan my day - what’s going to happen? I used to love this app now it’s horribly frustrating to navigate.

- No news

This weather app has somewhat improved but there is no live news; the maps are limited and the design is not appealing. The fees of $26 is way to high for what your are getting. Not good!

- Been my go to weather app

I’ve been a user for years. But recently, it would just hang, failing to load the nearest station, as it always had before. Just got tired of trying to reload. I’ve the latest phone, excellent wifi and up to date software, so I’ve concluded I need to find a new weather app. Love the interface and the ethos behind the app. But it needs to work.

- Widget is back not the same

I use this app mainly because of its easy and beautiful widget. They removed the wonderful feature and now bring back with a incomplete widget. Still not happy with it. Bring back hourly weather predictions and the beautiful diagrams to the widget!!!

- Used to be great, now useless

Used to be great, but the mandatory update removed the most useful features and made the interface unintuitive. Almost useless now, I won’t be keeping it.

- Older version was much better

The version from two years ago was a delight. The present version lacks the ease of use and is devoid of previous features that now require payment to upgrade to. I’m deleting this app in favor of the weather network!

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- Getting better

I just wanted say take the app is getting much better! We were on a trip and I could bring up the app and it would let me know where I was with the blue dot marking my location. This feature allows the user to gage the on coming weather and to make decisions as to should you stay on the road or to get off and take shelter! No more aspects that would be nice would be to have the app go to landscape when you turn the phone on it’s side like you did for the iPad. This let’s you see a wider view of the weather systems. Thank you for the improvements that have been made to the app since the big change over. The improvements have made the app more useful and user friendly.

- It’s FANTASTIC (unless you compare it to the old version)

I used the older version of this app and LOVED IT. Believe it or not I would actually nerd out over the app and recommend it to other people (I’m not someone who would normally do that haha). However as you can probably see from a lot of the other reviews the new version is not up to par with the old one. I recently redownload it to give it a try again and idk, it’s alright. It’s better than most of the other weather apps but there’s a lot of small things in it that are kind of annoying. If you’ve never downloaded the app before and it’s your first time using it I think you’d be satisfied. I really appreciate the hour by hour wind prediction no ride my bike to work! I have app suggestions but I’m not going to include them here. If you’ve used the app before and are coming back to see if they fixed it I say give it a second try. It’s still not what it used to be but it’s better than other options. For new comers, I bet you’ll love it.

- Recent overhaul is junk.

I started using this app about 5 years ago because I had bought a personal at-home weather station that allowed me to share my data with the online community via Wunderground. Though I could nitpick and suggest improvements to the previous app version I had used for years, it was my go-to weather app, I was satisfied, and I never felt compelled to add a rated review one way or another. That has now changed: I absolutely hate the new version. The interaction feels like using some spammy no-name low grade app some beginner wrote that is trying to make a living off ad revenue. Yes, I know this isn’t reality, but that’s the unprofessional feel I get from using this app now. I’m going to delete it and simply use the weather app that iPhone came installed with -which I’ve never liked, but that’s how bad Wunderground’s app is now.

- Great content; poor execution

The weather information is great, but the app not so much. I completely understand that WU needs to make money, but...often it seems like the most important thing is to load ads. Whether the weather content will ever load is a lesser priority. The most aggravating to me is how often the radar screen simply won’t load the radar info. Ads? Check. Actual radar data? Maybe, maybe not. I’m 100% onboard with having to view ads to keep the app funded, but I’d also like to see the actual weather content, too. I’m using the latest version of iOS with (very) high speed Internet. I don’t have loading problems with any other app. I keep using it because the data is worth the frustration/effort.

- Do not update to 6.x!!!!

Regression fix: they finally reintroduced picking the weather station on the map. You click on the radar map and zoom in to find circles. Clicking on one and choosing to see forecast makes it your current station. This app is so broken. And, amazingly, the reviews are becoming deceptive also. There used to be over 40,000 reviews. Now there are ~6000. That would make sense if they were reset given the latest downgrade in functionality. But there is no way the current 4.5 star rating is valid if that is what happened. Glad the IBM logo is now there so I know who is responsible. /—- Not sure what happened to my previous review; I would like to reference that to show how good the app used to be, while listing the regressions 6.x introduced. Time to check out other weather apps while I hope these regressions are rectified Watch app&complication removed No Rain will continue/start at on base screen Summary lead (meaning top of page) screen does not have radar map any more (you have to scroll) Buggy precipitation details screen. Sometimes the height of the bar gets stuck at a level and sometimes the text gets stuck. It becomes only good for seeing when rain will start.

- Better before, a little messy/glitchy now

I’ve had this app for years, and it’s still the most accurate data I’ve found anywhere. Unfortunately things went downhill at the same time an update was released, and instead of just “Wunderground” it said “IBM” underneath. Yeah, IBM doesn’t understand that apps are usually better when they’re sleeker. No one wants to spend forever clicking through different menus just to see the dang weather forecast summary. The layout has just made the app a lot messier. But another issue is that every few weeks, my app with glitch out and give a weather forecast that’s identical each day (sunny, high of 73/low of 71/currently 72). For whatever reason the actual forecast won’t load, so I’ll have to go to another app to check the weather. I’ve been fooled before by the fake forecast and not dressed appropriately. At least now I know to look twice! All that said, there’s some great info on this app! Day/night length, severe weather warnings, and a whole bunch of stuff I never look at. It’s just got a pretty terrible UI. Definitely disappointed in the direction of the app. Just go back to how it was, please!

- Keep coming back.

I’ve used weather underground on and off for over 10 years. With the local stations it’s simply the most accurate there is for temperature, wind, and humidity levels if you look at the map for the closest station to you. With climate change this data is becoming increasingly important whether it’s fire, rain, or wind, it’s important to have accurate information ahead of time. Following trends can tell you a lot. I just wish there was an app for my Apple Watch because now I need to rely on apple’s weather app or Dark Sky, because they’re both supported. I think it’s about time you are too. Thanks

- New Update Restores Best Feature.

UPDATE: They returned the comparative yesterday/tomorrow feature which is one of the most useful features all other weather apps avoid. I’ll be using the app again, despite some of its other flaws!! OLDER REVIEW: I have been an avid Wunderground user for years. I have recommended it to dozens of people because of its comparative weather forecast where with one click you could tell how much warmer or colder today will be from yesterday. I cannot fathom why you would remove the ONE most useful feature you had that no other weather app has. I used the app almost exclusively for this feature. PLEASE PUT IT BACK.

- updated: done after 6 years

Watch out. They are deleting people’s bad reviews to skew the average. You would think Apple would investigate multiple people having their reviews removed but nope! Before IBM took over this app was amazing. Then they sold out and the weather channel ran it into the ground. Where is the hurricane tracker?! I took a direct hit from Isais and I had to use a different app to see the storm track!! The interface is cluttered and confusing, colors everywhere and graphs that are hard to understand. Gave them a few months to rethink their choice. Now I’m done. Goodbye!! OLDER REVIEWS BELOW This was by far my Favorite weather app. The latest update ruined it. The useful little things like precipitation amounts have been removed. It’s cluttered, ugly, and user unfriendly. EDIT: my review was deleted, along with thousands of other one-star reviews. I will be frequently checking back to re-submit it to make sure it stays up. They’ve added precipitation amounts back after we hounded them about it. But Do they even realize half the time you can’t even read the whole summary for a day? It gets cut off with no clear way to expand it. There’s a reason for all these 1-star reviews....because the long-time users such as myself are unhappy. 👍🏽

- Still a shadow of its former self.

Hey yo. Just dropping by yet again to confirm that the new WU remains a poor shadow of its former self, with essential functionality behind an absurdly high subscription cost, and ongoing evidence of review manipulation. Look elsewhere. Carry on. PREVIOUS REVIEWS: ————— Classic WU was a gorgeously, brilliantly designed piece of work, and yet y’all seem to be plowing ahead with band-aid sprints and fix-its, dead set on this redesign. I’ve also noticed that when the developers stop by to comment on reviews (usually for like... a minute, right after releasing a rare update), they might promise that the app is being worked on, but they NEVER mention the 1000% price hike — a massive source of customer dissatisfaction. C’mon y’all. ————— Aware of what’s been going on with this app, I’ve been very carefully avoiding the update for weeks now on one device, hanging on to my outdated version of WU for as long as it works, trialing alternative weather apps, and waiting for any substantial word from the developers on this clear disaster of a rollout. There’s been zero real communication to date, so I’m coming to terms with the fact that the best weather app ever may be officially dead and gone. I’ll keep an un-updated copy of WU for as long as I can, but I’m moving to a new default app for now.

- Update is GARBAGE - listen to your users!!!!

NEGATIVE REVIEWS ARE BEING REMOVED! Would love to see some justice here. I deleted this app in late January after struggling with the massive overhaul’s utter unusability, but have returned occasionally to the reviews hoping for a miracle. I’d so happily start using WU again if the “classic” interface was offered! SO SOOO many poor reviews have actually been deleted—thousands of them—that it is clear the developers are certainly NOT interested in honest feedback. At one point, things had dropped all the way from a 4.8 to a 2.9, which is likely where they should still be, or lower. WU, this is deceitful and BAD. What a horrible example of zero integrity and humility. Such a simple fix: offer the option for users to choose the “classic” version. Introduce the new interface as an option, listening to feedback on interface, intuitive usability, and accuracy—then migrate all users over. DON’T lie to us. Shame on you. ———— Come on weather underground, get it together. You’re clearly losing fans left and right—users who have faithfully lauded your previously excellent features and begged you to JUST GIVE US WHAT WE NEED: simple, accurate, at-a-glance weather. Everyone makes mistakes. Fix yours, please. We miss our old weather app buddy.

- Still glitchy in such a basic way?

I held off for as long as I possibly could on updating to the current version. Made it a couple years before the data stream for the only part I use (the weather station reports on the Wundermap). I had lowish expectations for the new versions, and it seems that was warranted. For some reason, the Wundermap now freezes for a couple seconds after every pan or zoom, which is maddening. How do you screw up such a basic feature as map navigation?? I hope this is a new bug that will quickly be fixed and not one that’s been around a while. I guess we’ll see with the next update. Just makes me glad I only use this app for the current temperature readings. For the rest of my weather needs, I’ll stick with RadarScope, MyRadar, and Avanti Weather.

- Used to be good

It seems that each new version is a little worse than the one before. I have used this since it came out and had Weather Underground on my computer since I got one. Now, if I want to see the full forecast in words the app requires me to scroll down then click on two items to get a forecast that is very often truncated with no option to see the remaining text. “Snow accumulating . . .” leaves out some important information. Also the hourly forecast is now two different graphs that take up much more room than is necessary. The bottom graph contains the precipitation amounts. Because the hours are only listed above the first graph, as you slide through the day and next day you can’t see what time of day you’re looking at. I’m taking this app off of my phone.

- Ugh gross, huge ad bars on BOTH the top and bottom.

What’s the point of having edge to edge display when dumb app creators clutter up the viewing real estate with HUGE top and bottom ads. Almost half the screen is now unusable with disgusting place holders for future ads. By the positioning of these bars, these ads are GOING TO BE INTRUSIVE. Less data is going to fit in one glance thanks to its obnoxiously large and bulky UI. Why not make the bulkiness AN OPTION. A separate app perhaps? I preferred the old subtle design. Now its ugly and too colorful. The app is confusing to maneuver, I prefer the floating menu bars. I like to see manipulations in real-time. The layers are an extra step, requires switching back and forth to see the change. Honestly who thought this was okay? Why not test out and create a SEPARATE app for tasteless people? Instead of ruining this one? The new pay scheme also blows. TOo many subscriptions to pay for, yet another subscription to NOT look forward to. Its too expensive. I’ll stick to the ad ridden sode of things until I can’t stand to look at this ugly app anymore. I’m sure the intentions were good. Thank you for the previous app versions. I very much enjoyed this app in the past I would have paid a fair price for, I was a true fan.

- Upgrade Disappointment, Profiteering Resentment

I, unfortunately, upgraded at a time when profit was built in to the app. I used the “activity” forecaster to allow me to know when to ride my bicycle (reducing pollution, exercise, etc) based upon the parameters set-able. Also, the upgrade in mapping feature has made viewing less easy or functioning. Fixing something that wasn’t broken, and making users pay for one more thing is really tiring and frustrating, ultimately during this period of financial crises tied with the pandemic. Bravo to the makers, and while you think about that and count your profits, I will look for another, community based app with better service or decide to look outside for the weather. Phooey! Up to two stars for what it once was...less than five now.

- Was the best. Now useless.

I came back just to see if they cleaned up or restored any of what they wrecked, and nope, it's still a mess. For people that are chiming in to say it's not as bad as people are saying, you clearly were not using it previously or to any degree of necessity. I've been a mountain delivery driver in Colorado for 5 years. I deal with 2ft.+ snow dumps and wind gusts up to 110mph at elevations of 10,000ft.+ — this app used to be the only thing that would cut it for me. I am also formerly a professional graphic designer. The layout used to be great at a glance, and normally was more accurate than countless others I tried, to the point that I was usually informing others of the forecast and they were asking me. I used to recommend this app a lot. Now it's a clunky mixed bag that even after downloading several times again in hopes of it improving is still a visual catastrophe.

- Air Quality Incorrect -Can’t view stations

This app isn’t what it used to be :-( Now that IBM owns it they took away features like the ability to check my local neighborhood stations. If you want that, it seems you have to pay. Today when I look at my city it describes the weather as “Smoke” but says the Air Quality is Good at 46 with a note encouraging users to get out and bike. There are wildfires all around at the moment. When I open my door, it smells like fire. I know there’s a Spare The Air Alert today with AQI at 107 Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups. This inaccurate information by Weather Underground can impact people’s health if they rely on it to make decisions about exercise, etc. Do you think I will pay to for inaccurate information IBM? Nope. Looking for a better app now... after years of loyalty to WU. :-(

- Good but going down hill

I have been using this app for several years and it used to be the best weather app you could find. It is still good but definitely not as good as it used to be. While much information is available it is not easy to read, especially on a phone. It is almost as if the app is now made for bigger screens like a tablet. There used to be a section on severe/tropical storms that I am no longer able to find. Even the hourly and summary reports are tougher to read than they used to be. I haven’t looked for a replacement app yet. Still holding my breath that this one will return to be as great as it used to be. But if it doesn’t begin to improve I may start looking around. Anyone have recommendations

- The app was better before!

This used to be my go-to app for weather, but not any more! The graph in version 6.5 for the Daily Forecast is too small vertically, minimizing the perception of the temperature fluctuations between high and low and between each day (issue 1), and when you tap More the temperature graph is great, except there is no high & low temperature displayed for each day (issue 2), so you have to eyeball it by moving the “measuring bar” which is really annoying. Also, if the temperature is high, then the time and date display at the top of the “measuring bar” is displayed over the Temperature such that only the Feels Like is readable (issue 3). BTW, the Preview for the iPad app still has the images for the good previous design, while the Preview for the iPhone app has new images and shows the issue with no high & low temperature displayed.

- Bad UI choice

EDIT: Seems like they’re deleting 1 star reviews and replacing them with fakes. I have long deleted this app, but will continue to give my support to the team at IBM to go back to the old design. You guys have really messed up the app, please revert to the original design. Really sad to see what has become of a once great weather app. Seeing that you guys recently deleted a bunch of reviews, I’m here to repost mine. I’m not here to be rude or mean, but it’s obvious that you guys are not listening to long time users. IBM/TWC came in and pretty much told you guys what to do without concern about what your users really want. We’ve been here complaining and no real change has happened. I have uninstalled this app months ago because it’s just not the same app at all. Sorry to see it go, hope it comes back better than ever before.

- Ruined a good thing

This was once the most reliable, accurate, and simple to view weather app. It is now cumbersome and lacks key features and information that made it great. The graphs have been over simplified to the point of uselessness and key information is not displayed automatically. For those of us who work outdoors and require accurate and comprehensive data, the recent changes have basically made the app useless. There were certainly lots of bugs in the old version but at least it offered good accurate information all in one simple layout. That has now been divided into many sections that can’t be viewed simultaneously which was the whole point. I’m going to be looking for a different app unless these things are adequately addressed. A real loss to those who love or live by weather predictions.

- Why change it?

I’ve been using Wunderground and the Storm radar app for years as my go-to weather sources. Working in outdoor environments, I needed reliable, easy to digest, and track weather information and over the past couple years, TWC has been dismantling these great apps. It started with the loss of Storm and I’m still mourning the loss of this amazing app. But today, today was the day when I will be walking away from Wunderground apps for good since they no longer support my older version of the app, which still supported the Apple Watch. Now I cannot get Wunderground updates as a complication or app on my watch so I will now be leaving Wunderground for another service. Everything I have loved and had attracted me to Weather Underground has slowly withered away and today is the day that I end our relationship.

- Clunky Adware

I want to like this app because of its association with Weather Underground. Sadly I don’t. You can tell the apps development isn’t driven by the vision of a great weather app. The only reason I can tell the app is so well received is that the alternatives are worse that this mediocre product. I am however certain nobody associated with the app cares, especially since I gave them $20 already. I didn’t pay because I wanted to help out a team I thought was dedicated and striving. I didn’t pay for long range or personalized forecasts. I paid so I didn’t have to see the stupid ads. It’s a sad commentary on your skills when people aren’t paying you to play but rather to stop playing. Ask any busker. They will probably tell you it’s time to pack it in and find a day job.

- Used to be a 5 Star app

This was certainly one of my fav. Go-to weather apps. I could see any variety of weather data. For some 4 maybe years I’ve been using this app. Today, I’m just not impressed. I’m not sure how such a great product went down hill. Some many of the gadgets I used to use are either fine or hidden in a way that I can’t find them in the app any more. Where’s my tropical weather info? No hurricane or cyclone updates. No ‘best weather to do my chosen activity’ update any more. So many things that made this quality, now gone. If you want weather data and good visuals, spend the buck and get Dark Sky. This app is probably 6 months away from being deleted. Only time will tell.


I have changed my rating from 5 stars to 1 and it would be less than 1 if I could. I’ve used weather underground since it’s beginning as a pilot, a weather observer and a Personal Weather Station owner. The founders of Weather Underground were formally employed by the weather channel and left to create Weather Underground as something better, friendlier and superior. But now that they have SOLD OUT to their competition from whence they came and the whole thing has gone to its grave. The Weather Channel is just as crappy as when they left and the weather channel doesn’t give a crap about personal weather stations or quality weather data. Well I own my weather data so I’ll follow suit just like I did with weatherbug and stop sending them my data too and if CWOP gives them my data I’ll stop CWOP as well.

- I get it: they want to make it rain $$$

It was good while it lasted. I’ve loved Weather Underground since before graphical web pages were a thing. Wow. That was over 25 years ago. Now all prior versions are non-functional after this month, and in the app we’re being pushed everywhere to subscribe; not just a paid upgrade, but a monthly or annual subscription. Also, the ‘upgrade’ deleted viewing in the Today View, one of the features I really loved. The i formation is way more spaced out, so there’s less info on the screen; so much for at-a-glance. It’s like they think we’re too dumb. Still a good app, but the $$ pressure is everywhere and in your face. Personally, I don’t play that game. I have other sufficiently functional apps that don’t do this to me. Delete.

- Good Info, Bad Layout

This is my go-to weather app. And I use it everyday. I find it to have the most accurate information, however I’m greatly disappointed in the new layout. It was great before, everything I wanted to look at was conveniently located, now the weekly weather forecast is halfway down the page instead of being closer to the top and some features I’m now left hunting for and for whatever reason, I really miss when you could tap on the current temperature if would tell you if today is going to be warmer or colder than yesterday. It’s still the app I look at religiously everyday but I lament for the previous display almost daily, thus taking my five-star review down to three.

- It was about as close to perfect until the recent changes

It seems that this app was redesigned to prompt you to scroll down and search for the weather information, and while doing so get exposed to the advertisements. Although I understand the financial motivation behind that in order to support the app, it has completely ruined the best weather app in recent years. The previous version of the app was about as good as it gets. I was able to overview the entire week on one page. The recent major changes require scrolling, opening subpages, way too much work for the casual user. This was my go-to app for about 10 years. Now I need to look for a better one.

- Still upset

Still really upset that I was forced to update a couple weeks ago. The new interface (for version 6 and beyond) is nothing but tapping and scrolling. I miss seeing information at a glance. The worst offender in this case is the daily forecast, where the unexpanded graph has no labeled axes and the expanded version is so spread out that I can no longer see what day I’m looking at when I scroll down to see something like precipitation. Although having to tap and scroll through current conditions to find data like the dew point is nearly as frustrating. Also, an issue that may have predated the update is that the summary forecast doesn’t have the full text on my iPhone. It shows a “...” but no way to expand it to see the rest of the information (like wind speeds and snowfall amounts).

- Update after update, but it’s never the same.

Long time WeatherUnderground user. Years! Even before the app, I used their desktop site quite often. It was my go to weather resource. What can I say, this app has just gotten worse as they update it more and more. Doesn’t tell me the temperatures at all anymore. “Temperature comparison is temporarily unavailable”. Radar is super glitchy. No more storm or hurricane tracking (which is super useful living in Florida). I can’t customize tiles. You even took out the ability to check reliable UV ray index. It always says (- -). For the longest time ever the Apple Watch app has been unusable. Very disappointed. I’ve held on hoping for better, but I think I should move onto a new weather app. I recommend everyone the same.

- Disappointing downgrade, for now at least

While it does look a bit fresher, three things jumped out at me within minutes of upgrading to this rewritten version of the app: (1) the combined temperature-precipitation graph is a lot harder to read accurately, (2) ads are a lot more prominent, and (3) there’s no widget!? Seriously, the widget is the main way I interact with and invoke this app — I can’t believe they did a major rewrite and left it out completely. Honestly, the best thing about this forced update was that it arrived during the throes of the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, when I don’t really need to know what the weather is every day because I spend all of my time indoors. Hopefully some of the issues are fixed by the time social distancing mitigations start to be scaled back...

- Disaster update

Uh Oh! Looks like you ruined a once great app. I have been using WU for many years. It has been my go-to weather source, however the recent changes to the design, layout and functionality are appallingly bad. To make matters worse, you no longer support the older versions with current weather info?? So, you are forcing users to update. That is a really bad strategy for success. I will be deleting WU from all of my devices. A couple of final remarks - if the software team and managers that created this mess worked for me, they would all be fired. The trend in the app world to constantly be “reimagining” the user experience, creating a “new release” and then making the app less useful to totally worthless, is disturbing. Thankfully, Apple will continue to allow its customers the option to DELETE.........

- Very unstable, used to be great

I used to love wunderground, been using it for a long time. I’ve found it is very accurate and presents the data in a beautiful way. However, the app has been very unstable lately. To the point that I can hardly use it. I’ll open it and it will crash within several seconds, or I’ll scroll down to the hourly forecast and it’ll crash. Or I’ll be sliding the hourly forecast to a specific time and it will crash. Also disappointed in how much premium costs, if it was a little cheaper I would have sprung for it a while ago but you can’t expect me to spend $3 a month for a weather app. I usually like to support devs but at that price, fat chance! I’m glad I haven’t since the app is hardly usable currently.

- Great App Destroyed.

I agree with the majority of the reviews. The app was my go-to for years and I was a PWS contributor with ads removed as compensation. I was also one with a webcam on the sky (not one on my front door or driveway like many freeloaders). That is no more either. The layout makes little sense now. The sliding is poorly implemented as the day and time are not easily findable. It was much better before. So much so we have come to the end of contributing PWS data. Sticking with MADIS & CWOP. Perhaps one review writer was correct. The old version was for prosumers who were weather enthusiasts and appreciated the details. The new app is commercial and made for the masses and those who just want to know the basic weather right now. I reserve deletion in the faint hope they will change but Seasonality Go & eWeatherHD have moved into 1st and 2nd for me now.

- Terrible, yet still better than most alternatives

I was finally forced to downgrade to the new version. It's still pretty bad. Hard to believe they would redo the app without the help of a single competent designer. 1. The most important information is the daily graph. The scale of the y axis is now so small that it provides no information about temp. Fortunately it still provides precip info. 1.5 The sections like the daily graph all load separately, and provide no indication of loading state. If you switch locations/stations much you'll never know what data you're looking at. 2. Current conditions now wastes most of the space on a distracting temp gauge that adds no information. 3. The forecasters discussion is gone. This is the second most important forecast information. 4. The Data density has been halved in most places: - Current conditions and map now take up twice as much space. - Daily and hourly now take up twice and much space. 5. List of favorite weather locations is unreadable and cluttered with cryptic station names. 6. There's no longer any way to change the tiles to match your needs. I could go on...

- Updated 9/7

Used to be my favorite weather app and had been for years. Around December did a major overhaul and completely ruined the app. Landscape on the ipad was gone. Its since been replaced with a version that in landscape is not formatted correctly and only 90% or so of each column is displayed. Widgets were gone which was a major reason i used the app. Hourly precipitation totals were gone. They have brought that back after numerous complaints. Most irritating is i lost the year of ad free. I paid for a year and expect to get a year ad free. Why would i upgrade now when they can not or will not honor the full year from my last purchase. With that said the ads are huge and take up a large portion of the page. Giving it one more upgrade and i am done and will not use TWC either.

- Still Broken

Not only did the update a couple months ago ruin this app, but premium support isn’t an improvement and only works on one device, nowhere to sync an account. That means the ad free version requires paying the already exorbitant fee for each device! Plus, when I looked for my earlier review it’s not here. In fact, most of the reviews from around the time of the big changes to this app have disappeared! If you’ll do that, why should I rely on your forecast to be accurate and honest? I gave this a couple months to see if you’d come to, hoped you’d read all the negative reviews with specific complaints and do something about them. Instead you just deleted those reviews! That’s about as disrespectful of your customers as you could possibly be! Shame on you!

- So sad and frustrating

Hey Developers... Just go back! You screwed it up. Admit it and go back to the old interface and work from there. This app went from being the best (by far) to the worst (by far)... And I've tried most of them. There is nothing intuitive about your new version. Every time I open it, it's like I'm having to learn it all over again. I have to search for the different info that I want. It used to be right there, big and bold, as soon as I opened it up. Now, nothing draws your eye. When you finally force your eye to go where you know it should be, you still have to move down and click through to get all the weather info that most people want for the day. Your old app had it all right there on the first view. Such a bad design! Go back to what worked.

- Darn

I’ve been using this weather app for years, its always been my favorite. However they recently did a huge update, changed format a bit and i dont like it any more. I cant flip the screen to see the whole 10 day... you have to click “ more” to see the day’s details and that whole sliding graph thing hurts my head. Click on summary to read about the day and the second half of description is cut off... i dont get it. I guess if you never used the old one this would seem fine... from where i stand, they ruined it. Still give em 4 stars though because ive loved em so long and because i appreciate the colors

- Update ruined App

*Edit* Thank you developers for listening to reviews and survey results. Since my review, the bugs have been fixed, and they brought back things I loved. I’ve updated my rating. I used to love this app, and the desktop website is still my go to. But after the latest update, it is terrible. The interface is so much more complicated. It requires more clicks to get to what I need. They took away rain and snow total estimates on the timeline view, and it makes it harder to find weather stations. Now I’m in search of a new weather app.

- New update: Fewer crashes, but worse UI

While I appreciate the effort that went into this new release to resolve the constant crashes that plagued the app for years, the new UI lost some clarity and efficiency that the old one had. I used this app every day for years, and persisted through the crashes *because* of the efficient UI. I’d rather have the crashes than this new layout. The new daily and hourly forecast section UI should be reverted, or at least revised. The graph now lacks axis labels, so it’s impossible to tell to what value a data point corresponds. The graph was removed from the hourly section! The hourly view used to display about 9 hours of data in the viewport (iPhone X), now it only can show six. The daily view used to fit 6 days, now it’s only 4. I understand that you can tap into these sections to see expanded graphs, but that should all be accessible from the main view for rapid access to information. The new layout “above the fold” I’m neutral about. It’s okay. There’s probably more feedback to add, but I made these comments because it relates to the functionality of the app I used the most.

- Good Bye!

I used to be a loyal user of this app for years, even was a paying subscriber to, fortunately for me, until a few months prior to the downgrade. The weather info was very concise and easy to follow. The ten day chart was extremely useful and perhaps the best part of the program. In December 2019 they ruined it with a clutter of hard to see and read graphs, ruined the radar by no longer pinpointing the user’s location, buried the precipitation amounts and increased the ad content for the free version. I have been checking back from time to time and seen, tried, and deleted the apps seeing no real improvement. I’ve been reading other users’ critical reviews regarding many of the same complaints I have and steadily posting changes to my own reviews getting more critical each time out of a general frustration of seeing inaction and overall silence from the developers towards their users’ complaints as well as mine. While I see now the app has improved quite a bit this most recent update in March 2020 so it gets one more star from me, but still nowhere near as useful and concise as before so it’s deleted again on my apple devices. WU ... You totally blew it! Good bye!

- Worst redesign ever.

I wish I had not renewed my subscription. I assumed that if I made the ads ext go away, somewhere I could find the app design as of a week ago. All the only useful things are gone: Estimated recip totals and including whether rain or snow expected. Link to NWS forecast discussion. List of local weather cams. There is no longer anything useful in the app that the basic iPhone weather app does not provide together with a check on the NWS twitter feed. The app is ruined. So sad. Will not be checking this multiple times a day as I once did and will let the paid sub lapse. Or maybe simply delete it :( Just to add — 9 months later — app still is nowhere near as good as it was, but more importantly the new owners showed their cards as complete SCAMMERS — check out how many recent negative reviews there are ... yet ... the overall rating is apparently very good ... YET ... apparently this app has gathered only 25k reviews ... compared to ca. 1 million for the competing weather apps ... it is sad that they care 0% about users and manipulate the reviews ... if you cannot trust them to manage an app, how can you trust the forecast. And I am a professional climate modeller ... out of here ...

- Normal folks

The old app was more user friendly & easier to understand. I’m not a weatherman & don’t need all the different confusing graphs & charts. Just give me the radar, daily, short-range & extended forecasts. This is just way too spread out & detailed. I have been using wunderground since around 2005. This update made everything so much more confusing. I guess it’s time to search the competition... Update: I guess these weather forecasters are from the northeast or something because for the past 3 days we were supposed to have 90% chance of rain. I would venture to say that we only got 2/100ths of an inch - if that! We were supposed to get 20mph winds - missed that one too. Not a very accurate forecast about 50% of the time.

- New UI: pure garbage

Biggest fall from grace I've personally ever seen for an app I used to love. This new app is just awful. Used to be such a nice, compact layout of the info you’d want to see, all right there on the screen at once - not only the temperature and precipitation but also the forecast for the next handful of days. But WU has succumbed to app-bloat and now everything is hidden in pop-up screens. Not only that, but these screens are painfully slow to open and close, making it feel like the app has frozen. Not only that, but you can no longer rearrange the elements to put the info useful to you where you want it. Just awful. I can’t think of a single redeeming feature about this new UI. It’s just so bad. I am baffled how this got the okay from WU. Guess I’m looking for a new weather client.

- So much better before

Update: You added the widget back, but it doesn’t have the daily summary temperature/precipitation graph. Please get that back! I used WU specifically because it had the daily summary that was easy to read, and I didn’t realize how much I appreciated that you could tap the day and have it expand to hour with the EXACT SAME VIEW. Now, it’s harder to read the daily summary graph, it’s buried further down screen, and if you like that view to scan hour by hour, forget it. It’s split into separate graphs or you have to read the hourly forecast. In my mind, WU pioneered the simple forecast-at-a-glance, and I’ll keep looking for an app that gets that right. If you get back to what made you great I’ll keep using WU, if I find something that captures your old spirit I’ll switch. Good luck.

- Another ruined app… and $20/yr!

Here's another app ruined by developers that don't have a clue. The old interface was just fine, it did everything I wanted. This latest update seems make changes for change’s sake. I'll be looking for another default weather app. Also, the $20 a year subscription rate is at least a 400% increase over the previous cost. No way I’m paying $20 a year for any weather app. Especially since my paid subscription to the older version was cancelled without warning and with no refund when the downgrade happened. You won’t fool me again! How does this app maintain a 4.2 star rating? Most of the reviews seem to be one or two stars. At least the Google store is honest, it’s rated at 2.6 stars.

- Please Revert to earlier design

I have been using WU for about 15 years (website) and it’s always been straightforward with clean understandable modalities and graphics. I paid for the app years ago, bragged to everyone that this is truly the best weather app. This new design is horrible, full of gimmicks and ads. I cannot get to the information I want at a glance which causes me to spend an inordinate amount of time. Really not crazy about Accuweather, but I guess that’s my only option. Please return to earlier version and grant my purchase so I don’t have to look at ads!! It appears that IBM either bought or became a major advertiser and thus required ads...Deplorable, again. I am a graphic designer and can offer help. BTW, your logo (please do NOT change) is the best logo in marketing today. Kudos to the designer.

- Update is a DealBreaker!!!

I never write reviews but the update was a disgrace to the amazing app it was. This app used to be amazing and my go-to weather app but I am definitely deleting it because of the new update. I strongly suggest that you do NOT get this app unless the developers go back to the old design. I can’t find hourly weather, precipitation, and it overall doesn’t look good. It is not a user friendly anymore. Developers, please put it back to the way it was or else I’ll have to get another weather app. Good luck keeping customers with this update. Whoever decided on this update should be FIRED!!!! It reminds me of Toy Story 2 “I forgot you’re broken, I don’t wanna play with you anymore. Goodbye Woody!” Goodbye WU!!! I have given you long enough to go back to the old design so good luck with business now.

- Went from best to unusable, then a little better

Update: it is a little better now but these brilliant features are still lost: - it doesn’t work in landscape anymore on the phone so you have to keep scrolling sideways to see the outlook for the coming week - it does not adjust to the screen of the iPad showing a narrow column as if it were a phone, they show two columns in the last update, but not a wider display of the data (except thankfully when you press “more”) - the curve for the daily forecast has been flattened so totally useless now, fortunately when you press “more” the curves are good but they don’t list the daily max and min temperatures so you have to look at two sets of data to get a feel for the upcoming week. So now it feels like I am looking at the weather through a peephole, making it a lot of work to decipher the forecast for the week. I am hopeful that they might reintroduce the lost features since they seem to be improving regularly. —- I am sorry I udated this app to the new version. It lost its brilliant design that showed 10 days at a glance. Back to WeatherLine for me.

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Weather Underground: Local Map 6.7 Screenshots & Images

Weather Underground: Local Map iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Weather Underground: Local Map iphone images
Weather Underground: Local Map iphone images
Weather Underground: Local Map iphone images
Weather Underground: Local Map iphone images
Weather Underground: Local Map iphone images
Weather Underground: Local Map iphone images

Weather Underground: Local Map (Version 6.7) Install & Download

The applications Weather Underground: Local Map was published in the category Weather on 2011-12-21 and was developed by Weather Underground, LLC [Developer ID: 284699897]. This application file size is 119.99 MB. Weather Underground: Local Map - Weather app posted on 2020-08-12 current version is 6.7 and works well on IOS 12.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.wunderground.weatherunderground

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