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GoodRx – Save On Prescriptions [Medical] App Description & Overview

Stop overpaying for your prescriptions! Compare prescription drug prices and find coupons to save up to 80%, even with insurance.

Most Americans don't know that prescription prices vary wildly from pharmacy to pharmacy. There's never been a way to compare drug prices - until now.

GoodRx makes comparing prescription drug prices easy. Our app provides current cash and sale prices, manufacturer coupons, pharmacy discounts and valuable savings tips for thousands of prescriptions at pharmacies near you. GoodRx tells you which pharmacies have many popular generic drugs for less than $4 per fill, and some where certain prescriptions for free!

Best of all, many of our savings coupons can be used from within the app - simply hand your phone to the pharmacist to save up to 80%! No need to print out anything - find savings on the go!

GoodRx is 100% free to use - there are no fees or obligations to you. You can use GoodRx for every member of your family, including pets. To protect your privacy, you can also create a passcode to limit access to the app.

The GoodRx app also now features GoodRx Gold. You can upgrade to our membership program to unlock additional super-low prices for your prescription at any participating GoodRx Gold pharmacy. No more shopping around. Gold prices are typically $5-10 lower than the best GoodRx coupon prices at that pharmacy, and they're lower than most insurance co-pays.

GoodRx has been featured by The New York Times, PBS, ABC News, Forbes, CNN, The LA Times and more. Our app is used by hundreds of doctors and clinics to help save patients money on their medications.

GoodRx loves our reviews and may sometimes use them, in whole or edited form, in our marketing materials. Read our Terms of Use for more info.

Here's what GoodRx users are saying:

"I am still in shock!!! I called my doctor to cancel the prescription he ordered for me due to the cost. Then I found GoodRx. I brought your coupon to Walgreens and wound up paying $40.20 instead of the $452.97 that was their original cost. You guys are literally a lifesaver! The pharmacist was as surprised as I was. Thank you so much!"

“As a doctor, I’m always interested in saving money for my patients. GoodRx helps my patients afford the drugs they need - and it’s so easy!”

"I decided to give your site a spin and was pleasantly surprised to see you guys saved my $50 a month right off the bat. Not a bad bonus for a first time user!"

By downloading GoodRx, you agree to be bound by our Terms Of Use. Read more at

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Start saving on your prescriptions with GoodRx!

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GoodRx – Save On Prescriptions Customer Service, Editor Notes:

I’m here…in the office. But please don’t share that fact. I’m not supposed to be. I think HR would cut me out of the Zoom happy hour if they knew. Our office is supposedly closed (‘cause, you know, the ‘rona), but I kinda have a thing for these Puffed Toffee Cruelty-Free Popcorn Bits that we have here, and, well, there ain’t much going on at home and I’ve officially gone Tom Hanks Castaway and I’m talking to volleyballs, so I thought I’d sneak in and grab a few (now expired) bags. OK, it’s possible that I had already grabbed a bunch back in March and hidden them in a theoretically public place but really only I would find them (the drawer is labeled “Printer Ink”). So basically, I know they’re there. Unless those darn IT guys. I’ll report back. Anywho, it’s time for your latest installment of “What Could We Possibly Have Done To The GoodRx App To Make It Even Better?”. I know, I know - you just blurted out “Nothing! You’re perfect!” in front of your cat, who really doesn’t care what you think anyway. Cats. But rest on our laurels? Never! We mostly tided up - you know, finally vacuumed under the couch, threw out the expired ketchup (catsup?), etc. We even added a few splashes of color around to jazz the place up a bit. It’s one of those updates you just kinda feel, y’know? Anyway, please be safe and stay healthy. Really. Find your favorite mask and wear it. Despite the snark, we like you and the best savings we can offer you is the drug you never need to take and the healthcare you don’t need in the first place. We’re here, we’re listening, and we clearly need a new hobby, so send your ideas to

GoodRx – Save On Prescriptions Comments & Reviews

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- Savings

Sometimes the numbers aren’t the same in app and drugstore but if your willing to dig a little, savings are great.

- Real Savings

I lost account on how much I already saved with GoodRx. Simply works. Thanks.

- Good RX

Prices found are very reasonable especially at this time of crisis with loss of jobs and the virus spreading. Thank you.

- Save Big Money!

I have used GoodRx two times with the free app. It has saved me $210 and I have a drug insurance but GoodRx still saved me big! I will sign up for the upgrade with the money I saved! I have been surprised how good GoodRx is!

- Pills or meds

I like how it works but I do feel if you have this program all drug stores should use it in stead of waiting for people to rennet to bring it on there cell phones

- A relief

We recently had to get a Medicare supplement plan due to losing our previous insurance sponsored by hubby’s company. The new insurance is not good. Many times 1 prescription could cost us over $200 for 1 month script. When you have several costing $40-200 then you can’t pay your bills? Goodrx has been a life saver!!!! It has brought the cost of our prescriptions down to an affordable price. Thank you so much

- Urvashi Patel

It’s a nice app.

- This is a blessing!

I’m unemployed and living out of my car and because of GoodRX I can still get my meds.

- Convenient

Easy to use and readily available for most medications!!

- Scam??

Signed up for gold to get those awesome savings they’re trying to sell us on, only for the price to double compared to the free version, which is still 2x what we pay with our insurance. So instead of $1 per pill with insurance, or $2 per pill for their free plan, here’s a great deal of $4 per pill. Nice.

- Awesome Prices

This is a wonderful App and everyone should know about it. I’m a Physician and recommend it to all of my patients Jakey 61

- What a Blessing

On Medicare part D and can’t afford 1/2 the meds. I wish I would have known about this earlier


Thanks to GoodRx, they have saved me hundreds of dollars for prescriptions for me and my dog. God bless this company! Thanks so much.

- Saves miney

As a physician assistant I always recommend the GoodRx app to my patients. With the high cost of medicines and the poor coverage by insurances, it’s the best way I can help them save money.

- 5 Stars

Love this wonderful Place. Saves me a lot of money. A God send

- Awesome App!!

Best Prices Best User Experience Best Performance Best Search Best Options Best Comparison

- Great

This works great

- Good choice

Excellent keep helping people

- Good deal

Big savings, our Medicare wouldn’t cover my wife’s Celebrex.

- Saved by Good Rx

I really appreciate the savings bc it’s life saving. I need these meds to live

- Excellent, simple app

Save your prescriptions and it searches all nearby pharmacies for the best price. Very simple. Very effective. Wonderful app.

- Good Rx

Well worth having & using. Most of the time the Good Rx price is lower than the cost with my insurance.

- Wow I don’t know how they do it!

I was supposed to pay $649 for a prescription that my insurance didn’t cover and paid $25. I will only ever use this from now on!

- Reliable comparison

Must use, often reliable price comparison . Thanks

- Better than insurance!

If i only knew a long time ago that i could get meds cheaper than my copays!!!!

- Life saving

I am a psychiatrist and I use GoodRx multiple times a day to help my patients. It’s a scandal that people pay unnecessarily for medications and that insurance companies scam their beneficiaries.

- Mrs J

This helped me lower my prescription amount i used to pay over $359 a month I recommend it to all my family and friends It’s unreal but true I love it

- Jaxgr8


- I could hardly believe it!

My insurance would not cover a prescription. I would have to pay $265 out of pocket! I did not know about Good RX until a few days later when my doctor’s office recommended it to me. The savings was jaw-dropping!

- Ms.Beverly Boromisa

Your service has made my medical costs affordable! Thanks!

- Unemployed

I have been unemployed first time in 31 years. I have been using this app for months and saving so much.

- Great service


- Savings are AMAZING!

This app is truly a lifesaver! Not having met our insurance deductible has left us paying out of pocket for our prescriptions$$$, thank goodness for Good RX !! I highly recommend this app!

- Great if it works

This app is full of bugs. When I search for a drug, it is non responsive. The ones I do have up often just flicker...used to be good, now useless. The help screen comes up blank.

- Amazing app that can save patients hundreds even thousands of dollars

Amazing app that can save patients hundreds even thousands of dollars. I recommend it to all of my patients. They now also have plans where you save even more with an economical subscription.

- FRS....

Great discounts

- Dunny Roy

Super great program Life saver!!!!!

- Saves money

I was able to save money, not having prescription drug coverage. I love having the mobile app that allows me to compare prices between pharmacies also.

- Love saving $$

Totally recommend.

- Great app

Find easy to navigate, save favorites and most importantly-price compare.

- So happy to find this. MUCH less expensive than my WellCare RX drug plan


- Saved money

I’ve saved hundreds over the past year

- Neil T arch.

Good Rx is great!!

- Great app

Easy to use and helps find the best prices around!

- Excellent

Best service for the consumer!

- Good RX is the best

Saves a lot of money on your prescriptions, more than you health insurance.

- Best App Ever

Good Rx is quick, easy and best of all, it saves me money!!!!!

- Money saved

I have been able to save money on most of my Prescriptions I would recommend this to my friends and family.

- Excellent products , price and service.

Looking forward to saving much money in the future.

- Rx names

Would be very helpful if listed meds in alphabetical sections.

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- Great.

Works great.

- Awesome

Fast, accurate and efficient!

- Good savings

Good amount of savings and most pharmacy recognized/honor the card....

- Good rx

Should be called great rx. I have saved so much..

- Lost Rx Coverage

My insurance costs rocketed so high I had to cancel. I was concerned about not being able to afford my rx’s. I was shocked to see the cost of my rx’s were in some cases LESS than what I was paying with insurance prescription coverage. Eye opening. Thanks Good Rx!!

- This app is awesome!

I take a controlled substance, GoodRx really helps me save on my prescription.

- Godsend

Thank you GoodRx I really do not know how I would’ve been able receive the medication needed if it wasn’t for your services. I don’t know how it’s possible but I’m internally grateful. DonM.

- A real money saver

Even though I have Medicare and. Supplemental insurance, I find that Good Rx beats their prices very often.

- High Eyes

Easy App to navigate. Nice savings.

- 5 star 👍👍👍

Best discount application.

- Save $$$$$$

I LOVE this app. I save lots of money. Sometimes this is cheaper than RX insurance copay!

- I love it

This was the best software update notification I have ever received

- Ex


- Thank Goodness for GoodRX!

Although I have insurance, I still save with GoodRX! Living in an area with lots of choices really helps. GoodRX helps lots of people I know. I tell people to check with GoodRX before buying your prescriptions. Thank you GoodRX!!!

- One of my most used apps

Love this app. I am a provider and love my ability to help my patients get the best possible price on medications. Also helps my staff know what vehicles and quantities are available for prescriptions. Cant recommend this app any higher.

- Jim

Great app and services.

- I tell all my patients about GoodRx

Usually saves them money, even over their insurance plan! Well worth a look with every Rx!

- Real good prices

Thanks for getting better prices than with Insurance real saver

- Help for the “little guy”

This is the absolute best help anyone can get! It is fair, gives price comparisons by pharmacy to use their coupons and the choice is yours on which pharmacy you use! Give them a try if you are insured and paying high cost or uninsured! You will be surprised at the results!!

- Use to be good

It just constantly searches for prices on phone never getting any. It use to work but dosent now on my phone with the app

- Great savings!

Even with insurance this saved money.

- Value

I have saved a lot using GoodRx!

- Best discounts

Good RX continually has the best RX prices available. Truly appreciated

- Family physician

I use the GoodRx app almost daily to help my patients and I find the most affordable medication options. Several years ago Walmart came out with the 4$/month medication program. But that list only included a small number of the most commonly used medications. With the GoodRx app we often find medications better priced and more conveniently available than what Walmart offers. From hundreds of my patients and my colleagues: Thank you GoodRx

- Cvwell3

GoodRx is a great money savings tool! My husband’s cardiologist recommended it!

- Lower Cost Drugs

I really appreciate the savings that I receive with this program. Even for pets. Wow!!

- Great app


- Great

Great prices

- Saved a lot of money.

This is the best app. I have ever used.

- Edtrice1


- Great Tool Great Savings

I used the Good RX coupon for my recent $46 prescription and cost me $17. It is like the secret handshake. I love the APP. It is too bad we all have to use an APP to get savings, but thank you Good RX for making my prescriptions affordable. Mitchell

- Rcb

I have no insurance this is great

- Money saved

I’m unemployed right now and was paying $75 for my monthly prescription. I had seen the commercials but didn’t believe it until I used it. It’s a $60+ savings for me!

- Boy dale


- One of the must have apps

I use this app frequently and it has save me a boatload of $$$ by proving the best pharmacy for each prescribed product I take.

- Glad I heard about GoodRx !!

I have no idea how long it’s been around but it’s been a Godsend to us retired people..

- Money

Excellent! Saved a lot of money

- Saves us a lot of money.

We have pretty good insurance and GoodRx is still cheaper than the copays on some prescriptions. When our insurance reduced the dosage it would cover on a prescription my husband had been taking for years, his doctor recommended GoodRx to make up the difference. GoodRx saves us a lot of money each month just on this prescription. The app is super easy to use and, so far, the pharmacies have honored the GoodRx prices without any problem and without questioning it. Thank you GoodRx!!

- Appreciate the discounts

I’m thankful to have this option to purchase my meds at lower prices.

- Dave

Has helped on tier 2 drugs quite a bit

- Great saving!

Great app good Savings 👍

- Goodrx

Most of the prices are lower than our insurance prices!!!

- Worth it!!!

I have used this app once so far, but it saved me over $400. I have insurance, so usually my meds aren’t too expensive...occasionally they are still really high. That’s where this app comes in. It was simple to use and didn’t even require me to create an account. I did have to call to transfer a prescription to a pharmacy they partner with, but it was so worth it to save hundreds of dollars.

- GoodRx Gold Ratings!

5 Stars!!

- Great App

Lowest prices. Beats most insurance cost.

- Great option

Takes pre-planning. But, it’s def worth it for the savings!

- Useful tool.

Covers alternative possibilities for drugs and their cost

- Save money

I’ve saved a lot of money with Good RX

- Good RX

I am delighted to have found Good RX as I save $20, the first time I used it! Thank You so much! Judy Konos

- Good

Good ! Key word, GOOD! Thank you! Great!

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Prescriptions remain essential and saving money is more important than ever. @GoodRx can help you save on America’s…

Prescriptions remain essential and saving money is more important than ever. @GoodRx can help you save on America’s…

Prescriptions remain essential and saving money is more important than ever. @GoodRx can help you save on America’s…

Prescriptions remain essential and saving money is more important than ever. @GoodRx can help you save on America’s…

Prescriptions remain essential and saving money is more important than ever. @GoodRx can help you save on America’s…

Prescriptions remain essential and saving money is more important than ever. @GoodRx can help you save on America’s…

Prescriptions remain essential and saving money is more important than ever. @GoodRx can help you save on America’s…

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GoodRx – Save On Prescriptions 5.5.17 Screenshots & Images

GoodRx – Save On Prescriptions iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

GoodRx – Save On Prescriptions iphone images
GoodRx – Save On Prescriptions iphone images
GoodRx – Save On Prescriptions iphone images
GoodRx – Save On Prescriptions iphone images
GoodRx – Save On Prescriptions iphone images
GoodRx – Save On Prescriptions iphone images
GoodRx – Save On Prescriptions ipad images
GoodRx – Save On Prescriptions ipad images
GoodRx – Save On Prescriptions ipad images
GoodRx – Save On Prescriptions ipad images
GoodRx – Save On Prescriptions ipad images
GoodRx – Save On Prescriptions ipad images
GoodRx – Save On Prescriptions Medical application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
GoodRx – Save On Prescriptions Medical application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

GoodRx – Save On Prescriptions (Version 5.5.17) Install & Download

The applications GoodRx – Save On Prescriptions was published in the category Medical on 2011-12-07 and was developed by GoodRx [Developer ID: 485357020]. This application file size is 75.02 MB. GoodRx – Save On Prescriptions - Medical posted on 2020-05-27 current version is 5.5.17 and works well on IOS 12.0 and high versions.

GoodRx – Save On Prescriptions Advisories: Infrequent/Mild Medical/Treatment Information

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