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GoodRx: Prescription Saver [Medical] App Description & Overview

What is goodrx: prescription saver app? Find the best prices and coupons to save money on prescription drugs. Get free coupons on GoodRx & simply show them to the pharmacist when you drop off your prescription.

GoodRx has helped millions of Americans save on prescription medication & virtual care!

Stop overpaying for your prescriptions! Compare prescription drug prices and find coupons to save up to 80% on your Rx.

GoodRx makes comparing prescription drug prices and finding discounts easy. Find Rx sale prices, manufacturer coupons, pharmacy discounts and valuable savings tips for thousands of prescriptions at pharmacies near you!

Best of all, many of our savings coupons can be used from within the app - simply hand your phone to the pharmacist when you drop off your prescription to save up to 80%!

GoodRx prescription coupons are free & easy to use! Here’s how:
1. Get your prescription
2. Use the GoodRx app to find a pharmacy with the best discount
3. Show your free coupon and prescription to your pharmacist at drop off
4. Pick up your prescription when it’s ready at the discounted price!
5. 100% free to use for every member of your family, including pets. There are no fees or obligations, just savings for everyone.

GoodRx Features:

Save Money on Prescriptions
• Compare pharmacy prices to get the best deal.
• Find coupons for your prescription.
• Save up to 80% on prescription drugs.
• Just show the pharmacist your coupon at drop off and save!
• Set pharmacies with the lowest prices as your favorites.

Search over +70,000 Pharmacies
• CVS Pharmacy
• Walgreens Pharmacy
• Walmart Pharmacy
• Target Pharmacy
• Kroger Pharmacy
• Costco
• And more!

Savings Alerts & Refill Reminders
• Track prices and receive savings alerts
• Set reminders so you’ll never miss a refill

• Set a passcode to limit access to the app.

Upgrade to GoodRx Gold
• Unlock additional benefits with GoodRx Gold at participating pharmacies.

Get the Care You Need From The Comfort of Home
With GoodRx there is no need to hassle with long drives or waiting rooms. You can connect with a healthcare provider online and get professional, affordable virtual care on your schedule.
• Available nationwide, with licensed medical providers
• Medications available for delivery or pharmacy pickup
• No hidden fees, virtual visits start at $19 with a Gold subscription
• No insurance needed

GoodRx Care services include
• Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) testing and treatment
• Erectile Dysfunction (ED)
• Start or refill birth control
• Short term medication refill
• And many more

GoodRx has been featured by The New York Times, PBS, ABC News, Forbes, CNN, The LA Times and more. Our app is used by hundreds of doctors and clinics to help save patients money on their medications.

Here's what GoodRx users are saying:

"I am still in shock!!! I called my doctor to cancel the prescription he ordered for me due to the cost. Then I found GoodRx. I brought your coupon to Walgreens and wound up paying $40.20 instead of the $452.97 that was their original cost. You guys are literally a lifesaver! The pharmacist was as surprised as I was. Thank you so much!"

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GoodRx: Prescription Saver Customer Service, Editor Notes:

GoodRx: Prescription Saver Version 6.0.9904 May 2022

The developers are cranking away, but I’ve been too busy following the Kanye/Pete drama to get much done. Turns out while I was scrolling through my feed, they did a thing! As a sentient human being, you must know that millions of people use GoodRx. Apparently when you gather the power of millions, you can score even lower prices. Our magic new tech lowers the price for the first fill of a whole bunch of medications. It’s a very complex operation involving large numbers of ball bearings, but the net result is an even lower price at the pharmacy counter. Nifty, eh? Other than lower prices, it’s good to see folks (and their dogs! Sheesh - so many dogs!) back in the office. We’re partying like it’s 2019 over here! Send tips, bugs, favorite rap lyrics and opinions on favorite Yellowstone episodes to

GoodRx: Prescription Saver Version 6.0.8801 March 2022

Oh, do I have big one for you this time around. OMG. So excited it's hard to focus. Huge. No no - we didn't fix any bugs (sheesh, SO presumptuous). Did we improve performance? Well, I nailed my Lord Of The Dance juggling routine at the company picnic - does that count? Instead, we updated our logo. Now, instead of a black "Rx" on a yellow background, it's a yellow cross on a white background with a - wait for it! - sorta hidden heart jumping out of it. Because we have heart. And we're in healthcare. I know, very abstract. So many levels. Other options we (well, I) considered: a bloody needle as a metaphor for a broken healthcare system (rejected), an apple (apparently some other company has it too?), and a panda (rejected as "too cute", which was exactly the point). Now I know you'll want to immediately go out and get a full-back tattoo of our new logo to hide that regretted Nickelback album cover, but the lawyers say we can't technically encourage it since it's, well, ours. But if you won't tell, I won't… Send Yule log recipes (or actual Yule logs), bugs, ideas or better logo ideas to

GoodRx: Prescription Saver Version 6.0.7721 December 2021

Update time, everyone! Not wanting to miss out on every latest trend, we’ve now launched GoodRx on the Web3 metaverse. Now, we’re helping you save on virtual prescriptions as well as real ones. I think. Not really sure what Web3 or the metaverse are, actually. Outside of the metaverse (or maybe not - how can you ever truly know, Neo?), we launched a snazzy referral program that pays not just you, but your ‘referee’ (‘refereree’?) too when you use GoodRx to save. You get $5, they get $5, everybody gets $5. OK, that is not true. Everybody does not get $5. It just sounded good. Calm down, lawyers. If YOU want to give everyone $5, you can, but that’s on you, man. Happy holidays from GoodRx. In all seriousness, we wish you a happy, healthy 2022 and we appreciate your support (tolerance?) of us and our silly updates. Send bugs, hugs, rainbows, unicorns or rainbow unicorns that like to hug and report bugs to

GoodRx: Prescription Saver Comments & Reviews 2022

- Saved thousands

I have literally saved thousands of dollars over the past few years thanks to this app. I have good health insurance, but they always find a way to not pay for the most expensive drugs- even if they are the only ones keeping you from going into the hospital. I tell everyone I know about this app because even with insurance, you might find goodrx prices are cheaper than your copay costs. Thank you GoodRx for literally help keep me alive. You have a lifelong user and walking advertisement. You have nothing to lose by checking this app out and comparing prices with all the pharmacies in your area and even comparing GoodRx prices with your insurance prices. It costs nothing to join, so the only thing you can lose by downloading the app or going to the website is a chance at saving tons of money. I’m sure most people save way less than I do, as I take many medications for a chronic illness, but every dollar adds up. All big pharmacy chains accept GoodRx and even smaller ones too. The app will show you prices of all the places near your location that accept them and the cost for each place. I had to finally leave a review because if I hadn’t started using GoodRx a few years ago, I probably wouldn’t be here able to write this review today!

- Mixed feelings…

I have been using the app for some meds for migraines, and I was impressed by the amount that people could save with this app! I also think it’s great for those who don’t have insurance or have limited insurance (HMOs, etc.), since people should be able to get the best medications for them. However, I have experienced trying to get one medication and my pharmacy knew it was no longer available—the FDA has concerns that really irritate me since it isn’t a controlled substance, but they worry that people can get one of the ingredients OTC, and this could lead to liver (and possibly kidney) problems—mainly liver toxicity. But they only give a small amount of them anyway, and taking the OTC would do nothing for those with migraines that would cause a physician to prescribe this medication anyway. Nothing has stopped my intractable migraines, but I had 2 that helped for a while—I could have a little break! I use other methods for relief and pray. I can still find the coupon for this medication in my area, and that’s just not good! What other meds might still be on the app? I thought the developer was up to date on the different meds in different ways from articles and other information I’ve read and seen. But now I’m not so sure. Please keep the information updated so that patients aren’t unaware. I appreciate that you have helped a lot of people and hopefully can still use the app for myself and others. But it is important to be updated. Thank you!

- Better prices than using insurance!

I absolutely love and recommend GoodRx! I lost my insurance in January and have now gotten my new insurance. During that time span I started using GoodRx. I couldn’t believe how cheap some of my medications were! I have been taking multiple medications for years and paying $20 copay on almost every script that I have and my husbands as well. While I have been using GoodRx I have been paying less than my copayments were on my medications. Now that I have insurance again idk if I should continue using GoodRx or use my insurance and pay my copayments. The reason being is that last year I met my out of pocket and had a zero copay on my medicines for several months, however my family out of pocket wasn’t met so my husbands copays still had to be met. I know I will facing many medical bills this year as well but I don’t know if I will meet my out of pocket though so I’m not sure what I’ll do yet. If you don’t have insurance though I definitely would download the app and start using it. It will save you quite a bit of money for sure. Most pharmacies I have dealt with will not accept both insurance and another discount card or app for medications. They will only use one or the other. Get this app and enjoy your extra money that you will save!

- Good RX is a lifesaver

I am in recovery for a bad opiate problem I had. I have been clean and sober for going on 2 1/2 years I am very proud of myself for that it was extremely difficult. But the only reason I was able to do it is because of the treatment that I received from my doctor. I guess he is a psychiatrist and a treatment specialist. The meds that I have been taking I want gave me the ability to stop relying on the opiates. But my insurance was just recently canceled because I haven’t been able to work due to the coronavirus pandemic and my prescriptions were going to cost me about $350 a month on top of paying for my doctor visit every month I wouldn’t be able to afford that because of this pandemic. Fortunately somebody recommended good RX to me and it saved me $200 on my monthly meds. If it wasn’t for that I am afraid of what would happen to me if I did not have these meds. If it wasn’t for GoodRx I don’t know if I would be able to continue on the path that I am on which is the one I want to stay on if you need some help getting your prescriptions I recommend good RX to you. It is extremely valuable and will save you a lot of money. Good luck to you all and thanks to the makers of good RX if it wasn’t for you I don’t know where I’d be thank you

- Great savings seriously even if insured

I have no Rx insurance and was denied assistance when I had to (so i thought) leave a public sector job. Hmm Now i rely on good Rx as they have been literally life saving. I will openly and unapologetically say that being employed by the state department of health in Florida contributed as the major factor of the decline of my physical and mental health. I didn't find out about GoodRx until i had no income and chose to fight for each step toward being healthier. I still use this app as the savings are jaw-dropping hella good. More than private insurance. Pharmaceutical companies and even the dispensing pharmacies often mark-up the selling price of a medication. For example, one medication is valued on un-named pharmacy’s manifest of purchases as $7 cost paid to the manufacturer but attempted to charge unnamed consumer $91 for a nasal spray which soon after is on the shelves in both brand and generic (who could it be?). So enjoy saving money and always question authority. Help each other is what i would like as a consumer. There’s so much hate by default when our similarities and differences are how we learn and we teach embracing and sharing kindness. Be the change. - Ya’ll asked for it and obviously ...

- I’m very impressed!!!

Have saved literally hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of $ on expensive drugs since I started using it a few months ago. Didn’t try it initially when I first heard about it because I thought it was some kind of scam. Then my doctor’s office gave me a referral to the app. Of course, that legitimized it for me. My pharmacist at CVC told me this is killing them their prices are being so undercut. Drug prices vary outrageously from pharmacy. Good Rx allows you to choose your lowest price then buy at that pharmacy. This is how it works. Just anonymously enter your med name, dosage and how many pills a mo you take and a list will come up with pharmacies near you and their prices so you can compare. Choose the one you want, go to that pharmacy and give them your Rx. Show them on your ph their price for that med and they’ll sell it to you for that amount. Just like that! Unbelievable! But not unbelievable to your wallet. I watch and my prescriptions come in the bottles from the manufacturers so it’s not like any switches are made by the pharmacy. You don’t show them their Good Rx pricing on your ph until you’re ready to pay. Also, very easy to transfer your existing Rx from your high price pharmacy to them.

- GoodRX is often cheaper than my health insurance copay

I do not understand how there can be so much variation on the same medications. The need some kind of regulation. GoodRX is as good or sometimes better than actual health Insurance that you pay for. This is a FREE app, I don’t think drug prices should be like the stock market, and that is exactly how it is in the United States. We are the only developed country in the world that does not have some type of government oversight on what pharmaceutical companies can charge for medications. That’s why a lot of medications in Canada and Mexico are a fraction of what they charge for the same dug in the United States. The government should contract with GoodRX to do that. It looks like they already have the infrastructure to at least get it started. Before GoodRX was around, I remember going to 3 different Walgreens in Ft. Myers on the same day to get my Androgel filled. I got 3 different prices from the same company ranging from $800-$1800. Why can’t medications be close to the same price wherever you go? Like gasoline or the price of beef per lb. Something needs to be done, this is the biggest problem within our healthcare system. Go for it GoodRX, go to congress and get it done!

- A life saver

I lost all my medications while traveling to visit a friend in another state. I was under the impression that if my doctors office ordered a replacement prescription for me my insurance would cover the medication. NO! I was stunned at the price of the medication and I called Humana only to find out that after years of being my insurance company, my insurance did not cover lost or stolen medication. If not for this app that saved me hundreds of dollars I really did not know what I was going to do. The pharmacy manager at Walgreens in Eureka Missouri was so kind and respected my situation and told me about this app. I was great full for the information that saved me so much money. I am talking in the hundreds of dollars. I hope someone like her is in every pharmacy and helps a customer in shock because they cannot pay for medicine that is important for their health. She could of not cared about my plight but she listened and told me about Good RX and excepted the coupons even after I had already paid the full price. She refunded my credit card and was so understanding and professional that someone should be aware of what she did for a customer in distress. Thank goodness for this app.

- Great savings with no insurance hassle!

Short story: I will never be without the GoodRx on my phone!! Read on if you want to know why. 😉 I discovered GoodRx when my dog needed expensive eye drops. The vet had the GoodRx cards in the exam room. I’m so glad I did because after that, my husband and I transitioned to a high deductible plan which meant paying the full insurance prices until our deductible was met. I started shopping around using the app to compare prices for the medications we needed and was happy to see we could save A LOT of money!! 💰 In the past two years, I’ve had multiple major reconstructive surgeries on my hands/wrists/arms and had to be on narcotic pain relievers afterward. New regulations made it easy for my insurance to deny me access to the medications my doctor prescribed even though I had met my very large out of pocket max for the year. GoodRx prices gave me an affordable alternative which allowed me to avoid the hassle of getting my insurance to pay...which would have meant suffering in pain while fighting with them! I am grateful I had access to an alternative that didn’t cost me a fortune. I tell everyone that will listen to check out GoodRx!! 😁

- Good Rx

I was diagnosed with breast cancer. They started me on hormones and I paid $250 for a 90 day script. Then my treatment changed because I needed chemo. So I was prescribed something different and I mentioned to my doctor about what I paid for the first. He was stunned. He gave me a Good Rx card and looked up the hormones, I could have paid only $15 for them with Good Rx. When Walgreens told me $500+ for my 2 new prescriptions, I asked if they didn't have the discount cards, and was offered a $20/mo membership with them that would bring my prescriptions price down to $108 Somehow I couldn't accept that either. I loaded the app to my phone, compared prices and called Hy-Vee to ask about moving my prescriptions. The pharmacist I spoke to at Hy-Vee did get my scripts transferred and she was really helpful. I paid under $25 that was fantastic! Imagine if I never asked, Dillons would have let me pay $1,000 for 4 x hormones. The only thing that could be greater is if they would give me back the $235 they made me over pay, but with Good Rx I feel pretty confident that it's the best way to go. And I highly recommend having this card, I'm really happy to have it!

- Dragon slayer

This fantastic service helps me as a physician to help my patients beat the unreasonable and unforgiving pharmacists, health insurance companies and big Pharma. It’s still disheartening that I have to tell patients that the pharmacists will not voluntarily tell them that they can pay less if they pay cash than if they use their “health insurance”. The pharmacists always take the highest price, and only render the lower price when the patient knows they have the right to receive a lower cash pay price. The health insurers are in cahoots with the pharmacist in this cheat. And of course the health insurers are taking over the pharmacy industry by directing patients to “pharmacy benefit managers” who work really hard at benefiting them selves. Good RX works so well, I’m waiting any day for it to disappear after being purchased by one of the evil “pharmacy benefit managers”. They are “managing” things all right. They’re bringing healthcare to a screeching halt by requiring prior authorization for healthcare that actually benefits people. They don’t want people to receive healthcare that works. They are only interested in enriching themselves.

- Unbelievable that more people don’t know about this

My first time, unfortunately. I could’ve saved sooo much money in the past if I had known about this😔 So.. I had my prescription called in to a different pharmacy due to the one in my doctor’s office being closed for remodeling. It’s normally $20 even there. The pharmacies near were a Publix and a CVS. At Publix it was $87 and at cvs it was $98. Something told me to google apps that could possibly save me money. I remember reading or hearing about that somewhere at some time. I ended up downloading this app, after reading the reviews, and giving it a shot. When I tell you the coupon it gave me for public showed the price of $37!! BUT when he scanned the coupon off of my phone, it went even lower.. to $33!! No complaints, wxcept I wish I had known way sooner! Just such a shame they won’t tell you about this!! As a single parent trying to make ends meet, like ALOT of us are, I’m sure, any help is always needed! Thank you soooooo much for this app and the help you provide!!!🙏🏼🙏🏼 Again.. I’m just in shock.. this is truly unbelievable!

- GoodRx should change their name to OutstandingRx!!

About a year or so ago, I lost my job and my medical insurance for a short period of time until I was eligible for insurance at my new job. I had to have my doctor change the medication I take from an extended release form to an instant release form because the cash price was cheaper for the generic. Not a big deal but I preferred the other med because it was better overall for my daily medicinal needs. Thank goodness I only paid the “cash price” for one month at the local small town pharmacy next to my doctor’s office. I was fortunate enough to hear about GoodRx on a various internet ad and looked into it. This app took my cash price from $136 down to $15 for the 7 months that I had no employer insurance! Thank you for saving me money during my times of unemployment and times of waiting for employee prescription insurance coverage!!!! GoodRx is truly a financial lifesaver during hard times and can even save you money against your regular insurance so always compare prices with GoodRx before filling any new medications!

- Awesome App!!! Saved 93%

Healthcare in the USA is awfully expensive. I’ve been paying $2380 for a 90 day supply of my antiviral hepatitis B medication for years. I have a $7000 deductible to meet yearly before my Blue Cross Blue Shield pays 80 % until $13,500 out of pocket cap. One doctor mentioned about GoodRx. So I downloaded the app to see if it can safe me a few dollars. To my surprise, the app showed coupon prices ranging from $164 to $545 for a 90 day supply of this pill from various pharmacies. I was skeptical about it. But I wanted to try anyway. I transferred my prescription from Rite Aid to Safeway as Safeway has the lowest coupon price of $164. The Safeway pharmacist told me it’s $2385 for my 90 day pills before I showed her my GoodRx coupon. I showed her my app coupon and asked if it works. She said “IT WORK “and I paid $164 for the same medication that would have costed me $2385. It’s a 93% Saving. I don’t understand how and why this happened. But I’ve been using GoodRx app for all my family members’ medications. I told all my friends and relatives about it. GoodRx App is a life saving tool for a lot of people. Thank You GoodRx !!!!!

- Bait and switch

The Costco in Memphis Tennessee doesn’t honor the price posted on the Bogus RX app even after telling me over the phone they do. After being informed over the phone by Costco that they would honor the price I told them to go ahead and fill the prescription. When I go to pick up the prescription I find that they would not honor the price however they did discount it some. It was the last refill remaining on the prescription and being tired of being misled and lied to I decided to give Kroger to shot at honoring the price. Of course Kroger like other pharmacies in the area I live in require prescription be transfers to them before they will give you a price. How convenient! And of course Costco counted the prescription I did not pick up as the final refill and there wonderful automated personal high-quality automated service text me and asked me if I would like for them to contact my doctor. I said yes and then ask Kroger to have the prescription transferred to them. That was three days ago and I still haven’t heard a word from Kroger. Kroger did admit to me that they have to have the prescription before they could give me a price and that it doesn’t always match what the app says that they will sell it for. More smoke and mirrors, more bait and switch. Don’t waste your time with this app!

- How to save a ton of money

I haven’t had health insurance in over five years, maybe longer and I have four different prescriptions a month as a result of being in a car accident and one of my doctors offices had a GoodRx card in it. Well I picked it up and then went on the website and looked up the prices I could have been paying for medication.. GoodRX has saved me more money than I could imagine, just recently it started saving me $208 a month on just one prescription!! That’s $2,500 a year in savings!! Over the last four or five years it has probably saved me over close to $7,500!! Download this now if you have multiple prescriptions or don’t have insurance like me and start saving now! The only tiny and sometimes annoying catch is that you may have to go out of your way a bit to get the best price but I’m willing to drive an extra 25 minutes to save $208/month on just one prescription. All in all GoodRx is an amazing program or whatever/however it works I’m not sure but if you require medication download this app and start saving now!!

- Good RX is a welcome drug price negotiator!

For about a decade now, I’ve been using this internet site and app as my go-to expert consultant for strait forward information about the meds I take, normal dosing parameters, potential side-effects, alternate drug options, and price comparison. The app informs me of various options for the meds I depend upon, and it lets me know when genetics become available, where to shop when my health plan options are more costly, and helps me formulate practical questions to ask my pharmacist, insurance carrier, and my primary care doc. It lets me have more control over the choices I make for my own health and well-being. I no longer depend solely on my doctor and pharmacist, because GoodRx has become my “outside-the-box” expert advisor, which lets me take a more active role in my own health choices. Over time I’ve been able to try different newer med combination options to discover which regimen seems to work best for me at a lower, more reasonable cost. This would not have been possible had there not been a readily available expert advisor like GoodRx.

- How do they do it??!!

I don’t know how they do it but OMG it works!! I needed an eczema cream for a small spot on my foot. My dermatologist called in an ointment to CVS. My insurance did not cover it & would have cost me $233. I don’t have $233 to blow on a med that might not work so I had dr call in something else. Once again new script was not covered by insurance and would have cost $180. A nurse friend recommended trying this app and months later after the eczema spread and became painful did I finally try. I called CVS to find out the name of the meds, typed them into the app & long story short, RiteAid has it for the lowest price, $27 for the first script, ( the 2nd one Dr called in was more expensive). I called RiteAid, they called CVS to transfer the script & when I picked it up I brought my phone with the GoodRx info & it only cost me $12!!! I SAVED $221. How??? I don’t know & I don’t care but from now on when I go to any doctor and they call in a medicine, I will ask what it is, CHECK THE APP, then tell them where to call it so I can get the lowest price through GoodRX!!

- Literally saved me over $100...

Like the title says. This app literally saved me over $100 the first time I used it! No joke! I had to go to another pharmacy but it wasn’t a problem. When I first went to get some new meds filled, I was shocked that they were about $118. To us, that’s a lot. The young man, pharmacy tech saw that in our eyes, and said “That’s a lot of money, most doctors have no idea how much these meds cost!” We just didn’t have the money for that and were kind of embarrassed, he saw that too. So on he went, “Maybe you could get these later and check out this app called Good Rx, I’ve seen people save 30 bucks, 40, even $100 once, that was crazy! Can’t promise anything but it’s worth checking out.” Relieved I nodded and said “yes thank you! I will definitely check that out.” We left and downloaded the app and did find the SAME meds a little over $100 less than without the app! That saved me from not being able to buy my meds, to, buying them and having money left over! GoodRx IS great!

- Good Rx Review

Oh my words! Incredible with how much you have saved me with my medications! I am generally in the “ donut hole” by March beginning every year and that includes having to pay a $560 out of pocket part d drug deductible. I’m a senior on social security. One of my meds is my “ life line”- amitiza. The cost out of pocket is astronomical but I have to get it thru insurance as it’s still beyond what I can pay with Good Rx ( over $1400 for 3 month supply ). This is the drug that puts me in the donut hole early on. Do you think this med will ever go genetic or the price will come down? Aside from this I am forever grateful for Good Rx as I have saved literally $100’s out of pocket on my other meds. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Even this seems not enough. So so very grateful for lowering my financial stress level in regards to the huge savings you offer on the 5 other drugs I require. I bypass my part d insurance coverage even though I have to pay the monthly premium. I am in hopes that some day the amitiza will go generic and that cost will become more reasonable and affordable. Thank you for all that you do! Good Rx rocks!!!

- INCREDIBLE SAVINGS—Better than insurance!

GoodRx has saved me a BUNDLE, and I don’t know where I would be without it! I have several severe medical issues, including rare genetic disorders, autoimmune diseases and complex medical conditions, all of which require medication(s) to manage their progression and/or symptoms. Without GOOD Rx, my meds would cost me a MINIMUM of $2,200-$2,700 per month, and that’s WITH my Rx insurance coverage!!! Using GoodRx, I pay between $325-$400 per month!! WOW! Without GoodRx, I would be unable to afford a majority of my medications; as a result, I would be hospitalized and suffering severe pain constantly. GoodRx has literally saved me from having to be hospitalized. I can’t praise GoodRx enough! Note: For those of you on maintenance medications (e.g. thyroid, heart, blood pressure, and other monthly meds), you should ABSOLUTELY get your Rxs filled in a 3mo quantity, as the savings for 3mo quantities are EVEN BETTER than the monthly savings. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND GoodRx to everyone, regardless of your insurance coverage. GoodRx is a LIFESAVER!!!

- Disappointed in gold

Beyond disappointed in this company and the way I have been treated. I have had my RX canceled five times. What they don’t realize is that if you are not an advocate for yourself you won’t get your medicine. It’s a real shame that their technology is good from a consumer facing position but so is Pizza Huts. These aren’t pizzas, these are RX. There are no supervisors available and their contact is all done through emails with no way for them to call their partners that fill their RX on their behalf. They use a company called True Pill. When I called them they seemed confused as well too. The people that answer the phones are very nice. It’s interesting how they say you are being transferred to a human being. Wonderful, except they can give answers. The only call I got back was at 6:00 AM. Their software isn’t even good enough to determine that I am on the west coast and they should wait to call and not wake people up. Today is Jan 20 and my order was from two weeks ago and it’s still not filled. All they tell you is we are sorry for the inconvenience. Not delivering meds is more than an inconvenience. They should shut their ops down until they fix this problem. Pretty scary that they are operating in this manner.

- Excellect app!

In several instances GoodRX costs are below my copay cost of medications in my prescription drug program, i. e. medicare plan D. This concerns me greatly as shouldn’t one’s plan D program drug costs be negotiated for lower costs for their customers? Are is it that these programs are cartels keeping drug costs high to enrich the companies at the expense of retired persons who have the most accumulated wealth in the US than any other group collectively? Thus, another means of wealth transfer from seniors to drug manufacturers and insurance companies. Or are the laws structured in the United States written and devised to benefit drug manufactures and insurance companies from competitively bidding and crossing state lines? Many of these drugs are distributed in other countries at extremely lower costs than what it cost US citizens. I have not used GoodRX as of yet. However, I’m looking forward to using it in 2018 and the challenge of lowering my prescription costs. Thank you to the stakeholders of GoodRX for your collaborative efforts in the development of this app.

- Don’t Miss The Entertaining Updates😂

As for the practicality and usefulness of this app, it’s great. I’ve saved hundreds of dollars. However I only came to write a review after reading another one of the “what’s new” updates. I just wanted to give props to whoever is in charge of running this part of the app. If you haven’t already, PLEASE take the time to read “what’s new” when there’s an update for this app, I promise you won’t be disappointed. 99% of apps will just say something basic like “bug fixes” for each update. However the last few times I’ve looked at GoodRX’s “what’s new” it’s always a hilarious story tied into what is in the update. The most recent being the connection of telehealth to Wonkavision.. that’s so funny and creative! Whoever you are you may have a future in creative writing/blogging if this current role doesn’t work out for you. Anyway I just wanted to say thank you for bringing humor into the world of pesky apps and updates, and thanks for the laughs!

- Great! Better than some insurance plans!!

I have new prescription insurance. I’ve had two instances since January where my insurance required prior authorization. One medication I was already on for a year prior to the new insurance. The new insurance wanted a prior authorization and would only dispense one month at a time – as previous insurance allowed a three month supply of this medication. I ended up using Good RX and got my three month supply of medication at half the cost that I would’ve been paying with my new insurance and no prior authorization. Same medication. Second instance was – I sustained a rib fracture that I was taking Tylenol with codeine. To try a medicine that was not a narcotic, my doctor ordered Lidoderm patch. Here I am on a Friday at 4:30 PM and my insurance needs a prior authorization. If I had the prescription filled without The prior authorization they would’ve charged me $200! I got the prescription filled at Pick And Save using Good RX and got it filled for $45 -same day as ordered.

- Savings are from buying Generic

I have been taking Synthroid for low thyroid for 30+ years. Thyroid medications must be taken in consistent doses at the same time (s) daily or the patient will experience side effects. Like many others I cannot take the generic alternative because the 25% variance that the FDA allows wreaks havoc from month to month as the dosages vary up to 25% above and below my prescribed dosage. A male co-worker agonized over his wife’s health issues for over a year. When I asked what her issues were, he said ‘it changes almost monthly. One month she is fine, the next she is depressed and tired, the next her heart is racing and she is angry and anxious. Plus her weight goes up & down so she is upset over that as well.’. Recognizing the symptoms, I asked if she takes thyroid medication & whether she takes generic meds.’. He answered yes to both. Long story short, his wife changed doctors, was prescribed Synthroid brand with a no generics stipulation and a couple weeks later husband and wife were happy. He continued to thank me regularly for the next few years for helping him get his happy wife back. Bottom line: choose brand vs. generic wisely.

- Prescription needs done the right way!!!

Need I say more!?! GoodRx is the absolute best! They make expensive medicine probs go away. This is the best app ever and a big thank you to the people behind GoodRx. Thanks for caring and willing to help others afford to fill their prescriptions. You guys are amazing! P.S. I have a sleeping problem and I have been trying all sorts of stuff that works a bit then stop so my doctor prescribed me Lunesta instead. I went to Walgreens to pick it up, was over 300$ for 30 1mg tablets then with my insurance it was like 200$, so opened my GoodRx app and now it was 100$ and I've never had the med yet so was like nope not paying that, and asked why are y'all so high compared to the other GoodRx prices and they said something about they're always higher than their competitors with GoodRx or any prescription savings discount card so that let me know not to go to them anymore lol. Albertsons or Costco it is from now on. The price was $24 with GoodRx...Thank You!!!😃

- Uninsured Dream

I work in the emergency room, in a very low income area. The majority of people are on state funded insurance or uninsured. It's very frustrating when a patient needs a medication, and what I prescribe them is either not covered, or the patient can't afford it. Gone are the days of the four dollar lists. In my own family, we went from paying $10 for 90 days of thyroid medicine, to $30 for one month. Good Rx has been amazing! A patient just the other day came back to the ER, because their doxycycline prescription, which used to be $4 everywhere, was $79. We were able to find it on Good Rx for $18, which he could afford. Despite that most patients have no insurance, the majority of them have cell phones with internet (go figure). I can typically find a medication that will cover what they need at a reasonable rate with Good Rx. Saves me the hassle of a ton of phone calls later about patients saying they can't afford the medicine. Thank you to Good Rx!

- 32 years old My husband.

Has had 3 strokes since July 2017. Since we found a discussion, narrowing of the vein. Theres 4 ways to get blood to the brain were this is at blocks all other ways of blood supply so if this wall breaks down I will lose my husband. A stint is not an option it’s to high up and the vein wall is to weak. We are working with a wonderful team at IU Indianapolis. But as of our last CT scan with Dr. Sheer his neurologist, who is my husbands age 32, by the way, without him we would have no faith. Says he could see some fatty tissue forming,!healing it’s self,! Because no medication can heal this it can just help thin the blood give it a chance to heal. It has been up and down results. just keep taking your medication. Daniel does faithfully. So when I say medication.. we have 3 children 17, 7, and 1 1/2 LoL. We have used this app for all of prescriptions. Even tho he has insurance 20$ per script. We are getting all 6 for 20$... I hope this review helped.

- Great savings total life saver!

GoodRx is amazing we have saved hundreds of dollars on our prescriptions already! With a high deductible at the first of the year like most plans have we typically end up spending thousands of dollars on our prescriptions. My self and my husband both have health issues and several prescriptions to fill each month. Typically the first of the year is very hard for us due to deductibles being due. This year thanks to GoodRx we were not only able to afford our prescriptions but able to get everything instead of only the couple we could afford. They truly have been a life saver for our family!!! Thank you GoodRx you are wonderful! Now hopefully you can find more Rx companies that will work with you on the price of diabetic supplies like Insulin this was the only item I was forced not to get due to it still being $400. Everything else was an amazing price other than my Insulin.

- Great app and great savings!!

At first I was not sure this was even legitimate. However, I decided what did I have to lose. My script was going to cost me over five hundred dollars, and I certainly could not afford that. My prescription insurance did not have my drug in their formulary. Looked it up on the Good Rx app and found it would be around one hundred with the coupon. I had the doctor send a new prescription and when I went to pick up, I handed them my phone with the coupon codes. Much to my surprise it all worked and I got the meds for the price shown in Good Rx. Since, I have used it to check prices on all my drugs. Had a second one that was expensive so I did a coupon for that in the app, and it worked as described and I saved money over my prescription insurance. I recommend everyone get the Good Rx app and start saving money too. This is an amazing app. It even notifies you of price changes in any of your meds!! Amazing—you will be amazed too!

- Costco would not honor coupon

I had been taking my prescriptions to Costco for 6 months and had no issues with them accepting coupons from the GoodRx app. On my last visit last month they told me that they had the coupon codes for my medications from GoodRx in their system and there was no need to show them the coupons every time I picked up my prescriptions. Today my wife went in to pick up my prescriptions and was told they were no longer accepting the GoodRx coupon because I have existing healthcare insurance. Purchasing the medication at my HMO pharmacy is too expensive and this is why I got the GoodRx app to save money. Don’t know why all of a sudden they are not allowing me to use GoodRx. Will no longer be able to use Costco pharmacy as it is charging me same price as Kaiser. At least Kaiser mails my prescriptions to my home, using Costco, I have to make two trips to get my prescriptions. Something very wrong.

- Goodrx saved my life, when My prescription plan failed!

I am very grateful for Goodrx! Thank you Doug Hirsch, for coming up with such a great prescription discount plan. In January of this year we where notified that my husbands prescription plan changed from CVS Caremark to OptumRx. I never heard of OptumRx, from the beginning we both had a bad feeling about. Which came to be true. They wanted prior authorization for medications, which is fine, if they ever intended to authorize or fill them in the first place. My Dr. called and tried to get them approved and within a day they denied them. This OptimRx is TERRIBLE! I would not recommend it to anyone who takes a wide variety of medications due to many illnesses. I was able to get both of my medications at my usual pharmacy with Goodrx coupons. ( the prices where good as well.) I love it so much I joined the Gold plan for my family of three. Thank you again Mr. Doug Hirsch, for your innovative idea. Many Blessings to you, Gina M.

- download GoodRX. No brainer. Saves hundreds of $$

Saves an ungodly amount of $$ with 30 seconds of effort, every time, at every pharmacy I’ve been to. Free version is a no-brainer. If you have even one prescription per month, odds are the subscription version will save you much more than the subscription cost. I’ve looked up a host of different medications to see the savings, and especially for stimulants, all sorts of anti-depressants, and anxiety medication—even with generic versions—you can save well over $100 per month just by showing the pharmacist the app page on your phone. It’s like buying the best and easiest prescription drug insurance for $5/month. Or else getting the next best and easiest insurance for free, if you don’t want the subscription option. A rare way to make healthcare treatment affordable in the US, for any and everyone with access to a smart phone, or with a computer to print out the deals.

- Awesome app

So I am prescribed to suboxone and without insurance or if you have a deductible cost me almost $599 for 60 films which is crazy and unaffordable. But with this app it’s around $200 and then I upgraded and did free gold member trial because why not and it dropped to about $120 which is so much better. Never knew this app existed until about 2 weeks ago and man am I glad someone told me because it really does save a ton of money. Lol I thought it was fake at first like no way and how until I actually used it and it worked. Definitely would recommend everyone to get it insurance or not it’s totally worth it plus it’s free and have upgraded options for even more discounts and if yours meds are expensive like mine you may want to consider the gold and definitely at least do the free subscription of it at least ... so worth it and I am not affiliated in anyway with this RX app lol but I am happy I found it. 10/10

- App removed Walgreens😏

First let me say that goodrx does help you have save a lot when you do not have insurance. The only reason I am only giving 2 stars is because after the update and now that they have came out with the gold goodrx they have removed Walgreens from the list of pharmacies on the app. The only way to get their discount now is to go to the full site. It wouldn’t matter but my prescription that I fill monthly they are the only pharmacy that has it to fill the prescription and I can’t move around to different pharmacies. Please add Walgreens back to the app and I will give 5 stars!!! Update: I emailed goodrx directly about the issue and according to them they removed it due to the fact that Wallgreens prices went up but I don’t think this is the case because it still shows them in the list online and they are lower than any of the pharmacies it shows on the app. They did say that this issue should be fixed with the next update but you would think since their are several people that have complained about this issue they would resolve it now.

- Saves me LOT of money

GoodRx has been great!! I'm so glad that one of my doctors had recommended it to me a couple years ago. My insurance company would not cover one of my medications and that is when my doctor asked if I was familiar with GoodRx. It immediately saved me about $70 just on that one medication . I use it with Kroger Pharmacy and I've never had any issues with it. I now use it for many of my medications because it often pays more than the price that my insurance will. I also sign up for notifications from GoodRx because sometimes they will have a price change on one of your meds and it may be even lower . If Kroger rings it up and the it happens to be more than what I am showing , I can just show Kroger the new GoodRx card with the new price, they type in the number on it and they've always honored the price it states! I'm grateful that GoodRx is such a huge help with the cost of my medicines!

- Extremely Grateful

GoodRx has truly been a lifesaver for me and my family. In 2018 my insurance company started the year off by telling me they were no longer going to be paying for three of my medications. After hearing what the cash price without insurance was going to be, I immediately began to cry. I knew there was no way I could afford to pay several hundreds of dollars a month. Then the nurse at my doctor’s office introduced me and several other patients, also affected, to GoodRx. At the beginning I was very skeptical and honestly thought it was too good to be true. I was worried and even a little scared that the pharmacy would not accept it. Nearly three years later, I am still using GoodRx and extremely grateful for the assistance with my meds. I recommended GoodRx to my husband and other family members that have also been able to utilize GoodRx too. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your help GoodRx.

- GoodRx Is Cheaper Than My Actual Insurance!!!

I thought this was a completely fake, scammy, NO WAY REAL app. Until my birth control came out to $90 WITH INSURANCE. I saw an ad at the pharmacy for goodrx and the pharmacist actually was the one who really pushed me to look into it. I get my packs in 3’s (to skip periods like most girls do) which is why my insurance wanted me to pay for most/all of it. LET ME TELL YOU how that app literally dropped the cost of 3 pill packs to $30!!!! I looked into my other medications for psoriasis (that one is the worst cost wise at a whopping $200), and my inhaler for asthma. I seriously can not believe how much I am saving with this app. I’m so thankful this app exists and it saved me during my time being unemployed, and now even with insurance! I always check goodrx to see if my insurance is charging me more than I could be paying. I highly recommend this app and for the skeptical, it DOES work!!!!

- Good Rx app

Down-graded from 4 to 2 Stars. Kudos for the idea at least for helping people save $ on their Rx’s. Had no idea prices vary so much between different pharmacies. Ran into my 2nd pharmacy (Super 1 Foods & Discount Pharmacy in New Roads, LA) that did not want to honor your “coupon” pricing. After squabbling for a while, they finally agreed (only because they were nice people - supposedly, they had been told not to honor Good Rx by the district manager; however, I noticed there was no longer a contact phone number on the coupon for when you run into such situations and need help. I find it hard to believe that a company doesn’t know when it is contractually obligated to provide agreed upon pricing. You should verify that a company has agreed to such pricing before they are allowed to be listed in your prescription results listing. I hope you will iron out these problems to improve reliability of results that your app generates.

- Great, keep up the good work! 👍

This is a great prescription savings tool to use if you don't have insurance and need medications. Even if you do have insurance and your insurance has nicely decided to stop covering certain medications, or you have run out of a medication too soon due to a flare up and need the medication refilled and they won't cover it. I've noticed sometimes GoodRx has the cheaper deal and sometimes it's not even worth using because it only saves you a buck or two depending on the area you are in, mg, quantity and whether or not you are choosing generic or name brand. I also work in a doctors office and recommend the GoodRx card to our patients who struggle to pay for their medications. I explain to them how it works as I use the GoodRx app myself for everything I just described above. Please GoodRx, keep up the good work and don't become like those other crappy prescription savings club cards.

- Saved a ton with Good RX Gold trial

I compared the Good RX Gold prices against my insurance prices for each prescription and on those my insurance is cheaper it’s only by a few cents to a couple of dollars. Gold is almost $40 cheaper on one script alone, offsetting the cost of the subscription considerably. Our family will save around $80 every 90 days with gold. I did notice that the standard Good RX pricing was $20 cheaper than through the gold account. So, check that out and don’t assume. It doesn’t make sense. I plan to write them to check on it. Prices fluctuate it seems like. We picked up a prescription 2 days ago cheaper than what it was today when I went through comparing prices on all our scripts. It’s well worth the subscription in our case with 4 family members taking medication. We have excellent insurance and it’s still nice to have for the scripts that it saves us on.

- A penny saved is a penny earned!

In my case, I’m using a relatively new drug for a persistent old problem. Before GoodRx, I was paying $300+ out of pocket for a weeks worth of drug dose. Then I saw the TV commercial. Went On-line but could not find how they were going to steal my money!?! They never asked for my credit card??? I typed in my drug name and they came back with a list of local pharmacies that would fill my script for $38 on up. I chose the least expensive pharmacy, that happened to be a national name outlet, and went shopping. I showed the druggist my script and he rang it up. Register showed $38. I told the pharmacist what I was doing and he told me that his register never rings up a wrong price! I now use my GoodRx card for all my meds. I am saving my cash! Not every script saves as dramatic an amount as my first attempt, but a buck or two saved will add up to make this grumpy old man SMILE!

- This APP is GREAT!!!

This is the best pharmaceutical application on the market right now, by far. I have no insurance and before I found out about this app, I was literally paying $600 cash a month for all of my medications. Now, I'm literally paying under $300 for all of my meds. I'm only on five meds which I wish I was on none, but nevertheless this app has saved me so much money. It really seems it's fake until you actually use it and it does what it says it will do. Just remember, any pharmacist can choose not to use it, but very few do deny it. The main ones that will deny Goodrx ate that he mom and pop pharmacies. The big name pharmacies besides publix do accept Goodrx, or I never had a at any location like Walgreens, never been to Walmart so I don't know about them, CVS and even Winn-Dixie does as well. Winn-Dixie is the cheapest with all medications using Goodrx. So thank you goodrx. You saved me a lot of money.

- Awesome!!

I wish I would have known I could use this even when I had insurance. I have passed this information onto my patients, yet never had to used it myself. Having undergone 3 more back surgeries has left me off from work for an extended period of time. Now, I am without insurance and not able to pay for COBRA. I have switched pharmacies due to this application and the friendliness of staff of being available and helpful with my current situation. They have been excellent in helping with this application and it has been cheaper, then what I was paying with my health insurance. Thank you for the use and ease of this! It has literally saved my life these last two weeks! Especially, since I was misdiagnosed for over a month with shingles. After having these spinal surgeries. I feel lucky for the collaborative work in allowing me to get my medications on an emergent basis!!

- Amazing and Saves Me Money

Under the Aetna plan I have I’m only allowed to go to CVS to get my prescriptions. I am not a fan at all of CVS and prefer to give my business to my local supermarket pharmacy. Because I can only use my insurance at CVS, all pharmacies expect CVS are not covered and out of network. Having Good Rx I don’t have to worry about cost and not using my insurance. GoodRx gives me the freedom to choose the pharmacy of my choice and pay low cost options for Rx. I don’t take maintenance meds it’s meds that I take that are temporary so I like that I can look up a prescription and Good Rx offers me low cost options. I even tell clients that have Aetna to use Good Rx because Aetna/CVS charges so much money for prescriptions and people have a hard time paying for them even with insurance. I will continue to be an ambassador for Good Rx and tell everyone about them. It’s amazing and saves people money.

- Physician endorsement for Good Rx

I don’t understand how Good Rx negotiates these prices, but I am a physician, a cardiologist, and I tell all my patients to compare Good Rx prices with their $15,000 to 20,000/year health insurance provided prescription benefits. From their feedback and my own experience, Good Rx is more often than not better than even thru their health insurance benefits. Yesterday I demonstrated to a patient that thru Good Rx her Tamiflu Rx would be something like $37 vs over $300 thru CVS pharmacy (the major chains are always the most expensive) even using her health insurance card. I recommend for every Rx and for every refill, even on 90 day chronic medications, I ll compare Good Rx with insurance provided prices. I haven’t NOT used Good Rx for perhaps 4-5 yrs (I.e., I always find it better). The only caveat is that perhaps 10% of the time Walmart pharmacies don’t honor the Good Rx price. They are the only pharmacy that I ve run into this with, who does that occasionally. If you find that is the case when you go to pick it up, show them the price (I take a screen shot of the Good Rx promised price on my phone for proof), and if they don’t honor it, I would just ask for your prescription back and go to the next closest competitor. Good Rx is saving my patients lives affordably! Tell all your friends who don’t have surplus money about this excellent free offer!!!

- Amazing!

I have no idea how this program works, because the prices differ WILDLY from pharmacy to pharmacy and medication to medication, and the prices are UNBELIEVABLY lower than what you would be charged straight out of pocket. But it does work! The coupon discount for a particular pharmacy may go up or down somewhat, so it is important to check the coupon price again right before you go to pick up medication. Once or twice when I’ve tried to use a coupon someone at the pharmacy has told me I couldn’t use it, but that was resolved when the employee spoke with someone else at the pharmacy who was familiar with the program. Another great feature is that you can save coupons on the app, so you don’t have to look them up again when you get to the pharmacy. You can also have them texted or emailed to you. I highly recommend this app!

- RUDE customer service!

I had to call for customer service due to the pharmacy quoting me a different price than the app stated. I first spoke to Raul who put me back on hold due to “technical difficulties,” then a female cane on the phone. I was not given her name. She asked me for a number on the coupon, so I asked her to hold for brief moment so I could look it up. After giving it to her, I heard silence. I kept saying “hello” and no answer. Then randomly I hear the female say something to Raul something to the effect of “too much coke.” Then the female said “I have no idea what this lady is doing!” At this point, I have spent about 5 min trying to get this female’s attention so I can finally get my prescription. Turns out, their app was not even updated! I wasted time trying to get a prescription and talking to their RUDE staff for nothing! Thank goodness I have insurance anyway, but it would have been nice to have the price shown on the app. First time I used the coupon, no problem. But after talking to their staff and knowing they do not keep their info updated, I probably will not ever use this company again.

- Gold Rx

By using the Gold Good Rx card for our prescriptions this past year we saved in the $1000’s of dollars on our Rx’s. I had no idea until I looked up the price our medicines were through them compared to what we paid through our insurance. Last year our insurance went to having a deductible for drugs just like for your health insurance & they raised the rates of the insurance. Both of us being on insurance with multiple health issues already see many specialists & have very specific issues & medications that are definitely not cheap. This plan lower those meds greatly. We also enrolled in a specific store discount card & I looked up some costs & what they cost & they had some great rates, we now use both . We use both & th clerk goes back & changes the prices to the Lowe’s I’m so happy we found the discounts when we did. GOD answered prayers. Thank You Father God of all Things “2021”

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GoodRx: Prescription Saver 6.0.99 Screenshots & Images

GoodRx: Prescription Saver iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

GoodRx: Prescription Saver iphone images
GoodRx: Prescription Saver iphone images
GoodRx: Prescription Saver iphone images
GoodRx: Prescription Saver iphone images
GoodRx: Prescription Saver iphone images
GoodRx: Prescription Saver iphone images
GoodRx: Prescription Saver iphone images
GoodRx: Prescription Saver iphone images

GoodRx: Prescription Saver (Version 6.0.99) Install & Download

The applications GoodRx: Prescription Saver was published in the category Medical on 2011-12-07 and was developed by GoodRx [Developer ID: 485357020]. This application file size is 112.38 MB. GoodRx: Prescription Saver - Medical app posted on 2022-05-04 current version is 6.0.99 and works well on IOS 13.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.goodrx.iphone