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Casino action and jackpot thrills are free—and right at your fingertips!—in the world’s biggest social casino app. Win big on over 100 authentic slot machines, from 3-reel classics to the latest Las Vegas hits, and the same name-brand Video Poker, Blackjack, and Roulette you know and love from the casino floor.

► Top Las Vegas slots you know and love!
► Tons of free chips to play!
► Enter the High Limit Room for 2x Jackpots!
► Reap the rewards of loyalty in Diamond Club!

Start the fun now with 1,000,000 free chips, and win your way to high roller action in the High Limit Room, where jackpots are doubled! Customize your experience by selecting your favorite slot games to get straight to the action every time—choose among our thrilling lineup of authentic blockbuster slot machines like Double Diamond™, Golden Goddess™, DaVinci Diamonds™, Wheel of Fortune® slots, and many more!

The Vegas fun never stops at DoubleDown Casino, with exciting new slot games straight from the casino added all the time. Rekindle timeless thrills with your favorite classic slot machines, and discover the latest innovations casino fans are going wild for with exclusive IGT hit slots. Plus, don’t miss your chance to play The Ellen DeGeneres Show™ slots—free!

Want more free chips? We give out free bonuses all day, every day! You’ll get top-shelf rewards in our new-and-improved loyalty program, Diamond Club. Take your free Daily Bonus spin, log in to Facebook to share gifts with friends, and follow us on social media to collect free bonus chips and keep the fun going!

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Internet connection required to play.

DoubleDown Casino is intended for players 21 yrs+ and does not offer “real money gambling” or an opportunity to win real money or prizes based on the outcome of play.

Playing DoubleDown Casino does not imply future success at “real money gambling.”

DoubleDown Casino Slots Games App Description & Overview

The applications DoubleDown Casino Slots Games was published in the category Games on 2012-03-01 and was developed by Double Down Interactive LLC. This application file size is 45.52 MB. DoubleDown Casino Slots Games current version is 4.5.35 and works well on IOS 8.0 and high versions.

Minor bug fixes

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DoubleDown Casino Slots Games Comments & Reviews

Advertorial    5 star

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brunnjill   5 star

Bring Back Some Old Stuff. I’ve been playing DD for years. While it doesn’t payout like it used to, I still enjoy it a great deal. I’m on my yearly crusade to beg you to please bring back some of the older games. Santa’s Cottage PLEASE, I am not sure what happened to the Scrooge game that comes out at Christmas also, but would love to see a section with your older “classics “ to play. Thank you! 😃

bellabloo   1 star

Scam. You cheat, cheat, cheat. Like lil lady, I have gotten last two rows with solid beetles a hundred times today but never in the first two line and rarely if the beetles hit on the first lines there is always another icon in between so you do not score. This cannotbe random. This was planned in the program. I do not know why you have to cheat. I will not recommend your app to @nyone. I have spent nearly ninety million in three days just playing normal ten to twenty thousand a spin, that’s how bad the odds are in your favor. That is no fun. When my money is gone so is this app. Stop speeding up the reel when it looks like it will land on a win. That is so bad. Just pure cheating. I am so fed up with the cheating on this app. You can clearly see a reel will land on a win and all of a sudden the reel speeds up real fast so it will not win. Another thing bonuses are very hard to get on some games and when you get one half the time you get no hits so why have them. It is disgraceful. Stop cheating, play fair. Why would you like to play a game you lose all the time. If I had not bought all these chips I would have blocked this app [email protected]

GingerWhitaker   1 star

Good app but. Constantly asking for a rating only serves to annoy me . Therefore , even though it is a fun app, I have rated it based on how annoying the rating requests are. I want to choose if I give a game or app a rating . Not be constantly badgered not it

very senior reader   5 star

Missing points. I play all the time and had millions of points then yesterday it went back to the beginning,like I just started and now I have less than 2 million and only on my second day.where did my points and many days go? What did I do?pls help,almost all my points are gone again,pls I want to play like I did,for hours.pls answer,I want to play these games,but I don’t have very many points.

angraygoza   5 star

Relaxing. Love love this casino!!!! Many games!!! I do miss the tournaments!!!

csharleville   5 star

Receiving and sending GIFts. I used to be able to receive and send gifts and now it won’t let me do anything. Why is that and how can it be fixed

Macotango   5 star

Excellent app and the point system is the best. Love this game

Grachewy   5 star

New games ??? This is one of my favorite casinos I miss my Brady Bunch 🤷‍♀️😉👍. 👍😉😉😉😉

Thedogsx   5 star

Turkey slots. Fun

haileyespinoza   3 star

More. Should have more ways to win coins

dia-girl   5 star

Love this app. I love this app! I play a few different slots. I would like to see Scrooge slot to come back. Especially during the holidays. That just makes my holiday better. Best app I’ve found yet!!!

Msbjmac1   5 star

Love to win. Play DoubleDown casino!

Closes casino I’ve ever played. This game with its graphics and the games to play are literally just like the casino this is the best one I’ve ever played

Jazzidebbie   5 star

Fun. Great games

mareamarie   5 star

Double Down. Best games

dave9973   2 star

Mkkkkk. Sdcccvvvaax

unhappy 504   1 star

Knot happy. Double is worse game for money deals and wins.

momi1941   4 star

Don’t make us sign Into Facebook. I don’t like to sign in to Facebook to get free credits to use in DoubleDown games. When I have tried to it does not transfer. I like collecting them at DoubleDown withou any 3rd party. It is aggravating.

diorio 1   1 star

The worst. This is the worst app ever they don’t even give you credits to play with they just want you to keep buying more. I played a game and put over 30 million into it and did not even get one bonus I’m deleting this app it is more frustrating than the real casino.

Winner from Cedar Hill   5 star

Dreams Do Come True. Enjoy DD everyday...most days I still have $$ after playing great slots. But my dream came true ... I was able to receive more than 4 gifts from friends... we are given a super bonus for having up to 25 friends but for years have only been able to receive 4 gifts...I send gifts to all my friends everyday but unless I am one of the first four my friends didn’t receive my gift. Thank you! To anyone not already playing DD is past time for you to have FUN! Please if you have any issue with DD the support crew is quick to respond and to resolve the issue.

Poi and Hoop girl   1 star

Rip off. All they want is your account number

86you   1 star

I call BS. There is no way that this many people who go to the real casino rated this game almost 5 stars. The game lags and drags sss. It’s slow and is too much like a circus act going round and round. Fake slots!

Kaykay121599   5 star

Game. Love it

miotio   2 star

Awful casino. I was wondering how in the world an awful casino like this could have such high reviews and I noticed that many of many negative reviews are listed with 5 star ratings. Something really fishy going on here. Anyway, there are much more generous and exciting casinos out there, I’d suggest giving this one a pass.

tseasea   1 star

DON’T BUY COINS. You’re wasting your time and money buying coins to play these slots. The bonuses don’t pay and neither do the regular plays. Save your time and money!!! DAFU CASINO is a better app with awesome bonuses that actually play with you. Trust me! Also read the other reviews about this app. Definitely one of the WORST!

BrashandClass   5 star

Enjoying. This is a great app I try to play often and it's So much fun. We need to remember it's just A game and it's for entertainment. Now 2 days ago I had 25 friends now I am not showing any. How can this be? When you do buy coins when you get to 5 times the coins then I will buy. Overall this app is my favorite. I'm still cool but sometimes don't get my daily spin. Overall it's still my favorite Now my mother is playing and she loves it. This is her Mothers Day Present,!!! I was on Facebook and DDC offered 75000 free coins to play but did not get it Don't know what's going on but didn't receive my daily bonus and the coins for sale are different on my devices. Want to buy but not until a good sale on the iPad. Still my favorite. Still my Favorite Casino it's great fun. For some reason I'm not getting my friends bonus and some promotions are not going through but still my favorite app. Still my favorite just waiting on 3 times sell on coins I play big so I need a lot at a good price! Still my favorite I'm waiting on 250% so I can get more coins! Still my favorite I need $400 million coins soon I'm waiting for the sale I think I'm addicted went to the casino today didn't really enjoy or play that much like my app to much! Please hurry with my coins of 400 million so I can play. Still waiting for 400 million coins to on sale i need it for the holidays so let's try to achieve it. Still waiting for for 350 to 400 million coins so I can play on Vacation so hurry with the sale Please I'm waiting on 350 to 400 I need that because I like playing bigger. Ok that's all really enjoying the games I'm still waiting for 350 to 400 million haven't played in 2 months. Please hurry It's January 25 and I did not get my daily spin! Still my favorite casino I know it's just games that's why I like it! It's not that serious people just enjoy I'm still waiting for the 400 million coins I get it on my iPad but not my iphone now I really need it with the Betty White and Ellen game I even play on my break at work! Thanks for the Entertainment Still hanging on for a big sale 400 million Got my 400 million now all is well! I don't desire the casino anymore! I'm having a ball! It's just like the casino up and down!👍 March 6, 2017. I need a package with more coins around 600 million or more I'm playing more and need more. Let's see what you can do maybe double the 400 million for a short time I'll be ready April 3, 2017. Waiting on a big package deal!! Need more than 600 million! Stay competitive with the online casino I'll be waiting Aug. 27, 2017. Need a 800 million pkg if others can do it you can to. Get on it Still waiting on 800 million!!! Come on you can do better Waiting on Gigantic 800 million sale. I need a sale or something for 800 million I’ve been away now I’m back and I’m still enjoying the game . I accidentally erased my Facebook page and couldn’t get back on and all my other games connected to it so for now I’m only on here until I get back I need a bigger package deal than 400 come on with 800 I’m in

Darrin Bosley   1 star

Do start with this app. I first found this app to be fun. Then the developers started changing how the app work. When I first started playing you could level through playing the slot machines, now the only way to really move is to buy your way to the top. I delete this app sometime ago. Then wait great deal of time, and reinstalled it form the App Store cloud, to give a truly far second chance. I was even more disappointed the second time around. I found even more found that all the issues were not only still in affect. The app is now a chip eater. On most of my spins I would loose chips.

myla 2010   4 star

New to games. Thanks for free chips

bigjoe1414   5 star

#1 casino game. The best by far love it

san542   5 star

Game. Love double down always coming out with new games

Advertorial    5 star

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nachosask   5 star

Free chips used to get them. Used to get free chips in my email

nanacca   2 star

Free coins. This is the cheapest app for giving free coins and winning big pots to keep people interested and wanting to play ..

pembesari   1 star

Garbage. Junk..

senoir mama   5 star

Forgot the title. Love this game

Myrtle Christensen   5 star

Can't get into games can't get into my game help. I can't open double down can't play .HELPhow do you get rid of 403 forbidden. Please open my dd games can't play always trouble please correct. Can't get into my game AGAIN, my friends are getting int theirs but not me as usual. Please help me. Then tomorrow oh surprise back to day 1 HELPwhy can't I update my DD game....I'm suppose but won't,..I have a very hard time winning with the new system.... Thank you! Wow!

ghis 234   2 star

Trop difficile. Les gains sont très rare et faible,moins 10. Millions en même pas 5minutes

quicksilver-23   1 star

Poor service. Spent a lot of money and would like more big wins

Dee74!   1 star

Sucks. Spin after spin after spin, NOTHING!!!! Come on by, fix your games... still waiting Take off the App Store, waste of time... free spins and still nothing!!!

Hitman902   1 star

Money Grab. Sucks you take 60 days to earn millions and it takes it away from you in a hr

Thick Alley   3 star

Not enough payouts. Can’t believe how Cheap this game is to pay out when betting 150k and loose 7 million. Friggen ridiculous.

Butrflikis   5 star

Larry. Thank you for letting me play a little longer than before love Larry the lobster guy

mackandmeg   5 star

Double. Lots of fun and entertainment with great bonuses

cocomojovanovitch   5 star

Great games. Big prizes

pammyp78   4 star

Double Down. Been playing this game for years....only one I have stuck with.

Shneverly   5 star

Love Double Down. Never a boring game

LauraMarie86   1 star

Definitely not the best. You never win anything decent. The last game I played I think I spun about 500 times in a row at the same slot and not a single bonus game. I’m actually done playing this game.

diaappointing   5 star

Hello. Just read some comments they all agree this game is awful myself again20 million gone the pay is nothing after 25 spin I quit playing Slotomania™ and went to DoubleDown and honesty the game we all can’t keep buying oh well time to do some thinking

fixed slot   1 star

App Store. Ratings are 2 years old same old💩every time don’t play Can’t win don’t even try especially don’t spend real money so OUTDATED

Overseas71   5 star

Wat. Wat is this game🧐

Xwecvr   1 star

Don’t update!. Since I installed the last update, I can no longer play thisngame from my emails. Crappy updates.

Coral1641   5 star

Double Down. My favourite game! Only wish daily spins were a bit more generous! 7 times out of 10 I get 65 or 75k’s.

Carl443   1 star

No Hourly Bonuses. The MAJOR problem with this game is the lack of Hourly Bonuses. You cannot expect to last long without it, especially when you get a long series of losses when playing slots. Unless there is an update which adds Hourly Bonuses, this game is to avoid, as you need to wait an entire day to get a bonus, which is painful even for me.

llwl1953   2 star

Jnhebert. Scam scam the worst game ever.they like to take your credit card and after goodbye honey 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

have. one   3 star

DDC. Since the upgrade ,my DDC is only on Facebook and freezes when it should be giving me my free chips from email ! Can’t do anything that will correct it!! And I don’t want it connected to Facebook!

pgbfrodo   5 star

Great Slots. You offer a number of great slots to play and they are fun

Suzi1960   1 star

Wow!! So cheap. No wins for forever!!!. Make the game more fun please

JadePalace   1 star

Daily bonus. How on earth does one get enough points to actually play in the high roller room? I got only 65,000 points and my guest account got 85,000. Neither lasted more than five minutes. Had some 30 mil that lasted about 3/4 of the day just playing in the normal room trying to build it up to play in the high roller room. Lost it all in the regular room. This game is becoming more and more depressing...may have to drop it to avoid depression on a game that should be fun.

gbvvjj   5 star

Great. Great

butler junoir   5 star

Bravo. C’est un site très varié Bravo

Juliachar02   1 star

Win me some points. I never win anything on Double down stuck at 7,0000 for 5 years

Advertorial    5 star

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Graz8   1 star

Greedy, low lifes. These jerks are crooks. They want your money, and they will control all games to suit them. This is a crooked scam run by greedy people. They ensure you lose. Low life scums. Hey Apple? You approve of these crooks ripping people off? Close these crooks down, read the reviews Apple.

Tats great   1 star

RIP Off. Absolute Genius to make a game where you have to reach certain goals to move on knowing all well that you have made it impossible to do and then ask us to purchase more spins or have to start agin absolutely genius you are always going to win. For the people who just want to play a game for a little fun we are not making anything out of it but you certainly are because you are ripping people off because you have all the control you program the games so you are always going to win. You know there are times when you can go to a real casino and play a small amount and win a big jackpot you keep saying how you are like a real casino I’m afraid not you are just a rip off ☹️

Robbyelee   4 star

Aztec temple. Poor pay outs & not enough of them

Tblavery   5 star

The best game.... Hands down Double down Casino. Love it full stop !!!

Chumbley2   5 star

Love it. Fantastic game to play. I absolutely love it. The app is very user friendly and there is a great selection of games.

Slotslover95   5 star

Awesome Games. Love IGT games wish it had the Island Dreams IGT game, It’s one of my favourites, here in Australia it’s called Blue Moon Would like to see this game added 😄😁

Reme45   2 star

Soooo Slow!!. I have just started playing this! Omg the shut downs repeatedly? Games are slow compared to other casino sites, Why? Honestly I've just about given up! No more $$$ for this, at the moment my screen has gone black! It freezes, games roll over terrible, like there is something wrong with them? I also play on other sites, so not my iPad! Sorry Double Down you have good games, such a shame!!!!

spin winner   2 star

Been playing for 3 days now I was hopeful things would change but no not even one free spin. Not a good game

Fairmaidenbev   4 star

Great App. This is a great online casino game with so many different slots to choose from 😀

453jp   1 star

No fair games on this app! .......still the same!. So many bad reviews with this app....interesting to see so many people with the same free expensive.....bonus spin rewards a average of 20 spins before a win which is mostly less than the original bet.....not worth the time or money!

topherNewton   3 star

Bring back the daily bonus. This is becoming the most ad filled game I’ve played which is sad as I’ve played it for about 8 years

Barry 209   4 star

Fun times. Fun Nothing is never perfect

Gabbi28   2 star

There are more rewarding slots out there!. Poor paying and very poor daily rewards

David Flynn (Flynny)   5 star

Double Down Casino.. I’ve been with Double down for a lot of years now and absolutely love it. Always enjoy the great games and generous bonuses. You’re never getting rid of me😊❤️💕

Spootlad   1 star

Joke of a site. DONT play DoubleDown. I’m giving up now. Take the advice of someone who has played for many years on this. You will not win a jackpot. Anyone who says they have are fake. You will not get much time to enjoy the games. They are rigged to take winnings back ASAP. Don’t spend money on chips. Do that in a real casino. You equally have the real chance of losing your cash but at least on the real casino machines you might win something real! There is no fun to be had here, just anger & disappointment. If you have it, delete it and don’t look back. Nothing to see here!

faymatt   5 star

Enjoy.. Enjoy playing this game. Always pays enough to keep going.

aleazea   5 star

Double down. Awesome to play it’s feels like ur in front of a a lot machine with the way it pays out

monicakam   5 star

Double down. Best game ever

Dog hand   4 star

WHAT. Cannot play as wheel pay outs suck

WondaNola   1 star

Total Rip Off. This slots game is ridiculously expensive, the cost of playing each spin chews up your credit. If you ever get a free spin you win nothing!!!! Warning Do Not Play.

vdetd   5 star

Hi there are you guys interested. Great game

Rgs24   4 star

Bonus coin. Hi Why am I still not getting the daily bonus? I love this game but can’t play it very often as I do not get the daily bonus wheel any more. This means I have to limit how often I play and hope I get a win each time. Please answer.

fran sim   4 star

Swiftly. Just starting this game, graphics great

Supercarolyn   1 star

Game not working. Wow this is fun. A blank screen. Can’t play!!

Dannyparly   5 star

Mr Rattenni. Killa slots to spin , for the future, a win , I'll spin

jang789   5 star

Fair games. DoubleDown games submit a reasonable return and are fun to play. Being able to get coins from game hunters is a plus in my book. Jang789

Blackswan48   5 star

Rated low at the moment. For goodness sake can you reprogram the game Siberian storm so it gives you some more chances at bonus games. It has been a joke all week. It is a great game but it very rarely gives you a good payout. Bonus games are minimal. Would like to see more payouts to make it more enjoyable.

klzzyglssn   1 star

Stop!. The graphics weren’t as captivating as other games and the chips run out super quick either leaving you not being able to play the game or having to spend money. Also i have unsubscribed 3 times and sent 2 angry emails YET i keep receiving emails. Stop spamming me, i want nothing to do with this game!!!!

nw2650   1 star

Stopped paying courtesy credits. Have played this game for many years and now suddenly I don’t receive what I thought was a daily bonus but their support team told me are actually courtesy credits and are issued at management discretion. Thanks for letting me know......NOT. Well I too can exercise my management discretion and play elsewhere.

farmer mikes   5 star

Mike Moore. Thanks for the great win Farmermike4

lalaboo1995   5 star

❤️. Amazing

pwrgirl1952   4 star

Email. You send me free spins and coins thru my gmail acct but won’t let me open them to collect!!! Very frustrating!!!’

jax rosie   5 star

Review. Would like to see at least 1000 on daily spin

Skinnymammared   1 star

Disappointing. I have been playing this app for years. I think it is not right that you can’t get ahead. Other apps give you much more in winnings.

Glxyph   1 star

Garbage. Should be illegal.. What a scam. These IGT people are the worst lowlifes. Immoral to the core. You WILL be cheated out of your money. They double charge and deny it, they will shut off bonuses and big wins just to be rid of you. What immoral dirt bags....

ScooterCC   1 star

A bunch of lies!. First off they obviously do not read these reviews OR they just don’t care anyway. They’ll rope in some unsuspecting person that just wants to play and doesn’t read the reviews that’ll gladly pay to keep losing. Remember the old axiom that a fool and his money are easily parted. That’s what they count on. That’s how they get rich off of us Americans. They laugh at us.

titsgen   5 star

Games will not play won’t stop just keep going around .. Can you help. Call me 760-333-7925doesn’t pay enough on fishing ?loved it

smkibean   5 star

Game. The game is great. Only thing the spins and downloads is a little slow

mrsfoxydonna   5 star

mrsfoxydonna. Double Down would be more fun if the bonuses showed up more often. My favorites are Stinkin Rich, Cats & Wolf Run. Thanks for the fun.

hgtuijg   4 star

Great game. Xlnt game but it needs more bonuses please fix this problem please please thank you so much 😊

Magal118   1 star

Great games BUT. I played the DD a year or so ago. I stopped because their daily gifts and are so cheap. I also agree that purchasing more coins with DD is a huge waste of money. You would think when you purchase a coin package you would get a little playing time. I came back to see if they have change their pays and daily bonus money. They have not. So once again I will delete DD. I have found there are many other slot game out there, at. Least with those I get more the 1-2 minutes of play time before my slot $ are gone. Very disappointed, this site does have nice graphics.

GJK 1   1 star

BUYER BEWARE!. I really enjoyed this app until I actually made a couple of purchases. With purchased chips, you will have some wins, but RARELY (for me, read NEVER) have a total that exceeds what you purchased. Therefore, your PURCHASED chips will slowly evaporate like sprinkles on the sidewalk in the middle of the summer in hopes that you will purchase again. DON’T DO IT! I regret having ever purchased, because it was actually fun before I did! I actually hit a jackpot with 5 billion chips a couple of weeks ago, and since then I have won NOTHING, and they are all gone. It has to be rigged to force purchases if one wants to continue to play. I no longer do, and I’m deleting this app. I’m done!

SuziQ56   3 star

Used to be more fun. I loved this game!. Game is sluggish and definitely rigged! So little pay out compared to last year. Sad to say not as much fun. I definitely notice how one can’t win at the wheel anymore. I hardly play as a result. Administrators can fix this and bring back players!

scjkjchhsinsjx   5 star

Wow. Ok

Geri M K   5 star

Double fun. Great slots game

Magerecord3   5 star

Missing Out on Chips. Every day I am sent messages awarding me free chips, sometimes two times a day. I press open it take me to my games on DD. No chips are allotted to me. I have missed out on almost $2,000,000 in chips. What is this some sort of tease? I have WiFi, internet, there is no reason I should not get these chips. Please reach out and tell me what’s going on. Signed Disappointed AGAIN.

Riohadley   5 star

Great game and customer service. Upgraded my phone, lost all my chips. Worked with customer service and back in business 👍

do not insult me please   1 star

Money pit. This site could be a lot of fun but all they do is take your money. Run away as fast as you can

Charro47   5 star

Not winning. I've been playing this game for two weeks and I can't keep any points and the winnings are very the game but can't seem to get enough points to play. Love the game when I can the slots that you have it's just like playing at the casino Love this game.This game is so much fun

Letterman008   5 star

Lerrerman. Great fun to play the games! Enjoy so many different ones.

cjc50   1 star

No fun. Odds of playing even after purchasing chips is very low. Don’t intend to play this game anymore. No fun to lose all without even one win.

frenchsham   5 star

Shari Johns. I have been playing here off and on for years. I love this site—-but—- l have never won an awesome awesome jackpot. I have won some small ones tho but could l at least win more often instead of playing almost nothing.

Busterj2   5 star

Good. Great games. But the sale pages lock the screen and you have to restar. tthat problem has disappeared

Ply Joy   5 star

Rate Double down. Double down casino, hands down is simply the best to play overall. WE LOVE IT, PLAY IT ALL DAY/NIGHT!!!!!! Yeah!!! Crazzzzy about double down, stay hours playing, go d/d!! Double Down is the best in Town! NEVER GET TIRED OF PLAYING HERE AT DOUBLE DOWN!!! I SKIP SLEEP AND MEALS PLAYING DOUBLE DOWN, THAT IS HOW GOOD IT IS!!!!!!!Double Down is the best! Absolutely the best, what can I say💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

Dreadhead Bull   5 star

Me getting some of this money. Do I get some of that money please

hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi    1 star

Level. Playing this game often and have been on level 14 for months!

addicted glama   5 star

Glam22. Awesome game

1Bigtimeplayer   3 star

Need more bonuses please. I do love playing your games I just wish I could be a winner and that’s NOT happening!! Wrote this awhile back and have had a few good days of playing and 1 Great day Thanks for them!!

Vomited   1 star

Newest games. I’m so disappointed you’ve chosen the cheapest newest games that you’ve added over the past year or so. When a player can manipulate the outcome by repeatedly touching the play button is stupid. Any nonsense app for slots are using this type of games. I’m sorry you’ve lowered your standards. I’m sure you are earning buckets full of $$$$ that you could apply and purchase better games. I used to look forward to playing and further look to a bonus. Bonuses are not paying well either. I’ve lost interest and only play on occasion. Too bad. You were the best

Grandma 2+2   2 star

DoubleDown. Not enough paybacks same people win jackpots

32 gigabytes   1 star

Spend lots Never win. Never win

306IWA   1 star

Boring after the first spark. Good for 5 minutes of play then wait another day for credits, very poor winning chances don’t waste your time downloading this one or your money.

Titleist2016mvp   5 star

Review. What a great game

Patchess Starr   5 star

Lobster. I love this game it gives big pay offs and bonus I wish the other games would not be so long to give bonus like the bingo . Thanks

Cherdee1   5 star

Awsome NewGames. Love the graphics and the ability to make winning a Reality. Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of this adventure.

tuna fosh   4 star

Tuna. Great game

poopsie 13   5 star

Like this site. I would like to play more often for free , but my money always runs out.

bored with race   1 star

One star only. That’s all this game is worth

#1#50   1 star

Terrible. I purchased to get better coins. Still gettin 75 and 80 k. What a false advertising why buy your special offers if not getting more playing time. Usually only get 1 spin from your “free coins”. What a joke wait all night for spins then can’t play for another day. A rip off

Just Mame   3 star

LOVE AND HATE. I’ve played Doubledown for many years. Coin is the major problem with this game because it’s Extremely Difficult to win. Even if you buy coin they still disappear very quickly because you can win. I have noticed recently that the games are a little looser and it has been awesome to play ... Thank you. I enjoy the games DoubleDown offers and hope that you allow your games to have a equal win/loss ratio.

louiseville   5 star

Le serveur ne répond pas ?. Le jeu ne se r’ouvre pas depuis 20:00heures , maintenant ça fait 16:00 que jeu ne s’ouvre pas

glaidc   5 star

Fun game. Good fun

Babcia60   3 star

DoubleDown. Not everyone is on Facebook 😫😫😫😫 Missing out on free coins

Frederick65   5 star

Love app. Love playing but disappointed that must be on Facebook to collect rewards. I am note fb member TY

T22Golf   1 star

High limits joke on getting to spin the wheel.. Just played in the high roller and lost 40 million. No significant bonuses hit to recover and played on 5 different games. Last time playing.

ridge meadows   1 star

New game. Your new games are more rip off then the old one two thumbs down never buying coins again

Kmandodge   1 star

sucks. terrible app, can’t win, even when you do win, it’ll take it all back and then some. buy chips and lose it all in minutes, this is THE worst app out there!!!!

hdplant   5 star

Games. Thanks. For making sure that you give your non paying players enough money to enjoy your games.

Josef21   1 star

Sucks. This game sucks you never win,they just want your $$$$$$$$$$

JessMusa   1 star

Stupid App. Why was this app on my iPhone & iPad i don’t recall ever downloading this app

Sandra Fratelli   2 star

Double down casino. I have played your site games for six years not once have I won any contests you have is it because I play as a guest not fight I think my money is as good as anyone you sure take it and charge more then you advertise even apple has been informed and checked it out they suggested I do not play you any more because of the surcharge but my concern is I will never join facebook but not right not letting me win ever very disappointed and insulted hope you guys sleep at night with this dirty dealings Sandra

how can every name be used   3 star

Cheap. Like the games but the “cheapest” site for free coins and only once a day 👎👎. Nice if that would improve.

lindsay cash   1 star

Rate game. It sucks🙈

Ermeon   5 star

Big win. I got a win of 2000000 the machine stoped working will I still get my win the machine is Bob fishing

CC & C   5 star

CC & C. You have the best opening page. Fun games.

fltsher   4 star

Double down slot. Good games

Angelbear13   1 star

Sucks. Not enough winning they want you to spend money before you win anything so even when you get free chips it goes so quickly sucks big time you get on it you’re on it for about five minutes and then that’s it you don’t even win enough to play.

kylebusch181818   5 star

Love this game. I just wish the chips didnt run out so fast lol. Thanks

love double down   5 star

Very Disappointed. I have been saving 10 millions to loose it all in your game without winning It not fun

Canadagirlgal   1 star

Build up free coins just to have them all taken within half an hour. NEVER get a bonus, and if you do it’s hardly worth a few spins. Build up your free points so you can bet big and then NEVER win anything substantial. It’s usually less than half of what your betting when you actually win something.

Jumbuckfrank   1 star

Scatters. What does it take to get free spins. Have spun over a thousand times and zilch. The other thing, you win a big collect and then nothing until you run down and get requested to buy more coins. I am not playing big bets, supposed to be fun, but no. Just want to find one of these games that is for enjoyment, not commerce. Also to get to the next level takes forever, around $20,0000,000 in bets and winnings. Just want to find something that is amusing. Might write my own app that is truly free and relies on advertising to pay for itself.

loser 1082   4 star

Thanks. Only seen to win on small bets

Annie0146   5 star

Games. Great to have some good games that actually pay!!

Patrolmantrev   5 star

Doubledown Casinos. Been playing various slots, mainly Sunken Treasure - real fun, everything I've played; continuing updates, new slots all make the experience real fun. Play Pharoah's Fortune a lot, too, really like it.

70eve   5 star

Unlucky me. Unlucky for me today

blossumm   1 star

Guest. It’s a free some games but don’t get to credits....🤬

Arapax   1 star

Kay. I am very disappointed with Double Down slots ..really non existent daily fee coins to play with compared to most other games. Like double u casino for example.... Some games would be good but there are no credits to play with. Very weird I think..

beearch12   5 star

Beearch12. Getting the hang of the game, liking more and more

johnh24   5 star

Double down casino,,,,. Great game really like playing it but sometimes the credits run out fast, please add more free credits. Best game love to play longer.

Janwaggy   1 star

Ripped off. Give me back my money .. you just said $58,000.00 for US $7.99 which is Fkn $16 in Australian money and I got $2,000.00 .. I want my money returned you lying hounds .. please reimburse me .. that is the biggest rip off .. your not a real poker machine , we are not making money from you .. $2,000.00 would be home in 5 minutes ...everyone be careful as they lie in their amounts you are buying

Pixi1966   3 star

Miss the tournaments. I love the variety of games but am missing the tournaments. Are they coming back?

Mummy 51   1 star

Rate game. This is one of the worst games on the internet pays nothing could play for an hour and loose all the credits, would never recommend to anyone

emjay23300   4 star

Bring back the tournaments!. Bring back the tournaments 😩

makeitfair   1 star

5 star rip off. What a total rip off.... If I was a billionaire I still wouldn’t pay 1 cent to this casino. Waste of time even playing. Double down alright.... whatever you win you will go down double

jonboy2250   5 star

Rubbish. I thought I would give it a go and purchased 16,000,000 for $30.00 on the special offer, I played for less than 15 minuets in the happy hour without a single win. Now that’s entertainment!!!!!!!!!.

glitchy!!!!!!!??????   3 star

Glitchy!!!!!!. Very glitchy of late. Scoring weird. Missing out on bonuses

ffghutds   5 star

Good. U real

Bjtigerland   3 star

Bring back tournaments plz. Was an awesome game when it had tournaments... bring it back please

Joker 🃏   5 star

Awesome. I love this game/app

tttattttz88   5 star

Great. Great great great

Koallahkid   5 star

Jackpots. Love the jackpots

Hehehuyfbhrbfugebcu   2 star

Being misers on free chips. Great games but lucky if you can play for more than 5 minutes. Why buy chips if they go so quick. Need better payouts Daily bonus is always a small amount Features are impossible to get

Dhristo   5 star

Review great games and lots of fun.. Great games and lots of fun.

Snp-drg   5 star

Double down Casino. I had a good 1/2 hour play,double down was kind to me.

MangaLover2424   2 star

Crapp.. Get chips and get lost,,,you don't have much coins to win,so get lost,,Hof related,deleted,rubbish.

Capsam40   5 star

Double Down. Just starting! Looks interesting so far.

Iooomm   1 star

Chip retrieving. Old I pad with lots of credit has ceased How can credits be transferred to this I pad can you help Have paid you but can’t access the chips Can you help ?cant even send this request How do,I retrieve chips paid for on old I pad PLEASE

Ammiviiccc   2 star

Downloaded again to see if it had improved after 2 years. No change, next to no wins, daily bonus barely covers one spin. It’s a shame because slots are good ones

rellie1   5 star

Wizard. Loving the game.👍🏻👍🏻

Munkle1   1 star

Double Down casino. Absolutely hate it. Just a money munching piece of junk

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