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What is doubledown™ casino -slots game app? Casino action and Vegas jackpot thrills are free—and right at your fingertips!—in the world’s biggest social casino app. Win big on over 200 authentic Vegas slot machines, from 3-reel classics to the latest Las Vegas hits, and the same name-brand Video Poker, Blackjack, and Roulette you know and love from the casino floor.

► Top Las Vegas slots you know and love!
► Tons of free chips to play!
► Enter the High Limit Room for 2x Jackpots!
► Reap the rewards of loyalty in Diamond Club!

Start the fun now with 1,000,000 free chips, and win your way to high roller action in the High Limit Room, where jackpots are doubled! Customize your experience by selecting your favorite slot games to get straight to the action every time—choose among our thrilling lineup of authentic blockbuster slot machines like Double Diamond™, Golden Goddess™, DaVinci Diamonds™, Wheel of Fortune® slots, and many more!

The Vegas fun never stops at DoubleDown Casino, with exciting new slot games straight from the casino added all the time. Rekindle timeless thrills with your favorite classic slot machines, and discover the latest innovations casino fans are going wild for with exclusive IGT hit slots. Plus, don’t miss your chance to play The Ellen DeGeneres Show™ slots—free!

Want more free chips? We give out free bonuses all day, every day! You’ll get top-shelf rewards in our new-and-improved loyalty program, Diamond Club. Take your free Daily Bonus spin, log in to Facebook to share gifts with friends, and follow us on social media to collect free bonus chips and keep the fun going!

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Internet connection required to play.

DoubleDown Casino is intended for players 21 yrs+ and does not offer “real money gambling” or an opportunity to win real money or prizes based on the outcome of play.

Playing DoubleDown Casino does not imply future success at “real money gambling.”

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DoubleDown™ Casino -Slots Game Version 4.5.9515 March 2022

Hi, DoubleDown fans! In this latest update, we’re making some performance improvements and getting ready for Double Down Casino’s month-long birthday celebration! Start the party with the next season of Journey and the premiere of our new slot straight from the casinos of Las Vegas, Sea Cash. Happy Spinning!.

DoubleDown™ Casino -Slots Game Version 4.5.9320 October 2021

Hi, DoubleDown fans! In this latest update, we’re making some performance improvements and getting ready for Double Down Casino’s month-long birthday celebration! Start the party with the next season of Journey and the premiere of our new slot straight from the casinos of Las Vegas, Sea Cash. Happy Spinning!.

DoubleDown™ Casino -Slots Game Version 4.5.8512 August 2021

Hi, DoubleDown fans! In this latest update, we’re making some performance improvements and getting ready for Double Down Casino’s month-long birthday celebration! Start the party with the next season of Journey and the premiere of our new slot straight from the casinos of Las Vegas, Sea Cash. Happy Spinning!.

DoubleDown™ Casino -Slots Game Comments & Reviews 2022

- I ❤️ Doubledown good luck fellow addicted Doubledowners🎉❤️👍🌹

I had been home recovering & saw Doubldown on FB I instantly played.. & I do often spend money on chips.. The only problem I have with the App is that neither of my emails are verified & they send me the link almost daily but it doesn't work .. I even created an email for this game. But when I try to tell them it's still not working or if I lose chips or have a problem u have to put in a support ticket & then it ask u to put your email in so they can help u when I type my email in it says not recognized. So when I need something I get pretty annoyed lol. I have tried to fix this a gazillion times I'm over it.. I love this casino game wheel of fortune is awesome on here & I can't find another casino like this.. Besides the email thing I love to play.. I wish I was one of those that wins the big jackpots but I also don't have 99$ to spend on this but I as I said love it.. Thx Doubldown for trying to help me register it just doesn't work.. Great Game I'm not a gamer but this has me.. good luck fellow addicted Doubledowners..

- Used to be my favorite game app 🤷🏻‍♂️

You need to do something about the payouts! I used to love this game and just recently realized how much of a scam this game really is while playing a couple of the special offerings that I had never played before. And yes I realize it is a gambling game but at least read my post first. The first one is in regards to the Journey. I started out with over 100 million chips and at one point along the way was up over 1 billion in chips. When I finally completed it I was down to 50 million and that was only because I had bought more chips to finish because I was on the last game of the last stage. Out of all the chips that were lost I maybe won 10 million back by completing the stages. And when you get to the last few stages it’s almost impossible to beat so you have to play it over and over therefore betting more. What a joke! The second one is the Bingo game where you earn call numbers by playing slots except it costs like 4-5 million to earn one call and when you eventually win a line you might get $300,000 back. Keep in mind there are nine spots on the bingo board out of a possible 15-18 call numbers so do the math, you may win 2.4 mil when it’s all said and done but you’re gonna spend almost 100 mil to get there. Please give me a reason to continue playing this game... a good start would be giving me part of the billion in chips back.

- Response to review.

Generally enjoy playing. Don’t enjoy the idea that there is some semblance of a payout from playing. This was brought out a few days ago. Played jesters diamonds for over 50 spins and over 3 million chips and not once did the respond come up. However the pop up ad to increase your bet to increase the payout. Not even close to true from my experience. Do not expect to win regularly but do expect to have a win occasionally. Not my experience. That losing continually with no expectation of a single win is not fun or a good feeling. I wrote the above analysis a few days ago. Today I tried the Rolling in more gold. Played in the morning and it was almost a break even event. However, I had the same misleading experience as I with jesters diamonds. I was “awarded “ a mining bonanza, which was a zero, zip, nada event. The only thing that happened was the four panels appeared but all that did was make the working panel smaller. If you are going to award something, do it but don’t mislead people. All that does is say this is a no paying slot. I tried the same slot this afternoon and have gone through about 3 million chips with no return. If you folks want your chips back that badly just say so. This is depressing on top of my being notified of family members who are hospitalized and have been diagnosed with the COVID virus. Thank you very much for the added misery.

- Doesn’t hit on ANY games over time...

When I first got this game I thought it was fun and exciting. You get a few chances but not nearly enough to receive free chips daily and throughout. You also use to be able to “level up” simply by the amount of chips spent (bid) and play time. Now they have closed this portion of the game down and you are only able to “level up” by purchasing chips as well as the daily spins hit small amounts and very often their free chip giveaways don’t download weather it be on Facebook giveaways or their notifications they send. The past couple months I have not one hit any type of jackpots or bonuses just spin the real and watch my chips be taken away without gaining any back from ANY of the games. Unless you have or are able to bid millions of chips at a time to hit no more small bid winnings. This quickly went from a fun game to the most outrageous game I’ve played. My advice is to NOT get involved as over time they force you to purchase even though says it’s a free game and they give free chips away... Customer Service is also not very helpful or nice but rude. I asked for help several times about chips being l knee or the game conveniently freezing up when I’m trying to get my free chips from a notification and no reply or rude replies without compensating or replacing those chips not given.....

- Be warned, be warned. 1 billion lost fast, they turn off winning and give nothing back

Be warned. They turn the winning on and they turn it off. These are not random win games. It is a business and they take your money, and give nothing back..except, a little pleasure in winning. however. They turn winning on and off. For me it’s mostly off. How can they keep taking my money like that, and not give anything back? Example Mystical Mermaid. The bonus feature uses a treasure chest on the first reel.. but it vanishes from off the first reel. So, How can you get a bonus when the key symbol you need to win is missing? I bought $600 million chips. In one turn it jumped me to 1.1 billion. From then on, It was down down hill continuously from there. No jackpots, no wins, just took and took and took. Bet 1 mil, win 200k, which means I lost 800k.. bet bet bet, lose lose lose, bet, 1 mil, win 200k lost 800k.. constantly lose down.. the only time you win, is right after you buy chips. For a couple minutes. Then they turn off the winning. I even though to buy my chip jar. Lose lose lose. So be warned.. They turn on winning, they turn off winning. It is not random. It is not regulated like a real casino. The fun for me is winning. Not playing, but winning. I want to win, this game should try to give something back, instead of taking all the time. 1 billion dollars lost..piece of crap

- What is going on with this app???

I have been playing this app since the very beginning and it was a very good app. But as the years passed, slowly this app has been getting really bad! Now you hardly win on any of the slots!!! To top it off you guys did something to the daily bonus!!! I had it up to 25 days and it’s been like that for years! Then all of a sudden it makes me start at day 1!!! Sometimes I would spin a couple of hours after the day before and you guys wouldn’t penalize just a couple of hours late. Most of us are working people and are busy everyday!!! I can’t get to it on a timely basis and would be a little late, but you guys would let it go! But now I don’t know what is going on!!! After having to start at day one, I had it at day 20 then the next day it made me start at day 1 again!!! On Thursday I had to start at day 1 again! UGH!!! Ok, so then yesterday (Friday) it was day 2. I got my bonus around 6:30AM. Then today (Saturday) I got my bonus at 5:30 AM and guess what??? I HAD TO START AT DAY 1 AGAIN!!!!! WTH is going on???? This is not the first time this has happened, I even sent you guys a ticket to look into my problem! It’s been around 3 weeks and no answer!!!!! Is there no one home to answer all of our problems and concerns???? Please fix this problem and explain to me what is going on!!!!

- What did you think you were doing? It's gambling.

I was randomly reading lots of reviews for your game. They seem to be consistently negative. I have to wonder what all these folks thought they were doing by giving you money and expecting to get something other than what they purchased. You are buying the tokens to play the game. You are buying a chance to win. You are not buying jackpots. It would not be a game if you could buy jackpots. It would not be gambling. The one thing DoubleDown promises is delivered: a casino experience. The games are generally the same as you can find in casinos. The amount of credits you win or lose is roughly the same as you find in casinos. One thing DDC does that casinos do not do is give away several million credits to every player, every day. If you want to have billions of credits, you're probably out of luck. But those credits are without value. You gain no status from being a DDC BAZILLIONAIRE. Enjoy the game, you're likely to lose, spend your real money on something more important.

- Great Application

I have had so much fun and wasting time playing on double down casino! In the 14 months I’ve been playing I’ve only bought chips three times just for the offer being presented. I am still playing with the original 10,000 dollars in chips when I first downloaded this application. Their support center is excellent; always correcting issues with minutes to under 24 hours. If the system fails in some manner and it affects your game play or loss of chips they reimburse you the amount lost and most times throw in a chips for a bonus for the inconvenience the down time effected you. They are always offering new gams to play, so you have a steady supply of games on hand, and they implement holiday centered games during those particular seasons. My favorite slot comes out during Halloween season and I spend hours playing. You will not be disappointed in this application. It’s absolutely fantastic!!!

- Not worth it...

The game is not worth it. It’s something that you can use to pass the time but unless you’re spending an ungodly amount of money to buy just don’t win. The free spin every day and the free chips that they give out daily doesn’t help much when you spin at 24-50k and only win 1200. They say to lower your bet until you start winning again....that doesn’t help either. Casual players beware, it will frustrate you to see that these other people are winning big but you continue to loose no matter how much you bet. DO NOT PLAY during the jackpot happy hour. 1 less to win the jackpot but you have to bet 5mil per spin and when you barely get past 10mil in total can’t make those bets. Over all...stay away from this game until they do more to help the casual player win instead of catering to the “big spenders” of the game. The worst part is IT IS A GAME. If we wanted lose money we would go to the casino irl and lose money. This is a’s suppose to be fun and make people want to play. All this does is make you lose to the point that you want to delete the app and never download it again. It’s a game...people want to win when they play a game not constantly lose.

- Don’t Buy Chips

DD games initially get you sucked in with free chip offers. The key here is not betting huge. You can if it’s a new account but the longer you okay the worse the payouts get. If you have been playing over 39 days stop and sign up again using a disposable email (search it) and thus way you can continue to receive decent pay outs (30 days max). Like in FB and you will probably get close to 1M free chips per day. Again keep your betting in check (under 100k) and you should easily be able to last the 30 day cycle before having to sign up again so yo get a decent pay out. DD makes its money on you buying “chips” that get you NOTHINGS in return but time to play your favorite game. You can’t win anything or any prizes so don’t be fooled. These games are excellent quality easily the same as you would find in your local Indian casino. DONT BUY CHIPS!!! Search the internet on how to get free DD chips, after 30 days delete any account you may have set up and re apply/set up a new profile. OH AND Did I mention DONT BUY CHIPS!!! you cannot win anything!!!

- Be warned.

They say the odds are always the same... not buying it. It seems the more chips you have the less odds you have of winning. On top of that, the XP leveling progression is minuscule and slow. Good luck getting to level 11 if your going for any online promotions which I feel is the reason for this. 2 other slot games that come to mind who offer HIGHER incentives but at a higher level like 150 were SO MUCH less difficult to achieve which is so appreciated in these days where people are stuck at home and in dyer need of some kind of financial help. So much so that I for one still play them and know several others that do as well, even after completing the offer. I’ve played this game EVERY DAY for 10 days (Never hit 1 jackpot) and have just cracked level 9. Definitely not worth the time or effort, let alone buying chips to keep playing. The slots are decent for the most part but the optimization of these slots are horrible. I’m on an iPhone XS Max and this game runs extremely slow on some slots ie: Dropped frame rate, Never-ending spinning, irregular payout etc. And the Odds seem to get steeper the more chips you have and the level your on. BEWARE indeed.

- Confused

My name in Gerald Ramsey, I’m writing in this review hoping it would make playing this game a bit more addicting than it already is. I’ve noticed that there are some days where the winning is right in front of you and win and you can win big if you can see where and what day it is. For example, this last Sunday was one of those days. No matter what game i played, you could see that today is the day to bet big. But......... then there are those others days that you don’t want to play at all. Now you have to watch to see which will be the next day that you can win big. I always win big, and then the next 4-5 days losing it all, down to your last penny. I play this game every morning i get up. I play it while I’m drinking my coffee, and if i’m losing that day, you don’t want to be around me, the days i win big, I can’t stop playing. And its also a good day for everyone. The wide will even let me know if i won or lost. She’ll be like “ you lost today didn’t you?” But over all, i give this game a score of 3 out of 10/ or a 1.5 out of 5!

- RESOLVED. What is going on? Repeated Dropped connection!

Below is my original complaint. I commend Double Down for quickly responding through several emails and asking for a screen shot of my info. They also provided apology and explanations. Therefore I can upgrade the review to 4 stars. Since mid-June 2020, when playing the Journey challenge, going through various levels, I REPEATEDLY get a “connection lost, reconnect to the server” message during the games. Each time I reconnect, I get a few spins, then it disconnects again and again during the same game. Sometimes it lets you go back to where you left off, but twice it restarted and I lost all my points. I used to play this app often, but it has become so aggravating, I reported it to the developer and got no response. That is why it is getting only 1 star until the problem is fixed. NOTE: It is not my connection or WIFI, no other game loses a connection EVER. Also, I seldom write a review for bad apps, I just delete them.

- It’s okay.

I have played for a couple years and one thing I noticed is, that, if your winning, keep playing a bit. If not, don’t waste your time. It does seem as others suggested, that they turn the winnings off sometimes and then back on at others. Just be smart, pay attention and don’t bother thinking “well, I’ve invested or played this long, so my luck will soon change and I will get a big payout”, because it won’t. If you are loosing after 20-30 spins and only winning small amounts, then stop playing. I do enjoy playing, I just try to play smart. So far it has worked pretty good for me. For the most part I have been steady climbing in the money. Also, if you are winning try better a little bigger. The other thing I have noticed is, that at different betting $amounts, sometimes, on the same slot, I can win at different bet amount. Good luck and I hope this might help someone. I do agree, the payout winnings, over all could be much better.

- Great fun....but

Great fun because these are real slots that you find in real casinos! real casinos the odds of keeping your credits are extremely low! I’ve been playing this casino since they first began.....also have deleted it numerous times. I’ve purchase credit packages numerous times(always the $100 packages), and lost all my credits many many times. It took me a while to come to the realization that those $100 purchases would return far greater rewards in real casinos through free play, free rooms, free food...etc.....BUT I still continue to download this casino over and over again....go figure! Still overall this is one of the best online casinos to play for the shear fun of it(although there is an online casino that gives you rewards that you can use in real casino...can’t say the name but it has a famous lion as its logo). TRY IT...YOULL GET HOOKED ON DOUBLE DOWN!

- Used to love the game but slots from haters are still here

I have had this game for awhile on my tablet. I did love the game but......When Kevin Spacey did his thing he was removed from House of Cards. I saw him on the slots but felt no biggie as the show did what it needed to do. It has been awhile now since it was found out what Ellen was doing to her staff and all her hatred whereas she preaches kindness. I still notice these slots here on the site. It is your right to have whatever slots you want here as it is my right to no longer play a game that either promotes hatred (keeping these slots) or no condemns it. She will not change. She did not half-heartedly apologize because she felt bad. She only did it because it came to the surface and she is trying damage control. I guess I will keep the app until the beginning of next year to see if the hater is removed or I remove the app. Shame on you double down if you promote slots from a hater.........Follow up now, I do not love the game (was supposed to say I did love the game) I have uninstalled the game because you promote games from haters and biased people. Will never reinstall this game and you have been dropped to one star.

- Free spins

I receive an email today again for 30 free spins but after 1 spin it shuts off. When I go back to pick it up a notice says you have already used this so it’s lost. I always have loved double down it’s my favorite game. Another thing is I get the two of the same notifications for free points and can I can only use one so why two? I always go back can’t find a game I love the same. I tried to collect two days on 30 spins. Again I was knocked off and when I went back to the email it said you have already collected. I don’t think it is my server as I changed to fiber optic and it is suppose to be better. Again today I received another free spin and shut down after two spins. As far as journeys it is a failure when you get to the third day you can’t get past. I tried twelve times wasted my money on the losing game maybe more. Can’t win. Loser.

- 💯Waste of time👎🏻

🧠You won’t win, if you do you’ll lose your winnings.😔 I have been reluctantly reinstalling this app every couple months and 🤫building up the free coins they give each time to about 2-3 million, then Poof💨💸 gone without the satisfaction of winning.😱 Every time, same deal. 🤔You might get very lucky to hit big, 😂but you will lose it fast.🤨 The games are authentic casino games, I suppose it’s why they don’t let you win. I Always end up irritated,🤬👉🏻 deleting the app soon after downloading. It just leaves me disgusted🤮 and more disappointed with every chance I give. I would not waste a rusty dime on this pathetic game, and is probably the last time I delete it☠️RIP. Five stars for getting me to download it so many times🙄 Sorry Double Down🤣 you’re the loser now.💯👋🏻

- Stuck at level 16 for years

I’ve been playing this game since 2012ish when I got stuck on bed rest and quickly leveled up until it just stopped moving and has stayed at level 16 since. I miss the tournaments, those were a fun way to win coins with affordable bets. The winner names showing amounts users playing the same game used to be in the $100,000’s until a couple years ago I see chip amounts in the 100’s of millions... and wonder are these ppl buying large coin packages because anytime my account has close to 100 million, I quickly lose them. I stopped buying chips and only return to play every couple months for a couple weeks at a time because I love a few of your games but get bored easily not being able to level up or grow my coins. Which is fine but I definitely should be earning level up bonuses... the meter literally has not moved in years and no one will respond to my question about this.. it just is what it is and I wish it wasn’t.

- Agree with same old scam

Preferably 0 stars. The DD games are the poorest paying of all games out there. Impossible to win and play for any length of time. During the pandemic with everyone stuck at home, it is shameful to take advantage of people. I spent $400 in the last week. I wouldn’t mind spending a little bit, but obviously the computer alga rhythms are set to get you to pay, pull you in and then know they have a sucker on the line. This is similar to “cat fishing,” you’re just not getting a fake conversation with someone stuck in another country and the government took their passport and they only need $500, $10 or $15 thousand dollars to come to meet the love of their life. I know I’m the stupid one so my fault for not stopping, but DD should also be shamed. I should or could have given that money to the pandemic causes or better yet, Black Lives Matter. I hope management at DD at least considers giving some of money for a worthy cause. As for me, my app is going to get an X and taken off my iPad. Then I’ll say a prayer that you do the right thing and stop violating people that are vulnerable.


I play this game everyday and very rarely do I miss a day, even if I’m just logging in to get my daily “free” chips and the reason for that is because you get an extra $1,000 for each consecutive day with the max being 25 so $25,000 and in the past two weeks I’ve noticed that I’ve been reset to $1,000 which means I missed a day which isn’t the case. When it happened last week I thought ok well maybe I did forget yesterday but when I opened the game up tonight and saw that I AGAIN had been reset to $1,000 I knew right then and there that this app is being dishonest!!!! Reading other reviews I didn’t come across anyone else who is reporting this issue (maybe they just aren’t noticing?) but ALOT of people are reporting losing chips or having bets increased without them doing it and of course the lack of winning. I don’t know what can be done about my issue of my daily log in being reset even though i don’t miss a day but I would appreciate it if they could atleast fix the problem and not have it happen again?

- down double for sure

i’m so conflicted with this app.. it’s one of my faves for sure, simply due to the fact it has many of my actual favorite casino games I play in real life.. however, those said games do occasionally hit big in real life, definitely more frequent than these double down slots do.. i’ve lost track of the amount of real $$ i’ve spent in herze.. however, i’m at total fault for being foolish enough to continue to financially fund these app developers knowing full well the win/loss/bonus ratio is seriously stacked against me. unfortunately, the lure of the “mega win” still taunts me and is more often than not enough to sucker me into a purchase... would be nice to at least receive a healthier daily bonus for the occasions on which I find myself just a tad bit short of being ableto squeeze in a fake money casino purchase...unfortunately, i’ll still probably continue hemorrhaging cash to just to have a way to pass the mundane late nights..

- Ripoff! Nothing has changed 😡

When you attempt to play any of the slots when there is a "sale" going on you might as well forget it! I just burned through 250 million chips, no free spins and the "2,3,4,5x" reel shows up twice, but of course nothing to go with them!😡 Love the games but it is ridiculous how you never can even play anymore, only lose! Loosen up so we can play please! The daily spin is also a joke, really? You so graciously are going to give me 65,000 chips, wow six spins that is, can you afford it? You should be giving at least a million daily with the opportunity to get 4,5,6,7 million or more! Get rid of the lousy 500k or less! April 2,2018 just purchased 300,000 chips, played triple star sevens and bet 1 million per spin and I was so graciously given two whole spins with mixed sevens for 15 million each and basically that is it😡 pathetic and you guys should be ashamed of yourselves that the games are so tight and all you do is take peoples money! I will not purchase again, why don’t you give me 300,000 once🤪🤪


DoubleDown is the best casino game on the internet. It only got 3 stars because it’s getting more expensive to play and continues to decrease the value of the spins on the wheel. I used to get the big spins like 30 or 40 million once in a while but I haven’t had much over 125k for a very long time. All the money i spent to get to the big values on the wheel seems like it was wasted Also they payouts have definitely decreased both in value and in frequency. Now it seems like when you buy 300 million chips they only last a few hours. They used to Last a month or so but it seems like small bets don’t win and so many of the new machines require larger bets. And if you don’t buy chips you can’t play in the challenges. It’s too expensive for me. I will not buy chips again until I receive larger spins on the wheel and the other issues improve. Sorry DoubleDown. I will miss you And that’s why the 3 stars.

- What happened to your app

Please fix your app I been with you ever since your app been online. I am tired of friends I play with in this app we can't play together because when I press to get my free spin for the day I press on their name and wait for the wheel to spin and all at once I get knocked out and after that I try to go back in I loss the money .. I can't play any different games anymore because one of my favorite was 777 it won't open the new lobster game same thing please this has been going on since November 2017 . I have written this three times in review if this is not where I should go some how let us know. I am so sad that I went to 5 stars to three and before anyone else says it's my computer it's not I have all my friends play the games I am upset with an there having the same problem. Sorry that this is happening just fix it I use to pay for extra credit but won't do that tell this is fix.

- lies lies and more lies

I just read through a bunch of other reviews before writing one of my own. i wanted to be entirely certain it isn't just me who feels so dam cheated, for instance, a rep. answered one of the many negative reviews on this particular forum, the rep stated very matter of fact that the games are ran completely on their own merit, that the casino has no control over the wins and or loses. this statement is the most ridiculous thing i ever read. i play this game a lot and i am here to tell you that yes indeed they have control over the games. the blatant way they answer in these reviews and the blatant way they take our chips is criminal. they also are full aware of the addiction aspect of these games and take full advantage and exploit us because of it. now they interrupted one of my games with an invitation to review DOUBLE-DOWN CASINO. therefore i would only hope i'm not crucified for giving it. its a greedy owned platform they think of nothing but lining their pockets and getting rich off us poor folks.

- Slow moving

There are a lot of fun games here with progressive interaction. However, the bonus rounds are few and far between. I have played well over 100 spins or more before the interactive round kicks in. It's fun to play the different pick rounds to move into a couple game rounds to earn $ but those rounds are hard to come by. Game would be more fun if the bonus rounds hit more often. Also, when you hit a match the amount you win vs the amount it took you to play that spin is very low. So gaining $ to continue playing the game is hard. It would also be nice to be able to watch a video to earn $ but you can't. That option is not available, so you have to wait for friends to send you "a spin" or wait until the next day to earn your daily bonus money. Game would be more fun if there were some options to hit more often, or earn $. Very tight wheels. Not big pay outs. You can go spin after spin after spin before hitting the bonus rounds.

- Double Down Casino

Love this app - I love to play blackjack and this is pretty realistic. Not so lucky on the blackjack tournaments but I play jacks or better tournaments and win quite a bit. I commented earlier about not being able to see results on the tournaments and they have fixed that and you can check your results now so that's great. And they give you a daily spin for $ so unless you just go overboard on your bets, you stay ahead and they don't bug you with a lot of ads. I would recommend this app if you like casino games, it's great Adding to my original review. Lately I’ve been getting a lot of “taking longer than usual, return to lobby or keep spinning” This happens after you bet 1K or more and you don’t get the$ back and later results show you lost even tho you didn’t even get the chance to play. I still love this app but it is aggravating

- Rip off Do Not Down Load or Play this Application!!!!!

This game is a total Rip Off. Recommend new players not download or PLAY this Game! Developers are Total Scammers when considering friendly play for Money spent! Never seen a more expensive game and game management that are so inconsiderate of Players! Total RIP OFF of your Money for time spent playing! Apple should recall this game and refund all money spent back to players who are miss lead and being cheated! If Apple is a quality Corporation then they should read All the reviews and cancel game and refund money spent back to all players! If this game is allowed to be available and endorsed by Apple then they have no morels! It is Apples responsibility to monitor content they allow to be offered on their service and take swift action intervening when necessary to protect subscribers to their services! Apple must take validate action and control games they approve to be offered on their services! It is not just me Apple should review all the review comments and take responsible actions immediately to protect their Brand Name!

- Was Great Now Not So Much

I’ve been playing this app for many years. This was my favorite game and played everyday and won often. Over time I’ve seen the odds change. At the beginning I tended to have many winning streaks was able to accumulate a lot of coins. Recently the winning streaks are further between and the payouts have been much less. Much fewer Big Wins. Only get a big win when they want a good review. Much harder to accumulate coins now. I signed up for emails to receive coins. Now I’m inundated with emails. But even now the amount of coins from the emails has dropped. Plus I just lose them when I play. This game does not interest me any more because I rarely win! I changed my email address so all my “game” emails would go to one address. I’ve requested to be unsubscribed from my old email address several times to no avail. Still being inundated in the old email which I’m trying to clear out. Now I marked my account for NO emails but still get them. STOP SENDING ME EMAILS! I don’t want to play your game anymore!!!

- Slots never hit a win

Waited several weeks after getting this app before writing a review so I could pinpoint the likes and dislikes of it: the games are some of my old favorites and I was excited to play them. The problem is the bonuses are virtually nonexistent and when you get one it does not pay anything, the daily free coins are very small, basically only enough for 10 spins on a slot. I understand that the designers of this app want to make money but this casino game is so tight that it is not fun at all. If you love to buy coins only to have them never give you a win then this is the app for you. If you love the excitement of bonuses and big wins then stay away from this app. Also, try to rate this app negatively and it will not allow you to post.

- Fake 5 star Reviews!!!! Slots are fun but...

Players beware. Read the reviews. 5 stars are given, but the actual reviews have differing sentiments about the game. I used to play this casino game a bunch but deleted it because the pay out only allows for 15 minutes MAX of play time. Well I saw an ad for the game again to see if things have changed and they have not. Played for about 10 minutes and realized I would have to shell out A LOT of cash to continue playing. And also the ad promoted up to 100,000,000 chip return bonus. Well that was a scam. Click bait. Deleted the app again. If the game is fun I have no problem paying for in-app purchases but not when the game play doesn’t match the price. Lame. Update: you get about 1 million free coins a day by checking your email, Facebook, and notifications. Payouts are a little better than they used to be in the past. Major complaint is the cost of coins is too high. Slots are fun to play though.

- IGT Games

IGT games have wonderful graphics and the game action is fun to watch, but the bonus are almost non-existent they are so far apart. Also the winnings are small and doesn't allow any real buildup so you can do higher bets unless you want to continually buy coins. If that's the purpose it's done, but the majority of people that would play the games won't do that. There are too many other apps with better winning amounts and frequencies. Lobsterman, Hot 7's, Mermaids and Red Hot Tamales are just a few that are this way, unfortunately they are the ones I like the most. Could be made a much better app. Game will say you have 1024 ways to win, but your winnings are usually only a fraction of your bet so you are still losing just slows it down a little. Hope you fix things better soon.

- High limit club

It’s strange how you set up your big wheel to take millions and I mean millions to be able to spin the big wheel in hope you can try to win Hey DoubleDown it is what it, I been playing doudown for many years I remember that it first came out well I love the app I refuse to play any other slots that are on the market I have introduced doudown to a lot of people family friends and I will always have love for this app I said it and it was I feel I have to know how much money you can get away with which machine give and which don’t but that’s the name of this game if you want to win you have to play it if u loose get more if u loose again get some more coins it will pay you but you have to play it that’s my 15 or 20 years I have been playing doudown good luck players

- Log outs

I have had a lot of trouble with this game. When I play, it rolls. And rolls and logs me out. I have to log back in and it rolls me out again. I have noticed this when I play games I have played before and won on and so I bet higher amounts it logs me out more often. This is so infuriating. I truly believe that this game is monitored and if you win it makes sure you do not win again. and NO this is not my internet connection.! I have high speed internet! I love this casino, because it has great games. But, unfortunately, I think it only is a scam. Everything else I play or do, I dot have this problem, unless it is one of the newer games. There is no monitory gain. This is for enjoyment only. But, how can you enjoy something that logs out all the time?

- No more fun they took away tournament slot play

I have been playing double down slots for over 5 years for the most part I loved playing my favorite fame was the slot with the leprechaun with pots of gold in the bonus round but they took that one away and never brought it back Then I discovered tournament slots which I loved and played daily. I even purchased chips often. It is a fun way to play 5million tournament entry to play for big jackpots without going broke. Now they have taken that too. For the most part they have changed the slots you don’t get to a bonus round often and you loose more then almost every spin they allow you to win in very small amounts you can spin a million a spin and you are lock your spin will get you a few hundred thousand. I rarely play now and keep my money.

- Borderline criminal!

Same old story. No limit to losing. Definitely a limit to winning. You know, it’s not like you can cash out your winnings - should you be lucky to win something substantial. If you should be so lucky, this is where the biggest problem shows it’s ugly head. It’s the same ugly situation with every game, every site. It’s the ridiculous high number of CONSECUTIVE non-winning, losing spins that follow every and any significant win. Many times it’s common to have a streak of a dozen or more CONSECUTIVE non-winning spins. I’ve counted up to 30 - thirty! -CONSECUTIVE spins were you don’t win back your initial wager. 30! If you could somehow open these virtual machines and spin the virtual wheels yourself, you couldn’t win. Nice games, nice graphics. Short-lived bit of “fun” but little else. The biggest problem with these online casinos is how boring they’ve become. It’s the same pattern of winning and then losing all the time. It never deviates. Never! Play and lose at your own peril. Buyer beware! Be very, very aware.

- Why are payoffs so lousy

I have been playing DD for about 15 years. They are the best app on the market because they have soooooo many games which are fun. However, after playing for years and years (and I play for 2+hours in a day) I’m still at level 11. How does that work. I have 2 devices that I play on. One device is STILL at the lowest diamond and my other is at the 2nd diamond. Maybe some people have endless hours in a day to do nothing but play DD. I however do not. The bonus’s are very few and far between and when you get one, the payouts are really low. Like one review said, this is not for real money so why make the payouts so ridiculously low. Yes, I’m still playing but it’s getting more and more frustrating.

- Was a lot of fun 2 years ago! Not anymore scam

When I first started playing the games they were so fun! I’ve noticed as you play the same game and then switch off to one other game and buy packages you do not win! As soon as they know you will purchase chip packages you don’t not win! I’ve been playing for few years and I am done!! I always play the promotional games they advertise on FB and have never won. I want to warn people it’s so much fun at first but they are watching you all the time and games are loss at the beginning but they have a way to tighten up the games. I am deleting as they are not fair! They put on a great front as they donate the animal shelters what I feel is great but stop paying for chips as these people behind Double Down are making so much money. P:S check your credit card they over charged me too had to call me credit card and disputed it. I am done. You use to be fun. Reading your reviews I am not the only one. DO NOT PURCHASE ANY PACKAGES!!!

- Winnings are TIGHT!!

I agree with others comments. DoubleDown casino’s winnings are too tight. I understand this is gambling, but something else is going on and this issue seems recent. I played the games for at least 3 hours each Thursday, Friday, and yesterday and saw my winnings dwindle from nearly 1 billion to having to buy chips to play. Again, I understand that this is gambling, the odds, etc., but I also understand that this is a COMPUTER GAME and your developers/programmers have some control over these things. At times, I have played different DoubleDown slot games at hours at a time and never received a bonus/free plays. Those times when I was lucky enough to get a bonus, my winnings were LESS THAN THE AMOUNT I WAS BETTING. Still feel that DoubleDown should investigate instead of just stating that I am having a string of bad luck—especially when the “buy more” box pops up as soon as I lose all of my chips.

- Definite Negative Changes

I’ve played Double Down for years now and while the slots are enjoyable and realistic, I’ve experienced obvious changes in how the games pay off. Periodically a big win comes along, but never enough to build chips. Even 600,000,000 chips, which can set me back $200, will drain in less than a day betting only a couple hundred thousand a play. The biggest change I experience is in Bonus payoff. More than 60% of the time, the bonus may pay off less than the initial bet, or even 0 chips. This is a new experience compared to last year and not a fluke. I also observe that times of the day pay off differently. Definitely not random. Very discouraging. I’m ready to delete the game.

- Love this game however..

Hi I absolutely love this game and I play it everyday! However I was completing the daily challenge for today that included playing the “pixies of the forest” slots and the game crashed after I had received the free spins and was receiving over 1mil coins. I have a brand new iPad that I play on and my game has never crashed on it. It was very disappointing considering how invested into this game I am and how big of a win I was getting. The past couple days I haven’t been winning anything whatsoever and the slots just take all of the daily bonus money that I get. Because of this it is causing me to play the game much less. Overall I love the game but I am very disappointed over the amount of money that I was receiving and was not awarded.

- Mixed feelings

Been playing this game for over 10 years for recreation. I’ve purchased chips on a number of occasions but won’t anymore. I grew up in Nevada where gambling is legal but if you’re playing for any other reason than for recreation you would end up disappointed. Big wins are scarce here and small payouts that aren’t even equal to a free spin slowly bleed you dry. This app was fun until about 5 years ago. They changed something in the payouts that ruined the whole idea of the game. Purchased chips lose faster than gifted ones so you’ll purchase more. (I did my own experiment on 5 separate occasions) How weird is it that you can literally lose 15-20 spins in a row. That doesn’t seem like you have a “random” chance on every spin, seems like they control it. I still play occasionally but have zero expectations of “hitting the big one”.

- Not happy

Never enough coins to play with. Your games eat it up so fast. Not enough bonus rounds to keep it going and when you finally get one it doesn’t pay anything. The amounts on the wheel are way to low. You never hit the big ones. Sometime I only get to play 15 minutes in a day then my coins are gone. I have never been able to max bet, my coins would be gone in one spin. There needs to be more perks to win more coins. Getting really frustrated always being out of coins. Enjoy playing your games but don’t feel I should have to buy coins constantly to play them. Won’t buy anymore until you start giving back. If it doesn’t change then I will make the chose to not play at all.

- Do you care about all the complaints? Every 10 hours you get free coins. CHEAP.

You can not win anything any more. Past 4days I’ve bought 3,000,000 coins x 2. That’s 6,000,000 coins betting the 2nd or 3rd lowest amounts, just to be able to continue playing, just for enjoyment. Played about 4 hours total, now broke. Daily bonus gives You the smaller amount also. 50,000 a day. You are too generous. I’ll save my money and play longer on other free sites, not the games I like, but I’ll adjust, and continue to visit and see if you loosen up on the games. I used to play hours on this site, got my family on it too. I don’t know what happened. Thank you hopefully for at least reading my thoughts.

- Fun but cheats

I like that the games are games actually played in a real casino. But one cannot count on a few things. They say you get a free daily spin for free credits, plus you can $4.99 a month for two additional daily spins. I paid for the extra spins, and the daily free spin stopped. I complained about it, but I received no answer back, and still no spins. Also my favorite game will go many many millions without a reasonable payback. Lastly, the bonus round has come up but did not enter into the actual bonus round on two occasions,while a third occasion I was to get ten free spins but it only gave five. It is too bad because the games are fun. Very expensive which makes no sense to me as to why they wouldn’t keep them working properly. I wonder if the gaming commission has anything to say about these games because they are the exact same games played in a casino and credits can be paid for in an effort to win more credits.

- Poor Update

I have played this slot app for years and have always thought it to be the best prior to the recent update. Since the interface has been redesigned the quality of the app has drastically declined. Functionally the app hangs up while loading, rarely makes it though the bonus spin to the game loading screen. In addition, the support for this app has declined as well. Following several interactions with technical support, I was assured the issues were being pursued and would be resolved soon. That was three months ago. The technical support contacts have been polite and professional, often awarding chips as a consolation for the poor performance however the app continues to perform poorly at best. In addition, with the recent interface changes came the addition of in app advertising which did not exist prior. This is excessive for an app which received payment for chips. Previously loyal but very disappointed customer.

- Horrible payouts

I will not pay into Double Down again. I Left because of extremely low payouts and outrageous long sessions without any significant wins. They harangued endlessly until after a long absence I thought maybe there had been enough complaints they’d decided to be less stingy. What’s the point? It isn’t money. If they are so desperate to entice us to buy more coins they might soon realize they have to occasionally throw us a bone. It’s stupid. After a very long absence I spent $99 to play again and it was almost completely gone in no time. Instead of big bets like I make in other casinos they give you dang few coins for $99 and don't even bother with the charity big wins every other casino uses to dangle players a while longer. This isn’t win/win. It’s only a win for them. Eventually they will run out of new gullible players and have to pay at least token wins to keep people playing. Never. Again.


Disgusting!!!!! Spent mass amounts of money & finally realized I will never be ahead or actually win. Every 25 spins you'll win small amt. if your not out of money. Long ago you'd win a bit of play & maybe a nice jackpot. Now, the game has become greedy & shuts down frequently or reels spin strangely??? Honestly, I win more at a real casino! Beware... stay away... I never rate apps but this is pure robbery. I would rate this app with zero stars however I am forced to select one in order to submit this review. This game gets worse & worse. Took away tournaments & all they want is $$$$. So so so BAD. Games are suppose to be enjoyable this is the complete opposite. People claiming to be winners have to be fake. Total lies & just NOT FUN!!!!!

- Mr. Slot

One problem with this casino is moving the slots to the left in order to play other slots further to the right. The problem is that many times when I place my finger on the screen to slide the slots to the left, my finger will unintentionally touch a slot machine and then that machine will come up on the screen. I didn’t want to play that machine. If I had slid far to the left in order to play a slot deep to the right and that machine comes up on the screen, I then have to cancel it which then takes me back to the beginning. There should be an arrow that one can touch that would then move the slots one position to the left and one could then move the slots without accidentally bringing to the screen a slot that is not wanted. Other than this, the casino slots are are fun to play. MAKE THE CHANGE. If they do then this casino will be fantastic.

TransferWise 💸

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- Disappointment

Some time ago you deleted my favourite game, European Vacation. It was brought back again for a short time and was once again deleted. Why was this? Many of the games that have been introduced since this occurrence are 2nd rate at best. My initial 4 star rating was based on this game and l am afraid my rating has dropped to 3/5, l rarely play DDC these days as a result. Other than this l have found it to pay out reasonably well on the few games l do play and l was fortunate enough to have a decent jackpot win not too long ago. Please allow me to delete games l do not like and bring back games l do enjoy playing.

- Not Happy

I have also played your games for over 10years, and have never won a jack pot, This is very disappointing and I sometimes just give up, But it is very good fun, I wish you would lower your expectations so we could all have a good win now and again

- Dissatisfied

I have played DoubleDown for at least 10 years or more on and off. Enjoyed playing very much but over the years your payouts and bonus games have become very rare , So it is boring and frustrating. I agree you give out a fair amount of bonus 200,000 bonus chips but you spend more time accessing them than you do playing with them. With your free daily spin i can just about bet that I will land on $85,000. I don’t mind occasionally buying chips but think it would nice to able to enjoy the games better with more free games etc. Response This is a game not a real casino , if you spend money you don’t get real money back so you expect a bit better fun when playing a game. Your game has given less and less wins over the years and yes you do give extra chips but you don’t usually win on them. Anyway doesn’t really matter it’s a game and people can choose to play or not. It is what it is !

- Unsatisfied patron

DoubleDown used to be 1 of the good sites to have a spin, lately this site has become as tight as a fishes bum. The wins even small ones are too far apart and when you continually are loosing there is no excitement to be had and now there is no point in playing because you are going to lose big time. Do not play the daily challenges as all they do is take all your credits and the reward is not even 1% of what you have lost trying to reach the goals. It is time to move on and find a new favourite site SEE YA DOUBLEDOWN I AM SICK OF LOSING!!!

- Scatters

What does it take to get free spins. Have spun over a thousand times and zilch. The other thing, you win a big collect and then nothing until you run down and get requested to buy more coins. I am not playing big bets, supposed to be fun, but no. Just want to find one of these games that is for enjoyment, not commerce. Also to get to the next level takes forever, around $20,0000,000 in bets and winnings. Just want to find something that is amusing. Might write my own app that is truly free and relies on advertising to pay for itself.

- Worst pokies ever made

It is virtually impossible to win on this game. Casino pokies are much easier to win on. I had about 500 spins on one of the games and never even got 1 lot of free spins. Now before you start saying that I should have left the game. It was actually a test to see how much they win. I found this app loses far more than even real pokie machines. This game is a complete waste of time. If you want an app that actually gives a few payouts go to scatter slots, you have a much greater chance of winning.

- Rated low at the moment

For goodness sake can you reprogram the game Siberian storm so it gives you some more chances at bonus games. It has been a joke all week. It is a great game but it very rarely gives you a good payout. Bonus games are minimal. Would like to see more payouts to make it more enjoyable.


I have always really enjoyed playing Double Down and always gave a 5 Star review, I thought I would give it break in playing for quite some time after many years of playing. I had 800ml and went down to 25ml with no wins or free spins and playing small bets and sometimes a little higher. However all is the same again winning zero so I will not purchase to play. Good luck to all, I hope you have more enjoyment playing than I had.

- DDC have the best games

My favourite casino games. Free chips and great daily bonuses. New games coming out frequently. I have been enjoying some good wins lately. Very addictive games. I couldn't be bothered playing any other casino games as Double Down have the best games. Thanks DoubleDown

- Soooo Slow!!

I have just started playing this! Omg the shut downs repeatedly? Games are slow compared to other casino sites, Why? Honestly I've just about given up! No more $$$ for this, at the moment my screen has gone black! It freezes, games roll over terrible, like there is something wrong with them? I also play on other sites, so not my iPad! Sorry Double Down you have good games, such a shame!!!!

- Slots

Love em even the bonus spins not sure why I seem to lose 200k every day I do the daily spin the total comes up then go to a game I have lost 200k has been happening for over 3 months why does this happen

- Free spins

I do love playing does seem a bit lousy when you use 1-2 million then finally get bonus spins and the amount is only equivalent to a couple spins anyway I always stop playing when this happens

- Tournaments

Bring back the tournaments. Pokies are rigged as they are. At least everyone is on same playing field. It brings some fun to the games. Otherwise all these games are the same. Lose lose lose. I’m happy to spend money if it has an edge to the game, rather than the some boring non social aspect. This game was good. All my friends have stopped playing as well. Surely you were making lots of money back the DDC. Wake up🤨

- Goodish

I have had this app for a few years now, it is an ok app, it freezes all the time and deleted all my friends off of here (again) which is annoying. It’s got a good list of machines and winning but I have noticed it comes in waves, again it’s a goodish app but it seriously needs improving.

- Gone to the dogs!

This used to be a great app.... before ‘they’ took over. They manipulate the spins. They games are now rubbish. Been playing this for nearly 5 years... now I’ve been on level 16 for 2 of them! DONT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY HERE! Five Star Fail

- Level up

Can you tell me why love been stuck on level 16 for the last 4 5 years I play regularly but don’t seem to be getting anywhere

- Return player

I now remember why I stopped playing for years! Don’t get hardly anything to play with and the wins are very poor. And trying to get jackpots at any time? Doesn’t happen for me¡ love the variety of games, hate how you can’t play for long unless you pay ‘real’ money.

- Double Down Casino.

I’ve been with Double down for a lot of years now and absolutely love it. Always enjoy the great games and generous bonuses. You’re never getting rid of me😊❤️💕

- Games on this program.

Seems interesting games hope they continue and they give frequent rewards

- Fun for nothing.

I enjoy playing your games. Yes I have a favourite but it’s all fun and at no cost to me. I can’t get the big sum of money I have but it’s not like playing and losing my money. Thank you.

- Doubledown Casinos

Been playing various slots, mainly Sunken Treasure - real fun, everything I've played; continuing updates, new slots all make the experience real fun. Play Pharoah's Fortune a lot, too, really like it.

- Casino

BEST GAME EVER. In fact I've deleted the rest. I've been playing Doubledown for years now. Won heaps of Jackpots. Support is excellent. Nothing else to add except it's heaps of fun. I'd recommend this game to anyone. Cheers Doubledown. You Rock!!! 😎

- Good to pass the time.

A change from reading a book to pass the time.

- Rate game

This is one of the worst games on the internet pays nothing could play for an hour and loose all the credits, would never recommend to anyone

- Great wins today

I just finished my game on Classic Slots 2. Just like the old days when I started playing in 2012. I had lots of fun. Thanks for keeping the oldies. ❤️

- Double down casino,,,,

Great game really like playing it but sometimes the credits run out fast, please add more free credits. Best game love to play longer.

- Fair games

DoubleDown games submit a reasonable return and are fun to play. Being able to get coins from game hunters is a plus in my book. Jang789

- Keeps having fail to load

Usually when I have credits left tried switching off and restarting to no avail very frustrating this is my only slot game that I enjoy

- Christmas

Just wondering where the Christmas slots are .... I’ve been saving so I could play my favourites and at the moment they have been a no show! Please explain as very disappointed at the moment

- Double down Casino

I love the game although I enjoyed playing the Tournaments which now missing. Please bring them back.

- ❤️❤️❤️ Double Down Casino!!

I totally recommend it to all my friends & families on FB! I look forward to playing it every day when I'm free! My fav game is Davinci Diamonds & Hot Tamales

- Still disappointing

Well I can see that u can’t get free spins n never see a jackpot. Looks like I’m deleting this app again. Has always been a bad casino and I’m off to one that has paid out $111,000,000,000 to bet sky high, Chow and it hasn’t been a pleasure. And be careful when u do get a big payout the app shuts down and u lose the win

- Double Down Games

Love playing these games - like how you often add new ones to play.

- Stop!

The graphics weren’t as captivating as other games and the chips run out super quick either leaving you not being able to play the game or having to spend money. Also i have unsubscribed 3 times and sent 2 angry emails YET i keep receiving emails. Stop spamming me, i want nothing to do with this game!!!!

- Stopped paying courtesy credits

Have played this game for many years and now suddenly I don’t receive what I thought was a daily bonus but their support team told me are actually courtesy credits and are issued at management discretion. Thanks for letting me know......NOT. Well I too can exercise my management discretion and play elsewhere.

- Being misers on free chips

Great games but lucky if you can play for more than 5 minutes. Why buy chips if they go so quick. Need better payouts Daily bonus is always a small amount Features are impossible to get

- Double Down

I keep winning small amounts but then it takes it & have to wait for free coins to play again ! The game wants us to play so build up the bank so we can play !

- Double down casino

Why can’t I get it to open, just will not connect.

- Downloaded again to see if it had improved after 2 years

No change, next to no wins, daily bonus barely covers one spin. It’s a shame because slots are good ones

- Double Down

Just starting! Looks interesting so far.

- Can not switch accounts

I used to love this app but I can not switch accounts as I keep getting told my email doesn’t exist. But when I check out my details , guess what my email address is there ....follow instructions and still can not switch accounts

- Banned

Why have you banned my account more than 3 years ago? I had a lot of chips on my account. I did not use foul language neither did I break any rules that in know of. Or are we not allowed to voice our opinion when we can notice how tight game is becoming?

- Your not listening

Why do you ask for ratings when you appear to not respond to negative ones and still don’t fix the very poor payouts that everyone complains about.

- Mike Moore

I have. Been playing these games for 10 years and continued to get great pleasure,coupled. With some good. WinsThanks for the games.I am nearly 80 years old. Farmermike4 Thanks for the chips and great games Ihave witnessed the changes over the years and give you full marks for the graphics and choices of games,thank you Farmer mike 3

- Double down

Awesome to play it’s feels like ur in front of a a lot machine with the way it pays out

- Games

Why did u delete the horescope game it was a lot of fun please consider bringing it back

- Disappointed.

So over Double Down. It will not load at least half the time. Other days it takes my credit so fast that can play for only 5 minutes at best. Last chance now or will be let’s for ever.

- Missing games

Some months ago you were doing maintenance on my phone and I lost about 7 games from hoyts captain jack fire wheel not to sure of the names I would appreciate if you returned them please you took them off sooo surely you can return them please regards Shazza or Sharon lee silk Thankyou 🦋💙😍

- Double down

So very disappointing that I log in nearly everyday and sometimes more than once per day, make purchases.... Yet never given the opportunity to be a high roller coz you just diminish funds....EVERYTIME... INTEGRITY Double Down.... Fairness... Geez

- Kay

I am very disappointed with Double Down slots ..really non existent daily fee coins to play with compared to most other games. Like double u casino for example.... Some games would be good but there are no credits to play with. Very weird I think..

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- DoubleDown

My wife an I have been playing DoubleDown for 12 years now and we find it quite interesting . Could pay out a little more. They make changes at times that don’t even out with the betting . Still a lot of fun, thanks !

- Great

Great fun

- Funnnnnnn 1112

Much better under Facebook. More fun!!

- Best slot games

Massive wins, great casino games

- Worst game ever

This is the worst and most glitchy game I’ve ever played .. I wish I could give negative stars

- Free chips used to get them

Used to get free chips in my email

- Double diamond wheel of fortune

Could have higher winning more often

- Sucks like most casino games

If you don’t spend money to buy coins. The game lasts for about 1 minute. You get the usual 75,000 on the daily spin. Minimum bet is usually 10,000 so you basically get 7 spins a day. Oooohhh what fun

- Tournaments????

What happened with the tournaments? They made it sound like they were just updating the tourneys, not getting rid of them completely! If they’re not back soon, I’m gone!

- App sucks

Needs updates no bonuses they rip me off a few times now on the free coins wheel no good

- Used to be...

This used to be a good game to play - the games used to be fun used to play for hours Too many times the daily spin re-set back to 1, very frustrating These apps are all the same try to make games flashy go back and just make them fun! Rarely play anymore Very disappointing

- Having fun

Very soothing games. One must always be Patient when playing Casino games. You win some, you loose some.

- Double Diwn

Some are my favourite slots. Always fun and entertaining!!

- Frustrating

During this period of COVID-19, I play this game everyday since the beginning of the pandemic but thinking of deleting this game. I don’t see the raison of a wheel bonus when everyday you always fall on 75 points but today I receive 50 points....frustration. The sounds is terrible so bad that I turn it off.

- A lot of money

I play this game everyday but it is very expensive. The machine pays and for a long time you get nothing. I have a hard time to have fun.

- Super

Super jeux

- Double down fan

I love this game, I didn't even want to take time out from playing to write this review...just want you all to know its awesome :) this is the best game out there and they give tons of free gifts, big 5 stars

- Review

Just never enough coins and when they say Facebook connect give up the coins when you do

- Fun times

Great time waster

- DoubleDown casino

I really like this game I liked it a lot better when they had the tournaments but still like it

- Wild fury

This game was so much fun, I really enjoyed it. Thanks

- Kookaminga


- Yess


- Not Happy

Playing for years. Bonuses have been zero each time I get one. Something has happened to this app , it’s garbage now. I will be finding a new app

- Bonus

Can’t win even paying for coins. Seems to be getting worse every time I try to play. Maybe time to delete

- Winnings

10 spins at $50,00 & not one cent for winning!!! This app really sucks, just takes what u have until nothing is left!!

- Garbage

Worst slots casino. Very low payouts. U never get any bonus games. No fun here just for losers

- Love the games

I love the games but can’t win anything i will keep trying thanks

- Payouts

I love the games, especially Pixies of the Forest and Golden Goddess. I have even bought coins, but to no avail. Your payouts don’t seem to justify the bets anymore. What happened? It wasn’t like that at one time. And now that I am not purchasing, am I being punished, lol? I can spin 10 times on either one of these games and get absolutely nothing - zero, nada. Even live casino games give you better odds. Please ….

- DoubleDown

Great games but could have bigger bonus & payouts a little more often

- Games

My wife which is Lisa has stage four lung and brain cancer you guys give nothing away ; cheap buggers

- Great games but they don’t let you play

Games are great but daily credits and bonuses are horrible. Not worth buying chips. Lasts 2 minutes maybe. Not paying out cash, can’t play for fun

- Daily wheel

Tired of getting lowest spin almost every day. Have. Spent Many dollars in past for chips, and rarely get 30 million for Daily spin —- it always is $85 thousand Not ever spending $ on this game again

- Thumbs down

What a piece of crap! You can't play more than a couple minutes before the game crashes or freezes. Total waste of time!! Very disappointing! The wins are so small that you can never get ahead.

- Payouts

Find the payouts very low. I’m not playing this for real money so I don’t want to feel bad cause I’m losing the money. I’ve had to stop playing because of lack of money. Don’t enjoy that

- In App purchases

Love the games & free bonuses but frustrated that when you make a coin purchase it’s like a trigger is activated to lose your credits faster so you will purchase more. Poor business plan.!

- App Store

I paid 13.99$ for a package. It took 66.65$ out of my account. Fix this!. I want my refund.

- Terrible

Never win at this app, you’d think they have to pay you, takes all my money everytime

- Player

Just played your challenge and dropped 5 million and earned less than 200 thousand. Fair? On my other I pad I was playing the Journey. Fishing Bob level. Won 80 000 000 jackpot and it died. Now the game is locked. How do I get credit for it. Please respond.

- DoubleDown

C’est mon jeu préféré. Des heures et des heures de plaisir. Je trouve que les jetons sont très très chers. Il y a environ 2 semaines, j’ai perdu 285,000,000 sans savoir pourquoi. J’apprécierais une réponse s’il vous plaît. Merci à l’avance.

- So much fun

The best slot site by far

- Casino game

Sometimes the game’s a good I still don’t understand how to get my bonus for daily entry. It’s kind of confusing for me

- Winnings are almost never

Find the games very disappointing now, big wins are almost never. Bonus pay very little. Miss the tournaments against other player, now my friends don’t play. You can spin and lose in a few minutes and your done.

- Disappointed

App hardly ever pays out any bonus and when it does its not much. It says the higher you bet the more you win but, the more you bet the faster you loose because it never bays out the bonuses when you bet higher. Very disappointed customer!

- 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤮🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮

Nothing but a rip off when you buy coins. No wins. Yuck!

- Need help

I opened my game today and all my points were gone . Please reinstate… I have purchases more but need my 300000. Credit back Lynda Spetifore Seriously can someone reinstate my points prior to this purchase today … Still looking for some help also just noticed it reverted to my 1 day bonus recognition So something is definitely gone wrong Anybody listening

- Need more Money

I usually get up to 5 million and then each of the games takes it all back

- 2thumds down

All i ever see is the buy chips pop up

- Free spins do NOT get to game

This is quite a waste of money when points are purchased and a person can’t even get some bonuses. I am getting notifications that I am getting free spins, but they don’t seem to get to the game. Why say you are giving bonuses when you don’t give them to the Player.I have played on Double Down for years and it was never like this.

- DoubleDown SUCKS

You buy coin what for you never win you get coin you never win they say bet high and still you don’t win this game is just sucking the money out of everyone…. THIS GAME SUCKS BIG TIME AND I DONT CARE IF YOU DELETE ME FROM IT

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DoubleDown™ Casino -Slots Game 4.5.95 Screenshots & Images

DoubleDown™ Casino -Slots Game iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

DoubleDown™ Casino -Slots Game iphone images
DoubleDown™ Casino -Slots Game iphone images
DoubleDown™ Casino -Slots Game iphone images
DoubleDown™ Casino -Slots Game iphone images
DoubleDown™ Casino -Slots Game iphone images
DoubleDown™ Casino -Slots Game iphone images

DoubleDown™ Casino -Slots Game (Version 4.5.95) Install & Download

The applications DoubleDown™ Casino -Slots Game was published in the category Games on 2012-03-01 and was developed by Double Down Interactive LLC [Developer ID: 485126027]. This application file size is 108.99 MB. DoubleDown™ Casino -Slots Game - Games app posted on 2022-03-15 current version is 4.5.95 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.doubledowninteractive.DDCasino