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What is timepassages pro app? Gorgeous color charts with insightful interpretations make TimePassages Pro the most advanced astrology app available. Great for beginners as well as experienced astrologers, TimePassages Pro now makes astrology more accessible than ever before. Using the same powerful engine behind our award-winning desktop software, we’ve condensed all the following features into one great app:

Current Astrology
* Up to the minute chart of the current astrology is a finger tap away.
* Use your default location, or optionally your phone’s GPS, in order that the app can center the chart on or close to your current position.
* Moon phases and upcoming Mercury retrograde periods are placed on the home screen for easy reference.

** Unlimited Birth Charts **
* Quickly create charts with insightful interpretations of each feature
* Interact with professionally accurate color charts using pinch zooming.
* Allows you to enter and save your profiles with pictures for friends & family.
* Create as many birth charts as you like with no additional purchase.
* Instantly share your charts with friends via email, FaceBook, Instagram, Twitter, and others.

Unlimited Transits & Progressions
* Show your birth chart with current, historical, or future transits / progressions in a bi-wheel.
* Enjoy complete interpretations for transiting or progressed planet positions & aspects.
* Provides date ranges for each transit so you can find windows of opportunity.
* Optionally include parallel and contra-parallel aspects to natal positions.

Compare with Friends
* Our new Compatibility Meter scores the relationship between any two charts.
* Find out your potentials in romance, money, communication and more.
* View the comparison bi-wheel chart and list of fully interpreted interpersonal astrological connections, and discover the unique chemistry between any two people.

Amazing Interpretations
* The only app available that provides such penetrating accuracy.
* Includes over 2500 paragraphs for every planetary position & aspect, including Chiron, major asteroids, centaurs, Eris and other newly discovered TNOs.
* Uses the same acclaimed readings that you know and love from our desktop software.

Daily Horoscopes
* Read accurate & insightful personalized horoscopes every day.
* Unlike most horoscopes, generated specifically for your unique birth chart.
* Provides the most accurate reading possible using the current day's transits.

Many More Features
* Aspects are organized from strongest to weakest so you can prioritize your reading time.
* In-depth glossary of zodiac signs, planetary bodies, moon phases and other astrological terms.
* Review previous transit data associated with each chart.
* Categorize your charts into friends, family, clients, celebs or events.
* At a glance, see how close each aspect is, in terms of degrees.
* And much more!

“A breakthrough in astrology apps. It's technically advanced enough to satisfy a professional astrologer while packed with interpretations that are perfect for students and astrology fans. The text and technical quality are top notch.” - Jeff Jawer, Professional Astrologer

“This is a dynamo of an app. It's packed and comprehensive. It works really hard for you and makes your smart phone even smarter.” - Dorothy Oja, Professional Astrologer

“‘If you’re an iPhone user, then you’re in luck, because you can do quite a lot with TimePassages Pro.” - Sasstrology.com

With TimePassages Pro, you have access to the most advanced astrology features available on a mobile device, truly putting the wisdom of the heavens into the palm of your hand!

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How to contact TimePassages Pro (AstroGraph Software)?
Find this site the customer service details of TimePassages Pro. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company. https://appsupports.co/483241160/timepassages-pro/contact

TimePassages Pro Customer Service, Editor Notes:

TimePassages Pro Version 2.8.906 October 2021

Thank you for using TimePassages! We are constantly working to improve our app's stability, speed, and accuracy. - We fixed a bug in the chart edit sequence. - It was possible to change through edit the date of a chart, but not the time, and have the daylight time flag not respond to the new date/time, creating an incorrect chart. - If you are unsure about the accuracy of a previously edited chart where only the date was changed, simply re-edit the chart to ensure accuracy..

TimePassages Pro Version 2.8.828 July 2021

Thank you for using TimePassages! We are constantly working to improve our app's stability, speed, and accuracy. -We have started collecting anonymous user data to help understand issues with usability and inform future improvements to the app. -There was a problem in the date range for transiting planets not always showing; now fixed. -Minor bug fixes are also included..

TimePassages Pro Version 2.8.731 May 2021

Thank you for using TimePassages! We are constantly working to improve our app's stability, speed, and accuracy. -Started collecting anonymous user data to help understand issues with usability and make future improvements to the app possible. -Improved logic flow in chart data edit. -Minor bug fixes are also included..

TimePassages Pro Comments & Reviews 2022

- WOnderful to have this in your pocket!

I love this app and use it daily. I've studied and used astrology for over 4 decades and remember the days that we had to calculate charts by hand with a big ephemeris book aside. To have charts of many kinds pop up in seconds is miraculous. I find the interpretations very accurate with a humanitarian depth that is both microscopic and macroscopic at the same time, they have the insight of life experience. This app has enabled me to do readings on the fly and I when I read his interpretations they mirror mine and add aspects that broaden my understanding. I also own the desktop version as my go to work software of 6 that I have. This app packs a lot os information for $30 which only buys you a nice lunch. It's a small price to pay for so much profound information and attention to the growth of human consciousness. I thank you deeply for this gift. I only hope you are working to update this version as the new iOS 10 says that it will not work on the coming iOS 11. I'd love to see it able to be used in landscape position too! Thank you for sharing your profound knowledge.

- App is good, but it could be better

Love the Time Passages Pro app, been using it for years. Always an easy way to be a hit at parties or dissect a friend’s new romantic interest! There’s so much detail compared to other apps, and what I love most is that it never speaks down to you. There’s no tacky branded graphics or vague allusions, and pretty much everything about how to calculate a chart is right there available for me to set precisely as I see fit. Nearly perfect! The only thing I would wish for after all this time would be the ability to generate PDF reports of the various sections. When texting a friend about their current transits for example, I have to take 20-30 screenshots to send, which then have to be deleted later. The app’s got all the data already so it feels like the natural progression. Happy to pay $10-15 for an IAP to get this ability!

- ♒️loves it

this app is amazing. I try to avoid buying new age stuff because I hate the concept of "buying spirituality," my purchases are carefully decided and this was definitely worth it. very handy, works without internet connection, and honestly the most accurate (and quite specific) interpretations of my own chart I have come across. my suggestions for improving the app would include... -when you're reading a particular section of the app and leave to go to another app, it brings you back to a main page instead of the page you were just on, even if you don't totally close the app -putting in information for your birth chart isn't difficult but I feel like it could be done better, also. -the glossary should include information about the four elements in their own section. -more details about the reasoning for the rating part of the compatibility section (like why someone's long term is so high, for example) would be cool as well.

- Errors everywhere

I rarely write a review but since I paid $30 and I'm not happy here I am. I'm finding a lot of aspects do not have descriptions for or they have the wrong description. One example my partner and I share sun conj Moon. Under their description for this aspect is sun squ moon. Another example with the progressions soon I'm going to be going through a Prog MC opp Pluto and it's not showing up at all when I enter the date of this happening which from my point of view they are not showing all aspects and this is an important progression which should be shown. Another example I'm about to start Tr. Neptune trine Venus. The description I'm getting is the same for Tr. Neptune squ Venus. Yes, same planet but not the same type of influence. If I was a beginner this would be really confusing. There are a couple other aspects I have ran into on this app that don't even have a description. If the app isn't finish then don't change $30 for it. I want my money back but at the moment I can't find who I need to contact for this. I'm very unhappy. My two stars are for the design/graphics of the app, which is very appealing and easy to read.

- Great value, easy to use

I just got the app so I have not explored it completely. Over the years I have had an interest in astrology but I’m not a professional and right now I’m almost starting from the beginning. What I can say about this app is it is very easy to use, accurate, full of features. I highly recommend this app i I just got the app so I have not explored it completely. Over the years I have had an interest in astrology but I’m not a professional and right now I’m almost starting from the beginning. What I can say about this app is it is very easy to use, accurate, full of features. You will spend much more than this purchasing computer generated reports here you get it all for a one time purchase. I’m very pleased and it works on both my iPad and my iPhone.

- Amazing!

I’ve been using this app since 2017 when I first got into astrology and I must say, compared to the other apps that have appeared in recent years, this one is still my favorite! So much information is offered and there is a lot learn about in this app. Once I learned about a natal chart, the aspects, how horoscopes work and the houses, it was impossible for me to not pay for the the full app! I still use this app frequently and it’s accuracy has never failed, even within periods where I took breaks from astrology. It’s very user friendly and I would recommend it to anyone who is new to the sphere. I only have one slight problem, and it appears to have been an issue only with the most recent update. I’m not able to view my horoscopes on a bi-wheel anymore, nor can I read the descriptions about certain transits in certain houses. It was where I spent most of my time in the app and I’m not sure if you all moved things around in the new design or if it was gotten rid of. It would be great if I could somehow view horoscopes in such a way again. But even without this the app is still fluid and easy to navigate. I can’t give this app less that 5 stars in good conscience! Keep up the good work!

- Time Passages is a fantastic app!

I got interested in astrology back in the 1970s, and learned how to calculate charts by hand using ephemerides! It took a lot of time and effort just to do a chart, and then much more time to interpret it. Now, with Time Passages, all users can create charts instantly, with Henry Seltzer’s excellent interpretive text passages. Thank you, Henry, for creating such a wonderful tool for deepening one’s own understanding of astrology, and of our relationships with the people in our lives! I highly recommend this app, and hope it will be translated into other languages in future. One last thing: I wish to publicly thank here my two astrology mentors/teachers in San Francisco, California back in the 1970s: Simeon Nash and Ted Gorlick. They set my feet on the path, and I will always be grateful! Good fortune to all Astro App users!

- Is exporting charts from the free version to the pro possible?

After someone reintroduced me to astrology at a deeper depth, I searched for an app to help me continue learning. I then found this after several and just after getting my own chart, I was literally addicted to such easy access to a remarkable amount of info. I now have have accumulated over forty charts and upgraded. Unfortunately if there is a way to transfer all my previous chart info I haven’t been able to find it. I have been referencing both because of the time consumption it takes to transfer each chart. Would it be possible to transfer/export or possibly have the possibility of doing so? Otherwise this app is incredible and has surprised many people when I do a reading on them.

- amazing app!

firstly, i’m going to start with my critiques with this app, which are by no means that serious, just personal preference. I think compared to other astrology apps such as co-star or the pattern, the format is a little bit dated and personally not extremely pleasing to look at. I also kind of wish there could be more to see on the compatibility side of it when comparing charts. but i promise this is not a bad review, If you’re into astrology this is literally the perfect app for you to have. the app has never crashed and is always very smooth compared to other astrology apps. so much detail was put into it and i respect the creator(s) for putting so much work into it. i do not regret my purchase and i hope to see more improvements with this app in the future. <3

- Very Informative App For Understanding Yourself

I have used Time Passages for about 4 years and I have never had complaints about it. It gives a glossary for all of the planets houses and zodiacs and transits so that you will have a better understanding of every aspect in your life. I always suggest to use your own intuition when reading your natal chart but if you don't have time or don't understand everything all the way, TP will give the closest and most honest description for everything you have questions for. I wish this app had a category for notes. Or a daily/weekly/monthly reminder. I highly recommend Time Passages and for people to use this to better understand themselves, the universe and others.

- Incredible Value

When I started studying astrology 35 years ago, one would have had to pay hundreds of dollars for this type of program if one even existed. As a professional astrologer, it’s a great on the go tool for a quick look at a chart for a person or event or relationship. For beginners it is a real gem with the insightful interpretations. I did find one error in one of the interpretations but overall it provides fundamentally accurate analysis. My only other complaint is I haven’t been able to figure out how to change the setting that indicates who the owner of the app is which is annoying because when I email s chart, the text of the email says someone else who I apparently created the first chart for, is sending it. I still highly recommend TimePassages Pro.

- Needs better editing - sloppy presentation

I enjoy the structure of the app very much. It provides information to assist in understanding certain effects on life paths as they unfold. However, when spending this amount of money for an app, I believe they should give greater attention to the detail of the printouts so as to double check to see that the grammar/word check program's results (which cannot be solely relied upon) are accurate enough to send out to the public. One misplaced/misspelled word can change the meaning of any sentence. A little editing goes a long way! Since the details are not accurate, it leaves me to wonder if the printed information is represented accurately. This would also include the need for much better editing practices in regard to the planetary aspects.

- Amazingly Accurate, Detailed, & Interesting

Wow! I am absolutely impressed by how descriptive, informative, and accurate this app is in regards to understanding what each chart, sign, planets, etc... are and how it directly reflects every part of you. I highly recommend having your complete chart readings done. The app also has a glossary that breaks down everything in regards to what you are reading. You can also compare charts with someone else's to check compatibility and understand the relationship dynamic better by reading the different planets that drive certain weaknesses and strengths in that relationship. I love it. I've already recommended this to all of my friends who are into astrology/ zodiacs/ horoscopes.

- Wish I had bought it earlier!

Best astrology app I have ever used. I feel like I got my $30 worth in the very first day that I used it. I regret not buying it a year ago when I first heard about it but am glad to have it now. I love the focus on tying an interpretation to it’s source which other apps do not do, as it allows me to do more specific research when something sticks out. Great for those who want more specific readings but can’t yet afford personalized readings. I found out so much regarding my communication with others! If you have found certain apps to be overly cynical/mean, or to not contain enough technical information to enable your own research, this is your answer.

- Essential for iPhone astrologers

I use this and AstroGold, and between the two it covers my astrological needs as an astrology student. I think TimePassages has an easier layout and is more intuitive to use, so even better for beginners. My only criticism is that the cloud backup feature does not work, so I had to transfer charts manually when I switched phones, which was painstaking as I have a LOT of charts saved. Would be great if we could log in and have our accounts backed up online, that way we don’t have to rely on the cloud backup that doesn’t really work. Would love to see solar return added, too! Overall love this app and use it daily!

- Great app! Some comments for improvement.

I love the app. I use it every day. Numbers of degrees in the chart make a huge difference! It’s part of my everyday life. Some suggestions: -an animate feature to move charts (nativities, current charts, progressions) forward or backward in time. It’s time consuming to have to adjust date and time every single time. -option to keep chart open when switching apps. Every time I switch back to Time Passages, I have to tap from the chart selection screen to the chart I was looking at. Also, I’d love to be able to see the chart I’m looking at when looking between apps instead of the generic Time Passages screen.

- Use it everyday!

I have just recently started to get into the nitty gritty of chart readings and really enjoy using this app. Love the daily horoscope and being able to do transits on my phone. Since I am a Mac user, I also got the advanced desktop version on my computer ($225). I did a lot of research and seemed like this was the best one for Mac. I also got the Astrogold app ($40?) and while I enjoy using that one as well, I think TimePassages is more user friendly and overall looks nicer. Yes, these apps are the most expensive apps I have purchased, but for the amount of information and everything you can do with them I think TimePassages is well worth it.

- Essential app

Out of the 5 astrology apps on my phone this one is my favorite and most used. Charts are easy to access and read and the Aspects section with timeline and descriptions is especially useful in helping me understand why tf certain things are manifesting in my life, they way they are, at that moment in time. Descriptions are also really in depth and comforting in an objective way as well (suffering is easier once you know Why). The only section I think is lacking is the partner chart comparison graphs which are a bit vague. It would be nice to see things like Asteroids on here but it’s not a deal breaker for me, sometimes simpler is better.

- I love this app

I am no astrologer. I don’t have the will to spend years studying to try to become one, and I don’t have the money to employ one full time. I find myself wanting more than a run of the mill daily horoscope and feel this pro-version has been worth every penny. It gives me deeper insights into current transits and how they affect me, and this app helps me to try and make the most of each day and approach the day with mindfulness. I love how in depth it goes into every transit while keeping everything easily digestible for a layman like myself. My favorite thing about getting the pro app is unlimited charts and easily looking up future transits.

- Love this app

Great app to have handy for all those spur of the moment chart interpretations. Been using this app long enough to not remember a time before it. Please bring back the ability to view the daily horoscope chart, as well as the planetary placement breakdowns in the same section. I use the daily horoscope chart (I did), and it would be a very useful and attractive feature to budding astrologers as well. The recent changes with menu items is weird and clunky. You guys are like the hot girl who gets botched plastic surgery because she feels she isn’t hot enough. Malarkey. Please stop. Love you, mean it. Thanks for everything.

- Don’t bother paying for this if you use iPhone.

I used to recommend this app to everyone. But now it doesn’t even save my own personal data anytime I need to restore my phone from a backup. Without the app storing all the charts I had saved here, it does nothing for me that the free version didn’t offer—it does less actually since my personal data used to be maintained at least when I backuped my phone with the free version. I am using an iPhone—first a 6S and now an 11–all my data was lost when I switched over. Perhaps those using other devices will not have this problem. If anyone with an iPhone knows the solution, please let me know. I contacted the app and they said it was on me to figure it out. Meanwhile, I guess I got my money’s worth for the several years I was using it but it’s now virtually worthless and I can’t recommend.

- If you’re serious about learning astrology...

This is without a doubt, hands down the best app available for any astrologer, whether you are a novice or an expert. I’ve been using this app for over two years, and it has changed my life. It’s the number one app on my phone, period. I am beyond grateful to Henry Seltzer (who I’ve never met) and whoever else created this app with him. Thank you for giving me the tools necessary to expand my knowledge as an astrologer. Easily the best $20 I’ve ever spent. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Please continue developing and expanding! This technology has changed my world. ✨🙏✨

- #1 App for Storing Birth Charts!

This app helps me organize everyone’s birth charts. I love the option to categorize them into friends/family/celebrity etc. I just have a few suggestions. Could we add an option to create your own category? It’d be so much easier for my Virgo Rising Haha! Also is there a way to group people in order of their Sun signs: alphabetically, rather than just alphabetically! Also could we categorize the aspects in order from strongest orb to weakest because I sometimes gloss over an aspect seeing it in “medium aspects” but it’ll be a 2.6 orb and to me that’s fairly strong. Overall I LOVE THIS APP DEFINITELY WORTH PAYING FOR! It’s helped so much with my astrological studies so Thank you!

- Now

When I say this app is amazing and doesn’t compare to other Astro apps what I mean is...THIS APP IS AMAZING AND DOESN'T COMPARE TO OTHER ASTRO APPS. Period! One thing I would love tho would be widgets. Like a daily widget that tells you aspects for the day, maybe for a specific chart or just in general for the world. Other than that this app is the real deal (and it won’t send u the same 5 notifications every week *shade*) it may lack in aesthetics and cuteness but it’s got info up the wazoo for those that actually care. This app is a tool and not a “omg look at my chart teehee” type of app, it’s much cooler and realer than the rest.

- Great app for Pro Astrology on the Go, but it needs some more features.

This app is awesome for storing and managing charts, and the interpretations are helpful too, especially for the beginner to intermediate astrologer. Ideally, like to see it have a clock feature, to advance a chart by one day/one minute/etc., and the ability to search for specific aspects within a transit or progressed chart, such as “Find transiting Venus square Pluto” or “List all Solar Returns” or “Find Progressed Moon conjunctions between X dates”. I’d also love the option to store or save specific transit charts to return to later. Otherwise, for a paid astrology app that a pro or semi-pro can use on the go, this one is REAL.

- Use It Everyday

This app is one of favorites. Everything is arranged with a straight to the point and simple setting which makes navigation of the app comfortable. I would love to see updates for the Lilith descriptions while checking the aspects. It shows me that there has yet to be an update on them so I’ve really been waiting for these....for months. Other asteroid descriptions would be great as well. Elements and things like that would also be a great thing to see on this app. Other than that, I don’t regret purchasing this fine app and thank you.

- Great App

I’ve had this app for about two years but held off writing a review because i wasn’t happy with certain things. Now with the new update, the app is so much more user friendly. I love that it is static now and doesn’t refresh every time i exit the app. I also love that names are in alphabetical order so i don’t have to scroll endlessly to find who i’m looking for. There are more things that i love about the app but those were the main two things that discouraged me from using it in the past. Love it now! Thank you for listening to your users :).

- Update to my last review posted on the page of the free version of this app

Finally! The update I was waiting for. As I stated in my last review, I mentioned this app is one of the bests but that one thing was off about it. The UI was not updated to support the latest devices screen resolutions. Well now that update has come out and I’m very happy to see it suit the new devices screen sizes. I’m glad the developers released this update. Can’t wait to see what other things these wonderful people have in store for future updates.

- Love the interpretations!

This app is super easy to use and I especially appreciate the transit interpretations. The interpretations seem to come from a higher perspective than most. I also love that the transits are mapped out time-wise and that I don’t have to flip through searching for future occurrences of the transits. Super helpful. I’m in the process of transferring my therapy clients’ charts so I can get an effortless heads up on any big upcoming transits they might be dealing with. Game changer. Customer service was also helpful with a phone related issue and worked with me on it. Very responsive.

- Useful for me

This app is broad in it’s charting and tools. I am starting the journey to learn Astrology, and I am taking two paths. One it to learn the how and why, to actually “do” Astrology. The other is to lean on this app, to see what is going on without doing the charts by hand, and have the generated information for my getting a better sense of it all. So, this app is great! I use it daily for my own information, share it with my wife (who has it on her iPhone too) and we find it very useful. Navigating is a bit of a chore. Well, Astrology is work! So, nicely put together, good and useful app. Thanks!

- Amazing App!!

Just started dabbling in astrology and am so grateful someone recommended this app to me! I upgraded to the pro version which allows me to cast charts for other people, compare charts to each other and learn as I go. The depth of information is honestly blowing my mind! LoveLoveLove!! One recommendation - there are some symbols in the chart I can’t seem to find the key to. Also in the “learn” section it might be helpful to have a tab with all the symbols that, when clicked on takes you to the explanation of what they stand for? Just a thought. 🙏🏼

- Good learning program

I started learning astrology, and this program has been working well as an additional reference so that I don’t have to keep flipping through my books. It’s not as comprehensive as some of the $350 professional programs out there, but it’s great for someone who is just starting out. I bought the full version because on the free version, it’s a dollar per additional natal or comparison chart. Having played with this app with my friends for a couple of months now, it has paid for itself

- Overall great, but annoyed by the antiquated UI

TimePasseges is an indispensable tool for astologers and novices alike, however technological prowess does not seem to be its developers forte. I wish it were better maintained and cared for. I work in tech and have had an ongoing dream for the last 2 years: help the TimePassages team redesign and rearchitrct their app so that isn’t so clunky, the UI is updated, the typography is reconsidered, and the app is rewritten in Swift—for what it is, it’s quite slow. It just hasn’t seen any love in... five years? This is one of my favorite apps, and I know thousands others love it too; show your community some love 🙏

- The Best!

If you enjoy astrology, if you study seriously, if you dip your tootsies in it lightly, this is a brilliant app! I invested in the pro version and have told many friends to invest in the pro version as well, it is so helpful to explore on your own time and at your own pace! I would love to see expanded information on the asteroids and perhaps vertex and POF! So very easy to follow and read, I love all the options available in the settings section. I can’t wait to see what is next with this app!!! Such a joy!!! Thank you x forever for a lovely app!!!

- Needs tons of improvements...

This app seems awesome at first glance but there are tons of reasons not to be happy when, with time, you find errors and discrepancies. Listen no matter how strong “conjunct” and “opposite” aspects in synastry are. They are not the same!!! Conjunct aspects are favorable, they work as lubricant to a relationship. Opposition is opposition, differences in opinion, difference in preferences... please, don’t take the easy way out and mess my relationship this way! Tbh, I feel this app is not worth this much. You need to update and include missing info. Also, please include destiny links with Vertex someday. The love of my life shares conjunction of (me) Vertex and North Node (her) and (her) Vertex and moon with me. And other aspects that link to our destiny.

- Best investment

App always works, I bought it so that I could do other charts and it’s awesome. It has helped myself and so many of my friends. I think the most shocking has probably got to be the compatibility reports. They are insane and eye opening. The chart explanations are so on-point. I joke that it’s like my therapist. Even when the text is unpleasant, it has a very passionate way of delivering the information that not only explains it well, but also (somehow) allows you to accept and receive it in a delicate manner. 100 stars.

- In the Know, On the Go!

This is great for dropping info in to create charts on the fly! So many friends during conversation start my mind tuning into astrology to see what might be the driving force behind their thoughts, words and deeds. This app allows me to check in with charts any time or place. I learn to connect the dots between chart placements and how they might play out in real life. I began using this as a newbie and now consider myself a mid level, student astrologer at this point. It’s been a great learning tool and my friends love it too!

- Great Value and Intuitive to Use

I am an amateur astrologer and this app is very easy to use. I feel the price for the professional version is reasonable and it allows you to work with as many charts as you like. Because it’s on my phone I can look things up wherever I go and I am not chained to my computer as I would be with Solar Fire. I also like that I can go back and forward in time much further than some programs allow. I wish you could animate the chart, but otherwise it’s great.

- Unable to email reports

I have been a very long standing customer of Time Passages and have paid for unlimited charts as well as the Pro upgrade and still I cannot send an email to my friends with their chart. This is very frustrating because it is such an accurate and detailed horoscope. The Pro upgrade was a waste of money, I got nothing more than I already had with the regular version having paid for unlimited everything on that already.

- By far my favorite chart app

I’ve been an astrologer for 8 years and this app has been my chart companion for most of that time. I love seeing people I haven’t seen in years and being able to quickly pull up their chart and answer questions. If you want a daily horoscope app, it’s not this. But if you want something where you can quickly reference a chart whenever you want, check on professions and see transits really easily. This is it!

- Impressively accurate.

The app isn't perfect, functionality wise, and it would be nice to have some kind of iPad version or some kind of cloud sync abilities also, but overall, the information is unique and quality compared to most BS astrology apps. This is good stuff; I recommend it, and use it daily, from relationships to work. It is scary accurate, and with the revelation about earths it makes make more sense than ever before. The stars affect us, they always have. It's amazing.

- My go to Astro app. For quick looks and wonderful interpretation. Not cheesy. Insightful.

Natal, now, transits, progressions!! All in one little app. So worth it, really. Easy to use. The info you need. Only reason for only 4 stars, needs a way to set preferred aspect orb. And all aspects need to have the current orb and applying or past at the top. The interpretations are good, but if the aspect is past its peak I want to be able to prioritize where I focus. Still, totally my go to astro app. Have my family's charts right with me for on the fly quick checks. Can't beat it.

- Easy, Enjoyable, Life Enhancing

Time Passages offers me a wealth of helpful information in a user friendly format at my fingertips. I use it often and find comfort in the validation of my intuition with sound astrological information. I am so impressed with the versatility and the wealth of information available and use the current chart, the aspects to my chart, the comparison charts and the data for friends and family. It is a wonderful tool for my spiritual and psychological practices.

- Disappointed

1. Looks like crap on an iPad. 2. Doesn’t do full reports, like Solar Returns, which are pretty important to anyone serious about astrology—unlike compatibility meters (run a chart; really!). 3. Doesn’t print/email full reports, only charts? Seriously? For $30 on this thing, this is a waste of money for an iPhone-only App that looks pretty as a party trick. Sure, it’s great info, but worthless if it’s all stuck in my phone and I can’t get it out except tedious copy-and-paste into Notes or Pages. And $600 for a Desktop version of this? I’m afraid to even think about buying that if this is as crippled as it is.

- Chart drawings

I love the app for all it’s worth, my only issue is with the aspect lines in the chart drawings. They’re a bit muddled and you can zoom in anymore, which is frustrating. Overall, I’m very pleased with the interpretations and the ability to contextualize your own readings based on the information provided. Recently, you’ve also taken away the ability to see the chart view in the Daily Reading section. I don’t know why this was necessarily taken away but I really miss the visual reflection.

- My favorite astrology app

I see what others are saying, and to an extent I agree. The app is expensive, and it does have some limitations. However, overall this is a very good app. While it doesn't give descriptions for all aspects, it covers the basics and that is still ALOT. The charts are not my favorite and it did take awhile to get used to the layout but overall it is a great app to have when I am out and do not have access to my computer (where I prefer Astro online).

- Nice app, not necessarily for $30.

I’m not sure why this app is so expensive when there are free apps that do almost all the same. $20 is pushing it, $12 is probably right. But, astrology software is always expensive for some reason, I suppose. It would be nice if the UI had an update to make it look a little better and take up the entire area of (the nearly ubiquitous now) notched screens. Pretty straightforward to use, though. The comparability meter is nice, although it would be nice if you could click on the categories to bring up info on what contributed to that score.

- Best Astrology App For Astrologers

I love this app in so many ways. I believe the app can be upleveled by interpreted aspects of Nodes and asteroids, having access to omitting less prominent aspects (light lines), and having ability to be one click away from casting day to day charts, instead of having having to add new chart or edit it (for example, under “current chart” there should be arrows on chart page to easily click back forth to future or past dates.

- The best astrology tool ever (not JUST the best app)!

Beyond being the best astrology app I’ve ever come across, this is far superior to every other website or book I’ve found. I’ve used it for years and have never once been disappointed. I would love if it had retrograde interpretations and have even requested from the developers, who said they would add it to their list of things to consider for the future. But even without it, it’s still a five star app. I honestly can’t imagine any astrology buff or professional finding something wrong with what this app does. It’s truly brilliant and I still can’t believe this came from a small, family business because of the amount of detail that’s been put into this. You will NOT regret purchasing the full version of this app. It’s phenomenal!

- Time Passages Pro - Faulty charging

I have purchased the pro version thru the App Store. However, each time I attempt to use the new comparison features, it requests additional payment. So. I return to the App Store and click on the App. It opens and I return to TP and all goes well until the next time I attempt to use it. I cannot find any way to communicate with the developers other than this. When the app works, it is great, but this is VERY annoying.

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- Fantastic!

Full of a huge amount of detailed information. Great for learning about yourself and others! The paid version is really what allows you the depth and breadth of information needed for this though.

- No orb Cntrl , No planet exclusions , Very over priced.

I have many astrology books and spent 1000’s of hours investigating & studying . Patronising is perhaps a word to use . This app is good for what I call superstitious astrologers , with asteroids by the dozen for inspection . Presentation of info is clunky and cramped into scrolling boxes ( iPad presentation ) and interface is as you see all the way through . Reading are dished up in tight boxes and are all standard fair telling you.. . This is definitely for amateurs and entertainers . 50$ ! and no orb control ? All the other good reviews drove me to acquisition , against my hunch of and this review review discovered . IPhemeris App is for professionals but has interface limitations of the austere variety . Sorry guys but us consumers have to stick together !


This is great app, I use it all the time... Precise, have almost everything... Keep a good work, and add new functions, and up to date... RECOMMENDS TO PRO AND AMATEUR USERS... ALSO IF YOU CAN ADD CLOUD SAVE LIKE DROPBOX... Or your cludsave... So we dont lose data... And one big.. If you can add, 1 month, 3month, 6 months predictions... thx

- No. 1🏅

Hands down the most thorough Astrology App on the App Store. Not the easiest interface necessarily, but equips you with the capability to advance your knowledge of the stars and their interrelation with yourself.

- Excellent

This app. just keeps getting better. Really useful for an amateur astrologer on the go.

- Fantastic! The best!!! 😃

Everything you’ll ever need. Just get it. You won’t be sorry.

- So worth the investment!

Love this app; I use it almost everyday

- Great App

Excellent for on the run and very comprehensive.

- Epic app

Best astro app ever written

- A very good app.

Look I'm going to give this app a good 4.5 star. Out of all the astrology apps I have downloaded and paid for, this one does do quite a lot. I'm not an astrologer, but I love the fact I can get a detailed review on comparing people in my life, get a better understand of whom I am, and also gather information about others. It is Precise, actuate, detailed and it also explains astrology in a deeper understanding. I have crossed checked with other sources of astrology (both paid and unpaid) and it was nearly spot on. It doesn't matter what level your on in terms of astrology understanding-you will learn a fair bit with this app. The only down side to this app is it doesn't give you a simple explanation of your daily horoscope. Instead it give you all the aspects. After 3 months with it- I'm still trying to get the hang of it, but at the same time i have learnt Heaps! lets say that before this app, (out of 0-10) i was on a 3. now im on an 8. Worth the money? YES. You want details in astrology? Get this app!!! It's tones of fun too! Just saying :)

- Excellent app

Great app easy to use lots of useful info. Definitely the way to go if you want affordable natal chart software for yourself and your friends. It would be good if the developers made the natal chart interactive to enhance the learning and user experience however.

- Excellent astrology app

Great application suitable for beginners and more advanced interpretations. No problems with charts in Australia as mentioned in the other review. I assume those problems have been fixed in the subsequent updates since that review as there is now a daylight savings toggle.

- Great app!

I'm not a professional but I find this incredibly easy to use ! Very accurate and easy to understand. Love the progessions and transits, as well as being able to add any number of people! Brilliant and thank you 😁

- The best ever!

I was blown away by all the things you can do with this app and the information in it. Absolutely fantastic.

- Yes - this rocks

So many promise and few delivery - this delivers and more Easy - put together by someone who lives astrology - recommended

- Very useful app!

I would definitely recommend anyone who works or studies astrology.

- Fantastic

I'm really enjoying this - thank you.

- Time passages

Absolutely love this app !!!! 💕💕💕

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absolutely life-changing this app is so much different from other astrology apps and gives you such more of an accurate reading

- Reference this app every day!!

Using this has made reading my daily horoscope a million times easier and more insightful! I love how everything is in one place. Definitely recommend getting the pro app so you can see unlimited charts.

- One of the best apps ever for astrology!

I have personally learned so much through this app. It gives you the keys you need to understand your chart and transits. Now, the only thing I’d suggest is being able to erase previously pulled transits from the charts. Also, an option to move the planets progression within specific dates would be extra appreciated! Other than that... chef kiss!

- Love

Only requests is that the app remembers your place when you go back and forth between compatibility instead of back to your chart page. Also would love aspects to asteroid descriptions

- Love this app

Anyone from the beginner to full time Astrologer can benefit from this app.

- Love this app

The recent changes make it harder for me to access my own chart w transits .. otherwise 5 stars. Also, waiting fir the eris readings to come as well as a few others.

- Good app

Works great. I recommend.

- Love this app, but there’s a bug

I’ve been a long time user & lover of this app and continue to recommend it to all of my astrology clients & friends who want to seek more knowledge. There’s currently a bug when I’m trying to lay out transits though. It won’t let me change the date & time, only one or the other. Please fix!!!!!!

- It really resonates

This app has been more accurate and resonates more with me than any others I’ve tried. Super detailed and uncanny

- Love this program. Been using it for many years now. Great tool.

Great program and I love having it on my iPhone, iPad, iMac and MacBook Air for the last 8-10 years. Love it!

- Astrology made clearer

In depth chart readings with the ability to be able to compare charts of other. I have learned so much since I using this site. I think it must be at least 15 years I have been using it!

- One of the best apps for beginning to intermediate students

The most noteable feature of this app which distinguishes it from the rest is the quality of the writing. It’s clearly coming from someone seasoned with a lifetime’s worth of organic observation and experience, not just knowledge acquired from “cook book” descriptions you’ll see in a lot of lame and dumbed-down mainstream publications. Nothing else out there compares to the richness of the descriptions. For the writing alone, I recommend the app. What I’d like to see down the line is the ability to animate transits with a bi-wheel, as well as the ability to click on each of the bars that comprise the Compatibility Meter in order to understand the rationale behind the relationship ratings. Overall, the compatibility assessments have been spot-on, but reasons as to why the communication rating between two people isn’t good isn’t always clear to me. I think other beginner and intermediate students would appreciate that.

- Good investment!!

So glad I purchased the pro version! Nice to be able to have friends and family’s charts on my phone without internet connection needed.

- Could use some more details

It would be really great if it included the dates planets will be in certain signs, instead of just degrees. Would also be nice to have clearer house placements.

- Awesome App, Needs a Revamp!

This app is amazing and I love everything about it—but it really needs a revamp. It looks like it hasn’t been updated since iOS 6, which is just really ridiculous considering how much money people put into the pro version of it! Just a thought. Like I said, otherwise—I love this app! Hoping for a nice modern update soon! 🤞🏻✨ Edit: please make it possible to sort list items from houses 1-12, signs Aries to Pisces, etc. I think it’s very difficult to navigate in alphabetical order!

- Wonderful

It’s awesome 👌🏻

- Best astrology app

Only suggestion would be to add more info on synastry charts and explain more of the compatibility chart. Overall great app for beginners and advanced astrology users.

- Professional Astrologer

This program has been my mobile go-to for quite a few years! Highly recommend.

- Great App

I use it daily to get relevant real time information for self and clients. Well worth the price for the Pro version.

- Love it

I love this app and having the tools to run astrology charts right on the spot and to be able to check transits, progressions and solar arcs as needed wherever I am!

- Fix a bag

Great app! Except recently it no longer allows me to zoom in to the chart to make it bigger. Please fix!

- Insightful and thought provoking

Lots of features that are very informative and interesting. Great tool!

- Time Passages Pro app review

Love this app! Very helpful and educational information especially if one is interested astrology. A day doesn’t go by without me reading a bit about the planets in my chart! 5 Stars for this app!

- Superb software

I’ve used Time Passages, first for desktop and then for IOS, for more than 20 years. I read charts professionally at holistic fairs both in Canada and the US; and I won’t leave home without it! Top-notch graphics and user-friendly protocols, and the support team is fantastic!

- Great App

Great in-depth interpretations at the tip of one’s fingertips! Love it!

- Love

Love this app so much, but I wish the relationship calculations were explained a bit more, like why is communication a 4 based on what aspects ? Thank you !

- Room for improvement

Overall great app and very handy for those interested in astrology. Although there can be some other features included such as information on the houses and planet positions in them. Also some notifications on planets transiting into new signs or houses too. Considering the price of the app new functions/features would be a nice addition

- Update Fail

I have loved using Time Passages Pro; however, today I was prompted to update the app and ever since, I have not been able to open it, getting bounced out each time I try. The minimum requirement is 9.0 and my phone version is 9.3+ so what is the problem. PLEASE SEND AN UPDATE TO CORRECT THE LAST UPDATE ASAP!

- So helpful

I am learning astrology and I find this app very helpful.

- The best one

To my knowledge, it's the best app on the topic !

- Compatibility?

I still don't understand how the compatibility rating works. There's must be a calculation error.

- Excellent Program

Love this simple app

- Great !

This is well worth the purchase price.

- Great easy program!

Less complex to negotiate than other programs. So far so good. Price for full program is comparable to others.

- Excellent!

Intuitive, easy for pro or beginner. Don't need an astrology back ground as interpretations in program are great.

- Favourite astrology app

This is definitely the best app for chart astrology.

- Avoid this Astrology app

This astrology app does not work properly. It is impossible, for example, to remove Chiron from the chart points. This is technically flawed; poor design. 👎👎👎

- Great App

I love the synastry, the chart comparison, the interpretations. Accurate. Insightful. Detailed. Precise. I love the background. It makes you feel like you are going out into space every time you open the app. I also love the feature that enables you to put your friends pictures beside their charts. It makes it feel personal and human.

- Best Astrology App - Hands down!!

This is the best western astrology app out there. If you're just a beginner or professional astrologer you need this app. Easy to read birth charts, well-written transits, aesthetically impressive and very user friendly. I recommend this app for anyone who wants to learn the psychological impact of one's planet placements or gain insight into your relationships. Well worth your time.

- No-nonsense astrology app

Despite its high price-point, this app is an essential astrology tool that offers a variety of customizations, an easy-to-use interface, and a personalized, in-depth daily horoscope.

- Incredible

Simple yet absolutely comprehensive, impressive, affordable, and just what I didn't know I wanted/needed :) Thank you very much for the app, the bookstores are going to miss me!

- Great App

Very user-friendly, lots of features, experiential language and helpful advice.

- Time passages

Astrology portions are great, unfortunately, there seems to be no way to get rid of any individual, or cancel an ongoing entry. Not very good, sorry

- Good app

I'm not a pro astrologer by any means but this certainly is a great go to app. It exceeded my expectations. Appears accurate as many free internet sites are not. Charts are amazing with great detail .. love the compatibility charting. It's fast.

- Excellent astrology app!

A very comprehensive astrology app. It included progression, solar arc and transit charts. Visually stunning and accurate. Highly recommend this app. Well worth the cost!

- Great!

Love this app to bits!!! but I'm having issues with the DST selector sometimes I just have to hit LMT then DST a few times to get the glitch out It would be totally great too if you could have a switch in the options list that would allow people to see their sidereal charts as well! I have reason to believe it is becoming more prominent with the new age.. Seein as the current age is sidereal, not tropical... this app got me started onto astrology tho basically tho and I have much respect for what you fellas do here.

- Good app

This app will not receive a 5 star rating. But it isn't far off that mark. It's extensive and easy to use. A good app for charting, exploring and learning astrology, with its healthy glossary for reference. But it's missing aspects like saturn vs mercury. And I'd like to see Lilith in the interpretations.

- Time Passages

Love this App. Very easy to use. Worth the money!

- So useful!

I am simply loving this app, it is worth the money.

- Very Acurate

This is the best astrology app on the market other than Astrogold .

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TimePassages Pro 2.8.9 Screenshots & Images

TimePassages Pro iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

TimePassages Pro iphone images
TimePassages Pro iphone images
TimePassages Pro iphone images
TimePassages Pro iphone images
TimePassages Pro iphone images
TimePassages Pro iphone images
TimePassages Pro iphone images
TimePassages Pro iphone images

TimePassages Pro (Version 2.8.9) Install & Download

The applications TimePassages Pro was published in the category Lifestyle on 2011-12-02 and was developed by AstroGraph Software [Developer ID: 372332314]. This application file size is 145.55 MB. TimePassages Pro - Lifestyle app posted on 2021-10-06 current version is 2.8.9 and works well on IOS 11.1 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.astrograph.TimePassagesiPhone