Police Scanner +⁺

Police Scanner +⁺ [News] App Description & Overview

This professional grade police scanner app now has the most stations available with improved reliability. Upgrade now and gain access to exclusive feeds with new ones added daily. Find out why the new Police Scanner + app is now everyone's favorite app.

- The largest collection of police, fire, EMS, airport, railroad, comedy, talk, and music stations.
- Read about active events going on at the moment along with the station that is current playing the audio from that event
- Record stations for future playback and for emailing an mp3 copy to yourself or others
- Set an alarm in the app and wake up to your favorite station
- Listen to our app while you sleep and set a timer to stop the station at a certain time
- View the current artist and song name that is playing
- Run the app in the background and do other things on your device while you listen to the app
- Choose your own background from your photo library
- Chat with other listeners
- Tweet the station and song you're listening to your Twitter followers
- Notifications are enabled to notify you of the current song that the station changed to while the app is in the background
- Save a station to your favorites for quick and easy access
- List and search radio stations by popularity, genre, song name, and artist
- List scanner stations by popularity and location
- Use your device's GPS to easily find stations located near you
- The screen glows blue and red on the bottom to the beat of the music or whenever someone talks
- The rings in the center of the player act as a clock
- Add your own custom stations
- This app is compatible with most iPod/iPhone docks, bluetooth devices, and other iPod devices

Why Upgrade?
- Remove ads
- Get bonus feeds (more airport, music, railroad, weather, and police feeds)
- Police siren (lights & sounds)
- Exclusive stations
- Early access to newly added stations
- Localized police codes
- Download new themes/backgrounds
- Gain access to scanner station archives (listen to recordings from up to 30 days ago)
- Support the indie developer community

Your purchase will directly contribute to the indie app developer community and help maintain our servers. Thanks for your support!

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Police Scanner +⁺ Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Fixed various bugs

Police Scanner +⁺ Comments & Reviews

- Addictive, Informative... Love it

Been hooked on scanner traffic for years. This app gives you the ability to listen to many locales. My town is small compared to the big cities on here but has its share of crime and other issues. I particularly enjoy streaming the app to my vehicle when driving through town. We've all driven by those multiple police or fire vehicles and wondered what was happening. With this app, you'll know. So many things that go on in a community that are never reported on the news and with a scanner app like this, you can be prepared or aware. Obviously, the information you hear on the scanner is delayed slightly (usually a few seconds) but for the most part it's pretty much real time. So addicted, love it!

- Scanner +

This is far is the best scanner app that I used, I haven’t tried all of them but this one exceptionally works out without needing to search for any others. Very stable and professional built platform in my opinion. When you hear the sirens in your neighborhood or find an area that news is reporting, just turn on this app and you’ll get the information on what’s really happening. Also hook it Bluetooth to your sound system via auto, home, or just smart smart phone it works just find. I like the flashing blue red visuals along with siren which is hilarious 😆 lol. Also a useful distraction tool to get you out of a uncomfortable location/situation to use as deterrent 👍 - Sean B. Santa Barbara Ca

- I’ve used this app for a few years...

If you’re reviewing apps and trying to decide on one, I’d recommend this one, with only 1 bit of advice... The free app has everything I needed for years, BUT it also comes with a TON of pop-up ads.... its tolerable unless you’ve got a sensitive touch screen like mine. The ads run at the bottom and with a slight movement above them they will trigger. Some of these adds will not provide a close mark (X) for up to a full minute and there are some that won’t close and always take you to their website. I had to close the app all together to get these types of obnoxious adds off. I get why they’re on there, businesses wanna make money. But some of these are just ridiculous .. maybe Admin should locate the apps that don’t show a X, renegotiate those contracts... I’ve actually vowed to NEVER support those pop-up... that’s just me. However, I recently purchased the app (to stop the ads mainly) but it’s a small charge that seems like a good price to pay to stop those ads. 💯 love the app, easy to use and fun to listen to things happening in almost anywhere in the world. If anyone has read this looonnnggg review, I’m amazed and you won’t be disappointed when you use it! 🇺🇸👌🇺🇸

- Control? IS ANYBODY OUT THERE📡(there📡there)?

DEVELOPERS, Are you answering questions privately? 🤔 I’m wondering about the same things others have asked and seeing your response would be👌very nice. I didn’t notice much change after buying PS+Pro. Is the circular object surrounding the power button a dial? What does it mean when the “circle” lights up? Growing up, my dad had a scanner that had different channels we could tune in and we made our own “guide.” Do App Users have ANY control in +Pro? In your App, the squeaky wheel (i.e.; sketchy city) gets the oil (broadcast time). Albeit entertaining, I'd like to tune-in to hear about MY city when something’s going down. Unfortunately, we don't make the cut. My city gets buried under higher crime areas, never to reach the surface for air(time). Unless... i just don't know how to.🤷🏻‍♀️🆘 Need the info 👨‍🦲

- Just what I needed.

I tested out a few different police scanner apps but ultimately decided to purchase this one because it has a radio feature with some interesting channels, and the interface is user-friendly and pleasing to look at. This is the only type of police scanner I have experience with. I’ve never used a real, physical police scanner. With my inexperience, I have no idea what any of the streaming info means, or why some of the scanner areas are similar to others in name, but all scanner apps seem to display the same info with no way to get an explanation. An option to pull up a reference tutorial of some sort would be helpful, if at all possible.

- I’ve had this app for years

I first got this app in 2017. I used to put on neighboring cities and counties to see what was up in the areas. The app is stable and lets you know if a feed is offline. I’ve had no connectivity issues thus far and I have been able to connect the app via Bluetooth to my car for on the go listening. This app is much better than most of these other ones you can get. I highly recommend this app, especially the pro version if you want to relax and go without ads. One issue I noticed: the app stops audio whenever you switch apps and let it run in the background. I’m not sure why but it’s done this a couple of times thus far. Although it’s rare, there is still the chance of it occurring.

- How to find a specific city's scanner feed:

Use the BROWSE function in the app menu. Find your country, state then city or county. There's a button to press which lets you toggle the listing from city to county which is very useful. NOTE: The city scanner feed you're looking for will only be listed if someone has a scanner, hooks it up to a computer and takes the trouble to broadcast it online at broadcastify and radioreference. The scanner feeds used by scanner apps come from these websites. It's not magic and it isn't a public service. The police scanner+ app wraps it up in an easy, intuitive package so you can find everything quickly, and with some extra goodies thrown in.

- David Ritenburgh

I am a retired EMT- Fire- Rescue in the Mat-Su Borough. I don’t see reason why your transmission can’t be as rock solid as a scanner one can purchase at your local Radio Shack or Fred Meyer store. I listen to My ATT iPhone scanner while outside working on my farm or while on the road going someplace. The signal I receive is terrible and it only gets maybe 25 to 30% of all transmission. It’s really better I just leave it off when not at home, In my house

- Really Good, But...

My critique may be misplaced here, but I don’t know why we don’t have the ability to select individual departments or create our own “playlist” to scan. Is that a limitation of what’s out there or a limitation of the app? For instance, I live in an area with 5 connected cities with just around 250,000 people total. I’d like to be able to just listen to one or two departments, but I’m limited to one selection that has all the cities PD’s plus some FD’s too. That waters it down for me and makes it confusing. I can see the “channel” numbers come up during the scanning phase and when there is communication going on. Why can’t we take that information and use it in a filter?

- Why?

I love this app but had to uninstall January because it overheated my iPhone. When I checked the apps and saw the developers have fixed some bugs a month ago I wanted to give this a try again because I love the apps radio stations. When I loaded my phone heated up again. I’m really disappointed! I’m just going to have to find the addresses for these radio stations I like and listen to them on a different platform/app. I really do hope they fix this problem of the app overheating the technology!

- Good app will a couple of flaws.

This app is decent and does the job! Clear scanning! Although I live in a small town and wish it had those channels or a section where you can program a channel. Finally it does not allow me to save a favorite. I can click favorite but it stayed in that screen. Does not allow me to save it. I have to close app and re-enter which is annoying.

- Not working on iPhone or iPad.

This is the 3rd time where the scanner would not work. I paid to have the upgraded version with no ads and I have the updated version of the scanner and it will not play on my iPhone or my iPad. The first. Error message stated that I needed to have wifi on my iPhone, than it stated it couldn’t reach the server. Ugh! When I got home and connected to my wifi, I would push play and it wouldn’t do anything, not even an error message.

- Excellent app

this is a great app and I have the pro version but it constantly freezes up on the iPhone X max running the 12.0 update I’ve spoken to Apple iPhone has no issues have spoken to Sprint they have no issues I have an excellent signal it works two or three times then it doesn’t work at all and I have to delete it and reload it very unhappy spending the four dollars was hoping it would work but there are some bugs to be worked out somewhere

- Great scanner app and radio app

It’s a great scanner app to listen to what’s going on in your country or your state. User friendly. I liked it so much I paid for the Pro version with no interference from commercials plus u can get airplanes too that’s also a plus. I mainly just listen to what’s going on in my county and do get local state police also. Great app I would recommend purchasing the pro version.

- Been using for years, ads got unbearable, upgraded, ahh

I’ve been using this app for years, decent to use. Recently the state caught on fire and I needed to follow police/fire by the minute. Ads got overwhelming, every time I had to restart, full screen and audio ads would take over. The need for scanner is crucial, so I paid to remove the ads. All’s good. I use it on iphone and ipad.

- Decent but needs a major fix

The only thing that doesn’t make sense is trying to add a favorite, it pops up and asks you to name the favorite but there is no ok or enter button to save it. The only way to get out is to force close the app. So favorites is basically useless. I’d think this should be an easy fix but a pretty major over site.

- Great app

It’s great! Nice interface, great features and 5 bucks for add free. I would give it five but I think there is always room for improvement. For example an auto search by location, or (and this might not be possible) a sound equalizer to maybe let users control sound quality. A sound even option so that 1adam6 cop with an annoying loud voice doesn’t over power everything? Great app!

- Police scanner app

This is a very good app if you want to listen to the top police scanner traffic. When more listeners are connected, they make it to the top 100. The most listened to police radio traffic shows up at the top of the list. Chicago PD has not been short on traffic. Great app! Followed wildfire transmissions as they happened.

- More Than Just a Scanner!

This scanner does more than stream police, fire, and other emergency info from all over the world. It also streams radio stations from around the world!! Pick a genre from a list and start listening. It’s incredibly easy to use with great sound. Worth upgrading to Pro for the extras.

- Used to love it but...

I don’t know why all of a sudden this is happening but every few days I just get nothing but static. It will work fine for a few days the. I get nothing but static. Sometimes even later the same day it will stop working and just straight static. It is soooo irritating and I have no idea why it just started happening recently 😡😡 also on pro version I can’t save my favorites 😣😣 fix these bugs please!

- Recording

I just upgraded to the pro version and give it four stars do to two things it took me four minutes of frustration to find out where the recording button is the second half there is no indication if it’s recording or not because when I press record nothing shows up on being recorded in previous recordings

- Informative, addictive, and makes me appreciate our responders!!

Helps to know what’s going on. Can listen to any city, and use to help us find where we want to live when house hunting. Great to hear the police, fire, and ambulances working. Appreciate their work. Hope they ad more areas to the already long list in US.

- Pretty Darn Good

I have had this app for a long time and switched over to the upgraded Pro. I dig it. Good entertainment. And connection to law enforcement that have their hands full. I appreciate the insight. Chicago PD is my favorite. For the ap itself. Reliable, and easy to use. Sorta miss the old list interface. But the starship cruiser dash works too.

- The Best Scanner ever!

This is bye far the best scanner I have ever used. The stations that are available is great. I have tried at least 6 others and this is by far the best. The clarity is great, the choices are great and everything about it is all you can ask for. Thanks Guys for a great product, I Love it.

- Scanner

I love the police and fire scanner ! I turn it on when I hear AbLE near . I like to know what’s going on near me and my family. I also listen and feel so much gratitude for the police and fire the amazing calls they have to deal with. God bless our first responders 🙏

- Automatic Recording Needed

The application works great and eady to use. But, needs to have the feature to start recording when a station is played. The feature should have an option to enable or unable for those that would not want this feature. Needs a way to preset a recording time.

- Love this app - you will too!

This is a great app for listening to all kinds of music. In addition I can pick up police broadcast around the world. And it is so very easy to use. Thank you for making such a wonderful offering for all of us who cherish our music.

- Great app

I used to own police radio’s with the crystals and all. This is soo much better. I always know whats going on when I want to. Like when we lose power etc. Can’t say enough good things. I have told several friends and they love it as well.

- Police scanner plus

I used to have a police scanner which was not on the internet and have been so happy for the past 3 years that I no Longer need to make space for a big machine...I would recommend this app to anyone.

- Some claimed features don’t work

While I do enjoy this app, it would be nice if the the chat with others and record feature would work. I like to listen and record overnight. But many times when trying to record and you hit end, the recording disappears. Other times the feed drops along with the recording.

- A Peek Inside a Different World

My regard for the police and firefighters has gone up due to this app. The communication between the dispatchers and those working out there is efficient and highly professional. Sometimes, this is the best thing to listen to. I like this app.

- Dependable

The internet radio is cool and have saved favorite stations for quick access. The police scanner has helped listen in on storm info as well as police and fire department activities. I recommend the Pro version!

- Helps you find out what's going on

When I hear a siren I wonder what it's about. If it's a fire, medical emergency, etc. if there's a fire in my neighborhood I want to know about it ASAP, as we live in the woods with narrow roads. This app can help with that, I have been able to find out things that I otherwise wouldn't have known.

- Great App

I settled on this app after trying several others I use it when I travel it works great it is easy to use and has a lot of different links to live feeds I would recommend this app to anyone it is very well done.

- Perfect!

I love falling asleep to the police scanner. The app is easy to use and save all your favorites. Your first ode will be to find your local police and fire but honestly, you’ll have much more fun (and activity) if you choose one of the major cities.

- Love it!

I'm a news reporter and use this app when my portable scanner isn't handy. I love it. It has a delay in it of maybe 30-45 seconds and sometimes it doesn't work, but I don't know if that's the app or the local scanner channels. I depend on this app a lot with work and it generally doesn't let me down.

- Good scanner

Not bad for a sub $5 app. It works well but could use some additional features that free apps have like a list of 10 codes. I know I could look them up elsewhere but it would be nice to have them integrated.


This app rules, best radio app out there. I've tried others, but they all pale in comparison. when riding my motorcycle I get to listen to really good music any where in the country(minus Alaska,cell sig very poor). Have recommended to friends, will recommend 2 U!! get this app

- I live in Las Vegas and I paid 3.99

Now I find that it covers Henderson, North Vegas, rural Nevada Hwy Patrol but just now I bought this to find out what all the sirens were about, right here in Las Vegas but nope. No LVPD. No Metro. What the heck?! I got caught in the Oct 1 shooting last year and didn’t know what was happening until I got home and turned on CNN. I had just run to the mini mart to get milk for the morning and had no idea I was in the thick of it. Why can’t I use this to find out what all the sirens were about tonight??

- Landon Croisant

He is me nephew, and I love to listen to him, I was a police office in Alaska, and it makes me very proud of him. My older brother was a cop in Alabama and he then made it to an undercover agents all the way to DEA, he got tired of it so he retired, and become a truck driver, less hassle, but he miss it all, his name is Scott Croisant

- Been using app for weather related scanning. 5 stars

I have been using this app to follow police fire and ham radio storm chasers. Works great and has never crashed on me. Wish there were more selections in some areas, but it is what it is.....

- Hasn’t work for over two weeks

Can not get the app to work it says loading then press play still nothing. It’s been off line for quit some time. Very disappointing.

- Ok , but......

This app is pretty good for public service comms and net radio. But, a lot of the links are defunct. And I wish you could set it to scan the favorites and have it stop at the next favorite public service saved after the microphone is un-keyed like a regular scanner does. That would be great.

- Love the radio option

I barely use the scanner (which is great) but I use the radio option that gets radio stations from all over the place all the time.

- Great App

I love this app because when I'm feeling a little nostalgic for home I can just turn on the app and choose my hometown and listen to the crazy mess going on and tell myself I'm so glad I got away from that city!!!

- Nice

It’s a great app use it all the time for FD and radio. The only draw back is the calls are usually up to a minute later than when my alert tones go off

- Just what is going on out there.

For peace of mind when there are higher than usual sounds of sirens blaring around your block. Dear Lord bless and protect our bravest and finest, and may they always feel our respect and appreciation.

- Buy a The app

Buy the app. The free one works most of the time. But on my favorite channel it always said “Loading” and would never come on. Plus the app was 50% off so I only payed a couple dollars

- By far the best

By far the best. The internet radio feature means you're never going to be without every possible option of audio entertainment

- Thankful

I live in a small rural county, but I’m able to listen to city dispatcher, 80 miles away, on this scanner app. My son is a police officer and it gives me peace to hear his voice and know he’s okay!❤️ I’m thankful for the app! Works great!

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- Off me guts

Just love it!!

- Mick

I tried a few different apps before settling for this one. Sound is great. Having no problems with it. I have even brought the pro so there were no adds to annoy me. I recommend this app

- Makes driving home faster

I listen in the car and end up home faster than I realise cause I'm caught up with what's going on.

- Rip Off

This app has no access to police in Aus only fire

- Pretty good

I'm disappointed you can't pick up Victorian police and I'm having trouble with the timer when it goes past midnight, but I like the radio stations and listening to the overseas police is interesting

- Great App

This scanner is amazing, it allows you to use as a police, fire, ambulance scanner plus many, many more local, state and federal departments. I find the best feature is that it doubles as a radio also, and the choices of channels throughout the world are endless. I would recommend this to anyone who longs for variety, choice and entertainment from all corners of the earth. It maybe a little expensive, but try it first, you won't be dissapointed.

- Up & down

The app is good but I've stopped using it as it has taken away stations I would listen to e.g Ipswich police (qld Aust.) and also has a pointless Tasmanian feed which has nothing on it. The app could also have a wider variety I'd rather listen to events around me e.g if I hear a siren I could tune in and know what's going on - nosey I know but also could be helpful if the was areas to avoid etc. If these issues we're resurrected I would use again and recommend to friends not that the makers listen to this anyway...

- okay

This app is okay. However when I clicked on the option to locate close scanners it said that there werent any, which is incorrect. Also one of the benefits of paying for this app was that you get to view the police codes. It shows overseas police codes but when you change the country to Australia you cannot get them.

- Love it !!!

I've packed up all my scanning radios and now I just use this app for even greater coverage. This is well worth a look, and for a few bucks you get air traffic as well. Do yourself a favour :)

- Works well

Does the job, wish our local police stations weren't digital but still works well in other areas.

- Works well

Has improved since I first used it

- It's ok

Could be a little more user friendly when you leave it running in the back ground and reopen it, you have to re select the channel your listening to, hence it opens again giving you echo

- police scanners

This App does everything it claims, and better. It real strength is it does Internet radio really well, the best I have used to date. A great App. Helen

- Awesome!!!!!!!!

This is by far the best scanner because you can save & share recordings through email!!!!

- Akwas

Works well in my area. Could do with some more locations.

- Great app

This is a great app except I would like to see more links in my area

- Police scanner

Use it all the time

- Good App thanks :)

Never had any problems with the app always works great😃

- Not good

Can't seem to pick up Australian police, only ambo's. Also can't get australian codes, only U.S.A.

- Brilliant

I love this app it's absolutely worth downloading you wont be disappointed

- Gave me diabetes

Also now I have eye cancer and 15 types of head cancer!

- Great for in the truck

Good quality useful for at home

- Works well

Generally works well.

- Scanner app

Ok app.


As per normal with all these Applications if you live in the USA would be great. However for us Aussies on the under belly of this globe it is not much chop I anticipated a lot more variety in coverage being airports,marine rescue etc. For Aussie buyers is ok but don't expect a lot.

- Best Scanner

Worth the money to buy

- Misleading

The "Pro" version says it gives you access to the archives. It doesn't you still have to pay more money

- A1

The best scanner app I've found! :)

- Love it

Well worth the price

- Scanner

Great app best out there so far xxxxx

- Great Ap

Good quality app

- No good

No local content unless you live in the usa

- No good

For some reason they have taken Narrabri Moree of so i do not recommend at all if h live in this area

- Cool

Cool but Mackay central highlands and cole fields would b great please

- O yea!

This is a great app! Love it! Thanks

- Awesome

Awesome app have heaps of laughs

- Radio


- Steve

Good ap

- Do not rate this app at all. Not worthy of $3.

Do not rate this app at all. Not worthy of $3.

- Great app


- Good job

La la la

- Mick qld

Fun app

- Roam

Excellent App!

- Bob

I have tried them all.lost money updating them all.but this scanner leaves all others for dead.it is the quickest response ,most easy to navigate,but at same time has a absolute wealth of information for me to listen. I have deleted all other scanners, this one is definitely the best by far.

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- Montreal,Canada

Hello, I would like to know if it would be possible to have the frequencies for Canada Quebec Montérégie Police Longueuil and Canada Quebec Montreal Police Montreal. Thank you

- Works well

Like all the features that others do not have.

- Insatisfait

Je voulais avoir la zone de Portneuf dans la capitale nationale et n’est pas dans l’application J ai payé pour rien

- Pro.

Same thing as free app. Paid 6 dollars for a siren. Save money and don’t upgrade. This is the second time I upgraded this app and found no difference. Does not pick up any police or rcmp channels in Alberta Canada.

- Change setting

Record button is very hard to start and stop

- Awesome

When Major Events happen you can tune into the action!

- Not good

Upgrade and still get ads ? No more channels than free version would like a refund

- Really, Really...

LIKE IT!!! Great job guys. There’s something here for everyone, anytime. It’s been decades since I used ’em, so a special THANKS for the ‘10’ - code list.

- Becoming Addicted 💙

I have been a fan of this App for quite some time, and do have my favourite cities I listen to.

- Great app!

It works great! I listen to my home city all the time!

- Interesting

Always like go check and see what's happening

- To Do

Interesting what they do...

- usless

many stream url formats are NOT compatible with this app, reason poor coding on excepted stream formats can't use this app, stream compatibility issues, i don't recommend this app. keep getting "stream full" messages on incompatible streams , poor coding on error feed back messages, incorrect error messages, to many bugs. found a scanner that is much better.

- Police scanner

We have had a scanner sor over 25 years and enjoying it. We still have one in the house , but cannot get the police. Crothie

- Blue truck man

Great app fun to listen too thanks

- Love it. Use it daily!

Would not want to be with out it.

- It's an ok app!!!

I purchased this app with the understanding you receive all police scans, I live in Ontario but do not get any Toronto or OPP feeds WHY? What a waste of time and money I'm not a happy customer ! You need to tell people what you get and what you don't! I think it's a scam and apple should crack down on these people requiring much more strict information before we purchase these products !!!

- Good?

Might be a good app , I bought it get rid of the adds

- Scam

Be aware! This app don't have the police scan for most Canadiens city so don't get rob like me.

- Freezing

Really great but often can get out of the app. Had to reboot the iPhone

- Police Scanner

Slick and Quick!

- Scanner

Best app ever!

- Police scanner

Great app love it

- Goood


- Great app

Wish would load some radio stations that are listed and add more police scanner stations in Canada

- Well done

One of the better ones hands down, love talk radio.

- Worth it!

Tried another scanner app and was disappointed. This one is great. Constant feed, pause, record, etc.

- Great scanner

Love this scanner. Hate though when it goes offline

- Love it

Has everything I want. Could use more Canadian airports. Love the radio!

- Good app


- Scotty B

Its been quite handy at times. Airport channels are fascinating at airshows !

- i like it

I like it, but I find that some stations drop often, Its worth purchasing.

- Super

Is good

- Refund please

Why did middlesex county ont. CA. get taken off? That's the only reason I paid for this app... I would like a refund please.

- Scanner

So far so good no complaints

- same old channel still not abel to esr lical police this is not a scan dont waste money

same old channel still not abel to ear lical police this is not a scan dont waste your money

- Bonne application

Fonctionne très bien !!!

- Nicest scanner app

Have downloaded other scanner apps but this one seems the best. Includes a variety of other features including broadcast music stations... In case you get tired of listening to the police and fire/ems calls. Well done, guys.

- Great app

This is the best scanner that I've found in the App Store And I've tried quite a few. It also lets you get radio broadcasts globally. Worth the $!

- Awesome app!

App pucks up everything i want to hear in our area

- Don't work

It don't work in my area Hamilton Ontario

- Review

I am having a lot of fun with it it's excellent.

- Great app!

Lots of channels, good app.

- Great app

Works great love it! The regular channel I listen to was down for a week though however I downloaded another scanner app and it was the same so clearly it was the channel being unavailable not the app mot working. Love the functionality works great, just keep the screen off when listening, it locks on if you don't turn it off and the phone heats right up quickly.

- Excellent

This is a really really good app and I recommend to all people Who enjoyed listening in on action From the police

- great scanner

It works in Canada awesome!!!

- Works

It works great!

- Mr

Waste of money. Doesn't give u local scans of any sorts

- Doesn't even work!

This is awful. Bought the paid app and for over half an hour it says failed to connect. Reload. Waste of $3

- Legit

Works great!

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Dr. Langdale.ca

If they were targeting police, it was likely remotely detonated. Meaning, they were watching and waiting, to control the precise moment of detonation. They were also probably listening to scanner and heard bomb squad was enroute.


@usanotokay @donnapz78 @MillerKimball1 @andreaUSA7373 @CNN Hey not sexy man Here’s a thought , get a police scanner and next time you hear shots fired show up unarmed and step in front of the police and let them know you will handle it.. bless your heart

Feckless Tunt

@Balancing_Today Yeah it’s totally normal for a young girl to listen to the police scanner for 10 days in a row unprovoked for no reason at all. I call bullshit LOL.

Port Orange News

walmart - report of shoplifting in progress - port orange police radio scanner - 1126am 12 22 26 -- 2 females -


@whybanflatearth @etherealCandace @catturd2 No other shootings. I was inside the MGM lobby listening to a police scanner while it happened. Many reports of shootings, all confirmed false. Saw with my own eyes.

Van James

This bomb was a test, plain and simple. The first, to see how much suspicion would be aroused by a motorhome in downtown Nashville on Christmas Eve. The second, response time. All somebody had to do was listen to a police scanner to figure that out.

Prime Minister-Elect Robin

@Muninn18085831 ... I turned on the scanner to listen to fire and police while wife dressed them and we packed up and left and bugged out. (Btw I was a mortarman in the CF)

AC Specialty

Electra Corporation invented the first POLICE SCANNER! The one band radio. You now need a trunking, digital scanner in many cities. Frequency list available. Seller info #geoingae (380) 100% Positive feedback


My ma got a police scanner on her phone

Tajh Oates

@SolecialNetwork There were two lol. There was def a 2012 one, but I remember the 2014 one happening and Everytime the cops came, they just moved to a different complex. You could track the whole thing between Yikyak and the police scanner app. Shit was wild.


@Balancing_Today @440am Hey guys!!! There’s a 15 year old listening to the police scanner and making edgy TikTok videos about what she’s hearing. I’m sure she has something really important to say!! Let’s go check it out! #SaidNoOneEver

Elephant Jockey

@DemaselElley @Scottcoby1 @BreakingNAlerts @Qpatriot17761 Stop listening to channel 4, 7 and 10 and buy a police scanner.... Ever here of Overtown, Liberty City, Miami Gardens???

AC Specialty

Electra Corporation invented the first POLICE SCANNER! The one band radio. You now need a trunking, digital scanner in many cities. Frequency list available. Seller info #geoingae (380) 100% Positive feedback

AC Specialty

Electra Corporation invented the first POLICE SCANNER! The one band radio. You now need a trunking, digital scanner in many cities. Frequency list available. Seller info #geoingae (380) 100% Positive feedback

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Police Scanner +⁺ iphone images
Police Scanner +⁺ iphone images
Police Scanner +⁺ iphone images
Police Scanner +⁺ iphone images
Police Scanner +⁺ iphone images

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