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SAS: Zombie Assault 3 [Games] App Description & Overview

What is sas: zombie assault 3 app? Elite SAS operatives handle the darkest missions, the worst hot zones - things we are not meant to know. Inserted without backup, either alone or as a 4 person squad, you will be sought by the walking dead, by hordes of unspeakable numbers. Your only option - paint the ground with every last one of them.

From the creators of Bloons TD 5 comes the best action shooter on iOS! Rank up 50 times and unlock awesome weapons and perks with every rank. Dozens of guns and special weapons, 5 unique maps, and hundreds of zombies on screen at a time.

And that's just single player! Play co-op multiplayer at any time with super-easy matchmaking geared to your level. Huge fun to jump into a game at the same time with friends, and doesn't matter what iOS you have - iPads play seamlessly with iPhones.

Based on the ground-breaking flash game by Ninja Kiwi, but completely rebuilt and optimized for iOS, SAS 3 has been battle hardened by millions of plays and undergone extensive tuning and balancing to create the best action shooter available on the App Store!

Killer Features:
- Intense zombie-blasting action shooter gameplay!
- Eviscerate the zombie hordes in single player or in 4 player co-op multiplayer
- 50 Ranks to unlock, each granting access to a new weapon or perk
- 44 devastating weapons like Auto Shotguns, Browning Machine Guns, Flamethrowers, and RPGs
- 2 Sentry gun classes and 3 grenade types for serious room clearing
- 5 challenging maps, each with very different hazards and kill zones
- 9 relentless zombie types, with graphics that support hundreds on screen
- 3 vicious game modes - Onslaught, Purge, and Apocalypse
- Multiplayer play from anywhere in the world, whether on iPad, iPhone, or other smartphone platforms

Updated Login System helps prevent data loss, and assists support in recovery. Please do not try to use your Ninja Kiwi web login - this is a separate system, so you'll need to create a separate login.

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SAS: Zombie Assault 3 Customer Service, Editor Notes:

SAS: Zombie Assault 3 Version 3.1004 July 2016

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon. 3.10 update: :: Fixed all known issues with squads and tournaments 3.00 update: :: new in-game currency to purchase premium items! :: create and join squads :: tournaments :: squad events :: squad chat :: new player profile.

SAS: Zombie Assault 3 Comments & Reviews 2022

- Very good BUT bugs....

This game is very good. As one of the longest standing games on the appstore it remains a classic that I revisit often. I can sit down and shoot down a 2k zombie hoard with quick matchmaking (kudos on that) with up to 3 other people and all in under ten minutes. Where the game falls short however is the presence of several bugs which make investing more time into it tedious. Turret inventory does not always carry over between matches. SAS bucks which you win during clan and solo PvP events refuse to be awarded although I constantly gather the prerequisite points and place in qualifying prize brackets (I haven't won a single SAS buck yet). My AI "buddy", although activated and outfitted, often times does not spawn with me in matches and therefor makes spending money on him pointless. Grenade inventory, like turrets, often do not stay with you between matches meaning you have to use them when you pick them up or risk losing them. As it stands, the functions that "need" to perform properly work well and the game is playable and fun. But you have to ignore many of the bugs present in additional faucets of the game or they will annoy you out of putting in more time.

- Great, but not excellent....yet

I have enjoyed this game for a long time, and it is a great game nonetheless, but there are a few issues I have when playing. The first issue is that when I finish an Apocalypse game, returning to the Main Menu is a can't do as the game crashes (but I still get the credits I earned like cash and Z-Points). Also, I finish tournaments like Z-Rush and regular Tournaments, but no reward is given, when we clearly deserved one as we would be at 10K in Z-Points and the rest around 1K or less, but we get no reward! The same occurrence exists with regular Tournaments, I literally just finished a regular Tournament with about 8K Z-Points more than 2nd place and when the tournament finished, it showed My Reward and how many Z-Points I collected, both had something in common, ZERO! Please fix this issue as soon as y'all can, thanks. (I hope y'all read these reviews because we really don't want to be let down).

- Good game... but

One major issue with this game is it’s becoming boring because there are not enough things to do in this game, not enough guns, armor, upgrades, and missions/levels and if you decide to fix only this problem of any I may mention in my review I believe that it would make SAS 3 a five star game. Another thing that bothers me and most others are the upgrades, weapon upgrades should be replaced with optional weapon attachments, the number of equipped attachments should be limited as to mirror reality and body armor upgrades should be replaced with optional armor attachments, equipped attachments also being limited as with weapons. If that doesn’t work out then almost anything but the old irreversible five upgrades per modifier would be okay (modifier meaning defense, health, fire rate, clip size, etcetera.) Those are just some of my thoughts about this game. I hope you see this and fix these issues. I understand that I am one of many to satisfy and these changes may not be made. I respect your decision either way.

- Buggy

First things first- the squad inviting and joining. I just *love* when I get invited to a squad and when I accept and keeps constantly popping up whenever I press accept or reject. And also the internet-sensitive matchmaking game matches. Like do you have to have the best internet money can buy? Granted, I don’t have the best internet but the absolute worst. The whole internet requirement in this game is nothing like SAS4. In SAS4 you don’t have to have the best internet ever to play multiplayer. And also the fact that you can watch ads to earn bucks, I like that. But that’s glitchy too. It’s like the ad=bucks system is limited on how many ads you can watch. Like after about 20 ads, it glitches and doesn’t let you watch anymore ads for long periods of time. I can’t buy currency, I earn it, but it’s rare to earn bucks without buying them or watching ads. But can’t earn bucks easier if the ads=bucks system is broken. Please fix this and make the game more playable.

- Fantastic game

I love this game but I would like to direct your attention to the issues. 1st issue. The Grenades have had the wrong pictures for a while, holy grenades have the cryo grenade picture and cryo holy grenade picture. 2nd issue. Grammar, when you play apocalypse mode for a while you get a message saying “you are getting tired and become slower” “become” should be becoming, not a big issue or any issue at all really, I just wanted to point it out for it has been in the game since it was first put in. 3rd issue. Crashing. I play apocalypse mode all the time and I have it it crash on me randomly at least twice and I didn’t get any money but the money I spent is gone. So I’m always paranoid when I play for a while that the game is going to crash and I’m going to miss out on 100k (what i usually get when I play for a while) 4th issue. Sometimes when I’m playing my movement stick freezes As of now that’s all of the issues that I encounter. Update- 5th issue. I cannot get passed the scoreboard screen. I cannot restart or go back to the main menu so I am forced to close the app

- Can we rent a matching server?

This game is the G.O.A.T. And I still play this by myself😔. It’s impossible to link S.A.S. 3 on my Facebook. Where I own everything in the game. I found a broken version straight off the App Store for IPhone 4 you could add money with a - & +. You could click on a premium gun and it would just give it to you. I would sit and destroy on apocalypse for hours. Yet I still haven’t had enough. I want to be able to play it like the OG pc version so I might triple buy the ZCS Wipeout. 👀 worth it lol. And I hate I can’t matchmake even a private on IOS. I still use that iPhone 4 with SAS 3. I beg to be able to show some people this game. Too bad 8 p isn’t a thing. maybe 🤔 a tank would be dank.

- Great Game

Amazing game to play to pass time, although it has A LOT of bugs/issues due to it not being updated in 2 years. One of them being the game crashing after a long match, or even during. When competing in the tournaments I play the online apocalypse mode and it’s very fun and probably my favorite mode, but after we play the round for about 15 minutes the game doesn’t slow down or lag, it simply crashes. It loses any and all of the progress so I don’t get rewarded my cash or experience but it still takes away the ammo I used, what’s up with that? I can’t buy ammo if I’m not rewarded cash to buy it with, but other then the bugs it’s honestly one of my favorite games.

- Please fix things

Although not many people play the game anymore (which is kinda sad) I still enjoy it fully and still play it a lot, and it’s one of my favorite games, but A LOT of the features you implemented like squads, challenges, and other stuff like that just don’t work... like at all. I get invited to a squad when I played with this guy and i click accept but it doesn’t do anything, and I hear people who finish the challenges don’t get the rewards promised, and world challenges between players gives you absolutely nothing. Please fix these issues, it’d make the game 100x better if you do. Keep up the good work

- Major issues

I have been playing this game since 2014 or 2015. Since not much was going on with the game at the time I decided to delete the app. Today, I wanted to revisit the game and I tried to sign into my account. When I click on login, I don’t know if I’m logged in or if the system couldn’t tell who I am or it would crash trying to sign me on. No notification was prompt in game. I had all the weapons, armor etc which were all upgraded to max. I’m only rating this 5 Stars because it was a great game. I have emailed support and I’ll see what’s going on. If I lost my account and everything in it.

- I used to love this game

I like this game but it’s in dire need of an update like the new maps for the 2 areas that haven’t been messed with in 4 years and a graphics update would be nice being with these new phones the graphics aren’t as good. Also maybe some new guns like the tommy gun, or a different futuristic gun that would be nice. And maybe the game could spring back to life that would be cool and some tiers to the apocalypse because on an older account where I had paid cash money for and have since forgotten the login stuff I could single handed beat apocalypse

- Needs fixed

This game would be so much higher in stars if I could load into matchmaking. It says there or no working servers and I bought so much on this game so I jus want to be able to play a good bit and use the stuff I bought, sum things that a I bought didn’t even give it to me when I bought it. I think it needs better graphics, more glore, matchmaking could a good fix and check for bugs. I know this game is old and there hasn’t been a review for 4+ years lol. The game needs a good fix, there is a lot of bugs. If that game could get fixed I think it would draw more attention like it use to before the bugs and screwed up servers etc. Hopefully this game can get fixed.

- SAS 3

This game is a really good game i started playing in the 5th grade now I’m a junior in high school about to be a senior and I’m still playing this game. Is there anyway you guys can bring the severs back on multiplayer is so much fun I would be playing for hours after hours at night if it was randoms online or friends in a private match modded accounts everywhere but that made the game fun because you would help other low players to level up this community was so fun please bring the games back up with the servers

- Best game ever… except…

I’ve been playing this game since like 2009 I remember when I was little I looked up zombie game on the App Store because I couldn’t buy call of duty zombies😅 11 years later and I come back and the multiplayer does not work… very very sad I love this game a lot and I just redownloaded it to play it and buy the good guns because when I was little I always wanted them. Please fix this game it would mean a lot to a lot of people and bring back so many memories

- GREAT game but...

This game is a classic that I love to play often but there are some issues in the new update. Now, I think the stuff they added in he new update are AWESOME, like you buddy and stuff like that, but the issues are BUGS. FIX THEM! Whenever I go to play online my player will stop at times even though my hand is on the joystick and the controls will get kind of weird like I'll be moving around and my guy will just stop suddenly and the controls freeze. I know it sounds weird an all and I don't know if anyone else is having this issue

- Great game

I must admit I have enjoyed playing SAS3 and even made multiple in game purchases for the first time ever in any game, but now my issue is two days after making another in game purchase the game has been have connection problems for about 24 hours now. Single player is still available but when you go to try to start a multiplayer game it is unable to find any game servers now. Hope they fix the issues soon or refund my purchases.

- Great Time-waster

I mean this in the best possible way, I love the quick gameplay for when I can sit down for a minute between classes, but The multiplayer doesn’t seem to like the WiFi on my campus. Still, even the single player remains fun enough to overshadow that minor problem that really isn’t the fault of the game anyways. I would highly recommend this game to anyone looking for a solid little game with few ads that doesn’t force micro transactions on you to keep going.

- Update only made this game worse

Several months back when I first downloaded this game, it was actually not bad. It had a decent level system, but now, it just went from somewhat "pay-to-win" to completely full to the ****** brim of nonsense 100% pay to win. When I say this, I'm talking about their SAS bucks that you can get, before this update, you could replay challenges and still get more bucks, but now it's just play once and that's what you get (unless you play through the WHOLE challenge again). I could go paragraph after paragraph explaining how Kiwi Ninja just completely ruined this game.

- Need more people in this game

This game is so amazing, it just a game that will not get boring, the graphics, I love it. But it not as it use to be. Back then so many people were online every day. But now in 2021 barely anyone play anymore, I do get couple games now and then, but it not the same without the people, I want the people back and make it active again, this game is truly amazing, I love it.❤️❤️❤️

- Great game overall.

There are some notable bugs that still appear, however. 1) Tournaments fail to give rewards. I’ve done tournaments enough times and it won’t reward me SAS bucks, even though I’ve reached 1st many times. Though, this occurs when I’m logged off so I’m not sure if it would give me the rewards when I’m on the game. 2) After clearing/failing a mission, when going back to the main menu, there is a very long pause before doing so.

- Good game, but needs bug fixes.

I love this game, have been playing it for years, but there are so many things that need to be fixed. I am constantly being kicked out of my own squad and being forced to create a new one and once I have one no matter how many Z points I collect I never get rewarded the win for Z rush. Also numerous times I’ve spawned in after spending a couple grand on perks for me to just lose connection. I really enjoy this game, but if at least a few of these could be fixed it’d be greatly appreciated.


I’ve had to buy the same things 3 times. The “restore purchases” doesn’t even cover half of what I’ve bought. For both my own character, and my buddy. And when I logged in to my account, I lost all the purchases I made before doing so. And when I noticed that, I logged out, lost all my purchases again, tried restoring, and again didn’t even get half of everything I’ve bought. On my account, I had a lot of things, but when I try restoring, I don’t even get half. Not even a full armor set. And I’d very much appreciate all that money back, because I’d wasted over $20 rebuying things again.

- Scammed me for my money

Absolutely amazing game, but why has it been 2years since the last update i played this game about two years ago and I’m still waiting for South America, Africa, and Australia to come out ive beat every other map/stage/mission I’m literally just waiting for the rest of the game hopefully you come-out ontop and really top yourselves and the rest of the in-game world is really good and offers more enemies or literally something i cant wait much longer💯😂😂

- Excellent 8/10

Well, killing zombies on mobile wasn't much fun till I played CoD Zombies which the game is similar. It's Dead Ops Arcade, but fun. Whatever, if you want to hear me rant, then sorry. On with my review, some things are glitched. 1) I can't join a squad. It won't let me. And 2) Disconnected a lot. Like, I got the fourth European map, and multiplayer is disconnecting tons more. 1 day ago, when I got it, no lag. Slight lag on apocalypse. I get map! Boom-shacka-lacka! Disconnect, game , game disconnect. Well here are suggestions 1) More guns, such as, Famas, Galil, Enfield, AK-74u, MP5K, MPL, and premium guns. 2) A little bitty hint. A new zombie: Controlled Infected, they, have or take guns from people, and shred you and your SAS sacrifice ritual of zombie death. Make SAS 5! I will be there! (Was 😱😱 Now 😎😡😎😡😎😎😎😡😡😈😈😈😵😵😵😍

- Amazing Game! But...

The game overall is fantastic. The only issue is squads, friends and Z-Rush. I cant join any squad and invites wont work either same with friend requests. I think in the post-match screen you should be able to select people's profiles and add them or join them. The Z-Rush issue is that i never get rewarded for winning. I pay to win and yet I'm still losing my hard earned rewards. Please fix

- Great Game

This game is awesome! Me and my friends have been playing this for a long time! Really wish they would keep up with the updates in this game and ESPECIALLY fix the bug where it kicks you out of a game. I wish more people played this. And idk if I can like try and advertise this game on Instagram and Facebook like to recommend but whoever reads this, get others to play! It really is a great game!!!! LOVE IT! Still playing!!!

- Sas

Hi developer, I’m not sure if y’all shut down the servers to this game but I just wanted to know if y’all possibly did, cause this was a really fun and good game my family and I used to play and tried playing it again and the game won’t pick up any server match making soo I would like to know if this game is dead now?

- Fun, but broken

This game is really fun. I used to play it with my dad all the time. We’ve been playing it together for a while now. Today, we decided to play it together again, for old times sake. But when we attempted to start a private match, it said something about not being able to connect to matchmaker server. Fix this, and this game will easily get a 5 star rating from me.

- Need a final update Please

This game is one of my favorite games to play with my friends. I used to play this game a long time ago. And now I decided to play it again with my friends but when I download it, the game always freezes, loses connection, and the game doesn’t use my whole screen on my iPhone X. I just ask for one more update to fix those issues and I would be happy :)

- Ideas to make the game better

Needs more re-births or Phoenix badge. Every time you beat the game you should receive more rebirths or Phoenix badges. More zombie challenges. One should be nothing but white hulks. Also when playing challenges you should have partner but only when you receive a rebirth or Phoenix badge. Every time you get a rebirth or Phoenix badge the zombies coming at you should double.

- Please update

I love the game have played it for a while and needed to start over a couple of times sadly but getting back to where I use to be. It’s been a while since it’s been updated and there are still regions in the game that have yet to be added into the game. I would love for them to be added and the game updated

- Update the game

You need to update your game you started out amazing best game on the AppStore but then you give up on all of us all the people that put actual money in this game that still play it everyday. Maybe you should update the game and bring it back you can't just give up I remember playing this game in 2013 you still haven't gotten the other maps pushed out. That's ignorant and pathetic. All in all "USED" to be the best game. Still could be.

- I love this game, but...

This game is great and I'm glad I'm playing it again after 2 years! But here are a few issues I wanted to point out. First of all, the game crashes after I finish a mission or start a new one. But secondly, I had this game before and made an account. Now that I have it again I want to log into the account. I forgot the password (😭) so I went to retrieve my password by sending myself an email. It doesn't work... I've waited a day now for that email about how to retrieve my password, but I still never got that email... Those things are just the issues I could find. Otherwise if it's your first time playing then enjoy the game, because it is really a good game.

- Needs stability fixes other than that love it

I rebirthed and bought a lot of in-game weapons and armor but if the game keeps crashing on me after apocalypse or purge or doesn't count my z points in the end of a tournament then what's the point. Please Ninja Kiwi fix the bugs the stability issues and have an option to buy no adds. This game needs updates don't neglect this app.

- A new update is needed

Not sure if anyone is still playing nowadays but as a player this game still has some issues for example one of them is that it isn’t letting me download maps so I am stuck with the first three ones available which is very bad for I would like to enjoy the experience of other maps and also doesn’t let me do special missions for sas bucks. If you could please consider this thank you

- Good game but

This game is a classic I still play it to this day but some things don’t work like the private match servers are down and the medic perk that you earn for ranks doesn’t work and the ads to earn cash never works by other than that it’s a good game you should fix these problems definitely would give a 5 star after

- return the game as before(read please!)

please, fix the game, I ask you please, it's a good game, it's a childhood game for many, including me, please, fix it, don't let it die like that, please!!! that the game returns to the way it was before please:( that the game works well again, and that the servers work please:(

- Good game many bugs

This is a really good addicting game ive always had trouble finding a game i like to play or actually decide to keep. When i found this game it was great any free time i had i would play. Ive since then got a new phone and reinstalled the game and i cant play past karnival no matter what level i am i cant do any co-op this needs to be fixed Had 5 sentry guns each and went to go play another round and all were missing please fix so i can play again ive unistalled this game because of the bugs this game has right now

- Crap

So I’ve had the game for a few years now and never had any problems with it but lord and behold I went to buy a gun from the store they have and didn’t get it, but they sure took my money though. I tried leaving a email telling them what happened and no response back and it’s been a week. So I don’t recommend buying anything from the store but over all not a bad game just need someone on the other end to fix the problems people are having.

- Bring out the other maps.

I like this game. I found out about this game by playing in on a friends phone back in 2013. I had beaten all the maps so far but I kind of stopped playing. You guys can give this game up yet. I really want to play the new maps that say "COMING SOON". It's been 4 years and those maps are still not playable.

- Glitch/Bug

When I want to download a map or play co-op, it says error, the game isn’t working anymore, so if you could fix the map download and co-op I would gladly thank you for it. I liked this game, but now that there’s a problem I might give it up, so could you fix the problem, thank you.

- Showing my age somewhat

This game was my go to during my middle school all the way to high school days and it’s still fun to play whether by yourself or with others, it would be cool if there was a newer update to further optimize the game and then some, really great zombie shooter to play on ones down time

- Buggy

I understand game isn’t being updated anymore but it’s buggy. Purchased something from the game store. Purchased the turrets. But seems I didn’t get them, unless it only unlocks them so you can buy them in game. If this is the case then I’ll request a refund.

- Very disappointing

So I’ve been playing SAS 3 some I was like 14 and been a big fan of it ever since. I bought the m2 browning in game and much more. This game isn’t bad but if there was a way to get past the login thru Facebook where it says in app developer mode then I wouldn’t be writing this review. Very upset contacted support even contacted app developer it’s about 4 months since I’ve been waiting on support so note this game is officially scat good game to play just don’t pay for the survival packs etc

- Dang

I played this game back in 2011 and if was so fun I never had issues with this game but now there’s no online servers anymore I can’t play but by myself but I don’t want to do that I really can’t believe this game has died it was a classic game too farewell sas 3 you were the one of the best games I played 😭👋

- Why SAS 4 is better

SAS 3 is a great game and a true classic when it comes to shooting zombies, but nowadays, it has kind of just lost its flavor. I mean, look at SAS 4: More guns, armour, zombies, and lots more . I just don’t understand why anyone would play this anymore. Slow matchmaking, bugs, and much less content compared to SAS 4. 2-3 years ago, this game was god tier, but now, it’s just slow and boring. I recommend SAS 4 instead.

- Still play it

I still play it even though it’s a dead game now it’s still fun for me I do the story I really want them to update the story so I can do the remaining maps of the story I love this game I wish people still play it too

- Best game but few bugs

Love this game but there are a few bugs or something when i try to download a new map says error fetching new file and when i try to play multiplayer has error making ro match server idk please fix

- Password Reset

Been trying to reset my password for a few weeks now. The reset password tab doesn’t work. You type your email and just shows the loading screen. No notifications to say regarding an email with a new password reset. Plus the email support didn’t even get back to me and that was a year ago. Don’t get me wrong I love SAS games but their maintenance is horrible. Kinda very mad I wasted over $15 in weapons just to not be able to get a password rest. PLEASE FIX THIS ISSUE

- Ninja Kiwi

I love the game, but it takes way to long to find another person in multiplayer. I have been having this issue for the longest about 2 years or so. Been noticing the match making problem ever since I have maxed out my rank twice with the Phoenix badge. Please fix or do something to speed up match making with other people in multiplayer.


I was playing and it crashed out of no where and not rewarding me with anything when I sat down playing for 1 hour straight survive and get rewarded nothing like this game is soo bad I will never play again unless I get my rewards. Never play this game unless u want a piece of garbage game it can even handle that many zombies like update the game y’all bad at making zombie games stick to ballon games for kids and take their money and do what even never make another zombie assault again never.

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- Great game but to hard

It’s a great game but it’s way too hard in North America on the last level there are like 1000 zombies and I’m only master sergeant but that won’t stop me from playing it 24/7 but yeah um your buddy’s iq is 0 he’ll just walk in to acid but he dose help a lot but this is most likely my favourite game I hope the developers make the game easy er bey

- Great game, really! But...

This game is dead meaning not many people play it. There are still some that play it however they are ranked extremely highly. There are also hackers that will make the game easier to win however boring (and I can't say I'm not one :P.) If you want to join me group it is called ACTIVEZ and is pretty self explanatory that we are active. So yeah, great game and if you are still playing join my group :)

- Excellent idea

The game needs a proper sequel based in the same universe. The maps are life like and truly thrilling.

- Read this

People really really loved sas 3 more than SAS 4 in some of ways and shutting down the multiplayer servers kinda killed a bit of the community I myself have loved all the SAS games and seeing the games get old and slowly rot out is sad to me some people even still play the game like me so I ask if you could open up the servers and who knows Mabye start working on an SAS 5. -an SAS zombie assault fan

- Amazing game however..

Due to an issue with the game i lost all my progress when reinstalling. Yes i was logged in before reinstalling and logged into the same account. I lost lvl 50 with every item in the game max and 2m couns and 124 SAS bucks. Years of progress lost.. in a matter of 1 reinstall.

- My item

Dear devs I spent 2.00$ on a gun called Glock 20 when it said it was 1.00$ now I am not here because of that but when I bought it I did not receive it so could ask please can I have my gun. Kind regards

- Good

Awesome game but I would like some more turrets and things like that

- Good job

You guys have done a frickin' awesome job at this game, but there are still improvements needed. There needs to be an easier way to get cash cos the only way I can get it is by downloading the apps you suggest and even then, sometimes that doesn't work. Maybe a game mode where you can kill other humans like tdm or ffa. I know that sounds like cod but still... U should also be able to make your own levels such as designing the whole map. It needs to be easier to get fully automatic weapons cos it's way too hard. And reduce the amount of xp needed to level up by a lot please cos it takes me ages to level up. My main concern though is the sas cash. It's just too hard to get without downloading those apps and buying it with real money. Thanks for reading this and if you actually did, than you just wasted ur time! So start playing this epic game!!!!!!😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃 Keep up the good work ninja kiwi!!

- Dead game

This game is dead now but before it was REALLY fun I liked hanging around people more than just me and my buddy killing zombies

- Good guns are too hard to get

Make good guns easier to get and you get 5 star

- 6.250Mil

I brought that deal for 14$ and it says 9.99 , i didn’t even get it ? How Am I supposed to use that money I just brought ?

- This game is decent

The game is amazing, at least for a F2P game


Love the game, please update it

- Excellent game! A must have!

It's a disgrace that this game isn't in the top ten. It is by far the best free zombie shooter and should be in the top ten apps. I hope there will be more map updates soon. One thing I find disappointing though, there is no chat! Even in the next update if all you do is add this idea, it will become a much more popular game. So if you can, add a system that allows players to chat before games, also add a system where players can continue with the same team until they leave. This way, the same team can keep playing together. A friend system would also be good. Send messages to friends when their online so you can play a game together in a sort of party group like cod. Maybe if people could select a map and difficulty in a create a game mode with server lists. Lucifer_Reaves

- A few glitches but still great ;)

It's a great game overall, I've bought two weapons with money: Grendel and Beowulf (Beowulf is useless). It's very fun to play purge and level up quick, however if you have time but not the Internet you can play single player apocalypse, buy a combat medic and pwn your way through... There are a few glitches however, such as the new version not letting me do daily missions and saying I've already done them which in turn gives me little money and XP. And another glitch is when I unlock 'On Target' by rank, my weapons have never been more inaccurate in my life... It sprays literally everywhere and I can't hit far away targets... Other than that it's a great game and still 5/5 great job NinjaKiwi! :D

- Fan-F**cking-Tastic!

Amazing game! I would highly recommend for any fan of the zombie genre. The only things in this game that irritate me are: Getting matched with nubs on the hardest missions, hoping they will be carried, and also when you kill a Bloater, the worm things that come out are too hard to see against the ground, and often results in taking damage from an apparently invisible enemy. I also think it is unfair how some of the missions require premium weapons (only two different ones). Having spent money on ingame items I think this should be changed to something more like "premium players only" Anyway, keep those amazing updates coming!

- Great game, but some bugs.

This is one of my favourite games on the App Store, but there are some major bugs that need to be fixed. 1. Sometimes the game crashes if you're not connected to wifi 2. Daily missions don't work for online multiplayer. 3. The rewards for money and xp need a serious boost. It takes much too long to rank up, and buying guns and ammo costs too much. Please fix these bugs and flaws.

- Fun time and time again 😇

This game has been one of the best experiences I have had on my iPod 4 and my 5. There has been no problems that have made me yell "CMON" at the screen when I lose, nor have I ever lost interest in the first day or so. This game has truly shown other top down shooters how a real game is made and should be proud and hold its head high as it strides through the App Store, and for that I give it 5 stars no question

- Love this game just one thing.......

This game is great if. U like third person shooters and killing zombies I myself personally love this game I used to play it all the time on the computer so it's great to see u guys put it on iTunes and there's one slight problem I I purchased the assault rifle from aliens but it wouldn't download it for me please help and make new maps and a new sas zombie assault 4 that would be awesome so thanks for the great game and keep it up

- Almost there

Feels like there isn't much being worked on here, the player is way too fast it's like he's flying and there's no walking sprites. Floating joypads please. More than two characters like come on they're not even hard to make, you don't even have animations for them. Name tag is kinda dumb just hanging there, should be under the cursor with a dark backdrop CENTERED and also the name of the user not the characters. Other than this I'd play it but so far it's still a far reach from alive4ever.

- Better than COD zombies

Excellence graphics, have had hundreds of zombies on screen and it has NEVER lagged, a lot of guns to keep you entertained and the maps are great! only thing is that once you get up to roughly level 15 you need to buy health regen ($3) otherwise you will keep failing the missions. Good work ninja kiwi, it's a good game, but make multiplayer harder :)

- Idea

When your in a game you pick up some really helpful and good guns. Only problem is that you lose them after you die or complete that mission. If you could make it so we keep that gun and the ammo we have left until we use it then i wouldn't have a single problem with this game.

- Review

This is the best game I have played in a long long time. Large variety of weapons and skills. All u need now is to add the new maps and maybe some diff creatures like spiders and skeletons on their own instead of being spawned threw that big creature. other than that fantastic game I love it keep updates going great work!! Ps add new maps like Australia ect !!! 10/10

- Zombie Puree

Great game, great fun. I've played this for many hours now and I'm still not bored. A bluetooth private match would be nice and more ranks with less exp required would also be great. A little bit restrictive with only five maps but once you find your fave map it doesn't matter 6 out of 5


I used to play this on the computer online. Its awesome! But it needs Gamecenter, more maps and heaps more challenging zombies. Plus it couldnt hurt to add some xharacter skins. Oh and please add more ranks and weapons. Maybe some attachments or upgrades. Please add chat but give the option to block player chat if you do. Add more modes and please add PvP modes aswell... Cheers!

- We need challenges that refresh

This has been my favourite iPhone game for years I finished all the challenges a long time ago and now I want more I liked the idea of the daily challenge much better I'm getting bored of playing apocalypse mode all the time

- - suggestion -

Ok best game, here's a suggestion for the game on update: there should be a friends list so u can join their match, also should put rank progress bar at the top if the screen to se if u r about to level up or not, like the rank progress bar in CODs, thanks y'all

- Easy fun game

I reached level 40 in 3min really awesome game please add more guns I'll appreciate that with more levels I think it is worth 10 stars plus I have all the premium weapon I'm going to change the subject make a game that has mw3 so we could play on iPad, iPhone, iPod thanks

- Hurry up with the update please!!!!!!!

Could you please hurry up with the update it's been saying coming soon for almost 2 months now and I am lvl 40 and have been for ages now before the update where we got to be a spectator so put the extra ten ranks a the other cool stuff

- Some Problems Otherwise It's Great

The game is great but some things need to be fixed - whenever I finish a game the screen doesn't fad out to results it just freezes and u have to quit out not getting anything except less ammo - Needs more maps


This game is simply a masterpiece. It's just the perfect game for those that want NON STOP ZOMBIE KILLING ACTION. The controls are very responsive there's a multiplayer, lots and lots of maps to play, you can tweak and customise EVERYTHING, the game is not too easy and not too hard. The list goes on! I hilly recommend this game! GET IT!!!

- Awesome, but...

Good game but in apocalypse the app crashes after a while, andI don't get the xp or the money And if I buy all the perks which I usually do in apocalypse and it crashes,It acts like I have used them and I don't get my money back. Good job though!!

- Don't think just get it

The is one of the best zombie games I've played it could use another map and more zombie types. And I don't think anybody had tried this before but could you add vehicles? Anyway sweet game I would recommend this to anyone.

- Hey let's spam sentry guns! Not!

This is a really good game but it has been ruined by people who decide to hog all the kills and spam like 10 sentries, and it is especially bad when there are 3 people in the game doing the same thing and then your only chance of getting any kills is to spam sentries too! I think this could simply be fixed by limiting sentries 1 per person or not making them not so cheap to buy.

- Vids

Please bring back the videos so we can earn money it's hard to earn even with boosts also please add friend thing like cod does I haven't had any of the crashes by the way you need iso6 or higher to play this game

- S@int6699

Absolutly love this game but needs new maps the sound glitch needs to be fixed and there occasionaly i get a super strong swarmer zombie that smashes straight through the barricades and kills me in about 4 hits that needs to be fixed too

- Great

This game is great but I don't know if it's my iPod or the game but when I'm walking the button on the left it stops responding and my character stops walking then I get eaten by zombies. Still a great game though

- Great game

Excellent game. You don't have to buy in game purchases if you don't want. Heaps of levels. Play all the time. Not sure if the daily challenges are still going though. But highly recommend

- There's a problem

There's a problem bug when you start an online match its get all 4 players and freezes just before it starts plz fix

- Good game.

It's a good game, but sometimes when I'm on multiplayer, it says that I've been disconnected from the server. Please fix this and also, you should sometimes make offers. E.G make the guns cheaper for a day or two etc.


This is the best game ever!!! I have played the pc version and it's really no different. The ONLY thing is that I want to see a progress bar for xp, so u know when ur gonna level up. Otherwise great job guys!!!!

- The best!!!¡

I've had this game for a long time and it keeps getting better and better but in privet match u should be able to chose what map to play on and Russia should be 8 player 😁

- About the pics of game

On the Download menu on app store the pics are a bit old maybe u should upgrade them and show maybe the new awesome guns? But anyway the game is really awesome keep at it!!

- Amazing support, love the game

Something glitches and I didn't get what I bought and customer service compensated me everything back! I reckon this is better than 4

- Great... but

I re-installed the app because I was having trouble updating an it completely reset my account? Sigh there goes hour of work thnx!

- 

Right after BUYING the pack with sentries etc. I used them and then i got disconnected. Whats the go with that!!! Internet connection is fine, ps3 online works fast everything else works fast I have a damb good server. Yet this game seems to shut me off co-op. Its not fair i dont get to use the things ive spent MY MONEY on. A refund would be nice or a simple restock of whats been puschased. Once these have either of these happen. The . Good day.

- Excellent game!

Spend hours everyday playing it ever since I installed it and bought the total domination pack for the win. Btw, the new update was helpful, please release the elite weapons, ranks and game modes ASAP thanks!

- There's a problem with the tournament

Everytime I come first in the tournament and finish it, it crashes and then shows me that I didn't play any tournaments? please help

- Awesome

Those of you not sure whether or not to get it just get it! Its free so if you dont like it delete it. Great just it needs better controls...e.g with shotguns one of my shots always misses as i try turning the gun to aim.

- Cant play without internet

I cant play singleplayer without internet and i love this game if you could fix please.

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- Need Other People

It’s a really great game but it needs more people because we are only two

- Scammed

Bought Beowulf with money, didn’t get it. Refund or take down the game.

- Don’t purchase anything in this game

Don’t purchase anything in this game with real money as the in app purchases are broken they stole real money from me without giving me what I purchased this whole app needs to be removed from the App Store to save other people from this garbage NK is so terrible with these SAS games

- OG

This a game I played when I was a kid to see that they still making this game better is amazing

- Fix it to please

It’s a good game but please update it and fix it I keep getting kicked out of the apocalypse mode and it’s pissing me off

- Thank you ninja kiwi

Thank you for fixing the game so it would give me the gun I would have quit if I did not have so once again thank you

- Needs updating

Great game that I have just got back into. But really needs updating to add South America, Africa and Australia available for people to unlock. Other than that it’s epic!

- Yann

Salut le jeux est formidable mes vous devriez faire d’autre mise à jour pour les bogue dû jeux sa serais formidable

- Crap

Got really excited to start playing this with my bf till none of the ammo I purchase gets added to my ammunition. Uninstalled immediately as it’s not worth anyone’s time lmao definitely needs work

- Sas3

I purchased the p90 for 1,39 Canada but I did not get my gun please give the gun

- Sas3

This game needs controllers update

- Needs an update

This game is great its the best of its kind but i gave it 4/5 only because its outdated and needs an update

- Plz give me my money 😡

I bought 1150 SAS bucks a day ago and still haven’t got it I’m getting really annoyed plz add to my SAS account

- Crash

Freakin crash a game damn this don’t download this fuq

- Coming soon?

Im curious as to why their are no maps for South America and Africa did you forget to make maps for them?

- Suggestion

I have an idea for a feature in the game for every 100,000 zombie kills you get a creat that holds (5 sas bucks) (1000 money)and (3000 exp) And if you buy the money and exp doubles you get double the rewards And the higher rank you are the more the rewards the creat hold. Just a thought though.

- Can only play missions

Got Phoenix badge and since then I haven't been able to play onslaught or apocalypse

- Fun

Mais j'aimerais recevoir de l'argent je ne suis pas capable de m'acheter des balles

- Fix the game

The z rush means nothing now even if u your squad wins u get nothing! That's the point of going hard to get all those z points and get nothing as a reward?? Other than that the game is pretty fun me and my friend love playing co-op together.

- Faites une mise a jours ...

A chaque game quon fais le jeu arrete pas de lag en apocalypse .. ( 15-20minute de jeu et le jeu ferme .. on perd toute notre exp durant la game .. comment on peut faire pour que sa larrete de faire sa .. this game very lag ... dash bord all time ..

- Rank Reset

I used Facebook to login a long time ago and I was rank 50. I logged in with Facebook and it reset my rank back to 1 with nothing... Game was fun until resetting ranks...

- Fix

When I die in multiplayer I can’t move or shoot

- Buddys!!! 😄😎😛

I love the new buddy system first of all, I still can't decide wether I should name him Jerry or Tom though. I love how my assistant can level up like I am, I am dieing to get that bren and my assist is coming close to an AK. But for some reason the audio for my AK's shooting keeps cutting off, and zombies can walk through walls, so I would rate 5 *'s , but those bugs NEED to get sorted out. Thx for your time. Oh and find me on sas my name is Treyzam!

- Want my old gear back

It's really good but you need to make it so that people can log in I was high ranked online :/


This is the best app in the store, it's addicting there's a good selection of guns and the best part it's free!

- Game crashes when playing multiplayer

When I play daily missions it tells me error information taken and some kind of random numbers come up. And when u finally got it to work it says disconnected from the Internet even though I am connected

- Ehh

Well i was like level 46 . And when i tried to eegister i didnt get the stupid email. And when i launch the app again I see i am spare brains at LEVEL0.0000 . It WAS a great game but then they caused us all to RESTART!!!! Ahhhhh!!!!

- Same here

I got reset to level 1 too :( and I was lvl 50 meh I spent SOO much time upgrading my guns too oh well

- R u kidding me?!?!?!

I got the bug update finally got into the game and all the regions say coming soon, i still cant play!!!! Plz fix

- Grievances; You stop, or I stop.

I. Can't. Believe. It. All this time this game has been tremendously innovative, enjoyable, until this update. As one who has played through all the ranks, spent a considerable amount of time in this game just to be confronted by a FORCED PURCHASE of the so called "ultimate skill" just appalls me. It is just disgusting. I would understand if it were only to re-start from the beginning, painful to us who truly understand, but now they put a price tag on it! Unbelievable! This marketing strategy has taken one step too far. All the 'free' they have put into this game will ultimately be eclipsed by that final ultimatum: spend, or stop. No, I refuse to spend and will be refusing to play until that horrid choice is at the least remade more favorable to the vast majority of players. Hours and hours of playtime and nothing, absolutely NOTHING, appalls me more than this. Thank you for reading my grievances.

- Great

Just Updated the app but then i thought it would make sense for u guys working for ninja kiwi to try to connect it with gamecemter so it would be easier to play with friends

- ....

wont connect ever since the update!

- ??

This is an amazing game but with the update the online doesn't work anymore. Really annoying on such a great game' plzzzzz fix asap!!!!

- Great game

This is a great game aside from the few glitches it has and the fact that if you want to get enough sas bucks without buying to get the perks pack you need to watch videos for 8.3 hours. Come on ninja kiwi if you want to force us to pay for the perks just do it outright, don't shroud it behind sas bucks

- Best game ever

I never get tired of this game

- I love this game

I love this game but when i play long time like apocalypse mode my game crash and crash again when i start a new apocalypse game. Plz fix it

- Love the gam

I just love the game even tho I don't have it yet

- Having problems

I bought a 25 dollar itunes card to get in game SAS bucks and i paid 20 dollars and it took my money and never gave me my SAS bucks I and very disappointed with this game I don't recommend spending any money on this game.

- Cannot connect to facebook

I made an account with Facebook that has a bunch of premium stuff on it and I can't sign back into my Facebook account, make a new one or collect the ultimate challenge for completing all the challenge mission

- Servers down?

I cannot connect to matchmaking servers. I love this game but it is more fun with multiplayer

- Amazing game

I have always loved this game and I still do, I would recommend it to anyone. Way better then the new one.

- It won't work

In North America I can't download the maps so I was wondering if you could fix it great but until then only 3 stars if you fix it 5

- Great game but...

Good game love the game play, but way too much crashing for my liking. Please fix this and I will rate 5 stars.

- Crashes

The application is constantly crashing on all multiplayer modes. The game is great, but help fix the constant crashing.

- Keeps Crashing

every time i play apocalypse or purge, i get about 4 minutes into the game and then it crashes! Now im stuck to onslaught and challenges. I just got premium guns and i cant use them. please fix the crashes and bugs!!!

- Glitch or no

So I have completed the 33 challenges or how ever many there were and I never got an "Ultimate Prize". If it's a bug fix it.

- Revised Review, Actual info.

After many more hours of playing this update, I have found a few things out. Squad events DO work, you just can't join recommended squads you need to find someone via a tournament. The tournament glitch is still there (all scores 0 at end ranking randomized) which is a major issue. VERY few crashes im quite happy about that. New challenges~ complete challenges to receive "ultimate reward". Well you certainly got me there as I beat all 35 challenges on single player. Clarification of wha you get please because I haven't been able to find this "ultimate reward". Somewhat annoying after a few hours of gameplay. One thing about challenges is a glitch, for example the challenge "wormhole" (glitch works on every challenge), you can stay still and die, but still receive the stated SAS bucks reward and coin reward as well. As far as I know there's no limit to the number of time you can do it I've done about 60 times on one map (wormhole is quickest for death). Thought I'd let dev's and players know, IF anyone has read this far xD. I think I've covered EVERYTHING, (dammit I had to change my ultra-long name that had symbols :/). Thanks for reading happy programming/playing.

- Is this glitch?!?!?

If u do challenges and die u still get 7 sas bucks and cash from winning game. Is this some kind of glitch??

- Not bad

The game is really good online and off but when I win an online game nine out of ten times it says I have lost Internet connection. Please fix

- Update of the 3 january 2015

I am on an ipod 5 with the last IOS 7 update(not IOS 8) and when I start the app it crash.(sorry for the english I speak french)

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SAS: Zombie Assault 3 3.10 Screenshots & Images

SAS: Zombie Assault 3 iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

SAS: Zombie Assault 3 iphone images
SAS: Zombie Assault 3 iphone images
SAS: Zombie Assault 3 iphone images
SAS: Zombie Assault 3 iphone images
SAS: Zombie Assault 3 iphone images
SAS: Zombie Assault 3 Games application iphone screenshots and images not ready...

SAS: Zombie Assault 3 (Version 3.10) Install & Download

The applications SAS: Zombie Assault 3 was published in the category Games on 2011-12-21 and was developed by Ninja Kiwi [Developer ID: 386241773]. This application file size is 35.58 MB. SAS: Zombie Assault 3 - Games app posted on 2016-07-04 current version is 3.10 and works well on IOS 6.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.ninjakiwi.sas3zombieassault