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1. DO THEY GUARANTEE that whenever new study guides are published they will update the app you purchased and not make you buy a new app? WE DO!
2. Does it offer over 4,200 "distinct" questions for EACH study guide?
3. Does it provide complete coverage of the Air Force promotion study guides sourced from AFH 1 (AFPAM 36-2241 is now obsolete)?
4. Does it have an advanced learn engine that tracks questions seen/unseen, answered correctly/incorrectly, and then dynamically creates your tests accordingly?
5. Does it provide BOTH a casual study mode AND a test mode?
6. Does it provide AUDIO questions?
7. Are you able to see your study and test progress for all lessons at a mere glance?
8. Can you customize your tests with adjustable question counts and subjects?
9. Does it allow you to add your own study documents and files to the app?

NOW ON MAC AND PC! Go to www.AceThePDG.com or http://forcereadiness.com/pdg-promote-pdg-study-guide/ to learn more.

PDG PROmote 2015 - Study Guides for Air Force Promotion is an application aimed to prepare Airmen who are taking the Air Force Promotion Fitness Examination (PFE) or the USAFSE-United States Air Force supervisory examination. Its sole source of reference is The Study Guide For Promotion To (SSgt, TSgt, MSgt, SMSgt, CMSgt), 1 October 2015. Just select the appropriate study guide for the promotion grade that you are testing to and begin studying!

The Military Knowledge and Testing System (MKTS) Chart served as the guide to select the appropriate chapters and sections for each of the promotion grades.

This study guide was built using ForceReadiness.com's rock-solid M-Training System. ForrceReadiness.com spent a great deal of time developing its M-Training System, and it shows.

PDG PROmote 2015-2017 App Description & Overview

The applications PDG PROmote 2015-2017 was published in the category Education on 2011-11-23 and was developed by ForceReadiness.com. The file size is 135.84 MB. The current version is 4.5 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

Minor content enhancements.

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Promote Now  Thelaw_78  5 star

Love this app! It helped me to organize and focus my studies. I ended up raising my score enough to get promoted.


Test  RyRySwag  1 star

Very unhelpful. MKTS is backwards.

Thomas AKA LL

54-60 up to a 74  Thomas AKA LL  5 star

This is an awesome app that I have for me laptop and phone. I used it this time to test for MSgt and scored a 74. I have obviously tested in the past using different apps and I am normally at or below a 60. I highly recommend this app!


Good but needs improvement  92okiGTR  3 star

There's a lot of questions which is good. However, the bookmark questions don't have have a create a test option. It was very annoying selecting every individual question to review. Also, if you skip and question during a test there is way to know which question wasn't answered. A search function would be nice as well. Lastly, the create a test random questions have the same questions multiple times.


Very helpful  Envest514  5 star

Well organized, in-depth, and helpful app. I used this solely to study for the PDG portion of my test, and I ended up killing it on my test day.


Best around  superman21286  5 star

This app really is a cheap one stop shop for all your PDG studying needs. It organizes the study materials and quiz questions according to the MKTS, that alone makes it worth the money. The study cards have some redundant information but I guess either way it helps to reinforce the information. I really do enjoy being able to study whenever I want on my phone or iPad. Thanks to the creators of this app!


Great!!!!  jmanbodine  5 star

Extremely intuitive, incredibly easy to track and review content and has TONS of questions.


Audio  91727!  3 star

How do you get the audio running?


Full screen option  kuenzli03  3 star

So fare I like this app I just wish that you guys could push an update so that the questions could take up the whole screen on the iPad or at least give the option to.


I like it  Relly23!  4 star

The questions are worded a little tougher than PDG gold which is a good thing to me. I also like the "ways to remember" type things when you check the answers after the test. I love how it organizes the MKTS for you. The only things I dislike is you have to pay an extra $5.99 to unlock the flashcards. I also wish when you get an answer wrong, you can just click the reference link to see why you got it wrong instead of going back and scrolling through the material to find it..... Either way, this is worth the money. Hopefully my name is on the list to prove its worth.


To bad so sad  Tolk3d  1 star

Nice update but crashes on my 1st gen ipad with ios 5.1.1. If it works the pages flip back to the cover page so studying is next to impossible. also, i cant take the test due the the cover page popping up as well. If it wasn't for that it would be a solid product for the money and 5 stars.


Awesome app!  Skadoosh62  5 star

This is an excellent study guide and baseline to see where you're at. The "helpful hints" come in very handy. App crashes on occasion but overall it's a great product. I highly recommend!!

God loves even me

Good app  God loves even me  4 star

Very accurate...but do not have everything...in chapter 3...multiple choice would be nice...like the hits


Easy to study!  luisrsanchez  5 star

Easy to go by, review and test

Study HAM

PROmote  Study HAM  4 star

Great study guide! Update to multiple choice and it is 5 STARS and would probably be the best app ever.

TSgt select?!

Almost perfect app  TSgt select?!  4 star

Great app and study guide! Really helps me to remember and retain the information. Cons: It crashes in occasion. Staff is quick to help or refund so it makes up for it. I use it everyday


PRO-mote  Black200011  5 star

I love how it's organized and remembers where you left off and the helpful Hints are awesome.


Good mobile program  BMFITB  4 star

I like it.

I am tired of studying

Good app  I am tired of studying  4 star

Simple app that gives good overview of PDG. No excuses now about studying with it on the phone. Could have multiple choice feature to make it 5 stars but great app to have!


Determined  Porcbennett  4 star

It has a great study guide!!

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