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Roku - Official Remote Control [Entertainment] App Description & Overview

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Use the free Roku® mobile app to:
• Control your Roku devices with a convenient remote
• Use your voice or keyboard to quickly search for entertainment
• Enjoy private listening with headphones
• Stream free movies, live TV, and more on the go with The Roku Channel
• Cast media files from your phone, like videos and photos, to your TV
• Add and launch channels on your Roku devices
• Enter text on your Roku device easier with your mobile keyboard

You must connect your phone or tablet to the same wireless network as your Roku device to use certain features of the mobile app. Some features require a compatible Roku device and may require logging into your Roku account.

Feature availability:
• Voice search is available in English in the US, UK, and Canada. It’s also available in Spanish in Mexico and the US.
• The Roku Channel can be viewed in the mobile app in the US only.
• Some channels require payment, can change, and vary by country.

For more information and troubleshooting, go to and

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Roku - Official Remote Control Customer Service, Editor Notes:

- Added support for limited photo library access on iOS 14. - Fixed an error updating the Continue Watching row. - Fixed an issue jumping to the Content page. - Improved voice search experience. - Provided easy, one-click access to the Device Setup page. - Other bug fixes and improvements.

Roku - Official Remote Control Comments & Reviews

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- Best Handy App... Here’s why (Read All)

Honestly, I love this app because it’s greatly convenient!!! Probably one of THE MOST convenient and simple apps for free. Like another reviewer said instead of searching for the remote as long as you have your phone (which is most likely all the time) you’re good. As a wheelchair bound disabled person, some people in my home can leave the remote in places I can’t really reach so that’s were this app come in handy, and really in this household the remote generally has the tendency to disappear. So if you have a remote that has hidden legs and likes to go into hiding then the app is great. On a funny and more truthful note, I originally got the app because my sister and I weren’t getting along at the time and she knows every morning I use the tv. For some reason the next morning I couldn’t find the remote and had a gut feeling she hid it on purpose so that I had no choice but to talk and ask her where it was (in which she probably still wouldn’t have helped to be petty). To avoid needing her help, I downloaded the app and she looked confused and shocked like “😳”. I felt like victory with my phone remote 😎😂. I definitely take back what I said about people who used this app were being lazy but it comes in handy for more than not wanting to get up!!!

- Why I love this app

I love this app because I don’t have to move when I wake up lookin for my control I just grab my phone and there is my control then I find it when I’m awake and I love not having to move out of my bed it’s like having your tv on your phone and don’t start me on that I can watch my. MY tv in my phone I just feel like my tv is in my pocket or in my purse at any time I need it and I feel important for having my tv in my pocket/purse. I just love the quality no hacking no lagging no need of standing up in the mornings anymore and I love how I just can do whatever in this app involving my tv and don’t start me on the tv the tv is the best quality ever EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER Athens best one EVER I don’t know what can be best than this it just needs to not stop being itself don’t change anything to that tv or ima return all the TVs I bought of you because their perfect just like they are that’s my review 5⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️rating ever EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER there that’s my best review.

- Great app when it decides to work

I mainly use this for when I lose my physical remote or private listening when I want to watch TV, but not wake up housemates. It seems quite frequently it has stopped connecting to my TV saying that my TV may be in “eco mode” and asks me to “wake it up.” My TV is never in “eco mode” and I’m usually in the middle of a show when this happens. The only way I’ve figured out how to get it to recognize my TV again is to completely unplug my TV for about 20 seconds and plug it back in to completely reboot it. Then it usually works, but will often disconnect during the same watching session. It’s very random, too. Sometimes I can go a whole day without this problem. Sometimes I give up and just watch stuff from my phone because I can’t get it to private listen for more than 5 minutes. I have a strong WiFi connection and my bed where I try to private listen from isn’t far from my Roku TV. I don’t think I’ve ever reviewed an app before, but this needs to be fixed. I’ve looked at reviews from a year (and longer) ago complaining of the exact same issue. PLEASE GET THIS FIXED, roku developers!

- Can’t prevent phone from auto lock?

One glaring omission from this app is that there is no option to prevent the screen from auto-locking. That seems like such an oversight of something so essential in a remote app. Imagine you have a physical remote that sleeps and may or may not reload when you want to use it. Behold Roku app. Turning off auto-lock for the entire device just to keep the remote open is really a bad and unsafe alternative. Unfortunately with all the great features this app provides (especially the swipe controls and keyboard) this app becomes completely useless because eventually you will find yourself taking the path of least resistance and just reach for the physical remote. Please please add an auto-lock prevention option. IOS has this capability and from experience it’s relatively minimal effort to implement this functionality. Also Roku doesn’t seem to have an email to suggest missing features, so I’m going to be pessimistic here and assume Roku probably won’t read this and this app will never get this option. I so hope I’m wrong because I really want to use this app 🖖.

- Very Convenient When you Misplace the Remote

I was very excited when I found out Roku made an app for the iPhone. My remote is often knocked over by the cats and lands under my wheelchair which makes it hard to find. Or when I misplace the remote which is why I wrote this review since I couldn’t find it and the rate screen popped up. Lol I find it especially simple to use and though I only have one Roku still hooked up it always finds the right one. I’ve had my Roku for several years and was wondering if the app would work. The app works just fine on my iPhone 5. Plus it looks exactly like my remote the one without the channel buttons. If it is possible to change the skins I do not know I haven’t searched it out. I read one reviewer mention it often can’t find their connection that has happened only once I just restarted the app and it was fine. This is one of my most useful and helpful apps I have on my phone!

- Very good but TAKE THE 17+ RATING OFF!!!!!

I used to use this app literally every day because the remote was so useful! My roku tv at home is so finicky. It has a sweet spot that is hard to find and I have a shaky hand so it is also hard to keep consistent. But when I found this app it was a game changer. You don’t even have to aim the remote with this app. Private listening is also very useful. I like to have my tv loud, so late at night when I don’t want to disturb my parents watching tv, I can just turn on private listening and listen through my headphones. But with the latest update they added a 17+ rating. Which is super annoying. My mom has a restriction on my phone to where I can’t download 17+ apps. So thanks Apple. Now I have to have an app that is super bobo and doesn’t even have private listening. And btw, this app doesn’t have ads. LITERALLY EVERY OTHER APP ON THE APP STORE THAT IS A ROKU REMOTE HAS ADS. So not only is it super bobo, has no private listening, IT ALSO HAS ADS. Apple make this app 12+ or whatever it was before again!!!

- Can be very frustrating at times

The app is a great alternative to using the remote, especially if you are someone like me who looses it every 5 seconds. I have the app on a setting to where i can turn my tv on through the app. A lot of the times the remote is not connected so it doesn’t turn on my tv. The main reason I have this app is to listen to the tv with my headphones. A lot of the times it gives me problems and it doesn’t always connect to my headphones or it will connect for a little while and then start glitching later. This app has a lot of problems and its so annoying when I turn on my tv expecting to use my phone and its not connected. I don’t understand why its not connected when i have an internet connection. And also when the app starts glitching is causes my tv to glitch and turn off. And sometimes my tv doesn’t work unless i get up and unplug it and plug it back up again. As i said before, this is a good app and is very convenient, but at the same time it can still use a lot of work in the meantime.

- Family Remote(ROKU)

Good morning here is my review This app is literally the best when my sister can’t find Our remote to our TV I say calm down because there’s no need to panic because I have the app right here on my iPhone and almost like everybody in my family does and will use it like a lot and can’t find a remote the only reason why I did A review was because I want to help support this app because because I really enjoy paying for movies and watching them even more they have Netflix ,sling hulu,vudu, and more and here is some advice when you go to sleep at night time are you Gotta do is press the pause button and when you wake up in the morning it’s showing pictures of the new movies that’s about to come out like for example big Brother Doctor Who she’s Gotta have it or more or more classic movies so I hope you like it I tried my best my very best have the very best day goodbye...😀😄😁

- Note To App Developers

Theoretically, a brilliant app. The reality of it is that this app in the year+ that I’ve been using it has upgraded many times, each time seeming to get more and more glitchy...and not really adding anything of great positive change to the app. I’m at the point now where about half the time neither ios device I use is able to connect to my Roku tv and almost always at least one is unable to connect. Yes. I know about unplugging the tv for a few minutes to reset it but it’s rather annoying when I’ve just prepared a meal and I’m sitting down to watch something and have to wait an extra 5 minutes while my food gets cold for the connection to reset. So here’s the message I’d send to the developers: The app, while the other features are cool, is designed to be A REMOTE. If it can’t even be used as a remote then YOU ARE FAILING AS DEVELOPERS OF THIS APP. Forget the extra nonsense until you take care of these bugs preventing us from connecting the remotes to our roku tvs. Thank you.


***edit*** I went into the settings to switch my Roku and I saw the option to switch it back to how I liked it, and here I accidentally selected ‘swipe’ mode instead of ‘traditional’ mode weeks ago without realizing :/ I’m a clown :/ I’m sorry roku I love you, baby GET THE NEW VERSION OF THIS OUT OF HERE!!!! Why do you have to swipe your finger to scroll up, down, and across???? When you’re trying to find something to watch or know what show you want it literally takes fifty years to get to it because of how much fingering swiping you have to do. I want the one where you just have to press the button. Every time I try to swipe it it accidentally presses the buttons instead and I have to hit the back button a million times just to find what show I want. This is the dumbest thing I have ever seen. How do I switch back? Again, this is the dumbest update I have witnessed in my entire life.

- iPhone remote app for TLC ROKU

So far, this is the easiest, most reliable, user friendly remote app I have used. I tap on the icon, the app opens up, and it works perfectly for my needs. As I am getting on a bit age wise,(physically, mentally I think I’m still 25 sometimes, not always advantageous), I have found using the app on my iPhone 7S easier than the remote itself, because everything is right there on the screen to see, only larger, and only takes a light touch. I have found this to be a very useful, pleasantly reliable and user friendly app. Anyone who happens to have arthritis as I do I believe would find this app very helpful, and find a bit of relief from the occasional difficulty and frustration of not being able to hold that tiny remote, as opposed to the relative ease of holding the iPhone with an easy to see and easy to use interface.

- From an accessibility standpoint, the watch app is pathetic!

I haven’t found many issues with the iPhone app, but nobody, including me, has all day to read or in my case, write my entire review about what’s wrong with the Watch app. It’s so much easier to write what does work, and that’s kind of pathetic. Everything should work with voiceover, meaning this is an accessibility issue. Your TV talks, but you fail to understand how well accessibility needs to work on your apps. All I can say is, everything on page 2 of the app works, but nothing else does. I can switch from page to page, but heaven forbid I should touch the page chooser, because it ends up going back to page one, which is beyond frustrating! When I’m trying to do something on page 2, then I go too far and get to the page chooser, it goes back to page 1. That should not happen! When there are four pages, and only a quarter of them work with voiceover, you have a problem. Accessibility should be one of the first things you should check before releasing an app.

- Roku Remote

I original had my real remote for my Roku TV and it worked perfectly but then it stopped working. I discovered that they had a Roku App (This App) and it’s helped a whole bunch because you can just about control the TV from any direction or angle of my bed. It’s a great tool since I still to this day haven’t gotten another remote but I have one concern..When I turn on my TV I open the Roku App and it says that Roku Is Powered Off when I am staring at my POWERED ON television and it’s saying Roku Is Powered Off and then it constantly says Not Connected when I am connected to WiFi and I’m connected to the Internet. So please answer my questions due to 1:Why does it say Roku Is Powered Off and won’t let my remote work? And 2: Why does it always say “Not Connected” when I’m connected to every plug, WiFi password, and internet connection in my house? I really hope you read this feedback because I really would like answers Thank You-❤️❤️❤️

- TCL Roku TV - Remote

I use the remote on the app for private listening using my Bose Quiet Comfort II headphones. When it works it’s fantastic! Lately I’ve been having so many issues with it doing this 30 second countdown to wake my tv up out of “eco mode” for no reason at all. My tv is not in eco mode. I wait the 30 seconds for it to connect and it starts all over with the 30 second eco mode stuff. I get so frustrated. I’m a techy. I know my way around these issues by searching from solutions from others. Currently I’m turning Airplane Mode on and off to reestablish my WiFi connection. That seems to fix the issue for a little while, but come on. Why should anyone have to do this? I’ve had this tv for two years now and have always had this issue with the remote feature on the app, but it’s gotten so bad I felt I needed to leave a review. The app remote has also started not working when I try to turn my tv on. And yes, both my phone and tv are on the same WiFi network. Major frustration. Please fix this issue already!

- Goooooooooood

That is so good because it means no more half team have to get up and look for the Roku remote every single day when stays Thursdays Fridays Mondays Sundays is a fair day I have to work on I don’t but this app helps you to not have to have to look for your remote every single day this is why I think this app is good you good are you you’re good I’m good are you good this app is the best app so I recommend it I have a five stars rating so this is why I think you should get this app this is the best app you could ever have for the TV remote and iPad it twice iPad is twice and my TV is second so this is why I recommend it so if you’re scared of the dark and you like TV I definitely recommend it to you so me and my monkey will have a safe sleep and no it will come with me what is that your flow to your flow two I’ll be back with this review come back for part two of my review

- Would love to see voiceover support

I am a visually impaired user of this application. I noticed that on the remote control, where the arrows and the OK button and anything else are concerned. Voiceover just announces the word, button. So we have to label the buttons ourselves in order to find out what they are. I would like to see Roku improve this application and have VoiceOver support over all, this app is great to have if you don’t want to use the physical remote. I would also like to see voice recognition put into this for those who have limited mobility. This would also be great if we could use this over our cellular data. Especially for those who have unlimited data. And auto lock feature in the previous reviewer‘s comment I second. But I understand why it’s not here since an iPhone battery can be drained very quickly.

- APP functions stupidly

Why bother to have a mobile app that you can’t use unless you connect with a fixed wireless? I tried to go into update my payment information for my new credit card. I can’t accomplish this because it will not connect and less it has Wi-Fi. We only use fixed secure Wi-Fi because of data security issues. I certainly don’t want to break this rule in order to go on this app to update my credit card information. This is a stupid design that they need to fix. Most of us have unlimited data and are not concerned about whether we have Wi-Fi. Also if I were using this app on a road trip with my kids I would want them to be able to look on their iPad whether or not we had access to reliable Wi-Fi. Stupid stupid stupid design. Any app to sign her that is this out of touch with the purpose of its application needs to be replaced. Roku needs to fix this or I suspect it’s going to be replaced with the mini market alternatives that have now developed including Apple Watch doesn’t have this problem.

- The most frustrating remote ever

I’ve never written a review before in my life but this app has caused me so much frustration and anger that I feel I need to share. I lost my physical Roku remote, and have spend months looking for it. It’s no where to be found. So this app is my only hope of controlling the Roku. When I say that the remote disconnects at the most inconvenient times I am not kidding. Want to rewind a show for 10 seconds? Nope, the remote will freeze and you’ll be stuck rewinding your show to the beginning. Wanna turn down the volume of a unnecessary loud commercial? Can’t, remote needs 30 seconds to “wake up”. How about skip a intro on Netflix? Ahhh no no, the intro will be long over before you can even get the remote to connect to your tv, That you’re 2 feet away from. The frustration is unbearable I have torn my house up looking for my physical Roku remote. I can’t take this app anymore I wish the creators would look into getting rid of the “eco mode” because I surely never wanted my remote to take 30 seconds to turn on, every 5 seconds... it is horrible.

- Best Roku App Ever!

I never really write reviews but this app so totally rocks I think I need to let others know. So many apps out there are really nothing more than crap but this Roku app met all expectations and more. All I really wanted was for my phone to act as a remote. I downloaded the free app and launched itturned it and immediately a screen popped up which had already searched for Roku debices registered to me. I was asked which device I wanted to use. I selected my living room device and immediately my phone turned into a remote fir that Roku box. I could choose other screens and see what was available to watch on premium channels, what was available on my channels, and a search button. If I only wanted a remote I wasn’t bothered with anything else. Simple. But the biggest surprise was, if I didn’t want to bother anyone else I could actually tap a key and every channel on my Roku was routed to my headset. This cyber key when tapped would immediately pair my Roku box with my Bluetooth headset. I could then walk around, turn up my headset, and chill, not having to worry about neighbors or anyone in my home who was asleep or didn’t want to be bothered. I’m sure there are other features, all of which you can ignore if you only want a remote. Kudos to the maker of this app.

- Awesome Selections

For years I have spent a ton of money in order to enjoy cable tv. At one time this was the only way you could get any online or even decent shows on tv! Now there are many different ways to watch tv or shows online! I purchased a Roku tv several years ago and now all different kinds of movies, tv shows and documentary’s are available at my finger tips for a much better rate than I ever received from cable tv! Roku provides such a large selection of anything and everything you could possibly want to watch for a fantastic rate...anyone that is on a tight budget or has financial hardships and wants to enjoy watching movies, tv shows and documentary’s should look into Roku! I assure you there will be no looking back on cable tv! Thanks Roku...for providing such a wonderful variety at cheap rates!

- Useless app

I am extremely disappointed in this app. When I first downloaded it and used it a couple of times, it seemed to work well. After that it took longer and longer for it to initialize. Obviously this is the worst thing you could have since you want to use it WHEN you want to use it. Now, it will NOT connect at all. My devices, iPad and iPhone will clearly show the Roku devices so it’s not a matter of the devices not being available. I’ve checked my signal several times and it shows it is STRONG. I even recommended it to a friend after the first couple uses and I am embarrassed that I did. You can still view stuff from the gallery item at the bottom, but I got it for the Remote feature. It just won’t connect. I did try some trouble shooting, but this is just NOT well designed and is garbage, as an app, as far as I’m concerned. Both my Roku devices work well, but this Roku app is pure crap. And after looking at a couple other alternatives shown in Apple App Store, they seem to have some major drawbacks, which I don’t want.

- Your a Stupid if you didn’t get the whole package!!!!

I bought myself a 75” Hisense LED Rokuflat screen Television for a “Merry Christmas to Me, because I’m Worth It” gift in December of 2019. I wasn’t quite sure about this Roku thing but I thought “what the heck, I can always turn it off and then get cable reinstalled in my house. Well... long story-short... I now have everything Roku makes all the way down to the ear buds headphones. “I’m in love with a Technology God!!!” It is so wonderful to know that I have bought quality products for more than half - Less than $ what even the absolute ridiculous Priced competitors offer and a guarantee that all the accessories are compatible with each-other, while still offering the same if not better quality and performance than the so called higher priced competitors clam to provide.

- Private listening doesn’t work well

I use the Roku app on my iPhone along with my AirPods to listen to my Roku TV (TCL) when my wife is sleeping. However, the sound cuts out for a few seconds every few minutes as it is apparently re-syncing the picture and the sound. I have read every troubleshooting article I can find, including Roku support, but I cannot fix the problem. I even listened on my iPhone without AirPods and it still does the same thing. My Wifi signal is strong; no interference from other apps. I am 10 feet from the TV so the Bluetooth signal is good. Cannot figure it out. My conclusion is that the app is bad. Roku has a good concept with private listening but it is simply a poor app. I was even thinking about buying Roku wireless speakers. I am now rethinking that. Signed, a dissatisfied customer.

- What’s wrong with the new Roku express?

So I’ll start by saying that I’ve had an old model Roku for years (I don’t even remember how long maybe 7 years) and I love it, I still do. I had this in my bedroom for Netflix mostly. I moved and because I no longer have Spectrum in the new place I decided to go with Xfinity and get Sling to see sports channels, they had a promotion where they’d give you a free Roku express so I jumped on this because I really enjoyed my old Roku and thought this newer version would be better... I installed it (super easy) and it worked for about 3 days then it started saying that the network is out of range, I don’t t get it! Where I have my router it’s not that far... At first I thought it was the actual provider (Comcast) I tried doing all the troubleshooting. But what didn’t make sense is I had a fire stick and it worked fine, So I even switched and plug my very old Roku and it works fine! So this is definitely the new Roku Express being horrible and frustrating.

- Roku is internet required.

I’m use to my old element tv that just connects and go. But this new “smart” tv requires internet for literally everything. Just to smart view it with a Samsung phone it must be connected via WiFi as well as the app, you can’t use your mobile hotspot for the app as both devices must be on same link. I don’t have internet hookup here so this tv is more or less a wall decoration and the app but wasted space on my phone. Don’t get me wrong most people have internet nowa days but it’s getting to the point everything is requiring it which is complete bs. Should at least write it on the box so people don’t have to go home with it to find out. Also you can Bluetooth to this tv! If you buy an additional sound bar for a hundred or so bucks.... reason it gets 2 stars is because I can at least watch a movie when some family stays over and we have 2 phones for one to cast WiFi to the tv and other phone so they are on the same link to connect..

- Held back slightly by interface short-term, immensely after that

The connectivity to the Roku monitor is amazing, definitely a defining quality. Phone will disconnect periodically if you leave the app open and on for a long period of time, I’d assume to save phone battery. Props for pausing the connection to the tv when switching apps on the phone to decrease background tasks. Interface is appealing, the haptic response when pressing buttons makes sure of that. It performs effectively and does as is required by the tv as a regular remote would. However, it is not really necessary to preserve the layout of the physical remote, especially in the near-future. There is too much potential in viewing entertainment via remote-control to be held back by a design that’s held back by physical requirements. Such a design would make so that however someone interacts with Roku could pivot easily to be compatible with emerging entertainment platforms.

- The remote feature WAS better before.

The most recent update to this app should be undone in the next. The remote feature was great and mirrored the hand held remote perfectly. But now the remote is pushed up and reduced in size. To make room or another remote button and the channel selection button. You pass the channels to get to the remote so why would I need that? And if I am IN and using the remote why do I need a button to get to where I am. I get that it’s for quick screen switching but really. Seems a bit redundant. Secondly. The headphone feature which was super awesome. (Especially with a child sleeping in the next room.) is unstable now. So I’m scared to use it because after a few minutes it will shut off and the volume of the tv will return to full and that is rather loud when it was silence in the room a minute before. Upgrades are fine but not one that are unneeded, and make the app unstable.

- Has some useful features

I recently received a new Roku Ultra as a gift, with the latest remote. The Roku itself has some useful features, but doesn’t include many important channels like CNN, local CBS, C-Span and several others. But Roku does offer a choice of at least a few other additional channels, and gives access to some recent and past programs from PBS, NBC etc to partially compensate. The Roku App suddenly became indispensable for me for using my Roku because my new “state of the art remote” stopped working after less than 10 days of use. The App does some of the the basic functions of the remote and has proven useful when you don’t have access to the remote itself, but it lacks several functions of the real remote. But it is better in some ways than a cheap, crappy Roku remote which stopped working within a few days. My Roku remote reflects very poorly on the quality of a Roku product.

- Almost Flawless

Some well needed changes were implemented in the latest update. It is now easier to access your remote and switch TV’s. There is also convenient access to the channels on the remote itself. In addition, there is now haptic feedback when pressing on the remote. Finally, they combined the two styles of using the remote, so you can either swipe or tap. All of these things even though they’re pretty small add up and save you so much time and make life easier so I’m glad Roku is paying attention to these details. The only downside to the new remote is it’s smaller so I wish they made it possible to customize the controls or have a pull down menu to hide controls that aren’t used very much. Overall though, well done!

- Great for private listening

Works ok but needs to allow landscape mode esp for iPad. Great for private listening. Needs a stop button for video not just pause since pause doesn’t function well within some apps on Roku. Needs to have way to easily make comments about problems with roku product itself & it’s associated apps. Apps inside Roku do have a screen which allows a rating for app but if you pick feedback - no place for comment if your problem with app is not listed-very frustrating. Roku is a nice alternative to cable or in addition to cable to allow one to the watch shows in one’s own available time or in a room without cable but you do need a roku for each tv. Main downside to Roku is some free watching apps within Roku commercial you to death showing as many as 4 to 6 commercials every 11 minutes!!

- I love it

I love this so much because we lose the remote a lot. You can never sit down and just use the remote. You would have to use certain angle to use the remote. But now you can sit down on the couch and use your phone and use the app. There are also so many options, like you can play your own music from your music app, show photos and videos from your camera roll and tons of other things. I highly recommend this app. it’s so easy to connect to your TV too. One thing you should do is go to the last page and turn on the setting that says don’t sell my information. I don’t know what they do with it I think they use it for ads but if you don’t want anyone’s playing or using your information I will turn it off.

- Free!

One of the best apps I’ve used and the fact it’s free just makes it that much better. The remote control alone is a huge improvement from the factory remote that came with my TCL 6 series with all the bells and whistles as far as true 4K and not 4KUHD, which is really in my opinion has worse moving picture than just 1080p because I’ve noticed whenever u upscale something it’s always choppy or blocky whenever there’s medium to fast moving scenes. Then I saw the remote control for the TCL and I saw why they were able to charge 600$ for a HDR TRU 4K at 120fps and a game mode for any gamer at a .14ms lag input at 55 inches when most good gaming monitors are .10ms the TCL 6 series can compete with any TV 2500$ or less in its size for sure as long as u get this app for remote control.

- Screen Freezes

I purchased the Roku Stick about 1 week ago. Out of the box it worked fine. Then the remote would not respond. Spent an hour yesterday with a tech on online chat. Was able to get tv/remote working again. But this morning it’s frozen again. Roku is to send me a free HDMI extender that may eliminate Roku radio interference from the TV. Don’t know if it will work. Hope so. Here’s the problem-Roku has had “freezing” issues clear back to 2014 that I found. Still problems today. Not good. And if they have a known interface problem with the Roku stick and TV, why not include the extender with all stick sales? Major waste of my time. Also online chat is painfully slow and my original tech was dropped somehow to be then picked up by another tech. What a pain and not a good initial experience with Roku. Roku you can do better and I encourage you to do so.

- My experience with the Roku application

This app is great, there is just one problem, some of the buttons are not labeled as they should be, there are five of them, the first one is after the home button, and the last one is before the reset button, could you label all of those? Then the problem would be solved. It is in the remote section of the tabs. If that helps. Something like this would really help out a lot, remote forward, remote back, remote left, remote right, and remote confirm, for picking the channel or application you wish to do. Because while I like the voice button, I doubt I could just launch stuff with it alone. You don’t even need to go with what I just suggested, just label it after the remote buttons, and test it to make sure voiceover reads it all.

- Oh Bother

Why can’t we live in a world of continuity, from app to device, from screen to screen. Using app on iPad Pro & iPhone cannot for the life of me understand whereas my devices have touch as does the app - so why doesn’t the app reflect what’s on my screen? Not saying streaming content cause surely can do... but as a blind person it’s not altogether inclusive when interface isn’t same on divers devices. What truly bugs me most of all... truly has ruined streaming entertainment for me altogether is Roku’s insistence in changing advertising to point of blocking competitor ads AND preempting broadcast content to squeeze in as many its own ads as possible! Worse is when viewing paid services such as Spectrum app getting bombarded with one Spectrum ad after another. Including business and foreign language ads. Same watching Sling... nothing but Sling ads. Considered by most to be double billing I can’t help but wonder the FTC’s take on all this - especially when replacing competitor ads for its own?

- Get a 3rd party app.

If you want to stay connected to your roku devices. Or be able to connect to your roku devices at all. I have 5 I my house and this app will only connect to two of them consistently and even then it disconnects after a short and highly arbitrary amount of time. It won’t connect to my roku tv hardly ever and when it does it disconnects very quickly or won’t control all functions as it should. Most often it tells me to power my tv on via the app even though my tv is already on and all I’m really trying to do is use the QWERTY on my phone instead of the directional pad on my remote. This app is garbage. Has so many different menus and links to unnecessary crap that it forgets the main point of the app is to remotely control the device. Needs to be overhauled, streamlined, and functional or it’s just taking up space on my phone.

- Awesome app!

There’s nothing worse than losing your remote... it’s never happened to me before but I️ did lose my remote on 5/3/18. My boyfriend and I️ got into a huge fight because we knew we wouldn’t able to fall asleep to our favorite show or change the volume from full blast. Then we discovered this app which not only lets you change the channel, select a different app but also lets you change the volume as if you have the physical remote in your hand. Kudos to you Roku... for not only saving my relationship and preventing world war 3 but for also creating an aesthetically pleasing app that solves everyone’s problems. I’ve never left a review before but I️m so grateful to roku that I️ had to... thank you, thank you, thank you!

- Not pleased so far

I’ve used this for a little over a month and while I was selecting channeled, the remote stopped working. I did all the things it said online to do. Nada. Unplug, plug back in. Nada. New batteries, per online instructions. Nada. The light to pair the IR won’t flash. There is no light when I push the power button. The remote is suddenly completely non-responsive. Downloaded the app because it said that’s a way to get around a non-working remote. The app won’t connect to the Roku...yet I even see the Roku on my connections. It’s active and working, I’m connected to the same WiFi...nada. I was super in love with it until the remote stopped working out if the blitz. I didn’t drop it or anything - I was literally using it when it went dead. If I can’t control the Roku, I can’t use the Roku...even though it’s obvious that the only problem is the remote. And of course I didn’t pay for the warranty. Stuff should work for more than a month. I couldn’t be more disappointed.

- Rockin’ with Roku!

How cool is this! I can control my audio/video devices with my iPhone!!! Was very hesitant about purchasing a “smart” device. But, boy, howdy, we are very, very ecstatic about the world of entertainment and/or technology that has suddenly opened up before our eyes! The ease of “pairing” with the tv is automatic, requiring only the tap of the remote icon on my phone. Being a Cold War kid, who was raised with the Jetson’s, Star Trek, and the greatest race in history, the Space Race, (which for y’all young whipper snappers was a race to the MOON!!!) this is just friggin’ amazing!! I hold more technology power in my phone than an entire room of 1960’s computers did back in the day. I know that soon, everything will be connected, and if it’s as easy and enjoyable as this app, it’ll be groovy!

- Useless app

The app’s purpose is to control a Roku device, specially if you can’t use the remote for some reason which happened to me when it stoped connecting for no apparent reason. After following every troubleshooting step available for the remote (which didn’t solve the issue), the app was the only options I had to control the device. Even though it finds the Roku device the app always errors out when tryin to connect, and wants me to navigate to the settings menu, with the remote mind you, to try and connect manually. According to Roku my only other option is to buy a new remote. When this one was perfectly fine the last time it was used, and hasn’t been dropped or damaged in anyway. This seems like a scam to me. Going through the app was just an extra slap in the face. Chromecast, Apple TV or even a Fire stick are better options (both the apps and the devices). Save your time and money if you haven’t bought one of these .

- If it worked even half the time, it'd be a great app!

My issue with this app is that it needs to be on the same wifi network to work. Ok, shouldn't be a problem, right? Wrong. It takes some doing to establish a connection to any of the 3 Roku's we have, for some odd reason. So when I open the app & a message comes across the screen saying something like 'no device found, please connect to the same wifi network to connect to a device', I enter the menu to choose from the list but it refuses to connect, so much so that my phone offloaded the app for lack of use. I mean, I still gave 4 stars bc it really is a convenient app- the keyboard for typing in passwords is SO great! If it wasn't such a hassle connecting it I'd have went 5, it really is a great app (when it works as intended!).

- LOVE THIS APP! But now I have a problem...

I love my Roku and this app doubles that love. Now searching Roku is a breeze and the remote substitute is smooth. And the ability to play the music on my phone through my TV set is a bonus. Love this app. I still love the app but I am having a major problem with the streaming of content in the app on a tablet and since I could not find unstructured support (they have a list of questions and you have to pick one) in the actual app or a phone # I decided to reach out here. Whenever the program that I am watching reaches the first ad the program then returns to the start of the movie or skips straight to the next episode of a sitcom. I am unable to watch anything all the way through. Help!!!

- Thank god for this app!

I love this app. My boyfriend and I live in a small apartment and using this app along with the private listening (headphones) feature has been a lifesaver! I like putting tv on in the background while working but sometimes I can’t hear it. That’s where this comes in! Pair my AirPods Pro with phone and use private listening. Look up and see the tv when you want, but since the sound is only coming out of headphones it isn’t bothering my boyfriend who is also trying to work. I just got excited that there is a new version. It looks great and I like how things are organized at first sight. As long as there are no performance issues it looks like this update was definitely an upgrade!

- Love everything except one thing

I love this app it’s really helpful in almost every thing except for one thing the private listening it really grinds my gears when I’m watching anime or something and when it’s getting good bam the audio cuts in and out then stays off until I open the app replay 10 seconds and manually turn off restart the app and turn on the private listening again and ether the feeling of what I’m watching leaves or the audio again and I’ve tried a lot of things to find out the problem is but other than that it’s amazing once in awhile it bugs out and doesn’t work at all for a day as well I hope you can fix this issue soon please and thank you


I brought a 50 inch a few months back that was a store display model so the remote wasn’t included. I was told about this app and since day one it’s been amazing. It’s never app flaws or glitches w/ this app &’ it’s so many different amazing features. I’d never go as far as to say if this app charged a fee I’d still use it because it’s wonderful . Never worry about misplaced remote because most of us keep our phone in our hand 24/7 so your remote is always in your hand lol . This app is constantly being improved and updated . Much love and respect to the good kind folks who made this app . Added more roku TVs in my house and this app even supports that . Just perfect on god download it and go . It’s simple amazing.

- Great Smartphone Remote App!!!!

The smartphone remote app opens up many different features and blows the physical remote out of the water. Its keyboard is one of the best features that allow for quick, easy and accurate typing in the movie and program search field vs. using the physical remote which can be slow and tedious when entering usernames, passwords or authenticating accounts on specific app websites. Other benefits to using the smartphone remote app include the ability to use wireless and wired headphones with the private listening feature and watching movies and programs on your smartphone. Finally, the likelihood of losing your smartphone remote are slim. My ROKU physical remote stays in the drawer, unused, most of the time!

- Does not connect

I use the Roku app for the remote function solely because of our actual Roku remote which is broken. It’s a decent app when it works, but it hardly ever works. It rarely ever connects to the streaming stick on the first try and when you press “retry connecting” it just does the same thing and doesn’t ever connect until you unplug the streaming stick and plug it back in, which requires me to get up and walk all the way across the room, reach behind the tv, and reset it. It may seem like a minor inconvenience, but it gets extremely frustrating when it happens 5 times in an hour all day every day. You could be watching your tv show and not even using the remote but it will randomly disconnect and it DOES NOT reconnect until you restart the streaming stick. I don’t usually write reviews for apps unless I feel strongly about them as I do with this app. It is frustrating to use and needs to be fixed.

- Great app, has some bugs

I love this app! We’ve lost every Roku remote in our house, so this app is a very handy replacement. No delays, easy to use, but it’s not perfect. A lot of times when I go to use it it will tell me it can’t find my Roku in my room, even though it’s on, it’s connected to WiFi, sometimes even when it’s playing something. This is very inconvenient. No matter how many times I refresh it will still tell me it can’t be found. I try turning the device on and off and even doing the same with my phone, but even that usually won’t work. I usually have to restart our WiFi router which causes for a household of unhappy campers. I’m not sure if this is a problem with everyone or just me but I would like to see it fixed. Thank you!

- Fix this.

I usually use this app for the remote or private listening feature. I connected it to my Roku, and it worked fine for about three months. Then the issues started. It all started when I turned off my WiFi temporarily. I turned it back on, and tried to connect it. It said something about how I cannot connect to it because I don’t have WiFi on. I was like “That’s odd, I just turned it back on.” So I delete the Roku tab and see if it works. I turn my WiFi on and off, to no avail. I was able to get about two clicks in before it stops working. Then I deleted Roku and re-downloaded it. Once again, I got two clicks in before it stopped working. Please, fix this.

- Great when works, but lately it hasn’t been

I will open the app, turn on the tv, use the arrows to start to navigate and within a minute of usage it will disconnect from the tv and tell me it cannot connect when there is no wifi available. Close out of the app and try again and sometimes it will work again right away and have no issues and other time it will take several minutes before it decides to reconnect to the tv so I can use it again. My dog ate my remote and frankly I’ve been to lazy to order a new one because I thought that with this app I wouldn’t need it. It’s disappointing that all of a sudden I’m having so many issues with this because I’ve probably been using it to solely control the tv for the last 2 years or so. 😩 hopefully this gets fixed soon.

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- Great app - can now use Headset!

I purchased the Roku TV last year. I wanted to use a Bluetooth headset and was told by BestBuy that the TV was not compatible with Bluetooth. Through the magic of the internet I found this App. Sure enough it has a headset button on it. I connected my Bluetooth headset to work on my iPhone then pressed the Headset button on this app. Voila works like a charm! By the way BestBuy tried to sell me a corded headset for $269. This app saved me over $300. Thank you! Also the rewind/fast-forward setting works better through this app than the actual remote that came with the TV. This app is awesome and very easy to operate!!

- Works sometimes.

Only works maybe a quarter the time. Works great when it does.....but takes forever to connect/reconnect.

- New update not working

Works great until it updated. Can no longer find the wifi and will just close. Please fix.

- Connection

Constantly disconnecting while I’m in private listening mode, I can’t even get through a 20 minute episode of a show.

- Eco-mode

The app does always said that my TV is in eco-mode, so I can’t use the application. Sometime it works and sometime not...

- Doesn’t work

Created an account and attempted to stream Disney+; however, when I chose the video the app endlessly requests me to sign in. It just constantly pops up the sign in option and doesn’t allow me to watch anything.

- Works Great.

Does as promised simple and easy to use.

- Only for USA

A lot of the free movies will only work in the US. They even send me emails with the latest free movies and every time I go to them they say sorry only available in the US. Smarten up ROKU. At least don’t send emails with offers of free movies when you know very well I am Canadian!!!!. Don’t buy Canadians

- To much time

It takes forever to get a connection

- Volume buttons

Who decided to flip the volume buttons in the last update? Now mute is one the left, volume up in the middle, and volume down on the right. That makes no sense and is very frustrating.


This app sucks sooooo bad . Everyday you have to resent it I find . It rarely ever works . When it doesn’t I have to select the app and redownload and hope for the best . It takes forever to “search for device” . Hate this f ing thing .

- It doesn’t work

It doesn’t work

- Satisfaction

Useless will not set up. I guess I throw it away now and tell as many people how poor it is as I can’t get it o work

- Great

Works very good, has every feature as my Roku remote so if I can’t find it I can just use my phone. Love it.

- Why just why

When my internet turns off Roku does not work and I have to delete the app and reinstall, please fix

- If it only works sometimes it’s broken.

This app is frustrating it works 1/5th of the time for me. Don’t get your hopes up it might work.

- App will never connect

I can never turn the tv on with this app. It constantly says the wifi isn’t connected to the tv. I have to turn it on manually and then I can SOMETIMES use the app. Doesn’t let me connect either.

- This should be as easy as blue tooth but it’s not


- Wifi

It keeps telling me I’m not connected to the WiFi, a message keeps popping up and won’t let me use the remote. I’m always connected to WiFi!

- Connection

It’s really hit or miss if I can connect the app to my tv using this app. And when it does it takes awhile.

- Awful.

Works about a quarter of the time (as someone else mentioned.) when it works, it’s slow, glitchy and closes down 24/7. It will close down and not work for hours. 10/10 would not recommend.

- Poor device experience

I you have one device that “sleeps” you have to be pretty fast when opening the app to tap on your device before the cached list gets replaced with a useless “no devices found” screen that for some reason doesn’t show or give access to your cached device. Simple fix Roku please improve.

- “Wake Up Device” Issue

Anytime I use the app to turn on my Roku television, it turns on immediately BUT the remote app doesn’t always reliably connect even if it manages to turn the tv on instantly. It’ll continue the countdown and either connect at the end of the 35 second wait, or it just says it cannot connect, so I have to basically reset the app several times until it does connect. Once it’s connected, it works with no issues.

- Roku app remote

The app remote only works half the time, connection is really really really terrible. Please get on it to fix the connection issues

- The keyboard doesn’t work on YouTube app

The keyboard can not type on YouTube app

- Photo Screensaver doesn’t work

29 Nov 2020: I’ve tried and tried to make a screensaver and have no luck. Can’t even start one.

- Private listening

Can you guys fix your private listening mode

- Takes forever... when it does actually work

Please fix your app, it takes forever to connect. Even when it does connect it loses connection and I have to wait forever again

- The app gets worse every update

Every time this app updates it becomes a little less reliable: less likely to launch, less likely to send inputs, less likely to maintain a connection. Just absolutely terrible, it has only gone downhill since I downloaded the app a year ago.

- New update

Since the new update, the app will not open

- Works Great, Needs Sleep function

Lost our remote. Great backup. Would love if it could do a sleep timer like our original remote

- Works well with some issues

I’ve had my Roku tv for some years now but in the past few months I’ve had some issue with private hearing with YouTube every time an ad pops up or I fast forward or rewind. Every time the problem comes up, the privet hearing starts breaking up. Just wish this issue will be fixed soon, but other then that the app is great.


What the hell happened to the volume button last Time I used it it had a volume button but now it’s goneee?..?

- Needs a widget

App is almost perfect, I love using the remote to control TV but it would be perfect if I could use it without unlocking the phone.

- A lot of glitches

The private listening feature doesn’t work on my iPhone. I can hear the audio for a second and then there’s some cracking noise and the device is disconnected from the app and the TV app restarts.

- fire

da remote go off😳😳

- App works great on good wifi connection

Only Improvement would be- add to the private listening by allowing you to view the tv screen on the app to make selections without having be in the same room or in direct view

- Was Amazing

Worked amazing until the iOS 14 update, now it is struggling to connect to the TV - update is that it can still connect to the TV because I’ve granted local access, but the problem is the app will see the tv to turn it on, then there is a very short window to turn it on until it disappears from view on the app and then once the tv has turned on the remote will come up again, it’s just not a very clean process but it does work.

- It’s so bad

I wish I could put zero stars

- Absolute Garbage App

Will not stay connected to wifi, keeps needing to reconnect which means you have to exit out of the app and go into your settings constantly. Even if I try to just use my data instead, same thing kept happening. This app needs to be reworked its a joke!

- Almost never works

Works maybe one time out of ten. Please fix it it’s getting annoying. The app is the only way I can use the private listening so if you can’t make that work at least let us use bluetooth headphones without the freaking app.

- New update

Works awesomely.. connects in a few seconds.. the sound buttons are fixed.. u can control the sound with the sound button on ur phone.. u can connect a pair of earphones thru this app and have a private listen of ur tv.. access to ur music playlist and all. Greatly recommend it obsess with the upgrades

- Cut and delay

Even with all the updates still the headphone wifi connection with the tv through the app keep cutting off with sound delay !!!!

- Is pretty good

This app is pretty cool. I can use this when my roku remote dies or gets lost. The things that aren’t cool is this app takes an long time to download, second the connection is always poor. Thrid so,etime the remote doesn’t work. Other then these three things the remote is pretty cool.

- Doesn’t work

Won’t stay connected to my tv. I tried everything it’s connected to the same network and nothing. My boyfriends phone works perfect and I have the same settings. ????

- Roku Disney+

This control does not work with Disney + when in the private audio function. I hope the update happens quickly

- buggy

the private listening keeps skipping and doesn’t work 100% of the time

- New update

Terrible new update with nobody fixing it, Remote gets no connection if you don’t immediately click on the connection button when starting the app. Makes headphones cut out every few minutes too.

- Brutal

The exciting thing about this app is that it doesn’t work. It’s kinda terrible when it does work, but because it doesn’t, it leaves you wanting- bold design choice, almost like a digital planned obsolescence.

- Horrible!

I thought they improved the app and now after some last update keeps cutting the sound constantly, so annoying! Not possible to watch using the headphones

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- Better than TV remote. Needs minor tweaks

Very polished app which can do everything my Roku remote can do and more. I don’t have to point it at the TV since it works over WiFi. The swipe remote is easier to use while navigating instead of the arrow buttons. Using a proper iPhone keyboard while doing a search is such a relief. Love the private listening feature where I can watch TV in a room with the audio turned off at the TV and can listen privately through my phone (both connected and Bluetooth headphones work). The all black distraction free remote while watching a movie at night is thoughtful and worth mentioning. The app needs a couple of enhancements though. 1) Haptic feedback when using buttons / trackpad on the remote. 2) Ability to switch between audio channel (connected headphones/ Bluetooth phones) from within the device while listening privately. 3) Lockscreen integration to pause, play, rewind and forward quickly. 4) Ability to reorder channels in the installed channels list. 5) Audio communication with the TV like Alexa drop-in; so you can get the kids upstairs to come down for dinner.

- Another satisfied cord cutter....

Well I finally did it. My 2020 New Years Resolution was to finally cut the Cable TV cord-done and done. I’ve had Roku plus Sling TV- that I got 15 months ago for my Significant Other Person for where she lives. When my monthly cable bill with my provider went up to about $120 a month ( with no premium channels included ) I had enough. After purchasing 4 different indoor antennas within the past year that couldn’t get enough local digital channels, I bought an outdoor antenna. I Installed it outside on my house last week. I get all my primary local area stations that carry NBC-CBS-ABC-PBS plus other additional channels. Clear as a bell TV reception. Good enough for me. Happy New Year to me !

- One or two problems but still well worth it

I got this app because my physical remote’s batteries died while I was on vacation and it was after midnight in a town I didn’t know so I didn’t want to go running around looking for new ones. I never did change those batteries once I got home. It’s certainly not perfect; if you leave the app to run something else it has to load back up when you go back to it, the keyboard doesn’t work with every app, and for some reason at times it drains my cell phone battery faster than it does at others. But none of that makes it too difficult or annoying. It doesn’t take away the easy of use and convenience of the app as a whole. I’d recommend anyone using a Roku to get this app.

- Amazing.

I downloaded the Roku app on my cell phone mainly so I could use the speech capability, the remote that came with my TV doesn’t have the little microphone button and I wanted the speech ability. When I went to the App Store I found out the remote control app give you the speech ability so I downloaded it. I couldn’t be happier. It works absolutely perfect. It does everything the description said it would and it has an amazing range. Be warned though, it is pretty hard on your cell phone battery, if I use it to much it drains my battery fast and I have a brand new iPhone so it’s not because I have an old cellphone. Anyway, I highly recommend this app, I don’t think you will regret it😋

- Hisense ROKU Television is Outstanding!

Best invention since sliced bread! We recently purchased a 43” Hisense ROKU Television to use on our Lanai. I can honestly report that it far exceeded my expectations in every way. The picture and sound quality are excellent. The versatility of channel choices seems endless with the built in ROKU Application. As long as you connect to a good Internet signal for all the Streaming Apps, you could literally “cut the cable” and still receive thousands of channels! However, to take full advantage of this TV’s versatility, I recommend connecting with both your IP and Internet. Set-up is simple. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this product to anyone considering a new television at a very reasonable price!

- Random disconnecting

I love that there is an app to use with my Roku TV and most of it’s features work great. I love that you can use the app as a remote and redirect the audio to another device. However, this audio feature is very glitchy since the app doesn’t want to stay connected to my TV. I used to use it all the time but I got fed up with it disconnecting every 5 minutes. And if it wasn’t disconnecting, it’s cutting in and out in a glitchy fashion. The app seems to think the TV is going to sleep when it’s not or saying it’s completely off in the middle of a video etc. I would give it more stars but I would like to get the developers’ attention to fix this issue as it is extremely annoying after having spent this much money on a TV. The app’s been updated several times with no noticeable improvement in its connection stability.

- Roku app and support are a joke.

I bought a Roku Ultra specifically for the private listening. I downloaded the app and it worked fine for private listening so I bought noise canceling headphones to use wirelessly through the Roku app. For about a month the app worked fine. Then all of a sudden with no changes to anything the app no longer can recognize my Roku, even though they’ve always been on the same WiFi network and even when I try to enter the IP manually. I have tried all the troubleshooting advice. I have tweeted Roku support twice with no reply ever. I have unplugged the Roku, factory reset it and uninstalled and reinstalled the app multiple times and it still doesn’t work. Even updating to iOS 13 didn’t fix the problem- the app will NOT recognize my Roku anymore. So that means I wasted money upgrading my Roku solely for the private listening. Hey Roku, why don’t you give us an actual fix for this app problem?!

- Grèát ÎÕŠ åpp

I have had several Roku "remote" àppś and this one has been the best by far! I love the search feature because you don't have to leave the app to find new channels, it even shows the best rated/most downloaded channels. You can easily "cast" your photos, videos, and music from your ÎÕŠ device straight to your Rókù TV without downloading anything else!The remote comes in very handy as well especially being able to control my tv ( even the volume none of the other apps allowed me to do that ) without having to find the remote, which as a mom of 6 and gma of 2, with a 8 month old chihuahua who thinks anything she can carry or drag is hers lol comes in very handy!

- Not in AppStore search by Default

I downgraded by 1 star because i had to call apple support to get my iPad Air 2 headphone to work with my Roku premiere + with my insignia tv. I had been using the app that appeared in the AppStore search using “roku” on both iPhone successfully and showed over 16k downloads. This made me believe it was the default app but the tech I had on the phone told me he personally used roku at home so he knew the solution and led me to my roku account and downloaded the app from it which opened the ‘official’ roku mobile app which NEVER appeared in the search pages. I would remember to keep this in mind when signing up for this. I don’t like the fact it only works in portrait mode but it works perfectly like I’m used to on my iPhone.

- Autolock needs to go

This app is great. I never know where my remote is so this app is so super handy. There is just one thing and it irks the hell out of me. There needs to be away to stop be phone from auto locking while the app is open! Also, JUST a roku remote app would be nice, an app that does nothing else but act as the remote, and made by roku. I refuse to use the ones available by other developers who force me to wait 10-30 seconds for an ad to load and run before I can turn the dang volume down on my tv or pause a movie. Other than that, I dig this app. I was so happy when I remembered it was available...after 5 days of searching for my actual roku remote.

- Where has ROKU been for the last decade?!?!

My wife and I purchased a Roku device after having a dispute with Comcast over billing for TV services and the so called” Bundle”. Since receiving the Roku device, we have never had more fun with the TV experience ever!! Roku makes it convenient and user friendly with so many ways to personalize your entertainment. Adding apps and channels, as well as easily searching for what you want to watch with the Roku voice remote are just a few conveniences that make entertainment pleasurable. I wish that I would have discovered Roku sooner. I would have bought one for each member of my entire family by now. Thank you so much ROKU!!

- Downright awful

I bought a TCL Roku TV with the impression I could private listen the audio through my AirPods. But, every single time I use the private listening feature it comes up with the “Your TV is in Eco Mode.” I’ve been through the TV settings and for the life of me cannot find an option to turn “eco mode” off. Anyways, this message pops up about every 5-10 minutes, and if I’m watching a show it’s just annoying. Because every time it pops up, it disconnects the audio from my AirPods and it starts blasting from the TV. Then, in order to reconnect I have to switch off the WiFi, turn the WiFi back on, and then connect back to Roku. Every 5-10 minutes I have to rinse and repeat this, and it gets so annoying. Not sure if anyone else has this problem, but it really makes your app look like a joke when it can’t even stay connected for more than 10 minutes to the TV.

- Great remote control

My tv came with the standard small Roku remote and of course one day my children lost it. I was angry especially because I thought the replacement would be super expensive. Once I started googling something’s I came across an article about downloading this app as a replacement remote. At first I thought that the answer to my problem would not only be that simple but also free. Once I downloaded the app and set it up (which was super simple) it worked. I was also able to download the app on my children’s devices so they wouldn’t have to use my phone. Everyone is happy with it and now we always know where the remote is.

- Worst customer service

I got the roku about a month ago. Everything was fine until I lost my remote. Someone had mentioned the app and how it works as the remote. I though “Nice, now I don’t have to waste money by buying a new remote” WRONG! Fast forward to now: I upgraded my WiFi speed with my provider, and they installed a new modem. So I got a new network name, and WiFi password all that good stuff. When I tried to connect my Roku to my new wireless network, I couldn’t because I didn’t have my remote and my mobile device was on my new network so it couldn’t link my app to my Roku device. I called the customer service line (I would’ve had better luck asking my neighbors dog for help) they said we can’t help you just buy the remote. So that’s it? That’s the only solution you have? We can’t help? And hang up on your customers. All I can say is wow. Worst worst worst experience ever!!!

- Worked When I Lost the Remote

I have a toddler who LOVES pressing buttons so it’s easy to misplace the small remote, so late at night I frantically looked for my remote to no avail so I quick downloaded this all to try and continue my Netflix show, connected it to my device, aimed at the tv and boom my show started to play again. I literally have only used it for maybe 30 seconds but it’s definitely useful when you misplace the incredibly small remote. Of course I wound up finding the remote after I downloaded the app, but I’m sure this will come in handy in the future for when I know I’ll end up misplacing the remote...again.

- Needs serious work and updates!!! This app is seriously irritating me!!!!

I bought my husband a Roku television set. It seemed like a wonderful concept. First of all, I shouldn’t need WiFi to use the app. I have unlimited data. Sometimes WiFi is terrible as I live in Oklahoma. I get tired of being told WiFi is required to search in the app for what I am looking for at that moment. That is a nuisance to say the least. Second of all, I should have some sort of search feature on my television. I am constantly searching channel by channel looking for something to watch. It is an endless search looking for something I want to watch. I often return to my cable because it is exhausting looking for a movie or certain genre or or type of show I wish to see at the moment. Needs serious work with a group of employees willing to put in the effort to make Roku all it can and should be.

- If I could give it no stars I would

No, seriously... if I could give this app no stars I would in a heartbeat. Don’t get me wrong... when this app is working correctly it’s amazing especially since I always seem to lose the remote. The only issue is that this app doesn’t work about 99.9% of the time and that’s no exaggeration. It’s constantly telling me it cannot connect to my Roku because it’s either not connected or not on the same network. I only have one network to connect to so it’s not that and my Roku will literally be on and functioning properly and it’ll still say that message? Absolute garbage. It seems no matter how many times I reset my Roku or even my router I STILL have this issue. HOW?! I’ll also exit the app and try again. There’s been multiple updates and every single time the issue still isn’t solved. How frustrating. Please do better Roku

- Glitchy, and poor support

When I try to do a mobile screensaver, it says it's full after 1-3 pictures despite being 11% full, sometimes says nan% full. Then usually crashes. It crashes a lot doing other things too, unfortunately it's what I expect now, and from searching online is what everyone else expects. If someone wants to see I have a video, but I don't expect anyone to. Roku is a great idea but has horrible customer service. I have a Roku TV and bought a Roku for my other TV it was defective and froze every time I got to the setup screen, Walmart wouldn't return it because they said Roku handles their own returns, calling Roku got me a robot that told me my Roku is too old to have support but to check the FAQ. Everything Roku related is very frustrating and disappointing to me at this point which is sad, I've been a customer for a long time. Apologies for the long review.


Best free TV ever!!!!! I watch programs that I have not seen since 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. I had to work full time so missed a lot of programs. My late husband Fred and my other late husband Edward loved these programs. I don’t I will have to worry about nothing on TV tonight like in the past. Now that I am in my 70’s , I can watch anything on my Roku but tend to watch Pluto more. Old game shows are my favorite during the day. Old crime shows from 60’s thru end of 2010, maybe the greatest and I can still pick the killer or thief on most of them. TV when I was working rarely showed reruns and if they did I still didn’t get to watch. Haven’t to the sitcoms yet.

- Good but Audio issues

OK so first off this app is actually pretty well designed. Here is the only problem I am having so far, I love the Bluetooth headphones connectivity to my TV that way when I am watching something comes right from my phone. However, there is always severe issues with audio sync and what’s playing on TV. After a while it will get so bad it will be about a second or two seconds behind what’s showing on the screen. If I pause and Resume it sometimes it will fix it but it goes right back to it after several minutes. Please fix this issue, and this will be a pretty sweet app. One other thing I was wondering was that it never works to turn the TV on from the app like it is supposed to. Not a big deal though.

- Great but ever since new update..

I love this app. I use it constantly with a two year old who runs around the house thinking it’s fun to play with the remote. My husband who loses the remote constantly. It’s nice to have something to fall back on. - But ever since the new update (1 week ago), for some reason it will not connect to my tv. It just keeps telling me it will power on my tv in 35 seconds and then counts all the way down (which after about 4/5 seconds it connects usually), and then still doesn’t connect. I’m pretty tech savvy for a 20 yr old so I know it can’t be too much on my end. Hopefully a new update soon

- Great but update could use work

This app is a great app for convince with its remote and the way you are able to change the settings and type without using the remote. However, this recent update (6.0.0) is very slow and annoying, I am connected to my WiFi and it says it’s connected to my Roku but the second I try to use the remote function or anything else it says that I need to connect to WiFi and whenever I go to reload it takes a couple minutes for it to finally reload the app just for it to not work again. I hope they will fix this in the future but other that, I have had no other problems with this app ever!

- LOVE IT! Don't get it when people say it doesn't work

I give it a five out of five star rating. It's an amazing app and it allows me to be lazy and not have to get up and get the Roku! I have no idea why people say it doesn't work. It worked perfectly for me and this is my new treat to look forward to on the weekend. (Being lazy and using an app on my phone instead of the remote) I usually lose the remote when I'm usually sitting on it. But now I don't have to get up and use the remote I now can just use an app on my phone like everybody else! ❤️📱❤️🖥❤️ PS I also like the feature that you can choose the channel you want to watch 😁

- Sanity again

Six kids + one remote = zero chance of mom relaxing to watch tv after the kids go to bed. After disassembling the couch configuration and dumping out three toy boxes, I gave up on finding the remote. I searched for alternatives in the Appstore and found this gem. One minute after downloading, I was off and running. I can’t believe how easy this app is to use, and I’m a technology idiot. Open the app, connect my iPhone to the house’s wifi, select the television from the automatically detected devices, and ta-dah! Now if I could just find an app to locate mates for the fifty or so stray socks left in the bottom of the hamper, I’d be in paradise.

- It USED to work...

Some time ago my wife and I started using the Roku App from our phones. For some time, both worked just fine, then for some reason, the Roku Premier in our bedroom ceased to appear on our network even though it was still connected and working just fine with its traditional remote. Then about a month ago, it appeared in my wife’s app, and began working again. It has never again appeared in my app, despite my being able to see and control two much older Roku HDs and two slightly newer Roku 3s. I have done everything possible to reconnect the Premier to my phone app, from unplugging and restarting the device along with removing and reinstalling the app to attempting to connect manually with the device’s IP address. This angers me, and I can find no assistance anywhere on line.

- Changes

Update: The developer changed the location/ size of the buttons in the last update. Changing from two to four stars! I really liked the old app. The main feature on the latest update, 7.0.0, that is really great are the front screen channel picker and being able to switch devices on the main screen. However, this created what I do not like, Control buttons are way to small on iPhone. They need to be bigger. This could be achieved by allowing the controls to drop down over the search/ keyboard row, expanding the control area for bigger buttons. This is an issue that will make me try other apps if it persists.

- The app needs upgrading

The remote app lags so badly it causing my TV to stutter and buffer when trying to watch videos or change any settings. Eventually the remote glitches out and randomly selects options I did not select manually, such as blaring the volume or turning on a voice feature that narrates channels and content as you select them. The private listening feature never works properly, and several other users have stated that it gives them the same issues over and over: buffering content, lagging audio/button functions, and no troubleshooting fix to solve the issues. This is especially frustrating when trying to watch TV quietly without disturbing housemates in the room next door or your significant other in bed right next to you; overall, the app needs significant improvement.

- Roku TV’s are Awesome

I the now wireless world of internet and streaming i feel roku is the best brand you could choose. I’ve owned several over the years and the quality is always great and the almost always work flawlessly. But of course with any electronic you get the occasional bad egg with a few bugs or glitches. Which was with only one of my recent tv’s. Which actually turned out to be an easy fix. My favorite band of tv for the roku series is SHARP. Not knocking any other brand but that was the first one I went with and I’ve loved them ever since! Keep up the good and innovative work guys!! Your loyal customer : Victor M

- Amazing free app!

After making the mistake of buying a Roku app from another company that didn’t work well at all (RoByte Roku Remote Control Premium) I found this app which does everything you need and more. Besides all of the remote functions, it also has voice activated search, and the ability to plug your headphones into your iPhone/iPad for personal listening. You could go to a Music app on your Roku TV or channel from your cable/internet provider and go around listening through earbuds. There’s a lot of good stuff under the hood in this app. A nice “Thank You” from ROKU Inc. I assume for purchasing their product.

- Newest update is horrible

This app was amazing before the most recent update. Now EVERY time i have to use the remote, i have to reconnect to my device or attempt to, because it force closes multiple times and then after toying with it for almost 10 minutes (no exaggeration) EVERY TIME i need to use the remote, it lags to the TV. So the remote to tv translation is extremely slow. I don’t like that it doesn’t stay connected to my roku device, especially when I don’t leave the room between uses, so it definitely didn’t disconnect from the network. (therefore, i shouldn’t have to reconnect each time i open the app) And lastly, I don’t like how long it takes to connect and how many times it crashes and then force closes. I never had these problems prior to this update and now using it is practically a nuisance.

- Remote via iOS smart phone control

I would like to take this fantastic opportunity to rate a software application that works best with the power of control. The power of control as I consider is based on my knowledge of human endeavor and results which work best with certain platforms and technology of believe that the designers envision and achieve. There is no compromise or resolve to replace a fool tool, a weak design has to give way to better improvements. I guarantee this fact based on technological achievements from all the efforts of the better and best of engineering science with the engineers who design cellphones that go with that techno gadgetry. I for a short term of the oldest and most wise souls fall short, however I do concur that the soul of human trust is layered within the talents of the best designers of science and human engineering to project that evidence of facts and just the precise work of men and women have achieved the art of electronic connectivity that you snd I could enjoy and benefit. Other than that all those others are feeble and weak to corruption. You figure the rest! Author is Terence Carr.

- Remote control problems

We have multiple remote controls that malfunction and send us to crackle. It’s very frustrating when we’re trying to navigate through menus and then suddenly it sends us to crackle. We did get one replacement remote control that we call “the good remote” that does not send us to crackle. But we have multiple remote controls (three or four) they send us to crackle when we’re trying to use the remote control. When we use the Roku control app on our cell phones it does not send us to crackle. Other than that, we absolutely love having a Roku.

- Freeze tag

For awhile the Roku was icing on the cake. But, a few weeks after my purchase from Target, it became non responsive, and has been ever since. I’ve called Spectrum Cable technical support so many times, and when they home visited for repairs, I was informed that Roku is not functioning well with Spectrum and that it is not uncommon for the Roku remote to go out. And I’ll have Roku to know the remote complaints came by way of other Roku customers. That is a shame to put a product on the market and risk the good name of Target. It’s been a frustrating year with Roku, freezing sporadically, and even for weeks at a time with new batteries, switched locations, it’s none responsive. I wish I can find my receipt to prove my purchase date, and share my recorded poor performance with my store customers, because, I would warn them about Roku, first!

- It will do

I recently got a roku tv as well as a few roku devices. I love the fact that The app can be universal with all of my newly purchased roku devices since I’ve already lost my tv remote, one roku remote completely stopped working for god knows why and Half the time I can’t find the only working roku remote. It works wonders don’t get me wrong . But I recently just got an iPhone XS Max and the app keeps force closing on me and doesn’t work that well. It keeps saying that I am not connected to the internet when everything else works just fine online. The app doesn’t work as fast as it would if you have a remote. It also is hard to look at your phone and tv at the same time to choose what you want to watch. Please make the app more compatible with the iPhone XS Max please because when it doesn’t force close it works great.

- App was better does not remember my last setting

Too many App Store downloads for the same reasons. Can’t always have bugs, and performance updates when the performance remains the same. Roku is fine but the app can have a better user experience by remembering where I left off and when I resume vs. always starting from the start. For example, start Roku app click on remote, watch show, turn off phone, show over etc, turn on phone , need to navigate back to remote to click to continue . Good experience would be to return user back to remote where I was last at. Nice to have the option to bypass Ads. I did pay for the Roku device. I’m ok with the Ads but can you stay on Remote!

- Great

I always have my phone in my pocket, and the remote is somehow always on the other side of the room. This app has saves me from standing up and/or tearing my couch apart looking for the actual remote. It’s easy to use and very convenient. It even lets you plug in headphones to listen to the tv without waking up other people in the room. The only small critique is that it’s got a lot of functions. (Some people may find them very helpful, but for my purposes, they seem like over kill to me.) I wish there was a way to hide all the bonus material from my view and just use it as a remote. But again, if you’re into all the other features, you’ll love this app.

- Good when it works

Works well... when it can connect to the tv. Frequently have issues connecting to tcl roku tv with iPhone 6, se, and a Samsung device across multiple networks and TVs so it doesn’t seem to be an isolated issue. When it does connect the app is pretty sweet, you don’t have to worry about pointing the remote right at the sensor and makes it easy to turn off a forgotten set in another room. The keyboard is also very welcome as typing on the on screen keyboard with the remote can be tedious. Wish you could browse content on your phone while the tv was playing something (like queue up a different episode of something, browse channel line up, etc) but as a remote it works well. When it can connect.

- issues

the app is great when it decides to work. the remote always works then suddenly i try clicking the up down etc buttons and it’ll freeze on my phones screen so then i would have to swipe out of the app and get back in which is a tad bit annoying. the main annoying issue is the headphone option. fantastic idea! poorly executed. it has been good for the couple months i’ve had it now recently it’ll become choppy and glitchy audio when connected. my wifi is fine, my signal is fine, therefore this isn’t causing this issue to happen. then on my tv screen i will get “video buffering check for a stable connection” and on my phone “audio issue detected”. i kinda found a semi fix. when the audio starts glitching, i go to the remote app and click the headphones icon off then back on. my audio will be back to normal for only a couple minutes then mess up again. it’s very annoying and shouldn’t be an issue considering a lot of people downloaded this app. but i’ll be deleting the app and trying to find a new roku remote app that will hopefully be better.

- Phenomenal

My wonderful husband just bought me (but I think it really was for him) a 58’ Sharp tv for Mother’s Day. I’ve heard of Roku but had never experienced it. It’s wonderful. All my channels an subscriptions all in one place including free tv shows and movies from Roku. The commercial are even short! I really am enjoying the app with the remote being that I can never ever find my remote. In addition, I can still watch tv when my husband is sleep and use the headphone option so that the sound of the movie or show I’m watching comes through my Bluetooth headset (so not to wake my dear teddy/grizzly bear hubby). Huge THUMBS UP!

- Awesome!!

So I lost my remote for like 2 months and this was my only hope at working my tv, and it worked beautifully! Definitely recommend if you have multiple Roku’s or if you lose the physical remote. The only real negative thing that I’ve experienced from the app is how I’m not really able to use the head phone feature. It will last maybe 2 minutes max and then it will start to go in and out and completely cut off. I’m not sure if it’s because my earphones are AirPods and beats or the app has a flaw. I hope this can be fixed easily. Other than that. LOVE THE APP!

- Private Listening

I got this app specifically for the private listening feature, I use the regular remote otherwise. The first couple times I used the app it worked great, no issues. However, for some reason now it won’t stay connected. I turn on the tv with the app, connect my headphones, and turn on the private listening. After a short period of time it disconnects itself and when I check the app it acts as if my tv isn’t even on. Then I have to “wake up” my tv which runs through the whole 40 seconds and sometimes doesn’t even work. This is very frustrating and needs a fix. If anyone at Roku is listening y’all need to fix your stuff. Every other app on my phone has an update at least once a week so they can fix bugs and make things better for their customers, where y’all at Roku?

- App trouble and rudeness

I was having difficulty setting up the app. It would not connect to my device, and if it did, all I would get is a count down trying to turn my device on and an error message when it wouldn’t work. Everything was done properly according to the help page. Tried live chat. The first time someone was connected and I never got a response. The second time, it was almost as if the person didn’t believe me and kept telling me to recheck what is on my TV screen even though I had already told them and then they abruptly left the chat. Overall, experience has not been too well but once I got it figured out on my own it has worked well enough.

- Bad Update!

Use to love this app cause honestly the remote is something easily lost but I usually always have my phone or tablet within reach however since this last update it WILL NOT connect to my TV. My TV is brand new so it’s not like it’s out of date or anything and it will find it in the list of things connected but when I hit connect it gives me that purple circle ⭕️ countdown to 1 then asks if I want to try again or whatever. I tried restarting my phone and even made sure there wasn’t another update etc. I hope this gets fixed soon cause I love this app!

- This app needs some TLC

This app is super helpful for times when I can’t find the remote or when I want to watch TV with private listening on... WHEN IT STAYS ON. But every time I use this app, it disconnects from my TV at least 3 separate times, and that number only increases the longer I’m watching. I will press play on something and set my phone down, a few minutes later the private listening has turned off so the sound is coming through the TV again and it says it’s disconnected. It used to say the TV was in eco mode, but now it just asks me to connect again or switch the device. If this only happened once in a while, I wouldn’t care. But it’s seriously every time I use the app. And getting it to reconnect takes over 5 seconds per disconnect. That’s a lot of fuss for an app that’s just supposed to be a remote. Roku please work on your app’s connectivity issues. It’s really the foundation of the whole thing since it isn’t able to communicate with the TV without the WiFi connection. This problem has got me irritated enough to be back in the App Store looking for a better alternative. You can do better, developers.

- Great app, one annoying feature

I’ve been using this app for years and I really like it. It’s pretty much completely replaced the physical remote. One feature I really don’t like is that when my phone locks, the application starts over. So when I unlock my phone, instead of being on the remote screen like it was when my phone was unlocked, it restarts itself and goes to the home page of the application. It doesn’t make me use the app less, but it is an annoying feature. Search, buttons, extra features, accessibility... everything else is great.

- Great but..

I saw an advertisement for this app but didn’t see a need for it unless I could use private listening. I didn’t realize it had the feature until I grew curious to see if it did. I downloaded and had no problem with setting it up. I was so excited to use the private listening feature. It’s almost perfect except, in very short intervals, it’ll unsync the audio and the picture. It does this for 5 minutes and then it’ll fix itself. This is very annoying because one of the only reasons I downloaded this app is to use the private listening feature. I’ve tried sitting with my phone very close to the tv and it doesn’t work or fix itself any faster. Please fix this.

- Works Perfect

I have been using this app with my Roku for several years and I have never had a problem. I did find out the hard way that I needed the physical Roku remote when I took my Roku stick on a trip and wasn’t able to pair. Now I’ve forgotten what the issue was. I know I solved it by setting up Roku with my travel router before the trip and taking the physical remote. At home I can use the app with different Roku devices in different rooms. I find it easy, simple and reliable. Now if only it would control my tv and switch input devices to my Roku hdmi, I would never have to get up lol!

- Roku vs Direct TV

I had been with Direct TV for over 10 yrs. and every time I turn around they raise the price to $165 on a medium package of channels that I didn't watch... I got where I hated AT&T.. so I decided to look into streaming,, after my research I drcided on the Roku Ultra,, and Fobo live TV,,, I hooked everything up to my 7.2 Sound System with my 4K setup,,, I couldn't be more happy with this set,,, I have 180 great channels, alot of 4K, sports and movies for $78 a month,,,lol, when I took all my AT&T Direct TV equipment back to the UPS store the employee showed me a room full of equipment that people were returning to move to streaming,,,

- Functionality (UN)improvements

“Change for the sake of change” is clearly the mantra of app developers. And while “improved functionality” is a phrase that creeps into the descriptions of many new versions, I’m noticing a trend of late where TRUE functionality actually declines with each successive update of many of my frequently used apps. In the case of the Roku app, the remote, the truly functional part of which (uh, the actual REMOTE CONTROL BUTTONS?!) has shrunk by about 40% so that we might have access to functions that are found elsewhere in the app (the “channels” list) or best placed under a single “options” or “settings” button rather than occupying 40% of the screen. Give us BACK our functionality, Roku. And leave well enough alone.

- Works when it wants to

The ONLY reason the rating is 1 star and not atleast 4 is because the app doesnt turn on the TV atleast 90% of the time, causing me to have to get up and turn it on myself (we lost the remote and almost got a replacement but we found out about the app, greatest invention if it would actually work). When the TV is already on, whether the app turned on the TV or I manually did, the app actually works really good and it always turns off the TV with no problem. Now if the TV were to stay off... sometimes the TV turns itself on and when I'm not expecting it and already in bed it scares me. Can there be a real bug update on fixing the turning on the TV with the app. I hate having to delete the app and then re-install and through the proccess pretty much everytime I need to turn the TV on.

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Roku - Official Remote Control 7.3.1 Screenshots & Images

Roku - Official Remote Control iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Roku - Official Remote Control iphone images
Roku - Official Remote Control iphone images
Roku - Official Remote Control iphone images
Roku - Official Remote Control iphone images
Roku - Official Remote Control iphone images

Roku - Official Remote Control (Version 7.3.1) Install & Download

The applications Roku - Official Remote Control was published in the category Entertainment on 2011-12-15 and was developed by ROKU INC [Developer ID: 482066634]. This application file size is 115.72 MB. Roku - Official Remote Control - Entertainment app posted on 2020-11-18 current version is 7.3.1 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.roku.ios.roku

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