Edison Assistant

Edison Assistant (formerly Smart Assistant by EasilyDo) is an award winning app that organizes your work and personal life. Less work, less worry, and more time for you.

Here’s some of what this thoughtful virtual assistant does: Merges duplicate contacts, checks traffic so you know when to leave for a meeting, identifies email you may have forgotten to respond to, adds meetings committed to in emails that are not yet on your calendar, adds flights to calendar and notifies you of delays or cancellations.
All this is done without you lifting a finger!

Edison Assistant streamlines your tasks by connecting to apps & services you care about. Connect and manage your email accounts and calendars from Gmail, Yahoo, Exchange and IMAP accounts, and other services like LinkedIn, Evernote and Facebook. Also supports virtually all airlines, hotels, restaurants, shipment providers, & rental car companies.
Recommended on NBC’s Today Show, The Katie Couric Show, and featured by Apple on the iTunes home page! Critically acclaimed by Time, WSJ, New York Times & more.

Over 43 automated features:
Navigate Your Day
• Alerts when it’s time to go with drive time & parking
• Driving & public transit times for daily commute
• Directions and drive time to home & work
• Weather forecast for home or travel
• Enter to-dos

Travel Stress-free
• Access boarding passes
• Get flight status (delays, cancellations, gate changes)
• Add itineraries to calendar
• Add confirmations for hotels, car rentals, restaurants, movies, & events to cal

Get Notified
• Track packages
• Set bill reminders
• Get bad weather alerts
• Be notified of important emails
• Get free apps

Stay Connected
• Auto-text when you leave a certain location
• Schedule birthday greetings with custom photo & gift card
• RSVP to invites

Get Organized
• Add contact info from email to update Contacts, Salesforce and Evernote & connect on LinkedIn
• Remove outdated emails from Contacts
• Merge duplicate contacts
• Create calendar events automatically for meetings you've agreed to over email
• File receipts
• Backup emails & attachments to Dropbox, Evernote or Box
• Clean out deals & old calendar reminders
• Preview email attachments

Edison Assistant App Description & Overview

The applications Edison Assistant was published in the category Productivity on 2012-04-17 and was developed by Edison Software Inc.. The file size is 72.47 MB. The current version is 3.9.4 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

+ Our New Name - To make our brand reflect our core vision of inventing intelligent products to serve people, we’ve renamed our company to Edison Software. Why Edison? Because we operate on the same philosophy fathered by great American inventor, Thomas Edison, “There’s a way to do it better-- find it.”

Check out the new look of Edison Assistant!

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Edison Assistant Reviews


Once good, now basically useless  jedigrover  2 star

Once loved, I finally had to delete it. Stuff just doesn’t work anymore. It can’t find tracking numbers, suggests all kinds of inane things, is now failing to schedule Birthday posts to FB, and worst of all has an annoying pop up at launch that you have to confirm EVERY TIME. Bye bye.

Wyatt mar

Don't download this app.  Wyatt mar  1 star

Don't download this app.


New app, so far so so good!!  erichd  5 star

I admit I was surprised to see that there was a new name for the app. That said, it works as week as it did before, and appears to honor the lifetime upgrade I purchased. Simple display, organized and easy to read, and very easy to launch fro it to the relevant app takes care of business.

The MrsF

Great at first  The MrsF  3 star

I had this downloaded on my previous phone and loved it. It kept track of my flights, packages, daily lists etc. When I switched phones and had to download it again it does non of these things. I constantly have to keep connecting it to my yahoo. It'll tell me that I have a package that arrived and when I open the app it shows nothing but my calendar.


App is useless, used to be great!  pinskeep  1 star

This app has apparently changed ownership. The new owners have ruined it. I keep checking my settings and have everything enabled, yet the only items that show up are what's already on my calendar and the weather for the week. Shipment tracking, bills and receipts, birthday reminders, and everything else that was useful have all disappeared. I will be deleting it. ------------------------------ This app finds quick things for me to cross of my to-do list, and keeps adding more options to save me time!


What is up with all these glitchy updates??  saperryrn  1 star

If it's not broken, don't fix it. Every time this app is updated, something goes wrong. It's not sending me notifications for shipping anymore. Yes all are connected and it's turned on.


Used to be a great app!  John0627  5 star

...now that it is working correctly again. I like that IMAP works too. I can easily recommend this app now. 8/11/17 - this app got worse again. I don't use this anymore because it doesn't sync to the accounts I allowed it to. It's constantly kicking me off of my Yahoo account and not syncing with it. It also has a hard time syncing with my emails.


Keeps crashing  Kthompson345  1 star

3rd edit (8/10/17): Why do I keep trying to use this app?! Probably because when it works, it has just about everything I need. The only thing it lacks for me is the ability to share the app with family, i.e. Cozi. Regardless, with their most recent update is that now I can't see my calendar, can't see the package tracking, and I can't successfully delete anything. This app has been rendered useless...AGAIN! 2nd edit (7/24/17): So another problem is that it keep disconnecting from Yahoo! I'm getting tired of reconnecting time after time because this app can't stay connected. Edit: so they fixed it and now I have my account back, so yay! But now there's a bug where it keeps asking to access my contacts, social media, etc. it's annoying but not a deal breaker. I was using this app before the June update and it was working fine. After the update, it kicked me out, and wouldn't let me log back in (I think it deleted my account). So I deleted, reinstalled it, and still had to create a whole new account. With the June update all it does is crash and lose connections to my email account. This is a waste. Update: I've started using 24Me. 24Me has some imperfections but it works and is still being regularly updated by the developers.


iCloud login does not work in this version  hoffrat1  1 star

There's not much point of this app without icloud integration


Login issues  Oosherusher  1 star

Everytime I open up the app it has kicked out all my connected emails. I add the email again and see everything there Howe er, once I close the app and reopen the app the emails connectors all gone. This app used to so good and now it's just crap.I have premium service that is paid for and yet can't access my account. The cards prior to the update wasn't functional.


Newark Automotive tmj_nwk_auto 3 star

We're #hiring! Click to apply: Parts Pro and Assistant Store Manager - #Automotive #Edison, NJ #Job #Jobs


IrmaZ IrmaZaragoza 3 star

@ComEd: Moving? Let us help! Call 1-800-EDISON-1 and connect with a complimentary moving assistant for details.


Mercury _MercuryParadox 3 star

@notayeaustin Thomas Edison's assistant green


Liked this app until the update.  Ladybox  4 star

My premium account was deleted and it made me sign up for a new account and doesn't recognize that I paid the annual subscription and is asking me to pay for it again. 😞


Interesting and useful of it worked  udairman  1 star

Can't even sign in to google yet t every turn they want you to pay for a subscription. Yeah right. Deleted


Crash  btkelly  1 star

Update crashed and I lost everything. I tried to reset but no go. Keeps crashing.

In Disney hell

Now useless with update  In Disney hell  1 star

Everything got zapped & now can't even login. Will be canceling my subscription. As this update has made the app useless & time wasting.


Deleted the App and stopped paying!  FCerda  1 star

This update deleted everything!!! Had to find another app that would do the same thing.


What now?  Landsnj  1 star

So now what? Is this app a scam that stole everyone's personal information? This was a fabulous app....until it wasn't. I want my money back.


Yep! Updated Killed It!  Burnell  1 star

Was just about to go premium, the most recent update through a monkey wrench into works. Very sad. Hope they can fix it.

Seth U

Ruined  Seth U  1 star

I had premium and worked great - The update deleted my account. I tried to log in with a different email and it only crashes - I have tried to email support from 3 different email accounts and at least 8 times with no response. Do not download and waste the space.


Something went terribly wrong  Provi5  1 star

This was my go to program, it had had everything stored in it. This morning I woke up to all information being erased. So the fix ... erased all the information?? Why should I pay you 4.99 a month or an annual fee when you lost all my information??


Will not accept my @msn.com email address as a valid email  heathc  1 star

Trying to set up my email after signing up for the service and it will not accept my @msn.com address as a valid email. Have had this address for 22 years. This is a nonstarter for me.

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