Toca Hair Salon - Christmas

Toca Hair Salon - Christmas [Education] App Description & Overview

Cut, color and style Santa Claus beard and hair! In this Christmas edition of the smash hit Toca Hair Salon, you can choose between styling Santa Claus or a funny Christmas tree! And best of all? It's completely FREE!

BONUS - Introducing: accessories! When you've finished cutting and color, add eight different accessories to your look. Loads of extra fun!

Let your kids run their own Christmas themed Hair Salon! Cut, color, comb and blow-dry lifelike hair on two different cute characters. Using your fingers you can make any hair style you want! And of course - take a snapshot and save your creations!

- Cut and trim hair with the scissors and electric hair trimmer
- Use the hair dryer to style the hair cut
- 12 hair colors to choose from!
- 8 completely new accessories to add to your final creation
- Use the magic potion G.R.O. to make the hair grow back again!
- No rules or stress - play any way your kids want to!
- Kid-friendly interface!
- No third-party advertising
- No in-app purchases

Toca Hair Salon - Christmas Gift is made for kids age 3 and above, but many parents have been known to get addicted pretty quick too...


At Toca Boca, we believe in the power of play to spark kids’ imaginations and help them learn about the world. We design our products from the kids' perspective to empower kids to be playful, to be creative and to be who they want to be. Our products include award-winning apps that have been downloaded more than 130 million times in 215 countries and offer fun, safe, open-ended play experiences. Learn more about Toca Boca and our products at

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This app has been updated by Apple to use the latest Apple signing certificate. Thanks for sharing your feedback and reporting bugs — we’ve made some updates. Get the latest version to have the best experience! And leave us a review — we read every one of them!

Toca Hair Salon - Christmas Comments & Reviews


My sis did not approve of it and I also think it’s kinda creepy whenever I move my screen it acts weird. When I turn up my sound I expect it to be pretty good sound but no, the hair gel just no. I think to a no aw should make more high quality games that don’t cost money and when I brush his hair it’s just weird how he can look at the top of his head I know it’s a game but imagine that in real life just weird. I was looking for games I played when I was younger and wanted to try them to see how good they were, And I found this yea yea it’s for little kids but maybe people want to see the games that they used to play... toca boca please fix this it would be a huge favor for us gamers, I would not recommend this game for other people please read this if you are trying to find a x-mas game it’s not worth your child playing it....

- I don’t care about the game...lemme tell you something

Listen I’m a kid and I was y’know looking for x mas games (for some reason) and I came across “100 ideas for elf on the shelf” I read the reviews and one said something about every year you have to make up ideas for the elf and i was heartbroken and I was looking at my moms pictures and I saw that she had a picture of her and my dad with the Christmas presents on Christmas Eve when me and miles were asleep I told my mom and she was like “well my phone glitches and maybe it was on Christmas” I kinda believe her but like I said when I saw that app I was so heartbroken and then I came across the “call Santa app” and the reviews were about heir children actually thinking it’s the real sant a(this has nothing to do with this game)

- Glitches but it is ok

So ٫ I downloaded this app and i saw that is was fun. I played it but there were some glitches. First, when I style them, they sometimes changes faces which is normal but then when I stop, they keep the face that they had. Next, the background moves when I move my device which is a little bit creepy. Maybe because this game is pretty old. Some feedback is that maybe we should have more characters, and more styling things. Other than that, I think this game is pretty fun and perfect for Christmas time! I would give it 3 stars because it needs some changes and bug fixes.

- Okay but needs more :(

So first it has a good price for this app, but it is hard to control. In fact, to be honest I don't think you should buy it if you want to take up space on your device. Also they need more characters, it gets old after about ten minutes. I don't try to be mean but this deserves less than three stars. I don't recommend this app to anyone that wants to find good Toca apps. I thought Toca was better. >:(

- Disappointing... :-(

I usually really like Toca Boca Games. However, a lot of their quality games are not free, and I don’t have a lot of money to spend right now, so I look for the free ones. I saw a Christmas one and I thought “oh! This should be good!” Boy was I wrong. There were only to characters you could try. Santa, and a tree. No Mrs. Clause. Tree. The characters were lackluster and would glitch out most of the time. The sound affects sounded terrible, and it was overall just a really low quality game. You can see where the budget goes when they make you pay for them. Wish they made more free and high quality games. :-(

- It needs work

This game is starting to get boring can you please put something else in it like a snowman and reindeer or something creative and winter instead of a Santa and a tree and it’s because that how why do we have to put the same items on every single thing it’s getting boring I’m starting to not play with this game so you would please change it to something creative in your mind well that would be really helpful and I would probably like this I like this route three years old but now I am eight so now I said just to put something in my sister is getting bored and she’s only six when she was the same age as me and she loved it so can you change it

- Horrible, cheap junk

Usually I love a toca boca game, like toca life, big this one was extremely disappointing. For one of the only free apps you guys make, it was crap. You don’t even get a third of the tools in the other hairdresser games, and the graphics, time, and characters are horrible. There are only two characters, and there are very limited to do. I was very sad to find how little effort was put into the game when the other apps (that are more expensive) are given care. Really it seems like a trick into getting you to pay more money, but all in all this game should not exist, or should be made better FOR FREE!!!

- Hella ugly characters

This was the best app to get so you can send hella funny picture to your friends. However, the characters were so ugly and looked like the developers abused them. The Santa looks like someone is killing him when you use the hair dryer lol. 10/10 would recommend if you are above the age of 13. Next time try to make the characters a little uglier though.

- Very disappointing,and get toca hair salon 2 it’s so better!

Please add more characters to the game, Not just a Christmas tree and Santa. The other hair salon games are great! But this one 😢😢😢😢 I wish the game had more tools and more accessories. The only 1 thing I like about it is that it’s very educational.... Yup, That’s the only thing I like, The other things.......... Meh. I guess I’ll be great if you can curl his hair, And, Like, Why can’t you take out the beard and the hair? This is VERY disappointing.. I’ll give it a 1 since there’s only one thing I like about this game. ( Don’t get Mad pleaseee...😰😰😥😥😓😓😓😓😓😬😬😬

- Please add new characters

I love this game but their are a few things you should know about it .You need more characters because I’m getting bored of doing just Santa and a Christmas tree 🎄. so there is more you should know .i love how you do their hair and that but I think do a round of doing their clothes on the game. And last and not all back to characters I think you should add a elf a 🦌 and mrs. claus. Please right back.

- It’s not that fun

There’s really not much to do and there not that many characters barely any of the free games are fun and there are just two characters!!!!!!! And the two characters aren’t pleasant I mean ones a tree!


This is my first toca boca game, so this was not a good impression on me. This just made me not want to download more of their games. It only had two characters and the graphics were just HORRIBLE, I don’t recommend this game. I know I have not played the other ones but I searched toca boca and most of the games cost money. Based on this game I don’t think that paying is worth it. Even if the graphics were HORRIBLE they could have made it more characters but NO just Santa and a Tree 🌲. Please don’t waste your time downloading this game it is not worth it.

- Awesome!!!!!!!!! Review by THE NERD 🤓

It is near Christmas time wear I live. No one mentioned the hysterical faces the characters make when you use the hair dryer on them😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣. My dad and little brother( miniature menace) were laughing hysterically! I can't get enough of this game!!! P.S. the buzzers work better than the scissors ✂️. Merry (almost) Christmas 🎄. Just 20 more days 😜😜😜😜😜😜🙃🙃🙃🙃😜😜🤓😜😜

- It’s okay... I guess

I mean it’s so fun when you start with the characters because you can play so much with them, but after a while you get bored of just the 2 same characters. You want to experiment with other people but all the other toca hair salon apps are pricy.

- Good app for me

I like it but I guess this other review said that this app was not good and deserves less than three stars!!!Of course If I gave that many stars I would have no reason for doing that. But I really like this game and I hope that you will like the five stars I gave for this app!!!

- LOVE IT❤️💚❤️💚❤️💚❤️💚❤️💚

Me and my friend downloaded this game because we love Christmas I know it’s September but what’s the matter with that we love this game we love turning the tree in to a unicorn or Mabey even Santa we love this game please read this and I highly recommend this app it is so fun I love my friends love it it’s just the best game ever !!!!

- Support for iPhone XS, XS Max, and IPhone XR Please!!

I’ve been playing this game for 2-3 years every Christmas for the Christmas joy and spirit and it would be awesome if toca could update their game to where it has support for all the newer phones!

- Updates😔

It’s okay but it needs more characters to play with so please this gets boring after like 1 second so this should have less than 2 stars that’s one star


I have been playing Toca Boca for a while and those “life” ones, can you make some more free. Not a lot of people are gonna buy all of them for their cost. Why not tone it down or even free? I’m getting tired of the City one so please make your next life app free!

- I love it. NOT!

First of all, I like the game, but you need more characters. There is only a TREE AND SANTA! Second of all, there needs to be more stuff you can use. Like a shower! In toca hair salon, YOU HAD A SHOWER! Also there is a terrible glitch. One time I was playing, and it exited me out! So I thought: oh, maybe it was connection, but then I tried again, and it was YELLOW! I love hair salons, but this, is a fantasy.

- It’s an ok game

I really like toca boca like toca kitchen and others but this game needs more characters all it is Santa and a tree It needs mrs clause or an elf to also I think there should be more things to do like maybe Santa or tree can rate how you do things and if you do good then you get coins and then you can by new supplies or something else overall it’s a real fun game but it needs a little work I hope toca boca will read this!

- Ok...........

So first of all thank you for reading this it deeply appreciates me second this is an ok app I guess but it needs more characters and hair dye third, I CAN’T TAKE THE ORNAMENTS OFF THE TREE!!!! Pls fix this also, I would pls like some Christmas music 🎼 in the game one other thing is, that when I comb Santa’s hair 🎅🏼 it doesn’t workkkk and it goes in the wrong direction another thing is could you PLEASE MAKE THE TREE LESS DISTURBING thanks.

- Great!

The app is AWESOME 👏 there’s just one thing to add... plz get more characters like reindeer and penguins because after using the same 2 characters for so long, it starts to get boring. Besides that, there’s no problems!

- Good game

It’s a pretty good game and I have it five stars because I love to style hair so it doesn’t get old for me it might for some though, try it out and if u don’t like it just delete it, it’s that simple


So I have almost all TOCA boca apps and they work well so I rate them 5 stars the one thing is please make me not have to buy some games bc I want to enjoy them but I can’t bc my mom won’t let me buy so bye have a nice day :)

- Love it play it in my spare time

I think it is a good game love to play in my spare time I really hope it gets more characters like mrs claus maybe elfs and snowman besides that I love the game and maybe also add in a few more hair dyes

- Brings back memories.

I downloaded this at a young age I made Santa look funny and I laughed with my cousin, It brings back old times 5+ No reason for it but it just brings back memories

- I’m sad

I just found out toca boca was a thing from my friend and she bought the hair one and I thought it was free so I come to my iPad to download it the I see it cost money so I say this and thought “this will be fun!” I was wrong there are only two characters to choose from and you can’t do everything in the other game I was not expecting it to be as good as the first one but this I don’t like

- Great but weird..

So This game is fine but I do have some things about it!! Santa When I was doing santa’s hair, his face just FROZE then he made a different face and froze again. And when you shave his EYEBROWS, it just looks weird... and Santa with Brown hair!?! Topzy The Tree This tree is a little scary.. It freezes like Santa but it’s just WEIRDER! And if you shave the tree’s hair, same thing it looks weird! And a RED tree? The game I know this game is kinda old, and you can make stuff to it, but PLEASE put Mrs. Claus and a Elf here So I can make there hair! Thanks!

- Creepy

This game ... omg what happened to Santa y is he so creepy did you tortur him Santa is jolly y did you do this 😭😭😭😭😭 y did you y Santa is a nightmare now because of this.... the tree even creepyer y did you make the worst game

- Great app for kids!

This is one of my grandkids’ favorite apps! They love creating the most unusual looking Christmas trees and Santa in vivid colors, and being able to save their new designs. (Ages 6, 8 and 9.)

- Re-position links

They have their news link right over item you need to choose. My kid was having such a hard time picking certain colors or items in that corner. I tried to help but kept clicking that link as well. It was very frustrating to play, which was disappointing because my kid actually thought it was fun.

- Disappointed ☹️

Most Toca boca games you have to pay for but I can’t play them because it will do the intro 100 times

- Needs more characters

I think just Santa Claus and a Christmas tree I just a little too short of characters just a little more it like the other games and it'll be fine

- I love this game

I have had this game since I was 5 and I love people say it’s bad but I think it’s unique and that’s your opinion but I love I don’t care what u guys think.

- Derpy tree

I LOVE the derpy tree I felt like I couldn’t leave it. Please make it so I can hug the derpy tree btw I like the game hard to control tho. 🎄 I almost cried when the derpy tree got mad 😭😭

- Goodish

So awesome saw some it’s so fun but it needs more characters and you can’t wash the hair it also doesn’t have a girl character and basically all you can do to the tree guy is put ornaments on him

- Its Free 🌞

I did delete the game because I got the 2.99 version, but it was a realllly great game! You have a lot of the same kind of stuff and you MUST download this!❤️

- Horrible

Look here people might think I’m the bad guy here, but please just let me explain. I got this game which was suppose to be “fun” for my little brother. And he was so mad because you only get to do TWO people hairs!!!!! That’s insane why would you make a game which only is going to allow you to do only two peoples heads!?!?? This is ridiculous!!!


I think this game is overall fun. Buttttt..... they only give you two people to work with. I think they need to add more people to the game. Thank you for reading this. I really appreciate it. -Savannah

- It good but needs more

First, it needs more characters Next, it needs more Last, it needs more tools

- My childhood

This is the go to game when you are a child keeps you busy

- Ok 👌🏻

It was ok cause I only got to choose from two things santa and a tree and I really didn't do anything except cut his hair die it and put a ribbon in it I think there is no point in getting it in my opinion.

- Needs More options

I like this game but needs more characters and more hair things but overall great game

- Awesome game

Needs more characters to customize. For example an elf. That is honestly it because this game is so awesome already.

- Pretty good

All tho It has very little selection it’s pretty good and the 🌲 was a good idea you could add an elf and a rain-dear , and on that note also more tools.

- To a Is a good app

To a is a good app but I think that there should be more options of people to choose to do there hair but otherwise it’s a great app

- It needs more but it’s so fun!!

I love this game just as much as the other ones but it’s not that fun once you do it a few times

- Update

I love it but it just needs more characters

- Fun, but lame

This game is okay and all, but there isn't much to it. You only have a chose of either Santa or a Christmas tree. There needs to elves, snowmen, and maybe a few other Christmas things. Even maybe a candy cane with hair.

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- Add more 👍

It’s not Christmas everyday! Bring in some new characters because it’s annoying only doing 2... Yes I know it’s ‘CHrISTMAS’ but bring in a snowman or reindeer. Otherwise it’s a really good game!! That’s why I rate u 4 1/2 stars ⭐️

- Good but...

I love the idea but it's not chrismas everyday and there's only 2 people and I feel that there should be more to it like for example if you burn the character then you can get a doctor to fix it and there should be like a actual hair doing thing instead of just doing a few things Thank you and I hope you do respond and do these ideas

- Okay but...

Toca Hair Salon is a pretty fun game, but the problem I’ve got with it is the fact that variations of both customers and tools are very limited. It becomes boring after a while, and even though it’s free, eventually I got too tired with it and deleted the app. So if you can add onto this all, I’m sure many would be very grateful. Thanks and no hard feelings!

- UGHHH ( must read )

So I was super excited to get this game because I love doing hair!😝 So I downloaded this game and while I waited I played Toca vacation... IM A HUGE FAN! So when it finished loading I tapped on the game. But then it made a noise like a radio breaking down and then it sent me to my home screen. So then (I'm sorry) I had to delete the game because of that. So I just went back to playing Toca vacation. But then that noise made my iPad lose its sound for good😭 I tried everything to get it back because I know a lot of technology things. So then I had to switch my iPad off completely but then I got my sound back! Yes that game made my iPad lose its sound! Please do more improvements! Btw IM THE BIGGEST FAN EVER!!!!!! PLEASE MAKE TOCA LIFE ZOO THX!! From your biggest fan DJ ( not my real name tho!)

- I think this guy died

I think this guy died cause he’s not changing anything I remember when I was a kid I use to love this game but now I grew up cause this game was made 2 or 3 years ago and I bet this guy was 50 years old and now he’s probably 52 or 53 years old so he probably passed away cause he didn’t take care of him self or cause of his age

- Niceee

I love it please make more things and people on it but

- YAY!!! Toca Boca!

I ❤️ this game! My old school (yes I am a “new kid” at a school) had this game on their iPads in the library. I like styling Santa and a Christmas tree. ❤️ this game sooo much!! Can u please add an elf to style? I always wanted to style one! Yay! :0

- Not that bad just improve

It’s very good but when I play it I don’t have that much inspiration in it because of the characters! I really want more characters like a elf, reindeer, snowman and a gindger bread man or something like those! But great job

- Meh pretty decent

Well I feel like there should be elves rain dears with funny hair styles snowman’s and maybe snowflake decorating maybe U could add it in a second version of the game witch might be 50 cents ( Australian dollars ) but why pay for a game u can only play in December & it gets a bit boring

- I love it

I love it so much but it would be good if you could a 2 more characters like ms clause and an elf or something.

- Not the best

You need to add more things to use because I was so excited to get the app and try it out but it was really boring you need to add more characters to it and maybe add makeup

- Better please

Please can you make it more interesting and much more fun in the next update so please make more people to decorate like reindeer’s and

- Good,but...

There aren’t a lot of characters so it’s not that fun. Maybe a bit more characters would be better

- Kids love it

Great little app that is loved by all of my grandkids.

- Creepy

This games is too creepy 😑 I thought it would be nice but turns out no the Christmas tree would look weird if you shaved its hair and there’s only like 3 characters

- Please read

This is the worst possible game that I’ve ever played I was hoping for a fun hair dresser app but no all your good ones are 5 dollars each THATS SO MEAN AND STUPED so if you want more people to buy more of your apps make them for free😡RIPOFF 😡😒

- Hi

Love it please make the other hair salons free

- Worst game TOCA Boca ever made!

I played this game before and it was so BORING! I didn't want Santa in here is because he couldn't be styled in another way and I like the TOCA hair salon 2 more than this sorry TOCA Boca! Frome Jenny❤️

- I love it!....but

I think there should be a elf to style and some more stuff for the Christmas tree

- I play this app for speech

It is the best app ever

- Omg love it

My brothers is loving it and there only 5 & 3 :)

- I hate it

I personally don’t like these sort of games and this one is blaaaah

- Kamilla


- Hddgidnd

Good game

- Great game!

I love this game, it's super fun. I just wish that when u got the customers that they had over grown hair and stuff so u could be like a real hairdresser and not have 2 grow it. Also more characters but otherwise great! 😍

- Another fun app from Toca Boca

The world needs more organisations like Toca Boca. Have to say I'm really impressed with the types of apps Toca Boca put out. They are fun, have a sense of humour and each embodies a spirited personality. This Christmas app is a laugh. Fun for kids. Even more fun for adults. Giving Santa a hair cut was fine enough, but giving the tree a cut, style and blow wave, well, there are no words except to say just superb. Thank you, Toca Boca!

- Toca hair salon-christmas gift

I love this game. I really love it. It's like being hairdresser and is hours of entertainment. If you want I fun app I think you should try this one. My only negative about this app is that there is only two characters. but otherwis it is a really fun game!!


Such a good game really should get this game no bug and no problems except one thing IT ROCKS!!!!!!!! I love showing the pictures to my friends I'm 10 and find so cool so any age can use this app but kids is probably best I just want to say toca boca rocks merry Christmas 

- Awesome!!

It's an awesome app that let's you be creative with hairstyles! If only the full version was on sale for day... I really think they could add a few more characters because that's more fun!!!!

- Could be better

Fun game . Kind of gets boring after a while. U should add more expressions for them, and add more people. Perhaps, you could add more stuff to do, like curl/ straighten their hair or make the comb easier to use. The extra people could be, like, mrs Claus, an elf, Rudolph- or other reindeers-, etc. yeah. :/ :D :'D ;) :p 😕😀😂😉😜

- Best app ever

It is a great app but it needs more characters and tools you can use like hair straighteners and curling ions And more characters like miss clause and santers little helpers but over all it's the best app ever

- Hairxmas

Hair Xmas is awesome I personally feel that it can bring out the inner artist in children all over the world it is so fun to make crazy hairstyles on Santa Claus or a big green Christmas tree!! 🎅🎅it gets u in a crazy, fantastic and great mood I love hair Xmas

- Cool

It is the an awesome game just like if you we're a hairdresser if you want to be a hair dresser when you grow up get it or not just a bit of fun and and and it has sound suuuuppereeerrrrr cool👍😺😸😻😽😄😃😀😊☺😉😍😘😚😗😙😜😛😅

- My Review

This is the first app that I have rated three, the others have been rated four and five but it doesn't mean this app isn't good. The way I rate apps is: 1- Never Crashes 2- Great Design 3- Fun to play 4- Enough features, never get bored 5- Extra amazing at all stars! This pretty much explains that the Toca Boca Hair Salon is an amazing game, but needs more people/characters otherwise users are going to get bored quickly and not tell their friends to play and the app will get deleted! Otherwise this game is AMAZING!!!

- Hmm

This app is alright, although it is hard to get things right. The comb doesn't work for me and there is not enough characters. I would get hair salon two, but it is to expensive. Good price for this app ( free) but I can see why. 😁

- Where's a traditional beard

Yes the title is correct they need curl irons to give Santa a nice beard, they also more characters like elves and mrs Claus and when you take the photo you should let Santa eat some cookies just for fun. But I certainley don't agree that I would actually play this game every once a week sorry 🎅🎄

- Toca boca Hair salon Christmas

This is a good game. But when my friend got the normal one there was no shower and only two characters when you could have more things like mrs Claus an elf baby Jesus and more!!!

- (≧∇≦)My Review

It okay I guess but if it had like elfs, mrs claus and like presents or some thing it would be so much better cause right now it's a bit boring and also I think it should have more things like styling spray or sparkles or gel or some thing

- ✨✨Amazing ✨✨💗💗 love it 💗💗

I loooovvveee this game it's the best It would be soooo great if u could add more characters though such as elves reindeer mrs clause and so on Thank you this is an amazing game and I can't stop playing it 💗💗

- Best game ever made

This is the best game out! I downloaded it for my sister who is 4 and now it's my fav game but I do think you should get some more charters


Thankyou for this lovely game and so I would like to say any day you like may you please make toca kitchen free for a day or 2 I will check everyday if it's free so may you I'm begging make it free THANKYOU…......

- Love this app

I have two children they love this app, keeps them quiet in the car or in waiting rooms.

- Cool

This is a cool awesome app but to make it better is if it can have shavers and things that hair salon number two has same with hair saloon number one

- Fantastic App!!

A great game for all the family. There are so many styling products to choose from and it is fun to play!

- Needs more people

What the get a better version please💑 and don't forget more people💜

- Christmas haircut

It's ok I don't go I'm not a person who goes I want to play it all day I go why don't I play this now

- Christmas haircut

It's ok I don't go I'm not a person who goes I want to play it all day I go why don't I play this now

- great

it is a realy great game for kids and family:) you should get it. it passes heeps of time so please listen to my advice and get this AWESOME game :)

- Great!!!!

That game is so fun!! You can turn santa or a christmas tree to anything!! I recommend this app for all ages truly awesome!!! 😜

- Awesome

It is a great game but can u make it Even butter then this Can u make it have a shower More couler. Thank you for making Hair salon Xmas

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- Childhood

I loved this game when I was younger, I remember playing it once Christmas time started!!

- Why?

This is a great app but I note that toca boca hair salon2 was free before and now I come back to it you have to pay money for it.Please make toca boca hair salon 2 free agian

- Santa’s kidnaped lol

So there’s no problem in any way it’s just that there’s a little problem I know I said no problem but😅 there is its because if you shave Santa’s beard you can see he is in a bag...just like the tree so that’s weird

- It’s ok

Kinda boring but it’s great at the same time

- Poop porn

It has porn like hentai


You should add the grinch 🤣 that would be so funny well for me at least

- Awesome but...

This game is SO fun for kids but there is only 2 people and not many stuff to do. No adds but kinda boring

- Boring 😞😣😖☹️😟😒😒😒

Why does the tree sound drunk XD! And there’s only two people why does hair salon to cost money too! ;(


I been playing all your games since I was a kid and now I’m in my twenties. I would love love love a Halloween version please make this toca boca creators 😭❤️

- 😭🥺

This game was my childhood 😭🥺

- It's ok

It was fun at first but then since there is only two things to do (Santa and the tree) it got really boring I might delete this

- Doesn’t start

When I open it, it just repeats the intro where the little to a guy grows hair 🙄

- Best haircut game ever

This was the best haircut game I’ve played. I love the tree and it’s emotions, they should make more games like this.

- This is the best game idea ever

Giving freaking Santa a hair cut, and also a Xmas tree, lol, it’s great! It’s so fun, the graphics are good, it’s just amazing, download it right now you won’t regret it.

- meh

cool but only two ppl, should be updated

- Odd game

Daughter liked the game but seems like an odd game

- Fun :D

This game is rly funny because of the noises the tree makes and the faces lmao. I rly like playing and designing the hair but something I should say is that I needs more options to design the hair with. It only has a razor, scissors and a grow hair bottle kinda thing with colours as well. It should also include more characters because their is only Santa and a tree, since it is holiday themed their should be characters from many different holidays to include more characters :D but other than that, the game is rly fun to play! 4 stars in my opinion :v

- My son and daughter love this game so much it’s so entertaining

This should be a five star game

- Awesome

Plz add more characters!!! It’s a fun game but the characters get boring after awhile. Could u add an elf or a reindeer plz!!!???!!!

- Love it but...

Please add more people would you? Anyway I love it!

- Awesome

Very fun to play

- My nieces live for this!

It's the first game to open and the first one to start a quarrel if they don't get the same amount of time on it! Lol Wish I could get more! (I got a lot of Toca Boca games before they started charging) Being a stylist in profession, they've actually got a lot you can do on the hair (this app and the non holiday hair salon). Keep up the great work!

- Good

Very cute app, but has less features than other toca hair salon games. This game is fun for awhile and has the perfect price (it's free)

- Fun

My 2 yo loves it

- Best game ever

I love it's so funny I gave you a FIVE STAR :3

- Wonderful

Smaller than Toca Hair and Toca Hair 2, but funny. My daughter love it!

- Squeezie a fait une vidéo avk

👁 👁 👅

- Won't load

The app just gets stuck on the loading screen 😡😩

- Love it

We have lots of fun with this one

- Good not great

This is definitely NOT the best toca boca game. I was not impresse

- Cool🤗

Can you please in stalling fast thanks 🎮😎

- Lovely

It's a awesome game

- Eh

It's ok but it gets boring after a while and the game seems a little laggy and doesn't work very well. Sorry

- My Honest Opinion

The game is great and all but it gets boring after about 20 minutes you can't curve the hair so it's just straight there is only two characters throw in an elf or reindeer and I can't tell you the faces are bad they are pretty funny like: looks up smiles "this is fun" looks at the mirror " *cough* *cough* *UGLY*

- AWESOME! 👌⭐️

I am 18 years old and I am addicted!!!! This is the best game ever😊 Lot's of love, Winnie the Pooh

- Good

This app is good but I could be better I wish there was more characters to chose from

- Cute 👼

This Is A Cute Game I Love It 👼

- Jeremy Ledoux

Add & Follow Jeremy Ledoux on Facebook, let's get him famous!

- Great game for kids

I let my imagination wonder, and i landed upon this app. I really like playing it although im a little too old for this. It could use an update though

- Love it

A great fun and engaging educational app.

- I love this game


- Awesome

I love this game do much

- Epic

It's super duper fun to play !!!!

- Wonderful

This is the best game ever! You won't regret downloading it.

- Omg great

I think it's worthy to get the game but... ...there is another toca boca hair salon game, If you want the game here is the name: Toca Boca hair salon me

- Bon jeu

Tré bon jeu

- Awesome

This game is awesome it is fun everyone shud get it

- Omg

Love it!!!!!

- Cool


- Pas mal......

Trop drôle !!!!! :) <3

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Toca Hair Salon - Christmas 1.0.10 Screenshots & Images

Toca Hair Salon - Christmas iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Toca Hair Salon - Christmas iphone images
Toca Hair Salon - Christmas iphone images
Toca Hair Salon - Christmas iphone images
Toca Hair Salon - Christmas iphone images
Toca Hair Salon - Christmas iphone images

Toca Hair Salon - Christmas (Version 1.0.10) Install & Download

The applications Toca Hair Salon - Christmas was published in the category Education on 2011-12-01 and was developed by Toca Boca AB [Developer ID: 419103351]. This application file size is 31.92 MB. Toca Hair Salon - Christmas - Education app posted on 2017-12-22 current version is 1.0.10 and works well on IOS 6.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.tocaboca.hairsalonxmas