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Now you can automatically sync with all iPhone calendars, write your todo list, create notes with photos, check the weather and more, all with Awesome Calendar! This elegant application keeps you organized, shows holidays and is even perfect for team projects.

You’re away from the office but need to check your schedule. What do you do? Open up Awesome Calendar, of course. It only takes a second or two. The app automatically syncs with all iPhone supported calendars to let you know when you have time for that next meeting.

Quick as a wink, you add the meeting to your calendar then create a note that will help you prepare for it. A fast snap of the camera or visit to your camera roll and you add a picture of the product you’re quoting on, the item needing repair, or whatever you want. Another tap and you share all the information with your assistant back at the office, who can get the ball rolling on this project.

You pride yourself on making things happen fast, that’s why you have Awesome Calendar on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. In one speedy swoop, right from the client’s office, you were able to set up dates and times, note all of the information, and get things underway remotely. Once again, you are providing the five-star service you are known for.

Awesome Calendar is the all-in-tool to help you manage your personal and business life. View and edit your schedule, check the weather, create a todo list, write in your diary, embed photos in notes, check for holidays. This one does it all!

Want to share your schedule and notes? Would you like to have someone help you with your growing todo list? No problem, you can do those things from right inside the Awesome Calendar app. That’s right, it’s that easy and convenient. You never have to leave the app to use it most efficiently.

The time management power and functionality of this app is amazing. It has an elegant, easy-to-use interface from where you can organize your life and schedule. Aside from the tasks already mentioned, the application offers month, week, day and list views, event alarms, collapsible weeks, holiday listings for 35 different countries, and far more than what can be listed here.

Check out just a few of the features offered in Awesome Calendar:
+ works with all iPhone supported calendars(MobileMe, iCloud, Google Calendar, Exchange, CalDAV)
+ iOS reminder integrated. Custom color, priority, note, custom alarms and sub-task.
+ Synchronization with google task
+ 3 apps in 1
+ Multiple calendar control
+ Month, week agenda, half-week, day and list views
+ Rolling todo and todo carry over.
+ Custom color for event and reminder.
+ iCloud support for diary.
+ Customizable calendar and event color.
+ Font size and Style change option in view and note.
+ Timezone support.
+ Event template for quick adding.
+ Grouping of todo option
+ Quick popup on month view.
+ Holidays noted for 35 countries. Multiple holiday selection.
+ Elegant Photo album calendar.
+ Powerful diary lets you type notes and embed photos.
+ Full text search for event, note and todo.
+ Unlimited alarms.
+ Weather information display – current and 5 day forecast
+ Air print-Month overview, week, day and each event.
+ Lots of Cuteeeee stickers available to use in month view
+ Share events, notes and todo lists from inside the app
+ Monday/Sunday start option.
+ Customized recurrence for event and reminder.
+ Insert photo to note like Awesome Note.
+ Sharing note via email.
+ Badge alarm on icon. Number of today’s events, todos.
+ Theme colour.

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Awesome Calendar - Personal Planner App Description & Overview

The applications Awesome Calendar - Personal Planner was published in the category Productivity on 2011-11-17 and was developed by YunaSoft Inc.. The file size is 29.28 MB. The current version is 5.4 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

New features:
+ Photo taking options: full size or square.

Bug fixed:
+ Fixed Google Task sign-in issue.

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Great calendar app!  Vegiegal  5 star

I use this app to keep track of all my monthly bills and check them off once they are paid. I also keep birthdays and important due dates. It's super easy to use and I love the color coding and ability to put things in as notes, checklists or events.

Bother somebody else

None  Bother somebody else  5 star

Excellent tool!!!


Great Calendar App  Shoney327  5 star

Has versatility that other calendars lack!

Lolly pie

Love it!  Lolly pie  5 star

This app makes managing my life and various activities so much simpler. The layout is wonderful and let's you do so much with it. I would recommend it to anyone!


The best I found of all similar apps  nour✨  5 star

A lot of options

Party panda

Really convenient  Party panda  4 star

Fun calendar that makes it convenient to track your schedule. I do wish there are more options for the doodles to add to days.


Best  _Gary.F  5 star

This is like the best calendar that I know. It has every feature. Notes and reminders on top of events. I think it syncs with the iPhone calendar app so that it can transfer to a new phone, I don't know?


Fell out of love with it  SheGeezer  2 star

Used to absolutely over this calendar - seeing events and notes on the whole month at a time, color coded as I chose. But now am very unhappy. It has been deleting my past events on its own. Several months from last year have very little left on them, including work schedule and appointments. But not all of them, so it makes no sense. When I try to put them back it will take a few and then they disappear again. Yunasoft tried telling me it was a sync problem, but it only was having issue for several months in the past and current things sync just fine. Then they passed the buck saying I had to contact Apple. To top it off, I just got a Samsung phone and now they say the Android version is no longer available, so I won't be able to have it with me unless I also carry my iPod or iPad. Boooo!

Cap't. T.

So far, so good...keep working on it.  Cap't. T.  4 star

Like many others, I have tried many different combinations of calendars,to do lists, notes, etc. Although there are still several small glitches which could be cleaned up and perhaps some improvements/additions, I have so far found this to be the best tool for me to use. I hope you keep working on it and listen to your customers' suggestions; they are the key to making a good app. into a great app. For instance: several reviews have found it awkward to have to go to "show more details" to finish up adding an event etc. Fixing the small details really makes the difference. 6/20/17 It's been over a year now and I still believe this is one of the very best calendar/plannner apps available. There are still a few items that don't make much sense to me, but over all my opinion remains very positive. Just keep on tweaking and keeping up to date.

McAlister Family

Perfect calendar!  McAlister Family  5 star

This ap is the perfect calendar! My go-to.


Best Calendar & Gets Better  eroomapple  5 star

Its name, "Awesome Calendar" (AC) is perfect and sums it up! I use it every day and often. It is versatile-can be customized in many ways to suite my needs. It has so many helpful features. It synchronizes with my other calendars, so to see anything, I need to only look at the Awesome Calendar (not the others). It took me some time to learn how to use, and it seems that there are often new things to learn. It is always evolving. Some complaints in the reviews are simply due to the user not having adjusted their settings for a particular feature. Users need to take the time to tweak AC to suite their own needs. Customer service itself gets 5 stars from me, having helped me several times and for listening to my and other users' needs. I have used AC routinely for several years now and cannot imagine finding a better calendar!


Good app  DrDaddio  4 star

Good app


The best calendar I've ever used  JohnTrudeau  5 star

Awesome Calendar really lives up to its name. Syncing between my PC's, iPhone, and two iPads it keeps me centered all the time. The ability it has to customize each entry as well as make them reoccurring too.


Convenient and user friendly  santacruzmg3  5 star

This is a wonderful app! So useful. Easy to use and customizable. The best part is it syncs to my google calendar correctly and with no problems ever!!


GREAT APP  Srushin  5 star

I've written reviews due to "app upgrades " before but I can honestly say this is the FIRST review I've done because the app is GREAT. It allows you to sink all other calendars ( home and work) so you never miss a beat!!


Well done!  JollyRocker  5 star

Great app. Visually perfect as far as the month view is concerned. I've spent a lot of money trying out a ton of other apps but this one easily takes the cake!

CD 13

Efficient and easy  CD 13  5 star

Awesome calendar has many great functional options and works very well. I highly recommend it. I especially like the printing options and the ability to hide and include multiple calendars.

Mely nj

Amazing  Mely nj  5 star

This creator has a lot of talent. Looking forward to seeing more advance changes to the calendar. Worth paying for this app.


Loveeee but wished it was also on Apple Watch  Kattiq  5 star

I've used this calendar for everything, definitely love it!! Just wished it had Apple Watch capabilities.


Love this app  MollyBeBe55  5 star

Easy and clear. Syncs so husband and I are on the same page.

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