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Learn to play, transcribe, practice and perform your songs by slowing down the tempo, adjusting pitch, repeating loops, setting marks. Plug-in and play along with LiveMix, solo or isolate an instrument or vocals with ReFrame, shape the sound with the FineTouch EQ, view lyrics or textual TABs scrolling with the music and much more.

ANYTUNE™ is the ultimate music practice app for singers, dancers and musicians of all kinds.

Try all features including ReFrame Audio Isolation ( for free on Anytune.

“Anytune Pro+ is priceless as my personal trainer, helping me practice parts, songs or an entire setlist. It organizes my playlists, slows down tricky sections while remembering detune settings and with LiveMix play along feature I can learn Anything, Anytime, Anywhere.” - Phil Soussan

"If you're a music teacher, dancer or budding musician, Anytune for iOS or Mac is a invaluable addition to the rehearsal environment, making practicing more dynamic and productive." - Matt Tinsley

"After spending the past three weeks getting ready to record a new album with my band, I’m so happy to have found out about this “slow downer” app. It was pivotal in helping us learn the notes to some of the more complicated solos for the cover songs on our set list." - Lori Gil

***** “Great App - Anytune Pro is the most-used app on my iPad. It's the best thing for learning tunes that would be too fast or too out of tune to learn easily. Saves me a lot of time. I love it!”
***** The Best!!! - Worth absolutely every penny. Other similar apps don't come close to the quality of this one! It will slow things down to a crawl without a loss of quality. Looping and pitch adjusting at the touch of a finger. If you're looking for better you won't find it!"

Anytune cannot play DRM protected songs including songs through subscription services like Apple Music.

Anytune Pro+ includes:
- Practice at your pace by adjusting the tempo without affecting pitch
- Visualize your song to find the part you want quickly and easily
- Organize songs into folders and playlists / set-lists
- Mark and loop song sections for practicing
- Record and share
- Stream audio to Audiobus and Inter-App Audio compatible apps
- Transparent import from iTunes
- Import Audio from Videos
- Backup marks and settings to iCloud
- Shuffle
- Custom Skins
- Auto Loop Between Marks
- Lyrics Editing and Auto Scroll
- Adjust Gain and Pan
- ReTune your song with scripted tempo and pitch changes
- Delayed playback start
- Loop Interval Trainer
- Transcribe mode to facilitate replay
- Unlimited audio marks
- Solo or mute vocals or instruments with ReFrame™ Audio Isolation
- Amazing HQ audio quality down to 0.05x!
- Pitch up or down by 24.0 semi
- Isolate or solo an instrument or vocals with ReFrame™
- Pinpoint your instrument in the song with FineTouch™ EQ
- Feel as though you’re playing in the band with LiveMix™
- Queue up a mark for playback with Play Next
- Fade-In or Fade-Out music when playing or pausing
- Import your music from Files app, Dropbox, WiFi and Open-In
- Paste from the AudioCopy clipboard

Additional Add-On In-App Purchases:

- Export loops or entire adjusted (tempo, pitch, ReFrame, EQ, …) tracks via Email or Open-In (m4a/aac)
- Export to the AudioCopy clipboard

Remote Control
- Remotely control Anytune via BT keyboard or MIDI/BT controller (Blueboard, AirTurn, PageFlip,...)

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Anytune is a Universal App. Buy it once for all your iOS devices.
Anytune (Mac) is available separately from the Mac App Store.

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^ LiveMix using an iRig/HD, Apogee JAM, Microphone or most other adaptors.

Anytune Pro+ App Description & Overview

The applications Anytune Pro+ was published in the category Music on 2011-12-09 and was developed by Anytune Inc.. The file size is 49.75 MB. The current version is 4.2.2 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

Stability improvements and bug fixes

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Anytune Pro+ Reviews

Maples Ex

Go all in and forget the others  Maples Ex  5 star

I am a skilled and schooled musician and have taught scores of private students since 2005. I can go on and on about this app but I will get to the point. Are you ready to purchase the ONLY phrase trainer you'll ever need? (Not to mention the only one you could ever want...) Alright. Go all-in. Anytune Pro + Get it. All the features. Done. I maintain that many like myself might not even know their potential to transcribe music with 100% accuracy and total precision before spending time with this App. Rock guitarists: tab out a solo, note for note, that you may not have the chops to play quite yet... Start here. Jazz pianists: You too. Finally grab onto that mysterious bebop scale and pattern. Take time to unlock that elusive harmonic that otherwise moves too quickly to figure out. Bass players:... what the hell is Victor Wooten or Les Claypool doing? What is the deal with those sextuplet percussive ghost notes? Can't play like Yngwie, or Victor..etc.? Me neither, frankly! But you'll be able to track-with and tab- out such phenoms, regardless; now thanks to Anytune. You'll have a great start, ...a leg- up, even. I have been to all of these as a collective 'headspace' since getting Anytune Pro +, and what an amazing tool. Musicians, teachers, performers, Lifelong lovers of a certain tonal (or atonal) persuasion-do yourself a solid. Purchase your new favorite sidekick... Anytune Pro +. Then, get to work! - Brad 'Musicman' McMahon-


Must have app....  H-rawk  5 star

This app is awesome. Much of the music I love is way too fast to hear the intricate details and notes of a song. This allows me to slow it way down, while keeping the pitch and play it over and over until I can do it at normal speed. $15 is a steal for the featured this app has. It is definitely making me a better guitar player.

DJ 👍🏼

Exactly what I was looking for.  DJ 👍🏼  5 star

I have been using this app for a couple a years now and it's been perfect for what I've needed. Wish it was around years ago. I'm a working musician with over 20 years under my belt.....Wow! Time flies by doesn't it. Anyway.... it's perfect for learning song with pitch, tempo and phrase repeat. Love it! Thanks Anytune. Nice work


Moved over from Capo  otto6457  5 star

I have used Capo for many years for my transcribing and for learning new songs. A friend of mine suggested trying Anytune Pro+. I was sold after using it for less than 10 minutes. This is a huge upgrade from Capo.

RG Piano Tuning & Repair

Very happy with this app  RG Piano Tuning & Repair  5 star

A great learning tool with very good flexibility


Practically Indispensable Tool  DaveMuth  5 star

It does lots more than slowdowner. Complex in it's entirety, simple for each little thing. It's worth learning each part.


This is the BEST music study tool for transcribing  earthling51  5 star

I learned to play long ago with a record player that had a 16-speed setting to slow things down. They were dropped an octave, but it worked. Through the years various technologies have become available to do the same thing without dropping the pitch (unless you want to). This application is the best. It has so many useful features, and by putting my music in iTunes on my iPad and using Anytune Pro+, I have a lifetime of study material in my hands. I can't say enough about how useful this application is. Being able to move around the waveform view of the song by sliding your finger on the screen is such an easy way to move through a tune and work on specific parts. The EQ features allow you to bring out subtle parts and hard to distinguish notes. There are so many tools included. Get it!

B Clean

Perfect for all players  B Clean  5 star

I use this everyday. Best music I ever bought.


Awesome app!  drumgrl  5 star

I use this app to practice my band music. I can download the songs into the app. And then slow the song down if I am just learning it. I plug the iPad into an amp and play along with all the songs.


Love it  kfeyib  5 star

Love it, works great, easy to use.

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