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GPS & Maps: Location Tracker [Navigation] App Description & Overview

What is gps & maps: location tracker app? GPS & Maps is a simple, yet powerful GPS app for supporting navigation and outdoor activities like geocaching, sailing, skating, trekking, biking or traveling by airplane.

It measures your position, height and acceleration with accuracy information and in different units like feet, meter, miles and kilometers. Your highest altitude and speed will also be logged. You can show and save your current position or other waypoints on a map and pick one of the following formats to view your coordinates:

- GPS Coordinates (Latitude/Longitude)
- Decimal Degrees
- Degrees/Minutes/Seconds
- UTM: Universal Transverse Mercator
- MGRS: Military Grid Reference System

GPS & Maps is a must have for geocachers, due to the easy switching between coordinates and map. The integrated flashlight enables users like geocachers to find targets even in dark environments without having to use a separate device.

Via in-app purchase you can add some useful features to GPS & Maps:

- Premium Edition: Unlock all of the following features.

- Waypoints: Save your current location as a marker on the map. Add new locations like geo caches to the map by entering GPS coordinates. Pick different colors for waypoints. Export waypoints via e-mail. Show or hide saved waypoints on the map.

- Map Widgets: The draggable Map Widgets show your location, altitude, speed, address and GPS accuracy directly on the map. You can change the widget transparency and textcolor in the settings to optimize readability on different map tiles and map data sources like Google Maps or Open Street Map.

- Compass: The compass shows your heading relative to magnetic north or true north (configurable in the settings) and your current location coordinates. It also shows additional information like street, city and country. If you buy Compass and Map Widgets the Compass will also be displays as a widget on the map.

- Open Street Map: This feature enhances the map with additional map data from Open Street Map.

- Google Maps: This feature enhances the map with additional map data from Google Maps. The map modes 'standard', 'satellite', 'hybrid' and 'terrain' can be selected in the options menu.

- iCloud Backup & Restore

Please keep in mind that the accuracy of your position and acceleration always depends on the intensity of the available GPS signal. Compass and heading information are only available on devices with magnetometer.

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How to contact GPS & Maps: Location Tracker (Kraus und Karnath GbR 2Kit Consulting)?
Find this site the customer service details of GPS & Maps: Location Tracker. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company.

GPS & Maps: Location Tracker Customer Service, Editor Notes:

GPS & Maps: Location Tracker Version 3.718 October 2022

- Bug fixes.

GPS & Maps: Location Tracker Comments & Reviews 2023

- Nice app

Great app. Would be nice to be able to touch a saved point icon on the map and have the points list scroll to that point instead of only being able to pick a point from your saved list and it center you on that point. Also would be nice to be able to export your entire saved points list instead of only one at a time via email. Also app sometimes glitches and keeps re centering on my location when im trying to pan around my area.

- Disappointed

I have the premium version and have concerns out of the box. First, there is no way to ask questions or get support from the app. I found an email address for developer and have written them. Secondly, my big issue is with addition of waypoints. Once gps settles down, I would expect adding a waypoint (red pin) would drop at the current location (blue dot) but that does not happen. The red pin may drop as far as 100 feet away and successive pins will be all over the map- no duplicates and none near the current location indicated by blue dot. Sometimes a pin will not drop at all. Until this is cleared up, I have to give a low rating. More.... 1.)never heard back from the developers so support is poor. 2.). The app does NOT drop pins at current location. The pins (waypoints) drop as much as 10 feet away or not at all. I realize that the current location is subject to jitter and the iPhone’s limitations but the waypoint should match the current location. I can not recommend this unit and would love to get my money back!

- Needs direction indicator on map and compass

Dear developer, many scout troops need an app with which they can create a list of waypoints, and then navigate to the waypoints using a traditional GPS type interface. Your app comes so close! Creating waypoints is possible. But it seems there is no easy way to actually navigate to the waypoints. Looking at the map with the compass overlay, how does the user know if he/she is actually facing a waypoint? Solution: please add a marker on the compass that indicates the direction to a selected waypoint. With this, the user can look at the compass and see the direction and distance to travel. I’m ooking forward to an update with this feature. Thanks!

- It gives me the info I was looking for

I often forget I have this app, but whenever I’m out and have a query (e.g. “how high am I?” or “where am I (in coordinates)”) it has the answers I’m looking for, in text, in an easily readable table. I only really care about the GPS tab, but now that I looked at it again I might grab the OSM pack.

- Great for my work!

I am a game warden on the water in Maryland. We deal with areas of the water where commercial fishermen are not allowed to harvest fish/shellfish. I love the easy waypoint system! It allows me to mark each area off so I can easily refer to this app to make sure watermen are supposed to be where they are. I only have one suggestion I would like to add. If you could make it possible to add lines/tracks from waypoint to waypoint, it would help me out a lot! Thanks!!

- One of the best GPS apps for backcountry

I’ve used this several times where AT&T coverage is poor or doesn’t exist. Being able to see where you are, have been and going is one reason to carry a ‘smart’ phone only instead of with a handheld GPS. Just be sure to download and update the maps for where you’re going BEFORE going ‘off the grid’.

- Worked amazingly

I used this for a school project when we had to go geo caching. I tried multiple different apps but none of them seemed to work. When I tried this one It worked. The next morning i went and took a look at the cache and it was there. Thank you for the awesome app. If I didn’t find this I might have gotten an F.

- No more excuses!!

Now my wife knows that I can’t use my common excuse: “Sorry, hon, I got lost” when I’m supposed to meet her somewhere, because now I always know exactly where I am within +/- 6 inches! I guess this should have earned it 1 star, at the most, but I’ve gotta be honest, it’s really a great app to have handy!!

- My gps savior…..

At first, I didn’t use it much because I’m a Google Maps user. But, after a couple of missed directions, I used this app and liked it! It actually was easier to use and easily understandable. So, good job!

- Locations

Found it very helpful in documenting the location of where pictures were taken. Also helped in finding locations that are off the main roads and in remote places.

- Fantastic App

Great App but the reason I gave it 4star is because not all features are available except if premium is purchased. Works great and very accurate. 5star if all features are available without purchasing it.

- For required work in the field

Basic, easy to use, and to the point in terms of documenting/sharing location.

- Can you move waypoints?

Am I able to move a waypoint within the map interface?

- Waypoints will be wildly inaccurate.

The waypoints are stored with only 4 decimal places (instead of 7) so they are wildly inaccurate. I just finished a hike where I placed 36 waypoints over the course of two miles and when I pulled them up at home I have two “piles” of waypoints at the same 4-decimal coordinates. Emailed the developer but if it’s not going to display or save with 7 decimal places of accuracy it’s worthless.

- Quick and easy

I just use the initial screen for a quick check on location and speed. Works very well for that!

- Quick and clean interface

Works great and easy to find options

- Needs work, not very useful

Way points can’t be deleted, for some reason, my cell data has to be turned on.... what’s that about? This app should work using only GPS with both cell data and WiFi off. I wasted $5 thinking the pro edition would work... no response from the developer... chalk this up to lessons learned and I’ll move on...

- Love it

I can’t believe it gives you the address of your current location.

- Fast Respond.

It doesn’t show the updated buildings of today.

- Maps GPS

I’mLove in the new app now if I can only see the directions from where I’m at to my destination

- Only works for your location

Don’t download this app if you’re trying to find the location to specific location. It only shows where you are currently located. Maybe the paid version is different but I’m not impressed enough to pay money for it.

- Accurate-simple-well worth $5

So easy and accurate, spend the $5 for a lifetime app

- Questionable

Nor the simplest app, like most software, icon navigation to a desired function is, “guess which icon gets you - - - eventually” to the function you want. Some are better, but finding which one is better is as frustrating as navigating this app.

- Great value

I searched for an app to give me data for my Amateur Radio station I selected "Easy GPS" and got far more than I bargained for. Great app and simple to use. "'73. Bill, KA1TIU

- Excellent

Much better than maps or some other such app! More precise and reliable.

- Still not compatible with Face ID models

Resolution is still not full screen on my iPhone 12 Pro Max Still keep Touch ID models’version full screen Thought todays new update would patch this Unfortunately still ignore this issue.....

- Excellent app

No need to spend hundreds for a gps/compass/speedometer this app works fine for a little money.

- Two thumbs up

I use this app to check my coordinations while geocaching


You need to buy extras even with deluxe version to mark a waypoint. Also, It was never clear to me whether it had reset from the prior since I could not remember the earlier coordinates.

- No FAQs or help available

Very unintuitive UI. Supposed to be able to email waypoints, but can’t figure out how. Can’t edit waypoint names, etc. GPS locations 100’+ off in since cases. Not apps fault, but makes it useless for my needs. Wasted 4.99 on deluxe. Sad!

- Great app

I send a text with the gps to my wife so she knows exactly where to send help if needed.


This app is designed very well and does what it’s supposed to do. Very useful.

- GPS app

I love this app!! I am a hiker - backpacker and I hate to get lost, this app lets me know where I am at all times.

- Doesn’t work

I bought the waypoints for .99 and the app doesn’t allow me to type in more than one point and when I save the location it shows totally different gos numbers than what I type in.

- Survey

Limited functionality.

- Way over rated

I wanted to be able to pick a point out and plant a waypoint without knowing the waypoint. I expected to just put my finger on the map and create the WP. $4.99 down the drain!!!

- My review

I like that it gives me directions but i don’t like that it doesn’t give me running directions

- Worst App Ever

Stay away from the Premium as it is useless. Worst mistake I’ve ever made. Should have just give the $4.99 to a homeless person and asked them to keep track of my movements. Would have worked better. Total crap.

- Kept crashing and had to uninstall to get to work, losing all my pins

Kept crashing and had to uninstall to get to work, losing all my pins

- I’m out.

I downloaded this, and it seems that until I pay $5 it does nothing but show ads. It may well be worth the $5, but I resent what seems to me as dishonesty.

- Great

Amazing my husband are in boat I can follow him

- Only 1 star

Could be much better. It appears that there is not a goto function for saved waypoints which is the main purpose of a gps. Close but not really useful.

- Locations

I can’t seem to get any other day location but the one I’m at

- Love this site..

I am commercial licensed boater, love the compass and speed info, etc... love it..

- Beware recurring charges

The add is unclear about charging your card $4.99 per month. I hardly use it and don’t want to keep paying monthly so I will be canceling

- Property pros

Great site to use to find location!

- Great very accurate

Very accurate

- Martin

Difficult to pin and, once there and named, difficult to recall-return to the pin. Also, there’s no “Instructions” or “Help” button.

- Not accurate

I am trying to find a property line I know the north/south point. But is off by over 100feet. Maybe if you just want to remember a town it’s good but not an exact spot. No good for hunting fishing exploring or navigation.

- Worthless.

Dumb me bought the full unlocked version, hoping to get help, documentation, editable waypoints and the ability to get a bearing between waypoints. Nope. Big fail. Waste of money and phone memory.

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- Great

Very happy with how the app functions. Would like to know which mapping datum the maps are based on and the gps uses. This is important information to know when using gps to find a point that may have been marked some years ago

- Mr Mel

Hi, I would be very happy if I can find the way, how to get rid of for ever accumulating the "Waypoints". Where is the tool to delete them. As an existing tool, doesn't work. I did uninstall it & reinstalled again, but nothing happened. I am scared to even experiment with it, because I don't want the waypoints to build up for ever, then keep only, which I need & want. Also, should be able to operate in landscape format too. If you can do something about those two problems you will get full 5 STARS, now is up to you. Thank you.

- Great app

Almost perfect for marking observation and camera trap positions. It just needs a field for extra notes when marking waypoints. Being able to add a photo to a waypoint would make it absolutely phenomenal.

- What a device

I am absolutely amazed with the simplicity and ease with which you can use this device on your phone . It is dangerously accurate. Congratulations.

- Scale on map

Please have measuring between 2points available, it would be perfect

- Barely adequate

WesVery hard to use as in not that user friendly. Even after buying the premium version (waste of money that was) Can’t navigate to way points which kind of defeats its purpose.. Don’t bother be like me, delete it and find something that actually works.

- Good app could be better

Needs some polish but useful enough.

- Gpa & maps

Absolutely useless paid for the extra features so when you put in an address I’d give your the GPS location, well it just keeps showing address cannot be located, Do not bother downloading

- G P S

So far looks good

- Sean bowers

Is extremely useful and easy to use

- Coordinates is very off

Tried this app in area with poor reception but clear sky. App said it was accurate to +/-5M But the coordinate is very off compared to those on GPS gadgets I don’t trust this app at all.

- Simple and it works!

Title says it all!

- Stu

Easy to use for a novice

- Review

Terrible app, so hard to use, can’t find anything I want

- Compass kaput

Compass is over 90 degrees out. No stars for you. I’ve been driving for 3 days now in the wrong direction

- Rating

Does the job!

- GPS & Maps

Very good

- join up waypoints

was hoping there was a way to draw a line between two waypoints & be able to follow it.

- Don’t bother

It’s clunky and doesn’t store coordinates easily

- Life saver


- Money needed

To activate the compass you need to pay - not good for a ‘free’ app

- Compass

Very good

- Rubbish

Pretty average. Tutorial vids are terrible.

- Simple, quick, and elegant

This is a nice little app that does just what it says. I use it for speed and altitude readings, and also of course when I want accurate GPS coordinates.

- It really is easy

Hey folks, thanks for a great easy to use App, I needed something that could just simply tell me my current coords and it does, plus a compass, plus a map overlay, etc. Perfect for my Geocache placements and elevation needs. Kudos.

- Good but...

Good app but it needs a tutorial to help use all features.

- Average


- Terrible app

Terrible app. Extremely inaccurate. Waste of a download.

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So far so good

- Very helpful GPS app

This is a very helpful and accurate GPS app. I use it for geocaching, and it works great without wifi. Definitely recommend it

- Import & Export waypoints

Useful to import and export waypoints. Choose between Apple, Google and Open Street maps. Several widgets available including compass, waypoints, altitude, speed, etc. Great job, congratulations.

- Useless

Not easy to use to find gps points.

- Terrible

Not even close to accurate. Waste of money. How do I cancel.

- Gotta pay for everything

Want a basic feature? Pay for it Way points? Pay for it Compass? Pay for it

- Zelda

See you’ve wasted my money I thought this was GPS just like a car GPS and then I’ll be able to get directions with it

- GPS and map

Works very well on my cell phone.

- Très bien

Outils très performant. J’aime beaucoup

- Good app

I like it

- Accuracy and clarity

Your wonderful product I would recommend it to anybody else trucking,trailing,walking or just out for the day trek or month long hike... five stars does not do it justice

- Pppp


- Décevants...

La précision de l’apps n’est que de 6 mètres... +\- ... donc pas idéal pour localiser des bornes de terrain dans la forêt...

- Non


- Genius


- Coordinates off screen

Purchased this app as I do a lot of hiking. The GPS coordinates are cut off on iPhone 11 Pro screen. Disappointing

- Map and nothing more

No tracking, trails or anything. Use Apple maps and compass

- So far, so good

Just got it, looks very good. I’m going for the Premium version, don’t like watching commercials.

- First Use Review

Seems to work well, used it in the woods for ATV - ing and worked well to show our location. Would like to see a tracking action on it - maybe it has one but haven’t found it yet?

- Cool app

Using it to mark stands at the deer Camp, just what I was looking for.

- Bangi


- No guidance to way points

I spent $ for the waypoints upgrade but after recording latitude and longitude I can’t see how to guide to that waypoint from where I am. Without this it doesn’t give me more than google and apple maps.

- Thanks

Really enjoy this app. Thank you.

- excellent application


- Great app

Like this app can plan trips

- No navigation

Store and recall waypoints, but provides no navigation to those (or any) waypoints. You can follow the map, but you will have no distance or bearing.

- I was lost but I had this

I got lost on a walk Turns out I was 5 mins away from home lol. Saved me from a panic attack! No, but it's quite good. It gives your lat/long coordinates as well as a deviation, plus you can set waypoints if you're not good at memorizing map locations! Very nice app.

- Great!

Easy to use

- The way points are way off

When getting the GPS coordinates and copying them, this works great. However when storing way points coordinates can be off by as much as 20 degrees. The software is pretty easy. If this gets fixed it would be great.

- .

Base version is simply unusable without paying for additional features that should've been included.

- Unsatisfied

6,99$ and i can't trace the way from 1 point to a other !!! It's like putting 7$ in the garbage !!!

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GPS & Maps: Location Tracker 3.7 Screenshots & Images

GPS & Maps: Location Tracker iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

GPS & Maps: Location Tracker iphone images
GPS & Maps: Location Tracker iphone images
GPS & Maps: Location Tracker iphone images
GPS & Maps: Location Tracker iphone images
GPS & Maps: Location Tracker iphone images

GPS & Maps: Location Tracker (Version 3.7) Install & Download

The applications GPS & Maps: Location Tracker was published in the category Navigation on 2011-11-23 and was developed by Kraus und Karnath GbR 2Kit Consulting [Developer ID: 477998014]. This application file size is 36.37 MB. GPS & Maps: Location Tracker - Navigation app posted on 2022-10-18 current version is 3.7 and works well on IOS 8.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: de.2kit.easygps