GPS & Maps: Track Coordinates, Compass + Waypoints

GPS & Maps is a simple, yet powerful GPS app for supporting navigation and outdoor activities like geocaching, sailing, skating, trekking, biking or traveling by airplane.

It measures your position, height and acceleration with accuracy information and in different units like feet, meter, miles and kilometers. Your highest altitude and speed will also be logged. You can show and save your current position or other waypoints on a map and pick one of the following formats to view your coordinates:

- GPS Coordinates (Latitude/Longitude)
- Decimal Degrees
- Degrees/Minutes/Seconds

GPS & Maps is a must have for geocachers, due to the easy switching between coordinates and map. The integrated flashlight enables users like geocachers to find targets even in dark environments without having to use a separate device.

Via in-app purchase you can add some useful features to GPS & Maps:

- Premium Edition: Unlock all of the following features.

- Waypoints Addon: Save your current location as a marker on the map. Add new locations like geo caches to the map by entering GPS coordinates. Pick different colors for waypoints. Export waypoints via e-mail. Show or hide saved waypoints on the map.

- Map Widgets: The draggable Map Widgets show your location, altitude, speed and GPS accuracy directly on the map. You can change the widget transparency and textcolor in the settings to optimize readability on different map tiles and map data sources like Google Maps or Open Street Map.

- Compass: The compass shows your heading relative to magnetic north or true north (configurable in the settings) and your current location coordinates. It also shows additional information like street, city and country. If you buy Compass and Map Widgets the Compass will also be displays as a widget on the map.

- Open Street Map Addon: This feature enhances the map with additional map data from Open Street Map.

- Google Maps Addon: This feature enhances the map with additional map data from Google Maps. The map modes 'standard', 'satellite', 'hybrid' and 'terrain' can be selected in the options menu.

Please keep in mind that the accuracy of your position and acceleration always depends on the intensity of the available GPS signal. Compass and heading information are only available on devices with magnetometer (iPhone3 GS or newer and iPad).

GPS & Maps: Track Coordinates, Compass + Waypoints App Description & Overview

The applications GPS & Maps: Track Coordinates, Compass + Waypoints was published in the category Navigation on 2011-11-23 and was developed by 2kit consulting. The file size is 22.83 MB. The current version is 2.8 and works well on 7.0 and high ios versions.

- Bug fixes

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Works good  TouchTonePhone  5 star

Works. And not bad for free.


Not accurate.  Me XL  1 star

I thought with GPS technology the way points would be much more accurate on the Maps

altitude no longer displays  3 star

no longer displays altitude.

Cal outdors

good basic gps app  Cal outdors  5 star

Many of the GPS apps have not been updated for iOS 11. This is a fairly new app, and includes GPS function, compass, and basic maps. Nice to have when boating!

Ochoci @ : £$

lol máximo  Ochoci @ : £$  5 star



Straight forward  wdaig100  5 star

No bait and long probing Qs ( :


great app  Godwin..  5 star

it's what I want, easy to get current lat, lgt. if there is a widget buffer the copied coordinate and I can copy them together, that would be better. Also if the format could be just number, no special character.


Purchaser  Mark11101  1 star

I purchased the option to add waypoints but it changes the coordinates to a location in China. Don't buy!

Ink hammer

Non performance.  Ink hammer  1 star

I took a trip to the salt flats of Uyuni with my 25th year class reunion. I paid for the full version. It failed miserably.


Awesome  One,Two,Three  5 star

Great app


This app...  Inrip  5 star

This app is a kick in the pants. It is fun, useful, easily set up and understood...and practical. I've always wondered where I was; now I know. And how high I am, which is always nice to know.


Premium Version has Ads  Pixel_1920  1 star

I purchased the premium version for $2.99 and still get ads. In addition, the App has a few bugs. For example, on the Maps page, the compass widget gets stuck sometimes. The coordinates widgets is too small to cover coordinate configurations like DD mm ss. At this point, all I want is a refund. P.S. - I'm using this App on an iPhone 6 with the latest iOS version.


Great App  J.Millr  5 star

I looked at a lot of GPS apps before picking Easy GPS. With the upgrade to iOS 8, I found a bug or two. I emailed the developers and received a reply the next day. How is that for service?? Do yourself a favor and go with the Easy GPS App.


Great app  1976-Kloitr  5 star

Easy to use, fast loading, all the info I need.


Easy gps.  Twodzusfittings  5 star

Cool tool. Used it when an emergency call came over the VHF radio to see how far we were to the vessel having an emergency.

Found it

Compass  Found it  5 star

This app is great all the information I ever will need thanks


Highly recommended.  Oleg-V  5 star

This is a nice app. I tried out several other similar apps, but some of them drain the battery running on background. This one does exactly what it’s supposed to do using the battery only when it’s active. The customer support is excellent! After having troubles with other applications I was not sure what the Disable Standby option meant and sent email to the developer. It took only an hour to get a response with the explanation that this option disables the iPhone Auto-Lock mode. Personally, I am interested in the accuracy of the GPS. iPhone automatically inserts geo-coordinates in pictures and I want to make sure that these coordinates are accurate. Standard iPhone compass does not provide information like this; Maps require Wi-Fi or Data connection that may not be available if you are travelling or out of range. In this case, this Easy GPS can be very helpful. Unfortunately, the font of the Accuracy data is small and it is not easy to read it on the sunshine. It would be nice if it would have the same font with other information displayed on the screen. Moreover, it may be a good idea to change the background color of the Accuracy data depending on the GPS reception condition, e.g. good - green, moderate – yellow, etc. Overall, this is the best app of this kind I’ve seen in the store so far.

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