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Pro Metronome - The best metronome app. Period.
Featured in Apple's WWDC 2014 showcase "Apps We Can't Live Without."

Pro Metronome is a powerful tool that helps you master both daily practice and stage performance. It has redefined how more than 4 million people sync to a beat. At the heart of the app lies our extremely precise, studio-quality metronome which we've refined even further with 3.13.

The free version is packed with features. We feature 13 different metronome tones including even a voice option. Running our newest RTP (Real-Time Playback) technology, our metronome clocks an accuracy of ±20μs.

Pro Metronome is all about customization. Change beat tones, accents, and even the dynamics of your rhythm ("f", "mf", "p" and "mute"). The Pro Version unlocks even more features including subdivisions and polyrhythm settings. Create complex patterns with triplets, dotted notes and non-standard time signatures.

The app supports several ways to experience beats. The free version of the app includes sound, but upgrading to Pro enables Visual, Flash, Vibrate and Airplay Modes. Visual and Vibrate Modes are great when you're playing loud instruments or when you need to FEEL the beat. Flash Mode uses the device's camera flash to sync up the entire band easily. You can even use Airplay Mode to beam the metronome to a projector or Apple TV!

Pro Metronome doesn't just help you keep time, it also helps you train. Pro Metronome built the Rhythm Trainer which mutes a selected bar in the beat, allowing your brain to fill in the gap and thus train your innate sense of timing. It's a simple, heavily requested idea not found in any other app to date.

Pro Metronome also supports a host of secondary features: background play mode, in-app volume adjust and even the ability to save song/tempo playlists to share with friends. It's a powerful, elegant and intuitive app - a must for the modern musician.


Pro Metronome Basic Features:

* Intuitive, ad-free interface even in the free version
* Dynamic time signature settings
* 13 different time-keeping styles, including a counting voice
* Dynamic accent settings, including f, mf, p, and mute indicators
* Tap in your own BPM
* Color Mode – see the beats graphically displayed on screen
* Pendulum Mode, for visual feedback
* Power-Saving/Background Modes – works in lock screen, home, or in another app
* In-app volume adjustment
* Extreme precision (±20μs) using RTP (Real Time Playback) technology
* Timer to help you keep track of your session
* Tone generators
* Landscape Mode for increased resolution
* Universal app – supported on iPhone, iPod and iPad
* Audiobus support
* Apple Watch support

Pro Features include:
* Sensory aids: LED/Screen Flash Mode (iPhone 4 and above) and vibration (only available for iPhones)
* Subdivisions including triplets, dotted notes, and many more
* Polyrhythms – stack two rhythm tracks on top of each other
* Programmable playlists – save and load your favorite settings
* Dual Screen Mode using AirPlay (requires iPhone 4s/iPad2 and above)
* Wirelessly playlists sharing
* Rhythm Trainer – helps to develop your steady beats
* Stage Mode – the indispensable companion for performing musicians.
* Practice Mode – allows you to programme automatic tempo change to suit your practice regime.

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Pro Metronome - Tempo,Beat,Subdivision,Polyrhythm App Description & Overview

The applications Pro Metronome - Tempo,Beat,Subdivision,Polyrhythm was published in the category Music on 2011-12-03 and was developed by Xiao Yixiang. The file size is 85.34 MB. The current version is 3.13.2 and works well on 7.0 and high ios versions.

Hey guys, the Pro Metronome app is becoming more powerful!
1. Programmable playlist is now available
2. Now you can choose the timing to switch songs in playlist, on touch or on next downbeat
3. Optimized the appearance of playlist interface
4. Settings can be configured manually with clearer interface
5. Added tone generator feature
6. Optimized the experience in Stage Mode
7. Volume control is easier now
8. Fixed bug for the watch app
9. Now you can purchase separate in-App-Purchase features as you like
10. Supported traditional Chinese language

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Best metronome  LlamaLauncher  5 star

This app can do everything you want it to do all for free. I can't say how much I've used it.


Perfect  damegoz  5 star

I have made it a part of my editing tools to find the tempo change and and merge both parts in an organic fashion. Truly an app worth writing about. Thanks again.

Saw htoo 89

Great  Saw htoo 89  5 star

Such a awesome app


First Metronome  Claireannrice  5 star

I am a beginning student and I find this app easy to use and helpful.


Totally Great!  Singingpines  5 star

I too just downloaded this app because I was disappointed with the one I already had. There is no comparison! Truly excellent!


Great  TehRoofisoNfire  5 star

At a practice session with a new band. Someone asked if we should go buy a click...another suggested maybe there's an app. Well here ya go. It's got everything you need and more. For free...

Steph Peterson

Great metronome!  Steph Peterson  5 star

Works perfectly, and easy to use. Great!


Easy as it gets  onehappypianist  5 star

Very simple easy-to-use layout. It has a good variety of customizing options, at least it covers the basics. What else do you need?


Rip off  nicksim8  1 star

Downloaded the app, then bought the pro version. Worked for a while.. but now it's telling me to buy it again? Seriously? Stop ripping people off...!!!


Better than all other metronomes  Shanebug73  5 star

Great App


Best Metronome on any OS  chjones454  5 star

User interface is simple. Available across all iOS devices, and I believe Android as well. Easiest to use and see!


Really?  ChocolateViolin🍫🎻  1 star

You have to pay to do basic functions. Thanks so much

Lovin' the pod gods

Awesome  Lovin' the pod gods  5 star

Works great

Mr. Pickles24($&@

Cool  Mr. Pickles24($&@"?!  5 star



~•Perfect for piano people•~  SuzaD2004  5 star

Love this app and it's great for keepin the beat y'all so good love love love


Nice metronome app  DocBert  5 star

This is a very useful and reliable metronome. I highly recommend it. Never had a problem with it. Easy to use


Use it every day  mattpeyton  5 star



You'll like it  semurphy  5 star

Great app! Useful, practical, simple. I use it all the time. Thx!

music aholic❤️❤️🎼🎼🎼

I LOVE THIS APP!!!!  music aholic❤️❤️🎼🎼🎼  5 star

If your a musician and have terrible timing or just need something to help you stay on the beat please, I suggested that you download this app and best of all ITS FREE!!!!!!!!!!!😍😍😍😍😍😍😄😄😄😄😄😆😆😆😆


great  mdmkekcneinc  5 star

i use this for drum line and for my bassoon and it works great!!

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