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The Etsy app lets you shop millions of one-of-a-kind items straight from your iPhone and iPad. Whether it’s for moments big or small we have it all: handmade goods, vintage goods, creative goods, custom goods—there’s something for everyone. There’s no creative marketplace quite like it. With the Etsy app you can purchase the perfect gift for friends, family, and co-workers, or even get a little something for yourself.

With Etsy on your iPhone and iPad, it’s incredibly easy to explore all the delightful, personalized, unique items you want. Browse curated collections of handcrafted jewelry, vintage goods for your closet, customized furniture for your home, everyday supplies for your kitchen and bath, DIY kits to help that creativity flow, and so much more.

Plus, whenever there’s a big day coming up—weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, holidays, or graduation—Etsy is the go-to destination for unique occasion gifts.

Etsy on your iPhone and iPad makes it easy to find what you’re looking for.

• Save your favorite items and shops so you can discover more of what you want later. It saves you time and gives you more personalized recommendations in the future.
• Get notified when your favorite shop adds new items, or when your favorite items go on sale, so you won’t miss out on special savings or limited editions.
• Chat directly with shop owners and have items customized just for you. Most shop owners are quick to respond and love creating something just for you!
• It’s easy to buy goods swiftly and securely using our full suite of payment options, including Apple Pay at checkout.
• You want order tracking? We’ll let you know when your order ships, and even better, when it’s delivered!
• Etsy is spoken around the world! You can browse in English, German, French, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Polish, or Japanese.
• Hang a one-of-a-kind piece of art in your home from your phone with our new augmented reality beta feature.

There’s never been a better time to find something you love on Etsy. Get the app today!

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Etsy: Custom & Creative Goods Comments & Reviews

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- Incredibly Easy To Use!

I was new to Etsy altogether, and my phone is kind of old. Using the PC version on my phone was very slow and frustrating. Once I got the app I couldn’t believe how easy it was to look at all the great items! I love how you can not only favorite the item itself, but the store too! So even if you forget to favorite an item, that store is saved and you can always go back to see what new pretties that store owner has. I like to think of Etsy as the biggest craft store in the world with all it’s offerings. And this app lets you navigate and save your favorites with the greatest of east. It also is so convenient when you click the item itself. The pics are at top to slide. Description at bottom. It gives all details, including shipping information. And if you chose to enlarge the photos you can. And post-purchase, I like how it has the orders listed separately and you can easily see what has shipped and the tracking of any. Even the messaging features between customers and sellers is so convenient. All in all, a very thoughtful app that I have had no problems using. Thank you!!!

- I love Etsy but .....

I shop Etsy all the time so I am a buyer and a seller! There are some things I love and some things not so much ... I miss the old Etsy .... ever hear if something isn’t broken do not try and fix it? I miss treasuries and other features about Etsy that are no longer! Etsy has become more commercialized such as on tv commercials, I’ve seen it advertised online as a “work from home job” I was a lil shocked to say the least.... but when you buy on Etsy be sure that you know which SHOP you’re in! Etsy is the MALL .... WE ARE THE SHOPS IN THE MALL! 🛍The artists and artist suppliers are the back bone of the industry! However Etsy is the easiest for me since I’ve been on for so long! With more than one shop.... too much change in such a short amount of time can really throw some of us off! I miss the different comfort of an “Etsy family” rather than HUGE E-COMMERCE, still Etsy is my go to for a lot of things! I love supporting small business and the artists and after all Etsy gives us the PLATFORM to put our shops we work hard in every day to make all of your shopping full of endless fun! You can find lots and lots of OOAK here! Thanks to the sellers and their shops ... thanks Etsy for giving us a place to sell our goods but it would be good to be able to get someone on the phone again!

- The worst app ever

This app seriously ruined my life. Etsy doesn’t give a crap about sellers as long as they are making money by pulling in enough buyers. Every time a case is opened against you they ALWAYS choose the side of the buyer and take money from your account without permission. All 3 cases I had against me were not my fault. The first one was a customer being unhappy with a product 3 months after receiving it when my return policy clearly states send me a message within 1 week and mail back within 2 weeks. I refused to accept the item after 3 months and they opened a case and I didn’t give them a refund and Etsy took the money straight out of my account. The second time was a customer demanding a refund saying they never received their item when their tracking number clearly stated that it had been delivered weeks ago, and Etsy once again took money from me without my permission. They also don’t take into account that items cannot be shipped on Sunday so customers get mad when their item is shipped a day late. Now they have a new policy where if you don’t offer free shipping your items will not pop up at the top of the list for customers, so you are basically forced into free shipping and lose customers by increasing your prices for no reason. Etsy is a waste of time and money and I’m upset I ever wasted putting energy into it.

- My Favorite App.....EVER.

I use Etsy for 90% of my gifts I give for birthdays, Christmas and any other gift giving holiday. As long as you do your research about a shop (have a look at their reviews see what people say, how long have they been a seller, how many things have they sold, picture quality etc.) to see that they are a quality seller you should have no problems. You can find a vast array of things from allover the world (though be weary of things from the China region, a lot of those items are cheap and poorly made). Lots of beauty sellers include free samples of their other products when you buy something, which is amazing. (Who doesn't love free stuff to try) And I could fill a box of thank you cards, hand written notes and messages from sellers thanking me for my order. It makes it feel like you ordered from your neighbor down the street not someone six states away or half way across the world. I have bought nearly a hundred things from different shops if not more and will continue to do so because where else can you find amazing cool things made/sold by equally amazing people.

- Extremely unhappy

I am extremely unhappy I have been dealing with the supplier LoveJilty, since I’ve paid for my items I haven’t received any information regarding why my payment has not gone through on THERE part. I was supposed to receive a bra top and a garter bottom and was told that my items was marked as unpaid because of being shipped internationally and that additional charges may apply that I was okay with what I’m not Okay with is the fact that I got a message from LoveJilty saying they need me to pay again for what I already bought and have a receipt for ! Which is 85$ extra! I have tried to open a case but cannot because it says that my items will not be shipped until July 12 which is a lie because I will not be receiving my items because they have told me I need to pay more money. They also sent me a one additional message saying that they would check the bank as to why my payment didn’t go through and they never got back with me I want a refund and have not heard back and I am extremely disappointed and unsatisfied

- No Accountability

I really loved Etsy because of all the creative variety of hand-crafted products. However, the past few orders I have placed have been massively overdue. I bought a Christmas gift for a friend in early December; it had an ETA if 2-3 weeks yet it JUST arrived mid February. There needs to be some sort of system of accountability that penalizes business owners if they take longer than the projected dates posted on their page - some sort of incentive for them to make sure they meet their own deadlines. Perhaps refunding a percentage of the cost of the item back to the buyer after a certain amount of time? If you claim that your products ship within two to three weeks, and it takes two MONTHS on more than one separate occasion, it is a huge deterrent to me from wanting to buy anything else from here again. I understand life happens, and some things are out of their control; I’m completely okay if it’s a few days (or even a week) past when they said I would get it, as long as they keep me updated. But that rarely happens. Most of the time I just get no response until I finally open a claim, which I really don’t like doing. Please develop a better system of accountability to make it less frustrating for your consumers! Thank you!

- I got scammed and there is nothing anybody can do

I downloaded Etsy super excited to see what I could find and how to improve my cosplays and all. I take partial blame for not doing more research before I committed. I found a listing on Etsy from “Cosplay Dream Shop” that promoted cheap commissions and I though I’d give it a whirl. Set up a payment system and I sent my payment through PayPal (what the seller told me to do) and what turned to months of messages of “when will it arrive?” to “I need my money back because you violated our agreement.” Commissioner stopped replying on the Etsy chat and I found her on Facebook and started messaging her there and she said she’d get my cosplay to me. I contacted Etsy to see what could be done and they said to call PayPal since that’s where the transaction happed so I called PayPal and they told me to call my bank because there was utterly nothing they could do. I call my bank and they inform me they also can’t do anything because the transaction was over 150 days or something and the only thing I can do is continue to message the seller on Etsy. It has been an utter nightmare and I’m angry and upset that no one can do anything. So in other words, Etsy is a platform for easy scams and trickery to occur. What makes me even more mad is that her shop still exists on Etsy! Thanks Etsy, for nothing.

- Fabric pricing

The only thing I don’t like on Etsy is having to guess the price of fabric. It is usually by the yard but on Etsy you sometimes have to go all the way into your cart before finding the price is not for a yard but it is for a fat quarter, an 1/8th, or 3/8 yard, 1 yard etc. It makes it very hard to compare fabrics. Normally it would be no big deal but when a fabric is needed now it gets very annoying to open an ad just to find out it still doesn’t specify how much you are getting for $3.40. After reading the entire ad you still don’t have an indication. So now you go to the cart to see what you bought for 3 @ $3.40. One would expect about $12 with tax but instead it said $38 and that didn’t include shipping. I did this kind of searching for 6 hours yesterday between 2 sites and left everything at your site except for one small purchase. I don’t have a problem paying what something is worth but it seems like a trick. It is not needed unless your goal is to annoy. Just price it the real price. Thanks, Donna Watkins

- Best e-collars for cats

I have a small 8 pound tabby named Pepper Ann, who has scratched her face for some unknown reason since she was a little kitten. We have been seeing veterinarians for years, but cannot figure out why she does it. We are coming around to the idea that it may just be behavioral, whether it is something anxiety related or obsessive compulsive... we have tried every e-collar under the sun, without much success! This e-collar has been the biggest help. I can leave it on Pepper Ann for extended periods of time and know that she is not uncomfortable. It is soft, flexible, and lightweight. She is not scared when she wears it, and it barely slows her down. It is actually a bit of a fashion statement! At first she could not figure out how to scratch her face with it at all. And over time she is now occasionally successful at scratching (she’s a cat, she’s smart). But overall it does the best job at preventing my cat from harming herself, and she can stay comfortable. Her quality of life is so much greater since we found this e-collar.

- Difficult

Etsy has become very difficult over the past couple years I’ve used it. I recently bought a charger on here and when it showed up the item didn’t work at all. Contacting the shop first I asked for the issue to be solved. I checked to make sure it wasn’t my phone and when done I asked the shop for a new charger (they state this is not an issue even if I was the one to break it) I contacted Etsy and opened a case. Eventually after some time the seller stopped replying and ignored me. This raised a red flag. I escalated the case with Etsy as to have them over look it and the replies take forever, they also aren’t fixing the issue. First, they ask for photos which I can not supply because how do you take a photo of your phone not charging? Thy also don’t realize even if it was my fault for breaking it, the seller states in their about, that they will replace it, no questions, no returns, and quickly. I’m deeply disappointed and awaiting for my last order to arrive so I am able to delete the app. ****Update: recently Etsy closed my case and refused to fix the issue, The shop also decided to change their warranty facts so I can not in anyway get my item replaced. I’m saddened how poor of a system Etsy runs and how disappointing some of the people on there are.

- Overwhelmed by ads

I love Etsy and I’ve used this app for years. I was SO happy when they finally updated the options for search filtering because that was a long long time coming, but recently my searches are dominated by ads paid for by the stores owner. I’m used to Etsy ads and they’ve even helped me find new favorites. However, most of my search results are now ads, and they’re ads that are no longer even pertinent to what I’m looking for. If I’ve searched for sunflower necklaces, adjusted the filters to what I want, I don’t want to see sunflower wedding invitations suggested, or sunflower art prints being suggested. Seriously?! At least suggest the same thing I’m looking for, even if it’s a $200 item and my search criteria is the $0-$50 range. That at least I understand. Mixing completely different categories is obnoxious and makes it hard for me to see what I’m looking for. The second problem with the ads lately is the quantity. I’m used to seeing 2 ads every so often, but I’m seeing 4-6 ads clumped together now and coming up so often I don’t know if it’s still on my search at all. This is ridiculous, I want this fixed ASAP please.

- Bugs in “Favorites”

Updating review to reflect how much I love Etsy and its app. The company also reached out to me based on my review. This is the first time a company has reached out based on a review and I’m very impressed with the personalized service. (Kind of thought no one would ever read my review). I really like the keep my favorites pages organized and right now I’m so frustrated I don’t even want to get on the app. The items show up duplicated either next to each other or as I scroll. If I try to “unheart” an item that has sold to remove it from my favorites page, the whole page scrolls me back to the top of my list (super frustrating when trying to organize hundreds of favorites to have on hand for social media). It’s an eyesore trying to navigate. Please fix this! Also, while I’m here, could you please offer a Poshmark style organizer that will allow me to “refine” my favorites list to show “sold” items so I can declutter my lists faster? Thank you!


First of all, I got Etsy because I thought it would be easy to use and I wanted to sell my slime!! It turns out I was wrong. So Etsy charges $.20 PER LISTING!! It is hard to use. One day I came back on Etsy to find out that my account had been BANNED!!! So I checked my email and they told me that my account would be unbanned by June something. I recently have tried to sell by making a different account but it won’t let me make a new one. I have emailed them again and they told me that I had “violated” the community guidelines because I had apparently sold something that I had not made. WHAT?!! So you tell me I can get my account back in June and then in June you tell me I cannot get it back ever or make new accounts? I sell slime!! MY slime! There is literally an OPTION asking if it is your product or someone else’s! I see people everyday on Etsy selling something that’s not theres. But I have NEVER sold something that I have not made. I have emailed them multiple times telling them to be more specific but they won’t tell me what I sold that I apparently have not made. They won’t respond to my emails anymore. And on top of that, I CANNOT BUY!! I’m very disgusted and disappointed. Do not recommend.

- Etsy is my go-to for clothing now

I love linen clothing. Here in the states, I can find linen in white, beige, black and a few other colors. On Etsy, I can find linen in beautiful, rich, saturated colors like mallard blue, teal, sea green, and merlot. Since I wear only linen in the summer, Etsy has become my go-to for clothing. The prices are fabulous too. Here in the states I might have to pay $90 for a nice linen tank and on Etsy a similar tank (which is also made to order from measurements you provide them), the same top is $45-$65 or so. The customer service is great too. I don’t mind waiting for my item to arrive as it’s so special. All of the shops I’ve ordered from have also sent color swatches to aid in color choices should I order again (and I usually do). The linen is of often of superior quality, comes in various weights and is very soft and never scratchy. I have worn every single clothing item I’ve purchased from Etsy. I am 5’2 and busty, so that’s pretty hard to accomplish.

- Tarot reading

I want to share my experience with my reading done by Queen Air Bender, and let me say she touched my spirit and gave me peace in my heart. The way my reading was channeled felt as if she was sitting in front of me and helping me through my ordeal. She is truly gifted by a higher power and I am grateful and thankful for her spirit and her gift. I sincerely thank you and exhaust you on a magnificent reading you prepared for me. I came across your channel at a time when I really need to be uplifted and feel that what I hear is truthful. Let me say your spirit locked with mine and brought peace to soul. I love how you bring forth the messages channeled by a Higher Power and you make it understandable and it feels like we are having a conversation together. You are truly gifted and believe me you bend more than just Air!!!!!! Once again it was worth every penny, I thank you from my heart/soul. I pray you be blessed and wish all GOOD things for you! Thank you!

- Awesome with untapped potential

I have been using Etsy for many many years. I really miss the Treasury feature, and the ability to make themed scrap-book like shopping lists to encourage others to buy items they may not have seen before. It was great for sellers, as it was free advertising- but it was also good for treasury creators because often the sellers would provide them discounts for it... I also think Etsy could be an entire social system with chat rooms, craft classes, live feeds from Etsy shops, giveaways, ect... Etsy has always been the favorite spot for real artists, not fakes or mass marketed cheap stuff. I do think its been getting a bit worse about that, you have to sift through a lot of hustlers, but the great artists and crafters make it worth it. I also think that Etsy should create some rules for sellers to help with customer service. Sometimes you ask questions and sellers won’t even respond, or they are rude. But again, the great artists and crafters make it all worth it! LOVE YALL!

- Very difficult to leave a review

I am a buyer and seller on Etsy. It is important that my clients be able to leave reviews of my products, and important that I leave reviews of products I have purchased. Several of my buyers have said they cannot find where to leave me a review and also I have not been able to leave reviews of items I've purchased. As a buyer, when told to go to your "purchases and review" page, there is no place to respond. However, I see that I have left reviews of some items I have bought, and also some folks have left reviews for me.......yet it is not consistent. Also when trying to contact Etsy directly for support, I am given a menu to choose from with pre-selected topics........not what I am looking for!!! There is more information when digging into the site than I need or want, yet I cannot get my question answered, nor find a place to ask it!

- Misleading marketing

I don’t know why people ruin a good thing especially for those whose are honest and have faith in their product. I loved Etsy! I had used it for a long time but not so anymore!! I’m finding this happens a lot more now than ever. I don’t use it as a first go to like before and I am to the point of not even opening a site if the search comes up with Etsy on the address. I think it’s nothing but a marketing scam! Not all, but many, more than likely when you’re looking for an item and the results come up it isn’t the price for what you searched but a price for something else. Example: a simple cape with your favorite sesame character, personalized, comes up $2 and I when you click on it again it shows a picture of cape with $2 BUT the drop down defines it and it’s really $12. The little mask is $2. They used to call this false advertising but my question is if you have a good product at a reasonable why do you feel the need to scam people, tryingthe price is altered who knows what the product is or looks like? Don’t ruin a good thing like you did for me!! Have some faith in your product and price your asking for it!!!

- Shops/Shop Owners very Accommodating/Issue: App Crashes

I love Etsy and use it frequently for myself and for others since it’s easily accessible and I can mail gifts directly to another friend or family and be done. The one issue I’ve experienced is that the app crashes; the app typically crashes after about 30 mins or it becomes “choppy” and there are delays when navigating through the app to different shops, etc. I have about 6 apps that I use on my iPad; I’ve tried to troubleshoot (I.e. delete and download again; utilize updates all the time), but it still occurs. My other apps do not crash or have a similar pattern in any way. I clearly still use it, despite this. Would recommend to anyone. No delays with delivery dates, shop owners very accommodating when I’ve had gifts and inquired about personalizing/changing something that are not even listed with details/rush shipping for last minute gifts.

- Awesome

I read that other people are having issues, but I'm not experiencing any of them. The app is easy to navigate, filtering searches is extremely easy, and making purchases is a cinch. I do wish that items from the same shop were grouped together in the cart. Also the I've found the shipping to be pretty high, especially on small items. I was going to buy a $0.75 item, and the cost of shipping was $3.99, I couldn't justify paying that much money, I was bummed because I really liked the item. Etsy has SO many sellers and people making often costly purchases..the high cost of shipping for many, many shops is often the dealbtraker for me and ill decide against making that/those purchases. Besides that, I absolutely love the app and how it gives me access to SO many awesome shops and exposes me to an extremely wide range of products I wouldn't seen without it.

- Refreshing a page

I have been shopping on Etsy for quite a while now and there is one seller in particular which I like buying things from her work is amazing and beautiful and she post items as she finishes them. With that being said her items are also very popular so once her items are posted you instantly have to try and purchase it or it’s gone, but it is hard to do that when her shop has multiple items up for sale, and you can’t see any of them. Within seconds those few items she listed are sold. With not being able to see what was sold. Unfortunately every single time I get on there and she post three or four items at once and you go to refresh the page to see the items that were posted there’s nowhere to refresh there’s no refresh button you cannot slide the screen down to refresh I don’t understand this issue, please fix it!!! I’ve reached out to Etsy a few times and have been told I have to many windows open. That is not the case, I have cleared my browser history and only opened the Etsy website and still the same issue, so very frustrating!!!

- Love soooo much💕

I can’t say enough about how amazing Etsy is... it’s so safe to you can pay with PayPal or use your card and Etsy does not share your card information with the shop you buy from keeping you safe as the buyer! On here you can find so many gorgeous and fabulous things. I’ve ordered fine jewelry and live plants, antiques, personalized items, gaming items, a gorgeous collar for my dog who is large and hard to purchase her size. I fell in love with Etsy and many shops on Etsy and as time goes on and occasions come up to buy for people I can always count on going on Etsy to find the most perfect thoughtful gift ever! I did about 90% of my Christmas shopping on Etsy and I have had no issues and things come in a timely fashion sometimes even super quickly. Etsy, I love this site!!!! 💕 Thanks, Katie 💫

- New checkout has one problem...

I’ve had this app for ages and I love it, the only problem I have is with the “new and improved” checkout. I often add things to my checkout from from multiple sellers at once, but I like to make my purchases from the different sellers individually. It makes more sense, since they all charge for shipping separately and many have different shipping times. The concept of merging all the purchases together is a good one, if that is how you prefer to pay, but it’s not good for everyone. On the web version, you can choose to check out from different shops individually, so I find I do my “window shopping” and adding stuff to my cart from my phone but then making my actual purchases from a computer. It’s a little inconvenient that way. It would be nice if the phone version offered the “check out from this shop” feature, or allow you to select the old checkout style.

- Never received my order

I used to love Etsy and order items from here on a regular basis, but they’ve really gone down hill. I ordered a necklace from a shop and it never arrived. I messaged the shop owner and she never responded to my message. This was a week after my order was supposed to ship. Because she didn’t reply, I called Etsy support and was told they couldn’t do anything and I’d have to wait another week before I could file a claim. The following week I filed a claim because I still hadn’t received my order or heard from the shop owner. I called again to see if I could get a refund and was told there was nothing they could do right now and that I’d have to wait ANOTHER WEEK before I could be issued a refund from Etsy. The shop owner is MIA and Etsy keeps making me wait a full week before I can do anything. I placed my order almost 2 weeks ago. By the time I get a refund, it will have been almost 3+ weeks since I placed my order. I will be making my own necklaces from now on because it takes way too long to get a refund/any help from Etsy themselves. Won’t be ordering again.

- Bug report

First and foremost: the site is difficult to search. I love what I find here, but it is just so hard to sort. Search on Boho necklace and you find necklaces that are anything but boho, beads suitable for making a necklace, necklaces that are neither vintage nor handmade, non-necklaces that could be worn around a neck maybe, a clasp without a necklace and so on. (And yes, I know how to use a search engine.) And now there’s a new wrinkle. The Etsy app and the Etsy seller app are not communicating with each other. On my Etsy seller app, I saw recent activity that showed me something interesting on the Etsy app. When I clicked on it, I was told I must be signed in to see that listing...but I was already signed in. I went through a frustrating loop numerous times. It simply would not show me that article in that shop. So I searched the Etsy app on the name of the store instead, and it told me there was no such store. I tried this repeatedly, but it failed. My spelling was correct. I clicked on SHOPS. All my efforts failed. I was on the verge of buying something!

- An actual Etsy APP review

This app is, well, crap. It is a bit better than the previous incarnations; however, can you say "Worst App Ever"?? You can no longer ok never see the seller when you have an item in your favorites list. ??? Sometimes I want to purchase several items from the same seller, and I either have to click on actual item to see who the seller is or go to the seller's store to see which items I've favorites. How cluzy is that?? Another (huge) issue is the favorite lists. You click on an item to favorite it; it goes in a generic favorite list. Then you add it to whatever special category list you have created. All OK, and good, except when said item is sold or is no longer available. I like to keep my lists current and cleaned up so they aren't too long and unwieldy. However..this is where it gets tricky. Etsy grayscales items no longer available and the price isn't listed anymore on the thumbnail pic. In order to delete it, you have to click on heart and then click on whatever lists item is in (quickly, because it goes away) and then list scrolls back to the friggin TOP of the favorites page you were looking at!!! Etsy I have wasted YEARS of my life trying to clean up my Favorites lists! I AM A HEAVY ETSY USER!! I HAVE MULTIPLE AND VERY LONG FAVORITES LISTS!!! Come on, Etsy. Surely your computer geeks can do better.

- Not user friendly

I gave a one star rating because the app and site are not that user friendly. I’ve been using Etsy for so long, but a few things make no sense. There is no real way to edit your lists. There is no seamless way to mass delete items, you have to do it one by one and if the item is sold out or delisted, you have to go into the app, find the item then select edit lists and scroll to deselect the list in order to delete it. Etsy should take a few pages from Pinterest who have made using their site and editing your boards very user friendly. Etsy also automatically adds everything to your favorites first, then you have to click the heart again to deselect it and then a THIRD time just to add the item to the list you actually want it in. I hate using Etsy nowadays, it shouldn’t be a chore to shop their site, there is nothing casual about it. It’s great for finding unique items, but so annoying to use the site or app. Sometimes when I search things, items and shops I KNOW are there, won’t show up in my search. Get it together Etsy.

- Leaving Reviews on App is Almost Impossible

The app works fine when searching for/buying things. However, the feature to leave reviews for items you’ve purchased is severely broken. I always like to leave photo reviews to benefit the shops I buy from, and I feel like taking a picture on my phone then posting it with a review all from the same device should be super simple. This is not the case: when you select a photo and adjust the borders, the area of the photo changes by selecting an area down and to the right of what you selected, sometimes even zooming out. Then when you go to type up the review, the page does not scroll down to allow you to read what you’ve written. The phone keyboard covers almost all of the review making it hard to type at all, let alone proofread/edit. If they fix this issue, I will update my review. The option to leave detailed reviews is central to the whole Etsy experience and benefits the entire site, so I hope someone can make it work.

- Love the site & App is easy to use

I absolutely adore shopping on Etsy. The app is easy to use, pleasing to the eye, and everything works smoothly. However, one issue I have experienced is accessing my PDF downloads I have purchased - it is not so intuitive and it takes a bit of searching to get to the correct place. I can’t even get it to work on the app, instead I have to access the mobile site from Safari. What makes this even worse is that if I navigate away from my PDF file on safari and then come back only a short time later, it almost always “loses” the page and it says it cannot be found, so I have to go through the entire process again just to use my PDF files which I paid for. I could go and have the patterns printed but that is inconvenient and not really “essential” considering our current state of events (review posted May 2020).

- Coco and Juan Have Beautiful Clothing

Betty, owner of Coco and Juan, has been making beautiful plus sized tunics and pants for many years and her design talent, professionalism and excellent manufacturing ability of her lovely product make her a leader and a legend on ETSY!! I get compliments each and every time I wear one of her creations! The fabric Betty uses is a very comfortable and easy to care for stretchy polyester. It does NOT cling but rather it hangs gently making you look slim and fashionable! Amazingly enough, I have never had cause to return anything! Everything I order fits perfectly and it looks exactly like the picture! Pick out something fun and order it today! Yo will be so happy you did!!!!November is the perfect month to get ready for the holidays with a brand new party tunic, snazzy vest or classic pair of pants! And animal print is always on my mind... How about you?!!!!

- Horrible Customer Service

While the app itself is easy to use and wonderful for buyers and sellers the customer service to fix account problems is atrocious. First, there’s no # to call and talk to a real person. The # that you can google and call just is a recorded message telling you to check their help page. Someone gained access to my Etsy account and changed the email address associated with it and so I can no longer access my account. Not only that but this seems like they were able to get access to my other info as well. There is no “help” page to fix this. Once I was able to “chat” with someone they said that they would look into it and have someone email me back. No response. So now 3 weeks later I sent a form email back on their contact page asking for help and all I’ve received is a form email telling me to check their “help” page. I love the products sold by the sellers on Etsy but the app itself is crap if they don’t care about their users.

- Impossible to be insatiable!

There has never been anything for me to complain about from anywhere that I have ordered from on this app. Every person that I have messaged has been more than kind and courteous, always so very helpful, and willing to make anything work for whatever issue there may be. I feel that supporting small businesses during this time is very important and critical to people trying to make money for their families and themselves. Everything is unique, and a lot of hard work, time, and love, have been put into each piece that the seller sells. It is very easy to order anything that you’d like, it is also safe to put in your card information I love that the app is so easy to navigate and use. Definitely one of my favorite shopping apps! You won’t be disappointed!

- I waited for Etsy for years

Until Etsy, I was hungry for art jewelry, art clothing, community design and designs from afar. I shopped at Macy’s and Nordstrom but was still empty. I even traveled and shopped but I was always wanting for artistry which was difficult to find. I’d travel to local shops but even then they could only stock a few artists at a time. Now I can’t stop buying things on Etsy and I have found so many artists that make me feel like I can truly express myself by wearing their art. When Etsy was younger I sold things and they just kept making their platform easier to use. I love seeing buyers pictures and comments and the option for sellers to be able to comment back. Whoever founded Etsy, thank you for putting in the difficult early work figuring out legality, tech, funders.

- Please don’t delete my profile anymore

Etsy has deleted my original profile twice since I became a member in 2007. They were able to reset my password so I can now access an account I created in 2017 to address the first time they deleted my account. In 2017 they restored my 2007 account and then in 2019 they deleted my account again. No one has ever explained why my account keeps getting erased. I had to write a one star review on the App Store to get in contact with their support team. They have now restored the 2017 account and I’m just so sick of trying to get my old profile back that I’ve given up on it. I wish I could view my old favorite stores and items but I don’t trust them to not delete my account. I’m just not going to get too attached to this profile. I gave this app two stars instead of one because I think it’s a really good idea for a homemade and vintage online store with small sellers. Unfortunately the platform has some real issues.

- Best prices anywhere - Snowboarding gear, jewelry, home goods

Oh sure, you have to watch out for the few ones that are really priced high, but for the most part Etsy prices utterly rock! I have been 100% satisfied on every single item I’ve ordered. I’ve ordered home goods, for example hanging ceramic pots that really jazz up my kitchen, jewelry that I love, towels (greattttt quality, low cost.) I just ordered a (used) XL snowboarding jacket and pants for my teenage son. (He does already have a snowboard; thank God for small favors! ) Pants + jacket are wrapped in plastic and have tags on them! None of the colors are faded or stained or in any way not new looking. These clothes were 1/4 the cost of new items. Also ordered used snowboarding boots in my son’s 11.5 shoe size, and I spent $29. They are a name brand that I just don’t recall but you all would recognize. I am too tired to go look it up… It If the boots, which aren’t here yet, are as good as the clothes. I will have spent under $110 total. When he asked for snowboarding clothes and boots all I could think to myself was that I’d never be able to afford it! I hope the boots are as good as the other stuff! I will post another review if the quality of the boots is amazing like everything else from Etsy.


There is absolutely NO BUYER PROTECTION. SHAME ON YOU, ETSY!!!! UNETHICAL, IMMORAL, FRAUDS!!!! HOW DARE YOU ALLOW SELLERS TO STILL HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS FROM BUYERS!!! was scammed on Etsy and there is no way to report it or get my money back. The “seller” used another shops pictures and when I tried to immediately cancel my order they refused to refund my money. Then they reported the item as delivered when it wasn’t. I tried to open a case with Etsy, but, they just try to get you to resolve with the seller. Etsy takes no responsibility by putting it all on the buyer and seller to resolve. There is no way to contact Etsy directly and no way for me to get my money back. There are real scammers on Etsy. Be very careful. I lost hundreds of dollars. Money I don’t have to spare. Edit says to open a case but they just close my case immediately without looking into it because the seller says they delivered it. I have proof in conversation with the seller that I received nothing. Yet, Etsy refuses to do anything about it. SHAME ON YOU, ETSY!!!! UNETHICAL, IMMORAL, FRAUDS!!!! HOW DARE YOU ALLOW SELLERS TO STILL HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS FROM BUYERS!!!

- Great app but with a couple issues

I love Etsy and I love the app, but there’s a couple of things that consistently frustrate me. One is that you can’t filter your “loved items” by category. Over the years I’ve “loved” dozens of items, but when I want to go back and find something I have to scroll through the whole list instead of being able to filter the list to narrow it down. Also, this is for Etsy in general and not the app specifically, but the reviews on a product aren’t for that specific product, but for all the products sold by that seller. I was excited to find a phone case that I loved with tons of great reviews, but then realized that all the great reviews were for other products, and couldn’t find a single review for the phone case. If they could fix those two issues, Etsy would be near perfect!

- Disappointed.

I have been an Etsy shopper for several years now, and enjoy using the site and love being able to support small businesses. The 2 star rating is for the app software itself. I have an iPhone 7 running iOS 10.0. I refuse to update to 11.0 because of the well-known slowdowns it brings to "older" phones. Upon launching the app today, I got a notification saying that the Etsy app would no longer support iOS 10.0, and that I needed to update my phone software to 11.0 for new features. I understand that under normal circumstances, updates are crucial, but when Apple has admitted to slowing down older phones, I think it's ridiculous to have to upgrade. I hope to be able to use my 7 for as long as possible, and it runs way faster than other phones of the same model which are updated. I'm disappointed I won't be able to use the Etsy mobile app anymore and will be accessing the site through browser, if it allows me to.

- We love Color Shields Kits!

And the Art Nanny! Amanda is an amazing art teacher and really knows what she’s doing! She is so easy to work with and gets back with responses quickly! We have followed her to library programs, pop up tents, on IG and here. I just ordered another three kits- one for each of my children 3 and 6 years old and one for myself! I’m not much of an artist myself, but these kits provided with step by step direction that even I can make it look good! My children completed their first kits at 2 and 3! We have since used them as decoration in our home, and gifts for family members! Everyone is so impressed when they see the final product and can’t believe the kids did them on their own! Looking forward to doing these while everyone is stuck at home!

- Love Etsy! Needs some features to be perfect

I love Etsy, however I think there’s a few improvements that could be added. Although extra features are available on the browser-version of Etsy, the app is lacking in some areas. Some suggestions are to add the extra filtering options like on your desktop site. Another huge missing feature is to sort reviews by picture. Seeing a picture of a product is very important in the purchase decision and often times shop photos look very different from review photos. I dislike scrolling endlessly to find a few pictures in the review sections. Etsy is honestly a wonderful website with lots to offer. I have spent countless hours and bought lots of gifts from the variety of shops there. I think with a few small changes this app could have it all! <3

- People reselling from China... Etsy doesn’t seem to Care...

Since I wrote my original review, I’ve seen MANY more items that were just resells from wish and aliexpress.... no customizations made... just resells.... so whatever you search for on Etsy search on wish too and see how many things are just an item from with with a higher price tag claiming to be homemade.. It’s in etsy’s policy that the items listed be either homemade or vintage... I’ve run across some shops that are reselling very cheap items from China.... not only is it very hard to report these shops or items(must do it from a desktop) but it seems they don’t care even if you do report it... I come to Etsy to support small businesses and buy handmade items... I was extremely disappointed when I bought some “handmade” baby knee pads and they came in a little plastic bag with Chinese written all over them... then when I looked them up I found the same exact knee pads in multiple shops and on Walmart . Com and other places online....

- Etsy Lover

As a Etsy Shopkeeper , ReVamped byTheodore, I have learned to become a business woman for the first time in my life . I was able to reinvent myself after my kids had grown and I found myself at a cross roads. Etsy gave me the chance to become a professional artist , able to showcase my pieces all over the world with out ever leaving home. I had sold internationally as well as all over the USA . Thanks to Etsy , I am proud of what I have built in just a few years . You can achieve any thing if you believe in yourself and with a lot of hard work. It’s never too late to discover just what you are capable of . Thank you Etsy for helping me prove that you are never too old to discover magic that lives within you .thanks for the journey we are taking together ! Sondra Theodore


Etsy is crooked, rotten and illegal. I had a beautiful shop on Etsy selling my mommy and me leggings. I found another Etsy seller using my photos and I sent them an email asking them to stop using my photos. The next day Casey from Etsy closed my shop without even reaching out to me first. She sent me my OWN photos that I took in my basement workshop of my products for sale and told me that I was using someone else’s photos!!! I then sent in pictures of my basement showing my mannequins and sewing machine etc. They still won’t reopen my store and they kept my balance which is over $100. I used to rave about how great Etsy was. Not anymore. Be warned if you are a seller. Casey is getting kick backs to get rid of competition. This company doesn’t even respond to emails and no phone number to call them and they steal your profits. DON’T SELL ON ETSY. You will be sorry if you do and to the jerk who stole my product images and got my shop closed down Karma will get you. Very Disappointed with ETSY aka THIEVES. Pam

- Problem with favorites

I love the Etsy app but I am now having a problem with the favorites section. Weekly I like to go ythrough my favorites and remove what has been sold. Over the past couple of weeks when I start going through my favorites after a few minutes the app will freeze up usually at the same section and then I am kicked out of the favorites. When I get back on favorites I have to start at the beginning and after a few minutes the same thing happens. It does the same thing when I click on my favorite shops. I really love this app and love buying sterling silver jewelry from this site. Can somebody fix the problem with the favorites section of this app or tell me what to do to fix this?


It has been over an hour since I have requested an e-mail to reset my password and I have yet to see any e-mails from Etsy. Makes me seriously reconsider whether I want anything in my cart that bad, which is not fair to to the sellers. Aren’t those things supposed to be automated?? Usually by the time I open my e-mail from other sites, the reset e-mail is already in my inbox. Now it’s approaching 2 hours and still nothing!! I can’t sit around waiting for it. I have other things to do and if it doesn’t get sent right way, people are likely to forget about it or be unable to open it when it does come. And since some of the quantities are limited they are likely to miss out and get really frustrated (or angry). And there’s nowhere I can call that I can find. If I were a seller, I would be especially angry. Edit: Now approaching 3 hours!

- Need way to mark items as received

I’m finding the lack of basic tracking features very frustrating. App does not let buyers mark an item as received or otherwise automatically mark items as delivered. With multiple purchases in various stages of fulfillment I have to keep rescanning the whole list multiple times. Especially difficult where one of multiple items is pictured or an item had to change after sale (switch to a different pattern bc inventory ran out). With a few items, no problem. With dozens, recurring problem. Additional basics: Etsy should integrate shipping info to show on the purchases page when an item is expected to ship or arrive. Also require sellers to enter shipping info. Other platforms do this by rating seller performance, including by reminding buyers to leave seller feedback on shipping speed and cost.

- Great app but...

There isn’t any tech support features within the app, so I can’t offer feedback or seek help directly from etsy without going to their website and logging in (which is a pain because my account is linked to my Facebook, but the website doesn’t launch the Facebook app for me to sign in and I don’t want to sign in via web browser). Also, there aren’t any options for searching/shopping locally within the app, so I only get European and Asian results which is crazy frustrating since I live in USA! I made the mistake of ordering something from Ukraine before I realized this and it took a month to get to me when I needed it in a week or less. It would be really helpful to have these features available. Other than that, the app (so far) is easy to use and well organized!

- Buy from the makers, not the profiteers

After buying from large retailers for years, and falling victim to the ease of the online experience, I thought it was time I started buying goods from the people that make them. Getting to know the craftspeople behind beautiful works of art, fashion, and decor, is one of the most delightful experiences one will ever know. Such give deeper meaning to the things we buy and the relationship we form with our material things. In a instant, “I need it cheap and I need it now” world, driven by insatiable consumerism, it is inspiring to learn the stories behind the crafts, and the people who devote their lives to giving us a little something special to make our lives better. Definitely not sorry I downloaded this app!

- Love Etsy

I really like Etsy because it allows smaller businesses to showcase their talents and products that otherwise maybe hidden. It’s always something cool & odd to find on Etsy. I gave 4 stars because sometimes Etsy will over charge when it comes to shopping. $10 to ship something small is ridiculous! If I pay $10 I’m expecting to receive my items to have priority shipping. Usually the shop owners will lower the shipping cost to make it fair so it normally works out to the buyers advantage. Another draw back of having a shop on Etsy are their fees which from what I’ve been told by other shop owners are extremely expensive. All n all I love Etsy & as long as they continue to uphold the different sellers and allow for the shipping cost to be fair I’ll continue shopping with them

- I LOVE Etsy!

You can find basically Anything on Etsy, at reasonable to ridiculously inexpensive prices. And also many, many unusual, one of a kind handcrafted items. I love supporting the small businesses who sell on Etsy and if you Ever have a problem the shop owners are immediately responsive to whatever your issue is. I have only ever had 1 issue, an item not received from the UK due to issues with the post there, and the owner not only apologized straightaway but promptly refunded my money as the item was no longer available. This is a safe and wonderful marketplace full of oodles of wonderful things. I LOVE Etsy and whenEver I have need for myself or for a gift I look to Etsy first and foremost. Etsy, thank you! For Being. 🥰

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- Brilliant, AfterPay would be even better

Etsy is brilliant, it’s wonderful to see so many artisans and creatives seeking on this platform. Would be great if you could download your items from the app. With a global pandemic, and so many job losses, it would be great to see something like AfterPay/ZipPay, so instead of missing out on something you’d like, because the initial outlay is too much, you could purchase it, and pay, in affordable, interest free instalments. I don’t know if these financial services are only available in Australia, but I assume they are, as I never see them on international sites, but eBay does have it for some international sellers. Wanted to sell on Etsy, and my only complaint was that I couldn’t use my registered business name because it has an ampersand in it, which is relevant to the corsetry business I run (similar to the curves of a corset). Trivial I know, but I’d like use my actual business name, with the ampersand, it’s like telling Coca-Cola to remove the hyphen. 😊

- Great Products

Great products for a fraction of the price. I just started shopping on here (mainly to buy dried flower bouquets) and there’s so much creativity in products that are offered. Only thing I would suggest to new users is to always check the product details to make sure displays/vases/accessories etc are included. If they’re not, then at least you won’t be disappointed when you receive the product... However some of the sellers will throw in an advertised accessory (or ‘prop’) for an extra cost if you reach out and ask for more info. Still far cheaper than going to a florist who will charge $200+ for one bouquet!

- Etsy - great sellers

I’ve been shopping on Etsy for years now. I keep returning as I’m able to find what I’m looking for. Prices are fair and reasonable. The main reason however is the sellers. Every experience has been exceptional. Great communication. Items as described. Reasonable shipping costs and on time delivery. Items are wrapped and packed with care. More often than not the item arrives with a hand written note from the seller. This THE place to shop. Luv it. And to all the wonderful sellers - heartfelt thanks.

- New update error can’t report

Tried to report an issue with the update but there’s no way to report it in the help settings/contact menu. Used to be that when you tapped the heart it would favourite the item/shop and then tap again to unfavourite. Now you tap and it gives you the option to add it to a collection and favourite it - like Pinterest. But there’s no option to UNfavourite new or previously favourited items, just comes up with the add to collection option every time. No undo. Then you try the menu button below the item and there’s no option to unfavourite/delete/remove it there either. You can delete entire the collections that you can now create but the original favourited items done prior to the update are all still there that I don’t want anymore, as well as any new individual items may change my mind on. I’ve tried googling, I’ve tried searching the issue under the help section in the app and I’ve tried to find a method through contact us. No results.

- Take Responsibility

Initially I felt secure shopping online with unknown merchants through Esty. However, last year I bought an item through one of Esty’s shops, which I needed to return. In the time between purchase and return the shop ‘disappeared’. I contacted Esty who advised me to get in touch directly with the vendor. This proved to be difficult. The vendor and I had an initial correspondence about the item exchange, then they ceased responding. I gave up. I continue to shop through Esty as I think as an umbrella organisation it offers some buyer protection, but when things go wrong, buyers are on their own.

- Delayed store updates

The platform is overall very good, but lately I’ve been having issues with stores updating properly. The tab for shop sections will show numbers for how many items, but the shop itself will show nothing, and it’s the same both in the app and on the desktop version. Have not been able to find an appropriate place to report the issue or get help for it

- Search options need refining.

First of all I love Etsy. It’s almost impossible to find out how to give feedback to the actual website - which is seriously wrong. I’ve tried to search to no avail. Your search options NEED fixing. I want to have the option to filter out certain countries or select more than one category! The reason is to make it easier to find stores and items you actually want. Allow us to look at multiple categories. The issue with needing to filter regions is because I simply cannot look at American orders. The shipping is over 30$ and majority of items I search for are from there so I miss items from other other countries who have a different shipping rate that I can afford. The US shops FLOOD the search results and it is incredibly frustrating as I miss finding unique pieces. Please alter this so I can find the items I need from select countries. The current search option only allows you to pick one country at a time. Such a waste of time. Please fix this.

- Pretty good, no search in saved items however

The Etsy app is relatively user friendly. One particular pet peeve of mine however is that you cannot search or filter your saved items. This gets frustrating as if you are trying to find a particular thing you saved moths ago, you have to physically scroll through everything you’ve saved since. A search bar in saved items would be appreciated, or at least the option to filter by category e.g clothing, jewellery, artwork etc

- Exceptional customer service

I am not one to write many reviews. I am however someone that believes when someone goes to extra effort above and beyond to provide exceptional customer service that this effort is acknowledged. Saiba is such a person and Etsy seller. Thank you for your efforts Saiba and I can’t wait to be wearing my fabulous masks made of the beautiful Japanese fabrics. Please don’t pass by Saiba’s Etsy store - it’s the real deal for service.

- Not enough security

I found out through my emailed orders that someone had hacked my account. The Etsy app was woefully inadequate to react to this situation. I was able to change my password and message the seller - but that was it. There is no functionality to log out of all devices, delete payment information, set up two factor authentication, no cancel button for an order in the event of being hacked, no standard questions available from the help menu and I had to switch to safari to send a help email. The products have always been lovely, but the app needs serious improvement before I would recommend it to anyone.

- Love Etsy

Etsy is my go to for gifts. You can find anything here, the gifts are unique and you are supporting small businesses. Seller communication is always excellent and prices are better than the high street or large mail order companies. The website is easy to use. My only gripe is that postage can be extremely costly to ship to Australia from some countries.

- Works ok, needs report function

Though it’s not needed that often, if there is the need to report an item it’s not easily doable. There’s no report function in the app so I have to open a seperate browser, find the item again, and go through the login process etc if I want to report something. There needs to be better functionality for reporting; a lot of people may not realise they need to do this to report & items that shouldn’t be on Etsy might remain there

- I have no idea how much anything costs

I have recently moved overseas and have changed my preferences from Danish money to australian money upwards of 7 times on the website, yet the app remains unchanged. It is also impossible to edit the preferred currency on the app, or even the payment method as far as I can tell. Absolutely makes the app useless, as I will not buy something to ship to Australia when it is telling me the price for shipment to Denmark. Very disappointed and frustrated. I like the layout of the app and would love to use it but it is so frustrating.

- Not displaying taxes before checkout is so misleading!

I love Etsy, but the way prices are displayed at checkout is REALLY misleading for Australian buyers. It says taxes are included where applicable and then they wait until the very end to add on GST. I have no issue paying GST, but you need to include it in the pricing BEFORE checkout and not once you reach the payment method. The ACCC is pretty clear about what is legally required to be displayed: “When a business displays or quotes prices, it must clearly state the minimum total price that you have to pay. The ‘total price’ must include fees, duties and taxes that apply to all sales (such as GST or any compulsory processing fees).”

- Crochet patterns

I love that you can buy all different crocheting patterns, but I find when I’m using the app I can not download the patterns I have purchase... As there is no download button showing up in the app, but yet if I use the browser I can than download the pattern I have just paid for... Not sure why??? Anyone else having the same issue at all?

- Such good quality

This is the 3rd pair of Jeanne Jewellery earrings I have owned. The quality of the products she uses are better than any others I’ve tried. I love the Sterling Silver and genuine Swarovski crystals she uses in some of her other items too. Highly recommend her products as her level of craftsmanship is second to none. Thanks again!

- Currency and location need improving

The website and app always default to American and USD! Every time I use the desktop version I have to change my location to Australia and currency to AUD. It never saves my settings so matter how many times I “update” them. I have no choice but to use American settings in the app - it allows me to update my settings via the website, but again doesn’t save them to the app’s setting so it’s pointless. Very annoying.

- Great way to support small business

Such a great way to support small businesses and to find beautiful unique gifts for friends. I’ve been an Etsy shopper for almost a decade and would recommend it highly. I would give this review five stars if they included shipping in the search page prices. Such a bummer to fin an item within your price range only to discover the shipping is more than double :,(

- Opportunities Abroad

I love the fact that Etsy makes it easy to access work direct from artists in all parts of the world. I have purchased many hand-made, made to order products from different countries and artists. I also hope, that one day, when I start selling on Etsy, I will have similar success.

- Poor support

When a purchase goes wrong, there seems to be no support from Etsy. Then, the issue is completely up to you to chase the fraudulent seller down to try & regain your lost funds!! Which is impossible. Etsy seems to hold no responsibility for supporting consumers done over by fraudulent sellers. Buy cautiously!!!

- Streamlined shopping experience

Ok. I’m addicted to Etsy. As a recent convert looking for “designer inspired” face masks, I’ve tumbled into a credit card sized rabbit hole of online shopping. The app makes searching and shopping a breeze, with a simplified, stripped down interface. However, the latest version, v.5.56 takes away the Dark Mode feature. This in my opinion, was a bad move (for sellers.) Most of the users’ shopping experience occurs just before bedtime. The gaudy bright white background makes shopping a painful experience for the eyes, but has curbed my increasing credit card debt. For the sake of this, the app only gets 4 stars.

- Please add a more open range home page

I love ETSY, love browsing what creative treasures are being made and sold by artists and makers. I do wish the app had a page/view that displayed a range of daily sellers, bestsellers or newcomers (and more), so that I can see more than what I have searched for, or what I have favourited. You can’t browse what is out there, if you don’t know what that might be.

- Etsy

I like the site and I’m a regular customer however the app version needs better search options. Also it would be handy if the filter etc bar was fixed at the top while you scroll down search results because you whenever I need to adjust your search you need to scroll back to the top which is annoying if you are quiet far down in the results.

- Top site.

Love this site! Whatever you’re looking for is going to be here & there is bound to be a huge choice. It’s my “go-to” place for quirky things & hard to find things; I love to look at all the items from overseas.... hours just flutter away . Etsy is a brilliant place to be.

- More search options please?

Love Etsy and the app, which is really beautiful and easy to use. My one wish is that I had more options when searching, like choose a material or sort by total cost including shipping. Oh, and it’s really annoying when the same listing appears multiple times in search results.

- Convenient

Hi I like using Etsy to buy products; however there are to big problems. One is searching for new products a I get the feeling they have made it difficult to find anyone new unless you know the exact vendors names. Even then they make it difficult for you to find them. Two is the layout of the app - I don’t know why but for some reason it takes ages to find the link to your favourite store. I wish there was a way sort the favourite list and make it easier to get to you favourite list. Overall it is not beginner user friendly. It takes a while to get used to the layout and format in using the app.

- Great site

Etsy is so easy to use. You can browse items made by sellers all around the world. Secure payment and handy search engine through the site. I’ve been buying beautiful things via Etsy for years. Highly recommended

- Very slow + Hidden rate exchange

Very slow image load compared to other apps! Hidden currency exchange fees - please be more transparent in your rate calculations, sneaky expenses will drive users away. We are not naive. Please make your “add to list” easier to use! Having to fave the item by default before accessing “add to list” option is annoying and you end up accidentally enlarging the photo 5x times before finally clicking the small heart icon.

- Photos won’t load with latest update

Love Etsy, usually love to use the app, but whatever changed with the latest update has caused a few problems for me. Product photos now won’t load when you click through to an item, & refining by category no longer works. Please fix it Etsy team, it’s usually amazing but almost unusable now 😔

- Great but..

When trying to pay with a gift card it’s such a hassle if you don’t get the name of the card wrong then you try again and again then you have to wait 1 HOUR to get another try if you continue it only adds on more and I know it’s a “sEcUriTy FeAtUrE” but ugh it’s annoying

- Great place to purchase from

Having Etsy for my first contact opens up a whole world of items to choose from. Having them as an intermediary between myself and the merchant gives me more confidence in buying from overseas

- Amazing personal customer service

Can’t believe how creative these cards are. Top quality brilliant customer service & easy to order. Can’t recommend these guys more highly!! Thanks for making the process so easy.

- Vintage love

Absolutely love Etsy, it opens a world to all things wonderful, that can be sourced worldwide. It’s safe and reliable. And what a great way to support small businesses! I will continue to use and highly recommend to others. So many kitch treasures waiting to be found.

- Etsy Lover..

I love this app so much.. But having a few problems since last update, it now takes so long to load the app and half the time it won’t load at all now :( please fix this as I am a frequent user.. Many Thanks..

- Always interesting

I’ve been using Etsy for years. The quality and communication from store owners is always great. And it’s pretty much guaranteed you can find something interesting along the lines of what you’re looking for.

- Easy to use...

Makes Etsy extremely easy to navigate...storing your favourites is a great added feature that can be easily accessed from the bar at the bottom of the screen...I really enjoy using this app!

- Love Etsy (wish there were more Oz shops)

I love Etsy. Amazing talent all over the world. Wish there were more Australian shops as postage is VERY expensive. Also wish there was an easier way to filter by Australian Made. Otherwise fantastic App with incredible creative talent!

- Prettiest app icons I’ve found

I’ve been looking for icons like these after seeing them all over Instagram! Leticia is lovely to deal with as well. Have favourited her store and will definitely be back for any future items she releases

- There’s nothing better than something made for you!

From my wedding invites and alike, to my sons first, second and third birthdays - I have loved everything that has been made, customised and delivered with love! Thanks to all the magical creators out there!

- Etsy baby!

Just a nice simple solid easy way to shop for stuff. They have nailed the algorithms that 80% of stuff that pops up I love. Only downside is the rabbit hole you tumble down looking at stuff. Purchasing is easy and the app is easy

- Caterinne

Thank you so much for the wonderfully beautiful and creative gifts I have bought from your shop. I will be buying some for me too this year. I love your shop and look st it regularly especially at Xmas

- Review

I love the stores BUT every time I try to download I have heaps of trouble. You have no library to download to anymore and when I get the emails from the stores I get taken to goetsy and then when I try to copy to save your website is down and I get sent back to Etsy. You have a very complicated system for the buyer.

- Missing basic functions... please add them!!!!

I have used Etsy for years. Both on desktop and the app. I love browsing and saving favourites. But one basic function in the app is missing and it’s driving me nuts!!! You cannot search your favourites! Or sort it by anything (category, price,sale,...) or bulk edit your favourites (for example to select several items in your favourites to then put it in a more defined list. Why? Shouldn’t be too hard? And for a heavy used like me it would make my life so much easier to look through my previously saved items. Please, please, please.... add this soon.

- The place to find what you want

I look on ETSY to find out of the ordinary things. The app is easy to use and I’ve made lots of purchases and only been disappointed once.

- Corie

I’m new to Etsy; about a month but I’m really happy with the service and the products. I’ve purchased print outs for Halloween and art prints for gifts and my home, plus other items too. I’m pretty stolked so far.

- An abundance of different items to buy!

I always head to Etsy if I’m looking for something different! I love the fact I can find exactly what I’m looking for and that something extra’!

- Pleeeeze fix location problem

I love etsy however sometimes It feels like I’m always at an art and craft market which is totally my fav thing to do. Also love supporting artists and not big corporations.

- Slow

App is quite frequently unresponsive to searches, taking a solid minute to load most times, or just doesn’t load at all, love the buying things off the app but of late I have no been able to even look because the app is so frustrating to use.

- Where I go to get my crafting fix sorted

Sometimes you cannot find that perfect crafty present in store. But you always can at Etsy. No shortage of variety, style or skill, it’s all here, available at your finger tips...

- Love the content but settings have a bug

I keep on getting changed to a different currency even though I have my location correct. I also have to change the currency on the website as it’s not possible on the app. But it keeps changing it back.

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- Casual User

I'm on this app every so often and I've never had a problem with it. Every time I use it it's always a pleasant experience.

- Pushed an app update, but didn’t fix resolution?!

You need to update your app to support the resolution of the XS Max and XR. It’s really unfortunate that you pushed an update that didn’t include that fix...

- So far so good!

I'm new to etsy but so far the app has been very user friendly! Very simple searching and submitting my first order. I will be back!

- Mostly great, except settings issue

The app is mostly great, easy to use and navigate. However, I have to reset my currency each time I use it as well as specific filters I apply to my searches (ie: shop location, ships to, etc.) and I also noticed that some options re:colours of products are not always visible on mobile vs. desktop. This makes the app less appealing to me because it feels like a bit of a hassle to use. Please fix!

- Beautiful design

I am updating my previous review as I received the stencil and it’s beautifully done! I am very happy with it and look forward to doing my projects with it.

- love this app!

everything is smooth, the only thing is that i’m unable to send messages through the app. it only works in browser. it always says error. try again. really annoying. please fix this :(

- Terrible customer service and can’t resolve problems for customers

As above

- Love it

This app is amazing! That’s all I have to say😂

- 👏🏻

Went over and above to accommodate my order. Highly recommended! THANKS!

- don’t order

i spent $90 with tax and shipping on a pair of shoes, never came in or got my money back so i tried to get etsy customer service to help me, they just closed the case and said they couldn’t help. absolutely angry

- Can’t change the currency!!!

I love the app, I do, but it shows the prices in USD only!! Even if I go to advanced settings and change my country and currency nothing changes in the app!! Fix it please!!

- BEST bibs

Can’t get much better than these!! I recommend them to everyone!

- Cannot Wait !

So excited to receive my board !! Erik messaged me back right away and helped me to design the perfect gift !!

- Gr8


- Useless do not use

You can not download purchases through email unless you delete the app first. I spent 4 frustrating days working with their help desk before I was told to delete app altogether. Remove the app and fix it!

- Love this AMAZING shop!!!

I have been purchasing watercolours from Elena approximately the past 2 years and her excellent product quality and customer service are 5 star! I have purchased other metallic watercolours but find Hydracolour hard to beat.

- Chat box problem

Please work on the chat box, it is difficult to have a conversation with the seller. Every time the seller send me a message, the entire chat box page will refresh and I will lose all my writings in the typing box. It is frustrating for me to continuously trying to type faster than the seller to avoid my text being deleted due to the page refresh setting.

- Simply THE BEST

This is the best spice mix I’ve ever tasted! Priya is right when she says it makes everything taste better. It has many layers of flavour all very subtle but together make a marriage of aromatics and flavours that are simply delightful! I’m officially addicted!

- Great way to shop

I have found so many wonderful things on Etsy, even seeds!

- Love Etsy!

Great alternative to Amazon. Love getting stuff here.

- Checkout

The checkout process with the sale prices items was extremely difficult. Luckily the vendor was prompt to respond and helpful in providing the discount code necessary. Lots of added work for vendor...

- Simple process

I like being able to purchase from Canadian vendors online with a simple process.

- App Crashes

I LOVE Etsy but the app frequently crashes, making my shopping experience very frustrating.

- Too extensive

Everything is too expensive. A real joke!


Etsy is such an amazing site with so many diverse wares. You can find almost anything here as well as support small businesses locally and around the world. One of my favourite stops for shopping. 💗

- Wow

Love Etsy best platform to buy the coolest things online from all over the world.

- The app is solid but the checkout flow needs work

Apple Pay would be a great addition. The PayPal checkout flow is janky

- Five stars for this Seller

Very friendly and professional transaction. Emails answered promptly. The seller found a solution to my ordering the wrong size. The mask itself is well-made,comfortable and with the nose wire doesn’t fog up my glasses. Would buy again.

- 10/10

I have made about 4 orders from Unsalted Honey now! These are quality and beautiful pieces. This store owner is fantastic and is always there if you need anything. Could not recommend enough!

- Great site!

I love the variety of all the artisans and purchasing unique items from around the world 😊

- Really weird

Idk how to heck to upload anything when I click on my shop. I also tried to put a photo on my profile and it let me pick a picture but there was no ok button it was super annoying

- Etsy

thank you Etsy for giving me the opportunity to support small independent businesses, we all learned in 2020 how critical this would be....I have been an Etsy customer since it began....I have never been disappointed

- Beautiful keepsake

Purchased a unique, beautifully crafted poppy for Remembrance Day that I will wear for years. Very talented design and craftsmanship!

- Body Scrub

Just bought my cocoloco scrub can’t wait to get it!

- Bling by Mandy

Great person who does excellent. Work. Thank you so much for the special order. It is greatly appreciated. Keep up the excellent work!!!!

- Easy Holiday Shopping

Made everything super easy. It’s the beginning of November and our shopping is done. Big thumbs up.

- Fix the chat so you can scroll up

I can’t scroll up from my conversation with someone which is ridiculous. I’m on iOS

- Love these candles!

These make wonderful gifts for anyone! The scents are lovely but not overwhelming. Highly recommend!

- Awesome!

I really appreciate the variety of items available on this platform and the ease with which we can search on it.

- Cherry Tiki

Such cool and unique stylin’ masks .... love these!

- Avis

C’est dommage que je n’ai pas trouver de code promo pour ma première commande de linge sur etsy Il manque souvent les détails de la grandeur du vêtement que le modèle porte

- My favourite app

Truly the best experiences over and over. I Love ❤️ my Etsy. I truly do ✅❤️❤️❤️☮️

- Love this app

Easy to use, easy to shop and checkout is a breeze. I love browsing the items they have for purchasing.

- Baby Onesie - Then there were three

Very happy with the this purchase, so I ordered a second one. Fast delivery and great quality.

- I love the hand made stuff

However pictures in front are misleading and if example say 13 dollar for this item you open page to find that was for smalll small product or they don’t even have that price on list.

- Mangalsutra

Loved the design of my mangalsutra. Simple but elegant. I would definitely recommend it. Fast reply from suppliers. Special thanks to “Bhammini”. Who gave her best thoughts and advice for product. Will buy more products in future.

- Great service & great quality

I’m so happy with my order from JelseaCreations. They answered all my questions quickly and in depth. The shirt is holding up well after wearing it a few times now and still looks like new. My students love it. Adds a positive spin on a not so positive year. Will be ordering from here again!

- Can’t apply coupon code

If I can’t have a successful checkout with a coupon code on the app what’s the point?

- Etsy is a con for most

Worst customer service ever for sellers specially. May as well just give away your products as Etsy will find a way to not pay you regardless of whether it makes sense or not.

- Fix the Favourites system!

I literally cannot remove anything from my favourites or from lists I make unless I get off the app and use the website on safari, and even then it bugs out sometimes! The IU is just all around horrible when it comes to lists and favourites. Don't even bother using the app to organize your stuff, use desktop.

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- Thankful for the great service.

I have been a registered member & shopper of Etsy since 2011 and l have yet to find a shop owner who are not engaged in providing a good Service to their shoppers. But, for me, there is one shop that really stands out because the shop owners would send a note to the buyer through Etsy, to follow up on the shipment of the item - to check if the order/ free shipment has arrived as scheduled ...all the way from Marbella, Spain!! How cool is that!? StoneCraftsVintage is my go to shop for gifts to my family & friends because l trust & depend on the shop owners for a timely delivery. On top of that, the items are well protected & nicely packed at no shipping cost!! A proof of a good job well done!! Thank you 🙏💐🍀 & best wishes to the shop owners for more sales!!

- Poor Customer Service

If this app allows you to contact customer service I haven’t found it. I was promised my shipping charges would be returned to me by the seller & then Montgomery (rep with Etsy) told me that Etsy would have to give me a credit since the seller never paid the return charges (to ship back a fake ring I might add). Etsy closed my case & never gave me my return shipping fee which amounted to $117. The seller said the item would ship from Los Angeles, CA & that his store is located in LA. Lies!! The item shipped from India. Etsy has now restored this seller & allowing him to continue to con people out of there money. I even sent them proof that the item that was supposed to be an authentic Moissanite was a fake. I took it to a jewelry store & had it tested & recorded them testing the ring. Shame on you Etsy! There are some very professional & reputable sellers on here but I now know that Etsy will allow frauds to sell fake goods posed as authentic on here as well. Please beware.

- Etsy is great for crafters but beware of adult content

I enjoy using the Etsy site both to purchase and sell craft supplies and handmade goods. Most sellers are great to work with and products are professionally made, packaged and delivered. I have, however, had issues on a couple occasions with adult content populating my feed. I have tried to report it, but it seems it is within Etsy’s terms and conditions. A lot of it could be considered pornographic. I find it doesn’t belong in such a marketplace. The odd thing is, one search where adult content comes up results in more and more of it. The only way I was able to get rid of it was searching more and more other things (non adult things). Many times the searches aren’t provocative, but somehow this content appears. Disgusting.

- App won’t stay open

I’d love to use Etsy and I’m sure it works beautifully in general and is worthy of 5 stars, but as soon as I click on an item the app force closes. I haven’t been able to keep it open for more than a few seconds. On iPhone SE. I had this problem on my iPhone 7 as well. It really doesn’t seem like a shopping app like this would absolutely need to require the latest updates just in order to work, so I hope the developers can figure out a way to make this more accessible. Also apparently developers only respond to complaints that give 5 star reviews so I changed mine from 1 star. Just know that this means the 5 star reviews are rigged.

- Useless customer service!

I have never been so irritated over a company in my life. Its funny how you absolutely cannot contact etsy in any way over a problem because the app simply wont load for you to email them! I had a seller not ship both my items I purchased over two weeks ago when they had a processing time of 1-3 days and i emailed the seller asking when they would ship since they are for a bridal shower gift TOMORROW. Do i have them yet?? NO. Seller lied and never shipped when they said they were. But can i cancel my order? Of course not because Etsy is useless. All of the automated choices in the help center just bring you back to your purchases page! I will never purchase anything off Etsy again. And i am permanently closing my account. Correct your customer service and block sellers that aren't shipping (which by her reviews i now see is a COMMON issue) and maybe you would be half way decent. BEWARE OF SELLERS ON THIS APP.


to be honest i wouldn’t even give this app 1 star. i bought from this app twice & from two different people & didn’t receive what i purchase ! after the first time I didn’t receive my order i made a police report & they didn’t get back to me ! The second time i ordered something me & the sellers were texting ( whole different person from the first order ) she didn’t have any colors I wanted & after a long decision I placed my order & she told me she “shipped it off” & it was headed my way ! one week later I asked about it & she told me they didn’t have my size so we gave me a refund but I didn’t get it ! I ask why did she tell me she shipped it but now telling me she don’t have my size then blocked me ! so i don’t recommend ! Pls try another app I don’t want u to go through what I went through ! waste of 100 dollars & didn’t get a single dollar back ! I’m not the type of person to write a review so consider what I said !

- New update annoying

When I click on a heart to favorite an item, I don’t want a menu to pop up asking me if I’d like to add it to other lists. The app had been doing that for awhile when I was on an item’s page, but now it seems to do that from the search results, too. So annoying! And there’s no way to get rid of it. If an app is gonna make changes that involve things popping up on your screen, then I’ve users the option to turn that off. Also wish they would show subtotal for each seller in the cart. I have to go through half the checkout process to see what the subtotal is. No big deal when it’s a few items. But when stocking up on several low cost items, it gets frustrating. Also, can they please make the saved-for-later section of the cart unlimited?

- It’s a little plain. No sorting feature?

Nothing wrong with the functions of the app that I have come across. Or the results that pop up. When you want to look for something the search engine will find it or something close. The layout is pretty boring to look at. And I’m not judging it altogether based on the look of it, but there’s no real “replay value” in other words there is nothing that keeps me from coming back to it. But that can be seen as good when you consider every app has something made to be addictive to get people hooked and this app has an appeal with no strings attached, because it’s plain. The first thing I noticed is that it has no features or categories function. Big drawback. People usually look here because they are bored and want to find something. And that’s the keyword: find. Discover. Without a category function we have to KNOW what we’re looking for. It is slightly stressful because of it. It doesn’t beat google searching for these things for example. It doesn’t beat Pinterest. I would say this app is up to par with the ASOS, another shopping app, although less in a way because again there is no category function while ASOS does. You can’t narrow down your searches and that’s what is killing this app and it gets a 2/5.

- Fix the way we do reviews for items!!

It’s very difficult to use the “write a review” function on the app because I am unable to see what I’m typing past a certain number of words so I have to copy my review, paste it in notes, finish my review on there and hope I haven’t hit the word limit for reviews on the app! Also I can’t submit a picture of the item unless it’s a five star review, what’s up with that?? I wanna be able to see what the actual products look like when customers receive it especially if it’s bad! Only being able to leave pictures with five star reviews makes me have to lie about their rating and leave a comment saying “it’s actually three stars but I have to give them five to show you how ugly this product is!” Let me give bad reviews and submit pictures of my bad products!!

- Lots of connection issues

I wish I could use the app like I used to but since the last update I have had SOOO many issues with searching and even looking at things on the home page. i checked my connection at multiple different locations, even used my data. Nothing made it work. I then went to other shopping apps that I can search on and learned it wasn’t on my side since results came back quickly on WiFi and data, there is something wrong with how the app connects since the last update. Really upset about this since I wanted to use this app to buy from people who make their own things and personalize them instead of buying gifts from stores. Hopefully they’ll fix this issue, it has happened on more than one occasion in the past. I love the app when it works, but i can’t rate something that doesn’t work.

- Nothing but LOVE (& an occasional UGH or a GRRR)

Nothing but LOVE (& an occasional UGH or a GRRR) I use both this app & the Sell on Etsy apps (for my handcrafted jewelry goodies) & I purchase a good majority of my jewelry supplies here. Yes I do love Etsy & yeah occasionally there may be an update that can have a few irritating features and/or changes (as with the most recent update) but I mean that’s life or wtvr right?!?! Ok so now that that’s out of the way,.. DUDE,.. would somebody *PLEASE* for the love of all things good & holy,.. fix the “add to cart” issue & *PLEASE* stop sending me to my cart each time I select “add to cart”,.. it’s frustrating,.. it’s time consuming,.. aaaaand it’s starting to make me cranky hahaha Also I agree with the many others who’ve left reviews pertaining to having the option of being able to purchase from an individual seller,.. rather than everything in my cart,.. all at once. I don’t know about you but I’m not exactly what you’d call,.. “rich” & I mean,.. I kinda really like to window shop,.. like a lot & the “saved” it save for later option just isn’t an adequate solution,.. at least in my opinion. But I’d still totally follow you to the ends of the earth Etsy ❤️

- Best. App. Ever!

If, like me, you have grown weary of living in a plastic world then Etsy is for you! I love to be different, so I turn to Etsy over and over again to buy unique handmade and vintage items that I won’t see everywhere (or in the Pottery Barn catalogue) and that will last as long as I continue to love and take care of them. And the app is so convenient and easy to navigate, making shopping on the go a snap! I Etsy shop while waiting for my kid’s sports practices, while in line at the grocery, while watching TV, anywhere and everywhere. It’s fabulous! So get it today! You know you want it, cuz in the immortal words of my 13-year-old: “You get really cool, custom stuff off of it!”

- You app is literally broken

The app consistently has problems with loading. Whether it be connected to WiFi or my Lte with full bars I’m consistently getting the error message no internet connection. I can’t sign in, I can’t check my messages, can’t see orders,etc. it’s now at the point where sellers are getting mad because me the consumer can’t confirm things in a timely manner and this happens through out the day every day. I even have to delete and reinstall the app. Note this does work on occasion but now it’s not working at all. I’ve installed the app and restarted the phone 7 times this week and have yet to be able to connect to the app. So for now I’m no longer using your app. You have the ability to make an excellent product, I don’t understand why you wouldn’t utilize that. I honestly don’t have this problems with any other app for this type of content than I do yours. It’s terrible

- Updates hard to navigate

I’ve been using this app for several years now. I hardly ever use the website because it’s not as easy as the app, and I rarely use my laptop anyway. However, I think that Etsy is trying to make the app more like the website. I really hate what they’ve done to the homepage and I wish there was some way to customize it. For example, I don’t need to see my recently favorited because there’s a tab for favorites/lists. I also don’t like that now when you go to a seller’s homepage, it doesn’t just show you the entirety of the shop, but gives you previews of the different categories. I see where some people might like that, but I really wish I could make it the way it was before. I’m just not sure that I like where Etsy is going with the app.

- Gone downhill....

I was an avid Etsy shopper the last few years and am so disappointed in changes the app has made. (This review is for the App, not for Etsy itself.) My two complaints: now when I search for an item on the app, it doesn’t show me sellers’ names. I know in the industry I’m shopping the names that I particularly like or don’t like, who is in my country, etc. That change prompted me to look elsewhere in my shopping. The newer change is that now stores don’t show pricing for items unless I click the actual item. I went from purchasing items DAILY to having maybe half a dozen orders in this entire year. I noticed that these changes are not applicable on the actual Etsy website, so this isn’t across the board, but for someone who always used the app, it’s resulted in zero business from me. So, good for my pocketbook, I guess.

- Terrible, would rate it 0 stars if I could

This is one of the worst apps i’ve ever used. I purchased something and i finished putting in all of my shipping information and I clicked to continue as a guest, and I finally was ready to purchase my item, so I paid with apple pay and then I got a confirmation email saying my purchase was made, and the app changed my whole shipping address to my old house which I no longer live in, and I haven’t lived in for a LONG while, without warning me at all despite that I put in all of the tracking information and I said to continue as a guest. This caused such a problem for me and the seller because obviously the address that Etsy magically put in for me is to a house I no longer live in. So, the seller had to repurchase a new shipping label, while I was left stressed out by this whole situation that would have never occurred if my address wasn’t magically changed by Etsy.

- Favorite Artist

We have been purchasing Stahl Bowls since 2005 and never cease to be amazed at the artist’s craftsmanship. We have several bowls and vases starting with number 28! Those early pieces were intriguing and very well done, but through the years the artist has become even more creative. His work has become a favorite of ours for wedding, birthday, or special anniversary gifts. They are a perfectly unique gift and have always become a favorite piece for the lucky recipients. We try to get to one or two of his shows every year and use Etsy or his internet site for those special occasions that arise. We encourage you to become a fan of StahlBowls and join us as one of his patrons.

- Communication

When there is an issue with a seller, it is really hard to get issues resolved once it has to go to the next level. I had two issues where I was owed money that I never received. I went through the proper process. In the end it looked I received my full order because I ordered more than one item from the seller. The seller contacted me and stated she would send my last item shortly as she was getting more in soon. I never received the item or my money. After trying to message the seller multiple times, it looked like the business shut down. Etsy saw as I received it due to me ordering multiple items from the same seller. I attempted to contact Etsy with no success. I never received the item or my money. It has to be a better way to communicate/contact Etsy when issues come up. This is a BIG problem.

- Love the website, hate this app.

I’ve been an Etsy user for several years. I loved that they came out with an app for convenience, and have used it for the past few years as well. However, this may be one of the glitchiest apps I’ve ever used. It wasn’t always like this, but in the last year or so it’s really gone downhill. It all looks fine until you try to access your saved lists. The favorites one is fine, but the list I created for my cat won’t load a single thing, and the one for home decor just shows one item over and over. If I go on the website it all looks fine! Also, the notifications don’t go away. You can click all you want but they just stay there. I even tried uninstalling and reinstalling and I’m having these same problems still.

- My order.

I ordered 2 masks and as it was taking so long I reach u with an unfair criticism. I receive the answer almost immediately I did it. I was Suprise. This speaks very good about u. You showed me that you care about your customers very much. You also found it the solution. I was truly wrong and apologize for being so hard. You see , I am a nurse and I am frustrated for our reality and the fact of not being able to comfort people with an smile. I put the frustration on you and it was undeserved. You had the perfect solution and I love how creative this owner, Randl, is.i I am deeply sorry and I was in a mistake of my part. Again please disregard my silly and unfair review. Thank you. Silvina.

- Beautiful Gift!

I recently purchased 5 of these necklaces as Christmas gifts for my family with my brother’s fingerprint who passed away this past November. The necklaces arrived within a couple weeks, just in time for Christmas and there was not a dry eye in the room when they were opened on Christmas Day. The necklaces turned out beautifully and are such a perfect way to carry a part of my brother with them wherever they go. They loved them so much that they requested I order 2 more, and Tim was very quick to respond to my request. Throughout the entire ordering process the service has been exceptional and I am truly grateful. Will be ordering again from here soon!

- No customer service

I placed an order for some custom fabric from Spoonflower on April 26 and my card was charged immediately. Shipping time was listed as 2-3 weeks but could be longer due to Covid. After 2-3 weeks had passed with no contact I e-mailed asking for an update. I received an automated email saying shipping times were running longer than expected 4-6 weeks. After 6 weeks passed I emailed about an update and they canceled my order! I really really wanted my fabric not my money back. I never asked for a refund or to cancel. All emails have just been some sort of computer generated message. I tried calling, no luck. Just more automated messages. I am not happy with any company that does not offer ANY kind of customer service. Why is Etsy continuing to allow them to take more orders when they already are so far behind that they just cancel your order if you ask for an update!

- Garden Path Rosaries/Heavenly Brass

Mary, I’m very sadden that you are closing your shop. Your work in the rosary Industry have been outstanding. There will never be another rosary designer quite like you, you are outstanding. All the exquisite rosaries, beautiful chaplets, unique bracelets and your top-of-the-line brass metals will never be found anywhere else than from you. God has granted you a beautiful gift. I pray in the future you will reopen your shop if it’s his will. Thank you, for all you’ve done for me, my sister, and others who have purchased your rosaries, chaplets & brass metals over the years, as you have brought us comfort in our personal lives. You will be dearly missed. Take care and God Bless. ♥️💒 Lisa

- PeteysPlace

This company has been very helpful in guiding me through the process of how to get what I need to make fabric masks to give free to organizations in my area that are in desperate need of fabric face masks. Several local organizations that help the low income families in the area, some medical facilities that needed to still see patients face to face thru the worst of the Pandemic. Several small businesses that need to be prepared when they start reopening for staff and clients that might arrive without a mask. This is a good quality product. The ones I purchased with adhesive makes them so easy to use. This is my third time ordering from them and wouldn’t hesitate to order again.

- Buyer beware

Etsy is not like other online purchasing platforms. They make it very difficult to amend or cancel an order after you click that purchase button (even immediately after). Etsy doesn’t get involved until after your supposed delivery date. So if you happen to purchase the wrong item and you don’t notice it until your email confirmation, there’s no option to cancel it even if it’s just a minute or two after your purchase. You basically are at the mercy of the seller. Or if the incorrect shipping address was entered? Sorry, Etsy doesn’t allow you to change the address even if the item hasn’t shipped yet. You’ll have to email the seller and hope they aren’t inundated with emails and can respond to you before the item ships. Etsy needs to up their customer service game.

- I like it & use it, but there is one chronic bug...

This app works well. I don’t think it is as refined as the web application, but it is convenient to use with a phone or tablet. They need to fix the persistent overlay of descriptive text over shipping charges in the mobile app. This occurs when reviewing the details of an item. The shipping charges cannot be discerned until the item is added to the cart and the user navigates as though checking out. This is a big time drain to add and remove items any number of times from the cart just to see this information. Many sellers have excessive shipping costs over others for the same product or the charges as so excessive it isn’t worth purchasing the item. As an avid online shopper, i want to see all fees prior to adding an item to the cart & i am accustomed to this ability in the full web Etsy app. I have upgraded the app several times ‘for bugs’ but this has yet to be addressed. Platform is iphone7. I will see if the same issue lives on my ipad mini. It also runs this app. I just use my phone a lot because it is always with me.

- Etsy is terrible

The app itself is fine. But Etsy allows their sellers to do whatever they want so beware! I’ve purchased a few things and had good results but my last purchase had a problem. The item I received didn’t look like the picture the seller had on their listing at all. I tried to get an exchange or refund and the seller refused. I opened an Etsy dispute and Etsy said that the differences weren’t significant enough to warrant a refund... say what?! Isn’t ANY difference enough of a reason? You go online and you buy something based on the pictures and you expect the item to look exactly like the picture. That’s how online shopping works. The seller doesn’t get to send whatever they want after the purchase. It needs to be exactly what is in their picture or you don’t have a happy customer. I will not purchase from Etsy again because of this.

- To users and Etsy:

Users: It’s great, everything I ever get complimented on is from Etsy. I find the coolest stuff and there’s some decent prices depending. Most items are beautiful and of good quality. Jewelry, clothing, art, housewares, etc almost never disappoint. I love it. Etsy: You need to make a way for the user to remove items in the “similar to items you’ve viewed” section. It would also make sense from a business perspective, in my opinion. The more info you can collect on what your individual users like and dislike, the better you can market according to each users interests and therefore make more money. Just a suggestion.

- Great, but could organize some areas better

Etsy is a great app, I love using it, I find myself on it during my off time, but the only thing they could improve is the reviews. When you want to look at the reviews for an item, you get the reviews for every single item anyone has ever purchased and reviewed for that shop. So something like that makes it aggravating when you want to look at the reviews on a specific item from the shop and can’t find one because they’re all for other products from the shop. Over all the app is great, but if you’re someone who likes to check the reviews so you know you’re making a purchase from someone who is selling what’s in the picture, you have to work to find even one review on a specific item and it just becomes a hassle.

- I Love Etsy But...

My only compliant about Etsy is the cart. It can be a little confusing. It’s a little awkward to use and not very clear. I understand that you have different sellers but it could be a little more user friendly. I don’t know how to explain it...the cart seems to be too crowded if you purchase from more than one seller. It’s too much information that’s not clear and doesn’t stand out. Other than that I love Etsy! I’m glad I’m able to support small businesses by the touch of my hand and find things that are unique and personalized. Thank you Etsy for giving these great artists, handy, crafty and creative people a platform to sell their merchandise that they worked hard on.

- Used to be good

I used to really like the Etsy app and ordered off of it quite a bit. But a few months ago, it stopped letting me check out in the app. Now if I tap on “check out from only this seller” (since I normally buy from one shop at a time), the checkout screen would pop up, but no text or buttons would show up. When I tap to exit the pop up checkout screen, it will say “are you sure you want to exit checkout” (like it did before when the checkout feature worked) so I’m assuming it’s a glitch or a bug. For reference, I have an iPhone 11, my device is updated to the newest iOS, my app is up to date, I’ve tried logging out and logging back in, deleting and re-downloading the app, and nothing has worked.

- Love Etsy, hate the app.

I buy a lot of things on Etsy. The app isn’t very user-friendly for frequent shoppers or people who build out their lists on their profiles. It would be helpful—when looking at any of your lists, such as Items I Love—to have a search bar to filter for keywords. It would also be helpful if sold items could be filtered out or moved to the back of the list, like on The RealReal or Vestiaire. Most annoyingly, for months and multiple updates and across a phone upgrade, I cannot view the saved items in my cart. I get the same error message as if an item is out of stock, when I have multiple items “saved for later.” Such a great option for shopping, but it’s such a labor to actually use the app heavily.

- Sorting results / filters

I love Etsy! It’s a creative platform to be inspired and to support artists. Whether I am searching under a category or for something, I filter my results to only see shops in United States. Where I am, I know there’s a big artistic scene and I want to support local. When I choose to only see shops from The United States, results still show up where the shop is from (for example) Ukraine, United Kingdom, etc. (I do buy products from non-US shops if I cannot find what I’m looking for or fall in love with a product while searching.) My feedback is when I choose a filter to use, it should update the results accordingly- otherwise don’t have the filter be an option.

- Love Etsy!

I have bought multiple items on Etsy, my friends and family have as well, and we have had 0 zero issues. I make sure to read in “item details” exactly how products are made, how long it would take to get to me, etc. I will tend to back off of a product if the description is not up to my standard (but that’s just me). You can also message any shop before buying if you have questions or are skeptical about buying! Overall, don’t listen to the bad reviews, & do your research on the different shops and products. I absolutely love Etsy and will continue to shop!

- Needs another update or two IMO

I’ve been using the Etsy app since 2011 and it’s gone through so many improvements and updates. I just wish there was a way to send a list of my favorites to family and friends. Instead, I can only send them links to one item at a time and they can never find me through the app’s search function. Also the recommendations listed are only based off recent searches, and I feel the algorithm could be improved to introduce you to similar items that have been favorited as opposed to showing you stuff you scrolled past because you weren’t interested in it. If I wasn’t interested in purchasing an item, I don’t want to see it on my main page over and over again.

- Great except for the suggestion algorithm

No complaints here for this great app except for the “similar to items you’ve viewed”. Maybe my own shopping habits are just weird, but a lot of what I get isn’t relevant, or I just went to the items page to unfavorite the shop. Or it’s flooding that “for you” box despite only viewing one item, and on the flip side of that, I can view many items of a similar category and NEVER see it in said “similar to items you’ve viewed” box. I would love to see more consistency and refinement with this spectacular function. It could be great if it worked a little better. That’s enough to knock two stars off for me, as I get a lot of stuff from suggestion functions. Otherwise it’s great, keep up the good work!

- Bug issues and dishonest people

The app has had a bug for 5 months now when scrolling through your favorites items, the favorites selection will randomly crash, forcing you to press “try again,” and start all the way from the very top. I can’t even see half of the stuff I’ve favorited because no matter how slow or fast you scroll, it just breaks. I mean 5 months of this? Really? Come on, pay attention to your app at least a little bit. On top of the bug issues, the fact that people are allowed to sell on here with misleading titles such as buying things with payment plans is unacceptable. I’m fine with not having the option for a payment plan, but don’t advertise it in the first place if you don’t intend to honor it. And if you’re not going to honor it, the company as a whole should be looking into it as dishonest sales.

- Need for change

I love Etsy for the volume & quality of products made available. I also love the idea that this is a site that gives people a chance to market their artistic products easily & worldwide. The only problem I have is when I went to check out & realized I had made a mistake in the quantity of one of my items, there was no way to change the quantity. I finally was able to change it by deleting the item entirely & repurchasing it. This was very frustrating. Most sites have the ability to edit/change quantities before completing your order. If not for this difficulty I would have definitely given this site 5 stars.

- Love and hate

Best app for shopping for specific things. My complaint is that when a seller is a fraud and doesn’t send your item and just takes your money, which then you have to open a case with Etsy and they do give you your money back, the seller is STILL ABLE TO SELL ITEMS even though they have many reviews from customers stating they NEVER RECEIVED THEIR ITEMS. I think that’s unbelievable and not ok. They need to revise their rules when it comes to sellers. I’ve had a few issues like this. If that was fixed, I would of given this app 5 stars. Also, it would be so nice that if there is a listing and it’s in your cart, it would be reserved and you have to decide if you want it or not. HauteLook is that way. Food for thought.

- Claycafe, love your art!

My Favorites Artist....Her pottery is very unique and beautiful, it speaks to my soul. The shop is Last August we purchased 2 of these very special art from you. Your art clearly show the love you put in all your art pieces. We forward to using the three (2 already purchased, and with the one we are ordering today) in our new home above the kitchen island. Thank you for your passion. Kathy & Bryan very quick to deliver and I have never received any damaged. The pottery colors are so unique, yet the mechanism Amy uses for her artwork allows you to see your favorite colors. I am a huge fan of the artist and her business acumen is the best.

- It’s a great app but...

I loved the Etsy app. I’ve been using it since December, 2016, but today they suddenly decided to switch me to light mode when I’ve been using dark mode ever since. I can’t find any way to switch it back and it wasn’t like this yesterday. I love the app but it angers me that they changed to light mode so suddenly and made it near impossible to switch back. Maybe it’s a glitch but if they change my app without telling me and don’t give me a way to change it back, I’m getting rid of the app and may as well get rid of my account but who knows. Maybe since I’ve been a member since 2016 they decided that it was perfectly fine to switch me to light mode even though I’ve been using dark mode ever since. Thanks.

- Bad Choices in Recent Update

I love Etsy. But two recent app choices have me hating their app: 1) they killed the feature where they suggested new shops based on your purchases, likes, etc. They may have moved it… but it’s not where it was, and in its place they’ve put recommendations on vertical segments—browse men’s rings? Now there’s an entire section of men’s rings taking up valuable real estate. Shops are supposed to be what Etsy is all about?l, right? Why demote shop promotions only to replace them with something I can find using search? 2) that %?@&$ “holiday” wallpaper I have to endure just to get to browsing. It launched like October first. Stop expanding the holidays. They’re %?@&$ holi-DAYS. DAY being the operative word. %?@&$. Grr.

- Etsy is one of my regular stops

I love Etsy. I stop by regularly to see what’s new. Whether you are searching for vintage, handcrafted or one of a kind items, Etsy has it. A special shopping experience. I’ve bought handmade jewelry, clothing, boots, shoes, purses, craft supplies, a 100+ year old wooden toolbox, vintage silverware, and several gorgeous vintage scarves. I’ve loved having Etsy as a resource to buy cool stuff. Each vendor has been friendly and helpful, and many of them have been from around the world—Thailand, Vietnam, England, Ireland—as well as from all over the U.S. I really like that I can reach sellers globally. I love my Etsy shopping experiences!

- Gets It Done

Update: Since leaving the below review, Etsy's updated the app several times, but it's ever more worse, quitting in the middle of searches and transactions. Sure--I might be able to go back to the last thing I looked at once re-opening the app, but not always, and it's rather time consuming. More stable when viewed from a browser, which is just SAD! I did all my holiday shopping on Etsy. I was able to chat with sellers, complete transactions manage multiple shipments from many points on the globe, and keep the stress normally involved with all that. Great improvements made!

- Great for gift giving..

I did 100% of my Christmas on Etsy! It’s unique and creative, so many artists sharing their talents. If you don’t know what to buy that person start putting ideas in the search and you will start to get ideas!! I was able to stay in touch with each store I purchased at and they are very accommodating and respond quickly. The only negative thing I would say is the shipping cost, each store has to charge for shipping, it can’t be all on one “cart”. but you could never get in your car and shop at all these stores and discover so many things. Try it out..🤗

- Why can’t I paste my reviews into Etsy?

I find it very difficult to write and edit reviews for the sellers in the Etsy app on the iPhone X. It’s really hard to move the cursor up to an earlier part of the text. This has two results: it throws up hurtles to buyers trying to post reviews, and it doesn’t encourage longer more substantive reviews. I ended up writing the review outside of the app and then tried to cut and paste it into the app. But Etsy will not allow my text to be pasted in there. So now I have to go back and retype the entire thing. It’s very inconvenient and is detrimental to the sellers who are trying to get their products noticed. Other than that annoyance, am loving the app.

- Major issues

I purchase many items from here but the the big issue I have is leaving a review. You can’t leave a review after a certain amount of time. Which is completely unexplainable. Say you bought hair products or creams of some sort. Essentially it’s like telling consumers their voice doesn’t matter. This seems like a tactic to reduce negative reviews, giving consumers more time means an increase risk of their response to a product. Not to mention you can’t leave a photo of product if you’re rating under 5 stars. Due to realizing this I always read reviews even if they’re 5 stars. Also, chats DONT get saved. I was discussing things for a custom item and went to scroll back up to see what I had told the seller and it wouldn’t let me scroll more than 28 messages(including my message and the sellers) and yes I counted.

- Fix yo self

I enter my address and you criticize it? I enter addresses exactly the way they should be! Don’t correct me just because your robot can’t read it! And if it needs correcting just do it! Don’t insult me like some google autocorrect! Second, what is the point of scanning a card if all you get is the number. Seems like a fraudulent practice! My name and expiration date was on the card and you couldn’t read it? It would have been faster to type it in! I know there is only 3 of you and an envelope machine, but get your act together! I won’t be ordering anything from this site again for a while!

- The Best, Just The Best!

I have been an Etsy customer since shortly after it started. I am a frequent customer, year after year. What is most astonishing to me is the kindness and honesty of the vendors. I have had overwhelmingly positive experiences. I love supporting the talents of all these creative people! The prices are always best because the craftspeople do not have to add on a huge mark up for a large brick and mortar retailer! I buy gifts, vintage clothes and wares, holiday decor, wreaths, candles, ceramics, crystals, name it, I go here first. I love it when people say “wow, where did you get that?!!!” and I know it is something unique and not mass produced.

- Best place for the best stuff.

There an old proverb the says: “The bitterness of poor quality lasts long after the sweetness of low price fades” Yes, you can find good deals on Etsy. But... the best part is tha you can find high quality hand made goods from people just down the street, or maybe a state over or just maybe on the other side of the world. Bypass the big box stores and by something from someone who put some effort, money, time and love into whatever item you’re selecting: the extra pennies, quarters and dollars are worth every bit of quality you find from the sellers on Etsy. Highly recommend.

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Etsy: Custom & Creative Goods 5.65 Screenshots & Images

Etsy: Custom & Creative Goods iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Etsy: Custom & Creative Goods iphone images
Etsy: Custom & Creative Goods iphone images
Etsy: Custom & Creative Goods iphone images
Etsy: Custom & Creative Goods iphone images
Etsy: Custom & Creative Goods iphone images
Etsy: Custom & Creative Goods iphone images
Etsy: Custom & Creative Goods iphone images
Etsy: Custom & Creative Goods iphone images
Etsy: Custom & Creative Goods iphone images

Etsy: Custom & Creative Goods (Version 5.65) Install & Download

The applications Etsy: Custom & Creative Goods was published in the category Shopping on 2011-11-16 and was developed by Etsy, Inc. [Developer ID: 447644532]. This application file size is 130.4 MB. Etsy: Custom & Creative Goods - Shopping app posted on 2020-12-14 current version is 5.65 and works well on IOS 13.5 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.etsy.etsyforios

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