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Planimeter is a tool to measure distance and area on map.
It can measure anything visible on the satellite map, like lawns, fences, farm, road, roofs and so on.

● Thanks to more than 3250,000 people who have chosen "Planimeter Pro"
● "GREAT - Wonderful app. Very useful and easy to use. Most of the time I use it to measure distance sailed on San Diego bay." by Perfent
● "Great app for an accurate measurement - This app saves a lot of driving around! Good in the hi res areas" by DaveHebner

● Support measure distance and area.
● Support measure as path, polygon, star or circle.
● Support measure multiple area at same time.
● Visual records list, save and share.
● Support Apple map and Google map.
● Use cross hair to location, easy and accurate.
● Locate by search or GPS.
● Support length unit like foot, nautical mile, mile,inch, yard, meter,kilometer.
● Support area unit like square meter, are, declare, hectare, square kilometer,acre and so on.
● Support custom unit, add any unit your needed.
● Fill color, board color and text is configurable.
● Support live record by GPS.

"Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life."

Planimeter Pro for map measure App Description & Overview

The applications Planimeter Pro for map measure was published in the category Utilities on 2011-11-14 and was developed by zhong zhang. The file size is 36.65 MB. The current version is 8.7 and works well on 11.0 and high ios versions.

Fix the bug of Google map search
Fix the crash after insert a pin

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Planimeter Pro for map measure Reviews


Poor  AdjusterBob  1 star

Won’t load at all.


Not working  JLH2014  1 star

Was working good 1st week, now it wont let me search an address , a joke., please fix the app, still wont let me seatch address


Crash Crash Crash  541PollieWog  1 star

Works great, until it crashes. I cannot keep this app alive and desperately need it. I’ve testing a dozen different map apps on this iPhone XS and an Android tablet — hands down this is the best. Sadly every time I return it crashes on Save, or Add Pin, or because I blinked. Is this a known bug? Who knows, I’m not able to find a link to contact development.

Lazy B Ag

Great Customer Service!  Lazy B Ag  5 star

I reached out to with an issue I was having after a recent update, and they reacted immediately with a solution!!!


Keeps crashing  Ov10s2  1 star

Just keeps crashing when trying to move or insert a pin. Also removed ability to share as a KLM file


Great app, crashes constantly  Jojojojojojojojo1234  2 star

Great app, it does crash constantly and you have to redownload constantly

Eng. López

UPDATE!  Eng. López  5 star

Great app!! Just one thing! Version 8.3 (or the version as of today 03-2-19). Causes the app to crash!!


New update crashes, won't open  Steeeveede  1 star

Just updated the app on my iPhone X. Now it no longer opens.


Still crashing  Deadhorsenomad  5 star

“Fixed the crash bug.” Answer: nope, not yet.


Constant Crashes  Jjansen1  1 star

Every time I go into a different app, then come back into Planameter, it crashes.


Use to be good...  Paudes1969  1 star

But ever since it has moved from google maps to apple maps its ordinary as you can only zoom in to a certain point which isn't close enough.


Not accurate  Vksango  1 star

Love this idea of this app and its easy use however the results for perimeter are way off!


Great Fun!!!  FLHRCI 1999  5 star

Great Fun!!! and functional . Not bad for a "FREEEE" App! If the wife says too far to walk while on holidays you can at least show how far it is "Really!!" and show a more realistic view of how far it is without guessing. Looks as though the App is using "Google Maps" so is hungry for power and looks as though it is not an "Off-line" App. So if in a Wifi spot OK but be careful about upload/download charges while traveling. Grab it while it is still free!!


Useful and easy to use  _green_eggs_  4 star

When I got this I didn't realize just how useful it would be. Great for planning bike rides with the kids. Excellent app. Almost 5 stars, would be if you could name the saved to something more informative then the default.


Good  dev4334  4 star

Helpful & almost accurate


👍🏻  i3a3ak  5 star

Very good app


Great measuring app  ChimG1  4 star

Excellent measuring tool, however the address search feature using Google maps does not seem to work. Searching with Apple maps works fine, but the resolution isn't as good and won't zoom as far in as Google maps. Please fix!!


Great App  Omedilo  5 star

Smart design!

Bid kid

Amazing & Unique App  Bid kid  5 star

This a very cool app because you can measure any distance on any map including Google maps or Apple Maps, which shows property boundary lines. Clean UI, tons of options, including saving your image map to your camera roll or emailing it. You'll realize you can measure any dimension or distance. I'm using this app more than I thought I would when I first tried it out. You'll love it.


Great  Guerios  5 star

Great app it help a lot


Accuracy?  TonyG2  3 star

I was really intrigued by this. Cool idea. Not convinced of accuracy though. I tested it out by measuring the distance from my house to work using the path method with just one turn. I got a variance of several hundred meters/quarter mile. I expected maybe 50 to 100 meters variance at the most.


Outstanding!  flitetym  5 star

This is one of the few applications I've found that can superimpose a radius/circle onto a map. Maybe with future updates, we can superimpose an arc, have the ability to manually insert geographical coordinates, and allow the ability to use different map sources, like aeronautical charts, etc.


Nice app!!  Jsl8472  4 star

I like the app, but it would be nice to be able to manually enter a bearing and distance.


It's great!  GOATPOWERLLC  5 star

Use it all the time, the support is always quick to respond. Can't say enough good things about this app. They are always making upgrades that only means it gets easier to use.


Do your own survey  41chuck41  5 star

Finally found an app to map a survey! Using google or Apple maps and property coordinate data (usually available from city or county records), one can get an exact picture of their lot at the time the map was updated. This allows one to basically obtain a survey using this app. Using "measure area", place pins at approximate lot coordinate points to define lot and then move pins to proper values (move pin by holding down on pin until it allows you to adjust position - tap pin to display coord). I know this is a pain for now, but I have been assured that next update will include just entering pin coord to place pins. "Measure area" will give exact lot outline. To get locations of objects on lot, use "measure path". Would like to give it 4.9 stars until you can place pins by just entering coord, but what the he--, 5.0.


Brilliant app!!!  😎Konan😎  5 star

Love this app. Only one thing. When I go to edit my 'measured paths' I tap on a pin and press 'Insert pin after it' on a pin, it freezes the app and then crashes it. Please fix this 1 tiny problem. Other than that, this app is perfect!!


Perfect for house viewings  djschulz  5 star

You can check out easily if the advertised house sits really on the advertised acres.


mackersenior  Mackersenior  5 star

This is an excellent app. Every angler should have this apps.

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