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My Macros+ | Diet & Calories [Health & Fitness] App Description & Overview

No matter if you want to lose weight, bulk up, or maintain a healthy lifestyle My Macros+ is the diet tracking app for you.

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My Macros+ is the only diet tracking app made by a fitness professional. Created after years of frustration with the diet apps currently available, we are proud to bring you the complete diet tracking solution.

Tracking your food is quick, easy and can be done in as little as 3 taps.

- HUGE food database, over 5 Million Food Items!
- Barcode scanner
- Set your nutrition goals by gram or percent
- As many nutrition goals as you want — Supports carb cycling, high/low days and more
- Monitor your weight with beautiful graphs
- See nutrition breakdowns for each day, meal & food
- Have as many meals as you want — No more being stuck with only Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & Snack
- Input custom food straight off the label — MM+ converts and stores it properly for you to make tracking in any serving size quick and easy.
- Track Water
- Smart food categorization to make tracking even faster
- Built in food from your favorite brands and restaurants
- All foods are completely customizable — Enter your own food in any serving size or edit a existing food to be any serving size you want.
- Syncs between all iOS platforms

—Reach Your Goals—
• Beautiful daily nutritional reporting system
• Graph your weight over time to easily track your progress
• Macro calculator to help get you started on the right track

—Make Progress Together—
• View your friends meals in real time through our My Circle feature
• See their foods and recipes to get ideas for your own diet

NEED DIET HELP? We’ve got you covered
• Our Macro Coach feature is an optional monthly subscription that allows you to use our AI system to help you reach your goals
• Fill out our initial questionnaire and receive your initial macro goal
• As you progress towards your goals our system will intelligently update your macro goals to make sure you stay on track.

—Dark Mode Supported—
With iOS 13 we now fully support dark mode.

—Apple Watch App—
MM+ on Apple Watch is now available, it allows you to keep track of your daily nutrition, macros left and fast track foods straight from your wrist

—Apple Health Integration—
My Macros+ utilizes Apple Health by sharing all of the nutrition data that MM+ tracks to be displayed alongside the rest of your health data

—Siri Shortcut—
Find out how many macros you have remaining until you reach your goals, completely hands free

A MM+ Pro level membership is an optional monthly subscription that unlocks even more powerful features right inside My Macros+
• Diet summary — In-depth breakdown of your diet, body weight and favorite foods over any range of time
• Detailed Analysis — Want to see calories consumed and how that affects your body weight? Compare any data point side by side to gain deep insight
• Spreadsheet export — Get all of your data in CSV format for even richer analysis
• Notes — You can keep notes about individual meals or the entire days themselves
• Meal timer — Problem remembering your next meal? Set a timer. We’ll remind you when it's time to eat
• MM+ on the web through any web browser

- SubQs are charged to your iTunes Account and autorenew unless turned off > 24hrs before the end of the current period. Any free trial left will be forfeited at purchase and subscriptions can be managed through the users Account Settings. Your account will be charged for renewal within 24-hrs prior to the end of the current period. $1.99/mo or $19.99/year for MM+ Pro and/or $9.99/mo for Auto Adjusting Macros.


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My Macros+ | Diet & Calories Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Thank you very much for your continued support! We're here with another great update. Introducing iOS 14 Support! My Macros+ is now fully optimized to run on Apples newest version of iOS We’ve got Widgets! Keep tabs on your daily progress straight from the Home Screen with new iOS 14 widgets. To add them just put your home screen in ‘jiggle mode’ and tap the + on the top left corner, scroll down to My Macros+ and add the widget size you want (or all of them). • New popover menus to make tracking your food even quicker. Body Weight Goals Now you can set your body weight goals in the app settings page, this will update how your body wight history list appears so it falls more inline with your goals.

My Macros+ | Diet & Calories Comments & Reviews

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- My macros app

I’m not much of a review guy.... BUT, I must say I am very happy with this app. I never liked its competitor(s) interface, however I found “my macros” to be very easy and perfect for me. The best part though, is that it has a small business vibe. There has been two occasions were my data has been lost, I’m not concerned with the why. However I’m very impressed with the how, and by how I mean how they resolved the problem. Mind you, I left the account dormant for a couple years, so it’s no surprise that updates happened or whatever else takes place in the app world. All I know, is both times I emailed, and both time Jason himself responded and found a way to correct and reload all of my saved data, much of which was manually input. SO... why?? I don’t know and I don’t care. All I know, is the app is good and nothing’s perfect, but IF there’s a problem I can count on them fixing it. And that’s all I can ask for from any professional. So thank you and yes I love and recommend this app over others.

- Have to go back to MFP.

This app is so out of touch. I eat pretty much the same thing every day, and when I type in egg, I get something like “ famous dans hot dog” ( obviously just an example). I’ve been shocked at some of the suggestions it gives me when searching food. Like HOW! HOW a did you come up with THAT!? I hate the 60 dollar a year price tag for MFP. But, I have to go back for more accurate accounting of my food. This is way too much work to custom this, and scan that. And the scanner. OMG, the scanner. Come on, people. Make this work better. I want to live for this app. I just can’t. It’s too time consuming to log, and half the time the calories are way off. The most recent thing I logged is 190 on the package. It shows in the app being just over 150 with all of the same macro values, just not the calories values. And as a fat girl in recovery, this is vital for my own personal success. I’m not saying be like MFP, but I am saying sort yourselves out. There’s no reason I should search for one thing, and get a list of 7000 other things that are no where near what I’m looking for. The positives of this app. Everything is clear, it’s easy to set your goals, the look of the app is pretty amazing, it’s not cluttered or ugly. It’s a nice looking app, and even despite the search/logging issues. It is fast, and when it’s not a nightmare to try and look for something that you want to add to the list of things you just crammed in your pie hole, it’s a nice app.

- The best nutrition tracker I’ve used

This app is well worth the price if you’re serious about tracking your nutrition. The level of detail and customization available is vastly superior to MFP, and the fact that it tracks net carbs for you automatically is fantastic especially if you’re following a keto diet. The food database is quite sparse, but honestly entering your own food is the best way to be accurate anyway. In reality even though MFP has an enormous database, it doesn’t have access to the usda nutrition database so most of what you find in there is inaccurate. The only problem I’ve found with MM+ is that sometimes the search function in your own favorite foods just stops working, and you have to close the app and reopen it to get it to work again. It’s a quick and simple fix but it’s annoying nonetheless. Also, many times scanning barcodes does NOT yield accurate food information seen on the food label itself. This can at times be painful to modify the food manually to match what the food label shows. Especially if you’re hungry or pressed for time. Hopefully the devs will solve the two little issues, which would make MM+ even better than it already is.

- Frustrating

As some of the previous reviewers have mentioned, the barcode scanner is hit or miss. I have contacted customer service about this several times but have never gotten the issue resolved. When creating a recipe, and using the barcode scanner, you are unable to filter your results by serving size or brand. The same is also true when creating a recipe and searching for a single ingredient. I have also contacted customer support about this issue, but it has not been resolved and the response was simply that they are working on it. The food database is not comprehensive. I often have to manually enter ingredients or create items which is frustrating and takes a lot of time. As others have also mentioned I, too, feel like I should just switch back to myfitnesspal, but the things that I do you like about this app are that you can adjust your macros by the gram, have different macro goals for different days, or that it also includes more meal options and simply breakfast lunch or dinner. However now that I have gone back to consistently tracking my food after taking six months off and realizing that these issues have not been fixed I am definitely frustrated by the clunky features and the inability of the barcode to work consistently.

- Not worth the money

I purchased the app about a year and a half ago, previously being a MyFitnessPal user. The app had a lot of promise seeing as you could use as many meals as you want and set customizable goals. But with the promise of updating a larger consumer database the developers have seriously neglected their customers. I’ve been waiting for months on end for the database to become better and nothing while myfitnesspal has moved past the three strict meals. I strongly regret my purchase and would switch back over to myfitnesspal if I didn’t already log my weights for the past year in this program. It’s been a huge pain to manually enter all my food. An app is suppose to make your life easier, logging food on myfitnesspal with their database takes less then two minutes. While having to manually enter and create a new food item on macros+ can take 5-10 minutes. I find myself using myfitnesspal’s database to create foods on this app, I’ll probably switch back over soon and just bite my ego and take the loss on the purchase and just relog my info when I have the time. If your stuck between the two apps stick with myfitnesspal, this app has been a headache and a half as regular tracker.

- Not worth the money.

I have been using MyFitnessPal for years, but wanted something with more customization. I love that this app allows me to set different macro goals for different days, and has more than just the typical three meal set up. However, the food database is seriously lacking. It’s incredibly difficult to find simple foods, and I’ve ended up adding almost everything so far as a custom food. Lucky for me I eat essentially the same thing every day, so after adding a food I can easily add it from the recent list. But it’s still a hassle initially. Also, the barcode feature is hit or miss. There have been several times that the product couldn’t be found, had info completely different from the box, or brought up something similar but not exactly what I was looking for. Which, again, leads to me going through the process of adding a custom food. I will continue to use this app for the simple reason that I paid money for it, but I’m really tempted to just switch back to MyFitnessPal. I wish there was a free trial because I absolutely would not have wasted my money had I known about these issues. At this point I would not recommend it to anyone.

- Exactly what a macro app should be

If all you want to do is have a paid-for app that tracks your macros easily, this app is all you need. The database is fine, and the barcode and label scanner work for everything I’ve tried it on. You can set macro goals, and you can see how many grams or what ratios of each you’ve consumed. The app is not bloated with “extra features”. It’s quick, easy, and efficient. The companion workout app is a no-nonsense, paid-for app that tracks your workouts like you would with a notepad. No fluff or gimmicks. I recommend that too. If you prefer to pay a monthly fee for virtual coaching, web support, pretty graphics, and access to articles and recipes (that you can get anywhere), then you might prefer MyFitnessPal. But it’s hard for me to justify paying $10-20 month to track how much protein and carbs I eat.

- Fantastic app with room to grow

I’ve checked out a couple different macro tracking apps and I find myself returning to this one. Easy to use once you understand the different functions, and I get into a nice rhythm of tracking my food as I am preparing it. The “recent” and “frequent” tabs make for even faster food tracking, especially if you are like me and most of your diet consists of a few staple foods. I highly recommend having a digital kitchen scale, as it takes the guesswork out of weighing/measuring your food. But there is room for improvement. Be careful using the barcode scanning option. I have found many of the results that come up are wildly different from the actual nutrition facts on the package. Be sure to double check when you use it. More often than not I am creating my own custom foods using the nutrition facts on the label. Not a huge deal for me, but some may find it annoying. And secondly, it would be nice if the developers added a way to track sugar alcohols and other non-sugar sweeteners. As someone who follows a ketogenic diet, a lot of the foods I eat and prepare use these ingredients, and this affects my net carb count at the end of the day. If I could track these types of sweeteners, just another option under “carbs,” then I would be able to more easily calculate my net carbs at the end of the day. As it now stands, I have no way to differentiate between sugar and sugar alcolhol or erythritol/monk fruit/stevia and other such sweeteners. Thanks!

- Keeps you accountable

It’s a great app for those who know that calories don’t matter as much as macros. It’s simple and easy to use. Food data base is not as large as MyFitnessPal however the more people use it and I use it the database is expanded and a lot more accurate than MyFitnessPal. The new feature that was added a few weeks ago called Macro Coach is absolutely incredible! The feature consists on setting a goal, adding your current info and every week do a “check in” which will cause adjustments to be automatically done to keep moving forward to your goal. The more I use it, the more effectively it works. The only thing I wish is that the pace calculated by Macro Coach was according to fat mass instead of body weight. The reason is that the last few weeks I have been losing fat mass at an impressive pace BUT haven’t lost weight. If the pace is calculated just by body weight then the app will keep reducing my macros and calories regardless of making a lot of process in fat loss.

- I HATE this app!

I started using this app at the recommendation of my personal trainer. I have used myfitnesspal and the Fitbit food tracker in the past and wasn’t particularly pleased with either of them, but this app is unbelievably, frustratingly worse - and it isn’t free! I thought the barcode scanner would be a nice touch, but even if it can find my food, it never accurately depicts what’s on the label, so I end up having to manually enter everything anyway. And the food database is painstakingly small, even when you create an account and pay for the app. I also hate that unlike myfitnesspal and the Fitbit tracker, you can’t change the measuring unit, and nearly everything ends up in grams. Unless you have a food scale handy literally all the time, you can’t estimate how much you’re eating when you have to measure in grams. And the personalized macro goals the app created for me - which are supposedly the reason why this app is so heralded - were so unattainable, even at the least aggressive setting (e.g. 200 grams of protein per day - I’m not a bodybuilder!) that I ended up setting my own anyway. Do yourself a favor and don’t waste your money on this garbage app.

- General letdown: rating is due to age

As most reviews will tell you; this app is a general letdown. It is inflexible in portion selection, it requires you to pay a monthly fee for basic TDEE calculations, the scanner and label reader barely work, and BY GOD is the search awful. I mean, there is literally NO natural language parsing. Let’s say in MFP or MyNetDiary you want to search for some food from some brand. You’d type in “nuggets McDonald’s” and probably get Chicken McNugget as one of the top results. Assuming you had the foresight to type in the proper, exact name of what you want in this app. You can only search the food, then use an antiquated list to navigate poorly to which brand you might want. Even the universal search is pathetic. Worst of all: the support is terrible. I had a log in issue that prevented me from using the app again, which thankfully led me to MyNetDiary in the interim. It took 2 weeks and multiple check ins on my behalf just to get the log in issue resolved. This should have been a 2-3 business day issue at most. Look elsewhere. They keep the old reviews up because they’re from a time when this actually was one of the better macro apps.

- A lot of potential

I tried this app after trying MyPlate. I like that there is a lot of customization. I also love that I can enter any amount of servings and not be restricted to quarter amounts only. I love the recipe feature that allows me to create any recipe and reused it. There is a lot to love about this app, then why the 2 stars? Simple, time. It takes too long to enter in what I eat. Other apps can scan practically any product and report accurate macronutrients (I've seen discrepancies on this app that don't coincide with what I scanned). Navigation is also confusing and I find myself tapping having to tap quite a bit before getting anywhere. The app is also buggy. Sometimes scanned food appears and other times it doesn't. Searching is all but useful, I can't find generic items like Bananas and watermelon. I end up googling nutritional information for these items and creating custom items in the app. All these things add up to too much time. I'll use MyPlate, it doesn't offer as much customizations, but it is quick to enter my information.

- It needs work

I bought this app because it works with Heads Up but it’s not worth the $2.99 they charge. You have to pay a subscription to use this on any other platform. The macro calculator is garbage. And searching for food items is a pain. I wanted to add “green salad” or even simply a salad but I couldn’t get anything that looked normal to appear. I typed “Roma Tomato” and instead of taking me straight there the app pulled up 100s of results for me to scroll through. Too time consuming. I understand a lot of high reviews are coming from ex-MyFitnessPal and I would agree this is an improvement when it comes to food tracking from that app. But that is where the positives end. Before I tried this I was using Carb Manager and I went back to carb it after this failed my expectations. I’m keto and I pretty much know my own macros but for an app titled as such there’s isn’t much help in figuring out your macros here. You can input a ratio but that’s it. For new people how would they know what their ideal macros should average too?

- Use it everyday!

I've been using this app for over a year and with each update it gets improved. I love the barcode scanner though sometimes it doesn't recognize the barcode (hello just enter in macros from the nutrition label and it's saved!) the only critical feedback I have for the app is I wish it would calculate changes in nutritional value if you change something from grams/cup/oz/etc to another variable. It would just save time. And for carb cyclers if you could be able to enter different macro goals for the day and it would automatically change your goals for you. Sometimes I forget when my carb load day is (carb depleted brain anyone?) but if I was able to set a schedule for my macro goals it would make my life simple. However that is a stretch for any critical feedback, this app is awesome.

- Use it everyday

I’ve had this app for a couple years and tracked macros on/off for ... 1.4 years according to the app itself. People have mentioned my fitnesspal (mfp) as a competitor. I’m familiar with mfp and its big database of foods. Does MFP have a larger database? Yes. Is it legit all the time? No. Can you put in exact macros? Not on the free version. Can you change macros per day as in carb cycling? Nope. Is it easy to just GOOGLE the food to find and easily add it instead of complaining? YEP. I chose My Macros+ over other apps because of the following: 1. tracking is simple with Fast Track where you can instantly add carbs, protein, or fats when you don’t have time to add or when it’s not in the database. 2. Adding foods makes it easier to find later, also makes it easier for others with the same food to log. Increases database options. 3. Add recipes and copy meals to other dates. Very convenient as sometimes I don’t eat a meal I planned and add it for the next day 4. Noteworthy!!! the ability to change macros each day AND getting specific with macros (rather than rounding them according to the free MyFitnessPal) An added plus is the weekly emails on how the % of the goal I’m trying to hit. I recommend it to all serious trackers as well as my training clients.

- Best tracking and customer support

I’ve been using this app for 2.5 years now and can’t live without it. I’ve been able to add my own customized recipes and food and have created a pretty hefty database in that timeframe. I updated my iPhone OS a few days ago and thought I lost everything! I tried the download and sync of content which failed. I contacted support and received a reply within minutes and the data was all uploaded back. I was able to download all my personal tracking back. Over the years the app has had many UI updates and other changes to make it even more user friendly and easy to track. Get this app if you’re looking for a way to log food and track your macros but more so to know it’s all safe. Love My Macros+!!!!

- Search is frustrating

I downloaded this app to get a more customized experience than MyFitnessPal but I might just switch back. It’s not as user friendly although once you understand the layout and where everything is it’s not too bad (although at the moment I don’t see a place I can track my workout without having to buy another app). The search is pretty terrible. It’s a little slow and it’s hard to find what you’re actually looking for. For example, searching for “honey” the first hit is for a “carved turkey on honey oat.” I searched for coconut aminos and the first hit was “beef aminos” followed by 3 bean turkey chili. The barcode scanning also doesn’t find much of what I’ve tried to scan so far (I use a lot of store brand Trader Joe’s and Wegmans items). It be great if there was a “lite” version of this app as I think I would have liked to test this out before buying. And I’ll probably go back to using MyFitnessPal.

- Very complicated and frustrating to use..

I’m coming from MyFitnessPal, I was a long time user of theirs but I kept hearing a lot of great things about My Macro+ so decided to give it shot. First off, this app is extremely frustrating to use, the app has the ability to scan barcodes, scan nutritional labels but it is usually a hit or miss with more if not all of the labels I have scanned... so guess what that means? You have to spend more time inputting the whole label for the foods you ate. The app claims that it has over 5,000,0000 codes in its food database that should pick up when you scan an item, but since I’ve gotten the app it can’t even pick up some of the most common brands out there. Secondly, you already pay 2.99 for the app, the application doesn’t give you the ability to track your macros such as Proteins, Fats and carbs for free, this is a paid feature of the application which makes the application completely useless to me. Not happy with app, and I definitely wouldn’t recommend it if you are coming from MFP.

- Food database leaves A LOT to be desired

Only reason I’m using this is because it tracks macros with more detail than myfitnesspal, but the food database is very inaccurate and it is very difficult to add food. I essentially have to add everything manually or spend 5-7 minutes finding basic things like milk or rice. I’ve decided to go back to myfitnesspal which is just an easier user experience. I’ve been tracking food off and on for long enough to be able to determine how many grams of the big three macros I’ll need each day. Besides, there are many calculators online that do this for free based on your current body weight and activity level. This app’s hassle isn’t worth the small gain of having more visibility to gram tracking in order to avoid myfitnesspal’s subscription. And on that note, if you’ve been inactive on myfitnesspal and/or deleted it for long enough you can get a new offer for a free one month trial anyway.

- Not a calorie counter

This app is awesome! Super easy to use and navigate. I love that you can follow your friends to create accountability. The barcode scanner is a lifesaver. The update is awesome with more tracking options to keep you aware of what you are putting in your body. I have recently started tracking weight since I will be doing a reverse diet to make sure my weight doesn't fluctuate too much and want to start s tracking water intake as well so that I can become more consistent with that. My one complaint about the app is regarding the calorie total at the end of the day. It always seems to be off, sometimes by more than 300 calories, so just be sure to know what you are putting into your body instead of trusting all the math of the app.


A Macro app that finally doesn’t limit me!!! I can create recipes and my hubby copy it through his app being in my “cycle” making meal planning so so much simpler! Plus we can remind each other to drink protein and tweek meals for each other to hit our goals without needing to voice it. I can just view where he is for the day on the app and vise versa. Along with being able to set custom macros for different types of days “rest days”, “HITT”, and “Power Lifting” making it much more effective to hit training goals and effortless to switch from each setting. I also love the meal reminder. This app is SERIOUSLY the best and I’ve committed to several on pro versions and lets just say none actually allow me to do what I can do on this one. It’s simple, effective, and I love it!! Con: Doesn’t have a water reminder but you can track it on your watch and in the app. (Please add a water reminder option developers water is so awesome) Doesn’t track micronutrients but that is complex and difficult with most food due to products not have a query of this linked to barcode. But hey that’s what nutrition education and a multivitamin are for lol but a girl can dream of the perfect Macro app

- Great macro tracker

This app is the first I’ve found that allows for customization of foods down to the gram. For example if I’m entering in granola instead of limiting me to a cup serving this allows to input 64 grams. This is extremely helpful especially when putting in recipes. I was a little hesitant to try this app due to some of the negative reviews but it seems like most of them have to do with this apps ability to search for foods. I find it much more to my liking to enter my own custom foods using the labels or google to find the nutrition facts so the database of this app is irrelevant to me. Another thing I love about this app is that I’m able to connect with my wife on here and we can share meals and recipes so it’s easy to track together.

- Not bad. Could be better.

I’ll start with the good stuff – being able to scan barcodes for basic nutritional information is a wonderful future. And the recipe builder has saved me a lot of time. Here is the big problem I found l, For which I docked it one star; when you look up a food from the master list, it will list the total carbohydrates for that food – but it won’t subtract carbohydrates from fiber, which don’t count towards bad carbs. So foods like avocados and flaxseed meal – which have a lot of carbs, but are mostly fiber - look like very bad choices, when in fact they are very good choices. The logic should subtract fiber from overall carbs. If they would fix that, and ideally come up with a desktop application that synced through the cloud with the mobile app, it would actually be pretty ideal.

- So many great features!

I have been tracking macros for the 5-6 years and used many Macro Apps in the past. I have yet to find an App that provides so many features. I enjoy being able to create my own recipes, manually log my foods, and look at each of the graphs analyzing my foods. I also like the joined My Workouts+ App. The App developers are also very professional and extremely nice when I sent an email with suggestions for copying/pasting links of websites with my favorite recipes. In addition, I’m wondering if there’s a way we can use our Smart watches, Fitbit, etc and have them sync so we have all of our information available: caloric intake vs caloric output (along with graphs that support this information). Thank you !

- Good app bad database

This app overall is great, especially the onetime fee allowing you to track your macros. If you go premium it’s cheaper then the other apps as well. It takes a bit to get used to but once you get your favorites in there it’s quick. The barcode scanner is relatively accurate too and it’s rare it doesn’t find the food that way. The only downside is the database and search functionality is terrible. It doesn’t appear to work well unless you get a exact match for your search. When you are out to eat this can be a real pain. This leads to my second point that I can never find the food I need when searching. I generally have to enter everything manually. To get around this I do a lot of searches on the myfitnesspal app, which has a much better search function, then copy the results to this app.

- Great app, great customer service!

I’ve been using MM+ for about 9.5 months. Along with help from my nutrition coach, I’ve lost almost 40lbs! The app is really great in helping me keep accurate track of what I’m eating and my macro goals. So many great features. The best is that the developers continue to listen to users and every update they have done has been helpful and worthwhile. I recently had to restore my phone, and although I did a back up before that, my data was all gone from the app when my phone was fixed. I reached out to customer service and Savannah gave me instructions on how to get all my data back (months of food logging, custom recipes, etc) and it worked! I’m so grateful to the MM+ team for their help!!

- Overall, good

I like this app overall. It has a nice UI, it's easy to use, great layout, and has quite a few features. However, looking up foods is frustrating and I usually can't find what I'm looking for. The barcode scanner, as many have mentioned, is hit and miss but more miss than hit. I'll occasionally not be able to find something in the database from search but can pull it up from a barcode scan too. The nutritional label scanner has only ever populated total fat, sodium, and carbs for me. Manual entry is painless and pretty quick if you have a nutritional label on hand, though. The Apple Watch app is unusable for some reason without a MM+ account which I don't want. I'm sure this app can work without one given all of my other apps don't require an account to use them on the watch. There's potential here and a great user experience when things work, but with a lot of features not working well or being inaccessible this app is only okay.

- Update needs to be fixed

EDIT: found a work around. Instead of adding a new macro goal from the 3 dots menu in the upper right, go to the settings menu & select the option ‘set nutritional goals’. The window that pops up WILL have a save button & you can save your new goals. Annoying change but this means the app is still useful so I updated my stars. I hope this’ll help someone. I chose this app a while ago because of the ability to have more than one goal & it’s so easy to change each day. They update this app so many times, and with one of these updates I can no longer add or update my macro goals. The “done” button is hidden (white font on white background) & when you press it, it doesn’t save anything. Not worth it any more. Super frustrating

- Too spread out

This app is almost good. At the bottom I’d recommend status bars or circles so that people can see their progress and how much further they have to go in order to achieve their macros. I love the social aspect so people can follow and I can keep up to date with my clients. I’d like to remove the Diet Coach tab because I won’t use it and it’s really just taking up space. Additionally, why can’t I track my workouts or calories burned with another app? I should be able to include calories burned and not be forced to use the macrosplus fitness tracker. Lastly, what about app themes? Making the application easier to look at will improve people’s desire to use it. Also, water consumption/weight should not be their own tabs.. It should be two buttons on the main page. All that is to say, the app is too spread out and could easily be condensed.

- Simple Effective All You Need

I love this app because it is simple to do what I want: track macros. It offers more features, but I don't need or use them. I began tracking with this a few years ago, so my list of foods is built. Like any food journaling app, there is plenty of prep work but once you have your basics, it's a breeze. I use the custom food and recipe features most. I eat little packaged food because I do a Keto diet. I used it at first just to see how I was eating, not for goal setting. But this app has helped me get back to basics when I strayed now that I have my own benchmark for what balance of macros works for me. The developer was also responsive when I sent email questions. I highly recommend this.

- Very good app, but not quite perfect (yet)

I love this app for many reasons. Tracking carbs and net carbs, tracking by mg and percent of calories, ability to quickly access frequently or recently used items, and the ability to add custom recipes are all great. Things that could be improved - searching for food items is often frustrating. The list could really be expanded and the search should allow for more specific terms so you don’t have to search through so many. The barcode scanner is really hit or miss which can be frustrating. And finally, I’d like to be able to enter a whole recipe and then select a portion rather than having to figure out the portion proportions manually.

- It’s great!

I quite enjoy this app! I like how much more it focuses on macros and how much more customizable to your own personal macro numbers it is. When compared to its competitor, it has pretty much everything and then some! The only thing I miss from it is the ability to “sign off” a day and have it spit out to me an estimate on what I’ll weigh in a month based off of how I ate that day. I know it’s not accurate and is not necessary, but it’s something I looked forward to when using competitor apps, and it motivated me to do that great every day, or to do better tomorrow. It helped me keep my head on straight and look towards little goals. I hope my macros + adds that feature at some point! Then it would be perfect!

- Getting better, but still needs some tweaking

I have been using this app for a couple of years now. Every update seems to have some good improvements and I love that goals automatically sync to my Avatar Nutrition account - it would be great if the weight tracking did as well. Meal orders: requesting a default order option for meals to reduce having to reorder meals every day. It would be really nice to not have to do this all of the time. I do love that it gives you the option to name your own meals and add as many as you want. Food database: much better than it used to be, but the search results are weird sometimes. It can be difficult to find simple items. Recipes: a great feature, but a few issues here. There is no place to store instructions or notes for the recipe and when you go to add ingredients that are not in the database you have to exit, enter the ingredient as a custom food, and then go back and re-enter the recipe. Also, it would be nice to be able to enter the quantity when you add the ingredient instead of adding all ingredients first and then going back to update after the ingredient is added. My Circle: great feature, but still glitchy.

- SO useful

This is by far the best app I have tried for tracking macros. It has a huge database for food, and adding your own custom food is super, super easy. I love that you can search for things by meal, macro or frequency. The customer service is also excellent - if you email with a question, they get back to you quickly and thoroughly (and they are also just super nice!). I do wish you could permanently change the order of your meals, and that you had the option to save an entire meal as a recipe. Other than that, it’s amazing. Highly recommend! Edit - one other thing! It would be really nice to have the option to fast for a day without having to use a vacation day for it. I’d prefer to save those for days when I’m eating outside of my goals!

- Great Support

I recently got a new phone and when I downloaded the app and logged in none of my meals/food was transferred over to my new phone. The app has a sync feature that means you should be able to use multiple devices to track and I couldn’t get it to work. I emailed their support email and the problem was solved in less than 24 hours. I’m so thankful that all my data was saved and that they took care of it on a weekend no less. I also think you get so much more on this apps one time payment version than any other app I’ve seen. You get way more for a one time payment of $2.99 than you do for the free version of MyFitnessPal. Love this app!!

- Not better than similar apps

Oof. This app has some user experience problems. Difficult to find the place to create an account, even though parts of it require an account. Menus are hidden inexplicably behind unrelated menus. Unlike MFP, you can't change the measurement size of the food you searched for? I put one tbsp of flax seed meal in my breakfast, and I'm supposed to enter that in weight, per ounce? Please don't make me have to stare at the back of a package doing math when similar apps just offer a tbsp option. There's a "Weight" tab to enter your weight and view a graph to track your weight loss, and there's a "Weight Loss" tab, which does nothing but prompt you to download another app. Macro charts and recommendations are impossible to find if you don't know where to look. I'm going to stick with this for a few weeks because it syncs with the Avatar Nutrition site, but I already miss MFP.

- Please Read! App has Potential!

I have used the app for several days, the app has serious potential and is great but has significant short comings. I wish there was a more unique design as it feels they used MFP layout. But here are the main reasons for the low rating that frustrate me as a user. 1. The Database: this is seriously empty, there is hardly anything complete when I look through the database, almost everything I have to manually add. They should have used MFP database. 2. The Barcode Scanner: it has worked on maybe 2 items I have scanned, I tried to scan a lot of items and all but 2 came up with info. I was shocked that it found a "KIND" bar but nothing for "Quest bar". Really needs improvement. 3. Premium Upgrade Subscription: this is subjective to many people, I believe in supporting a developer. However I would have preferred to make another one time payment than to have this locked wall to use other parts of the nutritional settings. This app has amazing potential and could be the best Macro app in the store if the Database most of all is upgraded to include a lot of what MFP has in it. I love the Workout app that corresponds with this app, it's great! I wish the ability to use a different theme or layout could be made available such as a circle layout or something.

- Perfect for what you need it to do!

Barcode reader doesn’t really work but if you know how to quickly plug in the info you need, you really don’t need it! Love this app and I can really tell a difference in how great I feel. When the day ends, and see that my numbers approximately match my goals I calculated using the app, I feel so accomplished and satisfied, I don’t feel starved. My only wish is that it could adjust my numbers to how much I move and workout during the day using data from apple health. I know that the more I move, the more calories I need to replenish my body but I don’t know the numbers I have to do that whether I workout hard or very lightly. I just want to make sure everything is accounted for so I can be as accurate as possible.

- So far it's the pits

Let me preface this by stating I have never submitted a review, ever! I purchased in order to track macros directly through Avatar and I am so disappointed. The interface is far from user friendly, searches render vast results with nothing to contribute towards what you are actually searching for. I expected to see where I am in my macros to get an idea of where I am and nothing. MFP is superior in this aspect. I believe people are looking for simplicity when it comes to figuring out tracking which is why they sign up for Avatar. Maybe you should take note and not give everyone fatigue in manually entering their foods, I mean looking up coconut oil produced ZERO results for oil but tons for mass produced products with coconut in them. This is a FAIL! The explanation provided by Avatar sold me on something you just don't supply. Please add a screen so we can see the tracking from the info provided once you link the accounts.

- Makes my life easier but a couple improvements would help.

I use this all the time and love it!! It makes my life easier for sure. I especially love the data presentation. I LOVE, LOVE the barcode scan feature, but here are a couple items that need some improvement Export (please fix): I'm diabetic and wanted to store info about my blood glucose, events, activities throughout the day with my meals (all labeled by hours of the day). So I upgraded to the paid version to allow notes with meals along with the export feature in order to easily get this information for my Doctor. But only the Day notes exported-not the meal notes. AND, not every day's information exported-it missed 2 days in a 2-week period. Search: I wish there was a way to search meal ingredients within the meals that I eat (my customs or my meal database). I know I can access through customs/favs, but if it's listed by an odd first word in the title e.g. Organic...or by the brand, I have to look through lots of ingredients or search through the global database again. Database: ditto for me about the more complete database of food (already listed in a previous review). Please keep improving!

- Tech support

A shout out to Jason and team for saving the day. My entire database disappeared for some inexplicable reason during an iPhone update and I was devastated. It took my 4 years to build my food library and the mere thought of trying to rebuild was daunting. Sent a message to the support team and although it took about a week to restore (they were as baffled as I) Jason and team got to the bottom of the issue and restored. Very grateful to everyone on the team for their help! And so appreciative of how this app has evolved over the years. So user friendly and makes searching, scanning and recording a breeze!!! Highly recommend!!!!

- Disappointed

I've been using MFP for a few years. I thought by paying I would get something amazing since MFP was close to it. Wrong. Great that it syncs to avatar nutrition, but it doesn't track your weight as well? Searching was not as easy as I expected. Recipes were difficult to create. Paid $2.99 for the app and $1.99 for online service. I really feel cheated. I hope it's just the conversion from one app to another that makes it seem so awful. Never should have paid for this app. Stick with MFP. Sure there are some annoying issues (not being able to put exact Macros), but this app is bare bones at best. I can't even change the serving sizes. So I have to search for someone who input the same amount I want to use which seems like a huge waste of time. I feel duped. Maybe I just need time to adjust, but it looks bleak at this point.

- Grossly Overrated

This app came highly recommended. I was looking for something to replace MFP that let me get better customization of my macros. I can’t believe I paid for this app that has almost zero functionality. Great I can customize my macros down to the each’s, but I have to enter EVERYTHING else. The barcode scanner works, but almost all of the information was entered incorrectly. The nutrition label scanner almost never works, yet I keep trying. Most recently it told me my creamer was 2 calories but 80 grams of fat 🤦‍♀️ I’ve learned not to even open the database, because google is more accurate if I’m really unsure. And the worst is despite entering something as one serving, when you go to quickly add it to your day, the default is one of whatever the measurement is. Enter one serving as 15g, but quick add will default to one gram. It’s super frustrating and makes me miss the free MFP. Save your money.


Overall, it's a great app(I'm looking at potential). I love that it allows you to categorize way more than MFP(pre workout, etc), but the search needs to be upgraded BADLY. I'm a personal trainer so I'm thinking more for my clients that have no idea how to really measure and track. The barcode scanner hardly ever picks up anything(I'm eating normal mass produced food), and when you search you have to write EXACTLY what you're looking for and it still won't find it some times(e.g you can't look up eggs because nothing comes out, I have to literally type grade a large egg and start looking.) You guys are on to something by allowing cross platforming with avatar nutrition and I see the potential just please keep making those improvements and the app will blow up for real. Thank you!

- Used to be a good lapp.

I haven't really worried about tracking my macros in a while and the last time I did I used those app. It was great. So, getting back in the habit of tracking my macros I downloaded it again. This go around however, the app has gotten horrible. I don't mean the interface necessarily, just that its food data and basic math are atrocious. First off it can't accurately give me the macros for baked boneless, skinless chicken breast... I tried to modify the data to match every other source out there but it wouldn't work. As far as basic math skills, I put the exact same items in for my breakfast, scanning a few barcodes that didn't result in the correct data, ( which I was able to change to match the items label), then the total for my breakfast ended up being like 15 calories higher than in actuality. This version of the app terrible so back to MyFitnessPal.

- My Newbie experience

After finally deciding to get back on track with a lifestyle change to plan for a healthy life after 55, I started working out again but this time I wanted to work smarter and harder. I looked into meal plans and such. Then I came across the study of macronutrients. Which, led me to My Macros+. This app makes it so easy to track & understand, adjust & acknowledge each meal, each day. It's only been a week but it's been such a wake up call to see the wasted calories I was consuming regularly. While thinking I was eating healthy. Thank you for developing this powerful tool that makes eating & living better easier.

- Amazing app with a few bugs

I love how the app functions and have zero complaints about how you use the app. I use this app and its workout tracker counter part to track all my nutrition and fitness data. The only thing is that mymacros+ doesn’t sync its nutrition data correctly with Apple health. When I go into the Apple heath app it doesn’t display the correct amounts of my macro nutrients and will display protein amounts in the 10,000g/day range. I’m running IOS 11 on an iPhone 7plus. Hopefully this gets fixed soon. It would also be cool if the myworkout+ app exported estimated calories burned data to Apple health based on age, weight, height, and body fat.

- Excellent user support!

I’ve been consistently using MyMacros+ for 15 weeks and have lost 30lbs in that time. This app has been an essential tool for me for meal planning and understanding exactly what to eat at each meal and snack to meet my daily macro goals. I like that I’m able to save and apply different macro templates to each day for easy carb cycling. Adding and modifying custom recipes is also really easy. I reached out this morning about a feature that was missing from the latest update, and their development added it back within a couple hours. I’m impressed. Keep up the great work and user support!

- Great App for Tracking

I work with a nutritionist who sets my meal plan, calories and macros and this app allows me to put in her recommendations, not a prescribed plan. The tracker for water is wonderful for reminding me to drink enough water. The export option allows me to email her my entire week so she can make adjustments if needed (and keeps me accountable). The only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars is that it doesn’t sync to my Apple Watch for activities and the workout partner app that accompanies this one if you choose is limited on the accuracy of workout options with no customization. Great app MM+ is user friendly and greAt for accountability (I like visual charts) so for any data geeks it’s a must!

- Why pay for this????

Just another macro app, but paying for this one. Recipes? Meh. Bachelor food. Ick Meal planning? Painful. Can I just plan a weekly meal plan and then copy and paste it day to day? Nope, have to put it in a day (whether I eat it that day or not), then copy and paste it each day I want to use it. Can’t do a week plan and then adjust, who has time for this. Pretty much remember what day I ate that meal and go back to it. Ridiculous. Food list is propagated with the same items 20 times over, for example Hunts tomato paste, over and over and over. Put in “tomato” and there’s no smart sorting between a fresh tomato or tomato as an ingredient. What is supposed to set this apart from MFP? Pretty much just the cost. Can’t believe anybody is rating this app with anything over 3 stars. And that’s being generous.

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- Great App

I’d been using a free trial of MyFitnessPal which was great but when it ended I wasn’t keen to spend $75 per year to maintain it. Then I found my macros + with a one off payment of $4.99, and it’s great! It took a tiny bit of patience having to re-input data I had saved in MyFitnessPal but once I’d done it’s been plain sailing! There doesn’t seem to be any ads either. I would definitely recommend it 😊

- Great app, useless in Australia!

I am giving 4 stars based on the app itself- compared to MyFitnessPal I love it. It preferences macros over calories (love love love!) and gives you a lot more personalisation without having to subscribe with a monthly fee. The only reason why I am using MyFitnessPal over this app is purely because the database for Australian food is so poor. I haven't got the time (or attention span) to enter in every item of food I'm eating every single day! Update the database and I will religiously use this app and tell everyone about it!

- Best Macro App Available

My Macros + is user friendly and allows for accurate tracking. I have used the popular My Fitness Pal app in the past which doesn’t compare to My Macros +. The recent updates to the app have made it even easier to use and allows for easy reporting on tracked nutrition.

- Really wanted to love this app!

After using my fitness pal for years I wanted something which was a bit more user friendly. This app seemed to have it. I paid for the privilege but have noticed one major flaw. The barcode scanner is very inaccurate, practically everything I scan I have to go in and manually adjust. Very frustrating. My fitness pal definitely has a more comprehensive and accurate database. I really hope it gets fixed as I love everything else about this app.

- Best Macro Tracker

Heaps of Apps on here help you figure out your macros, but not track them. Cue My Macros+. You can create you own recipes which is cool, and the interface is pretty easy to use. Like others have said, there is a lot of food data in here that's wrong (things like sweet potato and broccoli), but if you spend the time creating your own log of foods, it's brilliant. The scanner works for most items, just not at ALDI. Really good App and I recommend it!

- Best Macro Calculator Out

After a lot of research on different macro tracking apps, I have found mymacros+ to be the best, this was 3-4 years ago, and since then mymacros+ has updated its app so much that’s it’s made it even better! Not only that, I had some issues with my data that’s saved on their database when I got a new phone, sent an email and got a response super quick and issues were resolved with ease!! Would definitely recommend!! I still use it and still plan to use it for a long time! Thank you! Keep up the good work with this app!

- Needs Australian database

Love this app but not having an Australian database makes it challenging to accurately track macros properly and also needs a default setting to change from imperial to metric so that you can accurately track

- Really helpful

I'm finding this app really helpful for tracking everything. It's the best app I've found to date and worth going premium

- Greedy

I paid for this app, though there were dozens of free options. I paid because I liked it. I paid because I wanted to support it. I paid for an app that did the same thing that all the free ones did. I understand paying for the personal coaching, but trying to charge me more for simple convenience features like quickly modifying amounts when copying from another day?!? Did EA buy you out, Jason?!? Greedy. Pure and simple.

- Doesn’t sync with Fitbit

The only downside to this app is that it doesn’t sync with Fitbit. I much prefer it to MyFitnessPal except for this part. It makes me consider going back to MyFitnessPal so I can sync it all and see the results I want easier than flicking between apps.

- Getting used to the app

I am finally getting used to the app, but wish that there was some way to actually enter calories burned from exercise. I have tried using my workout app but that doesn't work.

- Keeps crashing

Bought this app because it was recommended by a friend . Love the feature where you can share what meals your friends have stored etc . It would be great - except every time I try and open a meal someone in “ my circle” has in their foods, the app just crashes . Not happy at all. Emailed the app, sent video of it happening and no help so far. Just want a refund as a waste of money


I absolutely love this app and have been using it religiously but since the update yesterday I haven’t been able to open the app? It just shuts on me :( Dying not being able to track my macros and the other apps aren’t the same. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE FIX!!!

- Subscription

I am giving this a one star because I had a free 7 day trial on the pro subscription, I immediately cancelled and went back to using the normal one and they still charged my card even after I had cancelled my subscription and now I have sent them an email to update my details as I have cancelled my subscription and nobody is even helping ??

- Great

Great app with Avatar Nutrition integration! No need to keep updating it with new information from that service, all automated. Doesn't drain too much power and great food data base.

- Huge MyMacros+ supporter!

Absolutely love this app! It’s so flexible and user friendly. It’s the only macro tracking app I recommend to my clients, family & friends!

- Greedy

Paid $5 for an app the same as many others that are free because this one looked to be more useful and I wanted to support but once you open the app you quickly realise you still have to pay for many of the features advertised, not even a single time payment but a subscription

- So easy

Switched to this app and haven’t looked back. Makes tracking macros so easy.

- Only for Americans

This app looks great... but there is no selector to switch between cups, teaspoons, grams, pounds etc. As such, I can’t use metric units on half the things which is a huge pain. Until that’s fixed, it is simply not as useful as MyFitnessPal. The app that wins is the app that frustrates you the least!

- Best One

After trying many apps for Macros out there this is the only one that's the best! Massive food data base and easy to use. Love, love love it!

- Not great for metric users

Can’t put any of my goals in using the metric system. Would need to convert everything online before adding in. Contacted customer support about this. And after a couple emails and me supplying a screenshot they said it’s not possible (yet). Not worth my money. Going back to my fitness pal

- Thx for the update

Works fine on pre ios 12 now 👍

- Great macro counting app

Cannot live without it! Addicted ! Highly recommend

- Don’t bother if you are Australian

I thought it would be ok but the search function is NOT easy - you have to navigate through all the US foods to find what you want to add.

- Awesome app

This is an awesome and finally takes the headache & guesswork away from measuring my macros...

- Useless for Australian brands

The food list is patchy and incomprehensible. Doesn't include common supermarket brands and is not at all comprehensive across a brand range. You have to scroll past too many other brands that are not relevant. Not very clean to use.

- Super easy to use

I live in Australia and I haven't found any Australian product yet other than international products like protein powders. Adding custom food is super easy so this is not an issue for me. It shows in numbers and graphics on how you are doing through the day based on the entered information, and it doesn't require too much time or effort to learn how to use it. You can't go wrong with this app even if your local food is not available. Also, customer service is super fast even on non premium version. I couldn't be happier with this app.

- No user friendly

Didn’t like it at all. Really hard to use. Complete waste of money Barely any non American foods Doesn’t show how your tracking throughout the day etc

- Waste of money

$4.50 for an app that does the same thing as free ones. It’s advertised as though it’s revolutionising how you track your meals, simply not the case.

- Useless in Australia

Need to tell buyers that it is based in a certain country. To get global foods you have to buy the subscription.

- Confused

When weight data from Health app shows in Macros+ app, the kgs are doubled. I have tried everything to fix this to no avail. Both Fitbit and Health apps have correct readings from ARIA scales, so I'm confused as to why Macros+ app doubles them. Is there anything you can do to fix this please Jason? I have an iphone x.

- Awful app unusable

Impractical, fails to execute concepts in description with any practicality or realistic functionality.

- Useless in civilised countries

Doesnt have metric measurements. Couldn’t be a more useless spend of $4.99

- Great App

I downloaded this app after finding I couldn't enter macros in grams into MyFitnessPal without paying for a subscription. This app addresses everything a person would need when tracking their food - easy to use, simple display showing how many macros you have left, able to add and rename extra meals etc. Only disadvantage is that many foods are not already entered or are not entered in metric units, however it is easy to enter custom foods. Highly recommend.

- Great tool A+++

I don't know why people are saying its confusing because it definitely is not. It took me all of half hour to get acquainted and on my way to tracking my macros. I love the custom setting where I can track the macros of my own homemade meals as well as pre saved meals. Great stuff guys

- Good app, but needs better food catalogue

Good for calorie tracking, breaking down macros & the interface is easy to use. Others have said it before, but it needs a better food catalogue and it needs more standardised macros by weight. Once you invest the time to enter macros for the foods you usually eat it's great, but getting to that point is a little frustrating. It's not uncommon for me to search for the food item in CalorieKing and then enter it into my personal database in this app.

- Not worth paying for

It has a lot of flaws for an app that's paid for. Units can't get updated in goals section, foods have inaccurate values thought for a paid app the database would be large and accurate there seem to be just user based uploads of nutritional information. You cannot modify meals easily and the organization and layout is not very user friendly. If you want to track your macros and calories along with exercise there are free and better apps out there wish I'd known before purchasing.

- Great calorie counter/macro counting app!

Has made life tracking my macros so much easier! Has everything I want and more. The great thing is if there is anything more you think the app should have the app creator is happy to hear from you on your suggestions. Overall would rate A+

- Happy as!

There is foods in there that are Australian but even better is that I can add in my usual everyday foods in and the custom make my usual recipes when then at the click of a button add it to my daily meals.

- Simple and effective calorie tracker

Great app, similar to My fitness pal, with the advantage of specifically adjusting each macronutrient goal without needing to pay the annual MFP fee One major adjustment needs to be made ASAP, increase the food library to all us Australians!! The creators need to partner with people from Australia and start incorporating more Australian foods!

- Tricky conversions

I'm from Australia and I find it really difficult using the preset food options because they're not in the metric system, I found I changed them wrong and ruined a few days macros - if you could in an update make it easier to convert/change completely, would be much appreciated - thank you :)

- Barcode scan database needs improvement

Like this app a lot but barcodes for stuff here in Australia generally find no match. Grudgingly going back to myfitnesspal. I'll lose main page visibility of my macro consumption throughout the day but I don't have time to manually enter in all my foods and myfitnesspal seems to find everything.

- A must have for everyone

Great, easy to use app. Helped me lose 10 kgs, learn about food macros, and change my life. I have recommended my macros plus to everyone who will listen!

- Not bad

Very useful app. However the foods on the app are very American and often fast food related. I assume its usually health conscious people using this app not fatties. For instance when I search red onion the first result was pizza. The ability to add you're own foods and save meals works well though.

- Don't waste your money

This app should state that it is only for US residents. Scanning barcodes for food won't show anything for Australian food. Or even some fast food items as simple as a KFC original burger. Better off using my fitness pal, and it's free. I wish I could get my $5 back. I had high hopes this app would be more user friendly and have more food range than my fitness pal. But it doesn't.

- Great app and Amazing support

I had problems putting my weight into the macro calculator. I contacted Jason, the developer who was more than happy to help and offered to manually figure out my macros himself and offer advice.

- Phenomenal app!

This app is exactly what I have been searching for. So easy to input your custom foods and track macros every day. A must have for bodybuilders and serious athletes

- Pretty good

So far so good. Easy to use, good info on screen, and a lot of food to choose from. Easy to make your own as well. The downside is that I can't find a way, if any, to change the set weights of food to metric.

- The best app in its genre by far

Easy to navigate, easy to use and highly motivating to keep reaching your goals. Great customer service also.

- Great app

I like this app, set out nice and easy to use though setting up my profile when i put my weight in kgs its not working said weight is wrong, yet pounds it comes up with very large macros!

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- Great product

Great product has helped me in journey but still has a lot of products missing from its food database.

- Love the custom foods!

I love the ability to make custom foods and add a measurement. One of the best apps for managing macros.

- Took my money without permission

I paid the $3 for the app download and suddenly they took $28 out of my account for a yearly subscription without my knowledge. Getting my $28 back is near impossible. VERY disappointing.

- Great app

Best app for tracking macros hands down. It allows to set multiple macro goals based on your activity levels. I love it and use it daily.

- Great tool for any part of your fitness journey

The app is easy to update as your macro goals change and out of the five apps I tried, this one was the most user friendly. It actually helped me determine that I was lacking in some micronutrients. The only thing I would change is more search results for foods, but I love everything about the app.

- Synchronisation de l’application

Les données provenant de My Maccros+ installées sur mon Ipad, ne se synchronisent pas correctement avec l’application sur mon Iphone. Ces mêmes données ne se synchronisent pas non plus avec mon application My Workout + se qui crée des erreurs dans le calcul des calories consommées versus celles dépensées.

- Not the best app

I was told this was better than my fitness pal so I decided to pay for the app along with the fitness app that goes with it the fitness app absolutely is useless very hard to navigate and you have to put in each separate work out exercise you do which is very annoying for this app the macro counter app the food database is poor it doesn’t have anything that I need I always have to create my own labels and calorie counts definitely not worth paying for this app it should be 100% free and wish I could get my money back for paying seven dollars for both of these apps I’m still currently using it only because I actually did spend money on them although I haven’t use the exercise app because it’s utterly ridiculous they should have both the apps together so you can count your macros plus track your exercise in the same app without having to go back-and-forth from app to app and they can work together in conjunction like most apps do the more you exercise the more you’re able to consume All in all I give a very low rating for this app not impressed :(

- Great - just needs to sync with iOS health

Amazing app - I use both the mymacros and my workout app. They sync together nicely. Only wish they synced with the IOS Health App.

- Easiest Macro tracker

Love this app!

- Recipe feature useless

Adding recipes and customs foods is really a struggle. I upgraded to pro so I could try adding the recipes through the web browser but the feature doesn't actually work - in two different browsers it wasn’t able to actually accept the ingredient. Not to mention I had to add Zuchinni as a custom food. It’s only $2 so not a big loss if you want to try it out, but probably worth waiting for a couple more updates before you take it seriously as a nutrition tracker. Just unsubscribed and will be looking for something else.

- Best macro tracking app

Have been using this app for a very long time.. over 4 years. Extensive data base and you can add to your own custom library of logged food. Had a slight issue but was resolved within minutes. Highly recommend!!

- Love it

Great app

- Serving sizes?

Lacking an automatic conversion to grams from whatever serving size and expecting the user to do the math. Especially from the barcode scanner. MFP does this easily and for free. I really wanted to like it.

- Happily used for years

I started using MyMacros a few years ago. I love the layout versus other tracking apps. And I prefer the macro breakdown per meal versus per entire day. Also there aren’t any ads to drive me crazy. Once I’ve added in my custom foods or recipes, it’s super easy to track. I just started using the Macro Coach for a small monthly fee. If you don’t have a coach, even if you do, the Macro Coach helps you stick to your goals with accountability. I am also a coach and use MyMacros with my clients. It’s great for watching what your clients eat and for creating community.

- Doesn’t work well on iPhone XS Max

I was really excited to try this app, but it doesn’t work well on my phone. A lot of buttons are out of frame like the whole thing is slightly to the side, when you click some options different bits of text get mushed together. Clicking some options also makes the app freeze, and then I have to restart it and remember not to open a part of the app again. It feels like it wasn’t properly updated when bigger phones came out or something, though I’d hope that’s not the case. Something that’s paid for shouldn’t be this glitchy so I asked Apple for a refund but unfortunately they didn’t give me one. Disappointing because from reviews it looks really good. If you have an iPhone XS Max or anything with a similar screen size, I really wouldn’t recommend it.

- Love it!

Love my macros, I use it to keep up on my personal training clients! However, the body weight +/- percentage isn't useful at all. The percentage should be from your starting weight, not from the last logged weight, since that changes daily and who cares if you gain or lose 0.4% Also, would love a measurements section that I could check in on those I follow. Waist and hips would be good enough.

- Love the app

It took a bit to get used to but once I did, it does everything I need it to. I recently got a new phone and when I reinstalled the app on the new phone, none of my data transferred over. I emailed customer service, they were able to retrieve all my data. They were very helpful.

- Ok, but not great

Biggest issue with this app is the food diary is seriously lacking, the majority of the foods I was inputting were difficult to find and use. Had better experiences with free apps.

- Works great

The best macro app out there, hands down. The reason for 4 stars is because I wish there was more features geared towards the coach when helping a client. Maybe a way to send messages within the app would go a long way. And when you adjust the macros for a client, if you have the phone in dark mode you cannot see the numbers when you’re adjusting them. It must be a bug. These are just minor things, but if you’re deciding on an app for counting macros, this is the one.

- Glitchy - wouldnt pay for it

Thought this would be a good buy since the reviews seemed promising. It glitches all the time. The food selection is lacking. Some of the counts seem way off. Would not recommend.

- Lacking library

Severely lacking. Doesn't have basic foods like Kirkland almond flour. Very limited

- Good but glitchy

App crashes every time I try and save a macro goal. Glitchy when adding to My Circle. Other than, so far so good.

- Not great for Canadians

The food library is really bad. It doesn’t contain enough foods and makes it really inconvenient to enter your daily meals.

- Review

Long time user of MFP and was hoping to switch over so I can input my macros by gram instead of percentages. Unfortunately this app is not user friendly... I could not figure out how to input a generic medium sized banana in grams. When I did, the macros were WAY off... I do not recommend this app. Unfortunately I wasted my $3.99. Back to MFP I go.

- Frustrating

Doesn’t have a lot of food selection

- Disappointed and it cost money....

Some features are good and it’s aesthetically pleasing to look at, but the search function is useless, global or not.... hard to navigate and hard to select alphabetical values to get to certain items... wouldn’t have spent the money if I’d known. Don’t bother.

- Excellent service!

I’ve been using the app for about a year now and have spent a lot of time adding custom entries and recipes. Hours and hours in fact over time. I switched phones and I’m not sure what happened, but I lost all my data. I was really concerned as I have invested a lot of time to ensure my tracking is accurate and to be honest, I don’t know that I would have it in me to start all over. I reached out to support/help desk after reading the FAQ’s and trying the solutions presented first. Nothing. Jason got back to me within a couple of hours via email and assured me that my data would be restored within 10 min and what to try after that time had passed. It worked like a charm and I have all my data back! Thanks for such excellent service and for an overall superior product. I like the contact upgrades too! Well done!

- Great app, great customer service

I’ve been using my macros+ for a while now and the updates have always been great. This app strives to always be better.

- Great app

It's a great app, however it can be challenging to find the foods and amounts i have available where I live. I was also hoping to be able to. Log my exercise sessions, but it's not that kind of app.

- Should be free

It does no more than a free app like My Fitness Pal while still having the audacity to charge you for the coach plan. Doesn't even make meal plans for you. Useless app can't even get a refund.

- Great app, great support

This app has been a game changer for my weight loss journey. It’s extremely reliable and responsive. Huge data base of foods to search and never crashes! I thought I had lost some of my data when I transferred to a new phone, but within 2 days of reaching out to the support team they coached me through on how to re-download it. They were so happy to help!!

- Very difficult search functionality

I was super disappointed with this app. When searching for items, even with the global catalogue turned on, there were very few plain items. For example, when you search cherry tomato, you get Alpen Cherry, Apothe-Cherry, arctic zero cherry, etc. I don’t even know what those are and even if you scroll alphabetically to where tomato would pop up, it’s not there. I even tried just doing tomato and then it has subway tomato, chipotle tomato, etc. Why isn’t there just plain options? Then I went into the vegetable search part to see if it would be more direct, and I got tomato soup and a bunch of processed food in the vegetable section which doesn’t make any sense. After literally one day of adding food and it taking hours and not even being that accurate, I was totally defeated. Such a waste of time and money.

- How do I stop all these updates?

I love this program but each update is changing things I use to love about this app. I can no longer copy meals, where that option use to be now it’s for notes. I don’t like the new look, it is not as simple and clean as it use to be. I’m not liking the summary box at the end and it no longer tells me what my macros will be for that meal if I add the food. If I stop pressing update each time there is one, will this stop? Is there any way to go back to a previous version?

- How is it possible that tea does not come up in a search?

I am enjoying the app but the food search does not work well. How can it now have tea?

- Suggestion - water section

Love the app. But one thing I find particularly annoying is that when I track water I do not have the numerical keypad. So have to switch keyboard. Annoying when I need to track multiple times a day Would be super helpful

- Copy the meal

Previously I was able to copy the meal that I want but now I have to copy the whole day meal and then Add and delete based on what I am eating

- Constantly crashes

Crashes every time I input or change meal quantities. I constantly have to restart this app. I made sure to install the latest software update and restart, but app continued to crash. Huge pain.

- Beware

They charge you for the app but then you can’t do anything unless you subscribe for an additional monthly fee. I paid for the app because I thought it was a one time deal? NOPE

- HATE the update

I’ve been using MM+ for years and today I opened it and I HATE what you’ve done. Having the table on the main screen instead of behind it offers no added utility makes the screen feel cluttered

- Tried many...

This is hands down the best one. If you’re using RP, Zone - and the macros change for on day/off days - this works beautifully. Just really well thought out. Thanks!

- Scanner doesn’t work

Bought this for the scanner but it doesn’t work

- Very Disappointed and Ripped Off

Not as advertised. Do not call it macro tracker, charge for the app... then expect a weekly subscription to actually choose the limit of macros. Very very disappointed

- Love it

Switched from another app, and this one is by far better, make sure to enter all your own entry’s and skip the calories, this app will calculate the calories per food (the nutritional label is 90% wrong)

- Awesome

Easy to use and no additional purchases to use the basic features.

- For what you pay...

It should have the goal setting and tracking without having to pay more for the macro coach. I was disappointed

- Buyer beware! Auto renewal with no warning!

I’ve used this app off and on. For the last 3 years. At times some of the functions were not super easy to figure out. Once I figured out the nuances of this app it worked ok. My main issue with this app is that if you purchase a pro subscription and don’t remember the anniversary date you will soon be reminded because you will receive an email saying it’s been renewed. No advance warning that the anniversary is approaching. This is a dirty trick in my opinion, even though it is stated in the terms and conditions. Most people will forget and the people behind this app are counting on that.

- I want a refund

Can’t enter macro goals unless you subscribe and pay. Can’t change the amount of food you’ve eaten by gram - have to manually calculate what serving size you’ve eaten (after weighing) = extra work. Nutrition Label scanner doesn’t work, ever. Really? What a waste of money.

- Proper nutrition plan

A proper nutrition plan is 80% of any weight loss and fitness goal. My Macros is an excellent tool that helped me loose over 20 pounds and put on muscle in three months. And you will NOT BE HUNGRY! Dennis Martin

- Waste of money

Can’t even use the macro tracker unless you subscribe. Very dishonest money grab app.

- Don’t buy

Not user friendly, to enter my own macro goals it wants me to spend an additional $9.99 USD per month. In the help section it says you don’t need to purchase to enter your goals but to navigate to SET YOUR NUTRITIONAL GOALS setting page. But I did not find it. I give up. Back to mfp. Waste of money.

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- FAR BETTER Than My Fitness Pal

It’s not even close. For those who have the desire to accurately track their macros/micros this App is the best. I was so fed up by the mathematical errors and just flat out missinformation on MFP that I had to look elsewhere and I did not want to back to manual spreadsheets. Look no further! It’s worth the price for full functionality as well. Exporting into excel is breeze if you’re an athlete needing to send to a coach or just the detailed inclined. Having been a longtim user of did take some transition or adjustment time. But after a week or two inputing some data I could not have been happier!

- Wasted $2.99 just try this terrible app

I have been using MyFitnessPal for years and decided to checkout a few alternatives including Lose It, MyNetDiary, Fooducate, Lifesum, Crokometer, Carb Manager and My Macros +. All offer a free version except My Macros+! The issues I have with My Macros + are: 1. You have to tap the upper left hand to open the menus to have access to inputting foods. Then you can choose to search for a food, scan a barcode or a host of other options. This is a terrible position to initiate the food input and there are too many steps to access the food database. 2. Searching for food is terrible at best and often gives you no options to choose. For the example, of you search “great value French vanilla creamer” it yields no results. Search “great value” and still no results. Scan the barcode and it does recognize the food item. I had issues with 7 of the 10 items I searched. 3. I found that the food database was off 50% of the time. There are much better options out there that have 1-handed navigation, a better searchable food database and foods that are consistent with the food labels. MyFitnessPal and MyNetDiary are my two favorite. I would avoid My Macros + unless you like wasting $2.99!

- Finally! A GREAT macro counter!!

I've been counting macros for two years now with other apps, shifting how I enter and track to fit the app's limitations. Never again! MyMacro+ let me set up different macro-goals for different days, it gives me very quick synching between my phone, iPad, Mac and PC, and so far I have not had any trouble with any platform I use. The barcode reader works well, and there are lots of helps to make you think your most frequent or favorite food and meals quick and adapt other entries as best for you. Go for it - and just do the upgrade right away, you get A LOT for a very small cost.

- Everything I Need!!

I have had this app for a while but I am just beginning to really appreciate how powerful it really is. Everything that I have needed to track that I could not track before in other apps I can do it here. I can add custom recipes, rename them, put them on a different day, add notes to them, and get a meal reminder. I can even add custom meal names so that I really know what I’m tracking instead of trying to force it to fit in standard categories like other apps. What more can a girl ask for? Now if I could just have this app to do my cardio for me I would be all set😄!

- Frustrating

I like the app but it has dumb issues. The food database is confusing to sort through and contains random brand junk food but not quality brand food from Whole Foods. The portions are a mess. It’s such a pain to use that I have to customize all my food. What idiotic programming. I can’t even search for a banana. I keep coming back to this app since I bought it but I think I’ll abandon it if there is a better app out there which there sure may be by now since I got this 4 years ago. Also I have to shot the app down completely to get it to reset to a new day. If you search for a lemon it will first give you results you dint want such as 30 versions of 1 gram. It will never give you calories of a lemon. Instead it will give you results to lemon pie. Terrible food database. Terrible the worst on the AppStore.

- Takes time to get used to but worth it.

I came from mfp and at first it was annoying not having such a diverse data bank. Then I realized you don’t know it’s right unless you enter it yourself anyway. So I gave it two weeks and started entering my foods and now I could never go back. No more guessing which entry is the best because it’s myyy entry. This app really forces you to do that but it’s a good thing. Then the way everything is laid out is much more intuitive and easy to read. No more going to a different page to see how much more protein I should eat. Love this app.

- It's okay. . .could use improvements.

There are some parts of the app that I like, but the part I can't get past is the library of foods. It's a mess. A lot of brands I type in aren't in there and they aren't off brands. Also, when you do type stuff in, a ton of the same foods pop up and they are unverified. It pointless to have to sift through 30 foods that are all the same. That needs to be cleaned up. Additionally, if you type in coconut oil, there's is nothing. You type in oil, nothing pops up. No Kerrygold either. So if you're looking to use this to log macros for the Keto diet, look somewhere else. I had to uninstall this app. The macros app with an apple on the icon is way better and it's the same price.

- It will be a great app in the future!

This app feels like playing call of duty and having to make ingame purchase to keep up with the rest of the users. For every need you have to make another purchase! The database is soooo small but also full of duplicate entries made by users with no verification or guarantee that the macros are accurate! Furthermore there are so many days I don’t feel like going to google or MyFitnessPal to find the nutrients so I tried using the website but you have to be subscribed to one of their monthly subscription in order to use it which is free on MyFitnessPal. The concept that this is focused on serious users is amazing, but it’s user experience shows that it was created to take advantage of that said market not actually help 🤷🏽‍♂️

- Don’t spend $ on this app!

I had high hopes for this app. I am on a weight loss journey and really needed something accurate. I thought this app was it. I even encouraged my best friend, who is a bariatric surgeon, to get it so we could share info, as she is my accountability partner and biggest supporter. Well, we followed all the instructions and were both frustrated because the food databases was limited. Even if you manually added the food, the info would not update 😡😡. We tried several times and I apologized to her for having her spend money on an app that was not worth the time. If it were free, that’s one thing, but to pay...Absolutely NOT! This app has the potential to be wonderful, but it sure isn’t now. I will be deleting this app TODAY!

- Completely inaccurate data makes this useless

This app is great, in theory. It has a lot of potential and is designed nicely. However, it is fundamentally unusable. When using the barcode scanner feature to log food, almost everything is inaccurate. I would estimate that 9/10 items I scanned were entirely wrong. In addition, the units were often incorrect or nonsensical. If you try to search for items (even items that are clearly in the database, based on the inaccurate barcode scans), it shows no results. The entire purpose of this app is to help people accurately track their food consumption. Without accurate data, it is essentially useless. I tried to get a refund, since the app doesn’t work as advertised, and it was denied. Very disappointing app and customer service.

- Straightforward and easy to use

I’ve been using this app for macro tracking for about a year and a half nowand really like it. Straightforward, no fuss, macros only. I know lots of people that like MyFitnessPal and I tried that out for a while, only to switch back to this because it’s just so easy. Only minor complaint is that the list of foods in the database isn’t as comprehensive, but once I’ve gotten my regular and favorite items entered in I use those all the time from my favorites list. I recommend this app if you are looking for an easy way to track.

- Not Very Happy

It seemed like a good thing except for the fact I paid to download, then realized it was only for a one week trial then paid monthly. Why can’t you give me one week free trial?? After downloading I realized it was a bit confusing but figured over time and use that I could figure the app out. I have decided rather quickly that I don’t like this app mainly based on the fact that I cannot find a single food item?! I mean I couldn’t even find a Starbucks drink?! Starbucks!! I searched on every part of the word with or without Starbucks in the search and I could not find it. This is just one example. I can search via MyFitnessPal app and find things almost immediately. Cancelling my paid trial and going back to my fitnesspal app.

- Potential but misses on most marks!!

Like other users here, I was a Myfitnesspal user and wanted something more in depth. While setting everything up I thought I made the right choice until I started using the food tracker. Like everyone here, the barcode was good for me but barely worked for my Wife’s phone. As I tried to input serving size data, NONE of the information matched. The more I edited it the more the calculations were wrong. I tried putting in serving sizes like cups, ounces, etc. and it was like it didn’t know how to compute it. Then, I put it down after frustration, closed it out and tried again the following day with the exact same results and even worse, it wasn’t even saving to my food log. In short, waste of money and time. Myfitnesspal is free and better on all accounts.

- Why does this cost money?

I have been a MyFitnessPal user since about 2012 when I wanted to track calories. While it has a section for tracking macros, I wanted an app that was dedicated to it. The mistake was paying $3 for something that doesn't have half of the resources. MyFitnessPal gives you micronutrient breakdowns, which this app (seemingly geared towards manly men) does not seem to think are important. If you ever eat packaged foods (i.e. fruit strips or a specific brand of cheese), good luck. It isn't there. This is silly, because both calories and macronutrients can vary incredibly between products produced by different brands. I've used WeightWatchers as well (side note: you'll be weak and tired if you're already pretty healthy), but the easiest thing is MyFitnessPal. It is the most efficient, useful, and FREE tracker I've found.

- Great App for Tracking Macros!

I love the barcode scanning feature - this makes things so much quicker and more efficient. The search tool seems low in pre-loaded items you can find. For instance, Starbucks only shows one drink when I search the brand. The barcode scanner definitely makes up for it though! Also, it'd be nice to be able to apply different macros for different days rather than having to switch it for the entire profile (rest day vs. active days). Overall, I LOVE this app and prefer it over MFP. Definitely worth the purchase.

- Very customizable

I love that you can set exact macro goals and save different macro goals in the app and apply them when needed. All for the upfront pricing, no monthly fee. Really the best feature that other similar apps don't have is the ability to enter in a new exact serving amount rather than working off of a fraction or decimal percentage of an existing serving. For someone who is serious about tracking this is a must. You also completely edit any item you've scanned into your app. This is especially nice if you want to change the serving units.

- Best macro/calorie tracking app!

This is by far the easiest macro/calorie tracking app I've ever used. It is easy to enter data, the barcode scanner recognizes almost everything, and if it doesn't, it is easy to add your own. There's a quick add feature in case you don't want to put in all the information. Recipe builder. It's very easy to look and see what something will add to your meal without actually adding it. Also, the app creators are very responsive if you have any questions and email them through the app. Definitely a five out of five stars!

- Great app for tracking macros

I love this app! It makes it easy to track my macros, weight, and water. I wish it were easier to input exercise into the app other than syncing with myworkout+. I find myworkout harder to track exercise and I don't use it regularly. If the app could sync with the iPhone exercise tracker, that would be ideal or find a way to simply input exercise (broad categories like cardio, weight training, etc. and level) to give you a better idea of calories burned everyday. Other than that-this app is awesome! Absolutely love it!

- Perfect for Macro counting

I tried MFP first because it seems like everyone uses that but I didn't like it at all, I thought it was confusing and not user friendly. My Macros is the exact opposite, it's easy to use, it makes sense and once you get a solid list of favorites going it only takes a few seconds to input your meal information. I love how it shows me the F, C & P breakdown for each meal, it shows me the total I've consumed so far, the amount I have left as well as what my daily totals should be. I can track my weight too!

- Cumbersome

I’m a tech literate person who finds this app a bit cumbersome. If you eat a lot of pre-packaged food you should be fine. You can just scan the barcode. But if you’re trying to eat a healthy, natural foods diet it’s tough to find what you’re looking for. For example: I put peach in the search and it returns dozens of possibilities, only one of which is an actual raw peach. That choice is in cups of slices, yet I want to put in weight. Hard to believe I can’t get the macros on a peach by weight! I’m constantly having to get on the computer to find macros to enter in if I want to be accurate. Someone needs an app that isn’t geared for people who East out of a box.

- So far it is ok

Food search database is not easy to find what you are eating. The size of the servings is not the same as the nutritional label so a lot of calculating or searching for how much you actually ate. And all of the “cool” app features require money. Why are daily notes part of $5 a month charge??? Why can’t I use graphs for carb progress or weight progress with extra money? I understand coaching and advice, but the rest??? What is it extra money for graphs and being able to take personal notes or diaries?

- Love it!

It's really easy to use. The only reason I left out a star is that I wish their database for foods was much larger and that their search function worked better. I typically have to manually add the food to my "custom" foods for it to be easy to log. I also wish that deleting foods would be easier to do by being able to just swipe it left like you do on emails instead of having to click the delete foods option and then deleting from there and having to click the finish button. It's too many steps. Other than that I love it.

- Love the App But...

I would love to give this app five stars. It is much easier to use than MyFitnessPal in my opinion, the database is amazing and pretty large and it's straight to the point( All I want to track is Macros and Calories. That's IT!!) My only issue is the calculation of calories and macros. It is extremely off. I spent almost and hour trying to figure out why my macros for lunch wasn't adding up to the calorie amount displayed. This leaves me conflicted. I love the app BUT it isn't reliable. I would love some support and help with this. And yes I made sure the nutritional information was correct for each food entry. The Calculations were still off. Ughhh!

- Pretty good bang for your buck!

This application is super easy to use and customizable to your liking. You can quickly view the breakdown of macros you have left for the day, which makes it super easy for you to plan your meal choices. A lot of people rating this application with fewer than three stars seem like they're comparing this to My Fitness Pal, and saying that this application lacks a good database for processed food items. While it is true that the database lacks a robust food library, this shouldn't be that big of an issue. Firstly, you really shouldn't be eating a lot of processed food anyway, so why are you worried about this? Secondly, if you're truly too lazy to track your food intake manually, then perhaps you lack the motivation for tracking macros at all. Thirdly, this app costs three bucks. My fitness pal costs $50 a year. Idk about you, but I think I found a winner.

- Mediocre Macros Tracker

I really like that I can adjust my macros since I do carb cycling. But this is pretty much the only feature I enjoyed. The barcode scanner never worked for me, even after creating a profile to access the larger database. It would have been nice to have different measuring options for items. For example, a banana comes up as 1 cup mashed vs. the way I usually eat a banana them - straight from the peel. Adding food was in general frustrating. After a couple days, I purchased a subscription to Lifesum, where I can adjust my macros and looking up food is way easier. Deleted the app after a few days.

- Nutrition label picture converter is game changing

Latest update adds some huge quality of life changes in my opinion, good stuff. To the people saying it’s awful because you have to scroll .5 inches more are ridiculous. I’ve tried them all this is easily the best and most simple to use. FYI to the reviewers complaining about the food database, the majority of what I find in myfitnesspal is just flat out inaccurate. If you want to be accurate you should really be adding a lot of custom foods anyway...

- Necessary tool

Whether you're trying to lose, gain, or maintain weight - I would recommend this app hands down. It's extremely flexible and very user friendly. I really appreciate that it tracks and reports more than just calories and delves into fat, carbs, and protein. There's also a feature that lets me set different macro goals for different days. Like any tool, it takes discipline to use - but I highly, highly recommend it. Side note: really appreciate the recent update with nutrition bar scanning

- Awesome App / Excellent Customer Support

I love this App. Keeps me accountable and so easy to use. I have been using this App for 2yrs after trying a few other tracking Apps. This one is by far the Best!!! Recently an update to the app was made (always for the better) and I could not figure out how to copy my meal to the next day, silly me! I emailed them and received a response with the information I needed the same day. It is really hard to find great Customer Service / Support now days. Thank you My Macros Team!!!!

- Super Buggy and search is useless

I literally can’t find anything I type in, even with global search turned on. I have to scan everything if I need to add it and sometimes I don’t always have the product. App has a ton of bugs, coincidently also while searching. First item is hidden by Serving Size and Brand filters, once an item is selected it’s pretty much frozen till you hit the back button. Cannot multi select when searching for items.

- Looks nice but not as functional as I would like

The food database is very strange. If I want to look up a certain brand of something, it shows SO many unrelated things. For example, Stonefire Naan Dippers (like small pita wedges, resulted in apple dippers, chicken dippers, etc. Even using the option to narrow it down by brand didn’t work because the brand was spelled incorrectly. Search parameters that contain only what you enter would be helpful as I’ve never had this issue with any other food database in any other app. Further, it doesn’t let you change the type of serving. For example, angel hair pasta was something like a 3 inch long 2 diameter portion. You should be able to switch to ounces or something you can measure out after cooking.

- Pretty Good

Im a bodybuilder on competition prep. This app is pretty good, I like that I can set specific macro goals, not limited to percentages like the (non premium) competitor App. Easy to preset macro targets and set those targets for specific days. My issue is: Not particularly user friendly when it comes to searching for foods. Example: simply searched “grapes” and result was such a weird list... “apples and grapes” “cheese and grapes” “tea, grape.” Would be helpful if there was some kind of algorithm to push more sensical options to the top of the list. I think search results are alphabetized, which is counterintuitive in my opinion. Still generally like the app though.

- Best macro app out there, but make your own labels

I love the details it provides for each meal, but beware the labels in the database are trash. I think “serving size” and “serving name” need to be changed to amount and unit because so many people get it wrong. But, I love that once I make my own, I know exactly what I’m eating and it makes it totally easy to track and you can customize what you see for each meal and the meal names (as many as you need)! I’ll never use any other macro app again!

- WAYYY Better than MyFitnessPal!

This is a much cheaper alternative to the king of meal tracking, MyFitnessPal. It does the same thing and many things better. The interface is fairly intuitive, so I’ve been able to find what I’m looking for easily. Improvements needed: MyFitnessPal’s search function far rivals this one and I’d like to see improvements there. I’d also like to be able to swipe through my daily macro intake and in addition to seeing macros needed and macros consumed, I’d like to see my consumed macros and possibly my macros to go as a ratio/percent.

- Not really worth it

The number of selections for food for this app is limited. Perhaps the app still needs time and contribution from users to get up to speed. Ive used other apps that are free that does what this app charges you to do. At the end of the day, its simply not worth purchasing this app when there are other apps that can do the same function for free. The other app i now use has almost every food items i can think of, from specific types of sandwiches from several restaurants to some obscure asian dish. This one app? It will help you track macros on simple ingredients like if you just eat an egg...wish i never spent my money on the app

- Limited but has potential

The concept is there. Partial functionality is there. Unless you eat packaged foods or at restaurants all the time, you will still need another macro book. This does NOT have raw, fresh foods calculated. So if you are some broccoli, you will have to look up the nutrition unless it was green giant frozen broccoli. Are a fresh chicken breast? Again, not in the app. I have a macro book but was wanting the app for simplicity and to ditch my notebook records and go electronic. It’s actually more time consuming to use this app with the lack of foods in the program. Like I said, if you eat out or get pre packaged foods and not fresh produce and meat items, you will probably like it.

- way better than mfp

My favorite features of this app are that 1. You can enter your own macros, and switch days when you have high carb days and low carb days (love!) 2. I love that you can edit nutrition information on foods you search. In mfp you have to look through multiple options and if that doesn't work out, you have to create your own entry. Saves a lot of time. Overall very impressed, wish I would have given this app a try a while back.

- Most Intuitive Macro App

A great app for Macro focused tracking. Your macros are prominently displayed at the top while showing amount left throughout the day. Very intuitive for me. I switched over from MyFitness Pal for this reason. Only reason I didn’t give it 5 Stars is, because the food database isn’t quite as extensive as I was hoping. However, the bar scanner usually picks up what I have. If you do have to enter it manually it will stay in your personal database then you can always use that entry; so that’s nice. Definitely recommend.

- Only Missing One Thing

Firstly, the things I love about this app. It is by far the best looking nutrition tracker on the store. The interface is easy to navigate and the macros are displayed appropriately. It is as close to perfect as you can get except you thing. The data base is so far behind MyFitnessPal that finding foods without the label scanner is super hard. If you eat the same things over and over though - it does save recent items and it becomes much quicker.

- Excellent app, been using it for 400 days straight

If your goal is to set and track daily calories/macros, this app is phenomenal. The databank can be a little lacking, but the ability to enter custom foods and recipes means you can account for just about anything you eat if you want to. The recent and frequent food options are super convenient. It may seem tedious to enter a lot of foods at first, but once you build a library of foods you regularly consume this app really shines.

- Not worth the $3

This is not a good app. I’m really surprised it has as high a rating as it does. The database of foods is awful. The serving sizes are so far off it makes it nearly impossible to use. The barcode scan does a generally good job of finding the correct food but it somehow manages to pull up incorrect nutritional information. I thought it was a great idea to be able to edit food information but once edited it won’t let you save the changes! The only thing I like about this app is the ability to customize your macro amounts. Overall, I’ll be finding a new macro counter. Doing it on paper would be better then this app!

- Great support

I have used this app for over a year and I love it. I bought a new phone and all of my data including every recipe I built and every food I logged was gone. I emailed the support team and they answered within a day and after a little back and forth got all of my data back. Super responsive and quick fix! Definitely worth the one time fee for the app that lets you customize/change your macros without a monthly fee. Thanks Jason!

- Big step backwards!

Latest version includes interface changes that degrade usability. For starters, the food item name and amount are now on the same line with very little room for the amount. So if the amount is more than a few characters, the only way to read it is to open the food edit screen which at least has a "Back" button to cancel. Most other screens force you to swipe down. If you're aim is off you end up in the iPhone Notification Center. I could go on -- especially the bad changes on the weight screen -- but the bottom line is nearly every cosmetic change in the version makes it harder to use. Please change it back!

- Great

Anyone that's looking to compare this app to MFP shouldn't, because they aren't really meant to do the same job. Unless you're willing to pay $10 a month for premium MFP (I'm not), then this is so much better. The food entries are so much more accurate and you're not over-inundated by hundreds of incorrect entries, and it is so awesome to see where you stand at all times with your macros right at the top of your screen. I love it! It took some getting used to but it's been awesome.

- Tedious

I've used MyFitnessPal on and off over some years when dieting, but decided to give MM+ a shot after getting on Avatar Nutrition so I didn't have to constantly adjust my macros on MFP. MM+ is just not as easy to use. It's hard to find foods in the database, even very common ones, and even the barcode scanner will often bring up incorrect info and I wind up having to enter it all in myself. It's convenient to have my macro and calorie goals already in the system, but other than that, it's mostly frustrating to use. I'm continuing to use it and hoping I will get the hang of it, but it's so far just made me not keep up with tracking.

- Fantastically Effective

Love this app, it’s better than all the rest and I’ve tried them. The app is simple to use, intuitive and information is provided about what you’re eating in multiple ways (the pie chart is a great feature). Being able to add and save custom foods and adjust amounts as needed really makes the macro life easier. There should be more food categories though— fish, beef, non-dairy. Totally recommend this app whether your a macros guru or brand new!

- Great macro tracker!

I switched to my macros plus from MyFitnessPal because I wanted an app where I could see the macros more easily at a glance. This app does just that. I like how at each meal you can see the macro breakdown so you can stick to a certain amount of grams per meal. I also like how there are options of having goals for more than one day-perfect for low and high calorie days. The barcode scanner works great. It’s rare if you find something that doesn’t come up and if it doesn’t, it’s super easy to put it in manually. There are only a couple things I would like to see in the future. 1) A connection to the Fitbit app similar to what MyFitnessPal does. I like being able to see the caloric intake/expenditure comparison. 2) The option to create recipes. Other than that, the app is awesome! Thanks!

- On the fence

I currently use MFP but I am in a group that uses this app so I figured I would try it. So far I like the app but I wish the tracking water and exercise was on the today, yesterday section or at least make it under the tracking food menu and not under settings. To me not having in your face makes it seems like the developers to think it is as important. Also a lot of people are about of sight out of mind and if it isn’t in their face they won’t remember to do it. I will give the app a little more time hopefully improvements will be made.

- Okay, but the search is horrible

This app is not bad. I like that it syncs with avatar nutrition (if you use that) and the macro display is helpful. However, the search is pretty awful. More often than not, I have to manually enter in a food and find myself Googling nutritional facts. Further, it does not "remember" frequently used goods in the search function. I believe this is extra per month. The barcode scanner works most of the time, but not nearly as well as MyFitnessPal. Overall, it would be way better if they improved the search and you didn't have to manually add so many basic foods such as bananas, onions, etc.

- Great functionality but lose manual nutritional info

I love how easy this app is to use. I’ve used it on and off for about 4 years now and it’s great except for one thing. Every time I’ve switched phones or updated the app I’ve lost all my manually added nutritional info. If your really serious about counting macros you want to know your info is correct so you add a lot of stuff yourself. To lose that information and all the saved recipes that make counting calories super easy is a massive headache to re-enter every time. If that issue were fixed I’d give this 5 stars.

- It doesn’t add up

Hi there, I’m a longtime MyMacros user, because I’m super OCD about my numbers, but I’m having a heck of a time with it adding up correctly. The total calories for the day don’t ever add up, and are always under. I verify by multiplying the protein and carbs by 4 and the fat grams by 9 and adding those together and it never matches up correctly. It’s almost like it can’t keep up when I make changes. This is super frustrating. What am I missing here?

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🌹They call me Bryan🌹

Started the keto diet this week. Tracking my macros and calories. After a run, a dog walk, and eating... I'm net up 440 cal and need to eat 100g more protein and about 80g fat. It's bed time, and I'm full. Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to go force down a whole pork roast.

Michael Earnshaw

A5. I've been very on point w/ my diet, logging & staying w/in my calories & macros, working out consistently each morning whether it be cardio or weights, & being in the moment w/ my family in the evenings. #masterychat

My Macros+ | Diet & Calories 2020.23 Screenshots & Images

My Macros+ | Diet & Calories iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

My Macros+ | Diet & Calories iphone images
My Macros+ | Diet & Calories iphone images
My Macros+ | Diet & Calories iphone images
My Macros+ | Diet & Calories iphone images
My Macros+ | Diet & Calories iphone images
My Macros+ | Diet & Calories iphone images
My Macros+ | Diet & Calories iphone images
My Macros+ | Diet & Calories iphone images
My Macros+ | Diet & Calories ipad images
My Macros+ | Diet & Calories ipad images
My Macros+ | Diet & Calories ipad images
My Macros+ | Diet & Calories ipad images
My Macros+ | Diet & Calories ipad images
My Macros+ | Diet & Calories ipad images
My Macros+ | Diet & Calories ipad images
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My Macros+ | Diet & Calories Health & Fitness application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

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The applications My Macros+ | Diet & Calories was published in the category Health & Fitness on 2011-10-28 and was developed by My Macros LLC [Developer ID: 449565979]. This application file size is 145.85 MB. My Macros+ | Diet & Calories - Health & Fitness posted on 2020-09-18 current version is 2020.23 and works well on IOS 12.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.jloewy.mymacros

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