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No matter if you want to lose weight, bulk up, or maintain a healthy lifestyle My Macros+ is the diet tracking app for you.

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My Macros+ is the only diet tracking app made by a fitness professional. Created after years of frustration with the diet tracking apps that the market had to offer, we are proud to bring you the complete diet tracking solution.

With 5+ million foods, tracking food is quick and easy. Add your food in as little as 3 taps to the screen.

• HUGE food database 5+ Million Food Items to choose from!
• Barcode scanner - scan and quickly track your food
• Set your nutrition goals by gram or percent
• As many nutrition goals as you want — Supporting things like carb cycling, high/low days and more
• Track and monitor your body weight with beautiful graphs
• See nutrition breakdowns for each day, meal and individual food
• Have as many meals as you want — No more being stuck with only Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Snack
• Input custom food straight off the label — My Macros+ converts and stores it properly for you to make using it in any serving size quick and easy.
• Track Water — Log your water in cups, fluid oz, ml or gallons
• Quick Food Access — Look through lists of your favorite foods or those that you have eaten recently to track even faster.
• Built in food from your favorite brands and restaurants
• All foods are completely customizable — Enter your own food in any serving size or edit a existing food to be any serving size you want.
• Syncs between all iOS platforms

—Reach Your Goals—
• Beautiful daily nutritional reporting system
• Graph your weight over time to easily track your progress
• Macro calculator to help get you started on the right track

—Make Progress Together—
• View your friends meals in real time through our My Circle feature
• See your friends foods and recipes to get ideas for your own diet

NEED DIET HELP? We’ve got you covered
• Our Macro Coach feature is an optional monthly subscription that allows you to use our artificial intelligence system to help you reach your goals
• Fill out our initial questionnaire and receive your initial macro goal
• As you progress towards your goals our system will dynamically update your macro goals for you to make sure you stay on track towards your goals

—Apple Watch App—
MM+ on Apple Watch is now available, it allows you to keep track of your daily nutrition, macros left and fast track foods straight through your Apple Watch

—Apple Health Integration—
My Macros+ utilizes Apple Health by sharing all of the nutrition data that MM+ tracks to be displayed alongside the rest of your health data

—Siri Shortcut—
Find out how many macros you have remaining until you reach your goals completely hands free

A MM+ Pro level membership is an optional monthly subscription that unlocks even more powerful features right inside My Macros+
• Diet summary — In-depth breakdown of your diet, body weight and favorite foods over any range of time
• Detailed Analysis — Want to see calories consumed and how that affects your body weight? Compare any data point side by side to gain deep insight
• Spreadsheet export — Get all of your data in CSV format for even richer analysis
• Notes — You can keep notes about individual meals or the entire days themselves
• Meal timer — Problem remembering your next meal? Set a timer. We’ll remind you when it's time to eat
• My Macros+ on the web — Access MM+ through any web browser

1) MM+ Pro Subscription is offered at $1.99/month or $19.99/year
2) Auto Adjusting Macros Subscription is offered at $9.99/month
- Subscriptions are charged to your iTunes Account and auto renew unless turned off at least 24hrs before the end of the current period. Any unused free trial will be forfeited at purchase and subscriptions can be managed through the users Account Settings

My Macros+ | Diet & Calories App Description & Overview

The applications My Macros+ | Diet & Calories was published in the category Health & Fitness on 2011-10-28 and was developed by Jason Loewy. The file size is 168.52 MB. The current version is 8.5 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

Thank you for all of the support! My Macros+ is here with another update to make your tracking experience even better.

Nutrition Label Scanning
• Now you can add custom foods even faster with our text recognizing nutrition label scanner.
• Simply open up the option on the left side menu, hold your camera close and steady to the label and take the picture. It’s that simple.

New in v8.4
Siri Shortcut
• New in iOS 12, Now you can find out how many macros you have remaining until you reach your goals completely hands free, just by asking Siri.
To create a siri shortcut start by tapping the "Add To Siri" button at the bottom of your Day Options page right inside the app.

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My Macros+ | Diet & Calories Reviews


I want my money back  Shadowwolf2192  1 star

This app is not user friendly and I want my money back.


Not what I thought  Aresnaut120  2 star

This had a coach, and calculator, that if you pay an additional 10 bucks a month you can use. So I just paid 3 bucks for the app, and it won’t even calculate my macros that I should be eating, unless I do a 7 day trial that will most like turn into me paying $10, because it won’t get cancelled correctly or until after the due date. Not what I was looking for.


Would recommend 100%!  Catertots  5 star

I have been using this app for almost 5 years and I LOVE it! Not only is the app great, but the customer service is top notch. I accidentally deleted my whole food library after getting a new phone and Jason emailed back in less than 30 mins with a solution. Thank you so much Jason!


Database is Awful!  MichaelDonoghue72  2 star

Having paid for this app you would think you could easily find items. Wrong! Most things I have to manually enter. What a tremendous waste of time. My Fitness Pal is free and I had much better results there. Update this. Wish I could get my money back. Don’t waste your time with ghis

maiebf akk

Exceptional Customer Service  maiebf akk  5 star

I have been using My Macros for a couple years and have never had an issue with the app until today when I went to log in info and all my data was gone. I emailed customer service not expecting to get a response but within a couple hours I had heard back and the problem was resolved in minutes. Impressive to say the least!


Exhausting to use  Stephie0731  2 star

The time I have spent logging my food since switching from MFP to MM+ has gone up immensely and I’m tracking way more haphazardly because creating recipes is nearly impossible and bar code scanning vegetarian protein and yogurt is mostly useless. These applications should make it simpler, but I have to create recipes in MFP and transfer the macros to this to even use it! Unless you are eating plain meat and vegetables, don’t bother.


Not worth it!  Clare9448  1 star

Okay I know the overall rating is really great because that’s what got me into buying this. But trust me, don’t buy it unless you have a lot of patience and a lot of free time. It takes a very long time to add food, adjust serving size, change units, etc. Most of the time you can’t even be positive it’s correct because food is measured in grams, and I’m obviously unable to carry a scale around with me everywhere I go. Even at home I’m not weighing my burger/salad/pasta/avocados. It’s not user friendly and way over complicated. I feel like it would be easier to just keep a hand written log instead of buying this.


Don’t love it  Mamejhd  2 star

Many brands don’t show up and app layout is awkward. “My Fitness Pal” is still my favorite and it’s free!

Rustie 13

So far it is ok  Rustie 13  3 star

Food search database is not easy to find what you are eating. The size of the servings is not the same as the nutritional label so a lot of calculating or searching for how much you actually ate. And all of the “cool” app features require money. Why are daily notes part of $5 a month charge??? Why can’t I use graphs for carb progress or weight progress with extra money? I understand coaching and advice, but the rest??? What is it extra money for graphs and being able to take personal notes or diaries?


Great app  BethS218.  4 star

Really easy to use and a great database. The only reason it gets 4 instead of 5 stars is because the new nutrition label reader doesn’t seem to work.


Waste of money  james_deangelis  1 star

$4.50 for an app that does the same thing as free ones. It’s advertised as though it’s revolutionising how you track your meals, simply not the case.


Greedy  idonthaveabuckname  1 star

Paid $5 for an app the same as many others that are free because this one looked to be more useful and I wanted to support but once you open the app you quickly realise you still have to pay for many of the features advertised, not even a single time payment but a subscription


Thx for the update  ddav1dd  5 star

Works fine on pre ios 12 now 👍


BUG FIX PLEASE!!!  adellepet  4 star

I absolutely love this app and have been using it religiously but since the update yesterday I haven’t been able to open the app? It just shuts on me :( Dying not being able to track my macros and the other apps aren’t the same. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE FIX!!!


Not great for metric users  Samski89  1 star

Can’t put any of my goals in using the metric system. Would need to convert everything online before adding in. Contacted customer support about this. And after a couple emails and me supplying a screenshot they said it’s not possible (yet). Not worth my money. Going back to my fitness pal

Monosaurus Rex

Greedy  Monosaurus Rex  1 star

I paid for this app, though there were dozens of free options. I paid because I liked it. I paid because I wanted to support it. I paid for an app that did the same thing that all the free ones did. I understand paying for the personal coaching, but trying to charge me more for simple convenience features like quickly modifying amounts when copying from another day?!? Did EA buy you out, Jason?!? Greedy. Pure and simple.

productivity procrastinator

Awful app unusable  productivity procrastinator  1 star

Impractical, fails to execute concepts in description with any practicality or realistic functionality.


Useless in civilised countries  Namesalltakem  1 star

Doesnt have metric measurements. Couldn’t be a more useless spend of $4.99


Only for Americans  AJ123765  2 star

This app looks great... but there is no selector to switch between cups, teaspoons, grams, pounds etc. As such, I can’t use metric units on half the things which is a huge pain. Until that’s fixed, it is simply not as useful as MyFitnessPal. The app that wins is the app that frustrates you the least!


Awesome app  Klee01071971  5 star

This is an awesome and finally takes the headache & guesswork away from measuring my macros...


Great app!!!  Naztdawg  5 star

I’m using it to track my food, macros, and weight. I love how easy it is to use.


cumbersome to use  warrenz18  3 star

i agree with many other posts, too time consuming to gave to reload data or manually enter because the food database is very deficient. has good platform but it feels like the moved on prematurely. i wouldn’t recommend buying i’m going back to my fitness pal. I have the global food database turned on and it is still too cumbersome to use. finding things such as tri tip steak and tomatoes should be easier.


Scammy app with horrible customer service  AllDayMcCray  3 star

Do not use this app. Cancelling is a nightmare and they won’t even explain it to you. They will tell you to look on the website where there are unhelpful and confusing links and other nonsense. Disgusting marketing practices here.


Disappointed  Quixgrfx  1 star

After so many glowing reviews, I found the app lacking to say the least. Used the barcode scanner option (which I frequently use in other tracking app) and it doesn’t even give me the right items. When it actually finds the correct item, the values are all wrong. It was a total waste of money.

Larry Madill

Potential But Not There  Larry Madill  3 star

Been using MyFitnessPal for years. I decided to try MyMacros because it’s the preferred tracker of Macros Inc. It’s impressive. I like the ability to create unlimited labels for meals (dinner, Lunch, second lunch whatever) and a lot of the macro focused features, but the food database isn’t there at all. It took me five attempts to find my brand of protein powder. It took my like a second to find it in MFP. Also the search function is just bad. A basic search for “Chicken Breast USDA” will return everything but the macros for chicken breast.


Great App  tant  5 star

I used to use MFP to track my macros, kcal and gauge my weekly intake. Since they have added crazy fees to all the features, I looked for something else. I found this app and I love the advanced tools, layout and features. I recommend this app to my clients as well.


It’s great!  Angangang12345  5 star

I quite enjoy this app! I like how much more it focuses on macros and how much more customizable to your own personal macro numbers it is. When compared to its competitor, it has pretty much everything and then some! The only thing I miss from it is the ability to “sign off” a day and have it spit out to me an estimate on what I’ll weigh in a month based off of how I ate that day. I know it’s not accurate and is not necessary, but it’s something I looked forward to when using competitor apps, and it motivated me to do that great every day, or to do better tomorrow. It helped me keep my head on straight and look towards little goals. I hope my macros + adds that feature at some point! Then it would be perfect!


Not Very Happy  kchac11  2 star

It seemed like a good thing except for the fact I paid to download, then realized it was only for a one week trial then paid monthly. Why can’t you give me one week free trial?? After downloading I realized it was a bit confusing but figured over time and use that I could figure the app out. I have decided rather quickly that I don’t like this app mainly based on the fact that I cannot find a single food item?! I mean I couldn’t even find a Starbucks drink?! Starbucks!! I searched on every part of the word with or without Starbucks in the search and I could not find it. This is just one example. I can search via MyFitnessPal app and find things almost immediately. Cancelling my paid trial and going back to my fitnesspal app.


Love this app  niccoombs  4 star

Love the app I’ve used a lot over the past 2 years. I recently just got a IPhone xs Max and when I use the barcode I’m unable to touch the check or edit or any option on the top due to the fact that it’s overlapped into the screen time and battery information any help fixing that?

DJ Picto

Tedious and complicated. Not worth the hassle  DJ Picto  1 star

PROS Extensive database Barcode scanner works well Good for working out macros of fresh foods CONS Complicated interface and workflow Too time consuming to add and save meals The most useful features require a monthly subscription up to $9.99/month. By the time you’ve searched and added food to a meal category, you may as well have put the macro details in a note on your phone and simply added them up at the end of the day. For example, for breakfast today, I had an omelette made with one egg and two egg whites. I had chicken breast with it and mixed veg. I had to first search for “egg” and then find the brand and add it to the breakfast category. Then, I had to search chicken breast and choose a weight and add that. The same with mixed veg. The brand of egg whites I use was not in the database to I had to use the barcode scanner to add them and adjust the servicing size and save it. I had to do the same thing with my protein shake, but the macro values were wrong so I had to do the math to adjust the serving size. This is all before I move on to snack and lunch etc. See where I’m going? It’s useful as a tool to find the macros of fresh food by weight but that’s about the extent of its usefulness unless a complex and time consuming workflow is your thing. It is not as intuitive as the quick start menu suggests and it took me too long to navigate all the inputs and saves. If an app isn’t simple to use, it’s just not worth it. I paid for the app so I’ll use it to work out macros of fresh food but I’ll just take a simple daily log on my iPhone and use simple math to add everything up at the end of the day.


Best I ever had  Sssebinho  5 star

Highly recomended


Hard to log  Clairezzxxx&/74&  2 star

I bought this app today in order to track Macros but it is so hard to search for foods. Doesn't seem to have a good list of foods, all seem to be more of the American variety. Bit disappointed

Philip Arngrimsson

Best Food Tracking App for serious fitness enthusiast  Philip Arngrimsson  5 star

I believe this app is superior to myfitnessapp as it easier to set specific macro targets, see food breakdown by macros & see meal breakdown by macros. It's also incredibly easy to use. It can be used on its own but can connect with myworkout+ which assists in tracking your workouts along with overall volume. Overall fantastic app and would highly recommend.


Love it  Porche32  5 star

After using MFP for a good while, decided to experiment and try MM+ and love it, the whole layout and design is just so much better, good investment, everything is clear and simple to use. 👍🏻


Beats MFP  Gbowden  5 star

I've been using MFP since the incorporation and the same thing applies with MM+ once you log your food it's there, I find it less restrictive than MFP and you don't need premium like MFP.


Worth every penny  Chefy81  5 star

Very easy to use with tonnes of food to choose from and easy to enter your own. Gives you a wealth of information on what you are eating.


Great app!  Aw2384  4 star

All round a great app, no bugs as of yet and is pretty easy to navigate. My only issue was that most of the brands on there were American but there is lots of brands on there already plus it's really easy to add your own!


Needs more foods  Quinner96  3 star

Good app with a great layout and concept but it needs more foods. Until I see that, I'm sticking with myfitnesspal

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