BTN2Go is the digital extension of the Big Ten Network, delivering live games and on-demand programming to Big Ten Network customers. With BTN2Go, you can take the Big Ten Network with you, whenever you want and wherever you go!

BTN2Go gives you access to watch live games and events, plus instant access to Big Ten Network original programming such as: The Journey, Big Ten Elite, Big Ten Icons, Big Ten Classic Games, and game highlights.

TV Everywhere Access:

If you receive the Big Ten Network through a participating TV Provider, you will be able to access TELEVISED Big Ten Network programming at no additional cost on BTN2Go, including next day archives of televised events that air on Big Ten Conference television partners (ABC, ESPN, CBS).

To access this content, choose your participating TV provider and sign-in with your TV provider credentials. Currently, all major TV providers offer BTN2Go to their subscribers. If your TV provider is not listed, please let them know you want BTN2Go!

BTN Plus Subscription Access:

BTN2Go offers an additional 700+ NON-TELEVISED games and events available with the purchase of a BTN Plus Subscription. BTN Plus content features live games and events produced by students at Big Ten universities.

Purchasing a subscription to BTN Plus programming on BTN2Go does not require a subscription with a TV provider. BTN Plus subscriptions are available in annual or monthly durations, and can be purchased for the entire B1G conference, or just your favorite school. Just remember that BTN Plus subscriptions do NOT include televised BTN programming (discussed above).

Follow the Big Ten with BTN2Go:

The Big Ten Network is the only television network dedicated to covering America's most storied collegiate conference, the Big Ten Conference. Stay connected with your favorite Big Ten teams:

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Indiana Hoosiers
Iowa Hawkeyes
Maryland Terrapins
Michigan Wolverines
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Northwestern Wildcats
Ohio State Buckeyes
Penn State Nittany Lions
Purdue Boilermakers
Rutgers Scarlet Knights
Wisconsin Badgers

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BTN2Go App Description & Overview

The applications BTN2Go was published in the category Sports on 2011-11-15 and was developed by The Big Ten Network. The file size is 128.47 MB. The current version is 6.6 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

Minor bug fixes

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You CANNOT watch games with this app!  catenacreations  1 star

If you are attempting to watch the Big Ten Network by any means other than cable TV, be prepared to be extremely frustrated and disappointed. The app streams poorly and cuts in and out. They claim you can watch via Roku or Internet, but that is not always the case -- content is "unavailable," or the page to sign in to the provider doesn't load. If you click on the "live chat" link on the website, you actually get to send an email. There's no tech support on evenings or weekends, when most people are likely to watch. Whoever is in charge of digital content for this network is doing a miserable job of it. Very, very poor serivce indeed.

Dog gizzard

Really bad  Dog gizzard  1 star

The live chat isn't live. They will get back to as soon as they can. (Days). The listed events on BTN2Go are not aired. Really poorly ran.


I've seen worse  ButterMyPancakes  2 star

The app is ok but the picture quality resembles 1980s antenna feed when casted to my AppleTV. By the way, when are you going to build an AppleTV app? ACC already has one, as does the Sooner network. Really?


No Chromecast functionality  DC3032  2 star

Even tho this app has a "cast" button, it doesn't work. Every time I try to cast a video to my google Chromecast the app dies. Poor design.

Dr. D23

Apple TV  Dr. D23  2 star

Please, for the love of god, make an Apple TV app. You guys broke on the scene in 2006 and were immediately a technical leader, offering an amazing amount of original HD content. However, you are still stuck in 2006. Don’t get me started on how painful your website is, this is an app review after all, but your app tech is ancient. You are the only sports network that is not widely available on places like the Apple TV or Xbox. So, BTN, take a deep breath, dust yourself off, get it together, and get back in the game.


God awful  CgrayT12567  1 star

Fix your app! Terrible reception and constant lag. It replays the same 30 seconds 4 times before you get to live action. Absolutely horrible. Update: still terribly inconsistent. Congratulations to the yahoos who had it work ONE time for them. The app crashes frequently and constantly goes to the ad screen, interrupting live action.


Atrociously bad  BrodcastGaming  1 star

No videos load at all, even with a 5-bar internet connection. Nothing on the BTN2Go website loads either, and I've tried 4 different browsers. Don't waste your time with this garbage, it's just a waste of storage on your phone.

Lazy B1G

Lazy Developers  Lazy B1G  1 star

The fact that this app is so poorly crafted is sad to think about when compared to the amount of money the Big10 takes in on the backs of college kids. They don't even have an Apple TV app, only a phone app - so, when you want to watch something that is not airing live on TV, you are forced to airplay to your apple TV. It is unfortunate that the bare minimum has become an acceptable standard, as the streaming quality, if I have to guess, is 10 year old tech. It's sad that this is the only way to watch the sports of the big10, because if there was another option, they would be forced to make it better. #capitalismworks


It does not work well.  Icallbetterbusinessbureau  1 star

The streaming is intermittent and frequently freezes and cuts out. I switch to another app seconds later to stream and it works fine. The interface is also not user friendly. Needs a complete overhaul.

Scott Love

Trashier than Michigan's fan base  Scott Love  1 star

Video streaming continually has problems. This is the Wal-Mart special of sports apps.


James Misercola JMisercolaDBSF 3 star

@chnews @WiscoFTW But personally as a Michigan fan there's no need for NCAA games on NHL Network now as all of Mich…


Shannon Hammond Shannon14707561 3 star

@umterps: Hear from Coach DJ Durkin for the first time as he addresses #TerpNation at 11:00am! WATCH: .…


Supplement WorldStar prosnation 3 star

@IlliniWBB: Follow along with today's matchup at Northwestern! 📺 📻 📈 …


Why can't they fix this app?!  Sam42800  2 star

Crashes constantly. I can see ignoring the problems with the app if it was not generating income, but a lot of us are paying $10 a month for BTN Plus and you have to use this app to watch the events.


Works fine.  KLJ1810  4 star

Almost didn't download the app due to all the criticism in other reviews. But wanted to watch a game today, so went ahead and got the app. It worked fine through the whole game with no need for me to do anything to keep it going. Have iPhone 6 running iOS 10.1, and mirrored to my TV. Occasionally picture froze for a fraction of a second, then caught up right away, so less than a five-star performance. But able to watch and enjoy the game. Don't let the trolls scare you off Big 10 fans!

You're tickin me off

Pretty crappy  You're tickin me off  1 star

I can't get a high def satellite signal anywhere on my property so I like being able to watch HD games via the apps. WATCH ESPN is outstanding. BTN 2 GO is a glitchy pile of canine excrement.


Awful Application  charliechocolate9970  1 star

Constantly freezing and crashing. I have a speedy 150 Mbps+ internet connection. There's no reason this app should be this bad. Also lacking Apple TV support. Get some tips from ESPN on how to build a streaming app.


Apple TV  Droid47909  3 star

Needs an Apple TV version. AirPlay works ok, but I shouldn't need to commit two devices to watch on my TV.


Terrible streaming quality, games interrupted by commericals  pangloz  1 star

Definitely the worst streaming app on my phone. Have never used it and seen video that wasn't grainy and borderline unwatchable. The app also shows commercials randomly during games, but during gameplay, not the normal commercial breaks. Volume varies wildly between commercials and the game. Airplay barely works. The Big10 makes millions of dollars off of its cable deals, it should invest a fraction of that into its app and make it usable.


Once was great...  Thatsuckerthatpaidfortickets  1 star

This was once a great app. Now they are just after the almighty dollar... I got this app so I could watch obscure Minnesota sports while I was working away from home. Now, they have added BTN2go +. So 90% of the games/sports I want to watch, I need to pay extra to see. (Namely Gopher Hockey) I will be deleting this app until it is free to watch Big 10 games on the Big 10 app once again... So Dumb...


Trash  Bonezino  1 star

Not functional


Do not buy btnplus  TrBall3  1 star

Dont waste your money on the btnplus subscription. It is awful. Constantly freezes and choppy when it does work. My internet connection was not the issue. All my other streaming apps worked great. Bad app. Terrible streaming. Dont waste your time or money.


Disappointing  Wildfan12214  1 star

BTN2GO not available on the Apple TV for some reason. Video streaming in general is just poor, far behind where an app like this should be. Airplay constantly cuts out. Have to do better

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