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On YouNow, you can chat with live broadcasters and connect with your audience by going live! Have fun joining broadcasters as a guest, creating selfies, sending gifts, interacting with your community, and capturing moments.

DISCOVER: Browse live broadcasts and catch up on what you missed in the Moments feed. Connect with creators, artists, musicians, and your favorite personalities.

BROADCAST: Go live and hang out with your community by tapping the green “GO LIVE” button on your profile.

INTERACT: Chat with broadcasters, buy bars to send gifts, join broadcasters as a guest, and capture amazing moments.

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Note: YouNow is intended for people 13 years or older.

YouNow Subscription - Support your favorite YouNower and unlock the following perks...
• An exclusive partner sticker and badge
• Access to super chat messages
• Access to the YouNowers replays
• Priority chat during busy broadcasts
$4.99 monthly


Price may vary by location. Subscriptions will be charged to your credit card through your iTunes account. Your subscription will automatically renew unless canceled at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. You will not be able to cancel the subscription once activated. Manage your subscriptions in Account Settings after purchase.

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YouNow: Live Stream Video Chat App Description & Overview

The applications YouNow: Live Stream Video Chat was published in the category Social Networking on 2012-03-21 and was developed by YouNow, Inc.. The file size is 87.65 MB. The current version is 15.0.3 and works well on 10.2 and high ios versions.

Bug fixes

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YouNow: Live Stream Video Chat Reviews

have fun with feds

No reason ban  have fun with feds  1 star

I got banned 12 times for no reason


New update is terrible  Castlestorysux  2 star

Ever since the last update video freezes often when it had worked well previously.


Can’t watch this stupid shiz anymore  bvchbcf567876532  1 star

How do you spend a million on an update and come up with this disappointing, obnoxious stuff.


News to me...  twisteddaydream  1 star

If I could rate this no stars I would. I was banned and never said a word. My bars and coins taken. As far as I’m concerned they’re thieves.

Dakota Flynn

Not Big Enough Audience  Dakota Flynn  1 star

There is little to no room for growth on YouNow at its current state in 2019. The top broadcasters average anywhere from 50 to maybe 100 viewers at a given time. I don’t think they focus enough on advertising to attract people and are not doing anything to really improve. I think the gifts are way too expensive, the requirements to level up and get a new broadcast badge is ridiculous. How do they expect someone to get 100 viewers at a single time, when there is barely anyone using the app? Anyways despite the criticism it is a fun app to waste time on when your bored.


GLITCHES  wenava05  1 star

everytime i try to watch my own and other people's moments it freezes and they will never load. please fix.


Frustration boils over.  Vonchambers  1 star

I realize younow has shrunk, especially over the last handful of months but this app has really gone down hill. While I can appreciate the multiple guests, it’s mind boggling I can’t individually mute guests as a viewer and I can’t mute guests as a streamer. Give us this option, please. Also you can only turn the volume down so much. Huge bug Younow community deserves better.


Fix volume  CandyCrushLover21  2 star

I cant turn down the volume all the way down to mute. Like what the heck. Please fix. Please. this happens when ur using and not headphones


Can’t use without WiFi  JleeSon  1 star

Yeah I don’t get that. Younow has yet to be able to be used unless you are logged onto a WiFi connection. If it was available without WiFi I’d probably still not give 5 stars because Younow “unless it has gotten better again like before or more like the way it use to be” is not what it use to be. There were so many more people; so many more dancers and entertainers ex ex. Even sleepsquad was fun at times; now it’s just a bunch of older people snoring. I can’t find no one to chat with when I can’t sleep. Also so many people who were there before aren’t there anymore. And I think it’s because of Younow just changing and not being the same anymore. A lot of these kind of apps when they come out, are hot. Then they start with the updates and little by little they change the apps service or way of functioning and it goes from possibly becoming a 5star app to an app that you think of deleting. An app could start by even being as good as 1 star but it should go on improving to where it can atleast reach 4 if not the 5 star status... and THEN, it should REMAIN there for as a long as possible. Never change what’s already working. Don’t add stuff that hardly no one is even asking for if anyone at all. Right now I’d be alittle satisfied if Younow could atleast start becoming available WITHOUT the need of having to use wifi. I haven’t been able to log on for a long time only because of that. Are they working on making Younow available without needing WiFi? Most of these kinds of apps like this start off cool then they all get watered down till they’re almost not even worth keeping. Can you remember when Younow was first launched? It had so much life. So much more life and fun to it; it didn’t have the glitches that it has now; there were more kids and more teens aswell on it which gave it more life; now it seems to only have full grown ups and old people being on it; that’s alright and all that but it was far better when there were more broadcasters. I think that these apps start off well then someone comes in to try and regulate it or change it for I don’t know what, and when they do, a lot of broadcasters leave or something happens where the app stops being what it was; having the feeling that it has. I don’t get that.


Watch what you say  DirtyDogNYC  1 star

A group of jackasses banned an innocent girl for the way she spoke.... bullied out by Asswads there should be a way to vote on banning people by the amount of followers.... something other than this nonsense..... very disappointed.


69  olimclean  1 star

So trash. Don’t get


Don't Buy  81921819  1 star

Creeps everywhere don't buy never buy for your safety


CRASHES EVERY SINGLE TIME [>_<] !  Elabela212  3 star

Listen, the platform itself is dope & even though I’ve only had it a few weeks I’ve enjoyed watching the broadcasts with such a cool variety of people streaming..BUT the fact that every time I open this app and watch a broadcast it will 100% freeze then crash within 20 mins max!! It’s extremely frustrating & makes me not wanna bother even going on anymore. You seriously need to fix this issue, and speaking with others on the app it’s apparently very common. I would of gave it a much higher rating if it wasn’t for this, but this is too major of a problem.

Wanting to stream but cant

It isn’t working  Wanting to stream but cant  2 star

I love streaming on YouNow but it hasn’t been letting me. Please tell me why


Great app but keeps crashing after a few minutes  AntMan1007  1 star

The functionality features are great for this app but lately over the last few weeks it has been crashing after a few minutes of using it EVERY TIME. It’s a major problem that needs to be fixed.


Great app  JackClarence  3 star

Need to fix for iPhone X


Broken fix it  funkingACEthegod  1 star

Crashes every 5 minutes. Cant scroll all the way down the list of broadcasters without it reloading the list. Need to be able to turn individual notifications off so you don’t get 10,000 notifications on your phone. Put some time into this one app and it could be great but until fixed it only gets 1 Star from me.

Wildstrike Prime

Great app but...  Wildstrike Prime  5 star

My only grievance with this app is when you block someone they can invite you to a broadcast you have no interest in joining since you blocked them for being a right royal POS.


You now  Tahlai1234567890  1 star

I don't like it I got reported for being under 12 apparently when I am 13 wow can I get my account back pls like great service not 😡


Plz bring back replay broadcast option  Mohammad:;;::  1 star

I really loved the old younow where if you missed your favourite you tubers broadcast because of Timezone different. You could just replay the broad cast. But now there is moment which I hate. Please bring back the replay function. Without the replay function I don't see my self going on you now. Please fix this issue. I'm not the only one with this complaint. Thank you


BANNED FOR NO REASON🤬  kassityyyyy  1 star

I got a banned for no reason a couple minutes ago. I would not recommend this up to anybody because you’ll be on you for no reason or suspend you for no reason. And I am in the age limit and I banned me for being under 13. And I am 13 years old. And plus it says 12 and up. I hate this app.


DO NOT GET  Jerrio143  1 star

This app suspended me for no reason I said one comment and “sorry u are suspended” showed up and this app is terrible do not get 0 stars


YouNow is awesome  doggielover14  5 star

YouNow is an awesome live app and I love this app.


The phone app is a joke  Lori247  1 star

They never show all of the chats super slow and frustrating


Good but there are any things wrong  kbfyhncdh  2 star

There are good things about this app but there are also a lot of bad ones. For example, the YouNow app has suspended me for no reason. I have been suspended ever since I got the app.


It’s good but need improvement  (Ally5)  2 star

I love this app. I watch all of my favorite broadcasters on here everyday, but the app is acting strange for everybody. It will do weird stuff like crash in the middle of a broadcast, or it will make a broadcast very glitchy when the person broadcasting has perfect WiFi and service. YouNow, you need to up your game.


Get suspended for nothing  Moony74133  1 star

I log on because my sister asked me too, I’m literally only there for her. But myself and the rest of her friends are all suspended. How does anyone build a fan base when you’re just suspending everyone that signs up?

zach krohn

APP IS TRASH, i got banned for no reason  zach krohn  1 star

So I have had multiple YouNow accounts, I ALWAYS GET BANNED from all my accounts and all those times I got banned I didn’t do nothing I follow all the rules, the app is totally trash, DONT GET THIS APP, I want to have fun but YouNow is just a disappointment, trust me you will get banned for no reason, and FYI the people who you contact THEY DONT CONTENT YOU BACK, and that’s total bs, so please do not get this app but if you do you will get banned for no reason ok.


NO NO NO NO  4426336  1 star

Do not get this they will not let you delete the app so stupid

Triple tizzle

Jylan  Triple tizzle  4 star

I'm literally just getting this for Jackson Krecioch and Dylan Geik lol


Hello  gemmagemstone101  1 star

I hate it I got suspended too


Hello  Majj01  1 star

Don't like I got suspended in the first twenty minutes of being on it!!!!

Mystic Dreamer123880

Notifications are buggy  Mystic Dreamer123880  1 star

The app is working fine for the most part, but the badge icon will show up on the app for seemingly no reason and it's highly irritating


Too buggy and glitchy especially on iPad  Noman1692  2 star

Come on you can do better.


Hate it  Kay9776  1 star

At first I really liked it I was doing a great broadcast and all of a sudden I was suspended for NO reason AT All! I will be sure to pass this around because I do not want any of my friends wasting time on this app! 😡😡

YouTube Lover2

Hate it  YouTube Lover2  1 star

I hate This app whenever I try to create a you now you have been restricted there is someone older the 13 holding my phone but younow won't let me video because that person does not want to be on camera and camera

Ava Carroll 🌙✨🌸

Difficult to use  Ava Carroll 🌙✨🌸  1 star

I'm only now this morning figuring out fully how to use this app. I realised that one has to pay for "replays" which is annoying since I want to catch up on some previous live streams. It also takes up too much room promoting the popular users, none of which I have any interest in following


It's ok  elliemc19  3 star

where are the replays?

Jacko Donlon

😤  Jacko Donlon  1 star

I'm so annoyed about the new update cuz there's no replays anymore some of my favourite people live in different countries so they have different time zones than I do so I can't watch them I would love if u brought back the replays PLEASE!


Ummmm no  Younowmonitor  1 star

Ummm comments don't come up when I'm watching a broadcast. And this update, wow.

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