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What is infinite flight simulator app? Infinite Flight offers the most comprehensive flight simulation experience on mobile devices, whether you are a curious novice or a decorated pilot. Explore high definition scenery in regions from around the world with our diverse inventory of detailed aircraft, tailoring each flight by choosing your time of day, weather conditions, and aircraft weight configuration.

• Dozens of aircraft in a diverse fleet of airliners, general aviation and military aircraft (subscribe to Infinite Flight Pro to unlock all aircraft)
• Multiple regions featuring high definition satellite imagery, accurate topography and all major airports with precise runway and taxiway layouts
• Growing list of 3D airports around the world
• Real-world navigation data including airspaces, NAVAIDs, SIDs, STARs, and approaches, furnished by NavBlue (an Airbus Company)
• Customizable time of day and weather conditions (real-time or custom)
• Realistic atmospherics with the sun, moon, stars, clouds, and low-level fog
• Autopilot (supports control of all flight parameters, NAV mode to follow your flight plan, and auto land on select aircraft)
• Easy-to-use flight planning system with accurate fixes and Navigational Aids
• Engine startup and shutdown
• Instrument Landing System (ILS)
• Advanced replay system
• Weight and balance configuration
• Aircraft cockpit and door animations, suspension animations, and wing flex, on select aircraft.

Subscribe to Infinite Flight Pro for an all-access experience that allows you to fly anywhere in the world with live weather and our entire fleet of aircraft. Join thousands of other pilots and air traffic controllers for the most engaging online flight simulator experience available today!

Infinite Flight Pro subscription benefits:
• Join thousands of other pilots for a global multiplayer experience
• Fly the world with millions of square miles of high definition scenery with access to over 25,000 airports (no region lock-in)
• Enjoy all available aircraft
• Act as an Air Traffic Controller (minimum experience grade required)
• Fly through live weather and winds aloft
• Subscription Options: 1 Month, 6 Months, and 12 Months
• Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase
• Subscriptions automatically renew unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end
of the current period
• Account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period, and
identify the cost of the renewal
• Subscriptions may be managed by you and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to your user Account Settings after purchase

Internet connection (WiFi or Cellular) is required to use Infinite Flight.

Privacy Policy:

Terms of Service:

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Infinite Flight Simulator Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Infinite Flight Simulator Version 22.622 August 2022

In this update, we've released a fully reworked F/A-18E Super Hornet to the fleet along with 71 new 3D airports, and more! NEW • F/A-18E Super Hornet with 11 liveries featuring array of loadouts, animated cockpit, tailhook, wing fold, canopy, and afterburner • 71 new 3D airports • 6 new community-voted liveries across 5 different aircraft UPDATED • 31 3D airports FIXED • Bug fixes and performance improvements Visit for full details.

Infinite Flight Simulator Version 22.511 July 2022

In this update, we've added 62 new 3D airports, 5 of the top community-voted liveries, and more! NEW • Added 5 new top community-voted liveries including Aeromexico B787-9, Qantas Silveroo B787-9, LATAM A321, Citilink A320, and Vistara B787-9 • Added 62 New 3D airports • Added Callsign search function • Added new community-contributed translations UPDATED • 46 3D airports including KJFK FIXED • Special action menu not showing for some planes • Incorrect airspeed for short final start position in solo mode • Bug fixes and performance improvements Visit for full details.

Infinite Flight Simulator Version 22.0302 May 2022

In this update, we've added 25 new 3D airports, a new pushback truck, and more! NEW • Added medium pushback tug for smaller aircraft • Added OMDB custom tower model • Added 25 new 3D airports from around the world • Home screen user interface FIXED • Various app crashes IMPROVED • Performance in low and medium rendering quality settings Visit for full details.

Infinite Flight Simulator Comments & Reviews 2022

- Best mobile flight simulator but some hiccups though

I love this game so much when you buy the game you get so many free planes with a bunch of liveries I did wish you could buy other planes for like a couple of bucks instead of having to buy the monthly subscription now don’t get me wrong The subscription thing is kind of worth because you get to play online with other people you got to be ATC get all of the planes and fly globally but I think a lot of people would like it if you could just buy planes or even like location we can fly now to the stuff that hopefully infinite flight will add rework and improve in the future so 1. More light options would be nice when I’m doing like flights I wish I had a logo lights also another thing when I’m on the ground I wish I had taxi lights instead of having to use my landing light another thing which is taxiing lights at airport other lights like wings inspection lights would be great but those can take a lot of time to do so I don’t expect them to ask them for a while but that’s OK now 2. hopefully infinite flight will rework and improve all of the airplane lights to make them brighter now lights are already bright but I seen other flight simulators with better lights also when you turn on your taxi or landing like it actually lights of the ground The game is not perfect is missing but I definitely say this is the best mobile flight simulator out there I give the flight simulator a 8.75 out of 10 hopefully the developers see this 🙂

- Best flight sim ever

I bought this app a year ago, and I have loved it. It is my main simulator. For those say that the $5 is a demo, this is a lot more than a demo. You get around 8 aircraft with lots of detail and accurate physics. No other mobile flight sim comes with that many aircraft. This sim also contains stunning graphics no matter where you fly. If you buy the pro subscription, you get a whole lot more. You get nearly 40 aircraft, access to all new features in updates, global flight, and 3 multiplayer servers for each skill level. The live experience is amazing once you get used to it. You get a lot of detailed planes and thousands of worldwide airports. For those complaining about the price: I have done calculations (probably inaccurate), and this game probably costs over $3 million to operate. This sim is how it’s developers make money. Paying the 12 developers is expensive. Next, the 3 huge servers are very expensive. The satellite imagery costs nearly a million dollars. Aircraft research, the community, and other costs are thousands of dollars. Also, the yearly subscription isn’t the only option. It cost just $10 to get all these features for a month. Try it out and see how good it is. If you want to continue, buy the subscription for a longer period of time, and you will get a discount. Overall, this is a great app, and I thank the developers for all their effort that they put into this app. I hope you found this review helpful. Thanks for reading.

- Great flight simulator

This is a wonderful flight simulator, and I see that a lot of people are complaining about having to pay for extra features. Those who are, please read. For five dollars you are getting an amazing mobile flight simulator with over a dozen planes with liveries of actual companies and airliners. A lot of real life physics including wind, turbulence, day/night, g force, weight, and much, much more. You get to explore miles and miles of different regions around the world. There is no other mobile flight simulator with these features with that low of a price. Look at Aerofly FS 2019, it only has one region (In Southern California), less plane functions, and is a couple bucks more. X-Plane 10, only has a handful a free planes and is just a bad flight simulator. The people who are complaining are either complaining about the price or are just mad because they aren’t getting the very full game. The developers would be getting very little pay for the effort they put in if they took off the pro subscription and had to run an online server. The reason I’m taking a star off is because of the price of pro, $80 dollars a year! Although there is so much features, this is a mobile game, not a professional simulator. Make it $15-$30 a year, not $80. I would pay $40 maximum if it were a one time payment for online. If you aren’t happy with your purchase, just wait, occasionally developers will add another free plane or feature.

- Best Mobile Flight Simulator by Far

I’ve gotta be honest with you, when I first found this app on the App Store, I was extremely skeptical considering that I have tried many different flight simulators out there that looked amazing but turned out to be trash. Along with being skeptical, I noticed the very sharp price tag which I immediately thought was one of those trash developers that create extremely bad flight simulators that cost a lot. Although I was hesitant to buy the app, I eventually did. Right away, I noticed that there were lots and lots of aircraft, unlike other flight simulators like X-Plane which I had previously tried out. I started my first flight, and I have got to say that this app provides the most detailed, accurate, and fun experience out of any flight simulator on mobile. The physics are pretty good (sometimes there are a few glitches), I was amazed that a flight simulator, especially on mobile was able to recreate pretty much the entire world and implemented it into a simulator, and also I was blown away that you have a choice of hundreds, if not thousands of airports to choose from globally. On this note, anyone who is looking to find an extremely realistic flight simulator with a few extra bucks laying around, I would definitely think of purchasing this app and also purchasing the monthly payment to unlock all the aircraft, airports, and live servers to fly with others.

- Great, But Developers Please Read This Reveiw please I updated it please respond

I have loved this flight Sim played it everyday basically. But I spent 5 bucks for the flight sim. I really don’t want to spend 10 bucks a month. There are a few planes I would love to buy I just don’t want to pay for for them monthly. I want to be able to buy planes individually instead of buying pro. You should make it that with pro you still get all the planes. But for the people who don’t want to pay monthly to play multiplayer and stuff like that can just buy the planes they want. Your responses in my opinion have been pretty dull on this subject you have been saying we have to keep the servers up and running. I get that it’s expensive but I just want to be able to buy individual planes that’s it. I really want the A350 it’s just I don’t have 10 bucks a month I want to be able to keep it and pay one fee. Thank you for reading this and can you please add it that we are able to buy individual aircraft instead of a pro thing for 10 bucks. I am not saying you should remove pro you should keep it but I think it should be for multiplayer and the map. You would probably make more money selling them in individual the aircraft. I just really want to buy the A350 and be able to keep it forever not paying 10 bucks a month. Thank you for reading this. Charge like 5-10 bucks a plane or if it’s a smaller plane 3 bucks.


This an edit of a past review I wrote two years ago which reminded me of a time during which IF was not the greatest app with regards to performance. I can't even think about that at this point - not because the issues are nonexistent now (they are no longer) - but because of such a beautiful mobile flight simulator. I commend the developers' time and effort spent on creating the most versatile mobile flight simulator on the market. I can't put it down, which is my new issue I must give a ding. The rendition of earth is beautifully crafted and accurate, the imagery is amazing. Exploring the natural beauties of our world and atmosphere from thousands of feet high for practically no cost on my part is an absolute joy. The navaid database, though not entirely complete I've realized, is still very good and importing route waypoints is a breeze, especially when you can parse out real world routes into a CSV with an app like FltPlan Go (what I've been doing...). There's still always going to be work to be done, but this global update will undoubtedly satisfy many fellow IF users for a long time before they start to worry about anything else. If you love aviation, if you are a real world pilot, if you simply love looking out the plane window during a flight (I am all of those people...), this app is definitely a must-have. I am beyond impressed. Thank you to all the devs who made this dream a reality!!!!!

- App Crash on Final

Guys, want to experience the feeling of seeing the runway in visual, being only 1 mile away from touchdown after hours of long-haul flight, then see the app suddenly crashes, the screen goes black, and you realize that you just wasted hours in your life on the app that you paid for? Then by all means, download it! Jokes aside, I have been enjoying this app up until this happened. And I know that I’m not among the minorities; there are many people sharing similar experiences. I know that it’s probably not completely the app’s fault but also the devices’ fault, and there are ways to lower the probability of this happening, such as clearing backgrounds, lower visual settings etc., there are also many things that the app developers can do. What about trying to lower the burden for devices? What about developing a function so that if we crash, when we reopen the app within minutes, we can still access the flight that we were flying? Honestly, this has been a horrendous experience for me, and this feeling makes me so sick that I don’t even want to open the app again in the near future, let alone do another long-haul flight. So yeah, definitely unsubscribe from the PRO for a while, until I got rid of this and feel like flying again.

- Its great, but...

It’s honestly a really good flight simulator. But seeing updates come out here and there, and they definitely focus on airbus aircrafts far more than anything else. Kind of annoying to constantly see new liveries for aircrafts you don’t care for. The new A320 live cockpit is eh, nothing special. Kind of disappointed. I’d say this game is worth $6.99 a month. The problem is, it isn’t. It’s $9.99, and no matter what, you have to renew the cost. Now I totally understand how business works. And that’s why I concluded with, it just won’t get any better than this for having such game on your phone. I definitely prefer to outright buy a game once and only once. If I had a PC, I would be running x plane as it’s far more realistic, with letting you touch and turn every knob in the cockpit. It’s also a one time payment and you’re done. You can fly anywhere. Anytime. Any aircraft. And never make continuous payments. X plane just doesn’t focus on a mobile versus, because they’re making more money from the PC. And that’s what I recommend. If you wanna get serious about a flight simulator. Get a PC, get x-plane 11 or wait for Microsoft flight simulator to come out. That’s what I’m doing. If you wanna take simulators serious via mobile then you’re looking at basically buying an iPad just dedicated to this game to be able to run everything.

- Best mobile simulator hands down!

When IF first hit the App Store I wasn’t super impressed. It was very buggy and the feature set was limited. However over the years it has become a leading light in the mobile flight sim space, and actually the entire flight sim space overall. The live ATC is untouched by any other simulator out there, with real people volunteering their time to do traffic control for the rest of us. They regularly release new planes and update older ones. While the ground and sky graphics are miles behind other sims, and I’d like to see live cockpit environments where you can actually interact with switches, instruments, etc., I’ll gladly forego those features for now for the live ATC. For me it’s a learning tool towards a goal of eventually earning my PPL. Finally, there’s a large 3rd party dev community making great companion apps and websites for IF. I’m looking forward to the new global map with improved ground textures and features sometime in the future. And to all those who complain about the cost of individual airplanes or lack of other features this sim might not be for you. Getting the most out of IF requires a subscription which opens up live ATC and gives you all of the aircraft. If you’re looking for realism when it comes to ATC, download this sim, open your wallet, pay for the subscription and start flying!

- Serves its Purpose

I have been using Infinite Flight off and on for years and have seen it develop into what it is now. While it may not have the most in-depth systems, lighting features, etc., Infinite Flight delivers on its promise of being a well-featured simulator in your pocket. You could point to competitors with more detailed planes, airports, and weather, but ultimately no competitor offers what Infinite Flight does with its multiplayer and ATC environment. In my opinion, the sheer volume of online activity is what separates Infinite Flight from the others and makes it the best on mobile. Another bright spot is the community. You can easily access their forum where you will find a plethora of like-minded aviators to experience Infinite Flight with. Additionally, the developers and staff maintain transparent communication with the community to the greatest extent that is possible, something that many other sims lack. This allows the consumers to stay in the loop with coming updates, something that I believe helps users maintain interest in the sim. So while Infinite Flight will not offer you study-level aircraft and advanced weather and lighting systems, I believe it offers the most comprehensive all around mobile flight simulator experience and is definitely worth checking out.

- cool game, but

The game is pretty cool I must say, but it’s way too expensive. Such a money pit. You only get a few planes after you BUY the game already, and then you have to pay $120 a year to get all the planes and to play multiplayer, keep in mind you already BUY THE GAME for like $5 and then you pay again so the game can actually be played without having to use the same 3 or so airliners. Also the last time I checked, some of the free airliners didn’t even have live cockpits, instead just a low quality image. The excuse for the unfair price is that “the servers cost too much too run” and “the satellite imagery is too expensive”. The satellite imagery, though, looks low quality. There aren’t any 3D buildings and just a few 3D airports. The ground doesn’t look very high quality though. And about the servers, I’m quite sure those would only be for multiplayer, and, again, most people don’t even want multiplayer. You can read lots of the other reviews on this game and lots of them say the same thing as the review you’re reading right now. The game is great, but the greedy developers ruin it. It would be much more fun if the developers listened and just gave us the free airplanes. It doesn’t cost anything. They shouldn’t be charging just to get the full game you already paid for. The only thing that they should actually charge for is the multiplayer.


This is more than a game.. it’s a top notch simulator. I mean, considering everything you get, it’s 5 stars. Just think about what other simulators offer a full multiplayer UI, with 3 different servers ranging from no rules to heavy enforcement of rules for players all types/ skill level. This sim comes with full fledged realistic air traffic control (PPL student speaking there) with tower, ground, ATIS, approach, and departure, with controllers that know what they’re doing on the expert server (tests needed to get in). On top of multiplayer, we get a full scale earth model, a flight from Houston to Frankfurt WILL take 10 hours, we get wonderful scenery and friendly staff that replies and helps whenever possible at our community forum. That’s right, FDS got a discourse website and we have a forum with 50,000+ thousand users ready to answer questions and help. You get to fly with incentive and rewards for the many virtual airlines out there, explore the globe with friends met on the community, and practice pilot skills (PPL student confirmation there) on the go! I actually credit my real world aviation from infinite flight. Nothing, and I mean nothing beats this. This is just astounding for the aspect of it being mobile, I can not give it enough stars, try it out, I guarantee you will love it!

- Love Infinite Flight

It’s one of the best mobile flight simulator’s out there. Now like lots of other people I’m sure. I wish it was like it was in the old day where you had your free aircraft but you could buy other planes for only $2 or $3 instead of having to get the Pro Subscription. I understand why Infinite Flight added IFP (Infinite Flight Pro). I mean I’ve had pro 2 or 3 times and every time I get it I love it. Being able to fly with other people on Infinite Flight having people being ATC (Air Traffic Control) and being able to do long flights. Last time I had the Pro Subscription I did British Airways flight from LA-London. I love Infinite Flight so much and I’m glad how far they’ve come along from the world being flat to 3D airports! Pushback Tugs! and custom towers to some airports animated jet bridges at 3D airports, and at some airports Stand Guidance. I’ve has had a passion for jet travel and am always talking about air travel. Again I love ❤️ Infinite Flight and recommend it to everyone. I also would love to have better lighting when it’s nighttime on the game. Because my landing lights I still can’t see the runway right in front of my aircraft. Also taxiway lights also. ❤️❤️❤️Infinite Flight.

- Very Realistic, and easy to get the hang of.

Every since I was 10 I always wanted to be a pilot and when Infinite Flight came out years back, I was mostly excited for the Southwest Boeing 737 variants. I jumped into the game not knowing a thing, but that airplanes have to fly somehow. Over time and lots of practicing, I learned the different patterns, ATC instructions, and just how to maneuver an aircraft. As years progressed so did Infinite Flight, and to this day, it is one of the most realistic mobile flight simulators. I learned things within this simulator that I probably would not have learned until flight school. I’m currently 17 and about to enroll at Embry-Riddle next year, and this simulator has definitely advanced my knowledge about the rules of flying. With their latest update of the a350 and more available glass cockpits, and more realistic maps for global flying; I can confidently say that Infinite Flight is one of the best simulators out for pocketable devices, and if you are hesitating about buying this application, DON’T. Take this risk because I promise it is worth it. I also wanted to say thank you to the Infinite Flight team as you all really helped expand my knowledge of aviation and I am forever grateful for that! Happy flying to all!

- Great simulator, horrible prices

I used to LOVE this app, I payed 5$ for an app with great simulations! I haven’t been on in a while so I thought I should check it out again and see what greatness you brought the app. I also decided to buy some new aircraft. So, when I opened the simulator I loved the changes made, how professional you made the menu etc. So when I opened the menu that you used to use to purchase Airports and Airplanes, I realized that you need to pay 80$ dollars a year for premium membership, and you needed premium membership to do ANYTHING! I already payed money! When I pay money, I demand a full game! This is more of a payed demo of the game! I won’t spend 80$ a year for a mobile app. This is an idiotic system, you would think that you pay for a full game, with add-ons, instead you pay for a demo where all you can do is fly for 5 minutes before you run out of areas to go because you need to buy the membership for them. I don’t care what anyone says about this game being great, the add-ons and online privileges should be set apart. Also, for online privileges, a single payment of 80$ is already too much. This game isn’t built for the middle class. If you are middle class or under, I would not recommend you even look at it because unless you can pay 80$ a year, you can’t do anything. This seems like more of a scam than a game! I demand change! If you agree, write reviews like mine. They have to know! Thanks for your time.

- Amazing Flight Simulator

This is the best flight sim I have ever played and if you love planes like I do, this app is worth the $5. I love all the planes you can fly and I love being able to customize the plane liveries to what airline you want. I also love the edition of live cockpit. When I first purchased the sim there were no live cockpits which kinda bummed me but then the devs added it and I’m very happy about that. Also when I purchased the game there were no 3D airports and that also bummed me out a little and low and behold they added them and that made me very excited to play the game. Now let me express my wishes and concerns. When I first saw that there were 3D airports, I was so excited because I saw the airports like Los Angeles, JFK, London Heathrow, and Honolulu, but I was disappointed to find that airports like Atlanta and Washington Dulles. I’m asking the devs here - Please add more 3D airports like Atlanta and Washington Dulles. Another wish is that I want live cockpit for planes like the A380, Boeing 717, and Boeing 747. These are some of my favorite planes and I would love to see them have live cockpit. All in all this is definitely my favorite flight simulator and I highly recommend it to anyone who loves planes!

- Best mobile flight sim

I love this game so much. There are still a few things this would lack but this is still outstanding! First I would like to start off of what I think this could use. Number 1, 3D clouds. I’m not sure if this has cloud or not, but if it does they aren’t 3D. The only time there are clouds are if it is foggy. I’m not sure if you are working on it but 3D clouds would fit great in the simulator. Next is rain. This game has bad weather in it like high winds, but I don’t think there is rain. Rain would make this game more realistic. Next is more technical problems with the planes. I’m not one of those people who want to have an emergency every flight and become sully, but every 1 out of about 200 flights maybe a minor a major emergency or technical failures. Last is, you know how the gear rotates? I don’t think the planes have that. It would be way better for people to judge your landing if for instance on the 777. The gear doesn’t really have an angle like it does in real life. In real life it’s like a 50 degree angle but in this game it’s like a 2 degree angle. But this is a mobile flight simulator and by far it is my favorite. I really love this game and it’s features and the little details. Oh wait one more thing! A taxi light. Ok that’s it now. Thank you.

- Best Flight Simulator!

I first got this game back in 2017. The prices for the IF Pro Version was 10 dollars. At first, I was disappointed and just did flights in the Solo version. It got boring so I stopped playing it. Then my brother found out about a cool update. So I reinstalled Infinite Flight, updated it, and went to go check it out. I bought the Pro Version for 10 bucks. I got so attracted to it and it was addictive and I couldn’t put down my iPad. I played all day long, doing a bunch of flights. When I got to the Training Server, I got so excited. I played and played and played. Now I am in the Expert Servers and my goal is to meet the requirements for an Infinite Flight ATC test. I love the plane choices, ATC, and pretty much most of it. I have a few suggestions, maybe could you add 3D buildings, live cockpit, gates, update the scenery. Maybe add details inside the airplanes, like seats, bathrooms, etc. Also maybe add the Airbus A350. Also add like Economy Class, Premium Economy Class, Business Class, and First Class? Also add a live weather radar? If you can’t add any of these suggestions, that is completely fine with me and I will flexible with everything. Thank you for making this game excellent! Keep up the good work! 🥰😀👍🏻

- Was great.... a while ago

This is a great sim. For people who want 15 out of the 60 aircraft. What it should be is no overpriced subscription. If this game was $30 I might even get it as long as I have the 60 aircraft and all of the airports. Out of the aircraft I’m given, I only fly a few. I wish you could buy the game and select 15 aircraft you want. Also, the subscription should just be for the online services of the game and not to pay for stuff that was accessible without a subscription before. When I say that I have two airports in mind. KPDX and KHIO. These two airports were both available when you bought them for like $5. Now, there’s this new subscription thing that ruined the game for me. Just to put it in to perspective, I can get a $50 per year subscription with Xbox and play many games and play with many people on way more servers than this game probably runs on. With this game, you’re paying $80 per year and get great aircraft. I just think that’s a little over priced. One more thing. I’m gonna buy MFS2020 and even if it’s $120 dollars, it’s still less than playing this game for two years. Sorry for all the ranting but you guys would have a great sim with your talent on making these aircraft. Good job but please just make it like the old, better version where you buy things right out with no subscription.

- Disappointed

This was one of my first flying apps I really liked. So much so, that I purchased it and several planes that I really wanted to fly. Then came the updates with more details, nice. Then another update showed up and guess what! All of the planes other than the ones I purchased can only be used IF you subscribe! And how much is it to subscribe? Way too much money. I was both shocked and disappointed. I have told so many of my friends about this app and they purchased the app too before all of this money grabbing took over. As one reviewer mentioned, I understand you have to make money for the program so that it can continue to evolve or improve, but that sub price is crazy! I will continue to fly using the planes I have, but until they do something about making it fair for those who loved your app for so long, I will start looking at other apps and I have found a few that really is good that includes radio chatter, different airports, weather, and trouble shooting for real life like scenarios. Even some having landing lights that actually show on the runway! Imagine that! How about you go and charge higher prices for the planes we want to purchase but keep the game as it was? I know many who’d be willing to do that. Anyway... that’s it. So disappointed.

- Wow, it’s worse than it thought. Let me explain

Ok so when I first bought the game it was 5$. And then you had the option of paying $4 per aircraft, yeah you heard right, $4. But wait, there’s more, you could also choose to pay $80 per year for Infinite Flight Pro which unlocked a few extra planes, Atc, online multiplayer, and free flight. This is what’s changed, so you used to could but almost every aircraft for $4 now you can only buy a few. So Air Force One (VC-25) was at one time $4, now it can only be flown with Pro, that’s not the only plane though, almost every Boeing was that price, now they require pro. Needless to say I’m glad I purchased the aircraft when I did or I would be disappointed in paying $5 for a demo. Back to the $80... this is ridiculous. I guess people are paying it so why would they lower the price any. Devs cost a lot but the price could be lowered and more people might actually be willing to pay. So yeah this game has gone downhill a lot and might not ever go back up. I’m not paying $80 a year for a MOBILE GAME, but I guess other people are. It seems like the creators are just greedy, I could be wrong but..... that’s what it seems like. I would like to add, however that it is fun even though I don’t pay for pro and the aircraft are detailed sooo there’s that. I think that about covers it.

- My replacement for a pc sim

Infinite Flight is probably a lot of our go to flight sim since some of us can’t really afford a full pc set up. Infinite Flight is by far my favorite mobile sim ever. Ive had X-Plane mobile, Aerofly, and RFS, but I’ve always loved IF much more. I’ve only flown with this sim for about 6 months and I’ve already done so much with it. There is so much to do and I’m never really bored. IF add ons also will make the experience even more surreal. All though it comes with some cost, I feel like it really pays off. The vast multiplayer with 3 very different servers, the live human atc all over the globe 24/7, the organizations you can join, and the weekly events they put out is amazing. I am very honored to say that I’m a part of American Virtual and am very glad to be grade 3. This sim for me at least has all I really need in a sim. It feels almost too real. I don’t mind the graphics as much. As long as it has good physics, sounds and aircraft realism, I’ll try it out. And this was a great decision for me to make. I highly recommend it to all ages. Wether you know anything about aviation or not, it’s still worth it.

- Simply the best

I have a love/hate relationship with these guys- I love Infinite Flight because it’s the best mobile sim available. I hate them because it’s so long between updates, lol! I have been playing this app for several years now- since back in the day when the only commercial planes they had were a Southwest 737 and an Air France A380 and the only airport available was SFO. Everything they have achieved since then is remarkable. This sim is a work of art. It’s a masterpiece. I love the variety of aircraft and liveries available. I love being able to interact with other sim pilots while playing. I love the attention to detail. I love being able to pick any plane I want and fly anywhere in the world I want in real time. The beautiful thing about Infinite Flight is that you are only limited by your imagination. When I was a kid, I used to play with my model airplanes. This makes me feel like a kid again but it’s sooooo much better. This app is an avgeeks dream come true. The 777 rework update is incredible. I hate the wait time in between updates- but I can’t wait to see what they have in store for us next. And I will be right here waiting!

- I love this game so much but it needs some more features.

First of all, they need 3D buildings. I know people have been saying this over and over and over again, but that’s because it would be that great to have it. At least in the popular areas like New York City, London, Los Angeles, etc. Also, please some crash animations, it’s really lame when you just crash and it says CRASH and that’s it. Also, PLEASE make the ability to set failures. I think it’d be so cool to be cruising at like 39,000 feet and then there’s an on-board fire and then you have to divert to Moscow, that’s just an example. And this next one would just be AMAZING: I think it would be awesome to add voice chat so you could talk to ATC with your own voice and vice versa. It would make the experience feel so much more realistic. I think it’d also be cool if you added more views. I love the cabin view in the CRJs, and it would be awesome to have those kinds of different views in other planes. The last one is to add a live and controllable cockpit, kind of like X-Plane. I know that you guys have already started doing a live cockpit for the A320 family, but I wish you guys would do it for the other planes too. Oh, and one last thing: Please add a Douglas DC-3.

- Best mobile sim but missing things.

This sim has some of the most detailed aircraft of most any sim on the App Store. However, where this lacks is in airport detail. All airports lack all hangers and terminals and consists of just taxi ways and runways and sometimes they are lit at night just overall it’s not very detailed or accurate to their real life equivalent when we consider terrain. Something else its lacking is weather. Outside of wind and very basic thin/thick full cloud cover there is no variety of clouds, there is no precipitation. Adding these features would lead to a much better experience for casual and more serious players alike. I’m not saying it should be like FSX 2020 either, I can understand there are limitations for a mobile game but if X-plane can have these features and better looking terrain I don’t see why infinite flight can’t. Also, I think a lot of the planes are do for upgrades especially in the cockpit. So many are all just static and don’t adjust at all so you have to use the hud more than the cockpit view of things. Outside of these things I think it’s a pretty enjoyable game. But with the cost barriers for planes and just getting the game in general i do expect more for what I’m paying.

- Sparked My Love For Aviation

I purchased Infinite Flight in Early 2017, i toyed with it for a few days and left it sitting on my iPad for about a month, I kept coming back and buying more aircraft for my fleet and was consistently impressed with the realism and overall awesomeness of the sim. I bought all of the heavy aircraft and on the weekends would fly small routes (at the time there were only regions). Eventually though I forgot about it and moved on with my life. Somehow I came back to Infinite Flight about a week after the biggest update of Infinite Flight dropped, the Global Update, the new global update sparked my interest and I finally purchased a premium subscription, since then my love for Aviation has grown exponentially, I have learned more and more through the sim and have become a seasoned pro, after almost a year I have spent over 750 hours in the sim (which with my schedule and time commitments is no easy feat) and have become a member of the amazing Infinite Flight Community. I am leaving this review to thank Infinite Flight for everything it has given me and helping me find my true passion, all from a device in my pocket. Thank You.

- Rendering Issues and cannot sign in.

I love this flight simulator and have almost no criticism (besides more HD aircraft) I have one issue, though. Sometimes when I make a flight, The ground and airports don’t render when I get close to the ground. The airport won’t load and I can’t land the plane because there is no airport to land at. For example, today I was flying from KLAS to KLAX. I departed out of Vegas and everything looks as good as usual. Cruising just looked like IF before the HD scenery. When I descended to Los Angeles, the airport was not rendered at all, and the ground looked like a mess. I was 1 NM from LAX and I couldnt see the airport, therefor I couldn’t land. It may have something to do with low battery for my iPad was on around 25%. If it does have something to do with a low-power mode, please fix the issue of not seeing the airport. Other than that, great game! (But please add 747 live cockpit thanks 🤗). EDIT- I recently had issues with my iPad and so I restarted it completely. When I did so I got signed out of infinite flight. When it came up With my acount and I hit “log in” it just says, logging in, then says finding account again and takes me to the log in screen and it’s just an infinite loop. Please help me.

- Good app, but one problem

This app is really helpful by getting you immersed with aviation. I love the graphics and other scenery and livery schemes on the aircraft. The multiplayer has worked well for me, however there is one big thing to me that makes me not want to play much anymore.. I am a instrument rated private pilot working on commercial and there is nothing I love better than to fly in the clouds. I would love to see more improved clouds and visibility schemes. As of now, the best you can get to use the IAP’s are a couple km visibility to simulate approaches to minimums. But we know that there are times that under the cloud deck the vis can be almost unlimited. I would really like improved clouds and be able to have overcast layers lower than the current 20k ft.(preferably up to ground level.) with this update I will be more inclined to pay for a subscription to join multiplayer and be apart of doing approaches with ATC because in my opinion that’s awesome, I just need the incentive of flying it in real conditions instead of feeling like I have to put foggles on. Keep up the good work!

- Amazing game, but could use a few improvements

I’ve been playing this game a long time and it improves every time. Spectacular graphics and realistic planes. Well worth $5.00. A few things to add to the game is to make the lights shine more especially the landing lights. Especially at night, it is hard to see the runway and making the lights shine out more would be awesome. Another thing would be to make the C17 plane have animated flaps and so forth. It has been in the game for a long time and could desperately use an update. A great feature would be to have functioning switches inside the cockpit similar to what is in X-Plane 11. One last thing would be if you could add smoke or heat wave effects coming out of the engines in commercial planes and fire coming out of the military planes. This would really top off the graphics in the game. Last but not least, more updates. It seems like forever since we get app updates from you guys and it would be awesome to see more. One thing I’d wish for is to add the F-35B plane to the game. I would greatly appreciate a developer response! Keep up the great work on this awesome game! Thanks!

- Simply Amazing

I have been both a student pilot in real life, having logged time in cessnas, and I have been using flight simulators since 1998. I also have flown around the world commercially. Infinite Flight is the real deal. The newest release of the TBM was huge, as the application remembered to keep general aviation alive in this game. It offers plenty of choices in regards to commercial aircraft. The scenery is simply amazing. We don’t need 3D buildings or terminals, we just need a physics supported flight simulator that gives users the feeling of flight in both commercial and general aviation aircraft. Infinite flight does just that. They have developed a very accurate CRJ series, along with the TBM, Airbus, etc. As long as they keep improving the aircraft that they have, they will be the number one flight simulator for a long time. There is no need to rush in adding new jets, instead, they just need to keep improving the ones they have. Not to mention, they have real atc and live mode. I have been doing flight simulators for over 20 years and infinite flight is my favorite because of its mobility, realism and continued growth. Get on board.

- Incredible Mobile Flight Simulator!

Yeah, there are some options out there on mobile, but nothing comes closer than IF. I’m an avid flight simmer on PC with XPlane and MSFS2020. But I like to take that experience with me on the go. IF fills that gap and then some. Especially when it comes down to aircraft. Traditionally, on PC sims, you pay extra for aircraft. So, I understand the IAP (In-App purchase) requirement for online/major updates with IF and I agree with it. Because you get a huge selection of aircraft to choose from and the confidence knowing they work. Also the huge undertaking it was to bring such a platform to mobile is a feat on its own with the online features and terrain. IAPs help this sim grow and keep it alive. I’m all in for that! The team behind the sim and platform at IF are always there to help when you need it. I’ve never had any issues, always felt the platform was here to stay, and the features keep me glued to my love for aviation. You guys at IF are amazing at what you do. Wish you all the best!

- Seriously great flight sim

Can’t recommend this app enough. This is my first time leaving an app review, but after reading some 3-4 “meh” reviews of Infinite Flight I wanted to leave my two cents. Admittedly I was a huge aviation geek before I started playing infinite flight, but this game is just so much fun. I have been playing since 2013 and while it’s easy to point out flaws here and there about things it DOESN’T have, this sim has come sooo far in 7 years and the dev team is only getting started - as far as I can tell! I haven’t played other mobile flight simulators but I’m certain IF is the best, especially because of the live multiplayer coupled with its incredible community of players! The IFC really makes the infinite flight experience, so I highly recommend checking out their website as well!! Seeing other flights around you in real time takes realism to a whole new level 🤯 there are so many other awesome things that I could get into but I’ll leave it here - DOWNLOAD THIS SIMULATOR!!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

- Amazing game but the Pro

The game itself is amazing. Even without Pro, the subscription to unlock everything, you get a nice size range of aircraft and flight space. I love the graphics, especially the new cockpit updates we will be getting. Although I do wish we got more space to fly in without Pro, because when I do get Pro I love flying cross country in the USA, east to west coast. My biggest problem is the Pro subscription itself. I think the price is reasonable but I miss when you could buy aircraft separately. I bought the A340 and C-130H, to name a few, and really want to buy other aircraft without the pro. I love just flying alone with no other aircraft in the sky, but I understand that it’s a marketing tool to use and I see why you would change it. I would’ve given it five stars if it wasn’t for that one problem I had with the game. Overall it’s a breathtaking game and helps me relax when I’m stressed. I love taking out the SR22 and flying along the west coast. 10/10 would recommend this game to anyone.

- Great Simulator, Pompous Users

Infinite Flight is a very realistic flight simulator and standing alone on that base, it's a great app. The most frustrating thing about this app is not the simulator, but the pompous, arrogant "air traffic controllers" who are so trigger happy they would love to kick you off their airfield in a moment's notice. You see, in infinite flight your fellow online users can either fly planes or act as air traffic controllers. In doing the latter they wield a great power where they can issue you violations any time. This power is almost unquestioned by the app developers and administrators, making these people more like GODS than teammates. These violations not only disconnect you from your flight but also can prevent you from reaching certain grade levels and even being able to play the game for AN ENTIRE YEAR. The ATCs, especially on the expert server are sticklers for rules, but often issue confusing messages especially to newer pilots and are very quick to issue violations, which is easy to do for them and there is no recourse or penalty for them if they make a mistake. Their presence in this game makes it extremely unenjoyable and for that reason i don't recommend it. Fix your ATC community IF, your future depends on it.

- Amazing, but could add more

Infinite flight has been with me for several years now, and it still never fails to amaze me. The terrain layout and navigation is all exact, on the dot, and the number of aircraft available to use is extraordinary. Perhaps thousands of liverys. When I get bored, I sometimes go and just do some low VFR flying at my local airport. I can retrace every taxiway of the airport in Infinite Flight, the same as I would in reality. All the runways are exact, the scaling is exact (an issue with many flight sims), and there is live air traffic control. There are a few things you could possibly add though... +I know this one may be challenging, but on major airports that are frequently on Live, add airport building structures. +Also, make violations for landings that haven’t been requested or allowed. LAX for example. People like to use 25R, but when they are redirected to another runway, they still land there anyway. Maybe it’s just that they don’t want to change there perfect GPS approach, or they’re just trying to hold up traffic.

- Don’t waste time or money...

I’ve had this subscription for over a year, logging nearly 1,000 hours playing the sim. The ATC function is great and fun to use... however, the developers have allowed the ATC to suspend your game or even demote your playing level. This is done subjectively and the only way to resolve, is to go through an appeal process and prove you were in the right. As a paying member, I don’t understand why I would need to prove that I did nothing wrong and believe that the person playing as ATC should have to go through a process to suspend access. Again, I am paying to use this G-A-M-E. I contacted the developers and was essentially told “oh well”. So I’ve cancelled my subscription and plan on purchasing another sim... such as MS Flight Sim with PilotEdge for realistic ATC. There are other games out there that have better graphics, better model for interacting with ATC and the best part, someone else cannot stop your game when you 2 hours and 30 minutes into your flight and 20 minutes from landing all because they are given access to do so and dislike something.

- Great game but having issues

This is by far the best mobile flight simulator I’ve ever played. For only five bucks you get at least a dozen planes and probably about 20 different liveries in most of them. I’m not a huge fan of the subscription, but I understand why. Plus you get so much for the cost. Graphics are amazing on the plane itself, ehh for the ground. It’s really just a 2D satellite view, but you pay for the flight, not the ground. It also has real life elevation changes such as mountains and valleys and things like that which is awesome, plus you can fly around the entire globe, which for a mobile game is just astounding. However, there is one major issue I’m having. On takeoff, the plane immediately turns in one direction. I’m not turning my phone, the plane just moves hard in one direction. I’ve tried recalibrating my phone and also redownloading the app, but nothing seems to work. Aside from that, fantastic game. If anyone could offer some help as to why that happens it would be greatly appreciated.

- might get added one day

I want these features where you can maybe fly a helicopter, and not only a plane, there might have to be helipads, that you can take off and land on, and also: add birds. These little fellas are not playable, but avoid these, because they can ruin your engine, might even get chopped by your propeller and that dark red liquid can stop your engine! Don’t fly into a flock of birds, especially for you bird lovers. And also, jets can burst and propellers can stop spinning even if you don’t hit any birds, and one more thing: you can disable/enable birds in settings, that way you can easily fly with less chance of engine breaking, oh, made a mistake, this last thing to add is for breaking the sound barrier with planes like f-22, when breaking the sound barrier, please try your best to add a realistic animation in the back of jets, which is the explosion of breaking the sound barrier, but keep going faster and the explosion will go away, but might scare birds away! Since it’s loud, and make a sound effect of the sonic boom when breaking the sound barrier! Please add at least some of these, and again sadly cute birds aren’t playable. (Edit) how about other than solo and online, maybe playing with AI planes would be fair, and please make it so AI machine learns to fly! Ok.

- Great app

Airplane graphics are incredible! The photo-realistic scenery is stunning. The updates to the navaids have worked very well. I know the hard work these developers put into making this game what it is- it’s truly a passion for them. With all the positive things out of the way, it’s time for the not-so-good. And by “not so good”, I mean they work ok, but could be better. I would love better engine sounds- I know they’ve made improvements to the original, but they could use some real-world sounds from a Trent 892 or the GE 90-94- something fitting for the particular specs for each plane (it's quite the ask, I know). Another small item would be the airport layouts- taxiway signage and terminals. Finally, when landing, there could be some attention to the realism there- smoke and tire screeching would go a long way. Other than the “negatives” this is by far the best app on the market specifically aimed at the aviation enthusiast. Well done IF gang for all your hard work. I look forward to many great things from your efforts.

- Such a great app

I really love this app it is great and so much hard work comes from our development team and they put so much time and effort into updates reworks and much more for us I would recommend and for those out their who say this game is trash I’m sorry maybe you the one making it trash maybe try expert work your way up the ranks actually try to enjoy this game and not goof around and say that a 10 year old ruined it for you maybe try realism. I don’t know but for those who do say this I hope you read this and once you get to a higher standpoint and a higher grade we can talk. For know gonna leave that be and focus on how good this game is it might not be the best but for those out there that say the developers never listen and they rarely make updates be patience you little padawans have no patience their team isn’t that big and the have three aircraft in the works and. Their team isn’t really big at all they can only do so much so just wait it will come when it comes.

- Nice App But Poor Customer Experience for the $

A nice app, but when you pay this price ($10/month to really get anything enjoyable) you set a pretty high expectation for overall customer experience and this app is a textbook example of where the marketing and coding teams got WAY ahead of the customer experience team. Great plane selection, multiplayer is cool and conceptually live ATC is a game changer; unfortunately ATC is a disaster. On the training server, no training is required for ATC, and even worse, there is no accountability for pilots who refuse to follow ATC instructions and navigating the airports remind me of driving in the streets of Jakarta; it’s chaos. Multiple planes taking off in the same or opposite directions, landing from opposite directions or on top of each other and racing on the taxiways to beat the other guys to the runway. Expert server generally has good ATC but only serves 2-3 airports at a given time so you’ll waste most of your time waiting in line for the runway. Start-up process is clunky, app crashes frequently. If the customer experience team ever catches up with the coding team, this will be the app you want, but at its pricing, you will likely expect that to already be the case and, if so, you’ll be disappointed with Infinite Flight

- A little pricey 😐

I do like the idea. I love aircraft simulation games, I’ve been looking for an online aircraft multiplayer game forever, and I this was the ticket. It had live weather (none of my other games did) turbulence control, and really cool camera and replay options. I also liked that this game because it had more free aircraft than most games, which is very reasonable. But an average price of one aircraft for 4$? That was out of my in-app budget. (And the price is also close to the expensive price of the game). But I figured that I could be happy with it and play online anyway. That’s when I saw you had to pay for that too. I understand that it costs money to run the program, make more aircraft animation models, (and I know how hard it can be to animate), and update the game. but in my opinion, (I don’t now how much it actually costs so I won’t be judgmental) I think 80$ a year, 4$ a plane, and restricted airspace is just a little much. The developer is doing an outstanding job of this great game. And the price of the game is worth it. But I would appreciate somewhat lower prices. I look forward to an reply, thanks!

- Long time player giving a review

I’ve been playing IF since 2013 and there is a reason why I sticked around for so long. As an aviation enthusiast this is a great app to experience my dream. It’s realistic, the aircraft are highly detailed and have great and realistic controls and I love having the ability to fly anywhere I want in the world. The live flight servers is a really unique experience especially on a mobile app. The app is always being updated with new and revamped aircraft, updated scenery and new features. Although there are some flaws. First the price. It’s a bit pricy for the download price. I mean $5 is a little much especially when you have to pay more just for live. Also some times the game does get boring. After all the flights you do and events it does get boring. It would be nice if there were objectives or missions especially in single player. All in all it’s a great flight sim. If you are an aviation enthusiast like me this is the best app. A lot of work was put in this app and the updates keep on making it better.

- This is better than real life

I have been playing this game for over 2 years now and I am just astonished! The graphics totally destroy every other flight simulator out there that is on the market. This game is so good that I even consider this my main app for my iPhone. I am almost active 24/7 on this game and I just always fly long haul fights to see the beauty of the scenery the developers put in. If you are going to buy 1 and only 1 flight simulator, make sure it is Infinite flight! I am though having a few problems with the game though. When I purchase infinite flight Pro, it like in a vision that it almost instantly fades away. The subscription time is pretty short in an effect and it is pretty expensive. I paid over $1000 just for this game alone above all my apps, I gotta say that my bank account is almost dry. Overall, infinite flight instantly obliterates all graphics from any other game and also kills real life graphics mentally. Thanks for reading this feedback message!

- Where to start!?

First things first... I love this app. It’s the most realistic flight sim app that I’ve come across and offers a huge variety of aircrafts and liveries. For $4.99 you can’t I wrong with the amount of detail put into the app. The scenery is amazing and the sunsets/sunrise look so good. Although I do wish that they had interactive cockpits like X-Plane just to add to the realism. Now for the bad part... to keep a consistent online server I can see why they’d need funds to keep it going but those prices are pretty steep. Most people In my opinion don’t have a lot of money to constantly be paying subscriptions for an app they already paid $5 for. I don’t mind paying a fee to play online but I do mind when it’s very expensive. After it’s all said and done.. I will keep the app just because of the amazing work put into it but I would like to see the developers lower the prices at least for the year subscription. Anyways, awesome app guys and keep the updates coming. I can see a lot more of future potential in this app.


Most of y’all weren’t here when the game first came out. Well I was. Back you could only fly in the region you bought and no online and you could only fly in your region. Not a lot of planes back then. Take this from me, this game has improved EXTREMELY and is obviously listening to us. Guys if they were to add better ground graphics your device would explode. There trying to improve gameplay and reality of what would really happen and graphic of the planes. There’s only so much they can do at once but so far what I’ve seen you will get it cause they respond to us. Only thing I want to ask is he possibility of rain, snow, hail, and other common storms. Maybe water planes. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THE GAME IF YOU JUST WANNA FOOL AROUND ITS NOT THAT TYPE OF GAME ITS NOT EVEN A GAME ITS A SIMULATOR. It’s annoying when your trying to play and someone messing around messes up the sequence. Be serious. But anyway keep up the good work I have been a subscriber for almost a year and had the game since it was a baby.

- Very good flight sim but should add this:

Hello I love this game escpecially being able to fly across the globe. The only thing that I would like is the addition of more planes and even rockets. The developers were able to make a game to fly across the globe so why can’t they add space even if it’s just the moon or international space station. It would be cool to see the space shuttle or falcon 9 especially to be able to land the booster back at Cape Canaveral. And it wouldn’t require the addition of many more airports/launch pads I would only like to see Cape Canaveral, vandenberg, French Guiana, Baikonor cosmodrome, mid Atlantic launch pad, and the Chinese pads. If this was added a lot more people would probably purchase this game and the subscription due to the fact that space has become a big topic of conversation today. I feel like it would really add something to this game that would put it far ahead of any competition. Thank you for your time I hope you are able to read this review.

- Flight simulation

I’ve been using Microsoft flight simulators for over ten years and I have to say that Infinite Flight is the best flight simulator I’ve experienced as a mobile app. I understand that some users complain about the price of membership..however..this app is a Microsoft flight simulator version for IPhone as far as I’m concerned. I’ve spent hundreds on software and this is not merely a game but a training tool for would-be pilots. For those complaining about the price of membership..this app may not be for you. There are games you can play for free. For those interested in flight schools...this is a great simulator to train with..there’s a difference between games and simulators. Simulators are expensive to develop. Those complaining don’t know what this app is. I rate this a top 5 stars because it’s the best I’ve experienced as an iPhone Ap. Thanks to the developers for making this available on an iPhone..with like details in flying simulation as any Microsoft FS.

- The best Mobile flight simulator!

Hey there I am Ryder, I have been playing Infinite Flight since 2016. And let me just say that I am impressed with how the game has advanced. Every new update is amazing brining new things like Procedures on ATC, new plane cockpits or even new planes in general! The community is fantastic and the multiple is by far the best on the Mobile flight simulator industry. I recommend infinite flight for users who want to start out on a Mobile flight simulator, Infinite flight. Other simulators may not include multiplayer, or a fun loving community like infinite flight. The price on Infinite flight is a good price, some people may disagree with it being too pricey but I see it as a fantastic price with Project Metal on the way and all the current updates. Overall, this simulator is fantastic with the planes, multiplayer and community. You are even able to join events, Join Virtual airlines or organizations and so much more!

- If you are looking for a high quality mobile flight sim, download this.

I have been playing this game for two years now, and it is GREAT. The plane graphics are surprisingly good for a mobile game, and you get a good amount of awesome planes when you start. I do have to say, the pro is very pricey, but if you play this game frequently enough it’s worth it. You get even MORE planes, and the online feature where you can play with other people is really cool. I have been seeing a lot of reviews talking about terrain graphics, and yes, they are not the best. But it’s a plane game, your supposed to fly. When your high up in the air, you don’t even notice! And it’s obvious that taking 2d satellite imagery and turning it into 3D terrain with actual bumps and stuff is extremely difficult. Other else then the price of pro, I think this is the best mobile flight simulator. I highly recommend getting this. Enjoy!

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- Infinite flight

I have been playing Infinite Flight for over 4 over now and I have seen a massive improvement that the developers have done on the sim. With Infinite Flight moving into more advanced features like live cockpit and completing the HD scenery for South American, South East Asia and hopefully clouds sometime soon. Live servers have become more enjoyable with weekly events that Infinite Flight run for the community and many other great things like flash flights ran by Virtual Airlines make the sim or interesting and fun. You meet so many new people with the same passion for aviation in the Infinite Flight community. Live mode has the feature of the replay mode which I think is amazing as you can go back and get nice HD screenshots of your flight In all honesty if you are looking for a fabulous flight simulator for on your IPad or IPhone I highly recommend you download this app NOW. With Infinite you will experience HD scenery live cockpit, accurate weather around the world, live server and getting to fly with your friends and fly around the world on Infinite Flight. So JOIN the community of Infinite Flight and we will see you flying around trust me you won’t regret it.

- I figured out and more planes

By the way could you also add a R-145S (Concorde)? And once throttle reaches 100% there’s a space like there is for reverse thrust but instead it’s at the top and if you put your throttle above 100% it activates afterburner? It’s ok if you don’t :) I also bought Infinite Flight Pro :) Also what happened to the space shuttle? Was it removed? Can you also add a harrier jump jet with a mode of VTOL (vertical takeoff and landing) so you act like a helicopter and a normal mode so you act like a normal fighter jet? Also just realised there’s wing flex as well. Also can you add tire tilting for bigger aircraft with two or more tires on its wheels like a Boeing 747 or airbus a380? And almost for tire smoke upon landing too. 😀 I can’t log in to my account :( now I can. Now I can’t get in the app. Every time I open it it has a black screen and crashes :(. Please fix this. It got fixed so ok. Can you add an Airbus a390 (not real plane) and instead of having two story’s like a a380 it has four story’s. I almost forgot, please add a helicopter since the game is called infinite flight not infinite plane. I wish the fighter jets could shoot missiles and drop bombs but they don’t do damage to other planes. Remember the harrier? There’s another vtol plane called the f-35. If you add a vtol plane it’ll instantly become my favourite plane :) and please do this because the harrier is my absolute favourite plane.

- Violation Complaint

Hi Flying Development Studio, I was a Grade 3 user until a few weeks ago when I got a level 2 violation because I didn’t go around. The ATC controller told me to go around, whilst I was in the TBM and I had run out of fuel and my engine had failed. I was cleared to land then suddenly a Citation X was cleared for take off when I was 1 nm out from the runway. I was confused as to why the ATC did this and how they didn’t see that my engine wasn’t spinning. Now because of this I am a grade 2 pilot for another year because of this, this makes me very annoyed because I have been playing for 4 years now and I don’t want to have to wait another year because of a unfair violation. I am a professional pilot that loves your game and wants to keep in playing in the Expert Server. My dad is a Pilot so I would like to use the knowledge that he has given me in a real world scenario. I would also like if there was an easier way to go against a ‘unfair’ violation. What I mean by that is you don’t have to do it like this and make you guys look bad. That is the only thing that I really wanted to address. I love your game soooooo much and I am still going to play it as a Grade 2 Pilot but I would like if you could re-evaluate this ATC move. Keep up the good work and I would love it if you could think about my issue and remove the violation!👌👍

- Amazing!!! Minor improvements needed for 5 stars

This application is so realistic in terms of flight experience and gameplay, I play it on a daily basis, however some minor improvements could be made to make gameplay even better, especially when flying aircraft at night. One suggestion would be to add a logo light to the tail so make the aircraft more easily identifiable. Also to improve vision of the aircraft at night because it is especially difficult to fly when not even the aircraft can be seen. Other suggestions would be to change the engine spool noise when engines are spooling up on takeoff. E.g. the spool noise of a Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner is different to an Airbus A380 at takeoff. Adding more realistic sound effects will make it even better. One final suggestion would be to add a vehicle at pushback. E.g. the tug vehicle when the plane is pushing back. Other than those improvements, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the time and effort that has gone into this game. The landscapes are amazing and the variety of aircrafts available is profoundly amazing.

- We need a few stuff

So infinite flight is a very realistic and amazing game don’t get me wrong but you know what would make it better adding the antothicc thicconov(Antonio 225) to the game and make the game like better graphics like trees city’s houses buildings and for the airport is the most important part of the game maybe make the airport 3D and realistic like a road that house right next to the actual airport and there is a building of a airport and than gates and terminals and when you have your plane at the gate have the terminal move towards the plane and connect oh and make a persons perspective like driving in a little car than getting out and going into a airport and getting boring passes and going threw security and than all the shopes and stuff after that and than you can walk to a gate and get on the plane and by a passenger or fly it please and just please PlEaSe make the engines better sounding like ReAliStIc please. I know this looks like it will take long to make and it wasn’t very long to wright this believe me but this all will be worth it just don’t give up

- Gets worse with every update.

Pricey to start of with, you get a very limited selection of aircraft, and can no longer use without internet. So much for “infinite” flight. Extremely poor selection of free airports and regions, and if you desire more than the basic product without in app purchases, you must pay exorbitant sums of money, only to realise that it is a subscription, and therefore must be renewed. What’s more, every time I try to fly solo, I am greeted with a pop up window informing me that IF “is experiencing connectivity issues” and that I should “try again later”. Should a miracle occur, and I actually manage to fly, the calibration is sometimes dodgy, and the autopilot has a tendency to perform un commanded pitching movements immediately after exiting the replay mode. All in all I am most unimpressed with the way this app is going, as the developers seem to be becoming increasingly greedy. In fact I would even go so far to say that their in app purchases are practically profiteering, and I personally wouldn’t touch them with a two kilometre long pole. Granted, in terms of how the aircraft look/handle etc, this is the best app, but the rest of it is approaching scam status. Shame.

- Weather (Rain, Wet Runways and Smoke From Wheel Landing)

Hello! I love playing infinite flight I have been playing for 3.5 Years now, and I love watching the game progress and see all of these marvellous updates! Like the new planes and liveries ect. But one thing I think would make infinite flight a lot more realistic is rain in weather like weather modes where you can have rain, and snow and what not and it makes the runway slipperier which is very effective and would make the game just one more star better 😊 especially with global would be very cool and impressive i’m sure a lot can agree with that one, and have a cool spray effect of water when you hit the runway when you land, and there are wipers on some planes why are they there😌. Also I think you should have a update where when you land there is a touch of smoke from the wheels, witch AGAIN would make it a more realistic experience. Thank You Big Love From Australia!!

- Great Simulation App

Infinite Flight is a great simulation app, especially having the pro subscription it is very good. I love the detail that has gone into the aircrafts and the ‘real life experience’. Although I do have a couple of suggestions: 1) Firstly a career mode where you fly online with an airline that exists in the real world would be incredible. This could include a record of the number of passengers delivered, a sort of money system where you would need to buy fuel and things would be cool and like where you can unlock different parts of the world when you reach a certain level (second officer to captain). 2) Secondly have some sort of image that outlines where terminals and airports are would also give a great aspect. Overall amazing simulation app!!

- Well done!

Let me just say, well done infinite flight!! The new update is extraordinary. This is THE BEST flight sim available on iOS. There are a few things I would like to see however. One: it would be amazing to have 3D airports. I can understand how much work this is for each individual airport. But maybe one day in the future. Two: I would love to see an afterburner animation on the fighter jets. Three: have pilots in every plane just as you have in the Hercules. Four: the ability to chat to other nearby players on online. Also just one more thing, I don’t know whether this is happening for anyone else, but some words are cut off during selecting planes etc. While in the weight and balance section words overlap each other too. Would be nice to see these things fixed soon. Apart from those small things I would like to see. This game is AMAZING!!!!

- Infinite flight review

Infinite flight is the best flight simulator I my taste. That is why I am giving it five stars. But it does need a few tweaks. For example it would be very cool if there were more classical airplanes like the Boeing 707 and the Boeing 727 and the Dc-3 and Airbus A300. It would also be better if you made Melbourne International Airport 3D and also make Dallas Fort-Worth International Airport 3D. And also it would be great if you edited on the Airbus A380 nose because it does not look that realistic. And finally it would be great to add the American Airlines livery to the Dc-10 as American was one of the main customers. This all I have to say. PS, This is me a couple months later. Could you please bring back the Airbus A380. I mean please please please?

- The Best Mobile Flight sim full stop

Infinite flight has been out since 2011 and they keep doing regular updates to the app, although have to get pro to do basically everything it is 100% worth it. The infinite community can help you with anything from atc communication to joining virtual airlines to make your experience realistic, they have 3d airports with amazing graphics and amazing plane models as well as having a broad range of passenger aircraft, cargo aircraft, general aviation aircraft and military aircraft it will surely have your favourite aircraft, They run Friday Night flights for you to interact with the others in the community. From the A380 to the 717 you can be sure that this is the right flight simulator for you!

- Great game but more features needed

I love this game but please can you add ATC in casual severs because I’m only grade 1 and it’s a real bummer that it’s chaos everywhere when your trying to have a nice flight. Also some more planes that you could like the Boeing dreamlifter,the beluga,the beluga XL,A350 XWB and maybe a space shuttle. With plane interiors it would be nice if you spiced up some of them, take the CRJ 200 for example the interior for the cockpit is horrible. Also can you please add in real time cockpits because even though we have the HUD it’s still hard to know what’s happening especially when you’re not in the view cockpit or HUD also some future uptake could include better maps, better graphics and 3D city’s and or airports. Keep updating!

- This game is getting better ever since I bought it

Hi it’s me again. So I bought this game a few days ago the pro thing is a little bit disappointing but who cares right. Anyway I think this game is getting better and better so what I wanted was another update like umm the ground textures are a little poor no offence and umm u know the airbus a320 right? I rlly want that plane because one of the livery’s is Jetstar and Jetstar is my favourite livery I know I know I need to pay pro but can u pls make the a320 not a pro plane? If u can that’s great it’s ok if u don’t want to but it’s great if u can. If u can do these changes I would play the game a lot more. PS love the game

- Amazing, Qantas Cargo Fleet?

I love this flight simulator. I have been using it for a few years now, and I strongly believe that it is the best flight simulator on IOS. However, I would love to see Qantas Freight/Cargo liveries added to the game. I love the aircraft that are in the game already, as there is so many airlines/aircraft to choose from, however I would love to see a few more added, I.e. A350, older models of Aircraft, etc. All in all, this is definitely the best IOS flight simulator and well worth the price, and subscription price. However I would love the simulator even more, if we could get some Qantas Freight Aircraft added so that we can boast its’ beauty at LAX on multiplayer. 4/5 overall.

- Add better things

This is a amazing game but please add a better selection of airplanes because my selection of airplanes are not as good please give us more free airplanes that we don’t have to make a subscription or pay for and please for free airplanes can you put Jetstar virgin Australia Qantas and US airlines with the boing 787-9 and please make this selection of airplanes free because I rated this game 5 stars if you do what I wrote on this review when ever you need me I will always be there for you on your side and I will always encourage you and help you if you do what I wrote on this review please do this as soon as possible thank you so much for your time

- No longer impressed

Just cancelled my subscription( still good till next month).Ive enjoyed infinite flight for many years, especially when I could play it on long haul flights without internet connection and ,spent a lot of money back then on different planes etc. now its internet only and seems all the latest “new” planes are just extended versions(albeit official aircraft) of previous planes...not really different. When i do play I think “oh look another fine sunny day, no clouds etc, try changing routine for night flight but can barely see anything, runways not lit up properly . I know it takes a lot of work to run this game on mobile tablets/phones but until there are some noticeable changes Ive lost interest Thank you

- Game

This game is highly realistic perfect for beginners to fly a real plane. When ever you fly an aircraft, you get the real feel of the airplane. Lots of planes with live instruments and professional ATC communications. If you wanna start flying a real plane, I personally recommend this game and great start is with the C172. Flying global makes the game a lot better. I love how the commercial aircraft is getting better by the updates, live instruments, better ATC and real airports. There are a few things that needs to be fixed but altogether the game is awesome! Love the new updates. Well done IF, keep the work up!

- Quite fun

This simulator is quite a fun and realistic one, but there are some things that would be nice to add into future updates. Some features that I think the game currently lacks is mainly at the airports. It’d be nice to have a 3D terminal and control tower. The lighting of the runways at night are not adequate enough and I’d recommend taxiway lights, centreline lights, approach lighting system, etc. Another feature that would be nice is useable buttons in the cockpit and lighting inside the cockpits at night. The landing lights on the aircraft are also useless. Anyway, I do look forward to the next update and hopefully at least one of the listed features are included in the new update. 👍🏼

- Amazing

I’ve been playing IF since 3 years ago maybe and I’ve always loved it. Global IF is the best feature and aircraft development is going pretty well I think. However, sometimes when attempting a landing (no crosswind, nothing) I disconnect AP to perform the landing manually and when I do it so, aircraft just go crazy regardless it’s stabilised on ILS. It makes un commanded pitches that gets me out of manoeuvre pretty nasty. Last but not least, the game is a battery killer!!! If I start a flight with 90+ battery, less than 1 hr later, I get the 20% battery remaining warning (I know, I pushed my phone too much since the beginning playing IF). Everything else, I love it!

- It is a fantastic game

This is a fantastic game/simulator and I really enjoy going on journeys, however could you please the scenery 3D (houses, trees, etc) because it is kinda weird when there is no airport and it is literally just a runway, still a great game though! I know I have spoken to you before but could you maybe add a online server that anyone can access because than you will have more people playing the game and it will be a bigger success, you don’t have to add any planes, just please make a online server that anyone can access, please do. I still think this game is outstanding, thank you.

- Great game with small issues

I enjoy the game very much but I have issues with subscribing to infinite flight pro and when I try to subscribe and press continue it exits the app and doesn’t do the thing. Also I would like to see improvements to the Boeing globe master with rear opening cargo door and maybe try to get the Antanov 225 with shuttle and without as well as 124 with all functions as in rear cargo door opening and nose cargo door opening. Also please allow the bombardier Q400-8 to not require infinite flight pro subscription with all colours. Thanks for reading this and I hope that you either improve or add the mentioned aircraft. Thanks a lot.

- Olds infinite flights better

Well I played this game in 2012 and I found that they’re has been dramatic graphic changes unless it’s just my new iPad I thin the monthly payment should be $4.00 because this is only a month. The yearly payment should be $120. Anyway I liked the old graphics you should add a Concorde,F-35. And maybe change the controls a bit so it’s more realistic. Make it look like you can actually touch the controls like it’s more realistic because it looks like they’re just flat and blurry. Anyway it’s a really good game

- Offline play gone.....?

As a frequent flyer, I enjoy nothing more than using this app whilst flying at 30,000+ feet. I was bitterly disappointed to find that the latest update requires an internet connection to allow ‘offline’ (solo) play. Like most others who have reviewed this latest update, I appreciate that there are $$$’s to be made but please don’t ruin the best flight sim app on the market for the sake of an active internet connection. If the app could operate without an active internet connection in the past and with very minimal scenery and graphics changes as part of the latest update, I fail to see why a connection is required? Very very disappointed user and hoping that the devs make a change in the next update as I won’t be subscribing!

- Buy now

Hi devs I do love this game it is the best mobile flight sim out there and trust me I have searched far and wide like Aerofly rfs and just some rubbish ones aerofly and rfs are good just not as good as infinite flight it is a great game butttt it needs improving first off $118 dollars for a “pro” subscription I say hell no can you give us just the USA free like the whole of the USA and air traffic control I’m not asking for much I did pay for this game like keep the subscription for the planes and online but for the love of god please just give us the USA and air traffic control from a user who isn’t going to pay $118 on a game

- Great but room for improvements

This game is .... almost perfect. I love this game and I think it is amazing but I think you devs could work on a few things. My number one problem is that very few aircrafts in this game have live instrumental systems. I find it very difficult to pilot while in First person mode and usually end up stalling because I have no clue what my pitch is at while I look around the cockpit. My other problem is the lack of 3D buildings. This change isn’t needed but it would bring the game to the next level. All and all this game is amazing I love the amount of detail on the airplanes and just the way the game feels.

- Subscriptions... :/

I have been into aviation my whole life; I found this app and fell into love with it instantly! I bought it thinking that we could have Multiplayer coming with it because that’s what everyone expects paying for a app, that they have all of the features included (ATC & Multiplayer) But no. My selling point on this app was that it had ATC and Multiplayer but until I tried to get onto the menu I need a SUBSCRIPTION?!?! I am so disappointed, that’s why I have never recommended this game, Even apps like X-Plane has multiplayer and that’s free! I really do expect more from the developers!

- Best flight sim ever

Let me say. Well done to infinite flight. The new update is absolutely amazing. I love the improved scenery and how now you can do flights around he globe. But there are still a few problems I have with it. One is that to fly around the globe u need infinite flight pro and it is way to expensive. Come on, I can’t pay 118 dollars per year just to play online and fly around the globe. So my ask is to please make it cheaper per year for infinite flight pro. Another thing is that I wished that you could add 3D buildings to the airports. Other than those things it’s the best flight sim ever.

- Really Good, but lacking a few things...

Hands down one of the best flight sims I have, but could be a bit better... For me, it’s the small details that really make something better. Sure the game has the some of the best graphics you can get but it’s the lack of small things such as the gear tilt or a live cockpit that would really make it better, (especially the gear tilt). Also, it would be nice to see the a350 or a b777x come into the game. Again, I believe the gear tilt would make planes such as the a330 or b777much smoother to land than it already is, and would add a whole sense of realism to the game. Though that paragraph is really confusing, in short all the game needs is the a350, b777x, and the gear tilt.

- Spent money a few years ago, can’t do multiplayer.

Why is it that you need to pay to play multiplayer and get access to the full world. This game used to be 10 AUD and once you bought it you can fly with the aircraft your given and it was okay. Once you started adding the whole world I expected those who spent money should have access to the full world and multiplayer. You can earn plenty of money off plane packs and plane subscriptions without the need to make people pay for multiplayer. This is kinda stupid and I wouldn’t mind if you could address this. This might make me return to this game.

- Infinite Flight

Really awesome game. The developers have done an outstanding job at bringing the best flight simulator to mobile. I’ve been playing this game for a few years and it’s really awesome to see all the new changes being made. The community is really awesome. The game is really realistic and enjoyable to play with friends or just by yourself. I often tend to resubscribe to live when a new update comes out with a new plane. There’s also third party apps that work with this game which is nice to see. I would recommend this game to anyone who loves aviation.

- Awesome game but the price satisfaction in the infinite flight pro is low

First things first, I love this game and the styles and controls are awesome. It’s just the flight pro for online features should be free. I think everyone should be able to play online WITHOUT having to pay 100+ dollars to play for a period of time. all in all I have been enjoying this game since the time I got it and now, if the infinite flight pro was free or again, at least make the online features available to anyone and everyone for free, it’ll give the creation a bigger population. Every thing else is amazing and cool. Thnx

- The best Of the Best

Hey Infinite flight, I have been playing infinite flight for more than 6 years and I am in love and seething how things are changing its even better I am always impressed. But I have a question though and that might dumb though, would I be able to work with you guys in any way because that’s like my dream come true of how you guys make these amazing features, I live in Australia and I do know engineering and IST if that helps. You are the Best of the Best;) Hello, jhon167 just reply to me but how do I start

- Great game but things need to be added

Hello Devs, Infinite Flight is a great game and all but some things need to be added into the game, I think that you’ll disagree of the options but 1 We need clouds no clouds means it’s not that realistic, 2 add 3D building to the land I’m trying not to make you a knock off but I think that we need 3D buildings and 3 Lower down the price for pro or give the people who can’t get pro (like me) a free trial well I can’t afford $15 AUD for a month to play with players and go to all locations and get all planes and unlock ATC, well that’s why I rated 4/5 stars due to some things needed to be added.

- Great but...

Hi, this game is amazing. Graphics are great and control systems are perfect. But it’s very annoying how you pay $8.00 for the game, yet you only get a few aircraft and limited map space. Why do we have to pay an extra $15 (minimum member ship pay) if we already bought the game? Yes the game itself is good, but I was pretty disappointed how you have to pay at least $15 to go online and have the world map, with other features. I would love it if you could not make it a member ship or at least make it a lot cheaper considering we paid for the game already.


I got this game for $8 and I can only fly around in one small area I’m sick of it for and example I bought a 787-9 thinking that I could fly it at least over seas but no the update came out and this thing called flight pro came out. at the start I thought it looked pretty cool but no you have to pay for it come on man we already paid for the game and why is there any point in having a A380 and a 747 I mean it’s useless I like flying in Australia but no it only allows you to go to Richmond I swear if you don’t release a update removing this I will delete this app

- Pricing

I hope the devs get the chance to see this, though I have a few complaints and suggestions on hopes to improving the app. PRICES! Now everyone complains and honestly you cannot blame them. It’s outrageous that it’s this expensive driving players away to X-Plane or other apps. My recommendations is to decrease prices by 40% to increase the player count. My other suggestion is to supply more aircraft and regions for players to really experience what this app has to offer. Overall, quite expensive I know but really, I highly recommend this app to anyone, any age with basic knowledge. It’s really amazing what the devs achieved and not a lot are knowledgeable about the potential and overall support, feedback and the achievable knowledge you could get is amazing. Once again, AMAZING APP and I hope the developers really get a chance to see and consider what’s stated.

- Great Simulator

Infinite Flight is one of the most enjoyable flight simulators on the market to date, such a great simulator that allows you to see the world and fly planes that feature true to life performance. It would be nice however, to see them add terminal buildings (even if they are simple) to the game for just the airports the player is flying in and it from (like we see on other iOS flight simulator applications), just to and that extra level of realism. Overall a fantastic flight simulator.

- I feel like I paid for a free trial.

So I paid for the app assuming I’d get most things, besides the online player ability. Turns out I can’t fly outside a set area, get access to a couple of planes, and can’t save or plan flights. The actual interface is sort of fine. Autopilot controls don’t really work that great, definitely don’t have the depth of functionality you’d hope for. Airport scenery is poor, just a runway in a field. Would be great to have some terminals. If you use FlightSim or X-Plane on a Mac or PC, definitely stick with that. I wouldn’t waste the money on this unless you are planning to pay monthly for the pro option (in which case, you’re better off using X-Plane for Mac and just using the free VATSIM network)

- We are not all rich

Instead of a subscription, it would be nice if a fixed price could be established. 117 dollars (AUD) and you only get it for 12 months and we are talking about a mobile game. Anybody could buy a few console or pc games or a huge amount of other mobile games with no extra charge. If you are going to keep this up, at least make a few more planes free, like 1 of your 4 dc-10/md-11 series or one of the 787’s free (the 787 was free then you added 2 more and decided that it should cost money) not everyone has the money to play this game at its fullest and its a shame because the hefty price blocks out just about everything good about it...

- Not as good as the old version

This app was my favourite app on my whole iPad. I believe that this update has not made it better in any way. The aircraft graphics on this version aren’t as realistic as the old aircraft and has a more cheap feel to it. I do like how you can now fly around but the ground textures up close aren’t as good as they were before. The new airports and runways don’t look as realistic and look like they were rushed and you can’t fly offline in single player which annoys me for when I’m traveling I can’t fly on this sim. I regret getting the update and I want them to fix up the graphics and bring back what it used to be.

- Infinite Flight Review

Just wanted to first up say that this is a great game and I would recommend you download it. However, there are a few issues that I would like to address. First, the default aircraft selection is bad. If you don’t have Infinite Flight Pro, then you won’t be using half of the planes you get for free. Second, the purchasable planes are HELLA expensive. A Bombardier Dash 8 costs 8 dollars US. And finally, there is a weird bug at the time of writing which makes your plane’s nose go down and you can’t bring it back up. This is my view on things and I hope it helps

- Infinite flight review

This sim is a very good sim for what it’s worth. It has all the components that a good sim needs like a large variety of aircrafts, global scenery and good realism. Where it falls short is how realists the flight physic are. It’s not quite where it needs to be especially with other flight sims on the market like X-Plane and aerosoft. Those sims offer much better flight physics and scenery but lack in what infite flight excels at being the maps, customisation and user experience.

- Should be more free aircraft

I think that this app should have more free airplanes as I payed like $10 for this app. Or, you should he able to purchase airplanes for a cheap price e.g $2. Or have plane bundles. Like 3 or 4 airplanes for $5 as people would pay that. Or just have FREE aircraft please make changes to this app. Make some more aircraft available please. Other than that this app is very good and realist. I do not like how you have to pay $117 per year for an app. That’s absolutely crazy. Make it cheaper or have sales. Like half price sometimes.

- Beautiful!

To the devs at IF: Infinite flight is one of the BEST, if not THE BEST, mobile flight simulator. Amazing aircraft flight physics and graphics, beautiful 3D terminals and buildings and a functional multiplayer system. One thing I would ABSOLUTELY LOVE is gear smoke! In real life, when a plane touches down, a satisfying cloud of smoke and rubber blows up behind the plane, turning a smooth landing into an absolute butter. I know this is a big ask and it probably won’t be implemented, but please consider adding that feature!

- Great but can be better

I love it, I’ve had it for a couple of years now and I’ve watched it grow. Dear devs, I don’t see why a free global single player is hard to achieve. its what your target market want and wishes for. I know a lot of people in my school who play this game and where excited for global, but we’re disappointed when we found out it was paid. At least make it a non subscription thing Like sold for $10 and that’s it.

- Infinite flight.

I first want to say infinite flight is great however it could need a few things. -The older models such as the A330 and the 787 series could need an update to give them an apu and more options for opening different doors like the 777 series. And the moving landing gears like the A350 and 777. -More liveries for the models that haven’t been updated in a while such as the A330. That alone could use with the addition of the Aer Lingus and Qatar airways and so much more. -More aircraft could be added such as King Air 350, Antonov an 225, Gulfstream G700, and the Concorde if possible. -Tail lights would be good as well to make flying at night more enjoyable and clear. Also to just put that bit more realistic. Thanks you guys for the awesome effort you have put in to make the best Flight sim around.

- Some planes could be free

I just wanted to say that the 787-9 is my favourite plane but I can’t get it because it is subscribed and when I fly it doesn’t tell me where to land and if some things can be free a little but GOOD GAME and also please have a line where to go beciase I don’t know where to land like those other people how they fly to that airport I can’t go anywhere becuase I don’t know where to go so if you could tell us where to go that will be great

- The best in class

No matter how you put it, when compared to other games in the same class, Infinite Flight offers the best balance between performance and realism. With the latest additions of 3D airports, animated gates and new aircraft this game went up a few notches in a short period of time. Still missing the night lighting, but that will come too. Well done IF team.

- Need Approach Mode on Most Aircraft

This App is Very Good especially with all those 3D Airports but it’s missing Something because on The Airbus A380 and Boeing 747 Plus Cessna Aircraft and Private Jets it should have the Approach Mode so we don’t have to fly the approach ourselves and Drift off course and just one more thing there should be taxi lights and a logo light so aircraft can be identified easily and so that I can see while taxiing at night

- Simply put.... stunning

I have being flying in this simulator for what seems like forever. But especially since global came around, infinite flight was never the same, it was even BETTER! Infinite Flight allows me to fly around the world and do whatever crazy and made up routes we want, and to look down at the beautiful earth below. Infinite Flight, is an easy 5/5.

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- Add new airplane that for buying ( Not Pro Subscription Only)

I want an A350-900/A350-1000 that for buying and can be play without connection to internet, please participates on this message, thank you very much!

- Great update

Nice update, just need animated cockpits

- To infinite flight

I love your game I spend hours on it. But could you please add in 3D airports and parking gates. And Westjets new 787 and air transat A330

- Dc10

In the next update can you update the engine sound to be real engine sound wen you are pushback the homing sound and real engine tart up with homing and able to turn it off all the way and can you add airline music and flight safety video on and difrant language with the safety video and a add a dc10 Emirates and either and Japan airline and qutar thx

- Fun but

This game is rly fun but we need the concorde



- Awesome Game, but...

Please add airport buildings!!!! I also would like to see more free airplanes! Thanks!

- Please ad the a350

Add the airbus a350 and real engine sounds

- best


- Air Canada (2017)

There is a new Air Canada for this year. Will you add that please. :)

- Best

I swear it’s the best flight sim in the world I had it seems November 2021

- More new planes

The game is great but needs more planes like the L-1011 (with eastern airlines livery) and some large old bombers like the B-17. Also also update the planes that were added to this game a long time ago so they look and feel more like the planes that have been added more recently.

- Bravo!

Infinite flight by far exceeds any flight sim out there! In terms of auto pilot, aircraft and procedures professionalism, I would rate this app and it’s team 5 stars!

- Air plane

Can you guys/girls make the new paint job for Westjet’s 787 and put Air Canada’s paint job in all the planes they have.(on the game)

- Controller disconnection

Great game all around but when my controller auto turns off the game won’t calibrate it when it reconnects

- Rendering issue

Hello, I am still having the rendering issue after downloading the hotfix. Otherwise, amazing simulator

- Will you add a gate terminal

Will this app be adding a gate terminal at all that would make this app look more realistic

- Worth it!

So realistic with all the functions. Totally worth buying!

- New companies and other option than gyroscope please

This honestly the BEST flight simulator you can get on iPad. So many details, liveries, planes, etc. Could you just add some more liveries like air transat, Sunwing, more liveries for Cessna 172, etc. And also please add some other option like a yoke because it is very hard to have a stable flight when in a car, airplane, etc. (while not in autopilot) Thank you very much for reading this and for making this app, hope you add these things!

- Best Flight simulator ever

The graphics are awesome and everything looks so real even real airline company's the most real flight simulator in the App Store

- I get mad

My parents can’t afford pro because it’s CAD13.99 please make pro cheaper!!!

- W

Good But add a Joy Stick

- So great

Thank you for adding Thai airlines and air canada

- Please add weapons to A10

It would be nice if the A10 would be able to fire weapons

- Gyro

Hi do we have to use gyro controls or can we switch it

- Needs more planes

The game is national but it would be really nice if we could get some more older airbus and Boeing aircraft, as well as the Dash 8 Q300

- Fun however

It would be more fun if you would at least make multiplayer free

- Need updates for some airports

Overall a great flight simulator for iOS/iPadOS. But some airports are outdated (e.g. ICN/RKSI 4th runway has been put in service but not shown on map)

- Poor rendering at night

It’s almost impossible to see runways and plane details when flying in the dark. Landing lights don’t actually illuminate runways. There are no logo lights. If you can fix this, 5 stars


Horrible ATC controllers at grade 3 at times. Rude with no feed back. Kept me waiting in line for over 40 mins with no response on my departure request and cleared every single person I lined up before. Completed a 17 hour flight one time and the game crashed on me literally at 200 feet from the runway. Lovely game but they can do way better with bugs and Atc relations.

- Not easy or simple on mobile

This game is not simple like when I try to take off my plane just flys everywhere. The graphics and controls are good but it’s just way too advanced for me.

- Amazing Game

This is an Amazing Game Expect for having to pay for most aircraft and the could also add weather. I have so much fun flying in the simulator! Favourite Game

- Please!!!!

Your game is the best Flight SIMULATION ever but I’m a big fan Boeing 787-9 sadly i gotta unlock it please can I get it for free it would my dream

- 747-8

I feel like live cockpit for 747-8 and a380 and a340 would be super cool

- Good but

Can you make some failures so it can be herder to land

- great game, one problem

yeah, so i love the game but the problem is the lack of non pro subscription airplanes so i would really like if if you added more non pro airplanes to the game and thats whats wrong.

- Help me please

In the free mode there is only 3 jet planes that are available, I understand why the pro version isn’t free… but when I try to purchase it it says “unable product”, what can I do to purchase the pro version ?

- good but one more thing

It could have been better with a Boeing 727 or a Dc-8 thats free

- What happened to the A380?

I mainly got this game just for the A380 and stuff. What happened to it I do not see it in my game and my friends can’t see it either. It would be much appreciated if you can bring the A380 back. Otherwise the game is on point. Thanks!

- Great game

This is a great game lots of great additions in the last few months( like 3D airports) but could you add also more airplanes (like the 777X) and more interactive airplane like cargo holders openings and passenger doors. That would be great too. The B777-300 is an excellent example of what I’m talking about.

- Air Malta

Where the beans is air malta!!! Add the Airbus A320 and Airbus A319! And please add the ATR Aircraft and add The Airbus A321 Neo and the Airbus A320 Neo Aircraft And add ANAs Airbus A380 Aircraft and add ummm The Saab 340 aircraft please and add people and emergency services thank you and add Air Vanuatu Airbus a321 and Westjet Cargo Airlines and add novair Airbus A321 Neo and add the 737-200 737-300 737-500 737-600 and the Airbus A310 and add Air North ATR And add Solomon Island Airlines please

- Planes

I like this game so much but I wish you could add the 737 max 8 and a350 1000

- eh

how do we fly

- amazing game but…

but after a day of playing the game, every time im trying to open the app im in the loading screen forever…

- This sucks

You have to pay to play online ARE YOU KIDDING ME 😡🤬

- Lights

The game is very good but at night it makes it a little hard to see. I always need to change it to morning time because it’s too dark. Is it possible to add taxi lights and lights in the airport??

- Have all planes for free

I mean at least have an A319 for free and some other locations please :)

- More free airplanes please

This game is awesome and I absolutely love it! But I would appreciate if you could make some planes like the A350 free as it is my favourite plane. I would get pro but I can’t afford it. Either than that this is a great game and you won’t regret getting it!

- Great but……

The pro purchase is too expensive but would buy it if it was a one time purchase

- Hard to drive

I don’t get the controls how do you do it?

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Master Chief Against Kpop

Games I’m looking forward to in 2021 5. Flight Simulator on Xbox 4. Stalker 2 3. CrossFire X 2. Riders Republic 1. HALO INFINITE BAYBEEE


@XcloudTimdog 2021 Halo Infinite The Medium Bright Memory: Infinite MechWarrior 5 Scorn The Ascent Crossfire X Microsoft Flight Simulator Exomecha Hello Neighbor 2 Warhammer 40,000: Darktide 2022.. Fable Avowed Hellblade II State of Decay 3 Forza Motorsport Everwild STALKER2 Perfect Dark Ark2


@XcloudTimdog 2021 Halo Infinite The Medium Bright Memory: Infinite MechWarrior 5 Scorn The Ascent Crossfire X Microsoft Flight Simulator Exomecha Hello Neighbor 2 Warhammer 40,000: Darktide 2022.. Fable Avowed Hellblade II State of Decay 3 Forza Motorsport Everwild STALKER2 Perfect Dark Ark2

Joel Garcia

@AblazaLuis @Pokezard The only somewhat notable games that are releasing this year on Xbox are: Stalker 2 The Gunk Microsoft Flight Simulator (For Xbox at least) The Medium Scorn Bright Memory Infinite And only one of these games are from first party


My anticipated games of 2021 •Halo Infinite •Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart •Horizon 2: Forgotten West •Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury •Monster Hunter Rise •Resident Evil 8: Village •Microsoft Flight Simulator •Psychonauts 2 •Bravely Default 2 •Desrtuction Allstars


@E71984661 @Kotaku Maybe you think that now, but to think Fable, Avowed, Perfect Dark, The Medium, Hellblade 2, Halo Infinite, Everwild, Sate of Decay 3, Stalker 2, Crossfire X, Forza, Scorn, Microsoft Flight Simulator, Starfield, and Elder Scrolls 6 will arrive on it. Yessss!!!!!


MICROSOFT -Halo Infinite Dec 2021 -Fall Guys comes to Xbox & Master Chief is a skin -Psychonauts 2 Oct 2021 -Hellblade 2 Nov 2021 -Perfect Dark reboot late 2022 -Crimson Skies comes back, plus related DLC crossover into Flight Simulator -Banjo Kazooie remasters by Playful Studios


@JAMesBroWWWn @CuttyCrazy @The_CrapGamer 3 years dude Xbox one had the best year last year in 2020 Ori and the Will of the Wisps Gears Tactics Minecraft Dungeons Battletoads Tell Me Why Microsoft Flight Simulator This year Forza horizon 5 and Halo infinite


Infinite Flight: Singapore (Malaysia) - Johannesburg (South Africa) | Singapore Airlines | cinematic: Yo how it going guys welcome back to my channel. Today, we did a Time lapse on the mobile flight simulator |… #guestpost #lastminutenews #guestposting

Emiel The Blessed

@hakeemnpc Flight Simulator is a proven succes. Halo Infinite promises to be the biggest Halo yet. Calling that garbage is a hot-take.


@SupportStreamz I don’t do twitch but I’d love a facebook follow, I’m 28 and work for the NHS and stream to take my mind off the strains of working for the NHS mainly streaming infinite flight simulator thank you so much any support is appreciated 🤩✈️🤩✈️

Ikari w ☢️

@NilOggier Halo infinite / flight simulator / stalker 2 / Forza

@justmenmygirls4 Halo Infinite Avowed Fable Starfield Everwild State of decay 3 Perfect Dark Hellblade II Bright Memory:Infinite STALKER 2 Flight Simulator every one of these games will crop before 2023 bet.


@Kenultimate23 Halo Infinite, Forza Horizon 5, Hellblade 2, Microsoft Flight Simulator, S. T. A. L. K. E. R. 2, Everwild, The medium, Cuphead the Delicious Last Course, Tunic.


Okay so let's see... Halo infinite. Cyberpunk 2077 lol Destiny 2 : Witch Queen (Fall DLC) That's going to be REALLY good. Microsoft flight simulator. I've never played one so. Mass effect trilogy legendary edition. Best role playing game.

Infinite Flight Simulator 22.6 Screenshots & Images

Infinite Flight Simulator iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Infinite Flight Simulator iphone images
Infinite Flight Simulator iphone images
Infinite Flight Simulator iphone images
Infinite Flight Simulator iphone images
Infinite Flight Simulator iphone images
Infinite Flight Simulator iphone images
Infinite Flight Simulator iphone images
Infinite Flight Simulator iphone images
Infinite Flight Simulator iphone images
Infinite Flight Simulator Games application iphone screenshots and images not ready...

Infinite Flight Simulator (Version 22.6) Install & Download

The applications Infinite Flight Simulator was published in the category Games on 2012-03-19 and was developed by Infinite Flight LLC [Developer ID: 471341994]. This application file size is 566.15 MB. Infinite Flight Simulator - Games app posted on 2022-08-22 current version is 22.6 and works well on IOS 13.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.flyingdevelopmentstudio.infiniteflight