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Adobe Acrobat Reader for PDF [Business] App Description & Overview

The free Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF app is trusted by millions of people around the world.

Adobe Acrobat Reader is the free global standard for reliably viewing, signing, and commenting on PDF documents.

• Quickly open and view PDF documents.
• Search, scroll, and zoom in and out.
• Choose Single Page or Continuous scroll mode.

• Comment on PDFs using sticky notes and drawing tools.
• Highlight and mark up text with annotation tools.
• View and respond to annotations in the comments list.
• Use Apple Pencil with iPad Pro for exceptional commenting precision.

• Quickly access documents shared for viewing, review, or signature.
• Collaborate with others by adding your comments to PDFs sent to you for review.
• Receive activity notifications for files you’ve shared for viewing and review.
• Track pending actions on documents shared with you.
• Easily share PDFs with others by creating links you can send by email.

• Easily access scanned PDFs that you’ve captured using the free Adobe Scan app.
• Open your scans in Acrobat Reader to fill in, sign, review, and share.

• Quickly fill out PDF forms by typing text into fields.
• Use your finger or Apple Pencil to e-sign any PDF document.

• Sign in to your free Adobe Document Cloud account to store and access files across devices.
• Star files to keep important documents at your fingertips.
• Connect to your Dropbox account and access other storage providers including iCloud Drive, Box, Microsoft OneDrive, and Google Drive.
• Print documents from your device.

Switch to dark mode in iOS 13 and change the background color of the app window. This is not only easy on the eye in low light, but may also prolong the battery life of your device.

• Access PDFs and other files stored on your Google Drive with ease.
• Create, view, edit, combine, compress, export, share, and star Google Drive files directly in Acrobat Reader.

Subscribe for even more PDF power. Subscriptions work across mobile and web.
• Organize and edit PDFs.
• Create PDF files from documents or images.
• Export PDFs to Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint.
• Compress PDFs to reduce file size.
• Combine files into one PDF.

• Payment will be charged to your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase.
• Subscriptions automatically renew unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period.

Adobe Acrobat Reader is a Microsoft Intune supported partner app and accommodates multiple identities.

Terms & Conditions: Your use of this application is governed by the Adobe General Terms of Use ( and the Adobe Privacy Policy (

Do Not Sell My Personal Information:

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Adobe Acrobat Reader for PDF Comments & Reviews

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- Super handy app

Love this app... works wonders on an iPhone and makes so much more so much easier and obtainable via your iPhone vs having to use the computer. Can access most everything right on our phones now and even upload and forward or send most all needed documents. Can’t begin to count how many times this app have been a complete life saver! Thank you adobe! No complaints here, do wish more features where available throughout each app instead of having to open multiple apps and somewhat bounce back and forth between them, however despite that small inconvenience you have still absolutely completely saved our butts hugely several times! We’d be up s*~! Creek with out you so once again thank you for all the simplicity and conveniences you’ve brought to and made available on iPhone.

- Latest updates killed me

I use this app primarily for work purposes. I save all my service receipts to this app and also fill out and submit safety and order forms daily. The recent update changed alot of things. First of all, the new design I don't like. That I can get used to but it's made it more difficult to use in my opinion. Some of the buttons are not labeled now, they only have icons so I have to guess what they do until I press them and find out if I'm right or wrong. More importantly, there are functions/operations that changed. For example, sharing a file through email no longer takes the file name and automatically makes it the subject line of the email. Also, when you sort by name,files with letters now follow files with numbers. I have to scroll through a hundred files (which have dates) to get to my template (which starts with letters). So I had to through a random zero at the beginning so it's at the top. There is more I could write but I think you get my point. I realize it may sound like nitpicking but when you use the app as much as I do it becomes very annoying. I am disappointed you made such a big change and it doesn't seem to be for the better. Let's get some of this fixed so I can change this back to 5 stars.

- What happened

As a subscriber of the Adobe creative cloud I am very displeased to see the industry standard for PDF software become practically unusable! In fact Adobe Acrobat no longer works on my iPhone XS! When I choose to download or simply view a pdf file, Adobe Acrobat nor the Adobe Creative Cloud app appear in the list of apps to choose from in the iOS share to/open menu! I tried a workaround by saving the PDF file to "files" both locally and via iCloud drive then attempted to open the saved PDF file via Adobe Acrobat which incredibly failed to open with a message stating "File type unsupported"... This is unacceptable! Can't open the very file format Adobe Acrobat is meant to not only open but create and manage! Wow just wow! Not sure what is going on but Adobe is slacking with other apps as well! I'm contemplating canceling my CC subscription since $50 a month is a price only worth paying for the best and I am literally seeing more and more apps that offer more! The mobile apps are terrible besides a select few! Out of all, I never thought Acrobat would ever lose the crown but here I am having to find an alternative in order to save the PDF I need! Verbal apologies won't change the fact that I'm dishing out money for software that isn't working properly!

- Very powerful, missing critical annotation feature

This app has been great when it comes to storing, reading, and annotating documents. I’ve been using it with the Apple Pencil and I’ve noticed the drawing features are lacking support for the pencil in one key area: it takes the touch of the palm of my hand or my fingers as drawing touches. I must have the option to ignore all drawing events with my hand and just accept them from the Apple Pencil, with the exception of scrolling. I want to be able to use two of my fingers to navigate the document and the Apple Pencil strictly for drawing. Because I don’t have the option for this extended Apple Pencil support it’s difficult for tasks such as writing notes over presentation slide PDFs during the presentation. I can’t rest the palm of my hand on my iPad and write normally because it listens to finger touch events. EDIT: I have learned a day later that once you start using Apple Pencil in drawing mode, it ignores other touches, but you have to start with the pencil. Still, it would be nice to be able to scroll without leaving draw mode.

- Only a basic reader

This is only a basic reader and not much more. I find that it lacks the ability to select multiple PDF files that you may have stored in your cloud account and then transfer them simultaneously to the device. A good example would be I have about 35 files I want to transfer to my device from my iCloud account and I have to go through and manually transfer each one of them one at a time. I have Google searched trying to find a way to batch move files but I cannot seem to find that I know the option used to be there before and be very easy. If it’s something that I have to pay for and I will continue using my dropbox account in the same manner it just will only take one extra step and stead of 35 extra steps. To sum it up basically you get a basic reader with Adobe acrobat reader and that’s about all you’re going to get. You can Open, read and share files but in my opinion I don’t see a whole lot more unless they’re not really advertising their products.

- !!!horrible update!!!

Zero stars if that were possible. I’ve never written a review before for any app, but this update is so awful that I had to comment. I have an iPad Air 2, which is not old enough to be the problem (I think). A handful of user comments after the last update are positive, but I echo the vast majority—the app freezes at the home page and I can’t access any files. At least I can open the app to see a home page with a recent files list; apparently some folks just see a spinning circle with the opening icon and never get to the home page. At first I thought my files had been deleted, as some folks complained, but since I can still see some recent file names listed on the home page, I can’t tell whether some or all files have actually been deleted. Either way, I can’t even sign in or sign up because that link on the home page doesn’t work either. Bottom line, fix it or I’m done (as are many others probably), obviously, because I can’t even access my files. Now I’m glad that I saved at least some files in other formats/apps.

- Need auto-save as you work

Update: delete and reinstall app fixed the launch issue; back to 4 stars. Update: from 4 to 1 star. 2-2-20 app update results in app crashing on my iPad while it’s working on launching, then it just sits in the background stuck on th3 splash screen before I flick it closed. Utterly useless to me right now... Unlike Office and Google, this will not save changes as your filling in forms or annotating; will save changes only when you back out of the document to the larger document list. I have a fillable PDF I type into during a group study, and lost 1 1/2 hrs worth of work when the app crashed. I lost all that work because the info in the lecture was coming fast and furious and I didn’t have time to back out to the documents list so this particular group study PDF could save. Thought about giving it three stars because of this issue, but other than that I like the app.

- Finally , I find the best PDF files app that suit me

I had tried a few different PDF files and Acrobat is the best so far . It has all the features and functionalities in helping me creating , editing PDF files ; it has very simple interface and tools in guiding me to finish my works. with the Scan file app , it add more useful functions in creating PDF files ; the Acrobat cloud allows me to access my files from everywhere ; and upload to cloud to store my files securely . and Sharing the files easily to anyone . On the other hand , I find the app a bit of confusing in some area . the default language is English (UK) ; the app i was downloaded for my iphone , I can not use the app to edit or fill the files . and it require Window or Mac Version of the app to edit or fill my files. Why can the app tell me before I purchase it ? lastly , I cannt download the finished the files to my iphone or my icloud

- Hate the new user interface.

I loved the old user interface, everything was where it needed to be and within reach. This new UI is horrible, clunky and annoying. I especially hate being asked constantly to sign in/up for something just to use a PDF viewer. That’s all I need this app to do, look at PDFs. Not link it to social media so I can share things in the cloud with people who don’t need to see what I’m looking at. Why did you need to move the bookmarks button behind a menu at the top of the screen? It was perfect at the bottom right corner. Why do you feel the need to have me fill and sign every PDF? In case you didn’t know a manual for something doesn’t need to be filled out. Finding the right chapter in a manual or using the search function is more important than filling out non-existent fields. I especially dislike when I go to send someone something over airdrop it brings up a blank screen and reminds me I should log in for no reason, and then hit another greyed out button to bring up the native iOS transfer menu. Guess I’ll go find a new PDF viewer.

- This app used to be wonderful, but now...’s terrible. It was extremely user friendly, from its organization (folders first, then separate files - this made so much sense, why would you change it?! I don’t want to have to put a number before my folders so they display before files) to its editable features (highlighting...the new colors and transparency options are terrible, seriously). If I tapped the screen while on a document, the superfluous information would go away until the screen was tapped again. Brilliant. Now, every time you scroll that information is displayed, what if I just want to read the raw document!? And seriously, it’s a PDF reader, why are you trying to fit some new mold with the design? And for the life of me, how can I delete the STUPID “Welcome” document out of my files? And why will this update not “find” text when I search through documents that the previous version would? Please revert this “improved update” to the way it was when it was useful and simple. Will definitely be switching apps if this isn’t changed.

- Couldn’t live without

This is a paid subscription however it has paid for itself several times over. It’s every important document saver with adobe cloud. It’s a must for anyone that is a multi tasker from a busy Mom to an executive. The best app that is also a must have is Adobe Scan app. That is the most convenient app I’ve ever downloaded. It can save business cards to your favorite pictures your kids have made and can print and edit better than any program. So yes I pay every month for the apps but it comes with a lot of Adobes Apps. Would most definitely recommend you won’t be disappointed. If I had one ding I wish they would put down the monthly payment. Maybe they will read this and make the change!!

- Acrobat Reader.: My review

I really like using Acrobat Reader in order to save pages from the internet to be able to read or reference later and to save copies of online orders and refunds and files so that they are always available to me and I can keep them conveniently with me on my iPhone and/or iPad wherever I go without having to carry a bulky, (and extremely heavy,) amount of paperwork, and can use it to quickly access the document cloud and add attachments in pdf form to emails or messages, or open it in notes to reference it quickly on my iPhone while I’m reading something on my iPad. The only issue I had was that I hadn’t kept up with technological advances and hadn’t used the internet or pretty much anything as far as newer technology for years and so it took me some time to figure out how to use Acrobat Reader and am still figuring some things on it. I have to say that it has been fairly easy to figure it out though even without having used adobe acrobat or early version of Reader in so long. Over all I rate the basic online version that I use, without any upgrades so it’s free, as 9 out of 10, but that’s because of my lack really and I didn’t check to see if there is tutorial though either. Keep it up everyone at Adobe!! Awesome products👍👍 a Happy consumer, Bonnie K., Oregon City, Oregon

- Mostly Satisfied withLittle Issues

I like Adobe and use it for most of my readings and note taking needs. However, lately I came across an issue. I have a document which I could read and make changes in the beginning. However, Adobe is losing the pages of my document. The pages get blank and receive an error message that “some of the properties of document is not supported this version of Adobe acrobat”. Reuploading the same document fixes the issue; however, after taking some notes and highlighting lines, the same error pops up and my pages disappear. This issue does not happen on all the documents. So, it’s document specific issue. However, if there is an unsupported thing on the document, the app should not show everything perfect. After you work on it getting and error message is something undesirable.

- So far so bad

I was surprised today to find that the Adobe app on my iPad had been “upgraded”. From what I can to determine thus far, it appears that Adobe created This “upgraded” app to encourage the use of “the cloud”. That is all well and good. BUT Adobe might have considered its users who sometimes have reason to use the Adobe app off line before it shoved this “upgrade” down users’ throats. Prior to the Adobe “upgrade”, I had organized all my Adobe files into folders based on categories. I had several dozen files organized that way. But the “upgraded“ Adobe app wiped out all my folders. I cannot find a function in the “upgraded“ version of the Adobe app that allows me to create folders. Therefore, It will now require hours of my time to figure out how to re-organize my files in a way that Allows me to find the file I want when I want it. Very bad adobe.

- Fast, smooth but could be better (after update: bad)

This app is very fast, clear and smooth. But there are still some features missing: 1. Bookmarks can't be created 2. It's better to have a webpage like top bank to switch between opened books quickly 3. Can't show the list of past comments made Also an annoying little bug: when you switch to other app and back (even after you go to the home screen), the zoom in disappeared and the file return to its original size. So I need to zoom in again to kill the white margins. (the zoom in will stay if you zoomed in 120% or above though) (A comment: although it's been 2 years, those features are still missing. But I'm still stick to it because it's elegant, and robust to things it promised to do.) =============== After the update, which is a radical new design, a lot of things changed. First of all it can’t open, after many tries it finally opened. Then it can finally show past comments which is good, and do global search. That is the only two things pleasing. All else feels bad. The app is slower to scroll documents, it’s harder to make comment or edit file, you need to click more buttons, it’s very annoying that when you scroll up, the file title will show up, it’s not a web browser! It’s harder to view bookmarks, again you need do more clicking. A comment said who design the new version should be fired, lol, I am also surprised since it’s Adobe who made it.

- Why did you destroy a great program?

This is the worst downgrade of a five star program ever. Sure programs have changed and no longer worked for certain devices or operating systems. But this no longer is not good for anyone. If you do not use it - do not download. Very very difficult to edit. Now I struggle to edit forms or to fill in forms. Used to be tap and add writing, drawing, or text. Now I must click and click and click to stumble into adding text. Also I must email a copy to myself to save unsigned version. Before I easily would make a duplicate of a file then have customer sign the duplicate. Now you do not have duplicate function. It is harder to email a copy to customer it tries to get them to view or share a cloud version. I can’t imagine how it appears to a customer. New version is also uglier on screen with less color than old version. They are also trying to force us to use their cloud service. Please fire the idiot who did this - the CEO if need be. Then bring back a version similar to the old one.

- I used to love this app before the most recent update

I have loved using the Adobe Acrobat app for many years. It has improved over time and has many wonderful features that the desktop edition has. Using the app has been easy, almost instinctive, until now. Nothing is easy to do anymore. The typeface is light and difficult to read for those of us who no longer have 20/20 vision. I’m still trying to figure out how to move a group of files (used to be really easy). I know that the performance is supposed to be improved but scrolling through lists of files and folders seems slower. May be I’ll update this review after using the new update for a while.

- New update hindrance to annotation

For users annotating PDFs the pen tool’s thickness has been scaled up with no smaller option, making it impossible to write small annotations in margins with Apple pencil. Further, comments and drawings are not saved automatically. Previously users could go between local copies of their documents and have all annotations saved. Now we have no choice but to save in the cloud to retain changes, and see two copies show up in our library? Lastly, tools have an added step and have been miniaturized and placed on the top pane, after tapping the blue pen icon in the bottom right. This update totally baffles me; why make an update that reduces functionality save the addition of cloud improvements? If this isn’t fixed I’ll be using a third party app. I had loved Adobe Reader for its clean UI and superior aesthetic when annotating documents. Why this update?

- Failure to launch app

So far I can’t get it to do anything but offering other connected adobe subscriptions that I could purchase. All I wanted to do was open the installation and use instructions for a composting toilet. This has so far not been productive. Can’t find the document in what I could access. I have no interest in purchasing other subscriptions when the free one doesn’t seem to do anything but tell me about the wonderful options in the services I could pay for. Even though I don’t do much of anything with this type of activity now that I have retired. If my download is here somewhere than it might be better if there were titles/instructions that non technical user could access and understand. Difficult to work up enthusiasm for purchasing one of the more advanced subscriptions when the free one that I only needed to be able to read one document, was unable to provide that service for me. Thank you anyway C R Zook

- Issues with sharing pdf files

I’m not sure what to rate it because I know that nobody’s perfect and updates often times have bugs that need to be worked out. I’m not sure how many others are experiencing the same issue I’m having with sharing pdf’s, but whenever I fill-in some information on a pdf. and while I’m in the process of sharing that file........whatever information I fill-in the pdf with will normally look extremely out of place as far as where I originally placed it. Aside from that, there’s no way of knowing if I’m sharing a “flattened copy” or one that can be edited like the options we had prior to the update. I love using Adobe for what it’s previously been able to for various things. Thank you for this app but if at all possible, can someone check into this matter as soon as possible please? Thank you in advance. 🕎 Shalom

- Awesome job and User Friend

To Adobe and all your employees, You have been able to create The most user-friendly software I have ever seen and used. I am simply a end-user one person but I am very lucky to have run across such a program that makes my job so much easier to be able to sort quotes and deliver a professional looking quote.I upload a template for whatever I need like a survey on the store lighting refrigeration or a repair for SERVICE Quote sheet. So I like to thank you for all your hard work and I appreciate each and every employee for contributing to such a great platform to work off of!!! Michael Sandlin

- Overall good but need a few improvements

The app itself is good for iPad user but still need a few major improvements. I am a student and I frequently use it to mark up my PDF using Apple Pencil. The app doesn’t have palm rejection that is seen in OneNote, which is definitely a bummer. Also, what what really makes a difference b/w a good and a great app for student is being able to scroll with finger and write/highlight with Apple Pencil. I find myself being slowed down my task whenever I want to switch b/w scroll and write/highlight. OneNote somehow has this feature figured out. Lastly, whenever you try to add a text in your PDF, we can’t type directly onto the PDF since we are brought to another window. It will be way more convenient if we can do that. Thank you again! Keep working at it :)

- Good app but useful feature removed.

Useful app. Would have given 5 stars but once they changed it so that you need to download a separate app to use the scan feature it makes it more annoying to use because I use mostly to mark up scanned paperwork or photos. You now have to scan in the other app then wait for it to load into the cloud then use the scan app to open in adobe. 90% of the time i have to load it twice because it doesn’t work the first time when pushing the open in adobe app. Wish they would bring back the scan feature in this app it makes no sense. The scan app alone is good for some people but when need to scan and edit it makes it more difficult. Overall you can still accomplish the same task but it’s now more difficult.

- Just a feedback on one of your feature

Hi developing team, I realize that a feature in this app is that while reading through a pdf file, a click on the top panel (where the time and date is) will send the user back to the first page. I understand the convenience this feature provided, but at the same time would like to point out that a sloppy user like myself often touches the top bar accidentally quite often. For instance, when I read intently, I hold the top and bottom side of my iPad together, or have my elbow over. This accidental touches send me back to the first page. It’s an exasperation to try to find my way back. As you can see, when reading a document hundred pages long, worse with an added deadline, a few of this trips certainly translates into frustration. I wonder if you have a switch somewhere to turn this feature off. If not I know your engineers will take this feedback and come up with something way smarter than we expected. As I enjoy using your app and plan to use it in the long term, your consideration of this feedback will tremendously improve my experience. Thanks for providing this useful app, as well as taking this feedback into consideration.

- Note Taking Function Seriously Lacking

Many of my professors use PDFs for their lecture slides. I was hoping to use this app on my iPad to directly take notes on the slides with my stylus, but the note taking functions are lacking and pretty impractical. There are no multitouch functions, like using 2 fingers to scroll while in the note taking mode. You are stuck on the screen you have when you enter into note taking mode, and have to exit every time you wish to scroll. Most infuriating however is there is NO ERASER. Why is there no eraser? The only way I can erase is by hitting the undo button over and over. And if there is something I wrote early on in my notes that I would like to erase or edit, I can’t find a simple way to do so. These are simple, essential functions to taking notes. I can’t imagine they would be too difficult to implement.

- Edits to PDF on Box do not save (Fixed with Restart)

Edits made to PDF on Box used to save back to Box when file is closed. But now they are not. This appears to be specifically happening on iPad. Update: Restarting the iPad appears to have resolved the issue. This should be communicated during app updates. Normally, a restart is not required. Many of my colleagues are having this same issue, so the fact that a restart is required in order to regain full functionality is maybe something you can include in your app update notes. I think many of us take for granted the fact that we use devices every day that do not have be booted up or restarted. So if a restart must be performed, it would help to be notified of this.

- Useful but lacking

I use this a lot to mark up PDFs but there a few UI improvements needed. Needs an erase tool to remove free hand marks, needs a setting to only recognize Apple Pencil to avoid stray marks, needs the ability to choose thickness and color before starting to draw (this is available on my Note 8 but not iPad version). Saving back to google drive should be as easy as saving back to Dropbox. I think there needs to be a Pro version and Reader version just like on desktops. There is no reason why the iPad Pro can’t handle a pro version. Update: since updating to latest version I’ve been receiving a message that my document is read only whenever I try to comment on it. If I close and reopen everything is fine for a few minutes. Reduced 1 star because of this.

- Not a fan of the latest update!

I’ve used Adobe Acrobat reader for a few years. Most of my time is spent in the evening or at night. The night reading mode is always on, but with the new update, is not available. They’re response is to go to your settings and turn it on the device. If you use your tablet for anything else, that doesn’t work. In order to use the app now with night reading mode, I need to go through a four-step process, only to repeat the process when I’m finished. That is frustrating. Another issue is that pages don’t load correctly, or can’t be reformatted in reading mode that could be prior to updating the app. I hope to see fixes for these issues soon. Normally, I thoroughly enjoy using this app over my other options.

- Seems to be glitching

I’ve used adobe acrobat reader for years to read knitting pattern PDFs but lately it’s been having this annoying glitch. When the page loads it doesn’t seem to completely finish. Most of the pdf is there but there are a few extra large stretched letters and a few gaps in the script. It’s frustrating because missing a line when you are knitting mean having to go back and fix it when you realize the error. I’ve tried checking for updates to fix the problem several times. I’ve also closed and reopened the app as well as just restarting my phone. I even tried it on my tablet to see if it’s my phone and it’s doing it on there as well. Fix this problem and the app would be a full 5 stars again.

- What’s wrong with the search option?

This was my go-to app for use with my Native American language pdf’s. I could search by typing words or parts of words, and it would highlight anything with those combinations. The past few months it just brings me to a page with zero highlights, so I have to search the whole page for the entry it wants to show me. Other times it will tell me the item is not found, even though it’s right on the page. I retype the exact same thing and then it highlights. Basically, search results are very inconsistent, and I’ve been using this app for 6 years. It even does this on my PC now. It brings up entries I didn’t even type in, so I have to switch to “case sensitive”. It’s been pretty frustrating to use this app when it used to work so well up until mid year.

- Not sure of the need for the new update

I really like this app and it being free is a super bonus, but this version brought some design changes that didn't seem necessary. Honestly, the UI of the previous update was spectacular. Sure, there are always improvements that can be made with applications, but I was very satisfied with it and you guys changed it a lot. The one nitpick I have that really prompted this review was the 'Bookmarks' button. I used it all the time because I have some open source textbook PDFs that I got for class, but now it's hidden in a menu and replaced by options I've never used once. If there was an opportunity to configure the toolbar myself, I'd be fine with the other changes.

- THE ultimate PDF viewer

Adobe invented the PDF format so that a file looked the same on a PC or Macintosh or even a Unix system. Ofcourse you must have the correct fonts and the correct font sizes installed, which anyone with enough experience involving PDF files has run into from time to time, which when absent can occasionally make hip modern art out of an instruction manual or other document. But it’s usually pretty easy to find missing fonts online, taking a matter of minutes for Adobe to locate thee correct fonts, and nine times out of ten you have all the necessary fonts already installed, especially if you’re a regular user of the App!

- Why?

Update: Adobe! Thanks for listening to me. It’s fixed on my end. And it’s users like me who forget that every little thing on software takes a human touch. And it needs to be perfect or people like me will complain. Thanks for updating this, it great! 👍 Why is it every time I open a document in the adobe app it walks me through a 4 step getting started menu? This happens at least once a week, then I need to find the document I’m using out of the long list. I understand the getting started menu when you update the app or when it’s brand new... but I am seeing this all the time. It’s an unnecessary extra step.

- Useful but can be improved

I really like this application because of how lightweight and useful it is. I mostly need this application to annotate PDFs with my Apple Pencil and take notes on them, but I think accessing the annotation menu is not as intuitive and simple as it could be. You have to touch the edit icon, and then comment, whereas instead of that you could just have a more accessible button to show the options for different annotation tools. Also I can’t find any option to erase the text that I write with pencil, I have to use the undo button which doesn’t do what I want exactly, because I might want to partially erase something or erase something not in the reverse order of writing it.

- This app was great before this latest update.

I never write reviews but felt like I just had to in this case. I use the app to grade papers and it was really helpful and easy to use. Then they monkeyed around with it, and now it’s counterintuitive and cumbersome. What used to take two actions, now takes three or four. I used to be able to add comments to the papers by tapping the screen where I wanted the comment to be, then selecting text and typing it in. Now I have to tap the pencil icon, select comment, select type, then tap the screen where the comment should go (but don’t hold your finger on the screen too long or it doesn’t come up) then type the comment. Then I have to tap post. If I want to edit the comment, I tap it and a dialogue box comes up, but the edit choice is hidden in a menu accessed by tapping an ellipse. Once I’ve made my edits, if I tap anywhere but directly on the “post” button, the edits I’ve made disappear and I have to recreate them. The same goes for navigating to my files. It used to open up in the main folder of my Dropbox where I keep the papers. Now it opens up in some folder of recent files and I have to tap “Locations” which is not prominently displayed, to get to my Outlook folder. It Byzantine, and just complicates my job.

- Google Account Integration

For one have two different personal Google Accounts and currently the app only allows me to add one account and there doesn’t appear to actually be any other way in the app’s main user interface to selectively add another Google account to import more PDF files from and I really wish I could do so too. Add this feature and I will definitely give this app four out of five stars too. It would also really be nice to be able to sort my documents alphabetically like the Default used to be in previous Mobile Adobe Reader stable maintenance release versions of this particular app too. Also the aforementioned account adding wizard should allow a second chance to link your Facebook account to this app too.

- Destructive Update

The most recent update has made this previously wonderful and productive app completely useless! Can’t convert files...tells me to subscribe, then tells me I can’t because I am a subscriber, which I’ve been for years, then sends a me back to the unconverted file. Edits and form filling only get saved sometimes and when they do they don’t make it to a shared document. I travel frequently and this is, or has been, one of my most used more...I spent an hour trying to fill and share a document yesterday only to have it so corrupted my email system wouldn’t deliver it... Update...since my last not go hot review it has only become more frustrating to use this app. While a 2nhour back and forth with Apple and Adobe got the subscription figured out I still can’t move a file that is on my iPad to a folder in the cloud...STUPID!


HELLO AND GOODAFTERNOON Ladies and Gentleman, how are you doing today so far on your side? NOW THE MAIN Reason why I am writing this particular review is to definitely let you know, that this particular app is a very very beautiful, wonderful and a very very helpful app. This particular app is so helpful, because i can definitely scan all of “My Receipts,” and store all of those scanned documents online in “Thy ICloud.” Meaning i can scan all of “My Receipts,” and store here inside of this particular app. I can definitely use this particular app to scan and transform any type of documents into a “PDF File.” Thank you so much for reading my review.

- Bad UX for iPad app, kindle fire 10X better.

I previously had a kindle fire and I used it very often, that adobe app on the kindle worked perfectly, specific it was more feature rich and very responsive experience, moreover I could specify to download the pdf documents on the device, however, I cannot say the same about this application, it has been utterly frustrating. From the instance where I am constantly logged out,on my own device, and I have to religiously in and redo load all the documents I. This is bull****! And it is unacceptable for a an established application to display such starter glitches and issues. I am requesting changes to be made as follows, include the option to have a two page view, have the option to save the documents on device, remove the issue( or whatever you call it) of being constantly logged out.

- Adobe doesn't allow other apps to multitask

Like a previous reviewer, I was sick of this app opening on the right side anytime I got close to swiping anything on the right part of my iPad screen. An Adobe Acrobat sidebar opens and I see a list of my locally saved documents. The previous reviewer indicated that Adobe offered a fix of turning off Multitasking under the general tab. That would be fine if you definitely don't want any multitasking to show up. But here's the thing--While Acrobat is installed, no other apps will show up if you swipe from the right -- only Acrobat. If you are in Acrobat and swipe from the right, you can see the apps that are normally supposed to show up as part of multi-tasking. It looks like a nice feature. The problem is, you can't have that feature and Acrobat too. For now I will turn off multi-tasking because if I delete Acrobat, I lose my documents. After I take the time to back them up in another app, then I will dump Acrobat until they fix this situation. The other reviewer decided it was the fault of iOS, but I have to disagree. At the very least, Acrobat should find a way to turn off their own multi-tasking within their own app.

- Once a standard, now a Disappointment

Acrobat Reader was once the standard utility that greased the e-cogs of the digital document sharing world. However, since the advent of the Document Cloud model, where you can’t use the app without creating an account, it has ceased to be utilitarian for any organization larger than one or two people. It’s great if you want to use their cloud offering, but so many orgs just need to view, create, and combine PDFs, and not share via yet another cloud with yet another account, that it becomes unworkable. Reader has walked away from its natural market stronghold. The document sorting and organizing capabilities of Reader on iPad have been completely abandoned for no identifiable reason that I can find. Hope you like their one sort option, because that’s all you get. Soviet software would have offered more options.

- Worst Update Ever Release in iTUNES

I use to love adobe prior to the recent update. I would use this app daily for work and was my primary go to pdf app; 100% of our reports are digital so make sending to customers easier and more professional looking. AFTER the new release it is no longer user friendly, what I would use to hit it upload PDFs now wants me to get a subscription for. You can still upload but seems to me more steps to do so. It was so frustrating trying to figure out the new app I no longer use it. If i had more drive i would explain more issues but no need since i see plenty of other reviews that agree with me regarding the update. -My new choice of pdf app is “PSPDFKIT pdf viewer” when you check it out you will not be disappointed. To Adobe: complete fail, give us the option to revert back prior to update.

- Apple Software Glitch

Update - Ap has been updated and bugs repaired. Thank you for actually listening! When opening the app, at first works fine. However, if you momentarily look at another app, for example attempt to copy and paste a reference from another source and paste into this app, the program will not allow this function. You have to close the app completely and reopen. Same problem happens if attempting to highlight or underline. A warning box appears and says your document is a read only when it isn’t. Very frustrating. Avoid this app until repaired.

- Please help me

Dear adobe acrobat I request please give a Chanel from my telegram because all news and videos I favorited them comes to your websites so please a Chanel in your name take and never can enter your Chanel but can only read article in your name please accept inmy telegram over 200person subscribe that every day read. Articles and you can in your Chanel write your advisor and way of rescue of course your app maintain and only one person can read your article and see your videos he is owner of phone and I know all people interested your nicely app but with this way Many people familiar with you Thanks so much

- Love it but 2 recent problems

I really love this app and am a long time user but 2 recent problems are making it difficult to use. Using IOS 11x on iPad 6. 1 - Perhaps this is a Google problem but when using Google through Safari to search and open a PDF file, there are no options to download the file. No options appear when you touch the file. I had to go to my PC to download a recent file. Have not been able to download other PDFs on iPad as well. 2 - When you go to move a file to a folder, the list of folders is no longer in alphabetical order. Please fix. Thank you.

- Customer Service is Absent and worthless

Have been using Acrobat on iPad for a year or so and was happy to see editing features become available, even if they came with a $4.99/month Premium fee. After purchasing the upgrade through the Apple’s App Store, the program froze during the “registering the upgrade”. I rebooted the iPad because the program was froze. After reboot, and launching Acrobat again, the premium features were still not available, and when prompted to subscribe to them (again), was left with a message that i was already subscribed. So.....subscribed and charged for a service that is not functioning, and no customer support to remedy. No phone support and bounced between 3 different parties on “chat support” with no resolution. Was told by the third representative to try a forum for a solution.

- One annoying glitch

This app is mostly good, but I’ve been creating a form in Acrobat Pro DC (generated over a Word document) and I’m finding the form filling capabilities are making my current form unusable on the iPad. I have some date fields that in certain cases are not required, but if you tab into those date fields, it seems impossible to clear the date. You have no choice but to allow some date to remain, and resetting the field doesn’t work. The pop up calendar in the date field seemed cool on my desktop but fails in IOS. It’s a small thing since I can just use a normal text field as I used to but I thought it’s worth mentioning. Maybe I’m just doing something wrong.

- Major downgrade!

Adobe Acrobat Reader was my life support for work. Before this last update nothing compared to the ease of using the app & I was totally dependent on Adobe. This new update has removed the alphabetical tabs formerly used to access files quickly. Consequently, I am forced to scroll through my files without the the ability to go straight to a set of documents commencing with a particular letter of the alphabet. Inevitably this leads to the app freezing forcing me to close the app & relaunch. Now, the easiest way to locate a document in the event that I know it’s name is to go to search as access to folders to view contents has diminished. Frustration doesn’t cover the distress of not being able to do what I once was able to before this update! THERE WAS NOTHING WRONG WITH THE OLD VERSION!!!! Please fix it!

- Highlights trouble

I just bought an iPad Pro to my work, and as I have a lot of high way project to review I decide to use notes and highlights from Adobe, that’s is really cool feature if you have those iPencil. So, said that, I start highlighting, handwriting, you know... so after several hours, a lot of work done, when I start my review, for my surprise almost all files that I’ve been work so many hours, couldn’t open, and another’s just was missing parts. It was frustrating. Anyway, I couldn’t discovery what happened, but I’m work now with everything saved on my iPad Pro, instead my cloud.

- Absolute downgrade

I am writing this only because I like AdobeReader and want its good feature to be back. The new design lack some of the features that I loved. I will give three examples: 1. The ability to concisely select 1 of four opacities for your highlights. Don’t get me wrong I believe the continuum should exist as an option for opacity setting, but we are nor painting after all, and the previous method was much more effective and should be brought back. 2. No alphabet-initial-bar, so that you can go straight to the pdfs with that initial. 3. The ability you adjust your highlights. Why on earth did you remove that? In addition to these losses, the application becomes too laggy which cause difficulties in navigation and frequently fails to show some thumbnails. This wasn’t the case in previous versions. And personally, I find the new features rarely used and the design to be less intuitive, for example, I don’t like the placement of bookmarks. I hope you fix these “issues” soon and improve my experience with your great product.

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- Rating is for a few UI bugs; 4stars overall

1. Swiping left on a file to reveal “More”, “Rename” and “Delete” options, a window pops up to confirm selection, but you can sometimes select a file which is “behind” the pop-up. This will open the file with the pop-up window still up and freeze the app. 2. When entering text in a field with the onscreen keyboard, the “Previous”, “Next”, “Reset Field” and “Done” are blue in colour on a dark grey background located above the keyboard making it hard to read. 3. Selecting “Reset Field” will make the keyboard hide and a pop-up window to confirm your choice. Why do I have to tap twice to make one decision? Also, the keyboard hiding every time I need to reset a field is very annoying and interrupts the workflow.

- Very good if not excellent

I really like this application. It makes life so much easier. There are, however, some minor things that would just take this to the next level. In particular, when using the Apple Pencil, if I select the pen mode to make written annotations, I find that if I go to scroll with my finger, a mark with the pen will be made and it will not in fact scroll. For me to scroll properly, I first have to make a dot with the pen using my Apple Pencil, and then I am able to scroll with my finger. Another issue is that there is only one pen setting. That is, you can’t have a calligraphy mode, or pencil mode, or a texta mode or anything else like that.

- Doesn’t do what it says on the tin

I received an Adobe Acrobat PDF file and could not open it using the built in reader on my iPhone 7. So I downloaded the Adobe PDF reader app, only to be informed that only a desktop version can open this PDF which was generated by Adobe software. Therefore the App fails to do what it is advertised to do, open and read Adobe PDFs. I’d like to remind Adobe that the whole point of the PDF is to have a “Portable Document Format”, and Adobe is falling behind on this lofty goal. Furthermore, I did not appreciate the requirement to link the App to a social profile, before I could use the App at all. The level of trust I had to provide was not earned by Adobe in this particular instance. Also please check the write ups on the review of your App. Some of them seem quite robotic, repetitive and irrelevant when providing a positive review ie: Keyword search “Westpac” and “20 years”. via the Australian Apple App Store.

- Acrobat.

Insane App. Works as Good as it works on Computer. Has many formats and is able to save PDF’s. No issue. Am very Happy and as already said. Insane and Very Efficient I’m Updating Adding Notes to said File with ease not Complicated At All. The one In App Purchase is all you need to get the most out of out of this App. Combined with Acrobat Sign. Top of the Range. Oh and you need a Google Account ??

- It’s okay, very hard to edit notes, go back!

Too many steps to click before you can make notes, unlike before just press screen on the iPad you can make instant notes, Very in cumbersome to edit notes, very irritating, can’t display the last page when you open the PDF again, so many bugs, how can you roll back the app again? Sorting of PDF notes is in shambles!!! I like the old one better: iCloud files and downloaded files are easy to find, very messy, seems like I’m looking for better PDF app. This app needs to be fix! Terrible!!! Much worse result is on the iPhone, can’t see notes properly, before, you can see you notes beautifully on the screen then close it, they both share the screen, messy, hard to edit. I used to consider this PDF app as one of the best, I’m very frustrated!

- not happy right now

I've had Adobe Reader installed on my phone for what seems like years and have always been pleased with it. Usually i just needed it to very quickly create a single page PDF for an editor or client, a task that could be done quickly, with no muss or fuss. HOWEVER, when I last updated it, it had a new feature that required me to either sign in with Facebook or Google, both of which I really hate using for anything like signing in as I don't want to hand over my data freely to the unknown, or create my own sign-in via personal email. Additionally, signing in, even via my own email account, usually takes longer than creating the simple single page PDF, often requiring locating glasses, magnifier, and/or re-entering address/PW a couple of times until the entry page is satisfied. Like I said, I've been using Adobe products since before Windows was born, and they've always been great. This new "addition" of signing in, especially via social media, is just silly and really beneath Adobe, --or any other major big tech enterprise-- at least to my mind. Its not like you all need the extra coin.

- Getting there

Adobe didn’t really have to make a good app. Their position in the market is not that dependent on having a good PDF reader on iPad, but they made one anyway, and that’s really encouraging. Being able to edit files from Dropbox in place is great. Feature request: let me scroll with my fingers while I’m annotating a PDF with the pencil. Having to turn the annotation off every time I want to scroll or zoom out is extremely frustrating and is about the only thing that makes me think of getting a different app at this point. OneDrive Integration would also be great

- Ruined by Latest Update

Functionality has been flawed since the latest update, but I’m assuming (I hope) this will be fixed in coming repair updates. It better, because it’s extremely difficult to use at present, if you can even get the app to open at all. However, the design changes are what will push me to using a different app. I loathe, loathe, loathe the new layout. I liked Acrobat much more than iBooks for storing and organising PDFs, because the layout was so clean and easy. Now it’s cluttered and confusing, folders don’t stand out, I can’t see their contents easily, it’s just a mess. It's no longer simple and easy to use, and I’m afraid Adobe have probably lost me as a user.

- 1 or 2 things could make it better

This app is really good for reading and making notes on the go but I wish you could organize your documents into lists or sections. I also wish that there was a way to change the names of each document once they are in the app. These two things would really help with organization (if these features already exist then I can't find them and maybe they need to be made easier to find).

- Almost perfect

We basically can do everything with our acrobat reader; drawing, highlighting (those basic things in taking notes), we can also share and upload our docs which is fantastic BUT i think the comment or note option need upgrading, like instead of making it appear as small notes, MAYBE adobe can create new feature like adding blank page?!! So it’ll be a lot easier and useful for adobe reader user.

- No iCloud Drive support or limited support

.. . Suppose this will be updated soon I take it, cant move files from cloud drive to iCloud Drive either for some reason . . . Needs some tweaks t the interface to make it a bit more intuitive - for instance that blue circle should be at the top not on the bottom right corner ... needs thumbnail view as per the desktop app etc, hopefully Apple will release a “ Preview “ iOS app . . . And then Adobe can release a Acrobat Pro app or something . . . Can we also have distiller and Indesign for Pad Os as well ha ha ha

- Not compatible w ipad pro 2020

REFUND REQUEST I have been experiencing issues when using my ipad pro 2020. Like pencil not being able to be used as you use it w ipad for eg tap to edit the doc using type not to draw (a main use for buying this app mind you who draws to edit a pdf doc??!) emailing - not all pages are included, not being able to save the pdf to optioned folder google drive, jumps out and I have to go back in to name a few. It’s clunky and I would like a refund until bugs are fixed. So in short not syncing with google drive, apple pencil, email and more. Tiring and expensive waste of time. I have just been billed my year subscription. Not worth paying for the things I it says it does when I am doing everything correct my end. Would not recommend it for new ipad pro 2020 buyers. I feel you owe me a refund until it is compatible and you should be upfront with ipad pro 2020 users what specifically will work and will not! :(

- Adobe Reader (and scanner)

Really great for scanning documents and saving to cloud, instead of taking pics and losing them! Easy to share the document with others, via automations across to all different platforms (email, messenger etc)

- Dropbox sync not working with multiple devices

I edit a pdf on my office iPad using acrobat reader. Saved in the Dropbox. Got home and started working on my home iPad, I can see the newer edited version in the Dropbox app but when I open Acrobat reader to keep editing the file it is somehow stuck to an earlier version. Both are iPad pros with latest iOs versions. Weird. Otherwise great app!

- Please fix - what happened with the last update?

As a teacher I use my Adobe App almost everyday for work. Since the last update I have found that practically every time I try to open a file the App crashes. I have tried re-booting etc, but am having no success. Very occasionally a file stays open - 90% of the time I am kicked out as soon as I open. Please help - I think your stability fix has de-stabilised my app - and I desperately need to use it. *Usually this App would have a 4-5 star rating for me - it is very useful. But I need this fixed please.

- Very good,but always room for improvement

Generally works reliably well. On an iPad without a mouse it is difficult to scroll through a long document. It would be really useful to have a scroll bar with a floating larger hit zone to drag up and down with your finger for scrolling. Alternatively, to have bookmarks that could be temporarily displayed, selected then parked would be very useful. Thank you.

- Nice & Fast

Reading mode is definitely the highlight of the app. However, reading seems to stop at the end of the page and doesn’t allow for smooth transition to the next page like in continuous mode. Please allow for reading mode to be continuous when scrolling to the next page and then it will get 5 stars.

- Love it except for one thing

As apple pencil is being major way to edit pdf on iPad, I would love it if this app supports some extra features for apple pencil and especially PALM REJECTION. Number of dots are always created when I write something on the file and it annoys me so much. Also erase function is definitely needed, rather than canceling all of work at the end.

- Features don’t work

In principle this app should be great. It’s good the way you can link to different document sources, like DropBox, but simple features like highlighting text work spasmodically. Surely this should be simple and reliable in such an app. It’s enormously frustrating when its a key purpose of having the app - to review, highlight and comment on PDF documents. Please fix this quickly or we’ll all need to be looking for something more reliable. Any suggestions anyone?

- So upset with new version

I had been using this program for years for my business. Built al sorts of smart pdf’s on the adobe pro on Mac and I used the iPad version to do paperwork on the job site then send a flatten version of the paperwork to my clients. Now adobe removed flatten PDF making this useless :( with no option to fix this. I paid for a subscription hoping it’s just something I need to pay for but no it’s gone. With my only option now is to email to myself and flatten on the Mac at home very upset with adobe.

- Solid and reliable. Much appreciated.

It takes a little while to find the way around the app. I keep thinking it can be more intuitive but there is a way to do whatever you want. Sometimes it is not immediately obvious. Solid and reliable. Cross device availability makes it very useful. Much appreciated, finally. Thank you.

- If your PDF’s have JavaScript in them use PDF Expert instead

We have many PDF’s that have JavaScript built in to calculate fields etc. We created these on the desktop version of Acrobat of course. But Adobe can’t seem to support these features in their own IOS reader app. We have to use PDF expert (a fantastic app from Readdle) instead. Every version released we re-check to see if they have managed to add this functionality. But unfortunately to this date they have not been able to mange it.

- Bring back the thicker pens!!!

Installed the update and very disappointed you dropped the really thick pen widths. Also when changing to write in a new colour it requires too many clicks - need to simplify. I absolutely love this app & some am very keen for you to fix the above. Thanks ADOBE :-)

- Poor update

The new update makes searching and organising a lot more difficult. The folders don’t stand out and you can’t access the bookmarks easily. Worst part is navigating through a document where even the touch screen stops working properly sometimes. I would definitely prefer the previous version.

- Back in time !!!!

Hi! Just download the last version of your app. What a bad surprise !!!! EVERYTHING BLACK AND WHITE included folders !!! It is not 1960 any more !!! Before was everything IN COLOUR, nice coloured folders, bold written... well more than now this tiny think !!! My eyes are Ok do not need a glasses but I’m not a teenager so for this I need almost magnifying glass and everything black and white !!! SERIOUSLY !!!! You can do better than that. Any chance to fix that or any chance that I can get previous version back on my phone please.

- Magnificent

This is an amazing app with multiple features the best one is the fact to download PDFs, but the page doesn't cover the entire screen which is unsatisfactory I'm sure there is a reason for that though, all in all it's great get it for phones, iPads, computers everything should have it.

- Ease of use and editing.

Adobe reader is excellent for saving files to iPad for reference and study. I can easily highlight, add comments. Saves writing a lot of hand written notes I would have in the past.

- Seems to have gone down hill

I used to love this app and all its extras but it seems now to be lacking. Hard to get in to the cloud . Error messages trying to open documents. And no one gets back to you about needing help. Shame such an iconic app. I used to be able to up load documents to other apps. Can’t do it now. Not going to renew subscriptions till it gets better

- My go to for keeping documents

Love adobe acrobat! Simple, uncluttered, does what it needs to. Love it as it is, no need for anything extra. Store 100s of knitting and crochet patterns as well as my medical documents and anything else I need to keep along the way! And all for free!

- Worked fantastic before iOS 12

This app would get a 5/5 review if it still worked after updating to iOS 12, once they fix it I’ll be happy. As it is, the app freezes upon activation.

- Easy and editable

Easy to use and editable. Would be improved if we could have options on titling and where to save when saving a document but that’s just being picky.

- Documents

The documents is easy to access on the phone and computer anywhere spending on the download documents.

- A must have!!

Working in the design and publishing for more than 20 years, I have to say PDF format is the most genius invention ever in the world of digital publishing. I lived in a world without PDF before. I wouldn’t wanna live in it again.

- Slow

Much slower than previous app, especially when scrolling through PDF files

- Outstanding product

Just wanted to let you know that I love the product. Simple to navigate and is very stable...I use on my iPad...and is just what I need when I am on the go...which is always

- Perfect finally

My last review said that all this app needed to be perfect with an iPad +pencil was the ability to single finger scroll without deselecting the pen. It’s now there! This makes it the perfect markup app at last. Great stuff!

- I had to repeat a University semester - Pandemic times

I was filling in a PDF file, which was an university test when the app unexpectedly crashed and when I opened it back up again, all my answers and working out have disappeared. It also removes dot like marks when I zoom in and out resulting in terrible frustration and I lost a lot of time due to it.

- Adobe Acrobat

This is the best app for reading PDFs on an ipad. I use it every day. Transfer to the cloud and then to desktop computer is easy with the latest version. This is one of my absolutely essential apps.

- Easy and useful

I found it easy to use and appropriate for my job. I can download the docs and work on it with high light, make notes and share... Strongly recommend!

- Excellent app

Dear developer, Could you make the landscape mode use the full screen estate? I see the remaining stripes at both sides a distraction and I also wish it is used to display the PDF. Thanks a lot! You will see what I mean by using an iPhone X in landscape mode.

- Fairly easy to use

I have found the app easy to use. I get better at the quality of the documents each time I use it.

- Absolutely Brilliant App.

I quite like this App because it is very user-friendly, I definitely recommend it to anyone who needs to download PDF files, absolutely brilliant.

- The latest version has lost the folder

My favourite feature in this app was the ability to arrange all my documents into a logical folder structure. That has disappeared with the latest version which makes it difficult to find anything. What was the thinking behind this. Big thumbs down.

- Excellent accessibility

Unlike some .pdf readers, Acrobat is without peer as a reader, undoubtedly because Adobe created the format and control its development. Couldn't be more highly recommended!

- Great app. Very handy.

Wouldn’t be without it. The only suggestion I would make is for there to be the ability to snip sections of a PDF and create a new PDF with it or save it to photos.

- Facebook Connection Broken

Recently I reinstalled the app to get back into some PDF editing, but after not having used it in a while it prompted me now to sign in. Naturally, I connected it through the Facebook app and now it will not actually open, and continues to ask me to login to the Facebook app to give it access. Promptly deleted it after the third attempt.

- Standard Adobe

Good for reading files and adding notes. I've never had an issue with it and will continue to use it. 👍🏻

- Suggestion: Underline/highlight needs improvement

There are some simple aesthetic aspects that can be improved in my opinion: When underlining, sometimes some characters are not underlined, such as a quotation mark. This creates a messy look which causes breaks in the underline. With highlighting, a similar thing happens. The height of the highlight changes for some characters. This creates an uneven and messy look. The main reason I got Adobe was to annotate PDFs, however I find that highlighting in iBooks looks much better.

- Lacking in its ability to list (or send) annotations.

This app is limited in its application. The inability to list and send annotations and/or highlighted sections makes it unattractive for academic purposes. It is also a bit clunky. I'm used to working with Highlighter PDF (now defunct and unsupported). I've yet to find a PDF reader as good.

- Overpriced and not that good.

This is an OK reader however the file handling tools need to be improved. There are other products that handle files much better. There is a 1 week trial so I can see what the features for editing are. This product is way over priced given the alternatives that are out there.

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- very good

great app

- Super Document Repository


- A good app

I use this a lot for reading papers for my university courses. Allows me to quickly download and article and read it on my break. Very helpful!

- Not opening many PDF files

When I tried to open some PDF files, it’s not opening at all. Thanks

- Cannot update

Dear developer, it's impossible for us to download your app or buy new ones from iTunes Enterprise MAC that is used both by businesses , schools and individuals who can't afford to download the same app several times for each device. Please let Apple know about this issue. For the time being till the issue is going to be resolved, we will not be able to update your apps. Thanks for your support!

- Good

Very useful and organized.

- Retention Plan is a scam

During the free trail, I wanted to cancel it, then they offered me two months free, with a yearly plan; and during that two months I didn’t even use it....then after two months they charge you without notifying you. When you contact the customer success, they say you signed the terms and condition :) it’s automatically charged, nothing written in there says you’ll be charged. Okay, so it’s all my fault? This is the kind of company that doesn’t care about customers, they only cares about money, even in this Covid19 period. So, if they offer you something, don’t accept it :) they just want to make more money, they won’t care about you.

- Too many bugs for commenting

I used this app mostly for editing and commenting papers by using my Apple Pencil. However, there are too many bugs that need to be fixed. It deleted my comments that I spent several hours to do it. That made my very angry about this app. So I decided to buy a notability app. Please. Do not use this app to comment things. I do not want things that happened to me to occur on other people.

- Not sure what this is anymore

It still works as a solid PDF reader, but editing is not as solid as before. I can't seem to annotate and draw over my PDFs for class anymore.

- Intrusive!

I have used this app for years, always found it to be helpful and effective but suddenly it wants me to sign up for an ID with all kinds of personal info - I’m looking for a new app so I can delete this one.


Always says please wait. On five devices !

- Worst app ever

You can create a pdf 13 bux a month stonks

- Dumpster Fire pure blood-boiling frustration

- Landlord send me “Adobe Acrobat PDF File Share Link”lease contract to review. - I tap open and see a preview. - I want to download a copy—DENIED. Must sign in to do that. - So I have to make an account—FINE I’ll play ball. - I tap Sign in, and it takes me to a landing page saying that I can only view shared files if I create an account or sign in—Damn you Adobe you already broke me into submission, you really gotta rub salt on the wound? - I tap continue. - Spinning wheel of death. * Uninstall * Reinstall * Reboot iPad * Use LTE, * Use another wifi. In conclusion: Can’t download a copy of the PDF because I can’t sign in to Acrobat, because when I try to, I get the spinning wheel of death no matter the work-around I try.

- Can’t highlight?

Reader view is great, but hate that I can’t highlight or edit or make comments at all. If there is a way, I haven’t found it.

- not worth it

i really don’t like how you have to pay to be able to edit pdfs or really do anything.

- Total BS, charge extra with full creative cloud subscription

No way to use full feature even with a full “ all apps “ creative cloud subscription. No sign in area. Nothing. Adobe wants to STEAL 13 bucks more a month ! Adobe you are a bunch of greedy a holes, I will be leaving your subscription scam soon enough .

- Service issues

Worst service. Paid for the full month, i am not able to access adobe premium. Called the customer service, the agent said it is accessible only on phone and i tried on phone as per he said, it isnt even working on the phone

- Automatic 1* for sign in nag screen on launch.

Hey marketing retards at adobe! (No doubt with marketing degrees, some of the dumbest people around) - NEWSFLASH! PEOPLE. DONT. WANT. TO. SIGN. Every time they launch the app, they just WANT. TO. READ. A. PDF! GET IT?!? Sure, have it appear ONCE. THATS IT! People don’t want to sign in, log in, sign up or jump a zillion hoops just to look at a damn PDF! Ugh!

- Terrible privacy practices before being usable

The app requires your first name, last name, and date of birth before you can even read a single PDF. How absurd...

- Acrobat Adobe free

Aggravating! Cannot simply move files from older phone to new upgraded phone - not too old, same iOS systems iPhone 5s to 8. Really stupid interface, no airdrop options, completely ignores apple attributes.

- App crashes and don’t open

Tried to contact the developers via Adobe website: totally unable... They force you to post to their forum, so other people will answer your problems. That doesn’t give me a good feeling about buying their products.

- Adobe in the cloud

I used to love it now I hate it

- Can’t fill a basic from from

Isn’t this supposed to fill forms. I downloaded a form from opened in this app and when I tried to fill, it told me to use a Desktop PC. What?!? What a joke Adobe! Continually disappointed with how Adobe has failed again and again.

- Not working with Dropbox

Unable to open files from Dropbox after latest update.

- Data collection tool!!!

It requests all your personal use the app and if you try to do anything beyond reading a PDF you have to subscribe and pay!! There’s a million other FREE tools out there to read don’t this one! Prepare for misc spam emails and phone calls after handing over your info. Shame on Adobe...I thought they were a reputable company. Nope.

- Horrible updates!!!,

I’m super upset with the latest update I can’t make any of the corrections I need for editing and am forded to print and fax the old way! It’s very time consuming and hard on me with the schedule I keep ! I hope they fix it!!!!!!!

- “Free trail” and cancelation fee scam alert!!

If you even receive adobe promotion like “free use for one month” and “cancel anytime”, DO NOT TAKE IT!! They not only charge you monthly fee but also charge you pricy cancellation fee. Term and conditions? They are hidden and misleading. Shame on Adobe doing this to their customers. This is a disgusting business practice and whoever doing with this scam to their customers, need to STOP IT. SHAME ON ADOBE!

- Apple Pencil?

I’m not sure what happened with the new update, but it’s become frustrating to use the app with the Apple Pencil. Why can’t I draw ONLY with the pencil and scroll with my fingers/multi touch? Why is the comment system hidden under two tabs and why does the sidebar show up by default? Where is the SETTINGS menu?

- Not a fan

Not a fan of the new layout.

- Completely ruined

Previous version of this application was polished and usable. Redesigned latest version as of October 2, 2018 is completely and utterly unusable. Adobe first really needs to make a decision if this reader is a social app first, PDF editing app first or PDF reader first. The name suggests it should be a reader. But open any PDF and you get giant edit button where you would normally press to scroll, instead of something useful like bookmarks/document outline to you can quickly get to table of contents and navigate your document by chapters or sections. But these are relatively minor annoyances compared to performance issues. As it is now opening any folder with several pages of documents completely hangs the reader on iPad Pro. Document previews are dynamically calculated, which takes quite a while, all the while scrolling is not possible until the documents in view previews are rendered. Worse still previews are not cached once calculated. Scroll back and previews have to be calculated again. This makes the app unusable on anything but a handful of documents. Forget managing a library of a few thousand documents organized in folders that contain perhaps a few hundred files each. Gone is the ability to scrub view alphabetically to quickly get to document you know by name. In essence, you now need alternative to actually read PDFs and manage your document library.

- Awesome

Way better than apples books app

- Adobe App for my iPhone

Can’t figure this say it’s free and in order for me to use the app I have to subscribe ...very misleading and I am confused and very disappointed😖

- Bad

Very amateur design.

- Bookmarks

Why is the bookmarks selection buried in a submenu? This is annoying.

- Much improved

It has become a good app with ability to change file names and store locally on iPhone

- Nep68


- What is wrong with this APP?

I have an account and pay MONTHLY. Log into app, NEED TO SUBSCRIBE to use features. RESTORE PURCHASES = UNABLE. BUY SUBSCRIPTION = you already have an account!? Login, log out, log in. Remove app, reinstall Cancel and subscribe again... NOTHING!

- Worst product on the market

This is the worst PDF app on the market

- Perfect

I really love it

- Could be a scam!

I unsubscribe the same day I tried it and was still billed for it.

- Sucks


- Surprise cancellation policy

Worst cancellation policy


Un excellent produit sauf que je ne peut pas me permettre d’acheter la version pro trop chère.

- Great App

Very easy to use and extremely convenient.

- Sucks

It made me pay 50 dollars

- Fix the highlighted search tool

I mainly use this to read textbooks on my IPad, but the most useful tool to me is being able to search the text. The highlight feature appears to be glitched as it only works occasionally. As I’m tapping the arrow button to go to the next instance of the word I’ve search it does jump to the next page but I have to read it to find exactly where the word is. Within the same document and same search the highlight feature will randomly work, but most of the time it doesn’t.

- Excellent app

Acrobat helps me alot in my exam, I can downloaded books easily

- Comments

I’m an Acrobat Pro user and I made some comments in my Acrobat in my PC, when I open the PDF in my iOS app I can see the comment bubble in my PDF but I don’t have access to see my comments, is this a bug or ...?

- Worst app!

Even with pro, it’s very difficult to download a file. The file would even open in correct format after sharing with another person.

- Le meilleur

Y’a beaucoup d’imitations comme application Mais rien de bat le vrai ADOBE J’adore

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- Try

Cv. Bbb I wanna go way too long and I’m gonna you wanna go make sure y’all don’t have a lot to come up with for ya lol wyd was the day I gotta was a time for ya to get it home lol lol ya know lol wyd was the day I gotta go pick ya girl up lol wyd is a day to go get some diapers for y’all lol lol omg was the first day of that week I gotta go pick ya girl lol wyd is your gonna day I gotta go pick up the road to get my mom and then I will be there in about an hour’s morning when you come get back to it and I wanna come to you get me off my bed I gotta was a day and you can get to me and you get me to go pick up the baby is

- What Happened?!!!

Anyone else got app recommendations that I can use instead of this one? I used to use this app on a regular basis for work purposes. I used it on an iPad to fill in forms we converted into PDFs. It was very easy to use. Now, it is a complete mess! I used to be able to copy and rename files but now I can’t seem to have the option for that. I also dislike that I had to create an account to email the forms. That alone was hard as heck because the verification email wasn’t getting through my work email. After several failed attempts, I finally used my personal email and it worked (although it did not give me the option to send a flat copy). However, I do not want to associate my personal email to this account. Yes, I checked my junk and spam folder.

- Wishing to Create Fillable PDF Forms on iPad

I appreciate the current functions available via the Adobe Acrobat App(s) for iPad. For work, we do have a subscription to Adobe Acrobat Pro DC, and I didn’t realize that I did not need to buy the add-on pack called “PDF Pack - Doc Creator” because it is included in the Adobe Acrobat Pro DC subscription, so I accidentally spent $9.99 when I didn’t need to.. oops! My curiosity of the “PDF Pack - Doc Creator” was an effort to discover if the pack addition offered the function of creating Fillable PDF Forms on iPad. So far, I do not believe that you can create a Fillable PDF Form in the Adobe Acrobat (Pro DC subscription)/PDF Pack - Doc Creator APP with a 2018 iPad Pro iOS 12.4. I really wish this function were available. I also understand that most people probably have both a personal computer/laptop in addition to an iPad, so it probably isn’t a big deal. It would just be such a useful and helpful function to also be able to create this way on iPad :) Thanks for reading :)

- Nice Update

I’ve had the opportunity to spend more time using the app and its recent updates. Overall, I happy with the update and the new UI. The sharing menu still needs some work. It’s somewhat deceiving when you first use it because it prompts the user to input an email address. However, if you just select “Share copy” the sharing menu opens that allows you select opening or sharing the document in other apps. Took a few tries to figure this out. Otherwise, a nice update.

- Doesn’t work the same on every device

I recently downloaded this for my iPad,MacBook, and iPhone. It works well on both Mac and iPhone but on iPad it’s a little odd. Especially when it comes to signing in. I have a adobe account that’s basically linked to my gmail account. I access my account and read my books and documents saved to this account on my MacBook and iPhone but I can’t even access my account on my iPad. I notice that on iPad we actually don’t have the option of using our gmail or there login options that maybe link to our adobe accounts. I’m not sure if this is a glitch with the app or just a personal experience for me...but yeah that’s my feedback.

- Doesn’t work

I had to purchase another application to be able to print PDFs on my mobile devices because all this version does is CRASH. I see where Adobe replied to another reviewer complaining about the same issue I’m having, not being able to open the very files that this software was designed to manage, and they blamed the file or the user as this software "is intended to work". Well intentions don’t cut it. If the problem were with the files or the way the user was saving the file, no software would be able to open the file. I paid $6 for other software just so I could manage to print my PDFs with access to the printer options because this software just crashes. Come on Adobe, get your act together!

- Bogus

Trying to get my documents out of my phone that are saved in Acrobat via iTunes file sharing on the MacBook Pro and I keep getting an error message saying file cannot be copied because I don’t have permission to see its contents you may need to unlock your iOS device in order to copy files for this app. What kind of garbage is that? I can’t even open the file on the phone in the app to look at it and check the permissions. What is the point of storing a file in the app if I can’t even open it? I have spent hours on this called Apple several times and Adobe as far as I can tell doesn’t even have phone support and the adobe help forum is useless for this issue

- Fix one thing

The app works great except that tapping the top banner scrolls to the top of the document. I make notes on PDFs using Apple Pencil and so far, every time the app has scrolled to the top, it was because I inadvertently touched the top banner. It’s annoying when you have to then fish through the document to figure out where you were. Please disable this feature or at least make it optional. Also add icloud to the list of default file locations.

- Again

Again and again you up date the app and take away,things that matter , functions I relied on.. I have forms that were created with adobe products , I used to be able to duplicate and Then rename these files . I haven’t found an icon or action button that allows duplication or renaming these forms and I don’t believe I can still create files folders anymore to separate and organize my work, so for me the new version is crippling how I worked.. how do I get my old version back and turn off the auto updates your original version for tablets and phones functioned great I’d even me happy getting the last version I had but this version other than the 2 view options it’s crippled me for now till I figure out what to do

- Overall good, but needs an improvement on file handling

I definitely prefer using the acrobat app over the preview app that is integrated within iOS. However, what would make it a bit more useful if it was built in with the Files app like the adobe scan app does. When you save files to the local folder, it only keeps it on the iPad or iPhone itself, rather than using the iCloud as the Adobe Scan does. Adobe scan saves files to the cloud, and if you open the app on any device, it pulls up And syncs automatically using the iCloud Drive and you can see the individual files in the files app too.

- New update causes major slowdown

I keep lots of files with the app, and some within a very large folder. The folder is un-navigable at any sort of sufficient working speed because the app reloads file preview icons every single time post-update, whereas before it just kept that data present. Also, when exiting out of a file back to the folder, instead of placing me back in the list where the file is located (e.g. in the “M”s), it reloads the entire list from the beginning, and places me back at the top of the list, where I once again have to wait for the app to load icon previews before I can scroll with any sort of efficiency. 5 stars to 1. I am copying everything over forScore until such a time as this is improved.

- Good, some problems

I wish there was a nicer user interface for writing notes on a pdf. I, like many people, use this app to fill out my homework/quizzes while studying virtually. Any time I want to change colors, I need to make a new comment, and occasionally I will make a comment, scroll a little, and the whole comment will shift to a different place (and “undo” doesn’t do anything), meaning I have to manually move the comment back or erase it and start over. The document cloud is fantastic and gives me a super slick interface between my MacBook and iPad.

- Haptics ruined

This latest update ruined the finger controls. It now slips and slides, brings up the top bar when all your trying to do is scroll a little faster and jolts the display of file up and down whenever that happens. It worked well before, why did you break it?! The top bar no longer shows the book, rather in an annoying popup when you’re trying to read. Please also add thr time to the top bar. When you want want to stop scrolling and you tap, that is the correct time to show the bar. Bring that back please! Also the update lost the place in all my books! I have dozens of books for study and reference and now I have lost the places I was keeping in all of them! Very frustrating!

- Less functionality on iPad app vs. iPhone app ☹️

Why is there LESS functionality in the iPad version than there is for the app for iPhone. It would make sense the other way around, but this is seriously frustrating. I have to open the document on my phone to rename a file, or add a note to a highlighted section (actually attached to that section, not a separate note function). Also, it gives me an error message when I try to connect the account to Dropbox, but doesn’t give enough info to tell me why it can’t connect. Both apps are working separately just fine on the iPad.

- No, Adobe Doc Cloud is *not* accessible in save for iPhone X_

What jior described in March as Adobe Document Cloud being greyed out and not accessible in save is 100% accurate & I’m so annoyed that you defaulted to saying he/she was doing something wrong that I just unsubscribed. I use Adobe everything – literally, everything – & you need to understand that support is critical and that defaulting to just believing the user is confused, especially with applications like these that already suggest digital familiarity, is lazy & wholly unacceptable. My guess is the problem would have been solved long ago if support hadn’t arbitrarily decided it didn’t exist. I would happily show you a screenshot if it was possible.

- Adobe you had to get greedy!

I am really upset with this update and really upset Adobe Premiere Pro is missing. I was even more upset, because I believe I paid for it, on top of that I have spent thousands of dollars in software with adobe over the last 15 years, but now in order to use features I mainly use for, school and my kids school, I am being prompted to sign up for a monthly subscription! Adobe you got greedy. I think options for a subscription are great for certain people but not everyone who owns your software can afford that. It’s an investment to purchase your master collection for some people. Now I know why I had holes randomly pop up in my applications because all my adobe apps disappeared.

- Unable to sign

Ever since the latest update in December 2018 I am no longer able to apply signatures to any of my Adobe PDF files as before. Seeing how I work in field service and am highly dependable on mobile devices, this has made it a nightmare. My company has instructed us to use this app due to the convenience of being able to have customers sign documents electronically making it much more efficient, but am no longer able to. The app no longer even shows an option to add a signature to a document that was transferred from a laptop to an iPhone even though the signature field is in fact there in the document. Your software guys really dropped the ball with this latest update.

- Can’t Edit Government PDF’s and Editing is Extra $$?

I work in immigration law and a significant portion of my workflow is editing official Immigration pdf forms. #1 problem is it costs $9.99 a MONTH to have the editing feature. That’s extremely costly, especially considering I can do that on my Mac for free. I don’t get why I need a subscription for iPad editing. I would gladly pay a one-time price to buy the app if I could edit. Even with the free trial, I discovered that the official immigration forms “can only be edited on Mac or PC.” Not sure if that’s Adobe’s fault, but I feel like there could be some kind of work around. I would love to move my workflow completely to iPad, but I can’t just yet. Hopefully, these problems can be solved in the future.

- What have you done?!

I use to like this app a lot, but now I am looking for another one. Well, I must can’t open my files in another app (export files), come on, you’re messing up with my stuff. Moreover, it seems that you’ve added some stuff, setting, to make out lives harder. It used to be simple and useful, now it has a bunch of useless stuff. Come on, you should face reality, nobody is going to use only this app for accessing their files, we also need tools (apps) to do other things, and we always will. You’ve got to understand that what makes all the difference is the compatibility with and the ability this app had to work along with other app. You should think about that. Take care!

- New design makes app inefficient for daily use

Document bookmarks is now hidden in a menu that is inconvenient for applications where you need to quickly jump between sections of a document. There also is no need for having the document scan icon on anything but the screen you see when you don’t have a document open. Edit: this was a two star review but I changed it to just one star after the changes to document annotation, the annoying prompt to sign in you get every so often, and the complete inability to click links that bring you to other pages, I would give the app less than one star. The freehand note feature was really useful, but it is now also gone.

- Rip off/Thieves

Do not subscribe to this “service” unless you want to be subscribed for life with no way to stop it other than closing your bank account. Then when you get to contact Adobe to correct the problem, they say there is nothing they can do. The only place that I can see that I am subscribed to this service is through adobe app and website. Google play and Apple do not have me subscribed. Adobe is taking my money and will not stop. Adobe said I have to address it with google, which I did and told adobe representatives over 10 times that google said that I have to talk to Adobe. All they can do is take money. I’ve spent a whole day trying to get this taken care of and they refuse.

- Adobe user

I PURCHASED THIS APP as a business app which included 2 apps but it’s now showing “FREE USER” on the app. I’m not a free user I paid for the package. But when I checked the App Store it shows that it was PURCHASED. Why is it showing free user on my app. It seems there’s no one available to explain why. I’m not sure this is the right platform to complain. But I purchased and paid for this app and now I’m shown as a free user. Can someone explain what’s happening now. I’m not a free user. It shows in the App Store on my account as purchased. And I did. Can someone explain please.

- Acrobat for iOS extremely non-intuitive

Acrobat for iOS is extremely difficult to determine how to use. All I want to do is open an artifact my news paper app, and 15 minutes later, not only can I not figure it out, but it has configured how my links open in email (as a separate window versus new tab). Combine this with the fairly recent changes to iOS that make selecting to copy or cut very difficult, and usability is a fail. I’ve now spent an absurd amount of time trying to fix all this, using what should have been my time reading before work into trying to fix my jacked up settings. Please dedicate more time into intuitive usage in ALL YOUR APPS FOR THE iOS. That is why most people buy these.

- No longer opens Dropbox files

For a very long time I have used Acrobat to open PDF files stored in Dropbox. I can then forward them as a PDF attachment through WhatsApp, text, mail, whatever. For about a month this has been impossible. It opens Acrobat, then Dropbox again, asks me for permission for Acrobat to access Dropbox, then tells me it cannot connect to Dropbox. All updated iOS on 2 phones and iPad, updated Acrobat, no luck. This is critical functionality and it is gone. Please fix!!! Otherwise I have to wait until at my desktop to send files, which is rare.

- Scrolling is terrible

Scrolling up and down is just pure frustration. Because of the pop up menu, moving between pages is unpredictable and just make me feel like I don’t want to scroll. Sudden page movements, unresponsive touch, uneven scrolling, this app has it all. It seems there was zero QA and the devs just cobbled a bunch of craps together and throw it out so it seems like they did something. And there won’t be fixes for months since these devs don’t want to run out of things to “fix” and look idle to their bosses. For anyone who is looking for a PDF reader, you can avoid the frustration and get another reader. I literally hit the screen of my ipad while reading a book because of the stupid scrolling.

- Disappointing

When I first opened up my stash of saved pdf files in the updated Adobe Reader, I was pleased with the new organization. I especially liked seeing the recently added files shown up top. But then I noticed that when I tried to organize files within my folder structure that icons for all the individual files had to load before I could scroll down to lower folders, which really slows down the process. Also, the quick scrolling by selecting a letter of the alphabet is gone.

- I’m limited to what I can write in my PDF on my iPad.

First let me say I love Adobe. I tried out several apps specifically for the PDF I use for work and felt like Adobe was the best app to use. That being said, in the beginning I could type as much as I wanted to in each box on my PDF (which was incredibly helpful), but awhile ago an update went through and I am now VERY limited with how many words I can put in each box. However I’m not limited on my MacBook Pro, which makes me think this is an iPad specific problem. Any suggestions?

- Update Woes

What on earth happened with this update? Removing the alphabetical tabs to scrub through quickly, night mode gone, and an app that all around feels slow when typing. I can’t even scroll through all of my files anymore, it just freezes and moves down a few files every time I try to do anything. Editing is also a nightmare. Typing in anything takes about fifteen times longer. Just trying to fill out a PDF with premade text boxes, my typing is about three seconds behind where I actually am. This needs to be fixed, and now. Many people use this app every day for their work (including me) and this new update has done nothing but cause issues.

- Adobe Acrobat Reader & Sign

As always, the powerful product for all things office or work related. Ease of Adobe Sign is astounding! Both Reader & Sign are on my iPhone with seamless transfer between desk and mobile - important since I meet clients anywhere and everywhere. But... my latest use for Adobe is to download, categorize and store my collection of knitting and crocheting patterns! So easy and the important, beautiful photos remain clear forever! Love my Adobe products!

- Knock it off!!!

Adobe... when are you going to learn to stop making stupid changes that make sense in your developers hair-brained minds, but end up making no sense to the end user?!? Technically that’s what you do with all your products, and it’s time you started listening! Whoever thought to move the function bar to the top of the screen, needs to first get slapped, then made to either put it back to the bottom of the screen, or better yet, put the option into preferences whether it should be at the top or the bottom of the tablets screen. Do not, under any circumstances, hide the bookmark navigation button ever again like you did on the previous version!

- Disappointed

As a graduate student in history, I have a constant need to read, review, annotate, highlight, comment, and edit PDFs. While the free version of this app allows for decent reading, it does NOT allow for easy annotation and document editing. The fact that I have to pay $9.99 a month for a subscription just so I can rotate the pages when I can do that FOR FREE on the desktop version is absolutely ridiculous. Additionally, the highlight function only works for “recognized text” which means I would have to convert ALL my scanned files for -guess what?- ANOTHER paid, subscription Adobe PDF converter. Disappointed is an understatement. If I could give Adobe a 0/5 stars, I absolutely would.

- Free version doesn’t offer certain features anymore

I have used adobe acrobat for many years and I have loved it, however they have now changed the features that are allowed for the free version. If you had the free version you used to be able to do practically anything on it. Now they have blocked certain features to where you have to pay $9.99 a month in order to do the same things that you used to do for free. They say “look at how many more features you can use if you sign up for the premium deal!” But the thing is all of those things used to be offered for free. Pretty frustrating in my opinion. I used to be a loyal adobe fan but not anymore.

- !!!!Disgusting Update!!!!

Prior to this horrible update, I was using this app everyday to have new clients sign financial applications and paperwork pertaining to their merchant accounts. The fact that you decided to completely redesign this app all of a sudden is 1: I lost several files that already had their information pre-filled AND signed. I looked like an amateur and an imbecile going back to have them resign. I lost thousands of dollars this week alone in revenue because I had to attempt to have them re-sign. I no longer have the ability to “save as original document” or “flattened.” Options have changed from words to icons, when I save my documents to Dropbox, either text is missing, or actual signatures are missing from my saved forms. The order, and the way in which files save has caused much confusion. Look, I understand everyone is taking after the gyms by switching to monthly membership fees in exchange for their products and/or their services, but this was too much. 1 star because I couldn’t rate any less.

- WHY?!?!?!

This app was terrific until this last update. I have over 300 documents that I need to go from document to document very quickly. Now if I have to go from a document that starts with an a to one that starts with a w, I no longer have the option to tap on the letter to quickly get down the list. My choices are now to either scroll all the way down, which by the way doesn’t scroll smoothly any longer, or to go to the search and type in the name of the document. This takes time which as a musician is time I do not have. Why would you so drastically change an app that was great. I will start searching for a different app to use. FIX THIS!!!

- Great for Viewing, Annotating, and Signing PDFs!

This is a great app for working with PDFs, as it allows you to view, annotate, and sign them electronically, even while offline. Storing them locally on your device makes them easy to view and edit, and it is easy to export them to colleagues and friends once an internet connection becomes available. I would highly recommend this app to all who need to work with PDFs, both for familiar and professional purposes.

- 5stars

I have been using Adobe Reader for years. I cannot say anything less than 5 stars. For a free app, this one is in the top of the ladder. They continue to improve it. You can even make PDF files from your Adobe Reader with a couple clicks on it. This is a valuable piece of work. This is oh so handy in the iPad and iPhone to use. I am still finding things it can do that I am not totally aware of so I will keep on using it and being very happy with it.

- Current update changes bad

I have always loved using Adobe Acrobat. But every since the update for IOS 13 the app opens in the last folder used. You then have to back up to the main folder to find the file or folder you need. It would be great, and I will update the star rating, if you could put a settings default option to choose a folder or file to open to when opening the app. I keep my medical alert info in acrobat and it would be great to set the default file to open to the alert file for emergencies.

- I have a few minutes of work and I have a little while I’ll be home in a few hours

Ya I know I don’t want to go to hang out with you guys tomorrow night I don’t know if I can get you there tomorrow afternoon or evening or something call me if you’re up for a little help or want you guys to go pick me a little money or something I’ll be fine if that’s what you want to get you can let me know when you want me to come pick ya it out tomorrow and

- Not happy with this new version!

Adobe needs to restore the ability to flatten a PDF before sharing it with others!!! This ability was removed for some foolishly stupid or thoughtless reason!!! This ability is both an asset and serious security issue when sending a document with your signature at the bottom!!! It is dangerous to send a document that someone can easily alter the information on while your signature is attached!!! Until they restore this essential ability, my review will remain a 1-star. It is too critically essential to ignore!!! Once they restore this ability, I otherwise like this this app and will change my rating for it


This app has a lot of user unfriendliness to it that is probably solved by buying a subscription. it looks nice but isnt very functional to the average user. My main gripe (today) is that now when you highlight, you cant see the part of the passage that you highlighted. it shows up awkwardly in the doc preview but not on the main doc. very annoying, especially if you dont have any notes to go along with it, which are also hidden. it wasnt like this a few updates ago, but i think its time for me to find a better alternative that, at least, lets you see what your highlighting for free.


Update: They fixed the most important feature for me! When I must email pdf’s the subject line now automatically populated the name of my pdf. Thank you for listening and fixing the update! I have to use this app for work multiple times a day. I must email all the various files with specific titles. Before the update, the subject line was automatically filled in. However, now I have to do so manually and it’s extremely time consuming due to my employer’s specifications of what must be on the subject line. Please put this app back the way it was. The new format is hard to navigate and confusing and your icons for different actions are even worse. However, the fact that the subject line isn’t automatically populated is by far the most poorly thought out change of this update:( Leave good things alone!


I hated this new update. It is horrible and sorted weirdly. Everything is smaller and less distinguishable. I couldn’t find anything, and when I finally did I couldn’t even open it for like 2 hours. the thing I HATE THE MOST is that you can no longer change the text color when you type. It looks super weird and I would like to go back to the old one plz. One thing I actually liked is the new typing, how you know where it is and doesn’t have a window popping up. The bad outweighs the good so much I almost want to find a better app that works better. I just hated that they ruined such a good app

- Decent but cannot open files from OneDrive

I use this app often for work but now I am unable to open any files from OneDrive location where my work files are stored. The files open from my iCloud but not OneDrive. I’d hate to have to switch the locations where my documents are stored as my employer uses OneDrive and we get access to large amounts of storage. I’ve looked online for a solution but cannot find one that matches my problem. I hope there’s some kind of fix for this problem. Other than that great it’s a decent app.

- Trial

So far so good, I really just hate how you have to provide your info to the company for a trial and in order for them to not charge they require you to remember to cancel otherwise here comes the charges, it just kinda feels a little frustrating and invasive they should make the trial end automatically and then have a customer decide after that. Other than that I enjoy this app as is serves a lot of purpose..

- Good app, room for improvement

I have been using this app for work and study. It has great interface with most of the clouds (dropbox, google drive, etc) Room for development; the app could improve the way pages are flipped while in landscape mode meaning that once the tablet is in landscape mode I need to zoom in every time I flip a page in a document and it is a bit annoying. The scrolling system has small numbers in the bottom of the page but the numbers are sideways and creates confusion specially with number 6 and 9.

- Missing one critical item

When using a form (as I do frequently as a pilot) there should be a way to delete all fields in one click. Instead I must use a new form (taking up time and space) to efficiently get my work done. Once I’ve submitted this form to its destination I should be able to just void out the original. But not so, unless I’m missing something. Other than this, there have been a lot of improvements making it easier to use and navigate.

- Please stop the dialogs!

As a frequent user of this app and an iOS developer, it’s maddening to get peppered with “first use” and configuration dialogs (initials) every time you do an update. It takes an hour to persist those settings. Please fix! Also, it would be wonderful if I could use two fingers to scroll while in “writing” comment mode like other iPad apps. If you address these two items, I’ll bump this review to five stars. Great app, but clicking through 5 dialogs every time I run a meeting using Reader to take notes and view the agenda is getting old. I find myself using the Files editor more and more.

- Needs text to speech!

Please add text to speech! Only the desktop version has it. It would help so much since many kids are having to do school work at home due to Covid right now. I looked online and have to now try a different iPad pdf app that has the TTS function. I have recently gone back to school and have to read a lot of pdf files for research purposes. I’m sure it would be greatly appreciated if this was added ASAP to the iPad/mobile versions of the reader app.

- What happened?

How did the developers manage to turn such a wonderful app into an unproductive paperweight. It crashes every single time you start up now. Additionally, before it would open on the last place you left off every single time with no issues. Now you have to reopen the file, which is another 5050 gamble to see if it crashes, then wait a minute before it opens. Smaller gripe is that they removed key functionalities and made getting into table of contents or bookmarks of a PDF less intuitive and hidden away. I hope the developers step their game up and stop trying to make the app prettier at the expense of functionality.

- Update is awful!

The previous app version was so much more user friendly. I could quickly search and easily find the document I wanted in the alpha list. Now, it seems to be freezing each time I try to search or scroll down to find the document I want to use. It is slower than molasses and something I use throughout my work day. It is taking twice as long to use this app vs the previous version. It used to be easy to right click and attach to an email, now I have to attach it through other methods. I am really frustrated and wish I could find a better tool to use for my pdf documents and communication for my work!

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Get the smaller older version you liked, and no longer wait around for Adobe Acrobat to launch when all you want to do is read a PDF! - Alternatively just get Sumatra PDF Reader, far superior to Adobe & Foxit.


Get the smaller older version you liked, and no longer wait around for Adobe Acrobat to launch when all you want to do is read a PDF! - Alternatively just get Sumatra PDF Reader, far superior to Adobe & Foxit.

Adobe Acrobat Reader for PDF 20.11.00 Screenshots & Images

Adobe Acrobat Reader for PDF iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Adobe Acrobat Reader for PDF iphone images
Adobe Acrobat Reader for PDF iphone images
Adobe Acrobat Reader for PDF iphone images
Adobe Acrobat Reader for PDF iphone images
Adobe Acrobat Reader for PDF iphone images
Adobe Acrobat Reader for PDF iphone images
Adobe Acrobat Reader for PDF iphone images
Adobe Acrobat Reader for PDF iphone images
Adobe Acrobat Reader for PDF iphone images
Adobe Acrobat Reader for PDF iphone images

Adobe Acrobat Reader for PDF (Version 20.11.00) Install & Download

The applications Adobe Acrobat Reader for PDF was published in the category Business on 2011-10-17 and was developed by Adobe Inc. [Developer ID: 331646274]. This application file size is 247.95 MB. Adobe Acrobat Reader for PDF - Business app posted on 2020-12-03 current version is 20.11.00 and works well on IOS 12.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.adobe.Adobe-Reader

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