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An easy-to-use accurate visual chromatic tuner for your instruments. Best for higher pitch instruments such as the violin, flute, clarinet, trumpet, or oboe, but will also work well using the harmonic frequencies of lower pitch instruments too.

Provides a simple interface to visually check whether the pitch for a note is low or high, and lets you "see" the pitch change as you make adjustments. Tuning has never been easier.

Shows exactly how many cents (1/100ths of a semitone) a note is out-of-tune. This app listens to your instrument. It does NOT play a tone.

- Developed in Austin, Texas, the "Live Music Capital of the World".
- Extremely accurate - within 1 cent (1/100th of a semitone) of each note with sub-second response time.
- Supports transposed tunings for instruments in the key of E-flat, F, B-flat and A
- Adjust pitch incrementally from 400 to 480 Hz or up/down a half/full step from A440. (The International Organization for Standardization specifies the frequency for the note A in the treble stave as 440 Hz. ISO 16:1975)
- Doesn't directly pickup fundamental frequencies below 120 Hz (B2) because of iOS device hardware limitations, but will pickup the harmonic frequencies which will tune more accurately.
- Great for the violin, flute, clarinet, trumpet, or oboe.

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The applications Tuner!! was published in the category Music on 2011-10-06 and was developed by Peter Deelstra. The file size is 3.96 MB. The current version is 1.6 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

iOS 10 Support

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Rick  SlickRicks77  4 star

Great app!


10/10 would tune again  Unarmed1628  5 star

I love this tool. I had a guitar tuner but I use this instead. Faster and easier.


Great Tuner!  Jazzkeyboard  5 star

I'm a pro and this tuner is great for showing all the important values needed for tuning in a innovative design. I Love it for all the info it displays. It's a beautiful looking design too. It's my favorite non-strobe tuner.


New and different  LuckyWordMaster  4 star

Great little product. The pitch analysis seems dampened or buffered so that the needle isn't twitching all over the place like most other products. Instead the harmonics are displayed graphically, rather than the wheel or needle chasing harmonics instead of the primary note. I love this thing and use it mostly for my Cello.

C. John Bagby

Works surprisingly well!  C. John Bagby  4 star

The only reason I left a star out is because I think that it could be greatly improved if the note you were we're playing was shown on a stave. If you could do that I would be very grateful, thank you for a great app!


Nope  Sundaegirl020  3 star

I downloaded it and it didn't work I call to delete or or don't get it I give it a 3 star


Amazing  Nori1233  5 star

I absolutely love this app! It's very helpful and it's so cheap!


Simple, easy to use, and wonderful!  Hollielollypop  5 star

Great little tuner. It is very simple and easy to use and it really helps!

Ron F. Esparza

Great for checking the tuning of Native American flutes  Ron F. Esparza  5 star

This has been a great app to use to check the tuning of Native American flutes, I checked all the flutes in my collection and they all matched their tunings they were marked with.

Dragon master 715

Tuner app is awesome  Dragon master 715  5 star

This tuner app is on spot. But if your play an instrument that has to transpose like a clarinet, then the tuner will show you the concert pitch not the note you are playing


Was working great, now it's not?  Gettingusedtoipad  2 star

This was working perfectly but accessing it today it doesn't seem to be 'hearing' my flute. Perhaps there's something I'm not doing (although it seemed ok before?)


Good  ts123123123123456789  5 star

Very good app


Just the thing I was looking for  Ja500n  5 star

Exactly what I needed and it didn't cost $200


Great  MakTheBlade  5 star

Seems to be working again


Good for tuning the violin  ajyong  5 star

Very useful.

The best person ever iffy :

Awezome  The best person ever iffy :"D  5 star

Lol This tuner is the bom it rulzz


Perfect  Paps63oppp  5 star

Thanx guys for the great app it works perfectly

E Lanky

it works  E Lanky  4 star

can't complain, it works

Don't have one 2

Reads sharp  Don't have one 2  1 star

When the tuner is set for a Bb instrument it reads half a step sharp Playing a C on trumpet the tuner reads C# Confirmed this error on two commercial tuners


Excellent!  bloughhead  5 star

Easy to use, visually awesome. I recommend!


This tuner works!  jlstone0904  5 star

I have tried several other tuners but this one really did the job. Two thumbs up!


Does its job  WestCoastx  4 star

It does what its suppose to but hard to figure out if ur flat but best free tuner


no  Hmsdog  1 star

not really good

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