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The Runtastic Road Bike app, developed by road biking experts, turns your iPhone into a top GPS cycling computer with an array of incredible features! Track your tours, races and rides with your iPhone, monitor your training progress and compare your performance to your friends’! Become a part of the Runtastic Community with millions of enthusiastic users.

- Track bike tours via GPS: Distance, duration, speed, elevation gain, pace, calories burned, etc.
- LIVE Tracking & Cheers: Go LIVE and show your friends where and how fast you’re cycling & let them cheer you on for more motivation
- Voice Coach: Keeps you posted on speed, distance, elevation gain, etc.
- Route search: Browse & search thousands of bike routes (available in the app and on
- Detailed illustration of your velo route including elevation profile
- Open Street Map & Open Cycle Map integration, plus Offline Maps available: Download & save maps on your iPhone to use them abroad or without internet connection
- Colored Traces (speed, elevation, climb rate, heart rate, etc.)
- Display your current rate of climb during a tour (elevation gain/minute)
- Show current grade in %
- Auto Pause: No need to manually stop & start activities during short breaks (with Runtastic Speed & Cadence Sensor)
- Wind & weather conditions
- Detailed post-tour analysis incl. time rode uphill, downhill, flat
- Cadence measurement (with Runtastic Speed & Cadence Sensor)
- Heart rate measurement (with additional hardware)
- Configure your display: You choose which values (distance, speed, elevation gain, calories burned, etc.) are shown during your rides
- Music: Create a playlist for your tours & activate your Powersong to boost motivation!
- Save your cycling activities on
- Share your bike activities on Facebook, Twitter and via email

Whether you’re a beginner or a professional bike athlete, this app has everything a (road) biker could wish for!

Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

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Runtastic Road Bike GPS PRO App Description & Overview

The applications Runtastic Road Bike GPS PRO was published in the category Health & Fitness on 2011-10-21 and was developed by runtastic. The file size is 60.65 MB. The current version is 3.6.2 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

To make sure the app is fully functioning for you, we
- fixed a few minor bugs
- improved the app’s stability

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Runtastic Road Bike GPS PRO Reviews


Cyclists best  PaPaw6  5 star

Accurate and easy to read. Works great with IPHONE.

Mazda Man2

Road bike  Mazda Man2  5 star

This is great on a tracphone, uses gps and not my data. Made two trips with it now and I love it, thanks.


Nice App!!  BAADAWG  5 star

My wife and I are both brand new to cycling and wanted an app to track all the basic data for us. This really does the trick for us. For $3.99 for the Pro version with no ads makes this one a no brainer! To keep it real though the tracking seems to be a drain on the battery. Was only out for 20 min and went from 100% and came back with only 62%. Could be an issue as we ride longer. Still like what we see so far though.

.T. W. A.

Need to update / Bluetooth/ Music  .T. W. A.  4 star

Need to update to accommodate large screen on iPhone MAX


IPHONE XR issue  CycleJeff  5 star

Love the pro version of the app! Worked flawlessly on my iPhone 7 but when I upgraded to the XR the weather conditions and temp will not show up or get recorded with the workout. It's just a few seconds to easily add them at the end of each workout, but it used to be automatically added. Please update the app!!! Otherwise, love the app!


My go-to app for cycling for a few years now  LawrWe55  5 star

Great, reliable, easy to use. It’s been recording my rides for three or four years now. It’s an old friend at this point. Highly recommended.


Really like - Buy please add this  Arlo55  5 star

I really like this app and in 2019 I logged over 1,300 miles with it. I like the fact that it keeps a log of the routes I have taken so I can easily show others where I went on certain days. I would like to see the app give me the option of only showing the cutyear total vs all my miles over multiple years. Seems like an easy add to me. Thxs for a great app!


This could be 5 Star of....  1dopebloke  2 star

Runtastic Premium synchs n uses the Apple watch. This doesn't. That's atrocious n there's only one reason n that's because they are partnered with Garmin n try to get u to buy Garmin Products. It's obvious that u can use the Apple watch like with waking/running n u just choose not too. So, I wasted $35 on Runtastic Premium then $4 on this app became I just figured it worked with the Apple watch simce it's 2019 and all but nope. So disappointed. EDIT; It's obvious they don't care much about this app as it's been 8 months since an update. No app that's useful has that few of updates. Please, use Apple watch n id immediately chance this to 5 Star as it uses everything I need, except for that. I don't wanna take my phone with my on the bikes ride, that's why I got the cellular version of the Apple Watch 4.


Needs Apple Watch Version  MacksDad  4 star

Great app but really needs a companion Apple Watch app so I can stow my phone away during the ride and get the audio updates from my watch

Mc chicken12343

Fantastic!  Mc chicken12343  5 star

Quick, easy, and fun way to log all your cycling! Wonderful UI within the app as well

Ricci Rocci

Top marks.  Ricci Rocci  4 star

I love this app. If I’m on the bike I have this app running. This is the only way I have of keeping track of distances, speeds etc.


Good cycling app  charles.jenkinson  4 star

Use this every ride with the Speed and Cadence sensor. Does a good job of its advertised tasks. My suggestions: - Ability to show cadence on its own - More seamless Fitbit integration - Heart rate monitoring via Fitbit - Real time GPS location tracking in the map for a “group” - would be great when multiple people are converging on a meet point.


Excellent  jmfm9966  5 star

A good app

Maz 13

Runtastic cycling app  Maz 13  5 star

Love the app. Works well, I find it easy to pause and resume. Love the constant updates on my way to let me know how far etc I’ve gone.


Great app  Светослав  5 star

Apple Watch app too? Would be great to toggle between start/stop from your watch


Excellent  _green_eggs_  4 star

A great app. Screen is clear and easy to use and easy to configure. Use it all the time riding to work. Really useful to be able to manually enter a session as well. Add to the sync capabilities - an indispensable app for cyclists. Missing two features which competitor apps include: * built-in auto-pause (not dependent on additional hardware) * Apple Watch integration, at least for heart rate monitoring


App  pilotcairns  5 star

Great app for cycling and even use when out walking my. Great work!


Good app. Needs auto pause.  margy88  4 star

Good app. Works well, but some suggestions below: - auto pause should be automatic when you’re not moving. Other apps do it. - it would be great if on the ‘history’ tab up the top you could also see things like highest speed, highest average speed and longest ride etc a bit of a highlights dashboard. Cheers!


Lots to love but a few things needed.  davidjcu  4 star

There is lots love about this app. I especially love the offline map option and the ability to save and also download routs. The auto pause function works brilliantly. I’m not sure what the issue other reviewers have with it. What’s missing? Support for power meters. Add that and it’s a 5. Especially dual sided power meters.


Three steps from greatness.  Chris.Downing  2 star

First up, the app is actually pretty good. However, despite it feature richness, it’s lacking 3 things. 1) Auto pause. Why do I have to buy a wheel sensor for this? Other apps do it using the phones motion sensor & GPS. 2) Apple Watch integration. Again, other riding apps do it, I shouldn’t have to buy another heart rate sensor to use this app. …and 3) This is just a small one, but the interface doesn’t scale to the iPhone 6/6s/7/8 display size. The keyboard & icons are just all scaled up by the OS. I know it’s a small thing bu it makes a difference when comparing to something like Strava & these phones have been out for home many years now? Fix these three things and I’d give it 5 starts without question. Thanks.


Group together year’s tally  Abhi2223  3 star

Overall good app, but would prefer year total’s grouped together just like month total’s are. Its been few years since using this app, I have to remember my numbers from last year so I know how much I have bikes this year. So need a feature to keep track of those stats

DK in SoCal

Pretty good  DK in SoCal  4 star

Crashes occasionally but I do too.

Newengland Nick

Fit my needs perfectly  Newengland Nick  5 star

I have used her probation for only a short while before that I used that free version both were very helpful. But as my Viking became more serious and I became more serious about my exercise in the pro version became more fitting for what I was looking for. I also take my line Arama dog fighting with me before work and can’t track the pace in that time which is very valuable. The data that is provided not only helps me ensure that I am back in time to shower before work but additionally I can push myself and my dog to continually improve our performance

Big Daddy Rlo

Great Cycling App!  Big Daddy Rlo  5 star

Very accurate and love the feedback every mile!


Great App, need to interact with IOS better  Agbrady  4 star

So as I’ve seen with other responses, this is a great app and does great things. I do recommend this app to anyone that wants to track their daily outings. BUT —- there is no Apple Watch app and it does not use the Apple Watch to track HR or other data. That blows! If I want to get that data, I have to use the Apple workout app as well as this app. You need to integrate!

Pville Peter

Outstanding App  Pville Peter  5 star

The best bike computer app on the market. Tried several others this app out performs all others for biking, hiking and trails.


Original to pro version  DzTrek  3 star

The original is a good app but I liked the idea of getting voice updates on how I’m riding. I purchased the bike pro version. It’s been fun for some time. I loved sharing my sessions to FB but haven’t been able to do that for quite a while. Turned my problem into support but all they said was make sure I have the correct update. How am I suppose to know which is the correct one; mine is I really want this fixed cuz I like the app but someone needs to step up in support.


Great app  Nickname*****  5 star

I’m 70 years old and ride my bike three times a week for exercise. This app really motivates me and pushes me. Great job developers!


Awesome  NBBiker  5 star

Great app but battery hog. Be nice if when you pause and then begin riding it would either start automatically or prompt.


This app is great  Djones5895  5 star

I have used many apps to see how my bike ride is going. This app tracks time and distance properly I do not use any other app


Runtastic cycle pro app  Bulit3.5  5 star

Best app in the market in my view . Yes better than strava don’t know what everyone sees in it


Great App  Evanbxx  5 star

Great app. Love it. Brilliant to track my progress.


Stop the track!  enescuilie  1 star

The fallowing route done is automatically stoped when is break without setting pause compare with another paid tracking apps as well like this. Fix this bug, pls, tnx!

Jingkoy Pangs

All day cycling  Jingkoy Pangs  5 star

Happy for this app It was fantastic


Pro Bike  virgilwood  1 star

Very disappointed with this app - very often it does not pick up the route you have taken and you end up with 0km beside your 2hr cycle.


Great app  Heidenb12  5 star

Like the title says. Great app.


Top quality app  OReillyT  5 star

Does what it says on the tin


Brilliant app  Klnptrv  5 star

Fantastic way of tracking your cycling and progress


Great app  Jjordie  5 star

Love the extra info you can include in summary.


Fantastic  dudis  5 star

Helps me with data I didn't have before making cycle more fun and challenging.

Runtastic Road Bike GPS PRO Comments

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