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Eat smarter and live better with Cronometer.

• The only nutrition tracker that provides accurate data curated from verified sources
• All food submitted by our customers to our database is checked for accuracy by our staff
• Track over 60 micronutrients – the most comprehensive data on the market
• Our Free version provides the more nutritional info than any other app
• Total data privacy and protection – we don’t sell or share your info to 3rd parties
• Sync our mobile app with our web version

• Log your food & exercises with our accurate database
• Keep track of your water intake
• Scan food labels with our barcode scanner
• Add custom foods & recipes
• Track your calories, protein, carbs, cholesterol, and more
• Track your nutrient intake – the largest database out there
• Log your supplements
• Easily log the foods you eat at popular restaurants
• Integrate with devices like Fitbit, Strava and more.
• Sync nutrition data and activity levels with the Apple Health App

• Log your Body Mass Index (BMI), Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR), activity level, and body fat %
• Create your own weight goal
• Create nutrient & macronutrient targets
• Keto Calculator
• Supports diets like Keto, Vegan, Paleo and more!

• View nutrition trends and reports
• Print your reports for your healthcare professional
• Gain valuable insight into your diet

• Connect with others who are on the same path to take control of their health in our Facebook Group and Community Forums!

Cronometer’s headquarters are based in the health-centric, small mountain town of Revelstoke, British Columbia, Canada. Our staff is an eclectic mix of web developers, IT specialists, nutrition scientists, business majors and personal trainers brought together by a love of nutrition and the great outdoors. Our kind, friendly team is here to help you reach your nutrition goals and provide you with excellent customer service!

Our Professional version of Cronometer is a must-have for healthcare professionals to track their clients’ nutrition. Many dieticians, nutritionists, doctors, hospitals and universities use Cronometer. Visit our website for more details.

• Ad free!
• Food suggestions
• Create unlimited custom diary groups like breakfast, lunch and dinner
• Advanced nutrition analysis tools
• Timestamp your diary
• Create custom biometrics – like fasting
• Share custom recipes with friends and family
• Priority customer service support
• Only $5.99 USD / month

Download this version to use Cronometer – Ad Free for $2.99. You will have the option to upgrade to our Gold version at any time for:

• $5.99 / month
• $24.95 / bi-annually
• $34.95 / annually

You can pick your subscription term – monthly, bi-annual or annual. By default, your subscription will AUTO-RENEW. You can change or cancel your subscription under your iTunes Account settings. Your subscription will auto-renew on schedule unless you cancel with at least 24-hours prior to renewal date.

By subscribing, you acknowledge to agree to the Terms of Use & Privacy Policy:

CRON-O-Meter App Description & Overview

The applications CRON-O-Meter was published in the category Health & Fitness on 2011-09-30 and was developed by Cronometer Software Inc. The file size is 48.96 MB. The current version is 3.0.10 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

• We fixed a bug that was preventing the target bar from turning green when 100% of your target was met.
• Design updates for your viewing pleasure.
• We are constantly improving the app, and in the process, we accidentally broke the barcode scanner when it was being used to add an ingredient to a Custom Recipe. We fixed this so you can once again scan a barcode and add the item as a recipe ingredient.

What's new in 3.0?
We’re happy to announce some major updates! We’ve completely rebuilt our mobile app to improve the user experience and make it easier to deploy new features.

New Updates Include
• Multi-add food option (Turn on this feature in Settings>Diary Settings)
• Improved performance and stability
• New look and streamlined design
• Updated, easy to use custom food editor
• Intelligent Nutrition Label Scanner

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CRON-O-Meter Reviews


Excellent App  NozeCandy  5 star

Great for tracking macro and micro nutrients


Best meal-tracking app out there!!  repswithrach  5 star

I used to use MyFitnessPal, but ever since I discovered Cronometer I realized how much better it is and NEVER WENT BACK! I love the fact that it tracks your micronutrients. It’s great for me being on a vegan diet. Highly recommend! Very easy to use as well.


Totally useless crap  grogflips  1 star

I spent three dollars and had high hopes for this app. Within a few seconds of starting to use it it said that it had lost my Internet connection which wasn’t true. It wouldn’t let me do anything as a result. Oh well, it was only three dollars down the drain!


Better Before the Update  languageandexpression  3 star

I just ran into a glitch where I entered that I ate 5 servings of an item that was 48 g (220 kcal) per serving, then clicked on the link that suggested “want better data?” for the same item that someone else had entered apparently—with the SAME exact # of calories per serving. I saved it and then noticed my total calories consumed for the day looked way off, based on the # of calories in the list for the day. The list showed I had eaten only 240 kcal of that item, which was wrong. It should have displayed 1,100 kcal. So, the total calories consumed for the day turned out to actually be correct; just the # of calories displayed for that item in the list for the day was way too low. I went back in to check that item and saw where it said I had eaten 240 servings of that item(!!!) instead of the 5 I told it I had eaten. The number 240 came from the amount of grams per serving (48g) times 5 servings = 240g. But the app changed it to say I had eaten 240 SERVINGS!!! That made the total calories for that item display as outrageously high on the screen where you can edit how much of the item I ate. It appeared as “52800 kcals” with “240” servings eaten instead of 5 servings eaten for a total of 1,100 kcals for that item. All this to say there is a weird glitch here that needs fixing. The app interface also LOOKS clunky now, and it is also harder now to input exact amounts of what I’ve eaten because of the reduction in decimal places in this new update. The older interface looked better, and I didn’t notice any weird glitches like what I ran into today.


Terrible update  aquaviti  1 star

New version is terrible. I used to love that I could see my macro percentages easy with net carbs. Now it is impossible to find that screen.


Hate the updated version  emcs1234  1 star

It is awful. Slow and confusing


Old Interface Was Better  Thisblows8765  4 star

I’ve used this app for a long time and it’s amazing. That said, I just cant get used to the new interface, especially the reports, and it really bothers me. What I liked about the old one was that everything was simple to see and follow. I find myself not wanting to look at the nutrients screen anymore.


Been using Chronometer for years  Gammerthumbs  5 star

First on Android and now on iPhone. Both paid versions. Really like the new ui and always the details on nutrients. The best health app out there with lots of foods and you can independently customize your calories and macros by gram.


Love it but.......  TinaKayD  5 star

Wish it could link up directly with my KetoMojo.


Sometimes slow  Kat1967OH  4 star

The new version of the app sometimes has a lag time, it can be slow, and it can shut down. Otherwise, it’s the same old keto-friendly app I love.


Double payment  Charmaine65  1 star

Was very annoyed to pay for app only to find I still have to pay a monthly payment to access the whole app. That’s a scam as far as I’m concerned 😡


Newest update is great  Byron85  4 star

Great app it has assisted me in loosing a lot of weight with intermittent fasting and quick. Support with staff has also been great. It’s nutrition info and health kit intergration is the best out there. The only negatives: -they are yet to implement the Australian barcodes on a mass scale but they say it’s in the works. So scan the food at the supermarket if your worried it isn’t in there yet. - fasting timer would be handy - some sugars are counted on products like quest bars which humans can’t motabalise so it should really be zero.


Not for Aussies  OzMuso  1 star

Useless in Australia. So disappointed.


Great nutrition app  Supergem10  4 star

Easy to use, love that I can see my vitamin and mineral intake as well as protein,carb and fat %. Has most foods you need, just doesn't have many packaged Australian foods, but you can always put them in yourself.

I was an addict

Not good for Australia!!  I was an addict  1 star

I want my money back honestly!! This app doesn’t have much selection of Australian food! 😤 big thumbs down from me and a big waste of money!!


Not great for Australian users  Belpal  3 star

Has a great nutritional breakdown but not many Australian products recognised. Would be good to be able to add breakfast, lunch, dinner & snacks seperate as easier to keep track of entry.


Love this app, but have some suggestions!!  Bekaaxo  4 star

I love this app, it's so useful!! However i wish there was more data for Australian users in terms of food and barcoding (as many people have mentioned below) also I wish there was an option to add how many cups of water you've had in a day, to track water intake. And lastly I wish there was a way to categorise the foods you eat into breakfast lunch and dinner categories to make it look neater!


Great layout but needs Australian data  ellelaia  4 star

The app is fantastic but it is very difficult to use properly when there is no way to input or scan Australian foods. I'm more inclined to use MyNetDiary because it is easier to use.


Love ur app and have suggestions  Sharazz  5 star

I love you app but in Australia it is frustrating to use. Can you please allow us to scan in items and then photo the contents for you to add to your list of items and then your R.E.M. can review photos and add it to the core list of products. This will help to improve your use ability in Australia. Also we call peppers, capsicums. If you cannot do this can you at least allow us to scan barcodes into our own food diary items and recipes so that we can just scan the barcode for future easy use. It is so frustrating to have a barcode system there but you are not using its potential in Australia. Surely you can use this feature to maximise your database without having to leave your chair by using photos emailed to your team of products. We customers can be doing you a favour! Thanks so much


Won't let me log in!  AdeleAwesome  1 star

Won't let me log in to my old account, or make a new account, or use Facebook or Google to log in. I've paid a fair amount of money for this app, please fix this! The app is completely unusable


Best Food Journal  Happytraveler099  5 star

I have been using this ap since 10/1/18 and I love it. Over the years I have tried food journaling using various methods; notebook, weight watchers, nutrisystem, Atkins app etc etc. I had never found a method that I could stick with for more than a few days. With Cronometer entering the data is fast and easy. My activity data from my fitness tracker syncs automatically. But the best part is the useful info the ap provides; how many more calories I need to burn in a day, how many more calories I can eat, as well as nutritional information. I am continuing to learn more about the copy and paste functionality. For me, it’s powerful motivation to see the calories of a food choice in my overall meal plan and look for ways to make better substitutions. I am using the Gold membership and feel it’s well worth the price.


Love the full Apple Health Integration  phtully  5 star

Much better than MyFitnessPal

Taylor Hively

Great for Keto  Taylor Hively  5 star

I tried many of the other food tracking apps but most of them don’t really work low carb as they don’t count “net carbs” toward your goal. This one allows you to customize carb, protein, and fat goals (if you don’t want the suggested ones.) I find this easy to use and pretty accurate. Also it syncs activity calories from the health app (apple watch activity.) My only tip is set BMR calories in the app manually to your average “resting calories” in the health app as Chronometer doesn’t read it. That way your total daily calories will almost match the health app

wandering way

Meh  wandering way  3 star

Decent but other app offers what gold does for free


40g carbs for keto?? Um, no  whocaresjustrateit  1 star

This app freezes up constantly. That, and I’m trying to do keto but even though I put my settings as moderate keto, it says I should eat 40.0 g of carbs! That’s not keto. Also, I entered that I ate two cookies (just to play with the app), and it says I have eaten 2.1 g of carbs. That’s a nope: it would’ve been 19. Waste of $2.99 and time.


Awesome  bnnna44  5 star

Cronometer is an awesome service that provides the most detailed dietary information, hands down. Been a happy user for nearly 5 years and will always recommend.


Love  AbigailW240  5 star

I love this app and love being able to track my nutrients and macros. The scanning is almost always spot on, I LOVE that I can enter recipes, and am glad to be able to keep up with my health overall in a really simple way.


Great overall  KusoSama  4 star

Great app with a ton off pros: Clean food database Great data visuals Integration with health devices Barcode scanner Net carbs Blood glucose logging Ketone logging Though it has some negatives: Incomplete food database Zero widgets Force touch menu missing Health app heart rate doesn't average Hope they can better Integrate the negatives I'm rooting. Then I'd subscribe.

Myron Gloots

Best Food Tracking App  Myron Gloots  5 star

I’ve tried other food tracking apps and this is by far the best one. The easy-to-use interface is what really separates this app from the competitors. I was actually recommended this app by a friend after I told him that I dislike most food tracking apps and I’ve used it ever since! Food is super easy to find and the barcode scanner works great. I love that everything is pulled from databases and not clunked up by manual entries.


Absolutely life changing  jafo135  5 star

Super customizable for nutrition targets like Macros and more importantly micronutrients!! Scan food easily! You can break up the day into meal categories too (example breakfast lunch dinner etc) I highly recommend you get it and learn how to use it. Don’t give up because once you get the hang of it your life will change!


Dissapointed  Trev198383  2 star

Overall seems an okay app but dont bother downloading if your live in UK & Ireland as doesnt recognise products. Seems more geared towards US & Australian market


Don't waste your money stick to the website  Elliot1713  1 star

Countless bugs, won't let me edit my target calories no save button, can't go backwards if I change a page the button just goes unresponsive. Badly designed website is much better


Don't waste your money !!!  Catface12  1 star

Badly designed, can't see any explained breakdown of your input. Just stick with the free pc version, much easier to use. I have been using that for a long time now. Sorry and annoyed I wasted my money on the app. It's just a gimmick to rip you off !!!

CRON-O-Meter Comments

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