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CRON-O-Meter is a popular online diary for tracking your diet, exercise, and other health related information. We have a whole-food database that tracks over 60+ micronutrients, and support for specialized diets (ketogenic, paleo, vegan).

The app can also sync nutrition data and activity with the Apple Health App.

This version of our app is free of advertisements, however we also have a free version of our app in the app store that contains advertisements.

Cronometer has optional in-app subscriptions to our Gold tier of service which offers additional features.


The Gold subscriptions purchased here will be charged to your iTunes account.

By default, your subscription will auto-renew on a Monthly ($5.99 USD), Biannual ($24.99 USD), or Annual ($34.99 USD) term as per on your selection. You can change or cancel your subscription renewal under the iTunes Account settings. Your subscription will auto-renew on schedule unless you cancel with at least 24 hours prior to the renewal date.

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CRON-O-Meter App Description & Overview

The applications CRON-O-Meter was published in the category Health & Fitness on 2011-09-30 and was developed by Cronometer Software Inc. The file size is 39.46 MB. The current version is 2.3.5 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

Fixes bug where incorrectly apple health syncing today's data to wrong day when viewing old days in diary

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CRON-O-Meter Reviews


Awesome  bnnna44  5 star

Cronometer is an awesome service that provides the most detailed dietary information, hands down. Been a happy user for nearly 5 years and will always recommend.


Love  AbigailW240  5 star

I love this app and love being able to track my nutrients and macros. The scanning is almost always spot on, I LOVE that I can enter recipes, and am glad to be able to keep up with my health overall in a really simple way.


Great overall  KusoSama  4 star

Great app with a ton off pros: Clean food database Great data visuals Integration with health devices Barcode scanner Net carbs Blood glucose logging Ketone logging Though it has some negatives: Incomplete food database Zero widgets Force touch menu missing Health app heart rate doesn't average Hope they can better Integrate the negatives I'm rooting. Then I'd subscribe.

Myron Gloots

Best Food Tracking App  Myron Gloots  5 star

I’ve tried other food tracking apps and this is by far the best one. The easy-to-use interface is what really separates this app from the competitors. I was actually recommended this app by a friend after I told him that I dislike most food tracking apps and I’ve used it ever since! Food is super easy to find and the barcode scanner works great. I love that everything is pulled from databases and not clunked up by manual entries.


Absolutely life changing  jafo135  5 star

Super customizable for nutrition targets like Macros and more importantly micronutrients!! Scan food easily! You can break up the day into meal categories too (example breakfast lunch dinner etc) I highly recommend you get it and learn how to use it. Don’t give up because once you get the hang of it your life will change!


It Gives Important Information  Lanikite  5 star

Thank you for a great app. I had no idea I was so low daily in getting enough calcium and potassium until I started using the app. I saw my mom go through osteoporosis and believe me you don't want it. Her dentist said her teeth had become hollow. I now know what I need daily.


Nutrient Info  LdyBeth  3 star

I have been using this app for about a month, and I have found that the nutrient info on several items is either off or missing entirely in certain categories. Your customers who are interested in tracking micronutrients, specifically, are interested in the % of RDA — recommended daily allowance. We want to know if we have met that goal each day. Too many times now have I had to waste time attempting to find a comparable item with correct info and then have to go down the list of each nutrient — just to make sure it’s correct. I don’t know if this is a scanning flaw in the app or if it is the barcode, itself that is not including the nutrient info it lists on its own label, but it is so cumbersome. If it is a scanning issue from your end, please correct this issue.


I like it but....  Kitn76  4 star

There REALLY needs to be a multi add function for food because going in every day and entering almost the same foods one by one by one by one gets really tedious. I do love the fact that I can see how many vitamins and minerals I’ve had throughout the day though, that part is really great! Please think about adding a multi add function to your app so it makes it more user-friendly.


Food database is frustrating and off  merrellsj  1 star

When I scan some foods, the nutrition information is way off. I can manually search and find a similar food that seems more correct but that does make it a bit of a hassles entering food. There are also so many of the same foods when you manually search you have to go into each one and find the one that matches the best. On a positive note this seems to be the only app that track all the macros and micros plus caffeine logging. I did wish it would show a colored bar for manually entered targets. I won’t even consider the gold membership until I have more trust that what I am entering has the correct nutritional data.

HotSpot Shield works

We measure weight in Lbs here!  HotSpot Shield works  4 star

Please allow for Lbs vs Kgs!


Newest update is great  Byron85  4 star

Great app it has assisted me in loosing a lot of weight with intermittent fasting and quick. Support with staff has also been great. It’s nutrition info and health kit intergration is the best out there. The only negatives: -they are yet to implement the Australian barcodes on a mass scale but they say it’s in the works. So scan the food at the supermarket if your worried it isn’t in there yet. - fasting timer would be handy - some sugars are counted on products like quest bars which humans can’t motabalise so it should really be zero.


Not for Aussies  OzMuso  1 star

Useless in Australia. So disappointed.


Great nutrition app  Supergem10  4 star

Easy to use, love that I can see my vitamin and mineral intake as well as protein,carb and fat %. Has most foods you need, just doesn't have many packaged Australian foods, but you can always put them in yourself.

I was an addict

Not good for Australia!!  I was an addict  1 star

I want my money back honestly!! This app doesn’t have much selection of Australian food! 😤 big thumbs down from me and a big waste of money!!


Not great for Australian users  Belpal  3 star

Has a great nutritional breakdown but not many Australian products recognised. Would be good to be able to add breakfast, lunch, dinner & snacks seperate as easier to keep track of entry.


Love this app, but have some suggestions!!  Bekaaxo  4 star

I love this app, it's so useful!! However i wish there was more data for Australian users in terms of food and barcoding (as many people have mentioned below) also I wish there was an option to add how many cups of water you've had in a day, to track water intake. And lastly I wish there was a way to categorise the foods you eat into breakfast lunch and dinner categories to make it look neater!


Great layout but needs Australian data  ellelaia  4 star

The app is fantastic but it is very difficult to use properly when there is no way to input or scan Australian foods. I'm more inclined to use MyNetDiary because it is easier to use.


Love ur app and have suggestions  Sharazz  5 star

I love you app but in Australia it is frustrating to use. Can you please allow us to scan in items and then photo the contents for you to add to your list of items and then your R.E.M. can review photos and add it to the core list of products. This will help to improve your use ability in Australia. Also we call peppers, capsicums. If you cannot do this can you at least allow us to scan barcodes into our own food diary items and recipes so that we can just scan the barcode for future easy use. It is so frustrating to have a barcode system there but you are not using its potential in Australia. Surely you can use this feature to maximise your database without having to leave your chair by using photos emailed to your team of products. We customers can be doing you a favour! Thanks so much


Won't let me log in!  AdeleAwesome  1 star

Won't let me log in to my old account, or make a new account, or use Facebook or Google to log in. I've paid a fair amount of money for this app, please fix this! The app is completely unusable


Macro Magic  andorado  4 star

A well designed, easy to use app for tracking macros & micronutrients. Its only fault is the out dated concept of weight loss dependence on calorie deprivation. It needs to be redesigned to allow for the new carbohydrate driven weight gain science.


Best of its kind  Talkingmountain  5 star

I’ve tried all the major food diary apps out there and for tracking calories & nutrient intake, none is as good as cronometer. Their database of foods is the most comprehensive and most importantly, its accurate. It’s easy to add foods not in the database, but before user-added foods are shared with other users, a Cronometer staffer reviews them for accuracy. So you don’t run into the problems of inaccurate user-submitted data that most of the other similar apps have It’s easy to create a custom “food” for combos you frequently eat (e.g. favorite coffee+creamer+sugar). It’s easy to track foods using word searches or barcodes. It’s easy to track anywhere (web app, phone, & tablet apps all sync). You can customize your calorie & nutrient goals (even water intake) as much as you want or let them calculate them for you based on government guidelines. The graphing options are simple and powerful. With their graphs, my nutritionist and I discovered several unhealthful patterns that we were then able to address. It’s free and the ads are not intrusive. Customer support thru the new Online (and free) the user forum is great.


Cronometer No Longer Useful  AP1946  5 star

The last update of Nov’17 restricted access to nutrient data. Now I can eat lousy food and find out about it later in a caloric summary. What “brilliant” mind decided to screw up a perfectly working app? Perhaps it is time to look for a better app. OK. If you plan on fixing the bug, I’ll give you 5 stars. BTW, on iPhone 7plus the app works just fine. It is a very useful and user friendly app if one wants to eat healthy. Thank you!


Wish I could track Glycemic Load...  Kingremy  3 star

The most comprehensive food database out there. And I love the barcode scanner option. But I want to track my glycemic load and this one just won’t do it😩


Long time user  twfoster  5 star

Cronometer’s latest release is excellent. Everything you need, nothing you don’t. Easily the most extensive database of foods. Excellent work.

Viviane V

Really needs offline results  Viviane V  3 star

I like this app as it’s helpful to get an understanding of the nutrients I’m getting from my food, but the lack of offline food search results is forcing me back to another app. I don’t always have connectivity and other apps I’ve used have offline food search results so it’s back to that other app until Cronometer adds this feature.


Love so much about it BUT  Blue3dragon  3 star

There is a setting for whether you want to include sugar alcohols in your net carbs which is nice, however when you add your own food, there is NO place to add sugar alcohols in nutrients, so it automatically counts them in your net carbs! For example I tried entering a food that had 19 carbs, 4 of which were fiber, 1 sugar & 14 sugar alcohols. I can only enter the total carbs, fiber & sugar. I tried placing a 1 in net carbs but as soon as I save it, net carbs becomes 15. I’m a gold member & feel for the price I’m paying this should be fixed. I may need to look around.


Top menu disappears  suckit64646454  3 star

With latest “fix” the top menu bar vanishes when you copy and paste from another day to current day.


The Nutrition Summary stopped working  Ddddfgfghhjijggfdds  5 star

The Nutrition Summary stopped working around noon today with the new update. I couldn’t find where to write to you. Otherwise it’s a great program!!! Today I found where to write to them!!😀


Great app  Sleeper34  4 star

I really like the app and how everything is broken down. The only things I don't like are that sugar alcohols are not subtracted in net carb count and although there is a caffeine stat bar, it doesn't seem to record caffeine content. Definitely better than my fitness pal.


Great App, Busy Layout  Kristen135837393472  4 star

The app is great, although I’d love to see them expand their food database. Layout is very busy, colors clashing.. just too many colors... would love to see a cleaner, simpler layout. I really appreciate the amino acid break downs! Favorite part of the app! Great feature!


Dissapointed  Trev198383  2 star

Overall seems an okay app but dont bother downloading if your live in UK & Ireland as doesnt recognise products. Seems more geared towards US & Australian market


Don't waste your money stick to the website  Elliot1713  1 star

Countless bugs, won't let me edit my target calories no save button, can't go backwards if I change a page the button just goes unresponsive. Badly designed website is much better


Don't waste your money !!!  Catface12  1 star

Badly designed, can't see any explained breakdown of your input. Just stick with the free pc version, much easier to use. I have been using that for a long time now. Sorry and annoyed I wasted my money on the app. It's just a gimmick to rip you off !!!

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