Cartoon yourself & caricature

Cartoon yourself & caricature [Photo & Video] App Description & Overview

Cartoonized caricature from your selfie photo is guaranteed to WOW your friends! Imitate any emotion or make a fun face morph, all in seconds. Then share an animated video and get lots of likes.

The available emotions vary from a broad smile to a sad face, from Oops expression to a cute wink.
'Cartoon Face' app allows you to apply tons of hilarious photo effects to portraits, whether it’s your or your friend’s face.

App features include:


– a flirty wink, nice smile, sad or surprised face, squint eyes, etc.

– become a troll, alien, Martian, bulb-headed guy, grotesque, etc.

'Cartoon Face' has a remarkably user-friendly interface. You select a photo from the gallery or take a pic with your phone camera, then choose an effect you want to apply and here you are. This will surely make your day! Moreover, you can send the result as an animated video or a static photo to your friends via Instagram, iMessage, Twitter or Facebook. It will have them in stitches!

Want to start a cartoonish fun? Get the app right now!

Cartoon Face subscription options:

Sketch Me - $19.99 per month
Sketch Me - $4.99 per 1 week

Your subscription will automatically renew 24-hours prior to the end of each term and your card will be charged through your iTunes account. You can turn off auto-renewal at any time in your iTunes account settings, but refunds will not be provided for any unused period of the term. An unused portion of free trial period will also be forfeited once any of the subscription options is purchased.

Cartoon Face Terms of Use:

Cartoon Face Privacy Policy:

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Cartoon yourself & caricature Customer Service, Editor Notes:

We've made several improvements. Keep editing your photos with more stable Cartoon Face.

Cartoon yourself & caricature Comments & Reviews

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- Just on problem

I love this app it’s so fun and funny but it doesn’t let me go pro😡

- Didn’t think it’ll be so useless

Do we have to pay for everything in this app???? Then y did u let us install this app for free to get more downloads or waste or storage or u don’t have to give some to appstore useless workless app

- Cool app🏆🏆

Good app my friends are asking how I did that

- Why!!!!

It should be free

- Solo sirve para cobrar $

La ínstalas y al abrirla inmediatamente te manda al plan de $20 dlls por semana, lo esquive pero nunca vi como importar mis imágenes o abrir la cámara. Solo pura cobranza por uno y otro lado, así que la voy a borrar. Creo que el que la hizo debe estar loco

- Don’t download

Misleading app. I’m very unsatisfied. I tried uploading photos and every single one would not load. Finally there was one photo that the app seemed to accept. That photo never worked. The app said drawing face lines, this lasted about an hours I quit. This app is not worth the time or money. I’m deleting s unsubscribing from payment option immediately. DO NOT DOWNLOAD, it is not worth it.

- Doesn’t work

Gets stuck on the second step

- Ok then.

It’s fine I guess. I wouldn’t say it’s outstanding but it isn’t horrible. I thought it was 9.99 for pro but I checked and it said 1.99? Idk if that’s right but if it is then that’s cool. I found more filters than expected were free, although a good bit of them weren’t THAT great. Anyways, I honestly expected this to be trash when I downloaded it. I was expecting it to be like the others: an ad showing one of the cool features, you download it, everything (including the ad)except like two things are unlimited which is very expensive. I was pleasantly surprised to find it was not like that at all! Another thing that I like is that it shows what is and is not unlimited. The pro filters have a thing that says pro, which is good instead of you just trying to open it and it says “BUY THIS”. I really would’ve given like 4.5 stars but you can’t soooo... Overall, pretty good. I’m still not buying pro but I’m cool with the free stuff (I guess). Really, my only suggestion would be: don’t put something pro in an ad. Advertise what’s free bc people expect what’s in the ad to be available (especially if you’re practically bragging about the app being free-not saying you are though). Or, just make the popular ones (that are in the advertising) free, like the age and cartoon ones. This probably sounds like too much and idk much about business so that could be really stupid (I’m not trying to be a choosing beggar) and I know you need money so do what’s best. But with one of those solutions it wouldn’t be false advertising (I feel a little lied to 😕). ANYWAYS this review has been way too long so thanks whoever read this far. Peace!

- Privacy concerns

The app is pretty entertaining but I find discomfort that it stores photos from my phone and there’s no way to delete or clear it even though the photos are no longer on my phone. I had uninstalled the app for this reason.

- I have no clue

It's a okay app but when I did the hand drawn I never got it, it's been two days and it hasn't done anything since..

- No

Makes you pay, its just filters, bad

- Don’t get this app.

I only wanted this app for the “hand-drawn” feature, and it didn’t even work. I waited for 10 days but nothing happened. The other features were only if you had a subscription to the app, which I find silly.

- Fun but.......

The stinking app keeps trying to get me Facebook and it will not let me do some things (annoying) this is my review 3 1/2 is my rate flapping chicken out peace✌🏻

- Hi!

Awesome game love!!!!!!

- Not really what I expected

Well. It’s pretty good but I got it like 28 days ago and yeah it’s kinda in the middle of list 1-10 chow

- Not worth the effort to ad the app to a mobile device.

Great App! High quality on the graphics that I choose to cartoonize. Clean looking results when works properly. Functionality: Glitchy. When a photo is selected from a photo gallery the app pulls in a different photo. *** Not worth the time and effort to ad the app to a mobile device. *** If the app worked properly I’d give this app 5 stars. This is a 5 star review however.

- Trash

Absolute garage

- My review


- Slowwwwwwwww

Not very intuitive

- Tooo expensive

Not worth the money

- Not Bad

Enjoying this app. Makes pics look different but yet like yourself.

- My photo verified but never cartooned

I had issues getting a photo verify. When one one finally did, it took a day and a half loading for the next step. The trial is supposed to be for 3 days... At least that’s what us says when signing up. But find print say that funds will be taken 24 hours BEFORE trial ends. on top op that, the chargers are $9.99/week & $9.99/month THIS APP IS A SCAM!!!!

- Super unhappy

I am SUPER unsatisfied. They didn’t even accurately portray the picture I asked for having blue hair they gave the picture purpose 😭

- Rex2018

I love this app👍👍👍 So many effects to choose from!!!

- Not bad

Actually one of the better cartoon face apps I’ve seen. All other apps are the same they wanna charge you but the free filters on this one isn’t bad at all.

- It’s terrible

This is the worst why do I even need to pay for this and how do I even play this crap.

- Wants you to pay before even seeing if the product looks good

Don’t fall for this app.

- Great Idea but really bad features

The app is not functioning correctly

- Booo

I trued it out expecting the cartoon face animation but you have to pay for that and I trues the comic filter bc I thought it would be like the cartoon face animation but I looked like I was 90 years old

- Waited forever. Nothing happened

I kept coming back to this app but it just stayed in the little circle processing phase. It accepted my photo but only made it passed step 1. If I could give 0 stars I would. At least there was a 3 day free trial so I could cancel without losing any money to it

- It’s fine

A fine app. It does some effects but does not do anything close to what the app icon shows.

- Plz read

It’s a good app but I wish it could have a cartoon filter! The app is CALLED cartoon face! And I wish it had more options.

- Lies

I’m looking for a VIDEO ANIMATION, so u saw this that might work. I downloaded it because I saw video in the title, it was fine that I could choose any cartoon thingy I wanted. But when I tried one out. YOU HAD TO CHOOSE A PICTURE. AND I AM STILL LOOKING FOR A VIDEO ANIMATION APP

- Does not work at all.

The first picture I tried took 3 days to process, only to have it say, “Please use another picture.” I tried at least 7 different pictures w the same result. After some cropping to remove backgrounds, processing time went down to 1 day, only for the same result, “Please use another picture.” $19.99 and I was not able to receive even ONE cartoonized picture. I should get a complete refund.

- I hate it

It cost money at least make something free

- This App

I love this app and I would recommend it to anyone....

- Amazing

Perfect app I like how it is free!

- Why???

I liked this app, and was looking forward to using it for the ‘hand-drawn’ drawings and the backgrounds. For some unknown reason, since you don’t share WHY— nearly every selfie I have tried has been rejected as unsuitable, unusable. I have no way to solve this, and it’s frustrating!! If I knew what the issue was, I might be able to improve my choice of pic — as it is, I am on my 7th pic so far for this month’s drawing, with none accepted so far!!! There are a lot of apps out there... I don’t know why I should stay with one that finds my pictures unusable, but doesn’t say why, or tell how to improve my choices.

- Worthless

This app is crap.

- Where's my avatar???

Never received my avatar. Has been loading for 3 days now

- Garbage

Lying scum bags


I absolutely love this app! But it’s not the best I have seen! Lol..I definitely recommend it people!!!😁😁


i don’t have this app and have never download it and it charged me 7 dollars

- Add something NEW

I wish they add something NEW and add something for eye colour

- Poor experience

Takes too long to get portraits done and I kept subscription for a month and didn’t get and of my pictures done.

- Garbage

No way to start without paying

- Terrible

I paid for this app & EVERY picture I wanted to “draw” it was unable to. It would give me the error saying can’t find face when the picture was just of my face. Such a stupid app. Can’t even do what the app says.

- Garbage

I tried to use this for my YouTube channel and it tried to charge me when it didn’t even let me download it

- NICE!!!

I just love it....

- Doesn’t work at all on my iPhone

Paid for full version but it won’t load a single picture. I can upload pics from my album but it freezes during transform and that’s it. Trying to figure out how to cancel and uninstall!

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- Didn’t work

I wanted to make a cartoon but the app got stuck after step 1. “Verifying the photo.” The circle kept going around, even overnight and after deleting it and re-downloading it. I got the free trial but had to cancel since it didn’t work.

- Sarah

Doesn’t let you do anything. It doesn’t even have the cartoon feature until you buy it 👎

- 4🌟

It was pretty good it is really fun for just messing around and The animal face things are great but you have a limited amount of Filters unless you buy it 😁😁😁😁🙁

- Have to pay

To upgrade to use properly.

- no idea what free version does

since it’s plastered w ads and calls to subscribe ($20/month, a bargain) There probably is something worthwhile, somewhere, in this. Can’t be bothered to find out amidst the ads. Plus, the actual price is skyhigh, esp as a sub. Doubt this is the toolset for a pro and who else is going to spend $240/year on this??? uninstalling.

- Des voleur

Essais de desinstaler et essais de me chercher 2,35 pour l’enlever

- ❤️❤️❤️

This is just amazing I love it and there’s so many options to work with

- Awesome

I’m not a bot download this app is awesome

- Terrible app

Got 3 photos rejected before finally getting one accepted for the hand-drawn feature but once it was accepted I left the app running for almost an hour (still open as I type) & it still hasn’t progressed passed stage 2. Honestly a big waste of time & the price you have to pay is a bit ridiculous considering it doesn’t even work well.

- Wow!

This app is absulutly full of crap! It sucks! Worst app ever! Do NOT buy this app its a wast of time and money!👎🏻

- One star

Didn’t let you do anything until you buy it

- Bogus

Doesn’t let you do anything until you buy it.

- Pure crap

Wow. Pretty bad.

- Yeah

Très cool

- Incredible!

Love this tool. It opens up a large world of creative possibilities to explore, and so easy to use!

- Works well!

Ads Ads Ads

- Want my money back

Have taken a few photos that have been rejected. This app is terrible. Do not buy.

- It dosent show the cartoon

There Isn’t even a cartoon edit but in the app thumbnail it shows

- Too bad it cost so much

Cute fun app, I would use it a lot more without adds. Removing adds cost way too much so it’s just ok

- Very good app

I'm a music producer and I use this app for a lot of album covers!

- Amazing

Amazing app!!! Wide variety of image editing and insane quality! Would strongly recommend this app..

- This app sucks

Every photo I tried to add to cartoon was “refused”. It’s a terrible app, I don’t get why anyone would pay for it.

- As all have already said...

It’s a 3 day trial, with a subscription fee that I could use to buy a mild internet connection. The photo they are working on, who knows when it finishes, may not even be downloadable: it is already telling me to resubscribe even though I’m a subscriber for 72 more hours, in order to get unlimited downloads. What does that even mean? Will I get to download this or will it show up at 73 hours?

- Terrible

There’s a free 3 day trial then it’s $20 a month and the trial doesn’t let you select pics. If you select a picture it just goes back to the screen “select a picture” and it’s a bit loop

- Doesn’t Work and can’t figure out how to cancel it

Just bought it by accident 1 hr ago - tried to use it but it keeps looping- how can I cancel

- Free for 3 days - DELETE!!!

$20 a month. Wow! 3 days free. For a copy-cat-app. Goodbye gougers and scammers.

- Not free

Waste of time

- Solid app

Lots of great choices. Bombarded by ads, but that’s understandable given the amount you get in the “Free” version.

- Félicitations


- Pure rubbish.

Waste of time and money.

- Terrible!

What a waste of time!


I started using the app and I tried EVERYTHING but it wouldn’t work.😡 I absolutely LOATH IT!🤬

- Amazing

How this app doesnt have a higher overall rating I have no idea? The amount of amazing effects you get for free is crazy and it's really cheap to go pro. I've spent around $50 on photo apps and what you get here for free is better than all those purchases combined. I've had a dozen people already ask me what app I've used to make the most recent pic I posted on IG. Love it! PS I rarely (if ever) write app reviews.

- Rating This App

I Really Love This App! This App Is So Great. Would I Recommend Downloading It? Yes.

- Amazing

Love it!

- Great App

This app is so fun! Sure, the adds are click-bait, but even in the free version you get TONS of cool effects. Would be helpful if loading took a little less time.

- App Crashes

While I generally like the app, and paid for the pro version, launching most any of the animation collections results in the app crashing on my iPhone X running IOS 11.4.1. App works great on iPad . . . 4-Stars. Update: just updated to v2.0.2. Animation Collections have been removed from app in this version, which is a disappointment, but does address stability issue mentioned above. Update: increase to 4 stars; upgraded to v2.1.1 and Animation Collections have been restored and iPhone X stability addressed. Only think missing is 2018 calendars . . . kinda minor.

- It all went away

Was super happy with for o er a yr till two,days ago when now 90% of the features and functions have just vanished . I have zero use for the stuff they left behind, super choked .

- Fun app

This a great app for graphic art folks EDIT I cannot in good faith recommend an app in which the developers think it ok to make “under the hood changes” that delete over 70 % of an app I paid for. This went from being an excellent graphic art tool to being a collection of glorified snap chat filters. Guess what folks - I noticed!!!! I HOPE this is a glitch and can be fixed promptly -

- Scam!!

They advertise to go pro with additional double exposure effects and cartoons, once you pay and buy, you get NOTHING extra, just a few very low quality filter and gif animations that you already had before payment. The payment just drops the ads, that’s it. Don’t buy.

- Excellent app!

Well done, thank you.

- Back to main menu

Hi I like the app but I have a problem ,after I finished edit the photo and saved.i couldn’t go back to the main menu could you please fix it thanks

- Does not work

Only worked once, after that it gives error occursed

- Well done

Nice palette

- Fantastic!

Great fun with the kids!

- Fun


- .

🤩👍 nice... 😂

- Cartoon Face

This is an awesome app. Easy to use! Love it!

- Garbage

The free ones are all for messed up faces, anything good is extra money

- Truly awesome

This app takes the ordinary and makes your photos into works of art. Thank you for your efforts !! AMAZING !

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- Didn’t like

I wanted to make a cartoon from my picture but I think I would have to pay the More expensive subscription for it. So I paid for the cheaper one for a bunch of stupid filters it looks like

- Fun to use

Loved it

- This app is bad

I look at the adds and I wanted to have fun but when I opened t up I have to buy the filter cartoon yourself for $10.00 wow what a ripoff

- Joke

This app is a joke. They don’t tell you it takes a month to get a picture cartooned until after you pay 19.99! I’m extremely in happy with this app users beware.


This app is the best!!Most picture apps like this have you pay lots of money for such little of choices this app is perfect for anyone and has lots of choices even if u are not I member!! I LOVE THIS APP!!😍👍🔟

- Stupid

This is a stupid app I hate how every app I get it has to be online please make it online or I’ll never use it again

- “Free” is a trick. Can’t do anything on here without paying.

“Free” is a trick. Can’t do anything on here without paying.

- Love it 😍

Very easy to use 👍🏻

- $20 per month?

Learn basic photoshop and save yourself some money every month!

- Be patient...

It works u just have to be patient!

- Këllÿ

Vraiment jolie

- App was horrible....

Every picture I tried using was refused, spent 30 mins and after like 50 pictures I couldn’t take it anymore.


I ended up spending $20 that I didn’t want to spend because I don’t know how to get the app to stop trying to take my money. I went to my iTunes, but all they give me are options to change my subscription, not to unsubscribe (like normal apps would do). Someone please tell me how I can get rid of this app.

- The fun 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳

This is fun!!! The end

- Waste of time

This game won’t work on anything but faces and when I try to draw my own it charges me

- Love just love this app

Love the app


This is like the. Best app even though you had to pay for some stuff but the free stuff is sooo good I never we a globe before in a picture let alone a cube I really recommend this app

- Cartoon

This is the best game I have

- Ok but....

It’s a good app but it can be better, like put some more of the work into the app like the one we’re u can have all of the pictures into little shapes maybe add somemore, another thing is I think there’s a little to much on the pro side and u can give some to the free Side but over all it’s an ok app

- Annoyed

Can’t cancel purchase, went on website and still can’t cancel purchase.

- It’s not that great

Everything is really cool except the hand-drawn. I tried it out and its horrible... I added a face that you clearly could se the face and they declined it and then I added another picture and they declined it as well

- Not worth the money

It takes toooooo long to make the cartoon. I don’t think it’s worth 19.99 a month but I’m not one to judge.

- It’s fun

I like this app...and of course ads are annoying, that’s why it’s free. I wish it could be a higher res tho. That’s my only complaint.

- Works well

Use it for my projects and so far it hasn’t failed me

- Fake

100% trash do not purchase

- Nice

Super good

- Fun

Pretty decent quality effects even in the free version

- Bad!

Worse app ever. It doesn’t work. Don’t wast your time.

- Nice..

Great app! Awesome filters

- Yousef Malallah

Very good

- Horrible App !

This app is H.O.R.R.I.B.L.E there’s no point in downloading if I have to wait almost a week just for the photo to “finish”

- Sneaky

I downloaded this app without reading the reviews. Ooops. It is very sneaky. Three steps into making a face, the program insist that you install some weird jumping game. I am deleting it immediately and I’m gonna take good note of this developer and not use any of those products again

- cartoon face

nice app lots of fun

- Lack

Cartoon can be better

- Fun

Love this app but which there were more images that don’t need a face.

- No. Just no

It's been "drawing my major face lines" for 15 minutes. Awful app.

- The worst app


- Pretty worthless if you don’t pay

If you don’t plan to make all the in-app purchases, don’t bother downloading this app. Zero functionality without shelling out money.

- Dope

Was expecting something to where you have to pay for stuff but the free filters just make every photo look dope

- Keep up the good work👍🏾

This Is a great app, I am very happy to actually have an app I can put pictures on to and apply filters and cartoon looking apparels on to them. This is amazing and I’m very surprised this isn’t a flunk. Everybody download. I highly recommend.

- Not what you expect

Okay at first you’re thinking it’ll lay down some effects to make you look like a drawing and I agree it does do that but it’s mostly just other camera filters or bending expressions and mouths. But my main issue is though the title is cartoon face, it’s misleading and is really a photo filter and effects app. I recommend using a different app if you want to look like different kinds of cartoon looks and not only is it misleading but the effects are strange and sometimes don’t work I hope you don’t fall for the title and image IT IS NOT WORTH DOWNLOADING!!!!! I feel like I should reduce my rating but I am holding back because l feel it is unfair since they do have a few cartoon filters. Not to mention that the first review you see is 5 stars. MISLEADING AND MISLEADING AND MISLEADING. This is the first time I have bothered to review but the quality of the content forced me to right this. If you enjoy the app for real l congratulate you for bearing such an app. On top of this you must pay them to receive certain features. If the developer is reading this perhaps I may be acting harsh but this by far the worst app of its kind I have downloaded so I hope you either change the app or title. Thank you for reading this long and possibly upsetting review but I try to make this as accurate as possible.

- Not free at all.. forced shove payment

Its not free and 20 a month not worth it id buy if it was one time fee but yearly for 220 is way way too much, they really think theyre a utility company. No thanks

- Nice

Love it

- This game is cool but nothing to do

Will Thais game is cool and I like the effects but I’m getting kinda bored because there’s nothing to do

- Best app no ads

Sooo good no ads no free trial bs

- P L E A S E H E L P

I accidentally started the subscription and now I do not know how to end it and I am a poor human. There should atleast be links because there are idiots like me who don’t know how to end their subscriptions and then don’t use the app and get charged anyways. please help meeeeeee

- review

great app !

- Optional

I think this because not everything has to be paid for aka using premium. This is such a fun and funny app 🤩

- I need a refund

It said there was a 3 day free trial and then you get charge $21. I downloaded it, realize it’s not what I was looking for and then deleted the app on the same day. I was still charge $21. Please refund me or I will dispute this charge.

- Don’t bother

This app is worthless. An hour after downloading the app and giving it a photo, it has done nothing.

- Deceptive Ad practices

The free version of the app uses ads which is totally fair. However how they are implemented is deceptive and is essentially “click bait”. A full screen ad with a tiny x to close them is tucked away to generate clicks for the app owner. Then if you want to take a look at the upgrade cost it will automatically begin the purchase if your thumb is over the Touch ID. I had to disable Touch ID app purchases because of this app alone.

- Super Fun!

Great filters to make something different from drab to Blizzard!

- Good fun ap

One issue with this. I purchased the Pro version, and it keeps blocking me from using the Pro parts and saying I should purchase them.

- Great!

This app makes it look real, not like the other ones.

- Awesome

Great app

- Trash

Personally, I do not like this app at all. It has no purpose and its trash😂

- Wth

So ya gotta play and pass a level of mobile strike to do a picture ?

- Ok

Bit of adds not the best but give it a solid 🍉

- Fun!

Love the gifs!!

- Hilarious app


- Great App

This app is fantastic... how do I smooth the cartoon face as it's putting lines through the entire picture (I'm not that wrinkly!). ;)

- Awesome app!

So much fun! So many uses!


This is a spam app!

- Funny, but a lot of publicity

To much pub

- Awesome

Sorry but I'm gonna have to take away one star there are so many ads so plz fix that. BY THE WAY WHY DO GAMES HAVE ADS AND YOU HAVE TO PAY JUST RO EEMOVE ADS I MEAN WHY PEOPLE WHY!?😡

- Love it!

I'm an alien ....fantastic! I'm having a lot of fun with this app. Kat

- Cute

The app is cute. An ice breaker for children.

- mrs

Stupid app, kept crashing. Do not get!

- Great for some Giggles & Fun Effects

All in all this is a fun app and will generate some laughs (especially using the gifs). Easy to use as soon as you download it - it's pretty intuitive.

- This app

This app is dope trust me dope to the max 🔥💯🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

- Seems fun but not super useful

The app offers you several variations of your pictures that you can animate but there's no function to just turn your picture into a cartoon as is, you need to add one of their animated filters (the work around is saving to your "gallery" which leave a cartoon copy of your image without the animation). Also when the app is doing the transformation of the photo it's "downloading" the results, which makes me wonder where else my picture might end up if it's being exported off my phone as part of this process. Pretty easy & straightforward to use though.

- Funny app

So much fun, I wish there was more variations.

- Great Fun

Works well and I can irritate my kids.

- Fun

Just plain fun!

- Best cartoon app!

This is the BEST cartoon photo app for converting photographs of people to cartoons. Excellent!

- So far so good

Seem pretty fun. Only tried it once but like it

- Ad garbage only

Ad garbage only

- Sweet app

Easy to use. Very good app.

- Cool Sh!t!!

It's better then I expected!!

- Terrible app

Not what it says. Don't download

- It can be bad.

The men that made the app, has your photos, and he can keep them and share them to everyone .. Please do not download this app.

- Won't work

Could not get app to work. It would not upload the photo nor would it go back to camera mode. Had to turn it off to restart.

- Really really bad app sorry...

Omg i lost 5 minutes of my life for this bad app :/

- so good!

finally the kind of app i'm looking for! it does a really good job

- ???

It doesn't actually cartoonify you, it simply alters your expression. I deleted it after less than 5 mins, total waste of time, don't bother getting it.

- Uhhhh....

Changes your expression. I thought it would actually cartoonify you! Would never pay for it, but its ok.

- Horrible

It's a horrible game don't waste your time

- top 5


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- Doesnt work

I couldn’t make it work!

- Ndini zvangu

It’s taking forever to produce an image! Cancelled subscription straight away! Not happy to pay for something that takes this long

- rubish

i know your going to delete this review but none of my photos would work k i even tried the exact pose from the examples but it still doesnt work

- Don’t get this

Discount any good reviews as you cannot do anything unless you pay.

- Really good

This app has some really cool filters and even though you need to get a pro version to unlock all filters the ones that are free are really nice *****


Had this app for, at least a year. I just love it.

- Amazing!

I haven’t had to pay for some amazing filters, where as other apps I would have to pay. I’ve been looking for an app like this for ages! 🥳🥰

- How to raise downloads by 10 times?

service, daily installs can reach 3000+. Ping me at Skype and Whatsapp: +8615282351612 、Facebook:ASO880 . Every one can get a test promtoin fot 3 days now!

- Absolute crap

I’ve downloaded this to cartoonise one picture and with only one click it took £1.99 of my account just because I accidentally click on the top corner right while holding my phone. There’s no one to contact to get this refunded and even if I didn’t want this it would still be an app with no function! So what were the £1.99 for??????

- How to raise downloads by 10 times?

service, daily installs can reach 3000+. Ping me at Skype& Whatsapp:+8615282351612 /Facebook:aso888. Every one can get a test promotion for 3 days now!

- Incredible

This app is like awesome because they have so many good filters for free

- Amazing

Great for a cool or quirky profile picture and hilarious seeing some of the results

- Love it

Its the best its funny and it give just the right effect


This app is so good!You don’t have to pay for effects and the free ones are still amazing.I would really recommend this app so get it!

- Doesn’t work

The genetic effects are copies of Photo Lab. Its one selling point of the hand drawn cartoon style just sticks on ‘Wait a moment...’ and doesn’t work.

- Very good

This app I very funny to use with friends and has some great filters that are free to download and are amazing for cool and unique photos I love this app for unusual and cute Instagram pictures and funny jokes with friends. It is excellent that you can have beautiful photograph edits and funny filters so you can have fun or create unique designs that are amazing!! I recommend this app to everyone as you

- Really Good

Very cool app like how u can be half human half animal and doesn't look so bad defo recommend also plenty of things to do for free 👍

- Rubbish

Kept rejecting pictures and freezing

- Stupid

It is so stupid that you have to pay to use it fukc

- Amazing, just amazing!

I downloaded this by chance. Didn’t go looking for this type of app but glad I found it. The possibilities are huge with the standard version. I unlocked one filter for £0.79 and haven’t stopped using it since. My friends are asking me to modify their images for them. Some cool filters on here. My favourite is the comic strip! I’ve used it for landscape scenes as well as portrait. I really can not express how much I love it more than I have. I would recommend anyone who has a passion for art to download this. Even if you just want to play around with your own pics of family and friends, it’s great. My kids think they are superheroes when I changed pictures of them onto the comic strip filter. Go and download yourself the best fun you’ll have on an app, anywhere!!

- Amazing

I love 💗 this

- Not free at all

$19.99 per month 🤦🏻‍♂️

- Great app

Great app, but the cartoon effects are a bit distorted and very uneven

- Disappointed

The only reason I got this app was so I could make myself a cartoon for free, but when you download the app and open it, it tells you to upgrade to pro before you are able to make yourself a cartoon, very disappointed very very disappointed 👎🏼

- Best

So good I love all of the filters

- Great app

Loads of fun and easy to use! Really effective cool pictures in an instant!

- disappointing

it is more like an app to evilise yourself.

- Misleading App. title !!

The title doesn’t reflect the app reality where the presumed carton face is a sketch!

- Hopeless

Doesn’t work as advertised

- Fun to play with..

Better than most but still could be better..

- G

This app is acctually great

- Really bad

Automatically puts you on a subscription!! Then states it doesn’t give refunds. Make sure you don’t get caught out.

- Funny

It’s funny but it asks for money

- It’s ok

It’s okay I guees

- I was disappointed

Ok so I just wanted to make myself into a cartoon emoji and this seemed like the perfect app! It was free and the pictures on the App Store don’t say ANYTHING about having to pay to be a cartoon?!?! That’s the only reason I downloaded the app and I was disappointed! But I did give it two stars because there were some good face edits you could use.

- Awesome but kinda creepy

Cool but creepy

- Dear Cartoonify

This app is so cool I can animate any pic thx

- Good app

Lots of choices, but I really needed my photo to be posterised, which wasn’t available on the free version.

- .

Very bad app for editing pictures.👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽

- Great!!!

This is a great app. I enjoy showing my friends the features. I would definitely recommend this app!! 😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄

- ?

No words just an 😠

- It looks rather strange

Shame you have to have a full on face shot to download each pic


This app wow just wow I give it five stars it's so much fun but I'm not trying to be mean but the upgrade was a we bit more like a downgrade to the cartoon part of it but it does have much more effects and stuff I've had this app for about a year now thank you for creating it from phoebe

- Value for money

Great value for money - it has most of the workings of PhotoLab so if you don’t necessarily want to join their online group to show off your results, this is a great app to have.

- Brilliant

I have searched high and low looking for an app like this I have finally found it!!! Thank you! Xx

- It doesn’t do cartoons

It’s full of ads too

- Fabulous App ruined by August 2018 upgrade

Used to be my go-to app for easily turning any type of photo into artwork. Sadly the latest upgrade has scrapped all that. Sadly it Doesn’t do what I used it for anymore. :-(

- Rubbish

Where are the cartoon faces. Just morphed real faces.

- App

Wikard Juno

- Crashed

Crashed immediately - barely any guidance on how to use the app and required several downloads

- Where is zero star?

I rarely write reviews but doing a search for cartoon your face and this app comes up? This should seriously be removed from the App Store. Has compatibility problems, crashes continually and the output "when" it believes it's right, ain't no "cartoon face".

- 👎Ok people

This app just needs some major bug fixes. It never ever goes past processing but it is a great concept.

- 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

It doesn't work for me it always says PROCESSING

- Great

It's a great app! Fun for friends and family, although it does need some tweaking! But what can I say, it's free!!

- :)

Ummm nice app but could be better if not paid

- ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Best editing app ever ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

- Mr

Great job guys. It's a good app.

- Good


- Not free

You have to pay for the stupid app 😒

- Good job

Keep it up... I hardly rate apps but this app make me seem cool

- Wow!!

The app is simply estuaries

- Cool cartoon effect!

Love it!

- Cartoon face

It's absolutely great. perfect for cartoon graphics

@DeadshotPony @GamingHeroTetsu Might help to AT LEAST have a cartoon version of yourself as your AVI.

@ari_brooke1 @nicholaswu12 Evil sure, supervilain masterminds no. That's the story you tell yourself to make the wo…

To all the close-minded phonies who can’t turn off the Cartoon News Network, do yourself a favor and watch how an…

Choose a background you like and send us a picture of yourself to use as reference🖼️ Go here to start:…

@TommorowAnother @robwrog @JeffreyGuterman @realDonaldTrump Nope, what’s sad is that you hide behind a cartoon imag…

I WILL MAKE A MINIMALISTIC #CAOON CHARACTER FOR YOU! Plus a Custom Cartoon Background, and Transparent PNG File,…

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Cartoon yourself & caricature 2.2.1 Screenshots & Images

Cartoon yourself & caricature iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Cartoon yourself & caricature iphone images
Cartoon yourself & caricature iphone images
Cartoon yourself & caricature iphone images
Cartoon yourself & caricature iphone images
Cartoon yourself & caricature iphone images
Cartoon yourself & caricature iphone images
Cartoon yourself & caricature iphone images
Cartoon yourself & caricature iphone images
Cartoon yourself & caricature iphone images
Cartoon yourself & caricature ipad images
Cartoon yourself & caricature ipad images
Cartoon yourself & caricature ipad images
Cartoon yourself & caricature ipad images
Cartoon yourself & caricature ipad images
Cartoon yourself & caricature Photo & Video application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Cartoon yourself & caricature Photo & Video application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Cartoon yourself & caricature (Version 2.2.1) Install & Download

The applications Cartoon yourself & caricature was published in the category Photo & Video on 2011-09-01 and was developed by VicMan LLC [Developer ID: 441457221]. This application file size is 141.81 MB. Cartoon yourself & caricature - Photo & Video posted on 2020-05-05 current version is 2.2.1 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions.

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